What Is My House Decor Style

Interior Design Style Quiz – What’s Your Home Design Style?

Do you need assistance determining your personal design style? Finding your personal style may be difficult, especially with so much inspiration available. The Modsy interior design style quiz is the result of this endeavor. Taking our quick, free style questionnaire can assist you in identifying your interior design style in a matter of minutes or less.

Our Approach:One Style Doesn’t Fit All

Since personal style is quite subtle in our opinion here at Modsy, we took a highly nuanced approach while producing our home style questionnaire. rather of assigning you to a single design style, we expose you to a unique, blended solution that is highly particular to your needs. You are not limited to a single interior design style, such as “rustic” or “minimalist,” because the majority of people prefer a look that is a fusion of several various interior design types. Your survey answers will represent your nuanced, unique tastes, and you will be provided with the tools you need to bring your style to life in your physical environment.

Developed By Designersand Engineers

Interior designers, design historians (we’re talking PhDs here!) and world-class engineers collaborated on the development of the Modsy style quiz. The ultimate product is a decorating style quiz that is both artistic and technological in nature, resulting in very precise style predictions. When you go through the photographs in our interior design quiz and tell us what you like and don’t like, the algorithms we’ve built discover trends that you would have missed otherwise. As a result, your style outcomes are not influenced by your ideal holiday.

Turn Your Results into Your Reality

What happens next when you’ve discovered your own particular style? Start a Modsy design project and see your results brought to life in your exact room. To get started, simply send us a few photos and measurements of your room (or record a video using our iOS app), and we’ll turn them into a 3D model for you. Afterwards, your personal designer will furnish and decorate it with actual furniture and décor, after which we will give it to you in our trademark 3D experience.

Popular Design Styles

Do you want to discover what type of outcomes other people are receiving with their style? Become acquainted with three of the most popular design styles among Modsy clients!

Mid-Century Minimalist

In this inviting and fresh style, attractive classic shapes are combined with a clean, minimalist aesthetic to create a welcome and fresh atmosphere. The clean lines and contemporary design found in these spaces are a nod to the less-is-more movement.

Cozy Rustic Farmhouse

This style is all about livable comfort and family-friendly design, and it is straightforward and pleasant. Rustic farmhouse rooms are filled with character and charm, thanks to the abundance of natural materials and comfy furniture.

Boho Glam

Boho glam is a look that’s full of color, texture, and a hint of Hollywood Hills flair.

It’s a look that’s full of drama and excitement. It’s a fusion of the best of two worlds that couldn’t be more different: boho’s diverse style and glam’s appreciation for better materials and vibrant colors.

Interior Design Style Quiz FAQs

Many individuals can identify what they enjoy (and don’t like) when they see it, but they have difficulty describing exactly what it is that they like about something. The Modsy interior design style quiz, on the other hand, was built with this precise problem in mind. Therefore, rather than a series of questions, our quiz relies on images to determine your personality (we will never ask you about your perfect vacation or what your ideal pet would be). Nothing more than looking at a few photographs and telling us which ones you like and dislike is required of you.

For example, you may enjoy Mid-Century Modern couches but also appreciate industrial elements such as raw wood, metal, and stone.

How long does the Modsy style quiz take?

Many individuals can identify what they enjoy (and don’t like) when they see it, but they have difficulty describing what it is that they like. The Modsy interior design style quiz, on the other hand, was developed specifically to address this issue. In order to avoid asking you about your dream vacation or what your perfect pet would be, we’ve created a quiz that is image-based rather than a series of questions. Nothing more than looking at a few photographs and telling us which ones you like and dislike is required of you.

For example, you could prefer Mid-Century Modern couches but also like industrial elements such as raw wood, metal, and stone.

Can the quiz combine different design styles?

Definitely! A common request we receive from clients is that they want to customize their home alongside a roommate or significant other. And that necessitates the fusion of design styles! With our style questionnaire, you and your partner may go at the photographs together and determine what you both like and dislike. We’ll look at how your styles contrast with one another and create a one-of-a-kind result that seamlessly blends the two together in a fashionable manner.

What are the most popular home decor styles?

Definitely! Customers who want to create their home with a roommate or significant other come to us all the time! Design styles must be combined, which implies blending them together.

Our style questionnaire allows you and your partner to go through the photographs and establish your mutual preferences. After evaluating your respective styles, we’ll produce an original solution that seamlessly and stylishly combines them both together.

How many interior design styles are there?

A truly infinite number of design styles exist due to the numerous ways in which core styles can be mixed and matched to create a truly unique look for each individual. In the world of interior design, we prefer to think in terms of “pure styles,” which are the fundamental styles that are at the center of all interior design. What are these “pure styles” you speak of? Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, Contemporary, Industrial, Hollywood Glam, Eclectic or Boho, Rustic, Classic Formal, and Traditional are some of the design styles you’ll find in this collection.

What’s My Home Decorating Style? Quiz and Design Tips

A practically endless number of design styles exist because to the numerous ways in which fundamental styles can be mixed and matched to produce a completely unique appearance. At Modsy, we like to think in terms of “pure styles,” which are the fundamental styles that lie at the heart of all interior design projects. I’m curious as to what these “pure styles” are. Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, Contemporary, Industrial, Hollywood Glam, Eclectic or Boho, Rustic, Classic Formal, and Traditional are some of the design styles you’ll find in our showroom.

3 rules to follow when decorating with your home design style in mind:

Now that you’ve figured out what your house’s style is, thanks to our interior design quiz, here are our three most important principles for acing DIY home designing. Your house may be made to seem like it was designed by a professional designer – without spending a lot of money!

Rule1: Know your design style by heart.

Because, let’s face it, certain interior design trends are difficult to distinguish from one another (hello, Minimalist and Scandinavian!). So, how can you ensure that the design you’re attempting to copy is a true reflection of your personal style?

Step 1: Start with a home aesthetic quiz.

Start with our What’s My Decorating Style? quiz to determine your own style. It’s quick, it’s all visual, and it’s entertaining to do. You might be shocked to find that the style that you ultimately choose (and that actually suits you) is significantly different from what you had in mind all along! It will also provide you with the design vocabulary you need to narrow down your search. When searching for home décor items, you may use keywords such as “industrial,” “coastal,” or “boho” to narrow down your search and discover the right match for your house!

Step 2: Take a good look at your space.

Once you’ve nailed down your own style, the next crucial step is to examine your living environment. Is a complete overhaul on the horizon? You may just require a few items to complete your look, or you may require more. Which aspects of your house are providing you with the most benefit, and which ones are not?

How essential do you think it is for your home to have a lot of natural light? Is it necessary to use artificial light? The ability to maintain an open mind and a flexible viewpoint will make it simpler for you to comprehend what suits you and will keep you satisfied in the long run.

Step 3: Get inspired.

Oh, this is definitely one of our favorite steps of the whole thing. Consider taking a step back and allowing the creative energy to flow naturally. You may get home décor inspiration on websites such as Pinterest, in your favorite home decor magazines, and even in movies or television programs. Also, take inspiration from the surroundings. Take a look about you. Inspiration from real-life, lived-in spaces is a terrific method to imagine how your room may appear if it had a similar layout or design features as the inspiration area.

When you come across fixtures, furnishings, or artwork that you like in someone else’s house, ask them for advice.

Rule2: Follow the 3 C’s: choose, consider, curate.

The second must-follow guideline of DIY interior design is to pick your pieces thoughtfully, take into consideration the specifics of your area, and curate to bring in positive sensations. First and foremost, select style components and accessories that you envision yourself (and your family) utilizing and loving in the long term. As much as we would like our space to be a reflection of our own style, practicality and utility are still important factors in creating a livable and pleasant house.

  • It’s simple to find everything and everything that reflects your personal style online.
  • Consider the quantity of light that comes into your room at all times of the day, and pick paint colors and lighting that will help to brighten the space.
  • Last but not least, tailor your home’s appearance by just bringing in items that make you feel good inside.
  • If you want to create a room that is genuinely unique, go light on the accessorizing.

Rule3: Promise to work within your set budget.

Our final criterion is where the majority of do-it-yourself designers fail. When the subject of a budget is brought up, some people find that the euphoria of imagining their dream house design quickly fades away. Working within your budget, on the other hand, should not be viewed as a source of fear or as a means of stifling your creative potential. Follow these steps to stay inside your budget while still enjoying your ideal home decor:

Reuse items that you already have.

It’s possible that you already have everything you need. Sort each thing you presently own into categories and determine whether or not it still fulfills its original purpose and complements your desired look.

Do you have any products in your possession that have an altogether different aesthetic from the one you’re attempting to achieve? Organize a yard sale to raise more income, or give the proceeds to a local charity.

Dive into a garage sale or a secondhand store.

It’s possible that someone else’s unwanted stuff will turn out to be your treasure. Each of these institutions is an amalgam of every single style, both old and new, and might easily become an easy source of diversion. So keep your gaze fixed on the prize.

Focus on mixing rather than matching.

Something that someone else doesn’t want could turn out to be your gold mine. Each of these establishments is an amalgam of every single style, both old and new, and could serve as an easy diversion for visitors to the area. As a result, keep your sights fixed on the goal.

Try your hand at DIY-ing your home pieces.

With a little effort and elbow grease, you can recreate interior design trends such as Shabby Chic and Industrial, among others, by using pieces that have been lived in for a while. DIY allows you to express your individuality and produce unique design elements that you won’t be able to find anyplace else.

Frequently asked questions

Q:How do I decide on a decorating style for my home? A:Begin by completing MYMOVE’s What’s My Decorating Style? questionnaire. Take this quiz to find out which fashion style best represents you and your personality. A home aesthetic questionnaire makes it so much easier by laying the groundwork for any redecorating endeavor by providing a starting point. Try it out and see what happens! Q:Can you tell me about the numerous types of home décor styles? A:There are a plethora of design options available, but here are some of the most popular right now:

  • Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, French Country, Modern Classic, Bohemian, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Coastal, Art Deco, and many more styles are available.
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Q:Can you tell me about the decorating trends for 2020? A:The following are some of the most prominent trends that we expect to see in 2020:

  • Off-trend is the new on-trend, and vice versa. More reasons to do things yourself (hint, wink)
  • Kitchens with a lot of color. Kitchens are no longer only mostly white
  • They are now a variety of colors. Fabrics and accessories that are warm and inviting. Bring in the hygge
  • Use colors as neutrals to set the tone. Don’t be scared to make a statement with your color selections. A luxurious atmosphere that is approachable. Natural components such as wood give places an organic sheen, while pieces of industrial metal bring a sense of distinction to the area.

Q:How can I beautify my home while staying within my budget? A:To stay within your budget while not restricting the aesthetic possibilities of your house, consider repurposing items that you currently have or, if you really need to buy something, look for it at a garage sale or a thrift shop. In addition, rather of making a single large purchase, we advocate building up your collection of design components or accessories over time. Finally, we cannot emphasize enough how much we enjoyed DIYing some of your products.

Q:How can I express my unique identity through my design aesthetic?

That is the most effective approach to let your personality to show through while still creating the appearance that your home was put together by a professional interior designer.

rather than a collection of items, choose one intriguing object to be the focal point of a space and build your design around it to create a coherent, well thought-out aesthetic

5 Home Decorating Style Quizzes That Work

Do you know what your personal home design style is? Taking a home decorating style questionnaire is not only a pleasant distraction, but it may also provide you with some insight into the kind of decorating and design styles that you are drawn to in general. What is the significance of this? In order to make your home’s overall design more coherent, it’s important to first determine what style you want it to be. This will help you understand what furniture and accessories to acquire that will complement your chosen style.

  1. However, if you’re feeling completely lost, they can provide you with some guidance and a place to begin.
  2. It was interesting to observe which tests were able to accurately predict my personal style and which ones were completely off the mark.
  3. These five appear to be the most dependable when it comes to accurately collecting significant components of your design style preferences.
  4. Let’s get this party started with some quizzes!
  5. Do you know your own style, but you’re having trouble figuring out what you should buy to fit it into your home?
  6. Your preferences and dislikes are already well-known to you.

Only assistance in translating that into particular decoration components that you may put into your home’s interior design will suffice. This course will assist you in creating a more coherent appearance in your house that looks wonderful and represents your personal style! APPLY RIGHT NOW!

1.Havenly Style Quiz

Given that I used to work for Havenly, the company will always hold a particular place in my hearts. They offer a fantastic style quiz, in which you choose different photographs of rooms that you are drawn to and answer the questions. My general style choices were extremely closely matched by their results, which I have to admit. According to the results, my primary style was Farmhouse, with Coastal, Classic, and Bohemian substyles. Because I happen to have a few different substyles, I appreciate the fact that they label them for you.

Take the Havenly Style Quiz

It’s no secret that Pottery Barn has tremendous taste and knows how to design spaces that make you want to drool, so I was intrigued to see how their quiz would go. The Pottery Barn quiz exposes you to a variety of colors, patterns, metals, and even plants to help you establish your personal design aesthetic. I completed this quiz twice and got two very different results: Global and Farmhouse, respectively. I can make out the Farmhouse, although Global was off by a few degrees. You are not need to provide your name or email address in order to participate in this quiz.

Take the Pottery Barn Style Finder Quiz

This quiz consists of only five simple questions, and you will be required to provide your email address at the end in order to receive your results. Because I “enjoy an uncluttered room and the clean approach of modernist aesthetics,” according to the Decorist Style Quiz, I was classified as Modern. That is true, yet the idea of having an uncluttered area is more of a fantasy than a reality.

Take the Decorist Style Quiz

This isn’t unexpected because Houzz is a fantastic source for design inspiration and real-life home projects, so it’s no surprise that they’ve created an enjoyable style quiz. This exam is a little different from the others in that you are asked a series of multiple choice questions that don’t appear to have anything to do with design in terms of their answers. My favorite had to be the one where I described my ideal pet. According to the Houzz style quiz, I am a Coastal style person. I’m still baffled as to how they derived that information from the questions.

Take the Houzz Decorating Style Quiz

Taking this short questionnaire will reveal photographs of rooms, furniture, and artwork that will help you establish your own style preference. They correctly identified my style as Coastal Chic, and they even recognized that I wasn’t looking for a beach hut, but rather a 5-star coastal retreat. They also provided me with recommendations for design periodicals and shopping destinations that I could enjoy!

Take the DSA Style Quiz

It is possible that these home decorating style tests may not only provide a pleasant break from today’s frantic world, but they may also assist you in better understanding your own design tastes.

Whether you already know your style and are simply interested in seeing if the quizzes work for you, or you have no idea what styles you enjoy, take the quizzes and see what they have to say about you.

What if you still need more direction?

The findings of style tests can be useful in providing a starting point, and you may see some common elements beginning to emerge. But what if your results aren’t helpful or are inconsistent? Is there any possibility for establishing your own personal decorating style in the future? The answer is a resounding yes! It’s possible that your own personal style is a combination of various distinct interior design types if you discover that you don’t exactly relate to anyone’s particular style. In such scenario, you’ll need to concentrate on the fundamental characteristics of the designs that appeal to you the most, and combine them to create a look that is uniquely your own.

After that, you’ll devise a strategy for incorporating your new design into any space in your home that you want.

Whether you prefer one of the established design styles or have a completely original style that no one else has ever seen before, the key is to take note of the main features of that style and then incorporate those features into your room.in everything from the color scheme to the furniture styles to the pillows and accessories.

  1. Annie @ 6:54 p.m. on March 24, 2021- Reply I’ve worked in a variety of styles, ranging from contemporary to transitional to mid-century modern to classic. This confirms what I’ve always believed. I had no notion what my decorating style was before, and I have no idea what it is right now
  2. Very well written post! Thank you for sharing this excellent article
  3. Kelly Robinson is a model and actress who lives in Los Angeles. @ 5:48 p.m. on May 29, 2021- Reply The majority of these questions are impossible for me to finish since none of the alternatives are acceptable. I’m in desperate need of a none of the above choice. There isn’t anything special about $9

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What’s Your Interior Design Style: A Breakdown of All the Styles

Prior to beginning every project with a new customer, we spend the necessary time guiding them through the many “design styles” that are available to them. It is necessary to identify crucial characteristics of each so that we can all work together to choose which style they belong to in the end. There are several stages to this process. For some, they already know what they like and gravitate toward; for others, seeing photographs of all the different designs helps them realize that “ohhh, that certainly isn’t me.” This then allows us to assist them in getting closer to what makes them unique.

For us, this is where the excitement begins!

What Is Your Decorating Style? Take The Style Quiz

Are you a fan of unpolished surfaces and rustic charm? This design, which seamlessly blends repurposed materials and comforting textures while achieving the perfect balance between old and modern, may be for you. If you like a more traditional, unified appearance with matching furniture and flower designs, you may prefer a more Traditional style interior design scheme. Alternatively, perhaps you prefer clean lines, a neutral color palette, and geometric patterns for a sleekModernvibe. Don’t mistake it with contemporary style, which relates to the here and now and is characterized by cold colours and cutting-edge designs and patterns.

Alternatively, you may want high gloss 70’s Glam with a variety of textures, such as velvet, brass, and fake fur, to complement your look.

Being aware of your own personal design style, whether it is coastal or bohemian, can assist you in guiding us as we work together to create a room you will like. Take ourinterior design quiz to find out what design style you are most like.

Ready to Find Your Decorating Style? Take the Design Style Quiz Now!

Find out what your design style is by taking this fun and quick Interior Design Style Quiz from Tidbits Twine! Make use of the information provided in the findings to begin designing your ideal environment right now. I’ve had a lot on my plate these last few days. I’ve put together a fun (and completely free!) questionnaire for you to participate in. Even if you believe you already know your design style, it’s worth taking the quiz to see what pops up! Given the fact that fashion is continuously evolving, you may be shocked by the outcomes.

Does Knowing Your Style Matter?

Both yes and no. Your own style should be irrelevant to everyone else but you. However, it should be a representation of your personality. So, does it make a difference if you know your own personal style? Yes. Yes, it does. The reason behind this is as follows.

Shopping Will Be Easier

You’ve probably had the feeling of walking into a large department store and being overwhelmed by the racks of apparel that take up numerous levels. But then you discover that everything’s organized by department, which makes it much simpler to find exactly what you’re looking for. And then it’s narrowed down even more by size (although, recently, I’ve been unhappy with the size I’m buying.but that’s another story.). Knowing your design style can help you narrow down your options. In a furniture store, you won’t have to look at every sofa because you’ll already know the model of sofa you want!

  • Decorating Paralysis, as I like to refer to it, is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome when it comes to home decorating.
  • So why not make things easy on yourself by knowing what you like and don’t like before you go shopping?
  • Understanding the distinction between enjoying beautiful items and determining whether or not they are appropriate for your house is critical here.
  • Well, not if it’s not your style, of course!
  • So let’s speak about your emotions a little more.

You’ll Be Happier

Believe me when I say that after you figure out your design style, you’ll be much more content. When you discover your personal style and your house changes to reflect it, it becomes a true representation of.well, you!

You should be surrounded by items that make you feel at ease in your house if you want to feel comfortable there. If you’ve never given any consideration to what you enjoy and don’t like, you could be surprised at how much some of thosethey-looked-good-in-the-storeaccessories are pulling you down!

Does Everyone Have JustOneStyle?

No way, not at all! In the same way that every individual has subtleties to their personality, your design style will have nuances as well. Your design style will develop over time as a result of your life experiences, current design trends, stage of life, and other factors. As a result, what you pick now may be different from what you would have chosen 10 years ago, or even what you would choose in 2 years! A variety of styles can be used in conjunction with one another to create a cohesive look.

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Traditional and Rustic, for example, can coexist peacefully while not being called Eclectic in any way.

Take the Interior Design Style Quiz

So let’s get started! Take this fast, ten-question questionnaire to find out which fashion style you are most drawn toward. You may then take the test again to see if there are any additional designs that you enjoy and that you may want to include into your house! Following your responses to the questions, you will receive your results almost instantly, along with a plethora of information on color palettes, materials, important traits, and so on. You may also sign up to receive a follow-up with some of my favorite merchants that appeal to your taste, as well as interesting furniture and décor that you might like!

Is it possible that I’m missing your style?

8 Online Interior Style Quizzes That Are Actually Worth Your Time

What is your personal style when it comes to home design? When it comes to designing, furnishing, and embellishing one’s own house, everyone has their own distinct taste. The question is: how can you put all of your own tastes together into a coherent décor style? Understanding your interior design style, whether you prefer bright colors or shades of white, natural materials or a lot of pattern, will help you make better interior design decisions in the future. (As well as fewer interior faults that might be pricey!) Are you ready to begin your search?

8 of the best interior design style quizzes

This quiz couldn’t be any more straightforward or straightforward. Simply take out a pen and paper and take a look at each of the inside photographs. Choose the design style that appeals to you the most (as soon as possible — don’t overthink it!) and make a note of your preferences. Depending on your selections, you’ll discover that your style is Warm Industrial, Classic Glam, Happy Modern, or Eclectic Collector, among other things. Taking this Apartment Therapy quiz will also provide you with some excellent recommendations on where and how to purchase in order to perfect your preferred fashion style.

2. The Decorist

Do you want the expert eye of a professional interior designer to go over your home? Take this short quiz to find out whether you’re a match!

The Decorist’s online interior designers will ask you five questions, and the results will reveal what sort of style best matches your personality and lifestyle. To see your findings, simply provide your email address at the conclusion of the process.

3. SheKnows

Answer these simple questions to learn more about your personal home design style. This style quiz asks questions about anything from your fashion sense to your favorite holiday spot in order to determine your preferences in home design. It’s easy to do, takes little time, and is quite entertaining.

4. Buzzfeed

Another very appealing home design quiz to take a look at. Choose your must-have goods from an interior wish-list, and you’ll be on your way to discovering your own personal home style approach. Are you going for an industrial or farmhouse look? Are you going for an eclectic or shabby chic look? Make use of Buzzfeed’s convenient sharing features to email your answers to a friend once you’ve completed the quiz to discover your personal style.

5. Lonny

What are some of your favorite interior designs? Or should I go for something more neutral in terms of decor? What do you prefer: vintage treasures or clean lines? This interior design style quiz will offer you a diverse range of questions to assist you in determining how to decorate your dream house. We were particularly taken by the all-important and highly polarizing topic, “What are your feelings on wicker?” We thought it was brilliant.

6. Houzz

You don’t believe that your favorite restaurant, your pet, or your favorite alcoholic beverage have anything to do with your interior design style? Think again. Reconsider your position! This Houzz quiz is a lot of fun, and it has a lot of questions that have nothing to do with interior design. This means that you will be unable to forecast your outcomes. In addition, you will have a whole different perspective on how your home design style may operate.

7. Apartment Therapy: One Question Quiz

Return to Apartment Therapy for another another entertaining quiz. Prepare to be surprised by the answer to a single inquiry about your home design preferences. This interior design quiz just has one stage, and that is to complete the first step. Take a look at these eight sets of couches, carpets, and other room items for inspiration. After that, select your preferred objects to determine your personal design style based on. It truly is that easy!

8. Designer Society of America

Designer Society of America created this interior design quiz, so you may be certain that these individuals are on the leading edge of contemporary interior design. To complete the quiz, look at images of furniture and rooms that have been furnished in a variety of ways before picking your favorites. You’ll choose your preferred area rug, tables, wood floors, kitchen, and sofa before determining which design is the most appropriate for you. In addition to providing you with the results of your quiz, DSA also recommends some excellent interior design periodicals that are appropriate for your design style.

If you’re struggling to realize your décor style, why not try one (or all!) of these interior design style quizzes today?

Designer Society of America created this interior design quiz, so you may be certain that these individuals are on the cutting edge of contemporary interior design practices. To complete the quiz, look at images of furniture and rooms that have been furnished in a variety of ways before choosing your favorites. Prior to determining which design is the most appropriate for you, you’ll select your preferred area rug, tables, wood floors, kitchen, and sofa.

Apart from providing you with the results of your questionnaire, DSA also recommends some fantastic interior publications that are tailored to your interior design preferences.

Designer Society of America – Interior Design Education, Certification, Interior Designers, Resources

When I go inside my house, I want to feel something. Prestige and a formal aura of formality are present. BPassion for discovering unusual and unique gems Here and there, a touch of glitz and glamour. COrganization and balance, combined with an inviting atmosphere. The space has old world elegance and is proud, cozy, and inviting. There is no clutter, there are wide spaces, and there are clear lines without any complications. Think fresh breezes and relaxation when you think of light and airy.


Select your favorite chair from the list below.


For my living room sofa, I would go for one of the options listed below.


The table below is one of my favorites.


If I pick the style below, the flooring will be the most appropriate with my personal style.


The following are the kind of lighting fixtures that I would want to have in my home.


If I were to pick a decorative design for a little object in my room, I would go with one of the options listed below.


Out of the paintings shown below, the art style that I would choose is


I would choose the following piece since it represents the art style that I enjoy.


Mirrors are similar to art in that the frame may serve to show your personal style as well! Which one is most effective for you?


The dining room below is the one that comes the closest to my chosen dining room design.


This is a kitchen that I would be quite delighted with.

5 Steps to Finding Your Decorating Style

Are you unsure about how to approach your home’s decor? These five stages for determining your decorating style can assist you in determining your particular style and achieving it!. Every time you go to purchase new furniture or artwork for your house, do you find yourself struggling to figure out what style you want to incorporate? Do you have friends who appear to be able to easily arrange their homes in a style that is ideally suited to them?

5 Steps for Finding Your Decorating Style

Throughout today, I’m going to share with you five easy suggestions to help you figure out your decorating style, along with four recommendations to help you do it on a budget!

1. Browse magazines

Pinterest is also a fantastic resource, but because there are so many gorgeous photographs on Pinterest at any one moment, it can be tough to narrow down which style is most appealing to you. Instead, flick through magazine pages one by one, tearing out photographs of rooms and residences that you are particularly drawn to as you go. Simply rip out what you adore–there is no right or wrong way to do it! Examine the images you’ve torn out and try to figure out what they have in common.

2. Take an online quiz

Many online questionnaires are available that are intended to assist you in determining your personal decorating style. Select a few of design style quizzes to complete at your convenience. If they provide similar outcomes, you may be confident that you are on the correct course. They are entertaining and can really assist you in defining your personal style. I recommendthis one from Houzzandthis one from Better Homes and Gardens.

3. Look to your wardrobe

Take a long, hard look at some of your favorite pieces of clothes. Take note of the colors and textures of the room.

Is the majority of their content neutral? If this is the case, you may choose a more neutral color scheme for your house. Is it true that your favorite garments are brightly colored and have strong patterns? If this is the case, go for a comparable style when selecting textiles for your house.

4. Pay attention to the exterior of homes

Identify the houses in your city or town that make your heart go pitter patter as you drive around. Whether they are conventional brick residences or minimalist and futuristic structures, the question remains. If you prefer modern architecture, you will most certainly appreciate the clean lines and minimalism of contemporary home décor as well. In the same way that you appreciate old architecture, you will likely appreciate traditional furniture, such as couches with rolled arms.

5. Take an inventory of your current decor

Take a walk around your house and make some notes. Make a list of the furniture, paintings, and accessories you adore in each space, as well as a separate list of the items you wish you could change. Then go back over your list of things you enjoy to identify what they have in common, and make a note of those similarities. Keep that list with you at all times when you are making purchases for your home–it will act as an excellent guide to help you stay on track with your design aesthetic! Once you have a better understanding of your own style, the next step is to find out how to attain it without spending a lot of money.


The power of paint should never be underestimated. It is a low-cost and adaptable option. You have the ability to paint almost anything. I’ve painted everything: cabinets, walls, flooring (vinyl and wood), furniture, and even the backsplash in my kitchen! Paint can transform your space on a dime and give you a whole different appearance.

Do it yourself

By tackling a room makeover on your own, you can save a significant amount of money. You should paint the walls yourself. You can make the curtains and pillows by hand. You can do the refinishing or painting yourself. Make no apprehensions about attempting it! Many do-it-yourself projects are simple enough that even the most unskilled homeowner can do them. Look through DIY blogs and talk to the staff at your local home improvement store for advice on DIY projects.

Shop flea markets, consignment stores, yard salesCraigslist

Many people on a tight budget simply cannot afford to purchase furniture from a store that sells it brand new. You may discover fantastic prices on furniture, light fixtures, and art at flea markets, consignment stores and even yard sales, which is a welcome relief from the current economic climate. Hunting for bargains can be entertaining, and you can often find items that are of significantly higher quality than many of the items that are manufactured these days.

Go shopping in your own house

This is my favorite piece of advice! I fully transformed my laundry room for only $71 in out-of-pocket expenses by repurposing old drapes, paint, and accessories that I had stored in our attic previously. You’d never guess that from looking at me! It’s possible that the curtains that didn’t work in your new home’s dining room would work perfectly in another room. Explore your attic, closets, and/or cellar to find new ways to repurpose existing furniture and décor.

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To recap, here are 5 Steps for Finding Your Decorating Style + 4 Additional Tips


Look through magazines 2. Take a quiz on the internet Make a list of your present decor6. Paint7. Do it yourself8. Look for bargains at flea markets, consignment stores, and yard sales9. Craigslist 9. Do your shopping in the comfort of your own home.

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Instructions on How to Transform Your House Into the Home of Your Dreams Decorate with items you already have in your home in seven different ways. Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Resources: The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Resource Guide


When it comes to interior design, minimalism is one of the most totally modern designs to explore. However, many people mistakenly associate minimalism with a stark coldness and unpleasant harshness – which is far from the truth. Even a warmer approach to minimal interior design (warm minimalism) is available, which is full of no-fuss, clean elegance and is ideal for a more intimate setting. Consider simplicity and refinement, as well as a deft touch with lavish comfort and functionality. In this case, it’s important to keep rooms simple and well-edited, with printless fabrics and décor elements that must serve more than one function.

More information on how to perfect the Minimalist style may be found here.


Despite the fact that many people confuse modern interior design styles with current interior design styles, there is a significant distinction between the two that distinguishes them as distinct in and of themselves. Contemporary style is entirely current, however contemporary interior design styles may signify nearly anything forward-thinking from the 1950s to the early 2000s. Modern interior design styles are a mix of the two. Contemporary interior design styles and trends also have greater latitude, owing to the fact that modern is typically defined by squared, graphic lines and a particular interpretation of modernity.

Find out more about contemporary design in our comprehensive guide here.


Most interior design styles are based on traditional interior design ideas, which is understandable given their historical significance. That being said, you may personalize classic style interior design by including objects that reflect your personality and way of life while also making a statement. Think about the room above, which includes traditional elements such as a beige overstuffed sofa, Persian rug, and the obligatory Louis VI chair; however, what distinguishes it from any other traditional room is the updated contemporary light fixture and the conversation-starting art piece displayed on the wall.


It’s understandable that after learning about traditional interior design styles and then looking at the image above, you’d be wondering what the difference is between traditional and transitional interior design styles. That which distinguishes transitional interior design ideas from other styles is the blend of tried and proven décor styling employing historic furniture coupled with contemporary features that prevent a space from seeming to be overly influenced by any one particular style. For example, if you’re trying to blend interior design styles after getting married or if you’re relocating to a larger home, this can be extremely beneficial to you.

The best transitional style interior design achieves a sense of balance in an unexpected combination, while also adding warmth and a relaxed atmosphere to a space. Learn the most important tips for transitional style right now.


Rough and weathered finishes, raw wood, stone, and leather are featured prominently in rustic interior design, which draws inspiration from the outdoors and incorporates elements of farmhouse and industrial design styles. Unexpected touches and an overall sophisticated feel are incorporated into rustic interior design. We adore how the room depicted above incorporates a diverse mix of statement-making furnishings such as the bespoke soft sherpa sofas, industrial-inspired wire chandeliers, and one-of-a-kind leather seats, among others.

Consult our guide on acing rustic style for fail-proof methods of achieving success.

French Country

French Country interior design styles are similar to transitional contemporary interior design styles in that they are a hybridized combination of antique French, shabby chic, and farmhouse interior design components that have a sophisticated, grown-up charm to them. Consider the room above, which features an era-less sofa, Louis VI chairs reupholstered in a mid-century modern geometric pattern, an eclectic mix of art pieces, and a basic coffee table, as it is all about a varied, yet well-judged mix of juxtapositions.

Take a look at our guide.

Shabby Chic

After gaining widespread popularity in the mid-80s and early 90s as one of the most popular interior design styles for evoking laid-back California cool, shabby chic eventually received a great deal of negative feedback after being mislabeled as granny décor – which is completely false – in the media. In the first place, shabby chic has its origins in antique and old French style and furniture, but it has been given a particularly comfy twist. Most significantly, it exudes a timeless, lived-in, vintage-inspired charm.

Consider a white overstuffed sofa, distressed painted wood, and ornate gilt accents, such as a gold French mirror, in your living room.


We are not fans of themed interior design styles in general, but there is something refreshing and comforting about using a curated mix of coastal and beach house components to pull a space together in an unexpected way. In terms of coastal interior design, light, bright, and open environments generally incorporate colorful neutrals to soak up the sun’s rays are frequently featured. Most commonly used coastal color palettes include hues of light blues and greens inspired by the water, as well as a variety of creams and neutrals, which create a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Our greatest coastal-inspired constructions, such as this property in San Francisco, frequently include modern interior design trends to give the whole look a surprisingly contemporary touch, as seen here. Consult our guide for more seaside everyday glam in your homehere for inspiration.

Hollywood Regency

A timeless yet fun interior design style that was popular from the 1940s to the 1960s and has been resurrected in recent years, Hollywood Regency is one of the most timeless yet fun interior design styles to consider because it successfully blends Art Deco inspired touches and silhouettes with an adult sense of high-polished glamor. Consider a combination of historical French furnishings, clean lines, brilliant pops of color, and ultra-glam accents introduced through the use of crystal, mirror, and high-shine surfaces and finishes, among other things.

With our helpful guidance, you may bring Hollywood Regency elegance into your own house.


Scandinavian interior design concepts are becoming increasingly popular because they stress a clean and tranquil simplicity that has global appeal. Scandinavian design emphasizes organic forms with subtle intrigue, tonal textural variations, and a calm appeal in all-white interiors with gray undertones. Scandinavian design is fully practical and basic to a degree. Art and a single textile, such as a small blanket or rug, are used to provide a splash of color into the room. Scandinavian interior design is one of the most straightforward forms of modern interior design to grasp since it is based on a well-balanced and carefully curated combination of elements.

With these techniques, you can bring the relaxing chill of Scandinavian design into your house.

Urban Modern

When it comes to luxurious contemporary, modern, and industrial influences, Urban Modern design is unrivaled for elevating city life. It combines the finest of luxury contemporary, modern, and industrial elements to create an exciting and timeless approach to décor. Consider the Big Apple, but with a captivating combination of elegant highlights from different eras, all blended together to bring a house to life with a wow-factor that everyone will notice. Learn how to get the Urban Modern style with our helpful instructions here.


Bohemian décor is one of the most ageless and eternally popular interior design trends available today. It signifies a carefree and fuss-free lifestyle that is undeniably seductive and heady. The eclectic style features a globally inspired comfortable mix of exotic finds and vintage and antique furnishings sourced from passionate flea-market treks and travels. Crystal extras, beaded fabrications, jewel tones, and an overall relaxed mood add a touch of everyday glamor to the space.

It’s possible that this is the ideal interior design types living room for you if you already have a diverse collection of various furniture and appreciate the notion of beautifully presented juxtapositions. With these suggestions, you may create your own Bohemian haven.

Mid-Century Modern

A style that is perhaps the most popular in interior design history, mid-century modern takes the best of the 1950s and 1960s and blends them together to create a clean vintage Danish inspired look. Mid-century modern styling is characterized by simple, straight-forward forms, organic contours, quiet fabrications, and an emphasis on practicality. To that end, because of the minimum bending in the motions, it is a wonderful alternative for those wishing to easily refresh old style interior decor.

We recommend that you give this one a try if you are looking for a trend in interior design that is guaranteed to be successful.


Industrial interior design methods bring a clean, somewhat masculine, and simple attitude to any room, which should come as no surprise given that the moniker implies an urban atmosphere with warehouse and factory aspects thrown in for good measure. Consider a neutral color palette, salvaged machinery, somber hues, raw woods and unprocessed metals, and, at the end of the day, statement-making throwbacks with a tiny steampunk influence. We would not advocate choosing industrial when it comes to the finest interior design styles for tiny houses, since this is an aesthetic that requires plenty of space to take in the sometimes large machinery-inspired components that characterize the style.

Here’s how to achieve the industrial appearance for your house using sound advice.


While similar to bohemian décor, eclectic interior design has a decidedly more sophisticated appeal. It is all about high-energy, spellbinding finds and furnishings that are hard to resist. Consider a combination of dramatic color palettes, textures, and patterns that are blended together to create a rich mix that is designed with usefulness and focus in mind. Eclectic design is not to be confused with a “anything goes” attitude; rather, it is about consistency, go-to colors, and, most importantly, the freedom to explore new creative directions with carefully considered nuances.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse style is a wonderful choice to explore if you want warmth, functionality, comfort, and a laid-back attitude to well-put-together design on your list of priorities. Its inspiration comes from the province, creating the optimum combination of highlow contrasts that works especially well for a growing family. Consider rustic country elements that have been updated for the modern era with a rich mix of industrial, minimal, and Scandinavian touches to create one-of-a-kind spaces that take full advantage of every architectural hallmark – flawed or not – for unique spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

For more information on Modern Farmhouse design, please see our helpful guide here.

Modern Country

Modern country style is characterized by dynamic layers of the rough and the organic that combine to create a warm and inviting interpretation of classic interior design elements. The style is enhanced while remaining true to nature, thanks to exposed beams and treasured industrial treasures. Consult our guide here for more information on how to get the Modern Country style in your house.

Art Deco

For those who prefer intricate and jewel-like designs, this homage to the design style of the 1920s may be the ideal alternative. Art deco interior design immediately conjures up images of grandeur; beautiful, glamorous, and sleek, this style was established in the 1920s as the height of sophistication. To learn how to design in the Art Deco style, check out this helpful tutorial.

Asian Zen

Asian Zen interior design is basic yet distinctively layered, so if you’re trying to create a rich take on pared down interior design in your house, drawing inspiration from the style could just be the correct approach for you.Make Asian Zen interior design work in your home with these helpful tips.

Feng Shui

Feng shui isn’t just about how you arrange your furniture; it’s about how you live as well. It’s more of a concept that encourages you to achieve harmony in your house, and it’s certain to provide a feeling of peace to your daily routine. For more information on how to master Feng Shui, please see our guide here.

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