When Does Home Depot Get Halloween Decorations

Here’s When You Can *Finally* Wander The Home Depot Halloween Aisles For Spookiness

It is finally time to start shopping for the next Halloween season, and my Halloween-loving heart could not be happier. I’m in serious need of inflatables to decorate my yard, and I’d want to know when Home Depot will begin stocking their Halloween merchandise in their shops. Sure, I could just purchase anything from the comfort of my own home, but the sight of Home Depot’s Halloween aisle in all its splendor would do wonders for my tired back-to-school brain at this point in time.

When Does Halloween Stuff Hit Home Depot Shelves?

While internet shopping for all things Halloween and harvest-themed is already in full swing, there’s nothing quite like wandering the lumber-scented aisles of Home Depot in quest of the right pumpkin-shaped lawn decoration to complete the experience. The enormous animatronic clown exhibit will frighten the pants off every kid in the area, so I may only pop in for the tools I’ll need to fix my leaking sink, but I’ll definitely stay for the experience. According to a media spokesperson for The Home Depot, buyers can anticipate to see Halloween goods for the year 2021 in stores by the end of August in most locations.

Shop Home Depot Halloween Home Decor Online Now

Almost immediately, the opportunity to go amuck (Amuck! Amuck!) in the Halloween section at Home Depot will present itself. However, if you simply cannot wait, Home Depot’s website has a plethora of tricks and treats to choose from, as well. In preparation for the next Halloween season in 2021, House Depot has assembled an astounding collection of eerie attire for your porch, towering inflatables, and some of the most terrifying home accents you’ve ever seen. Shoppers may find everything they need to have the best Halloween party ever or simply decorate their yards in a fabulously ghoulish manner.

  • However, if you purchase a product after clicking on one of the links in this post, we may gain a share of the transaction.
  • That is exactly what this 10-foot-tall inflatable rendition of the GhostbustersStay Puft Marshmallow Manfrom Home Depot may turn out to be.
  • From tabletop décor such as candle holders, lanterns, and succulents to Halloween window decorations and doormats that can be used both inside and outside, there is something for everyone.
  • The possibilities are endless when it comes to Halloween décor, whether you want eerie decorations to scare your friends or joyful pumpkin-themed items to please your children.

Take advantage of the spookiest season of the year and deck out your house with everything that The Home Depot has to offer this fall before the season ends. The stuff of Halloween fantasies (and nightmares) comes to life in this terrifying scene.

Home Depot Halloween 2021

We all have the right to express our thoughts. I enjoy all of the businesses that have Halloween merchandise. I got the big Skeleton from HD last year, as well as two of the little gargoyle sculptures, but that was the extent of my purchases. Even though I kept going back, there was nothing else there that compelled me to purchase it, and my Halloween budget is basically limitless. I can recall the following Spirit figures that I purchased, either in-store or online: The Hauntress, Flesh-Eating Zombie, Harvester of Souls, Man’s Best Friend, Krampus, Lord Dhak, Phil and Doug Degrave, and an earlier Sawing Wood, to name a few.

Following Halloween, I made a number of purchases, the most notable of which were four professional-quality 4 foot flame lights, which cost a total of $100 dollars.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten about some of my previous purchases.

Despite the fact that I much love HD’s Halloween offerings, they are not quite as nice as Spirit, let alone a whole lot better.

Home Depot says it sold out of an early drop of Halloween decor almost immediately

On August 18, 2020, a Home Depot shop may be spotted in downtown Washington, DC. Photographs by NICHOLAS KAMM for AFP and Getty Images Home Depot announced Tuesday that it swiftly sold out of an early release of Halloween supplies, sending a hint that shoppers will be eager to decorate their houses this fall and winter, according to the company. Earlier this month, the home improvement company provided internet buyers with a sneak peek at their Halloween merchandise, and everything sold out “nearly instantly.” “That’s a really strong indicator that consumers are still going to participate in decorating,” management said during a conference call with analysts on Tuesday.

Home Depot had its most successful Halloween event to date last year, with supply of a 12-foot skeleton selling out before the month of October began.

Many people considered Christmas decoration to be a pleasant way to enjoy the season.

Covid-19 instances have been increasing as a result of the raging delta form, which has been particularly prevalent in places with low immunization rates.

Following Home Depot’s fiscal second-quarter same-store sales that fell short of Wall Street projections, the retailer’s stock dropped more than 5 percent in Tuesday morning trading. Because of the pandemic, Home Depot said its prognosis for the year is still unknown at this time.

Home Depot Reveals New 2021 Animatronics and Inflatables

The Halloween reveal season is in full swing, and it’s starting earlier than ever this year, thanks to Home Depot, which has just unveiled their largest ever lineup of new animatronics and inflatables for 2021, all of which are available to order online right now. Home Depot’s largest ever lineup of new animatronics and inflatables for 2021 is available to order online right now. After Spirit Halloween unveiled ten of their 2021 animatronics and made nine of them available for pre-order online, Home Depot updated their official website with a bevy of new Halloween products, including a new 12-foot pumpkin skeleton, which is also available to order online starting today.

Having gone viral last year thanks to some extremely creative and amusing uses of it in numerous photos posted online, Home Depot’s hottest item for 2021 has to be the companion12-foot Giant Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton, which features “LifeEyes” LCD animated eyes, a glowing chest and mouth illuminated by adapter power, posable arms, and towers over your front yard, among other features.

  1. He’s available in two colors: black and white.
  2. The original 2020 12-foot Giant Skeleton, which also included “LifeEyes” LCD moving eyes, is returning for a second year in 2021 as well.
  3. Holiday merchant Lance Allen of Home Depot recently shared his thoughts on putting the two huge skeletons to life on the Home Depot website, in which he also revealed his personal enthusiasm for Halloween decoration.
  4. A big skeleton concept was initially developed by Lance and his team in 2019, according to the official website of the project.
  5. Instead of designing a single piece of décor, they intended to provide clients with a full-sized, free-standing, and entirely poseable skeleton that could be displayed anywhere.
  6. The original plan was to aim for 10 feet, but we decided to aim for the moon and design it to be 12 feet tall.
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According to the manufacturer, “This year’s 12-foot Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton is the king of our Rotten Patch collection, which was inspired by Midwest farms and given a spooky twist.” Both skeletons are constructed using LifeEyesTM technology, which was developed in-house and is used in animated figures to display LCD panels.

In addition to the unearthly illumination created by the LED lantern, the rowing motions give the impression that Death is slowly rushing toward you.

You can get it for $399 by visiting this link.

LED Dark Angelanimatronic, which features LEDs that emit a creepy glow to create a spine-chillingly spooky atmosphere, while a jeweled sword warns your friends and family to keep their backs turned, and flapping wings work in conjunction with the turning head to terrify and torture the audience members.

  • 5.5 ft.
  • In addition to frightening your visitors, the changing masks create a bewildering ambiance in which nothing appears to be quite as it ought to be.
  • The motion sensor on this Three-Faced Jester of the Underworld animatronic figure will be activated when you go close enough to it, which will fill your home with the sounds of screams and eerie utterances.
  • Scarecrow with Animatronics, 6 ft.
  • In addition to casting a ghoulish glare upon terrified onlookers, the terrifying noises signal an imminent onslaught of dread on the public.
  • With a height of 6 feet, this Inferno Scarecrow animated figure dominates your Halloween display with a terrifying presence that will have your guests on the edge of their seats night after night of shocks and screams.
  • Pumpkin Twins Animatronics, 3 ft.

Two pairs of piercing red LED eyeballs peer out from behind a corner to give your guests an unsettling atmosphere, while the moving mouths utter surprising statements that will send your pals screaming for their lives in fear of being caught.

$79.98 –Place an order here on the website.

Take a step forward.

inflatable is actually real.

Approximately 20 feet in height, it will be the dominant feature of your Halloween show.

It’s so quick and simple to set up that you’ll think it’s a trick, but it’s genuinely a delight.

Then all you have to do is unpack it, plug it in, and stake it down, and you’ll be set for some spooky fun all throughout the Fall!

With Haunted Hill Farm, your home will be the most terrifying place on the street.

Furthermore, there are many more items that are not included in this post, but which you can see in our special HDN Live Discussion and Breakdown of HOME DEPOT’s new 2021 Halloween animatronics and inflatables, which you can see below: All of these animatronics, as well as many other new Halloween goods from Home Depot for 2021, are available for purchase here.

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Spookiest Halloween Decorations at The Home Depot

Every editorial product is chosen on its own merits, while we may be compensated or earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something after clicking on one of our affiliate links. As of the time of writing, the ratings and pricing are correct, and all goods are in stock. 2/9

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Over the course of the previous year, the 12-foot skeleton from The Home Depot became the subject of widespread fascination, prompting the creation of a viral hash tag, Facebook groups, and celebrity posts. Unfortunately, that particular skeleton has already been sold! However, you may use this animated Inferno Reaper to assist fill the vacuum left by your enormous skeleton. He may not appear to be as large as he appears to be at seven feet tall. The integrated LEDs in the chest and eye cavities, motion driven speech phrases, and lifelike head tilts and rotations will, nonetheless, wow your guests.


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Create a warm and inviting pumpkin patch in your yard or porch with this set of three jack-o-lanterns, each of which is illuminated by 50 LED lights. Each item is made of a robust wire frame that has been wrapped in soft fabric to give it a lovely and fuzzy appearance. You may display them both indoors and outdoors, but the maker recommended that you keep them under a roof or an overhang to protect them from the elements. Now is the time to shop. 4/9

via homedepot.com

Are you prepared to completely frighten your guests? Don’t be fooled by the modest size of this eerie reveal doll (which is brand new this year!). She already appears to be rather frightening, but when triggered by action, her suddenly revealed white cracked face and bright red eyes provide a startling surprise to all who see her. AA batteries are required for the doll’s operation, which is simple to set up.Buy Now5/9

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Because of its photorealistic design, this inflatable skeleton with a tombstone adds a new twist to the traditional Halloween inflatables. Passersby will be put on notice that your yard is particularly sinister with this 10-foot inflatable looming over them. A self-inflating setup is simple, and it comes with stakes to keep it firmly in place as well as energy-efficient LEDs to give it an eerie glow at night. Now is the time to shop. 6/9

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via homedepot.com

If your Halloween style is more adorable than scary, you’ll like this cheerful white ghost yard decoration, which is illuminated by 40 LED lights. Set on a spring, the ghost sways and moves, creating the illusion of a genuine ghost floating in the air. Because of its weather-resistant structure, this ghost can remain on the prowl rain or shine. Boo! Now is the time to shop. 7/9

via homedepot.com

With this creepyjack in the box Halloween prop, you may prey on the fears of your friends and neighbors who are afraid of clowns. Besides having LED eyes that shine with an evil glare, the motion-activated design features a moving mouth that says eerie words and a tilting motion from left to right.

Assembly is expected to take 30 minutes (it is not as straightforward as some other designs), and you will need a plug to power it.Buy Now8/9/2012

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Check out this three-foot fuzzy spider with crimson eyes if you’re looking for spooky Halloween decor on a budget. Legs can be bent and placed in various ways to best suit the situation, such as crawling up the wall of the living room or creeping around the corner into the doorway of the house. This fuzzy companion will delight both children and adults with his terrifying antics. Now is the time to shop. 9/9

via homedepot.com

It transforms your yard into an unwelcome forest with its inflatable black trunk and light-up green face, which is included. This frightfully tall 12-foot display, complete with flashing micro LED lights and luminous green hands, is both entertaining and frightening. Plug it in for quick and easy self-inflation, and secure it in place with the stakes and tethers that are supplied. Now is the time to shop. Original publication date: September 10, 2021

See How The Home Depot Topped Last Year’s 12-Foot Skeleton Halloween Decoration

1 out of 11 A 12-foot skeleton display, commonly known as Skelly, was unveiled by The Home Depot in 2020, and it quickly became a global phenomenon, causing hashtags such as giantskeleton on Instagram and 12ftskeleton on TikTok to be created in its honor. What happened to make a bag of bones such a huge deal in the first place? With some insight into Skelly’s social media success, as well as an early peak at some of the retailer’s Halloween 2021 goods, Lance Allen, decorative holiday merchant at The Home Depot, joins us.

(You may have to wait a while to get your hands on a Skelly, however: The large skeleton generally sells out as soon as it is refilled, so order early to avoid disappointment.

12-ft. Giant-Sized Skeleton

2 out of 11 The 12-foot Giant Skeleton from The Home Depot was the catalyst for the company’s viral Halloween success, and it will be returning in 2021. According to Allen, the $299 molded plastic and steel product was a huge success because “we felt we had produced one of the finest Halloween things of all time.” We just had no notion that we were doing it at a time when people would be most in need of it.” The author continues, “It made everyone’s face light up, whether they were in their own yard, next to someone else’s, or were watching it on the internet as part of a meme.” Everybody could just say, “Take that, COVID; we’re going to celebrate Halloween this year.and then every other holiday,” and that was the point of it all.

Homeowners will be able to plug in this year’s skeleton directly into an electrical outlet thanks to the inclusion of an adaptor (available atThe Home Depot).

12-ft. Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton

3 out of 11 This year’s Christmas selection includes a new 12-foot skeleton, which is a first for the company. ‘This year’s 12-foot Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton is the king of our Rotten Patch collection,’ says Allen, who also discusses the idea behind the new addition.

“This collection was inspired by Midwest fields and orchards, but with a ghostly twist,” says the designer. If you already own the original version of Skelly, this one is a fantastic companion for him to play with (available atThe Home Depot). homedepot.com

Witch Costume Kit for 12-ft. Skeleton

4 /11Fans of the 12-foot skeleton will love this costume set, which is just the right size to suit Skelly the skeleton himself. We noticed that once Skelly went popular, people began dressing it up for other occasions, like Christmas and Easter, and we knew we wanted to help our clients so they wouldn’t have to worry about finding large enough clothing for their huge skeleton,” Allen explained. The outfit comes with a witch’s hat as well as a purple cape, all of which are lightweight and easy to put on and take off as needed (available atThe Home Depot).

Halloween Decorative Bone Throne

5 out of 11 The Bone Throne, which is constructed of molded plastic with a bronze finish, is a wonderful addition to any indoor or outdoor Halloween décor. Even though it’s 5 feet tall and built to endure the outdoors, it can also be utilized indoors to create a spooky haunted home atmosphere. A soft seat cushion with a blood-red cover is provided, making this eerie seat both comfy and bone-chillingly realistic in its portrayal of the supernatural (available atThe Home Depot). homedepot.com

Animated Halloween Skeleton Wolf

6th of November The Animated Halloween Skeleton from The Home Depot Wolf is equipped with LED eyes that illuminate red and are animated to move and make noise when the wolf is approached. Its head tilts up, and it lets out a blood-curdling scream that is sure to frighten the living daylights out of trick or treaters. It’s best utilized inside, and with a height of 2.5 feet, it’s an excellent tabletop accent piece (available atThe Home Depot). homedepot.com

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Coco Miguel Disney Halloween Inflatable

7th of November Not all Halloween decorations must be frightening in nature. This 6.5-foot inflatable depicts Miguel from Disney’s Coco, who is clutching his guitar and joined by his dog, Dante, in a playful setting. A self-inflating design allows for convenient storage, and it deflates for transport. The ornament connects to a power outlet and illuminates to direct trick-or-treaters to their destinations (available atThe Home Depot). homedepot.com

Giant-Sized Animated Ferry of the Dead

8 out of 11 Take a one-way trip to the underworld on the frightening, 8-foot-long Ferry of the Dead, which will take you straight to hell. A leisurely rowing motion propels the Grim Reaper’s boat across the hereafter, carrying his skeletal passengers. The animatronic is equipped with a sound sensor that activates motion and frightening sounds, assuring that your guests will be horrified as they pass by the machine (available atThe Home Depot).

Queen of the Underworld

the number nine and eleven This Queen of the Underworld statue, which is bigger than life, commands a frightening presence as part of your outdoor Halloween decorations. The 6-foot-tall inflatable is equipped with infrared motion-sensing capabilities and can detect people from a distance, twisting its head and yelling demands their compliance. The creature’s luminous eyes and scepter only serve to heighten the sense of foreboding (available atThe Home Depot). homedepot.com

LED Purple Willow Tree

ten and eleven Choosing a 7-foot LED Willow Tree for your Halloween décor is a great choice if your Halloween style is more quietly scary than downright horrific.

In addition to having 600 purple-hued lights and a solid metal frame, it is entirely waterproof so it can be used both indoors and outside, as well as during the harsher winter months (available atThe Home Depot). homedepot.com

Animated Spider with Big Eyeballs

11/11Equal portions are used. This 4-foot Animated Spider is both amusing and frightening, and it makes for a not-too-scary, kid-friendly décor. This hairy spider, which comes equipped with LED lights and large luminous eyeballs that spin and follow you everywhere you go, provides a playful accent to any lawn or garden decor. A weather-resistant aluminum frame supports the whole structure (available atThe Home Depot). homedepot.com

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I made Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton. My job is being a professional Halloween geek — here’s what it’s like.

  • As the decorative holiday merchant at Home Depot, Lance Allen is in charge of all holiday decorations for the firm, including some of the company’s most popular viral goods. According to Insider’s Heather Schlitz, this is what his day-to-day duties are like:

At Home Depot, Lance Allen works as the decorative holiday merchant; he is in charge of all seasonal decorations for the firm, including some of its most popular viral goods. According to Insider’s Heather Schlitz, this is what his work is like:

The fact that we wanted something 12 feet high was scaring everybody

For the 12-foot skeleton, we went to a trade expo and looked at several pieces, attempting to decide which ones we liked the most. We came upon a huge torso, which was a pretty remarkable object that drew everyone’s attention. It was incredibly pricey. After several iterations, our team decided that we wanted to construct a whole skeleton that was enormous while yet keeping the price low enough that people could buy it. A behind-the-scenes look at the 12-foot-tall skeletons that stand outside Home Depot.

  • The majority of people tried to talk us down and convince us to settle for something 10 feet or shorter, but we insisted on something so enormous that it would be the height of two adult men standing on top of each other.
  • A significant amount of engineering was required for the skeleton.
  • The most significant concern was whether or not it would fit into a conventional pallet.
  • It’s an indication that the product is enjoyable when everyone is having a good time with it.

You never know where inspiration will come from

The next summer, I took my family on a vacation to Maine where we walked through many cemeteries together looking for the greatest gravestones so that we could include those objects into our design. This year’s tombstones were incredible, and they accurately replicated what you’d see in a cemetery, allowing anyone to make their own reproductions at home if they so want. The two 12-foot-tall skeletons on display at Home Depot. Lowe’s and Home Depot I also visit haunted places for inspiration, and I may visit several haunted houses in a single weekend if I have the time.

I enjoy repurposing scenes from old films that audiences never tire of seeing again. For Halloween, we watch “Hocus Pocus,” as well as famous slasher films such as “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th,” among other things. I’ve re-watched each of them a minimum of six times.

The neighborhood looks forward to us putting decorations up each year

At my residence, I have both the standard 12-foot skeleton and the pumpkin-head skeleton on display. I’ve got an entire hillside covered with illuminated jack-o’-lanterns, which look fantastic at night, as well as gigantic inflatable ghosts and a graveyard, all of which are free to use. When it comes to the design scene in my home, bigger is better. This year’s Halloween decorations include jack-o’-lanterns from Home Depot, which Allen has adorned his home with. Lowe’s and Home Depot The holidays are a busy time of year for me, with a lot of development work and assessing improvements to a product for the next year, as well as images from manufacturers and technical specifications.

There’s also financial information on how things are performing, and we use the figures to make judgments about what items to develop for the following year.

The element of my work that I dislike the most is having to keep secrets and not being able to inform everyone what’s going to happen.

But I can assure you that no one will be disappointed in 2022.

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