What Is Hampton Style Decor

Hampton Style Decor

Home décor in the popularHamptonBeach style is a fusion of the best of traditional and rustic elements. The bright, airy, and natural appearance and feel of a beach house may be recreated in your own home, no matter how far away you live from the ocean. Some interior design suggestions to make your house seem more like a beach cottage throughout the year were developed by us. The Hamptons, which are located on the far east side of Long Island, are a summer haven that many New Yorkers and residents of the east coast consider to be their ideal summer vacation destination.

Listed here are nine suggestions for transforming your property into a beautiful Hamptons-style beach hideaway.

1. Hamptons Living Room Design Style:

Hamptons interior design is all about reflecting the surroundings of your summer home’s beautiful oceanside vista, which can be seen via the windows. Which location would be most appropriate for displaying your beechwood coffee table or oak stained side tables? Relaxed and calm, the living room of a Hamptons style beach home is distinguished by its open floor plan. Replace your couch or cushion coverings with light-colored cotton that is neutral in tone. Using classic nautical stripes and hues such as navy throughout your house will give it the elegant, summer estate vibe you desire.

2. Hamptons Bedroom Decor Style:

Make your bedroom as beautiful and comfy as possible because this is where you will spend the most of your time at home. Simple white cotton down comforter and plenty of fluffy pillows may be used to replace your old sheets and blankets. Linen is also an excellent fabric for a beach cottage. Decorating the room with seaside-inspired accessories, such as coral, buoys, anchors, or even a captain’s wheel, really helps to tie the whole beach-themed look together. Hamptons style bedrooms feature nautical stripes and other nautical-themed accents.

3. Hamptons Style Kitchen Design:

Use white marble on the countertop of your kitchen, rather than other stones such as granite, to create a trendy beach house atmosphere in the heart of your home. Always have fresh lemons and coarse sea salt on hand to use as both décor and ingredients for spontaneous lobster bakes! The use of light colored countertops in a Hamptons style kitchen is popular.

4. Hamptons Dining Room Style:

Dining rooms in the Hamptons style are beautiful and simple, making them the focal point of the home. Select an old table with a white finish and incorporate the aged effect of driftwood into the design. Keep the space open and breezy, and avoid overdoing it with the decorations and embellishments.

5. Hamptons Style Bathroom Design:

The bathroom is an important feature of any Hamptons style beach house, and it should be decorated accordingly. By integrating traditional blue and mosaic tile, you can give it a coastal atmosphere. You will be able to unwind after a day in the sun on the beach thanks to the presence of soothing candles and boutiques selling nice bath items. Colors have a significant role in the overall design. It is all about keeping things simple while infusing flashes of cool color and a hint of colorful, warm tones into the summer Hamptons house.

It is critical to keep the area clean and uncluttered, using sharp whites and bright flashes of color such as Tiffany blue to achieve this. Bathroom with blue accents in the Hamptons style.

6. Hamptons Style Decor Curtains:

The Hamptons style beach home is defined by its use of natural light, summer breezes, and open spaces to enjoy the outdoors. Use drapes made of light-colored linen to brighten the room. Though thick enough to screen the sun’s harmful rays, they contain loose weaving that allow some light through.

7. Hamptons Lights and Lighting Styles:

The lighting in a Hampton style home is one of the most essential parts of the design. When it comes to creating a tranquil environment, natural light, soft lighting, and lighted candles are essential. Allow natural light from large windows to provide the vast majority of your lighting needs. The importance of natural light in Hamptons design cannot be overstated.

8. Hamptons Decor Floors and Rugs:

A light color palette of peach and blue ancient carpets with a classical design offer an exquisite and peaceful effect to Hamptons seaside mansions. The carpets also provide an extra layer of comfort for bare feet. You should think about shabby chic ideas to help your home have a more informal, beach-worn vibe. Traditional rug patterns provide a sense of elegance to every room in the house.

9. Hamptons PatioOutdoor Design Style:

Don’t be concerned if you can’t see the sea from your patio; you can still transform it into a relaxing space where you can sit and enjoy a drink in your hand. A few pieces of fashionable patio furniture, some strategically placed potted plants, and a well-curated outdoor bar cart can transform your deck into the ideal location to unwind. Consider whether or not there is enough space for entertainment! Replace black mulch with smooth white stones that are the same color as beach sand while landscaping outside.

To get the perfect Hamptons aesthetic, make sure everything is clean, trimmed, and well-organized.

Hopefully, these decorating ideas and tactics have given you the inspiration you need to create your own Hamptons-style escape.

Here are some rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection perfect for your Hamptons style decor:

Kerman Rug, a large antique Persian rug from Kerman, Iran Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet in Imperial SizeLarge Light Blue Antique Persian Kerman Rug in Imperial Size It was written by NazmiyalAntique Rugs and published on their interior design blog regarding Hamptons style interior decor.

Hamptons Decorating Style: 8 Tips for the Classic Look

Homes in the Hamptons are big on elegance, socializing, and space — they are the epitome of easygoing luxury at its finest. Despite the fact that not everyone lives on Long Island, anybody may recreate the coveted Hamptons design style in their own house. That is, if you have some professional advice and insight. As a result, we’ve put together some ideas on how to go about it — keep reading for more information!

What is a Hamptons Decorating Style

Lane B. DeCorilla, an interior designer from the Hamptons, has created a Hamptons designing style. Hamptons interior design is characterized by spacious living areas, majestic proportions, and cool color palettes. It is considered one of the most popular interior design designs because of the rich luxurious holiday feel that it exudes. A combination of amply scaled furniture, subtle themes, and luxurious aesthetics achieves the desired effect. They work together to create an environment that is both informal and luxurious.

With the appropriate pieces, any room can radiate the same opulent designer perfection that you see in a magazine.

Hamptons designers create environments that are pleasant and opulent, complete with furniture that is ideal for entertaining. Some of their best advice for obtaining the opulent appearance is provided below.

Feeling inspired to add some Hamptons Decorating Style to your home, but not sure where to begin? Then schedule aFree Interior Design Consultationto get started with a design pro today!

Tammy M., a Decorrilla designer from the Hamptons, created this interior design. The Hamptons decorating style is a refined version of coastal design that has been developed to the maximum extent. Coastal luxury may be achieved by paying attention to the finer details and using high-quality furnishings. And if you’re still not sure, you can always seek assistance from one of the greatest interior design firms in the Hamptons. These professionals can provide you with Hamptons décor ideas to help you enhance your property.

1. Combine Warm Neutrals with Coastal Blues

The interior style of the Hamptons is open and airy. This is due to the use of a color palette that is influenced by the seaside. As a result, warm greys, light browns, cool blues, and whites are frequently found in these interiors. The Hamptons style living room, kitchen, and bedroom décor all incorporate layers of the same colors in varied intensities to create a cohesive look. In the end, rooms that have been transformed byHamptons have a delicate, exquisite natural aesthetic.

2. Use Refined Natural Materials

Natural Hamptons décor ideas by Anna C. of Decorilladesigner on Decorilla. Natural materials are used in the design of Hamptons furniture and décor, much as they are in coastal and seaside homes. When compared to other beach designs, the Hamptons interiors are more polished and elegant, while other seaside styles are more rough and raw. Natural materials are elevated to a higher level of sophistication in these pieces. A modern stylish aesthetic was achieved, which is ideal for this picturesque beachside town.

As a result, these spaces do not require a great deal of decorating.

Interiors feature visible depth as well as physical depth, thanks to layers of handwoven fabrics, sophisticated wood, and stone surfaces.

3. Set for Conversation

Decorilladesigner, Anna C, created this modern Hamptons design style dining room. Homes in the Hamptons are designed for entertaining. As a result, be sure to choose a layout that invites dialogue and interaction. A couple of soft upholstered sofas, a pair of stylish poufs, and a pair of spacious accent chairs are the right additions to this luxurious space. Allow enough space between chairs to allow for easy mobility, but maintain the seating arrangement near enough to allow for relaxed conversation.

of Decorilladesign.com.

You may use this method to divide or combine lounge spaces.

4. Amplify Cozy Luxury

Luxury on the grandest and most extravagant scale undoubtedly contributes to the memorable nature of these homes. As a matter of fact, big sofas and thick cushions are essential elements of the Hamptons décor style. Not only does size matter, but so does quantity and quality. The rounded frames of lounge chairs and accent furniture give them an elegant and welcoming appearance, making them even more attractive. Berkeley H., a designer at Decorrilla, created a Hamptons-inspired bedroom.

These rooms strike a delicate balance between comfort and adornment, resulting in the subtle elegance we admire. Additionally, rugs have a soft feel to them, and chairs frequently have a carefully picked collection of throw cushions.

5. Create an Indoor Paradise

Lori D. of Decorrilla, an interior designer, has created a Hamptons design style. In a lavish Hamptons style house interior, lush plants in gorgeous containers seem completely at home among the furnishings. In fact, the greater the size, the better. Not only would a beautiful indoor tree enhance the air quality of the space, but it will also draw attention to the size of the space. The quantity of plants is just as significant as the size of the garden. Instead of adding a large number of plants at random, choose a few well chosen houseplants that can make a real statement.

6. Include Accent Sconces

The inside of a Hamptons home is characterized by bright and spacious areas. This is due to the way the lighting is designed. Light sources are many, yet they are subtle, since they lend layers of soft illumination to the scene. Not only are light fixtures functional, but they may also be aesthetically pleasing. Because of their intricate patterns, sconces, which are popular in Hamptonhomes, may also be used as décor. They also draw attention to architectural elements while providing soft illumination throughout the space.

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7. Choose Elegant Patterns

Shofy D., a Decorilla designer, has created a Hamptons-inspired bedroom décor. Hamptonspatterns, in contrast to its coastal counterparts, are romantic and exquisite. Make paisleys, geometrics, and brocade your new go-to fabrics instead of bright colors and fashionable motifs. You may use a variety of upholstery and pillows to create a Hamptons-style bedroom or lounge. A solid color scatter combined with a striped sofa and organic pattern pillows, for example, creates a well-balanced design. Please ensure that the assortment of cushion sizes is adequate for the size of your bed, chair, or bench before purchasing.

8. Finish with Upscale Hamptons Décor

Designed by Anna C. of Decorilla, these Hamptons-inspired home office decor ideas are a reflection of her love of fine furniture and high-quality accessories. The goal is to infuse a touch of refinement while maintaining the lightness of a designer beach house interior design. As a result, while you are designing your room, choose items that will add value to the place. A one-of-a-kind ornate mirror, flowing draperies, and soft furniture are all excellent choices. The addition of carefully chosen artwork is also encouraged, but keep it to a minimal because open white or light walls are typically more striking in this design.

Need help with your Hamptons decorating style?

Whether you’re searching for a Hamptons décor style or something completely different, our team of skilled designers can assist you. To get started, simply book a Free Interior Design Consultation with us.

Five tips for creating a Hamptons-style home

Hamptons style is defined by cool, classic, and elegant designs that are combined with rustic, informal beach vibes to create a chic and classy look. Some of the ways you can transform your home into a resort-style residence include using chic blues and off-whites, paneled walls, and timber flooring. Large bay windows that allow natural light to permeate living areas generate an atmosphere of tranquillity, similar to that of being on vacation. Colors in a cool palette Colors that are inspired by nature should be used.

  • Furniture with a nautical theme It is impossible to achieve seaside chic without an over-sized hanging egg chair and bench seat.
  • Upholstered in linen, wicker, and rattan, these pieces of furniture are very beautiful.
  • The flooring and the walls The use of light wood tones and paneled walls create a beachy atmosphere.
  • There is a second life.
  • Modern elements combined with antiques create a fashionable atmosphere that will never go out of style.
  • Make your selection of furnishings.

Take a peek all the way around the building. Chandeliers, table lamps, and wall sconces are all excellent examples of decorative lighting. Consider using subway tiles or marble in the bathroom, traditional style tapware, and neutral colors in the rest of the house.

10 essential elements to creating Hamptons style interiors

You may learn how to decorate with timeless Hamptons style interiors by attending a workshop hosted by YourHome Beautiful. Interiors in the Hamptons style are experiencing a renaissance, and it’s about time. We feel that the classic seaside design style that we have acquired from the other side of the planet will be around for a long time. There are several townships on Long Island, New York that are known collectively as the Hamptons, including Montauk, Southampton and Sag Harbor. These townships were isolated farming and fishing communities until the mid-to-late nineteenth century, and their houses were built with honest, quality materials to withstand their harsh environment.

  1. With the influx of riches came the construction of beautiful summer mansions that embraced simple seaside living and evolved into the appearance we know today.
  2. Here, we demonstrate how to put all of the design pieces of the jigsaw together to create the ideal Hamptons retreat.
  3. “Use natural textures such as linens, jute, and rattan to layer, layer, layer,” advises interior designer Natalee Bowen of Indah Island.
  4. “Incorporate elaborate trimmings such as architraves, cornices, and skirtings,” explains Belinda.
  5. With tongue-and-groove paneling, HardieGroovelining may be used to create a relaxed, seaside atmosphere.
  6. Belinda Vanden Boom is a model and actress.
  7. Make an appointment with your cabinetmaker to get one installed in your home.
  8. If your house does not naturally have an abundance of natural light, you may create the illusion of it.

“Whenever feasible, add more lighting,” advises Belinda Vanden Boom of Gallerie B Interiors. Bathrooms, powder rooms, living areas and kitchens are examples of where wall lights may be used. Wall sconces that are set around mirrors offer a touch of history to the room.

5. Shaker-style cabinetry

It doesn’t matter if you’re designing a kitchen, a bathroom, or a bedroom; traditional cabinetry is an absolute must-have. “Interiors in the Hamptons style may be both modern and historic at the same time,” Belinda explains. “Incorporate Shaker-style cabinets with lovely knobs into your design.” Marble and other durable materials are essential. “When the Hamptons were first populated in the 1600s, homes were built with long-lasting materials to endure the weather,” explains Belinda. “Today, homes are built with long-lasting materials to withstand the elements.” Make a statement with a marble benchtop or side table, such as the’Klein’ table from Hamptons At Home.

Natalee Bowen is a model and actress.

Add a feeling of grandeur to porches and verandahs by including architectural features such as gables, columns, and fretwork into the design.

8. Chic outdoor furniture

Design and color consistency between indoors and out can help you achieve a seamless transition between the two spaces. For example, your outdoor furniture should be in the same style and colors as your indoor furniture. Sets made of wicker with white, blue, or grey cushions are a traditional choice. You should begin working on your garden once you have finished tending to the outside of your property. The main characteristics of the yard are a well-kept lawn, clean hedges, and planter boxes brimming with gorgeous hydrangeas.

Choosing the proper cladding for your home is a sure-fire method to create a stylish interior and exterior.

These are produced in the United States using shingles that fade in the sun to reveal whites and light greys.” Scyon Linea Weatherboard is a weatherboard that may be used to create a realistic look in Australia.

You’ll have 130 pages of seaside inspiration at your fingertips, along with design ideas and additional professional recommendations to help you build your own Hamptons getaway.

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Hamptons-style interior decorating: a complete guide for every room

Each and every day, we are inspired by the exquisite but relaxedHamptons style homes that we have the pleasure of admiring and admiring. In this classic design style, a neutral color palette with touches of ocean-inspired colours, warm tones of wood, and a homage to coastal flair are all present and correct at the same time. Whether you want to add a touch of this holiday-inspired coastal aesthetic to a single room or entirely alter your entire house, we show you how to open your door to Hamptons style ideas that will work in each space of your residence.

  1. Using a peaceful color combination of white and blue, as well as plenty of cozy accessories, you can create a relaxing yet stylish environment in your home.
  2. Furthermore, woven baskets are a gorgeous storage option that can be used to easily include a touch of beach design into a space.
  3. Story courtesy of Home Beautiful.
  4. Styling by Fiona Gould Because Hamptons-style kitchens are predominantly white, it’s crucial to pay close attention to the finishing elements, such as mouldings, tiles, and knobs, which will all provide layers of texture and interest to the overall design of the room.
  5. Cabinetry in the Hamptons design is often paneled and white shaker-type, with hooded pulls and knobs in silver or chrome to complete off the look of the room.
  6. Shaker-style cabinets, marble benchtops, and a white color scheme give this kitchen in a vintage Sydney home a Hamptons-inspired feel.
  7. When it comes to the bedroom, patterned linens and a lot of blue accessories bring Hampton elegance to the sleeping areas.

Pay respect to the style’s beach roots by using touches of coastal-inspired décor in blues and turquoise as well as natural materials like as wood and rattan.

Three Birds Renovations designed the space, and Home Beautiful wrote the story.

The Hamptons style is characterized by a neutral color palette with hints of ocean-inspired blues thrown in.

All that is required is a classic lamp, rattan baskets, and some greenery – either an indoor plant or some cuttings in an elegant vase – to make the space feel welcoming and comfortable.

photographer: Elouise Van Reit-Gray |

story: The Most Beautiful Place on Earth A white marble surface, a neutral color palette with a hint of blue and grey, and shaker-style cabinetry in a light and airy space are the distinguishing characteristics of Hamptons-style bathroom design.

The bathroom in this restoration of an 1870s heritage house in Sydney is distinguished by exquisite Carrara marble wall and floor tiles, which evoke the classic style of Hamptons-style abodes. HouseGarden was photographed by Simon Whitbread and styled by Sarah Maloney.


Advertisement Have you ever thought to yourself, “What is Hamptons fashion?” If this has happened to you, you are not alone. A Hamptons style home is one that lays a strong emphasis on both entertaining and leisure at the same time. Despite being historic, the Hamptons’ aesthetic is nevertheless informal, hip, and current. The Hamptons style of decoration got its start in the East End of Long Island, New York, when the mansions were built in the 1920s and 1930s. Cool colors, a sleek mood, a beach-house feeling, subtle elegance, and a hint to French Provincial styling are some of the characteristics of this style.

Quintessential Features of a Hamptons Style Home

The style of the Hamptons is particularly unique. There are a few essential qualities that must be present in order for a property to be designated a Hamptons residence. Let’s take a look at what defines a Hamptons style home, well, a Hamptons style home, starting with the lighting and moving on to the flooring.

The Colour Scheme

It is all about cold, tranquil whites, with subtle accents of neutral colors like as creams, greys, blues, and linen tones to add a hint of warmth to the look and feel. Shades of blue, ranging from deep navy blues to duck egg blues, are the most frequently encountered in Hamptons style residences.

The Mood

A Hamptons style house generates a sense of relaxation, is well-suited for entertaining, and just exudes a sense of carefree elegance, all while staying functional and livable in every way. The Hamptons style is adaptable and can be adapted to suit a variety of preferences, ranging from minimalist to glitzy.

The Lighting

Lighting fixtures such as pendant lights, sconce lights, chandeliers, and both tabletop and floor lamps are essential to producing a Hamptons style decor. Natural lighting is greatly emphasized in the Hamptons style of decorating, as seen by the use of large windows and the presence of a skylight in many rooms.

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The Flooring

Classic timber flooring may be seen nearly exclusively in Hamptons style residences. Traditionally, polished timber flooring is a light color, but individuals who prefer a more modern approach to this traditional design like to go for dark stained floors instead. Hampton-style rugs in a variety of forms, colors, and textures are employed to complement the flooring in this room.

The Furnishings

Interior design elements common to Hamptons-style houses are traditional in design, neutral in color, and comfortable to be in. Hampton-inspired homes have a lot of bleached wood furniture and cotton linens, among other things. The introduction of color is accomplished via the use of soft furnishings and accessories.

Who Should Steer Clear of the Hamptons Style?

Who wouldn’t want to live in a home that gives them the impression that they are perpetually on vacation? Fortunately, as it turns out, this kind of décor isn’t suitable for every individual. Bold, vibrant colors and vivid designs will not appeal to those who prefer a more conservative approach to fashion, such as the Hamptons style.

The relaxing ambiance provided by a Hamptons style of design is particularly liked by parents of small children; nevertheless, the excessive use of white makes this an unpractical choice for them.

How to Apply Hamptons Style to Your Home’s Interior

Applying a Hamptons design to your house is surprisingly economical and simple, especially for an interior decorating style that conjures such a feeling of luxury. The best friend of anyone trying to spread a subtle Hamptons design undertone across their entire home is an assortment of accessories. To get a Hamptons look, incorporate the following accessories:

  • Rugs in the Hampton style
  • Ornate mirrors
  • Cushions
  • Side or tray tables
  • And other accessories Lamps with classically styled bases
  • Plants with a lot of leaves

If you don’t want to entirely transform your house into a Hamptons retreat just yet, consider tackling one area at a time. We’ll talk about the standard Hamptons-style bedroom, as well as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom considerations, among other things. Here’s a look at what the different Hampton style rooms are normally equipped with, room by room.

Hamptons Style Kitchen

A Hamptons design kitchen will have a lot of white, pendant lighting, a benchtop, and bar stools as well as other accessories. Cabinetry may be customized in a variety of ways, including closed-door shaker cabinets, glass-paned cabinets, and even open shelving units. To complete the appearance and feel of the kitchen, complementary components such as nautical knick-knacks and Hampton style carpets are frequently used.

Hamptons Style Living Room

Hamptons style living rooms are well-known for being bright and airy in their design. To soften the typical white walls and furniture, soothing, delicate tones of blue and grey are employed throughout the space. A living room decorated in the Hamptons style will have big couches, a glass coffee table, bookshelves, and plenty of open space. Adding color to the room is accomplished through the use of throws, cushions, Hampton-style rugs, and strategically placed flower pots with green plants.

Hamptons Style Bedroom

There are some elements that are consistent in every Hamptons style bedroom: a subdued color palette with soft furnishings, an upholstered bedhead and ottoman at the foot of the bed, bedside tables with decorative lamps, a dramatic chandelier and an abundance of decorative pillows. The common color scheme seen in aHamptons-style bedroom can really help you sleep better, which is an extra benefit.

Hamptons Style Bathroom

There are some elements that are consistent in every Hamptons style bedroom: a subdued color palette with soft furnishings, an upholstered bedhead and ottoman at the foot of the bed, bedside tables with decorative lamps, a dramatic chandelier and an abundance of cushions. The traditional color scheme seen in aHamptons style bedroom can really help you sleep better, which is a nice plus.

How to Apply Hamptons Style to Your Home’s Exterior

You may express your admiration for Hamptons style outside if you want everyone to know about it. Here are a few important factors to consider while transforming your outdoor spaces into a Hamptons-style retreat:

  • Weatherboards may be used to create a genuine Hamptons-style appearance on the outside of your home. Make a natural transition from your inside color palette to your outside space. White, cream, and beige are all appropriate colors for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Greens and blues are also appropriate colors for both. Avoid overaccessorising and keep your look as simple as possible. – To add a splash of color to your outside space, use outdoor cushions, hurricane lanterns for illumination, and Hampton style rugs
  • Place comfortable outside seats in such a way that it facilitates discussion while also encouraging relaxation
  • Maintain a basic, orderly, and consistent appearance in your garden by using plants that produce white blossoms, such as magnolias or jasmine plants.


And there you have it: the definitive solution to the question of what defines Hamptons style. With this post, you should have a better understanding of what the Hamptons style is all about, as well as how to implement this timeless design into your house.

Is the notion of a Hamptons-style home appealing to you, or are you more drawn to other architectural types instead? Please let us know which option you prefer in the comments section below. Ad

9 Ways to Design A Home With A Coastal- Hampton Vibe

Whatever the reason, I’ve always been fascinated to the Hamptons as a style of architecture. The timeless classic style that welcomes you into your home with over-sized living areas, a gentle subdued beach color palette with white wainscoting, and natural textures is hard to resist. Nine various ways to furnish a home with an exquisite coastal Hampton atmosphere may be found on the internet. Take for example Diane Keaton’s legendary beach house in the Hamptons from the film Something’s Gotta Give.

Considering that the Hampton style is the pinnacle of coastal design (in my opinion).

Our Hampton Inspired Home

When we were renovating our home, I had a romantic Hampton style in mind, with timeless design features included throughout. Our ultimate objective was to live a life that was both relaxing and elegant on the shore. I wanted to include a lot of traditional curving lines into my home because I live with all boys. This is the view from our front porch. For example, dark timber flooring, chandeliers, a grand staircase, bay windows, sconces, and highly paneled walls are all examples of traditional design elements.

What Is The Difference Between Coastal and Hampton Style?

Hamptons style is defined as a timeless, cool, classic, and elegant design with a casual beach atmosphere that is timeless, cool, classic, and sophisticated. The Hamptons, located on eastern Long Island’s South Fork, are a line of beachfront settlements that serve as a summer vacation destination for affluent New York City residents during the summer months. This region is characterized by vast stretches of coastline and a rural core that includes agriculture, towns, and villages, as well as 18th-century shingle structures and estates that are concealed behind towering boxwood hedges.

On a recent vacation, my friend took the photo above, which I have included here.

American Coastal Style

Coastal is more of a state of mind than it is a certain style. American coastal design, as opposed to tropical or Mediterranean design, is one of the most popular types of design, with subcategories such as Cape Cod, Hampton, farmhouse, cottage, and modern coastal all having their own distinct styles. In order to get that wonderful beach home atmosphere, you do not need to live in a beach town or one of the most lovely beach towns in the United States of America. The following are some ideas for how to decorate and design your home.

1.Let It Shine- Natural Light

When you think of a beach, the first thing that comes to mind is the sun and light. In order to bring light into a space, heavy or dark window coverings should be replaced with light and airy alternatives. Allow the light to filter through. Make every effort to flood the living rooms with natural light in order to generate an atmosphere of serenity, similar to that of being on vacation. If you want seclusion, white lined linen curtains or interior shutters are excellent options. For rooms with few windows, huge mirrors may be used to bounce light about the space and make it appear more spacious.

For example, furnishing your foyer with an attractive table and mirror will accomplish the desired result. Orchids and other living plants that prefer indirect sunlight should be used to decorate. link=”attachment wp-att-16079′′ rel=”attachment wp-att-16079′′

2.White and Blue Decor

The use of blue and white in a room creates a classic look that will last for years. Consider soft blues such as a french blue, or a navy or gray-blue color for a more formal look. Teal and Tiffany is also a good combination! The colors blue and white have always appealed to me. When I was designing our home, I used a lot of coastal colors. What I’m talking about is the clean and simple look that includes white jeans with a navy cashmere sweater or a chambray linen shirt. I decorated my home in accordance with that goal.

It’s something I can’t get enough of.

Color can also work well in a room that is predominantly blue and white.

Chinoiserie Decor Elements

Many interior designers adore the combination of blue and white porcelain. The origins of Chinese porcelain may be traced back to the 14th century. Because the style was so generally admired, Europeans began importing it by the shiploads in the 17th century, eventually learning how to manufacture porcelain on their own in the 18th century. My favorite ginger jars are those made in the style of Chinese porcelain. These timeless classic ornamental elements may be incorporated into a variety of various interior design styles due to their versatility.

3.Add Natural Materials For Texture

Consider using wood furniture as well as natural materials like as rattan, jute, and sisal into your design. Rugs made of sisal and jute are a lovely addition. When selecting materials for your seaside design, go for natural fiber textiles such as cotton, linen, and grasscloth. Grasscloth wallpaper gives a wonderful, timeless touch to a room’s design that makes it more welcoming. Grassecloth is available in a variety of colors and patterns, and it is subtle enough to enable the exciting fabrics to take center stage while still being aggressive enough to make a statement.

4.TheHampton Living Room

The living area is decorated in the Hamptons style. The casual and friendly appearance of a seaside home distinguishes it. With big scale sofas for lounging, huge island benches for gathering and socializing, and doors that lead to a wide patio or pool deck, the interior decorating style creates a casual seaside environment. Cushion covers made of light, neutral-colored cotton or linen fabric are a good option from the Something’s Gotta Give collection. A classy summer estate atmosphere will be created in your house by using traditional patterns and colors like stripes and navy blue.

For new furniture with a seaside flair, search for graceful lines, traditional pieces, and seating with plush cushions, among other things.

Overall, the Hampton design is comfy and inviting, and because you spend the most of your time in your bedroom, it’s the perfect area to create a blissful refuge from the rest of your home. Ratan is also a fairly well-known name. Take a look at some of the suggestions below.

5.The Coastal Hampton Bedroom Decor

Everything about a fresh white sheet set, a puffy down comforter, and heaps of fluffy linen pillows is perfect. I have premium linens from Crown Linens spread over a white cotton duvet cover, which is the focal point of my room. The variety of textures is delectable. We are fascinated with the white bamboo sheets by Bed Voyage that we use to sleep on. Crown Linen Designs is a company that specializes in the design of bed linens and tablecloths. If you want an airy, clean look in your master suite, white linen curtains are a great option.

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6.The Coastal- Hampton Bathroom

It is recommended that the coastal bathroom design have a beach house vibe to it with light marble counters and floors. I would stay away from granite and black tile. When it comes to bathroom walls and showers, subway tile is always a safe pick (particularly in white) and adds a beautiful touch. The blue-gray subway tile in the bathroom shower seen below is quite stunning. Traditional mosaic tile is a timeless option for the floor; it’s what I utilized in three of our bathrooms and it’s what I enjoy about it.

Cabinetry in white, gray, or an unusual blue-gray color would be my first choices.

It was decided to utilize the same color throughout the house including the laundry room and the bar.

When you choose white towels, you will be able to add an aspect of simply keeping the area appearing clean and simple.

7.Hamptons Kitchen Design

Every home’s kitchen serves as the focal point and heart of the home. Hampton houses are characterized by the use of white kitchen cabinets as a norm. The mood of a Hampton house is captured via the use of classic designs and natural materials. Hampton kitchen elements such as painted cabinets and dark or neutral hardwood floors are characteristic of the style. When it comes to introducing a beach vibe to your kitchen, natural and timeless materials such as elegant marble or timber are excellent choices.

Light marble or stone countertops are always a good option because they are classic and ageless.

8.Wall Paneling To Add Coastal Charm

Bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, and entryways may all benefit from the addition of wainscoting, beadboard, or even coastal wood panels. These days, there are a plethora of paneling materials available that make the procedure simple. By including fascinating wall detail, it is possible to convert any space into one that has architectural character and charm. In recent years, it has been established that investing in the improvement of your home’s architectural aspects is an excellent use of your money.

This is one of the simplest and most straightforward options, which consists of attaching strips of wood to your existing walls (either with glue or nails) and then painting the entire wall to match.

Not only can you change the size of the boxes to be squares, rectangles, or a combination of the three, but you can also customize the thickness of the boards that you attach to the wall to obtain virtually any design you choose.

9.Hampton Coastal Paint Colors

Color palettes that are reminiscent of the coast evoke a sense of tranquility. A change in the color of the coastalwall may radically alter the atmosphere of the room. There are several hues that are unmistakably associated with the Hamptons. Hamptons color palette for interiors comprises gentle blues and greens, neutral gray, stone, ocean blue, sand, and whites that are somewhat warmer in tone than the rest of the United States. Some Hamptons palettes have a light gray, blue, or green as the primary hue, with a dazzling white such as Benjamin Moore White Dove for all woodwork, such as windows, doors, ceilings, skirtings, and architraves, as a secondary accent color.

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Hamptons-Style Decorating Tips and Ideas for Your Home

Hamptons vacationing is the pinnacle in luxury, thanks in large part to the abundance of immaculately designed homes that convey sumptuous comfort in a relaxing, beachy setting. In terms of a setting, the elite vacation spot on Long Island, New York, is synonymous with relaxed, seaside elegance. With the help of inspired interior design ideas, you can seamlessly incorporate classic Hamptons style décor into your house, allowing your space to radiate beachfront charm throughout the year. Create a Hamptons-inspired aesthetic for your house with these five simple steps, which include everything from paint colors to crucial furnishings.

  • 1.
  • Begin by creating a strong foundation for your Hamptons-style home that will serve as a focal point for the whole space.
  • Paint your walls a pristine shade of white, unless you have whitewashed flooring in which case you should use a light blue or cool grey paint on your walls to complement your flooring.
  • In your home, this will serve as the primary tone, with accent colors to lighten up and fill out your Hamptons-style home interior.
  • Select Your Furnishings After deciding on a foundation, it’s important to locate pieces of furniture that will tie your room together.
  • Consider pieces of exceptional quality and beauty that will accurately reflect classic Hamptons style decoration while also providing you with years of trouble-free use.
  • Browse the Hamptons Style Furniture collection by 1825 Interiors for classic furniture pieces, soft furnishings, and design ideas.

Add a few flourishes.

Color your area with a variety of blues ranging from ocean blue to sky blue, as well as brilliant yellows, earthy linen tones, and even a tinge of pink if you’re feeling really adventurous.

Consider painting a huge, central wall to make a statement, or purchasing your soft furnishings in a variety of pastels to match your area and arrange them in an interchangeable manner.

Experiment with various accessories.

Cushions, as well as colorful vignettes on a variety of surfaces, are essential.

Your room should not appear to be devoid of anything.

Nautical decorations are lovely, but mix them in with pieces made of soft linen, straw, and wicker to create a cohesive look.

Also, be sure to evenly spread out any ornamental, nautical objects.

Add Layers to Your Design When decorating in the Hamptons style, avoid going for a sparse, minimalistic aesthetic.

Rugs and throws may provide a degree of warmth to a room while still being within the same color palette.

Instead of seeming like they were meticulously put, your Hamptons style home design ideas should appear to have come together organically.

Keep your space from becoming overly cluttered.

Rugs and blankets can be used to make up for a lack of furniture in the room.

Decorate with candles and ornaments to create a feeling of being at home. Now that you’ve learned how to correctly decorate in this style, it’s time to put all of your newfound knowledge to work in order to design your own Hamptons-inspired house!


The Hamptons may be an elite, coastal resort enclave on Long Island, New York, but there’s something about the characteristic design style that this area’s homes are known for that has drawn people from all over the world to this location. Even the phrase “Hamptons” has grown to be associated with a distinctly attractive interior design style that both designers and homeowners are attracted to. Perhaps it is the combination of soft, calming color palettes and substantial, well-made furniture that appeals to them.

It’s possible that it’s the initial sensation of welcoming warmth that exudes from these residences.

What is the best way to design in the Hamptons style and make it seem cohesive?

Color Schemes and Schemes of Color There’s something invigorating and peaceful about a Hamptons property, whether it’s actually located on Long Island’s seashore or halfway across the world in a tropical paradise.

The color scheme is a critical component of every design.

Whites, creams, and beiges are examples of such colors.

As an added bonus, using a neutral color palette will help to create a sense of tranquility, which is essential in Hamptons houses.

A little splash of duck egg blue here and there may go a long way toward establishing a nautical theme, which is typical in Hamptons residences.

In addition to tones of duck egg blue, nautical navy is a wonderful accent color for a Hamptons property that you should consider using as an accent.

If you want to keep the color scheme really soft and carry it through to the flooring, you may go with something like light, washed wood flooring.

Patterns and texture are important in fashion.

This may be mitigated by including a variety of patterns and textures into the design.

Fabrics and materials such as linen, jute, soft cotton, and sisal, for example, are good choices.

You may also think about incorporating a few patterns across a room or your entire home as well.

A layered aesthetic not only results in a more dynamic and creative visual experience but also tends to make a house seem more comfortable, which is important in the Hamptons where comfort is paramount.

The Furnishings It has a polished but inviting air to it, and the furniture should reflect these ideals as much as possible.

Stick to a neutral color scheme and include a variety of materials into your furniture to create a truly unique look.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to locate artifacts that appear to have been existing for many decades while yet retaining their original beauty and character.

Additionally, natural wood furniture such as end tables and spacious coffee tables, in addition to furnishings made of natural materials like wicker and rattan, complements a Hamptons-style interior design perfectly.

When arranging furniture, the ultimate objective should be to create a sense of harmony and balance.

Lighting and Accessories First and foremost, consider natural illumination.

If you do decide to add curtains or panels, make sure they are light or even sheer in order to prevent blocking out any natural light from entering.

Artificial lighting should be implemented in layers to provide the most effective results.

Chandeliers may also be used as a focal point in a Hamptons design, and having a focal point helps to create the impression of balance that is so important in Hamptons design and architecture.

When it comes to picking lighting and decorations, look to nature for inspiration.

Sea glass, shells, coral, and driftwood are all excellent choices for embellishments.

Bringing Everything Together Neutral colors, symmetry and balance, high-end furniture, and decorations that are inspired by nature are all features of this space.

The result is a look that is both classic and timeless, and it is precisely this sense of timelessness that continues to lure people to this exquisite design.

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