What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Decorations

44 What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Are you expecting a new baby bee in your life and planning a gender reveal party to tell your family what the gender of your future baby bee will be? If so, read on. To help you plan your perfect gender reveal party, we’ve gathered a comprehensive list of all the greatest what will it bee gender revealparty ideas available. Thanks to these suggestions, your party will be the talk of the town, and it will serve as a beautiful first memory for your future child’s picture book. Etsy is the source of this image.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Decorations

Are you expecting a new baby bee in your life and planning a gender reveal party to inform your family of the gender of your upcoming baby bee? If so, read on. To help you plan the perfect gender reveal party, we’ve collected a comprehensive list of all the greatest what will it bee gender reveal party ideas available. Because of these suggestions, your party will be the talk of the town, and it will serve as a beautiful first memory for your future child’s picture book. Etsy is the source of this information.

1. What Will It Bee Signs

Are you anticipating a new baby bee in your life and planning a gender reveal party to inform your family of the gender of your future baby bee? We’ve collected a comprehensive list of all of the greatest what will it bee gender revealparty ideas to help you plan the perfect gender reveal party. With these suggestions, your party will be the talk of the town and will serve as a beautiful first memory for your future baby’s photo book. Etsy is the source for this image.

2. Yellow Flowers

Adding yellow flowers to the middle of your guests’ tables can make them feel more welcoming. In addition to being a cheerful hue that commemorates the excitement of your event, yellow also goes well with the bee motif of the party. Great quality table pieces may be purchased from your local florist, or if you choose to go with a more artificial appearance, there are several possibilities available on Etsy and other online retailers.

3. Balloons

A balloon arch* may be used to create a beautiful festive background. If you’re having a bumble bee-themed gender reveal party, there are several alternatives available that are bee-themed or black and yellow in color. You may also have balloons placed throughout the venue or house, such as this Mother to Beeballoon, which is suitable for the occasion.

4. Bee Themed Banners

A bee theme banner can be used to decorate a table or a wall. It is possible to purchase gender reveal bee theme banners with sweet sayings such as “What Will It Bee?” and “What Will Baby Bee?”

5. Bee Tablecloth

Use a bee theme banner to decorate a table or wall. What Will It Bee* and What Will Baby Bee? are some of the lovely sayings on the gender reveal bee theme banners.

6. Glass Beehive Dispenser

If you’re having a gender reveal themed around bees, a glass beehive dispenser* for fresh handcrafted lemonade or sweet honey iced tea will be a welcome complement. Your party decor will be elevated to a whole new level, and it will be used long after the festivities are finished.

7. Yellow Lanterns

The shape of yellow lanterns* is reminiscent of a beehive.

Using bee stickers, you may customize these mini beehives and place them throughout your house or party location.

8. Black and Yellow Paper Fans

Using paper fans to adorn the walls is an excellent idea. The use of black and yellow paper fans*will add to the overall aesthetic of the bee motif.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party Favors

Amazon is the source of this information.

9. Bee Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Put candy bars in your guests’ gift bags and wrap them in bee themed candy wrappers* to make them more memorable.

10. Honey Spoons

Honey Spoons * are a unique and amusing present. They are used to flavor tea, and they are available in a variety of tastes such as orange blossom honey, lemon honey, and clover blossom honey, among others.

11. Custom Honey Jars

Encourage your guests to support local farmers by including honey jars in their party favor bags. In addition, there are artisan vendors on Etsy who can produce adorable personalised labels such as “What Will Our Honey Bee Do?” Etsy is the source of this image.

12. Honey Sticks

Honey sticks * are another delicious alternative for tea, and they may also be enjoyed as a snack. They are a huge hit with kids, and they are a far healthier alternative to sweets.

13. Silicone Honeycomb Molds

Silicone honeycomb molds, which are on the more costly side, are an excellent favor for a game or lottery prize. There are several different types of silicone honeycomb molds * that may be used for baking, soap making, and even as ice cube trays. Their forms, sizes, and colors are all accessible in a number of options.

14. Beeswax candles

Etsy is the source of this image. Beeswax candles, especially those in the shape of beehives, make for a unique and amusing party treat. They have a lovely Winnie the Pooh design to them, as well as a natural honeycomb aroma to them. Buying these gorgeous candles from tiny artisan craftspeople on Etsy is the finest way to support their work.

15. Burt Bee’s Honey Lip Balm

Burt Bee’s Honey Lip Balm* is a simple and inexpensive addition to your bee-themed party treat bags that you can include in your favor bags at no additional cost.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Food Ideas

A stick of Burt Bee’s Honey Lip Balm* would be a simple and inexpensive addition to your bee-themed party treat bags.

16. Fresh Lemonade or Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Fresh Lemonade or Sweet Honey Iced Tea will bring your bee-themed gender reveal party to life, especially if you utilize a glass beehive dispenser to serve the beverages at the celebration.

17. Lemon Squares

A glass honeycomb dispenser filled with fresh handmade lemonade and lemon squares is a great combination. If you enjoy baking, handmade lemon squares*will be a hit with your visitors if you are a talented baker.

18. Bee Themed Cake

An edible bee cake is the perfect finishing touch for any bee-themed celebration. You may either get a personalized cake from your local bakery or make your own at home! Aside from that, there are several creative cake toppers with bee themes, such as those that read What Will It Bee*.

19. Bee Cookies

Choose a local bakery or have a little fun in the kitchen at home and make some amazing bee-shaped cookies. These will elevate your bee gender reveal party to a whole new level, and they will be the talk of the town among your attendees. If you want to try your hand at creating them yourself, there are plenty of beehive and bee-shaped cookie cutters* available.

20. Cold Cut Sandwiches

Choose a local bakery or have a good time in the kitchen at home and make some amazing bee-shaped cookies.

– These will elevate your bee gender reveal party to a whole new level, and they will be the talk of the town among your invited guests! If you want to try your hand at creating them yourself, there are plenty of beehive and bee-shaped cookie cutters available.

21. Macaroons

Macaroons are a delightful treat to provide during a gathering. Who doesn’t like a good macaroon?

22. Doughnut Holes

It is simple to obtain doughnut holes at your local Dunkin’ Donuts or donut store. They are a hit with guests, especially children, and there are a variety of flavor possibilities to pick from.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Entertainment

Amazon is the source of this information.

23. Design a Onesie for Baby to Bee

With the design-a-onesie activity*, you can give your visitors some creative guidance. There will be a basket of markers on each of the guests’ tables, and each visitor will get a basic onesie. Guests may use their imaginations to design their own onesie for the future baby to bee to wear, which they can then donate to the cause.

24. Team Girl vs. Team Boy

Guests can cast their votes on the gender of the baby by using the avote castsign feature. Additionally, you may add stickers that indicate which team your guest has chosen. Following the revelation, rewards will be awarded to the winning team. Etsy is the source of this image.

25. Diaper Raffle

Guests can cast their votes for the gender of the baby by using the avote castsign app on their smartphones. Additionally, you may add stickers that indicate which side your guest has chosen to support. The victorious team will receive rewards upon the release of the results. Etsy is the source of this information.

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26. Baby Name Race

To participate in the baby name race, ask your guests to write a baby name for each letter of the alphabet as quickly as they can on their invitations. The first person to complete the course will be declared the winner and will receive a reward. Etsy is the source of this image.

27. Gift Bingo

Gift bingo is another game that may be played in connection with gifts. As the prospective parents to bee unwrap gifts, visitors can mark off their bingo cards by using gender reveal bingo cards*, which are provided. Prizes are awarded to the winners.

The Big What Will It Bee Gender Reveal

It is also possible to play gift bingo as a present-related game. Bingo cards* with the word “gender reveal” on them are distributed to visitors when the prospective parents of the bees open their presents. A reward is awarded to the winners.

28. Smoke Bomb

Using smoke bombs to disclose the gender of your baby is a popular and theatrical method to do it. Ensure that they are legal in your state prior to using them, as they may be regarded as fireworks in some jurisdictions. Never use them in a confined space.

29. Paper Mache Bee Piñata

You may fill a pinata* with pink or blue colored sweets by using a paper mache bee or beehive piñata as a template. Allow everyone to try their hand at whacking the piñata until it breaks, revealing the gender of the upcoming baby bee.

30. Balloon with Confetti

When a balloon containing a confetti cannon* is popped, it can cause an explosion of pink or blue confetti to fly out of it.

31. Balloon Box

A balloon box is also a fun method to announce the gender of your future child’s gender using balloons. Uncover the secret of a mystery box filled with either blue or pink balloons, and the balloons will fly out of the box when it is opened.

32. Mystery Bath Bomb

Another unique method of revealing the gender of your new baby is to drop a surprise bath bomb into the pool with him or her.

These bath bombs are white on the exterior, but when placed in water, they alter the color of the water to the color of the bath bomb on the inside, which can be pink or blue. Etsy is the source of this image.

33. Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs, which first gained popularity on TikTok, are currently all the rage. On the interior of hot cocoa bombs, you’ll commonly find cocoa powder, marshmallows, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and, occasionally, mint candies, among other things. When it comes into touch with hot water or milk, the outer chocolate melts, revealing the delicious delicacies hidden inside. They are a lot of fun, especially with the gender reveal. Warm chocolate bombs may be used to disclose the gender of your child in an original method.

Etsy is the source of this image.

34. Scratch Off Card Reveal

Another method of revealing the gender of your baby bee is through bespoke scratch-off cards that indicate the gender of the baby. The secret will be revealed if all of the guests scratch these cards at the same time. Etsy is the source of this image.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Amazon is the source of this information. Amazon is the source of this information.

35. Plates

Plates are a must-have for every gathering, but which type should you choose? Bee-themed*or classygolden*plates will enhance the aesthetic of your party’s bee-themed theme. Keep in mind that your decision should be coordinated with your tableware and other decors.

36. Silverware

Disposable plastic silverware in either black or gold will look best with bee-themed or golden plates, however we believe that gold silverware is the most beautiful.

37. Napkins

Plastic silverware in either black or gold will look best with bee-themed or golden plates, however we believe that gold silverware is the most beautiful option of the two.

38. Disposable Straws

Straws in the colors yellow, black, and white*disposable paper straws are the most appropriate for a gender reveal party with a bee theme.

39. Cups

Make advantage of disposablebee-themed* orgoldencups to compliment your other selections; alternatively, if you want to utilize something that your visitors can take with them, these coolvintage glass bottles* are a great option. Place the bottles on a table near their seats at the venue and label them with the names of the guests who will be there.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Invitations

The invitations you send out are critical in expressing the topic of your party to your visitors. If possible, use one that will make your what will it bee theme stand out from the crowd. Etsy is the source of this image.

40. What Will Baby Bee Invitation

There are many great customised what will it bee gender reveal invitations available on Etsy, such as the one seen above.

41. What Will Baby Bee Evite

Is it your intention to create a Facebook group for your event’s RSVPs? Send out an invitation version in the form of an email. Etsy is the source of this image.

42. Mommy To Bee Invitation

Invitations that may be completed by hand, such as thisMommy to Bee Invitation*, are available as well.

43. Honey Bee Invitation

Honey bee write-on invitation* with a distinctive design and an unusual form is included in this set. Visitors will be buzzing with excitement when they see this friendly cartoon bee at your party!

44. What Will Our Bundle of Joy Bee Chalkboard Invitation

This adorable and artsy customizablechalkboardwhat will our bundle of joy bee themed invitation is guaranteed to impress your guests with its sweet and artistic design. Etsy is the source of this image.


When it comes to creating a what will it bee gender reveal party, there are countless possibilities. It is also one of the most popular gender reveal party themes. We chose the most creative and innovative concepts we could come up with. Hopefully, this list will make the process of arranging your party a little less difficult. If you want a more straightforward experience, we would be delighted to assist you in putting together your dream gender reveal party. Get in touch with us immediately for a free quotation.

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Gender Reveal : Party Decorations : Target

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11 Incredible What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Jack Leduc is the author of the piece.

The Invites

There is no celebration without visitors, and there are no guests without invitations to the party. And, although you can certainly create a Facebook event page for your gender reveal party, why not go it a step further and send out some genuine paper invitations that you can grasp in your hands? Your visitors will be much more likely to remember your big reveal date if you post it on their refrigerators, which makes it rather difficult to forget. Besides that, it’s a fantastic opportunity to establish the subject of your party right away!

All of them may be mailed out right now – without ever having to get up from your computer.

Postable will take care of everything, including printing, addressing, and mailing your gender reveal party invitations.

The Decor

Gender reveal party ideas are worthless if they are not accompanied with décor ideas for the event itself. Depending on your budget, there are a variety of methods to dress up your house or event space for a party or other gathering. And on that topic, you can definitely pull off this theme on a tight budget! Here are some beautiful décor ideas for your own gender reveal party that you may utilize to set the mood.

Paper Wall Decor

courtesy of EtsyMake use of the available area to incorporate your bumble bee motif. Incorporating little bits and pieces into the wall is an excellent method to incorporate your theme throughout the room. In the event that you’re a master craftsperson and paper maker extraordinaire, you might be able to duplicate this beautiful sun flower and bumble bee arrangement – if not, go over to Etsy for a copy!

The Balloons

Not only that, but we also mentioned that this list of what will it bee gender reveal party ideas would contain budget-friendly options! We’ve fulfilled our promise. You can simply make these charming mini balloon bumble bees for your own celebration in a matter of minutes with a few supplies.

Simply get some yellow balloons (aim for the larger ones), permanent black markers, and a sheet of white paper and go to work. As soon as the helium in your yellow balloons is fully inflated, you can start making your bees by sticking them together.

Dessert Table Decor

Using Oriental Trading as an example Who knows what type of gender reveal party it would be if the sweets weren’t there. Make a statement with a large wall art piece as your backdrop, and stick with the yellow, black, and white color scheme to truly tie everything together. Make use of yellow paper lanterns and small paper bumble bees to decorate them (be careful of using plastic bees as these may weigh down the paper lamp).

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The Cake Display Take Two

Ending with a ViaStorybook Using this cake display as your ultimate inspiration, you can elevate your what will it bee gender reveal celebration to the next level of elegance and sophistication. It’s still completely in theme, but the colors are a little more muted, and can we just add that the usage of dark gold is really stunning?

The Food

There is virtually no celebration — of any sort — that is complete without a generous serving of delectable appetizers. Gender reveal parties require a lot of sweets, and sugary treats are especially crucial. We’ve got you covered with some creative suggestions for incorporating this exciting theme into your celebration.

What will it bee gender reveal themed cookies

The absence of a plentiful supply of delectable refreshments at any gathering is unquestionable. Gender reveal parties require a lot of food, especially sugary treats. Our entertaining ideas for incorporating this exciting theme into your party will help you plan a successful event!

More Cookies

ViaEtsy We did mention that we enjoyed cookies, didn’t we? In addition to the small honey comb biscuits, the little bumble bee onesies are also quite adorable, and we are particularly fond of them. If you’re a cookie-baking ninja, by all means create these gorgeous sweet delights yourself; otherwise, Etsy is brimming with deliciousness that you can get for your celebration.

Bumble Bee Cupcakes

ViaEtsy After all, while you may have cookies, a gender reveal party would be incomplete without some form of cake, right? We really appreciate the usage of cupcakes at this type of gathering since it makes serving a lot easier! Guests may serve themselves, and you are not sacrificing on aesthetics in the process. These adorable bumblebee cupcake toppers are just what the doctor ordered!

An Elegant What Will It Bee Cake

According to The BashOk, if you want to stay with a classic cake, we’re completely on board with that. It’s a great way to tackle the topic with a cake like this one. We adore the subdued tones used in the cake design, which maintains it classy, and the little little bees, which keep it light and in topic while yet being in character. It’s almost *too gorgeous to eat, to be honest.

The Actual Gender Reveal

To be honest, the whole goal of a gender reveal party is to, well, reveal! This is the culmination of your celebration, so make it as grand as you possibly can. In keeping with the “what will it bee” concept, we’ve compiled a list of entertaining suggestions for you to consider.

Lettered Balloons

Okay, so it isn’t quite in theme, but you can certainly make it so if you put your mind to it.

Gender reveal balloons of enormous size are being used in this instance to make the announcement. Organize them into a large box, which you can then adorn with little bees. We like the notion of releasing them in the open air – it would make for an excellent natural photographic backdrop.

What Will It Bee Reveal Box

Need some inspiration on how to design the box in which you’ll be storing your huge lettered balloons? Check out this board on Pinterest. Another variant of the reveal box décor that is a little more lively and fun!

What Will It Bee Piñata!

ViaEtsy When it comes to finding out the gender of your future child, nothing beats smashing a large yellow piata. This is a fantastic concept for the big reveal! That’s all there is to it! What creative methods do you have in mind for incorporating this gorgeous theme into your gender reveal celebration?! Are you unsure about where to begin?

Send yourparty invitesto get started!

“Can you tell me what it will be?” Making Plans for the Baby Shower: Gender Reveal Baby Shower with a Cute Little Bee Themed Baby Shower! Additionally, it is ideal for a neutral baby shower theme! Design by West Bloom Paper Co. for Queen Tut Events The delighted parents-to-be may like to disclose the gender of their child in a very special method that will include all of the individuals who are really important in their lives. It is possible to have a lot of fun at a What Will it Be? gender reveal baby shower since it will keep everyone wondering until the couple announces the wonderful surprise.

What Will it Bee Invitations

Because this is a “What Will it Bee?” party, bees can play a prominent role in the décor selection. However, because it is a gender reveal party, the hostess has the opportunity to be creative and include bees with the colors pink and blue to great effect. There are plenty of bee-themed decorations available, such as centerpieces, tablecloths, and banners, but including some pink and blue, whether it’s in the form of a vase of flowers such as pink and blue carnations or a balloon garland, may not be a bad idea.

Beehive Backdrop

You may try your hand at creating a beehive-shaped background out of icypole sticks, or you can get the kit which includes everything you need! Beehives and honeycomb backdrops for the food or dessert table are reasonably simple DIY projects that can be completed in a weekend. While You Were Cleaning created a film backdrop, and OurGregoryHome created a beehive.

Beehive Centerpiece

A centerpiece made of bees would be a lovely idea! A vase or a display with flowers is sure to wow, whether in person or on the internet. Alternatively, a honey beehive cake with yellow on the exterior and the color of the baby’s gender on the inside might be used as a centerpiece! What a pleasant surprise! StacyJeansStuff

Bee Baby Shower Tableware

One creative method to feed everyone is to focus on the letter B, as it is a bee baby shower, which is a fun way to keep everyone entertained. The invitation asks that friends and family members bring finger foods that begin with the letter B; it will be interesting to see how imaginative everyone can be.

Bee Baby Shower Games

Baby Food Guessing Game is a famous baby shower game that begins with the letter B. It is a game that everyone enjoys. It is necessary to utilize jars of baby food that do not have labels for this game, and visitors are only allowed to glance at the contents of each jar and then write down their best estimate.

The winning visitor will be the one who correctly answers the most questions, and the award will be a tiny jar of honey or some other bee-related item.

What Will it Bee Piñata

PartySparkles Another fantastic activity that you can incorporate into the game is a piñata with a pull string! If you want to know the gender of the baby, you can utilize this method. The use of bee-themed photo booth items is another entertaining pastime! With the printables that are available for purchase online, you may make your own photo booth props.

Printable Games

You may choose soaps in the shape of a bee or a beehive, or yellow frosted cupcakes in a black or yellow box. Again, if you can get little jars of honey, this is an excellent idea. Babypine

FREE What will it BEE Baby Shower Printables

Bee or beehive shaped soaps, as well as yellow frosted cupcakes packaged in a black or yellow box, are all options for your wedding favors. If you can locate little jars of honey, this is still another excellent idea. Babypine

What Will it Bee? Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Who doesn’t like a nice spring get-together, and what better occasion is there than a What will it BEE? Is there a gender reveal party? With a theme like this, you can easily transition from the gender reveal to a “Mommy to Bee” or “Sweet as Can Bee” baby shower. Afterwards, “Happy Bee-Day” is used to celebrate the baby’s first birthday and the nursery’s decor. Since there is an amount of fantastic ideas to choose from when working with such a versatile subject, I’ve narrowed down my faves and compiled them here to make it very simple to create an adorable gender reveal party in no time.

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Affiliate links are provided for your shopping convenience. By clicking and purchasing, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Please see mydisclosure pagefor any questions. Thanks for supporting Halfpint Design so we can continue providing awesome party ideas!

The invitation sets the tone for the rest of the celebration. First and foremost, decide on the general atmosphere you want the party to have. Modern? Rustic? Traditional? Then you need to decide on a color palette. You may stick with the classic black and yellow color scheme, but add a touch of modern glitz with gold accents, such as this stunning invitation by Card Mint on Etsy. Try this wonderful kraft paper invitation from Designs by Kepi on Etsy for a modern touch on a vintage theme. A gender reveal party invitation might simply be made using this template, which is obviously intended for a baby shower.

  1. What is it going to be?
  2. Then, as the ideal finishing touch, use this honey bee wax seal kit to send it out in style!
  3. No more smoldering lighters and dripping wax strewn across the floor!
  4. Something straightforward, such as this adorable gold bee from Amazon, would be excellent.

Honey Bee Party Decorations

For those who appreciate clean lines and contemporary decorating, this gender reveal table by Kelsey Grave from We Heart Parties and Oriental Trading is a great inspiration.

Recreate the Look:

  • The following items are included: 18′′ yellow lanterns, busy bee finger puppets, yellow snack containers with black electrical tape stripes, and yellow honeycomb net garland. Amazon has a little letter light board
  • Table runner with stripes in black and white

Rustic Brown and Yellow Bee Decor:

This gender reveal party by Kudzu Monster, for example, takes a more traditional and rustic approach to the bee motif, which may be more to your liking.

The apothecary jar centerpieces loaded with honey on this table, designed by Kate Johns, are really stunning!

Recreate the look:

  • Gender reveal party printables: Which will it be, which will it be? Kudzu Monster courtesy of Etsy
  • Birch wood cake stand courtesy of Country Chapel via of Etsy
  • Glass Apothecary jars courtesy of Amazon
  • Bee canvas art courtesy of Amazon Bulk honey may be bought at many grocery shops
  • If you don’t have a grocery store in your region, here’s a link to an Amazon listing for a 5-pound jar of honey
  • Then decorate it with charming bee decor, such as a beautiful honey pot, bee string lights, bee plates, or a hive candle, to make it more inviting.

Contemporary Grey and Yellow Bee Theme:

This simple What Will it Be? gender reveal party setup, created by Kim of The Celebration Shoppe, makes a huge impression with a fresh grey and yellow color scheme and basic accents such as balloons, tassels, and fans.

Honeycomb Backdrop Ideas

Because a honeycomb is the ideal theme for your What Will it Bee? Gender Reveal Party, we’ve created this printable. Simple techniques to achieve the look without going overboard on spending are shown below. Kenna Sato Designs’ gold vinyl hexagons make a spectacular visual statement in any setting. It is simple to apply and remove.

  • Kate Johns captured another image of the Bee-day celebration, this time with a simple yet eye-catching honeycomb wall décor fashioned from popsicle sticks. Budget-friendly, but high-end in appearance. The only disadvantage is that it requires a significant amount of time.

A honeycomb made from hexagon paper plates is about as simple as it gets when it comes to crafts. This exhibit from the Crate & Barrel New Year’s Eve party, on the other hand, I think is really nice myself. View the hexagon background I created for my daughter’s Party Like Picasso Art birthday party with cut wallpaper scraps by clicking on the image below. It would also be quite simple to cut scrapbook paper with an electric cutter if you have one.

Recreate the look:

  • Amazon has gold wall vinyl roll
  • Amazon has a Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Amazon has bulk popsicle sticks
  • Amazon has gold patterned hexagon paper plates
  • And Amazon has gold patterned hexagon paper plates.

Gender Reveal Party Activities

Shower games are something that most people either enjoy or despise! Whatever your own choice, we can certainly all agree that including visitors makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Unify’s What Will It Bee? gender reveal cards strike the right blend between fun and serious. In addition to allowing guests to write sweet comments for your new little honey, it also provides them with the option to vote on what they believe your kid will bee! The big revelation may be made with the help of gender reveal scratch cards, such as these from Simply Modern Design Co.

Bee Themed Gender Reveal Buffet

Cake is unavoidable, especially when it may double as a treat and an announcement at the same time! The cutting of the cake is a wonderful way for the couple to learn the gender of their child. If you want to surprise mommy, have the cake prepared with pink or blue filling and watch her face when she slices into a beautiful beehive cake, such as this one from Artisan Cake Company. Isn’t the honeycomb fondant really gorgeous? It’s adorable.

  • If you’re looking for more creative gender reveal ideas for babies, check out our post, “Revealing Baby’s Gender – 10 Great How To’s.”

You may simply acquire a basic cake and decorate it with a beautiful topper to create a show-stopping cake! What will it bee? I’m in love with this gold glitter. Sugar bees and white chocolate honeycomb may be used to decorate bakery cupcakes for a semi-DIY look, courtesy of Tiny Wren Creations. Make sure to check out thisSweet as Can Bee baby shower article to see how quick and easy it is to make. Don’t have time to DIY? Simple cupcake toppers, such as these fromPalencia Grove Paper Design, are the quickest and most affordable way to jazz up your table.

With the pink and blue, it’s possible that any outcome will occur!

Bee Themed Beverage Enhancements

Serve your “nectar” with a side of gold bee adorned paper straws, such as these from Pelemele, for a bee-utiful beverage finishing touch.

Improve the ambiance of your tea party by using these beautiful honey teaspoons from Amazon, which are not only functional but also tasty!

What Will it Bee Party Favor Ideas

The do-it-yourselfer may use these silicone molds to produce chocolate or soap honeycomb treats that your guests will enjoy. Easy to do — Simply fill lovely glass hexagon jars with honey and attach a tag to them. These adorable favors were created for our recently featuredMommy to Bee Baby Shower. This is as simple as it gets: simply tie a handful of these honey sticks together with ribbon and you’re done. I appreciate the fact that it is made using local Utah honey as well.

For Mommy to Bee

As the Mommy to Bee, you are permitted to dress in a manner that is both festive and comfortable on your big day. It’s the perfect gender reveal or baby shower accessory for the guest of honor to wear this gorgeous black and yellow flower sash with bee design fromBump Blossoms. And who wouldn’t fall in love with this adorable “Mommy and me” set from Hello Handpressed? You’ll be humming “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee” for days after seeing this!

Bee Themed Gift Ideas

And let’s not forget about gift suggestions! To start your Amazon baby registry if you are the Mommy to BEE, you may utilize these fantastic bee-inspired picks to get your baby’s room ready. It is, without a doubt, the ideal way to collect all of your thoughts in one spot. Create an Amazon Baby Registry if you shop on Amazon. Did you know that when you sign up for an Amazon account, you may get great rewards? This is a fantastic place to start if you are merely a visitor and are looking for a bee-themed baby shower present that will have everyone talking.

Additional Gender Reveal Reading:

I hope you enjoyed our ideas for a gender reveal party based around a bee. Check out our whole selection of gender reveal ideas for even more inspiration.

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