Where Do Interior Designers Shop

Where Do Interiors Designers Really Shop For Furniture And Decor?

If you can’t afford to hire an interior designer, at the very least you may shop as if you were. It turns out that this is less difficult than you may expect. As a result, while the general public does not have access to trade-only wholesalers, you might be shocked to realize that many interior designers are finding some of their greatest things in areas where the general public shops on a daily basis. For this article, I spoke with interior designers from a variety of places such as New York, Chicago, and Nashville to find out where they get some of their favorite pieces.

Big Box Stores are a type of retailer that sells a wide range of products.

For everything from kitchenware to home décor and down inserts, Target is highly recommended by interior designers.

In New York City, Highlyann Krasnow, the creator of The Design High, has adorned luxury buildings such as 63 Wall Street and 195 Sullivan Street, among other places.

  • You’ll find a fantastic assortment of tiny tables, wall artwork (including sconces), stools, poufs, and other furniture.” Deidre Doherty, a resident of Deirdre Doherty Interiors expresses herself If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Ikea might be a terrific location to shop.
  • This is ideal for kids’ areas when you don’t want to spend a lot of money on them.” Another store to check out is HomeGoods.
  • So, if you want to get first dibs, Kate Marengo of Interior Chicago recommends finding out when days retailers receive their delivery and shopping early on those days.
  • “The nicest decor I’ve obtained from an unexpected source was Petco,” Gregory Augustine of Lucas Alexander stated.
  • “There is no need for wiring; simply plug and play!” So, if you’ve ever considered utilizing a pet bed as a large cushion, don’t be afraid to give it a try.
  • While most of us are aware that high-end shops such as Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus have lovely home departments, designers do not miss the equally attractive departments of their more affordable competitors.
  • The same is true for Doherty, who recommends their Home Hotel Collection for “wonderful sheeting with a variety of thread counts and price alternatives.” Kohl’s is a favorite of Maggie Natarelli of Raised By Design because it allows her to combine high and low tones.

For those searching for something lively but not scary, they have a large range of high-quality cotton bedding as well as some very charming poppy patterns.” Look for opportunities in your community.

When it comes to one-of-a-kind products, I turn to thrift stores first.

Depending on the state of the furniture, I would consider replacing the upholstery with a high-quality fabric instead.

“Get to know the people that manufacture things in your neighborhood.

Working with Brian Enright of 12 Sticks since 2013, he has become my go-to person for millwork.” While on the road If you’re ever in Nashville, or even if you’re simply shopping for southern style online, Zoe Cullen ofStay Domio recommends stopping by1767 Designs.

He constantly appears to be able to read my thoughts and anticipates what I’m seeking for.

When I decorate something, it’s uncommon that I don’t include something from his business.” Curator and counselor in the field of art “Where I get antique things (furniture, paintings, and miscellaneous objects) from merchants all across California,” says Kipton Cronkite of the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, California.

In one instance, Diana Weinstein ofDiana Weinstein Designstold me, “I once had a customer who brought back sari silks from India, which I utilized to build a bespoke upholstered bed out of.” Another example: CR Interior Designs’ Caitlin Rutkay enjoys decorating bedrooms with objects she comes across while traveling around the world.

  1. Shop Lulu and Georgia’s Online StoreLulu and Georgia is a decorator’s dream come true.
  2. There are a plethora of options for purchasing furniture and home décor on the internet.
  3. In the words of the designer, it’s “like a curated showroom for everything I’m into right now, and it nearly always comes in on budget.” Natarelli’s favorite retailer in this category is SerenaLilly, which is another option.
  4. Gutierrez like lights from ModCreation Studio, art fromUrban Epiphany Prints, and ceramics from Vitrifried Studio, among other things.

When it comes to obtaining home decor, Doherty has a practical mindset: “In the age of internet purchasing, designers must be open to sourcing from unexpected sources.” Doherty has a practical attitude when it comes to finding home decor: You can discover wonderful things almost anyplace if you pay attention to quality and design, just as you can while shopping for clothes.

Where 5 Interior Designers Shop When Outfitting Their Own Homes

Please keep in mind that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links in this article, InsideHook may receive a tiny portion of the revenues. Home decorating is a fun and intimidating activity at the same time. In exchange for getting to entirely redesign your living environment, you must be willing to put in the time and money to do so properly. In addition, you’ll want to make sure you do it correctly: Americans are spending more time at home than ever before, and that piece of wall decor you never really liked in the first place may be staring at you in the wrong direction after six continuous months of working from your own home office.

Interior designers fall between between being beneficial and being absolutely important in the process of creating a well-balanced house.

Consequently, we spoke with a few of our favorite people and asked them where they purchase their own house furniture.

Joe English is a slang term for a person who speaks English fluently.

Melinda Cedel

Melinda Cedel is the US Marketing Manager for the legendary French firm of Interior Design Liaigre, which has been in business for over 100 years. Before that, she worked with Patrik Lonn Design, David Scott Interiors, and Eric Daniels Architects, among other firms. Where do you go to buy for household products when you’re shopping for yourself? Antique shopping and browsing through second-hand stores are two of my favorite pastimes. The varied nature of my taste allows me to combine modern pieces with found objects.

Made-to-Order Goods

Made Goods Adonis Stool

What are a handful of your current favorite products to own and wear? Recently, I’ve begun collecting vintage candlestick holders and am attempting to build a small art collection as well. Which seller, in your opinion, provides the greatest household items at the most reasonable price for the majority of people? When it comes to who makes the most affordable furniture, CB2 usually seems to be on top of the latest trends; nonetheless, I like to choose pieces that will last a long time. I would always recommend choosing something you will be happy with in a year over something you would be unhappy with in a year if you can locate a wonderful secondhand desk or headboard on a site like ChairishorAptDeco.

Liaigre Bookcase GALET, 1999

If money were no obstacle, where would you go to buy for home items if you had your pick of the bunch? Where do I begin. The Apparatus, 1st Dibs, Louis Liaigre, the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, and more Denis Miller, Jiun Ho, John Salibello, John M. Szymanski, Dennis Miller, Roman Thomas. Tristan Scow is a young man from the United Kingdom.

Caitie Neill

Caitie Neill is an interior designer who has worked in a number of high-profile New York City studios, including two that were honored by Architectural Digest as part of its AD-100 list. Where do you go to buy for household products when you’re shopping for yourself? I usually try to purchase locally and antique whenever possible! I always seem to come across some rare things in excellent shape that no one else seems to have. It’s always a thrill to discover things that not only reflect your individuality but are also constructed to last and have a deeper meaning.

  • What are a few of your personal favorites?
  • You could go every weekend and walk away feeling like you’re at a whole different store.
  • Copper and plaid are two of my favorite colors.
  • I got a set of dining chairs from them that were in excellent shape and dated back to the 1950s.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get these since the backs feature a woven canning design that is in very pristine shape. They also provide door-to-door delivery service! Bi-Rite Studio is a recording studio that specializes in music.

Bi-Rite 1970s Cube Table Lamp

Bi-rite My favorite things about them are their lighting, seats, and accessories. Walking into this establishment is always a breath of fresh air. Adaptations While they recently closed their brick-and-mortar location in Greenpoint, they are still active on the internet, and they have a sister shop called Porter James (also in Greenpoint) where they carry a large selection of vintage nightstands, credenzas, and beautiful accessories, not to mention some of my favorite candles. HIMOART/Etsy

Himo Art Cermaic Tassel Wall Hanging

EtsyEtsy is a fantastic resource for small companies, as well as a fantastic method to support them. It can be a little daunting at first, but after you figure out how to use the appropriate keywords to filter out what you’re looking for, it becomes much easier. Hemo Art is an artist who I recently discovered and have fallen in love with her work! She makes these lovely ceramic wall hangings with tassels, which she sells. Do you have any other internet sites that you find yourself returning to?

Everyone is aware of it, yet I have to acknowledge that it remains a dependable (and even addicting) source of information.

For example, here are a handful of my most recent favorites: Casa Shop is filled with a variety of amusing accessories and gadgets.

Mara Vera is a fashion designer who lives in New York City.

Mara Vera Hara/Vermilion on White

Mara Vera crafts these lovely scarves and develops her own block patterns with natural dyes, which she then incorporates into her creations. I recently got a few of pairs, but I have no plans to wear them! Instead of hanging them on the wall, I chose to use them as wall tapestries. If money were no obstacle, where would you go to buy for home items if you had your pick of the bunch? Probably something wacky fromMorentzorGoldwood by Boris, if I were to go shopping today. Also, a work by Caleb Woodard would be a dream come true for me.

I’m constantly looking forward to seeing what he’s up to.

Alexandra Hirsch

Alex Hirsch works as an interior designer and project manager, with a particular interest in environmentally friendly building processes. Among the publications that have praised her work are Dwell Magazine, Dezeen, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and SheridanCo. Where do you go to buy for household products when you’re shopping for yourself? In terms of shopping for myself (or a customer, for that matter), I would advise staying away from large box stores and other all-in-one-stop types of establishments.

They have a tendency to employ harmful ingredients and low-wage workers in order to keep margins low.

I’m a huge admirer of distributing sources — finding brands and items that work well together but are from various periods or design principles — and putting them together in a cohesive way.

“The search,” as I like to refer to it, takes a little more time, but it ultimately allows you to express yourself via your choices! Menu Design Shop is a company that designs menus.

Norm Architects Stone Table Lamp

For lighting:Triple Seven HomeandMenu. For furniture:I love brands from Copenhagen for the simple fact that they’re classic and harmonious in their design. The bonus is that Copenhagen is one of — if notthe —most sustainable cities in the world. The goals they’ve set for themselves as a city translates to how they produce their goods. That’s to say, it far outmatches that of other countries, so you can feel good when buying from one of their brands. Norman Copenhagen

Norman Copenhagen Block Table

  • Skagerak Denmark (a B Corporation accredited by the B Corporation Certification Institute)
  • Normann Copenhagen
  • Hay
  • Matter (an American merchant)

And in the case of textiles.

  • Any item from their linen bedding line
  • Minna (ethically created textiles and home items)
  • Inbedstore: Anything from their linen bedding line
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TRNK Bow Candle Holder

In terms of décor and tableware, here are some suggestions:

  • TRANK, owned by my pals, does an excellent job of collecting beautiful yet utilitarian things that aren’t too expensive. Cote a Coast, Hawkins New York, and Hay are all excellent choices.

Which seller, in your opinion, provides the greatest household items at the most reasonable price for the majority of people? I would argue that out all the big-name retailers, IKEA is definitely the most successful. They are, without a doubt, the most reasonably priced source for household items. When used in conjunction with higher-priced things and discovered artifacts, these products may be quite effective in bringing a setting into harmony. Matter

tradition Boomerang HM1

If money were no obstacle, where would you go to buy for home items if you had your pick of the bunch? Because my speciality is in environmentally friendly design, I gravitate toward antique and vintage retailers. Purchasing second hand not only allows you to personalize your environment with something really one-of-a-kind, but it also helps to reduce the unnecessary production of items that, quite frankly, we do not require. In other words, if money were not a concern, I would purchase everything atGalerie Half(LA), Counter Space(LA), Eneby Home(Tennessee), and The Apartment (Copenhagen).

Andrew Michael Phillips’s full name is Andrew Michael Phillips.

Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters

To mention a few publications that have highlighted Forbes and Masters: Essence Magazine, Architectural Digest, and House Beautiful, to name a few. You may follow them on Instagram at @forbesmasters. Where do you go to buy for household products when you’re shopping for yourself? Our favorite markets are Westside Market and Scott Antique Market. Whether it’s furniture, accessories, or art, we’re able to identify fascinating things that have depth and character. Westside Market is a neighborhood market located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Modern BlackGray Console Table

Can you name a handful of your favorite pieces from their collection? This unique console, as well as this old chair, are two of our favorites. Which seller, in your opinion, provides the greatest household items at the most reasonable price for the majority of people? Wayfair is one of our favorite places to buy since it caters to shoppers of all budgets. Oftentimes, we can locate high-quality things that are not prohibitively expensive. If money were no obstacle, where would you go to buy for home items if you had your pick of the bunch?

To be quite honest, if money were no object, we would manufacture everything to order! It is a part of our enthusiasm to design individual environments for each and every customer that are both exceptional and unique. Kyle Fitts Photography is a professional photography company.

Chris McGovern

In New York City, Chris McGovern is the founder and owner of McGovern Project, a full-service residential and commercial interior design business that provides a wide range of services. Where do you go to buy for household products when you’re shopping for yourself? For Turkish Kilim Pillows, follow these instructions: I adore the warmth and design that a Turkish rug can provide to a room, but I still prefer to purchase these items in person rather than online. The use of kilim pillows, miniature ottomans, and cushions created from Turkish rug scraps, on the other hand, may create a similar look in a room without breaking the bank.

  • The things are delivered swiftly, and the price is unbeatable.
  • For Pieces and Oddities: Even if you keep things simple, a finished space will always have a few decorative objects on the table tops or shelves.
  • However, when the scope of a bachelor client’s home décor inventory is restricted to their beer stein collection, I frequently turn to Chairish’s website for inspiration and ideas.
  • Can you name a handful of your favorite pieces from their collection?
  • SebilPillows/Etsy

Sebil Pillows 12/24 Anatolian Rug Pillow

According to Sebil PIllows:

  • 1616 Vintage Rug Pillow
  • 1224 Anatolian Rug Pillow
  • 1616 Vintage Rug Pillow

Vintage Marble Bookends

Chairish has the following to say:

  • Marble Art Deco Bookends
  • Wood and Leather Shoe Lasts
  • Marble Art Deco Bookends

Which seller, in your opinion, provides the greatest household items at the most reasonable price for the majority of people? I’m guilty of framing pretty much everything and anything. If you have a piece of artwork that does not fit into a standard-sized frame, Frame it Easy can create a bespoke frame and mat for you. Change the size of the mat to see what works best. Framed in a large frame with an enlarged mat, a fascinating postcard from trips or a concert ticket of significance may make a big effect and help to personalize a space.

Jared Chambers1974

If you’re on a tight budget, art.com has framed prints available at a reasonable cost. We’ve all been to an apartment where a pretty basic print was prominently displayed on the wall. A customer was searching for an enormous black-and-white building shot, and I was able to provide one for him. Sure, we could have utilized the Flatiron Building or the Chrysler Building, but a simple search of their hometown turned up an arguably more intriguing archive photo of a bridge that also seems to have some personal meaning to the couple.

For example, Jared Chambers’ print 1974 is available at a fair price from House of Spoils, which also has some excellent fine art photography to offer.

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Where do interior designers shop? Find out here

Do you want to know where interior designers go to find those statement pieces or odd artworks and artifacts, or do you want to learn more about contemporary interior design? Several of our favorite interior designers have agreed to share their top-secret techniques, and they’ve come up trumps. The following stores, websites, and brands are staples in every interior designer’s little black book, and you should include them in yours as well. They range from high-street favorites to off-the-beaten-path finds, and include flea markets, graduate shows, and even eBay.


While attending the London Design Fair, Joo Botelho met Andrew Molyneux and Harry Triggs, the owners of TM Lighting, and fell in love with the way their LED lights enhance the wonder of art inside a place. As Botelho explains, “Their sleek, energy-efficient lighting draw attention to the color, lines, emotions, and beauty of each individual item.” (Photo courtesy of TM Lighting.) )


A wall made up of various distinct artworks was created by usingKingMcGaw when the budget does not allow for original pieces. Its online selection is extensive, and I can easily spend hours searching for something that would work for us. In addition, the shipping and customer service provided by KingMcGaw are exceptional,’ comments Petra Arko, interior designer at BergmanMar. (Photo courtesy of Petra Arko Bergman.) Mar King McGaw is a fictional character created by author Mar King McGaw. )


Are you looking for something absolutely unique, something that you won’t be able to get anyplace else? After just one visit to the1stDibswebsite, if you’re anything like us, you’ll have around a million tabs open and it’ll seem like it’s been five hours since you first arrived. You’ve been warned, and you should heed the warning. It’s no surprise that the website is hailed by celebrities such as Peter Mikic (a self-confessed junkie) and Sophie Ashby, who compliment the website’s lighting and sculptural furnishings.

There’s nowhere else to go.


‘Working with The Cob Gallery, co-curating art and design shows, has taught me a great deal about how art can alter a place, the power of arrangement, and how to collaborate with artists,’ says Rachel Chudley, an interior designer. In this photograph, courtesy of Rachel Chudley and The Cob Gallery.


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for beautiful carpets by Seletti Wears Toilet Paper or Fornasetti vases;AMARA is a treasure trove of contemporary homeware and accessories. Using AMARA’s clever Architettonico table, designed by Fornasetti, designer Sally Mackereth is able to create spaces that are “dynamic” and “feel as though they have grown gradually through time.” Mackereth’s own home, which was formerly a Victorian barn, is filled with antiques and flea-market discoveries such as these.

John Hitchcox is also a fan, praising Fornasetti’s ‘graphic impact of black and white’ as well as his use of color. “Even a single dish or candle can completely change a space by adding a sense of wit, humour, and surprise,” Hitchcox continues.


Sophie Ashby, interior designer and owner of Studio Ashby, sydney The collaboration with an art consultant is unusual for us, but Vanita Barany of Art Room London was the ideal partner,’ says the designer. She is extremely knowledgable, has relevant contacts with all of the major galleries, dealers, and auction houses, and she knew just where to seek to discover what my client was looking for. She is also quite personable and courteous. (Photo courtesy of Sophie Ashby of Studio Ashby.)


Kit Kemp’s favorite place to shop for artisan textiles is Blithfield. One of Kit Kemp’s biggest passions is the discovery of handcrafted textiles, as she describes. When hanging, they become the focal point of the room. They can be woven or hand-blocked, silk screened or digitally printed — any of these techniques might inspire a color palette.


For the most well-known contemporary artists, Paragon Press is an invaluable resource. It is also the first place Tom Bartlett, architect at Waldo Works, turns when he is on the lookout for contemporary art that is current, distinctive, and collectible. In order to finish the design work for this penthouse apartment in the City, we collaborated closely with them. (Photo courtesy of Waldo Works.)


EBay requires no introduction, however you would not have anticipated that it is a popular shopping destination for interior designers. Sophie Ashby purchased her large palms from eBay, stating that they were “better than buying them new and scraggly from a nursery” because they “instantly soften a man-made environment, they help purify the air in the city, and they make me happy every day to see them.” “Better than buying them new and scraggly from a nursery,” she added. In addition, Simon Rawlings like paper lanterns: “One of my favourites is a £20, 1m-wide Japanese paper lantern purchased on eBay — it looks so dramatic over the dining table, and it gives out such a gorgeous glow.”


‘When individuals are looking for a low-cost solution, we frequently recommend The Poster Club. Sheena Murphy, interior designer at Nune, describes the store as having a “wonderful collection of high-quality prints and frames from artists such as Studio Paradissi and Hein Studio.” (Photo courtesy of Nune)


Fine Cell Workis a nonprofit that educates inmates to make highly skilled needlework, giving them something to do during the many hours they spend confined in a cell. If you’re looking for materials with a “feel-good” factor, go no further. The textiles are unexpectedly attractive and intricately designed. In order to produce unusual lamp shades, Kit Kemp incorporates their textiles into the design: “Interesting lamp bases with patterned shades, such as the ones I made for Fine Cell Work, provide intrigue while contrast piping, trimmings, and handles offer a feeling of the unexpected.”


Invaluable has been the opportunity to collaborate with Scarlett Colicci, co-founder of Projects on Walls, an art procurement and advice service for interior designers.

‘She has an incredible eye for design and finds one-of-a-kind pieces of art, which she uses to organize and blend in an unusual way,’ says Elnaz Namaki, an interior designer. (Photo courtesy of Elnaz Namaki.)


In the case that you are a fan of Mid-Century Modern design furniture, you will appreciate Fiona McDonald’s unique collection of retro tables, consoles, and cabinets. Martin Brudnizki is well-known for using Fiona McDonald’s vintage artifacts as the focal points of his interior design work. As a rule, I don’t believe a bedroom should include anything other than the bed and nightstands; thus, I’ve converted the second bedroom into a study/dressing room, complete with an antique table from Fiona McDonald, armchairs for lounging in, and a chaise for laying out clothing.”

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‘I was referred to Artwork Install by a friend when I needed to display artwork in a hotel project that I had completed a couple of years earlier.’ Since then, I have never utilized anybody else to hang my artwork. Anton and his colleagues show up with every piece of equipment you could possibly need for your event. Their attention to detail is unsurpassed, and I would put my confidence in them to hang anything in any scenario. Featured image courtesy of Laura Fulmine / The Modern House


With the help of furniture designerGeorge Smith, Martin Brudnizki’s interior design business, And Objects, has created the highly sought-afterCocktail collection, which is available now. Elegant, low-level seating looks fantastic when combined and matched in a luxurious bar or lounging area, and they are particularly well suited for perching while sipping a Martini or two.


Cooke’s Framing is the latest addition to Louisa Warfield’s little black book of treasures, who works as an art consultant. ‘The proprietor, Ash, characterizes his work as “an honest approach to constructing unique, hand-finished frames, which are created to match each and every piece of artwork individually.” ‘I couldn’t agree with you more.’


Where do designers go to gather inspiration for their work? Shows by recent graduates. Francis Sultana, a designer, says that graduate exhibits at the major art universities are a fantastic way to get in with emerging stars before their careers take off. “Buying directly from artists, often for just a few hundred pounds, is a terrific way to get in with rising stars before their careers take off.”


High-street icon who delivers elegant designs at a more affordable price, this perennial favourite is a perennial fave. Habitat is something that will never go out of style. Tom Dixon, the uber-designer, served as their head of design for eleven years, and design team Turner Pocock blend classics into their domestic design projects, such as the clever ladder-back Talia chairs.


Featuring an extremely modern (and fairly reasonable) assortment of own brand furniture and lighting, along with some classics, such as Kartell’s Masters Chair (a favorite of John Hitchcox), Heal’s checks all the right boxes when it comes to essential home furnishings and accessories.


DesignerTiffany Duggan sources her accessories from the creator, Penny Morrison, as well as fromLorfords Antiques.

IrvingMorrison is a hotspot for cushions and odd bases.


Mr. James Worrall takes the legwork out of searching through flea markets, auctions, and stores for rare collectors’ things. When designer Peter Mikic is looking for anything distinctive, Mr. Worrall is one of his first port of call.


Kempton Park in Sunbury is a fantastic flea market for one-of-a-kind antique items, and it is here that Peter Mikic seeks for bits and bobs such as shelves and details.


Frequently visited by many interior designers, Nest is home to many design classics, including Eero Aarnio’sMagis Puppy, which is one of John Hitchcox’s favorite ways to inject some fun into a space, as well as Jasper Morrison’s Superloon floor lamp for Flos and Philippe’s Masters Chair for Kartell (both available from Nest), which Hitchcox uses both indoors and outdoors.


Pay a visit to Ralph Pucci India Mahdavi, the designer behind Sketch Restaurant’s brilliantly pink decor, has teamed with Ralph Puccito to develop a delightfully textured furniture collection to bring texture into a space. Sophie Ashby’s favorite rattan tables are the Stromboli rattan tables, which she has utilized in a number of her interior design projects. Mahdavi’s other designs, such as the curved Jelly Pea couch, are also favorites of ours.


Do you want to get a good deal? Who doesn’t want to be a celebrity? The end-of-year display at the Royal Drawing School is a great place for designers like Peter Mikicgo to uncover artworks by artists who are still unknown to the public.


With a collection that includes innumerable design classics such as the Series 7 chair, Arco lamp, andSaarinen Tulip Table, as well as new interpretations of old classics such as the limited-editionWishbone Chair, it’s no wonder that The Conran Shopis considered a design favorite. Jo Berryman’s sleek Saarinen table is a favorite of hers, and she utilizes it to provide visual interest to a dining room, while designerSally Mackereth has spoken frequently about her affection for theHarry Bertoia Bird chair, which she considers to be her favorite chair of all time.

Putting on a nice fashion piece and throwing on some worn jeans is precisely how I like to decorate a place.


Are you looking for that carved hand chair, a pair of antique barber chairs, or a Sputnik chandelier, among other things? The Decorative Collective’s website has all you need to know. The collection includes everything from taxidermy to teacups, as well as furniture in the mid-20th century modern style and curiosities (a post-war miniature caravan dolls house or a kingdom fashioned entirely out of seashells, to name a few of examples).

One of Peter Mikic’s most closely guarded secrets. Peter Mikic purchases a great deal of his furniture from Dorian Caffot de Fawes Antiques, which he finds on the website of The Decorative Collective.


The Invisible Collection, which was relatively unknown until their latest partnership with Sophie Ashby, provides all of the eye-catching one-of-a-kind things that you’d never otherwise be able to locate, all at the press of a button. TheStudio Ashby furniture line is their first collaboration with a British designer, and we are completely in love with everything about it. Designer Tiffany Duggan was already a fan, purchasing armchairs and side tables for bathrooms in order to make them feel more spacious – such as Reda Amalou’s Dot tables from The Invisible Collection, which are ‘ideal for perching a book or glass of wine on’, according to the designer.


For items that “truly reflect the touch of the human hand,” such as Nicola Tassie’s jugs and Joe Hogan’s baskets, Kate Hume walks to The New Craftsmen gallery in New York City. Feldspar’s hand-dimpled porcelain, which ranges from mugs to candles, is a favorite of hers, in particular. In addition, “a sensuous, sculptural vibe with a bit of a curve offers tenderness to a room without being too stuffy or feminine,” says designer Hume. Hume is a fan of The New Craftsmen because she is “always drawn to items with a sense of narrative and a handcrafted feel – things that will age with you,” according to Hume.

Livingetc is the best-selling high-end and modern home design magazine in the United Kingdom, focusing on the here and now and the next big thing in home design and décor.

It was initially published in 1998, and Pip McCormac is the editor at the time of writing.

Where do interior designers’ shop? An insider’s guide

15th of May, 2020 You might be curious about how interior designers select the best furniture, lighting, homewares, and construction materials. Years of meticulous study (as well as a little trial and error!) are required to compile a list of the top artisans and suppliers. To be a successful interior designer, you must first identify likeminded organizations and individuals that share your passion. This is why we defend our coveted ‘little black books’ with such zealousness. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you!

We’ve chosen to share our carefully curated suppliers list with you in the hopes that it would be of assistance to you on your own amazing road to interior excellence.

For Prints, WallpaperFabrics

Designers Guild offers inspirational home décor collections and interior furnishings, including textiles, wallpaper, upholstery, and homeware accessories. Visit www.designersguild.com for more information.


Here you’ll find a selection of the most beautiful fabric and wallpaper patterns available.

Its upholstery, furniture, wallcoverings, trims, and textiles are all superbly crafted, as is its whole collection. osborneandlittle.com

Andrew Martin

A destination to discover one-of-a-kind design and distinctive home décor that is inspired by the team’s globe travels and explorations. Fantastic, immersive, and entertaining! andrewmartin.co.uk


ROMO is one of our favorite brands because of its fantastic range of patterns, weaves, and wall coverings. Everything about this place is exceptional, and there is always something new to explore. www.romo.com

The Design Library

A collection of documentary fabrics, original paintings, wallpapers, embroideries, dyes, and other textiles, as well as one of the largest and best organized collections of its kind in the world. I cannot suggest this product strongly enough. design-library.com


One of the most well-known brands in the world, this one is ideal for classic and conventional designs. They have a fantastic choice of textiles and wallpapers to peruse and purchase. www.colefax.com

Jane Churchill

Stunning textiles and wallpapers that have a definite mid-century feel to them This is also a fantastic site to look for ideas for children’s clothing. janechurchill.com

Manuel Canovas

This is quite fashionable. Extremely appealing in every way. In the event that you are seeking for something distinctive and original, we strongly advise having a look at this collection. manuelcanovas.com

GJP Baker

A core collection of painted and printed papers makes up the GPJ Baker archive, which is one of the most vast and diverse collections in the world. Visit gpjbaker.com for more information.

Today Interiors

A terrific source for high-quality designer textiles and designer wallpapers, as well as other home furnishings. The emphasis is on opulent collections for the contract fabric industry, which are available now. today-interiors.co.uk

James Hare

British silk fabric and curtains, as well as designer textiles, are available from us. This is a fantastic location to learn about interior design and fashionable materials. james-hare.com

James Brindley

It is located in the ancient and historic spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, and it provides wonderful decorating materials. jamesbrindleyfabrics.com

De Le Cuona

In addition to providing us with beautiful neutral linens that exude luxury, This firm got its start with a design for a cushion that quickly sold out of its stock. delecuona.com

SG Couture

Offering a stunning collection of textiles that are both new and fascinating, with delicate designs and gentle colors. www.sgic.co.uk


Thibaut is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a splash of color or a striking geometric design. www.thibautdesign.com


A comprehensive range of superb decorating fabrics, with inspiration typically drawn from historical textiles to produce timeless classics with a contemporary twist, are available. www.marvictextiles.co.uk

For ArtDecoration

A fantastic husband and wife duo situated in Shrewsbury that specialize in the creation of personalised laser engraving and embroidery for their customers. landedesigns.co.uk


This magnificent gallery with locations in London and New York also has an online shop that is stocked with one-of-a-kind artworks.

When seeking to complete a certain space, this tool is really handy. trowbridgegallery.com

Fenella Elms

Using porcelain in flowing patterns and rhythmic structures, as well as toying with light and altering perspective, is a really beautiful concept, and the end result provides a quiet, peaceful aurafenellaelms.com


Using porcelain in flowing patterns and rhythmic structures, as well as toying with light and altering perspective, is a really beautiful concept, and the end result provides a quiet and peaceful aurafenellaelms.com

For Furniture Makers

TDN manufactures high-quality modern furniture on a customized basis. One of the top furniture designers and manufacturers in the United Kingdom may be located here. thedesignnet.co.uk

Langstaff Ellis

Cabinetmakers who create beautiful bespoke pieces of furniture, as well as a source of traditional English design. Exceptional originality and craftsmanship. langstaff-ellis.co.uk

Shutter Shop

Shutters and blinds made to order by a London-based family business, with a bespoke variety available. This is a true hidden treasure of a find. shuttershop.co.uk

The SofaChair Company

If you’re searching for a showcase couch that will fit a certain area or a piece that is manufactured to order, here is the place to come. thesofaandchair.co.uk

Justin Van Breda

Based on London’s Kings Road, this South African designer creates fashion. A genuinely outstanding and of the finest quality is offered in the furniture collection. justinvanbreda.com

Robert Langford

Located on London’s Kings Road, this South African designer creates fashion. A genuinely outstanding and of the finest quality is offered in the furniture collection at this establishment justinvanbreda.com

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Savior Beds

When it comes to finding an outstanding bed that will complement the entire space, these premium handcrafted designs are one of our top choices.

Lux Deco

Offering a wide range of contemporary furniture and home décor. Many companies are represented, offering a diverse selection of items for a luxurious household. luxdeco.com If you’re looking to furnish a home study or entry hall with some antique antiques that aren’t too common, you might also go at Love Antiques.

For Lighting Designers

A famous lighting expert who has been on various design programs, Andrew Orange’s amazing goods are available for purchase on this website. orangelighting.co.uk

Porta Romana

Lighting and furniture that has become iconic in the United Kingdom. They have become synonymous with one-of-a-kind design and handcrafted workmanship. Many of the world’s most stunning interiors include this material. portaromana.com


Designers throughout the world appreciate our high-quality decorative lighting. One of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of lighting and furniture. vaughandesigns.com


You’ll discover some of the most exquisite decorative lights in this collection. It goes beyond the boundaries of modern and classical styles. heathfield.co.uk

India Jane Lighting

Finishes available in a variety of materials include crystal, nickel plate, aluminum, and ceramic. www.indiajane.co.uk

For TilesFlooring

Spanish ceramic tile and porcelain producer Porcelanosa produces a wide range of products such as wood parquet, hardwood flooring, and natural stone products.

When we were welcomed to their factory and headquarters in Valencia, Spain, it was a very amazing experience to say the least. www.porcelanosa.com

Bernard Arnull

Bernard Arnull manufactures and distributes seamless porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, and stone tiles in a variety of trendy and traditional designs. In addition to Porcelanosa, they make beautiful interpretations of natural wood that are functional and beautiful. bernardarnull.co.uk

Studio Ted Todd

The website studiotedtodd.com features wood flooring projects that are exciting, adventurous, and inspirational.

Domus Group

The Domus Group specifies tile, stone, wood, and engineered flooring products that are creative, design-driven, and technologically superior. domusgroup.com We hope you have found our list to be informative and that it will provide you with many enjoyable hours of surfing! It would be very appreciated if you could show your support by sharing it on some of your social media networks! –

Looking for more inspiration? Here are some of our recent interior design projects

Chelsea Harbour is located in London. Richmond and London are two of the most important cities in the United Kingdom. Esher is a town in the English county of Surrey. Cobham is a town in Surrey. Palma de Mallorca is a city in the Spanish island of Mallorca. The Hamptons and Kingston-upon-Thames are two of the most popular vacation destinations in the United Kingdom. Tunbridge Wells is a town in the English county of Kent.

40 of the Best Home Decor Stores in America

With numerous stores around the country reopening after being closed due to lockdown orders, in-person shopping expeditions are starting to become more feasible. And designer-owned home décor stores and specialty design boutiques are exactly the sorts of merchants that are in desperate need of clients right now—whether it’s for a socially detached shopping session or an online purchase. In the spirit of supporting small companies, AD PRO has compiled a list of the greatest home décor stores from throughout the United States, as determined by the editors of AD with the assistance of numerous well-known designers and stylists.

West Coast

Nickey Kehoe is a writer based in Los Angeles. Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe are the creative minds of one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after resources for interior designers, The Decorator’s Source. Designer Catherine Kwong says of the store, “When I’m in Los Angeles, they’re always a must-visit since the store is designed from the perspective of an interior designer.” Apart from the furniture, home furnishings, and antique jewelry that the business is well-known for, the new location, which debuted in March, showcases pieces by Plain English, Howe London, and the Urban Electric Company, among other artists and designers.

nickeykehoe.com Nickey Kehoe is a fictional character created by Nickey Kehoe.

Block Shop is located in Los Angeles.

In India, one may buy a variety of vivid fabrics and cushions that have been block-printed, as well as carpets and other home furniture.

Among the items available in the shop are handcrafted furnishings from businesses that Hopie and Lily Stockman, the cofounders of Block Shop, adore. blockshoptextiles.com Shop on the Block. The image is from of Block Shop

How to Shop for Furniture like an Interior Designer

Do you want to redecorate your home? The following are my purchasing suggestions for shopping like an interior designer, so that you may locate the greatest things at the best prices!

How to shop for furniture like an interior designer:

Since becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the interior design and furniture industries, I’ve learned some insider information that I believe you should be aware of while shopping for furniture. Make yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s get started. Let’s paint a picture of what we’re talking about: To make your living area more inviting, you decide to redecorate. You begin by reading a few websites to gain inspiration, creating a pinterest board with ideas, and creating a saved area on Instagram that is full of stunning interior design images.

  • Once you have a clear vision of the overall design you want to achieve in your area, you can begin looking for the highest-quality products that complement your taste and budget.
  • Perhaps you’ve noticed that a large number of these furniture businesses are selling the identical table or the same couch at the same price?
  • The vast majority of retail furniture is made by a small number of companies in a single location.
  • When it comes to brand hierarchies, I believe that we, as consumers, have a good grasp of them.
  • Why do we make this assumption?
  • You would assume that if something is more costly, it must be of higher quality.
  • To explain further, most brands import and source the majority of their furniture from overseas, often employing suppliers and manufacturers who are comparable (if not the same).
  • Do not make the assumption that just because a coffee table costs more or originated from a lower or higher perceived value brand that it is of greater or worse quality, respectively.

example: the same coffee table sold at many different retailers

After attending fairs such as High Point and The Las Vegas Market, I’ve discovered some extremely intriguing producers and businesses who are committed to producing high-quality goods. It has also been my experience to uncover well-known brands that make fashionable things that are in truth inferior in quality but charge more since they are more marketable and on-trend! One of the most significant advantages of hiring an interior designer is that they can help you with this. Designers that attend these exhibits get to view the furniture up up and personal, as well as learn about the manufacturers and manufacturing procedures that go into each specific piece of furniture.

If, on the other hand, you are not working with a designer, there are several methods you may use to sort through the garbage and identify jewels that are worth investing in.

Here’s how to shop for furniture like an interior designer without breaking the bank. More information may be found at: Using a Professional Interior Designer to Hang Curtains Time required: one day. Learn how to shop for furniture like an interior designer by following these steps:

  1. Take a Measure of the Area! The first step is to measure the area and sketch up a strategy for how the furniture will be organized. If you use graph paper, each square representing one foot, you can easily accomplish this. Create a mood board to represent your feelings. Then, once you’ve decided on a layout design, you’ll put together a mood board, which will include one or two photographs of inspiration and a color palette. Mood boards may also incorporate artwork, photography, or fabrics that may be used as a guideline while buying. Make a strategy for your furnishings. Finally, sketch up a furniture layout. This is a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need to furnish the space: 1 96-inch sofa, 2 accent chairs, 1 9-by-12-foot rug, and so on
  2. Begin your shopping! You are now prepared to begin shopping in the manner of an interior designer.

Where to shop for furniture?

Restoration Hardware (I really like their lighting collection), Pottery Barn, and even Target or Ikea are some of my favorite places to shop, but I believe it’s vital to know where to spend money and where to save money. Here are some pointers:

  • Online stores run by interior designers can be found here. Many interior designers now have online storefronts where you can buy for the materials they use in their projects, which is convenient for clients. In essence, they are providing free design advise by declaring, “This is the nice thing.” Additionally, it benefits interior designers
  • If a product is offered on a number of websites, it is most likely imported. However, be aware that it is not a bespoke item and avoid spending too much money on it. Instead, look for sites that allow customisation or that have exclusive items. The following websites are excellent choices:LuluGeorgia, McGeeCo.,Annie Selke, Amber Interiors, and evenSerenaLily. It is possible to locate products that are custom created, which are likely to be a little more expensive, but of great quality
  • Many designers dislike large box stores since the uniqueness of the items is sometimes lost and it appears to be mass manufactured. Do not feel obligated to purchase a whole furniture set from one retailer just because you have a 20 percent off coupon and they provide “free design services”
  • Instead, make your house a reflection of your own. Highs and lows can be mixed and matched. Except if you have an unlimited budget, there is no reason to spend an arm and a leg on every piece of furniture in your home. Mix more economical items into your house by including design-forward brands such as those found at Target or Ikea. Invest on items that you will not be able to replace for a long time. Things like chairs, sofas, beds, and carpets are examples of this. Also, make certain that the scale is perfect, with the proper measurements for coffee tables, sofas, and any other furniture and décor
  • Spend less on things you’ll want to change in a few years, such as: Pillows, throws, side tables, coffee tables, and accents are all examples of decorative items. Examine the materials that were used to construct the product, as well as the location in which it was constructed (Made in the USA, kiln dried wood, hand crafted, and customized items will be of higher quality)
  • Look for intriguing lines, one-of-a-kind materials, and distinctive forms. It is important to me to look at the curves and lines of a product while I am buying so that I may determine how attentively it has been constructed. In certain cases, you can discover something truly fantastic at places like Ikea or Target, and in other cases, you may find something truly amazing on Craigslist. Whenever it appears that little consideration has been placed into the details, such as the leg color, form, or scale, the cloth, or the finish materials, I will skim over them.

Some of myfavorite pieces I have had my eye on for awhile, a mix of high and low!

Design secret: When I’m shopping on the internet, I’ll come across a lamp that appears over and over again, but each site refers to it as something slightly different. To find out who made the lamp, I may easily run a Google image search, select unique keywords from the description, or go to Burke Decor (which lists the manufacturer of their products in the description). Once I’ve determined the trade source, I can search online for the lowest feasible price for the goods by searching for the manufacturer’s name.

I want to underline that it makes no difference where your furniture originates from as long as you enjoy it!

Have a good day and good shopping!

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