What Is My Home Decor Aesthetic

What’s My Home Decorating Style? Quiz and Design Tips

A spot in your house that requires care, or are you ready to embark on a new DIY home renovation project? One thing to consider before you get started is whether you’ve decided which home decor style best suits your home and your personality. “How about you tell me about your design style?” you inquire. Take the short and entertaining quiz below to find out if you got the right answer. By answering our ten questions, you’ll be able to give a name to your ideal home’s interior design. The question of whether my home’s interior design style is more Mid-Century Modern or Industrial will be answered.

With a little home design inspiration, you can begin the wheels of your home design project turning.

3 rules to follow when decorating with your home design style in mind:

Now that you’ve figured out what your home’s aesthetic is, thanks to our interior design quiz, here are our three most important rules for acing DIY home decorating. Your house may be made to seem like it was designed by a professional designer – without spending a lot of money!

Rule1: Know your design style by heart.

Because, let’s face it, certain interior design trends are difficult to distinguish from one another (hello, Minimalist and Scandinavian!). So, how can you ensure that the design you’re attempting to copy is a true reflection of your personal style?

Step 1: Start with a home aesthetic quiz.

Start with our What’s My Decorating Style? quiz to determine your personal style. It’s quick, it’s all visual, and it’s entertaining to do. You might be surprised to find that the style that you ultimately choose (and that truly suits you) is slightly different from what you had in mind all along! It will also provide you with the design vocabulary you need to narrow down your search. When searching for home décor items, you may use keywords such as “industrial,” “coastal,” or “boho” to narrow down your search and discover the right match for your house!

Step 2: Take a good look at your space.

Once you’ve nailed down your own style, the next crucial step is to examine your living environment. Is a complete overhaul on the horizon? You may only require a few accessories to complete your look, or you may require more. Which aspects of your house are providing you with the most benefit, and which ones are not? How essential do you think it is for your home to have a lot of natural light? Is it necessary to use artificial light? The ability to maintain an open mind and a flexible viewpoint will make it simpler for you to comprehend what suits you and will keep you satisfied in the long run.

Step 3: Get inspired.

Oh, this is definitely one of our favorite steps of the whole thing. Consider taking a step back and allowing the creative energy to flow naturally. You can find home decor inspiration on websites such as Pinterest, in your favorite home decor magazines, and even in movies or television series. Also, take inspiration from the surroundings. Take a look about you. Inspiration from real-life, lived-in spaces is a terrific method to imagine how your room may appear if it had a similar layout or design features as the inspiration area.

Save a few images and group them together in a folder to create your interior design inspiration board. When you come across fixtures, furnishings, or artwork that you like in someone else’s house, ask them for advice.

Rule2: Follow the 3 C’s: choose, consider, curate.

The second must-follow guideline of DIY interior design is to pick your pieces thoughtfully, take into consideration the specifics of your area, and curate to bring in positive sensations. First and foremost, select style components and accessories that you envision yourself (and your family) utilizing and loving in the long term. As much as we would like our space to be a reflection of our own style, practicality and utility are still important factors in creating a livable and pleasant house.

  • It’s simple to find everything and everything that reflects your personal style online.
  • Consider the quantity of light that comes into your room at all times of the day, and pick paint colors and lighting that will help to brighten the space.
  • Last but not least, tailor your home’s appearance by just bringing in items that make you feel good inside.
  • If you want to create a room that is genuinely unique, go light on the accessorizing.

Rule3: Promise to work within your set budget.

Our final criterion is where the majority of do-it-yourself designers fail. When the subject of a budget is brought up, some people find that the euphoria of imagining their dream house design quickly fades away. Working within your budget, on the other hand, should not be viewed as a source of fear or as a means of stifling your creative potential. Follow these steps to stay inside your budget while still enjoying your ideal home decor:

Reuse items that you already have.

It’s possible that you already have everything you need. Sort each thing you presently own into categories and determine whether or not it still fulfills its original purpose and complements your desired look. Do you have any products in your possession that have an altogether different aesthetic from the one you’re attempting to achieve? Organize a yard sale to raise more income, or give the proceeds to a local charity.

Dive into a garage sale or a secondhand store.

It’s possible that someone else’s unwanted stuff will turn out to be your treasure. Each of these institutions is an amalgam of every single style, both old and new, and might easily become an easy source of diversion. So keep your gaze fixed on the prize.

Focus on mixing rather than matching.

Purchasing large-ticket products in one transaction, such as a furniture set, may appear to be a convenient method to obtain what you need all at once. However, it may result in your money being depleted more quickly and your capacity to completely personalize your home being limited.

In order to design like a true professional, you should not be scared to mix and match your items – particularly your furniture. Maintain a single focus point and use complementary accessories.

Try your hand at DIY-ing your home pieces.

With a little effort and elbow grease, you can recreate interior design trends such as Shabby Chic and Industrial, among others, by using pieces that have been lived in for a while. DIY allows you to express your individuality and create unique design pieces that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Frequently asked questions

Q:How do I decide on a decorating style for my home? A:Begin by copying MYMOVE’s code. I’m not sure what my decorating style is. Take this quiz to find out which fashion style best represents you and your personality. A home aesthetic questionnaire makes it so much easier by laying the groundwork for any redecorating endeavor by providing a starting point. Try it out and see what happens! Q:Can you tell me about the numerous types of home décor styles? A:There are a plethora of design options available, but here are some of the most popular right now:

  • Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, French Country, Modern Classic, Bohemian, Minimalist, Scandinavian, Coastal, Art Deco, and many more styles are available.

Q:Can you tell me about the decorating trends for 2020? A:The following are some of the most prominent trends that we expect to see in 2020:

  • Off-trend is the new on-trend, and vice versa. More reasons to do things yourself (hint, wink)
  • Kitchens with a lot of color. Kitchens are no longer only mostly white
  • They are now a variety of colors. Fabrics and accessories that are warm and inviting. Bring in the hygge
  • Use colors as neutrals to set the tone. Don’t be scared to make a statement with your color selections. A luxurious atmosphere that is approachable. Natural components such as wood give places an organic sheen, while pieces of industrial metal bring a sense of distinction to the area.

Q:How can I beautify my home while staying within my budget? A:To stay within your budget while not limiting the aesthetic potential of your home, try repurposing items that you already have or, if you really need to buy something, look for it at a garage sale or a thrift store. In addition, rather of making a single large purchase, we advocate building up your collection of design components or accessories over time. Finally, we cannot emphasize enough how much we enjoyed DIYing some of your products.

Q:How can I express my unique identity through my design aesthetic?

That is the most effective approach to let your personality to show through while still creating the appearance that your home was put together by a professional interior designer.

rather than a collection of items, choose one intriguing object to be the focal point of a space and build your design around it to create a coherent, well thought-out aesthetic

Interior Design Style Quiz – What’s Your Home Design Style?

Do you need assistance determining your personal design style? Finding your personal style can be difficult, especially with so much inspiration available. The Modsy interior design style quiz is the result of this endeavor. Taking our quick, free style questionnaire can assist you in identifying your interior design style in a matter of minutes or less.

Our Approach:One Style Doesn’t Fit All

Since personal style is quite subtle in our opinion here at Modsy, we took a highly nuanced approach while producing our home style questionnaire. rather than assigning you to a single design style, we introduce you to a unique, blended result that is incredibly personal to your needs. You are not limited to a single interior design style, such as “rustic” or “minimalist,” because the majority of people prefer a look that is a fusion of several various interior design types.

Your survey answers will represent your nuanced, unique tastes, and you will be provided with the tools you need to bring your style to life in your physical environment.

Developed By Designersand Engineers

Interior designers, design historians (we’re talking PhDs here!) and world-class engineers collaborated on the development of the Modsy style quiz. The end result is a decorating style quiz that is both artistic and technological in nature, resulting in remarkably accurate style predictions. When you look through the images in our interior design quiz and tell us what you like and don’t like, the algorithms we’ve developed identify patterns that you might have missed otherwise. As a result, your style outcomes are not influenced by your ideal vacation.

Turn Your Results into Your Reality

What happens next when you’ve discovered your own particular style? Begin a Modsy design project and watch as your vision comes to life in your own home or workspace. To get started, simply give us a few images and measurements of your area (or record a video using our iOS app), and we’ll turn them into a 3D model for you. Afterwards, your personal designer will furnish and decorate it with actual furniture and décor, after which we will give it to you in our trademark 3D experience.

Popular Design Styles

Do you want to discover what type of outcomes other people are receiving with their style? Become acquainted with three of the most popular design styles among Modsy customers!

Mid-Century Minimalist

In this inviting and fresh style, attractive classic shapes are combined with a clean, minimalist aesthetic to create a welcome and fresh atmosphere. The clean lines and contemporary design found in these spaces are a nod to the less-is-more movement.

Cozy Rustic Farmhouse

This style is all about livable comfort and family-friendly design, and it is straightforward and pleasant. Rustic farmhouse rooms are filled with character and charm, thanks to the abundance of natural materials and comfy furniture.

Boho Glam

Boho glam is a look that’s full of color, texture, and a hint of Hollywood Hills flare. It’s a look that’s full of drama and excitement. It’s a fusion of the best of two worlds that couldn’t be more different: boho’s diverse style and glam’s appreciation for better materials and vibrant colors.

Interior Design Style Quiz FAQs

Many individuals can identify what they enjoy (and don’t like) when they see it, but they have difficulty describing exactly what it is that they like about something. The Modsy interior design style quiz, on the other hand, was created with this exact problem in mind. Therefore, rather than a series of questions, our quiz relies on images to determine your personality (we will never ask you about your ideal vacation or what your ideal pet would be). Nothing more than looking at a few photographs and telling us which ones you like and dislike is required of you.

For example, you may enjoy Mid-Century Modern sofas but also appreciate industrial materials such as raw wood, metal, and stone.

Using our technology, we identify your preferences, total up the findings, and then produce your unique style ID, which provides you with a name and style description for the many parts that make up your personal style.

How long does the Modsy style quiz take?

It won’t be long! The quiz will take between 2 and 6 minutes to complete, depending on how much time you spend deliberating over the images you are presented with. We do, however, advocate not overthinking anything and instead following your instincts! It will provide you with higher results—as well as allow you to save time on the quiz.

Can the quiz combine different design styles?

Definitely! A common request we receive from clients is that they want to customize their home alongside a roommate or significant other. And that necessitates the fusion of design styles! With our style questionnaire, you and your partner may go at the photographs together and determine what you both like and dislike. We’ll look at how your styles contrast with one another and create a one-of-a-kind solution that seamlessly integrates the two together in a fashionable manner.

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What are the most popular home decor styles?

Popular interior design styles are always changing, and there is no one style that has been the most popular for an extended period of time. However, it’s fair to state that there are a few design types that are currently dominating the trend landscape at this time (and have been for quite some time). Specifically, Mid-Century Modern, Rustic Farmhouse, and Eclectic Bohemian are three of the most popular design types available right now.

How many interior design styles are there?

A practically endless number of design styles exist due to the numerous ways in which fundamental styles may be mixed and matched to create a totally unique look for each individual. In the world of interior design, we prefer to think in terms of “pure styles,” which are the fundamental styles that are at the center of all interior design. What are these “pure styles” you speak of? Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, Contemporary, Industrial, Hollywood Glam, Eclectic or Boho, Rustic, Classic Formal, and Traditional are some of the design styles you’ll find in this collection.

8 Online Interior Style Quizzes That Are Actually Worth Your Time

What is your personal style when it comes to home design? When it comes to decorating, furnishing, and accessorizing one’s own home, everyone has their own distinct taste. The question is: how do you bring all of your personal preferences together into a cohesive décor style? Understanding your interior design style, whether you prefer bright colors or shades of white, natural materials or a lot of pattern, will help you make better interior design decisions in the future. (As well as fewer interior faults that might be pricey!) Are you ready to begin your search?

8 of the best interior design style quizzes

This quiz couldn’t be any more straightforward or straightforward. Simply take out a pen and paper and take a look at each of the inside photographs. Choose the design style that appeals to you the most (as quickly as possible — don’t overthink it!) and make a note of your preferences. Depending on your selections, you’ll discover that your style is Warm Industrial, Classic Glam, Happy Modern, or Eclectic Collector, among other things.

Taking this Apartment Therapy quiz will also provide you with some excellent recommendations on where and how to purchase in order to perfect your preferred fashion style.

2. The Decorist

Do you want the expert eye of a professional interior designer to go over your home? Take this short quiz to find out whether you’re a match! The Decorist’s online interior designers will ask you five questions, and the results will reveal what sort of style best matches your personality and lifestyle. To see your findings, simply provide your email address at the conclusion of the process.

3. SheKnows

Answer these simple questions to learn more about your personal home design style. This style quiz asks questions about anything from your fashion sense to your favorite holiday spot in order to determine your preferences in home design. It’s easy to do, takes little time, and is quite entertaining.

4. Buzzfeed

Another very appealing home design quiz to take a look at. Choose your must-have goods from an interior wish-list, and you’ll be on your way to discovering your own personal home style approach. Are you going for an industrial or farmhouse look? Are you going for an eclectic or shabby chic look? Make use of Buzzfeed’s convenient sharing features to email your answers to a friend once you’ve completed the quiz to discover your personal style.

5. Lonny

What are some of your favorite interior designs? Or should I go for something more neutral in terms of decor? What do you prefer: vintage finds or sleek lines? This interior design style quiz will offer you a diverse range of questions to assist you in determining how to decorate your dream house. We were particularly taken by the all-important and highly polarizing topic, “What are your feelings on wicker?” We thought it was brilliant.

6. Houzz

You don’t believe that your favorite restaurant, your pet, or your favorite alcoholic beverage have anything to do with your interior design style? Think again. Reconsider your position! This Houzz quiz is a lot of fun, and it contains a lot of questions that have nothing to do with interior design. This means that you will be unable to forecast your outcomes. In addition, you will have a completely different perspective on how your interior design style could work.

7. Apartment Therapy: One Question Quiz

Return to Apartment Therapy for another another entertaining quiz. Prepare to be surprised by the answer to a single inquiry about your home design preferences. This interior design quiz just has one stage, and that is to complete the first step. Take a look at these eight sets of couches, carpets, and other room items for inspiration. After that, select your preferred objects to determine your personal design style based on. It truly is that easy!

8. Designer Society of America

Designer Society of America created this interior design quiz, so you can rest assured that these individuals are on the cutting edge of contemporary interior design. To complete the quiz, look at images of furniture and rooms that have been decorated in a variety of ways before selecting your favorites. You’ll choose your preferred area rug, tables, wood floors, kitchen, and sofa before determining which design is the most appropriate for you.

In addition to providing you with the results of your quiz, DSA also recommends some excellent interior design periodicals that are appropriate for your design style.

If you’re struggling to realize your décor style, why not try one (or all!) of these interior design style quizzes today?

You may also receive some wonderful advice on how to put your newly found interior design into action by taking the Designer Society of America or Apartment Therapy tests. Designing a space or selecting the appropriate finishing touches becomes so much easier if you have a clear understanding of your own personal style. A cohesive style gives you the focus you need to confidently choose the right colors and pieces for each and every room in your residence. Remember to browse through Curbly’s wide library of design articles for some additional interior inspiration.

What Is Your Decorating Style? Take The Style Quiz

Are you a fan of unpolished surfaces and rustic charm? This design, which seamlessly blends repurposed materials and comforting textures while achieving the perfect balance between old and modern, may be for you. If you like a more traditional, unified appearance with matching furniture and flower designs, you may prefer a more Traditional style interior design scheme. Alternatively, perhaps you prefer clean lines, a neutral color palette, and geometric patterns for a sleekModernvibe. Don’t mistake it with contemporary style, which relates to the here and now and is characterized by cold colours and cutting-edge designs and patterns.

Alternatively, you may want high gloss 70’s Glam with a variety of textures, such as velvet, brass, and fake fur, to complement your look.

Take ourinterior design quiz to find out what design style you are most like.

What To Ask Yourself If You’re As Confused About Your Decor Style As I Was

I need to be completely open and honest about something. As a lifestyle writer, I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge about interior design over the years, thanks to the tips and techniques shared by the professionals with whom I’ve collaborated on content creation. In addition, I know where you can get the best deals on high-quality items, what kinds of pieces are worth investing in, and the latest trends that will instantly update your space for the season. One major question still remains: what exactly is my personal home decorating style?

  1. And when it comes to what I wear on my body, I’m very certain that I know what looks well on me, what will be comfortable, and what feels — for want of a better term — like — me.
  2. In addition, seeing everyone’s perfectly curated homes on Instagram while they tackle rearranging and spring cleaning during quarantine isn’t helping their spirits one little bit.
  3. That may not sound too bad, but when I compare the finished product to the homes of my peers, I’m always left feeling like not only is it not where I’d A modern hotel room, for example, may appeal to me because of its minimalism, but I also want a space that feels personal and lived-in.
  4. It’s no surprise that my flat is a jumbled mess.
  5. I was aware that such services existed, but I was always a little unsure as to how they functioned.
  6. The first step is to choose your favorite home design from a collection of options.
  7. Based on this information, Havenly’s algorithm determined that my primary style was Midcentury Modern, with sub-styles in the Bohemian, Scandinavian, and Global categories.
  8. If you decide to proceed, you can pick a designer who is a good match for your needs and who can assist you (style advice, product selections, etc).
  9. Check out the next section for some sound suggestions on how to create an interior style that is as distinctive as your favorite pair of jeans (or floral dress, or whatever your “thing” is) and yet looks great in the process.

I’m now able to say that I’m not, and this revelation will only serve to improve my future layout. Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Personal Home Decor Style Tip: Your Closet Can Be A Good Indicator

It turns out that being aware of your own distinctive fashion style may be really beneficial in navigating these muddy seas. The clothing you’re drawn to, according to Goerzen, is probably a good indicator of the home decor style pieces you’ll enjoy. “If you have a lot of flowery maxis in your closet, you’re generally going to want a style that’s more casual and easy, with a little bohemian flare,” she explains. “If you’re drawn to classic button-ups and timeless neutral sweaters, your space should also feel classic and timeless, refined and not too daring, just like you are.

A lot of ruffles, sequins, and a good amount of animal print in your wardrobe suggests that you have a more luxe and glam aesthetic in your interior design, which is likely true.”

Personal Home Decor Style Tip: Don’t Rush It

If you’re anything like me — you despise around 80 percent of your current wardrobe — you may be tempted to change everything immediately. Nonetheless, Goerzen advises taking your time with the process if you truly want it to feel true to you. As she explains, “take the time to collect pieces and furniture that have meaning to you.” It applies to large and small pieces alike: hold off on purchasing that sofa or sideboard with a strong personality, or bringing home that chipped vase from the flea market that makes you laugh.”

Personal Home Decor Style Tip: Don’t Over-Shop

Know that working with what you currently have could be a smart starting step (and it won’t cost you a dime) before you spend your whole stimulus check on things you’ve noticed in the houses of Instagram celebrities. In Goerzen’s opinion, “learning and embracing the skill of editing is one of the finest things you can do to build a house that you like spending time in.” And the present quarantine period is an excellent opportunity to complete this endeavor. While you’re deciding what to keep and what to toss, think about innovative ways to repurpose and rearrange your belongings.

In addition, books are a designer’s best friend when it comes to styling.

Personal Home Decor Style Tip: Ask Yourself Key Questions

When the time comes to invest in a new piece or two, ask yourself a few key questions to determine whether or not it is worthwhile to spend the extra money. For example: Does this painting have a similar vibe to mine? Are there any places in my house where it could go? Is there something missing that this fills in?

Of course, there’s the mantra made famous by Marie Kondo: “Does it bring me joy?” Does it bring me joy? Goerzen believes that all of these responses may guide you toward things that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, rather than merely those that are in line with current fashion trends.

What’s Your Interior Design Style: A Breakdown of All the Styles

Prior to beginning any project with a new client, we spend the necessary time guiding them through the various “design styles” that are available to them. It is necessary to identify crucial characteristics of each so that we can all work together to choose which style they belong to in the end. There are several stages to this process. For some, they already know what they like and gravitate toward; for others, seeing photographs of all the different designs helps them realize that “ohhh, that certainly isn’t me.” This then allows us to assist them in getting closer to what makes them unique.

For us, this is where the excitement begins!

5 Home Decorating Style Quizzes That Work

Do you know what your personal home design style is? Taking a home decorating style questionnaire is not only a pleasant distraction, but it may also provide you with some insight into the kind of decorating and design styles that you are drawn to in general. What is the significance of this? In order to make your home’s overall design more coherent, it’s important to first determine what style you want it to be. This will help you understand what furniture and accessories to acquire that will complement your chosen style.

  • However, if you’re feeling completely lost, they can provide you with some guidance and a place to begin.
  • It was interesting to observe which tests were able to accurately predict my personal style and which ones were completely off the mark.
  • These five appear to be the most reliable when it comes to accurately capturing important aspects of your design style preferences.
  • Let’s get this party started with some quizzes!
  • Do you know your personal style, but you’re having trouble figuring out what you should buy to incorporate it into your home?
  • Your preferences and dislikes are already well-known to you.

Only assistance in translating that into particular decoration components that you may put into your home’s interior design will suffice. This course will assist you in creating a more cohesive appearance in your home that looks amazing and reflects your personal style! APPLY RIGHT NOW!

1.Havenly Style Quiz

Given that I used to work for Havenly, the company will always hold a particular place in my hearts. They offer a fantastic style quiz, in which you choose different photographs of rooms that you are drawn to and answer the questions. My general style choices were extremely closely matched by their results, which I have to admit. According to the results, my primary style was Farmhouse, with Coastal, Classic, and Bohemian substyles. Because I happen to have a few different substyles, I appreciate the fact that they label them for you.

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Take the Havenly Style Quiz

It’s no secret that Pottery Barn has tremendous taste and knows how to design spaces that make you want to drool, so I was intrigued to see how their quiz would go. The Pottery Barn quiz exposes you to a variety of colors, patterns, metals, and even plants to help you determine your personal design aesthetic. I completed this quiz twice and got two very different results: Global and Farmhouse, respectively. I can make out the Farmhouse, but Global was off by a few degrees. You are not need to provide your name or email address in order to participate in this quiz.

Take the Pottery Barn Style Finder Quiz

It’s no secret that Pottery Barn has fantastic taste and knows how to design spaces that make you want to drool, so I was intrigued to see how their quiz would be. You will be shown several colors, patterns, metals, and even plants in the Pottery Barn quiz to help you establish your style. When I took this quiz twice, I received two distinct results: Global and Farmhouse. Even though I can see the Farmhouse, the Global was off. In order to take this quiz, you do not need to provide any personal information.

Take the Decorist Style Quiz

This isn’t unexpected because Houzz is a fantastic source for design inspiration and real-life home projects, so it’s no surprise that they’ve created an enjoyable style quiz. This exam is a little different from the others in that you are asked a series of multiple choice questions that don’t appear to have anything to do with design in terms of their answers. My favorite has to be the one where I described my perfect pet. According to the Houzz style assessment, I am a Coastal style person.

Take the Houzz Decorating Style Quiz

Taking this short questionnaire will reveal photographs of rooms, furniture, and artwork that will help you establish your own style preference. They correctly identified my style as Coastal Chic, and they even recognized that I wasn’t looking for a beach shack, but rather a 5-star coastal getaway. They even provided me with recommendations for design magazines and shopping destinations that I might enjoy!

Take the DSA Style Quiz

It is possible that these home decorating style tests may not only provide a pleasant break from today’s frantic world, but they may also assist you in better understanding your own design tastes.

Whether you already know your style and are simply interested in seeing if the quizzes work for you, or you have no idea what styles you enjoy, take the quizzes and see what they have to say about you.

What if you still need more direction?

The results of style quizzes can be useful in providing a starting point, and you may notice some common themes beginning to emerge. But what if your results aren’t helpful or are inconsistent? Is there any hope for finding your own personal decorating style in the future? The answer is a resounding yes! It’s possible that your own personal style is a combination of various distinct interior design types if you discover that you don’t exactly relate to anyone’s particular style. In such scenario, you’ll need to concentrate on the fundamental characteristics of the designs that appeal to you the most, and combine them to create a look that is uniquely your own.

After that, you’ll devise a strategy for incorporating your new style into any room in your home that you choose.

Whether you prefer one of the established design styles or have a completely original style that no one else has ever seen before, the key is to take note of the main features of that style and then incorporate those features into your room.in everything from the color scheme to the furniture styles to the pillows and accessories.

  1. Annie at 6:54 p.m. on March 24, 2021- Reply I’ve worked in a variety of styles, ranging from contemporary to transitional to mid-century modern to classic. This confirms what I’ve always believed. I had no notion what my decorating style was before, and I have no idea what it is right now
  2. Very well written post! Thank you for sharing this excellent article
  3. Kelly Robinson is a model and actress who lives in Los Angeles. @ 5:48 p.m. on May 29, 2021- Reply The majority of these questions are impossible for me to finish since none of the alternatives are acceptable. I’m in desperate need of a none of the above option. There isn’t anything special about $9

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Ready to Find Your Decorating Style? Take the Design Style Quiz Now!

Find out what your design style is by taking this fun and quick Interior Design Style Quiz from Tidbits Twine! Make use of the information provided in the findings to begin designing your ideal environment right now. I’ve had a lot on my plate these last few days. I’ve put together a fun (and completely free!) questionnaire for you to participate in. Even if you believe you already know your design style, it’s worth taking the quiz to see what pops up! Given the fact that fashion is continuously evolving, you may be shocked by the outcomes.

Does Knowing Your Style Matter?

Both yes and no. Your own style should be irrelevant to everyone else but you. However, it should be a representation of your personality. So, does it make a difference if you know your own personal style? Yes. Yes, it does. The reason for this is as follows.

Shopping Will Be Easier

You’ve probably had the feeling of walking into a large department store and being overwhelmed by the racks of apparel that take up numerous levels. But then you discover that everything’s organized by department, which makes it much simpler to find exactly what you’re looking for. And then it’s narrowed down even further by size (although, lately, I’ve been unhappy with the size I’m buying.but that’s another story.). Knowing your design style will help you narrow down your options. In a furniture store, you won’t have to look at every sofa because you’ll already know which style of sofa you want!

Decorating Paralysis, as I like to refer to it, is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome when it comes to home decorating.

So why not make things easy on yourself by knowing what you like and don’t like before you go shopping?

Understanding the distinction between enjoying beautiful items and determining whether or not they are appropriate for your house is critical here.

Well, not if it’s not your style, of course! Not only will it seem out of place, but if it doesn’t fit your personality, it will also feel out of place as well. So let’s speak about your emotions a little more. (I’m reminded of Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip.) Please give me 5 cents!)

You’ll Be Happier

Believe me when I say that once you discover your design style, you will be happy. When you discover your design style and your house changes to reflect it, your home becomes a true expression of.well, you! As a result, you should be surrounded by things that make you feel good about yourself and your house. If you haven’t given much consideration to what you enjoy and don’t like before, you may be surprised at how much some of those items that looked wonderful in the shop are pulling you down.

Does Everyone Have JustOneStyle?

No way, not at all! In the same way that every individual has subtleties to their personality, your design style will have nuances as well. Your design style will evolve over time as a result of your life experiences, current design trends, stage of life, and other factors. As a result, what you pick now may be different from what you would have chosen 10 years ago, or even what you would choose in 2 years! A variety of styles can be used in conjunction with one another to create a cohesive look.

Traditional and Rustic, for example, can coexist peacefully while not being considered Eclectic in any way.

Take the Interior Design Style Quiz

So let’s get started! Take this fast, ten-question questionnaire to find out which fashion style you are most drawn toward. You may then take the test again to see if there are any additional designs that you enjoy and that you may want to include into your house! Following your responses to the questions, you will receive your results almost instantly, along with a plethora of information on color palettes, materials, important traits, and so on. You may also sign up to receive a follow-up with some of my favorite merchants that appeal to your taste, as well as interesting furniture and décor that you might like!

Is it possible that I’m missing your style?

A Guide to Identifying Your Home Décor Style

The vast majority of us go through home décor books, journals, websites, and blogs, and we like a lot of what we see. Having said that, when it comes to decorating our own homes, we are at a loss for what to do.

How to Find Your Home Décor Style

Taking a glance through your closet might provide you with a fast indication of your own distinctive style. Make a list of the items that you enjoy the best. Look for a recurring motif. Do you adore classic black items with a modern twist? Perhaps a more contemporary aesthetic is more your style. Do you have a dozen warm wool sweaters stashed away somewhere? Take a look at traditional and classic interior design. Perhaps you have a strong preference for floral dresses. If this is the case, you are likely to enjoy Country décor.

Pick through décor magazines

Pick up a few of famous home décor magazines and settle back for a few minutes to go over each one. Make a note of the pages and pictures that stand out to you the most.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a fantastic resource.

Analyze millions of visual pieces of inspiration and create digital vision boards until you’ve nailed down your own unique personal style and aesthetic. Even more specifically customized things will be suggested to you by the algorithm depending on your preferences.

Create a vision board

Get a corkboard and use magazine clippings to create a vision board while you experiment with different layouts. Continue to add and delete pieces until you have a pleasing, well-rounded theme.

Window shop

Take your camera and explore the home improvement businesses in your neighborhood. Take photographs of things and sources of inspiration that strike your fancy. Then go home and go over all of the photographs to see if there are any similar themes. Take a look at the photo gallery. It may be difficult to figure out what you enjoy and what works in terms of home décor, and it can be overwhelming. This is why we’ve put up this guide to assist you in identifying your own personal home décor style (or the mix of styles that resonates most with you).

Furthermore, as an added bonus, each style listed below includes a link to an in-depth Homedit article that explains how to replicate that specific style in your space.

Different home decor styles

Take a look at the photo gallery. It is all about meaningful individuality when it comes to bohemian or boho-chic style. It encourages freedom of expression, unconventional displays, and brightly colored displays. The boho-chic space is where you can express your own unique sense of style and aesthetic. More information on how to get a boho look may be found here.

Coastal Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. Every aspect of being on vacation at the beach is represented by coastal style: sun, waves, sand and more sunshine (although not literally). Because of its true appeal and tranquility, the style is pleasant and inviting, and it tries to put people at rest with its genuine charm and serenity. More information on how to obtain a coastal look may be found here.

Contemporary Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. Fashion in the contemporary era is built on the idea of being in the moment, in the here and now. Styles such as these are neither warm and cozy nor frigid and severe; they are just what they are. In a modern setting, clutter is non-existent, and the design aspects of neutrality, cleanliness, smoothness, and subtlety take center stage.

Cottage Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. Cottage style is cozier and more charming than anything you’d find in a fairy tale. The simplicity of treasured pieces, whether they are innumerable, tattered, mismatched, or all of the above at the same time, is the foundation of the quaint style. In a cottage-styled setting, life feels fuller while also being simpler.

Eclectic Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. Eclectic style encourages individual expression, breaking of rules, and mixing and combining of different elements. The eclectic design, more than any other form of home décor style, brings together bits and pieces of many different types and stirs them together to create a room that is simple, yet ultimately tries to please the owner of the space.

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French Country Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. The beauty of French country style is seamlessly blended with the simplicity of the countryside.

Traditional elements, such as rustic finishes and precise details, create an almost old-world aesthetic that is both attractive and comfortable to be in because of its old-world aesthetic. More information on how to attain a French country look may be found here.

Industrial Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. The rawness of industrial style, as well as a touch of the jagged hardness that one identifies with primal settings, is embraced. It has a textured appearance, it is grey, and it is worn down. However, it is also brimming with reused and recycled energy.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. The mid-century modern style emerged during a period characterized by geometric forms, current patterns, and one-of-a-kind accents. Pieces in this style are typically straightforward and uncomplicated, and strong parallels are drawn between the functionality of nature and the functionality of man-made objects. More information on how to get a mid-century modern look may be found here.

Minimalist Style

View in galleryMinimalist style is the style that most closely resembles what is considered ultra contemporary. This means that the concept of fundamental minimalism is embraced by this fashion trend. A minimalist area is well-edited and has just those things that will aid in the achievement of the greatest possible décor effect.

Moroccan Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. Moroccan design is a treasure trove of history, color, and texture. A Moroccan environment, with its patterns and architectural elements on show, evokes a life lived on the road and a global appreciation for outstanding design. More information on how to obtain a Moroccan look may be found here.

Rustic Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. Rustic style embraces a natural, straight-from-the-earth manner of living that is organic and natural. In a rustic designed room, furniture and other items have had a long and fulfilling existence — they have been recycled or hand-built, have been used and reused (for who knows how many times), and are perfectly imperfectly rough and worn. More information on how to achieve a rustic look can be found here.

Spanish Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. The goal of Spanish style is to bridge the gap that exists between man and nature. Incorporating the most vibrant color palettes with the most basic of natural materials results in a finished product that is far more than the sum of its parts. A Spanish-styled apartment is both majestic and grounded at the same time.

Swedish (Scandinavian) Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. Swedish style, also known as Scandinavian style, is at its heart a warm and cheerful aesthetic that is easy to achieve. Items that are wonderfully light, clean, and elegant are flawlessly integrated with casual and worn (or downright chippy) aspects that merge smoothly and fluidly. Find out more about how to achieve aSwedish / Scandinavian look by visiting this page.

Traditional Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. Traditional style originated during the colonial era and draws inspiration for its interior design from that period. However, while structure and regular order play a role in the traditional style, it is ultimately about comfort, warmth, and familiarity for the majority of the population. More information on how to obtain a traditional look may be found here.

Tropical Style

Take a look at the photo gallery.

Tropical style is reminiscent of the impression of being on an island — a way of life characterized by its key features of relaxation, comfort, ease, and real friendliness. More information on how to achieve a tropical look can be found here.

Tuscan Style

Take a look at the photo gallery. Taking inspiration from the old-world design style, Tuscan style incorporates vibrant colors and textures, as well as substantial and historical aspects. Effortlessly blending beauty and drama with a feeling of rustic comfortability, this look is really unique.

Vintage Style

In fact, the phrase “vintage” itself refers to a style that is as diverse as the term “vintage.” The style is generally linked with artifacts that date back to a specific era and have stood the test of time well. Ultimately, a vintage-styled apartment combines a variety of acquired objects and accessories that provide personal joy to the owner.

How to Choose a Design Style that Feels Right for You – jane at home

Do you have a lot of ideas for your design style but aren’t sure where to start? Do you have the impression that your style is all over the place? Alternatively, do you find yourself lured to all of the new decor styles and trends that emerge? Believe me when I say that there are times when I could answer yes to each and every one of these questions! In the meanwhile, I’ve learned that understanding how to pick a design style makes decorating our home lot simpler. Cultivating your personal decorating style is a long and drawn-out process.

When you understand how to select a design style that complements your personality, you can decorate your house with confidence, knowing that you are putting things in your home that will look beautiful and make you happy.

Pure Salt Interior Design–a similar ottoman may be seen here.

But first–

While selecting a design style for your house, I don’t suggest that you should stick to one specific aesthetic, label, or fashion trend. I’m talking about figuring out what you enjoy doing so that you aren’t overwhelmed by all of the options available. House Seven Design created this contemporary open-concept living room and family room. I’m one of those folks that enjoys studying about different personality types and taking quizzes on different home décor styles. Not only does it improve my understanding of myself, but it also improves my comprehension of others.

Studio McGee has created an exquisite mudroom in the manner of a European farmhouse.

Getting in touch with your particular decorating style is similar to getting in touch with your whole life philosophy: trusting your instincts rather than following the pack.

How to Choose a Design Style that Feels Right for You

Discovering your interior design style and incorporating your particular taste into your house can be a rewarding voyage of self discovery and self exploration. Kitchen with white cabinetry and braided counter stools in coastal cottage style–Christine Andrew Below, you’ll find my best recommendations to assist you in discovering your design style so that you may create rooms that are aesthetically pleasing, feel real, and represent your own point of view and personality.

1. Take Design Cues from Your Closet

When learning how to choose a design style, the first thing I recommend is that you take design cues from your closet. Take a look at your favorite pieces of clothing and note the colors, materials, and patterns you gravitate toward time and time again. bedrooms with king-size beds Given that my house is predominantly blue and white, it should come as no surprise that I favor this color combination. In the summer, my favorite combination is white jeans with a blue or white cotton or linen shirt–and in the winter, my favorite outfit is blue jeans with a white, ivory, or grey sweater.

interior design of the living room We have a white slipcovered sectional couch and chairs in our living room that are among of my favorite items in our house since they are soft, comfortable, and simple to clean, exactly like my clothing!

2. Create a style vignette

Things and locations that are unexpected as design cues may be found in the most unexpected places. In many cases, there’s a small element or a twist that strikes a chord with you and makes you want to explore further, such as the artwork in the bedroom below. Interior Design Using Pure Salt So the next step is to take a walk around your house, check through your décor closet, and collect everything that captures the appearance and vibe you are going for in your decorating. Make a vignette or an arrangement of objects in a specific area of your home that tells a narrative about who you are and how you want your home to appear and feel.

It serves as a visual reminder of the general atmosphere, tone, and style I want to create in our house.

3. Gather Design Inspiration

Next, gather ideas and inspiration to assist you in narrowing down your unique design style. Visit museums, art galleries, botanical gardens, restaurants, and luxurious hotels in the surrounding area. Ideas might be gathered from films, music, travel, or nature. Flip through interior design magazines and coffee-table books to get some inspiration. M. Lahr Homes has created an impressive transitional style entryway. Simply browsing through inspiring locations on Instagram or Pinterest and saving what you like to a board or folder is another option.

  1. Interior Design Using Pure Salt Taking a look at home decor catalogs or websites has always been one of my favorite ways to narrow down my decorating style.
  2. Design by Julie Howard for Timber Trails Development Co., this lovely coastal farmhouse living room features twin hanging chairs and a wood burning fireplace.
  3. There’s something about their contemporary take on coastal decor that connects with where I want to be in my house and life–near the ocean!
  4. Chairs designed with pure salt as an accent Lulu and Georgiaas well as Anthropologie are excellent sources of inspiration for boho and Scandinavian style interior design projects.
  5. If your style is modern and/or transitional, Pottery Barn is a terrific place to start your search.
  6. M.
  7. Thank you for visiting Dear Keaton, a fantastic source for elevated beach house design ideas.
  8. is a fantastic resource to have at your disposal.

Studio McGee has a coffee table in the studio. With everything from modern to coastal to classic décor styles, One Kings Lane is a terrific place to start your search. Christopher Architecture– similarpendant– similarpendant– similarpendant– similarpendant–

4. Create a visual reminder of the design styles you love

As you gather ideas, I recommend creating a folder on your phone that will serve as a sort of virtual mood board or design board for you to keep track of them. Simply grab screenshots of areas you admire, or snap a snapshot or two of your design inspiration vignette from Step 2 to include in your portfolio. Being able to see all of your favorite colors, patterns, and items in one place can provide you with unexpected clarity about your personal decorating style. Salt Design Company created this stunning modern coastal kitchen, complete with eye-catching pendant lights and woven counter stools.

  • Hopefully this will prevent me from becoming disoriented and returning home with an assortment of random merchandise from Target and TJ Maxx!
  • Design by Jean Stoffer Photoshop, PicMonkey, and Canva are all good options for creating a mood board or collage if you don’t already have one.
  • Here’s an example of a PowerPoint collage that I put together for you.
  • It helps me to recall the appearance I prefer.

5.It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

As you gather ideas, I recommend creating a folder on your phone that will serve as a sort of virtual mood board or design board. Simply grab screenshots of areas you like, or snap a snapshot or two of your design inspiration vignette from Step 2 to include in your portfolio. You may be surprised at how much clarity you can achieve when you see all of your favorite colors, patterns, and items in one place. The Salt Design Company has created a stunning modern coastal kitchen complete with eye-catching pendant lights and woven counter stools.

That way, I don’t end up with a jumble of mismatched items from Target and TJ Maxx when I get home.

Jean Stoffer is the designer behind this website.

When I construct my design boards, I nearly exclusively use PowerPoint since it allows me to eliminate the picture backdrops.

As an example, here’s a PowerPoint collage that I’ve put together. The only thing I have to do when I am unsure about my style is look at it and remember the look I want to recreate.

6.Express Your Decorating Style with Confidence

Developing an understanding of how to select a design style that complements your personality and preferences helps you to learn more about yourself, which opens the door to more confidence and creativity in all areas of your life. Giving yourself time to explore and discover out how to communicate a clear and consistent point of view will pay off in the long run, so be patient in the process. One of my favorite light fixtures can be found in the Millworkskitchen. For me, the process of discovering your own personal design and decorating style, as well as translating that aesthetic into your surroundings such as your house, wardrobe, and daily life, is a gradual one that emerges from the natural flow of living.

Finally, identify what makes you happy and incorporate it into your life – not only at home, but everywhere else as well.

sincerely, Jane

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