How To Update Your Home Decor 2021

3 Easy Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget in 2021

With the year 2021 rapidly approaching, we could all use a breath of fresh air. The new beginnings that a new year brings with it herald the arrival of new ambitions, new possibilities, and new ideas to adopt into your daily routine. However, while the next few months will be an excellent time to discover your dream house, you may realize that your present residence requires some updating. After this year, it’s time to breathe new life into your space with these cost-effective renovations, regardless of whether your “new” in 2021 is a new home or you simply want to make your home feel new again.

Less is Sometimes More

Often, all your house need to feel rejuvenated is a change in wall color or the addition of some plants. The extreme budget-conscious homeowner should search for minor changes that will have a larger impact than they are now experiencing. A few houseplants in prominent locations, such as your doorway, front porch, or kitchen windows, will draw attention to your home and make it feel more attractive to visitors. Transform your home’s outdated wall colors into light, breezy tones that reflect the sun’s rays throughout each area to make it appear larger and more spacious.

The same may be said for your front door; nothing shouts “welcome home” quite like an entryway painted in a vibrant color.

All About the Kitchen

According to popular belief, the kitchen is the heart of every home; thus, make 2021 the year you fall in love with its design! The quickest and most cost-effective approach to breathe new life into this space is to update the worktops, appliance knobs, and lighting fixtures. The lower the amount of counter space you have, the more cost-effective your remodeling project will be. While this has the potential to be your house’s most expensive improvement, it is a long-term investment that will benefit your family and increase the value of your home when the time comes to sell.

You’ll have the perfect DIY marble countertop that will make your kitchen seem and feel opulent!

Read this article: Simple Design Trends to Update Your Kitchen.

Floors, Floors, Floors!

Changing the flooring throughout your entire house is probably out of the question. We recognize your frustration! If you’re a carpet aficionado who isn’t quite ready to part with your collection just yet, adding brightly colored rugs to each room can be the best option for you. Peel-and-stick flooring alternatives, which are ideal for updating bathrooms, entryways, and laundry rooms, can also help you save money on remodeling expenditures if you already have tile or hardwood flooring in your home.

Check out our how-to all about vinyl plank flooring for an uncomplicated and attractive makeover if you’re seeking for a more straightforward floor restoration. Check out this article on how to use vinyl plank flooring to refresh your home.

Don’t Forget Your Home’s Exterior

Home refreshers aren’t just for the inside of the house anymore! Remember what we mentioned about a fresh coat of paint in a different color? Giving your garage a subtle facelift will put a smile on your face every time you walk through the door. If your garage is currently painted a lighter hue, consider painting it a deeper shade! With its sleek new accent, your home will instantly feel more contemporary. Change the color of your fencing, backyard outbuildings, or, if you’re looking to make a major investment, the entire outside of your home!

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21 Smart, Simple, and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for 2021

We independently choose these items, and if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. Generally speaking, I subscribe to the “new year, new you” philosophy. There is no better moment to begin again than the beginning of a new calendar year, when positivity is in abundance and anything appears to be within reach. Something about making resolutions and making big promises to eat healthier and be more organized this year, however, feels a little. overwhelming?

Still, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make 2021 feel new and full of possibilities, especially when it came to ensuring that my house is a joyful, calm, and joy-filled environment.

The following are 21 clever, quick, and simple methods to freshen your environment — as well as your attitude — for the year 2021, courtesy of some of my favorite professionals: Let us put aside the pressure to make this the best year yet and instead embrace the concept of “good enough.”

1. Swap out your lightbulbs

Overhead lighting is one of those subtle upgrades that may make a significant difference in the atmosphere and ambiance of your house. As a result, when my husband and I initially moved into our new home, we were forced to make do with the light bulbs that had been left behind by the previous owner (let’s face it, when you move into a 200-year-old house, light bulbs aren’t normally the first thing on the to-do list). Why the space appeared to be so cold and uninviting, I couldn’t figure out; I knew it had to be something more than the fact that we were still living in cardboard boxes.

We upgraded the vast majority of our light bulbs to Philips Hue smart bulbs, which allow us to alter the color of our lights with the use of an app on our smartphones.

After experimenting with different light bulbs, I discovered that I love the look of 3000 Kelvin lamps, which give our area a warm glow and immediately make me feel more comfortable.

2. Choose a signature scent for your home

“Because our houses have evolved into our everything — our gym, our bar, our refuge — I believe it is critical to ensure that your environment supports you rather than makes you feel limited. Due to the fact that scent is the most powerful memory and emotion trigger, it is a simple method to improve your mood, generate distinct vibes, and create feel-good moments in your regular life at home. If you have some serious career goals ahead of you, I recommend lighting up our champagne-infusedChandeliercandle to sparkle your way into celebrating your next promotion — you can keep it burning on your desk while you work on them.

—Abigail Cook Stone, co-Founder and CEO ofOtherlandcandles, on how to unwind at night with a book.

3. Add architectural interest

“Use an architectural antique to instantly bring character and comfort to a room where there may be none otherwise.” Antiques made of raw wood are very appealing to me. A reclaimed fireplace mantel has been decorated in various locations around our home, from my daughter’s bedroom to our hallway.” The following is an interview with Angela Wheeler, interior designer and proprietor of Angela Wheeler Design

4. Mock up some new inspo

Do you want to make a difference but aren’t sure where to begin? Before making any significant decisions, experiment with a design mood board application such as Spoak. With the use of this cheapgenius online tool, you can build realistic live representations of your home, complete with your chosen furniture and color palettes, while also learning about the ins and outs of design along the process. Do you prefer your music to be a little more low-fi? Copy blogger Athena Calderone’s stylishDIY pin board project, which she built with materials from her local home center (pieces of Homasote, burlap, and white paint) and which is displayed above as an example.

5. “Write” your home a (mental) thank you note

“Set aside some time each morning to re-establish yourself in your environment. Set a timer for five minutes and take a deep breath while paying attention to the minor sounds in your environment. Is it possible to hear birds chirping outside? Is there a gentle breeze blowing through your windows? “Take note of the sensations linked with your environment, and while you breathe, concentrate on feeling grateful for your house and all that surrounds you.” —Amanda Huggins, an anxiety and wellness specialist It’s true that the beginning of the year is a popular time to declutter, but this year I went further farther than normal when I realized that I barely wore five out of the 28 lipsticks I possessed.

Given the number of individuals in need this year, giving to a church, food bank, or other charitable organization will get you additional points.” The following is an excerpt from Dr.

Rather of letting the year 2020 pass by by without doing something to commemorate it, we decided to present our clientsJUDY disaster preparedness kits, which include everything from glow sticks and survival blankets to energy snacks.” Interior designer and proprietor of Studio Munroe Emilie Munroe says she is inspired by nature.

8. Improve your indoor air quality

Providinggezellig, a Dutch term that means a sensation of warmth, comfort, and relaxation, and giving us a sense of well-being, plants help us enhance our mental perspective.” In reality, according to the findings of a Japanese research into the practice of Shinrin-yoku (also known as “forest bathing”), spending time in nature decreases stress levels, lowers blood pressure, and has an overall soothing impact on the body.

Interactions with your houseplants may have the same soothing and stress-reducing benefits as those with other people, and they can also enhance the quality of the air in a room.

9. Sign up for a monthly decor surprise

Take it from me: there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself something special to look forward to at the end of the month. Consider something other than the standard beauty or book box and instead sign up for a service that sends you a tiny home makeover directly to your door on a regular basis. Home Boxes is a designer-curated subscription service, whereas GlobeIn distributes artisanal items from across the world on a monthly basis, and Scandinavian Design Boxes brings together the finest of contemporary Scandinavian design.

10. Paint on a mood-boosting hue

As long as you’re giving yourself something to look forward to each month, there’s nothing wrong with that. Consider something other than the standard beauty or book box and instead sign up for a service that gives you a tiny home makeover on a regular basis directly to your door. Home Boxes is a designer-curated subscription service, whereas GlobeIn distributes artisanal items from across the world on a monthly basis, and Scandinavian Design Boxes brings together the best of current Scandinavian design.

12. Let go of what’s unnecessary

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with planning something special for yourself at the end of each month. Consider something other than the standard beauty or book box and instead sign up for a service that gives you a tiny home makeover on a regular basis directly to your door. Habitation Box is handpicked by designers, whereas GlobeIn distributes handmade items from around the world on a weekly basis, and Norse Boxes brings together the finest of contemporary Scandinavian design. There’s something for everyone, no matter what your decorating style is, so go ahead and spoil yourself!

14. Repot your plant babies

“Refreshing your environment at the start of the year is a terrific way to start the year off on a good note.” Every January, I like to repot my houseplants, which is something I’ve done for years. A number of plants outgrow their current pots throughout the course of a year, and repotting always seems to be at the bottom of everyone’s must-do list when it comes to gardening. If I’m feeling invigorated in January, there’s a philosophical aspect to it that’s in keeping with the new year’s attitude and lends itself to fostering things that thrive by giving them fresh life in a new home.

The soil can be elevated by adding decorative moss and pebbles on top, if you’re feeling ambitious. The principle designer and founder of Banner Day Interiors, Clara Jung, shares her thoughts.

15. Wrap yourself in good energy

As a person who believes that one’s house should mirror their personality (and vice versa), you’ll like this next suggestion, which physically allows you to envelop yourself in positive energy. A product designer’s dream come true, Superstitchous combines beautiful, high-quality throws with meaningful patterns (think loquats, as shown above, to represent wealth or pomegranates, as shown below, to represent fertility and rebirth) to create an elegant, multi-layered addition to your home’s interior design.

16. (Re)create a morning routine

“I’ll be the first to admit that I had no sense of regularity in 2020, thanks to the epidemic as well as being a new mother. However, I began the year 2021 with a morning routine that includes praying, journaling, and engaging in some form of physical activity, as well as reading a book with my kid, in order to prepare myself for the day ahead of me. It has enabled me to put some order into my days and start the day on a positive note.” The following is an excerpt from Dr. Ijeoma Kola’s lifestyle blog and public health research:

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17. Add a pop of unexpected pattern

“I love to use wallpaper to dress up the back of a bookcase in order to turn it into a focal point or to create a big statement,” she says. You can complete it in an afternoon if you use a simple peel-and-stick method, which is available at most home improvement stores these days. “Both Spoonflower and Etsy offer incredible designs.” The following is an interview with Veronica Solomon, interior designer and proprietor of Casa Vilora Interiors.

18. Save on your splurges

If you have a lot of design energy on your mind this year, you’re in luck: There is a cost-effective solution to complete all of the tasks on your to-do list this year. To the rescue comes Honey, a web-integrated couponing extension that searches for bargains in the background while you carry on with your normal online shopping. With it, you may earn significant savings on some of your favorite websites, such as Wayfair, Article, Target, and others, allowing you to accomplish more around the house for less money.

19. Makeshift a mini jungle

If you want to make a visual statement with your plants, group them together instead of scattering them over the house. It’s also beneficial to the plants! Plants that are kept in groups help to produce a microclimate that helps to increase the humidity and health of all other plants in the vicinity. The process through which plants receive water via their roots and subsequently expel water vapor from pores in their leaves is known as transpiration, and it occurs in every plant. Clusters of plants will produce extremely high levels of humidity for themselves and the surrounding air.” Bloomscape’s Plant Mom, Joyce Mast, says:

20. Bring zen to your bathroom or bedroom

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, try introducing a relaxing exercise into your evening routine.

To do this, create a meditation station in your bathroom or a corner of your bedroom by stacking a linen bolster cushion, some live plants, and an essential oil diffuser.” • Ariel Okin, proprietor of Ariel Okin Interiors and a well-known interior designer

21. Start from scratch (sort of)

“After the Christmas decorations have been taken down, we all have the urge to redecorate.” The most effective technique to renew a space is to remove all of the accessories to create a blank canvas and then add one element at a time. This gives you the opportunity to examine each piece and see how it fits into the overall scheme of the room. Make use of this opportunity to experiment with lamps from a different room or to switch out accessories. The impact a new rug, especially one that has been reused from another room, can have on a space will astound you.” — Ariene C.

10 Interior Decor Trends 2021 I To Upgrade Your Home

Hello, fashionistas! Curious about which decorating elements will be most popular in 2021? Trendbook presents ten interior design trends for the year 2021. Take a look at the interior design trends for 2021 listed below. The following are the top ten interior design trends for 2021. Color palettes, resurgent fashion trends, and curvaceous forms are all on the menu. Those five trends will be most prominent in any interior design project in 2021, according to the experts.

1.Canopy Bed

Framed beds are a reversing trend that will be seen in a variety of interior design projects in the near future. Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos’s Refugio Loft is a pin on Pinterest. Sarah Elliott’s full name is Sarah Elliot.

2. Classic Blue

Beginning with the Pantone hue of the year 2020, many interiors will embrace this peaceful, exquisite tone to tone any division.Ima Interiors Delightfull Studio Volpe is one such example.

3. Colored Glassed Screens

Creating sections in open wide divisions is a proper way to organize information, and this trend will be seen in a variety of divisions. This is one of the most prominent characteristics of the ten interior design trends for 2021. The material can be translucent or colored with the addition of color. Casa Mille is located in Turin, Italy. Fabio Fantolino is a musician from Italy. Crosby Studios is a recording studio in Crosby, New York. Amanda Sequin’s full name is Amanda Sequin.

4. Curved Shapes

One of the most significant trends for 2021. Curved architectural aspects are frequently chosen as a counterpoint to the more rigid architectural lines. Additionally, it is a top trend for 2021 that encourages a more comfortable way of life. Saleta Pausa, Ana Sawaia Arquitetura, and Ana Sawaia Arquitetura Caffe Latte at the Casa Hoyos Hotel Boutique

5. Luxury Minimal Design

This list of 10 interior design ideas for 2021 is centered on clean lines and open spaces, with a luxurious touch added for good measure. People would choose to have one-of-a-kind handcrafted design components in their homes in order to give their interiors a distinct individuality. Abimis is a Prisma1100 Architect that designed the BRABBU Loft in Florence.

6. Neutrals

Throughout 2021, neutrals will be the dominant color scheme in wellness interior design.

It is becoming increasingly important for people to have their own personal wellness space, their own sanctuary, in the comfort of their own homes. Ward 5 Interior Design is a must-have. Boca do Lobo Green Gables, Studio Tate, Boca do Lobo Green Gables

7. Modern 80’s

By combining prominent parts of modern and classic interior design with the famous 80’s design idea, you can create a one-of-a kind style décor that is full of personality and individuality. ArchDaily In Out Studio, there is a Violet Bliss Suite. Patricia Bustos is a woman who works in the fashion industry.

8. Interior Gardens

Having an internal garden will allow you to have regular touch with nature, allowing you to live a more fulfilling life. Maison Valentina, DLN Penthouse, GEZA Architetture, and more on Pinterest.

9. Mix-used Spaces

It is advantageous to apply Mixed-Use Décor in both places since it provides a plethora of benefits as well as decorating opportunities. Melbourn-based architects Taras Wolf and WOLF Architects Studiolav Oshir Asaban Architec, eSoho Loft, New York t

10. Nature Green

Another color that will be utilized in 2021 is a deep green hue that will be reminiscent of nature-inspired places. As a representation of nature at its finest. BrabbuCasa VIVE is a restaurant in Brabbu, Italy. Bangna, LandHouses Public Co.Studio ArteRug’Society, LandHouses Public Co.Studio ArteRug’Society All credit goes to the respective owners. Like what you’ve read about Juliette Wanty, an artist who works with magic to make beautiful things? Please feel free to share this article on your social network accounts by clicking on the super-easy share icons on the left.

*|Please remember to follow us on our social network accounts, which include Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Interior design trends 2022 – the 17 top looks for the New Year and beyond

As a result, we have excellent cause to be optimistic when it comes to the interior design trends we are most excited about for 2022 and beyond. Everything from the increasing importance of sustainable materials to elegant elements and a celebration of individuality and uniqueness will be represented in our 2022interior designtrend edit, which will provide you with a curated look that will usher your home into the New Year in sensational style.

Interior design trends 2022

Many people’s views about life will be shifting during the year 2021, and many will be longing for a more happy start to the new year, so we’re taking a look forward at the interior design trends for 2022 and the years after.

1. Excite with two-tone color combinations

(Photo courtesy of Nicola HardingCo and Paul Massey.) As Nicola Harding, director of the Nicola HardingCo., points out, a two-tone scheme adds definition and interest to a space without overcomplicating it. ‘Most paint charts are organized into families of colors, making it simple to find two shades that complement each other or contrast with each other.’ Keep in mind that dark hues visually take up more visual space. Use a darker shade below the eyeline and a lighter shade that is closer to the wall color above; this will help break up expanses of cabinetry and storage and will feel calmer and less blocky than a high-contrast scheme.

When choosing paint colors, try not to be too clever with your choices. As an alternative, study the color wheel and draw inspiration from the ornamental objects you want to incorporate, such as paintings or upholstery, and consider the paint to be a background rather than the main event.

2. Escape with designs inspired by distant lands

(Photo courtesy of OsborneLittle.) After actual global travel became obsolete, we moved inside for greater interior adventures, which brought us back to our homes. We shall be transported to exotic regions rich with luscious palm trees and safari animals by the year 2022, thanks to our walls. In the words of Johanna Bright, head of design at OsborneLittle, ‘Patterns of far-flung places provide a sense of escapism and make us feel relaxed as we are reminded of vacations. According to Tricia Guild, of the Designers Guild, “distant landscapes, flowers, and animals provide a sense of drama to the wall and provide a welcome respite from the outside world, something we are all wanting.”

3. Decorate with candy cane stripes

(Photo courtesy of FarrowBall) After going through a difficult time, looking back in time can be a soothing balm, which is why turning back the clock will be a major theme in 2022. The red and white candy stripe evokes memories of helter skelters, sticks of rock, and barber shops. It is all about happy memories, and it will soon be used to translate the essence of jubilant days gone by onto the walls of homes and businesses. Color curator Joa Studholme believes the combination of red and white stripes, while vibrant, evokes feelings of warmth and harmony associated with a more innocent time.

4. Hark back to yesteryear with ancient forms

Scandinavian Knots / Erik Lefvander is the source of this image. There’s nostalgia for moments in our personal histories that we remember fondly, and then there’s nostalgia for eras that we can’t even imagine. For the year 2022, we’ll be looking backwards and forwards several millennia, to periods that may be startlingly close to one another in terms of technology. The use of rough forms, the simple handcrafted, and objects connected to ceremony and symbolism are all appropriate for interiors at a time when we are turning (back) to slow, mindful living and ritualistic life.

5. Look to reimagined design classics

New Craftsmen / Harry Crowder is the photographer that captured this image. As we turn our thoughts backwards in search of the sense of security and certainty that comes with familiarity, we’ll also be breathing new life into ancient artifacts and reinterpreting them for the 21st-century aesthetic in 2022. Newall’s Venus cabinet for The New Craftsmen is inspired by a 16th-century chest-on-stand – a piece that is similar to an elevated chest of drawers that was used to house personal treasures – but it has been updated with fluted doors, simplified oversized legs, adjustable shelving, a secret drawer, and an on-trend olive color.

My objective is that this sculpture will bridge the gap between the modern and the traditional.

6. Embrace the rug renaissance

(Photo courtesy of Deirdre Dyson.) As we enter what is expected to be the year of the rug, well-known design brands are lined up to make their imprint on the ground floor. A distinctive rug will bring warmth and comfort underfoot, and it will help to bring your design concept together in elegance. Bethan Gray has collaborated with cc-tapis to create a rug based on her linear Inky Dhow design, Martin Brudnizki has collaborated with The Rug Company to create an eclectic collection, and Ken Fulk’s collection with Pierre Frey is a cacophony of colors.

Floor Story has teamed up with emerging sensation Mac Collins for this project. In order to transfer three-dimensional items onto a surface, Collins set out to do just that. The All at Sea collection, which is Deirdre Dyson’s homage to the ocean, will also be released in January.

7. Borrow colors from nature

(Photo courtesy of Paul Massey and Skye McAlpine.) It’s no wonder that, after a period of seclusion, we’re drawn to the beauty of nature. Landscape-inspired tones are expected to take the stage. WGSN’s head of color, Jenny Clark, explains that this season’s hues are inspired by a desire to be elevated and invigorated while maintaining a sense of harmony.

8. Revel in modern equestrian designs

(Photo courtesy of GPJ Baker) Horses have always been associated with ornamental traditions, and historically, they were shown mostly racing and hunting against a backdrop of dark, somber tones. The modern approach to horse sports emphasizes the romantic beauty of the animal, as well as its potential to earn rosettes, as well as the traditional customs that go on behind the scenes of race days. A sense of whimsical nostalgia is evoked by capturing the spirit of the quintessentially British equestrian pastimes while giving them a modern twist.

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In this case, it isn’t about living in the past, but rather about borrowing parts from it and incorporating them into the home in a unique way.

9. Capture the mood with soft painterly blocks

Featured image courtesy of Kirkby Design / Peer Lindgreen The popularity of artists who play with shape in an abstract manner is gaining momentum, and it is beginning to seep into interior design. In an overburdened, information-overloaded society, we have begun to seek for relaxing, smooth, and indistinct forms of ornamentation that allow us to express ourselves through their soft shapes, which we call “soft shapes.” According to Georgia Spray, creator of Partnership Editions, “abstract art is hitting a chord right now because it expresses sentiments and thoughts that can’t be conveyed more literally and also gives refuge from that reality in these uncertain times.” The artist Andrea Mongenie of Borneo Studio explains that abstract ambiguousness is about slowing down, pausing for a moment, and discovering things that you would have missed in the first place.

In the words of painter Laurie Maun, “it’s a liberated and expressive method of communicating.” In the words of the artist, “Abstract art is fully up to personal interpretation, which may be quite powerful.”

10. Seek out sustainable options

(Photo courtesy of Domestic Science.) For the most part, the eco-friendly fabric movement has concentrated on fabrics made from recycled plastics. While this is admirable, it raises a number of concerns: they rely on plastic consumption rather than creating long-lasting, reparable, green alternatives; when washed, they generate non-biodegradable plastic microfibres; and there are no guarantees about how recyclable they will eventually be. The future, on the other hand, is promising as a new generation of environmentally friendly fabrics gains momentum.

Using rescued European linen and hemp as well as environmentally friendly fabric, the furniture business Lorfords has resorted to historic fabrics for its seating designs.

Upholstered furniture is also catching up – SCP is on a mission to eradicate foam from its products, replacing it with materials like as coconut hair, wool, and feathers, with the exception of the occasional use of recycled foam.

11. Create curves with rounded edges

(Photo courtesy of Future / Damian Russell. ) Over the last few years, sharp angles have gradually made their way out of the home, beginning with upholstery and progressing via surfaces and architectural features. Now it’s the furniture that’s being degraded, as if it were being sanded away until nothing but smoothness is left. Patricia Urquiola, designer, explains that edges delimit and mark out a space; avoiding them expands the freedom of those who live within it. According to Graeme Smith, conceptual designer at Metris, “rounded edges and curving design provide that touch of originality that everyone is looking for, softening the lines in the interior to create a much more welcome atmosphere.”

12. Channel a Latin American flair

Despite the fact that travel to exotic far-flung areas is still on the horizon, it doesn’t mean your home design has to be restricted to one location.Here, vibrant colors and lively patterns come together to create a vivacious atmosphere. Parakeet green, palms, and jazz age patterns (all inspired by the art deco architecture of Buenos Aires) are used to introduce the flavors of Latin America, while statement tiles in sun-bleached brights are used to introduce the flavors of Havana.

13. Embrace sculptural furniture

(Photo courtesy of The Rug Company.) For the year 2022, there is no sign of a slowdown in the demand for sculptural design. Simple, sculptural furniture and accessories, as well as form-following accessories, assist to counteract the chaos of modern living. Cool grey, ecru, and brown accents provide depth to white areas when they are used thoughtfully. Pattern may be seen in graphic forms such as arches and strong lines, among other things.

14. Warm up with a smoked eggplant color palette

The following image is courtesy of Zinc Textiles x Martin Hubert Design: In contrast to the presently fashionable earthy neutrals such as clay and stone, a smokey purple is the perfect accent color. When combined with natural colors such as tawny brown or ochre, it springs to life even more. If you want to make a more dramatic statement, pair this exquisite shade with a more vibrant violet or magenta; either way, this elegant shade will allow you to create a scheme that you will like being in.

15. Make a statement with the Color of the Year 2022

(Image courtesy of Pantone.) Purple room designs are having a renaissance right now. Following Pantone’s recent announcement of ‘Very Peri,’ a vibrant blue-violet hue, as its color of the year 2022, we’re seeing the hue pop up all over the place. According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute, “As we move into a world of unprecedented change, the selection of PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri brings a novel perspective and vision to the trusted and beloved blue color family,” explains the choice of PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri.

16. Take inspiration from Swedish country house style

Pantone provided the image. Purple room designs are currently experiencing a renaissance. Following Pantone’s recent announcement of ‘Very Peri,’ a vibrant blue-violet hue, as its color of the year 2022, we’re seeing the hue pop up all over design. According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Hue Institute, “As we move into a world of extraordinary change, the selection of PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri provides a unique viewpoint and vision to the trusted and cherished blue color family.” She praises the color’s “joyous attitude and dynamic presence,” which she believes will inspire “courageous creativity and imaginative expression” in the coming year.

17. Wow with whimsical elements

(Photo courtesy of Cox London) This creative approach to decorating provides for a great deal of creativity and personality. Using cascading flowers and mythological themes, you may create your own Narnia. Restraint is required here; a few fantastical flourishes will suffice. Currently, Jennifer works as the Digital Editor at HomesGardens. She has been working in the interiors sector for a number of years, and has contributed to a variety of publications. She is currently honing her digital skills on the ‘greatest interiors website’ in the world.

Over the years, she has written on every aspect of the home, from assembling design houses from some of the world’s greatest interior designers to sourcing celebrity homes, reviewing appliances, and even reporting on the occasional news item or two, among other things.

Interior Designers Share The Best Home Renovation Ideas For 2021

What improvements do you plan to make to your house in 2021? getty This year, there has been a tremendous shift in the relationship that we all have with our living places. With 2021 approaching, it’s time to re-evaluate how we live in our residences. However, if the year 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the future is hard to forecast. Nonetheless, one thing we can be certain of is that the consequences of the epidemic will be felt for many months or perhaps years to come. It’s important to think about two things when it comes to renovations right now: what has to be done in order to make your house as pleasant as possible for the foreseeable future, and what improvements will provide the greatest return on your investment in terms of resell value.

The following are the improvements that professionals and interior designers recommend that you thoroughly consider.

Creating A Home Office

At the moment, the majority of people are working from home with no clear end date in sight, which means that a home office or designated working space may eventually become just as necessary as a kitchen or bathroom. Home offices, according to Justina Blakeney, founder of Jungalow, are essential for working from home. Many businesses have made a strategic decision to change to a work-from-home hybrid model that only requires employees to come into the office a few days each week, even after businesses and offices reopen.

However, if your home simply lacks the necessary square footage or the appropriate floorplan to accommodate a home office, Blakeney recommends getting creative with what you have on hand to make it work.


Considering that the majority of people are working from home without a certain deadline in mind, an office or dedicated working area may eventually become as necessary as having a kitchen or restroom on hand. Home offices are crucial, according to Justina Blakeney, creator of Jungalow. Many businesses have made a conscious decision to shift to a work-from-home hybrid model, which only requires employees to come into the office a few days a week, even as businesses and offices resume operations.

However, if your house just lacks the necessary square footage or the appropriate floorplan to accommodate a home office, Blakeney recommends becoming creative with what you have on hand instead of giving up.

In the event that modifications are out of the question, folks may opt to remove sliding closet doors and convert the space in the guest bedroom closet into an office.”

Updating Your Kitchen

Kitchens have always been a popular selling point for homes and apartments, but the pandemic has brought new attention to the significance of this room. “This means that having a kitchen that is both functional and attractive is becoming an increasingly important objective,” says an agent with Warburg Realty. As a result, I’m seeing more and more potential buyers inspecting kitchens in city apartments not just for their looks, but also for their usefulness, which includes the ability to prepare multiple meals a day and store surplus supplies or food.

“Kitchen storage is in high demand these days, as everyone is aware of the importance of having the option to keep extra food and pantry products.” A beautiful marble kitchengetty is displayed here.

In addition, “it gives the kitchen a fresh and streamlined modern feel.

In the event that you want something more lasting, Scanlon advises that you occasionally re-seal the marble or use an alternate material such as quartzite.

Sprucing Up Outdoor Space

COVID has increased the value of outdoor space in every community, regardless of where you reside. “It used to be that people’s terraces/balconies and backyards were often overlooked in favor of their residences,” Chiaramonte recalls. “Now, it’s the opposite.” The times, on the other hand, have changed. “Looking ahead, outdoor space is becoming increasingly valuable, and maximizing its usability and appearance are excellent ways to increase the value of a home for sale in the future.” Outdoor space is now more important than it has ever been before.

Additions such as shade/rain coverings, heaters, and outdoor kitchens, according to the real estate agent, are wise expenditures if you expect to sell your house in the following few years, according to the real estate agent.

As for what to do while we’re still in the midst of the epidemic, there are a few options.

“Think about adding additional seating, such as built-in benches with brightly colored cushions, for all of your socially isolated gatherings.”

Installing Soundproofing and Separation

With more people staying at home on a daily basis, adding soundproofing to rooms and floors, as well as closing off open floorplans, can make a significant difference in overall comfort. The presence of an office or a Peloton room in a large open loft-like space is obviously appealing, but more and more buyers are asking how they can include an office or a Peloton room into the same square footage, adds Chiaramonte. The real estate agent recommends that you do everything in your power to create an additional private room.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large walk-in closet, finishing a basement, attic, or dividing a large room into two smaller ones; adding value is important because people are looking for privacy and quiet space more than ever.

Adding Accents To Make A Space More Sanitary

One of the most significant consequences of the pandemic has been an increased level of concern about the spread of illness and germs. This has already had an impact on and will continue to have an impact on house design. As Pat Cullerot, home improvement expert with Wayfair, tells me, “Wayfair has noticed a rise in demand for hands-free and touchless features, as well as air purifiers.” Hands-free choices in homes give piece of mind for people who are hyper-concerned about maintaining high-touch areas, as well as the air in their homes, clean and germ-free in the wake of the epidemic and heightened awareness about sanitization.

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If you install a touchless faucet or smart lighting in your powder room or mudroom along with a handwashing station, even the seemingly insignificant act of doing so can make a difference now and in the future.

Converting Your Bathroom Into A Home Spa

Do you want to add a touch of luxury? Baker suggests that you update your bathroom to make it feel more spa-like. “For large-scale restorations, this may entail standalone soaking tubs and large rain showers,” explains the designer. Transform your bathtub into a relaxing spa experience. Unspalsh, according to Jared Rice She also recommends that a bidet be installed. After the anticipated toilet paper scarcity in 2020, it’s simple to see why this is a good idea. The interest in bidets has also increased significantly this year, ranging from low-tech alternatives with no heat to high-tech toilet seats,” says the author.

Make Unused Space More Purposeful

Numerous homeowners have extra space that they either don’t use or are just partially utilizing. Interior designer Liz Caans recommends that you reconsider how you utilize your present space because many activities that used to take place outside are now taking place inside the home and will continue to do so in the future, according to her research. Many individuals are turning formal dining rooms into home offices; however, there are alternative ways to utilize these spaces, particularly if you already have a home office.

It can also be incorporated into the kitchen to create a single huge space where everyone can dine together, according to the designer.

In addition, a home salon where your manicurist and hairstylist can come and service you and your family is an excellent idea, especially now that so many services have been moved to the road.

It may also be worthwhile to renovate attic and garage areas. As she explains, “the garage might be converted into an office or studio area, allowing you to operate in a distinct location from the main house.”

10 Ways To Update Your Home Without Major Renovations

LEK 3DPHOTO We all yearn for the creature comforts of a house that is both comfortable and well-designed. When it comes to home improvement, while there are many do-it-yourselfers who work ceaselessly on their houses and appear to be upgrading or remodeling on a daily basis, this is not feasible for those of us who don’t know the difference between the terms table saw and drill. Although the latter-mentioned group of people could hire someone to renovate their homes for them, doing so would result in a messy and expensive renovation process.

How can we modernize our homes without having to undertake major renovations?

Here is your solution – in fact, there are ten of them.

Photograph by Andreas von Einsiedel for Getty Images

1) Create Open Space In Your Home

An investigation by Bankrate found that open floor designs are among the most popular when it comes to house purchasing and ownership in general. Homeowners choose an open floor plan, in which the kitchen, family room, and dining room are all connected by a large open area in the middle. Apart from that, formal dining rooms appear to be out of fashion. This is your chance to make additional room in your home, which will make it more desirable to both you and your visitors in the future. You might wonder how you might accomplish this without ripping down walls.

  • Sometimes it’s as easy as getting rid of larger, heavier furniture or rearranging furniture about the room to discover where the greatest open space may be achieved.
  • This can help it “disappear” into the room, deceiving the eye into thinking the area is more spacious and open than it actually is.
  • When positioned opposite windows, mirrors reflect light into the space, making the area appear larger and more spacious.
  • Making your present space more useable can allow you to create a whole new area in your house that you have never had before (without having to go through the hassle of renovations!).

2) Add New Lighting To Your Home

It is possible to bring a room to life with the use of proper lighting. A dimly lit space appears tiny, gloomy, and confined, whereas a well-lit area appears spacious, airy, and welcome, according to the experts. Lighting can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the appearance of your home. Some of the simpler solutions include purchasing table lamps and floor lights for your house, which are both inexpensive. Place a couple of tall floor lights in gloomy parts of your room and watch as your space comes to life.

Then, if you’re feeling very daring, you may replace all of your old ceiling fixtures with some of the gorgeous modern masterpieces that are currently available on the market.

Whether you keep it simple with floor lamps or go all out and replace all of your ceiling fixtures, adding plenty of bright lighting to your house will bring it into the twenty-first century. courtesy of herkisi/Getty Images

3) Cabinetry: Update Drawer Pulls and Door Handles

It is possible to bring a space to life with the use of appropriate lighting. The difference between a dimly lit space that appears tiny, gloomy, and confined and a brightly illuminated area that appears open, airy, and welcome is lighting. Illuminating your home may be accomplished in a variety of ways. Purchases of table lamps and floor lights for your home are among the most straightforward techniques. Make use of tall floor lamps to bring life to dark corners of your room by strategically positioning them.

Then, if you’re feeling very daring, you may swap out all of your old ceiling fixtures for some of the most gorgeous modern masterpieces now on the market.

You may update your house by adding plenty of bright lighting, whether you keep it basic with floor lamps or go all out and change all of the ceiling fittings.

4) Update Window Treatments

A lot of the time, it appears that windows are disregarded. Homeowners often struggle to determine which style would be most appropriate for their space, leading them to give up and leave the windows bare or to simply install simple blinds for privacy.But here’s the thing: windows beg to be decorated! You are missing out on a whole magnificent layer of decoration by keeping your windows naked. While individuals who are fortunate enough to have ocean or mountain vistas may contest this point, even the most outstanding of views might be framed with beautiful window panels.

You can go bold and graphic with geometric curtain panels, or beachy with gauzy white sheers, or minimalist with bamboo shades—the possibilities are endless.

Kim Sayer/Getty ImagesSometimes the simplest solution is to just match curtain panels to the color of your walls—doing so provides a design that works with any decorating style.

5) Create An Outdoor Room

There are times when we neglect to check outside our very own doors for undeveloped land. Even if your home does not have a wide front porch or a beautiful backyard patio, there is still space to make use of in the inside. To build a wonderful outdoor area, all you need is a little imagination. Start with an outdoor rug to establish a “room” outside and work your way up from there. Then add a couple of comfy patio chairs and throw cushions, a small fire pit, and some dangling string lights, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful outside space.

If you want to go all out, you could lay down some brick pavers or flagstones and then layer it with outdoor rugs, chairs, and other accessories.

The pergola installation may take the entire weekend to complete, but it will be well worth it by Sunday evening when you can relax outside with a bottle of wine.Jon Lovette/Getty ImagesJon Lovette/Getty Images

6) Landscape Your Yard

Landscaping is something that is far too frequently disregarded. We plant one or two trees and think we’ve accomplished our goal. The design of your landscape, on the other hand, has a significant impact on your curb appeal. While not everyone has a green thumb, it is rather simple to construct a couple of raised garden beds or to plant more trees and blooming plants. Make a point of visiting your local greenhouse to get started. The staff at these establishments is a wealth of information and guidance regarding the local plant life.

The majority of these garden centers also have a landscape architect on staff who can assist you in creating a landscaping plan for your home or business.

Maintain plant height layers, with tallest plants in rear, and follow planting instructions to ensure that plants are spaced correctly and reach their predicted heights.

Boris SV / Associated Press

7) Add Easy to Install (And Remove) Wallpaper

This is not the wallpaper from your grandmother’s house. No, we’re referring to all of the incredible new removable wallpapers that are currently available on the market today. Not to mention the gaudy wall decorations that scream things like “Always Kiss me Goodnight.” But the latest collections of removable wallpaper have stunning designs and images that will make your space appear as though you had hired an interior designer to decorate it (and spent a fortune). They are readily removed by simply peeling them away (without causing any damage to the wall below), and the majority of them may be reused.

Fortunately, there are numerous online retailers from which to choose to purchase this beautiful wallpaper.

Getty Images courtesy of contrastaddict

8) Spruce-Up Your Bathroom

Your grandmother’s wall paper will not be found on this wall. The beautiful new detachable wallpapers that are now available for purchase are not what we’re talking about. We’re also not talking about those ugly wall decorations that say things like “Always Kiss me Goodnight.” But the latest collections of removable wallpaper feature stunning patterns and graphics that will make your room appear as though you had it designed by a professional (and spent a fortune). They are readily removed by simply peeling them away (without causing any damage to the wall below), and the majority of them may be re-used after being removed.

Fortunately, there are various online retailers from which to choose to acquire this amazing wallpaper. All that is required is that you read the fine print and purchase only the most reputable brands that are simple to remove. Getty Images courtesy of contrastaddict.

9) Make a Man Cave

Men are banding together everywhere, including in their man caves. Even if some of us females don’t get it, men truly like having a man-cave in which to hide away, a space to call their own, a room in which to drink with the boys and watch the game in privacy. Who can blame them, after all? It certainly sound like a wonderful way to get away from everything. Here are some pointers for designing the perfect man-cave for you, gentlemen. To begin, locate an area in your house that you can utilize, whether it is the basement, the garage, or an outside room or outbuilding such as a shed that you can dedicate to your project.

  1. A TV, a pool table, a refrigerator, a bar, some darts, comfy seats, rugs, cushions and music are all good additions.
  2. Make your way back home.
  3. Essentially, they transform your garage into an additional room in your house by installing flooring, wall units, and sound systems.
  4. Photograph courtesy of Ivan Hunter/Getty Images

10) When In Doubt Just Clean and Paint

Is this a long and exhausting list for you? Is your house becoming too much for you? Start by simply cleaning up your main living space, if that is all you have time for. A thorough cleaning may improve our attitude while also making our house more habitable (and more importantly inspire us to do more). Although it may seem apparent, a fresh coat of paint can transform a space from drab to spectacular. Consider painting an accent wall in a bright color, or just painting your trim with a fresh coat of white paint to freshen it up.

Perhaps you’d like to paint your ceiling a soothing blue or give an old piece of furniture new life with a fresh coat of paint.

Fortunately, there are several options for updating your house that do not involve the dirty process of renovating or the high cost of doing so.

Then it’s time to get down to business!

Alternatively, consider expanding your living space beyond the traditional rooms in your house by developing an incredible outside landscaping, outdoor area, or garage man-cave.

These small changes will go a long way toward revitalizing your home, your spirit, and your sense of well-being in the long run. What renovations or additions have you made to your home recently? Alternatively, which tasks on this list do you intend to do first?

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