Where To Donate Unwanted Christmas Decorations Near Me

Ways to Donate Christmas Decorations to Bring Holiday Cheer

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Many charitable groups, such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, GreenDrop, and others, run thrift stores in their communities. Donations may be made on-site at most locations at any time during business hours, making this a very convenient alternative. If you routinely pass by a thrift store in your neighborhood, you may simply pull in while you’re out running errands and drop off the decorations you no longer require. It’s possible that you’ll be able to deduct the value of your contribution from your taxes.

Senior Citizen Centers

If you want to donate your excess Christmas decorations to a charitable organization where they will be put to good use rather than selling them, there are a variety of possibilities to consider. If there is a senior citizen facility in your region that provides programming to the general public, they may be delighted to receive donations of Christmas decorations from the public. Due to the fact that these groups frequently host special events, it is not uncommon for them to deck the halls for the holiday season.

Due to the fact that many seniors live on a fixed income, they may feel particularly blessed by your thoughtful gift.

Nursing Homes/Senior Living Residences

In the same way as groups that provide activities for older persons may take contributions of Christmas ornaments, nursing homes or senior living residences, such as retirement communities or assisted living facilities, may accept donations of Christmas ornaments. You never know who could be interested in your products to use in holiday crafts activities or to share with people who want to decorate their living quarters but can’t afford to buy the materials themselves. Facilities that operate on a tight budget may also employ them to adorn the inside or exterior of the building or grounds.

Church Outreach Programs

Many churches have initiatives to assist those who are in need of financial assistance. The Christmas season is approaching, and if there is a church in your region that has an outreach program that focuses on providing products to under-resourced families, they may be interested in adding Christmas donations to their inventory as the season approaches. If they are handing out food bags, for example, they might wish to add a bit of Christmas happiness to the mix by including a few decorations in each bag.

Once you have determined who is in charge of receiving donated items, reach out to that individual.

After School Programs

If there is an after-school program in your community, the odds are that it works on a very low budget, with no cash set aside for Christmas decorations or other special events. Begin by contacting organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America or the YMCA, or contact the United Way to see if they know of any need-based after-school programs that might benefit from receiving donated Christmas decorations. Simply contact the program directors of the organizations you’ve identified and ask if they’d be interested in receiving Christmas decorations in exchange for their efforts.

The goods you provide may be utilized to brighten the atmosphere at the site, or they may be given to children who attend the program as gifts to use at home (with parental permission, of course).

Neighborhood Groups

If there is an after-school program in your community, the odds are that it works on a very low budget, with no cash set aside for Christmas decorations or other special activities. Make contact with organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America or the YMCA, or check with the United Way to see if they know of any after-school programs in need that might benefit from donated Christmas decorations. Simply contact the program directors of the organizations you’ve identified and ask if they’d be interested in receiving Christmas decorations in exchange for their time and effort to collect the items.

Spread Christmas Cheer Through Donated Decorations

Some ideas on how to give away Christmas decorations that you no longer need or desire are included above as just a few examples. Whatever you do, be certain that the products are clean before giving them out to anyone. The persons or organizations that are fortunate enough to benefit from your generosity will undoubtedly have a more joyous Christmas season than they would have had they simply stowed those treasures away in a box or thrown them away themselves. Someone else’s treasured Christmas memories and traditions may be formed as a result of your generous donations.

All intellectual property rights are retained.

Tidy Up the Halls: Decluttering Christmas Decorations

The holiday season has here once more! Once again, it is time to deck the halls and carefully hang the stockings beside the fireplace, as well as get out those old Christmas inflatables that barely see the light of day for a month or two each year. However, when you have an excessive number of Christmas decorations, what should be a pleasant and festive occasion may soon turn into a complete nightmare. Although it is possible to get rid of Christmas decorations successfully, it can be difficult, especially if you are overwhelmed by the large number of decorations you have accumulated over the years.

We’ll provide you with some ideas and methods for reducing your Christmas decorations, including anything from sorting and storing your decorations to donating your unneeded decorations.

How to Get Rid of Christmas Decorations

What?! You’re getting away of Christmas decorations? It may seem a little Grinch-like at first, but if done properly, it can be a wonderful opportunity to not only take a trip down memory lane, but it can also make your Christmas decorating more manageable and less overwhelming – which is especially helpful when you have an excessive amount of Christmas decorations. So, how can you determine whether or not you have an excessive number of Christmas decorations? Let’s have a look and see.

  • In the case of having more Christmas decorations than there are available storage spaces in your home, you have an excess of Christmas decorations. In the event that you have duplicate decorations lying around collecting dust, you have an excess of Christmas decorations. If you have many containers of Christmas decorations that have not been moved from the garage or basement since your children left home, you have an excess of Christmas decorations. If your home is referred to as “tacky” over the holidays, it is because you have an excessive number of Christmas decorations. In addition, if planes passing overhead mistake your roof or yard for a landing strip, then (you got it) you have an excessive number of Christmas decorations on your property

Now that we’ve assessed whether or not you have an excessive number of decorations, it’s time to begin decluttering.

Sorting and Decluttering Christmas Decorations

This list of items that you can remove from your collection right immediately will help you get a jump on simplifying your Christmas decorations and make the sorting process much easier: Keep them out of the garbage for the time being (we will have time for that later).

  • There should be one of each of any duplicates you may have
  • Ornaments, decorations, and lights that have been broken
  • You can utilize decorations that you didn’t use the previous year. Tissue paper, boxes, and gift wrap that has been shredded or damaged You’ve got boxes of old greeting cards that you’ve been saving but haven’t used yet.

There should be one of each of any duplicates you might have. Ornaments, decorations, and lights that have been damaged or lost their brightness; Decorations that were left over from the previous year; Gift wrap, boxes, and tissue paper that has been shredded or damaged You’ve been accumulating boxes of old greeting cards that you’ve never used;

Sort Decorations By Holiday

You’ve narrowed down your collection to only those decorations that you really use, are emotional, or that you simply can’t bear to part with just yet. Now it’s time for you to sort and organize them by holiday, as well as devise a storage method that is convenient for you. Having everything organized will make finding things easier when it comes to removing everything from storage the next year. The type of person who just stuffs all of their Christmas decorations into a few boxes or bags is doing yourself a great disservice.

You can avoid the stress of having to seek out that specific gravy boat for Thanksgiving or that Jack Skellington inflatable for Halloween when you organize your decorations by holiday.

If you want to utilize a bin of one color with a lid of another color, you may do it in the following way:

  • Colors associated with Kwanza are green and black
  • Christmas is red and green
  • Hannukah is blue and silver
  • Halloween is orange and black
  • Thanksgiving is brown and yellow

In addition to the colors green and black for Kwanza, Christmas colors include red and green, Hannukah colors include blue and silver; Halloween colors include orange and black; Thanksgiving colors include brown and yellow.

Start With the Big Decorations

Then, when you’ve divided your decorations by holiday, check through the remaining decorations to see if there’s anything else you can get rid of, such as duplicates or damaged things. Partition your remaining decorations into categories (lights, ornaments, knick-knacks, candles, and so on), so that you can more easily locate the items you’re seeking for while also keeping everything tidy and orderly in their respective containers. Even if you have decorations that are in fine shape, you may be able to part with some of them if they are ones that you use very seldom or never at all.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to setting up huge inflatables and yard décor every year, you may consider putting them away to either sell or give to a worthy cause.

  • Is it simple to put the decoration together? Are you truly committed to putting up the decorations every year
  • If so,

If you replied ‘no’ to any of these questions, feel free to place your item in the “donate” pile instead. This is true not just for inflatables, but also for Christmas trees and wreaths, among other things. Removal of a live Christmas tree is completely free. Do you have a plethora of holiday decorations and ornaments that you need to get rid of?

You may save your trees until after the holidays and you may be eligible for free tree removal and disposal with LoadUp! Offer applicable between December 26 and January 31 with the purchase of two or more removal products.

Sorting Ornaments and Small Decorations

After you’ve gotten the big things done, you can look through all of your smaller decorations and decide what you want to retain and what you want to throw away.

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Choose a Color Scheme and Style

Make sure that all of your ornaments and minor decorations are in a color scheme and design that complements your home. Do you consider yourself to be more contemporary or more traditional? Sticking to a single design style will ensure that your decor is cohesive and does not appear out of place or tacky. You can put anything else in the donation pile if it doesn’t match your color scheme.

Hang on to Sentimental Decorations

Special decorations that mark dates, were presented to you by a special person, or have been passed down through generations should never be thrown out or thrown away. Indulging in a cleaning frenzy and purging everything from your home – including items that hold sentimental value – will only lead to you regretting the decisions you made during the process. So keep them close at hand. That is why you should appreciate such memories for a long period of time after they have occurred. By now, you should have a beautiful collection of Christmas decorations ready to be given to a good cause.

Donating Your Old Christmas Decorations

Special decorations that mark dates, were presented to you by a special person, or have been passed down through generations should never be thrown out or thrown away! Indulging in a cleaning frenzy and purging everything from your home – including items that hold sentimental value – could leave you feeling disappointed in the decisions you made. Consequently, hold on to your possessions. That is why you should save those memories for a long time. They are priceless. By now, you should have a wonderful collection of Christmas decorations ready to be given out to those in need.

Where to Donate Christmas Decorations

Because of the internet and social media, there are now many more options than just transporting everything to a donation center for giving away unwanted items to friends, relatives, and even neighbors. You could always turn to national thrift stores and donation centers like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, but these organizations resell the things that are donated, and you’ll never know exactly where your gift went. If you’d want to get into the Christmas giving season in a big way, there are some very great internet choices that may help you connect with your friends and neighbors.

Buy Nothing is a fantastic platform for posting images of your unwanted Christmas decorations, which others in your city may remark on and to whom you can give them as a present.

By participating in Buy Nothing groups, you can witness the impact of your donations while also engaging with other members of your community.

However, they will ask that you verify your address through postcard before you will be able to send, so if you need to get rid of goods quickly, Nextdoor may not be the best option.

Who knows what will happen? Perhaps you have that one exceptional ornament that a family member or friend has been looking for for a very long time. This year, you could just turn out to be someone’s Christmas hero!

Broken Decoration Removal from LoadUp

Remove your Christmas decorations the simplest way using LoadUp when you have an overabundance of damaged or unwanted ornaments or decorations. You can have all of your boxes of unwanted or damaged decorations hauled away for eco-friendly disposal from the comfort of your own home for 20-30 percent less than other rubbish removal businesses since we don’t impose collection minimums and charge on an item-by-item basis. Simply pack your unwanted decorations in boxes or bags, visit our website, and use our upfront pricing generator to receive a free estimate that is not subject to any obligations.

Due to our extensive network of local-loaders located around the nation, you may engage one of our friendlyhaul-iday workers to arrive as soon as tomorrow.

When you schedule two or more items for removal between December 26th and January 31st with LoadUp, you may have your Christmas tree removed and transported away for free for environmentally responsible disposal.

Do you require assistance with your holiday clean-up?

  • Find out how to get a FREE Christmas tree disposal service, how to recycle your Christmas tree, how to make your holidays pet-friendly, and how to declutter your home for the holidays.

How To Donate Old Holiday Decorations

As the major portion of the yearly holiday season draws to a close, we find ourselves faced with an all-too-common dilemma: what to do with all of the Christmas decorations you spent so much time and effort putting up. Since cleaning up after the holidays can be such a pain, it is typical for Christmas decorations to remain up throughout the winter. Donating decorations that you no longer require is the most effective method of getting rid of them. How to donate outdated Christmas decorations so that you don’t have to stare at them all the way through January and February will be demonstrated.

Holiday Lights

No matter what holiday you celebrate, putting up lights is a time-honored custom that has been passed down from generation to generation. When it comes time to take them down, though, you’ll be faced with the inconvenient task of deciding what to do with all of the pieces. It is possible to give those lights to a variety of secondhand retailers, as many individuals use them for illumination purposes other than during the holidays. All that has to be done is to check for frayed wires or blown-out bulbs.

Plastic Yard Decorations

Because of the plastic used in these types of decorations, recycling them can be a difficult task. Instead, consider making a donation in their honor. Secondhand retailers can sell them at any time of the year as long as they are in excellent shape and continue to function as intended by the manufacturer. It is usual practice to have these items on sale during the off season at a lesser price in order to allow more people to have access to them when the Christmas season rolls around.

Inflatable Yard Decorations

In light of the fact that inflatable yard decorations are often constructed of nylon, it is not recommended that you toss them away. Nylon is a durable material that does not degrade readily.

Giving away your old Christmas decorations, such as your nylon inflatables, is one of the most effective ways to give back. Simply check to see that their motors are still operational and that there are no rips or tears. They will almost certainly be beneficial to someone else in the future.


You might be shocked to find that Christmas ornaments can be used for purposes other than decorating the tree throughout the holiday season. Whenever you have old ornaments that you no longer desire, please bring them to us so that someone else can use them on their own Christmas tree. It is possible that your ornaments will end up on someone else’s Christmas tree next year, as long as they are in excellent shape. Almost any type of holiday decoration can be given, as long as it is in good condition.

Please arrange a donation pick-up with us now so that we may remove your decorations without you having to leave your home.

Donations of Christmas decorations sought to benefit struggling families

There is a remedy available from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office for folks who will never utilize all of the Christmas decorations they brought with them from their home state of North Carolina. Residents in the area are encouraged to give them to the sheriff’s office. The donated objects, which can range from Christmas trees to nativity scenes, will be brought to the Sumter County Fairgrounds, where they will be sorted and presented as if they were in a retail establishment by a volunteer organization.

  1. The sheriff’s office’s community outreach department determined that it might be of assistance by acting as a contribution drop-off location.
  2. “Without the financial and in-kind contributions of local citizens, none of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office’s holiday outreach community initiatives would be feasible,” stated Theresa Cooper of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.
  3. Trees, ornaments, lights, and decorations for both indoor and outdoor spaces are all required.
  4. Donations will be collected from Nov.
  5. 7, with the deadline being Dec.
  6. The Sumter County Sheriff’s Villages Annex is located in 8033 E County Road 466, at the corner of Morse Boulevard, and is where they may be dropped off.
  7. Donations will only be taken during business hours, which are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.

Donate Your Unwanted Holiday Décor

Take a deep breath now that the Christmas madness is over! Do you prefer to take a break between Christmas and New Year’s, taking pleasure in the festiveness of your holiday décor now that the madness of the season is passed? Alternatively, do you like to start the New Year with a clean slate, packing up your decorations for the next year and leaving the tree outside to dry off its dropping needles? Whatever your style, as you are packing up your present decorations, take stock of what you have and consider the look you want to achieve in 2016 (I know, I know – Christmas just finished, and you aren’t quite ready to think about next year’s mayhem, let alone begin planning for it.) However, if you are taking stock of your present Christmas décor and are ready to switch things up, consider donating your unneeded decorations to one of our Attended Donation Centers.

In addition to providing inventory for our Thrifty Shoppers, our ADCs also contribute to the funding of vital programs in our Central New York region.

Additional things that cannot be sold, such as ragged linens, worn out shoes, and electrical equipment, are recycled at the Donation Redistribution Center.

Bring goods that can be donated to people in need as well as items that can be recycled, reused, or resold to one of our ADCs (click here for locations) in 2016 to “Think Green” and keep stuff out of our landfills!

Looking for more tales, tips, and bargains from other thrift shoppers, as well as notice of forthcoming discounts and promotions? Join our mailing list. Sign up for our weekly email atiShopThrifty.org/rewards to receive exclusive offers and promotions.

Katie Piper joins forces with Dunelm to encourage Brits to donate decorations

Katie Piper wants to breathe new life to unused Christmas decorations by inviting people all across the country to donate their baubles and tinsel to help bring seasonal cheer to care homes and community groups all over the country. She is raising money to support her campaign. The video is loading. Video is not available at this time. Dunelm’s Christmas community marketing has Katie Piper as the headliner. In collaboration with Dunelm, Katie Piper is encouraging people in the United Kingdom to spread pleasure by repurposing old holiday ornaments and decorations.

  • Despite the fact that more than half of Brits admit to storing or tossing away old Christmas decorations every year, and that 63 percent buy brand new decorations every year, a new Dunelm campaign hopes to bring some much-needed cheer to people in need this holiday season.
  • Katie Piper is asking people in the United Kingdom to donate their unused and unwanted Christmas decorations.
  • Many of the donated decorations will subsequently be recycled, and any extra donations will be distributed to Age UK and Shelter, among other organizations.
  • Dundell’s emphasis on community has struck a deep chord in her heart.
  • This Christmas, the model and novelist teamed together with Dunelm to promote a “feelgood” holiday ad.
  • Following the cancellation of Christmas last year due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, more than a third of individuals want to put their Christmas trees up four weeks earlier this year in order to make the most of the holiday season.
  • In order to help Katie, she is encouraging others to start hunting for old decorations in their garages and houses.
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It’s them (you know, the ones that haven’t been updated since 2008!) “You can offer them a new lease on life and contribute to making someone’s Christmas really memorable,” Katie continued, adding that In addition to the decorative gifts, Dunelm will provide £30,000 worth of care packages to each of the care homes, refuges, and shelters that are participating in the campaign.

We know the news agenda may sometimes feel disproportionately gloomy.

We will celebrate the people, places, and movements that are doing good in the globe, and, more importantly, we will delve under the surface of significant challenges in the hopes of uncovering new perspectives and providing hope.

We shall be uncompromising in our convictions, but we will always be fair-minded in our decisions. We can do more good and feel better about the world around us if we share answers to challenges with one another. We feel you deserve it, therefore we’re giving it to you. mirrormorehopeful

  • On Twitter, you may find me at @mirrormorehope
  • Also, be sure to like Mirror More Hopeful on Facebook.

More information can be found at More information can be found at

Donate Christmas Decorations to Charity

Do you have any old Christmas decorations that you no longer use but that would look beautiful in a new home? Maybe you have a lot of extra decorations but don’t have a place to put them away. The good news is that you may give whatever lovely decorations you have to a charitable organization, which will then sell them to people who will appreciate them as much as you do.

Where can I donate Christmas decorations?

The majority of high-street charity stores will accept full and resaleable Christmas decorations, which can range from exquisite ornaments to bizarre and fantastic tree decorations and everything in between. As with any donation, the condition of your stuff is incredibly essential therefore it’s worth evaluating if you would purchase it. If you don’t, it’s likely that your contribution will end up costing the charity money to dispose of, so save yourself time and valuable resources by recycling them yourself.

How can I donate my decorations?

Depending on the amount of decorations you’re contributing, there are a variety of options for you to choose from.

  • Posting your donations is completely free. Drop by the store
  • Set up a kerbside collection – this is especially useful for huge decorations. Drop it off at one of our donation drop-off points.

Prepare your decorations completely, ideally in boxes or packaging that will appeal to buyers and allow them to be easily stored if they do not sell immediately after being placed on display. It is essential that all original elements are included in the decorations, and nothing should have been tampered with, especially in the case of electrical components. If you are mailing your decorations, especially if they are breakable, be sure that you have adequately wrapped them to minimize damage during shipping.

What Christmas decorations can I donate?

All charities will have a list of general goods that they will not take, so it is advisable to double-check that your products do not fall into any of these categories before donating. If they’re all in working order, double-check that they’re all finished and functional before contributing. The best case scenario when it comes to decorations is for them to arrive in their original packaging so that they may be sold as a set if that is how they were purchased.

When making one-time single tree ornaments, simply package them as you would normally. If you have decorations of any significant size, it may be helpful to phone the business ahead of time to make sure they have room for them before making the drive to the donation center.

When should I donate my decorations?

Some individuals are on the lookout for Christmas decorations throughout the year, but it is not feasible for these to be available online or in stores on a 365-day basis. It is an excellent time to give if you want to do so at the beginning of the year since purchasers may be seeking for a good price in preparation for the following year. Alternatively, keep these for the Autumn months after Halloween, when the darker evenings arrive and the celebrations begin to take place.

Can I donate my Christmas tree to charity?

Many charity will take Christmas trees that are intact and in excellent shape, just as they would accept holiday decorations. Consider how you can recycle or utilize it if tossing it away isn’t an option if yours is looking ragged, has broken branches or a damaged stand, or has otherwise seen better days. If you can, donate in a resaleable box or container with any necessary instructions attached would be ideal.

Four Ways To Donate Used Christmas Decorations

Several North Carolina and South Carolina families are discovering that they have Christmas lights they no longer want or need as the holiday season draws to a close once more. Perhaps your family made an investment in new LED strands during a post-Christmas sale, and as a result, you no longer use your older lights. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve opted to minimize your Christmas decorations and have a surplus of strands that you don’t wish to store. Whatever your circumstances, the most essential thing to remember is to properly dispose of any unneeded Christmas lights you may have lying around.

It is possible that if the lights fail, they will not only endanger the lives of sanitary department employees, but they will also hurt animals and have other harmful impacts on the environment.

Contact your municipal solid waste department

Several North Carolina and South Carolina households are realizing that they have Christmas lights they no longer want or need as the holiday season draws to a close. You could have, for example, put in new LED strands during a post-Christmas sale, and as a result, you no longer require the older lights. You may also have opted to decrease your Christmas decorations and have a surplus of strands that you don’t want to store any longer. Any unwanted Christmas lights that you have lying around should be safely recycled, no matter what your circumstances are at the time.

Besides posing a threat to sanitary department employees in the event that the lights fail, the lights can also harm animals and have other detrimental consequences on the environment. Discover how to properly dispose of your lights in this section.

Ship unwanted lights to Holiday LEDs

It is possible to recycle Christmas lights with Holiday LEDs, which is a retailer of Christmas lights that offers a mail-in recycling service. Lights that are delivered to them will be properly disposed of by them, and in exchange, they will give vouchers good for 15% off the purchase of any lights from their e-commerce website. Holiday LEDs can be found at 13400 Watertown Plank Rd., Suite 34, Elm Grove, WI 53122. They can also be found on Facebook.

Ship unwanted lights to Christmas Light Source

Other sellers, such as Christmas Light Source, provide a recycling scheme that may be accessed through mail. For the lights they supply to a local recycling firm, the Dallas-based company receives a modest bit of money in exchange for their services; the process is similar to that of turning in aluminum cans to your local recycling department. One advantage of donating your unused lights to Christmas Light Source is that they will contribute 100% of the revenues to the United States Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program, which benefits children in need.

Contact local women’s shelters

Shelters for women and children who have experienced domestic abuse are frequently in need of contributions, including Christmas lights and other holiday decorations. These enable the staff members and volunteers who work in shelters to brighten and decorate their areas for the holidays without having to dip into their already restricted finances. You may get information on women’s shelters in your area by conducting online research, contacting a religious group, or contacting the local Chamber of Commerce.

It’s important to remember that tossing away light strands is never the greatest decision.

Donating Seasonal Home Decor Is A Year Round Effort

In Ontario, our houses go through a variety of home decorations throughout the year to highlight and connect them with the holiday and season in which they are displayed. For example, New Year’s Day, or Lunar New Year in some households, is celebrated early in the year, followed by Valentine’s Day, then Spring, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Summer, Canada Day, Fall, Thanksgiving, and finally Winter, Christmas, and other reasons to celebrate the holiday season are observed later in the year. When trying to declutter your seasonal decor or updating your look after having the same decor for a few years, why not check your home decor and donate your home decorations such as holiday season or Christmas decor to Habitat for HumanityHalton-Mississauga-Dufferin (Habitat HMD) to help others in need?

Thank you for your generosity.

Some folks who might not afford good home decor from shops and in online stores might need to buy them affordably and will purchase them from a ReStore, where there are a wide variety of savings of up to 70 percent off retail, including used items and thrift store-like prices for a lot of categories.

When the kids have moved out, it may also be the right time to declutter and prepare for downsizing or rightsizing if you’re too stressed out shoveling snow or removing those autumn leaves and a good condo is more your style, or for other reasons such as your current lifestyle, income changes, and other significant factors that affect your day-to-day activities.

  1. We sell home décor, including seasonal home decor, in our Habitat HMD ReStores if you’re looking to revamp the theme of your home or simply want to freshen your home decor.
  2. We’ve really sold a lot of wonderful brand new home furnishings over the past 24 months, thanks to the generosity of some wealthy individual contributors and a few amazing company partners!
  3. Try to combine your seasonal home decoration contributions with other items such as furniture, appliances, extra building supplies / hardware, electronics, toys, and even clothing when donating to a Habitat HMD ReStore so that you may receive a tax return.
  4. Items that we accept can be found by clicking on this link.
  5. Holiday decorations, as well as any of your surplus seasonal home décor, may be donated to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Accepting contributions is something that takes place all year round, without fail!

Written by: Abe Cipriano

Cleaning up after the holidays is probably the last thing on your mind after you’ve spent hours putting up all of your holiday decorations. It’s never as much fun to put things away as it is to take them out, which is why it may be so tempting to just toss everything away and start over every year. A better option is to recycle and reuse your old decorations, especially if you won’t be able to store and reuse them in the same way the next year. If you haven’t already, have a look at our guide on recycling your Christmas tree for some helpful hints.

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Greeting Cards

Greeting cards appear to be becoming more and more detailed with each passing year, making the repurposing possibilities even more enjoyable. With the help of a circular paper punch, you can easily cut out the images and use them as festive Mason jar lid coverings for the next holiday season. Gluing circles together at their corners may also be used to construct paper decorations, such as the ones seen in this lesson. A rectangle or tag-shaped punch may be used to create gift tags for the gifts you’ll be giving to friends and family next year.

Jude’s Ranch for Children charity.

Burnt Out Light Strings

After they’ve burned out, Christmas lights appear to be completely useless, but in reality, they’re a highly recyclable product. Light strings are generally comprised of plastic, copper, and plastic, with some glass used for older bulbs in some cases. During the holidays, check to see if there are any string light recycling bins in your region, and put any broken strings into them. Holiday LEDs, on the other hand, is a firm that will take broken lights that are sent to them in the mail. In the event that you have a string of large glass bulbs, consider conserving them for a creative project while discarding the thread.

Plastic Yard Décor

Plastic decorations are notoriously difficult to properly dispose of in an environmentally friendly manner. Decorations, in contrast to plastic containers, which have a convenient number on the bottom that tells you which sort of plastic you have, are far more difficult to describe. You could be fortunate enough to discover a number on the bottom; if so, you can place broken or unwanted plastic decorations in the appropriate recycling container for the number of plastics you found on the bottom.

If any of your decorations are broken, try to see if you can fix them before tossing them away.

Check to see whether your plastic decorations may be recycled through the TerraCycle mail-in recycling program if none of the other solutions are successful for you.

Discard damaged plastic decorations and electrical components as a last option, and remove and recycle any electronic components or batteries that have been exposed to moisture.

Inflatable Yard Decorations

Disposing of plastic decorations in a responsible manner is notoriously difficult to do. Decorating is more difficult to identify than plastic containers, which have a convenient number on the bottom that tells you the sort of plastic you have. If you are fortunate enough to discover a number on the bottom, you may place broken or unwanted plastic decorations in the appropriate recycling receptacle for the number of plastic decorations you have. Many plastic decorations, on the other hand, are a blend of more than one type of plastic, making it hard to dispose of them through the standard recycling channels.

Other than that, stuff in good shape that you just don’t desire any more might be donated to a secondhand shop.

As a last option, remove and recycle any electronic components or batteries that have been damaged, and dispose of any broken plastic decorations.

Other Options For Hard-To-Recycle Items

Take a moment to think whether what you are about to throw away could be valuable to someone else. Donating useable things to a thrift store is a fantastic way to keep items out of the waste stream and out of the landfill. Another alternative is giving stuff to a creative reuse store. The following materials may be accepted at your local creative reuse store: tinsel, garlands, decorations, trinkets, holiday art supplies, ribbons, paper, greeting cards, and a variety of other items. Before making a donation to any organization, make sure that there is a current need for the item.

Recycle Your Vehicle With A Car Donation To Wheels For Wishes

When it comes to recycling, automobiles might be difficult to deal with, but not when you choose to recycle your vehicle with Wheels For Wishes! We provide free pick-up and towing from virtually any location in the United States. It is hoped that the money from the sale or recycling of your car will be used to support children’s organizations in your community. Check out our chapter list to find out which charities are helping children in your region. If you have a vehicle to donate, please contact us at 1-855-278-9474 or complete a vehicle donation form.

Thrift World Council Bluffs Store Opening

The recycling of automobiles can be a challenging task; however, this is no longer the case when you choose to recycle your vehicle with Wheels For Wishes! From practically any location in the United States, we provide free pick-up and towing service. It is hoped that the earnings from the auction or recycling of your car would go to children’s organizations in your community. To find out which charities are helping children in your region, check out our chapter list!

If you have a vehicle to offer, please contact us at 1-855-278-9474 or fill out a vehicle donation form. We make the procedure as simple as possible, and you get to reap the advantages of automobile donation in its various forms while we handle the heavy lifting.


THRIFTY WEAR WORLD is a for-profit thrift shop enterprise based in Omaha, Nebraska, that encourages the recycling and re-use of worn clothes, accessories, and other home products in collaboration with charitable groups. We are constantly involved in expanding our retail shop presence while also boosting awareness and support for our charitable partners, diverting more garbage from landfills, and creating more local employment.

Donation Center

Items we DO accept: Clothes (including children’s), toys, jewelry, kitchen goods, collectibles, small appliances (in great to excellent condition), linens, handbags, shoes (with no holes, tears, or stains), luggage (in like new condition), furniture (without chips, animal hair, or scratches), home decor (including wall art, mirrors, picture frames, decorative pillows (NO bed pillows), books (including children’s and religious books only), DVDs, CDs, board games (in good

Reuse and Donations to Charities

When throwing out reusable items, consider a donation to the many charities in Waltham who reuse or sell used articles.Charitable organizations in Waltham take donations of clothing, furniture, household items, etc. Many of these organizations offer a tax credit. If donation is not an option, please check our alternativerecycling and trash disposal listto see if you are following proper disposal protocol. If you have any questions about what can and cannot be put in the trash you can contact the Recycling Department at 781-314-3390.

Charity Phone Drop off /Pickup Big Brother, Big SisterClothes, Shoes, Accessories, Books, Bed Linens, Blankets, Quilts/Spreads, Small Household Items Call for Pick Upbbbsfoundation.org 800-483-5503 pick-up Battered Women’s ShelterToys, magazines, linens, cleaning supplies Toiletries, blankets, some furniture 781-891-0724 drop off Bristol LodgeClothes, Blankets, Mattresses Shoes, sneakers, T.

V’s, furniture 781-647-9957 drop off Chesterbrook Learning CenterBooks, games, pens, pencils, tape, folders, tissues, officeart supplies, colored paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils, napkins, and paper/plastic cups, plates and silverware.

FREE Pickup.

Drop off at Immanuel United Methodist Church, 545 Moody St, Waltham.

781-891-5577 drop off GoodwillAttended Donation Center1100 Lexington St, Waltham Shopping Plaza area – next to Shaws8:30-4:30 every day except major holidays: household items, textiles (dry, unsoiled by hazardous waste) gently used or new, ripped or stained okay too.

The Thrift Shop provides funding for a program to match volunteers with seniors who need companionship.For more info:neighborswhocare.net 781-891-7700 drop off Planet AidClothes, shoes Drop off bin locations can be found on websiteplanetaid.org 508-893-0644 drop off Play It Again SportsDonate or buy quality used sports equipmentFor more info: 781-609-2506 drop off Prospect Hill Learning CenterBooks, games, pens, pencils, tape, folders, tissues, officeart supplies, colored paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils, napkins, and paper/plastic cups, plates and silverware.

781-373-2579 Pick-up Salvation ArmyEverything Drop off, Waltham 1-800-728-7825 Pick-up Vietnam VetsClothes, small household items, bicycles, small furniture or furniture 24X24X36, will accept bicycles in working condition w/inflated tires, take shoes, bedding items, draperies, curtains, glassware, jewelrycosmetics, toys and games, tools, small appliances like small counter appliances Pick upFor more info: pick-up Building Materials Resource Centeraccepts tax deductible donations of everything from countertops to ceramic tile Drop off, Roxbury drop off Medical Supply Donations New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans Will take smaller supplies such as crutches, canes, wheelchairs, etc 617-248-9400 Pine Street Inn Nurses Clinic 617-521-7214 American Medical Resource Located in Brockton: 508-580-3301 IMEC Located in North Andover: 978-557-5510 Try contacting local Councils on Aging or Senior Centers which take donation requests and can hopefully use your supplies Book Donations More Than Words 781-788-0035 Got Books 978-664-6555 Collection Container Located in Watertown Super Stop n Shop 700 Pleasant St. Chesterbrook Learning Center 781-209-1434 Prospect Hill Learning Center 781-373-2579 Bicycles / Bicycle Tires Bikes Not Bombs (Bicycle Recycling Center) Call first.

Accepts Wednesday, 6:30-9:30pm; Saturday 12-6pm.

They do not accept women’s 10-speed.

See here: Paint Habitat Restore 1580 VFW Parkway, W.

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