Where To Donate Christmas Decorations

How To Donate Old Holiday Decorations

As the major portion of the yearly holiday season draws to a close, we find ourselves faced with an all-too-common dilemma: what to do with all of the Christmas decorations you spent so much time and effort putting up. Since cleaning up after the holidays can be such a pain, it is typical for Christmas decorations to remain up throughout the winter. Donating decorations that you no longer require is the most effective method of getting rid of them. How to donate outdated Christmas decorations so that you don’t have to stare at them all the way through January and February will be demonstrated.

Holiday Lights

No matter what holiday you celebrate, putting up lights is a time-honored custom that has been passed down from generation to generation. When it comes time to take them down, though, you’ll be faced with the inconvenient task of deciding what to do with all of the pieces. It is possible to give those lights to a variety of secondhand retailers, as many individuals use them for illumination purposes other than during the holidays. All that has to be done is to check for frayed wires or blown-out bulbs.

Plastic Yard Decorations

Putting up lights is a time-honored ritual of the season, no matter what holiday you are celebrating. You’ll have the disagreeable task of deciding what to do with them once they’ve been taken down, which will be when they’re taken down. These lights are useful for illumination reasons outside of the holidays and may be donated to a variety of secondhand retailers. Ensure there are no frayed cables or burned out bulbs before proceeding.

Inflatable Yard Decorations

In light of the fact that inflatable yard decorations are often constructed of nylon, it is not recommended that you toss them away. Nylon is a durable material that does not degrade readily. Giving away your old Christmas decorations, such as your nylon inflatables, is one of the most effective ways to give back. Simply check to see that their motors are still operational and that there are no rips or tears. They will almost certainly be beneficial to someone else in the future.


You might be shocked to find that Christmas ornaments can be used for purposes other than decorating the tree throughout the holiday season. Whenever you have old ornaments that you no longer desire, please bring them to us so that someone else can use them on their own Christmas tree. As long as they are in good condition and have not been damaged in any way, your ornaments may find their way onto someone else’s Christmas tree next year. Almost any type of Christmas decoration, as long as it is in excellent shape, can be contributed to the organization.

Please arrange a donation pick-up with us now so that we may remove your decorations without you having to leave your home.

Tidy Up the Halls: Decluttering Christmas Decorations

The holiday season has here once more! Once again, it is time to deck the halls and carefully hang the stockings beside the fireplace, as well as get out those old Christmas inflatables that barely see the light of day for a month or two each year. However, when you have an excessive number of Christmas decorations, what should be a pleasant and festive occasion may soon turn into a complete nightmare. Although it is possible to get rid of Christmas decorations successfully, it can be difficult, especially if you are overwhelmed by the large number of decorations you have accumulated over the years.

We’ll provide you with some ideas and methods for reducing your Christmas decorations, including anything from sorting and storing your decorations to donating your unneeded decorations.

How to Get Rid of Christmas Decorations

The holiday season is here once more. Once again, it is time to deck the halls and carefully hang the stockings beside the fireplace, as well as get out those old Christmas inflatables that only see the light of day for a month or two of the year. Having an excessive number of Christmas decorations, on the other hand, may rapidly transform what should be a pleasant and joyous occasion into a total misery. Although it is possible to get rid of Christmas decorations with care, it can be difficult, especially if you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of decorations you have amassed over time.

Here are some suggestions and strategies for reducing your Christmas decorations, including anything from organizing and storing your decorations to donating your unneeded decorations.

  • In the case of having more Christmas decorations than there are available storage spaces in your home, you have an excess of Christmas decorations. In the event that you have duplicate decorations lying about collecting dust, you have an excess of Christmas decorations. If you have many containers of Christmas decorations that have not been moved from the garage or basement since your children left home, you have an excess of Christmas decorations. If your home is referred to as “tacky” over the holidays, it is because you have an excessive number of Christmas decorations. In addition, if planes passing overhead mistake your roof or yard for a landing strip, then (you got it) you have an excessive number of Christmas decorations on your property

Now that we’ve assessed whether or not you have an excessive number of decorations, it’s time to begin decluttering.

Sorting and Decluttering Christmas Decorations

This list of items that you can remove from your collection right immediately will help you get a jump on simplifying your Christmas decorations and make the sorting process much easier: Keep them out of the garbage for the time being (we will have time for that later).

  • There should be one of each of any duplicates you may have
  • Ornaments, decorations, and lights that have been broken
  • You can utilize decorations that you didn’t use the previous year. Tissue paper, boxes, and gift wrap that has been shredded or damaged You’ve got boxes of old greeting cards that you’ve been storing but haven’t used yet.

Congrats! The first step has been completed. It’s time to sort your decorations into two piles: a trash pile for damaged decorations and unwanted gift paper, and a charity pile for everything else.

Sort Decorations By Holiday

You’ve narrowed down your collection to only those decorations that you really use, are emotional, or that you simply can’t bear to part with just yet. Now it’s time for you to sort and organize them by holiday, as well as devise a storage method that is convenient for you. Having everything organized will make finding things easier when it comes to removing everything from storage the next year. The type of person who just stuffs all of their Christmas decorations into a few boxes or bags is doing yourself a great disservice.

You can avoid the stress of having to seek out that specific gravy boat for Thanksgiving or that Jack Skellington inflatable for Halloween when you organize your decorations by holiday.

If you want to utilize a bin of one color with a lid of another color, you may do it in the following way:

  • Colors associated with Kwanza are green and black
  • Christmas is red and green
  • Hannukah is blue and silver
  • Halloween is orange and black
  • Thanksgiving is brown and yellow

When you color code your decorating bins, it makes it much easier to discover the decorations you’re seeking for when you actually need them. Furthermore, during the holiday season, you can generally get these containers on sale at Home Depot or Walmart in the colors that correspond to the occasion.

Start With the Big Decorations

Then, when you’ve divided your decorations by holiday, check through the remaining decorations to see if there’s anything else you can get rid of, such as duplicates or damaged things. Partition your remaining decorations into categories (lights, ornaments, knick-knacks, candles, and so on), so that you can more easily locate the items you’re seeking for while also keeping everything tidy and orderly in their respective containers. Even if you have decorations that are in fine shape, you may be able to part with some of them if they are ones that you use very seldom or never at all.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to setting up huge inflatables and yard décor every year, you may consider putting them away to either sell or give to a worthy cause. As you go through this process, ask yourself the following questions to make sorting more efficient:

  • Is it simple to put the decoration together? Are you truly committed to putting up the decorations every year
  • If so,

If you replied ‘no’ to any of these questions, feel free to place your item in the “donate” pile instead. This is true not just for inflatables, but also for Christmas trees and wreaths, among other things. Removal of a live Christmas tree is completely free. Do you have a plethora of holiday decorations and ornaments that you need to get rid of? You may save your trees until after the holidays and you may be eligible for free tree removal and disposal with LoadUp! Offer applicable between December 26 and January 31 with the purchase of two or more removal products.

Sorting Ornaments and Small Decorations

After you’ve gotten the big things done, you can look through all of your smaller decorations and decide what you want to retain and what you want to throw away.

Choose a Color Scheme and Style

Make sure that all of your ornaments and minor decorations are in a color scheme and design that complements your home. Do you consider yourself to be more contemporary or more traditional? Sticking to a single design style helps ensure that your décor is cohesive and does not appear out of place or gaudy. You can put anything else in the donation pile if it doesn’t match your color scheme.

Hang on to Sentimental Decorations

Special decorations that mark dates, were presented to you by a special person, or have been passed down through generations should never be thrown out or thrown away. Indulging in a cleaning frenzy and purging everything from your home – including items that hold sentimental value – will only lead to you regretting the decisions you made during the process. So keep them close at hand. That is why you should appreciate such memories for a long period of time after they have occurred. By now, you should have a beautiful collection of Christmas decorations ready to be given to a good cause.

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Donating Your Old Christmas Decorations

How are the Christmas decorations that aren’t broken to be disposed of now that you’ve sifted through all of your decorations and arranged them in tidy little piles? The fact that you have an excessive number of Christmas decorations doesn’t always imply that they’re all damaged or ready to be thrown away. So why not make a charitable donation in their place? The act of donating Christmas decorations is a fantastic way to share holiday happiness while also feeling good about your well-loved decorations being put to good use for future generations.

The act of being generous and charitable to your fellow man is without a doubt the most effective method to get into the Christmas spirit.

Where to Donate Christmas Decorations

Because of the internet and social media, there are now many more options than just transporting everything to a donation center for giving away unwanted items to friends, relatives, and even neighbors. You could always turn to national thrift stores and donation centers like Goodwill and the Salvation Army, but these organizations resell the things that are donated, and you’ll never know exactly where your gift went. If you’d want to get into the Christmas giving season in a big way, there are some very great internet choices that may help you connect with your friends and neighbors.

Buy Nothing is a fantastic platform for posting images of your unwanted Christmas decorations, which others in your city may remark on and to whom you can give them as a present.

By participating in Buy Nothing groups, you can witness the impact of your donations while also engaging with other members of your community.

However, they will ask that you verify your address through postcard before you will be able to send, so if you need to get rid of goods quickly, Nextdoor may not be the best option.

Who knows what will happen? Perhaps you have that one exceptional ornament that a family member or friend has been looking for for a very long time. This year, you could just turn out to be someone’s Christmas hero!

Broken Decoration Removal from LoadUp

Remove your Christmas decorations the simplest way using LoadUp when you have an overabundance of damaged or unwanted ornaments or decorations. You can have all of your boxes of unwanted or damaged decorations hauled away for eco-friendly disposal from the comfort of your own home for 20-30 percent less than other rubbish removal businesses since we don’t impose collection minimums and charge on an item-by-item basis. Simply pack your unwanted decorations in boxes or bags, visit our website, and use our upfront pricing generator to receive a free estimate that is not subject to any obligations.

Due to our extensive network of local-loaders located around the nation, you may engage one of our friendlyhaul-iday workers to arrive as soon as tomorrow.

When you schedule two or more items for removal between December 26th and January 31st with LoadUp, you may have your Christmas tree removed and transported away for free for environmentally responsible disposal.

Do you require assistance with your holiday clean-up?

  • Find out how to get a FREE Christmas tree disposal service, how to recycle your Christmas tree, how to make your holidays pet-friendly, and how to declutter your home for the holidays.

Donations of Christmas decorations sought to benefit struggling families

There is a remedy available from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office for folks who will never utilize all of the Christmas decorations they brought with them from their home state of North Carolina. Residents in the area are encouraged to give them to the sheriff’s office. The donated objects, which can range from Christmas trees to nativity scenes, will be brought to the Sumter County Fairgrounds, where they will be sorted and presented as if they were in a retail establishment by a volunteer organization.

  1. The sheriff’s office’s community outreach department determined that it might be of assistance by acting as a contribution drop-off location.
  2. “Without the financial and in-kind contributions of local citizens, none of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office’s holiday outreach community initiatives would be feasible,” stated Theresa Cooper of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.
  3. Trees, ornaments, lights, and decorations for both indoor and outdoor spaces are all required.
  4. Donations will be collected from Nov.
  5. 7, with the deadline being Dec.
  6. The Sumter County Sheriff’s Villages Annex is located in 8033 E County Road 466, at the corner of Morse Boulevard, and is where they may be dropped off.

For further information, please call (352) 689-4600. Donations will only be taken during business hours, which are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays.

Why a Trip to Donate at Goodwill is on my To-Do List

Everyone believes that after the holidays, our to-do lists will be completed and we will be able to finally rest. However, I still have a trip to Goodwill on my to-do list, which I hope to complete soon. Allow me to explain why I will be making a journey, or a series of excursions, to my local Goodwill store.

A few Unique Gifts

With so many new clothing, toys, and household products to choose from, it’s common to end up with an abundance of “I-have-no-a-clue-what-this is or what it does” stuff after the frenzy of gift-opening has died down. How are you planning on fitting everything in? I’ll admit that I’m the type of person who tries to pack one extra sweater into my drawer just to be different. In addition, I have a closet that serves as a “catch-all.” Remember the one where you open the door, throw something in, then quickly close the door before everything spills out?

Clothing That has Been Outgrown

My son’s room is a normal teenager’s room, to put it mildly. It’s crammed with clothing that are strewn from one end to the other, electronics, shoes, and other items. You can only imagine how many garments he has outgrown this year because he grew four inches this year. While on winter break, he’s been charged with gathering outgrown clothing (some of which still have tags attached) and any other goods he no longer needs in order to donate to Goodwill and other charitable organizations. So how many of us have stuff that we either don’t wear anymore or that we put in the category of “I’ll wear that when I drop those pesky 10 pounds”?

Excessive Holiday Decor

Okay, I’ll make one more confession. I’m a Christmas ornament hoarder, to put it mildly. To say that I have an overabundance of Christmas decorations would be an understatement of the truth. In order to do this, I spent some time sifting and filling many containers with functional lights, decorations, gift bags, Christmas sweaters, and festive décor that I no longer need. Isn’t it true that Goodwill sells fake Christmas trees? Due to the fact that I have downsized to a smaller house, I have one too many Christmas trees, therefore I’ve donated a pre-lit tree in the hopes that it would offer Christmas pleasure to another family.

Helps our Community

I’m confident that Goodwill will be able to make better use of these than I can and will do good with them. I have clean and in good condition everything from my Christmas decorations to my clothes to my handbags to my shoes to my photo frames to my knick-knacks to my devices. Goodwill will sell my belongings for money, which will be used to finance initiatives that assist local residents in finding work and strengthening their families. As a result, those initiatives contribute to the development of a strong community.

It’s a Good Feeling

Another aspect of giving to Goodwill that I enjoy is the sense of accomplishment I receive when I drop off my stuff. My neighborhood offers donation centers that are attached to retail shops as well as Attended Donation Centers that are on their own property. I may pull up, and the kind workers will meet me and assist me in getting the stuff out of my car as soon as I arrive.

For my gifts, I am always acknowledged and given a tax receipt, which is really appreciated. I get into my car with a wonderful feeling, knowing that I’ve had a positive impact. Make a trip to Goodwill to make a donation today.

What to do with your decorations after Christmas?

9:30 a.m. on January 5, 2022 Many individuals buy holiday decorations from thrift stores and retail stores to decorate their houses for the holidays, and this is especially true for families with children. Christmas trees, lights, inflatables, and ornaments are some of the decorations available. Many individuals discard these decorations once the Christmas season is over, believing that they are no longer needed. They are completely unaware that these objects will be buried in a landfill for many years.

Here’s what to do with your Christmas decorations, as well as where to find donation drop off places in Omaha, Nebraska.

Why you should not toss your Christmas decorations

During the Christmas season, a significant amount of waste collects. According to a recent study, Americans dispose of 25 percent more trash over the Christmas season than they do at any other time of the year. In other words, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans generate an additional 25 million tons of waste. It is possible to cut down on this amount of waste by refraining from dumping your Christmas decorations into the garbage once the holiday season has passed. Instead, search for more environmentally friendly alternatives to getting rid of such decorations.

What to do with decorations after Christmas

A small number of people like collecting Christmas and Halloween decorations that they can use year after year. If you have spent a significant amount of time and money on your decorations, you should consider preserving them. By retaining these goods, you will have the ability to repurpose them for the next year. Consider investing in storage containers that will keep your ornaments, lights, and fake trees safe and protected from damage. Separate these goods into their own boxes to prevent them from becoming damaged or broken.

This type of container may be kept in your garage, attic, or closets if you like.

Recycle your broken Christmas decorations

Recycling is one of the most effective methods of reducing waste. The majority of holiday decorations, including your Christmas tree, may be recycled. You may recycle your natural Christmas tree by bringing it to a recycling facility. Christmas trees are recycled at these facilities, where they are used to make compost, sand, and even bird feeders. After the Christmas season, this service is provided at no cost in most states. You may also recycle Christmas lights that are damaged or malfunctioning.

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Make sure to get in touch with these establishments ahead of time.

Donate your Christmas decorations to thrift stores

Have you noticed that your existing Christmas decorations no longer match the décor of your home? Do you lack the necessary storage space for your Christmas decorations? As an alternative to throwing out goods, try giving them to a thrift store with donation drop off Omaha NE locations. This choice assures that the decorations are repurposed and do not end up in landfills after they have been utilized.

Plastic is used to make the majority of Christmas decorations nowadays. Due to the fact that it is nonbiodegradable, it might remain in landfills for many years. Thrift stores divert these objects from landfills, allowing them to be used once again.

Are you looking for adonation drop off in Omaha NE?

If you are searching for a location to drop off your Christmas decorations, we would appreciate it if you would consider donating to us. Alternatively, you may drop off your donations at one of our stores or donation bins, or arrange for a pick-up at your house. For further details, please see our website.

Organizing Tips for Undecking the Halls this Holiday Season

You may donate your Christmas decorations to us if you’re searching for a place to put them once the holiday season is over. Alternatively, you may drop off your donations at one of our stores or donation bins, or arrange for a pick-up from your house. For additional details, please see our website.

Discover the answer to – Can I donate Christmas decorations to Goodwill?

Donations of Christmas decorations and other seasonal items can be made to Goodwill Industries Canada in Alberta. This includes holiday decorations for the home, as well as Christmas lights and Christmas trees. The only condition for Christmas trees to be allowed is that they are still in their original box or bag. All donated things should be in good condition when they are delivered to a donation location. Goodwill Alberta is extremely grateful for all of the contributions it has received. When you make a contribution to Goodwill, you can be confident that your money is going to a worthy cause.

Can I calculate the weight of goods that I’m helping divert from the landfills?

We have created an Impact Calculator to offer concrete data on the enormous impact that reusing and recycling your products can have. The calculator can be found here. You can enter the amount of clothing, accessories, housewares, and furniture that you want to donate or that you have already contributed to receive a tally of your donation score. This score will show you the environmental impact of your actions by calculating the potential pounds of items that have been diverted from landfills as a result of your actions.

You can try out the Impact Calculator by clicking here.

Do all Goodwill Donation Centres accept electronics for recycling?

Yes, they do, and you may drop off your devices at any of our donation centers located around the province. Make the donor attendant aware of your requirements, or clearly mark your packing, if you want them to be recycled. Larger items, such as home audio systems, televisions, projector screens, and other similar things, should be brought to a donation center that is affiliated to a business. Please see this page for information on finding a donation center near you.

Can I recycle my electronics with Goodwill?

Yes, you most definitely can! Goodwill has formed a partnership with Quantum Lifecycle to provide electronic recycling services throughout the province. This collaboration enables us to accept your damaged or useless gadgets, preventing them from ending up in landfills and providing you with a secure and convenient alternative to dispose of your electronics.

Quantum Lifecycle is capable of recycling a wide range of items, including laptops, cellphones, tablets, various types of televisions and monitors, printers, AV equipment, stereo systems, and other electronic equipment.

Can I donate underwear to Goodwill in Alberta?

Underwear can be donated to Goodwill in Alberta, whether it is brand new or moderately worn. Donated underwear should be clean, dry, and in good shape when it is picked up by the charity. It is possible that the underwear will be sold or recycled, depending on the state of the items. The underwear may be sent to a textile recycler if it is damaged or unfit for resale, for example. The material will be recycled into various products such as cleaning rags, upholstery filling, and fiber recycling.

By donating these products, they can be put to good use instead than ending up in a landfill or being thrown away.

Goodwill Alberta organizes all of the donations that take place at this facility.

Can you donate socks to Goodwill?

The Goodwill Industries of Alberta accepts donations of new or gently used underwear. When donating underwear, make sure that it is clean, dry, and in good shape. It is possible that the underwear will be sold or recycled, depending on the state of the garment. Depending on whether the underwear is damaged or not acceptable for resale, it may be sent to a textile recycler. The material will be recycled into rags for wiping, upholstery filling, or fiber recycling, depending on the recycler’s specifications.

By donating these products, they can be put to good use instead of ending up in a landfill or being disposed of.

It is Goodwill Alberta who organizes the collection of all things at this location.

Can you donate bras to Goodwill in Alberta?

Yes, bras can be given to Goodwill Industries International. As long as the bras are in good condition and have not been previously worn, they will be sold at Goodwill’s retail stores. Keep in mind that Goodwill will not accept clothing that is damp or soiled. As a result, please make sure that any goods you plan to donate are clean and dry before bringing them in. Whether or not the bras are in good condition, they may still be accepted at the donation place. Items that cannot be sold in-store are delivered to textile recyclers, who repurpose the materials to create new goods.

You’re looking for a Goodwill Alberta donation site, right?

Can I donate Christmas decorations to Goodwill?

Donations of Christmas decorations and other seasonal items can be made to Goodwill Industries Canada in Alberta. This includes holiday decorations for the home, as well as Christmas lights and Christmas trees. The only condition for Christmas trees to be allowed is that they are still in their original box or bag. All donated things should be in good condition when they are delivered to a donation location. Goodwill Alberta is extremely grateful for all of the contributions it has received.

When you make a contribution to Goodwill, you can be confident that your money is going to a worthy cause. 89.2 percent of all profits are reinvested in the local community, which includes assisting persons with disabilities in finding meaningful employment.

Can I donate a mattress to Goodwill Industries?

Mattresses, unfortunately, are not eligible for donation to Goodwill. Despite the fact that Goodwill would welcome any and all contributions, some things are unable to be accepted due to health and safety concerns. Mattresses, pillows, bed frames, bunk beds, hide-a-beds, and waterbeds are examples of bedroom furniture that will not be accepted at the facility. With little doubt, there are numerous objects in these categories that are suitable for repurposing in their original form. Our employees and new owners may, however, be exposed to a health and safety hazard if these products are not properly stored.

Those who have an old bed or bed frame are asked to consider donating them to Goodwill Alberta instead of throwing them away.

What does Goodwill do with clothes they can’t sell?

When Goodwill is unable to sell donated clothing, they employ a variety of creative methods to prevent the clothing from ending up in a landfill. Clothing, on the other hand, is simple to recycle or upcycle. If Goodwill is unable to sell donated items in-store, on its online thrift shop, or at a Goodwill outlet, the garments are frequently sold to a textile recycler or other salvage vendor for a profit. These recyclers put the unsold garments to good use in a variety of ways. For example, it may be chopped up and utilized for a variety of various reasons, or it could be processed and recycled into a fiber filler for use in furniture or insulation applications.

How much clothing does Goodwill throw away?

The vast majority of donated clothing and other things are successfully sold at Goodwill stores throughout Alberta and beyond. The use of alternative means of selling and recycling has resulted in very little, if any, unsold clothing and other commodities being discarded. Goodwill collaborates with local groups to identify alternate solutions for clothes, household products, and other used things, with the goal of reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. One such cooperation is between Goodwill Alberta and the University of Alberta, which allows them to recycle clothing and household goods that have been left behind at dormitories.

Goodwill’s environmental efforts saved approximately 16 million kilos of garbage from being dumped in landfills only this year alone!

Donation hours: Are there are certain hours I can donate?

Our contribution page contains information on donation hours, including information on how to find your favorite donation center. Each of our donation centers also has an after-hours bin for the convenience of our contributors; however, these bins are better suited for clothing contributions rather than other types of gifts.

To donate furniture or household items, it is ideal to come in when there is a donor attendant on hand to help you with your donation.

I would like to know if you have a donation pick-up service?

As of right now, Goodwill does not provide a donation pick-up service. Goodwill has teamed with College Hunks Hauling to provide contribution pickup and delivery services to donors in the greater Edmonton region who are unable to transport their items to a Goodwill donation center. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION. There is a cost for this 48-hour priority service, but it should be especially beneficial to contributors who are engaging in large-scale cleanup efforts. Besides transporting your contributions to Goodwill, our hauling partner will also clean away any things that Goodwill is unwilling to accept and transport them to another organization or a recycling facility.

Donate Christmas Decorations to Charity

Do you have any old Christmas decorations that you no longer use but that would look beautiful in a new home? Maybe you have a lot of extra decorations but don’t have a place to put them away. The good news is that you may give whatever lovely decorations you have to a charitable organization, which will then sell them to people who will appreciate them as much as you do.

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Where can I donate Christmas decorations?

The majority of high-street charity stores will accept full and resaleable Christmas decorations, which can range from exquisite ornaments to bizarre and fantastic tree decorations and everything in between. When making a contribution, the quality of your stuff is really essential, so think about whether you would buy it yourself if you were to sell it. If you don’t, it’s likely that your contribution will end up costing the charity money to dispose of, so save yourself time and valuable resources by recycling them yourself.

How can I donate my decorations?

Depending on the amount of decorations you’re contributing, there are a variety of options for you to choose from.

  • This may be accomplished in several ways, depending on the amount of decorations you’re providing.

Prepare your decorations completely, ideally in boxes or packaging that will appeal to consumers and allow them to be easily stored if they do not sell immediately after being placed on display. It is essential that all original elements are included in the decorations, and nothing should have been tampered with, especially in the case of electrical components. If you are mailing your decorations, especially if they are breakable, be sure that you have adequately wrapped them to minimize damage during shipping.

What Christmas decorations can I donate?

All charities will have a list of general goods that they will not take, so it is advisable to double-check that your products do not fall into any of these categories before donating. If they’re all in working order, double-check that they’re all finished and functional before contributing. The best case scenario when it comes to decorations is for them to arrive in their original packaging so that they may be sold as a set if that is how they were purchased.

When making one-time single tree ornaments, simply package them as you would normally. If you have decorations of any significant size, it may be helpful to phone the business ahead of time to make sure they have room for them before making the drive to the donation center.

When should I donate my decorations?

Some individuals are on the lookout for Christmas decorations throughout the year, but it is not feasible for these to be available online or in stores on a 365-day basis. It is an excellent time to give if you want to do so at the beginning of the year since purchasers may be seeking for a good price in preparation for the following year. Alternatively, keep these for the Autumn months after Halloween, when the darker evenings arrive and the celebrations begin to take place.

Can I donate my Christmas tree to charity?

Many charity will take Christmas trees that are intact and in excellent shape, just as they would accept holiday decorations. Consider how you can recycle or utilize it if tossing it away isn’t an option if yours is looking ragged, has broken branches or a damaged stand, or has otherwise seen better days. If you can, donate in a resaleable box or container with any necessary instructions attached would be ideal.

Donating Seasonal Home Decor Is A Year Round Effort

In Ontario, our houses go through a variety of home decorations throughout the year to highlight and connect them with the holiday and season in which they are displayed. For example, New Year’s Day, or Lunar New Year in some households, is celebrated early in the year, followed by Valentine’s Day, then Spring, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Summer, Canada Day, Fall, Thanksgiving, and finally Winter, Christmas, and other reasons to celebrate the holiday season are observed later in the year. When trying to declutter your seasonal decor or updating your look after having the same decor for a few years, why not check your home decor and donate your home decorations such as holiday season or Christmas decor to Habitat for HumanityHalton-Mississauga-Dufferin (Habitat HMD) to help others in need?

  1. Thank you for your generosity.
  2. For some people, who may not be able to afford high-quality home decor from stores or online retailers, a ReStore may be the most cost-effective option.
  3. Donating seasonal décor can brighten up anyone’s house and yard, helping couples, families, and even neighborhoods feel happier and more positive about themselves!
  4. You begin with the large items you no longer require, but it is also necessary to determine which of your home decorations and accent pieces are no longer required, or are out of date, or do not fit with the overall style of your house at certain points in time.
  5. Check out the moving gallery below to see what we’ve been up to in our ReStores in Burlington, Milton, Mississauga, and Orangeville.
  6. If you know of a business that is interested in partnering with Habitat HMD in any manner, from team development to events or simple actions, please forward this information to them.
  7. Additionally, Habitat HMD may arrange for big contributions to be picked up in the Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, and Orangeville regions.
  8. Getting rid of unwanted home décor does not necessarily imply throwing it away!

Because Habitat ReStores accept seasonal decor all year long, there is no such thing as a seasonal donation when it comes to Habitat HMD, which accepts seasonal decor donations for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Fall, Winter, Canada Day, Easter, Hannukah, Valentine’s Day, or any other holiday that applies to you and your family.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Accepting contributions is something that takes place all year round, without fail!

Written by: Abe Cipriano

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – The city of Wichita is preparing to host the World Cup. Christmas decorations of all kinds, from Christmas trees and ornaments to lights and garland, have been crammed into the Kansas Nonprofit Chamber of Commerce’s office space this season. To help local families in need, the group has organized a last-minute Christmas decoration donation drive, which will take place on December 15. So far, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response. “So I was thinking, you know, maybe we’d have enough food to feed three or four families.

As soon as she saw there was no other group organizing any type of large-scale decorations giveaway, she made the decision to establish her own.

In addition, there were times when I didn’t have anything, and I felt like I could help a whole lot more individuals who were in need of Christmas decorations.” If you have any excess Christmas items that you would want to contribute, you may drop them off at the non-profit chamber’s facility at 700 N.

to 2 p.m.

For individuals interested in receiving decorations, distribution begins at midday on Saturday and continues until 5 p.m.

Montgomery County Christmas Store

If you have anything to contribute, it is possible to schedule a special appointment. 540-391-0549 is the number to call or text.


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and look forward to seeing you next year!


The Christmas Store Board convened to deliberate on the concept for the Christmas Store in 2021, which will be held in downtown Chicago. While we would all like to be able to fling open the doors and welcome inside any consumers who choose to conduct their shopping in person, safety considerations — for both shoppers and volunteers — must take precedence over all other factors. Despite this, the Board of Directors is steadfast in its commitment to offering a shopping experience that is both dignified and diverse.

The specifics are as follows:

  • A wish list will be created for each consumer online, which has been enlarged and polished to allow customers to be more particular about their choices. Submission of desire lists will be required by a date established with sufficient lead time to allow full wish lists to be sent to departments by November 29, unless otherwise specified. Throughout the week of December 6-11 (Monday-Saturday), appointments will be booked hourly. It will be necessary for all volunteers working in the building to provide confirmation of immunization. Every person who enters the building will be obliged to wear a mask.

In addition, improvements will be made to the building’s air handling system to improve air circulation prior to the opening of the Store.

Everything about our autumn fundraiser at Eastern Divide was a happy event for everyone who came! The gifts presented for the silent auction were absolutely stunning and sincerely appreciated. By sponsoring this event, EASTERN DIVIDEIS INSPIRING GENEROSITY WITHIN OUR ORGANIZATION! CHARITY NIGHT WITH PINT NIGHT AND SILENT AUCTION CHARITY NIGHT

Photo credit to Karen Healy

Information Regarding Eligibility Every applicant must fulfill specified requirements in order to be eligible to shop at the Christmas Store. Take a look at the requirements.


The Christmas Store’s volunteer team consists of over 1,000 local volunteers who assist with stocking, assisting shoppers, and a variety of other tasks. Explore the various ways you may get involved.


Local volunteers help with stocking the Christmas Store, assisting shoppers, and a variety of other tasks. The Christmas Store volunteer team numbers around 1,000. Understand how you can become involved.

Our Impact

Since 1982, the Christmas Store has provided clothing, food, toys, shoes, home goods, and other items to local families in need of assistance. Our shelves are loaded with fresh items to provide our customers with a variety of options. The Christmas Store’s all-volunteer workforce (with the exception of bookkeeping services) consists of around 1,000 local volunteers who assist with stocking, assisting shoppers, and a variety of other tasks. We can make a difference if we work together. WITH YOUR ASSISTANCE The 2020 Christmas Store Week was able to serve the community because of the tremendous support received from all of you!

1,153 in 2019)

years of operation

There are a variety of methods to make a donation to the Christmas Store. Whatever you can provide, whether it’s a monetary donation, donated items, or the gift of your time, your contribution is highly welcomed. A 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, the Montgomery County Christmas Store is recognized by both the federal and state governments as a source of income. All gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

since 1982

The Origins of the Christmas Store /Read the Entire Article

How to dispose of Christmas decorations


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