Which Sherwin Williams Paint Is Best For Interior

How-To Choose the Right Paint

The type of paint you choose will be determined by how the space to be painted will be utilized as well as the type of finish you desire. Interior paint is specially developed to give the following benefits:

  • Scrubbability and stain resistance
  • Good concealing ability
  • Good coverage
  • Spill resistance
  • Ease of touch-up

Latex or Oil?

Interior house paints are either latex- or oil/alkyd-based, depending on their composition. To this day, the majority of oil-based paints are formulated with synthetic resin (alkyds), which provide superior performance over paints based on natural oils. Each has its own set of qualities and applications. Your local Sherwin-Williams paint professional can provide you guidance on which paint is best for your particular job. Latex– Get the finish that lasts the longest while maintaining the highest level of gloss retention.

Soap and water are all that is needed to clean off latex paint.

Oil / Alkyd — This is the most common type of paint.

Mineral spirits can be used to clean paint tools.

Choosing the Right Paint

Emerald ®Our best paint and primer in one, Emerald helps disguise stains and covers deeper hues, allowing you to create outstanding results in fewer applications. Emerald is available in two colors: black and white. Tell me more about it.

Keep Scuff Marks To A Minimum

A paint and primer in one, Duration Home® helps cover old stains, fresh stains wipe clean fast and easily and resists color rub-off when washed. Duration Home® paint and primer in one helps cover old stains, new stains wipe clean quickly and easily and resists color rub-off when washed. Tell me more about it.

Great For Beginners

A smooth finish is achieved with Cashmere ®, one of our most forgiving paints and primers in one. It slides off your brush or roller, resulting in an exceptional, even finish. Tell me more about it.

Primed For EaseSpeed

SuperPaint ® This time-saving paint and primer in one provides a gorgeous, long-lasting finish while saving you money on labor. Tell me more about it.

Help Improve Indoor Air Quality One Coat At A Time

Using SuperPaint® with Air Purifying Technology, you can make a difference. In addition, SuperPaint ® with Air Purifying Technology* is a zero VOC product that improves indoor air quality, allowing your area to remain fresher for extended periods of time. For how long SuperPaint® with Air Purifying Technology Interior Acrylic Latex actively decreases smells and formaldehyde depends on the concentration of odors and formaldehyde being reduced, the frequency of exposure, and the quantity of painted surface area being reduced Tell me more about it.

Time To Deck Out

SuperDeck ® Stains are a type of stain that is used on decks.

We have a comprehensive variety of deck treatments, ranging from wood stains to clear sealers, that make it simple to produce great results on your outdoor deck. Tell me more about it.

Update With A New Coat

The exterior stains from Woodscapes are designed to provide a beautiful, professional finish that will endure the test of time on your home’s wood siding and trim. Tell me more about it.

Which is the best Sherwin Williams interior paint?

The entryway, downstairs hallway, and upstairs hallway will all be painted next week, so stay tuned. It was originally painted with Sherwin Williams Everclean paint approximately 5-6 years ago, which was a horrible product to begin with—it was advertised to be very washable, but it wasn’t even remotely washable—and it was a bad product to continue with. When you wiped away the dirt with a moist cloth, every mark and smudge would remain, and if you applied even the tiniest bit of pressure to a mark, you may be able to remove some dirt, but the paint would come off with it.

  • Our painter utilizes SW paints, which is OK with me, but I’m not sure which will be the best option for our particular circumstance.
  • Given that those rooms are rarely utilized, I’ve never had to wash the walls in them, thus I can’t speak to their washability at this time.
  • Is cashmere machine washable or scrubbable?
  • I get that it is intended to be excellent, but how does it appear?
  • For some reason, SW eggshell resembles the satin produced by other brands.
  • We will be utilizing zero-VOC colorants in whichever recipe we choose, just in case it makes a difference.

Sherwin Williams Interior Paints Guilde

The 3rd of May, 2020- Posted by:Because I have a lot of free time right now, I’d want to paint several rooms in my house. I attempted to visit Sherwin Williams today but was unable to get entry to the store in order to examine what grades of paint were available for interior applications. I came across your “Ask the Experts” page on your website and thought I’d reach out to you to see if you may be of assistance. I would want to use a decent interior paint that is easy to clean, however my wife does not care for a shining finish on the walls.

  • I would be more than pleased to assist you.
  • Every one of their interior paints, including their premium grades, has a very low shine to it when compared to their exterior paints.
  • If your wife is having a child, or if someone has allergies and does not want to be around odorous paint, I always recommend Sherwin Williams Harmony.
  • It is really easy to clean up after.
  • With a flat finish, this is an excellent line that also cleans up rather well.
  • The Cashmere flat paint is an interior enamel with a matte finish.
  • It dries to a rock-hard consistency.
  • Sherwin Williams Emerald is the most expensive color in their collection.
  • Sherwin Williams Duration is another another excellent interior paint.
  • The most important consideration is the cost.

For your convenience, I’ve included an information sheet that I send to all of my clients on the many grades of paint that Sherwin Williams offers. If the paint is not depicted on this page, then it is not a premium-grade paint, according to the manufacturer.

What is the difference between Sherwin Williams SuperPaint, Duration, and Emerald interior paint?

Written by Mike Plummer When providing estimates, we are frequently asked this question, and it is an excellent one! It may be difficult for some people to choose the perfect hue and shine, and having to choose a type of paint just makes the situation more difficult. The good news is that all of Sherwin Williams’ paint products are of great quality; yet, there are minor distinctions between them. Heritage Custom Painting employs the top three interior products from Sherwin-Williams, which are Emerald, Duration, and SuperPaint.

Let’s take a closer look at the most effective applications for each product to assist you in selecting the most appropriate alternative for your interior painting needs.

Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex

  • In addition to magnificent color, this Sherwin-Williams interior paint product provides stain resistance, water streak resistance, stain blocking technology, antimicrobial ingredients that hinder the formation of mold and mildew, as well as great washability and scrub capability. Emerald completely cures to a tougher and tighter film than DurationSuperPaint, which helps to maintain the overall integrity of the paint over the long haul. Additionally, due of its tighter finish, Emerald makes cleaning easier by preventing dust, grime, and debris from sinking into the surface. Although Emerald is the more expensive choice, it is also the longest-lasting. You should anticipate this product to last between 10 and 12 years. If you pick Emerald for your project, Heritage Custom Painting will give a 3-year guarantee.

Duration Interior Acrylic Latex

  • For many years, this was the most popular painting product on the market until Sherwin-Williams launched Emerald in 2012. Duration gives excellent coverage and washability
  • In contrast to Emerald, Duration cures completely with a softer and thicker layer. This dynamic results in a more flexible product that is more suited for locations where the temperature fluctuates
  • Yet, there is a drawback to this approach. Because of the softer coating, your surfaces are more prone to dirt, dust, and debris settling into the painted surface and becoming embedded in the paint. If you do not clean these areas on a regular basis, your paint will ultimately deteriorate. When it comes to pricing, this product has a medium lifespan, with an expected lifespan of 8-10 years
  • Nevertheless, this product is not environmentally friendly. If you pick Duration for your job, Heritage Custom Painting will give you with a 3-year guarantee.

SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex

  • SuperPaint is a durable interior paint that is easy to scrape and applies quickly and easily to interior surfaces. This is the most cost-effective alternative, and you can anticipate this product to last for 4-6 years
  • Nevertheless, If you pick SuperPaint for your project, Heritage Custom Painting will give a one-year guarantee.

This will provide you with all of the information you want regarding the paint products we use in a timely manner. See our six C’s of Heritage Custom Painting for additional information about who we are and what we believe in. For a free estimate from Heritage Custom Painting, please complete the form on this page if you are ready to move forward with your job.

Best Interior Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams vs Benjamin Moore

For me, painting embodies the paradox of choice in its most literal sense. You know how it is when there are so many alternatives available that it becomes even more difficult to make a decision? Even though I knew exactly what I wanted for our home makeover, selecting the best interior wall paint was a time-consuming and agonizing process. I had saved a lot of photographs for paint inspiration in the months leading up to our makeover, picturing pure white walls with a black outside. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore were the two brands of paint that really stood out to me as having the colors I was looking for as I gathered additional information.

a few of my favorite wall painting ideas found on pinterest After painting our whole interior, including the wood trim, the outside, the cabinets, and the fireplace in our previous home, as well as the inside bead board in our beach cottage, I believe we’ve figured out a few things about house paint.

Benjamin Moore Wall Paint

We painted the whole inside walls of our new rebuild house as well as the interior walls of our beach cottage in Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace. The fresh, bright, and neutral white is one of my favorite colors. The company also produces Hale Navy, which is one of my favorite blues, and which we chose to paint the front door and storage cabinets at our beach property.

What I love about Benjamin Moore Paint:

  • A large number of rich, designer hues are available from Benjamin Moore’s collection (rumor has it that they are proprietary in some convoluted fashion and cannot be simply duplicated)
  • The paint goes on like butter, according to my husband, who studied painting in college and does a lot of the painting around here. Because it’s so smooth and thick, we typically only required one layer of BM paint. Here is the link to their website where you may get paint samples. Their color trends forecasts are excellent, and they are always accurate.

Downside to Benjamin Moore Paint:

  • It is tough to obtain (and purchase additional Benjamin Moore paint if you need it!) Benjamin Moore paint since it is only available at their name brand stores and a few chosen places. They only provide 16 oz paint samples, which cost $10.99, making it prohibitively expensive to experiment with other colors. It is not possible to match colors
  • This product is more pricey than the hardware store brands (but it’s worth it!). It does not appear to be a favored paint choice among painters (I spoke with three different home painters, all of whom stated that the low availability of the paint prevents them from using it)

My husband utilized a sprayer to paint the whole interior of our house using Benjamin Moore paint throughout our renovation. Chantilly Lace is a kind of lace.

Sherwin Williams Wall Paint

We utilized Sherwin Williams Pure White for our new trim work and doors as part of our home remodeling project. A gorgeous neutral white with just a hint of warmth, this is a must-have for any home. When it came to the outside, I went with a dramatic color: Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

My new favorite color is a deep, neutral black that I’m now infatuated with. After our wood trim was built and professionally painted with Sherwin Williams’ Pure White, this is what our living room looked like.

What I love about Sherwin Williams Paint:

  • There are hundreds of paint colors to choose from, many of which are top designer picks, making it simple to transform imagination into a real project. It’s easy to find (it’s available at Sherwin Williams stores, which are plentiful in my region, and, more lately, at Lowe’s)
  • It’s affordable
  • And it’s long-lasting. In my professional expertise, many painters choose to work with me as their first option.
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Downside of Sherwin Williams Paint:

  • As a result, sample paints are available in big 1 quart volumes, but because sample paint is not the same thing as real paint (see below), you will wind up with a lot of additional sample paint. High quality, although not nearly as smooth or as much coverage as Benjamin Moore – we had to apply many more layers
  • Excellent value for money. Personal experience has shown us that the satin finish has far more sheen than promised.

So, which is the best interior wall paint?

When I look at both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint, I believe they are both great, high-quality paints that I would always choose above store-brand alternatives in a given situation. Benjamin Moore colors are my favorites, but I also love that Sherwin Williams colors are more commonly accessible than they are with Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace paint offers a neutral, vibrant backdrop that I really like. Even though I believe both companies are among the greatest interior wall paint brands out there, the major issue for each of them is the cost and size of their samples.

I’m thinking about using a peel and stick sample service like Samplize in the future.

r/HomeImprovement – Why type of Sherwin-Williams paint is best for interior painting?

Level 1: We painted the majority of our house with eggshell (or whatever they call their low sheen one) superpaint, and it continues to look fantastic three years after we painted it. It has been necessary for us to clean up a few areas owing to the presence of our pet or youngster, but we have had no problems. I believe that the gloss of the paint has the most influence on whether or not it is simple to clean. If you are concerned about getting matte filthy, I would advise against it. We used emerald in our bathroom and kitchen in one of the medium gloss sheens (I believe it was one level above eggshell), and it washes off easily with a sponge.

  • I’m not sure I can see a change in the overall quality.
  • 1st grade Your commitment to Sherwin-Williams may have already been made, in which case my opinion will be of no use to you.
  • a second-grade education Consider going to the SW shop and perusing their sample boards.
  • Inquire about their recommendations; they are quite knowledgeable in their fields.
  • However, the vast majority of them employ cretins who, if you’re lucky, are aware of what is said in the brochure.
  • 1st grade My favorite color is emerald in satin.
  • Satin is an excellent choice for any room.

Although the sheen is lower than that of satin or eg-shel, there is still a small sheen.

Most likely, he hasn’t used it before, so he’ll have to bargain with his representative about the price.

Employeelevel 2 is the source of this information.

Every single wall in our house has been painted.

1st grade Promar-200 eggshell or satin 1st grade You pay a premium for emerald, buts it’s the highest quality interior latex paint they make.

1st grade Absolutely usemildicide if you’re working in the bathroom or live in a tropical area.

level 1EmeraldDuration Superpaint is the order of their quality.

level 1Promar 200 matte.

I did my trim in Promar 200 semi gloss (Dover White) (Dover White).

With 200 it’ll take two coats. With 400 it’ll take 3 coats. With Emerald, one coat. Try and find a friend with a contractors account. It’ll help on the price. Do your ceilings matte white toolevel 2Is promar their contractor line? i’ve always used super paint and waited for the sales.

All About Interior Paint

Brian Wilder captured this image. It’s been 32,000 years since mankind first slapped interior paint on the sides of cave walls, and interior paint has come a long way. That crude mixture of crushed charcoal, clay, and animal marrow has grown into a complex concoction of colours and resins that is resistant to scouring, stains, and mildew. It is also environmentally friendly. Paint is now considered one of the most DIY-friendly—and cost-effective—home-improvement materials available. It is simple to apply with a brush or roller and can be used to completely alter the look and feel of a space with just a couple of gallons.

The problem is that paint aisles are now crammed with so many options that it’s difficult to pick what you want to purchase.

What’s in Paint?

Ted Morrison captured this image. Although the proportions vary amongst brands, these are the elements that are present in all of them. Additives. Antifoaming compounds and mildewcides, for example, are used to improve performance. Binders. Resins that solidify liquid paint on the wall after it has dried. Carrier. Paint solvents are used to keep paint liquid until it is applied to the wall. Latex paint is carried mostly by water, while oil paint is carried primarily by mineral spirits. Colorant.


The Vitals

Photo courtesy of Bruce Buck How much should I spend? One gallon of water will cover approximately 400 square feet. To figure out how many you need, divide the square footage of your walls and ceiling (excluding doors and windows) by 400 to get the number of units you need. Do it yourself or employ a professional? If you have the time and energy to complete the wall preparation, which accounts for approximately 70% of the whole labor, go on. It is simple to add color to the walls of your home.

  • A paint job should endure between 10 and 20 years if it is properly prepared.
  • What exactly are VOCs?
  • They are found mostly in the solvents that keep paint liquid.
  • Reduce your exposure to danger by using paint that has been certified as low- or zero-VOC.

What Makes One Paint Better Than Another?

Don Penny/Time Inc Digital Studio contributed to this image. It is dependent on the quantity and quality of the resins, pigments, and additives included within the container. First, look up the paint company’s material safety data sheets online to learn how much titanium dioxide it adds to each can of paint before purchasing it. The bigger the proportion of this pigment in the formula, the better the coverage achieved with fewer applications of paint overall.

Calcium carbonate, for example, is a less effective pigment than titanium dioxide. Here’s how three semigloss paint grades from the same manufacturer compare to one another.

Paint Quality Comparison: Good

Don Penny/Time Inc Digital Studio contributed to this image. 99 is a classic. Vinyl acrylic resin is used as a resin. Titanium dioxide (12 percent by weight) and calcium carbonate (5 percent by weight) are the pigments used. Defoamers are used to guarantee that the finish is bubble-free. What to expect: If you clean up within an hour, the stains should come off easily. If washed vigorously, it is susceptible to burnishing. Price: Approximately $30 per gallon, Sherwin-Williams

Paint Quality Comparison: Better

Don Penny/Time Inc Digital Studio contributed to this image. Superpaint Vinyl acrylic resin is used as a resin. Titanium dioxide (18 percent by weight) and calcium carbonate (7 percent by weight) are the pigments used. Additives: Wetting agents to decrease the appearance of lap marks. What to expect: A higher level of stain and burnishing resistance. Improves the concealment of preceding colors. Price: Approximately $37 per gallon, Sherwin-Williams

Paint Quality Comparison: Best

Don Penny/Time Inc Digital Studio contributed to this image. Duration Home Styrene acrylic resin is used as a resin. Titanium dioxide (23 percent by weight) is used as a pigment. Mildewcide is included to aid in the prevention of mold development. What to expect: Because of the high concentration of titanium dioxide, there is no need for a primer. The acrylic resin is based on styrene, which makes it more durable and washable. When it comes to their top-of-the-line paints, some businesses employ acrylic resins that are 100 percent pure.

What’s Up With That $100 Can of Paint?

Don Penny/Time Inc Digital Studio contributed to this image. The kind and number of pigments in a premium paint that costs $50 vs a superpremium paint that costs twice as much is the most significant distinction. These finely crushed minerals can account for up to 70% of the total weight of the paint, compared to just approximately 30% for a typical premium brand of the same size. When you lift a can of paint from Fine Paints of Europe or FarrowBall, you can feel the extra weight of the pigments within.

Where to Use Which Paint

Depending on what is vital in the area, whether it is hiding dents in foyer walls, showcasing living room trim, or being simple to clean in a bathroom, choose your paint color. The sheen, or gloss, of a paint has an impact on how well it performs. Flatter, low-luster paints contain minerals that roughen the surface, resulting in a uniform covering that conceals defects and imperfections. Although glossier paints contain less minerals and provide a smoother, more durable surface, they are more prone to showing defects.

What to Use On: Trim

Image courtesy of Michael LuppinoGloss This high-gloss paint, which is used on trim and built-ins, can withstand abuse that would destroy flat paint.

It offers a tougher, more scrubbable finish than any water-based latex, and it is less expensive. Mansion Farm White costs around $110 per 212 liters; Fine Paints of Europe costs about $110 per 212 liters.

What to Use On: Bath

David PrinceSemigloss took the photograph. The classic sheen for damp areas, the glossy surface is easy to clean and has a long life expectancy. Choose one that contains mildewcide. Lulworth Blue costs around $79.50 per gallon; FarrowBall costs approximately $79.50 per gallon.

What to Use On: Foyer

Eggshell (photo courtesy of Steve Wilson) It is the most common sheen for walls since it is washable and does not appear excessively shiny. Excellent for high-traffic areas and stairwells where fingerprints are a problem. Chivalry Copper costs around $21 per gallon; Behr

What to Use On: Bedroom

Olympic Paints provided this photograph. Satin and Matte These finishes are resistant to burnishing, which is the formation of glossy patches on a surface as a result of continuous rubbing or scrubbing. Its low gloss sheen emits a pleasant light. Pink clay pot, around $20.50 per gallon; Olympic sized clay pot, approximately $20.50 per gallon

What to Use On: Ceiling

The image is courtesy of Andre BaranowskiFlat This paint conceals defects and has a consistent tone that does not draw attention to itself. The hard-to-clean shine is ideal for ceilings that aren’t prone to staining in the first place. Paints designed particularly for ceilings are manufactured extremely flat to prevent distracting shiny spots from appearing on the surface of the paint. Pratt & Lambert Ultra White Ceiling Paint (about $23; Pratt & Lambert

Other Formulas

Andre Baranowski captured this image. Ceramic It’s a matte that behaves like a glossy but is much easier to clean. A tiny component of its scrubbability is ceramic beads, which combine to provide a firm surface with a delicate gloss, making it a fantastic choice for kitchen surfaces. Glaze When applied over colored wall paint, it produces a deeper, richer colour while also adding sheen and radiance. Tooled glazes, applied with brushes and rollers, can be used to create the appearance of textured textiles or plaster.

To summarize, take your time and enjoy yourself.

Does Green Mean Family-Safe?

Image courtesy of Imgorthand / istockphoto Yes, it is correct. Green paints are safer because their manufacturers have decreased or eliminated the poisonous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may be harmful to ourselves and the environment. And they’ve managed to do it without sacrificing quality or raising costs much. Green paints are as excellent as or better than the old-school kind, and the most of them cost the same as a midrange or premium latex paint, depending on the manufacturer.

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When purchasing for green paint, the following are the most important questions to ask: What is the amount of VOCs?

Even less is contained in cans that fulfill the requirements specified by Green Seal, an independent tester and certifier of paints.

These cans contain no more than 50 grams per liter for flat finishes and 100 grams per liter for nonflat finishes. According to Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, a “zero-VOC” paint must contain more than 5 grams of volatile organic compounds per liter.

Does Green Mean Family-Safe?

Don Penny/Time Inc. Digital Studio contributed to this image. Is there anything else in it that might be harmful? The logos of independent testers such as the Green Seal, GreenGuard, or Scientific Certification Systems provide the best guarantee that a paint has been developed without harmful ingredients. They prohibit the use of more than 1,000 hazardous substances, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene, heavy metals such as cadmium, and plasticizers such as phthalates.

  1. When visiting the paint store, are you unable to locate logos on the products?
  2. Do the colorants include volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?
  3. On average, these colorants contribute around 150 grams of VOCs to a gallon of paint; deeper hues contribute even more.
  4. What if I told you something you already knew?

Useful Tools for Under $10

Don Penny/Time Inc. Digital Studio contributed to this image. After you’ve used them once, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. 5-in-1 multi-purpose tool Removes paint off roller covers and old caulk from joints using a scraper. It may also be used as a putty knife. Hyde Tools are around $9. No-Bleed Tape is a type of tape that does not bleed. Instead of your usual blue masking tape, use green tape to prevent paint from leaking beneath the surface. The FrogTape Paint-Can Key costs around $6.

Because the key will not bend the lip of the lid, resealing the can will be easy.

Faux Finishing

Don Penny/Time Inc. Digital Studio contributed to this image. The addition of decorative painting to walls gives depth, dimension, and a lively quality to a space, and even the most audacious look-alike effects—tanned skins, draped fabric—can be created with simple tools and brushwork without the need of expensive or complicated equipment. Sheathing a roller frame with one of these specialist coverings will provide you with a professional-looking finish that you can achieve yourself using either paint alone or a mix of paint and glaze: 1st, the floppy roller Soft bits of chamois glued to a fuzzy roller create a quick and easy solution to replicate the look of worn leather without the time and effort.

Bag rollers are used to transport bags.

Approximately $73.

a rag roller is a roller that is used to roll rags. Create the appearance of crushed velvet or parchment paper by dabbing cotton cloths on the wall, which is normally how these effects are accomplished. In the neighborhood of $7 Work Tools International Inc. is responsible for all of this.

Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Colors 2022

Paint is without a doubt one of the most simple and least expensive ways to modify a place in our world of home décor. With a little effort and money, it is possible to completely alter a place in a single day. It has the ability to completely alter the atmosphere of a room in an instant. It’s almost like magic, but choosing a color might be difficult when there are hundreds of options available at Sherwin Williams to pick from. So I decided to create an article on the top 12 most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors for your interior and another post about the most popular Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors as well.

This content is not sponsored by SHERWIN WILLIAMS, as previously stated.

Thanks for reading!


When I first thought of this concept, I believed the best approach to learn more about it would be to callSherwin Williamsstores all around the United States and ask which paint colors are the most popular in their particular location. My husband, Marty, and I contacted stores in Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, St. Louis, Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Tallahassee, among other cities. We were successful in our search. Physically traveling to and speaking with people in Tallahassee was my first stop.

  1. Their product knowledge astounded me, and I was blown away.
  2. After all, they’d say, well, how about Accessible Beige, Sea Salt, Tradewind, In the Navy (repose gray), Tricorn Black (alabaster), and so on.
  3. I was astonished to see that several hues, such as Repose Gray, Accessible Beige, Alabaster, and Pure White, were the same across the United States, as I had expected.
  4. The following is a list of the most popular paint colors expected to be popular in 2022.

Popluar Sherwin Williams Paint Colors 2022

There is no particular order in which these colors appear. These are the top ten colors that we discovered when doing our investigation.

  • Aggreable Gray, Repose Gray, Alabaster, Pure White, Snowbound, Mindful Gray, Accessible Beige, Kilim Beige, Tricorn Black, IronOre, Aggreable Gray, Repose Gray, Alabaster, Pure White, Snowbound, Mindful Gray, Accessible Beige, Kilim Beige, Tricorn Black, IronOre, Aggreable Gray, Repose Gray, Alabaster, Pure White, Snowbound, Mindful Gray, Aggreable Gray,

Green appears to be a popular hue this year, as evidenced by the fact that several paint firms have selected some shade of green as their color of the year for their products. Sherwin Williams has released a stunning green color of the year, Evergreen Fog, SW 9130, which is a beautiful shade of green. If you want color and green is a possibility, try Evergreen Fog, or see my popular Sherwin Williams green paint colors page for more inspiration. Now, if you want to know what has been popular in previous years, have a look at the colors listed below.

Take note of how many of them are still in the top ten. The fact that they are more timeless colors tells me that they will be in trend for many years to come if you choose to dress in a timeless hue.

Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Colors 2020

Let’s go back in time to 2020, and just as we did previously, we conducted our study, and to our surprise, many colors have remained the same while a few new ones have emerged.

  • Extra WhiteSW 7006, Pure WhiteSW 7005, AlabasterSW 7008, SnowboundSW 7004, Sea SaltSW 6204, NavalSW 6244, Repose GraySW 7015, Mindful GraySW 7016, Light French GraySW 0055, Agreeable GraySW 7029, Accessible BeigeSW 7036, Tricorn BlackSW 6258, PeppercornSW 7674, Iron OreSW 7069
  • Tricorn BlackSW 6258
  • PeppercornSW 7674
  • Iron

Here are some of the most popular paint colors that were popular in 2017.


  • Pure WhiteSW 7005
  • AlabasterSW 7008
  • Sea SaltSW 6204 (SoutheastNortheast)
  • TradewindSW 6218 (Southeast)
  • AlabasterSW 7005
  • Pure WhiteSW 7005
  • AlabasterSW Repose GraySW 7015
  • Mindful GraySW 7016
  • Agreeable GraySW 7029
  • Accessible BeigeSW 7036
  • PassiveSW 7064
  • DistanceSW 6243 (Southeast)
  • In the NavySW 9178
  • Tricorn BlackSW 6258

We aim to solicit suggestions in a variety of color categories, for example, what color do you think is the most popular among white, gray, beige, black, and blue? For this list, I grouped colors that were similar to one another, starting with white and progressing to black. Other colors exist that are not included on this list, but I decided 12 was a fair starting point, with the exception of the colors of 2020. We were unable to eliminate a couple, so we included them. Also, as a side note, you may have noted that Pure White is not included in the photo above, which is correct.

However, if you click on any of the colors in the bullet list above, you will be sent to theSherwin Williamssite, where you may view the color in its natural environment.


If you like to be on the safe side, choose Accessible Beige, Agreeable Gray, Repose Gray, and Mindful Gray as your colors. However, if you want something for your walls that is ageless and complements everything else, Alabaster white is the way to go. If you like nautical décor, Tradewind, In the Navy, naval, and Sea Salt are some of the best options. Sea Salt is also a fantastic hue for modern front doors and farmhouse design, among other things. At Life on Summerhill, you can see additional farmhousepaint colors in action.

However, the hues tricorn, peppercorn, and ironore are excellent choices for doors and shutters.

What is Sherwin Williams Most Popular Color?

Based on our analysis, it appears that warmer tones are beginning to make an appearance. Even grays with a warm tone fall into this group. The color palette for 2021 is shifting to more beige tones, although gray is still very much a part of our lives. Gray was a popular color choice in 2020. If you have gray hair, you are still considered fashionable. Gray hues appear to be here to stay, but colorful accent walls appear to be on the rise in popularity as well.

What are the Most Popular Paint Colors for 2022?

Agreeable Gray SW 7029 appears to be the most popular Sherwin Williamscolor for the year 2021, according to the data collected so far (see chart below). However, almost all of the businesses reported that Pure White SW 7005 is the most popular color, which technically isn’t a color, but I thought you would be interested to know.

Examples of Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Let’s take a look at some examples of paint colors to give you an idea of what’s currently popular to assist you choose your paint color.

Extra White SW 7006

Sherwin Williams Extra White was used to paint the entryway.

Pure White SW 7005

Sherwin Williams Pure White was used to paint the cabinets.

Snowbound SW 7004

Cabinets painted in the color Snowbound by Sherwin Williams

Alabaster SW 7008

Sherwin Williams Alabaster was used to paint the fireplace.

Repose Gray SW 7015

Repose Gray was used to paint the kitchen cabinetry.

Mindful Gray SW 7016

Sherwin Williams paint was used on the walls. Gray with a Sense of Well-Being

Accessible Beige SW 7036

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige was used to paint the wall.

Iron Ore SW 7069

Sherwin Williams IronOre is used to paint the exterior of a wood house.

Peppercorn SW 7674

The front entrance is painted in the color Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams.

Sea Salt SW 6204

The breakfast nook is painted in Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.

Naval SW 6244

Sherwin Williams Navy was used to paint the barn doors.


Now that you have compiled a list of popular paint colors, it is time to begin the process of selecting one. Our guide on choosing paint colors will help you through the process so that you end up with a color that you love and can live with for a long time. After you have selected the appropriate paint color, I recommend that you test the paint color to ensure that it is what you want. Our post on the best techniques to evaluate paint color will provide you with four suggestions on how to be certain.

We’ve got you covered once more with our instructions on how to choose the optimum paint sheen.

Consider popular Sherwin Williams cabinet paint colors for inspiration.

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SW 7006 Extra White (Extra White) Alabaster SW 7008 Pure White SW 7005 Snowbound SW 7004 Alabaster SW 7008 Snowbound SW 7004 SW 6204Sea Salt SW 6244Navigation SW 6244 Affirmative Gray SW 7015, Mindful Gray SW 7016, Light French Gray SW 0055, Agreeable Gray SW 7029, Accessible Beige SW 7036 are examples of colors that go well together. SW 6258 Tricorn Black Tricorn Black SW 6258 SW 7674Peppercorn SW 7069IronOre SW 7674

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Following the completion of this popular paint list, proceed to how to choose a paint color for more guidance to aid you with your paint adventure.

Recommended Products

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What Sherwin-Williams products we use!

Hi! Welcome to the blog of Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists! We are a painting company based in Pekin, Illinois, and we provide service to all of the cities and towns in central Illinois! The majority of our products are from Sherwin-Williams, and all of our projects are covered by a 5-year warranty. Interior, exterior, and cabinetry are the three primary segments of our company (Kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc.). We provide free estimates that are not subject to expiration unless the scope of the project has altered in any manner.

On this day, we will go through all of the items that we utilize in all of our departments and divisions. Check out the table of contents below for more information!

Table of Contents:

You may get a Sherwin-Williams app from the App Store! Using the ColorSnap ® Visualizer for Web, Mobile, and iPad, you may capture colors from your environment and match them to Sherwin-Williams paint colors. To find inspiration from a photograph, you may look through more than 1,500 hues. ColorSnap® Visualizer for the Web and iPad allows you to virtually paint your spaces. You may browse through their color choices and store your favorites using the app! To make it even better, you can take a picture of whatever you’re painting (cabinets, walls, furniture, etc.) and drag the color you want to see up there to see it before you really commit to it!


The term “interior” can refer to a variety of items, including trim such as window trim, door trim, baseboards, and doors. The ceilings, walls, and, in certain situations, furniture can all be affected. In terms of painting trim and doors, we utilize the same paint brand that we use for our cabinets and other woodwork. More information about this may be found in the cabinet section below! When painting new walls, it is necessary to prime them first if they have not previously been painted. If they have already been painted, they will just need to be cleaned down before being painted again.


The following is the information about the product:

  • A thorough testing program has demonstrated that Cashmere is a very effective paint and primer in one, hence delivering an extra value-added advantage. Smooth and buttery in appearance, texture, and application
  • Silky, low-stipple appearance that is pleasing to the eye from all perspectives
  • Excellent covering and concealment
  • It’s scrubbable, which makes cleaning and upkeep a breeze. This product complies with the most strict VOC requirements. The finish is available in four different finishes: flat enamel, low luster, medium lustre, and now pearl, which has a distinctive, sumptuous, iridescent shine that fluctuates depending on the viewing angle.

Cashmere may be used to decorate any room in the house. It’s a very high-quality paint!


Time-saving home paint and primer in one is made possible by special cross linking technology that truly repels stains and stains-resistant paint. The powerful stain preventing technology helps to seal in stains that have already appeared on your walls. Home is completed in a seamless and timely manner, and it provides superb concealment. It is especially effective in high-traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways, and most stains can be removed with water. For assistance in selecting colors and finishes for your forthcoming project, please visit this page.


Information on the product:

  • Because of Formaldehyde Reducing Technology*, this zero-VOC paint helps to enhance indoor air quality while also having the ability to minimize typical indoor scents thanks to Odor Eliminating Technology*. It has ground-breaking features that contribute to improved indoor air quality and the reduction of typical indoor smells. Formaldehyde Reducing Technology* is included, which helps to lower the levels of certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from possible sources such as insulation, carpet, cabinets, and textiles. Provides Odor Elimination Technology*, which helps to decrease typical indoor scents such as those caused by cooking, smoking, and pets. Rooms retain their freshness for a longer period of time. Mold and mildew growth on the paint surface is prevented by the use of anti-microbial chemicals applied to the paint surface. It has a zero VOC composition and complies with the strictest VOC requirements, all while delivering excellent hide and a long-lasting finish. Flat, eg-shel, and semi-gloss are among the several colors and sheens that are available. The duration of the event In addition, the quantity of painted surface area and the concentration of formaldehyde that Harmony actively decreases are all dependent on the amount of formaldehyde present.

Harmony is a terrific paint line to work with. It is particularly beneficial in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, laundry rooms, and basements. It is also effective in areas with high humidity. If you live in a humid climate or in a region where it rains frequently, you may want to apply this product throughout your house to keep it dry. A mold and mildew-fighting anti-microbial ingredient is included in the product’s specifications, as stated above in the product description.

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srcset=”″>Almost finished.


Our cabinet painting procedure used to take us six days to finish a single job, but after four years of practice and collaboration with Sherwin-Williams staff, we were able to cut that time in half for each project. You can learn more about our cabinet painting procedure here at Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists by visiting our website by clicking here. The procedure is the same for all cabinets, regardless of whether they are in a garage, bathroom, kitchen, or even the utility room.

Emerald Urethane Enamel:

Information on the product:

  • For doors and trim, a smooth and sumptuous finish is applied. Provides a finish that is resistant to wear and tear and may be applied in fewer applications
  • An extremely durable finish is excellent for windows, doors, and trim. This product is ideal for areas that are cleaned frequently. Urethane modified alkyd for interior and outdoor use that has the appearance and feel of an alkyd/oil finish
  • A variety of Sherwin-Williams colors as well as bespoke tints are available, with sheens ranging from satin to semi-gloss to gloss. It offers superior yellowing resistance as compared to standard oil-based paints and high blocking resistance, which allows surfaces to keep a robust, durable finish.

As previously stated, we utilize Emerald Urethane Enamel for a variety of tasks. We utilize it for these purposes since it is extremely sturdy and lasts for an extended period of time. High-traffic surfaces that are often handled, such as cabinets, trim, and doors, benefit from this treatment!


ProClassic ®Alkyd Interior provides a smooth and rich finish on interior doors and trim, making them look more expensive. It provides a high-performance finish that is resistant to even the most severe wear and tear. This mixture applies smoothly, leaving no brush or roller markings behind. Before Sherwin-Williams developed the Emerald Urethane Enamel, this paint was known as Emerald Urethane Enamel.


There are many various types of surfaces that you may come across when working outside. Fortunately, Sherwin-Williams paint lines have improved to the point where each product may be applied to a variety of surfaces!

Super Paint:

Information on the product:

  • Advanced Resin Technology is used in the formulation to provide superior adhesion, conceal, and color retention. Excellent coverage and long-term durability. a dirt- and mildew-resistant coating that protects against the elements
  • Maintains its integrity in the face of the weather and is resistant to freezing, peeling, blistering, fading, and cracking. Low-temperature application (down to 35°F) is available. With VinylSafe® paint colors from Sherwin-Williams, you have the flexibility to pick from 100 color possibilities, including a limited selection of deeper hues that are intended to resist warping and buckling when applied on sound, stable vinyl siding. Available in a variety of sheens, including flat, satin, gloss, and high-gloss. For doors, windows, and trim, high-gloss paint is good since it reduces adhering.

As previously stated, this paint is suitable for painting on vinyl. It may be be used on a variety of different materials, however some may require priming first. It is also capable of withstanding frigid conditions!


Information on the product:

  • It is formulated with proprietary MoistureGuardTM Technology to provide outstanding moisture resistance in half the time of standard latex paints, allowing you to paint later in the day with more confidence and less fear about dew or oncoming rain. The use of a mildew-resistant coating
  • Achieves exceptional concealment and coverage, as well as durability and dirt resistance. Allows for a smooth, consistent finish by flowing and leveling
  • Low-temperature application (down to 35°F) is available. VinylSafe® Paint Colors can be used to colour the material.

This paint is essential to our outside division at Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists, since it protects our building’s exterior. Because the temperature and weather aren’t particularly constant in central Illinois, we utilize this paint at the beginning and conclusion of our outdoor sessions because it dries in half the time of traditional paint. In the same way as the super paint

Super Deck:

Information on the product:

  • Protects the structural integrity of your wood deck for three years with a quick and simple application
  • It penetrates bare wood, providing excellent protection against the sun and early deterioration for well maintained decks. This paint film contains chemicals that prevent mildew from growing on the surface of the film’s surface. The mixture, which is technologically sophisticated, weathers in a manner comparable to oil-based stains. When it comes to the end of its lifetime, it fades away gently rather than peeling and scorching. When applied to moist wood, it may be completed in a single day, which makes it ideal for most applications.

Super deck is a type of wood deck, as I’m sure you’ve gathered from the name of the product.


Information on the product:

  • Improves the look and texture of the lawn for increased curb appeal. Penetrates deeply to provide superior protection and peeling resistance
  • The recipe is thick, resulting in a uniform finish with excellent coverage. An excellent color retention coating that also has mildew resistance is provided. Application at low temperatures up to 35° F

Woodscapes is a fantastic product for staining the wood in your home. Stains are available in three different finishes: solid, semi-solid, and transparent. You can, of course, paint your wood if you choose to do so.


A-100® is the A-1 choice when it comes to dependable performance at an affordable price. In addition to having a 100 percent acrylic composition that covers well and lasts for a long time, A-100 Exterior Latex Paint is a proven performer that satisfies your expectations while also keeping an eye on your bottom line. A100 is a fantastic exterior paint for your home’s outside!


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog today! The Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists went through all of the interior and exterior paints and stains that they use in their business.

In the event that you are working on a project at home or don’t reside in our region, you can click on the paint line name to be sent to the Sherwin-Williams website and data sheet! You may find out more about the product and its pricing!

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