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You’ll Want To Keep This Cozy Holiday Décor Up Well After December

After you’ve spent time searching for, purchasing, and falling in love with your Christmas décor, you may find yourself inclined to keep it up much beyond the month of December. Due to the fact that so many of the warm and inviting Christmas decorations from Restoration Hardware are equal parts elegant and seasonally appropriate, this would not be a concern. The Christmas brochure from the iconic home goods retailer is brimming with stylish cozy knits and realistic fake furs that won’t need to be put down on New Year’s Day or packed away until the following season.

Pieces from the collection are on sale for up to 50% off, and many of them come with free delivery as an added bonus.

Some Restoration Hardware pre-lit Christmas trees, such as this 7-foot pre-lit birch tree on sale for $107 (down from $199), can, however, continue to shine brightly in your living room long after the holidays have passed.

In interior design this year, white fur pillows have been a crucial style element (often providing as a sense of texture and warmth in otherwise minimalist spaces), but Restoration Hardware’s Christmas collection may be the greatest rendition of the trend yet.

  1. The 80 inch by 96 inch fur blanket, which was once $299, is now on sale for only $149.
  2. Restoration Hardware’s enormous natural sheepskin rug is now on sale for $1,245 (down from $1,465), down from $1,465.
  3. Lambskin carpets are notorious for gathering up lint from their surroundings, and the melancholy gray tone of this rug elevates its appearance to a higher level.
  4. Placing a natural, rough crystal on your fireplace mantle or as a centerpiece on your dining room table is the fashionable way to be rustic, and this particular piece has been etched to shine brightly from the inside out.

In addition to being necessary in the winter, having a warm and pleasant place is also appreciated in the other seasons. Here are nine pieces from Restoration Hardware’s Christmas collection that you won’t want to put away.

Get the Look for Less: Restoration Hardware Holiday Edition!

This means it’s time for yet another installment of Get the Look for Less, which you can read here. I chose to offer a Restoration Hardware Holiday edition of Get the Look For Less! because the holidays are just around the horizon and everyone is already getting excited for Christmas. Who doesn’t appreciate gorgeous Christmas decorations that are available for a fraction of the cost? AmIright? So, when perusing through Restoration Hardware’s catalog area, I discovered, to my joy, that they had a Holiday Catalog available for purchase!

  • There are so many beautiful products!
  • Definitely not within my financial means.
  • All of the flashy gold and warm warmth emanating from all of these lights is just stunning.
  • Most of my Christmas decorations are from my youth, and the rest are a mishmash of items given to us by both our parents.

Restoration Hardware 7 foot Christmas Tree

I just adore the appearance of these spindly illuminated trees from Restoration Hardware. They have the appearance of a winter wonderland to me! Due to the fact that these trees are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, you may create your own magical forest no matter where you set them. I appreciate that they are available in a variety of sizes, and the 7-foot model is ideal for those who want a more lifelike size. However, $229 is a tad on the high side. As fate would have it, I was able to locate a 7 foot illuminated tree from Restoration Hardware on Ebay for $115!

I mean, how cool is that?

Restoration Hardware 5 foot Christmas Tree

The same can be said for the 5-foot-tall form of this tree as well. A little more modest and a nice size to place in an entry hallway or even a child’s bedroom to add a little additional enchantment to the environment! Because these trees are equipped with timers, you won’t have to worry about consuming an excessive amount of power. I was able to reduce the price of the $179.00 Restoration Hardware illuminated tree to $75.00 by purchasing the exact identical tree on Ebay. Score!

Restoration Hardware Candle Holder

These honeycomb candle holders have a really appealing appearance to me. The combination of the glass on the top and the gold textured bottom screams elegance and sophistication! Nonetheless, I am confident in saying that I will never, ever pay $89 on a single candle holder, especially considering that it does not even include a candle itself!

For about $12.99, I was able to get an almost exact copy at Save-On-Crafts, which is far better. Now I can afford to purchase enough items to create a lovely mantle grouping like the one seen in RH’s brochure!

Restoration Hardware Lighted Garland

Lighted branch garlands are a festive alternative to the unwieldy imitation green bough garlands that are commonly seen throughout the holiday season. The simplicity of bare branches is elegant and allows you to incorporate additional elements onto your mantel or tabletop. However, $50 is a significant financial investment. Consequently, to test if you like the design, you may get an extremely inexpensive replica from Cost Plus World Market! Each arrangements have the same spindly branches and lovely twinkling lights, and they are both 6 feet in length.

Restoration Hardware Lighted Wreath

Wreaths, whether they are crafted by hand or purchased from a store, are especially appropriate for the holiday season. There are so many lovely ones out there, like as this illuminated version from Restoration Hardware, but I don’t have $70 dollars to spend on something that will most likely only be used once a year. Because RH’s is so distinctive in terms of style and design, it was difficult to find an identical reproduction. But I did manage to track down a funspindly illuminated branch wreath from Avon(who knew they offered Christmas decor?!

  1. Spray paint the gold to make it even more similar to the original!
  2. That money would have been better spent on Christmas presents, don’t you think, Mr.
  3. If, on the other hand, you were to acquire my look-alike counterparts, your total cost would be $245.47 before taxes and shipping.
  4. I feel a liiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt There is still money left over in the budget for gifts and an abundance of Christmas cookies.
  5. If you have your heart set on specific products, though, purchasing them gradually over time rather than all at once would undoubtedly benefit your budget!

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration?

As RHchairman and CEOGary Friedman and part of his crew had just returned from a European trip the night before, it’s possible that they were suffering from jet lag. Perhaps it was the euphoria around the company’s recent excellent financial report—adjusted profits per share were $3.20, up 59 percent from the prior year, on revenue of over $707 million for the quarter—or the fact that RH’s stock price had nearly quadrupled in the previous three months. The fact that Friedman remained upbeat during a post-earnings conference call that lasted over two hours indicates that something was going on in his life.

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No one has sounded quite as enthusiastic about his ambitions to invade Europe since Eisenhower was preparing for the D-Day assault in 1944.

“I remind them that LVMH stock was trading at $39 a share ten years ago, correct?

“I believe that people will look at RH at whatever price it is now selling at, whether it is $150 or $160 a share today—ten years from now, the stock may be worth $1,600 a share.” In spite of all of this, RH has yet to so much as lift a shovel from the ground, much alone open a store in any European capital city, such as London, Paris, or Berlin.

We were talking about it on this latest trip, and one of us said, ‘Remember when we were in all those shady seasonal businesses?’ In the past, we sold Halloween garbage, Easter crap, and Valentine’s Day crap, as well as other holiday-themed merchandise, according to him.

Friedman wishes that his customers would all forget about the garden gnomes and holiday merchandise that used to be available for purchase, just as he wishes that people would stop referring to RH’s store in Corte Madera, California, or the nearby San Francisco location as the company’s flagship stores.

Because they don’t display the whole company’s product line or include restaurants, they don’t come close to reflecting the brand in the way he wants people to think of it today.

RH stands for “Responsible Home Improvement.” That old picture that people have of Restoration Hardware—what he refers to as the “ugly history” of his company—is one of the reasons he is so keen to create stores in nations where people have no awareness of what Restoration Hardware used to be.

  1. The RH brand has undergone such a transformation that it now accounts for less than 1 percent of total sales.
  2. It has also decreased low margin “outlet” inventory by 75 percent over the last 18 months, resulting in lower profit margins than they had previously seen, as previously stated.
  3. Friedman writes often about his efforts to elevate the firm’s brand, “build an integrated operational platform,” and “return the company to growth,” among other things.
  4. It’s no surprise that he’s feeling confident and eager to take on the world.
  5. He even resisted the desire to purchase back shares in the company’s stock during the previous quarter.
  6. With the help of interviews with industry thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives, Dennis Scully hosts the weeklyBOH podcast, in which he investigates the changes and problems confronting the interior design world.
  7. Scully has worked as a business development consultant for large trade brands and has held sales and marketing positions with companies such as Domino’s, Waterworks, and Twill Textiles, among other companies.
  8. Disclaimer: At the time of publishing of this column, the author did not own any shares in the firms mentioned in the story.
  9. Material on this website is provided solely for informative reasons and does not constitute any type of financial advice.
  10. New York |
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Spending on holiday decorations will set the stage for big-ticket furniture purchases

During the first quarter of 2016, retailers who sell home furnishings are hoping to capitalize on customer interest in Christmas décor to promote sales of high-priced furniture products in their stores. Consumer confidence is strong, and Christmas parties are just around the corner, which means customers are in the mood to decorate their homes for the holidays. Following the release of the latest results from Deloitte’s 30th annual Christmas poll, the firm predicts a rise in spending on everything from decorations, lights, and tiny Santas to holiday-themed serving dishes and other things in future months.

  1. Customers anticipate to spend $1,440 on average this holiday season, 12.5 percent more than they did last year, according to a study conducted between Sept.
  2. 22 and including 4,009 customers.
  3. The most significant rise year-over-year was seen in home and holiday furnishings, which saw a 33 percent increase to $124.
  4. Several kinds of furniture are expected to rise, according to Deloitte’s Rod Sides, who heads the retail and distribution practice.
  5. The time of year has arrived when individuals are beginning to think about purchasing larger cost products.
  6. During the holiday shopping season, large furniture pieces hit the sales floor, allowing for excellent window shopping opportunities.
  7. Smith-Leonard Accounting Firm estimates that the furniture business would increase by 6 percent to 7 percent this year, according to Hudgens in a recentfurniture forecast study, which he cited as an example.

The Restoration Hardware Porthole Bar, selling for $1,995, is one of the items in the company’s Holiday catalog.

Restoration Hardware is a company that specializes in the restoration of historic buildings. The Restoration Hardware Holdings IncRH, +1.93 percent Christmas brochure, for example, features everything from glittering lights and snow globes priced between $12 and $139 to a porthole bar for $995 and an air hockey table priced at $3,495 in the company’s online store. In a section called Holiday Chic on the Williams Sonoma Inc. websiteWSM, +0.45 percent, the company sells both ornamental crystal things like candle holders and decorations — as well as an upholstered couch for $7,695.

encourages buyers to “get a guest room ready for the holidays,” and then offers a bed, table, and stool as part of the process.

It is also possible that decreasing gasoline prices, a more optimistic perspective on job prospects, and steady employment are contributing to this optimism and growth.

The increase in expenditure on décor may be noticed at $30.

Almost half of buyers indicated they planned to spend money on themselves, an increase from 43 percent last year and 39 percent in 2012 In the words of Sides, “consumers are feeling better about their own economic conditions, which normally results in more Christmas spending.” When it comes to consumer attitude regarding personal economic situations, furniture is sometimes a leading indicator.

This should augur well for this category throughout the Christmas season, which is consistent with the predicted rise in home furnishing of 33 percent against 2014.”

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Redefining Domestics

Initially, when we moved into our first apartment, I had envisioned a color scheme that included navy blue, white, gray, beige, gold, and orange.yes, ORANGE.for my living room. I was aiming to be adventurous by incorporating bursts of orange with my piece of fun color. I was unsuccessful. While the orange appeared to work well in my first living room, it did not transition well into my second living room (note: orange is a particularly challenging hue to decorate with). When I realized that the color orange was not going to work, I decided it was time to replace the throw pillows.

This was news that my spouse was less than delighted about.

In the next section, I’ll go over the process I used to choose the various throw pillows for my new living room.

Main Attraction

Last summer, while browsing through an interior design boutique in North Carolina, I came across a fabric that I immediately fell in love with. It was the Schumacher Chiang Mai in Aquamarine, which was stunning, bold, full of vibrant hues, and quite pricey. I was unable to purchase the pillows from that store, but the fabric remained a fond memory of mine. It wasn’t until April that I became interested in Etsy (which, if you haven’t before, is an absolute must-see!). I went on a search for Schumacher Chaing Mai throw pillows, and there they were!

Sold, sold, and more sold!

Solid Color Accent Pillows

The navy blue studded velvet cushions from West Elm were originally acquired to complement my orange patterned throw pillows on the couch in my previous apartment. However, while they were good at the time, the sizing was always a touch odd, and it became clear after purchasing the Schumacher Chiang Mai pillows that they were simply too tiny. As luck would have it, I was fortunate in having these pillows re-homed in our master bedroom, ultimately giving our bed a stylish, updated and completed look.

The color of the chair (mocha) was also something I wanted to avoid because it would have resulted in a sea of brown in our living room (way too matchy matchy for me).

The teal in the Schumacher design and the texture of the chairs go wonderfully with the Restoration Hardware Slate Blue Vintage Velvet cushion from Restoration Hardware.

Lumbar Accent Pillows

I didn’t stop with my Schumachers when I discovered Etsy as a source for designer fabric throw pillows. I needed to acquire a pair of lumbar pillows for my accent chairs in order to complete the collection of pillows in my living room. Because my primary attraction pillows were so bright and colourful, I wanted to find a fun design that was more monotone in tone. My final fabric choice was Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazaar Ikat Print cushions in both indigo and teal, which I purchased from one of my favorite Etsy vendors, Little Design Co.

Her aesthetic is light, airy, and extremely stylish, and the quality of the craftsmanship in her pillows is exceptional (all qualities important qualities when looking for a great pillow vendor).

My final decision was to get a pair of shoes in both teal and indigo since I recognized that both hues would look great in either the living room or the bedroom (and fortunately both rooms were in need of lumbar pillows).

Honestly, I’m overjoyed with how both rooms have turned out, and I’m even happy to have finally finished my quest for throw pillows.at least for the time being.

Bobby Berk is not a fan of this holiday decor trend

In a recent interview, Bobby Berk admitted that he isn’t a big fan of typical Christmas décor and discussed what he would choose instead. We’re still brainstorming ideas for our Christmas decorations, including anything from color choices for our Christmas tree to how many wreaths are appropriate. Here’s what Bobby Berk will be avoiding this holiday season, as well as his suggestions for a smart but joyous celebration. (Photo courtesy of Yellowpop x Bobby Berk. ) Bobby Berk is a Houston-based television personality and interior designer who lives in the city of Houston.

He is perhaps best recognized for his work as one of the Fab Five on the show Queer Eye.

Dewey Do, his spouse, and their puppy Dimini now reside in Los Angeles with him. In collaboration with Yellowpop, he recently debuted a beautiful new line of neon lights. (Photo courtesy of Lights4Fun)

Bobby Berk’s least favorite holiday decor trend

‘I don’t care for “typical” or traditional Christmas decorations,’ Bobby says in an interview with Real Homes. In lieu of the typical poinsettias and red and green, you may create a mood with any form of lighting and foliage, according to the author. His assortment of glittering lights, candles, and neon lights allows you to create Christmas decor that’remains festive while yet seeming a little more modern,’ according to the designer. The interior designer recommends including some eucalyptus to create a contemporary yet festive atmosphere.

Alternatively, you could use pillar candles and strategically placed garlands to give your kitchen shelf a sleek yet festive makeover.

People are opting for a more contemporary appearance this year, according to interior designer Emily Henderson, with navy and pink colors predicted to be prominent.

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‘Cloth napkins, some greenery, and plenty of candles create a lovely tablescape, which is by far my favorite way to design.

Friday Favorite – Restoration Hardware Twinkle Trees

Everyone have a wonderful Friday evening. That we are only two weeks away from Thanksgiving is beyond comprehension to me. Because we will be traveling to China during the Thanksgiving holiday, I have been attempting to complete as much as I can in advance of our departure. Even decorating for Christmas. In contrast to the majority of bloggers who decorate early, I have always stuck to my guns and followed our family tradition of decorating on the day after Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that I enjoy and appreciate celebrating each holiday on its own, I have to admit that the payoff this year is well worth it for me.

  • Now I’ll be able to relax and actually have fun in China knowing that everything is all accomplished.
  • Enjoying the lightsdecorations a bit longer.
  • TonightI’m sharing one of my favorite holiday related décor products from Autumn through Christmas ~ Restoration Hardware’s sparkling trees.
  • Do you have any?
  • For a little peek at snippets of my previous Christmas home clickhere.
  • Ever since I was a little girl my parents were always big on hanging a ton of lights everywhere during the holiday season.
  • When Restoration Hardware came out with their twinkle trees several years ago I knew I had to have one.

I pull them out in October so that we can enjoy the soft glow during the autumn season then leave them up through New Year’s.

I have every size twinkle tree in just about every room in my home… From the staircase to the mantle they sparkle and shine.

Now is the best time to grab a few… Theyalwayssell out.

I think it would be nice to have a little contrast with a metallic tree.

Yes, you heard me right!

The trees store so much easier this way.

They are so skinny they don’t take up any space.

Have a great night!

I’ll also make sure to include his recipe here so you can give it a try. It’s so yummy and the perfect addition to the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Watch for stories! xo, Kristy *affiliate links included for your convenience

Restoration Hardware, Inc. Announces November-December Holiday Sales

RETURN TO THE NEWS RELEASES PAGE Comparable store sales during the holiday season increased by 1.8 percent compared to the same period last year. CORTE THE TOWN OF MADERA, Calif., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ — /FirstCall/ – /FirstCall/ – /FirstCall/ – Restoration Hardware, Inc. (Nasdaq: RSTO) today reported net sales of $127.4 million for the nine weeks ended January 4, 2003, representing a 4.3 percent increase over net sales of $122.2 million for the same period last year, according to the company. Store-level comparable sales climbed by 1.8 percent during the nine-week holiday shopping season of 2002, as opposed to a rise of 7.9 percent during the nine-week holiday selling period of 2001.

  • Gary Friedman, the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, made the following statement: “These results reflect a challenging consumer climate that has also had a negative impact on other retailers in the industry.
  • Friedman went on to say: “Our November results were in line with expectations, and we began to notice a softening of the market over the Thanksgiving Day weekend.
  • Our non-seasonal companies performed in line with our expectations, leading us to assume that sales patterns would resume their pre-holiday levels in the near future.
  • It is a specialty retailer of home furnishings, utilitarian and decorative hardware, as well as associated items that expresses the Company’s traditional and original American point of view.
  • Under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, the following Safe Harbor Statement is provided: This press release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties.

These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, which may cause actual results, market performance, or achievements to differ materially from any future results, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.

Kevin W. Shahan, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Restoration Hardware, Inc., may be reached at +1-415-924-1005 or by fax at +1-415-945-4679. NewsCom:AP Archive, 1-888-776-6555 or +1-212-782-2840/ Photo:PRN Photo Desk, 1-888-776-6555 or +1-212-782-2840/

Ways to Use Some of Your Holiday Decor through Winter

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! Taking down all of the Christmas decorations is one of the first and least looked forward-to duties of the new year. Don’t you wish you could have gotten a bit more usage out of it? You can do some of it, at least. Here’s how to extend the usage of some of your Christmas decorations into the winter months. Keep some of the greenery or relocate it to other rooms where it can be appreciated more easily. As shown in Ken Fulk’s Christmas cabin featured in Elle Decor’s holiday edition, you can bring the outdoors in while also adding a delightful scent.

When it comes to extending your holiday decor into the winter, magnolia leaves or other foliage work best.

Adding a background of winter trees or fake bois peel-and-stick wallpaper or a solid color with texture to little artificial trees that are popular, such as those from Restoration Hardware, would enhance their appearance.

BirchColorways Just one 52-inch-wide roll will be plenty to provide the finishing touch to your winter trees, allowing them to function much beyond the holiday season.

Casart Coverings are available in a variety of styles.

Complement some Christmas or Hanukkah colored pillows with a white or other huge colorful or textured cushion.

Elle’s Time for Fashion blog contains some excellent fashion advice.

Any of these holiday pillow covers are general enough to be used throughout the winter and may be layered over your existing Christmas pillows to create a cohesive look.

Thanks to LoveNerdMaggie for the inspiration: I’m daydreaming about mixed metallic Christmas decor.

They may even be used all year round to set the mood or add an extra holiday feel during the harsh winter months.

viaBrit + Co– 13 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Decorations Up Long After the Season Making Lemonade is a television program.

via Home Pleasant– Fairy Lights in the Bedroom: Bedroom Decorating Ideas Do you remember those magnolia leaves from earlier in the post?

Use a metallic pen to create place cards that are beautiful, natural, and contemporary for any occasion, any time of year.

courtesy of Elle

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