What Is The Best Interior Paint

The 10 Best Paints for Interior Walls of 2022

Discover more about our review method here. Our editors independently investigate, test, and suggest the finest goods. We may gain a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links. Chloe Jeong’s novel The Spruce Painting the inside walls of your home does not have to be a time-consuming endeavor. Prior to painting, you had to prepare the walls, allow for drying time, then paint several coats—with a significant amount of waiting time in between each layer—to achieve the desired effect.

Furthermore, it usually dries rapidly and is rather simple to use.

Listed here are the finest paints for every budget and interior design aesthetic imaginable.

Read the ReviewThis low-cost latex paint is available in three sheens and may be tinted to create over 1,100 different hues.

  1. Read the ReviewThe high-performance self-priming product is simple to use, dries quickly, and is available in a wide spectrum of semi-matte hues.
  2. The full review can be found here.
  3. Unlike other flat paints, this one is resistant to stains, scuffs, scratches and fading.
  4. Check out the review This bright white wall paint is available in five different sheens and applies smoothly.
  5. Read the full review Check out the review Sherwin-Williams Cashmere is the color of choice for us.
  6. After a while, it will naturally level out into an even layer.
  7. Upon drying, you’ll be left with an ultra-silky, rich finish that looks beautiful from every aspect.

It is available in five distinct sheens, and you may even submit your own color to create a unique tint for your project.

When it comes to updating your living room, entrance, bedroom, or home office, this paint gives good coverage with an easy-to-clean finish.

Glidden Essentials can be tinted to produce upwards of 1,100 different hues, and you may pick from three different finishes: flat/matte, eggshell, and semi-glaze.

In addition, Gliddon provides a 15-year warranty on the product.

The Spruce Tree Premium acrylic paint that’s suitable for interior walls, Primer in One by Behr is the best choice for home improvement projects.

We created a paint product that we are thrilled with, and we believe you will be as well!

However, while all three of our matte formulas are stain-resistant and long-lasting, our matte recipe has the lowest level of shine (0 to 4 units at 85 degrees Fahrenheit) and is best suited for ceilings, bedrooms, and other areas that do not see a lot of foot activity.

We’ve put forth a lot of effort into researching and testing this paint.

When we expected to require two coats, we discovered that one coat was sufficient.

You can’t go wrong with any of the colors available.

You may use a nylon or polyester paint brush, a roller, or an airless paint sprayer to apply this paint to your walls.

If you’re in the market for high-end wall paint, Backdrop Standard Finish could be worth the extra money to you.

It applies easily and dries rapidly, with little smells, thanks to its self-priming, low-VOC composition.

Take your pick from an array of gorgeous hues with enticing names such as Rose Quartz, Skywalker, and Drive-Thru Safari, among others.

The Spruce Tree Deanna McCormack is the author of this piece.

The paint was really well-covered.

I used two coats of paint over an existing dark grey base and it turned out perfectly.” Tester for product Deanna McCormack says: If you prefer low-VOC products, the VOC-free composition of Clare Wall Paint will be a welcome addition to your home.

Furthermore, it has an extremely low odor, allowing you to breathe comfortably not only while using it, but also for a lengthy period of time afterwards.

It provides outstanding coverage as well as a very smooth, durable finish that is resistant to dirt, mold, and mildew growth.

Rust-Oleum Chalked is the finest brand to use for chalk paint.

You can also use Rust-Oleum Chalked to transform wood furniture, metal fixtures, and ceramic items in and around your home, aside from painting them.

Valspar Signature Flat is a matte finish that we recommend if you prefer that look.

It differs from other matte paints in that it contains special “scuff shield technology,” which protects against scuffs and stains when applied.

Valspar Signature Flat goes on smooth and effortlessly conceals any existing paint, marks, or imperfections on your walls.

For an extra glossy finish, Valspar Ultra High Gloss is the way to go.

It has a washable finish, meaning most marks and stains will wash away with soap and water.

No matter where you apply it, you can count on this burnish-resistant finish to retain its glossy appearance.

This combined acrylic paint and primer come in five sheens, including flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss.

It resists mildew and is ideal forbathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and other moisture-prone spaces.

The ultra-matte sheen hides any imperfections on your ceiling, leaving a virtually flawless finished appearance.

This low-odor ceiling paint emits zero VOCs, giving you peace of mind about the air you breathe in your home.

You can’t beat the buttery smooth application and rich, low-stipple finish.

However, if you’re having a hard time choosing a color, you can’t go wrong with The Spruce Best Home by KILZ Interior PaintPrimer (view at Amazon) (view at Amazon). The 32 shades are curated, providing foolproof versatility and an elegant appearance.


When it comes to choosing interior paint, the color you choose is almost certainly the most important factor to consider. You may choose from a variety of colors and shades even if you already know what color interior paint you want. Color chips are available from most major paint producers in a large variety of hues. Consider obtaining a pint-sized paint tester to check out the color at home if you’re still undecided about your choice after using them to narrow down your selections. If you are unable to locate an exact match in the color swatches, you can usually have a custom color blended at your local paint store for a reasonable fee.

  • Because the machines aren’t flawless, you should carefully inspect the color to ensure that it corresponds to what you had in mind.
  • The Color Muse (see on Amazon) is a little gadget that can scan a wall, counter, or other item and find you the closest color match among leading paint companies, which is another choice.
  • The device supplies you with the RGB code to use to generate a bespoke paint shade if no matching shade can be detected on the screen.
  • Choose your top pick for your space, style, and furnishings.


There are three fundamental finish categories from which to pick, and paint is sometimes classified according to these finish categories. Choose between a flat finish, a low-luster finish, and a glossy finish. Flat paint is exactly what it sounds like: it produces a finish that does not reflect a lot of light. It is sometimes referred to as a matte finish. This sort of interior paint is ideal for use on surfaces that will not see a lot of traffic, such as ceilings. It’s generally the least expensive sort of interior paint, but it can be difficult to maintain clean and looking new for long periods of time.

  • However, matte paint will conceal defects better than glossy finishes, which is a positive.
  • Eggshell and satin finishes are both available in low-luster paints.
  • When compared to flat paint, this form of paint is more popular since it is more adaptable and provides more durability and cleaning capability.
  • Low-luster finishes are especially appropriate for areas such as these.
  • Semi-gloss paints that are somewhat more matte in appearance than their glossy counterparts are included in this category.
  • Glossy paints are lovely, but they also draw attention to any defects in the surface they’re painted on, so keep this in mind when choosing your paint color and finish.

The finish you pick will be determined by the location of the painting and how durable you want the finish to be. Additionally, aesthetics are important; high gloss surfaces provide drama, while a more matte look may contribute to a more tranquil environment.


In the paint industry, volatile organic compounds are referred to as VOCs, and it’s vital to know if your paint contains any. If the sight of a newly painted room makes your nose wrinkle, it’s likely that you’ve already inhaled volatile organic compounds (VOCs). To keep the chemistry lecture quick, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are substances that are released by certain solids and liquids. Many latex-based paints are regarded to be low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are a preferable choice for indoor painting since they will reduce your exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) both during and after the painting process.

If you use oil-based paint or paint that does not contain low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), take extra steps to ensure that the space is well ventilated.


Some interior paints contain additives that help with the application and finish of the paint, while others do not. Consider the end result you want to accomplish with your painting job before deciding which additives, if any, are required for your project’s specific needs. One of the most prevalent additions found in interior paint is enamel, which is one of the most popular colors used. The addition of enamel to a paint recipe lowers the porosity of the paint, resulting in a tougher, more durable surface that is easier to maintain.

  • Acrylic is frequently used in conjunction with oil-based paint to avoid fading.
  • By using acrylic, the paint retains its original colour for a longer period of time.
  • Theresa Holland conducted the research and produced the article for this roundup.
  • She also contributes to MyDomaine, in addition to The Spruce magazine.

The Best Interior Paints for Home Improvement Projects

Image courtesy of istockphoto.com Whether you’re painting walls, furniture, cabinets, or trim, you’ll need a high-quality interior paint to get a professional-looking finish that will endure for years. However, the sheer range of interior paints available at home centers and hardware stores can be bewildering and overwhelming. The incorrect one might have a detrimental influence on the ease, speed, and durability of your project, and it could even have a negative impact on indoor air quality.

Find the best interior paint for the task by following these buying tips and suggestions, which are based on feedback from delighted customers. Are you pressed for time? You may skip directly to the highlights.

Important Qualities in Interior Paints

Consider the following considerations when selecting a paint product to prevent frequent pitfalls: Image courtesy of istockphoto.com

  • Surface suitability: Interior paints are available in a few different varieties, including acrylic or latex (water-based), alkyd (oil-based), and newer water-based alkyd versions that function similarly to oil paints while emitting less toxic emissions. Identify the sort that will hold up the best on the surface on which you intend to paint. Consider using latex or acrylic paint for walls, rarely-used furniture, and cabinetry in dry regions because of the more uniform finish and fade resistance they provide. Consider using an oil-based or water-based alkyd paint for trim work, doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and other common furniture that is more impact- and rot-resistant than regular paint. The use of low or non-volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is recommended because volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are substances found in many oil- and water-based paint formulations that readily evaporate and release poisons into the surrounding air. Because exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) may cause headaches, nausea, and liver and kidney damage, the lower the VOC level of the paint, the better it is for your health. Look for paints that are labeled “Zero-VOC” or “Low-VOC” to reduce your exposure to potentially dangerous vapors. Short drying time: Because volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be released into the air from the time of application up to a few months after the paint has cured, choosing a paint that dries and cures fast will help reduce your VOC exposure. Look for water-based paints that are dry to the touch in one hour and cure in less than 30 days, according to the manufacturer. Oil-based paints should be dry to the touch in six to eight hours and fully cure in seven days for best performance. In one product, you get both paint and primer: Self-priming interior paints, which are typically labeled “paint and primer,” are worth considering because they contain a built-in binding agent that improves adhesion to the surface and eliminate the need for a separate primer coat. Self-priming interior paints are typically labeled “paint and primer.” One can of high-quality self-priming paint may frequently be purchased for half the price of two separate cans of primer and paint, while providing a more uniform finish for the ordinary do-it-yourselfer.
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Top Picks for the Best Interior Paints

Below are some good alternatives from interior paint product lines that take into consideration the criteria listed above and have achieved high reviews from users like you. Please keep in mind that all of the following have a sheen in the center of the spectrum, either eggshell or satin. This type of finish is the most common for the ordinary bedroom, living room, or dining room because it strikes a compromise between the durability of glossier paint finishes and the forgiving of more matte finishes—that is, they aren’t so glossy that they draw attention to flaws in the wall.

Photograph courtesy of benjaminmoore.com

1. Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior

Paint selection:Regal Select Interior Eggshell ($44.99-$54.99/gallon) by Benjamin Moore. A coat of this mildew- and fade-resistant series of paints, which has been deemed the greatest interior paint by The Wirecutter, will not be damaged by germs or direct sun exposure. Customers have given the zero-VOC water-based acrylic paint and primer combo five stars. It is available in a broad range of colors and is developed with stain release technology, which makes it simple to wipe clean with minimum washing and scouring.

Available fromBenjamin Mooreand its authorized merchants, such as Duval PaintDecorating, among others.

2. BEHR Premium Plus Ultra

Paint recommendation: Ultra Satin Enamel ($30.98/gallon). You’ll never have to worry about a foul odor again when you use this water-based acrylic interior paint range, which has received 4.3 out of 5 stars from Home Depot customers for providing consistent coverage on walls, furniture, and cabinetry. It is great for DIY painters who have allergies, respiratory problems, or odor sensitivity since the zero-VOC solution produces very little volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. It is possible to paint your walls right away because of the primer that is already in the paint.

The Home Depot carries this product.

3. Valspar Signature

Valspar Signature Satin Latex Paint ($35.98/124 oz) is our paint of choice. This “high-hide” water-based acrylic-latex paint-and-primer range from Lowe’s is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by consumers. It offers walls and furniture a highly colored finish while disguising defects such as scratches or divots. The paint is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and GreenGuard Gold-certified for air quality, limiting your exposure to bothersome fumes.

A coat of the fast-drying paint dries in 30 to 60 minutes and is ready to use after seven days. It is possible to make cured paint immune to mild impacts and daily spills using ScuffShieldtechnology. Lowe’s has it in stock. Image courtesy of homedepot.com

4. PPG Diamond

Pick for interior paint: Satin Interior ($25.98/gallon) Customers gave this water-based acrylic paint and primer line 4.5 out of 5 stars for its scrubbable, washable, and stain-resistant features, making it an excellent choice for low-traffic areas such as dining rooms and formal living rooms. As a result, PPG Diamond is available in more than 1,000 colors, making it the ideal choice for those seeking for unusual hues or attempting to match an existing color. Once the low-fume zero-VOC paint is applied, it dries in 30 to 60 minutes and cures in 14 days, depending on the temperature.

Image courtesy of homedepot.com

5. BEHR Alkyd Enamel

Paint selection: Satin Enamel ($35.98/gallon). This indoor-friendly paint has a novel water-based alkyd formula that emits less VOCs and fumes than typical oil-based paints while still providing a ding- and stain-resistant surface. It is ideal for trim work, doors, and extensively used cabinets in high-traffic areas. It also dries quicker than oil-based paints (within two to four hours) and cures faster than oil-based paints (within seven days). Customers at Home Depot awarded it a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, stating that it “flows and levels well” and left “no irritating scents” after application.

Here are the Paint Colors Designers Are Obsessed with Right Now

In the event that you are unable to complete a home makeover in the near future, there is a simple option to give your room a completely new appearance: a fresh coat of paint. Not only is painting a cost-effective and enjoyable activity to do with your family, but the right color can be used to correct a variety of design flaws. Do you want to make a modest area feel more inviting? For example, a dark paint color like brown may look fantastic. Do you want to create a light and airy feel in your bathroom design scheme?

  • For ideas on how to choose a beautiful color for your house, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best paint brands and colors that designers and experts from the Good Housekeeping Institute have recommended throughout the years.
  • Before you pick up a paintbrush, take a look at the best interior paint colors listed below.
  • Of course, Sherwin-Williams would select Urbane Bronze, a brown tone inspired by nature, as their Color of the Year for 2021.
  • SHOP URBANE BRONZE URBANE BRONZE URBANE BRONZE Babouche Babouche by FarrowBall is the right choice if your home is in desperate need of a little levity.
  • Described as “an energetic, cheerful yellow,” Okin claims the hue is named by the characteristic color of the leather shoes worn by Moroccan gentlemen.

Using a satin finish, Lavender adds, “we were able to get a subtle sheen that allowed the outdoor illumination to shine through into the interiors.” ‘We believed that this finish produced the finest ‘glow’ without being too reflective.’ BUY STRAWBERRY RED ONLINE Snowbound Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams is one of the most adaptable white paint colors available, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

  • Kirsten Krason, owner of House of Jade Interiors, enjoys decorating an entire space in a certain hue.
  • “We also like to use the same shades for the floors.” SHOP SNOWBOUNDAegean Teal at SNOWBOUND.
  • Brendan Jane, host of HGTV’s Breegan Jane, thinks Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal paint color is “wonderful” and “can be used in a bedroom, library, office area, or even on cabinets.” ‘It arouses a carefree, calming sense that would be agreeable to nearly everybody,’ says the author.
  • Paint experts have described it as “Bombay Pink is a mature pink that is confidently cheery, like a spring sunset,” and it looks best when paired with gold accents.” The product ID is 8fcc4d63, which is in the range of cd70 to a22d and has a price of 0.00.
  • The color of Naval Blue is Sherwin-Williams’ 2020 Color of the Year, a deep, statement-making navy, is a far cry from the other paint colors on this list and is a far cry from the other paint colors on this list.
  • BUY NAVAL BLUE IN THE SHOP Greenery that is calming The “calm, generous, and balanced” green on the wall urges you to come out in nature and enjoy everything it has to offer, even when the weather outside says otherwise!
  • SHOP GETTING BACK TO NATURE Light Pink is the color of choice.

First Light, a distinctive alternative to traditional white or beige, serves as the “backdrop for a bright new decade.” Choose another of their 10 inspiring picks, which include a pure grey and a rich blue-green, if you prefer something with a little more personality.

PPG has picked Chinese Porcelain as the Color of the Year for 2020 in order to help you have the most peaceful year possible.

Regal Select by Benjamin Moore is a fantastic all-around color.

It’s also highly sturdy and easy to clean, so it receives top grades in all categories as a result.

Valspar Signaturepaint finished as the runner-up in our testing, making it a good option to our top-rated paint product.

When it came to the evenness of its coverage, our consumer testers believed this low-VOC paint and primer did an excellent job overall, although they felt there was room for improvement.

Apart from being reasonably priced, the paint and primer set also includes no volatile organic compounds (or VOCs, a.k.a.

There are three alternative finishes available: eggshell, flat and semi-gloss, giving you lots of choices for painting without breaking the wallet.

Premium Materials for the Interior Glidden Interior Premium paint is mold- and mildew-resistant, making it an excellent choice for high-moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, among other things.

It also cleans up quickly and has a high stain resistance rating, so spilled food and makeup mishaps aren’t a huge concern either.

Benjamin Moore Natura paint was found to be in good condition by the testing team.

It also provided excellent coverage, making it an excellent choice on all counts.

The best choice for laundry rooms Paint + Primer in OneBehr Premium Plus paint features all of the characteristics you’d expect from a high-end paint, such as stain and UV resistance.

The best for newcomers Accolade Pratt and Lambert Accolade paint is simple to use because of its excellent coverage, ease of stain removal, and quick drying time.

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Because its performance in our tests was somewhat below average in terms of resistance to wear and tear, we recommend that you avoid using it in high-traffic locations such as a tight corridor, stairway wall, or garage.

Home went on without a hitch and with little to no splattering.

Our painted samples held up well against abrasion as well.

Accent walls are the best choice.

Aura paint is unquestionably on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for with this product.

It had outstanding stain resistance ratings, but avoid scrubbing too hard because it did not do well in terms of abrasion resistance.

The most effective method of covering old paint MarqueeBehr If you’re seeking to save money on your home remodeling, marqueeinterior paint is an excellent choice.

One of the promises is that it will conceal defects in only one coat of paint!

Amina Lake Abdelrahman works as an editorial assistant at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Amanda Garrity is the editor of Good Housekeeping magazine, where she writes on all things home and holiday-related, such as the newest interior design trends, invigorating DIY projects, and gift guides for each (and every) occasion.

Good Housekeeping magazine’s Senior Home Editor Monique Valeris is the senior home editor for Good Housekeeping, where she is in charge of the brand’s home decoration coverage in both print and digital media channels.

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Best Interior Paints Compared

You should select colors that convey the spirit you desire in your house, whether they are gentle, neutral, or vivid. Color is important, but choosing the proper paint goes beyond that. You must consider factors such as pricing, shine, and durability in order to select a color that will make your space stand out. For this article, we assembled a list of the highest-rated interior paints and evaluated their costs, features, and user ratings to find which inside paint is the greatest value for money.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Interior Paint:

  1. A color scheme or plan will assist you in selecting colors that you enjoy and that are complementary to the furniture or decorative items in the room.
  1. Finish: The sheen or how glossy it appears when it is applied to the wall is referred to as the finish. Interior paints are available in a variety of finishes, including flat, matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. Paints with a greater sheen are more durable and easy to clean, but they are less effective at concealing stains. Paints with little to no shine, such as flat and matte, are less durable and must be washed gently to minimize damage, but they are better at hiding stains and blemishes on the wall.
  • Flat: Flat finishes have little to no gloss and are often matte in appearance. Especially useful for ceilings and areas that don’t receive much usage, such as spare bedrooms.
  • Matte: Matte has a higher shine than flat and is commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and corridors
  • It is also utilized in bathrooms.
  • Even though eggshell is regarded to have a low-sheen finish, its durability exceeds that of matte and flat finishes. It is a popular option for bedrooms, living rooms, corridors, and home offices
  • It is also available in several colors.
  • Satin: In terms of sheen, a satin finish is comparable to a semi-gloss finish. It is more resistant to cracking than eggshell. It is suitable for use in kitchens, baths, and any other space that requires a glossy finish.
  • Painting with a semi-gloss finish makes a room look sleek and clean, and it’s also highly long-lasting. In high-traffic areas of the home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and children’s bedrooms or play areas, they are the most effective option. Also typically found on trim and doors, they have a variety of uses.
  1. Benzene, formaldehyde, and ethylene glycol are among the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in many paints. Low VOC or no VOC: Many paints have VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in their composition. As paint dries, it releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, which can make you sick. To be safe, search for a low VOC paint with less than 50 grams of VOC per liter of paint.
  1. Washability refers to the ability to clean paint without causing damage to the quality of the paint. Paints with a high gloss or semi-gloss finish can tolerate the most cleaning. Lower sheen finishes like as matte, satin, and eggshell should only be gently wiped to remove debris and dust from the surface. It is recommended to wipe a test area first since flat kinds are destroyed by cleaning.
  1. Coverage: The amount of coats you apply depends on the quality of the paint, whether you are repainting over existing colors, and whether or not you are using priming.

If you found this article useful, you might also be interested in theBest Pressure Washers and theBest Home Ladders articles.

Our Top Picks

See all of our top picksSee all of our top picks


The Behr Marquee Interior Paint is our top option in terms of overall quality. It is a 2-in-1 paint and primer that is available in a variety of finishes including matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. Mildew-resistant paints are included in this collection, which means they may be utilized in every room of your home. It is possible to select from more than 1,000 different hues, all of which are fade-resistant. The finest aspect of this paint is that it has excellent covering power. Its application is always seamless, regardless of whether you are using brushes or rollers.

This paint is removable and washable.

To avoid scrubbing the paint, you should wait at least two weeks after it has dried before attempting to remove it.


Splurge on a sheenEggshellWeight1 gallon


  • Washable
  • Dries rapidly
  • Provides excellent coverage Colorfastness and low odor
  • -zero VOC and low odor

Product Snapshot

Even though the Benjamin Moore Aura Acrylic Paint is expensive, it is a long-term investment that will benefit your home in the long-run. In addition to being incredibly robust, it is also capable of withstanding rigorous cleaning without losing its color. The level of coverage is nothing short of extraordinary. There is a primer provided, and it only takes one or two coats to complete the project. Because it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), you won’t have to worry about harsh odors or breathing harmful fumes when painting.

As an added bonus, the whole Aura range is mildew resistant, allowing you to achieve whatever gloss you choose in high moisture areas like as the bathroom and kitchen.

The only disadvantage of this paint would be its high cost.


SheenMatteWeight1 gallonCheapest Alternative


  • Conceals
  • It starts off purple and then transforms to white, allowing you to notice your faults


Never before had it been possible to paint your ceiling in such a straightforward manner as with the Valspar Color Changing Ceiling Paint. All-in-one paint and primer that goes on purple and dries white when it is applied. Despite some users’ complaints that the tint is scarcely visible, it is nonetheless beneficial if you need help locating missing areas or if you want to see where you left off when you are playing. Despite the fact that it does not provide one-coat coverage, it should take no more than two coats to complete the project.

It is also not washable, and if it does need to be cleaned, extreme caution should be exercised. Another disadvantage is that it does not contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), therefore you must ensure that the space is well ventilated when painting.


1 gallon of SheenFlatWeight


Few manufacturers can compete with Glidden Essentials Flat Interior Paint when it comes to providing a low-cost alternative for painting a bedroom or living room. It is a latex-based paint that comes in a variety of hues totaling more than 1,000 options. Given that it provides so much value at such a cheap cost, it is particularly well suited for usage in rental properties and real estate investments. It gives good coverage when used in conjunction with a primer. It is recommended for use on drywall, plaster, or wood, and it can take up to two hours to dry completely.

When it comes to updating your walls, this paint conceals previous applications nicely, leaving a uniform gloss behind.

Only one can will suffice for a typical-sized living room of approximately 300 square feet in size.


1 gallon of SheenFlatWeight


  • One-coat application and low chemical emissions make this product washable. The product is mold and mildew resistant.


Painting any room in your home with theSherwin-Williams Showcase is a terrific idea, but it is especially suitable for high-moisture areas like as bathrooms. In addition to providing mildew resistance due to its semi-gloss finish, this acrylic paint also helps to keep your walls fresh by allowing for enough air circulation. It is also washable and has a high resistance to harm while cleaning stains and grease from surfaces. It is well-known for providing coverage in a single coat. Some users, on the other hand, have reported that many coats were truly required to complete the task.

Paints a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete and wood, with excellent results.

It is a quality paint that is more expensive than other brands, but you won’t need much of it for a bathroom that is the size of an average-sized room.


The sheen is semi-gloss, and the weight is one gallon.



  • Washable
  • Dries rapidly
  • Provides excellent coverage Colorfastness and low odor
  • -zero VOC and low odor
  • Conceals
  • It starts off purple and then transforms to white, allowing you to notice your faults
  • One-coat application and low chemical emissions make this product washable. The product is mold and mildew resistant.

ConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsConsCons Cons Negatives Negatives SheenSheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen Sheen SheenEggshellMatteFlatFlatSemi-gloss WeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeightWeight one gallon one gallon 1 gallon of water one gallon one gallon


In order to maintain your property looking its best, it is recommended that you touch up the paint every 3–5 years.

Do I have to use a primer before I paint?

It’s preferable to apply a primer to the surface before painting to ensure that the paint adheres better to the surface.

Paint that has not been primed is more prone to flake or wear away. Many paint formulae now incorporate primer, eliminating the need to purchase a separate primer.

Should I paint my trim, wall, or ceiling first?

Many painting professionals begin by painting the trim first, then the walls, and last the ceilings. The reasoning for this is because it is far easier to tape off the trim to prevent spatter than it is to tape off the walls to prevent spray.

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10 Best Paint Brands for Your Interior Painting Projects

Images courtesy of the Compassionate Eye Foundation/JusGetty Images Knowing where to begin when it comes to choosing which brands you want to use can be overwhelming enough—we are all too familiar with the image of paint swatches and paint samples strewn across your dining room table—but knowing where to start when it comes to choosing the right paint color is even more difficult. Some are better than others when it comes to the quality of the paint finish and application, but not all of them have mold-resistant coatings, which is important if you’re painting a bathroom, for example, and want to avoid mold growth.

  1. This will allow you to pick the best paint for your specific job.
  2. (Yes, there is a best paint for ceilings that is specifically designed for this purpose!) Here’s where you can get the greatest paint brands available.
  3. Marquee is an excellent choice for covering old paint since it offers a one-coat guarantee that is 100 percent effective.
  4. As an added bonus, it is stain-resistant.
  5. Scrub away, but the high-quality finish of this paint will not budge.
  6. Even better, it comes with a lifetime warranty, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as corridors.
  7. It applies evenly and doesn’t leave uneven streaks or stippling on the surface like some other paints.

Behr Premium Plus is the best zero-VOC paint on the market.

Consumer Reports commends it for its excellent coverage as well as its scrubbability.

This low-cost paint dries quickly and can be color-matched to practically any color you choose.

While it may not be the ideal choice for children’s rooms or locations where dogs are allowed, it is an excellent value for the money.

With its mold and mildew resistant finish, this is our preferred paint for use in regions that receive a lot of rain or moisture.

Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint is the best of the best.

It’s the best-selling chalk paint on Amazon, and it glides on easily and washes clean with soap and water, according to customers.

“I’ve done a number of furniture items with two coats and still have half of the can left!” says the author.

An included primer in this paint helps to conceal stains effectively, and the thick consistency minimizes splattering, making cleanup time a pleasure.

“We were left with a breathtakingly even white ceiling as a result of this ceiling paint.

ben® Ben is a good paint for the money, despite the fact that it does not have the smoothest application or the best coverage.

Valspar Cabinet Enamel is the best cabinet paint on the market.

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Best Interior Paint and One Awesome Timesaving Tip

The best interior will make your job a LOT simpler since the color will last longer, will apply more uniformly, will be considerably thicker in each coat, and will be easier to clean up afterward. We will demonstrate a secret painting technique that will allow you to paint extremely quickly. Let’s start by determining which paint is the greatest. Please do not trust the advertising on television. Several industry experts agree with my selection of the best interior paint: invest in the highest-quality paint you can afford since it will last longer, look better, fade much more slowly, and cover in less coats.

My top pick

Benjamin Moore is the interior paint brand that I recommend to all of my customers, and you should understand why. I’ve been using it for 30 years and have found it to be the best value for money when it comes to high-quality paint. It retains its color, is machine washable, and, unlike nearly all of the others, provides coverage. I constantly urge my customers to allow me to choose high-quality paint for them, such as Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Waterborne Interior Paint, since it is the greatest choice for them and it makes me seem good as well.

Yes, but you won’t have to paint for several years after that.

The second most crucial suggestion, following the selection of the best interior paint, is to use a high-quality roller cover and brush: read my top roller recommendation for more information.

Pro’s Secret: Eliminate the brushing(almost)

When painting an interior, there is no need to use a lot of brushing. To a certain extent in the corners and of course around light switches and other wall outlets, but not in the lengthy parts where two walls come together, See the video below, in which I explain how to ROLL FIRST in order to almost remove the need for brushing while painting interiors. When asked, “Do you roll or cut first?” the professional’s response is “Roll first, then cut.” We save both time and money, yet the end outcome is the same as before.

Here is the key point about rollers

Choose a wool/poly combination for warmth. That is 35 years of expertise, though, so if you are unsure, you should probably go with the 12-inch. The Wooster roller is usually used since the poly provides it life and the wool holds a lot of paint, allowing you to go further on a single dip. The Wooster poly-wool mix is only ten dollars or thirty cents for a set of six rollers. This will last a homeowner for the rest of his or her life. Learn about the tools that we believe to be the finest available.

What you need to know about interior paint

What distinguishes certain paints as being worth the money while others are not? Solids are the answer in a nutshell. If you want the highest quality paint for the least amount of money, and if you despise spending money like I do, go for the more costly, higher-quality paints instead. It appears to be unreasonable, but it is not. Spock. Is it better to have a flat or glossy finish? Whether you are painting trim with semi-gloss paint, ceilings with flat paint, or walls with eggshell paint (which is the standard procedure), you want the finest paint for walls that will not fade or fade with time, will wash well, and will apply evenly and completely.

  1. Purchase the highest-quality interior paint and high-quality equipment.
  2. My favorite brush is a Purdy, which I use exclusively for latex paints since it is built to last a lifetime and cuts precise lines on its own.
  3. We must ensure that our job is visually appealing, therefore we always apply two coats of paint (after primer, if a primer was needed).
  4. Because each of the two coats may be applied more thinly, you will be able to complete the task more quickly.
  5. When applying one coat of paint, you must go slowly, and when you finish painting a moist area and return to inspect it, you will discover skips that were not previously present!
  6. Are Budget Paints Harmful to the Environment?
  7. Even if you buy zero-VOC paint from one of these vendors, you should be cautious since the colors applied at the paint store may contain high amounts of formaldehyde and other cancer-causing compounds.
  8. Quality interior paints do not include the chemicals found in exterior paints, and trust me when I say that you do not want to be breathing that stuff for months at a time, all day long, as it cures.

Take a look at my post on the subject. Tip: Using good lighting can assist you in catching the’skips’ in the paint. LEDs have an indefinite lifespan, and we highly suggest this light that I personally use.

List of 5 essentials of the best paint

  • Binders and resins of superior quality to hold the pigments in place
  • Pigments for the purposes of opacity and color
  • Extender for the purpose of bonding
  • Ingredients with zero or low toxicity (zero or low volatile organic compounds)
  • Ideal consistency: thick enough to prevent spitting

The interior paint from the manufacturers that I suggest has all of the crucial characteristics listed above. The greatest interior paint is a high-quality paint that will accomplish the following:

  • Cover a far larger area
  • Be significantly easier to paint with for those who are not professionals
  • Make it simple to clean
  • This will result in better results since brushstrokes will be less visible (although you will still need to use a decent brush, such as the one seen above).

The chemistry of paint

I’ve talked about primers elsewhere, but for the sake of this article, we’ll stick to some basic logic and chemistry to determine what constitutes a decent interior paint job. The basic line is that money is involved. Are you able to say ‘ka-ching’? Consider the following scenario: you require a gardening tool. Assume it’s a wheelbarrow in this case. You may either get a cheap plastic one produced in China that will not last long and will break in the winter cold, or you can buy a more costly metal one that will endure for a long time and will not break.

How many of them do you need to buy to have the same lifespan as your high-quality metal one?

Have you ever attempted to paint a ceiling with a low-quality paint and failed miserably?

Is it true that it did not cover the previous paint?

Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint, on the other hand, may cost ten dollars more per gallon, but it does not spit (if you are not in a hurry) and covers MUCH better than the competition.

You’ll only obtain this effect with the more costly paints, and you’ll be disappointed with the cheaper alternatives.

Some other articles on the best interior paints

To learn more than you will ever need to know about paint, read some articles about the chemistry of paint, which may be found on the Ben Moore website. Nonetheless, in order to keep this short, I will advise you to choose high-quality paint from one of the top paint companies available, such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, if you want to save money and avoid headaches (as well as avoid pollutants in your home and lungs). They are the most reputable paint manufacturers. Those interior paints really end up being less expensive in the long term, and they are without a doubt the best inside paints available.

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