Where To Sell Home Decor

Here’s Exactly How to Resell Your Stuff Online for Extra Cash

You should start clearing out your storage space if you have furniture and home décor that you no longer use or desire. Now is a good opportunity to get rid of any excess items. Take into consideration the possible resale value of the object before you toss that old sofa or antique bureau out to the curb, though. OfferUp, an online marketplace, has a vice president of community who says, “You’d be astonished at what you might be able to sell.” Natalie Angelillo is the vice president of community at OfferUp.

Mercari, an online resale marketplace, recently published an analysis that found that, on average, a family had more than $4,500 worth of unsold products that may be resold.

Illustration of a phone dumping money on a home Ramona Iurato’s illustration is used with permission.

1. Choose the Right Platform

Selling your things on the proper platform is critical to achieving success in the online marketplace. There are a plethora of possibilities available with a diverse range of features, and the optimal one for you will be determined by your desired retail style as well as the sorts of things you intend to offer in your establishment. In the event that you just want to get rid of something, consider using a service that will take the items off your hands and do all of the effort for you. The selling price is set by the website, which also receives a greater fee.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to keep those items in storage until they sell.

Curated Home Sources

Searching for distinctive furniture on secondhand websites that include a specific variety of vintage, antique, and gently used contemporary things is a certain method to locate what you’re looking for. These websites can assist you in navigating the logistics of getting the things to or from your home. Chairish Create an online listing and submit it to Chairish for inspection in order to begin selling on the site. Afterwards, Chairish will optimize it for search results, tweak the lead picture, and publish it.

For purchasers, the “View in Your Space” app is a must-have since it allows you to view how an item appears in your space using augmented reality.

AptDeco While Chairish provides service throughout the United States, AptDeco focuses on a more regional strategy, providing service in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Buyers can narrow their search by selecting a category or a brand. Listings are simple to make, and AptDeco improves your photographs before they are posted on the website. Its reduction ranges from 19 to 38 percent.

Full-Service Fashion

Your products may be shipped straight to these locations using a free, pre-paid shipping label. They will check, photograph, price, and list the products you have for sale. They are an excellent option if you are prepared to clear away your belongings regardless of how much money you could make. What Is the RealReal? This online marketplace for designer goods, which specializes in new to like-new items, is a terrific way to sell that splurge dress you’ll never wear again and an excellent source for bargains.

  • (We’ve seen $250 threads dropped to $25, which is a bargain.) Depending on the worth of the item, fees might range from 15 to 60 percent of the total value.
  • ThredUp Every designer label, from Gap to Gucci, has a buyer at ThredUp.
  • ThredUp offers you a bag to fill with your stuff and pays you when the items sell.
  • Buyers may save searches, and the site will notify them when an item matching their criteria becomes available for purchase.

Self-Service Fashion

Sellers have complete control over the selling process on peer-to-peer websites, including photographing, listing, and delivering things. Simple steps are required for placing an advertisement: Upload a photo, create a title and description, pick a price, and then upload the photo via the app or website to sell it. Poshmark Poshmark is all about having a good time with friends. Users may increase their visibility by following, like, commenting, and sharing listings in order to make connections with other like-minded shoppers.

Poshmark charges a fixed fee of $2.95 for all purchases that are less than $15.

Tradesy Tradesyusers are solely focused on women’s fashion, and they sell anything from T-shirts to high-end purses.

Its pricing suggestions are based on the brand, condition, and category of the product.

Kids Apparel and Gear

The secondhand market for children’s clothes and equipment is constantly in high demand since children outgrow their clothing and equipment far quicker than they can wear it out. KidizenKidizenhas a true community aspect, with vendors advising one another, listing listings shared, and sales being promoted. This kid-focused business operates on a peer-to-peer approach, allowing you to set your own pricing and send to customers using pre-paid shipping labels provided by the site (payable by buyer or seller via the app).

In certain states, there is also a full-service alternative offered to customers. A 12 percent cut, plus a 50-cent charge, is taken from each order once it has been sold by Kidizen.

Local Sales

Craiglist, OfferUp, and Facebook Marketplace are just a few examples. These websites function similarly to free classified advertisements, bringing together local buyers and vendors. Include as many specifics as you can, and investigate similar things to determine a price—either a fixed price or a best-efforts price—for your item. Sales are conducted in person, and cash is preferred, therefore ensure that your personal safety is a concern. When it comes to rapid sales at discount prices, Craigslist is a terrific resource, and OfferUp allows you to instantly publish ads for local delivery or pickup as well as countrywide shipping right from your phone.

Anything Goes

Despite the fact that curated sites provide a buying experience that is similar to touring a store, shopping on these behemoths is similar to searching flea markets for a bargain. You may sell or look for anything, including apparel, furnishings, gadgets, collectibles, and more. A needle in a haystack is what eBay is all about for customers who are seeking for something special, difficult to locate, or rare. At any given time, buyers must sort through more than a billion listings. The process of creating a listing is straightforward.

  1. If you want to hold an auction in the hopes of encouraging competitive bidding, use the “Auction” feature.
  2. There may be exceptions to this rule depending on the category.
  3. An item is listed for four months or until it is sold on Etsy’s marketplace for 20 cents.
  4. On top of that, there is a 5 percent transaction charge added to the sale price.
  5. No listing cost is charged, and the site gets a 10 percent commission on all transactions.
  6. You may sell almost anything that can be sent, and your items will be picked up by a driver and delivered to your location.
  7. If everything goes smoothly, you may go on to the next item on your checklist.

2. Clean or Repair the Item As Needed

Before you put something up for sale on the internet, make any necessary cleaning or touch-ups. Remove any dust or cobwebs from the room, and treat stains on rugs and upholstered furniture. To make an item more useful and appealing to potential purchasers, consider doing modest repairs, such as reattaching a broken couch leg or rewiring an outdated light, before placing it on the market.

A fresh coat of paint or a new wood finish can also assist to restore the item to its original appearance. Antique table and hutch in the dining room

3. Take Quality Photos

“Within online selling platforms, buyers tend to be very visual and will only stop to read the description for an item that catches their eye,” says Amy Mings, a frequent Facebook Marketplace user and blogger atMaison de Mings. “Within online selling platforms, buyers tend to be very visual and will only stop to read the description for an item that catches their eye,” she adds. You should include multiple accurate, high-quality images of the item from various angles in your ad to ensure that customers know precisely what they’re receiving.

Make your images appear more professional by shooting them in natural light (without the use of filters) on a neutral background that is devoid of clutter.

4. Write a Detailed Description

A thorough item description should address any issues that buyers may have and contain keywords such as “gray upholstered couch” or “small wood dining table,” which will aid in the visibility of your listing in search results on the site. Include as many specifics as possible, such as the object’s age, brand name, color, style, and measurements, as well as a brief description of how you came to own it. If feasible, include a story about how you acquired the piece. In addition, “if your item’s aesthetic is comparable to a big name brand, such as Pottery Barn or West Elm, you should include that as well,” Angelillo advises.

It’s preferable if the buyer is aware of any damage before the transaction takes place; otherwise, they may insist on returning the item, which may result in an even greater difficulty for you.

“Sellers that are ready to meet the buyer or deliver the goods typically sell their items more quickly than those who simply offer pickup.” Most essential, the phrases should be written in appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation so that the description is easy to understand.

5. Price the Item with a Goal in Mind

Before you set a price for the artwork, conduct market research to assess its worth and the range of prices that purchasers are likely to be prepared to pay. Consider the amount you paid for the item when you purchased it, but keep in mind that most customers will not be prepared to pay the full retail price for a used item. In accordance with the Mercari survey, secondhand consumers on average anticipate receiving a discount of at least 25 percent off retail pricing, even if the item is brand new and still has its tags attached.

The rule of thumb for lightly used products, according to Mings, is to price them at 40 percent off the original retail price of the item.

Consider putting the price a little higher than the lowest you’re ready to accept in preparation of bargaining with the seller. To get rid of an item quickly, Angelillo recommends selling the item at a cheaper price than similar listings in order to sell it more rapidly than the competition.

6. Practice Safe Delivery or Pickup

Selling furniture and home décor online necessitates the use of appropriate security measures to secure you and your information. Before making a purchase, take the time to review the seller’s profile. If they have received low (or no) ratings or reviews from past customers, proceed with caution. Only connect with the buyer using your selected resale platform in order to be able to quickly report any difficulties that may develop. Provide no personal information, like your phone number, email address, passwords, or financial information to other parties without your permission.

  1. When making a payment online, only utilize the payment methods that have been incorporated into the platform.
  2. Consider meeting the individual in a well-lit public location, such as a shopping center parking lot or police station parking lot, rather than bringing them into your home as an extra precaution.
  3. If at all feasible, relocate the item to your garage or driveway so that the buyer does not have to enter your home.
  4. In view of the coronavirus pandemic, it is recommended that contact-free procedures be used wherever feasible.
  5. If the item is tiny and not readily breakable, shipping may be the most secure method of delivery.
  6. In order to ensure that the item arrives in the most pristine condition possible, it is recommended that you clean and disinfect the item as thoroughly as possible before sending it out by your preferred shipping method.
  7. All that remains is for you to clean away the mess!

Best apps and sites for selling used home goods

When it comes to buying and selling old items on the internet, the names eBay and Craigslist are usually the first things that spring to mind. However, in this day and age with flashy websites and apps abounding, there are more alternatives than ever to assist you in finding a deal or offloading used items around the house, from décor and kitchenware to appliances and furniture and more. We looked high and low for the most promising sites for buying and selling used furniture and household products, and we came up empty-handed.

Some companies provide turnkey services, meaning they will manage everything from pickup to delivery. Others require you to negotiate directly with buyers or sellers; in these instances, you should proceed with care. In the next section, they are arranged alphabetically (after numbers).


1stdibs is a premium antique and vintage marketplace where you may find unique home furniture designed by the likes of Gio Ponti, George Nakashima, and Aino Alto, among others. Items for sale on the site can only be listed by sellers who have been verified and are professionals in their field. iOS

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This mobile-focused site, which functions like a simplified, Pinterest-fied Craigslist, allows you to buy and sell locally using the GPS position of your phone. Beginning with a photograph and a description, sellers may get their business up and running. Buyers may communicate with vendors using an in-app message system, or they can purchase items immediately. When transferring things in person, the app suggests that you travel to “secure, supervised places.” iOSandAndroid

Amazon Seller Central

Yes, you can make money by selling your products on Amazon. While independent sellers are required to pay fees for each item sold, the major advantage of using Amazon is the potential to access millions of buyers who are already familiar with the site and comfortable making purchases through it. iOSandAndroid

Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Sell gently used or “like new” home décor on a marketplace oriented for those who appreciate good design. Sellers are provided with a visually appealing profile page and are able to engage with buyers through an internal message system. Both iPhone and Android applications are available, but beware: they are not well-reviewed. iOSandAndroid


AptDeco, which is now available in the New York City metro region and will soon be available in Philadelphia and Boston, is an online marketplace that sells pre-owned furniture and home décor from prominent modern companies such as West Elm, CB2, and Design Within Reach. It is completely free to sell, however AptDeco takes a predetermined percentage of each transaction. Part of the allure of this store is the pickup and delivery service (as well as installation and disassembly if necessary), which is available for $35 for little products and up to $119 for extra-large items such as wardrobes and bedroom sets.


Chairish, which caters to design enthusiasts, does not only sell pre-owned chairs (you can also find rugs, lighting, dining tables, and more). The firm reviews and tweaks each item’s listing before publishing it, manages all shipping arrangements, and pays the seller at least 80% of the final transaction price. Buyers can make offers on most things that are worth at least 50% of the selling price, allowing for some wiggle space in the final cost of the product. iOS


You’re familiar with the procedure: Post an item, wait for responses, and proceed with caution. And if you’re in the market to purchase anything, keep checking back and making use of the simple but effective filters for price, location, condition, and posts with photographs.


eBay is no longer the internet’s first auction house, as it was in the 1990s.

A large number of retailers are now offering things, even brand-new ones, at a fixed price as “Buy It Now” items on their websites. In the event that auctions are more your style, you may always go that route as well. iOSandAndroid


If you have a large number of “unique and high-quality things” to sell, consigning with EBTH (which stands for Everything But The House) may be a convenient option. In exchange for a percentage of the final sale price calculated on a sliding scale commission, the end-to-end service will handle everything from authenticating and photographing items to running the online auction (which typically lasts between five and seven days) to handling shipping and delivery of the items. When bidding on EBTH, prospective bidders should pay close attention to fulfillment specifics such as special pickup instructions and shipment estimates.

Facebook Marketplace

Home products may be purchased, sold, or given away in your local community directly inside the veteran social networking site. Buyers and sellers communicate directly in order to finalize specifics such as final pricing and pick-up/delivery arrangements. It’s worth noting that Nextdoor, a neighborhood-based social network, includes a built-in marketplace. iOSandAndroid


Letgo, one of the most popular “local buy and sell” applications available, employs image-recognition technology to automatically construct a label for your item and place it in the appropriate category. iOSandAndroid


Do you have apprehensions about meeting up with strangers? Mercari ships everything (the seller receives a printable shipping label) and charges a flat 10 percent selling fee for each successful sale. iOSandAndroid


OfferUp is used by millions of individuals, which means that your postings will receive more attention. The software has an internal message system, and merchants are given a profile page that includes customer ratings. iOSandAndroid


Shpock, which is an abbreviation for “shop in your pocket,” is yet another location-based online flea market application. PayPal is a payment service that allows you to execute transactions instantaneously within the app. iOSandAndroid

Sotheby’s Home

Sotheby’s Home, formerly known as Viyet, is similar to 1stDibs in that it focuses on high-end furnishings—brands such as Ikea, Pottery Barn, and West Elm are prohibited from selling on the site! Private sellers, on the other hand, will find it more accommodating, albeit there is a lengthy list of requirements to consider.


However, there are several restrictions on this “virtual garage sale” platform: Before anybody may purchase or sell, the VarageSale staff thoroughly evaluates each new member to ensure that they are who they claim to be. Users may search for products based on their area or join local “buy and sell” groups to trade their goods. iOSandAndroid


This app-only platform, which bills itself as a “flea market or yard sale in your pocket,” is heavily focused on supporting local businesses. Based on your GPS position, the items are arranged in order of how soon you can get to them. To complete the purchase, you can communicate straight within the app. iOSandAndroid

You Can Easily Make Extra Cash Selling Your Home Goods Through These Websites

Instead of throwing away relatively little objects that no longer bring you joy (in the Marie Kondo tradition, of course), why not sell them and earn a little more cash in the process? In addition, doing so provides an ideal justification to replace the items with new ones when necessary. Whether you’re looking to sell a slightly-used china set or get rid of a piece of furniture that doesn’t quite fit your current aesthetic, we’ve compiled a list of the finest websites for selling small home items.

What’s the best part? It necessitates the least amount of work. This material has been imported from another source. Visiting their website may allow you to access the same stuff in a different format, or it may provide you with even more information than you could get elsewhere.


Chairish is a great option for somebody who just has a few fashionable items to sell. While large things such as tables and bar stools might be included, there is a whole area dedicated to décor, which includes anything from table linens to bathroom accessories. It is completely free to list products on the website. To do so, you’ll need to snap images of the item, describe it in detail, and establish a price for it. The organization will then approve your images and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that they satisfy their requirements.

Following the expiration of the 48-hour return window, you will get a PayPal payment for 70% of the transaction price.


In contrast to what you would expect, Poshmark is an excellent platform for selling household products up to 10 pounds in weight, such as cushions, drinkware, seasonal décor, kitchenware and blankets. Poshmark is also a great location to sell clothing. After you register for a free account, all you have to do is photograph the item you want to sell, write a description for it, select a selling price, and post it on the site. Buyers can submit bids in an attempt to get your asking price down, or they can simply purchase the item without any difficulty.

You may order free boxes from the United States Postal Service and schedule a pick-up through the service, eliminating the need to leave your house or pay for shipping materials.

Poshmark charges a fixed fee of $2.95 on any purchases under $15 in value.

As a reminder, Poshmark will automatically calculate, collect, and submit state and local sales tax on behalf of the seller, if this is required.


Looking to sell your items locally? For interacting with and selling products to your neighbors, OfferUp (which merged with the selling site Letgo) is a great option to consider. In addition to home dcor and accessories, there is a wide range of products to choose from. Communication with buyers is simple, allowing you to simply negotiate rates and schedule a meeting time and location. Also available is the ability to view people’s profiles, which includes their ratings and transaction history.

It is completely free to use.

When a transaction is completed in cash, OfferUp does not impose a transaction fee.

You can select to sell and ship across the country, but there is a service fee of around 13 percent associated with this choice. In addition, the firm offers pay-per-use options such as a promotion option that allows merchants to increase the frequency with which their things are seen.


East Coasters, notably those residing in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, may benefit from the sale of their items through AptDeco’s online marketplace. You may sell whatever you want, including curtains, coat racks, picture frames, and anything else you can think of. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll need to upload images and information about the item you’re selling. AptDeco will make a price recommendation, but the final decision on pricing is yours. When someone expresses interest in purchasing your item, you will receive a notice asking you to confirm that it is still available.

This charge is used to cover the costs of advertising, payment processing, and other services provided by the platform.


Antiques, décor, artwork, and other items are all available for sale on Mercari. Once you have created an account, you may list for free. In order to sell your item, you must provide images, a description, and a price. Because all Mercari things are sent, there is no need to meet up with strangers. Prepaid labels purchased from Mercari are additionally guaranteed for up to $200 in the event of loss or damage while in transit. For each completed transaction, Mercari charges a fee equal to a minimum of 10% of the item’s selling price.

A number of other costs apply depending on how you want to send the item (via the US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS) and how you want to collect your payment (through direct deposit or instant pay).


When it comes to selling miscellaneous items, whether they are placemats, napkin rings, china, or tapestries, EBay is the go-to destination. There are tons of categories you can list items under. You can list up to 200 items for free each month on the site. If you list more than that in one month, you’ll incur a fee of 35 cents per listing. There are also final value fees, which are calculated based on what you’re selling and how much it sold for at the time of sale. When you make a purchase, the company will generate a shipping label for you based on the type of shipping service you choose, which you will also be responsible for paying for in addition to the purchase.

Facebook Marketplace

If you already have a Facebook account, you can quickly sign up and begin selling. You are free to include as many products as you wish on your list. If you want to get rid of your household items as fast as possible, you may even list them for free! If you intend on meeting with the customer or dropping off their item, you have the choice to utilize cash or person-to-person payment options such as PayPal to complete the transaction.

Additionally, if you wish to ship an order, you can do so for a 5 percent selling charge (or a minimum of 40 cents per order). More information about selling on Facebook Marketplace may be found here.


You don’t even have to create an account on Craigslist in order to begin selling items. Check that the website is configured to your current location by clicking on the link above. After that, you may write a posting and designate it as “for sale by owner.”. The range of categories is extensive, encompassing anything from tiny appliances to tools, collectibles, and other home objects such as vases and vintage clocks, among others. What’s the best part? The majority of listings are free of charge.

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More information on how to sell on Craigslist securely may be found here.

Kelly AllenWorks as an Associate Shopping Editor for a variety of publications.

This material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration.

How to sell your unwanted stuff

Sales of e-commerce products reached a new high during the recent holiday shopping season, accounting for 14.6 percent of all retail transactions between November 1 and Christmas Eve, representing an increase of more than three percent over the previous year. Despite my passionate but ultimately futile attempt to DIY all of my loved ones’ gifts on a budget, I was one of the millions of Americans who contributed to this e-commerce growth surge by not stepping foot in a single brick-and-mortar store throughout the holiday season.

However, as my credit card bills now indicate, even with discounts, I still spent a lot.

As a result, I’m going back to the source of my problems: the Internet — only this time, I’m going to sell rather than purchase.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started, as well as which items have the highest chance of selling.

On eBay you can sell everything from books to cars

EBaytouts has 15 categories, making it the site of choice for the eclectic dealer. Sellers have the option of putting their products up for auction or establishing a fixed price for their items by selecting the “Buy It Now” option. Affirming that “there is nothing you can’t sell on eBay,” Daniella Flores, owner of “I Like To Dabble,” a blog on money ideas and side hustles, claims that “there is nothing you can’t sell on eBay,” where she has made a tidy profit by flipping things, primarily guitars.

“You may sell anything from antiques and collectibles to gadgets, doll outfits, and even mason jars and vacuum bags.” When you search for the item you want to resale in order to conduct pricing research, filter your results to include only things that have previously been purchased.

LSU Tigers merchandise, CorningWare, and the word “Joker” are among the most popular searches right now.

In the opinion of Melanie Hartmann, owner of Creo Home Solutions, “the greatest products to sell on auction sites such as eBay are name-brand items and items that are in high demand.” In the beginning, with no prior experience or reviews/credibility to your eBay or similar account, you may not be able to obtain as high a price for high-ticket items as someone who has an established account; therefore, it may be preferable to list and sell a few small-ticket items to first establish your reputation and trust with potential buyers before listing something more expensive like a video game system, according to the experts.

Final value fees (which vary depending on the category and selling price) and insertion costs (which apply if you sell more than 50 items each month) are tacked on by EBay as well. Here’s where you may read the fine print.

Poshmark is best for fashion brands and Starbucks tumblers

Poshmark is the ideal selling place for people who offer designer fashion, accessories, and even certain home products through their websites. Premont, a lifestyle writer atUniquely Mickie, has been selling on Poshmark for over five years and has discovered that “well-known or more costly brands sell the quickest — such as Nike, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Express” are the most successful sellers. According to a spokeswoman for Poshmark, the following brands are now the most profitable for sellers, according to their perspective:

  • The following items are available for purchase: Louis Vuitton handbags, Adidas sneakers, Madewell jeans
  • NFL jerseys, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Jordan sneakers
  • And items for the home including Starbucks tumblers, Anthropologie bedding, and Pottery Barn décor.

In order to begin selling on Poshmark, new users should follow three simple steps: take a picture of the clothing item in question, add relevant details, and share it with the community — the more you share, the more sales you make. For more information, see Poshmark’sgetting started guide and an overview of its community guidelines. “Because Poshmark is a peer-to-peer marketplace, everything purchased on the app comes straight from one of the 40 million members of the Poshmark community,” Franco explains further.

Upon successful completion of a transaction, Poshmark deducts a charge from the listing price.

“For transactions of $15 or more, the cost is 20 percent of the listing price, with the remaining 80 percent going to the seller.” Visit this page to learn more about the fullseller fee policy.

Got bags of clothes and shoes? Let ThredUp sort it out

Considering ThredUp if you’ve got clothing, shoes, and/or accessories to sell but don’t want to become involved in the process yourself. ThredUp is “built for the busy customers who want a one-stop-shop.” Karen Clark, vice president of communications partnerships at ThredUp, adds, “You can sell any brand — from GAP to Gucci — without leaving your house, without taking images, and without handling the transaction.” ThredUp evaluates the worth of your stuff, photographs them, and writes detailed descriptions of them.

  1. Make certain that your clothing are clean and in good condition before wearing them.
  2. Sam Blumenthal, a spokeswoman for ThredUp, said the company’s 2019 Resale Report showed the brands with the greatest resale value.
  3. ” The Seller’s Guide also includes a list of more than 100 brands that, according to research, might result in a 15 percent greater reward if you sell quickly.” Blumenthal recommends that potential sellers use ThredUp’sPayout Estimator as a broad guide of what to expect from the company.
  4. For example, the payoff on a pair of Old Navy jeans may be only five percent of the list price, but the payout on a Gucci handbag may be closer to eighty percent of the list price.
  5. The company will give $5 to the charity of your choosing in place of paying you, and you’ll obtain a tax receipt for your donation.

In the first quarter of 2019, we contributed $150,000 to charity such as Feeding America and Girls Inc.” Please keep in mind that ThredUp exclusively accepts clothes for women and children.

For unwanted tech, click on DeCluttr

DeCluttris is a platform for buying and selling technology, and it is completely free to use. When your products arrive, our experienced staff will inspect them and pay you the following day by direct deposit, PayPal, or cheque, or if you’re feeling very kind, a donation to a charitable organization, says Liam Howley, Decluttr’s chief marketing officer.

Facebook Marketplace for local, social selling

You may sell products on Facebook Marketplace based on the location of your Facebook profile. This is particularly useful for selling larger things like as furniture and automobile parts without having to deal with shipping hassles — as well as spreading the news to your social media network. “Facebook Marketplace does an excellent job of keeping track of statistics for your listing. The number of views your listing has had and the number of queries you receive may be tracked,” says Kait Schulhof, owner of the blog ” A Clean Bee,” which provides information on real estate.

Users’ current location, as well as their public Facebook profiles, are shown by the service.

5Miles: Nextdoor meets Craigslist

5Miles, an app for local selling and purchasing that is free and does not charge transaction fees, is another alternative for people who want to sell things locally. In the opinion of Lucas Luof 5miles, “one typical error is overpricing an item that you’re attempting to resale.” “Conduct a little web research to determine the typical retail price of a certain item. Also, even if an item is brand new (i.e., it has never been opened or used), you are still selling it secondhand, therefore consider lowering the price compared to the retail price.

7 quick tips for a better sale

You should keep the following suggestions in mind if you’re utilizing a platform that needs you to upload data about an item and ship it yourself:

1. You need a camera (your smartphone should be fine)

A picture is worth a thousand words, or whatever much you’re attempting to acquire for an item in your auction or online auction. There is no requirement for you to be a master photographer, but you must take some care in generating clear images that correctly convey colors, shape, and other important elements. “When photographing my photographs, I prefer to utilize a solid background and natural light,” explains Amy Mings, a lifestyle blogger at ” Maison de Mings ” who sells on Facebook Marketplace.

Shannon Welch, a Poshmark Seller Stylist from in Texas, uses an iPhone to photograph and record all of her merchandise. She has found that “modeling products to illustrate the fit and flow” has given her the most success. She does this with the help of a bluetooth control and a phone stand.

2. Take measurements

If you’re attempting to sell anything expensive, such as a wedding dress or a designer top, taking measurements is a must. You’ll need to know the breast size, the length, and the breadth of the shoulders. For jewelry or other tiny goods that you’re selling, offer measurements as well as a photo of the item next to a quarter or dime to give the buyer some perspective.

3. Describe in vivid detail

As Al Scobell, CEO of Caring Transitions, a firm that specializes in senior relocation, explains, “the more information you can supply, such as year, style, material, kind of material (for example, walnut vs wood), and model number, the better.” According to our adage: “Write descriptions as if there are no photos, and take photos as if there are no written descriptions.”

4. Disclose even the smallest flaws

If there’s any type of problem (even something as seemingly small as a difficult zipper or a blemish on the inner), make sure to reveal and photograph that particular aspect. Take note that you’ve included a discount for this error in your price.

5. Use those search engine keywords

“If you want people to be able to locate your listings in their searches, you have to utilize the correct keywords in your ads,” says John Linden, an interior and furniture designer who sells on eBay and Poshmark. It’s important to make sure that your listing appears in the search results when someone looks for something like ‘Supreme sweatshirt.’ Otherwise, no one will ever see it.” Keep in mind to include not just specific terms like “Supreme” and “Black Sweatshirt,” but also more general terms like “skater” and “athletic” as well as “high-fashion.” In this way, you’ll be able to attract not only folks who are particularly shopping for Supreme goods, but also others who are looking for clothing that fits with a specific style.”

6. Pack your item robustly and with some love

Ship your box to the customer as though it is going to have to withstand a major USPS disaster, and make it appear nice by wrapping it in attractive tissue paper. The key is to give individuals the impression that they are opening a gift. Additionally, a customized “Thank You” message is a lovely touch.

7. Provide a discount to return customers

For continued sales, Welch recommends providing outstanding customer service by continually attempting to keep clients delighted with their orders and offering them a returning customer discount. “I would estimate that repeat consumers account for around 40% of my revenue, making this a critical factor.”


  • Clean everything using BETTER’s how-to guide
  • In accordance with research, how frequently you should clean your home
  • When decluttering your closet, ask yourself these 17 questions. Why the 20/10 approach may have a significant impact on how you clean
  • The frequency with which you should change everything in your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen

Would you want to see more tips like this? We at NBC News BETTER are passionate with discovering new and better ways to live that are simpler, healthier, and more intelligent. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How to Sell Home Decor Online

Home décor businesses have been a huge success, growing to become one of the most popular sellers on the internet marketplace in a short period of time. Make use of this expanding sales channel by marketing your home décor items to customers all around the world. If you want to establish a professional store, 3dcart has all you need. It allows you to adapt to any and all customer decorating demands that occur in the future. The greatest tools and features are at your fingertips when you use 3dcart, so take use of them.

You may build the home décor store of your dreams with the help of expert house website designs to get you started, a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, and stringent security measures.

3dcart provides the Best eCommerce Solution forYou to Sell Home Décor

There’s enough room for all of the product varieties you’ll need, whether they’re different in size, color, material, or anything else.

See also:  What Is My Home Decor Style

High-ResolutionProduct Images

Display as many high-definition product photographs as you like without running out of space.

Dropshipping Support

Is there no space for furniture? Selling big products through a dropshipper allows you to reduce your inventory space requirements.

Houzz Integration

Connecting your business to Houzz will allow you to access a larger market of home decorators and buyers.

Sell on Mobile, Sell Socially, Sell Everywhere

Offer sales on Facebook, get your products pinned on Pinterest, and provide your customers a simple method to share your products with their friends!

Free Advertising Credits

We’ve worked with Facebook, Amazon, and Bing to offer you with free advertising credits to get your campaigns up and running!

Dominate The Search Engines

Search engine optimization has been applied to every aspect of your website, from the home page to the category, product, and blog sites, as well as the content pages.

Google Analytics

Universal Google Analytics with eCommerce Tracking is pre-installed on your computer! To get started, simply enter your Google Analytics account ID.

Built in SEO optimized Blog

Comes included with a fully working blogging content management system, which allows you to publish your own articles directly from your online store.

Advanced SEO Tools

Build a sitemap, use canonical URLs, redirect users to custom filenames, change your robots.txt file, and create dynamic meta tags – everything you need to make your shop search engine optimized!

Advanced store statistics

Discover which goods sell the most, which categories are the most active in your business, which customers are the best, which days of the week are the greatest, and much more!

Grow your Online Business with Our Sell More Tools

  • Daily Deals, Autoresponders, Group Deals, Abandoned CartEmails, Make-an-Offer, Product Reviews Emails, Social Wish-Lists, Newsletter Smartlists, Gift Registry, and more are all possibilities.

Expert Technical Support.When You Need it and How you Need it.

Our Support Team never sleeps, and just like your company, we’re always available to help!

Tickets, Phone and Chat

If you have any questions, please contact us using our Support Ticket System, phone, or live chat.

United States Based

No part of our Support Team is ever outsourced; instead, they work entirely in-house from our South Florida headquarters.

3 Home Decor Apps to Buy and Sell Your Stuff

Each product that we showcase has been picked and vetted by our editorial staff after being thoroughly researched and tested. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a commission. To complete a big renovation of a space, there are two primary phases that must take place in order for it to be successful. The remodeling portion is the most enjoyable, and it is the part that we enjoy talking about. But there’s also the far less carefree aspect of getting rid of the things you don’t want anymore – like that sofa that’s been totally over–used or that side table that you like but can’t seem to make work in any room of the house.

  1. VIDEO: 8 Creative Ways to Use Blue in Your Home DiPiero’s New York City apartment was completely refurbished (read: he sold his old belongings and purchased brand new stunners) with the help of apps like as OfferUp, Chairish, and AptDeco.
  2. OfferUp has proven to be a successful platform for me to sell my stuff.
  3. A Ralph LaurenRug and a Fritz Hansen”little buddy” side table were among the items DiPiero was able to find new homes for thanks to websites such as Chairish and AptDeco, which she believes cater to more knowledgeable and interested customers.
  4. Loloi cushions and a Wayfair couch are featured in the living room’s eclectic blend of old and new.

He discovered the candle holder (which was purchased from Target!) on OfferUp. H M, Target, RugsUSA, and IKEA have all contributed to the design of the bedroom. Recently, we’ve had a hankering to renovate our own homes.

Tips on How Home Decor Is Sold

Many people consider home décor to be a luxury rather than a necessity. Going the additional mile to exhibit and advertise your products in a way that not only distinguishes them from the competition, but also convinces people that they should purchase them, is critical to their success. You should be able to sell your high-quality home décor items if you employ a number of branding methods in the development of your company.


When it comes to marketing home décor, appearance is essential. When selling home décor at a competitive price, you must create the appearance of exclusivity and elegance. A cobalt blue vase displayed on an Eames-style sidebar is far more appealing than the identical vase shown on a shelf beside a jumble of other comparable goods. As much room as possible should be given to your home décor products, and they should be framed with complementing things rather than multiples of the same. This will assist your consumer in visualizing how the item would add a comparable level of flair to her home.

  1. You’ll need to take images of your home décor goods that are of professional quality.
  2. The illumination should be of the highest quality.
  3. Instead of pricing labels, consider having tags printed that explain the story of how the product was designed and manufactured instead.
  4. When feasible, write letters to clients who have purchased from you online or through a catalog to make their experience more personal.


Stores are fighting for customers’ attention in ways that have never been seen before. You must distinguish your home décor items from those of your competitors on the market. Create a strategy to distinguish your home décor items from the competition. Some décor is promoted as minimalistic, while others are sold as sophisticated, and yet others are marketed as economical. You will not be able to appeal to every part of the population, so choose the segment that is most likely to enjoy your décor goods and promote to that group of people first.

If that’s the case, check if you can put a more original spin on it.

Promote your home décor items both online and offline, if possible.

If at all feasible, send samples of your items to influential people in your native country as well as fashion journals. Simply getting one or two mentions in a big print magazine or on a prominent fashion blog may provide your company a significant boost in visibility and sales.

7 Places To Sell Your Stuff Online For Real Money

According to a Feng Shui adage, the amount of clutter in your life prevents you from going forward toward your goals. Decluttering your life and your house may have a soothing influence on your overall mood. Nonetheless, if that isn’t enough motivation for you to face the mess that has accumulated in your closets, consider this: with the aid of apps, you may transform your worthless items into cash. Since Ebay was the only game in town, selling stuff on the internet has gone a long way. There are alternative web sites and applications that can help you get started, even though it is still a top-choice marketplace.

1. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is an online version of a local park that you may visit whenever you want. In addition to neighbors sharing news of community events and complaining that other neighbors aren’t bringing in their trash cans in a timely manner, or that someone’s teenage driver never stops at the corner stop sign Nextdoor also provides a fairly robust and free platform for buying and selling just about anything on the internet. Children’s clothing, fitness equipment, automobiles, and furnishings are all easily accessible on the market.

Local pickup and delivery saves money on postage, and potential buyers may actually view the item in person rather than depending just on internet photographs to make their decision.

2. Decluttr

Decluttr will purchase your unwanted items, including CDs, DVDs, video games, iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and other electronic devices. You simply scan the barcodes on each item, and Decluttr will make you an instant offer on the item you have selected. If you agree to it, they will send you a packing slip that is pre-paid. Once the item has been received and examined, the payment is sent to you via PayPal by the site. Not only that, but they will purchase Legos by the pound, which is an unusual way of looking at them when you think about it.

Among the other websites that will purchase your old music, video games, and DVDs are SecondSpin, which displays its costs upfront, and Abundatrade, which emphasizes recyclability while attempting to “save the planet one DVD at a time.” Screenshot


OfferUpiseBay meets Craigslist in a more localized setting. It’s a mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers that, in terms of sales volume, has eclipsed eBay’s early days in terms of popularity. As reported by Business Insider, OfferUp users are spending the same amount of time on the app in a day as they are on Snapchat and Instagram. It’s also more user-friendly than Craigslist, which is another advantage. Prices and collection times may be negotiated using the in-app messaging feature, which keeps your personal information safe from prying eyes.

Everyone who makes use of the program has a profile, which includes ratings based on past transactions. OfferUp, in contrast to eBay, does not charge any fees to buyers or sellers, and it does not display advertisements. Screenshot

4. 5Miles

It’s difficult to exaggerate the importance of selling locally, especially when you consider that postage and shipping charges can significantly reduce your profit margin. Only buyers within a five-mile radius of you will be able to access your listings on 5Miles.com. Additionally, the website assists you in locating a secure meeting spot for the exchange of the product. Letgo

5. LetGo

In addition to allowing you to post photographs, LetGo also allows you to upload videos, and it employs image recognition technology and artificial intelligence to assist you in tagging your stuff. It distributes your for-sale listings based on the location of your business. LetGo was dubbed “the startup world’s newest unicorn” by Business Insider in September, after raising more than $375 million in funding to far and valuing the company at more than $1 billion. The concept is straightforward: take a snapshot of what you want to sell, upload it to the app, and engage in conversation with possible purchasers.


6. Cash4Books

While primarily designed as a marketplace for the sale of secondhand textbooks – who doesn’t want to get a better deal on their college textbooks? Similarly to Decluttr, Cash4Books operates in a similar manner. Once you have entered the ISBN (which is located on the inside of the book cover or jacket), the app will make you an instant offer on the book. After accepting the offer, they will pay for shipping, and you will be reimbursed by PayPal or cheque once the book has been examined and approved.


7. Poshmark

Poshmark is a free software that allows you to sell items such as apparel, shoes, handbags, and accessories. You are in charge of uploading photographs and descriptions of your things, as well as setting the prices. Other users can message you in order to haggle or purchase straight from you. Poshmark pays for the shipping of the item to the buyer, and Poshmark receives a tiny fee on the sale, which varies based on the amount of the transaction. Although the app allows you to shop by trendy labels, keep in mind that you are there to sell, not to purchase!

Think Prada, Gucci, and Christian Louboutin when you think of luxury fashion.

You may fill up what the site refers to as a “clean-out bag” with your unwanted items and then sit back and watch them do the rest.

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6 Money-Saving Apps That Do All The Work For You

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