When Does Hobby Lobby Wall Decor Go On Sale

Know When Every Single Hobby Lobby Item Goes on Sale (Including Seasonal Stuff!)

Hobby Lobby is a smart place to shop. Have you ever wondered when the best deals at Hobby Lobby would be available? Since the discontinuation of their popular 40 percent off coupon earlier this year, customers have been asking when they can get the finest Hobby Lobby offers — including seasonal merchandise! For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of Hobby Lobby’s upcoming sales events so you can buy smarter and save even more money the next time you go shopping. Even better, many of their items are available for purchase at all times!

1. You can always scorefurniture on salefor 30% OFF!

Is it time for you to invest in some new furnishings for your home? Shop Hobby Lobby’s section, both in-store and online, where you’ll always get 30% off – no matter what day of the week it is. They feature a wide range of alternatives, ranging from farmhouse-inspired to kid-friendly. Are you unsure about where to begin? Take a look at this supertrendy farmhouse knockoff I discovered that will save you around $1,700!

2. Score tons of differentfabricsalways marked down to 30% OFF every day!

You can get all of your fabric needs at Hobby Lobby if you have a long list of DIY projects to do. That’s because every day of the week, you can find all of their home decor fabrics, fleece, Calico, and even many outdoor fabrics on sale at a discounted price! *Please keep in mind that this might vary depending on your area.

3.Framesphoto albumsare always on sale for 50% OFF!

Are you want to put some of your most treasured family pictures on display or in an album that you can preserve for a lifetime? Whatever day of the week it is, you can take advantage of a fantastic 50 percent discount on all of Hobby Lobby’s frames and picture albums.

4. Findpopular bookson the new Hobby Lobby sale schedule – always 40-50% OFF!

The fact that Hobby Lobby is a terrific place to get new books to read is something many people are unaware of. With Hobby Lobby’s new sale schedule, you can save 40-50 percent on all of their best-selling books, including Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover and Joanna Gaines’ The Magnolia Story. In addition, you can find the same fantastic savings on gift books, children’s books, devotionals, and even bibles!

5. Manybaking suppliesallcake decoratingitems are always 50% OFF at Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby has everything you need to bake at a discount, whether you’re a professional cake designer, want to create the most amazing themed parties every season, or you’ve just run out of sprinkles. Their sale schedule always has every baking necessary reduced down to 50 percent off, allowing you to have your cake and eat it, too.

6.Wood wall decorframed artis 50% OFF every other week.

When you shop at Hobby Lobby, it’s simple to find the ideal wall décor for your home’s interior design. They have hundreds of pieces to pick from, all of them are themed after iconic characters. Purchase these every other week when your retailer is providing them at a 50% discount, and you’ll be set! As an alternative to purchasing art, you can save 50% on any wall clock every other week by shopping at Overstock.com.

7. Hobby Lobby’smirrorsare also 50% OFF every other week.

With a mirror from Hobby Lobby, you can complete any area, including your most recent bathroom renovation!

And, just like their wall decor, you can get a new mirror from their endless collection for half off every other week, which is a great deal!

8. Score all home decor includingthrowspillowsfor 50% OFF every other week!

You can never have too many throw pillows and blankets, so if you’re eager to pick up another one, you won’t feel bad about it if you do so when shopping at Hobby Lobby for a stunning new item to add to your collection! This is due to the fact that you can get these household essentials for 50% off every other week! Additionally, it is a cost-effective way to decorate your home for each holiday or season. Here’s a comprehensive list of everything you can anticipate to find on sale biweekly in the home décor department:

  • Chalkboards
  • Clocks
  • Corkboards
  • Decorative crosses
  • Doormats
  • Dry-erase boards
  • Letters
  • Memo boards
  • Mirror
  • Rugs
  • Shelves
  • Throw blankets
  • Artwork (framed, canvas, adhesive art)
  • Decorative crosses Metalwood is used as a wall decoration.

9. Find your favoritefloralsfaux plantsat 50% OFF every other week with Hobby Lobby’s sale schedule.

It’s no secret that Hobby Lobby has some of the most beautiful imitation bouquets and faux plants in the business. Even better, every other week, you’ll be able to get 50% off all of your favorite items! After all, it won’t be so expensive to decorate that unused corner of your house after all. A complete list of all of the imitation floral plants that will be available for purchase on a bi-weekly basis can be seen here:

  • Fruits and vegetables that aren’t really there
  • Floral stems, shrubs, and bouquets are included. Naturals that have been dried
  • Garlands
  • Trees and plants in pots
  • Swags
  • Teardrops
  • Wreaths

10. Expect to always grab seasonal items on sale.

Fruits and vegetables that are not true to their nature; stems and bushes of flowers; bouquets of flowers; arrangements of flowers Naturals that have been dried. Garlands; Plants in pots that look like trees Swags; Teardrops; Wreaths;

The 2021 Hobby Lobby Sales Calendar

Fake fruits and vegetables; Floral stems, shrubs, and arrangements are all examples of this. Naturals dried in the sun; Garlands; Plants in pots that look like trees; Swags; Teardrops; Wreaths;

Hobby Lobby Weekly Ads

If you’re a dedicated enthusiast, the Hobby Lobby Weekly Ad will provide you with something to look forward to on a regular basis. Spring and summer merchandise, as well as fall décor, are currently on sale for up to 66 percent off the regular price. Because the advertising change every Sunday, if you have a certain coupon in mind that you want to use, be sure to purchase before the next Sunday’s rotation.

Hobby Lobby Year-Round Sales

If you’re a dedicated enthusiast, the Hobby Lobby Weekly Ad will provide you with plenty of opportunities to save money on your favorite items and accessories. Spring and summer merchandise, as well as fall décor, are currently on sale for up to 66 percent off the regular prices. Each week’s advertising are rotated, so if you have a certain coupon that you want to use, be sure you shop before the following Sunday.

  • Home decor: monthly sale with discounts of 50% off
  • Furniture is available at a discount of 30% at all times. Custom framing and photo frames are available at a discount at all times. At all times, there is a 30 percent discount on fabrics. Almost every three weeks, you can save up to 50% on crafts and jewelry-making supplies.

Hobby Lobby Black Friday Specials | Up to 50% Off

When it comes to holiday shopping, Hobby Lobby is a one-stop shop for everything you need. During the Hobby Lobby Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you can save up to 50% on home decorations ranging from mirrors to candles. Christmas trees and holiday lights are also on sale for 50 percent off, just in time to get your home ready for the holidays. What’s even great is that it’s free. Select clearance items are discounted by up to 75%. On Black Friday, Hobby Lobby is a terrific spot to get a jump start on your holiday shopping.

Hobby Lobby HolidaySeasonal Sales

Hobby Lobby’s Christmas goods are a popular choice among crafters and hobbyists. Shopping at the appropriate time and during the proper deals allows you to be prepared to create something festive, such as a nativity scene or gingerbread home, without having to break the bank. During major holidays such as Christmas and Easter, it is common to see many clearance discounts happening at the same time.

Minor holidays such as Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day may only have one huge clearance sale to commemorate them. Here are some discounts to keep an eye out for over the Christmas and seasonal seasons:

Fall Decor 40% off — Mid-July through the end of October 50% off — First two weeks of November 80% off — Last two weeks of November 50% off Tableware — Last two weeks of November
Halloween CraftsDecor 40% off — Last week of September through October
Christmas Decor, TreesCrafts 40% off — Mid-August through the end of October 50% off — November through mid-December 66% off — Last two weeks of December
Christmas Gift Wrap 50% off — Last week of November through the first three weeks of December
New Years Party Decor 40% off — Mid-November through New Year’s Eve 80-90% off — New Year’s Eve through the first week of January
The Spring Shop 40% off — End of December through May 50% off — End of May through mid-June 66% off — Mid-June through the first week in July
Valentine’s Day CraftsDecor 40% off — Mid-January until a few days after Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day CraftsDecor 30% off — Mid-February through March 17 50% off — The week following the holiday
Easter CraftsParty Decor 40% off — Last week of February through April 80% off — The week following the holiday
Summer DecorToys 40% off — February through May 50% off — First two weeks of June 66% off — Mid-June through the first week of July
4th of July CraftsDecor 30% off — June through the day after the holiday

Shop Seasonal Items at Hobby Lobby

Throughout the year, Hobby Lobby offers 30 percent off yarn every other week on a rotating basis. Every color of yarn is covered, however needles and other materials may be exempt from this requirement. More information can be found in the Complete Yarn Buying Guide. Fabric is on sale at Hobby Lobby on a weekly basis. Please refer to the weekly fabric ad for more information, and don’t forget to review our Hobby Lobby Fabric Buying Guide for more information.

More Ways to Save

In-stock items at Hobby Lobby are always changing and inspirational, and you can take advantage of substantial savings at any time of year. The comprehensive Hobby Lobby Savings Guide contains insider secrets and techniques to save money on the things you need to be more creative.

Looking for a Hobby Lobby Coupon? Here are 9 Tips to Save!

Are you looking for the Hobby Lobby 40 percent off coupon? You can get a Hobby Lobby coupon and 9 exclusive tips on how to save money at Hobby Lobby by clicking here.

Looking for a Hobby Lobby Coupon?

I imagine a wonderful afternoon spent strolling around the aisles of Hobby Lobby, daydreaming about new ways to spruce up my home. However, I will have to keep an eye on how much money I spend there! With their Hobby Lobby deals, they always offer such a fantastic selection of home décor goods! When it comes to lovely home decor and super-cute craftiness, chances are you’ve heard of Hobby Lobby. But, do you know all of the finest money-saving tips and strategies to use while you’re there? In this post, we’ll show you nine simple methods to save money at Hobby Lobby that will make your enjoyment of shopping there just a little bit more cheap — whether or not you have a Hobby Lobby coupon handy.

9 Ways to Save at Hobby Lobby

Combining a shop deal with a coupon at Hobby Lobby is the most effective approach to save money. This enables you to receive a fantastic deal and save a lot of money! Right now, you can find a coupon for Hobby Lobby in the Entertainment Book for a limited time. These booklets are jam-packed with coupons for retail outlets and restaurants, so the investment will more than likely pay for itself within a few months! While they no longer have the Hobby Lobby 40 off coupon that they used to have, they still offer regularly reduced things that are 40 – 50% off every week as part of their weekly ad that may be seen here.

What happened to the Hobby Lobby 40 off coupon?

Combining a shop deal with a coupon is the most effective approach to save money at Hobby Lobby. Taking advantage of this allows you to obtain a great deal and save a lot of money! The Entertainment Book now has a coupon for Hobby Lobby, which may be redeemed right away. Considering that these booklets are jam-packed with coupons for retail establishments and eateries, the investment should be recouped rather soon. If you don’t have a coupon for a 40% discount at Hobby Lobby like you used to, they do offer things that are regularly priced 40 – 50% off every week as part of their weekly advertisement.

2. Learn Hobby Lobby’s Sale Schedule.

One of my BEST secret ideas for saving money at Hobby Lobby is to become familiar with the store’s sales calendar. For those of you who were unaware that Hobby Lobby changes its sale products on a regular basis, this will forever alter your shopping habits! A number of items are on sale every three weeks, while others are on sale every four weeks, and a few items are on sale EVERY SINGLE WEEK. (Do you like t-shirts?

(It is always on sale!) It’s important to be aware of both the regular and sale prices so that you don’t overpay for something. However, here are some instances of the sales cycle at Hobby Lobby for the current week. You can see the current Hobby Lobby sale ad here. ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR SALE:

  • Furniture, floral arrangements, T-shirts, trees, plants, some fabric, frames, and posters are among the items available.

Every other week, these items are available for purchase:

  • Fiber Arts: YarnNeedlepoint
  • Craft Kits and Art Supplies
  • Jewelry Kits
  • Floral stems, garlands, trays, baskets and boxes
  • Wreaths
  • Ribbon and Tulle
  • Metal, wood, ceramic and resin decor

Every four weeks, three weeks are devoted to: Every four weeks, three weeks are spent under the following circumstances: Three weeks out of every four:

  • Home decor, paper crafting and stationery, select fabrics, men’s decor, and scrapbooking supplies are all available at this location.

Of course, there are certain things that will never, ever be on sale, and you will not be able to use a Hobby Lobby coupon on them. Candy and cake decorating materials, gift wrap, party supplies, bakeware, and Cricut branded products are among the items available. In addition to seasonal party materials and gift wrap, you will be able to discover them on their CLEARANCE wall. When it comes to party materials, I highly recommend visiting the Dollar Tree because they have plenty of adorable items for only $1!

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3. Look for Clearance After Holidays!

After any holiday, one of my favorite times to shop at Hobby Lobby is right afterward. You’ll discover a plethora of clearance items, and if you wait long enough, they’ll be reduced to 90 percent off! I take advantage of these opportunities to stock up on things for next year’s Holiday season – and then keep them in a tote. Each year, when I open my Christmas tote, I’m pleasantly surprised to find a plethora of festive ribbon and decorating items already inside!

  • After Christmas, Easter, the Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, retailers will discount their merchandise. In addition, as the season draws to a close, look for season-specific products — I enjoy stocking up on adorable pieces for next year! For example, you may get a lot of summer toys near the conclusion of the summer season – even halfway through the summer season, they’re already discounted by 66 percent
  • Right before the holiday, you may find clearance items for up to 50% off
  • After that, the prices will drop to 66 percent, 80 percent, and eventually 90 percent. Keep in mind that the selection will be limited by the time it is reduced to 90 percent off, but that whatever gems you do uncover will be quite inexpensive

4. ScoreOnlineClearance Deals.

If the sale section of your local shop is always completely devoid of merchandise, give the Hobby Lobbyonline clearance section a try! Long after the retailers have finished clearing out their seasonal goods, you may get rock-bottom clearance prices online. It’s the procrastinator’s dream come true! Shipping, on the other hand, is not inexpensive, so wait till Hobby Lobby hosts a free shipping event before going bargain searching online! Sign up for Hobby Lobby’s email list to be the first to know when the Free Shipping events take place (which are normally a couple of times per month).

5. Hobby Lobby Price Matches.

This is a good one to play! Hobby Lobby will price match competitors such as Michael’s or JoAnn’s – but you must follow a few requirements in order to be eligible:

  • It is necessary that the item be an EXACT match. You must have a tangible copy of the competitor’s advertisement in your possession. It is not possible to combine a Hobby Lobby coupon with a price match.

6. ScratchDent = Bigger Discounts.

My favorite kind of find is a good scratch and dent find! If you come across something you want but it has a small scratch on it or is otherwise damaged in any manner, you can ask the cashier to reduce it even more by mentioning it. A typical discount is 10 percent to 15 percent off the item’s regular price, which can result in a great deal!

7. Grab a Raincheck for Sold Out Items.

The practice of asking for a rain check when an item you want is out of stock has become one of my favorite tips that I use in all of my couponing and bargain shopping activities. This is true for Hobby Lobby as well! If anything is on sale but has already been snapped up, simply call customer service, and Hobby Lobby will respect the price on your rain check when the item returns to the store’s shelves.

Additionally, you might be interested to hear that Hobby Lobby locations never keep excess inventory stashed away in the back of the store. Everything they receive is immediately placed on the floor, so what you see is exactly what you get!

8. Hobby Lobby has great prices on poster board.

This one may seem a little out of the ordinary, but I enjoy purchasing poster board at Hobby Lobby! My children are constantly up to some sort of project at school, and while the Dollar Tree offers white poster board on sale for 2/$1 every day, their colorful poster board is just $.69 per sheet. Every few weeks, Hobby Lobby offers all of their poster board (including colored poster board) for 2/$1 (including colored poster board), which is worth keeping an eye out for when you’re there.

9. Will Hobby Lobby Price Adjust? You Bet!

For those who want fabric or décor RIGHT AWAY, at full price, only to discover that it is on sale the next week, hobby lobby is the place to go. Simply bring in your receipt together with the items and you will be eligible for a price adjustment up to 14 days after making your purchase. It’s always wonderful to have some money back in your pocket (please note that this does not applicable to clearance events)! To summarize, the top three methods to save money at Hobby Lobby include the following:

  1. When shopping at Hobby Lobby, use a coupon (get theEntertainment Book Coupon now that the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon is no longer available)
  2. And In the meanwhile, you may wait for sales to cycle around (download the Hobby Lobby app so you can see the sale advertisements quickly)
  3. Visiting the sale aisles at Hobby Lobby to take advantage of large markdowns

Please share your best techniques for saving money at Hobby Lobby– as well as your favorite items to purchase from the store– with me!

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  • Buying at the Dollar Tree: What to Get
  • Makeover of a Goodwill Chair
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14 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Hobby Lobby Sales and Coupons

There are many more ways to save at Hobby Lobby than just using sale ads and coupons, and you may believe you know everything there is to know about how to get the most out of the sales at your local craft store. Here are several Hobby Lobby tips to help you save even more money, ranging from uncovering secret sale schedules to locating the hidden clearance department in the back of the store. Tip: Are you looking for even better deals on craft supplies? Take a look at Michaelstoo to see how you might save money.

There’s a Secret Sales Schedule

There are many more methods to save at Hobby Lobby than just using discount advertisements and coupons, and you may believe you know everything there is to know about making the most of their bargains. Here are some Hobby Lobby hacks to help you save even more money, from discovering hidden sale schedules to discovering the hidden clearance section. Helpful Hint: Are you interested in finding even more great bargains on craft supplies? Visit Michaelstoo to see what you can save.

  • Home décor (at a 50 percent discount), paper crafts (also at a 50 percent discount), and fabric are among the items that go on sale once every four weeks (30 percent off). If you want to save money, look for things that are on sale less frequently than other categories. You don’t want to miss out on these opportunities! Once every three weeks, you’ll find a discount on yarn and needle art (30 percent off), crafts (30 percent off), art materials (40-50 percent off), and jewelry making (50 percent off)
  • And once every six weeks, you’ll discover a deal on jewelry making (50 percent off). There are various things on sale once every two weeks, like flower arrangements (which are 50% off), frames (which are 50% off), paper crafts (which are 50% off), and ribbontrim spools (30 percent discount)
  • Nevertheless, there are some restrictions. Some things are on sale every two to three weeks, depending on the item. Canvases are on sale for 50% off, as are glass beads and hair accessories (also on sale for 50% off). Home décor items such as candles, candleholders, clocks, ceramic, and more (all at 50% off) are on sale every three to four weeks
  • Jewelry (all at 50% off)
  • And clothing (all at 50% off).

Several things are available on a permanent sale basis, including furniture (30 percent off), potted trees and floor plans (30 percent off), frames (50 percent off), T-shirts (30 percent off), and certain fabric (30 percent off).

Buy a Hobby Lobby Gift Card for Less Than the Gift Card Amount

If you go to a website like Raise, you may get Hobby Lobby gift cards for less than the balance on the cards currently have. The folks who are selling these gift cards have decided that they would like to get cash instead, and the result of their decision is that you win.

Each Store Has at Least One Clearance Wall

A piece of the wall in the back or on the sides of the store has been designated for Hobby Lobby’s clearance products, which are now grouped together.

To locate it, take a walk around the outside of your shop. There are things available for purchase at up to 90% discount!

Those Yellow Price Tags Mean Great Deals

The yellow price tags indicate that the item is now on sale. Despite the fact that there will be a large number of items on the discount wall, they will also be spread around the store. Keep an eye out for yellow price tags on the endcaps in particular, but they can also be found in the regular aisles on rare occasions.

Wait for the Home Accent Clearance Sales and Save 50 to 90 Percent

When you see a yellow price tag on an item, it means that it is on sale. A large number of these will be displayed on the clearance wall, but they will also be found throughout the store. Keep a look out for yellow price tags on end caps in particular, although they can also be spotted on sometimes in the main aisles.

Holiday Clearance Will Go Up to 90 Percent Off if You Wait Long Enough

Following each holiday, the holiday clearance will begin to be reduced in price. Initially, it will only be 50 percent, but after a few weeks, it will increase to 90 percent. This is an excellent time to stock up on supplies for next year.

Get a Price Adjustment and Save

Price adjustments are available at Hobby Lobby, but you’ll need to bring in your receipt as well as the item in question to be reimbursed for the difference in price. Please bear in mind, however, that price modifications are not available on clearance products.

They Give Discounts on Damaged Items

Have you come across an item that is damaged yet is not on clearance? Show your receipt to the cashier, and he or she may give you a discount of 10 to 15 percent on that item.

Hobby Lobby Honors Competitors’ Ads

Price matching is available at Hobby Lobby, but only in certain circumstances. You’ll need to bring an actual copy of a competitor’s advertisement (such as a Michaels or Jo-Ann coupon) with you, and the item you’re bringing must be the exact same item that they’ll price match. Doorstoppers, clearance, SimplicityMcCall’s patterns, and electronic cutting machines are all affected by this chemical.

You Can Request a Rain Check

Just when you thought rain checks were no longer in use, Hobby Lobby decided to reinstate them as a valid option. Obtain a rain check if the item you want is on sale but out of stock. You can use the rain check to purchase the item when it is back in stock.

You Can Make a Return Without a Receipt

It is possible to replace a purchase or receive a credit for the lowest selling price in the previous 60 days, even if you do not have a receipt, according to Hobby Lobby’s return policy based on the lowest selling price in the last 60 days. If you have a receipt, you have 90 days from the date of your purchase to replace your item, obtain shop credit, or receive a refund in the form of the original payment method you used.

Use the Hobby Lobby Rewards Credit Card to Save Even More

In addition, you can earn points with a Hobby Lobby Rewards Visa credit card, which you can then use to redeem for a Hobby Lobby gift card. It is possible to accumulate points on purchases made everywhere Visa is accepted, and it is much more possible to accumulate points on purchases made at Hobby Lobby.

Schools and Charitable Organizations Get 10 Percent Off Their Purchases

The in-store discount for schools, churches, and national charitable organizations is 10%, but you must bring a credit card or check from the organization in order to pay for the discount.

Employees Get a 15% Discount

Apply for a position at Hobby Lobby, and as an employee, you’ll receive a 15 percent discount on top of any coupons or sales that are available.

The Ultimate Hobby Lobby Sale Schedule

The craft store Hobby Lobby is a great place to go if you’re looking for arts and crafts or party materials. And the secret to saving money is to learn how to navigate the deals and the Hobby Lobby sale rotations. Hobby Lobby offers a variety of seasonal sales that are held on a recurring basis. You are not need to wait for a special occasion such as Black Friday in order to benefit from substantial reductions. While there is a normal 40 percent Hobby Lobby coupon that can be used on any item in the craft store, deals are limited to particular goods that are only available for a limited time period.

The time sensitivity is associated with patterns that revolve around two primary units of time: the hour and the day.

Hobby Lobby Seasonal Rotation

One of the most important rotations of sales at Hobby Lobby revolves around the changing of the seasons and the celebration of their respective holidays. A specific product goes on sale just in time for it to be most useful in the specific decorations of a particular celebration. Instead of listing holiday items at full price until after the holiday season during a seasonal sale, Hobby Lobby will offer you a discounted sale price on items such as Christmas decorations so that you can take advantage of them before the holiday season begins.

  • New Year’s — Accounting for half of all winter-related discounts, this sale season serves as a transitional period from one year to the next. Discounts are available on a variety of party-related goods, including:
  • From the middle of November to the beginning of the following January, you may save 40% on all New Year’s products.
  • During the Spring Sale, you will receive reductions that will last from winter to summer, as well as from one year to another. All goods in the “Spring Shop” have been reduced in price, including:
  • For a limited time, you may save 40% off your purchase from December 31st through May of the following year
  • 50% off from May 31st through the middle of June
  • And 66% off from mid-June through the beginning of July.
  • Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th. Valentine’s Day, perhaps the most romantic day of the year, has its entire sales season dedicated to it. All holiday-themed decorating and craft products are on sale, including the following:
  • From the middle of January until a few days after Valentine’s Day, customers can save 40% off their original purchase price.
  • St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day is a very popular event that celebrates Irish culture. As a result, there are specialized sales for all associated decorations, including:
  • 30 percent off the full price from the middle of February through St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th)
  • 50 percent off the full price for the whole week immediately after the holiday
  • 30 percent off the full price from the middle of February through St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th)
  • In the Christian community, Easter is a sacred celebration that is connected with pastel hues, confectionery, and the overall regeneration spirit of spring. Easter is celebrated on April 1st. The exact dates vary based on when Easter Sunday falls on the calendar, however the following are the general dates for Easter merchandise sales:
  • Forty percent discount during the weeks running up to Easter, around a month before the holiday, and eighty percent off (a significant savings!) during the week following Easter
  • Summer toys special– A collection of offers designed with children and their budgets in mind, summer toys are a special category of sale that includes:
  • From February through May, take advantage of a 40 percent discount. During the first two weeks of June, you may get a 50% discount. From the middle of June through the beginning of July, you may save 66 percent on your purchase.
  • The Fourth of July is a celebration of freedom. Independence Day, which is arguably the most important holiday of the summer, is a day dedicated to grilling and spending time with family and friends. Discounts are available on the following party materials and accessories:
  • Fall decorations– Discounts on general party décor and craft items abound throughout the autumn months, including the following:
  • Autumn-themed décor is 40% off from the middle of July to the end of October
  • 50% off autumn-themed decor for the first half of November
  • 50% off autumn-themed dinnerware for the second half of November
  • And 80% off autumn-themed decor for the second half of November.
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During the Halloween season, which is a separate sale season inside the Fall season, Halloween decorations and associated items are heavily discounted:

  • From the last week of September until the end of October, you can save 40%. Christmas (including all of your hobbies) – Finally, the Christmas season, which is brimming with goodwill, is one of the busiest shopping (and sales) times of the year. This promotion offers savings on Christmas décor, Hobby Lobby fabric, and other relevant arts and crafts:
  • And other associated arts and crafts:
  • And other related arts and crafts:
  • During the middle of August through the end of October, 40 percent off is offered
  • From November through December, 50 percent off is offered. On the last two weeks of December, you can save 66 percent. On the first week of January, you may save up to 90% on selected items.

Take advantage of a seasonal bargain at Hobby Lobby to finish off your Christmas tree decorations! The most effective way to save money at your local Hobby Lobby store is to become familiar with their seasonal savings. However, it is neither the sole method, nor is it the only method of regularly planned sale rotation. There are also the following:

Weekly Rotations at Hobby Lobby

Look through the weekly rotations at your local Hobby Lobby if you are looking for Hobby Lobby sales this week. On a lesser scale, weekly rotations help to make sales even more fresh from week to week by keeping them in rotation. Every week, a new Hobby Lobby weekly ad is released, displaying the things that are currently on sale for that particular week. With the exception of one three-week cycle, the Hobby Lobby sale schedule is based on a four-week cycle for the majority of the year. As a result, the Hobby Lobby ad schedule is a weekly ordeal that includes trackable patterns that must be observed.

The following is the weekly sales rotation, listed from most often to least frequent:

  • Items that are on sale every week– These items are always on sale, no matter what the circumstances are:
  • Posters and frames
  • Plants and trees
  • And other decorative items Fabric selections
  • Floral arrangements
  • Furniture
  • T-shirts
  • Items that are on sale three times out of every four weeks — During the first 75 percent of any given four-week period, you’ll discover the following things on clearance:
  • Rugs and wall dcor
  • Pillows and pillow coverings
  • Candleholders
  • Clocks
  • And other accessories
  • Items on sale twice a week, three times a month– The following items should be available for purchase for two out of every three weeks:
  • Supplies for manufacturing jewelry
  • Multi-pack canvases (two-packs of canvases)
  • Supplies for making jewelry
  • Product sales every other week– The following products are on sale half the time:
  • Product sales every other week– The following products are on sale half the time:
  • Items on sale once every four weeks– These are the least frequent sales, with discounts available for only a quarter of each four-week period:
  • Staples for paper handicraft and stationery
  • Decor and accessories for the home
  • Supplies for scrapbooking
  • Fabrics should be chosen
  • Men’s interior design

Saving money at Hobby Lobby is nearly hard due to the numerous weekly and seasonal discount opportunities.

However, if you want to optimize your savings, we can assist you.

Save at Hobby Lobby Every Day

Understanding the seasonal sales calendar at Hobby Lobby is just one of the many ways to save money on all of your arts and crafts requirements. Another important component in maximizing your overall savings is taking advantage of special offers from third-party vendors such as RebateKey. In addition to our several buyer’s programs, we provide an exclusiveHobby Lobby dealsplatform that allows you to save a minimum of 4 percent on all purchases while earning cash back. In addition, there are other other offers to discover: on average, RebateKey members save around $50 at their local Hobby Lobby shop, according to the company.

Get started now!

The Krazy Coupon Lady is one of the sources.

Pinch Penny (also known as Penny Pincher).

How to Save Money at Hobby Lobby

Find out how you can save money at Hobby Lobby. To save even more money at Hobby Lobby, use these 12 tips.

How to save money at Hobby Lobby

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby? Almost everyone I know enjoys shopping at Hobby Lobby and frequents the store on a regular basis! I appreciate the fact that they are one of only two corporate entities that remains closed on Sundays (Chick-fil-a being the other). I also appreciate the fact that if you know How to Save Money at Hobby Lobby, you may get some incredible bargains. Sundays are the only days the business is closed, and you must respect that! Don’t be concerned if you don’t know.

From home decor to fabric remnants, there are savings at Hobby Lobby that you can take advantage of so that you never have to purchase a regular-priced item again.

You may also find out how to save money by visiting your local library!

How to Save Money at Hobby Lobby

With their weekly ad, Hobby Lobby is more like a creature of habit than almost any other retail establishment. Home décor, paperscrapbooking, and fabricpatterns are all on sale once every four weeks at this location. Every three weeks, you can indulge your artistic side by purchasing art supplies, yarn, jewelry-making supplies, and activity kits from the sale section. Every two weeks, you’ll receive your frames, flower arrangements, stickers, and ribbon. Is it true that Hobby Lobby sells lights on the premises?

Is unfinished wood available for purchase at Hobby Lobby?

Learn how to take advantage of the Hobby Lobby sale schedule and save a lot of money!

We save money at Hobby Lobby by continually looking for bargains on the sale shelves. You just never know what you might come across. If you want to save money at Hobby Lobby, don’t forget about getting a rain check. More information is frequently available near the entrance to the store.

2. Stock up off-season.

If you shop after the holiday season, you can score some great offers (up to 90 percent off). Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching – on February 15th, stop by Hobby Lobby for some fantastic deals on post-holiday items for next year!

3. Sign up for the email list.

As well as the weekly ad, you’ll also receive discounts and other promotional materials by email. It’s a convenient and quick way to gain access to everything Hobby Lobby has to offer, including.

4. Always use the 40% off Hobby Lobby Coupon.

This is the crowning achievement of Hobby Lobby. Don’t go shopping unless you have it. Every week, you will get a coupon for a discount of at least 40% off a regular-priced item from Hobby Lobby. No-brainer. Not only that, but you are not required to print it. Simply present the coupon on your phone to take advantage of the discounts. At Hobby Lobby, this is by far one of my most effective money-saving strategies.

5. Feel free to use your coupon instead of sales.

It’s here that Hobby Lobby shines brightest. Make sure you have it before going shopping. For every regular-priced item you purchase, you will receive a voucher for at least a 40% discount from Hobby Lobby. No-brainer. Not only that, but you are not required to print it out! Simply flash the voucher on your phone to take advantage of the discount. At Hobby Lobby, this is by far one of my most valuable money-saving suggestions:

6. Order in-store as an easy way to save money.

Is it possible that your local store does not carry the item you’re searching for, or that you require more than they now have? Order the products online and pick them up in-store. You will still have access to “online” ordering, but you will not be charged for shipping. This method has the potential to save you a significant amount of money.

7. Don’t shop online.

This is one of the few occasions you’ll hear something like this from me, but Hobby Lobby’s variety in-store is often superior to the assortment available online. While most retailers fulfill online orders from a separate warehouse than they do for in-store sales, Hobby Lobby employs the same warehouse as its store sales. Your local store is likely to have a greater assortment than the internet, and you won’t have to pay shipping costs either.

8. Tissue paper is the cheapest here.

I’m just going to throw this in there for good measure. Tissue paper from Hobby Lobby is the greatest value in the whole shop — even when purchased at full price. For ten dollars, you can acquire a multi-pack of toilet tissue (in SO many colors). Buying tissue paper from the dollar shop is a better value, by a significant margin. Trust me when I say that you should never buy tissue paper anyplace else.

9.Does Hobby Lobby give price adjustments?

However, if you discover a better bargain at Michael’s or JoAnn’s but are already on your way to Hobby Lobby, bring the competitor’s ad with you for a price match. If you find a better deal at Michael’s or JoAnn’s but are already on your way to Hobby Lobby, bring the ad with you for a price match.

10. Get your exercise and get great deals.

Endcaps on clearance can be found by walking around Hobby Lobby.

Clearance items are moved when retailers rearrange. Consider taking a quick stroll through the store each time you come in since you could come upon a great offer!

11.Cash-back with the Hobby Lobby VISA.

If you prefer to pay with cards, consider applying for the Hobby Lobby VISA credit card. Every time you shop, you’ll receive a 5 percent cash-back bonus on your purchases. If you don’t already have a cash-back card, you can even use this one elsewhere to earn 1 percent back on every purchase.

12. Save those receipts (Best way to save money)!

Within 14 days of purchasing an item, you can bring your receipt into the shop and get a price adjustment to reflect the reduced price of the item you purchased. Make sure you save your receipts until the expiration date has gone on them!

Now that you know how to save money at Hobby Lobby, it’s time to shop!

As soon as you learn the little tricks, it becomes very simple. Check out a handful of these strategies the next time you go shopping to keep a few extra dollars in your wallet and save money at Hobby Lobby. My favorite piece of advice is to always utilize a Hobby Lobby coupon when you go shopping. It is so simple to just pull it up on your phone, even when you are waiting in line at the grocery store! In addition, by understanding how to buy at Family Dollar, you may save money on groceries.

  • Discover the greatest products to purchase on Amazon.
  • Find out how to save money on your heating cost with little effort and large savings by reading this article.
  • Learn how to save money at amusement parks by following these money-saving strategies for theme parks.
  • People frequently inquire about where they can obtain coupons.

More Ways to Save Money:

  • How to save money while shopping at Walmart
  • 12 Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill
  • Save Money on the Internet
  • 12 Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill How to Save Money by Making Use of Your Local Public Library
  • Methods of Saving Money at Hobby Lobby
  • Gardening on a Budget: 5 Simple Ways to Save Money in the Garden
  • The best way to save money on baby items is to buy at Aldi’s supermarket. How to save money while shopping on Amazon
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***Affiliate links are included in this article for your convenience. For a complete list of my disclosures, please visit this page. Hobby Lobby is my happy place, and it is so simple to save money if you are familiar with the Hobby Lobby sale cycle and utilize their promo code! I conducted research to get the knowledge I require in order to save money for myself, and I thought you would be interested in receiving this information as well. Saving money at Hobby Lobby may be accomplished in a variety of ways, both online and in-store.

  1. There is a method to the craziness, believe it or not!
  2. Craft Supplies and Home Decor are both available for purchase at Hobby Lobby, which is a fantastic feature of the store.
  3. To be honest, their home décor is rather adorable, and it is available in a variety of designs.
  4. Even better, when you include the word “cheap,” I’m all in!
  5. ), craft tools, baskets (for lovely house organizing), and home décor items are the major products I purchase from Hobby Lobby.

In addition, I especially adore the drawer pulls and knobs from Hobby Lobby when it comes to flipping furniture. Allow me to share what I’ve learned about how to save money at Hobby Lobby through their deals and their coupon with you.

The Hobby Lobby Sale Cycle

Hobby Lobby has a set schedule for when they will provide discounts on their merchandise. Because I work on projects for both my home and my blog, I usually make a list of what I’ll need ahead of time and shop over a period of a month to ensure that I get everything at the best possible price. Of course, I am not always so well-organized, but I make an effort when it is possible. The following is the breakdown of their schedule:

  • Every other week, Floral (at a 50 percent discount), Yarn and Needle Art Supplies (30 percent discount), and Frames (at a 50 percent discount) are all on sale. Approximately once every three weeks, you will discover Crafts (at a discount of 30%) and Jewelry Making Supplies (at a discount of 50%). You will discover Home Decor (at a discount of 50%), Paper Craft (at a discount of 40%), and Fabric (30 percent) on sale every four weeks. Planners and supplies, as well as vinyl cutting machines, are among the things that go on sale less frequently.

It is possible to save money on almost anything in their store if you pay attention and prepare ahead of time. Fortunately for me, most of the products I’m interested in purchasing are often discounted by 50 percent or more. I’m overjoyed! The flower portion is just beautiful! Because there is so much to chose from when selecting flowers for a project, I sometimes become stymied when attempting to narrow down my options. My favorite are theRanunculus Stems, which I purchase almost every time I visit the nursery.

  • I use them for my personal home decor as well as for making homemade presents for friends.
  • When you visit the store, make sure to go through the clearance department.
  • Everything on sale after Christmas is discounted by 66 percent at first, and after a few weeks, they are reduced to 90 percent off the original price.
  • If the sale products you desire are out of stock, you can ask for a rain check to make up for lost time.

DIY Projects You Can Make With Hobby Lobby Supplies

DIY Painted Book Stack with Gingham Stars Tutorial Gingham Stars Garland Modern Wreath Tutorial

Hobby Lobby 40% Off Coupon

The Hobby Lobby coupon is always available for use on the company’s website. It is a voucher for 40 percent off one regular-priced item that may be redeemed just once. If you look towards the top right of their website, you will see a coupon that you can use online or in-store. There is a way to use the Hobby Lobby coupon more than once in a single shopping trip, and that is to have your children purchase individual items for you, or to enlist the assistance of friends. Both of these things have been accomplished by me!

Also, be certain that the things you intend to purchase with the voucher are not now on sale or on clearance.

In the event that an item is on sale for 30 percent off, simply request that the 40 percent coupon be applied instead.

They are more than eager to oblige! It also applies to a cut of fabric or trim up to a maximum of ten yards in length at standard pricing. The Hobby Lobby coupon, along with the weekly sales ad, will allow you to save a lot of money on practically anything on your shopping list.

Hobby Lobby Sale For This Week

It is quite easy to discover the current week’s Hobby Lobby sales advertisement on their website. This weekly sale always begins on Monday and concludes on Sunday, regardless of the day of the week (please note that the store is closed on Sundays, but you can purchase online). If you follow the suggestions above for the Hobby Lobby sale cycle, you will always be aware of what is coming up and will be able to schedule your purchases appropriately. Of course, if you do not have access to a physical store, shopping online can help you with this.

The App For Hobby Lobby

The Hobby Lobby app is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones. You will be able to access the weekly sale ad, the 40% off coupon, online purchasing, and purchase tracking from this page. When you want to utilize the coupon, it is much more convenient to do so using the app. The only thing you have to do is present it to the clerk when you are checking out. The following are links to some of my favorite departments at Hobby Lobby: Flowers from Hobby Lobby Wall Art from Hobby Lobby Baskets from Hobby Lobby Crafts from Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby Interior Design Pulls and knobs for drawers and cabinets from Hobby Lobby Here are some links to basic information about the store that you might find useful: Hobby Lobby Stores are located around the country.

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As a matter of fact, Hobby Lobby has become a second home for me, and if you’ve been creating for any length of time, you’re probably aware that they offer the finest deals and sales. Every time I go to the store, it appears like something fresh has been marked down. I’d want to share a little secret with you. These sales aren’t happening at random. It seemed like the more I walked inside Hobby Lobby, the more I observed that the shelves had a clockwork-like feel to them, and I reasoned that there must be some science behind it.

The merchandise available at Hobby Lobby changes throughout the year.

Items Always on Sale

Yes, believe it or not, there are a few high-quality things available for purchase at all times.

  • There are usually a few high-quality products on sale, believe it or not — believe it or not.

Craft Items

Once every three weeks – although certain items may remain on sale for an additional week – craft items are reduced to 30 percent off their regular price, allowing you to save money on your next project. Crafts may be everything you can think of that is used to create.well, crafts.

  • 2 ounces of art paint
  • Mosaic tiles, gem chips, and stones
  • Candle-making supplies
  • Clay, chalkboards, corkboards, and dry-erase boards are some of the materials used. Felt squares, beads, and pom-poms are used in this project. Items made by Crayola
  • Spray paint from Krylon
  • Craft wood that has not been finished
  • There’s a lot more to it than that.

The paper crafts section of the store is also 40% off every other week, which includes Cricut vinyl and accessories!

Every other week, we offer a 30 percent discount on yarn and needlework. Every other week, paper crafts (scrapbooking, punch sets, cards, and so on) are on sale for 50 percent off the regular price.

Jewelry and Jewelry Making

These are likewise rotated every three weeks and are available at a sharp 50 percent discount.

  • Jewellery, including beads and bead stringing
  • A metal gallery Jewelry from brands such as Bead Design Co., In Bloom, TreeHouse Studio, Swarovski, and Create Your Style
  • DIY jewelry kits
  • Charms
  • Timeline
  • The Jewelry Shoppe
  • Fairy Tale
  • Traditions
  • Explorer
  • Blank Slate
  • Poetic Spirit
  • And Vintaj
  • And charms.

Home Decor and Wall Art

Because, after all, who doesn’t enjoy a good piece of farmhouse décor? Seriously, though, Hobby Lobby’s home-decorating skills are on par with the best. Because there are so many different styles, there are numerous ways to use their products to create beautiful and inviting spaces. This implies that if you happen to be eyeing the ideal rug to fit perfectly below your coffee table and it isn’t on sale, simply wait a week and BAM! you’ll be able to get your hands on it. This includes frames and floral decorating.

Art Supplies

This is my favorite of the bunch. I breeze through the ribbon as if it were none of my business. Every other week, take half of the following items with you:

  • Brushes in single packs, palettes, easels, sketch pads, tube paint, pens, pencils, and markers
  • Canvasses
  • Items from the Paper Studio
  • Ribbon, trim, and tulle spools are included. Sewing ideas from Sew-ology
  • Curtain panels
  • Pillowcases
  • Tablecloths

Pro tip: Although it is unusual, Cricut machines are rumored to go on sale for up to $40 off for a few weeks at a time during the year.


365 Planners and Accessories, as well as other planners and planner kits, are on sale for 30 percent discount every other week at Create 365 Store. I strongly recommend using a calendar and to-do lists to scribble down all of your bright ideas and stay organized during your hectic days at work. You’re not sure where to begin? Take a look at the most effective methods for organizing your to-do lists. Please remember to note your calendars for all of these sale days, especially if you want to pick up paints and brushes for the Signmaker’s Society, which will be held at the end of the month.

50% Off In February 2022

Type of Discount Recent Hobby Lobby Coupon Codes Savings Valid?
Code Hobby Lobby coupon for 40% off any order 40% Off ✔️
Code Take 30% off framing with this coupon from Hobby Lobby 30% Off ✔️
Sale Up to 50% off furniture at Hobby Lobby 50% Off ✔️
Code Enjoy free shipping with this coupon at Hobby Lobby Free Shipping
Sale Find fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby for over 20% off 20% Off ✔️

Hobby Lobby SalesDiscounts

If you want to get the greatest value for your money, the clearance section of the store should be your first stop. There are items with prices reduced to as little as 10% of their original price to be found there! In order to determine whether or not you’re getting a good deal, count the number of clearance stickers on the item you’re interested in purchasing. You may frequently find a Hobby Lobby 40 percent discount to spend on specific things, and damaged items can often have their prices reduced by anywhere from 50 percent to 90 percent if you act quickly.

Saving with the Mobile App

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, the discount section of the store should be your first stop. There are items with prices reduced to as little as 10% of their original price to be found. The quantity of clearance stickers on the item you’re interested in is a solid sign that you’re getting a good deal on it. Many items at Hobby Lobby are eligible for a 40 percent coupon that can be used on other purchases, and damaged items can have their prices reduced by anywhere from 50 to 90 per cent.

Remember to explore Hobby Lobby sales this week to take advantage of all of these fantastic prices and more; whether you’re looking for some unique Hobby Lobby wall art for your house or some fashionable Hobby Lobby mirrors to adorn your walls, this is an excellent place to begin your search.

Hobby Lobby Buying Tips

The Hobby Lobby furniture area has some of the store’s more expensive items, but you may also discover a variety of items at discounted pricing in this department. If you’re not too picky, you can find slightly damaged items at a lower price if you’re not too picky. If the damaged item hasn’t already received a price reduction, you might gently request a 10 percent to 15 percent discount on the damaged item. Promos for 50 percent off are available in the Hobby Lobby Frames, Home Accents, and Floral categories, and they are rotated every two weeks.

Sales rotations for other departments are longer, ranging from two to four weeks.

Combining this price reduction with the Hobby Lobby 40 percent off any one item coupon results in a 70 percent savings on every ten yards of fabric purchased.

Getting Free Shipping

There’s no need to be concerned about obtaining your Hobby Lobby frames or Hobby Lobby lamps delivered at a reasonable price anymore. The Hobby Lobby Free Shipping deal is now active, and you can check to see whether it is still valid by using the app or the website. Every so often, the company offers free standard shipping to customers who place an order totaling at least $50. If there is no current promotion, you may be required to pay a shipping fee. Just make sure to look here for any free shipping codes that may be available; you may even be able to greatly reduce the cost of your order by using a Hobby Lobby coupon or Hobby Lobby promo code!

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