Where Can I Find Halloween Decorations

Best Halloween Decorations for 2022

It’s true that not everyone likes to dress up for Halloween. Decorating your home, on the other hand, is a very different story! Making the perfect haunted house attracts the attention of your neighbors, and the correct Halloween decorations may turn your house into a destination for everyone in the neighborhood on Halloween night. So if you’re seeking to make your home utterly spooky this Halloween, Spirit is here to provide you with a plethora of frightening Halloween decorating ideas for the year 2022.

Whether you want your haunted house to be frightfully entertaining for the entire family, or you want everyone to run screaming from the house, Spirit Halloween has something for everyone!

Never be concerned!

Decorate anyplace from your porch and yard to each and every room in your house; the extent to which you want your home to be spooky is entirely up to you.

Who knows what will happen?

Halloween Animatronics

One of our Halloween animatronics will bring your scary scenarios to life like nothing else you’ve seen before. Our Halloween animatronics at Spirit are more than simply moving and talking props; they’re full-fledged personalities with their own backstories, which vary from one another. What’s more, the finest thing is. You have the option of deciding whether or not to include these terrifying creatures in your haunted house, as well as creating your own narrative for them. With these animatronics in each or every room of your haunted house, you won’t have to be concerned about your guests finding your haunted house to be a little lacking (and you won’t have to pay your family members to leap out and frighten people every time!) when you set up your haunted house.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in jump scares, try using an animatronic that has been motion or sound suppressed.

Alternatively, you may have one of our “bump ‘n go” animatronics prowl about any room of your house, or along a long and gloomy corridor.

We have everything from frightening skeletons to twisted clowns and scary scarecrows to horrifying zombies in our extensive collection of Halloween animatronics. This ensures that you will discover the appropriate figures for your haunted house.

Halloween Props

Everyone knows that the scariest scenarios are those that pay close attention to the smallest details, and you, too, can add just the right amount of detail to your haunted home when you buy for Halloween props at Spirit Halloween Store! Spirit’s huge assortment of Halloween accessories includes anything from skulls and ghosts to insects and rodents, so you may create any spooky scenario you choose. Why not hang one of our hanging props from the ceiling and watch people’s faces light up with fright as they glance up toward the sky?

With so many terrifying Halloween decorations to pick from, you’re bound to find something you like here at Spirit Costumes!

You could decorate your doorstep with skeletons and zombies, and you could even put up a few placards to warn them of the horrors that await them inside.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to haunt your house; no haunting would be complete without the magical touch provided by Halloween items from Spirit Halloween!

Halloween Outdoor Décor

Who says all of the spooky fun needs to take place inside the house? Shop Spirit Halloween for the most terrifying outdoor Halloween décor available, and you’ll have all of your neighbors screaming every time they pass by your house! With any of our Halloween tombstones, you may create a frightening graveyard straight out of your dreams, or you can have skeletons and zombies burst forth from their graves. Set up graveyard scenes (maybe with some prop body pieces protruding from the ground!) and you’ll have all of your visitors scurrying closer to discover what horrors are in store.

Whether you want to section off a section of your lawn or you want to make the entire yard absolutely terrifying, our selection of outside Halloween decorations will have any outdoor area looking Halloween-ready in no time.

Have your graveyard in the backyard or out to the side, and let one of our life-sized inflatable decorations be the star of the show instead!

Adding a colorful doormat or decorating your doorstep with gargoyles may complete your design and turn your home into a frightful setting that any Halloween enthusiast is sure to appreciate.

And no matter how you choose to dress up your yard for Halloween, Spirit has a broad variety of options that are appropriate for any and all of your outdoor Halloween decorating needs.

Halloween Lights

Not every Halloween needs to be gloomy and gloomy at all! Our large assortment of Halloween lights will help you to illuminate the night with style! Make your house glow in a ghostly green or a terrifying orange—or just contribute to the gloomy ambiance by using any hue you want—with these Halloween lighting ideas. You may use string lights to decorate your home and illuminate the night for a frightfully exciting Halloween party that everyone is sure to remember. Alternatively, if you want to demonstrate your own terrifying abilities, you may use a spotlight to illuminate any of your most terrifying scenarios.

Alternatively, if you want to draw attention to your house, why not adorn your porch with Halloween lights?

So whether you’re looking for a few light-up decorations or want to go all out with a Halloween light display, Spirit has all you need to make your Halloween as dazzling or as creepy as you desire.

You should knock on the door before entering!

Fog Machines

Is there a more effective technique to create a creepy atmosphere than by utilizing a really outstanding fog machine? With one of our fog generators from Spirit Halloween, you can create the creepy atmosphere of your dreams! Create your own magic with the fog that comes out of a giant witch’s cauldron, or create the atmosphere for any zombie-infested graveyard with a large witch’s cauldron. Make the scenario even more lifelike by using one of our low-lying fog generators, which are simpler to keep out of sight and which enhance the convincingness of the fog illusion.

Only you will be able to tell for sure!

Bring in a few bottles of fog machine fluid to ensure you have enough to last you until Halloween.

Spirit Halloween is here to make sure that your Halloween is as foggy as ever, whether that means offering a large range of new and better fog machines or assisting you in ensuring that your present fog machine lasts for years to come.

Halloween Window and Wall Décor

When you purchase at Spirit, you may adorn every inch of your house, from the windows to the walls. This Halloween, we have a large range of window and wall decorations that will have your home crawling with frights. Hang some gothic portraits and a skull fireplace wall cling on the walls of your home if you want to create a traditional haunting atmosphere. All it takes is some creepy music and possibly a pop-up coffin to make all of your guests feel like they’ve strayed back in time, or even worse, into a vampire’s lair!

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After all, you could want to give your haunted house a more contemporary feel rather than the traditional vampire palace.

Another scenario is when you see a bloody hand coming out of your toilet bowl.

Is that a skeleton sitting on the toilet seat? You should knock on the door before entering!

Halloween Party Supplies

The only thing better than a Halloween party is one that is filled with SCARES! In the event that you’re planning the most spooky bash of the year, you already know that stopping by Spirit is a must in order to get the best Halloween party supplies available. When you shop our wide selection of tableware, which includes styles such as our spider web tablecloth and skeleton table runner, you can display your delicious Halloween treats in style. You’ll be sure to create a perfectly haunted setting if you set the table with matching place mats and use gothic-style candles to complete the look.

And why limit yourself to just the tables?

We truly have everything you could possibly need in the world of Halloween party supplies.

Alternatively, you could prepare the gothic dinner of your dreams and have everyone raise a glass of champagne in a skull goblet; after all, it is Halloween, and is there ever a better time to toast to good times and bad?

Halloween Home Décor

When it comes decorating your house, everyone knows that what’s on the inside counts the most—which is why Spirit has an incredible assortment of indoor Halloween decorations to choose from! In little time at all, you can convert your home into a spooktacular experience, using anything from classic haunted house decorations to themes from your favorite movies such as Trick ‘r Treat, Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Our new Halloween home décor accessories will assist you to be more festive this year, including a Tarot glass crystal ball, scarecrow door knocker, and Hocus Pocus spoon rest, among other things.

  1. Our new Beetlejuice décor allows you to decorate your entire home to commemorate the release of the classic film, from hanging an It’s Showtime sign to utilizing a sandworm candle holder to lighting your home.
  2. So get your spider webs up and your pumpkins ready to go because there will be plenty of Halloween house decorations and scary fun to go around this year!
  3. As for the greatest Halloween party decorating ideas in 2022, go no further than our article.
  4. Every one of your visitors will be convinced that a ghost or monster lurks around every corner thanks to our haunted home decorations and our exciting themes will allow you to coordinate everything perfectly.
  5. Halloween is a year-round celebration at Spirit—and it doesn’t have to be the same way for you!
  6. Furthermore, whether or not the decorations are left up throughout the year is entirely up to you!

We’re here to help you in any way we can. By clicking on the “Help” button above or by phoning our Customer Service Department at 866-586-0155, you may get in touch with us.

The 6 best places to buy Halloween decorations — scary and cute decor for indoors and outdoors

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Lowe’s and Home Depot If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, Insider may get a commission.

  • Find the finest locations to buy Halloween decorations in a variety of designs and price ranges here. Stores such as Home Depot, Target, and Michael’s provide imaginative Halloween decorations for both indoor and outdoor use.

Something is in the process of loading. Seasonal decorations such as pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, and other spine-chilling figures are now available to decorate your house for the Halloween holiday season. We’ve compiled a list of the finest locations to buy Halloween decorations to accommodate all of the varied types and approaches to decorating for the holiday. If you want lovely and non-scary decorations for Halloween and Day of the Dead, Target, Michael’s, and World Marketall have gorgeous decorations for you to choose from.

Listed below are the six greatest spots to put up Halloween decorations this year:


Michael’s Whether you’re looking for frightening or charming Halloween decorations for inside or outdoors, Michael’s offers a vast selection to choose from. In addition, you may find decorations at a reasonable price.

World Market

World Market is a term that refers to a collection of products that are sold all over the world in markets such as the United States, Europe, and Asia. Decor for Halloween and Day of the Dead may be found at World Market in a tasteful manner. If you’re searching for unscented pillar candles to go with an eerie candle holder, World Market has a wide selection of sizes to choose from.


Online retailers like as Amazon provide hundreds of spooky indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations that can be delivered to your door in as little as a few of days.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a home furnishings retailer. Pottery Barn provides charming Halloween decorations that will make your kitchen or living room appear a little less spooky during Halloween season. Anna Popp is a fellow in the Home and Kitchen. Anna is a colleague on the Insider Reviews team who focuses on the home and kitchen. She recently received her bachelor’s degree from Seattle University, where she studied journalism as well as French. Previously, Anna worked as an editor and writer for the student newspaper at her university, and her work has appeared in the Seattle Times.

You may find Anna curating her next home décor project or organising themed get-togethers with her pals when she is not at work.

Learn more about the process through which we investigate and evaluate home items. More: Features Insider Picksproduct cardIP (Insider Picks) Roundup It denotes the presence of an expanding section or menu, as well as the presence of previous and next navigation choices.

The 12 Best Stores for Halloween Decorations for Your Home, Yard, and More

Before you start freaking out, have a look at our list of the best locations to buy Halloween decorations this year. (As an added bonus, they all allow you to buy your décor essentials online.) Each product that we showcase has been picked and vetted by our editorial staff after being thoroughly researched and tested. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a commission. ‘ Halloween is almost here, which means it’s time to watch Hocus Pocus (and other Halloween movies on Netflix), have costume parties, and tons of candy.

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Increased availability of Halloween decorations that may be smoothly integrated into your home’s style without being overly corny is a trend in the industry.

Boutique are two of our favorite sites to buy Halloween decorations this year, but there are a plethora of other places to shop for Halloween supplies, decorations, and more.

Best of all, these Halloween retailers provide online shopping (and some even offer curbside pickup), allowing you to purchase whenever and however you want to prepare for the spookiest season of the year.

The best stores for Halloween decorations

Among its many advantages are: Is there anything you can’t acquire atAmazon.com? You undoubtedly already shop here for sweets, but you can also get costumes and Halloween decorations, which will be delivered directly to your house. The benefit of utilizing Amazon as your go-to Halloween store is that you’ll be able to locate everything you need: costumes, decorations, and more. Naturally, it has traditional Halloween decorations, but if you’re willing to do a little research, you can also find unique decorations from smaller, more obscure vendors to really take your Halloween decorating to the next level, which is especially important if you want your yard to be extremely frightening.


What makes it great: CrateBarrel has a particular style, and it takes that characteristic casual elegance to their Halloween decorations, as well as to other holiday decorations. You’ll find plenty of geometric yard décor, as well as sophisticated inside garlands and candle holders that complement your existing decor rather of clashing with it—as well as doormats, table linens, and dishware that can spook-ify any Halloween dinner you prepare.


What makes it great: If you’re looking for Halloween decorations that are handmade (or created in limited quantities), Etsy is the place to go. You’ll find lots of frightening (and sweet) decorations handcrafted with love in this collection, whether you’re searching for fall pumpkins or a warm and welcome door wreath for your front entrance.

It is possible to discover almost anything you desire on the Etsy online marketplace because of the large number of sellers and companies available.

4Grandin Road

What makes it great: Grandin Roadis the greatest place for Halloween decorations if you want to go all out this October without spending a fortune on making your home utterly frightful. What makes it great: Some of its offerings are certainly creepy, but they aren’t on the level of a typical house of horror—though it does have a fantastic variety of large-scale Halloween decorations to deck out your yard and porch.


What makes it special:Hayneedleoffers household essentials at a reasonable price all year long—as well as reasonable delivery or shipping costs—including throughout the fall and Halloween seasons, which makes it particularly appealing. Everything from wall art to throw pillows to yard décor can be found in classic shapes and hues here, including wall art, toss pillows and yard decor. Neither the most frightening nor the most innovative of the Halloween decorations available will be found at Hayneedle, but neither will it be the most expected, making it the ideal place to shop for Halloween decorations for those who only want to decorate a small portion of their home for Halloween without making it a month-long project.


What makes it great:is Kirkland’s the place to go if you want prettier Halloween decorations. This Halloween business specializes in lovely outside porch décor, interior ghost patterns, charming throw pillows, and other fun items for the season. It offers a conventional Halloween collection, complete with traditional Halloween pictures and sayings, all at a reasonable price.


Specifically, Michaels is the greatest Halloween store if you plan on doing some Halloween crafts this year. Known for its colorful selection of conventional Halloween decorations (such as skull statuettes and faux gravestones for the yard), Michaels also has a large selection of supplies and equipment for building your own Halloween decorations. Michaels is a well-known craft store (or eveneasy Halloween costumes). It includes everything you need to make your own Halloween decorations, from DIY pumpkins to stencils to crafting kits, so you can be creative with your decorations.

8Oriental Trading

Specifically, if you’re planning a Halloween celebration with children this year, Oriental Tradingis the place to search for kid-friendly Halloween decorations, feasible crafts, equipment for properly dispensing candy, and other related items. (It even offers Halloween masks for the occasion.) Oriental Trading is particularly useful if you’re buying for a group or a class, as many of the things are available in large quantities.

9Pottery Barn

What makes it so special: In part because of its preppy, polished, and more conventional style, Pottery Barn has earned the title of “cult favorite.” All of PB’s Halloween decorations have the same sophisticated and high-quality look, with lots of dark colors and matte metals and wood finishes—though in typical PB fashion, it includes some elevated surprises, such as an askeleton punch bowl, that will impress everyone and anyone when it’s brought out.

Here, you’ll find lots of skeleton, ghost, spider, and bat themes on glasses, serving dishes, and other items for your Halloween celebration.


What makes it so special: Target’s annual Hyde and Eek! campaign. Halloween costumes, decorations, sweets, and other Halloween needs may be found in the Target Halloween boutique (while you’re shopping for other Target staples). Target provides drive-up pick-up for online orders as well as delivery, allowing you to receive your Halloween needs in whatever way works best for you. Buy inexpensive, on-trend Halloween decorations and costumes from this store, albeit they may not be as long-lasting as more expensive items.

11Williams Sonoma

What makes it so special: This year’s Halloween celebrations will be more refined, with a focus on food first. You’ll find everything you need for making Halloween-themed cookies, as well as equipment for preparing a Halloween feast, as well as Halloween decorations for your kitchen and dining area. Some of the decorations are a little cheesy (it is, after all, Halloween), but it is high-quality items that you will use year after year.

12World Market

What makes it great: If you shop at World Market on a regular basis, you definitely have some of the greatest decor and home furnishings in the area. World Market is an excellent site to purchase for Halloween decorations since it offers a unique and varied selection of serving utensils, wall décor, and other items. When it comes to finding Halloween decorations that no one else will have, here is where you should search.

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Halloween Decorations at Lowes.com

As soon as the spookiest time of the year arrives, Lowe’s is your one-stop Halloween shop, stocked with everything you need to turn your house into a haunted house. We provide a large selection of Halloween house decorations for both indoor and outdoor use.

Indoor Décor

Are you throwing a Halloween party? We have a variety of Halloween party decorations that are guaranteed to create a lasting impact on your friends and family. Whether you’re searching for a table runner or ghost or pumpkin miniatures to display on the mantel, we have everything you need to create the perfect ambiance. Other interior Halloween decorations and Halloween accessories, such as Halloween candles, pumpkin carving equipment, fog machines, and lighting, can help to make the evening unique.

Whether you’re throwing a party, attending one, or simply passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, Lowe’s has the Halloween costumes and Halloween makeup you need to look your best.

Outdoor Décor

Classic outdoor Halloween decorations, such as tombstones to transform your front yard into a spine-tingling graveyard, spiderwebs to drape across your porch, and Halloween wreaths to style up your front door, can help you create a spooky show on the exterior of your home. Lighting up the house for Halloween creates an eerie atmosphere, and Halloween signs are ideal for greeting guests and trick or treaters. Need something extra to make your décor visions into reality? Look no further. Leave a statement with larger-scale décor, such as Halloween blowups, to make a lasting impression.

Want to increase the ante on the fear factor?

Whatever your taste, from sweet to eerie, we have everything you need to be the finest haunted house on the street.

Once the season is passed, be sure to check out our Halloween clearance section. You never know what frightfully fantastic bargains you’ll come upon on great products to use in the coming months.

Largest Selection of Halloween decorations and props are at Halloween Express

It is becoming increasingly trendy to decorate your yard or home for Halloween, and it is a significant element of the event itself. Every type of Halloween decoration and prop is available from eerie Halloween home décor to commercial-grade Halloween decorations and props at Halloween Express. Halloween decorations may transform your yard into a ghastly graveyard, a terrifying cemetery, or an evil yard haunt, depending on your preferences. Even if you choose a different decoration concept, no haunted house or yard is complete without the use of a fog machine and a scary music.

  1. Turning your yard into a landscape of fear will give your neighbors something to talk about.
  2. When the sun goes down on Halloween night, Celtic legend believes the souls of the dead come back to life and roam freely among the living.
  3. The holiday of Halloween transforms regular people into seekers of the dark and the unknown.
  4. Cemeteries at night, horror flicks throughout the day, and one of the most popular and oldest Halloween traditions still in existence – the haunted home – round out the festivities.
  5. When constructing your own haunted home, you’ll need some stunning animated special effect items that will be sure to frighten your guests in order to achieve these terrifying and distressing effects.
  6. If a haunted home is done right, its visitors should be terrified, shocked, and disoriented before laughing at their own concerns as they escape.
  7. Indoor and outdoor decoration are activities that the entire family may participate in.
  8. In addition to having the greatest assortment of Halloween costumes available anywhere, we also offer one of the most extensive collections of Halloween decorations, props, and accessories available anywhere online.

And if you’re interested in learning more about the origins and history of Halloween props, as well as specifics on the many sorts of modern-day props, we recommend reading our post on Everything You Wanted to Know About Halloween Props. Wishing you a Happy Haunting!

Grandin Road: Home Décor

It’s becoming increasingly fashionable to decorate your yard or home for Halloween, and it’s a huge part of the holiday experience in general. Every type of Halloween decoration and prop is available from creepy Halloween home décor to professional-grade Halloween decorations and props at Halloween Express. Halloween decorations may transform your yard into a ghastly graveyard, a terrifying cemetery, or an evil yard haunt, depending on what you choose. No matter what your décor theme is, no haunted house or yard is complete without the addition of special effects such as a fog machine and a scary music.

  • Turning your yard into a landscape of fear will give your neighbors something to talk about!
  • During Halloween night, according to Celtic legend, the souls of the dead resurrected and walked among the living.
  • The holiday of Halloween transforms regular people into seekers of the dark and the unknown.
  • Visiting graveyards at night, watching horror flicks by day, and participating in one of the most popular and oldest Halloween rituals to this day – visiting a haunted home!
  • You’ll need some incredible animated special effect accessories to produce these terrifying and distressing effects while constructing your own haunted home, and they’ll be sure to terrify your guests!
  • If a haunted home is done right, its visitors should be terrified, shocked, and disoriented before laughing at their own worries as they escape.
  • We have everything you need to decorate for Halloween, whether you want something ghastly and nasty or something more family friendly with eerie skeletons and cheerful jack-o-lanterns.

You may also read our post on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Halloween Props for additional information on the origins and history of Halloween props, as well as more specifics on the varieties of modern-day props. Best of luck with your Haunting adventures.

Halloween Decorations You’ll Love in 2022

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