How To Shop Ikea By Interior Designers

9 Awesome Items Designers Always Buy at IKEA

We independently choose these items, and if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. Designers of interior spaces: They’re just like us, which means they shop at IKEA as well. Why? It’s because the Swedish home décor retailer that everyone adores does a fantastic job with a lot of the products they sell. Naturally, this includes their meatballs as well! We were curious to know what was hidden in the blue and yellow shopping bags of the design industry, so we asked a few interior designers about their favorite goods to pick up on your next IKEA run.

“In order to vary the texture of the fabric, we purchase slipcovers from merchants on Etsy,” she says.

According to designer Sherri Monte of Elegant Simplicity, “the NYBODAcoffee table is really fantastic.” Besides the fact that it’s the appropriate size—obviously, the price is where it’s at—it also has a reasonably sleek and basic appearance.

“Not to mention that it has a fantastic shelf for storing periodicals, computers, and other items,” she continues.

  • “IKEA duvet covers are used in my children’s bedrooms,” explains Ashley Moore of Moore House Interiors, who designed the bedding.
  • “Pieces are cost-effective, ideal for compact rooms, and feature slipcovers, making them simple to keep clean,” says the designer.
  • Waterfield purchases furniture for projects from IKEA’s cooperation with other designers on a regular basis.
  • ” “Because they consistently sell out so quickly, we purchased a large quantity of their wall shelves for use in other projects.” Where to Purchase: IKEA VERALLT Shelf, $49.99

BJURSTA Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

In a tiny kitchen that she had last year, Stephanie Purcell, designer and owner ofRedesigned Classics, utilized IKEA’sBJURSTAwall-mounted drop-leaf table. “It was perfect for the space,” she says. Designers unquestionably buy at IKEA for essentials, from kitchenware to bedroom furniture and everything in between. One item that Harris always has on his to-do list? Inserts for pillows He or she prefers theFJDRAR, pictured here in a 20-inch square shape, although it is available in a variety of sizes that cost each $10 or less, according to the designer.

Purchase: IKEA FJDRAR Cushion, $6 We use theESPEVRMattressbase, which is an IKEA product, the most frequently.

“We frequently change out the legs, using either ones we purchase from Etsy or theSTOCKSUNDfrom IKEA, which is specifically designed for the couch.” Never, ever underestimate the quality of IKEA’s curtains.

By foregoing the identical tiebacks in favor of something a little more ornamental, you may give them a more personalized appearance.

Danielle Blundell is the Home Director for the company. Danielle Blundell is a writer and editor located in New York who specializes in the topics of interior design, decorating, and organizing. She enjoys interior design, high heels, and hockey (not necessarily in that order).

These Are the Best IKEA Products, According to Interior Designers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your first apartment or your dream house; there’s one décor brand that will find its way into every room along the road: IKEA. The Swedish company has mastered the combination of fashion and function with its minimalistic range, which follows a delicate line between classic and on-trend while remaining affordable—you should check out our best pieces under $100 for inspiration. As Athena Calderone of EyeSwoon, an interior designer and lifestyle expert, she admits she has a thing for the ubiquitous home décor brand, you can achieve that coveted high/low mix by pairing an IKEA stool with an iconic designer pendant light, or by making a popular piece your own with an achic IKEA hack.

In 2010, Tali Roth founded Tali Roth Interior Design, which has now expanded to include projects across the world.

That being said, I have always modified, reinterpreted, and reworked these pieces, elevating the overall appearance in the process.” And we have faith in Calderone’s sense of style—just take a peek at her Brooklyn house.

The following are Calderone’s recommendations for the best IKEA chairs, lighting fixtures, and dressers, along with the recommendations of Homepolish designerTali Roth and other interior designers.

IKEA Malm Bed Frame

$ 229 for an IKEA Malm Bed Frame with a swoon-worthy design “The bottom line is that this bed is an incredible piece of design. I love how it’s clean-lined and simplistic, and how it’s priced just right. As a result, I always prepare and paint IKEA beds before using them. As a striking contrast to the pale space, I opted to paint the Malm bed in a powerful graphite gray in order to accent the industrial ceiling fan and wall sconces that hang above the bed in my Amagansett house. A strong presence is created by the bed, yet it is not the center of attention in this room.

As a result, I painted the bed frame in the same color as the wall, creating a monochromatic tranquility that permeates the space.

Primary Bedroom

In recent years, the phrase “Primary Bedroom” has become increasingly popular for referring to the largest bedroom in the house since it more accurately describes the space’s function.

Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have realized that the title “Master” may have discriminatory overtones and have spoken out against it. More information about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge may be found here. 02 out of 20

IKEA Grönadal Rocking Chair

IKEA $249Shop the Grönadal Rocking Chair “A cushion or a sheepskin on top of this wonderful item completes the appearance perfectly. In any location, whether in the bedroom or the living room, this chair will look great. This sleek Scandinavian spin on a classic rocking chair is exquisitely constructed and boasts the most unusual design and color combination possible. This gentleman would be perfect for a reading corner in the bedroom, in my opinion.” The following is a quote from Tali Roth, home designer for Homepolish03of 20

IKEA Ranarp Work Lamp

A work lamp made by IKEARanarp that costs $33Shop “Brass is omnipresent these days, but I prefer it when it’s combined with different metals, which is what I see here. Be lighting is frequently referred to as the ‘jewelry’ of a space, this item hits the right balance: it has a little zing without being overly blingy, and the finish is modern while yet being refined and attractive. If you have a home office that also serves as a guest bedroom, this light would be ideal for you. It does double duty as the ideal job light while being stylish enough to entertain guests in your home.” • Lindsay Pennington, owner of Lindsay Pennington Interiors04of 20

IKEA Sektion Base Drawers

Photographer: Sarah Elliott; Design: Eyeswoon Base Drawers from IKEASektion $330Shop According to Calderone, “the matte black base cabinets in my kitchen essentially operate as a stark blank canvas punctuating the lower part of my kitchen,” she explains. “The hardware for the doors and drawers is black leather straps, which I attached myself. In comparison to synthetic materials such as nylon, leather is softer and more durable with time.” “Whether you want to spend your money on amazing bedding or swoon-worthy decorative elements for your kitchen, IKEA provides incredible design and a starting point from which you can inject your own individuality in a number of ways.

05 out of 20

IKEA Bosjön Kitchen Faucet

IKEA Faucet for the kitchen, Bosjön,$170Shop “The form of this wonderful treasure is really stunning. It may also be a significant money saver for anyone who is doing a kitchen makeover. A feature matte black fixture does not need to cost hundreds of dollars when an IKEA version is this elegant.” By Tali Roth*As of November 2019, the Bosjön Kitchen Faucet is only available in stainless steel and not matte black. 06th of twenty

IKEA Pokal Glasses

5$ for a 6-pack of IKEAPokal Glasses from Shop “Let’s face it: everyone is on the lookout for the perfect glass cup, and this one has been discovered. It is ideal for serving juice in the morning, water during the day, and wine at night. It nests naturally into the dishwasher (there are no resistant stems), and it is so reasonably priced that you can buy it in volume.

It’s unpretentious yet not uninteresting. Its classic form, which is based on the iconic French Picardie bistro glass, works well in any environment (even as a tiny blossom vase on a nightstand, for example).” Lindsay Pennington is the author of this piece. 07th day of the twenty-first century

Kattrup Flatwoven Rug

Flatwoven Rug by IKEAKattrup for $50$50Shop “While not overly crowded or overbearing, the geometric aspect of this rug makes a modern statement without being overwhelming. Despite the fact that it is predominantly neutral in tone, it contains bands of color that transcend it from plain to lively and whimsical land. Previously, I’d put it in the office of a young female executive to provide a counterweight to vibrant artwork and accessories; nevertheless, it would be equally beautiful in a playroom or as an anchor between two twin beds in a children’s bedroom.” Lindsay Pennington is the author of this piece.

IKEA Bestâ Storage

Design by Tali Roth; photography by Claire Esparros for HomepolishBestâ Storage Solutions IKEA$145Shop “Storage cabinets and media consoles are available at IKEA at reasonable prices. I removed the legs in preparation for my Columbus Circle apartment renovation. These guys look fantastic when utilized in a line of more than one, as they begin to appear as if they are built-in. They offer a large amount of storage and are available in a variety of finishes to match any décor.” Tali Roth is a writer and poet.

09th day of the year 20

IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit

Kallax Shelving Unit from IKEA 119$ for the Kallax Shelf Unit “There are bookshelves, paintings, and display pieces arranged symmetrically and in an ordered manner throughout the space. In addition, because it is modular, you may add cabinet inserts to enhance or highlight the things contained within the shelving unit rather than the shelving unit itself.” The lead designer for Storm Interiors10of 20 is Lara Fishman.

IKEA Aina Curtains

IKEAAina Fabric$9Shop IKEAAina Fabric$9Shop “Incredibly, the amount of times I’ve been asked to make a recommendation for nice, inexpensive, but not-cheap-looking white curtains is astonishing. IKEA’s Aina curtains are usually my first choice when it comes to window treatments. This pair of silky linen pants is a great value for the money at $60 for a set of 2. My favorite feature about them is that they are extremely long, which allows you to hang them almost to the ceiling height and give your room a designer look without having to spend a fortune on customized linen curtains.” Brady Tolbert, Creative Director at Bobby Berk & Associates *As of September 2021, the Aina Curtains are no longer in production, while the fabric is still available in a variety of color options.

11th out of 20

IKEA Henriksdal Bar Stools

IKEA Bergmund Bar Stools ($100)Online shopping According to designer Brian Patrick Flynn, “I use the Henriksdal counter-height stool on a regular basis.” “A bespoke slipcover with a colorful design or a super-textural solid is generally what I have my workroom create for me when I want to take it up a notch.

You’ll end up with a seat that looks like it cost more than $1000, but it’ll only cost you about $150 in total.” In September 2021, the Hendriksal bar stool will no longer be available since it will be replaced by the revised Bergmund type, which will be accessible in the meanwhile. 12 out of 20

IKEA Lack Shelves

Design:Tali Roth; Photograph: Julia Robbs for HomepolishIKEALack Shelves are a design by Tali Roth. $8Shop “I’ve used these floating shelves innumerable times and they’re still in good condition. My favorite thing about them is that they have the potential to appear elegant and costly while still blending into the wall. I use them to ensure that a space is appropriately filled out. Rather than using an elaborate bracket to reinforce this section, we simply filled it with books. They have the appearance of being custom-made.” Tali Roth is a writer and poet.

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IKEA Volfgang Chair

IKEAVolfgang Chair$69Shop IKEAVolfgang Chair$69Shop “This chair seems to be (and feels to be) lot more costly than it actually is. It’s obvious that it’s ideal for the dining room, but it may also be used as a desk chair or even as additional seating in a living room for entertaining purposes. The fabric is neutral enough to be used with both cold and warm tones, so it can be included into virtually any home design plan without looking out of place. At double the price, this is a great deal.” — Lindsay Pennington14th out of twenty

IKEA Kivik Sofa

IKEA FurnitureKivik Sofa$499Shop “The Kivik couch in a basic white fabric is a versatile piece that goes with almost everything. The fact that I utilized two of these in my country property and surrounded them with ultra-high-end features gave the impression that they were Italian contemporary couches to everyone who saw them. They have a chameleon-like appearance.” Brian Patrick Flynn is a writer and poet. 15th out of 20

IKEA Hemnes Dresser

IKEA Hemnes Dresser$279Buy online “The Hemnes dresser has long been considered a classic, and with good cause. It is really reasonably priced, has enough of storage space, and is of excellent scale. The knobs on the drawers are simply interchangeable, allowing you to customize the look to fit practically any home design style. I would use it in the dining room to store tablecloths, serving pieces, napkins, and extra cutlery, despite the fact that it is traditionally reserved for bedrooms. Even with two lamps above the table to provide a soft evening glow, there is still enough of space on the surface to serve supper buffet-style.” — Lindsay Pennington16th out of twenty

IKEA Fado Table Lamp

The design is by Tali Roth, and the photograph is by Claire Esparros for HomepolishIKEAFado Table Lamp$25Shop “I utilize this individual for practically every project that I have! He looks fantastic on a variety of surfaces. A functional item of home décor, he has an unusual design (a tick), emits gentle and ambient light (another click), and is really reasonable (another tick).” Tali Roth is a writer and poet. 17th out of 20

IKEA Gladom Tray Table

Shop for the IKEA Gladom Tray Table ($20). “This is a fantastic piece! The color, the form, and the simplicity are all appealing to me, and they pair well with a variety of different materials (light/dark woods, brass, velvet, chrome, and so on.) and styles.

This is the ideal moveable side table that can also be used as a couch table when needed. This hue of green is really fashionable right now, and it goes well with all neutrals, grays, blacks, and whites.” — Tali Roth18 (out of twenty)

IKEA Godis Glasses

IKEA Godis Glasses (6-pack)$6Shop Godis Glasses “The thought of inexpensive tableware and glassware appeals to me, maybe because I drop a glass or shatter a dish almost every time I attempt to wash them. So I maintain a supply of these guys in my cabinet at all times, and if I do happen to break one, I can walk over to IKEA and pick up a replacement set for less money than it would cost to get Chipotle through Postmates.” — Brady Tolbert19th of twenty

IKEA Tarno Table and Chairs

IKEA Table and chairs in the Tarno style $50Shop “This lovely bistro table and chair set quickly transports you to the streets of Paris, where you can people-watch while enjoying a coffee on the terrace. The plant would look wonderful on a balcony or in a garden, but it would also provide the ideal splash of color to an external doorway. If I were you, I’d add two cushions to the chairs in a color that goes well with the rest of the room.” Lindsay Pennington is the author of this piece. 20 out of 20

IKEA Karlstad Sofa

Shop for the IKEAFinnala Sofa, which costs $529. “This sofa is one of my favorite pieces of furniture from IKEA. It features ultra-simple lines and can be customized to match any type of interior design.” Since of September 2021, the Karlstad couch is no longer available, as it has been replaced with the modernized Finnala style, which was designed by Kimberly Winthrop, the creator of Kimberly Winthrop Interiors.

The One Item Interior Designers Are Buying at IKEA Right Now

Frakta bags are the go-to daily accessory of choice for home designers. They’re not only for the beach, though. When they’re not on site inspecting or doing last-minute walk-throughs, the experts are exploring IKEA’s current inventory for furniture essentials as well as seasonal accessories and everything in between. If you’ve spent any time in an IKEA store in the last five months, you’ve most definitely experienced some kind of sensory overload. Everything from a new collaboration with Tom Dixon to a portable light that serves as a speaker, a slew of sustainable items by African designers, and an epic summer collection appear to be released every week at the Swedish shop, which has a new release every week.

Seven interior designers provide a sneak glimpse at all that is currently in their IKEA trolleys in the gallery below.

A Small Space-Friendly Sofa

Furniture Store Delaktig Sofa, Ikea ($770) Tom Dixon and IKEA’s Delaktig couch made its debut at Salone del Mobile in 2017, and its apparently limitless number of combinations threw small-space inhabitants into a frenzy. Emma Beryl explains, “As a New York-based designer who is accustomed to working in compact spaces, I’m constantly on the lookout for furniture that may serve several purposes.” By simply adding and removing cushions, the item may be transformed into a daybed, couch, or separated armchairs.

“It’s a great addition to any home.” “The adaptability of all of the different components contributes to the overall design and cleverness of this piece of furniture.” “I particularly like the Delaktig Sofa because of its structural integrity and contemporary flair, which will make it a focal point in any setting.”

A Pool Party-Approved Towel

The Summer 2019 Beach Towel from Ikea costs $12.99. Scandinavians, it seems, have a habit of celebrating summer quite early. IKEA made a big statement this season with a classic color scheme and a slew of whimsical patterns to go along with it. According to Jennifer Wallenstein of September Workshop, “I’m a big fan of the new outdoor fabrics from IKEA.” What are the items on her shopping list that are appropriate for warm weather? Rugs and beach towels are available. Adding to the joyful atmosphere of a pool party or backyard BBQ, “they’re lively and lighthearted in their presentation.”

A Time-Tested Light Fixture

Ikea’s Sinnerlig Pendant Light ($69.99) Shop The Sinnerlig pendant lamp is easily IKEA’s most popular statement light, and we don’t believe it will ever go out of style. To add texture to her monochrome workplace, Lisa Rossman of LL Design Co. recently installed the classic fixture in the room. “The most appealing aspect of this fixture is that it is extremely adaptable,” explains Rossman. “Although woven pendants have been all the rage lately, when it comes to design on a budget and getting the most bang for your money, this necklace strikes all of the right notes!” Tassels or a fresh coat of paint can be used to give the Sinnerligby a one-of-a-kind appearance.

A Coastal-Cool Headboard

Delaktig Headboard, available at Ikea for $100. Shop The second collaboration between Tom Dixon and IKEA, which launched this past January, is meant to be hacked in the same way as the first. In the collection, there is a bed frame with a variety of connectors that can be quickly switched out when the room becomes too stuffy. Andrea Shapiraof Dre Design is now smitten with this spherical rattan headboard, which she designed herself. Natural materials and textures may offer a lot of interest to a bedroom at a low cost.

A Cushy Outdoor Chair

Ikea’s Havsten Chair is a comfortable option. ($260) ShopIs there anything else in Shapiro’s shopping cart? The whole Havsten seating line may be seen here. In the words of the designer of the ultra-plush chair: “—chair, loveseat, couch—whichever way you look at it, this looks like a high-end Stephen Kenn design that fits inside or out.” While you’re there, pick up a couple of color-blocked cushions with a vintage feel.

An Eco-Friendly Lantern

Solvinden LED Solar-Powered Pendant Lamp, Solvinden LED Solar-Powered Pendant Lamp, Ikea ($24.99) Shop Set the tone for summer with a piece of outdoor lighting that expresses your emotions. Erika Ward’s bright (and fully cordless) selection for the season can save you money on your energy bill while also making you look fantastic. “It’s a wonderfully simple and enjoyable way to inject a joyful atmosphere into any celebration,” says Ward, who adds that solar-powered lanterns are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to candles.

“I can envision a number of people gathered around a dining table dressed out for a summer barbecue, a birthday celebration, or even a baby shower,” she says.

A Festive Rug That Lasts Year ‘Round

Ikea’s Sommar 2019 rug costs $29.99. Anita Yokota, a designer at ShopSoCal, is a fan of IKEA’s colorful summer fabrics as well. She, like us, is already making plans for the many hours she will be spending by the pool this summer. According to her, “the striped carpets remind me of beach days on the Italian Riviera, where striped umbrellas dot the water.”

A Breezy Accent Chair

Ikea’s Buskbo Armchair costs $130. Shop Nothing says “bring me a cool drink of lemonade” quite like a rattan furniture set. “I adore this light and airy bamboo chair—I’m a sucker for natural materials, and rattan works nicely with a variety of decor types,” says Heather Bullard of the chair. All you have to do to make your home warm in the fall is add a couple throw blankets. The remainder will be taken care of by its nest-like silhouette. More stories like this may be found at: According to an Ikea employee, here are the top ten shopping hacks.

PSA: This Is the Only IKEA Decor Worth Buying, According to Interior Designers

It’s no secret that our editors like shopping at IKEA on occasion. The Swedish retail giant, which is stocked with budget-friendly décor that seems to be shockingly costly, is our go-to source for reasonably priced Scandinavian design. The need to remodel our environments is evident as the new season approaches — but because no one wants to empty their bank account redesigning for spring, we’re going to our favorite budget home décor guru to alter our place on a shoestring budget. For an in-depth demonstration of how it’s done, we entrusted five interior designers with a challenge: completely transform an entire area using only five IKEA products — and they did not fail to impress.

Continue reading to see the IKEA décor selections from the pros, which include an oh-so-chic coffee table for under $200, a high-end-looking armchair for a bargain price, and a $10 organizing gadget that will revolutionize the way you cook.

Living Room

Sure, we’d love to invest in a statement sofa to embrace the curved furniture trend, but some design fads are just out of reach for most people on a tight budget when it comes to home improvement. To be honest, I’m not sure why, but modern classic design is on the rise once more. Instead, we enlisted the help of Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors, who shared her top five IKEA décor findings for the area in order to demonstrate how to furnish a complete living room on a budget. Continue reading to see her favorites, which include a coffee table that is trendy to the extreme that is under $200.

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It’s a fantastic blank canvas on which to paint.

I would add a few coffee table books, a floral arrangement, and a bowl or other little object to finish it out.” “While not particularly high-end, this woven chair will give a lot of variety and texture to the room and appears to be rather comfortable.

I’d use a black dish on the coffee table to connect all of these elements together.” “I’ve been obsessed with pleated lampshades, especially when they’re done in a modern style, so when I spotted this, I knew I had to add it!

The lamp retains the typical feel of a regular floor lamp, but the distinctive shade adds a little something extra.” TOTAL FOR THE LIVING ROOM: $1,120.99


The key to decorating a bedroom on a budget is to use pieces that can be used in several ways (for example, a freestanding mirror that can also act as a little closet) and to layer textures to create visual interest (think atasseled throwstrewn across the foot of your bed). As an example, we reached out to San Francisco-based designer Nicole Newkirkto find out which IKEA décor she’d add to her cart to make the most of this area — including a high-end-looking recliner that’s surprisingly affordable.

  • It doesn’t even have the appearance of an IKEA chair, which might be advantageous when creating with components that are both high and low.
  • This is such a space-saver: a nightstand that is fixed to the wall and will not budge.” “A decent throwblanket is a must-have for any bed.
  • Especially ones that are mobile and can be moved around your area as required.
  • A garment rack is the most effective method of displaying your favorite stuff in your closet or drawers.” TOTAL FOR THE BEDROOM:$370.97


To remodel your bathroom, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to embark on a huge remodeling project of significant scope and duration. While the addition of new tile will unquestionably transform the overall appearance of the area, a few little adjustments may give the room a surprise sense of newness as well. Max Humphrey, an interior designer based in Portland, Oregon, shows us how to transform a home with only $75 worth of IKEA furniture in the video above. Using these amazing hooks in a bathroom with black or nickel plumbing fixtures would be perfect for me because brass is still my favorite hardware finish and I enjoy combining metals.

A special bonus: Either of these hues would look fantastic when paired with the bronze towel hooks mentioned above!” “In every apartment I’ve ever leased, I’ve changed out the basic bathroom lighting fixtures to something more decorative.

The perfect place to keep your jewelry or nail clippers (or your happy pills).

Dining Room

Although the arrival of spring heralds the unofficial beginning of al fresco entertaining season, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also recommend that you give your indoor dining space a makeover. After all, now is the time to put away that jewel-tone table runner and replace it with one that is more in keeping with the season. Here, interior designer Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs in Los Angeles demonstrates how to furnish a space for less than $1,000 by shopping at IKEA (brand newdining tableincluded).

This substantially large table has a modern farmhouse feel to it, and its length allows you to accommodate more guests at the table.” “Beige is the color of the year for me in 2019, and I enjoy combining this ultra-modern profile made of recycled plastics with a more traditional oak table,” says the designer.

Placed in the center of the table to hold beautiful arrangements of fruit or vegetables, such as artichokes and asparagus.” “I enjoy incorporating natural texture into the scene by using a large flatwoven sisal rug to delineate the dining area,” says the designer. TOTAL FOR THE DINING ROOM:$899.98


The company is situated in Los Angeles. Manday Cheng, a homepolish designer, has a passion for creating useful rooms that are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye (see photo above). When it comes to kitchen organization, there’s nothing quite like IKEA decor. We asked the talented designer to share the IKEA decor that she’s currently craving forkitchen organization(and they’re fantastic).and she did! Check out her top five selections in the gallery below. “Because of the arctic blast that has dropped the temperature in Los Angeles to a chilly 60 degrees, I’ve been experimenting with different dishes so that I can remain in, eat healthy, and avoid becoming bored with my dinners.

  1. When it’s not in use, keep it on the counter and decorate it with a couple of cookbooks.” “This wall shelf is just perfect!
  2. For those who are renting and need to make the most of their available wall space in the kitchen, these would be ideal for displaying your dishes, serving as a spice rack, or simply as a fun way to create a moment with all of your coffee mugs.
  3. Place a tiny plant in the space between the stacks since vegetation helps to make the space feel cozier.
  4. As soon as I opened the cabinet doors, they would slide out and into my feet, and I would become enraged to the point that I simply wanted to hurl them all out the window.
  5. My favorite feature is that the length can be adjusted so that it may go into a deep drawer or inside one of your cabinets.” “This set of bamboo flatware trays is perfect for me because I am a huge proponent of drawer organization.
  6. That is exactly how utensils manage to jump out of the drawer and land in the back of the cupboard.
  7. One would undoubtedly be on the counter to hold fresh fruits and vegetables, and then another 20 would be in the pantry to keep everything upright and orderly, and so on.

These are also excellent for gatherings. Organize napkins or paper plates in the baskets, and then place cups in another basket to hold all of the utensils together. To make the basket seem even more attractive, place some fresh flowers in one of the cup’s handles.” TOTAL FOR THE KITCHEN:$82.95

Designers Reveal Their Top 10 IKEA Go-Tos

1/10 (one tenth) The designer chose this dandelion-inspired pendant light while recreating the inside of a nail salon for the whimsical element it would provide to a place already dominated by the flowery colours of polish bottles. In reality, the IKEA Maskros was 32 inches in diameter, making it “very budget-friendly and having a feminine aesthetic with a great effect,” according to Aston. “It was the perfect solution for what we were looking for.” The item is available at Ikea for $89.99 (


2 out of 10 In addition, Aston, whose office is located in The Woodlands, Texas, acquired an Ektorp sofa for his daughter’s college apartment. In her Los Angeles apartment as a young adult, five years later, it’s still working well! The ageless design of the three-seated sofa, as well as removable slipcovers (such as this gray one), are to blame for the room’s continually new appearance, according to Aston and her daughter. Available from IKEA for $499 (

The Duvets (like DRÖMLAND)

3 out of 10 The company Stage and Sell’s Pat Christodoulou claims she shops at Ikea for “bedding, toys, and lights.” With the help of colorful, budget-friendly decorations such as a polka-dotted DRMLAND duvet and a stuffed frog, this designer—who specializes in staging homes to promote buyer interest—accessorized this specific children’s room for under $100. “We devised a theme called “The Frog Who Became a Prince,” replete with toys and a storybook. Upon entering this area, everyone was taken aback by the magic that surrounded them.” Available at IKEA for $29.99 for a duvet and pillowcase in a twin size.

The OMAR System

4 out of 10 When designerMeredith McBride Kipp has to create a completely personalized appearance on a tight budget, she turns to IKEA as “a great resource for the bones of a project,” according to the designer. She may transform IKEA curtain panels into bulk fabric for slipcovers and stylish valances, or she can use an OMAR storage rack to create her “big, lovely bar-height studio area” with a little creativity and savvy buying. The item is available at IKEA for $67.98 (

RÅSKOG Utility Cart

5 out of 10 According to Larina Kase, a Philadelphia-based interior designer, the RSKOG Utility Cart is the best IKEA purchase. She like the four-tier cart’s adaptability, which she finds appealing. In the kitchen, you may use it to hold a mini-garden of fresh spices in pots or ready-to-eat foods. She also points out that the little cart looks just as beautiful when used to store toiletries in the bathroom as it does when used to store creative items in the playroom. The item is available at Ikea for $29.99 (


A sink cabinet with two pull-out drawers, designed by Julia Mack, is her favorite IKEA product. It has a score of 6/10 from designerJulia Mack. Her favorite finish is a high gloss white, although the cabinet is also available in a variety of different hues, such as black-brown, gray, and red.

It’s always important to explain to clients that the sink is shallow because it allows for deep drawer storage beneath it, according to she adds. The item is available at Ikea for $449 (

Dioder Lights

7 out of 10 Despite the fact that designerKristine Robinson seldom utilizes IKEA furniture in her work, she appreciates the lighting alternatives offered by the Swedish brand, particularly theDioder LED multi-use lights. “I recently put them on the inside of a bed tester (or valance) in a bedroom I designed,” she explains. “It was a fun project.” In addition to eliminating the need for extra swing arm lamps, it was a terrific method to illuminate the inside of the bed hangings. This item is available at Ikea for $24.99 for a set of four (

HEMNES Console Table

8 out of 10 Even in the foyer, the area that welcomes guests and family members into your house, there is more to consider than just the aesthetics of the space. Select furniture that reflects your personal style, of course, but don’t ignore the unavoidable practical requirements that will arise. Jennifer Morris, a New York-based designer, admires theHEMNES console table not just for its “clean,” “solid appearing,” and space-defining design, but also for the built-in storage cubbies that serve as ideal “catchalls for shoes and gloves,” as well as for a variety of other everyday necessities.

The FINTORP series

Denise Gordon, a designer, relies on the FINTORP series for wall storage that is simple and quick to install. Despite the fact that the metal catchalls are intended to be used as utensil and condiment containers, she finds them to be far more adaptable, especially when hung in groups of three or more. According to her, “I’ve used them as a lovely storage solution in a bathroom to house toiletries and beauty items, or in a children’s room to contain little toys, coloring books and crayons, or in a kitchen to keep herb plants.” “I put the condiment holder on my wall in my kitchen, and I’m using it to store my mail!” she says of the storage option.


ten out of ten If you don’t have the time or money to redesign a room or purchase a new furniture set, the most cost-effective option to update your space is to replace your textiles, which include drapes, carpets, cushions, and throws. When Gordon needs to make a change, she turns to IKEA for its colorful and reasonably priced options. Changing out cushions and blankets according to the seasons is “a easy way to brighten or transform the look and feel of a space,” according to her. For spring and summer, she particularly likes theEIVOR throw, which is one of her favorite pieces.

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We understand if you are not a natural decorator; but, with a little inspiration and a little assistance from us, you will be able to put your thoughts on paper.

After that, you’ll move from the newspaper into the house of your dreams. We provide an interior design service at IKEA, as well as experts that can assist you with your project. This is a specialized business that provides home solutions to help you realize your ambitions at an affordable price.

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Our interior design services are also offered to companies of all sizes.

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Do you want to start from scratch or do you want to merely bounce ideas off of others? You may find a brief description of each of our services below, so that you can select the one that best meets your requirements.

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Advice from an interior designer, as well as suggestions and solutions to meet specific issues in a particular region of your house, are included in the consultation service. You may obtain recommendations on textile coordination, IKEA furniture and home goods choices, and layouts by participating in a 1-hour video conference call using Teams. What we provide is as follows:

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Complete and individualized interior design services for one or more rooms in your home or for the entire house. What we provide is as follows: 1 room *: 199 euros IKEA Family pricing is 299€, which is the regular price. 3 rooms for 399 euros IKEA Familyprice / 597€ Regular price* IKEA Familyprice rooms larger than 50m2, open spaces, studios, basements, garages, attics, and outdoor areas are available upon request. rooms larger than 50m2, open spaces, Please email [email protected] if you require any further information.

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As soon as our house begins to seem overcrowded, it’s necessary to take a step back and assess our situation. We’ll walk you through a three-session online organizing process where we’ll provide instructions to help you sort through the stuff you’ve been gathering but don’t need anymore. And we’ll assist you in deciding what to retain, what to give away or sale, and what to renew your subscription. At the conclusion of the procedure, we will propose a solution for interior organization. The three online sessions are as follows:

  • There are guides to help you reflect and divide your belongings
  • Guides to help you arrange your belongings by category
  • Suggestions for giving, reselling, reusing, and renewing
  • And more. Tips and suggestions for making your house more environmentally friendly
  • Identification of requirements and presentation of interior organization alternatives
  • Methods of organization and upkeep
  • List of things to buy

The cost of the service is €125 for three online sessions. Make a reservation for the service you desire. Before the meeting, please give us blueprints or drawings of the rooms, as well as measurements and images of the rooms, to [email protected] in advance of the gathering. Meeting with an interior designer over the phone or via video chat is an option.

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We provide an interior design service at IKEA, as well as experts that can assist you with your project. Personalized business solutions are provided to help you realize your goals. Contact us for more information.

Similar needs – but for your home?

Our interior design services are also offered for individual residences (and other similar settings). If you’re interested in learning more, the link will take you to the appropriate page.

Our services

Do you want to start from scratch or do you want to merely bounce ideas off of others? You may find a brief description of each of our services below, so that you can select the one that best meets your requirements.

Interior design – consultation online

Advice from an interior designer, as well as suggestions and solutions to handle specific issues in a particular region of your house, are provided as part of the consultant service. By participating in a 1-hour video chat, you may receive advice on textile coordination, IKEA furniture and home goods choices, and room layouts. What we provide is as follows:

Interior design – project online

Complete and individualized interior design services for one or more rooms in your home or for the entire house. What we provide is as follows: For commercial premises larger than 50m2, the rate is 0.5€/m2. IKEA’s price for business members is 7 euros per square meter. Price at regular intervals For commercial spaces less than 50 m2: upon request

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You can do everything yourself, but you don’t have to

We provide a wide range of services to make your life a little simpler in many ways.


We will deliver your order to your place of business. More information may be found here.


A professional service that may be performed at home or at the office. More information may be found here.

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6 Ikea Items That *Make* the Room, According to Interior Designers

A journey toIkea is a good example of how quantity does not always equate to clarity and vice versa. Ikea, as a cornerstone of minimalist furniture, promotes the concept that, with the right purchases, it is possible to create a show-stopping design on a budget, which is supported by several studies. However, until you make a decision on what you want to buy, Ikea may feel like a maze—and a baffling and intimidating one at that. Don’t be concerned if the prospect of devoting hours to weighing a plethora of alternatives seems overwhelming.

A group of Los Angeles-based interior designers has been enlisted to share their recommendations for the greatest Ikea goods for your living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Continue reading to find out exactly how you should load your shopping cart.

1.BESTÅ Storage Cabinet(Living Room)

Ikea provided the image. The greatest living rooms find a balance between functionality and aesthetics in their role as the de facto gathering place for shared leisure and enjoyment. Jesse DeSanti, the creator of Jette Creative, frequently looks to Ikea to satisfy those needs with multifunctional items that can be swapped out when the whim takes him in a different direction. TheBEST line is one of DeSanti’s favorite things to install in his living room. “It’s even in my own house,” says the author.

Instead, I use them to cover a complete wall, storing toys, gadgets, blankets, and other items that may otherwise go to waste.

2.SNIDAD Basket(Living Room)

Ikea provided the image. “I’ve owned twoIkea baskets for some years,” DeSanti explains. There are so many various applications for them: from baskets under tables to blanket storage to keeping children’s toys and everything in between.” They’re affordable and may be used in a variety of ways.”

3.BJÖRKSNÄS Bed Frame(Bedroom)

It should come as no surprise that creative directorBrady Tolbert believes that while putting up a bedroom design, you should pay some consideration to the room’s eponymous furniture item. Ikea provided the image. “Your bed can set the tone for your entire space, so rather than slapping your mattress on a metal frame and calling it a day, opt for something with a little more design,” he advises. ” “I really like this combination of wood, cloth, and leather. “It’s straightforward, yet the materials give it an expensive and contemporary vibe.”

4.LAUTERS Table Lamp(Bedroom)

Ikea provided the image. In contrast to the first component, the second component in Tolbert’s idea for a comfortable bedroom is not as straightforward: lighting. In his words, “having the correct sort of lighting in your bedroom may help you create that pleasant and appealing atmosphere you need to rejuvenate.” “These wood table lamps have a cloth cover that diffuses the light that emanates from them, so there will be no bright light in your eyes when you’re doing a little nighttime reading.”

5.SKUGGIS Hook(Bathroom)

Designer as well as television personality Bobby Berk’s bathroom decorating advice is straightforward: “Keep it basic.” All you require is a storage space for everything. Ikea provided the image. “Storage is really important in bathrooms,” he adds, pointing out that this is the smallest but possibly most demanding space in the house. Make a list of everything you can do to make every square inch count—including the area beneath the sink and even the smallest sliver of wall space—and then go to work.

According to him, “Hooksare elements that are sometimes disregarded, but may make a significant difference.” “These simple and trendy bamboo wood hooks, which can be used to add an earthy vibe to any location, are one of my favorites.

They also provide much-needed warmth to a place that is generally all-white in appearance. “These are really affordable, yet they appear to be of great quality.” $225 ” href=””>$195 to $225″>

6.RÅGRUND Chair(Bathroom)

Ikea provided the image. In Berk’s opinion, “a chair with an integrated towel rack – it doesn’t get much better than that!” “This is especially true if you have a limited amount of room and your furniture must do several functions. As well as being a fantastic space saver, this is an entertaining way to make your bathroom a little more utilitarian.” When it comes to making a place come to life, what is your go-to Ikea purchase? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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