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Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Party

As part of the Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Party, this young ” Wild One ” celebrated a significant life achievement with friends and family members. In addition to characters from the book, Pink Pumpkin Events did a wonderful job planning this birthday celebration, which included décor and inspiration from the book Where the Wild Things Are as well as characters from the book. When combined with a green color scheme and other neutral tones such as black or white along with brown or gold, it was the ideal combination of birthday boy fun and creative touches.

  1. Thanks to the birthday boy’s grandmother and aunt, there were also numerous homemade desserts on the dessert table to enjoy.
  2. It was also they who produced the baked cookie party favors that were available for everyone to take home!
  3. Each and every one of the attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the party, and they were also given the opportunity to sign a storybook, which will be kept by the birthday boy as a souvenir.
  4. On the walls and tables of the Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Party, several quotes from the book were utilized as printables.

Wood accents, ferns, moss, and Monstera leaves were some of the wacky woodland objects that were brought in for the decorations, which were combined to create a large balloon garland over the dessert table. Even the water bottles were labeled with themed designs!

Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Party Ideas

  • With a ” Wild One ” banner, wood paneling, and a balloon garland with foliage, you can create a stylish dessert table background. Dessert table with a simple tablecloth, accentuated with wood crates and plates to carry sweets
  • Simple dessert table Birthday cake with a cake topper in the shape of a crown
  • Party signs with quotations from the book Where the Wild Things Are printed on them
  • Where the Wild Things Are themed party favors
  • Sugar cookies, cupcakes, s’mores on a stick, and other tasty birthday party treats will be available on the dessert table. Individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies for each guest to take home in homemade party treat bags Decor and dinnerware for the Wild One’s first birthday party are perfect. Party supplies for Where the Wild Things Are, with quotations from the book written all over the place around the event
  • There will be fun photo booth activities, as well as a teepee tent for the kids to play in. This is a cute Where the Wild Things Are guest book that guests signed to keep as a memento of their visit
  • The birthday boy will be presented with a birthday crown.

Almost everything about this first birthday celebration is spectacular! Our favorite aspects from this fantastic birthday party include the color palette, themed desserts, birthday cake, and decorations, to name a few. We have so many favorite details from this fantastic birthday party, but our favorite has to be the beautifully created dessert table. Even while we adore the Wild One banner that hangs as part of the backdrop, we think a decent balloon garland would be as impressive. The combination of hues, as well as the addition of greenery in the form of plants, making it the ideal setting for this first birthday party theme.

We really adore them!

Shopping List: Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Party Supplies

(Affiliate Links are included.)

  • Set of 10 printable party signs
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Set of 6 paper crown party favors
  • Birthday outfit
  • Wild One banner
  • Cake topper
  • High chair banner
  • Wild One cake topper
  • Personalized party sign
  • Crown straws
  • Personalized banner backdrop
  • Set of 10 paper crown party favors

Was there anything in particular that you enjoyed about this whimsical Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Party? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below! Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest (@prettymyparty and @prettymyparty), and join our private Facebook group for additional first birthday party inspiration. Vendors for a Party

How to Throw a Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Party

Is there a book that is more widely read and cherished than Where the Wild Things Are? This picture book is constantly in the top five, if not in the very top slot, of any ranking of the best-ever picture books that I come across. And it’s the ideal party theme for everyone, whether they’re a girl or a boy, a baby or an elementary school student. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a chaotic rumpus? Consider some of our favorite suggestions for throwing your own:

Wild Things Cake

Obviously, the cake is the icing on the cake (no pun intended) of a birthday celebration. This one is a show-stopper, yet it’s surprisingly simple to put together.

Vines All Around

Do you remember how the vines grew in Max’s room? You may also encourage them to grow in your party!

Sailed Off Through the Night Drink

What do you think of this for the ideal party drink that is also extremely kid-friendly?

Terrible Claws

For a salty counterpoint to the sweetness, try this absurdly simple party snack recipe from Martha Stewart.

Wild Thing Photo Booth

A photobooth is essentially a need in this day and age. This one is much easy to make than it appears, and it photos well!

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Monster Hand Matching

Play this entertaining matching game with your guests using the alphabet, monsters, or images of the children who will be visiting.

Sailboat Tangrams

As visitors arrive, this is an excellent game for children to participate in since it allows them to simply hop in and out. Alternatively, send sets home as a favor.

I’ll Eat You Up Sign

Don’t you think this is the ideal sign for the dinner table?

Make a Crown

The visitors, as well as the birthday child, are in desperate need of some crowns! Make sure everyone gets one on their way in, and you’ll have a joyful party right away!

A Wild Rumpus

Music should be turned on, and everyone should dress up and dance until they’re completely fatigued. Of course, you’ll have to conclude it with the words “Now stop!” to seal the deal.

Terrible Teeth Favors

If these aren’t the ideal Wild Things party favors, I don’t know what would be the best.

What additional suggestions do you have for a Where the Wild Things Are-themed celebration?

Where the Wild Things Are Cake, Decor + More!

The links in this post are affiliate links, and I will get compensation if you make a purchase as a result of clicking on one of them. Please see our full disclosure policy, which is somewhat lengthy, but which you are welcome to review.

Celebrate Your Wild One with fun Where the Wild Things Are Cakes, Decorations and Party Ideas!

Party Favors, Cake, and More for a Wild One Birthday Party: Where the Wild Things Are Cake, Decor, and More! Wild Things is one of the most popular birthday party themes right now. Today, we’re going to offer some incredible ideas and crazy one birthday party inspiration with you. Whether you’re planning a Wild Things baby shower or a Wild One birthday party, these ideas are sure to impress your friends and family. Check out our bohemian party ideas and forest party ideas for more inspiration.

  • Whether it’s boho chic, forests, or antlers, you can’t go wrong with a little rustic elegance in your life.
  • Have a Wild Things Baby Party (I actually used this theme for MY baby boy’s shower a few months ago, and it was a hit).
  • Are you throwing a party with a WILD THINGS theme?
  • This is particularly appropriate for a first birthday celebration theme.
  • Orange and green are frequently used as accent colors, and gold is frequently incorporated into the design as well.
  • Wild Things Baby Shower is a related article.
  • Take a look at this:

Wild Things Cakes

Yummy, delicious. Cake is one of my favorite desserts. These cakes are also quite delicious. So lovely and so.well, you’ll see what I mean! What Happens When the Wild Things Get Cakefrom Tuesdays are spent with Jacob. The Cupcake Stylist created this gorgeous boat cake topper with a nautical theme. This cake topper is very stunning. If I had the ability to sculpt fondant in this manner, I’d never do anything else. This is, quite simply, perfection. This includes all of the shading and details on the boat’s sail.

  1. Cakeon for a Wild One’s Birthday Party Things That Are Pretty Tasty This cake has the potential to be my all-time favorite cake.
  2. But then you see the type of jumbled “hand painted” woods with the little Max perched on the mountain.
  3. And I wasn’t exaggerating when I said those colors were my favorites, were I?
  4. Cottontail Cake Studio takes it up a notch with TWO Where the Wild Things Are cakes, just in case you thought one Where the Wild Things Are cake was enough to make your socks rock and roll.
  5. A Pocket of Time created the Wild Thing Cake.
  6. It is not only very gorgeous, but it would also be rather simple to make at home.
  7. Cakes that are made in unusual ways are my favorite.
  8. Sweet Treats from Sugar Hero: DIY Wild Things Tree Stump Cake Are you looking for a simple Where the Wild Things Are Cake that you can make yourself?
  9. No one thought it was possible to make a cake seem like a tree stump!

This cake is absolutely, positively delicious. I like that it is really simple, but it manages to catch the overall atmosphere of the book perfectly. Adorbs! Listed below are some links that can assist you in constructing a Where the Wild Things Are Cake:

Where the Wild Things Are Party Outfits

Okay, please do me a favor. If you want to be a parent who also gives beautiful parties, this is the outfit for you. Also, make sure your children are appropriately attired for the parties. There are several stages, you understand? I’ve hosted a number of parties when my children just matched the color scheme. However, I host a lot of events where the guests dress in gorgeous matchy-matchy ensembles that are tailored to the occasion. In either case, if you coordinate the youngster, your images will be better and your party will be more coherent.

  1. If you’re planning on dressing up in a more complex costume.
  2. The attention to detail is excellent.
  3. If making a costume isn’t really your thing, you can also get one from this website.
  4. In addition to dressing baby in a beautiful non-costume outfit, this is also extremely gorgeous.
  5. Lil Squirts has a Wild Things Outfit for you.
  6. Suspenders with a bow tie are adorable and perfect for a tiny guy!
  7. A tiny chubster, I’m sure, would look just adorable in this!
  8. This Where the Wild Things Are costume, which is handcrafted and just so adorable, may be bought online.
  9. This Wild Things costume would be just wonderful for Halloween this year!

Wild One Desserts

Don’t limit yourself to just one cake. Desserts are the way to go when you’re in the Land of the Wild Things! These sweets, which range from do-it-yourself Wild Things cupcakes to specialty-ordered Wild Things cake pops, are guaranteed to impress your guests while also delighting your taste buds! Are you ready to satisfy your sweet tooth’s desire for more? Cupcakeson knows where all the wild things are. PopSugar Everything about this delightful display of cupcakes appeals to me. The majority of the time I bake cupcakes, I make them all the same size and ice them all the same way.

  1. It’s so absolutely delicious, and it’s beautifully displayed on the wooden tray.
  2. You may call me a quitter if these Wild Things Oreo pops don’t make you say, “Oh my goodness.” The attention to detail is incredible.
  3. Getting the theme to look this good is the next step.
  4. What I enjoy about Oreo pops is that they provide another dessert on a stick choice other than cake pops, which I find to be useful.
  5. Yes, absolutely!
  6. In addition to being absolutely wonderful, these Wild Things cake pops are also fantastic.
  7. For sure, the combo of cake and frosting is my kryptonite of temptation.

Edible markers are a great tool for creating these complicated drawings since they are so simple to use.

Cassie Scroggins created these Where the Wild Things Are Cupcakes for her daughter.

Look no further.

These chocolate cupcakes will be devoured by your wild child and his party friends, who will be delighted to dig their horrible teeth into them!

Sugar cookies are a lot of fun to make for a party.

Whenever foods and designs are supposed to be a little “messy,” I adore it, and these Wild One cookies are just that!

Catch My Party if You Can Another gorgeous DIY Wild Things cupcake concept is shown here.

Amazingly simple and ideal for a Wild One’s birthday celebration, this recipe is a cinch to put together.

Sugared Up Toppers’ Wild One Fondant Cupcake Toppers are available for purchase.

Cupcake toppers made of fondant may be used on cupcakes or placed on lightly frosted sugar cookies for a festive look. I adore that these Wild Things cupcake toppers depict all of the Where the Wild Things Are characters while also adding a splash of color to the celebration. Exceptional sauce!

Wild One Birthday Party Decorations

It wouldn’t be a Crazy One birthday celebration without some wild and fantastic decorations to go along with it. Here are some Where the Wild Things Are décor ideas that are simple to duplicate and are guaranteed to wow. Jacob’s Letters from Tuesdays with the Wild One These letters are charming, regardless of whether you choose to emphasize your Wild One’s age or name. This easy and lovely decoration for your Wild Things dessert table or Wild Things smash cake photographs is made by taking basic wooden letters and decorating them with white felt and moss, then adding a paper glittercrown (and, of course, some fur).

  1. Are you looking for a simple and affordable background decoration?
  2. Perhaps you could roll some paper cones and insert the ends of the cones into chicken wire?
  3. I particularly like how this design includes a pop of bright orange into the overall scheme.
  4. Sign from Two Peas Shop that says “I’ll eat you up” This handcrafted Wild Things sign is a wonderful party decoration or an excellent complement to Wild One Smash Cake photo sessions.
  5. Adorable!
  6. Make an entire world of Wild Things out of paper lanterns and trees that you can hang from the ceiling.
  7. You don’t have to be a particularly talented craftsperson to pull off this stunning design.
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Five Whimsy Lane’s Wild One Balloon Backdrop is perfect for any occasion.

A combination of gold, white, and black balloons, as well as some leaves, were used for this Wild One birthday celebration.

Isn’t it really simple?

Make a collage of your favorite scenes and embellish them with modge podge!

This is a terrific DIY Wild Things sign that you can make yourself.

Take a look at it!

Wild One First Birthday Ideas

A Wild One birthday party is almost often held for a child’s first birthday, so chances are strong that your child will be celebrating his or her first birthday. The following are some unique Where the Wild Things Are first birthday ideas created especially for you! Kymberly Janelle and Kymberly Janelle’s Smash CakefromLife Wild One’s first birthday smash cake picture session will be styled in this post. Isn’t this tiny dress the sweetest thing ever? However, if you have a fantastic party costume, set aside some time with your photographer or with your camera to take some smash cake photographs!

Ampers and GoSmash cake party time would be incomplete without an adorable Where the Wild Things Are High Chair banner from Ampers and GoSmash cake party time would be incomplete without an adorable Where the Wild Things Are High Chair banner from Ampers and GoSmash cake party time would be incomplete without an adorable Where the Wild Things Are High Chair banner from Ampers and GoSmash cake party time would be incomplete without an adorable Where the Wild Things Are High Chair banner from Ampers and GoSmash cake party time would be incomplete This beauty’s shredded fabric and burlap are just stunning!

Bellevie Blog’s One-Year Photo Retrospective Did you snap images of your little Wild One during the entire year?

If you enjoy these suggestions, you might be interested in thisWild Things Baby Shower.

If you like these suggestions, you may save the following image to your Birthday Pinterest board: Here are some links that will be useful when planning a Wild One birthday party: Having a Wild One birthday party is a great idea.

Wild Things Printable Decorations are available in my shop at the following link:

Conclusion for Wild One Birthday Party Ideas:

You can find everything you need to create a fantastic Wild one Birthday Party right here. From party cakes to party decorations to party attire, we have everything you need. Dress up your young one in Max or one of the Wild Things costumes, and construct a beautiful smash cake and picture wall for a Wild and One celebration that everyone will remember for a long time to come. You’ll devour these concepts, and you’ll adore them to pieces!


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“Where the Wild Things Are” 1st Birthday Party

As the chaos begins, get in on the action and take part in all of the festivities. This “Where the Wild Things Are” 1st Birthday Party, submitted by Lucinda Lent of the COOP, based in Studio City, California, is not only daring, but it is also lovely! There are so many wild and wonderful party touches that make up this amazing birthday event, but here are a few that you simply must not overlook:

  • Wild Thing balloon banner
  • “Where the Wild Things Are” birthday cake with a crown on top
  • And more. White fur guest table runner with Wild Thing silhouettes
  • Wild Thing blackboard silhouettes
  • Cupcakes in the style of the Wild Thing
  • With tree stump coasters and glitter rimmed cups, rustic glam place settings are created. “I’m going to gobble you up because I love you so much” light box sign
  • Burlap and vine tablecloths

“Where the Wild Things Are” birthday cake with a crown on top; Wild Thing balloon banner White fur guest table runner; Wild Thing silhouettes on chalkboards. Cupcakes with a Wild Thing theme; With tree stump coasters and glitter-rimmed cups, rustic glam place settings are created. I’m going to gobble you up because I love you so much,” light box sign; burlap and vine tablecloths

“Where the Wild Things Are” 1st Birthday Party

When it came to styling the party, the following was shared: “We had SO MUCH FUN putting together this “crazy” celebration for a very special one-year-old! Because Luke’s mother informed me that his favorite book is “Where the wild things are,” the subject of the party was naturally “Where the wild things are.” We wanted to keep things simple and sleek while yet being wild, so we utilized a lot of black silhouettes and fur, which we accented with gold glitter (of course!) to get this look. On the main table, I utilized a faux fur runner, and I had a wonderful day at the Los Angeles Flower Mart producing exquisite wild-looking flowers.

North Star Balloons made it simple to create signage for the outside patio, and because I wanted the sign to be green, I simply painted the balloons green using spray paint.

And how adorable is the joyful birthday boy!?” I was extremely taken with how this celebration came out.

Celebration of a Birthday Birthday Party with a Rustic and Wild Rumpus Theme Love What Are Kara’s Party Ideas?

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How to Throw a Where the Wild Things Are Baby Shower

Affiliate links are used in this piece of content. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, we may receive a commission. Consider throwing a wild rumpus baby shower for a member of your book club, a child-literature aficionado, or a parent who prefers the “wild rumpus” of a baby shower to the standard Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. baby shower. You might want to consider throwing a Where the Wild Things Areshower to welcome the new parents’ little wild creature. A list of everything you’ll need to throw a Wild Things party that everyone, even Max, will want to attend has been gathered for your convenience.

Where the Wild Things AreBaby Shower Invitations

Your guests will most likely not be required to board a boat or “sail off through the night and day” in order to come to your shower. Nonetheless, send one of these invites to ensure that all of the necessary information is included. These invitations by HeliaDesignCo may be customized, downloaded, and printed. With these invites by SweetJaeDesigns, you can tell your guests all about the “Wild Rumpus.” The Kids Are All Right Newsletter is published monthly. Subscribing to The Kids Are All Right will enable you to get news and recommendations from the world of children’s literature and middle grade literature.

Keep an eye on your email for important messages.

With invitations from PacaParty, you can customize and print your invitations to let your visitors know that a Wild Thing is on its way.

Invitation Extras

You might want to include some additional instructions with your invites. With these inserts from printablesbyrta, you may encourage visitors to bring a book instead of a greeting card. Incorporate these LittleBeeImpressions book inserts into your gift-giving strategy by asking visitors to add a book with their present. By handing out these cards from HeliaDesignsCo, you may encourage visitors to bring their children and a pack of diapers to be included in the diaper raffle.

Feed Your Guests So They Do Not Turn Into Wild Things

The invitations have been addressed and shipped; it is now time to concentrate on the cuisine. Check out this blog post from the site Catch My Party, titled “Where the Wild Things Are Baby Boy Shower,” for some tasty inspiration!

ConfettiMommaParty’s gorgeous straws, with Max’s crown, are the perfect way to dress up any beverage. Cupcakes may be adorned with these silhouettes from Vuscrafts. Display this “Then from a long distance, across the world, he smelled nice things to eat” printable sign from BGCDesign on your wall.

Where the Wild Things AreShower Games

Every riotous shindig requires some form of entertainment. These shower activities will distract your visitors from becoming impatient and starting to howl with their awful roars and gnashing their horrible teeth. With these photo props from HandmadeHostessKY, you may take some wild pictures. These are for a birthday celebration, but they may easily be adapted for a baby shower, if desired. Use these downloadable and printable games from BabyCollarPrintables to keep all of your guests engaged during your next party.

With this printable from 31Flavorsofdesign, you may play the game What’s in Your Phone.

Where the Wild Things AreDecorations

With these decorations, you may transport your visitors to the location where the wild things live. You may dress up your home with these banners from OctMoonPaper or this bunting from WildRumpusBoutique. Alternatively, this “I’ll eat you up because I love you so much” banner from SimplyRoseCo might be used. Isn’t this one simply begging to be hung above the dessert table? Add some decorations inspired by Where the Wild Things Areand papers fromFrolicPartyShop2 to complete the look. Consider purchasing one of these cute and functionalWhere the Wild Things Are tee shirts.

These crazy mason jars from TheFuzzyFirefly will add a splash of color to your home’s decor.

Put a few phrases or pictures from the book in a picture frame.

Where The Wild Things AreParty Favors

When the riotous rumpus comes to an end, your visitors will be forced to wave farewell, just like Max did. Several of the following party treats can be used to send them on their way: Decorative sweet jars fromCreativeDecorationsMuslin favor bags from WithLoveAndInk

Some Gifts for the Expectant Parent

When it comes right down to it, a baby shower is all about showering presents on the pregnant couple and their family. Some suggestions for on-theme gifts include the following: CuddleMuffins has created a customised swaddling blanket for you. Blanket Levintageprintshoppe has a vintage library poster for the little wild thing’s nursery that is perfect for him. Bodysuit and leggings from Bibitiboppity Boutique’s Where the Wild Things Are collection. I hope you are able to make it home in time for supper and that it is “still hot” after such a wild romp through the neighborhood.

Our options include a Winnie the Pooh Shower and a Baby Shower with a Book Themed Theme.

“Where the Wild Things Are” Party & Printables

The second birthday of my eldest kid, Jonah, is little over two weeks away. While preparing for his next birthday celebration, I recalled all of the homemade decorations I had prepared for his first birthday a year earlier. Giving away everything I produced for his “A Wild One” party seemed like a fantastic idea, so I went ahead and did it. It was themed around “Where the Wild Things Are,” and he even dressed up in a Max costume. As far as possible, I’ll give links to the places where the products were purchased, as well as download links for all of the printables from “Where the Wild Things Are.” Not all of the printables are shown here, so be sure to look over the entire list to see what’s available to you.

To learn more, please visit this page.

I placed an order with Walmart Bakery for a smash cake and cupcakes.

On Etsy, I found theCake Topper and Cupcake Toppers, which were both made by PaperlyPress.

The design in the backdrop was produced by myself, and it is currently displayed as wall art in my son’s playroom.

Table Tents with witty names that related to the theme were built for the celebration food.

Making cheese balls and rolling them in chopped parsley for a mossy appearance was my inspiration for this dish.

I’ve posted the recipe in the section below.

The monster teeth were also a lot of fun for the kids to eat, and they were quite simple to create.

Combine the milk and Worcestershire sauce in a mixing bowl.

Combine the green onion and ham in a large mixing bowl.

Form a ball out of the cheese mixture before giving it to your guests.

Serve with crackers or flatbread to complete the meal.

I made aCrown Yourself Print and placed it in a basket with a Gold Crown for decoration.

To display throughout the house, we took photographs of Jonah in his “Where the Wild Things Are” costume and framed them in Walmart frames.

On Amazon, I purchased a copy of “Where the Wild Things Are” and requested people to write a letter to Jonah on the front cover, which I would retain as a souvenir.

You can download and print thisBirthday Keepsake Note by clicking here.

We made a boat out of his Radio Flyer vehicle, which we decorated with poster board, tape, and markers.

Finally, I utilized the same images from the “A Wild One” Banner, but I just printed off the crowns and the one that I would use to make bunting for his highchair instead of the others.

In addition to having a great time eating cake for the first time, he also had to change clothes in order to receive his presents. Please see below for a comprehensive list of all of the different “Where the Wild Things Are” party printables. Alternatively, you can view them all at onceHERE.

King of All Wild Things celebrates his birthday today. Crown Yourself Print Birthday Keepsake Note “Let The Wild Rumpus Begin” Table Tents Crown Yourself “Let The Wild Rumpus Begin” “Keep Wild Things Away” sign at the entrance. Book Illustrations 1 and 2: Door Sign Book Illustrations 1 and 2: Book Illustrations

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