When Painting Interior Doors Black Do You Paint Both Sides

Do’s and Dont’s for Painting Your Doors Black – Colour Expert Advice

Are you considering painting your doors a dark color? For more information on the do’s and don’ts of painting your doors black, consult a color specialist who can help you make an informed decision. Later in the day, after writing my previous piece on black shower doors, I decided to add a paragraph regarding flow to it. So if you’re thinking about buying this product and you missed it, go back and read it again. After that, I’ll see you right here again!

Do’s and Don’ts for Painting Your Doors Black

In addition, I have had several requests for my thoughts on the subject of painting doors black. In light of the fact that the earth is transitioning from grey to black, here’s the lowdown on when it’s a good idea and when it’s a terrible idea to paint your doors. AND, in this particular instance, it IS simpler to repaint.

DON’T be afraid to paint your doors black if you think it might work in your house

Okay, so I’m trying to recall if I’ve ever stated these words on this blog in my ten years of writing it: “It’s only paint, if it doesn’t work, you can paint it again!” Never in a million years, in my opinion. I don’t make that remark lightly since, in reality, painting your home is a costly endeavor to undertake. Lauren Liess is a model and actress. Perhaps you or your spouse are tasked with repainting a single room several times over. Okay, that’s reasonable in price. However, hiring painters to paint your vaulted halls or living rooms, as well as painting the trim and kitchen cabinets, is a good investment.

  • But what about a door?
  • Of course, you can make a mess of anything, but painting a door would appear to be a less time-consuming project.
  • You’ll be able to tell ahead of time if it’s something you’ll enjoy.
  • Because the black is repeated in the frames, as well as the area rug and the pale flooring, the room has a pleasing sense of balance.
  • As an added bonus, this entry (below) has exactly the proper amount of black in it.
  • Remodelaholic

DO paint your hallway doors black if you have light hardwood

The next hallway features light, classic, and ageless (with only a hint of grey) hardwood flooring that are both trendy and beautiful. Decorpad

DON’T go overboard by introducing too much black

You will quickly reach your black quota saturation point if you have black doors and dark flooring, or this much black trim (below), and especially not if you have black walls and black doors. Your walls should remain bright and airy at all times. Remodelista If you’re still not clear what I’m talking about, have a look at both of the halls seen in the images below.

One has exactly the proper amount of darkness in it (on the right), but the other seems gloomy and heavy (on the left) (left). First Dibs|House and Land for Sale This is only my opinion, but I learnt my lesson about the dangers of overdoing the black years ago in this place.

DO add contrast when decorating with black

Is your entry similar to this one (below) in appearance? With the great clean white chairs flanking the entrance and the white tile floor inlaid with black accent tiles, what’s not to love about this space? If this is the case, then certainly, you should paint the walls black as well. Also, observe how the walls have been lacquered to allow the light to bounce about; this is a crucial stage as well. Take a look at this corridor, which has black walls, but take note of everything that makes it function well.

  1. Listed below are all of the ways in which black appears appropriate rather than harsh.
  2. The appearance is immediately brighter and more magnificent than before.
  3. However, take note that the latter three photographs are not often found in a typical house on the street.
  4. Earthy colors tend to look best when combined with browns and creams.
  5. Pink beige carpet with a snobby face covers most of the earth.
  6. Also, avoid becoming trapped behind closed doors.
  7. The first thing to note is that the only clean colors that go well with pink beige carpet are fresh blues.
  8. Sherwin Williams color code: 6943 Teal is a vibrant color |
  9. Posts related to this one: When it comes to too much black, the truth is shocking.
  10. (This is correct, by the way.) Ask Maria: What is the difference between upper and lower kitchen cabinets in different colors?

Painting Interior Doors Black!

An inside door trend began about ten years ago that I took note of at the time but did not follow through on, and that trend was to paint interior doors black (yes, both sides!). Have you taken note of that one? It’s one of those subtle tiny tweaks that may have a significant impact, and I’m really digging this particular one. Even while I have never painted all of my doors black (like my friend Renae here in Atlanta), I have a few friends who have done it, and the more I see it, the more I enjoy it.

  1. Every inside door should be painted black.
  2. One of the most common types of 6 paneled doors is the black painted one shown above.
  3. (ViaShelterness) This pair of striking double black doors demonstrates the impact they can have, particularly when paired with lighter walls.
  4. Beautiful!
  5. I’m not sure where this photo came from, but it’s been all over the blogosphere, and I’m still a sucker for this entryway.
  6. (viaWoolAcorn) The use of black within the front doors, as well as painted black stair railings, gives this lovely entryway an extra wow element.
  7. Sarah’s home has previously been featured on Feature Friday, and I really like the contrast between the black entrance and the broad striped curtain panels around the windows.

This one, in particular, has sparked a lot of creative juices in me.

I stumbled upon her article when performing a Google search and was immediately enthralled when I saw what she had written to begin with.

However, they are white, whereas my floors are stained brown, and they are completely seamless with no architectural features at all.

I had considered replacing these doors, but it will be a long time in the future for me to accomplish.

But after seeing how beautiful Emily’s doors turned out when she added molding, I was convinced.

I can simply do this and ensure that my doors remain open for the foreseeable future.

Molding was added to the design.

She hired a handyman to come in and put them in place.

In addition, there’s the miter saw.

Are you as astonished as I am by what you’ve just read?

I’m going to maintain my plain ol’ smooth doors and simply get the trim to go with them.

Now I’m going to apply the molding, which will really bring their presence to the forefront.

That sounds like something I’d like.

When I told my father about it, he stared at me with the customary, “what in the world is she going to come up with next?” expression.

So, do you think the entire “paint your inside doors black” craze is a good idea or not? Is it true, or isn’t it? My response is a resounding “yes!” I’m a fan, and you’ll find black interior doors in my home! Join my mailing list to ensure that you never miss a post!

How To Paint Interior Doors Black

Here’s how to paint your inside doors black with acrylic paint. Spoiler alert: it’s really simple! We just made the decision to paint the walls of our basement a bright white color. Before, they had a bright yellow color. There is plenty of natural light in the main living space of our walk-out basement, so I wanted to create a more bright and airy “upstairs” atmosphere rather than a dark and dingy “downstairs.” Colorful artwork and memories look fantastic when displayed against a crisp white backdrop, in my opinion.

  1. I believe there is a reason why they are referred to as “man caves”!
  2. Aside from the four storage closets with doors, we have a bathroom door, a door to the storage room, and a door to my husband’s tiny “music room.” We also have a door to the storage room.
  3. (When we first moved into this property, we were overjoyed by the amount of extra storage space; nevertheless, we rapidly filled it up – but that’s another story.) We were certain that we wanted to utilize Fusion Mineral Paint on the interior doors of our home.
  4. It applies well and does not have an unpleasant odor (and zero VOCs).
  5. We’ve also put it on exterior flower boxes, and it’s been able to withstand rain and snow for an extended period of time.
  6. Here’s how we went about painting the internal doors of our basement a dark gray color.

What color to paint interior doors

Of course, you are free to paint your inside doors whatever color you like. If you are a fan of bright colors, go ahead and experiment. (Would anyone like some teal or pink?) The majority of interior doors are white, of course, but black is becoming a more popular choice as well. We were debating whether to paint the internal doors of the basement in black or white. We reasoned that white would contribute to the overall bright and airy atmosphere we intended, but that black would be more refined and distinctive than white.

We also had some experience with black doors because we had painted our front external door with Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black, which was a dark charcoal color. Because we enjoy Coal Black so much, we decided to employ it once more in our project.

Can interior doorknobs be painted?

We decided against painting the doorknobs on our basement internal doors because we appreciated the contrast between the original gold doorknobs and the black door paint. But, do you have any experience painting inside doorknobs? Yes. The same method has been used in other sections of our home with excellent results. Painting door knobs is also a simple process. Ideally, you should remove the doorknob first and place it in the garage or an open outside location to allow for enough circulation.

  • Give it two or three coats, allowing for drying time in between each application.
  • You get to pick the color!
  • You may also choose between black and gold.
  • Save the money you would have spent on new hardware and use it to purchase something else, such as a comfortable chair to sit in and relax in.

Our basement interior doors before painting:

We had hollow inside doors that were normal white builder grade. The fact that they were a little drab and in need of a fresh coat of paint didn’t indicate that anything was wrong with them. (Despite the fact that it appears that I did, I did not take a particularly awful “before” shot on purpose. Because there is no natural light in this portion of the basement, this photograph is a magnificent combination of crookedness and obnoxious overhead illumination.)

How to paint interior doors with Fusion Mineral Paint

If you want to paint your interior door without manoeuvring around doorknobs, remove the knobs. This will be a necessity if you want to spray paint the doorknobs – take them outside or to a well ventilated area for spray painting. You can also keep the doorknobs on if you aren’t going to paint them. Tape them off with some painter’s tape to avoid getting paint on them. You could also remove the doors from their hinges entirely to paint them on a flat surface, but that seems a bit of a pain to me.

And if you remove the doors and lie them flat, you’ll have to wait for one side to dry before painting the other side.

Step 2. Clean your doors

Cleaning the doors is not a difficult task. Don’t let this discourage you from beginning your painting endeavor. Simply give them a quick clean with Fusion Mineral Paint’s TSP substitute to get rid of grime, grease (probably food if your house is anything like mine), and fingerprints before painting over them. Cleaning the doors will make it easier for the paint to cling to them. TSP from Fusion is a water-based degreaser that contains no phosphates. Two full caps of TSP alternative should be mixed with two litres of water in a bucket.

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Allow time for drying.

Step 3. Use a paint brush to paint recessed areas of the door

For the most part, interior doors do not require sanding to be properly finished. In many circumstances, fusion does not require sanding of your surface because of its excellent adherence. More information may be found on the Fusion Mineral Paint website. (This may be a different story if you have an ancient door that has been painted with a high gloss oil-based paint or a wooden door that has paint flaking off of it.) If you decide to sand, make careful to clean up any leftover debris before painting.

Fusion’s synthetic paint brushes were utilized for this project.

Keep a moist towel on standby in case you accidentally paint anything you shouldn’t have – such as trim or hinges.

Step 4. Roll on a first coat of paint

Also available from Fusion are these convenient small microfiber rollers, which are the ideal size for painting doors. If you’re worried that painting black over white would take a long time, don’t be. We only required two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black to get excellent coverage over the white doors. Each and every time we use Fusion, my husband is impressed, and he doesn’t say nice things about many other products at all. Allow the first layer of paint to dry completely before applying the second coat of paint.

Step 5. Roll on a second coat of paint (aka the most fun part)

Allow your doors to morph as you apply a second coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black to the surface. It’s a piece of beauty in its simplicity. In addition, you will not be required to repeat this process for a long time!

Step 6. Let the doors dry

Allow a few hours for the paint to dry completely before closing the doors or reattaching the doorknobs. Take pleasure in your freshly cleaned and renovated basement doors! However, when I do go down to the basement to do crafts or use the treadmill, the beauty of our doors, which are painted in Coal Black, never ceases to “surprise” me. The entire appearance is considerably more sophisticated, and the builder standard doors are no longer drab and uninteresting. It has also made a significant impact that we spent (a long) time tidying the basement.

In the interim, though, we’ll take pleasure in the basement as it currently exists – less “male cave” and more “woman-friendly.”

Questions for you

Have any of your inside doors been painted recently? What color do you want? Are you a lover of basement living or do you prefer to delegate this task to others? Or perhaps you don’t have a basement at all? (They are prevalent in our region of the world, but I am not aware of their being common anywhere else.)

Painting the Interior Doors Black

My passion for internal black doors began months and months ago, but I wasn’t sure how much I would like them in our home at the time. Making a bold statement by painting the inner doors black would be impressive, but was it a statement I was willing to make? If you are a follower of mine on Pinterest (which you should be!) you are aware that I have a board titled “Black Doors.” I particularly like the color black, whether it’s used on walls, doors, or even flooring. As for taking baby steps in this manner, I did paint the inside of the front doors black a long time ago, so it’s not like I haven’t done it before.

  1. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint them all, to be honest.
  2. Nonetheless, after months of contemplation and much fear, I eventually responded, “What the hell?!
  3. single.
  4. Because no one in their right mind wants to repaint over black doors, I whispered a short prayer that I would adore them.
  5. I used Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams in satin finish to paint them, to be exact.
  6. Here are a couple before and after images.
  7. On one side of the hallway, there is a bedroom and a bathroom.

I can’t wait to get it replaced with wood, but for the time being, I quietly despise the unsightly grout lines and cracked tiles when I vacuum.

The hallway that leads to the laundry room and the bedroom And last but not least, the doors to our master bedroom.

Is it possible to find the cat?

I did not sand them, but I did prime them before painting them.

According to the paint gods, the gray primer is meant to aid in the coverage of the black paint by making it more opaque.

The primer has been applied to the master doors.

That, unfortunately, did not take place.


After that, it took a couple more days to apply the three coats of paint.

Doors to the Master Bedroom The doors to the hallway.

The doors leading into the master bedroom are located in the living room.

The pantry door in the kitchen.

I swear, they purposely photobombed the event.

Elvis had to get back into the mix once more.

Also, getting rid of those knobs is a must.

If I had the chance, I would completely redo the kitchen, with the exception of the black doors.

I really like how much black there is in this photo – the black shades on the Stiffel lamps, the black fake bamboo chest, and the black pantry doors in the background are all my favorites.

It was the tripod that made all of the difference.

As you can see, I haven’t finished relocating the red cabinet to its new location in the breakfast area yet.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you adore the black doors as much as I do, or are you more of a traditionalist? I believe they bring a great deal of drama to the home – and this property was in desperate need of some drama. Thank you for taking the time to visit! Eliesa

5 Reasons to love Black Interior Doors Now

Are you considering upgrading your internal doors to a higher degree of performance? Look no further, my friend, because I’m about to show you why black interior doors can look absolutely great in any room! Read on to find out more! This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. For further information, please refer to my complete disclosure policy.

Are Black Doors in Style?

With traditional black or white doors, you can never go wrong. They both have a classic aesthetic that may be used in any setting. However, melancholy black and deep charcoal paints are definitely enjoying a moment in the limelight right now, and it’s no surprise. Given the trend towards more neutral and earth toned décor, designers are looking to create a striking statement with this bright color. Take a look at these gorgeously painted black doors and tell me you don’t want to run out and paint your own right away?

sherwin williams caviar from crafted by the hunts

Just to prove to you that black doors do, in fact, look fantastic when paired with a brightly colored wall.

Why Paint Interior Doors Black?

I can speak from personal experience when I say that my decision to paint all of our internal doors black stemmed from my dissatisfaction with the grubby, greasy toddler handprints that covered our brilliant white doors and frames. But once I did, I was head over heels in love. We are head over heels in love with the lovely contrasted effect against our creamy white walls. Moreover, I am persuaded that it makes my builder-grade home appear far more luxurious than it actually is. As a result, I suppose you might say that I was more concerned with function than with form.

How to choose which black paint to use for your interior doors

A fast search on Pinterest for “black doors” can yield a plethora of alternatives for black paint hues to pick from. However, the greatest recommendation I can provide is for you to take a close look at the complementary hues that will be used to surround your new doors. Do they have a bright and welcoming ambiance? As a result, a soft black hue with overtones of blue, green, or even brown may be a good choice for you. In our home, I use a lot of warm neutrals to decorate, therefore I picked the hue “Cheating Heart” for the doors and cabinetry in the bathroom.

It has a really traditional appearance about it, which I appreciate.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite examples of black interior doors with you in order to give you a better sense of how they may appear in real life.

How to paint black doors?

When painting inside doors, some individuals prefer to leave them on their hinges while others prefer to remove them and paint on a level table surface. As a messy painter who is notorious for a lot of drips, flat surfaces tend to be my best buddy while working on these projects; there isn’t a right or wrong way to do things. I always begin by cutting through the door jambs and jamb jambs (The crevices surrounding the fancy raised panels, for those of us who are curious about the anatomy of doors).

Using a foam roller, I softly roll the panels and then the frames of the doors to finish them up.

As an added advantage, it reduces the amount of time needed to dry.

As a result, an assembly line configuration is required in order to maintain your sanity.

Colors that are darker in tone are less forgiving of brush strokes and roller marks; thus, as sheens get lower in sheen, the less likely it is that you would notice any of these faults.

What color trim with black doors?

The great adaptability that black painted doors provide is one of its most attractive features. You are in no way restricted in your ability to choose from a variety of appropriate paint colors. From brilliant or creamy whites to complementing black and even taupe, there is something for everyone. In design, there’s a reason why black is frequently referred to as a neutral. It can be worn with anything!

What color hinges with black doors?

Anything goes, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, in this situation. In order to get a modern farmhouse aesthetic, it is best to go with a lovely matte black hinge. However, if your main design aim is to create something timeless and traditional, you may always go with a gorgeous brushed nickel or brass finish instead. A handful of my favorite door hardware pieces that would look wonderful with any black door are shown below. I hope you enjoy them.

How to clean black doors?

This may come as a surprise, but I’ve discovered that my black doors are far simpler to keep clean than my previous white ones. Maybe it’s because the black paint hides all of the grime, but whatever the reason, I’m OK with it. I simply use a moist towel to gently wipe off my doors, and I have not noticed any concerns with paint flaking or peeling as a result of this method. However, I would avoid using strong cleansers or anything too abrasive that might degrade the shine of a striking black paint finish.

Just to recap…here are the 5 reasons to love black interior doors right now…

  • They’re timeless, and they’ll never go out of style. They provide a high-end appearance with only the expense of a few coats of paint
  • Very easy to clean and very effective in hiding dirt. They are neutral in color and may be used with virtually any décor or style. They are a focal point in any space or home
  • They are unique.

What are your thoughts? Are you ready to take the risk and paint your walls to match this stunning trend? Keep in mind to subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of this page to have all of my DIY tips and advice delivered directly to your inbox!

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Homeowners Guide to Black Interior Doors

One of the issues that I receive emails about on a weekly basis is my black inside doors. Our contemporary black doors are one of the features of our home that I like the most, and I’m delighted that you all appreciate them as well. I’ve noticed a few common questions and concerns that many of you have when deciding to paint interior doors black rather than the standard white builder grade color, and today I hope to address all of your concerns and questions about cleaning, maintaining, dusting, and living with black doors.

When we first moved here, I blogged about my first reaction to having black doors, but now that we’ve been here for six months, I’ve learned a few tactics and hacks for keeping your doors clean and looking like new.

Having a home or house with black interior doors is undoubtedly different and not for everyone, but it may have a significant influence on the overall appearance of a place.

Are Dark Interior Doors More Work?

One of the most common questions I get is whether or not cleaning or maintaining black doors is more difficult than washing conventional white doors. I believe this is one of the most often asked questions. Personally, I believe it is less difficult, and I will explain why I believe this is the case. Of fact, I tried over and over again to obtain a nice shot of all the dust on the door in our master bathroom (toilet paper dust is a bother! ), but it was impossible. It was quite difficult to capture a nice photograph because the item isn’t particularly obvious.

When we lived in our last home, we painted our doors a high gloss white, and when they were filthy, they would develop a dingy brown sludge on them that was really noticeable. I also believe that the paint finish we picked for our doors is advantageous to us, but I’ll get into that later.

Cleaning Fingerprints Off Black Doors

If there is one thing I will point out as a little criticism or drawback concerning black doors, it is the fingerprint issue. This is particularly noticeable on the black pantry door in our kitchen. It is possible that if you choose black french doors with glass, this will be less of an issue in heavy traffic areas, so keep that in mind when deciding on the style of black door you want. However, with only two incredibly easy, common, and affordable cleaning tools, you can effortlessly clean and maintain the perfect appearance of your modern black doors.

Every month, or every other month if I’m being really honest, I will take a magic eraser and softly dampen it (it should be virtually dry and free of any chemicals or cleaning agents that might damage your door), and I will gently wipe or buff off the fingerprints on your door.

I had to do this twice on certain doors (most notably on my pantry door, which you can see with and without fingerprints below the handle in the image below).

Overall, it takes me less than a minute per door because I’m usually only concentrating on the regions where fingerprints have been found.

How to Easily Remove Dust From Black Doors

As you can see, my black doors have five beveled panes that collect dust and dog hair, which makes them seem dirty. If there is dust in the corners of a room, I use the soft bristle brush to vacuum it out of the corners and then I go on my way. Cleaning the door bevels takes me less than a minute each side of the door, and I do it in two passes. If you want to avoid dings or scratches on your door, I would suggest being cautious not to dig or drag the bristle attachment into or onto the door.

Along with keeping the baseboards and door jambs clean around the door, this little habit of mine also results in my rapidly vacuuming around the door, which helps to maintain all of our trim work, including the black internal doors, in good condition.

Selecting the Perfect Paint ColorFinish for Doors

Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams is, without a doubt, the most suitable black paint color for doors and walls, according to my taste and experience. It seems to me that this specific shade of black works well with virtually every interior design style and would look fantastic with practically any paint color you could think of. I also felt in my heart of hearts that choosing a satin finish over a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish would make upkeep a lot easier, and I still stand by that decision to this very day.

It has just the right amount of gloss shine to make it appear trendy and contemporary.

According to my perspective, ultra high gloss black doors remind me of 80’s style décor, and I don’t mean it in a positive manner! If you believe you need a glossier finish because you have children, I recommend going with a semi-gloss that is scrubbable but not excessively glossy.

Do Black Interior Doors Cost More Money?

It is my intention to be completely honest and upfront about the fact that we did not pay an additional fee to have our doors painted black when we constructed our home in 2017. If I had wanted white, black, red, lime or yellow, the price would have been the same regardless of the color I chose. Some of the reader letters I receive concerning black doors claim that the builder is either attempting to charge them additional money or just refuses to do it at all. Only you can determine whether or not black doors are worth the extra money you’ll have to pay your builder to have them installed.

  1. In the event that you are a homeowner looking to DIY paint your doors black in order to update your room, I would strongly recommend purchasing a paint sprayer.
  2. It was a dream to use with this particular brand of semi-gloss paint, which I used to repaint my dining room furniture.
  3. Now, if your builder is adamantly opposed to painting your doors black, it is most likely due to the additional labor that would be required.
  4. That is exactly what you are paying them for, so don’t back down if you absolutely must have black inside doors.

What Color of Trim Work Do I Choose?

Because I am well-known for my affinity for black and white, I picked a high gloss white finish for all of my trim work, which includes crown molding, door trim, baseboards, and any other ornamental moldings that may be found around the house. When it came to the color of white, I wanted absolutely no overtones, warmth, or anything else, therefore my builder recommended using the color white right out of the container. Everything about this paint is flawless, even the lack of any tinting. Most important factors to consider when choosing a trim work paint color are the color and finish of your interior walls, as well as the design and décor style of your home (farmhouse, modern, boho, eclectic).

It may be a significant task to repaint all of the trim in a home, so take your time and think about it carefully before committing.

Decorating Around Black Interior Doors

If you choose black doors, you may decorate them in the same way that you typically would. If you have a farmhouse chic aesthetic, all of those creams, whites, warm wood tones, and rustic finishes would look really stunning when juxtaposed against black interior doors. If you like a more minimalist and modern aesthetic with a Scandinavian flair, the stark black doors would be a great complement to those sleek, harsh edges, and contemporary styles that are so popular right now. In case you’re a maximalist or a bohemian, you’ll most likely have an abundance of patterns, textiles and colors, as well as a variety of textures, that will all work together to produce a somber, global effect if you choose to use black interior doors.

Others, such as myself, prefer a blend of the conventional and the quirky – I adore my chinoiserie classic blue and white décor, but I also appreciate glitzy accents and the stark contrast of black doors against white walls for added versatility.

scrubbable?) is my recommendation. I hope you have found this comprehensive guide on living, painting, cleaning, maintaining, and designing around modern black interior doors to be useful. If you have any further queries, please post them in the comments section.

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I really like the look of a black painted door! If you, like me, adore the look of a black door, today’s post is for you. Today, I’m going to share with you 13 compelling arguments for why you should paint your inside doors black. Many of these considerations may easily be applied to an external door as well! Are you ready to make the bold move of incorporating black into your color palette? This is such a nice appearance with the black panel door!

13 Reasons To Paint Interior Doors Black

Painting a door black is a simple and inexpensive technique to instantly improve the appearance of your property and give it a distinctive appearance. Look over the next several pages for some fantastic examples, as well as various reasons why this is such a fantastic home design enhancement.

1. Black Interiors And Dark Colors Are Trending

Interiors that are dark and melancholy are a dramatic and striking choice for interior design. Dark spaces need the use of dark doors! This is in stark contrast to the contemporary trend of all-white cottage core interiors. Because black interiors, and dark colours in general, may really give depth, warmth, and elegance to a place, they are becoming increasingly popular. So it’s time to head to the store to pick up some black door paint.

2. White Can Look Too Sterile

When it comes to modern homes, white interior doors are common. However, they may make an otherwise beautiful area appear sterile due to their starkness. In a room dominated by white walls and white furniture, white doors can easily become lost amongst the other white items in the space. When it comes to making your doors stand out, using black paint is a terrific method to do this.

3. Black Painted Doors Are Easier To Keep Clean

Fingerprints and hand markings are less visible on black doors than on other colors. In every household where there are children, there is a strong probability that sticky fingers will make an appearance at some point. From fingermarks on windows to black smudges on white doors, there’s something for everyone. Black doors, on the other hand, can assist to eliminate this problem at home and relieve busy parents of one more item to clean on a regular basis. Many individuals prefer the look of a dark, black interior design aesthetic because it can effectively cover and conceal ancient wooden floors and walls.

Black doors may help to reduce the normal wear and strain on ancient wooden panels while also giving a fresh lease of life to an old door, original door frames, and door panels.

Additionally, black paint is excellent for making low-cost builder-grade doors appear much more costly and handmade.

As you can see, the white trim complements the black doors well.

5.Accentuate Door HandlesDoor Knobs

Making the decision to paint interior doors a dark color might be a difficult one to make.

However, if you have just acquired new hardware, such as stunning gold door handles or doorknobs, that you would like to show off, black doors could be the ideal option for you. A dark background can serve to draw attention to gold accents and exude refinement.

6. Add Depth With A Black Door

When it comes to interior design tricks, using black paint to create an optical illusion in your house is really effective. Black doors may easily provide depth to a space, which will really make it appear larger because of the reflection they cast. This is best done by using black doors in conjunction with cream, ivory, or white wall paint, as black doors will make ceilings look much taller than they actually are. Interior doors in black have a dramatic appearance, which I find quite appealing.

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7. Compliment Other Dark Features

A container of ebony paint may also be used to enhance the appearance of other black elements and accents in your space. If you have any darker features in your home, such as black light fixtures or dark window frames, black doors will bring them all together. This results in an attractive and harmonious appearance. A black door may also serve as a stylish focal point in a room, helping to ground a space that has a lot of color.

8. Black Doors Beckon You In

A door is, without a doubt, an entryway. Improve the appearance of your doors by painting them black. This will draw attention to them and urge you forward, instilling a sense of interest about what’s beyond them. So, instead of attempting to blend your doors into your walls, try building striking entrances into your house instead.

9. Black Paint Can Shine

While a black door coated with a high-gloss finish will not reflect light around the room in the same way as a mirror will, it will sparkle within your house. You may even apply a coat of clear gloss to your doors after they have been painted black to ensure that they shine the brightest. If your doors are adjacent to or opposite a window, this is a terrific interior design tip to keep in mind.

10. Black Painted Doors Add Contrast To Soft Textiles

The addition of a black door to a room that is otherwise decorated with soft fabrics, fluffy couches, and thick draperies may create a sleek contrasted statement of difference. Instead of choosing a delicate cream or ivory paint color, choose for a deeper tone, such as a black hue, which will contrast virtually all of the other interior design aspects in your space.

11. Edwardian Era

Did you know that Edwardian front doors in England were frequently painted a dark forest green or a midnight black color during this period? It wasn’t until the late 1930s that doors began to become more illuminated. The use of black painted doors may be ideal for you if you enjoy British history, particularly the Edwardian era, which placed a strong emphasis on elegance and refinement.

12. Black Paint Can Make A Door Look More Expensive.

In the event that you can just afford conventional wooden doors for your property, black paint may assist you in making your interiors appear considerably more expensive than they actually are. Start by painting your doors a dark hue, or go all out and use a jet black paint pot to create a truly dramatic effect. After that, apply a clear gloss to complete the look. As soon as you’ve finished painting your interior door black, add new door hardware accessories, such as a gold or brass doorknob, to make it appear even more opulent.

13. Create A Calming Effect With Black Painted Doors.

This is especially true in the case of bedrooms or other private spaces in your house. Black doors may have a relaxing influence on the environment. Over the past few of years, a white or light-colored bedroom has been increasingly popular. Interior design trends, on the other hand, are shifting towards creating a quiet and calming environment via the use of minimalist design and dark, earthy tones.

Because you’ll want to convey the concept of darkness and a pleasant night’s sleep in your bedroom, it’s preferable to choose darker color palettes.

Black Painted Door: Before and After Example

In case you’re still not sure that painting your inside doors black is a good idea, check out the before and after photos below. Our Florida property has an inside painted double entrance door, which we painted to make it stand out and provide character to an otherwise all-white environment. Our outer door has a different color than the interior; this is because both sides of exterior doors do not necessarily have to match in appearance. Despite the fact that I like a black front door! It’s a timeless appearance, to say the least.

“After” shot of the interior of a black painted front door.

The paint color used on the walls of this living room is Benjamin Moore Decorators White by Benjamin Moore.


Choose a paint that has a high gloss or semi-gloss paint finish if you want to get a professional look. This is the most professional finish. A two-fold explanation may be given for this. Glossy finishes reflect light and are particularly attractive on doors, particularly those that are deeper in color. Glossier coatings are also considerably easier to clean than matte surfaces. This is particularly essential to remember when it comes to fingerprints and domestic filth, both of which may accumulate on inside doors.

Trying Out The Color Black: What black paint colors look best on doors?

Sherwin Williams is a paint manufacturer. Tricorne Black is a color that represents a tricorne (personally love the way this black looks on doors) Benjamin Moore is a paint color created by Benjamin Moore. SootFarrow and Ball Off Black are two of my favorite colors. Benjamin Moore’s Nightfall is a deep purple. All of these colors are available as Samplize self sticky paint samples, which are quite convenient. The use of theseSamplize adhesive paint samples is always recommended by me. It is possible to watch Samplize in several locations and under varied lighting conditions without damaging your walls or doors thanks to the non-damaging adhesive backing.

  1. When you want to see a selection of various paint colors, this is an excellent alternative.
  2. There will be no messes to clean up from paint cans and brushes!
  3. There will be no messes to clean up from paint cans and brushes!
  4. Self-adhesive paint sample in Tricorn Black with Samplize technology.

And, if you’re looking for even more interior painting color ideas and information, be sure to check out these posts as well:

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Farmhouse Style Decor – How to Paint A Door Black

You guys, you’re the best! This past weekend, my husband and I completed a home improvement job that I’d been wanting to complete for a long time: we painted the French doors in our basement black! Despite the fact that this has been on my to-do list for a long time, it has always been one of those tasks that I have been terrified by, and as a result, it has been pushed farther down the list. Well, I finally decided to finish it this past weekend, and I am really pleased with the results. It turned out to be considerably simpler than I had anticipated, and we discovered a clever little method that saved us a significant amount of time.

  1. But first, before I go into the technique, here’s an old shot of how the door appeared before it was painted: And here’s how it seems right now: Isn’t there a noticeable difference?
  2. My jaw dropped when I saw how much better it looks now.
  3. It’s simply fantastic.
  4. And now that I’ve done it, I wish I had done it sooner rather than later when I first got the idea.
  5. Okay, let’s get started with the instruction itself.


Preparing the Entrance:

  1. You have two options: either remove the door or tape it shut, which is what we chose to do. You may use either method
  2. But, if you tape it, you’ll ultimately have to open the doors in order to paint the inside borders. Remove any dust from the door and clean it thoroughly
  3. Determine whether or not you will need to prime the door first. We were fortunate in that we did not require a primer. However, here are a few reasons why you can find yourself in need of it:
  1. If the door is made of naked wood or has been stained
  2. If the door has previously been painted with an oil-based paint, it should be painted again. You may check it out to make sure it’s working properly, and instructions on how to do so can be found here. Depending on whether the paint is oil-based or latex-based, you may need to coat the surface with a bonding primer before applying latex paint. If the door has any severe stains or water damage, it should be replaced.

Painting the Front Door:

  1. It’s time to get down to business and paint the door! We used Benjamin Moore latex paint in the color “Wrought Iron” in a semi-gloss finish in the color “Wrought Iron.” (We were able to get Home Depot to color match it for us.) We began at the outside corners of the door and worked our way within from there. Always remember to paint with the grain of the door
  2. When it came time to paint around the window moldings, we discovered a clever method that ended up saving us a significant amount of time on the project. Instead of using a drywall taping knife to protect the glass from the paint, we simply used a huge drywall taping knife to protect the glass from the paint.

We weren’t sure how well this would work, but it turned out to be a fantastic solution. Using painters tape in this area was out of the question because it does not give a very clean finish and because it is infamous for pulling paint off walls when it is removed (as we all know). Furthermore, once the paint is removed, you may discover spots where the paint has mistakenly gotten onto the glass, which will be difficult to remove once it has dried. Doing it with the tape knife allowed us to fix up any mistakes while the paint was still wet, which was much easier than using a paintbrush.

For the shorter margins of the molding, we used a smaller tape knife, which worked flawlessly.

The glass is protected from the paint by using a taping knife.

Remember to keep a moist paper towel handy to wipe off the tool between sections and to clear up any paint that may have gotten on the glass by accident.

After two coats of paint, the surface had a smooth, full coverage appearance.

Overall, it was a really basic and straightforward procedure.

I really like the way these drop cloth curtains contrast with the black doors.

The curtain rod can be purchased here.

I’m not sure why, but the thought of painting a door black has always made me feel a little uncomfortable.

And that was relatively simple, thanks to a tiny painting trick I discovered.

Well, maybe not all of them, but I can think of at least three that would look absolutely stunning in black attire.

Please bear with me while I come up with some very exciting ideas for that bar area.

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