What Color Hardware For Black Interior Doors

What Color Door Knobs With Black Doors?

Every detail matters in home design, which is why we’re here to address the issue, what color doorknobs match with black doors? The color has been selected, and now it’s time to consider the various finishes available. Are there any clear options when it comes to choosing black doors? We’ve done extensive research to determine which color doorknobs will look best with your black door. When combining a doorknob with a black door, the following colors are excellent options to consider:

  • Silver tones, black on black, brass tones, bronze finishes, white enamel, crystal finish, and more are all possibilities.

We’ll take a look at each of these options and see how they affect the overall aesthetic. We’ll also discuss age-old “rules” such as what color doorknobs should be, what color hardware looks best with black doors, whether or not all doorknobs in a house should match, and whether or not your door’s hinges must be the same color as your knobs. Please continue reading for additional in-depth information on the black door and doorknob combinations described above.

Great Doorknob Colors To Go With Black Doors

Doors, both interior and exterior, are frequently painted in the color black to maintain their popularity. And, with all of the farmhouse revival designs that are currently popular in home restoration, you may find yourself yearning for your original black door. Don’t forget to consider the color of your doorknob, whether it’s for the inside or the exterior of your home. It makes a difference which one you select since it has an impact on the overall feeling of the design. Let’s have a look at this.

Silver Toned Doorknobs

If your property is modern with a sleek atmosphere, going with a silver-toned palette would look fantastic. Numerous designs are available in exquisite, contemporary styles that will add a touch of elegance to your entryway’s overall decor. Brushed nickel has a more muted silver appearance, but polished stainless steel has a chrome-like finish that is hard to resist. A sleek, squared-off handset finished in satin nickel adds a touch of modernity to the design. This book is available on Amazon by clicking here.

Black On Black Doorknobs

For those who desire a doorknob that will just vanish into thin air, black is the color to choose for. The effect is particularly effective when you want other aspects of your home to stand out while you want your doorknob to blend into the background. The key here will be to get a black paint finish that is similar in appearance to the finish of your doorknob. On the other hand, we believe that juxtaposing a matte doorknob or paint against a glossy doorknob or paint in the same hue might be visually appealing.

This item is available on Amazon by clicking here.

Brass Tones On Doorknobs

Do you consider yourself a traditionalist? You may find that a doorknob with a brass finish is just what you’ve been looking for. The use of solid brass on external black doors is a time-honored tradition. The doorknocker and mail slot are also made of matching brass in this instance, which adds to the overall elegance of the ensemble.

This traditional outside doorknob is finished in a wonderful tarnished brass finish, which gives it an aged and patinaed appearance. This kit may be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.

Bronze Finishes

If you enjoy the legacy of bronze but would want something a little more understated, you might want to try a bronze doorknob. This tone is a little deeper than standard brass, but it still provides a striking contrast with the black paint on your front door. Many doorknobs are available in brass, brushed nickel, and bronze, albeit for some reason, bronze doorknobs are occasionally more expensive than brass or brushed nickel. This speaks much about your extraordinary sense of taste. This basic doorknob is finished in a gorgeous golden color.

White Ceramic On Black Doors

White ceramic doorknobs are ideal for today’s modern farmhouses, since they are both durable and attractive. These traditional materials have been used in houses for centuries, but you can now find them in both traditional and contemporary forms, perfect for a modern updo. Despite the fact that they are generally intended for internal doors, they would look fantastic as an external doorknob as well. This timeless classic is available for purchase on Amazon.com. This doorknob combines a contemporary design with traditional materials.

Crystal Finish Doorknobs

The crystal doorknob is another relic of bygone eras of architecture. When paired with black doors, these magnificent cut glass knobs are really gorgeous. The fact that we do not recommend them for outside doors does not detract from their beauty when used on the interior entrances that you have painted black. Alternatively, if you like to match cabinet pulls and doorknobs, these sorts of knobs may be used for cabinets as well. These lovely knobs may be found on Amazon.

What Color Should Doorknobs Be?

When thinking about doorknobs, the first thing you should consider is the style of your property. The majority of doorknobs are available in a variety of metallic, black, or white finishes. Even though you may have bespoke ceramic knobs manufactured in a variety of hues, the odds are that you’re thinking of metal knobs instead. As we said in the preceding alternatives, different finishes are more suited to particular aesthetics than others. Brass is frequently associated with old designs, despite the fact that many individuals are increasingly using metal into current designs.

As with other design decisions, there is no “should,” but you may choose whether you want your doorknobs to be the main point of the room or to blend in with the rest of the decor.

If you’re a fan of grey and pink like we are, these doorknobs would look fantastic in a grey and pink area, as well.

This item is available on Amazon by clicking here.

What Color Hardware Looks Best With Black Doors

When we talk about door hardware, we normally refer to the doorknob, the strike plate, and the hinges of the door. The majority of doorknobs are sold with an accompanying strike plate, which is usually the same color as the door itself.

Regarding the best color to pair with black doors, we recommend taking a look at the list provided in this post for some excellent beginning points. The majority of colors go well with black; it all depends on the sort of style you’re aiming to communicate.

Do Door Hinges Need To Match Knobs?

Despite the fact that there is no formal rule regarding the matching of hinges and doorknobs, most door dealers appear to believe that if the hinges are shown at all, the metal hue of the doorknobs should be matched. Although ceramic and glass doorknobs are commonly used, a metal rosette is frequently found behind them. You’d match your hinges to the ones on the door.

Should All Doorknobs In A House Match?

The option of having all of your doorknobs match in your home is undoubtedly an option, as it is a simple method to achieve uniformity. Having said that, if the decor of your room differs on either side of the door, you may choose a split finish. The most important thing to consider is the overall style. Choose modern knobs for a contemporary look, and classic knobs for a more traditional look in your interior design scheme.

Your Doorknobs Are Like The Perfect Piece of Jewelry For Your Door

Don’t overlook the significance of small elements, such as your door hardware. Having the correct doorknob for your home may add a touch of elegance to it. People may not see them at first, but they will eventually become part of the broader image of design savvy. In the event that you loved this post on HomeDecorBliss.com, we encourage you to look at some of our other posts that may be of interest to you. How Do I Match a Color Doorknob to a White Door? Walmart has a variety of beautiful exterior door knobs.

What Color Hardware for Black Front Doors

If you’re searching for a fresh new design that will assist to distinguish your house from the rest of the neighborhood, a black front door might be the ideal way to make a statement without breaking the bank. Elegant but not flashy, it may serve as a focal point for your home’s interior design, bringing all of the other components of the space together. However, in order to ensure that you achieve the precise style and feel that you like, it is critical to select hardware that complements darker tones nicely.

Why is Color Coordination Important?

Because the front entrance is the first thing that guests notice about your home, it is important to ensure that every detail has been meticulously studied. With a wide range of materials and colors to choose from, you’ll have lots of options when it comes to determining which color hardware would look best on your black front door. Here are some ideas to get you started: When making your decision, make sure to consider all of the following considerations:


Colors for door hardware can range from bright and glittering to darker and more rustic tones, depending on the style. Of course, a brighter silver hue will attract more attention than a silver color that is more subdued. It’s a good idea to think about how much attention you want your gear to get before selecting a color that doesn’t stand out too much or fade against a dark backdrop.

Durability and Maintenance

While durability may not be your first consideration when determining which door hardware colors would work best in your home, the fact is that it may make a significant difference in the overall look.

Polished materials are more likely to scratch and smear, which means you’ll have to clean them more frequently if you want them to appear their best.


At the end of the day, the most crucial consideration is what you want your door hardware to communicate about you. Lighter finishes, such as glossy nickel or polished brass, might offer more drama to your door, whilst weathered bronze is a more modest choice. None of these options is correct or incorrect, yet they all tell completely different tales.

Deciding What Color Hardware for a Black Front Door Works Best

It’s possible to choose from hundreds of various door hardware colors and materials, and each one adds a unique touch to your front entrance. Consider the following:

Satin Nickel

Combining satin nickel hardware with black front doors is a traditional combination that produces an impressive contrast against the dark background. The satin finish guarantees that it doesn’t stick out too much while yet staying fashionable and elegant.

Aged Bronze

Since of its rustic appearance, old bronze is an excellent choice for front doors because it adds character without having an overwhelming aesthetic effect. It might be a great option for people who want something a little more subtle yet still stand out from the crowd.

Polished Brass

A combination of gold and black is the perfect appearance for anybody who appreciates elegance and refinement. Polished brass will provide a striking visual contrast with your black front door, and it will be sure to capture the attention of your neighbors.

Making the Right Choice for Your Home

To find out more about what color hardware to use with a black front door, contact Thompson Creek for additional information and recommendations. With a large range of front door hardware to pick from, as well as the knowledge and experience to make your home appear its best, we are the finest choice.

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What Color Hardware for Black Front Doors?

The front door is the first thing you notice when you enter into a property since it is the most visible. In this sense, the color of the door has a function in attracting your attention in some ways. No matter how ancient a door is, if it is painted black, it emanates a distinct atmosphere. However, it is not the uniformity of the dark hue when paired with bright walls that gives the room its own identity, but rather the juxtaposition of color hardware. That implies that the hardware on your black door is the feature that draws the most instant attention.

As a result, while making cosmetic changes to your black door, you must take the hardware into consideration as well.

So let’s get into the specifics of determining which color hardware would look best with your black front door design.

Why Choosing the Right Color Hardware for Black Door is Important

No matter how beautiful and pricey the design you pick for your home’s front door, the hardware will make or break the overall visual appeal of the door. Levers and doorknobs are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes; thus, it is important to consider the color of the door as well as the décor of the space when making your choices. Despite the fact that both style and color are important characteristics, not all styles are accessible in all colors. It is simpler to maintain your attention on the color of the hardware before narrowing down the style possibilities.

  • Choosing a dark door knob or hinges for a black door may blend in and not have much of an impact, as in the example above.
  • As long as you select a color that complements both your door and your décor, you can be confident that it will blend in without being noticeable.
  • Brushed satin nickel door hardware may be a good choice for a wide range of themes and doors, and it is quite durable.
  • If you have stainless steel or chrome fixtures in your house, such as standalone couches or a coffee table, the door knobs will look great with the rest of the decor.

In modern settings, satin nickel and polished chrome are highly sought after because they may provide a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Satin Nickel – The Best Color Hardware for Black Front Door

When combined with warm-colored doors, antique satin nickel door hardware looks really stunning. There are many other color schemes for your black chick door, but satin nickel is particularly popular owing to its association with both the Mid-Century Modern and Victorian design traditions. It looks stunning against all of the dark colors, such as navy blue, green or even black, because of the color of the hardware. The combination of geometric, strong patterns and shapes with unique, edgy furniture may look very stunning.

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Exudes a Unique Cold Metal-Look

Satin nickel door hardware, such as door hinges and levers, complements the black doors to a perfect degree. It enhances the cool and edgy metal effect of brilliant Satin Chrome by reflecting the light. The warmer black door is given a formal and one-of-a-kind design by the Satin nickel hardware, resulting in a rich paring of stark contrast. Satin Nickel is a color hardware finish that is normally quite adaptable and offers a delicate touch of shimmering silver to your front door.

Adds Drama to Your Interior

If you want to add a little of drama to your door, a lighter finish such as satin nickel is the best choice. In contrast to matte black, it creates an updated version of elegant and traditional design, and it matches nicely with other colors in the same family. Design and elegance are combined in one piece of furniture when satin nickel door locks are used on a black door, which is now a popular fashion trend.

Offers a Glamorous Finish

Combining a striking and elegant finish such as Satin Nickel with a dark door creates a fashionable and playful appearance. The neutral tone of your door complements a shining finish such as polished nickel well. In reality, satin nickel pulls, hinges, and knobs may be used to accent a wide range of design concepts in your home. Whether you have a conventional wooden door or a modern gigantic gate, satin nickel hardware may be used to create the perfect color hardware for your entrance or gate.

Adds to Durability of Door Hardware

In addition to enhancing the drama, reflecting color hardware such as satin or polished nickel provides exceptional durability. You and your family have undoubtedly opened the doors an endless number of times. This is why you must choose door hardware that is both sturdy and heavy-duty enough to endure the actions of the family members and guests. Satin nickel hardware is not only the most attractive color option, but it is also durable and long-lasting.

Incorporates a High Contrast Element

When combined with high contrast features, black doors provide visual appeal to the entire area. Although you can use aged bronze color hardware to provide a subtle touch, polished nickel door hinges may bring out subtle highlights and allow contrast to peek through the black color, which is a popular choice. There’s no doubting that brushed satin nickel is the ideal finish for your black door frames and frames. Its distinctive color hardware contains a high contrast element that lends a sense of classiness and refinement to the overall design.

It is one of the most highly suggested pairs, and it is a wonderful finish for any piece of furniture hardware. It is frequently used in conjunction with more sophisticated forms such as accent levers and knobs. It also goes nicely with black doors and oversized curves, among other things.

Summing Up

Overall, satin nickel is a stylish color hardware choice for dark-colored doors since it stands out the most from the rest of the room. It has a contemporary appearance that complements the dramatic shapes and patterns of the door. As a result, the essay goes into detail on why satin nickel is the ideal color hardware for a black front door. Over the course of more than a decade, HingeOutlet.com has provided customers with the highest-quality door hinges at the most competitive pricing. We provide the widest range of door hinges available on the internet, as well as door accessories such as wood screws, door hinge stops, ball catches, flush bolts, and other similar products.

What Color Hardware Goes With Black Doors? – DoorDodo.com

Looking for inspiration on the color of hardware to use on your black doors? Look no further. This is understandable; you don’t want to make a mistake on this assignment. After all, it is the minute elements that determine whether a door will be successful or unsuccessful in its overall appearance. That’s why we went to the professionals for guidance, which you can find below. Finishes such as silver and gold will look great with black doors. They’ll make the door knobs simple to view because they’ll stand out against the rest of the panel.

Black on black may also be effective, especially if you want to draw the viewer’s attention away from the main focal point of the space.

We’ll tell you which colors work best with black doors and whether or not you can put black hardware on them.

What colors go best with black doors?

The color black is a timeless classic. The color black may not be the most popular option when it comes to door colors, but a black door may improve the market value of a property by more than $6,000! This undoubtedly conveys a strong message about how it contributes to the overall character and appearance of your home. However, it is not just the panel that contributes to the overall appearance of the door. It is the entire mix of the design and hardware that determines whether or not it has a distinct appearance and appeal.

That is why it is critical to understand which colors work best with black doors in order to bring out the genuine beauty and design of the doors.

Because of its neutral tint, it may easily be used to draw attention to other colors.

Consequently, users will be able to grip onto the knob without being disoriented as to where it is located.

This will make the knob more difficult to spot, and it may generate confusion and frustration among your visitors as a result of this. Door hardware with the following hues, in particular, is a good choice.


This will give your door a contemporary and elegant appearance. Silver finishes such as smooth stainless steel, brilliant chrome, and brushed nickel are excellent choices if you want a more modern design look. Amazon has a door knob with a satin steel finish that you should look into.


Gold has a warm, inviting vibe to it. In contrast to the contemporary appearance of silver finishes, this color will offer your door a more historic appearance. Choose finishes such as bronze or brass to give your door a more inviting feel. This polished brass door knob may be found on Amazon.

White Ceramic

When paired with a black door, white will readily stand out. With ceramic, you’ll have the best of both worlds: a blend of the classic and contemporary styles that are typically found in modern farmhouses and other similar structures. On Amazon, you can get this white ceramic knob by following this link.


Choose a knob and handle that has a distinct design to make your door stand out from the crowd and add personality. The addition of a crystal door knob distinguishes and distinguishes it. Take a look at this crystal knob available on Amazon. Metallic finishes such as silver and gold are excellent possibilities for your hardware when deciding which finish would look best with your black door. You might also use white ceramic or crystal as a substitute. They are fantastic and will instantly enhance the appearance of your front entrance.

Can you put black hardware on a black door?

We discussed before how important it is to have door hardware that is available in a variety of colors that makes them stand out within the panel. However, these ideas are entirely subjective and are based on personal choice. Some interior designers and homeowners believe that black on black is equally as lovely as white on white. When you want your gear to disappear or fade into the background, this is a good method to use. It does not detract from the attention that is drawn to other aspects in the space in this manner.

If you have a shiny, black lacquered door, you might use matte black hardware to complement it.

On Amazon, you can get this matte black hardware by following this link.

Does door hardware have to match?

The truth is that when it comes to mixing and matching your door hardware and finishes, there are no hard and fast rules. It’s simply that we’re so accustomed to seeing things in the same colors and sizes as everyone else. No one, however, is recommending that you design in this manner as a rule. It’s your house, therefore you make the rules, as they say. You’re the one who’ll be living there, so you may as well decorate it with colors that make you happy and reflect your own sense of style. Home designers, on the other hand, recommend that you take your time when making decisions on the specifics of your project.

  1. Door hardware plays a crucial part in maintaining your security, therefore you should make an investment in high-quality items to protect yourself.
  2. While there is no specific regulation to follow in this situation, it would be prudent to invest in gear that would improve the appearance of your property.
  3. Consider how the hardware on your doors will interact with the rest of the room.
  4. For example, you can use the same door hardware finishes on both doors if you choose.
  5. Hardware with similar linear designs may also be used throughout the home, allowing the same elements to be repeated.

Door hardware does not necessarily have to match, especially if you’re the sort of person who is extremely practical and isn’t concerned with how the colors connect to one another on a visual level.

Do door hardware and light fixtures need to match?

We want to emphasize once more that there is no precise rule in design that states that everything must match. Your door hardware and light fittings are also included in this category. Multi-finish designs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners these days. However, as we’ve previously stated, it will be advantageous to invest in items that are complementary to one another or that match one another. Using this strategy, which has been demonstrated to be safe, you may create a sense of cohesion in a certain space in your home.

Brushed nickel door hardware is available in a variety of styles.

In the end, it’s the overall appearance that you’re concerned about.

Final Thoughts

Allow yourself to experiment with different hardware colors for your black door. There is no one who says you can’t. However, take the time to consider how everything will work together to enhance the appearance and character of your home so that you may increase its monetary worth in the process. Visit the following posts if you’d like to learn more about similar subjects: Should all of the door handles on the house be the same? Should the handles on the doors match the handles on the light switches?

5 Reasons to Have Black Interior Doors in Your Home

I have to admit that I am a little bit infatuated with dark interior doors. BLACK HAS RETURNED, and it is now regarded to be the new neutral. I’m sure many of you have noticed that black has been trendy lately, and black doors are no exception. Interior black doors complement any style of home and blend well with a wide range of paint and floor colors. The use of black doors can elevate any area and make it appear a little more formal. There are five compelling arguments in favor of painting your inside doors black.

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1 Black Doors Add Instant Drama to Any Space

Is it possible to envision how different this entryway would seem if the black doors were not present to provide the visual thrill and drama that they already do? It is predicted that a white door will open. A black door is both striking and sophisticated.

2 Painting “Builder Grade” Doors Makes Them Look More Expensive

This is what I call a “quick cure”! With a can of black paint, you can transform any interior stock door into “instant luxury”! It’s as simple as pie! Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is the darkest black paint I’ve ever used. The semi-gloss has a brilliant shine that catches the light and draws attention! In addition, it is easier to clean and more stain resistant than a flat or eggshell finish, which are both available. To match the door, you might paint the trim around the door black to make it look more finished.

White Trim Dark Doors

Alternatively, you might match the trim on the baseboards and ceiling to the color of the baseboards and ceiling. The photo below demonstrates how beautiful a room may seem when it is decorated with white trim and black doors.

Paint all of the trim in your room black if you want to create a strong contrast or emphasis in the space. Just because one door is black does not imply that they must all be the same color!

3 Black Doors Add Balance to Other Black Décor in the Room

Is the black chest of drawers visible to you? The black inner doors provide a strong sense of enclosure in the room. Without them, the black chest of drawers would have been completely lost in this space. And don’t you simply adore the way the green lighting stand out against the dark backdrop of the room? If it weren’t for the black door, the black tones in this bathroom tile would be hard to see. The black tones in the bathroom are quite subtle, with the exception of the internal black door, which stands out.

Hardware Color for Black Doors

When it comes to hardware, brass is my first pick — notice how well it contrasts with the black door in this black and white kitchen?

4 Black Doors Conceal Dirt

The thought of painting my kitchen doors black might have occurred to me when my children were younger. The black inside doors would have been able to conceal a slew of unclean tiny hand prints on the walls! Among these are pantry doors, which may be converted into rotating doors for youngsters! Here’s where you can learn about stylish pantry doors for your kitchen.

5 Black Doors Make Ceilings Appear Taller

Interior doors in black direct the viewer’s attention upward, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling height. This strong black door soars to the ceiling and serves as the room’s main point. You can see how black interior doors may be used with a variety of interior designs! Although the floor and furniture in this property are rustic, it appears that a wooden door would not have worked in this space. The black door makes excellent sense in this situation.

What is the Best Black Color to Paint My Interior Doors?

Interior doors in Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black are my personal favorite shade of black. The color has no overtones, and it’s the most neutral black that I’ve come across in a long time. It goes well with a wide range of hues, making it incredibly adaptable and flexible.

What is the Best Paint Finish for Interior Doors?

Paint finishes range from high gloss to flat, and there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a paint finish for your home. The higher the gloss of your paint, the more durable and stain resistant it will be. While producing a strong, dramatic appearance, a high gloss finish will also draw attention to any defects that may exist. As a result, meticulous preparation prior to painting is required. Due to the fact that they have less shine yet are nonetheless extremely durable, semi-gloss and satin finishes are the most commonly utilized.

How to Clean Black Interior Doors

Interior doors that have been painted are simple to keep clean! They should be dusted on a regular basis with a microfiber cloth, which will collect more dust than a feather duster will. Use a cleanser that will remove oil and grease, such as vinegar and water, or a light dish soap and water for harder filth to finish the job.

What’s the Best Trim Paint Color to use With Black Doors?

It is great if the trim color is the same as the paint color and finish of your walls.

Colors such as white, cream, and grey are always fashionable! Alternatively, you may paint the trim surrounding the door black to create a more seamless appearance. Reasons to Paint Your Interior Doors a Dark Shade of Gray

  1. They instantly transform any room into something spectacular. Builder grade doors appear more costly when they are painted black. They provide a nice counterpoint to the other dark furnishings in the space. Dirt is hidden by the color black. The use of black doors gives the impression of higher ceilings.

Photos courtesy of Angel Blume, beayoutifullife.com, andelconsortium.com, Katy Matinez Design, Pinterest, quitestyle, multifamilyexecutive.com, Trim Team, Starspot, makinglemonade, MonicaWantsIt, homeemployment.info, theinspiredroom.net, Cecy J Interiors, and bpmsupplies.ie. Originally from Midland, Texas, Leslie Hendrix Wood is the founder and editor of the luxury lifestyle and design blog, Hadley Court, as well as the owner of her own interior design company, Leslie Hendrix Wood Interiors in Midland.

She worked in banking for a short period of time before returning to school to acquire her MBA.

After completing her administration, Leslie returned to her hometown and began working in the family oil and gas business, despite the fact that, after raising her children with her husband, her first and foremost interest has always been business and interior design.

Besides blogging, she is launching HADLEY COURT, a family-friendly luxury lifestyle brand based on her principles of gracious living, timeless design, and family traditions, which will be launched in 2014.

The best hardware pairing for your front door color

The 6th of July is a Thursday. Makeovering your front door is a simple and economical approach to improve the appearance of your home’s curb appeal. READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION There are few curb appeal improvements that are both quicker and more economical to complete than just replacing your front door with a more modern design. Adding a fresh coat of paint and matching hardware to your home’s outside might make the ideal difference in its curb appeal with only an hour or two of your time and the bare minimum of materials.

Discover your ideal pairing and perhaps experiment with a combination you wouldn’t anticipate.

Blue hues

The sharp, cold metal aesthetic of Bright Chrome and Satin Chrome is wonderfully complemented by the cool blue of the doors. Warmer blue doors take on a more formal appearance when finished in Satin Brass, resulting in a highly rich and high-contrast combo. Adding a more subtle touch of silver is achieved with Satin Nickel, a highly flexible finish.

Green hues

If you’re looking for a bit more drama, try pairing brighter green doors with a dark finish such as Matte Black to create a stunning contrast. Darker green doors look great when paired with warm finishes such as Satin Brass for an updated take on a traditional design style.

Aqua hues

When used with darker aqua doors, a glamorous finish such as Polished Nickel creates a classy yet playful aesthetic, while the neutral tone of Matte Black complements a wide range of lighter aqua tints.

Yellow hues

Reflective treatments, such as Polished Nickel and Bright Chrome, provide a dramatic element to the vivid yellow color of the doors. Elegant coppery tones combine nicely with rich yellows that have a tinge of orange in Aged Bronze to create a sophisticated look.

Red hues

By adding a high contrast element to the strong red doors, a deep Matte Black adds intrigue to the design. Doors in fiery red and orange complement Aged Bronze effectively, bringing out the delicate coppery highlights that peep through the dark finish of the finish.

Grey hues

Polished Nickel is an excellent choice for adding a sense of refinement to a warm grey color scheme. Bright Chrome is a mirror-like finish that lends a dash of personality to cool greys.

Black hues

A matte or satin-coated black door combined with dazzling Satin Brass will lend a touch of timeless elegance and warmth to any room. The mix of matte black hardware and glossy, black-lacquered doors is a modest yet stylish combination. We’re interested in seeing what’s on the other side of your front doors! Join the conversation by posting your images on Facebook and Instagram!x Keep up with the newest style and design advice, trends, DIY projects, product updates, and smart home news by subscribing to our newsletter.

Homeowners Guide to Black Interior Doors

One of the issues that I receive emails about on a weekly basis is my black inside doors. Our contemporary black doors are one of the features of our home that I like the most, and I’m delighted that you all appreciate them as well. I’ve noticed a few common questions and concerns that many of you have when deciding to paint interior doors black rather than the standard white builder grade color, and today I hope to address all of your concerns and questions about cleaning, maintaining, dusting, and living with black doors.

When we first moved here, I blogged about my first reaction to having black doors, but now that we’ve been here for six months, I’ve learned a few tactics and hacks for keeping your doors clean and looking like new.

Having a home or house with black interior doors is undoubtedly different and not for everyone, but it may have a significant influence on the overall appearance of a place.

Are Dark Interior Doors More Work?

One of the most common questions I get is whether or not cleaning or maintaining black doors is more difficult than washing conventional white doors. I believe this is one of the most often asked questions. Personally, I believe it is less difficult, and I will explain why I believe this is the case. Of fact, I tried over and over again to obtain a nice shot of all the dust on the door in our master bathroom (toilet paper dust is a bother! ), but it was impossible. It was quite difficult to capture a nice photograph because the item isn’t particularly obvious.

When we lived in our last home, we painted our doors a high gloss white, and when they were filthy, they would develop a dingy brown sludge on them that was really noticeable. I also believe that the paint finish we picked for our doors is advantageous to us, but I’ll get into that later.

Cleaning Fingerprints Off Black Doors

If there is one thing I will point out as a little criticism or drawback concerning black doors, it is the fingerprint issue. This is particularly noticeable on the black pantry door in our kitchen. It is possible that if you choose black french doors with glass, this will be less of an issue in heavy traffic areas, so keep that in mind when deciding on the style of black door you want. However, with only two incredibly easy, common, and affordable cleaning tools, you can effortlessly clean and maintain the perfect appearance of your modern black doors.

Every month, or every other month if I’m being really honest, I will take a magic eraser and softly dampen it (it should be virtually dry and free of any chemicals or cleaning agents that might damage your door), and I will gently wipe or buff off the fingerprints on your door.

I had to do this twice on certain doors (most notably on my pantry door, which you can see with and without fingerprints below the handle in the image below).

Overall, it takes me less than a minute per door because I’m usually only concentrating on the regions where fingerprints have been found.

How to Easily Remove Dust From Black Doors

As you can see, my black doors have five beveled panes that collect dust and dog hair, which makes them seem dirty. If there is dust in the corners of a room, I use the soft bristle brush to vacuum it out of the corners and then I go on my way. Cleaning the door bevels takes me less than a minute each side of the door, and I do it in two passes. If you want to avoid dings or scratches on your door, I would suggest being cautious not to dig or drag the bristle attachment into or onto the door.

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Along with keeping the baseboards and door jambs clean around the door, this little habit of mine also results in my rapidly vacuuming around the door, which helps to maintain all of our trim work, including the black internal doors, in good condition.

Selecting the Perfect Paint ColorFinish for Doors

Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams is, without a doubt, the most suitable black paint color for doors and walls, according to my taste and experience. It seems to me that this specific shade of black works well with virtually every interior design style and would look fantastic with practically any paint color you could think of. I also felt in my heart of hearts that choosing a satin finish over a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish would make upkeep a lot easier, and I still stand by that decision to this very day.

It has just the right amount of gloss shine to make it appear trendy and contemporary.

According to my perspective, ultra high gloss black doors remind me of 80’s style décor, and I don’t mean it in a positive manner! If you believe you need a glossier finish because you have children, I recommend going with a semi-gloss that is scrubbable but not excessively glossy.

Do Black Interior Doors Cost More Money?

It is my intention to be completely honest and upfront about the fact that we did not pay an additional fee to have our doors painted black when we constructed our home in 2017. If I had wanted white, black, red, lime or yellow, the price would have been the same regardless of the color I chose. Some of the reader letters I receive concerning black doors claim that the builder is either attempting to charge them additional money or just refuses to do it at all. Only you can determine whether or not black doors are worth the extra money you’ll have to pay your builder to have them installed.

  1. In the event that you are a homeowner looking to DIY paint your doors black in order to update your room, I would strongly recommend purchasing a paint sprayer.
  2. It was a dream to use with this particular brand of semi-gloss paint, which I used to repaint my dining room furniture.
  3. Now, if your builder is adamantly opposed to painting your doors black, it is most likely due to the additional labor that would be required.
  4. That is exactly what you are paying them for, so don’t back down if you absolutely must have black inside doors.

What Color of Trim Work Do I Choose?

Because I am well-known for my affinity for black and white, I picked a high gloss white finish for all of my trim work, which includes crown molding, door trim, baseboards, and any other ornamental moldings that may be found around the house. When it came to the color of white, I wanted absolutely no overtones, warmth, or anything else, therefore my builder recommended using the color white right out of the container. Everything about this paint is flawless, even the lack of any tinting. Most important factors to consider when choosing a trim work paint color are the color and finish of your interior walls, as well as the design and décor style of your home (farmhouse, modern, boho, eclectic).

It may be a significant task to repaint all of the trim in a home, so take your time and think about it carefully before committing.

Decorating Around Black Interior Doors

If you choose black doors, you may decorate them in the same way that you typically would. If you have a farmhouse chic aesthetic, all of those creams, whites, warm wood tones, and rustic finishes would look really stunning when juxtaposed against black interior doors. If you like a more minimalist and modern aesthetic with a Scandinavian flair, the stark black doors would be a great complement to those sleek, harsh edges, and contemporary styles that are so popular right now. In case you’re a maximalist or a bohemian, you’ll most likely have an abundance of patterns, textiles and colors, as well as a variety of textures, that will all work together to produce a somber, global effect if you choose to use black interior doors.

Others, such as myself, prefer a blend of the conventional and the quirky – I adore my chinoiserie classic blue and white décor, but I also appreciate glitzy accents and the stark contrast of black doors against white walls for added versatility.

scrubbable?) is my recommendation. I hope you have found this comprehensive guide on living, painting, cleaning, maintaining, and designing around modern black interior doors to be useful. If you have any further queries, please post them in the comments section.

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In our home, we have modern black door hardware. Does the quality of the door hardware matter? The Most Affordably Priced Hardware Options Ideas for Mid-Range Hardware High-End Hardware Configuration Alternatives How to Coordinate Your Black Door Hardware with the Rest of Your Interior Design

Modern Black Door Hardware in our White-on-White House

One of my favorite additions to our new home is the sleek black door hardware, which is one of my favorite details. Due to the fact that we painted the interior white and everything appears to be quite neutral, the black door levers make a significant visual statement. When we replaced the old hollow core doors with 3-panel doors (which are comparable), we went with a more traditional look. Those of you who read our previous piece on Craftsman-style door trim will recall that we have been upgrading the casing (door trim) throughout the home.

  • Schlage Latitude matte black door lever with a chrome finish Schlage Latitude matte black door lever with a chrome finish I’m thinking about painting the doors and trim a very light gray or beige, which would look fantastic with the black hardware I already have.
  • a little intimidating.
  • Here’s how things are coming together so far.
  • Behr White Paint Colors That I Really Like The Schlage Latitude matte black door lever is a similar door lever.
  • Take a look at this post: Instructions for Making Craftsman-Style Door Trim

Does Door Hardware Quality Matter?

YES. In my view, it is worthwhile to spend as much money on high-quality hardware as your budget will allow. Our homes’ plumbing and electrical systems are among the most demanding in the world. Consider the difference between opening a door with a dinky, rattling, sticky knob and opening a door with a firm lever that makes a smooth, silent snick. Think about how many thousands of times you’ll be turning the door handle. There’s no comparison, is there? In addition, we contact doorknobs and levers on a regular basis, exposing them to the oil and grime on our hands, as well as cleaning agents; the finish must be durable over time to remain functional.

The good news is that there are excellent hardware options available throughout the whole price range of a computer. You are under no need to indulge unless you choose to. Locking privacy lever for bedrooms and bathrooms by Schlage Latitude

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Most Affordable Modern Black Door Hardware Choices

Let’s get to the fun stuff, shall we? Schlage and Kwikset are two of the most reasonably priced manufacturers of black door hardware that I suggest. I understand that you may find somewhat less expensive solutions on Amazon, but this is an area where I would recommend sticking with brands who have been in business for years and years and have had excellent customer feedback. Fortunately, there are a plethora of excellent matte black options available these days, suitable for all budgets! On the left hand side of each of my images, the name of the rose, trim, or backplate appears, and the name of the knob or lever appears down the bottom of the columns.

  • Pismo round|Halifax round|Lisbon round|Milan round are all possible options.
  • Schlage is my favorite budget-friendly brand.
  • On all of our interior doors, we had the Latitude lever with Kinsler trim installed.
  • The polish on all of our door levers and knobs has held up well over time, and they continue to open and close smoothly and silently.

Mid-Range High-Quality Door Hardware

Baldwin produces high-quality door hardware, and the prices of their goods vary depending on the model. Some levers cost $30-$50, while more popular models cost $70-$100 or more. Because these are the most contemporary black alternatives available in their ranges, the costs are a little more than the prices I found for Kwikset and Schlage. Round|Square round|Tube round|Contemporary round|Tube round Square|Square square|Tube square|Contemporary square|Square square|Tube square

High-End Modern Black Door Hardware

The following are the most costly modern door hardware alternatives included in this round-up of possibilities. You could probably find handles that are more expensive, but these are high-quality lines, and who wants to spend more money on a handle than they have to?


Emtek manufactures stunning items in the United States, and you have the ability to modify the settings to your liking. I created this grid to demonstrate how different rose/trim options might appear when paired with various knobs and handles options. There are a plethora of additional possibilities as well! Emtek offers a fairly contemporary array of designs, particularly in the lever category. The lines on the Bern knob and the craftsmanship on the T-Bar Knurled lever are very appealing to me.


If you’re a lover of the Schoolhouse design style, I’m sure you’ve seen their beautiful door hardware. What’s more, guess what? Emtek is the company that created it. I’m not going to expose any state secrets here; the logo can be seen easily in their product photographs. If you have your heart set on Schoolhouse hardware, you may save a little money by purchasing the identical Emtek goods from a different source online. With these black knobs and levers, I’ve done the legwork for you and discovered: Orb disc|Round disc|Stuttgart disc are all terms used to describe the shape of a disc.

The Orb Stretto is 1.5 x 5′′, the Round Stretto is 1.5 x 5′′, and the Stuttgart is 1.5 x 5′′.


This is clearly in the designer pricing range, but the Rejuvenation hardware is so stunning that it’s worth taking a look. Their Trask collection, which has knurled accents and a sleek, industrial look, is my personal favorite. Tumelo rectangle|Richmond rectangle|Bowman rectangle|Trask rectangle are the knobs. Knobs: Tumelo round|Richmond round|Bowman round|Trask round|Tumelo round|Richmond round|Bowman round|Trask round The following are the levers: Tumelo rectangle|Richmond rectangle|Bowman rectangle|Trask rectangle

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Colors of Behr White Paint that you like the most Closet Door Ideas to Bring a New Look to Any Room The Most Appropriate Flooring for Every Room in Your Residence Cabinet Hardware Fashions for the New Year

How to Tie in Black Door Hardware

A few individuals have inquired about the presence of additional black hardware in our predominantly white home. Despite the fact that it is a striking color, I think that black serves as a neutral. A black curtain rod hangs in the living room, and I have black cabinet hardware in the kitchen, as well as black metal light fixtures in the area. We’ve also begun to replace the door hinges with black ones to match the rest of the room. Our bright and white area would benefit from some grounding contrast, and those accents would be a great place to start.

There are several excellent alternatives for modern black door hardware, as well as suggestions for tying the style together throughout your home.

Send me an email or leave a comment on this page.

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