What Color Goes With Navy Blue Home Decor

Accent Colors That Play Well With Navy Decor

Navy blue is a modern neutral that goes well with almost every hue, including every other shade of blue. It is a great choice for a modern home.

Navy + White

  • Hotel Providence, designed by Benoit Linero It’s the color combination of navy and white that has stood the test of time
  • It’s the stuff of French striped shirts and nautical theme rooms. As seen in this room at theHotel Providencein Paris, deep blue naval paint is used to saturate the walls and curtains, as well as blankets and lampshades, and it is coupled with crisp brilliant white linens, which transforms this anticipated color combination into something more attractive.

Navy + Yellow

  • Steve’s Atelier Modern navy built-ins provide structure and rhythm to the traditional all-white French furnishings in this Paris apartment designed by architect Pauline Borgia of Atelier Steve, while a stunning piece of contemporary art in the brightest of yellows infuses the space with brilliant life. A softer effect may be achieved by pairing navy with a pale yellow.

Navy + Ochre

  • Julia Petroff / Maison de la Photographie Sarah Lavoine is a French actress and singer. In this stylish apartment by Maison Sarah Lavoine in Paris, dark blue walls and a bright orange velvet sofa make a dramatic statement. Warm tones of ochre, curry, mustard, and other orange-y yellows provide a striking contrast to navy, two colors that are diametrically opposed on the color wheel but nevertheless work well together in a space

Navy + Pink

  • Image courtesy of Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images The smooth navy walls of this dining room are accented with candy-colored pink art and accessories, but just about every shade of pink looks excellent with navy blue, from the most delicate blush to the most vibrant fuschia. Please proceed to number 5 of 11 in the following section.

Navy + Red

  • Antony Crolla / Joanna Plant Interiors is an architect and interior designer based in London. In this London living room designed by Joanna Plant Interiors, glossy dark blue walls serve as a dazzling backdrop for a plush red velvet sofa and teal curtains, as well as a plush red velvet chair. Yellow, bronze, and gold accents provide a sparkly contrast to the intense saturation of the colors used throughout.

Navy + Gray

  • Scandinavian Styled Residences Nordic Homes’ Jesper Laursen created this serene bedroom with blue walls and bedding in shades of gray. Green glass accents and plants invigorate the area without detracting from the overall soothing Scandi mood.

Navy + Gold

  • Design team members Tara Mangini and Percy Brilliant of the Jersey Ice Cream Company placed navy kitchen cabinetry with bright gold-toned hardware in this apartment at Philadelphia’sLokal Hotel, which was designed by Tara and Percy. An antique gold mirror, vintage brass sconces, or a piece of copper mid-century wall art may be hung on a blue wall to add a touch of elegance.

Navy + Brown

  • The Houses of Daylesford are a collection of mansions in the heart of the English countryside. Navy and brown are traditional menswear hues, and there is no better way to match them than with a navy suit and a pair of brown leather sneakers. Owners Theresa Albioli and Tony De Marco chose a glossy treatment for the wood paneling in this rebuilt 1890s cottage at The Houses Daylesford in Victoria, Australia, and a matte finish for the walls above to create a dramatic naval backdrop for an antique wood dining table and chairs. Pair a caramel brown leather sofa or a blond wood Scandi-style table with matte blue walls and bright white accessories for a more contemporary vibe. 9th of 11th paragraphs are below
  • Continue reading.

Navy + Green

  • Mrs. Emma Merry /Household Milk The blue velvet sofa with jewel-toned accents adds interest to the green walls of this London living room, which was scouted by Emma Merry of Home Milk. However, matte blue walls, an emerald green velvet sofa, and navy velvet cushions might accomplish a similar look as well. A shiny brass light provides a touch of radiance to all of the gloomy tones in the room.

Navy + Purple

  • Mrs. Emma Merry /Household Milk This effortlessly elegant London living room, styled by Emma Merry of Home Milk, features a surprising amount of fun with purple and navy colors combined. With a splash of green on the fireplace tile and the vase, the chilly tones of the space are brought into balance, and the hue goes wonderfully with both

Navy + Navy

  • Siham Mazouz of French By Design has contributed to this article. Decorating a white room with several blue accents in a variety of patterns, fabrics, and finishes is a unique take on the classic navy-and-white color scheme that is becoming increasingly popular. A tranquil, grounded atmosphere with an additional dose of flair was created by Siham Mazouz of theFrench By Designblog by combining DIY flowery denim pillows with blue and white stripes, navy curtains, and a navy metal lamp in her San Francisco bedroom.

12 Colors That Will Complement Your Navy Blue Aesthetic Every Time

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we love the color blue when it comes to design. As much as we love a good splash of purple or a wash of subdued green, there’s something about the color blue that we find to be so versatile in design. Moreover, if we were to pick a favorite, we’d have to say that navy blue—one of the most recognizable colors in the world—is the embodiment of everything we appreciate about this section of the color wheel. A classic, adaptable color that may be gloomy or subdued at any time, it fits with anything in your wardrobe.

(If you want to know how we know, just ask.) If you’re seeking to include this well-loved hue into your design but are feeling a little overwhelmed by the alternatives, don’t worry.

Whether you pick for a classic look or something surprising and daring, navy blue is a color that keeps appearing in different combinations.

Continue reading for some of our favorite new and old takes on a navy blue color palette that we love.

Navy Blue + Bright White: ClassicClean

Only bespoke designs are available. A lot of things are classic for a reason, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t include navy blue when it’s paired with one of its oldest and most tried-and-true partners in crime: bright, pure white. Though this color combination may bring up images of a nautical theme in your mind, it is not required to do so; instead, think of it as the somewhat more muted, welcoming alternative to high-contrast black and white photography. 02 out of 12

Navy Blue + Earthy Green: NaturalGrounding

Design:Bespoke Only Nature is awash with blue and green combinations, so it’s only fitting that a deep, earthy green would make our list of the best colors. This coupling is virtually flawless, taking its cues from green fields and blue skies or mossy ground and deep blue lakes, to name a few examples. 03rd day of the year

Navy Blue + Light Turquoise: SpiritedPlayful

Cathie Hong Interiors is responsible for the design. Are you looking to bring out the more energetic side of navy blue? Light turquoise is the color to go with anything. Explore the paint card at your local hardware shop for a shade of blue that compliments the navy you’ve picked but is in a lighter, brighter formula. A splash of aquatic turquoise or teal (or perhaps Tiffany blue) will revive traditional navy and bring out the color tones that have been hiding beneath the surface. 04th day of the 12th month

Navy Blue + Bordeaux: StatelyDramatic

Design:Forbes and Masters, respectively Never have we been disappointed by jewel tones—they’re almost as reliable as blue when it comes to being a fashion statement.

Combine this majestic blue with splashes of deep Bordeaux and green to really up the ante in terms of drama without straying too far from a classic color scheme. 05 out of 12

Navy Blue + Black: BoldUnexpected

D Burns Interiors was in charge of the design. Conventional knowledge is to be disregarded. It’s official: black and navy are a great combination. We’ve now seen enough amazing places to be convinced that navy and black is a very attainable (and unexpectedly pleasing) color combination, despite traditional fashion advise to contrary. Remember to incorporate some white or gray space into your design to provide some breathing room for the eyes—and use a navy color with a greater saturation to avoid it fighting too much with the black in your room design.

Navy Blue + Neon Purple: VibrantWild

Gray Space Interiors is a design concept. The outfit that navy blue dons when it wants to have a good time. You might be surprised by the response. The use of neon purple brings out a vibrancy in this classic colour that we weren’t anticipating, but which we are now completely in love with. While there are lots of vibrant hues to select from in the wallpaper shown here, we’re more delighted than ever to see a color scheme that incorporates navy and neons as the basis for an interior design project.

Navy Blue + Gold: GlamTraditional

Reena Sotropa was in charge of the design. Another classic color combination that never goes out of style is blue and gold. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making this combo work—and there are countless aesthetics that compliment it, ranging from classic to midcentury contemporary to totally modern glam. You may think of it as a color scheme version of the “choose your own adventure” narrative. 08th day of the 12th month

Navy Blue + Bright Green: BrightEnergized

Ursula Carmona of Home By Carmona is responsible for the design. When it comes to color pairings, a good rule of thumb is to select one hue that is deep and less saturated (think: blue gray) and one that is light and more saturated (think: white). This serves as a nice illustration. Using a green, verdant color to lighten up traditional blue and give it a more alive vibe is something we really like. 09th of December

Navy Blue + Primary Red: BoldLively

Blakely Interior Design created the design, and Robin Ivy photographed it. Even if you remember this combo from your childhood Crayola box, we understand—but there’s a way to accomplish it that’s a whole lot more, shall we say, sophisticated. The use of texture and a variety of blue tones from the same family stops this basic color scheme from seeming too kindergarten-like and gives the design more depth and dimension. A few jolts of primary red are all that’s required to bring the design to life.

Navy Blue + Terra Cotta: TrendyDesert-Chic

Blue Copper Design is the theme of this piece. With the growth in popularity of desert-chic hues such as clay in recent years, it’s no wonder that navy and terra cotta have become one of our most sought-after color combinations. Because blue and orange are complimentary colors, subdued, sandy hues add a powerful punch of contrast to this dependable shade of blue—while simultaneously making it feel a bit more modern and current, too. 11th out of 12

Navy Blue + Saddle Brown: ClassicWelcoming

Mindy Gayer was in charge of the design. The same complimentary color idea applies to orange-y leathers, and the result is a similarly attractive appearance.

Choosing leathers with a hint of red or orange enhances the contrast with blue and results in a design that is comfy, mildly Americana-tinged, and most importantly, welcome. To be quite honest, this may be our favorite color combination to date. 12 out of 12

Navy Blue + Dark Sage: SoothingNatural

Cathie Hong Interiors is responsible for the design. There are certain areas where the exception proves the rule. This is one of them. Instead of using a brightly saturated hue as an emphasis, all of the colors are subdued in this composition. The room, on the other hand, is functional—and elegantly so. In contrast to the dramatic richness of a deep emerald green, this dark sage seems natural and relaxing when paired with the navy and light wood tones of this room’s décor.

Colors that go with navy blue – the best shades to combine with this moody hue

Are you looking for complementary colors to navy blue? Perhaps because it’s bright and sometimes feel like a risky decision, blue continues to be everyone’s favorite color to decorate with. However, it also functions as a neutral, is easy to work with and complements any style, as well as being versatile enough to be mixed with so many other hues. And, of all the blues, none is more versatile than the ever-popular navy, which is the most versatile of them. With the ability to seem dark and ominous in certain situations while remaining subdued and relaxing others, it’s an extremely versatile hue that can be paired with virtually any other color on the color wheel.

We polled the experts to find out their favorite colors to pair with navy blue, ranging from zingy yellows to more subtle neutral tones.

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In this professional advice, you’ll learn what colors work well with grey as well.

What colors go with navy blue?

‘Muted and dark, relaxing and incredibly adaptable navy is one of those hues that mixes wonderfully with a wide variety of other colors.’ Abigail Ahern explains further. It ranges from the traditional creams and whites to my personal favorite earthy greens, which I believe to be one of the most failsafe color combinations ever. There’s nothing better than looking to mother nature for reassurance. Along with jewel tones like burnt orange and saffron yellow, navy may also be paired with other neutrals like black and, let us not forget, golds.

1. Navy blue and blush pink

The image is courtesy of Soho Management London Ltd. Blue and pink may have historically been associated with children’s bedrooms and nursery décor, but in recent years, they have been extricated from their childish associations and have emerged as one of the most popular color combinations in the world of interior design. When it comes to creating the most elegant and grown-up style, navy blue and blush pink are the traditional colors to pick. The colours simply seem to blend so nicely together to provide a sense of harmony.

The most important thing is to get the undertones correct. The majority of blush pinks actually contain a blueish undertone, which is what gives them their subdued tone. However, order samples of your paint or fabric to see how the two colours look together before making your final decision.

2. Navy blue and crisp white

(Photo courtesy of Anna Stathaki.) We couldn’t leave out a pristine white as one of the greatest colors to combine with blue because it’s so easy to find. It’s the most tried and tested combo in the book, and we’ll never get tired of it. Classic, clean, and crisp, it’s a combination that works in any area and any style, but it’s especially effective in kitchens, where it creates a design that’s both bold and timeless. Take into consideration going for a two-tone style by combining dark navy cabinets with a pure white island.

Something about a deep soft matte navy blue all over the walls (and ceiling, if you’re feeling daring) mixed with pristine white bedlinen and elements of white décor has a really hotel-like sense to it.

3. Navy blue and lilac

(Image courtesy of Future) Lilac and lavender have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and trend experts think that it will be the color of the year 2023 in the near future. It’s a really relaxing color that, like pink, requires something darker to ground it and give it a less sugary feel to make it less sweet. As a result, it pairs exceptionally well with navy blue. It has the same chilly undertones as the heavier hue, but it lends a softness to the overall look, and you can find lilac tints that are so faint that they nearly work as a neutral in their own right.

So, I’m no longer self-conscious!

‘Lavender has a dreamy, airy, unreal quality about it.

4. Navy blue and mustard yellow

(Photo courtesy of Anna Stathaki.) As with many dark colors, navy blue serves as an excellent backdrop for bringing out the best in bright, vibrant hues. If you have navy blue walls and a cheerful mustard yellow accent wall, even a small dab of this color may become the focal point of a space. Additionally, as this steelyblue living room indicates, it’s a fantastic colour for adding warmth to a navy blue color scheme – the dark walls and icy grey sofa require an accent of something warmer to make this area seem more welcoming.

5. Navy blue and light grey

(Photo courtesy of Manolo Yllera.) If you combine grey with navy blue, it may appear that there are too many cool tones going on and that the room will become cold. This is not the case. The appropriate warm light grey, combined with a gorgeously soft midnight blue, transforms into one of the most cozy and cocooning color combinations on the color wheel, according to Pantone. Bedrooms and living rooms are the ideal settings for this palette, since they provide many opportunity to layer textures and blend tactile materials.

Take inspiration from this blue bedroom concept and overlay bedlinen in a variety of textures to create a palette of soft greys, whites, and deep navy blues.

6. Navy blue and rust orange

(Photo courtesy of Anna Stathaki.) The color wheel already informs us that this is a color combination that is intended to function well. Complementary colors are those that sit opposite each other, which is why orange was chosen to go with blue, with the warmth of the orange counterbalancing the chill of the blue. A rich reddish orange contrasts beautifully with the moodier tones of a dark blue, and it doesn’t have to be a dramatic, high-contrasting scheme (although we do enjoy how tangerines truly pop against navy).

Kelly Collins, designer and head of creative at Swyft, says that orange is a complementary color to yellow on the color wheel and that it pairs nicely with navy because the brilliant tones of the orange make the dark blue look even deeper.

7. Navy blue and fresh greens

(Photo courtesy of Anna Stathaki.) Isn’t it true that blue and green should never be seen? Wrong! The combination of navy blue with a particularly fresh brilliant might be a really classy and conventional one. The green truly brightens up the blue, giving it a much more youthful and vibrant appearance. In as long as the appropriate tones are used, this color combination may be an unusual, yet eye-catching match. The two colours will compliment one another because they are from the same tonal color group,’ adds Helen Shaw, UK Director at Benjamin Moore.

With the primary color accounting for 60% of the scheme, the secondary color accounting for 30% of the scheme, and the accent color accounting for 10% of the scheme.

You may look at all variations of these colors, from forest greens and navy to teal and aquamarine hues, to see which ones are rich and dramatic and which ones are pale and intriguing.

More colors that work well with green may be found in our expert guide.

8. Navy blue and warm neutrals

(Photo courtesy of James Merrell.) Navy blues and warm neutrals are combined to create a more relaxing and subdued palette. Look for neutral colours with pink or yellow undertones; this will bring out the warmer tones in the navy blue that you combine it with, resulting in a color scheme that is tranquil and calming, making it ideal for bedrooms or living spaces. To make navy pop in the house, I recommend pairing it with soft natural tones such as FarrowBall’s Skimming Stone, which has a clay-like hue and is the perfect natural color to put navy into the spotlight.

Dusty blues are expected to be popular in 2022, so use on-trend bits of pale blue to unify the area, resulting in a quiet and tranquil living environment where navy is prominent. Juliette Thomas, an interior designer, describes how she came to be.

9. Navy blue and rich lighter blues

The image is courtesy of Soho Management London Ltd. While the color blue on blue may seem uninteresting, covering one’s entire body in a single color always has a surprisingly striking effect. When decorating your home with navy blue furniture, whether it’s a sofa or a headboard, try pairing it with slightly lighter rich blue walls for a soothing and cocooning effect. As seen here with the mirror and lighting, gold accents provide much-needed warmth in a space that is otherwise cold. Also, keep in mind that this isn’t a particularly large room; it appears to be so because of the high ceilings, but it is actually a relatively small living room in terms of floor space.

10. Navy blue and aubergine

(Photo courtesy of Mary Wadsworth.) Navy blue and deep rich purples, both of which have jewel-like tones, are a luxurious combination that would be ideal if you want to create a comfortable yet classy living room or bedroom. Use deep purple on the walls and contrast it with a statement piece of navy blue velvet furniture for a look that is both somber and dramatic while also being elegant, timeless, and classic. Add some golden embellishments for a touch of glitz and glitter. In addition to having a background in lifestyle and interior journalism, Hebe has a passion for refurbishing tiny spaces, which she shares with the rest of the Livingetc team.

Having found Livingetc on Pinterest, Hebe has been motivated and inspired to develop her own personal style ever since she moved into her first rental and gained some control over the décor.

Last year, she made the transition from renting to buying her first teeny little Edwardian flat in London, where she lives with her whippet Willow (who, yes, she selected to match her decor), and she is already looking for her next project.

Decorate With Navy Blue – A Full Guide + Paint Colors

Who doesn’t adore the color navy blue? It is one of the most straightforward colors to include into a home, and it has the ability to produce a really dramatic and startling impression in a room. We have a lot of it in our living room, and different shades of it have made their way into other parts of our house as well. It is a cheerful hue that helps you to feel more comfortable and at ease. Because navy is suggestive of the water, many coastal designers incorporate it into their interiors to great effect.

How to Decorate with Navy Blue:

  • Due to variations in lighting, a shade will seem differently in different rooms. Always test a 4×4 swatch on the wall to check whether it will work before proceeding. Always use at least two coats of paint to achieve a realistic swatch on the wall
  • To create a dramatic appearance, paint the trim in white. Use accessories in the same shade as your wall color to add depth to your wall color.

Pin our image below with our favorite navy paint colors to save it for later!

The color blue is certainly one-of-a-kind since it is cool, peaceful, and oh-so-complementary. It’s not overly vivid, but it always manages to pop out no matter what colour it’s paired with. The popular color may be used in every part of the house, including dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, and kitchens. Its adaptability is only one of the many characteristics that distinguish it as a timeless classic color. And while there are more colors of blue than we could possibly list, there’s something enticing about a bright navy and the way it grabs attention with casual ease that we find appealing.

  1. If there was a simple interior design guide that identified all of the colors that went well with navy blue, wouldn’t that be wonderful.
  2. Continue reading for our top 12 options that should be taken into consideration while creating your color scheme.
  3. If, on the other hand, you are a maximalist at heart, consider this chicliving roomfromSarisa MunozofIndigo Leopard Hometo serve as inspiration for your design choices.
  4. Aqua accent chairs in the shape of hands, a checkered area rug, a collection of mirrors, and a few potted plants complete the eccentric look.
  5. While the traditional coupling of white walls and navyblue cabinetry is common, we love how ChangoCo.changed things up in this powder room by using a white vanity cabinet and wallpaper with a navy and sky blue pattern to create a more modern look.
  6. In this room, a geometric palm wallpaper pattern in a relaxing shade of light blue and forest green complements the strong blue baseboards, window trim, and wall sconce in this room.
  7. It is necessary to balance a navy blue color scheme with a continuous stream of earthy neutrals when using this color scheme.

The shiplap wall paneling and woven desk chair offer visual texture to the space while also providing a subtle touch of distinction.

The lacquered credenza in this upscale retreat has been strategically placed behind the velvety drapes to provide the most dramatic effect.

With its bright yellow highlights and dramatic bohemian flare, this living room makeover by Dabito fromOld Brand Newis an unique spin on the classic navy color scheme.

To create this lovely vignette, all you really need are navy-painted walls with bursts of yellow introduced through a gallery wall, a tiny chandelier, and an area rug.

If you want to incorporate the two tones into a room, it’s important to strike a balance between them.

In order to mitigate the severity of the color combination, use warming components such as light wood floors and neutral bedding.

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For maximum effect from this combination, make sure that both hues have cool undertones – you’ll end up with a dramatic yet subtle finish this way.

created the den in this Westport house, which is a perfect illustration of how nicely the two can live.

Designed by Studio McGee, this formal sitting room features an emerald green sofa that serves as the perfect supporting cast for the blue board and batten accent wall.

If you’re searching for a unique approach to play with a bright color, color blocking is a great option.

When it comes to home decor, the colors gold and navy are a surefire winning combination.

In this Prague apartment, for example, a dark blue velvet sofa is surrounded by gold-finished elements, creating a minimalist atmosphere that we find appealing.


The splashes of blue seen in the pattern stand out against the beige backdrop, creating a subtle contrast with the crisp white accents found around the comfortable retreat.

The Colors that Go Well with Navy Blue

Navy blue lends a sense of seriousness and calmness to your environment. Read on to find out which colors work nicely with navy blue in this article. Colors that compliment one another might be difficult to work with. Colors may be more closely associated with particular emotions than others, depending on their intensity and the feelings they elicit in the viewer. As a result, you may be asking yourself what colors combine well with navy blue in this context, among other things. If you want to paint your house, you don’t have to paint all of the rooms the same color as you do the rest of the house.

The primary objective, on the other hand, is to attempt to link all of the spaces in the most efficient manner.

If you have a favorite color, such as navy blue, and you want it to have a prominent place in your house, you must learn how to correctly employ it.

The sensations the color navy blue transmits

When working with colors, it’s important to be aware of which ones you’re dealing with. This hue is a part of the palette of cold colors and gloomy colors, which includes black. Furthermore, it differs significantly from other varieties of blues. The feelings that this hue elicits in each individual are dependent on their own personal experiences with it. And as a result, it might communicate a distinct mood to each individual or just an aesthetic appreciation to them. Nonetheless, you should be aware that we’re talking about a severe shade of blue.

  • Calm and serenity prevail. It relieves stress and relaxes the spirit, bringing balance to the body. Rest and relaxation are essential. In addition to the aforementioned properties, it also imparts a sense of well-being. It is visually pleasant, and most people find it appealing
  • It is possible that people may associate it with the masculine realm and maturity. It differs significantly from more vibrant and youthful hues, such as orange or pink
  • It is more stable. Because of this, there is consistency.

An elegant and serious resource

As previously said, navy blue is a serious, mature, and delicate color. When you use navy blue to design a room, it may add a great deal of character to the space. Here are some suggestions to help you use it in conjunction with other colors:

  • If you opt to use this hue to paint the walls of a room, you will find it to be much simpler to work with. Because it produces a room dominated by a dark hue, you must make an effort to contrast it with other colors. Light-colored linens are good for a bedroom since they reflect light better. For example, white and gray are excellent complements to navy blue. Turquoise may also add a splash of color. Make certain, though, that it is dark.

The color navy blue may be both charming and mature when used as a background.

Does navy blue go well with warm colors?

Despite the fact that this is not frequent, it may be beneficial in achieving harmony in a certain area. The hue blue, on the other hand, does not work well with every warm color. As a result, you must think about what you’re going to do.

  • For example, what if you want to pair red furniture with navy blue walls. First and foremost, it will generate contrast and tension. These hues are quite clashing. But if this is what you are searching for, it could be a good idea to go ahead and do it.
  • The hue pale pink, which seems more like a white pink, is a good match since it complements it nicely. Since a result, it generates some contrast, as these colors appear fantastic when combined
  • When it comes to earthy hues, you should make an effort to ensure that they are dark. If you choose beige or ocher as your color scheme, it will alter the overall effect. Colors like yellow and orange, on the other hand, do not go well with this blue. Using green, on the other hand, is a fantastic idea.

Application in furniture

If your walls and parts of your furnishings are light in color (grays or whites), including a navy blue decorative object into your décor might be a fantastic idea. A good example is a sofa, which can transform into the focal point of a space while still providing comfort. The carpet is another option to consider. If the space has parquet flooring, it may serve as a useful resource to contrast the earthy warmth of the wood and create a more modern feel. The blackness of the carpet will give a sense of security and tranquillity.

Color Guide: Navy Blue

Ideas + Suggestions It is possible for color schemes to lose their attractiveness with time, prompting you to look for new and exciting design trends to replace them.

In order to transform your living area from a jumbled mess to a polished masterpiece, consider choosing navy as either the main focus point or as a stunning accent hue.

The Meaning Behind the Color

Navy is a timeless, cool-to-neutral hue that can be worn with a variety of looks, ranging from somber to elegant to casually fashionable, depending on the shade. The term itself derives from the British Royal Navy, which was known for its dark blue uniforms; navy blue was first used as a hue in the early 1800s, when the color was originally introduced. The navy personality that emerges will be determined by the other colors you choose, as well as the patterns and textures you use.

What Goes With Navy?

Combine navy with brilliant greens, yellows, and reds to bring out the latent vibrancy of the color, or choose for navy and dazzling white (or cream) for a classic yet elegant appearance that is still on trend. You may also pair navy with lighter colors of blue to evoke the feel of a sun-drenched beach, or a combination of blues and greens to evoke the feel of a captivating underwater world. Do you prefer to keep things simple? Use navy and neutrals as a base, but add a flash of color with a lamp, vase, arrangement of flowers, or a beautiful artwork to make the room more interesting.

Navy for the Bedroom

Unless you absolutely adore the appearance of painted wood furniture or are convinced that your tastes will not change for many years, it is advisable to avoid painted dressers and bed frames and instead incorporate blue into your textiles and décor. Throw blankets, couch beds, accent pillows, carpets, and table lamps may all be decorated with blue, or you can focus on the walls and artwork to make a more dramatic statement. But keep in mind that too much blue will undoubtedly become overwhelming.

Navy for the Living Room

When decorating the living room, aim to incorporate blue into the design through furniture and accessories rather than painting the walls. When it comes to navy walls, they can have quite a dominating presence, and although they might appear comfortable in a bedroom, they can be overwhelming in a living room. One accent wall, on the other hand, would be an eye-catching compromise. Instead of a navy sofa, use accent chairs in a different hue — soft white or cool grey for a calmer environment, or bright yellow and terracotta red for a more vibrant setting.

Navy for the Dining Room

A dining room with all of the walls painted navy blue, much like the living room, might become too cave-like in appearance. You might use a beautiful navy-patterned wallpaper as an accent wall, and then incorporate the same colors into your dining room chair cushions or a wide area rug to complete the look. Small splashes of navy blue can be included into artwork and centerpieces as well. Navy works well with a wide range of color schemes, allowing you to create a space that is full of individuality, intrigue, and timeless appeal.

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Disclaimer: Articles including suggestions and advice are designed solely for educational reasons and are not intended to be taken as specific recommendations. When it comes to utilizing and caring for furniture, décor, and other related objects, always use your best judgement.

Color Guide: How to Use Navy Blue

Navy blue is the deepest of the blues and appears almost black when seen in its genuine form. It takes its name from the uniforms of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, and it is connected with uniforms, formal attire, and other conventional sartorial selections. Navies are a beautiful and serious hue that conjures up images of serious things such as tradition, firmness, and power. It is, without a doubt, a manly color. However, it does not have to be depressing. With pristine white, you get a fresh marine sensation that makes you think of boating with the Kennedys in your mind.

  1. Navy is a color that can be used in virtually any kind of décor and is quite adaptable.
  2. Make use of it as a contrast against white trim and architectural aspects that are fascinating.
  3. Its extremely similar relative, indigo, is frequently used interchangeably with navy and may be found in a variety of traditional patterns and artistic mediums.
  4. As a result, it may be bohemian, eclectic, and exotic at the same time.
  5. On the Walls of the Navy The color of navy is brought out by good lighting, which prevents it from seeming chalky or dark.
  6. In blue and white, this room has a classic feel to it.
  7. It works nicely below the chair rail since navy is a substantial, anchoring hue that adds depth and refinement to this classic dining room design.

A blue accent wall in a space that is otherwise extremely light creates depth.

It’s all in the color scheme, and the striped window shades complete the picture.

Navy blue is a versatile color that can be used in any setting, and here it provides a stunning, rich backdrop for brilliant contemporary white.

Navy is the hue of the night sky, and it is a relaxing color to fall asleep to.

Navy and white stripes are clean and boaty, and they have a hint of preppy about them.

The blue porch ceiling has been given a navy makeover.

In the Kitchen with the Navy When compared to the customary browns, navy cabinets are a surprising yet nonetheless traditional alternative.

In an otherwise all-white kitchen, a blue tile backsplash adds a dash of color.

Navy in the HomeNavy in a layered, varied space adds a hint of the exotic while keeping it grounded and dapper at the same time.

Traditional, but not stuffy.

Guests will like this room’s friendliness, elegance, and comfort.

Instead of painting the walls navy and the trim light, paint the walls navy and the trim light.

The same may be said about that farmer’s table.

Let me enumerate the ways in which navy and teal are beautiful.

The yellow lamps, on the other hand, are positively humming.

Take a look at how lovely those limey-yellow cushions are.

A blue velvet couch with a tufted back.

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Navy on the Outside The uprightness of a navy door is reminiscent of the colonial era.

Old Navy 2063 is a classic style.

Very black and very beautiful in appearance.

Hale HC-154 (Navy) Paint a very dark gray navy blue on the walls.

a gallon of navy blue wall paint It is more marine in nature than actual navy, although it is lumped together. Stunning Paint A lighter shade of navy, more in the vein of denim. Commodore 64 (Commodore 64) (SW 6524) The navy color is the brightest, bluest color you could ever wear as a navy shirt.

20 Color Combos that Take Blue to the Next Level

We independently choose these items, and if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. While the color blue has become increasingly popular as a home decoration choice due to its ability to blend in with a wide range of design schemes and locations, it has been a popular choice for decades. The principal of Right Meets Left Interior Design, Courtney McLeod, explains that “blue is one of the most flexible hues in a designer’s palette.” ‘It may go from being gentle and comforting to being forceful and macho, from being urbane sophistication to being french rural.

  1. In any room of the house, blue can be used to create a soothing environment or an energetic hangout, depending on your preferences.
  2. Once you’ve decided on a shade of blue, you may be wondering what additional colors to incorporate into a room in order to get a more coherent aesthetic.
  3. Choosing colors that are on the cool side of the color wheel may give your space a sense of stability and tranquility.
  4. Blue may really be used in conjunction with warm hues such as orange and red to create more contrast and a more striking appearance.
  5. A new blue combo that you’ve never tried before can be precisely what you’re looking for to freshen up your house.
  6. See the 20 rooms below for some design inspiration, and be ready to incorporate these designer-approved blue color combinations into your own home.
  7. “Because a little goes a long way, I recommend using orange as an accent color in your design scheme,” McLeod continues, citing the example of the living area above as an example.
  8. Use art and artifacts to your advantage by incorporating them into your design.

2. Midnight Blue, Black,White

Midnight blues, when used liberally with black and white, create an edgy look that’s perfect for the minimalist who wants to put an unconventional spin on a traditional color paring without going overboard.

There’s a giant piece of blue DIY artwork hanging in thisBrooklyn rental, which gives a little drama to an otherwise plain scheme of hotel style bedding, white walls, and black trim around the windows.

3. Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow

When it comes to high-contrast pairings, McLeod defines them as “a fantastic mix that works particularly well for more gender-neutral spaces.” This cheerful appearance is enhanced by the fact that current trends in furniture and decorations, such as natural wood tones and brass, only serve to highlight the warm, golden tones that are at play with the blue in this space. So many of your current furniture are already in harmony with this color scheme. Create a huge anchor item in your room, such as a couch or rug, that will serve to counterbalance a zingy mustard yellow accent chair and a pair of decorative cushions.

Blue and gray are a perfect compliment to one another; the trick is to choose colors that contrast enough to create a statement, as seen in this Chicago living room.

5. Pale Blue, Mint Green,Bright Yellow

“The combination of pale blue and mint green creates a fresh and young aesthetic,” McLeod adds. When these colors are applied in a balanced way inside a room, it has a lot more personality. “Adding a pop of yellow really brings everything to life.” Do you want to add anything else? As this property in Israel indicates, a splash of pink can’t hurt either. Do you want to take a risk? The concept of mixing turquoise with hot pink or magenta will appeal to maximalists, and the sofa and rug arrangement in this Los Angeles home serves as excellent design inspiration.

Between the sofa, rug, artwork, and coffee table with a yellow frame, there’s more than enough color going on in this room that you don’t even know the white walls are there at all.

7. Moss Green and Sky Blue

If you’re more of a traditionalist at heart, this may be the combo for you to consider. “Moss green and sky blue are a classic early twentieth-century American Craftsman color combination,” says McLeod of the color combination. “Use this palette to create a setting that is inspired by nature while also paying homage to history.” This cheerful combination is a vibrant contrast to the conventional black-and-white subway tile bathroom that dominated the design scene during this time period.

8. Deep Blue and Olive Green

In this Michigan property, a deep blue and olive green color scheme creates a wonderful bedroom setting. Burnt orange is prominent throughout the area once more, adding to the feeling of warmth and welcome atmosphere.

9. Teal, Peach, and Charcoal Gray

This kitchen in the United Kingdom makes an excellent case for mixing geometric teal tile with peach walls. Because of the dark gray cabinets and black appliances that serve as a backdrop to the entire design, this kitchen doesn’t appear overly old or sugary in comparison to other pastel-colored spaces. Even the butcher block counters are designed to complement the peachy-pink wall hue, resulting in a kitchen that is mostly composed of harmonizing tones from a few major color families as a whole.

It may be utilized to create a whimsical, almost glamorous retro aesthetic as shown above, or it can be used to make a room look ultra-sleek and futuristic when used in conjunction with matte black finishes, as seen below.

11. Jewel-Toned Blues and Purple

However, on the other hand, the deep jewel-tone blues of this armchair are complemented by a cushion in a deep purple and other earthy tones. The green paint that peeks out from behind the bookcase brings the whole picture together well. Use your imagination when combining jewel-toned blues with other jewel tones such as eggplant. Bright blue table and yellow seats are set against neutral walls, which creates a striking visual contrast. The remainder of the space is kept basic in order to allow this vibrant vignette to truly stand out.

In addition to pairing nicely with black, blue may also work well with earthy tones if you’re seeking for something a little softer and less harsh.

Even though this is a frequent color combination in children’s rooms, very chalky pastels may look charming throughout the house.

15. Yves Klein Blue and Black

However, the white walls and black window sills help to make the royal blue cabinets feel a little more approachable, despite their boldness. The jute rug also contributes to the overall softness and texture of what may otherwise appear to be a harsh mix. This color combination, which is reminiscent of the night sky, provides a dreamlike atmosphere to any environment. You may easily play on this theme with brass ornamental accessories and lighting fixtures, even if you don’t go as literal as using a star-print cushion.

17. Dark Blue and Hot Pink

When hot pink is combined with other vibrant hues, particularly a deep, saturated blue, it truly stands out. This color combination shouts summer and exudes a lot of vitality. Also, if you’re feeling brave, you may try it in your child’s room or perhaps your home office. Blue and orange are diametrically opposed on the hue wheel, making them great complements, as illustrated by this orange lamp and navy wall combination in a living room.

19. Light Blue, GreenRed

The use of a lighter blue may create an almost neutral atmosphere when combined with natural wood elements, a patterned bedspread, and a scattering of brightly colored cushions.

20. Blue and Canary Yellow

The contrast between the dark blue walls and the bright yellow flowers is striking, and the color scheme would be equally effective throughout the home. Sarah Coffey contributed additional writing and reporting to this piece, which was first published on October 6, 2009.

Navy Blue: A Neutral Color Trend

To take a break from discussing about our renovation, I’d like to talk about something exciting — design trends! In particular, I illustrate how a trend links to historical fashions, as well as how you may combine trends into your own personal fashion sense. This also provides me the opportunity to finish off the work on the bedroom and snap some “after” images to share with you all on the blog. The color navy blue is quite popular right now, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Longtime favorite fashion “neutral” hue, it’s funky cousin indigo also happens to be one of my all-time favorite colors (see out my company logo for proof!) In addition, navy blue is appearing everywhere!

There’s an excellent explanation for this! Navy is a terrific neutral that can be matched with virtually any other color in your wardrobe. Without further ado, allow me to educate you on this versatile hue and demonstrate how you may incorporate it into your own house!

History of Navy Blue

When it comes to color theory, the hue navy blue is said to convey a feeling of power and, to some extent, wealth. The color navy blue gets its name from the blue uniforms worn by officers in the British Royal Navy in the mid-18th century, when the color was first introduced. As a result of this, it has become popular in fashion, especially when used with white and red to convey a nautical mood. Deep blues, like as navy and cobalt, were frequently employed in ornamental goods associated with chinoiserie during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Over the past 50 years, the color navy blue has gone in and out of favor.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, navy was considered a “preppy” hue, and it was popular.

In reality, it seemed to have happened overnight: the tan was gone, and the gray had taken its place.

Color variations

These days, the term “navy” refers to a range of dark blue hues that may be found in a number of undertones, tints, and shades. These are some of my favorite colors, which you can see below.

A neutral color that plays well with others

Navy blue is a color that is considered neutral. More significantly, it’s a neutral that gets along nicely with other neutrals, which is rare. Homeowners with neutral profiles in both the tan and gray families will rejoice at this development! Gray has been the neutral of choice in recent years, something that appeared to develop overnight. Throughout my time in Central Florida, I’ve encountered a plethora of folks who live in relatively new homes with tan tile and who want for cool gray things.

The cost of tearing out tiling and repainting everything is prohibitive!

Using navy blue in your home

So, how can you ‘de-stress’ your home without undergoing a major renovation? Navy is the only adjective to describe this outfit. Because navy blue is really a toned and colored orange, it is an excellent complement to tan. On the color wheel, the hues orange and blue are complementary to one another. Navy might also serve as a unifier between grays and tans if used correctly. Because of its lengthy and illustrious history, navy blue is a versatile color that can be used with a variety of looks.

Because navy blue is a timeless color that can be used in a variety of historical periods and styles, you can include it into any interior design scheme.

As a result of the large number of businesses providing navy things, you may buy home décor at every price point. As you can see in the photo below, Serena and Lily is one of my favorite couples. I’m completely smitten with their simple, classic California aesthetic.

Ideas that won’t make you blue

Consider the following ideas for incorporating the blue trend into your next home design project. Do you need some inspiration? Today is the day to schedule your free Design Styleconsultation! Having trouble deciding on a design style? Participate in mystyle survey and follow the Pinterest board I’ve developed for clients that have similar taste as you! The following items are depicted above: 1. A tufted headboard made of linen (All Modern) 2. Eliot sofa in Bentley Indigo (seen above) (Joybird) 3.

A little side table (Serena and Lily) 7.

A decorative cushion (Wayfair) 12.

Embroidered throw pillow with embroidery (Williams Sonoma Home) Table light in the shape of a square vase (Shades of Light) Pike table lampe (no.

(Layla Grayce) 17.

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