When Does Dollar Tree Put Out Fall Decorations

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

As a reminder, if you’re new to my site, you should be aware that I create a lot of DIY home décor utilizing Dollar Tree things. Because they’re so inexpensive, it only makes sense to turn a $1 bill into beautiful home décor! As a result, I HAD to share these amazing Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds with you! These things will be fantastic for any DIYer who is preparing for the onset of cooler weather and the shedding of autumn leaves on their projects! Visit your local Dollar Tree to check if they have these things in stock, or you can purchase them online and have them delivered to your doorstep!

Harvest Truck Wall Signs with Glitter Accents, 11.5×11.125 in.

Remember that the word “glitter” is in this lovely Dollar Tree fall sign’s name, so don’t be put off by it! Always remember that you may sand off as much glitter as possible and paint over it afterwards! These one-of-a-kind holiday signs are perfect for using as surfaces in my Fall DIY décor projects! Turn them over, and you’ll have a completely blank canvas!

Wooden Harvest Welcome Signs, 10.5×11.5 in.

Since they can be used all year long, these wooden harvest Dollar Tree autumn signs are an excellent addition to any DIYer’s creative collection. You can turn them over, just as you did with the lovely trucks before, and you’ll have a neutral blank canvas to work with!

Decorative Autumn Sentiments Signs, 11×11 in.

Never mind that certain Dollar Tree autumn decor might be quite lovely in their original form, but there is nothing wrong with recycling some of their decorations. Square fall signs are ideal for the DIY enthusiast since they can be used all year long and customized to match any design style or time of year, making them a great investment.

Pumpkin-Shaped Harvest Wall Signs, 13.25×9.5-in.

These pumpkin-shaped signs from Dollar Tree are a little less adaptable when it comes to DIY decor, but they are excellent for the Fall season! Using these new Dollar Tree fall décor pumpkin-shaped signage, I’m already thinking of some cute DIY projects I might create with them!

Harvest Inspired Scarecrow Stakes, 28×16-in.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with these scarecrow stakes just yet, but I’m confident that I’ll come up with something really lovely with them eventually. Even if I don’t use these in a DIY project, they are charming to utilize as part of your Fall home décor! Perhaps you could plant them in the garden by your front door!

Harvest Metal Corn Stakes, 24 in.

The absence of corn from your Fall décor is unavoidable. It’s almost like there’s an unwritten rule! This set of metal corn stakes from the new Dollar Tree fall décor offerings has me giddy with excitement! Just think of how wonderful they would look with a fake rust finish to match with some amazing DIY country décor!

Decorative Hanging Pumpkins with Raffia and Metal Leaves, 12×12 in.

There’s nothing wrong with a well-designed pumpkin-shaped sign.

I’m not exaggerating! It is possible to create a pumpkin-shaped sign that matches any kind of Fall house decor! There’s nothing better than getting something for a dollar! Remember to pick up a few of these pumpkin-shaped placards the next time you’re at your neighborhood Dollar Tree!

Decorative Harvest Mason Jar Shaped Wall Signs, 13.5×8.5-in.

These mason jar Fall signs have me completely over the moon with excitement! Personally, I like the Always BE Thankful print, but these signs are excellent for personalizing and creating your own DIY projects!

Harvest Leaves LED Lights, 3-ft. Strands

Have you ever seen anything as lovely as these Dollar Tree Fall LED lights? If not, you should check them out. Seriously, I mean it! These are very adorable, and I can’t wait to put them to use!

Plaid Pumpkins, 4.75×4.75×2.75 in.

Okay. They can’t possibly be serious about these. Buffalo check, pumpkins, and minis?!?!?!? These are WAY TOO SMALL AND TOO CUTE! Do not walk, but rather RUN, to your nearest Dollar Tree to snag one of these before they’re all gone! Honestly, I have a feeling they will not be on the shelf for very long.

Rustic Truck and Tractor Garden Stakes, 18.5×8.75 in.

Y’all. WATCH OUT FOR THAT TRAILER! All of my creative DIY gears are turning at full speed in my mind at the moment. These metal tractor/truck stakes will be perfect for creating some gorgeous DIY Fall house decor, and I can’t wait to get started!

Harvest Themed Colored Lights, 3 ft. Strands

I’ve included some additional Fall LED lights in this post, which I’m confident can be utilized to create some incredibly adorable Fall DIY home décor this season. Even if you don’t build anything with them, you may use them to adorn a classroom or a desk by just hanging them up!

Ceramic Harvest Eyelet Pumpkins, 3.5×3.5 in.

These adorable miniature eyelet pumpkins are excellent for filling up shelf space and adding a dash of spice to your Fall home decor this season. I mean, you don’t even have to add anything to these lovely tiny pumpkins in order to utilize them as part of your house decoration!

Modern Velvet Pumpkins, 4x4x4.5 in.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll utilize these velvet pumpkins as part of my personal home décor, but they’re just too cute not to share with you! Just though they aren’t exactly in keeping with my décor style doesn’t mean they aren’t still very gorgeous!

Metal Vintage Truck Hanging Decor, 9.87×13 in.

You’re familiar with the term “metal,” right? On the bumpers of these Dollar Tree old metal signs, I can almost see the false rust coating that was applied. Although you may use these metal trucks to decorate for the fall, you can also use them for Christmas or just about any occasion with a little bit of paint!

Porcelain Harvest Inspired Fox Figurines, 2.875×2.625×4.125-in.

Right, you’re familiar with the term “metal.” On the bumpers of these Dollar Tree old metal signs, I can barely make out the false rust coating. Although you may use these metal trucks to decorate for the fall, you can also use them for Christmas or just about any other occasion with a little bit of paint.

Vertical Hanging Harvest Pumpkin Signs, 23.5×5.5-in.

You are aware of what the term “metal” signifies, correct? The fake rust finish on the bumpers of these Dollar Tree antique metal signage is absolutely calling my name! Although you may use these metal trucks to decorate for the fall, you can also use them for Christmas or just about any day with a little bit of paint!

Pumpkin Garden Stakes, 8.75×0.25×23.75 in.

These Dollar Tree pumpkin garden stakes are quite adorable and would look fantastic as a centerpiece, don’t you think? The new Dollar Tree autumn décor stakes have piqued my interest, and I already have a few ideas for how I’m going to use them to make something spectacular!

Metal Pumpkin Cart Hanging Decor, 10.87×11.5 in.


These are TOO DARLING TO BE TRUE! I’m literally unable to deal with this right now! The fact that I’m going to have to restrain myself from purchasing ALL of them from my local Dollar Tree is beyond me! To be honest, I’m thinking of ordering a case from Dollar Tree online.

Harvest Themed Rectangular Table Covers, 54×108-in.

Using tablecloths to create fantastic DIY home décor is something I’ve done before, and with these lovely Dollar Tree fall tablecloths, I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon! Although the design appears to be concentrated on the edges of these tablecloths, you may utilize the other areas of the tablecloths to make bows or whatever else you can think of!

Crackling Finished Dolomite Pumpkins, 3.75×3.625 in.

There’s simply something about little pumpkins that makes them tempting. Is it just me, or does this sound familiar? In either case, you may use these cute miniature pumpkins to decorate your house for the Fall season! If they don’t match the colors you’re trying for, you can always paint them to make them match!

Crimped Metal Pumpkin Garden Stakes, 8.75×23.75 in.

Take a look at that crimped sheet metal! These might just be my favorite items from the new Dollar Tree Fall décor that I’ve seen so far! I can’t wait to get started on anything with these!

Faux Rectangular Mini Hay Bales, 8-ct. Packs

I have a hunch that these mini imitation hay bales will be a huge hit and that Dollar Tree will struggle to keep them in stock. If you happen to come across them, you’d best get them as soon as possible!

Go to your Dollar Tree, NOW!

I hope you appreciated these new Dollar Tree 2021 Fall treasures as much as I did and that you will put them to good use yourself! Please share the results of your project with me if you decide to go through with it. You should definitely join my FREE Facebook group, On A Budget Crafts, which is open to anybody. It is a judgement-free forum where DIY crafters can show off their crafts and ideas without fear of being judged. Thank you for taking the time to visit! XOXO Amber Alternatively, you may shop my whole Amazon Favorites shop by clicking here!

  • Here is a list of supplies that I strongly suggest every creative have on hand!
  • I’d love for you to become a member of my craftycrew.
  • Inspired?
  • Thank you for taking the time to write to me!

100 Dollar Store Fall Decor Ideas for 2021

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. I may get a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links in this post. Decorate for the fall season on a budget with these dollar store fall decor ideas from Do It Yourself. You may get a variety of dollar tree fall decor ideas to suit your needs, ranging from farmhouse autumn decor to rustic autumn ideas. There are DIY fall decorations for both indoor and outdoor use on this page.

These fall crafts are simple to create and are reasonably priced. You’ll discover projects for pumpkins, fall leaves, mason jars, wreaths, candles, and a variety of other items on this page. You may purchase the following items at Dollar Tree (everything is one dollar):

  • Crafting supplies such as Mod Podge, glitter, spray adhesive, and other such items are available. Wreaths made of wire, foam, straw, and grapevine are available as well as glass candleholders and glass vases. Acorn packs and fall leaves are available as well as garland made of mason jars and fall floral arrangements are available as well as craft supplies such as glitter, mini glue sticks, and spray adhesive.
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You may require the following supplies:

  • Acrylic paint (a tiny bottle costs $0.50 at Walmart), spray paint, paint brushes, a hot glue gun, stencils, tape, scissors, and a craft knife are all needed.

Pumpkin Makeover Dollar Store Fall Decor Ideas

Hip 2 Save’s Spray Painted Pumpkin Centerpieces are adorable. Containers for storing pumpkins from Little House of Four Dollar Store is a store that sells items for one dollar. Angela of Simply Beautiful by Angela created this pumpkin makeover. Distressed Dollar Store is a store that sells items for one dollar. The Kim Six Fix has created pumpkins with a crackle finish. Dollar Store with an Old World Charm Pumpkins courtesy of DIY Beautify Dollar Store Makeovers That Are Simple Daisy Pumpkin is a creation of Prudent Penny Pincher.

  • Makeover of a Plastic Pumpkin Bucket by Bread, Booze, and Bacon Thanksgiving Pumpkin Mantel from A Diamond in the Stuff Pumpkins made with wine corks from Love Our Real Life Effortless and without the need to sew From Confessions of a Plate Addict comes this burlap pumpkin.
  • Dollar Store is a store that sells items for one dollar.
  • Pumpkin with Brown Twinegreen burlap ribbon (Dollar Tree) + little styrofoam cone + foam pumpkin (Dollar Tree) + sisal rope + brown twine = Twine Pumpkin (for stem) ‘Up to Date Interiors’ created a copper pumpkins fall centerpiece.
  • DIY Dollar Store Projects for $2 Prudent Penny Pincher’s Fall Pumpkin is available for purchase.

Candle Dollar Tree Fall Decor Ideas

Christmas Candle made using cinnamon sticks ($1.50 at Walmart) and string (from Dollar Tree) with a vanilla pillar candle (Dollar Tree) Passionate Penny Pincher created this Popcorn Kernel Filled Candleholder. A pair of apple-scented tea lights from Little Green Notebook Decorated gourds ($0.50 apiece) and tealight candles are included in the price (Dollar Tree) Mason Jar Candle Holder in the Shape of an Acorn The following items are included: mason jar with handle + white votive candle + acorn pack Dollar Tree is a great place to acquire all of your needs.

  1. My Heart’s Desire has created a Fall Hurricane Vase Decoration.
  2. For a few of bucks, you could pick up a comparable tray at a local thrift store.
  3. That’s What Che Said created a beautiful fall candle centerpiece.
  4. Candleholder made of burlap and maple leaves “4+ maple leaves pack+ vanilla pillar candle” with burlap ribbon and glass candle holder Dollar Tree has all of these things, as well as many others.

Centerpiece for the Fall A combination of wine glasses, little pillar candles, mini pumpkins, burlap ribbon, and autumn foliage From Create Craft Love comes this Mason Jar Fall Luminary. Cleverly Simple has a Fall Luminary Craft that you can do.

Home Accent Dollar Store Fall Decor Ideas

Christmas Candle made using cinnamon sticks ($1.50 at Walmart) and string (from Dollar Tree) and a vanilla pillar candle (Dollar Tree) Passionate Penny Pincher created a Popcorn Kernel Filled Candleholder. A pair of apple-scented tea lights from Little Green Notebook. Decorational gourds ($0.50 each) and tealight candles are included in the price (Dollar Tree) Mason Jar Candle Holder in the Shape of an Acorn. acorn pack + a mason jar with a handle + a white votive candle Dollar Tree carries all of the necessary goods.

  • My Heart’s Desire has a Fall Hurricane Vase Decoration for sale.
  • Candy corn plus a candleholder plus tea light candles and a candle tray equals a festive atmosphere.
  • A comparable dish might be purchased for a few dollars at a thrift store.
  • That’s What Che Said created a fall candle centerpiece.
  • Candle holder made of burlap with maple leaves “4+ maple leaves pack+ vanilla pillar candle” with burlap ribbon and glass candle holders Dollar Tree has all of these things, as well as others.
  • Centerpiece for the Season of Autumn.
  • From Create Craft Love comes this Mason Jar Autumn Luminary.

Wreath Dollar Tree Fall Decor Ideas

Warm-weather pumpkin wreath (courtesy of Hometalk) A Grapevine Letter Wreath with Burlap Ribbon and Fake Leaves, as well as a hot glue gun and a wooden letter Everything, with the exception of the wood letter, can be found at Dollar Tree. Walmart sells the wooden letter for $1, and it is made of pine. Crafts by Amanda’s Burlap Pumpkin Wreath is available for purchase. Wreath with Fall Leavesgrapevine wreath with maple leaf garlands Both of these goods are available at Dollar Tree. Dollar Store is a store that sells items for one dollar.

ChickFall Hydrangea Wreathfrom It All Started with PaintAcorn Wreathfrom Tried and TrueAcorn Wreathfrom It All Started with Paint Wreath made of burlap by Just Call Me Home Girl Miss Kopy Kat’s Mesh Pumpkin Wreath is a DIY project.

Prudent Penny Pincher’s Farmhouse Fall Wreath is a great way to decorate your home for the season.

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47 Dollar Tree Fall Decor Ideas: Simple to Make

By combining the correct Dollar Tree goods with the fantastic ideas in these guides, you can easily decorate your house for fall on a budget. To do so, simply follow the steps outlined in this article. Despite the fact that they are inexpensive to construct, you can utilize these Dollar Tree autumn decor ideas to create decorations that seem as if they were created by a professional designer. After you’ve finished looking at them, click here for another 41 Fall Dollar Tree Fall Crafts. Several fall-themed craft items are readily accessible at your local dollar shop and Hobby Lobby.

Take a look at our selection of the greatest fall trees for brilliant color if you want to be inspired by nature’s fall decorations!

Key Dollar Tree Fall Decor Supplies To Look For

Pumpkins are available for purchase at Dollar Tree, and they are one of the most flexible craft products for creating DIY fall decor, as seen in several of the instructions below. Although I haven’t seen any genuine pumpkins at my local Dollar Tree, they do offer foam pumpkins, plastic pumpkins, little pumpkins, and even fabric pumpkins. You may find them in the craft area of the store. Burlap, hot glue, imitation leaves, wreath forms (fall wreaths are particularly popular), and mason jars are also other excellent craft resources to keep an eye out for.

Continue reading to obtain ideas for DIY dollar store fall décor in 2021 that you can start putting together right away.

DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkins with Buttons

Credit: This elegant white pumpkin is made to seem sophisticated with the addition of pearly white buttons on the top of it. I really like how the smart wooden thread spool has been transformed into a stalk!

DIY Autumn LeafBerry Wreath

Photo credit: Here’s another wreath that is both beautiful and easy to build. Floral picks and a foam ring are used to create this festive holiday decoration.

Fall Suncatchers

Photograph courtesy of craftsbyamanda.com Suncatchers that are manufactured without the use of glass! This is a terrific recipe to do with your children. Take a look at it.

Fall Straw Wreath

Image courtesy of justpaintitblog.com Make a fall wreath out of straws for a unique take on the traditional wreath. To add visual flair to your welcoming wreath, pick up a few ornamental pieces from the dollar shop.

Spray Paint Burlap Pillow With Dollar Store Leaf

Image courtesy of justpaintitblog.com Spray paint may be used to convert a variety of items, but did you know that it can also be used to create stunning fall leaf-decorated pillows? Visit the Just Paint It Blog to discover how it was accomplished.

Dollar Store Fall Flower Bucket DIY

Credit: Homemade fall porch décor can provide warmth and happiness to your house.

This flower bucket may be left out on your porch since it has a component that will prevent it from tipping over in the breeze when the wind blows.

Fabulous DIY Fall Farmhouse Dollar Store Hacks

Thrill to these wonderful DIY Fall Farmhouse Dollar Store Hacks and get a head start on your fall decorating without breaking the bank! Friends… When I heard that this was one of your favorite posts from last fall, I wanted to make it even better. I updated it with new Fall Farmhouse Dollar Store Projects so that you may have even more fun! Because the Fall will be upon us before you know it, I hope this serves as some inspiration. This is a Stunning Collection of DIY Fall Farmhouse Dollar Store Hacks that will inspire you!

  • It’s impossible to choose between the spectacular Pumpkin transformations, gorgeous wreaths, fall candles, and so many more!
  • The added bonus is that each project is extremely cost effective.
  • You’ve arrived at the point when you should go get a cup of your favorite brew or iced tea.
  • Make use of these great DIY Fall Farmhouse Dollar Store Hacks and make some of your own!
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DIY Dollar Store Art –Salvaged Inspirations

With a Dollar Store Frame and Dollar Store Faux Greenery, Denise creates something truly amazing! Come and watch how she creates amazing Fall Wall Art that is both new and great in its presentation! Everything is so quick. so simple. and so cost-effective. This is something you must try. it is definitely Farmhouse Trendy!

Mini Wooden Block Pumpkins –Homeroad

In this tutorial, Susan explains how she put together these farmtastic dimensional pumpkins in all of their weathered splendor after purchasing everything she needed at the Dollar Store. My suspicion is that you might want to make a whole patch of them! Come and have a look!

Dollar Tree DIY Pumpkin Sign –Cottage On Bunker Hill

Susan acquired everything she needed to make these little cuties from the Dollar Store, and she demonstrates how she put together these farmtastic dimensional pumpkins in all of their weathered beauty in this tutorial. I have a feeling you’re going to want to make an entire patch of these. Drop over and have a look at it.

Update Dollar Store Pumpkins With White Wax and Rub-n-Buff –DIY Beautify

From basic imitation pumpkins to High End Posh Pumpkins, we’ve got you covered! The transformation that a little white wax and rub-n-buff can make on these tiny orange circles will take your breath away! It’s very wonderful, and I don’t want you to lose out on experiencing it!

Glam Pumpkins –Hip 2 Save

Amazingly, all you need is some metallic gold spray paint and some fake foliage to create these glam Jack-O-Lanterns! Come and witness for yourself how simple it is to accomplish!

Pumpkin Wreath Dollar Tree DIY –Simple Made Pretty.

Here’s a pretty interesting Fall Farmhouse Pumpkin Wreath that would look picture perfect on your front door… as a part of a gallery wall, or even over the mantlepiece fireplace?

Whichever location you pick, it will infuse your environment with a plethora of Autumnal charm. Get the list of Dollar Store supplies and put together one of these adorable creations for your own house by visiting our website. It’s fantastic!

Farmhouse Style Fall Pumpkin –Daily DIY Life

Just how much do you adore this concept? You’re not going to believe this! In the process of looking at splatter shields, Heather noticed a pumpkin, which she thought was fantastic instead of focusing about keeping the stove clean. Take a look at how she put them all together to create this warm and welcome Fall artwork. She also has a Halloween version available. Quick, simple, budget-friendly, and really stunning!

Plastic Easter Egg Acorns –A Pretty Happy Home

Check out this terrific Fall activity that uses a commodity that is often associated with another holiday—plastic Easter eggs. While browsing through the Easter Egg baskets at the Dollar Store, Annisa saw something unusual: acorns! To make use of any leftovers from last year, get them out and follow this really simple method. Fill a basket. a dough bowl. anything you want. Make a loop with them and hang them. Simply use your imagination to come up with a unique way to display these lovely items in your home.

DIY Braided Dollar Tree Pumpkins –Blooming DIY-ER

Be prepared for a little bit of magic to happen! You’re about to witness the transformation of a Dollar Store Faux Pumpkin into these Farmhouse Pumpkin Masterpieces! These will instantly make an area more inviting! Come and watch how it’s done. believe me when I say that you will not be satisfied with just one. You’ll almost certainly end up making a whole patch!

DIY Farmhouse Wood Beaded Pumpkin –DIY With My Guy

These are very entertaining! You can get started creating them right away by picking up some beads and wire from your local Dollar Store. They even give a damn about Lambs Ear Leaves! The rest is a piece of cake! ENJOY! Take advantage of the amazing deal you’ll get by picking up wooden beads whenever you see them at the Dollar Store. they’re inexpensive and may be used to create a plethora of various things!

Dollar Tree Fall Decor –The Latina Next Door

The talented Yami is coming to show us how to create this lovely Fall artwork. A centerpiece or a shelf can be utilized to display this item. There’s more to it than that. Made from a Dollar Store faux pumpkin, flowers, a Mason Jar and a candle, this arrangement is beautiful! Make sure to stop by for the DIY and watch how quickly this stunning piece comes together!

6 Simple Dollar Tree DIY Fall Decorations –Simple Made Pretty

A fun selection of 6 Dollar Tree DIY Fall Decorations, all made with the DIY spirit in mind. And I’m confident that you’ll appreciate each and every one of them! The flags, in particular, were really appealing. Come in and look at them all, and then go crazy with your creativity!

Dollar Store Sign turns into a Fabulous Picture Frame –Lizzy and Erin

Here’s one I’m confident you’ll enjoy. Make a Mason Jar Sign into something unique and personal for the Fall Season by transforming it! How much do you adore the appearance when used as a picture frame? Don’t you think that would be perfect for those pumpkin picking photos? Come on over and get the inside scoop!

Dollar Store Tree Wire Wreath Form Center Piece –Lizzy Andiron

The fact that this is a Centerpiece speaks volumes!

In order to build the dimensional pumpkin, you will need two Pumpkin Dollar Store Wire Forms, as well as a few additional accessories. This is something you will undoubtedly use every Fall after you have completed the project. This is a fantastic Farmhouse look!

Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece Dollar Tree DIY –Simple Made Pretty!

This year, the Dollar Store Pumpkin Wire Form is back, and it’s sporting a whole new appearance! This is one you do not want to miss. There is also a thorough video available for viewing! ENJOY!

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Vase Makeover –Crafty Morning

Michelle is going to teach you how to completely transform a red tiny Dollar Store Vase into something that is wonderful for the Fall season. I estimate that it will take you around 15 minutes, and you will be delighted with the brightness that it provides to your space and face! ENJOY!

Dollar Tree Fall Sign Makeover –Re-Fabbed

Having said that, I have to agree with Brooke completely: she adores the Dollar Store and all of the goods that can be found there. However, we must admit that some of the components are a little shoddy in appearance! I adore her approach and attitude toward some of her projects since they look fantastic and are quite simple and quick to do. Simply by adding some personal touches to this sign, it was transformed into a whole different, more Farmhouse Chic appearance in no time! Come see what she accomplished, and you will be completely inspired.

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Door Hanger –Lizzy and Erin

This Pizza Pan from the Dollar Store will change the way you think about it forever! Seriously, it will open up a whole new world of crafting opportunities for you. Come and discover how it was turned into this beautiful Farmhouse Door Hanger by visiting our website. Start accumulating supplies. It may be used as a foundation for a variety of projects. ENJOY!

DIY Dollar Store Fall Wreath –Erin Elizabeth

This Pizza Pan from the Dollar Store will change the way you look at it forever! Seriously, it will open up a whole new world of creating possibilities for you. Come and witness how it was converted into this beautiful Farmhouse Door Hanger by our talented team. Get your supplies together. Many other things may be built on top of it. ENJOY!

Splatter Screen Pumpkin –Robinson Repurposing

Yes, yet another iteration of the Splatter Guard has been released! I sincerely hope that this one encourages you to carve your own amazing pumpkin from scratch!

How to Make a Fabric Pumpkin Bandana Pumpkin –Sadie Seasongoods

So as soon as you see those black and orange bandanas coming out of the Dollar Stores, run and get them because Sara is ready to show you how to construct these amazing Fall Bandana Pumpkins that you can use all over the house. Create a Vignette or fill a Dough Bowl with your favorite ingredients. the options are unlimited!

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Pumpkin Topiaries –The Latina Next Door

Once you’ve gotten your hands on a collection of Dollar Store pumpkins, you can start decorating. Pots made of terracotta. a little twine. a little moss. After that, choose your favorite chalk paint and break out the glue gun. You are now prepared to make a beautiful Fall Topiary on a budget!

DIY Dollar Sore Farmhouse Signs –Kimspired

During this workshop, you will see a total makeover of some not so fantastic Fall Signs. they will move from saying no to saying yes. Moreover, they have a really fresh Modern Farmhouse look about them. Additionally, a Pumpkin Pie Sign fashioned using a Dollar Store frame is included, as well as other items. Come on over and have a good time.

Fall Hanging Mason Jars –Live Laugh Rowe

Take a plain Mason Jar and turn it into a Fall Delight with Kelly’s help. Mason Jars, glass votive candle holders, and votive candles can all be found at the Dollar Store, and if you are lucky, you could even come across some great Fall Fillers! Then, once you’ve obtained the wire, it’s time to be creative.

You’ll be surprised at how many you can whip up in a SNAP! You may even remove the fillers once the Season has ended and replace them with the ingredients for the following Season! Just said, this is a fantastic little craft that you can enjoy all year long simply by changing the filling. ENJOY!

Fall Candle Centerpiece –That’s What She Said

This Fall Project is a lot of fun to do, and it’s also quite simple. Simply grab your materials, and Cheryl will walk you through the process of putting everything together! It should be possible to acquire everything you need in one place once those Fall products are available at the Dollar Store.

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DIY Pumpkin Succulents –i heart nap time

Using Dollar Store Foam Pumpkins and Faux Succulents, Jamielyn will teach you how to make this stunning Fall Accessory for your home! Basically, it may be placed everywhere, such as a centerpiece, on the mantel, on the bookshelves, etc. Groupings of these would be lovely as well. Come on over and get the fast and simple DIY, and you will have yourself a stunning piece for less than $7 in total. For which you would have had to spend around $35 at Pottery Barn. WHAT A DEAL!

Farmhouse Dollar Store Fall Decorating Ideas and DIY –Little House Of Four

Come and receive a slew of ideas on how to decorate with materials from the Dollar Store! Katie will demonstrate how to turn some plastic pumpkins in a rustic, farmhouse-inspired manner, as well as provide you with a slew of additional budget-friendly decoration ideas. ENJOY!

Pumpkins Made From Dollar Tree Storage Jars –Little House of Four

The girls and I are back in the studio with Katie, and this time she’s going to demonstrate how to turn a basic Dollar Store jar into an amazing Pumpkin. AWESOME!

Quick and Easy Dollar Store Fall Wreath –The Home I Create

Come learn how Linda mixes Dollar Store items to create a stunning Fall Wreath in this video. It’s quick. simple. and cost-effective. In addition, it appears to be of great quality!

Dollar Store Cotton Wreath –The Crazy Craft Lady

Bring an inexpensive grapevine wreath and berries from the dollar store to life to create a genuine Farmhouse Classic. Simply add cotton to complete the look! Find out how to do it over at Aimee’s house. In fact, you may practically leave this gem outside all year long!

Quick and Easy Fall Wreath From The Dollar Store –Place Of My Taste

Aniko is going to have us gather our Dollar Store supplies, and within an hour, you will have a beautiful wreath similar to this. It will look fantastic on your front door, over your mantel, or anywhere else you decide to put it! ENJOY!

DIY Fabric Tape Pumpkins –Mountain Modern Life

Aniko will have us gather our Dollar Store supplies, and within an hour, you will have a beautiful wreath similar to this one. Somewhere you put it will look fantastic – on your front door, over the mantel, or anywhere else! ENJOY!

DIY Sisal Twine Pumpkins –The Navage Patch

Aniko will have us gather our Dollar Store supplies, and within an hour you will have a beautiful wreath similar to this one. It will look fantastic on your front door, above the mantel, or anywhere else you choose to display it! ENJOY!

Dollar Store Succulent Wreath Tutorial –Rachel Teodoro

A gorgeous Faux Succulent Wreath is always appropriate for the Fall season. in fact, it is appropriate for any season. Remember to stock up on Dollar Store Succulents and a lovely Grapevine Wreath to complete the look. One hour from start to finish for an item that would cost close to $100 if not more in the shop is what we are talking about.

Dollar Store DIY Autumn Leaf Votive –Craft Shack Chronicles

Create your way over to the Craft Shack, where Kelli will show you how to make these cute tiny Fall Votive Candles! You can do this with many different types of glass things once you master the method.

and the Dollar Stores have a huge selection of them. so let your creativity go wild! Because almost all of the materials can be found at the Dollar Store, this project will not only look fantastic, but it will also be inexpensive!

Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover –Simply Beautiful by Angela

Here’s yet another fantastic approach for transforming Dollar Store Pumpkins into something spectacular. Once you’ve finished making them, Angela will show you how to display them in a way that exudes Farmhouse Charm!

Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Sign –Jami Ray Vintage

An inexpensive Dollar Tree Pumpkin Stencil served as inspiration for this Farmhouse Beauty, and the video for this project will be shared with you soon. The finished product exudes Farmhouse Cottage Chic Style.

Knock-Off Target Dollar Spot Navy Pumpkins –Wilshire Collections

We think you’re going to adore this one since it deviates from the usual Fall color palette in a wonderful way. Those navy pumpkins are truly Farmhouse Dreamy, and the gold stems add just the right amount of glitz to finish them out perfectly. I’m in love with this LOOK! I’m confident that you will as well. More Dollar Store Hacks for the Fall Season may be found here! For more stories like this, please visit our blogHEREStay up to date with The Cottage Market by subscribing to our newsletter!

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Dollar Store Hacks for a Fall Farmhouse Look Dollar Store Hacks for a Fall Farmhouse Look Dollar Store Hacks for a Fall Farmhouse Look

PSA: Dollar Tree Has Some *Very Good* Halloween Items In Stores Now

Yes, it is possible that you may want to decorate your entire house for Halloween. A mantle covered in yards of spider webbing that houses blazing cauldrons, flickering candles, and porcelain ghosts seems like a lot of fun – if it were also a lot of money to purchase. Although the Dollar Tree is now carrying Halloween products ranging from wonderfully goofy party treats to timeless seasonal décor, you won’t have to be scared off by the price tags. So, when can you expect to be able to begin shopping for Dollar Tree Halloween merchandise?

When Do Dollar Tree Stores Put Out Their Halloween Stock?

Dollar Tree stores (which can be found in 48 states) are currently bursting at the seams with Halloween crafts, masks, plastic party supplies, and stylish reusable gourds. Despite the fact that many stores may have sold out of their Halloween merchandise, others will continue to refill their shelves. Even early risers may select items from the well-organized shelves, which open at roughly 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m., and many Dollar Tree stores remain open until 10:00 p.m., however check the store finder for specific hours in your area.

Can You Buy All Of The Dollar Tree Halloween Inventory Online?

On their website, you may get started on your pumpkin-carving adventure right now. In addition to a Halloween tab that includes everything from décor and party materials to wearable accessories and all of the creative tools you’ll need to make a creepy little something for your home, it also has a Halloween section that includes costumes and accessories. Online, the Dollar Tree offers a unique area dedicated to fall products, which is distinct from their Halloween department, where you can explore for fall décor that will work throughout the whole season.

Because each item is just $1, you might like to experiment with a 36-item-case and place little patches of them about your home.

Why don’t you put a sign sayingHello, Octoberon your front door?

Just keep in mind that, even though many of these seasonal pieces are available online in multi-item bundles, the costs still come down to $1 per piece.

Products that have been independently selected by Romper’s editorial staff are the only ones that we include. However, if you purchase a product after clicking on one of the links in this post, we may gain a share of the transaction.

What Kind Of Halloween Decorations Does Dollar Tree Sell?

You’ll discover plenty of ideas for decorating your home’s interior here. Do you remember those ceramic ghosts we described a moment ago? The new parts are available in four-piece sets, with batteries included to power the LED lights on each piece. As well as this, a set of four18-inch glowing skeletons with ordangling black spiders, which could be hung from high shelves to create an eerie atmosphere in any space, could be purchased separately. LED lights may also be found in figures like as spiders and purple bats, as well as glittering decorations, which can be used to make a unique Halloween tree.

In addition to garland and wreaths for the exterior, you’ll discover a wide variety of stakes to liven up your yard.

Consider items such as butterfly wings, animal eye masks, and LED wands.

Consider creating lovely little goody bags for each of the children in your child’s school if you’re hosting a party.

Consider plastic pumpkin cups with lids and straws, steel cookie cutters in eerie shapes for seasonal baking, and adorable new arrivals such as felt stickers for decorating pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, among other things.

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