How To Store Holiday Decorations

The 19 Best Hacks, Tips, and Products for Storing Christmas Decorations

We independently choose these items, and if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. One of the most enjoyable aspects of winter is the preparations for the holidays. It’s almost as bad as tearing everything down and putting it all back up again. The fact that all of the twinkling lights and emotional decorations will be put away for months is not only depressing, but it’s also a chore to make sure that everything is stored correctly so that it doesn’t take up room or become a jumble for the following holiday season.

Here are some storage solutions for anything from ornaments and wreaths to gift wrap and candles that will come in handy in the new year.

Keep in mind to stockpile the cup holders the barista hands you off with while you’re out on your third coffee run of the day; when wedged together, they’re great for keeping larger ornaments.

In a do-it-yourself storage box, you can put: There’s an extremely simple method for ornament storage over at One Good Thing by Jillee that requires only four items: a large plastic storage bin, plastic cups, cardboard, and a hot glue gun—all you have to do is attach the cups to the cardboard (which can be piled within the bin) and fill the cups with your decorations.

How to Store Christmas and Seasonal Wreaths

Inside dry cleaning bags, on wire hangers, are the following items: Are you looking for a simple solution to keep your holiday wreaths that will prevent them from being crushed? Look no further. Please do not discard the hanger and bag from your pre-holiday dry cleaning run until after you have completed your dry cleaning. In order to retain the shape of your Christmas wreaths, you may bend the bottom of the wire hanger around them and hang them in a closet or clothing rack. You may also use the plastic dry cleaning garment bag to keep it protected from dust and other contaminants.

The contents of a storage bag purchased from a retailer are as follows: In the event that you choose to rely on store-bought solutions, you may get a customized wreath storage bag for $20 or less that comes with handles for convenient transport.

If you want to store garland in any of the aforementioned techniques, just wrap it up in a circle and tie it together to hang it or coil it inside one or more of the other storage options.

How to Store Christmas Trees

Inside the plastic wrap:You could, of course, entirely disassemble your fake tree and reassemble it in its original box, but that would be a significant undertaking. Instead, you may follow the instructions in Epbot’s guide and shrink wrap your Christmas tree. What are the advantages? That means that next year, you can just tear open the shrink wrap and fluff the branches back into place, with no further assembly or light stringing necessary. It will take up little vertical space, you won’t have to disassemble it and you can leave the lights on.

), go no further than this.

This one, from Primode, will set you back $25.75.

How to Store String Lights

String lights wrapped around coffee cans: String lights always seem to be the most difficult thing to store each year, because it’s not just a matter of finding space for them; you also have to make sure that the cables don’t become twisted and that the bulbs don’t break. However, with the help of a few common home objects, you can store your lights quickly and painlessly. Simply cut a hole in the plastic lid of a (washed) coffee can and insert the plug end of a string of lights through the slit in the lid.

Wrapped around pieces of cardboard are the following: Use cardboard scraps to avoid your lights from becoming tangled if you have some laying about (which you will most likely have after opening present boxes).

The greatest thing is that you can then neatly stack or layer them in a box or storage container to keep them safe until you need them again.

Using a set of store-bought storage reels, you may accomplish the following: O If you want something pre-made, these Christmas light reels are a good option.

How to Store Gift Wrap and Supplies

Using an IKEA bag dispenser, you may do the following: Gift-giving is a pleasure, and gift-wrapping may be as well if your supplies are kept in an attractive and easily accessible location. Alternatively, you may utilize the empty space in a closet to hang an IKEA VARIERA bag dispenser(which costs about $3 apiece), which you can then fill with your gift wrap rolls for a low-cost DIY solution. The contents of a clothing bag are as follows: Rachel Hollis recommends putting up all of your wrapping paper tubes inside a zip-up garment bag, as seen in the photo above, for quick and simple hanging storage that you can store in your wardrobe.

This totableorganizer from The Container Store, which has hundreds of compartments and only $19.99, is a good option if you need something that can go under the bed or be stowed away somewhere other than the bedroom.

Only a few Sterlite containers, some wooden dowels, a few clothespins, and the ribbons you wish to organize will be required to accomplish the project successfully.

How to Store Other Miscellaneous Things

Using an IKEA bag dispenser, you may accomplish the following tasks: When your resources are organized and easily accessible, presenting gifts is a pleasure, and wrapping them may be as well. Alternatively, you may utilize the empty space in a closet to hang an IKEA VARIERA bag dispenser(which costs about $3 each), which you can then fill with your gift wrap rolls as a DIY solution. A clothing bag contains the following items: Rachel Hollis recommends putting up all of your wrapping paper tubes inside a zip-up garment bag, as seen above, for quick and simple hanging storage you can store in your wardrobe.

This totableorganizer from The Container Store, which has hundreds of compartments and only $19.99, is a good option if you need something that fits under the bed or can be stored somewhere else.

Check out this tutorial from Monica Wants It for a creative method to store ribbons that also serves as a dispensing system.

12 Smart Ways to Store Holiday Decorations

In a blink of an eye, holiday decorating can swing from enjoyable to irritating. And putting everything away may be a real pain in the neck. We’ve gathered a few ingenious storage ideas as well as some pro organizational suggestions from Lea Schneider, author of Growing Up Organized and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, to assist you in getting it done. According to Schneider, “if you take the effort to properly stow decorations once the busy holiday season has passed, next year will be easier.” You may spare yourself a few hassles (untangling!

How to Store Holiday Decorations

The photo is courtesy of TreeKeeper International. Artificial trees may live for many years if they are properly maintained. In order to determine where to keep the tree, Schneider recommended that you consider its weight. “The majority of fake trees are too hefty to lift into an attic through a trap door or carry up a flight of steps. Consider keeping the tree on the same floor as it will be used, such as in a garage, storage room, or closet near to where it will be utilized “She provides guidance.

If you have the room, you may save a lot of time the following year by storing your tree instead of disassembling it this year.

There are a number of different sizes of TreeKeeper bags with rolling bases to choose from. A heavy-duty plastic hook allows you to hang the bag from the rafters in the corner of your attic, which is ideal for storage. Approximately $160;TreeKeeper

2. Best Way to Store Christmas Lights

The image is courtesy of Brookstone. An almost invariable outcome will result in a victory for the lighting in any contest between a decorator and a pile of tangled lights. The most effective method of storing Christmas lights so that they do not tangle is to “Make labels for each strand with masking tape and a permanent pen to keep track of them. Your note can include information such as how long it has been in use or where it was used so that it can be easily replaced the following year “Schneider offers his advice.

The case displayed here has two reels that are protected by an insulated zipped bag.

Approximately $40;Christmas Lights and Decorations, etc.

3. Store Christmas Ornaments in an Ornament Chest provided the image used in this post. In order to avoid movement of the ornament, Schneider recommends using a container with layers. “Fill empty space around the ornament with tissue paper to prevent movement,” he adds. Handles on each of the three lightweight, fabric-lined trays in this chest allow you easy access to each layer, and there is plenty of cushioning throughout. The tray dividers may be rearranged to fit decorations of almost any size, depending on their placement. costs around $105 per year.

4. Wrapping Paper Storage provided the image used in this post. You may store all of your wrapping paper in an under-the-bed or hanging storage system if you don’t have the space to dedicate a modest permanent space to crafts and gift preparation. The Wrapping Storage Chest from is designed with pockets and compartments on the inside, as well as handles for easy pulling and transporting of the contents. Is there no space under the bed? Install an organizer in the closet of a guest room. It is also available at

Clothes are kept safe in this space-saving choice for closets by folding wrapping paper sheets, tissue paper, greeting cards, gift tags, and bags.

5. Holiday Villages and Collectible Storage Case

Featured image courtesy of Christmas Tree Storage Bag To store towns, Schneider proposes that they be be packed “in one or two cases or tubs by stuffing the buildings in first,” followed by “adding any snow, ground, landscaping, or lights on top,” so that they may be opened and promptly started up again the following year. If you pack your containers with the items you’ll need first on top, you’ll be able to unpack and decorate as you go rather than having to dump a full case before you can get started.

This backpack can contain up to 20 boxed village components and is equipped with rear wheels and padded handles to make transferring all of your miniature breakable homes at the same time safe and simple. has a price of around $72.

6. Out-of-the-Way Elevated Storage

Photo courtesy of You’ve taken all of your belongings and stowed them away in containers. So, what do you do now? To make decorating easier, Schneider recommends categorizing decorations into a few categories such as indoor and outdoor. This will allow you to decorate one area at a time rather than having to unpack all of your boxes at once. In order to avoid tripping over your seasonal belongings while trying to get to your beach floaties and boogie boards in the summer, you could anchor this system to your garage or attic rafters and store them here.

Using the hand-crank mechanism, you may lower the shelf to your level for packing, then raise it to its overhead—and out of the way—position after the packing is complete.

7. Tarnish-Proof Silver Ornaments and Flatware

Courtesy of the photographer Store your silver with care to avoid having to do a lot of polishing the following year. Silver Guard offers a variety of options for protecting holiday decorations and other seasonal silver goods, including: Pouches constructed completely of tarnish-resistant Pacific Silvercloth are available in a variety of sizes and may be customized to meet specific needs. You may also store 3M Anti-Tarnish Strips in a sealed container with other metal goods to preserve them looking their best for the following year.

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8. Hooks, Hangers, and Other Small Things Case

Courtesy of the photographer The presence of a few additional ornament hangers, twist ties, and Zip ties is always a good thing. However, while this adjustable 5-compartment storage box is intended to contain school materials, using it to store Christmas ornaments and other tiny parts isn’t a terrible idea. It is made of polypropylene and has adjustable dividers to fit any of your holiday decoration minor pieces, such as the metal hooks that are generally found at the bottom of your ornament boxes.

9. Stacking Ribbon Dispenser Box

Thanks to for the image. This box has movable internal dividers that may be used to accommodate ribbon spools of a variety of widths. Using the case, you can keep your trimmings clean and wrinkle-free while still being able to see what you have left over from the previous season. You may also keep them out for use on birthday deliveries throughout the year, as the container’s side apertures double as a convenient dispenser. Approximately $12;Container Store

10. Crush-Proof Wreath Case

Photo courtesy of SteriliteFragile wreaths made of dried berries and twigs may be able to last for another year provided they are preserved properly and properly. Meanwhile, fake wreaths may be kept festive and fluffy until the next year. “If your wreath is particularly large or heavily decorated, consider wrapping it loosely in plastic and hanging it from a nail on an attic rafter or wall peg,” suggests Schneider. “If your wreath is particularly large or heavily decorated, consider wrapping it loosely in plastic and hanging it from a nail on an attic rafter or wall peg.” Alternatively, one of these crush-proof containers can be used.

The fact that they take up more space than their softer storage counterparts does not negate the fact that they will provide superior protection. By using the mounting holes on the back, they may be stacked and mounted on walls. has a price of $19 for it.

11. Stash Tree Skirts, Table Cloths, and Other Seasonal Linens

Courtesy of Target, this image. By preserving your poinsettia-patterned tablecloths and antique tree skirt in a hanging vacuum-storage bag, you can ensure that they are protected from moisture, mildew, moths, and dust. Certainly, the air-tight space-savers are intended for up to ten clothing, but there’s no reason you can’t fold and hang clean seasonal linens, including soft winter blankets, as well. You’ll be able to open objects that are as fresh as they were the day they were sealed the following year.

[THE] Tips For Storing Holiday Decor

It will be necessary for me to take down my holiday decorations in a couple of weeks, due to the demands of my husband (as well as the HOA), which will make me feel like Moira Rose surrendering her wigs to the FBI. Unfortunately, the show must go on! Even if I am unable to exhibit my Christmas décor on a year-round basis, I can at least organize and store it in a manner that makes it simpler to unpack the following year. Let’s start with the fundamentals. Photographs should be taken: Before you begin packing up, take some shots of the decorated rooms to use as a reference for next year’s festivities.

  • Make changes as you go: Resist the temptation to throw everything back into storage containers without first paring it down.
  • Preserve a supply of waste bags available so that products that have passed their expiry date can be thrown out or donated.
  • If something is dirty, it should be cleaned.
  • Insert emoji of a shrug here.
  • As a matter of fact, it’s an even stronger argument for labeling because you’re more likely to forget.


Let’s start with the most delicate of the bunch, shall we? Ornaments should be stored in stackable boxes with sections to keep them safe. We recommend classifying them according to their color, design, or which tree they belong to. Individual foam packaging envelopes should be used to protect each ornament for added protection.


A tangled strand of lights is something I like to avoid at all costs. Before putting them away in storage, wrap them around a sturdy reel to keep them safe and secure.


Is that a wreath that has been crushed?

No, thank you very much. Make use of a container designed exclusively for wreath storage. They are long-lasting and stackable, and they are also ideal for use as garland.


Is that a wreath that has been crushed? I’m sorry, but I decline. Make use of a storage container designed exclusively for wreaths to keep your wreaths safe and secure. They are long-lasting and stackable, and they are also ideal for use as garland or as decorative elements.


If you have a spare closet, turn it into a presenting station where you may store *everything* you need for gift-giving, organized by occasion. This enables you to take only what you require at any given time and to keep your belongings safe. Clear stackable bins with cup inserts may be used to store materials such as ribbon, bows, tissue, gift tags, and so on. Storage options for wrapping paper include: under-the-bed boxes, acrylic risers inverted upside down, and floor bins that are upright and stacked on top of one another.

An organization center should feature a utility board for scissors and tape, baskets for ribbon, gift tags, and greeting cards, and an envelope dispenser.


Items such as stockings, pillows, tablecloths, and tree skirts may be stored in either stackable plastic bins or vacuum-sealed bags to keep them organized over the holidays. Organize (and label) your belongings by room or item. If you are the kind that follows a schedule, identifying your belongings by room will make the unpacking process go more smoothly. Store glass or ceramic accessories or tableware in stackable china storage containers, or wrap each piece snugly in foam packing sheets before storing them in a labeled bin to ensure that they are well protected.

xo, clea

7 Holiday Storage Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity After The Holiday Season Wraps

Put an end to putting everything in the same box! These innovative containers are ideal for storing and protecting decorations, gift wrap, Christmas lights, wreaths, and other small items. Each product that we showcase has been picked and vetted by our editorial staff after being thoroughly researched and tested. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a commission. I enjoy decorating for Christmas, but I despise the hassle of having to store all of the decorations once the holidays are over—especially because they’re generally only on display for a few months out of the year.

So, what’s the best method to keep those expensive Christmas wreaths, ornaments, and lights safe throughout the months when they aren’t being used?

Instead, you may store your prized ornaments in storage boxes, bags, and containers that have been designed expressly for festive products, such as those from Target.

The following are some of our favorite storage tricks that will keep your holiday decorations safe and undamaged until you’re ready to bring them out again next Christmas.

Gift Wrap Storage

Amazon charges $6. If you have a large collection of Christmas wrapping paper, designating a storage container for it will make the gift-wrapping procedure much easier. This organizer is unusually long (40 inches) to accommodate most roll sizes, and it has a divider as well as additional compartments for gift bags, ribbons, and tissue paper. It is made of durable plastic. It can be stored upright, hung in a closet, or tucked beneath the bed until the following winter season comes along. Furthermore, it is not restricted to the holiday season!

Stackable Ornament Storage

Amazon charges $6 each item. Use a specialized storage container to organize your Christmas wrapping paper collection, which will make the gift-wrapping procedure much simpler. A divider and additional slots for gift bags, ribbons, and tissue paper are included in this extra-long (40-inch) organizer, which is designed to accommodate the majority of roll sizes. It can be stored upright, hung in a closet, or tucked beneath the bed until the following winter season comes along. It is also not exclusive to the holiday season!

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Amazon charges $13 each item. Pulling your imitation Christmas tree out of storage only to discover that it is crooked, worn, or covered in spiderwebs (eeek!) is the last thing you want to discover. Using a Christmas tree storage bag or box, you can keep your fake tree safe while it is in storage. This one from Amazon is constructed from breathable, lightweight cotton and includes robust handles for convenient carrying.

Stackable Wreath Storage

The Home Depot charges $12. Although putting a wreath in a garbage bag may suffice, a storage container designed exclusively for wreaths can provide superior protection for your décor in the long run. This 24-inch wreath storage container from The Home Depot is large enough to accommodate even elaborately designed wreaths with all of the trimmings. The strong plastic shell guarantees that your wreath retains its shape year after year, regardless of the weather. The transparent lid allows you to see what’s inside without having to open it, and the handle makes it easy to carry.

Christmas Light Storage Box

$46, courtesy of Amazon This string-light storage box will keep your lights and cables from becoming tangled. The plastic container comes with detachable light wrapping that act as a spool of thread, holding your wires in place. Because the lights are positioned upright in the box rather than piled on top of one another, there is no risk of them becoming squeezed or destroyed towards the bottom of the box. You may also use it to keep your tinsel garland so that it doesn’t become tangled!

Plastic Storage Bins

Target is $18. What should you do with all of your leftover holiday decorations? Plastic storage containers of the most basic design come to the rescue. Using these flat bags, you can store everything from garlands to present wrap to spare cardboard boxes to little Christmas ornaments to deflated yard decorations and much more.

Make sure to get a clear tote so that you can see what’s inside at all times, and go one step further by marking the contents of the tote on the lid.

Christmas Card Storage Container

Michaels is $3. Keep Christmas cards and letters from family and friends as treasures for years to come by archiving them. Once the holiday season is over, a simple organizer will keep all of your Christmas cards safe and organized. This little box is equipped with dividers that allow you to organize your cards by holiday, date, or recipient. While in storage, the robust sides protect cards from being damaged or bent, and you can easily identify the front of the box with the year or occasion on which the cards were collected.

15 Brilliant Christmas Decoration Storage Hacks

After Christmas is over and the presents have been opened and the Christmas tree is beginning to drop needles, the season may be a little bittersweet. The Christmas decorations have been packed away, and we’re ready to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Our Christmas decorations, on the other hand, are packed with lovely memories that we cherish. Storage is important so that unpacking them the next year is simple (also, let’s face it, holiday decorations are sometimes weirdly shaped and difficult to store, so storage is important).

  • I’ve just finished up my holiday preparations and put away all of my Christmas decorations.
  • As much as I enjoy the Christmas decorations, including the tree, garland, stockings, and ornaments, it’s good to have a clear slate to start the New Year with an ordered home and a fresh start!
  • Being tidy and meticulous while putting away your Christmas storage can help to ensure that next year’s decorating will be a breeze.
  • Are you looking for Christmas decoration storage ideas?
  • Many of these storage solutions require little to no effort and make use of stuff you already have on hand (like belts and plastic cups).
  • With these 15 Christmas decoration storage solutions, you can easily organize your holiday decorations!
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15 Ideas for Christmas Decor Storage

When it comes to keeping your fake tree, using the original box for Christmas tree storage is frequently the most effective option to consider. But, for some reason, after the tree has been fluffed and removed from its original tree storage box, it never appears to be able to fit back in. Old belts can be used to help you get your fake tree back into the Christmas tree storage box if you’re having trouble. This fantastic Christmas ornament storage hack will not hurt the tree, but it will allow you to squeeze your pine or spruce into the available space.

Is there no Christmas tree storage container? This is still an excellent method of protecting your Christmas tree before placing it in a Christmas tree storage bag or container, though.

Using See-Through Bins for Easy Access

Who who ever peeked into boxes of Christmas ornament storage and wondered what on earth was inside will find this holiday organizing trick quite useful. Bins and ornament storage boxes are particularly designed for storing seasonal decorations and keeping them organized. Even though the majority of Christmas ornament storage boxes are affordable, they will keep your holiday decorations for many years to come. Invest in a few sturdy, high-quality ornament storage bins to keep your ornaments safe.

Keep decorations organized by color and label the containers as you go as you’re sorting them.

Protecting Wrapping Paper

Maintaining a supply of rolls of wrapping paper is always a difficult task. Wrapping paper storage boxes or bins that will protect the roll are required because a crumpled roll of wrapping paper is a waste of time and resources. This brilliant hack can let you protect and preserve your rolls of festive paper: Using a garment bag as a storage option for wrapping paper is a great idea! Fill the bag with wrapping paper rolls and hang it on a hook or a garment rod in the closet to keep it organized.

Next year, your wrinkle-free Christmas wrapping paper will be ready to use for gift-wrapping duties.

Storing Christmas Lights

Even the most cheerful Christmas elf might become frustrated while trying to untangle a tangle of Christmas lights. Keep your strands of lights properly grouped this year to save yourself some trouble next year. This holiday storage solution is considerably more straightforward than the various Christmas storage boxes that are particularly designed for lights. Individual Christmas light strands may be packed up quickly with the help of this storage solution. Christmas decoration cords will remain tangle-free and will be simple to store in Christmas decoration storage boxes.

Organizing Christmas Cards

I usually feel horrible about throwing out greeting cards, but storing them in Christmas storage boxes makes them more likely to be forgotten or neglected in the future if they are not used. With this adorable Christmas storage idea, you can keep track of all of your holiday mail while also preserving the memories for years to come. Use all of the Christmas cards you’ve been accumulating year after year to create these simple Christmas card books. During the holidays, the books can be exhibited and enjoyed by everyone.

Storing Fragile Christmas Ornaments

Tossing out greeting cards is always a difficult decision for me, but storing cards in Christmas storage boxes increases the likelihood that they will be forgotten or missed in the future. With this adorable Christmas storage solution, you can keep track of all of your holiday mail while also preserving the memories for years to come.

Using all of the holiday cards you’ve been collecting over the years, put together some easy Christmas card albums. During the holidays, the books can be exhibited and enjoyed. Aside from that, when the holiday season is done, the Christmas card books are simple to store in Christmas storage boxes.

Finding Replacement Christmas Bulbs

Tossing out greeting cards is always a difficult decision for me, but placing the cards in Christmas storage boxes ensures that they will be forgotten or neglected in the future. With this beautiful Christmas storage idea, you can keep track of all of your holiday mail while also preserving the memories for years to come. Make some easy Christmas card books out of all of the cards you’ve been saving year after year and putting them together. During the holidays, the books can be exhibited and enjoyed by everybody.

Storing Christmas Lights in Boxes

Wrapping lights around paper towel tubes is the most frequent method of storing holiday lights, however this method leaves you with a large number of rolls of lights and no Christmas decoration storage box to store them in. Instead, try this brilliant holiday-planning idea instead! Dress up a shoebox lid by trimming the edges so that they are slightly smaller than the box and wrapping string lights around the piece of cardboard. Your Christmas ornament storage box will fit neatly within the box, and you will have a simple way to store and safeguard your strands of lights until next year!

Organizing Holiday Garland

Every year, when I remove my garland strands from their Christmas storage boxes, I utterly forget which garland goes where and where it belongs. This is especially problematic if you have a collection of Christmas garlands that vary in length, design, and size. Create a streamlined process by clearly identifying each garland and wreath with big tags that clearly state exactly what it is and where it should be placed. As soon as the strands have been named, place them in your Christmas storage boxes with care.

🙂 Holiday decorating has just gotten a whole lot easier!

Protecting Holiday Wreaths

I enjoy displaying Christmas wreaths in a variety of locations throughout my home, including the front entrance, windows, and the wall over the mantle. It might be difficult to figure out how to properly preserve Christmas wreaths (without crushing them). Make use of this simple wreath storage method to keep your Christmas wreaths safe and secure. Install wreaths on an old clothing rack in your storage closet or wherever you put your Christmas decorations once the holidays are over. Wreaths will retain their form and will be protected from the elements.

Keeping Christmas Ribbon Tangle-Free

It’s time to sort through all of those Christmas ribbons you’ve collected over the years! This organizational trick for Christmas decorations may also be used to organize ribbon in your craft or sewing area, if you have one.

Keep ribbon tangle-free by storing it in a tiny shoebox-style storage container that has been fitted with a few dowels. The perforations in the shoebox storage container make excellent ribbon dispensers, allowing you to keep everything neatly spooled and under control while still saving space.

Storing Christmas Decor Flat

Looking for a place to store your Christmas decorations but can’t seem to find one? Items including as decorations, tinsel, and wrapping supplies may be safely stored in under-the-bed storage containers. Many of these holiday decorating pieces are flat when not in use and have proportions that allow them to be stored simply in under-the-bed Christmas decoration storage bins when not in use. The next suggestion is particularly useful if you have a restricted amount of storage space. Place your Christmas decorations beneath your bed till the next year.

Creating a Wrapping Station

A pegboard box is an excellent solution for storing and arranging Christmas wrapping paper and bags. Create an organization station to house and organize all of your Christmas wrapping supplies, including tissue paper, folded boxes and tape, scissors, and any other materials you might require for present wrapping. You may also include a gift list so that you can keep track of who is receiving what. Making Christmas wrapping and storing a snap is made possible by this simple Christmas storage solution.

Sewing Storage Solutions

Garbage bags are seldom large enough to accommodate your fake Christmas tree storage needs, and they are prone to ripping and becoming a sloppy mess in your Christmas storage space. Fortunately, making a basic Christmas tree storage sack out of an old sheet or dropcloth is simple and quick to put together! Making Christmas tree storage sacks for your artificial tree this year can ensure that it remains in good condition for many more years to come. Tree storage bags are designed to be easily placed into storage boxes other Christmas storage spaces.

Keeping Track of Beaded Garlands

Beaded garlands offer a touch of glitz and glam to your Christmas tree, and they look fantastic as part of your holiday décor. Unfortunately, though, these beaded strands are a little difficult to store and can become tangled and unorganized if they’re simply thrown into your Christmas storage boxes and bins without much thought. If you have little beaded garlands, you may keep them nice and orderly by placing them in empty plastic water bottles to protect them from getting out of control. With this Christmas decoration arranging tip, you can keep your beaded garland tangle-free and tidy all season.

You’ll be grateful to yourself for putting away your Christmas decorations with care and following these suggestions for organizing them now.

Do you have a slew of Christmas decorations that you’d want to put to good use? Take a look at these ideas on how to decorate your fireplace mantel for the holidays. Take a look at this collection of 20 incredible Christmas mantels!

How I’m Storing Holiday Decor

Greetings, friends! It’s a new day! Because today is the first day of school for the kids, we’re up and at ’em bright and early for the first time in weeks! Getting up and out the door on the first day back is a little easier because of the enthusiasm of the new school year, but I’m sure I’ll hit a wall later today. Sweatshirt with Pearls Jeans with a ripped hem Sneakers with Leopard Print Over the Christmas holiday, I worked on two organizational projects, the first of which I’m delighted to share with you today!

  1. When everything is nice and tidy, and everything is organized in the most attractive manner, I am genuinely giddy with delight.
  2. With two energetic children in the house, it is difficult to maintain the level of cleanliness that I prefer.
  3. The one thing I’ve grown extremely excellent at (particularly in the last few years) is KonMari-ing the living daylights out of my apartment.
  4. We no longer have to cram everything into drawers and cabinets; we finally have room to breathe!
  5. However, it has been our home for more than ten years, and we feel safe and secure in this location.
  6. The bend beneath the stairs appears to have been designed just for a Christmas tree!
  7. It’s also a lot of effort (both in terms of set up and take down), so I want to take advantage of it for as long as possible.
  8. The tree has been removed, and we’re back to a clean slate in this room, complete with a newjute rug.


In most years, my Christmas decorations are stored in the attic, but it’s always a major undertaking to take everything down each year. Large and hefty, there are a large number of containers to store everything. The fact that my brothers were able to come over and assist me with taking down all the bins and trees this year was a blessing, but I didn’t want to have to haul all of them upstairs and back into the attic once the holidays were over. Another advantage of creating a custom house is that you have complete control over details such as how much storage space you want, which was really essential to me when we were designing this home.

I knew I wanted a place where I could put everything in its appropriate place.

Located on the first level, off of what is now Jordan’s playroom, this closet provides plenty of storage space (but it was originally designed to be an office).


Prior to the major organizing project, the closet housed excess office supplies, my gym equipment such as weights, a jump rope, and a mat, golf clubs, framed degrees, and baggage, among other things. As I began to prepare for Christmas this year, I began putting festive containers in this area. Because we didn’t spend much time in this area, it was also quite dusty and filthy inside. The first step was to remove everything from the shelves and clean the shelves and floors thoroughly with my trusted stick vacuum.

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Actually, a few of summers ago, you guys recommended it to me and it has turned out to be one of my finest purchases!


With the new closet door, I can really open it and go inside it, where I can see everything at a look. Christmas, summer, spring, and fall decorations, as well as other seasonal decorations, are kept in this room. This is what I’ve lovingly dubbed the ‘Christmas décor closet,’ and it still amazes me that I have one of these in my own house! That had never occurred to me until this year that it may be a possibility. The first thing I did was line the lower shelves with greygrip shelf liner, which is a non-slip material.

  • To make the liner suit your shelves or drawers, just cut it with kitchen scissors to the desired size and shape.
  • The main tree was able to fit back into the box it arrived in, but I didn’t bother to shut the box.
  • I was debating whether or not to get one of those Christmas tree storage bags with wheels.
  • A common complaint is how simple it is to just put the entire tree into a plastic bag and seal it shut before rolling it into the garage for next year’s storage needs.
  • That extra storage space is quite convenient since it saves me from having to rewrap those gifts every year.
  • My ornament storage bins are located underneath that.
  • They are packaged with cardboard dividers to ensure that each ornament is well preserved and that nothing is broken.
  • I have both the little square ornament holders and the bigger rectangle ornament holders in my collection.

They are convenient to travel since they are easy to close with a zip and feature handles. In one of my ornamental boxes, I have a collection of rare decorations, while another is filled with imitation snow.

Let’s be friends!

Enjoy special material delivered straight to your inbox when you subscribe to our newsletter! I felt that because I already had this area and plenty of room to showcase our Nutcracker collection, I may as well take advantage of it. It helps to protect flowers from becoming destroyed in a package, and they are just pleasing to the eye. Isn’t that the most important thing to remember? To do things that make you happy regardless of whether or not other people understand or agree with you? It’s YOUR life, and it’s YOUR house.

  1. A few feet away from the Nutcrackers are two glass jars that have either lost their lids or broken — I can’t recall which.
  2. They had a roll of ribbon and a few gift tags in their hands.
  3. I adore decorating for all four seasons, which is why I have four seasonal bins: one for spring, one for summer, and two for fall.
  4. I put the lovely rabbits on display because they are just too cute!
  5. Not all of my Christmas decorations could be stored in the closet.
  6. Despite their massive size, these giant green bins have lasted for years and are ideal for storing large items such as garland and wreaths.
  7. What kind of storage do you have for your Christmas decorations?

I find it really beneficial to use holiday organizing boxes for various purposes, so I’ve included links to the ones that have received positive feedback on Amazon.

A Gift Wrap Organizer that hangs on the wall.

The Best Seller Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer |

4Ornament Storage|

6Ornament Storage|

8Wreath Storage |

However, nothing compares to this year!

And now that I know what Spring, Summer, and Fall décor I have, I can simply decorate for each of those seasons as well as the rest of the year.

I did go ahead and get two of these stunning tulip wreaths for the front entrance! I was very excited! I’m looking forward to receiving these! More of my SPRING Amazon home decorfinds may be seen here and here. Best wishes to you and yours, friends! IMG 8121

10 tips for how to store your Christmas decorations

Are you unsure of how to safely store your Christmas decorations till the following year? Protect your valuables from being damaged by following these helpful storage techniques. 1. Clear resealable bags should be used. Make use of clear gallon bags from your kitchen if you want to keep all of your ornaments in the same container but arrange them according to their color; The next year, it will be much simpler to appraise your stockpile. 2. Wrap your tree with plastic wrap. The following tip will keep your fake tree clean and preserved throughout the winter, spring, and summer months if you store it in the garage.

  • Wrap the lights around the cardboard.
  • Keep the garland in water bottles to keep it fresh.
  • Make sure you store your beads in a plastic water bottle to avoid this disaster – each container will hold two strings of beads!
  • Display your decorations on a tree.
  • When it comes to’shatter-proof’ balls, this method works great — but consider preserving your favorite glass antique decorations in separate containers.
  • Recycle any storage containers you have around the house.

Inquire at your local liquor shop about wine boxes with cardboard dividers that you may fold and cut to fit your specific needs.

Egg cartons work well for small trinkets, plastic product containers or shoeboxes work well for larger ornaments, and paper towel tubes work well for garlands.


When you have more hangers than your rod can accommodate, this clever wardrobe organizer is ideal – but it’s even great for holding many wreaths.


To store the top, middle, and bottom components of your artificial tree, make bags out of dust sheets and tie the bags closed.


Use plastic cups that were left over from Christmas parties to keep your decorations safe while they are in storage.


If you go all out with your wreaths (we’re talking every window, indoors and out!) and don’t have enough space in your closet to store them, invest in a clothing rack and store them in your basement or garage covered in plastic to preserve them from being ruined.

You may be able to discover further information on this and other related items at the website

Brilliant Christmas Decor Storage Ideas That’ll Impress Your Most Organized Friend

We’ve all been in that situation. When Christmas time rolls around, it might be difficult to locate that lovely garland you picked up at a garage sale the year before or the ornament collection your parents so thoughtfully gave to your children. As a result of these factors (and others), it’s critical to have some reliable holiday storage solutions on hand. Trying to replace broken ornaments, resuscitate flat wreaths, and untangle tangles of stringlights is one of the most aggravating things that can happen during the holiday season (time that could be spent holiday decorating or watching a Hallmark movie marathon).

  1. Here are some of them.
  2. Using cardboard tubes made from wrapping paper to keep wires tangle-free is a wonderful idea.
  3. It’s also nice to know that you’re helping the environment by keeping these products from ending dumped in landfills.
  4. It’s going to be the most planned Christmas season you’ve ever experienced!

Holiday Storage Ideas: 9 Tips for Organizing Holiday Decor

Are you looking to tidy your home after the holidays? Maintaining your room clean, protecting your belongings, and making it quicker to set up for future holidays are all benefits of proper holiday decor storage. To maintain your Christmas décor in good shape, try using garment bags to hold wreaths or egg cartons as ornaments. There are countless creative ways to arrange and store your holiday decorations!

Declutter Old Decor

Before you put away the stockings, the tree, and the Christmas lights, perform a thorough inspection of your holiday decorations and discard anything that is broken or no longer in use from this year. When you declutter old objects, you will reduce the quantity of holiday decorations you have to put away and you will save time the next year when you are putting up your holiday decorations!

Separate Seasonal Decor in Clear Storage Bins

A easy home storage trick is to categorize all of your decorations according to the holiday season! Sort materials into stackable containers and mark them according to the occasion and kind of decor for easy identification. For example, group all of your Thanksgiving centerpieces together in one box and all of your Fourth of July outdoor décor together in another to save time and avoid confusion when you try to gather items the following year.

Get Creative with Containers

Rather than purchasing pricey storage containers for your holiday storage needs, make use of the containers you currently own! Use an old suitcase to store all of your Christmas wrapping paper, or a recycled wire garbage can to store all of your Christmas string lights.

Repurpose Magazine Racks

Magazine racks are useful for more than just storing your favorite weekly reading.

They’re also a fantastic seasonal storage option for separating gift bags, stationery, and wall decorations according to holiday!

Utilize Hanging Door Storage

Utilize the vertical space above a door in your closet or storage area by utilizing hanging door storage systems! When you use a shoe organizer or hanging bins, you can quickly and conveniently store Christmas decorations such as wreaths, door signs, wrapping paper, ribbons, and much more in a convenient location.

Try Clear Garment Bags

Are you unsure about where to keep your larger Christmas decorations? Make use of clothing bags! These bags may be used to protect clothes from damage and dust while it is being stored, and they can also be used to keep holiday decorations from damage and dust! Garment bags may be used to cover any festive wreaths, door signs, stockings, and fake trees to help keep your holiday décor looking festive all year.

Wrap Decor Around Cardboard

Unwrapping and unwinding knots in twinkling lights, streamers, garland, and bead strands is the most time-consuming part of taking your Christmas decorations out of storage every year. Wrapping these objects around a piece of old cardboard before putting them away can save you the hassle of having to untangle them afterwards.

Store Small Decor in Egg Cartons

If you have little Christmas decorations that are fragile and difficult to preserve, consider storing them in an empty egg carton to keep them safe! This low-cost holiday storage solution is ideal for storing priceless Hanukkah ornaments, glass pumpkins, and Easter treasures when they are not in use during the season of giving. To say nothing of the fact that it is an excellent method to recycle the old egg cartons that amass during the year.

Reuse Toilet Paper Tubes

Egg cartons aren’t the only reusable item you can use to store your Christmas decorations! Old toilet paper tubes make ideal storage containers for Christmas decorations such as string lights, extension wires, and other odd stuff. Fill the tubes with stuff and place them inside a holiday storage container to keep everything clean and tidy. *** Do you require additional storage space for your Christmas decorations? Extra Space Storage provides a number of handy self-storage facilities around the United States that may assist you in keeping your house tidy and clutter-free.

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