How To Make Wooden Yard Decorations

DIY Plywood Crafts Holiday Yard Art Decorations

Yard art may be utilized for practically any occasion, whether it’s a holiday, a special event, or even a birthday. Yard art is something I’ve been creating for more than 20 years, and if you take your time and follow the procedures carefully, you will have the greatest DIY Christmas yard art that all of your neighbors will appreciate. While the majority of my yard art is now geared around the most important holiday of the year, Christmas, I have created a number of other pieces that I’d like to share with you today.

It appears to be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions that your yard art will be subjected to.

However, if this is your first time undertaking such a project, I can assure you that it will be well worth your effort in the end.

Holidays include Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Father’s Day is celebrated on June 18th.

Memorial Day is observed on May 28th.

Inexhaustible is the list of celebrations, holidays, and special events.

Step 1: Choosing Plywood for Holiday Yard Art Decorations

The most essential thing to look for when selecting a suitable style of wood to cut for Yard Decorations for Christmas or any other holiday is that the wood is not twisted, that it will withstand the weather, and that it will provide the greatest results. Making a decision on wood that is simple to paint is also a consideration. For my wood yard art decorations, I use outdoor MDF plywood that is weather resistant. These may be purchased in a number of sizes, and you can even have your local hardware shop cut it to the length you want for a little fee.

The following is a list of materials: 4×8 pieces of 3/4″ plywood were used (how many characters you make and how big will determine how many you need) Metal poles and brackets to attach to the backs of the figures so that they can be seen.

Brushes for the base and detail work by an artist

Step 2: Drawing the Character Onto Plywood

Once you have the plywood set up on a table that is large enough to accommodate your work, you may do what I do, which is to sketch your characters by hand. Alternative: If you are not artistic, you may use a projector by standing the plywood up and projecting images onto it, which will provide you with a basic outline that you can cut out. Don’t be concerned with getting all of the small features of the character right; just get the general outline down so you can start cutting. Once the cutting is completed and the priming has been applied, you may proceed to add all of the minute details that will make your figure come to life.

  • Even though my first yard decorations were created with meager means, they are still in use today.
  • It is necessary to take some precautions in order to ensure that your yard decorations will survive for decades.
  • Once you have completed the drawing of all of the characters, it is time to cut.
  • Whichever approach you pick, and I have used both, will decide what extra actions you will need to do.
  • If you wish to cut through the character’s core or any other section of the character, you must first drill a hole in the character.

Simply use a drill and a drill bit to create your hole, and then put the saw blade up through it and connect it to the saw with the included clamp. The following step describes the cutting process.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Character With a Jigsaw

This following stage necessitates the use of a jigsaw or scroll saw. To accomplish the cuts, I use a jig saw with a scrolling blade and a scrolling blade. Stick to the lines and cut out each character one by one. To get it properly the first time, you must take your time, avoid being frustrated, and take breaks during the process. Go through the entire procedure to ensure that all of your characters are eliminated. Keep in mind that the most essential thing to remember is to take your time and move slowly through the process.

When approaching a tight turn, slow down.

Take it easy.

Step 4: Sanding

This is the step that will take the most time to complete out of all the ones I’ve listed above. Sanding your components improves the durability of the paint adherence. After getting a couple of years of use from the product, you don’t want to come out the following year to get them and discover that your paint has faded or peeled off the vehicle. I have at least three different types of sand paper in my collection. An Extra-Coarse Sandpaper A Very Course Sandpaper A sandpaper with a fine grain You may be asking yourself, “Why?” at this point.

  1. It is also necessary to remove any pieces of wood that have been left over or that have protruded from the cutting process after the surface has been roughened.
  2. What this does is allow the wood to breathe, allowing the paint to penetrate the wood evenly and effectively.
  3. Do the same thing on the cut side, going all over the area.
  4. With the fine sandpaper, you can smooth out the wood so that when you handle the piece while painting, you don’t get any slivers of wood.
  5. Recall that I created some of my earliest pieces when I was ten years old, and they are still in existence.
  6. The following step is priming.

Step 5: Priming

Using a decent primer before you paint produces a smooth, almost plastic-like end result, makes your product appear more professional, and will ensure that your product lasts for many years in its current condition. There are two methods for achieving a smooth surface: mechanical and chemical. Using either method will need three to four coats, with each coat costing around twenty cents. Method One: Using a good paint brush, cover the whole surface in an x motion, allow it to dry, and repeat the process at least three times to get a surface that is smooth and free of dirt.

Allow to dry before repeating.

There should be no evidence of wood visible at all.

The more thickly you can layer it on, the less work you’ll have to do later on.

Make certain that no portion of the wood is visible. It is important that no part of the wood is visible, since if it is, water will infiltrate the wood and cause your pieces to distort. This step must not be overlooked; it is critical to ensure that all of the pieces are protected.

Step 6: Pencil in the Character

Fill in the details of your character’s face, bodily parts, and so on with a pencil. Take it easy with the pencil and avoid using a marker; it will be difficult to cover with acrylic paint and will bleed through no matter how many layers of paint you apply. Believe me when I say that I made the same error when I first started doing yard art. Make certain that you have all of the traits. Take your time, take breaks if necessary, and come back to it when you’re finished. You’re almost set to start the exciting section of the game.

Step 7: Painting Base Colors and Detailing

Each character you wish to create will require a different set of colors, which you can obtain from your local craft store. Check your list for the colors you’ll need; there’s nothing more aggravating than coming home and learning you’ve overlooked a crucial shade. Consider purchasing more paint than you may really use; it is always preferable to have too much paint than not enough. Some paints will take more than two applications to achieve the desired result. Yellow appears to be the most problematic color, with it taking over five minutes to get the appropriate color impact.

  • It’s important to ensure that the lines are well covered; you don’t want them to show through when you apply the final layer of paint.
  • You should apply your base layer of paint several times to ensure that you get the desired result.
  • Rather than just a season, you want these things to endure you want these pieces to last a lifetime rather than just one season Making your character come to life, or getting down to the finer details of what makes him or her unique, is maybe the most tedious element of the entire process.
  • Are you able to make out all of the details?
  • You do not want lines that are too prominent, but you do want them to be large enough that you can identify what they are.
  • Always start from the centre and work your way outwards to avoid getting wet paint on yourself accidentally.
  • Taking your time and taking several pauses in between is really vital when working on this item.
  • Allow the paint to cure for at least 24 hours, if not longer, once you have done painting all of the items in your collection.

Step 8: Clearcoat

The moment has come to safeguard your characters from the harsh weather conditions they will encounter after they have been created and brought to life by your imagination. I use a clear top coat spray sealer, which can be found at any hardware shop or online. I’ve experimented with a variety of different sealers, but the spray kind has shown to be the most effective. Important: If you reside in either a tropical or desert climate, apply the sealer carefully, covering enough enough to coat the object without overcoating it.

notably in the color white To avoid this, use sealer sparingly throughout the holiday season and reapply another coat of sealer once the holiday season is over and you are about to put them away for storage to further preserve them.

To ensure that they endure a lifetime, simply spray them with another layer of sealant before storing them.

I would be delighted to create some yard art for you. In addition, I provide a guarantee that you will enjoy my website; please visit it. Watch for my instructables on how to set them up in your yard and display them appropriately for advice on how to exhibit them correctly.

1 Person Made This Project!

When it comes to landscaping, wood yard decorations are a good choice whether you want to decorate for a certain holiday or want to add a year-round accent to the rest of your landscaping elements. To create your own wood yard decorations, you may use anything from unfinished logs to timber or plywood, depending on your desire. Cedar and redwood, which are naturally rot-resistant, are among the greatest types of wood to utilize in the construction of decorations that will survive year after year.

Plywood Cutouts

Plywood cutouts are one of the simplest do-it-yourself wood yard decorations since they require only a simple form that can be cut out of half-inch exterior grade plywood using a jig saw and then assembled. Snowmen and other festive symbols, as well as animals, humans, and text, are all possible design options. You may either sketch your own design or utilize a template to create the decorating. Unlike other types of decorations, wood decorations are entirely adjustable since you may pick your own paint scheme to finish the decoration, which can range from vibrant cartoonish motifs to plain black silhouettes.

If you prefer another option, screw wooden stakes into the back of the plywood and then drive the stakes into the ground.

Carved Wood

If you have a little inspiration and patience, you can carve a huge block of wood into numerous designs to use as yard decorations, such as toadstool mushrooms, animals or totems, with a little effort. When it comes to carving wood decorations, the complexity and risk are mostly determined by the tools you employ. In order to produce the design, manual instruments like as wood chisels, hammers, and knives can be employed, although chainsaw carving is significantly more risky and requires expert talent to complete.

The rough edges of your carved wood ornament can be left as they are, or you can smooth the wood with sandpaper to give it a smooth surface like glass.

Advanced Woodworking

Creating large wood decorations, such as bridges and wishing wells, may convert your yard into an oasis, but you’ll need sophisticated carpentry skills to complete them. In order to construct a tiny bridge, two curved 2-by-6-inch boards with 2-by-4-inch planks nailed into the 2-by-6-inch boards to provide a walking surface, as well as three supports on either side of the bridge, are required. In order to construct a basic wishing well, many courses of 6-inch lengths of 2-by-4-inch timber are laid out in a circle, with the joints of each new course spaced over the joints of the preceding one.

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A dowel is required to cross between the posts and support a bucket at the bottom of the well.

Bentwood Designs

Decorative garden structures, such as trellises, arbors, and chairs, may also be used to enhance the appearance of a yard, particularly when they are created from bendable branches. Willow is likely the most commonly utilized branch in the building of twig arbors, trellises, and furniture, although it is sometimes difficult to come by or is prohibitively expensive. You can substitute the green tips of branches from other tree species in their place. It may be necessary to soak the branches in water for a few hours to soften the wood if they are too tough to bend.

For the most part, ring shank nails work well for holding branch parts; however, the slender, wispy ends can be knotted together or wrapped with wire to keep their form.

Build Your Own Wooden Lawn Ornaments

Holidays, special events, a party, or even a sudden burst of creativity are all you need to justify building your own wooden lawn decorations from scratch. Whatever your reason for wanting to draw attention to your yard, whether it’s to start a new hobby, have a yard sale, or celebrate a holiday, these basic decorations are a terrific way to do it. Furthermore, they are simple to put together!

Step 1 – Pick a Design

Once you’ve decided on the purpose or occasion for the lawn or garden ornament, such as a Halloween decoration or a means to identify which veggies you’ve grown in a certain row, you should think about a basic design to complement the event or cause. You can find photos on the Internet or in a child’s coloring book to use as inspiration for your project. The more straightforward the design, the better. Help’s pretend you’re going to make vegetable forms to display in your garden to let others know what’s growing there.

Step 2 – Layout Your Design

Make sure your plywood is set up on a table or other flat surface that is simple to reach and draw on. Draw a light outline of the object on the plywood with a carpenter’s pencil, then erase the pencil marks. In the event that you don’t consider yourself artistic, it is acceptable to cut out a pattern and trace it onto the wood. Don’t be concerned about being overly precise. Small faults will not even be noticeable from a distance.

Step 3 – Cut Out Your Design

Once you’re satisfied with the contour of your object, use the pencil to darken the line so that it’s more visible. Then you may cut it out with your jigsaw. To avoid torn and jagged edges, use a fine-toothed saw blade with a fine tooth. As a jigsaw produces a lot of splinters, work slowly and wear safety glasses because you’ll be working near to the wood in order to see the line you’re cutting on.

Step 4 – Attach Your Stake

You’ll need to construct a support for your decoration in order for it to stand upright. Using the 1×2 inch timber, cut two 45-degree angles at one end to create a pointed end that can be driven into the ground. Finishing nails are used to attach the stake to the ornament’s base. The height to which the stake must be driven into the decoration is determined by the size and weight of the ornament. In most cases, 4 inches is plenty.

Step 5 – Prep and Paint Your Ornament

After you’ve cut out your patterns and connected your stake, you may use wood putty to fill up any gaps or holes in the wood design that you’ve made. Allow it to cure completely before sanding the wood smooth. Apply your primer and allow it to dry completely. Using your pencil, create any lines or ornamental motifs on the ornament once the primer has dried completely. If you want tomato leaves, for example, softly sketch them in with your pencil. After that, you may start painting your ornament, using the pencil lines as guidelines to help you.

Bear in mind that these will be seen (generally) from a distance, so make your lines thicker and more visible.

Toss the ornament in the ground the next morning after it has dried overnight. Always remember to remove any dirt or debris from the stakes after you have removed the ornament and to preserve them in a cold, dry location so that you may use them again the following year.

How to Make Wooden Pumpkins for Festive Yard Art (2022)

Please help to support this site by spreading the word! I created these wooden pumpkins as a means to practice my jigsaw skills before taking on a more challenging project. As a result, I’m here to inform you that if I can construct wooden pumpkins for yard decorations, then so can you! Continue reading to receive the blueprints as well as the whole instructions. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, I will receive a commission.

How to Make Wooden Pumpkins

I’d had the desire to study woodworking for a year when the opportunity presented itself. My husband has a garage workshop in which he creates beautiful things, such as the farmhouse wooden headboards that we built together in our spare time. But why should the lads get to experience all of the excitement? Preparing to use a jigsaw to carve wooden pumpkins for Halloween I’m here to demonstrate that constructing wooden pumpkins for yard decorations is much simpler than you would believe! Three different-sized wooden pumpkins of differing heights and widths, as well as a few branches and leaves, were created using just a jigsaw and a scroll saw.

Continue reading to obtain FREE patterns as well as a printable version of the complete instruction.

Wooden Pumpkin Specs

I created three different-sized pumpkins for this project. I’ve included the project blueprints (in PDF format) so that you may make your own wooden pumpkins to the same specifications as mine. (If you require it, you may obtain a free copy of Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer.)

  • A Large Pumpkin (43 x 38.5 inches) is available for download
  • A SmallWide Pumpkin (39.5 x 29 inches) is available for download
  • A TallSkinny Pumpkin (30.5 x 33.5 inches) is available for download.

See the bottom of this page for a printable version of the complete tutorial, which includes step-by-step instructions and a supply list.

Supply List

  • A jigsaw, a scroll saw (for cutting stems and leaves), sandpaper, drill and screws are all necessary tools for this project. Preparation materials: multipurpose primer
  • Exterior paint (about 1 pint)
  • Sealer (optional)
  • Paint brushes and/or roller brushes

Step 1: Printing the Pumpkin Patterns

In addition to the pumpkin, there is a numerical pattern on the pumpkin that looks like this: Create a life-size design by printing and cutting the shapes out of 8.5 x 11-inch printer paper, then taping the pages together to form a pattern that looks like this: Please keep in mind that the vertical and horizontal grid lines are intended to assist you in aligning the pages of the pattern. You also have the option of free-handing your pumpkins if you so choose. Don’t worry, I re-formatted the numbers so that they appear more aesthetically pleasing in your downloaded pattern!

Step 2: Tracing Your PumpkinsCutting

Then, once you’ve put your pattern together, you can simply tape the outline onto your wood and trace it. After that, you can get down to business with the jigsaw, which is always a blast! The song “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande plays in the background. If you want to make the middle oval, you’ll need to overlap the two sides of each design to produce a “egg” shape. The “egg” shape is transformed into the core of the pumpkin that stands in front of it. Check out the final cutouts, which are just ready to be transformed into something spectacular!

Step 3: Creating Stems and Leaves

I drew a freehand design for each of the pumpkin stems and leaves to use as a guide.

You have the freedom to be creative with it! After that, I chopped the shapes using a scroll saw to make them more manageable.

Step 4: PaintingSealing

Freehand patterns were produced for each of the pumpkin stems and leaves. There are many possibilities! To make the forms more easily cut, I used a scroll saw.

Step 5: Assembling the Pumpkins

Pre-drilling holes in the back of the pumpkins (to prevent the plywood from breaking) and using external screws to link all of the components together was our method of construction (stems, leaves, etc.). Keep in mind that the screws should be short enough so that they do not accidently protrude through the front of the pumpkin! Then, my buddy, you’d have a jack-o-lantern on your hands! You may also use wood glue, but we preferred the flexibility of being able to remove the components if necessary.

I recommend that you use clamps to keep the components in the proper place and that you label your holes before you begin drilling.

Step 6: Attach brackets to backs of pumpkins

Pre-drilling holes in the back of the pumpkins (to prevent the plywood from breaking) and using external screws to link all of the components together was our method of assembly (stems, leaves, etc.). Make sure the screws are short enough so that they do not unintentionally pierce through the pumpkin’s top or bottom! Then, my buddy, you’d have a jack-o-lantern to decorate your house with! Alternatively, wood glue can be used, but we preferred the ability to separate the components if necessary.

Using clamps to hold the parts in place and marking your holes before drilling are two suggestions I’d make.

Pin it for later!

  • Learn how to construct your own DIY wooden pumpkins for use as fall outdoor décor. The fact that you can reuse these enormous pumpkins year after year makes them excellent yard decorations. You may build three different pumpkins using the designs provided: Large (43 x 38.5 inches), TallSkinny (30.5 x 33.5 inches), and SmallWide (25 x 33.5 inches) (39.5 x 29-inches). Please keep in mind that the measurements are for the pumpkin outline only and do not include the stems or leaves. Preparation time: 30 minutes 3 hours are available for use. 8 hours of additional time Time allotted: 11 hours and 30 minutes TypeArtsCrafts is a type of project.
  • Plywood (approximately 2 sheets of 48-foot)
  • Sandpaper
  • Screws (for exterior use)
  • Multi-purpose primer (or exterior paint with primer)
  • Hammer
  • Hammering block
  • Hammer Exterior paint (about one pint)
  • Sealer
  • Plumbing brackets (of the u-type, for the purpose of exhibition)
  • Metal stakes (for the purpose of exhibition)
  • Begin by downloading and printing the FREE pumpkin patterns that are accessible on the internet. Cut out the pumpkin outline and tape the pattern together in the manner specified
  • And Using a pencil, trace the outside pumpkin motifs onto plywood, and then cut them out with a jigsaw. Then, fold each paper design in half and overlap the two halves to make a “egg” shape, which will serve as the center of each pumpkin’s body. Make egg forms by tracing and cutting them out. Making use of unused pieces of plywood, create as many leaves and stems as you like. (You may just freehand these sections if you like.) Using a scroll saw, cut the wood
  • All of the edges of the wood cutouts should be sanded, and a primer should be applied to all sides. After that, apply 1-2 coats of outside paint and cover with an outdoor sealant
  • Then Assemble all of the components using wood glue or tiny screws to complete the project. If you’re using screws, drill pilot holes to connect the parts together, taking care not to drill through the wood. Make use of brackets on the back of the pumpkin cutouts to hold them in the ground, or place the pumpkins against trees to make them look more realistic.

The cost of the project does not include the cost of basic woodworking tools that will be required. Make sure you have enough plywood to cover the pumpkin outline as well as the center oval form for each pumpkin you plan to create. Please help to support this site by spreading the word!

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Simple and Inexpensive Holiday Yard Art!

Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate your yard for the holiday season? If you find that electric lights aren’t enough, consider adding a wooden snowman, a reindeer, or maybe old St. Nick himself to your holiday decorations. This may be an easy, low-cost, and pleasant activity to undertake. You’ll need a few simple tools to get started. Keep in mind that safety precautions are essential. Because you’ll be working with wood and generating sawdust and other flying debris, you’ll want to protect your eyes by wearing safety goggles.

  • Clothing that is overly loose might become entangled in saws and other power equipment, resulting in damage.
  • The finer the cut is, the sharper the blade is used.
  • It is necessary to have a drill with a variety of bits as well as a set of screwdrivers.
  • The resources required for a given project vary based on the product being constructed.
  • Pine outperforms all other softwoods in terms of availability, ease of working with, and overall cost since it is more cheap.
  • Three-quarter-inch plywood is best suited for larger projects, such as a sled, candy canes, reindeer, candles, choir members, or a Santa Claus figure, among others.
  • Other materials are prone to warping and deterioration as a result of prolonged contact to moisture.

To make your own, you may cut out designs from sheets of butcher paper or you can purchase them from a local craft store or mail order firm.

In any case, the majority of commercially accessible designs are divided into numerous portions.

Carbon paper is one of the most straightforward methods.

Saw horses are the best option.

Trace over the lines on the pattern with a pencil or a ballpoint pen to finish it.

To complete the pattern, repeat the method for each area of the design.

Don’t allow the intricacy of a pattern deter you from attempting it.

Simply divide difficult cuts into smaller, more manageable curves and lines.

Drilling a pilot hole may be particularly valuable in those difficult-to-reach places.

Also, don’t forget to seal the edge of the paper.

The primer protects the wood while allowing the black pattern lines to bleed through, allowing you to apply the various finish colors according to the design as you see fit.

To prepare for painting using primer, it is recommended that the object be sanded with rough grade sandpaper (100-200 grit).

After the primer has dried, sand the surface once more with finer paper or emery cloth (up to 500 grit).

It has a strong resistance to the weather and, best of all, it is easy to clean up with soap and water.

Possessing a variety of different-sized brushes will result in a completed product that is more professional in appearance.

Use drywall screws to secure your work.

Please visit our website or contact our listener line anytime at 1-800-737-2474 for more home improvement suggestions and information. Thank you! All you have to do is give your name, phone number, and the question you want answered. Partnership with a Sponsor

11 Wooden Christmas Yard Decorations

It is a serious business in certain areas to put together the ideal Christmas yard display; it is the stuff that holiday movies are made of. This list of our top 9 do-it-yourself outdoor Christmas woodworking pattern and kit options can help you create a memorable holiday yard, whether you reside in such a location or simply want to offer guests a preview of the festive joy to be had inside your home. Store pattern transfer paper, plywood, and paint in a designated area of your home, and then continue reading to learn about a project that will put your DIY skills—as well as your festive spirit—on show.

1. White Reindeer

Photo courtesy of Woodstore Yes, there are a plethora of different wooden reindeer patterns available. This one, on the other hand, is a classic. These elegant white reindeer will add a touch of elegance to your holiday display, and they can be quickly disassembled and stored flat for use year after year. There is also a large assortment of Santas and sleighs, as well as other seasonal motifs, to choose from. Plans cost around $15 at

2. Mrs. Snow and Child

Photo courtesy of Woodstore Forget about Frosty the Snowman! With this adorable duet in your yard, you can make it a white Christmas no matter what the weather is like. And don’t worry, Frosty fans: there are other outdoor Christmas woodworking blueprints available for a 45-inch high snowman and a 30-inch high snowman. charges around $15 for plans.

3. Wooden Sleigh

Rockler took the photograph. With this gorgeous item, you may transform your yard into Santa’s parking lot. The kit contains a blueprint for outdoor Christmas woodworking as well as all of the wood and metal you’ll need to create your own realistic sleigh out of wood and metal. The completed creation stands at three feet in height. Once you’ve finished, all you’ll need to do is fill it with gifts for your friends and family. sells the kit for around $100.

4. Easy-Rider Clauses

The Winfield Collection provided the photograph. Is a sleigh not your thing? Check out this pattern if you’re looking for an update on Santa’s sleigh. The final artwork is 54 inches by 73 inches in dimensions. Mrs. Claus is a separate piece that can be perched on the back of the bike, allowing you to ride with Santa alone if you prefer. charges around $20 for plans.

5. Christmas Moose

Photo courtesy of Woodcraft Inviting the relatives of the reindeer to your yard display is the perfect way to start the season. In addition to being just 28 inches tall, which is less than half the height of their real counterparts, this moose couple comes with mini-moose that are only 10 inches tall. These moose will make a spectacular addition to your Christmas yard if you paint them white and attach a bell collar to them as shown. has ideas for about $15.

6. Ginormas White Reindeer

The Winfield Collection provided the photograph. This wood design is literally larger than life in terms of scale. In order to build the appropriately called Ginormas Reindeer, which stands more than 15 feet tall and takes 512 sheets of plywood, People stopped to take photographs with the giant caribou when the pattern designers put their reindeer out in the open, creating quite a sensation. charges around $25 for the blueprints and approximately $3 for the necessary hardware (which includes carriage bolts, washers, and nuts).

7. Candy Cane Lantern

Photo courtesy of Woodcraft Plans Decorate your driveway with these functional candy cane lanterns, and your guests will think they’re on their way to Santa’s workshop. There are woodworking instructions, a painting guide, and comprehensive wiring instructions included with the pattern. The completed striped candy cane is 78 inches in height when fully assembled. charges around $15 for plans.

8. Penguins on Parade

The Winfield Collection provided the photograph. This design may be used to create a winter decoration that can be put up before Christmas and left up until the conclusion of the season. These three-foot-tall wooden penguins are the ideal addition to a yard that has been blanketed in snow and ice during winter. Plans are around $10 at

9. Gingerbread Manor

The Winfield Collection provided the photograph. If you are not making a typical cookie-based gingerbread home, this majestic mansion might serve as a suitable replacement. The full-scale layout will result in a house that is 46 inches tall and 47 inches wide. charges around $15 for plans.

10. Gingerbread Junction Dancers

Photograph courtesy of House Plans and More Inform your neighbors that a festive Christmas party is taking place inside. This dancing gingerbread boy and girl will keep your spirits up all throughout the holiday season and beyond. costs around $15 for plans.

11. Santa, Sleigh, and Reindeer

The WInfield Collection provided the photograph. Your children will believe that the Big Guy himself has arrived on your front lawn. There are different blueprints for each of them in the package. charges around $40 for plans.

Awesome DIY Christmas Yard Decorations • The Garden Glove

When we’re busy decking the halls for the holidays, it’s easy to forget that the garden also needs some holiday cheer! After all, Jesus was born in a manger, surrounded by animals and the elements. not at a pleasant and welcoming inn! What better time to decorate our front yard with some festive yard projects than around the holidays? These easy-to-make outdoor Christmas yard decorations will brighten up your garden and the lives of everyone who passes by it this holiday season!

Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations DIY

Adding these trendy DIY Christmas yard decorations to your holiday house will liven it up! Made from wood and tinted stain, this guide comes from’Purely Katie ‘, and it demonstrates how to create these interesting outdoor contemporary trees. Forest, forest, forest! Fa-la-la-la-la-la forest! Construct an advent calendar that you can distribute to everyone in your area. Cool Christmas tree yard décor, designed by ” Brian Patrick Flynn “, is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit this season.

  1. Having a grove like them in my front yard would be fantastic!
  2. With the help of lights, we attempted to create a magnificent woodland scene in our front yard last year.
  3. From the film’17 Apart ‘.
  4. Make these recycled wood Christmas trees, as demonstrated by’Restyled Junk ‘.

How to build these easy DIY outdoor Christmas yard decorations is covered in this short video tutorial. HGTV also has a great tutorial on how to construct a basic wooden Christmas tree from salvaged wood! This front yard Christmas decoration idea is simple to make, and the tutorial is below.

Easy Christmas Yard DecorationsProjects

I’m in love with these massive outdoor Christmas decorations for your yard! Check out the step-by-step directions to see how easy it is to build them with thrift shop treasures! This is from’HGTV ‘. Our next DIY Christmas yard project comes from. you guessed it. the United States of America. ‘ HGTV’is an acronym for Home and Garden Television Network. They demonstrate how to use moravian stars to decorate trees and other structures. Featured here is a unique and imaginative outdoor Christmas decoration concept.

  • We’re in the holiday mood!
  • You may do it for a party or just for your family members.
  • Here’s what’Henhurst Interiors’had to say about how they came up with the idea for these initial ones.
  • For these Christmas yard crafts, half-gallon milk cartons and old wine bottles are ideal materials.
  • The outdoor Christmas yard decoration seen here is one of the greatest we’ve ever seen!
  • Making snow lanterns with the aid of’Little Green Fingers’is a simple project.
  • The process of creating a snowball pile for your creations is a fun way to burn off some energy with the whole family.

DIY Outdoor Animal Christmas Yard Projects

In the episode “Finding Home,” the characters “discovered” the perfect Christmas yard project. a reindeer! I appreciate that this salvaged wood reindeer isn’t overly cutesy, but they didn’t forget to include the traditional red nose. It’s essential to have some magic, people! This rustic log slice snowman by’Grandparents Plus’is the final piece in our collection of snowmen. I couldn’t locate a tutorial for it, but it appears to be very straightforward in terms of design. Flatten the log slice edges where you intend to join them in order to ensure a snug fit (and that they don’t fall over!) Then screw from the rear or use wood glue and clamps to secure the piece in place.

Where to Buy Christmas Yard Decorations

Do you need yard decorations for Christmas? This 5 foot inflatable lit Santa and chimney from’Amazon’is one of our favorites. Looking for something a little different? What do you think of Santa and a vintage camper van? This inflatable decoration from’Amazon’comes with an integrated air blower that allows you to fill it with air. With a height of 7 feet, this sculpture will certainly be noticed! Peanuts Christmas is one of the most well-known and cherished Christmas specials in history. Bring it to your yard this year, and enjoy it!

  • It stands 32 inches tall, and there are three additional designs available.
  • That’s all there is to it!
  • Please share in the comments!
  • Check out our post on Dazzling DIY Outdoor Christmas Decor, as well as our piece on Brilliant Outdoor Christmas Light Ideas!
  • Then visit our sister site, OhMeOhMy, where we have a piece titled “DIY Christmas Tree Using Only Firefly Lights” that you should check out.

Photographs courtesy of: Purely Katie, HGTV, HGTV, 17 Apart, Restyled Junk, HGTV, HGTV, Martha, Henhurst Interiors, BHG, Little Green Fingers, Finding Home, Grandparents Plus, and others. It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. For more information, please see ourdisclosure. : Wooden Christmas Yard Decorations

Sketch was used to create this design. Sponsored Get it as soon as Monday, February 21 for $13.78, plus shipping. The Netherlands is served by this item. There are just 10 left in stock – purchase soon. Only 3 units left in stock – purchase soon. Ships to the Netherlands Ships to NetherlandsThere are only 15 of these items left in stock So purchase soon. Ships to NetherlandsThere are only 16 of these items left in stock So purchase soon. Ships to NetherlandsThere are only 13 of these items left in stock – purchase soon.

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19 Wooden Christmas Yard Decorations [Ideas + Plans]

WoodItGood is sponsored by the contributions of its readers. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the affiliate links on this page, we may get a commission at no additional cost to you. Made-from-scratch wooden Christmas yard decorations are the perfect carpentry project to complete during the holidays. With this collection of full-size woodcraft blueprints and ideas, even the most inexperienced woodworkers can create one-of-a-kind, custom-made lawn projects for their yards. If you’re in a hurry, we’re convinced you’ll be able to locate something visually appealing right here.

Rather of building a 280-light Reindeer, we’ll be creating the ultimate attention-grabbing Christmas yard display carpentry project instead.

Make The Holidays Special With These Wooden Christmas Yard Decorations!

Take inspiration from these yard decorating ideas to get into the Christmas mood! Isn’t it true that they’re the ideal holiday decoration to complement your beautifully trimmed tree and festively adorned halls?

Kissing Santa Claus and Mrs. Clause Christmas Yard Decoration

Santa would never forget about the mistletoe, would he? This Santa outdoor lawn art is the ideal holiday ornament for your yard.

This amusing yard display is over 4 feet tall and is made entirely of recycled materials. The Santa in this video is one of the most endearing we’ve seen in a long time. A fun project for any woodworker, or you can purchase one that has already been created and simply place it in your yard.

Fantastic-Looking Pine Trees

Isn’t it true that Christmas trees create the nicest holiday decorations? Depending on how you finish your wood, you may utilize this charming craft either indoors or outdoors. Your mantle or table centerpiece will be enhanced by their presence. A small army of them may be assembled to line a pathway or driveway, if you’re feeling really ambitious. Because of its adaptability, this is one of our favorite tree projects to work on. NOTE: If you enjoy this whimsical design, you might be interested in these laser cut or CNC Christmas tree decorations.

Christmas Stocking Yard Decoration Idea

Several Christmas stockings hung together in a row! This eye-catching yard display is simple to customize with the colors of your choice. You may also personalize the “cuffs” of each stocking by writing names on them so that Santa knows who to drop goodies in them! Making this eye-catching display out of plywood will be a snap, especially for those who are new to woodworking.

Robot Walker Reindeer Pulling Darth Villain (PLANS ONLY)

A SantaSleigh is available to anybody! Known as a “SiFi Santa Mobile,” this distinctive and entertaining design is one of those yard projects that is sure to attract the attention of the neighbors. WARNING! Whenever you construct one of these wooden Christmas yard decorations, all of your friends and family members will want you to make them one as well. In this limited-edition design, you will find** full-size patterns**

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Lawn Ornaments Collection

Nobody can deny their affection for the seasonal classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” There is no need to go any further for an exquisite holiday display full of the whistful colorful design of yesteryear since you have found it in this beautiful holiday yard display. Personally, we would like a swarm of Bumbles in our backyard, but that is just our opinion.

Rudolph And Clarice Yard Decorations

Anyone up for some cute reindeer? Rudolph and Clarice are among the most endearing characters ever created. We’re confident that he’ll be able to dazzle her in YOUR yard as well. There are no dirt stains on that nose any longer, after all!

Sam The Snowman!

Perhaps the most well-known of all time as a storyteller. Sam the Snowman, here I come! Making this collection is a wonderful journey down memory lane, as well as a lovely craft to do with your children or grandchildren. Alternatively, you could get them already assembled and simply enjoy building them up (while also watching the video) with your children.

Yukon Cornelius Yard Sign

Possibly the most well-known of all time as a narrator. Snowman Sam, here we come! It’s a nice activity to do with your children and a delightful journey down memory lane to put together this collection. Alternatively, you could get them already assembled and simply enjoy building them up (while also watching the video) with your children.

Misfit Choo Choo Train Yard Decoration

Choo-Choo Trains that are enchanted? CHECK! The absence of one of them would make no lovely display of Rudolph’s misfit toys complete! However, could someone kindly address the issue with his square back wheels?

Misfit Toys CollectionHermey

Adorable holiday displays with misfit toys and a would-be dentist, such as this one from the 1964 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Special, complete the picture.

Christmas Wooden Firewood Rudolph Reindeer

Let us now go on to something very different. This deer yard sculpture is a simple and enjoyable craft that will thrill everyone on your Christmas list who like deer sculptures. It’s a whole fresh take on the traditional “Reindeer Lawn Sculpture.” We believe that this provides for an attractive presentation for those who want a more rustic appearance. Even if this DIY yard decoration is simple, why stop at just one lovely reindeer yard decoration when you can have an entire herd of these wonderful creatures?

Christmas Yard 3-D Reindeer Yard Art

Here’s yet another lovely reindeer lawn sculpture to add to your collection. These full-size designs are simple to follow, since they stand only a little over 3 feet tall. It’s simple to create and will look great in your yard. You’ll have enough money to pull Sant’s sleigh and then some before you know it!

Lighted Pallet Wood Christmas Tree With Stand

Scrap lumber has never looked better as it does now! This eye-catching exhibit is illuminated for both daytime and evening enjoyment. This is a particularly enjoyable project for beginning woodworkers since it comes together so quickly and provides a significant amount of WOW factor for your efforts. And just think of all the practice you’ll get in while constructing your butt joints!

Grinch Yard Art Patterns For Christmas

Our favorite scene from this holiday classic is depicted here. Using this Grinch outdoor decoration template, you can make this amusing yard display out of plywood and other materials. It’s a humorous exhibit that is guaranteed to get the attention of all of your “non-woodworking” friends and relatives. Who knows, perhaps producing these will pave the way for you to launch a successful woodworking enterprise. There are worse things to do for a job than to create gorgeous Christmas decorations for others to enjoy.

Grinch Hand Holding Christmas Ornament

This entertaining display is not quite a Grinch yard decoration template, but it is the perfect size for hanging from your fence, front door, or even hanging from your window! It may be tedious to complete both sides of this wooden yard ornament, but we believe the reaction you’ll receive from your friends and family will be well worth it! To see the patterns in their entirety, click on the image.

Grinch CharactersChristmas Tree

It would be a pleasure for this delightful display of well-known figures to greet your holiday guests and assist them in getting into the Christmas mood. These Grinch wood yard art designs are the perfect way to round off your incredible pattern collection. To see the patterns in their entirety, click on the image.

Grinch Character Set: Good Grinch, Max and Cindy

This eye-catching Christmas yard decoration will be a hit with your family! This four-foot-tall, three-piece set will brighten up your yard and thrill your neighbors alike. Seriously, who doesn’t fall in love with the Grinch once he develops a heart of gold?

Grinch Peeking Over The Fence

Beautifully detailed and full of personality, this unique design is both adorable and simple to create. In addition, you will not require a large amount of material for this Grinch yard decoration plan.

I’m thinking some scrap plywood will suffice. Of course, as is the case with many woodworking projects of this nature, once your friends see it, you’ll be inspired to make even more! To see the patterns in their entirety, click on the image.

Adorable Snowman Decor For Your Home or Yard.

Add some Christmas cheer to your yard with this charming yard display of snowmen to greet your guests and boost their holiday moods. Make many of these pallet wood snowmen and use them to create a bright and lovely yard display for your neighbors. The holidays are an excellent time to learn to woodwork if you are a beginner. There are a plethora of fun items to create to adorn your house and give as gifts to family and friends. Here are a few ideas. And don’t forget that doing your own wood crafts, such as these wooden Christmas yard decorations, is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends while also passing on a passion for woodworking.

Please get in touch with us and share your woodworking creations with us!

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Different types of support are required for different types of projects, based on their size and the place in which they will be shown. Some will be self-sufficient as a result of the design. Some may be attached immediately to a fence, a post, or a structure using wood screws or tiny nails. Others require more elaborate installation. Some frogs, such as the Lazy Larry frog seen below, may just require a basic bracing to let them to sit on a shelf. Many of the plants you’ll want to proudly showcase in your yard will require some type of ground anchoring to provide a sturdy support structure.


7/16″ steel rods can be firmly pushed into the ground through 1/2″ CPVC pipe that has been clamped and screwed to 1″ x 4″ spacers on the rear, if necessary. Provides sturdy stability and a clean appearance while hammering stakes into hard ground without the danger of harming the display. Additionally, the detached pole makes it simpler to store vertically indoors. (recommended) To See My Photo, Please Click Here.

For small projects under 12″ tall

I drill one 1/4″ diameter hole 1-1/2″ deep and insert1/4″ diameter x 9″ long metal rod that will be driven securely into the ground.My Photo


There is absolutely no reason why any “Yard Art” cannot be placed indoors for holiday decorations and enjoyed much more by family and friends who come over to visit. To see a photo, click here.

Simple Wood Brace

Photo Of My Work I made a shelf to display my frogsin a spot thats protected for the wind, so I didn’t even have to secure this brace.In other locations it could be easily secured with small screws or finishing nails.

Optional Yard StakesClamps

There is absolutely no reason why any “Yard Art” cannot be placed indoors for holiday decorations and appreciated much more by family and friends who come over to visit or stay with you. Photos may be accessed by clicking on the image

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