What Is Granny Chic Decor

8 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Granny Chic Oasis

Consider the interior of an old, classic American house. There is a lot of moulding, decorative embellishments, and curving, complex furniture in this room. Add in some contemporary art, some sleek, contemporary furniture, and a frilly cushion, and you have a winning combination (or three). This is what is known as granny chic, and it is now popular in the design industry. The style, which is also known as “grandmillennial” or “grandma chic,” may best be defined as a juxtaposition of the old with the contemporary in a stylish way.

In an email, lifestyle blogger Julie McConville explained that she gravitates toward grandmillennial style because it is “anti-trend.” “It’s a timeless appearance that, with just a few minor modifications, will remain fashionable for years to come.

We chatted with various interior designers and décor bloggers to find out how you can incorporate a little touch of granny chic into your home decor.

Meet the Expert

  • The work of Ashley Hardison, a designer, blogger, and owner of FIG Design Company, is loaded with beautiful vintage interior and exterior design inspiration. Julie McConvilleis a lifestyle blogger in London and the owner of FoxParks, which specializes in vintage home goods
  • Jennifer Harrupis an interior designer and the founder of Jennifer Laura Living, which focuses on DIY grandmillenial decor
  • Katherine Medliniis an interior stylist in Tennessee and the blogger behindPenderPeonys, which specializes in vintage and antique decor
  • And Jennifer Harrupis an interior designer and founder of Jennifer Laura Living, which focuses on DIY grandmillenial decor.

Always Choose Wallpaper

  • Getty An eye-catching, patterned wallpaper is a must-have for the granny chic look – much more so than any other type of painting. It’s a simple way to inject some personality into your area, especially if you choose peel-and-stick wallpaper over standard wallpaper. By email, interior designer Jennifer Harrup expressed her belief that “grandmillennial isn’t full” until there is some aspect of wallpaper present. “You can easily decorate a room without using wallpaper, but I believe that using a toile or flowery wallpaper will give your home a grandmillennial feel.”

Pick Your Pattern(s)

  • Ashley Hardison is a model and actress. Speaking of patterns, wallpaper is simply one method to incorporate them into a room’s design
  • Nevertheless, there are plenty more options you may (and should!) explore. What is the most straightforward method of accomplishing this? Fabrics. Flowers, toile and other granny-esque designs, according to Harrup, may be used as blank canvases for decorative pillows, curtains, and upholstery. Although chintz drapes and plaid cushions are popular, adding patterned décor into your home, such as blue and white chinoiserie pottery, is where granny chic is at its best.

Flower Power

  • Katherine Medlin’s full name is Katherine Medlin. Florals are one motif in particular that you don’t want to be missing from your grandmother chic decor. Flowers and the grandmillennial go together like peanut butter and jelly, so integrate them into your decor, linens, pottery, and artwork. Textile patterns like chintz, Indian block print, and botanicals work brilliantly for textiles, while Dresden style flowers, Rose Medallion, and other Chinoiserie porcelains work beautifully for ceramics, according to blogger and fashionista Katherine Medlin. And don’t limit yourself to patterns: Designers also recommend filling antique vases with fresh flowers to provide a pop of color. According to Hardison, “Florals are attractive as a fabric for slipcovered chairs, a tablecloth, or cushions of any size.” Fresh flowers in a vase or pitcher are always a welcome sight, and you can’t go wrong with a vase or pitcher packed with them.” If you want to utilize flowers all together in the same design, you can do so, or you can mix and match different flowery fabrics.”

Bring the Color

  • Katherine Medlin’s full name is Katherine Medlin. Despite the fact that the parameters are rather limited, Grandmillennial is mostly concerned with colour. As long as you’re using color to fill the space, you may go with bright, saturated colours or go for a more light and airy look with soft tones and pastels. “When it comes to color, there is no right or wrong – the most important thing is that the color be seen,” Hardison remarked. Blues, pinks, greens, and white are among the colors most associated with granny chic, according to McConville. However, you may combine whichever colors you choose within your design. 5th of 8th paragraphs are below
  • Continue reading.

Balance Straight Lines and Curves

  • Julie McConville is a writer and actress. When it comes to furnishings, the granny chic mix of old and contemporary is likely most visible. Hardison advises that you should choose items that have classic aspects, such as curving arms or cabriole legs, and match them with more modern furnishings, such as a straight-backed couch, to avoid seeming dated.

Create a Cozy Interior

  • Katherine Medlin’s full name is Katherine Medlin. Many people associate the term “granny” with the word “cozy.” This is still true for the grandmillennial generation, albeit you should think of it as “cozy, but make it fashionable.” Whenever possible, Hardison recommends that you use pillows and blankets in your granny chic decor. It’s fun to mix and match fabrics for pillows because you can have a floral fabric with a double pleat edge mixed in with a solid velvet pillow trimmed out in a SamuelSons piece, and then maybe a gingham print in a different size, which will allow you to achieve layering, textures, and dimension. everything you need,” she explained.

Say Goodbye to Bare Surfaces

  • Julie McConville is a writer and actress. On the spectrum of minimalism to maximalism, granny chic is more in line with “cluttercore” than “minimalism.” Medlin recommends that any shelves, sideboards, or tables be decked up with one-of-a-kind tchotchkes, travel curios, and fresh flowers, among other things. The following items are also commonly found: antique silver or brass, candles, and artwork in both classic and contemporary styles. According to her, “grandmillennials are bored of the blank expanses and minimalism, but we want our design to have history and character,” she explained. The décor has even greater significance to us and our families, which is why we are particularly fond of family relics and curios that show our own characteristics,” says the couple. It is because of this eye for the unusual that the style may embrace sustainability – rather of purchasing mass-produced items, folks who prefer the granny chic aesthetic frequently hunt through second-hand and thrift stores for one-of-a-kind décor to upcycle
  • And

Install Moulding

  • In addition to patterns and frills, Jennifer Harrup believes that moulding should be included in any area that is intended to be grandmother chic. When combined with other classic elements such as wallpaper, moulding creates a timeless foundation on which to build more contemporary elements. “Wall moulding is a big element that you’ll see pretty much in any grandmillenial interior that is something that is not going to go out of style,” Harrup said. In five years, you won’t hear people saying things like, ‘Oh my god, we’ve got this wonderful wall moulding on our walls we want to pull off.’. Moulding looked terrific 100 years ago, and it’ll continue to look great for another hundred years. “It’s not going out of style anytime soon.”

The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Granny Chic Decor

Granny-chic design is experiencing a renaissance right now. Remember the thick flowery patterns, patterned wallpapers, vintage furniture and other tacky design items that used to be seen throughout your grandmother’s house? Recent years have seen an increase in the number of nostalgic interiors being shared on social media, and we’re here for it. Do you still not believe us? Check out the following seven Instagram accounts that you absolutely must follow if you love anything quirky and granny-chic.

  1. For example, Pearl Lowe’s Instagram feed, which is loaded with images of her daily search to locate goofy antique décor things for clients—as well as herself—is a good example.
  2. The premium textile brand’s Instagram account is brimming with colorful, saturated patterns and chintz-style flowers, as well as opulent old-world wall coverings and design components, among other things.
  3. The Instagram account of Ashland, Oregon-based vintage [email protected] is full of trendy, design-savvy interiors filled with fascinating retro furnishings, such as quilts, chandeliers, and flowery still-life paintings, as well as vintage clothing.
  4. He has worked on design projects with kitschy décor masterTony Duquette for more than 30 years, and his Instagram page is brimming with maximalist-minded rooms to inspire you.
  5. Instead of going vintage shopping for grandma-chic décor pieces for yourself, the only thing nicer than doing so is watching what other people find at the thrift store.
  6. Trying to come up with a more simplified approach to granny-chic interior design?
  7. It’s likely that you like a good before and after shot as much as I do, especially when it’s loaded with modern granny-chic moments.

Featured Contributor Caroline BiggsCaroline Biggs is an author based in New York City. Aside from writing about art, décor, and celebrity lifestyles, she may be found purchasing shoes, devouring cupcakes, or spending time with her rescue bunnies, Daisy and Daffodil.

10 Things From Your Grandparents’ House That Are Cool Again

Those chintz and needlepoint-filled furnishings of your grandparents’ house, which you, like me, may have formerly seen as a stuffy (although warm) setting that was anything but on-trend, may well be worth another look. Simply browsing the house section of a modern-day design website can demonstrate exactly how hip your grandparents’ sense of style really is. Defining the aesthetic of the grandmillenial as a sophisticated young person who appreciates granny chic in 2019,House Beautiful classified the aesthetic of the grandmillenial as The evidence has only accumulated since then, with everything from 1980s patterns to 1970s color palettes reappearing in contemporary homes, goods, and pop culture.

  1. We’ve taken care of everything.
  2. According to Rudy Saunders, designer atDorothy DraperCompany Inc, “there’s so much negativity in the world today—who doesn’t want to be surrounded by attractive, cheerful, cozy things?” she asks rhetorically.
  3. In this section, you’ll find ten items from your grandparents’ home that are making a revival.
  4. In the words of Sophie Phelps, publisher of The Traditional List, “Chintz was usually associated with being either archaic or stuffy for over a decade.” But things have changed.
  5. Consider any of the spaces built by Mario Buatta, dubbed “the Prince of Chintz”!” —or this Cathy Kincaid creation, which is located in Dallas.
  6. In fact, flowers of all shapes and sizes are making a comeback as stylish wallpaper choices.
  7. 3 Needlepoint As a needlepoint professional, According to Rudy Saunders, the “Grandmillennial attitude has taken over!” and, as a result, the age-old hobby of needlepoint has been rendered obsolete.

“Needlepoint, like the rest of the world, has evolved a great deal!” says Saunders of the craft.

“If something can be done in needlepoint, it should be done in needlepoint,” says the author.

Saunders offers some suggestions for incorporating needlepoint into your own personal area.

It’s possible to choose a minimalist or a more maximalist approach, says the author.

4Chinese Cabinets are available.

For example, “engineered wood” is used to construct newer furniture, which is far lighter than solid wood, according to Laurence Kirby, owner of Chapter Two Vintage.

“Old furniture lasts far longer than new furniture since it is constructed of strong wood.” Not only is quality important, but consumers also want to be able to show their dinnerware in a way that is more appealing than simply storing it in a cupboard and collecting dust.

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5Pink TileWhile pink tile may conjure up images of dreadful bathrooms from decades ago, current interpretations of pink tiled rooms may cause you to rethink why we ever abandoned this style in the first place.

6Ornately carved frames It was like stepping into an art museum when I first arrived at my grandparents’ house.

It was a dramatic contrast to the narrow wooden frames that had previously adorned my Pinterest boards.

And I, for one, am confident that my grandma would be pleased with my decision to ditch my mass-produced frames in favor of something with a bit more personality.

The ornamental plate wall is the type of eye-catching wall décor that your grandparents were known for.

According to Phelps, “the days of letting our good china collect dust in the cabinet are long gone, and homeowners have rediscovered the delights of incorporating color, pattern, and whimsy into their homes in a number of ways.” In her words, “decorative plates provide an extra dosage of beauty into our lives, which we all want,” she adds.

  • 8 Different Colored Glassware Because colored glass was less expensive than clear glass during the Great Depression, colorful glassware (also known as “depression glass”) has made a resurgence in recent years and is now available in a wide range of colors and designs.
  • Consequently, you may want to keep those cups that were most likely stored in your grandparents’ cupboards.
  • Pintuck Pillows (Set of 10) I was just browsing through the home area at Urban Outfitters when I came across a cushion that reminded me of something I’d seen countless times before in my grandparents’ house.
  • While newer variations of the round pillow are considerably more fashionable than my grandmother’s worn-out lace rendition, the round pillow fad has certainly returned.
  • She is the Associate Editor of Content Strategy at House Beautiful, where she covers a wide range of topics ranging from home décor to the most recent headlines.

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How to Decorate Granny Chic

The comparison of someone’s interior to “grandma’s house” would have been considered offensive previously, but the “era of the geek” has flipped fashion on its head, making everything previously considered unfashionable suddenly acceptable. A granny chic decor incorporates vintage furniture, accessories, and fabric designs that any elderly lady would adore, but with a modern twist that makes it stylish for today’s young women.

Defining Granny Chic

“Granny chic,” a word that originated in the fashion industry to describe starlets who dressed in their grandmother’s shabby clothes, swiftly became the hottest new interior design trend in 2011. Decorating trends have changed in recent years. Instead of concealing inherited antique crockery and hand-knit afghans in closets, interior designers are embracing their family hand-me-downs and even shopping at flea markets and charity stores for fresh findings. The embracing of goods in their original state is what distinguishes granny chic from other vintage and retro decorating trends.

Apart from repurposing grandmotherly designs, granny chic interiors pay respect to old-fashioned ideals and activities by using items such as cake plates, knitting baskets, and antique hats that have been transformed into beautiful accessories.

Granny vs. Shabby

One of the most common misconceptions about granny chic is that it is synonymous with shabby chic. Despite the fact that these interior designs have features in common, such as weathered or worn furnishings in their original state, they are vastly different from one another. Shabby chic is a romantic style that incorporates soft pastels, delicate lace, delicate floral designs, and intentionally faded or bleached furniture and accessories. However, granny chic interiors provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere that prioritizes comfort and personal preference over fashion trends.

Quaint and Kitschy, Not Tacky

Granny chic interiors and rooms arranged to seem just like grandma’s house are two completely different things. While the interior concept incorporates grandma-friendly patterns and styles, these old-fashioned goods require a modern makeover in order to become fashionable. As an alternative to recycling or renovating obsolete goods, granny chic updates them with contemporary accessories, such as simple modern throw cushions in a solid hue set over an antique flowered armchair. Because of this, designers must rely on their abilities to edit, in order to avoid over-decorating.

If too many tacky objects are jammed into one place, granny chic will quickly become dated and unappealing. For example, a small collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers may be cute and kitschy, but a large number of them on a single shelf begins to appear hoarding-like.

Carefully Consider Clashing Items

While comfort and personal taste should always come first, decorators should refrain from incorporating every mismatched item they come across if they want to keep their granny-inspired environment looking sleek and sophisticated. It is not necessary for this décor style to use complementary colors, patterns, or motifs, but the elements cannot be entirely out of sync with one another. Consider making wise judgments about which conflicting things to include in an interior by picking items that have at least one suitable design aspect in their composition.

Granny Chic; 2021’s Coziest Home Decor Trend

As we come to the conclusion of an era in which we spend more time in our houses than ever before, comfort will be a crucial factor in future design trends. The interior design ideas for 2021 are geared toward a warm, nostalgic aesthetic that is evocative of grandparents’ houses from decades past. Modern accents are being added to designs that had previously appeared outmoded, resulting in an eclectic combination of vibrant mid-century décor and clean contemporary finishes that is as inviting as it is sophisticated, according to the designers.

Color Palette: Warm Tones

Revelation by Uttermost provided the photos and décor for this post. Warm tones are the rage right now! Comforting hues such as mustard and golden yellows, rich blue-greens, and warm olives provide depth and contrast to your space while also creating depth and contrast. Burnt oranges with splashes of vivid red bring as much warmth as they do nostalgic appeal in a more unconventional setting. Warmer hues provide a sense of security and coziness in your house, transforming it into a bright haven where you can relax and unwind.

Sleek Mid-Century Inspired Furniture

Revelation by Uttermost provided the photos and décor for this post. Mid-century style furniture contributes to bringing the “granny” into Granny Chic design! Vintage furniture from the 1960s and 1970s that has been modernized lends a sleek retro touch to any environment. Furniture pieces in this design have basic geometric lines and are made of a variety of materials. Marble, wood, aluminum, lucite, and brass are all typical materials that are used in conjunction with one another to create texture and color contrast.

Lush Floral Paintings and Botanicals

Revelation by Uttermost provided the photos and décor for this post. The “granny chic” aesthetic is characterized by flower paintings that are inspired by Art Nouveau and mid-century surrealism and are combined with dried botanicals and floral prints. It is also possible to utilize bold abstract art pieces in this design, but the usage of lush floral items provides a signature contrast to the elegant furniture in this style.

Comfortable Den-Style Seating

Revelation by Uttermost provided the photos and décor for this post. With “granny chic” seats, the goal is to bring back the warm, welcoming atmosphere of years gone by. The design is inspired by 1970s dens, with broad chairs, comfy cushions, and enough of them. Because of the protective barriers they create, boxy, squared lines are prominent in this form of seating. These basic forms provide a nice contrast to the plump cushions and 1-and-a-half broad seats.

Bold, overscale designs and cushioned leather combine to give this chair a really antique look and feeling. Adding even more comfort and levity to this more-is-more approach to in-style living are overstuffed ottomans and contrasting textured cushions, which are used to complete off the aesthetic.

Current Versions of Thrifted Finds

Revelation by Uttermost provided the photos and décor for this post. Together with sleek, simple mid-century modernist décor, updated antiques from previous decades play an equally vital role in the overall design. In order to achieve granny chic, it is necessary to contrast the contemporary with the antique, the simple with the extravagant; this is true of both the decor and the furnishings in the home. Retro-reproductions, which mimic the appearance of modernized antique and thrift-store furniture but are painted and finished in a more contemporary manner, are becoming increasingly popular.

Combining several periods brings out the best in each and results in a house that is distinctively sophisticated.

Contrast: Dark makes comfort from light

Revelation by Uttermost provided the photos and décor for this post. Continued in this vein, darkish walls provide a sense of warmth to your area, which may be enhanced by the addition of light and inviting accents. Having dark walls in bedrooms, workplaces, and dens is very beneficial since it creates a feeling of security and welcome. Granny Chic is a retro-clash style that includes wallpaper, wood paneling, and paint as possibilities.

Glazed Ceramics and Petrified Wood

Revelation by Uttermost provided the photos and décor for this post. The possibilities for decor, table decorations, and paintings are endless in a space decorated in the “granny chic” style. Whether it’s picture frames, flowers, or books on the shelf, the generational nostalgia linked with the trend assures that every family will have their own perception of what it’s like to be “at home.” It doesn’t matter whether your grandmother’s home was more 1960s or 1970s in style; ceramics and natural wood items are always safe options for adding warmth and just the perfect bit of timeless to a space.

  1. Glazed and enameled items are excellent choices for achieving a vintage look.
  2. When it comes to designing a room, the finishing touches are always what tie the whole thing together.
  3. Yellow and amber toned metals are the way to go if you want to tie in with the warm hues and high contrast stylings of the current trend.
  4. What better way to reminisce about the good old days than with a gift that has a gold accent?
  5. Ginger Huff Interiors is a premier interior design firm that has been servicing the St.
  6. GHI is an authorized Uttermost dealer, and we can assist you in designing your dream space.

Contact us at [email protected] or (618) 791-9113 for a free, no-obligation consultation to get started on your home renovation, remodel, or business project today. This content should be shared or saved!

‘Grandma Chic’: The Latest Trend in Interior Design 2020

‘Grandma Chic,’ also known as Gandmillenial, is the most recent interior design trend for 2020. Colourful, intriguing, attractive, old-fashioned, interesting, and full of character, this décor style is a must-have for any home. It is the complete polar opposite of minimalism. It’s popular among millennials because it incorporates items such as hand-me-downs, vintage pieces, and recycling, all of which are beneficial to the environment. A variety of colors are used in the design in order to make it appear less dreary.

  1. The addition of a footstool or poof, ideally round and old, instantly transforms the design into a bohemian haven.
  2. If you want to go for this modernized ‘old woman’ appearance, you may dress in anything from any age, and the more the merrier: this is not a neat or easy style to choose.
  3. 4.
  4. a crocheted blanket, and 6.
  5. Eiderdown8.
  6. 13.
  7. Chairs and boxes made by Loyd Loom.
  8. Place a cotton nightwear bag on the bedstead or by the door.
  9. 18.
  10. FloralFab Fings has gathered a plethora of Grandma Chic images from Pinterest in order to inspire you further.
  11. ClickTHISlink!
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GRANNY CHIC Interiors: What Is It and How To Do it at Home

There’s something about grandma’s house that makes us feel so at ease and comfortable. A peaceful ambiance is created by flowery designs, cross-stitched décor, and vintage furniture, which transports us back to simpler times in history. Given the difficulties we’ve been experiencing, it’s no wonder that more and more individuals are flocking towards design styles that evoke feelings of comfort and familiarity. ‘ Granny chic,’ sometimes known as the ‘grandmillennial style,’ is the answer. Inspire by the brilliant colors, rich fabrics, and carefree mish-mash of patterns that can be seen in grandma’s living room, this design trend is gaining popularity right now.

Forget the adage that “less is more.” Designing with a granny chic aesthetic is all about using the phrase “more is more” – vintage maximalism – to create an intriguing combination of objects that represent your originality and distinct style.

One Kings Lane is the source of this image. This round of our interior design series will be all about Granny Chic Interiors: what it is and how to create it in your own house, according to the experts. Let’s get this party started.

What is Granny Chic?

Granny Chic is a style that blends classic features with contemporary designs to produce an eclectic aesthetic that is nevertheless comfortable and approachable. It is a modern resurrection of classic style in a way that is elegant, but with a bolder, quirkier twist than previous generations. This is a common design style among people in their mid-20s to early ’30s who have a strong sense of history and a desire to preserve it. In the same way that there is a rising interest in vintage fashion and retro aesthetics in pop culture, more and more millennials are re-visiting what was previously considered to be outmoded and old fashion designs.

Knitting, needlework, and even a predilection for analog rather than digital are becoming more popular among people’s recreational activities.

Charming, cozy, and wholesome.

Granny chic embodies the concept of being completely yourself, at ease in your own skin and in your own space. As it merges classic and modern ideas and features, this trend generates a design style that emanates quirkiness and easygoing formality. Photograph courtesy of the Financial Times Our favorite grannies are notoriously difficult to part with their possessions. They maintain both emotional and non-sentimental objects in their possession. Antiques, furniture, frames, and family heirlooms, combined with contemporary elements such as patterned textiles and flea market treasures, result in a lived-in look that expresses your individuality and sense of humor.

‘ When someone goes into my apartment, I want them to get a feeling of who I am and what I collect, and where I’ve traveled”–Nan Philips as stated by House Beautiful You may be experiencing a warm and fuzzy nostalgic and happy feeling in your stomach right now, remembering the good old days.

Try out these tips and tricks to get you started.

1.Choose Chintz-style floral decor

Everything in a flowery design will help you create a warm and pleasant hideaway. The first thing you should do is hang your chintz-floral wallpaper, which is a must-have in the granny chic design. According to a Homes and Gardens article, chintz is a printed cotton fabric that is used for curtains, upholstery, and wallpaper patterns. Chintz is a multi-colored cotton fabric that is printed. Chintz décor, with its brilliant hues and flowery themes, adds a special touch of personality to every room in your house.

  • It’s the quickest and most affordable way to infuse your area with nostalgic warmth and eclecticism.
  • The wallpapers offer a whimsical touch without being garish to the room.
  • Chintz can be utilized for a single statement item or as an investment.
  • For those who are feeling the granny-chic-with-chintz vibe, you may go ahead and create a unique atmosphere by utilizing the same designs for your walls, lamps and headboards, as well as your furniture.
  • Just make sure that the rest of the furniture and decor in your area is consistent with this unified approach.

With this specific style, your area will resemble a set from a Wes Anderson film more than anything else. The mellow color scheme and flower motifs appear to be unexpectedly pleasing, accessible, and fashionable at the same time. Elle Decor is the source of this image.

2.Layering, ruffles and embroidery

Granny chic is soft, feminine, and a lot of fun to wear. Embroidered linens, lace, and doilies are some of the most popular accessories in the world. In a grandmillennial household, you’re most likely to find crocheted blankets, knitwear, and cross-stitched pillow coverings, among other things. These are excellent methods for adding layers to a room while also infusing it with a sense of relaxation. Take, for example, a ruffled, frilly, handmade blanket stretched over a hefty armchair. Isn’t there something soothing about this scenario?

This goes hand in hand with the increased interest that technology-savvy millennials are showing in needlepoint as a method to unwind and unwind they have in needlepoint.

Vogue is the source of this photograph.

3.Traditional elements for old-school elegance

Also similar to the traditional interior design, granny chic uses classic pieces of art, antique furniture and carpets as well as elegant curtains to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Decor in gold and silver, exquisite china, and crystal chandeliers give your home a sense of timelessness. When it comes to using traditional components, they are typically huge and dramatic in their impact on the design. To add elegance to a space without overdoing it, choose high-end textiles such as silk, velvet, or brightly colored fabrics to embellish your upholstered furniture and other furnishings.

  • To breathe new life into your space and add a flash of color, use artificial flower arrangements or real blossoms into your design.
  • Chinoiserie Chic is the source of this image.
  • When it comes to selecting your furniture, consider a classic sofa with rolled arms, a regal armchair, or a wrought-iron bed to lend a touch of classical aesthetics to your room’s design.
  • This will provide a relaxed elegance to your home and make it more inviting.

4.Mix and match for a personalized, homey look

It is necessary to mix and match in order to achieve this vintage maximalist look. The essence of granny chic is the combination of décor from several eras and the use of one-of-a-kind artifacts that are difficult to obtain anywhere else. Your home will feel more personal and less consumerist as a result of doing so. Create an eclectic collection of goods, charming knick-knacks, and lively hues by purposefully mismatching diverse pieces that have clashing patterns. Going around your house will feel like going into a well kept museum of the things that you cherish most in the world.

  1. Rita Konig provided the photograph.
  2. People use their homes to express themselves and their families’ histories as well as their favorite belongings and current obsessions with others.
  3. To create an inviting reading room or living room, use a large, comfortable sofa as well as pleated lampshades covered in colorful textiles.
  4. Decorate your house with old carpets, your grandmother’s hand-me-down furniture, and thrift store purchases to create a warm and welcoming environment.

Combine them to create a style that is mismatched and eclectic in nature. This may also give your house a more relaxed and ‘lived-in’ appearance, which will make it seem more welcoming and personal. Country Living is the source of this image.

5.Antique furniture is a must-have

In a similar vein, granny chic is all about mismatching, and this is even more apparent when it comes to choosing furniture pieces. Finding antiques and one-of-a-kind secondhand goods at a good price are two of the hobbies that grandmillennials like. It gives your room a more distinct personality. One thing that all of these one-of-a-kind findings have in common is that there is no common denominator. Every one of them is unique, eccentric, and beautiful in their own way in their own way. Those who appreciate these treasures have a keen eye for the unusual.

  • For those seeking the granny chic style, one-of-a-kind décor and repurposed objects are important considerations.
  • Buro247 had an interview with Jack Bristler, nicknamed Trad Chap, in which he stated Photograph courtesy of Stefano Giovanni The presence of antique furniture in a space is unquestionably a focal point.
  • After all, the goal of this interior design style is to create elements that make us feel comfortable, anchored, and accepted in our surroundings.
  • The aspect of narrative is present, and people are trying to emotionally connect with their interiors, and this trend is a response to that.” The Inside’s co-founder and CEO, Christiane Lemieux, spoke with MyDomaine about his company’s mission and vision.

6.Be bold with color

When it comes to granny chic décor, there is no room for timidity. Take a break from the stark white and black palette of minimalist design and enjoy the brilliant colors that characterize the granny chic aesthetic. Use pastels in conjunction with rich colors and patterns to create spaces that have distinct personalities. Use vividly colored furniture that no one would anticipate, such as a green cabinet covered with blue china and gold trimmings, to make a statement in your home or office. It’s an eye-catching mix that may make a place more enjoyable and comfortable if used properly.

Furniture, beds, fabrics, draperies, walls, and fixtures should all be decorated with a wide variety of colors.

It might help to make your place feel more comfortable and visually appealing.

In addition, it has a gentler appearance as compared to the previous rooms. That’s completely OK because there isn’t a set manner to employ it. Color is essential for the granny chic look, but how you incorporate it into your design is entirely up to you. Havenly provided the image.

The Granny Decor Mistakes You Might Be Making

Greetings, Laurel. I recently came upon this blog article about horribly out-of-date furniture. Afterwards, I came across the term “Granny Decor.” Is it similar to “Granny Chic” style? As a result, the phrase “Granny Decor” doesn’t make sense to me because my grandma had impeccable taste. It has a negative connotation. Could you perhaps clarify these words a bit more clearly? LC D. Wolf is a fictional character created by author D. Wolf. *** Hello, LC, and everyone else. All of your questions and suggestions are excellent.

Granny Decor, in my opinion, is defined as follows:

Granny Decor is a style ofhome furnishingsthat is not classic. It is generally lacking in style, proportion, cohesion and reeks of all that is cute and precious.

Granny Chic, on the other hand, is a completely different beast. However, to be completely honest, Granny Chic is merely a new marketing phrase for a rural cottage style. Alternatively, a country home with a touch of bohemian thrown in. In addition, there may be a significant mid-century influence as well as bright, lively, and happy hues. It is frequently filled with playfulness. Madcap Cottage’s gorgeous and delightful work, which exemplifies Granny Chic design, is a wonderful illustration of the style.

  1. They specialize in children’s rooms.
  2. One King’s Lane, on the other hand, is home to well over 300 unique and amusing Madcap Cottage items.
  3. The wallpapers they have are beautiful, and many of the goods they sell are old!
  4. Their pillows aren’t even being utilized!
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So, then, What IS Granny Decor? And is it a pejorative term?

According to the Laurelcyclopedia;] of interior design words, the following is the definition of Granny Decor: It’s a kind of décor that is devoid of classical, timeless design and that either stinks of saccharin sweetness or is fantastically tacky, tasteless, bland, disproportionate, imbalanced, and seems extremely exhausted and well—old, depending on your perspective. The décor of a granny flat is NOT determined by the person’s age. Some features of Granny Decor, on the other hand, are holdovers from a previous generation.

However, I have seen dozens of homes of YOUNG FOLKS who decorated, not in Granny Chic, but in Granny Bleak, we’ll call it.

Another characteristic of Granny Décor is the use of phony (also known as ERSATZ, Laurel’s favorite term) and very CHEAP-APPEARING decor and furnishings. Before I continue. I am quite aware that the readers of my site come from a diverse range of socioeconomic backgrounds. In order to be clear, I am not in any way attempting to put folks who have little financial resources down on their luck when it comes to house furnishings. I’ve been there, and I understand the difficulties you’re going through more than you realize.

However, in some recent blog posts, we have looked at some talented readers who created a beautiful family home without spending a lot of money.

You may find them here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

In addition to entries on furniture, there are some posts regarding fashion. Sometimes Granny Decor is about house things that are not only superfluous but also detract from the overall appearance of a room. That is, after all, what this is all about.

***And, this is super important.*** This is only STUFF. And, stuff is not nearly as important as people. Not even close. I am saying this because I know that some of you are going to have some of this stuff in your home. You might even like it. Or maybe you’ve stop seeing it.

Just know that I adore you no matter how nicely furnished your home is or how loaded it is with what I consider to be awful dreck-bad design on the contrary. hehe. There are other things in my house that aren’t so terrific, as well. (However, things are improving—albeit slowly)

So, let’s get into the specifics of Granny Decor. And, please, do not pin any of these frightening images. Of course, you may pin the beautiful ones and the ones that I’ve made as a graphic.

  • Oversized, ditsy, inexpensive, or cutesy art work is not acceptable. Actually, anything that is too little, ditsy, cheap, or cutesy will be rejected.

Please consider pinning me to PinterestActually? Simply create some finger paints. Anything would be preferable to this situation. Furthermore, could they have made that wall any more unsightly? This is beyond my comprehension.


Sorry for the outburst, but I’m not sure what it will take to get this to stop! Maybe if we all start yelling at the same time. the third time the countdown begins 1.2.3.


Photograph by Simon Watson from the Architectural Digest. The Paris residence of design merchants Laurence and Patrick Seguin contains a wall of artworks –via Architectural Digest– This is an exceptionally well-executed art installation. Here’s where you may find even more beautiful art walls, templates, and ideas.

Let’s move on with more Granny Decor Don’ts

  • Plate-glass table tops
  • Lace doilies – at least in the living room
  • And a variety of other decor elements.

Not to add that the photo in the modern steel frame, as well as the positioning of the table, are all a bit haphazard and do not work in the least bit.

But, Laurel… How are you supposed to protect the table?

Thank you very much. What you’ve asked is a really well thought-out and well-articulated inquiry. The explanation is that if you have something abrasive on the table, that is what necessitates the addition of felt underneath it. Things like glass on the table or plastic slipcovers on the chairs scream Grandma or Granny more than anything else. Do you recall Aunt Gert?

  • Curtains made of lace or polyester that are inexpensive
  • Ruffles

.and more frills and sugary pastels, please! icky-poo. Ugh. Not only is it fluorescent white, but it is also made of polyester. Neon white, polyester lace is juxtaposed against stained wood, with some of the wood showing through. It’s a horrible spectacle. This is like to a woman who has forgotten to shave her legs AND her slip is visible. But… In this day and age, does anyone still bother to put on a slip? Once, while browsing around the racks of the localVictoria’s Secret store in search of a slip, the sales associate stared at me as if I had said, “Do you have napalm?” Ruffles and a motif based on shells.

  • And valances on their own, unless they are beautifully fitted, typically scream Granny.
  • Nowadays, the majority of individuals are not.
  • Miles Redd mixes flowers and a smidgeon of ruffle to great effect in the photo above.
  • However, I don’t believe it says Grandma.
  • But, at the very least, it is elegant and refined.
  • Eegads!
  • One thing that isn’t present is a pair of Granny’s spectacles and a copy of Reader’s Digest.

Please, no curtains that reach to the floor!

Please remove the obnoxious window coverings that were installed by the prior owner, regardless of when you moved in.

They serve no use other than to frighten criminals away.

It will make a great difference in your life.

What is the significance of the dry artificial leaves hanging over the doorway?

Gran, for one, is of the same opinion.

But, for the time being, we’ll leave it alone.

Despite the fact that it’s a traditional English tea sipping Granny Floral Slipcover, the acidic yellow wall color is what makes it work so well. And Laurel’s Michael Kors handbag in a bright orange hue. hehe. I’m still using it and like it! It’s holding up fantastically!

  • Anything with a sheen of shiny polyester. Please refrain from consuming any of it
  • We’re skipping the paint job on the walls. There are a lot of drab wall colors in the don’t-photos collection. In addition, check here for a list of 21 home design blunders to avoid, which includes additional drab wall colors.
  • In the living spaces, broadloom is used from floor to ceiling (there are several instances throughout these photographs)

Maura Mcevoy is shown here. If you really must have wall-to-wall carpeting, I recommend that it be fitted and woven, such as this Berber carpeting shown above in the photo.

  • T’chakas on the cheap. Everyone is familiar with the look I’m referring to: mismatched photo frames and tables piled high with family photographs. In a more private area of the house, create a family gallery wall.
  • Color palette of dirty dusty pastels. (It’s all extremely one-note. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.)
  • A crochet granny throw (however, when done correctly, they can be rather enjoyable)

This photo was taken on the set of the Roseanne television program. It certainly checks off a lot of boxes. It’s Granny Decor on a high dose of acid! And here we are, doing it again! When curtains are being hung, the window frame should never be seen. Granny should employ a professional window treatment installation to complete the job for her! Click here for further information on how to hang draperies and everything else you could be interested in learning. Please also take a look at this for windows that are difficult to open.

  • All of the furniture, including tables, chests, cupboards, and other pieces, is dark brown. The whole thing becomes quite weighty and difficult to live with, unless the walls are painted in the same bright color as the ceiling. However, they are rarely found in Granny Decor.

Painting the inside of china cabinets is one of my favorite things to do. This is another another stunning piece by Madcap Cottage. Check out the china cabinet that I created and had built for a customer a few years back as well.

  • Lamps and other lighting fixtures that are out of date, with ersatz finishes that I have no idea what they are supposed to be replicating

It just goes on and on. That lamp has an unusual finish, to say the least. After six months of horseback riding over the arid desert, it resembles the movie Lawrence of Arabia. What kind of person would want anything like that in their home? Who comes up with these stuff? Actually, I discovered the majority of these items on a website entirely devoted to Granny Tacky. “A HOME LIKE NO OTHER,” says the company’s slogan. There’s no crap! I can ensure you that they will never be included in Laurel’s contact list!

  1. Note to existing rolodex owners: If you cannot locate your rolodex, it was delivered to the email address that you used to make your purchase.
  2. You may add inSENDOWL if you like.
  3. Any link, no matter how old it is (even if it’s three years old), will direct you to the most recent version of the rolodex, which you may then download.
  4. Click here for some excellent suggestions for inexpensive lamps that don’t appear like they’re on a budget.

There’s still more Granny Decor Faux pas to go!

  • Wallpaper that is cheap and ditsy, and horrible – a wallpaper border

Oh, that’s terrible. It appears that Granny is living with her grandson in the same place. Actually, this isn’t the worst wallpaper you could possibly find. It’s just not appropriate for this place. Andthatwindow! The hashtag #fortandfiel on Instagram is an abbreviation for “fort and fiel.” Shower curtain with floral design by Anthropologie The shower curtain seen above is a lovely example of how to utilize flowers in a bathroom. I really like how the flowers stand out against all of the white in this arrangement.

I’m also a big fan of all of the brass!

There is nothing more heinous than this.

They aren’t expressly Granny, on the other hand.

As for me, I hope you found it interesting.

They won’t be able to make it if people quit buying it.

There are other options available.

Speaking about which. Please have a look at the popular sales for this week. There are so many fantastic bargains going on right now, plus there are some stunning new things to view in the widgets. Furthermore, several of the discounts are coming to an end very soon! xo,

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