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17 Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas Inspired by Interiors Designers

Nobody wants to live in a plainwhitebox, but there are times when spending a fortune on art is simply not a viable alternative. What is the alternative? Repurposing materials you already have into attractive objects and creating your own works of art to hang on the wall are two great ways to save money. The results are quite remarkable, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get them. Whether you’re framing your children’s artwork or constructing your own wall hanging, we uncovered a plethora of innovative, designer-inspired DIYwall art ideas to inspire you.

Because these examples are quite basic and straightforward to reproduce.

1Painted Tarp (optional) Leanne Ford is the reigning queen of high-end do-it-yourself projects.

My best artist buddy Alexandra Gracik was visiting, so I invited her to come over with her charcoal and draw whatever the hell she wanted, and she happily obliged “The designer provides further explanation.

  • 2Porcelain GalleryIf you have a large collection of Chinese porcelain, why not display it for everyone to see?
  • Once you’ve planned out your gallery wall, all you’ll need is a few photo hangers to finish it off.
  • Three-tiered fabric wall hanging If you have an old area rug or blanket that hasn’t been used in a while, consider repurposing it by hanging it on the wall.
  • 4Artwork Created by Children Frame the nicest pieces of artwork created by your children and exhibit them with pride.
  • The result may be polished if the work is done properly with clean, contemporary frames and then set in a traditional floor-to-ceiling grid pattern.
  • 5Clipped Art is a type of art that has been snipped.
  • Simply affix an image that you adore on the wall, without framing it.

Hanging with 6 Beaded Strings Make a wall hanging out of beads and a branch to display on your wall.

It has a more whimsical appearance than a woven hanging and takes up less visual space than a woven hanging.

Leanne Ford just placed it up on a ledge and leaned it up against the wall in this instance.

Statement PaintPaint an architectural oddity in a bright hue to add a splash of color to an otherwise plain room.

9PegboardA pegboard is a versatile piece of furniture that can be customized to your preferences.

If you have limited closet space, this is a terrific storage option that also adds some depth to your area.

11Garlands Make a series of impromptu garlands out of branches and leaves in a cosy, cabin-like setting for your house.

Gallery of Mirrors 12 What about a different take on the traditional gallery wall?

These basic, diverse mirrors serve as works of beauty when arranged in a group (and reflect light beautifully).

The fact that they are both utilitarian and lovely.

13Drawstring Hanging Fabric You may not be able to get that chair upholstered in your favorite print, but you may use a fabric swatch to draw attention to the chair.

It’s excellent for a laid-back, easy-going environment, and you can take them down anytime you get tired of having them up there.

If only we could get our hands on one of those dangling seats.

15Flower WallWho needs an aheadboard when you can have a whole wall of flowers to yourself?

You can find the lesson at Sweet Teal.

You can find the instructions at SugarCloth.

This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your artistic abilities.

You can find the instructions at SugarCloth.

Hadley Mendelsohn is the senior editor of House Beautiful, and when she’s not busy obsessing over all things decor-related, you can find her exploring antique stores, reading, or stumbling about since she’s most likely misplaced her glasses yet again.

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Say Goodbye to Blank Walls With These Pretty DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Something about gazing at a large blank wall is quite scary. In case you’ve just moved in (or, understandably, haven’t gotten around to decorating your room yet), have a look at these 25 lovely DIY wall décor ideas to help you cover that blank wall with something wonderful. There is no shortage of ways to decorate your walls with stunning pieces, from woven wall hangings to wreaths to floating shelves to framed wall art. Even better, these concepts are do-it-yourself and inexpensive, despite the fact that they appear high-end and polished.

A DIY Photo Collage

  • Studio Do It Yourself For those of you who have been seeking for a reason to finally print some of those adorable Instagram photos, try this rainbow photo collage, which will provide a splash of color to your walls without being too overpowering. DIY Rainbow Photo Collage from Studio DIY
  • DIY Rainbow Photo Collage from Studio DIY

A Dreamcatcher

  • Almost Makes a Perfect Situation This modern dreamcatcher is simple and minimalist in design, and it looks lovely and modest hanging on your wall. Although the white yarn is nice (and gives off an amacramevibe), you might experiment with a more coloured yarn to get the same effect. Made by Almost Makes Perfect, this DIY Modern Dreamcatcher is simple to make.

Framed Gingko Branches

  • Lia Griffith is a young woman from the United Kingdom. However, although this art appears to be entirely purchased, it is actually rather simple to make at home. Making these gorgeous paper ginkgo leaves is demonstrated in the lesson, however spray-painted imitation stems may also be used in lieu of paper. Lia Griffith created these Frosted Paper Gold Gingko Branches.

Pressed Flower Art

  • Studio Do It Yourself Who knew that pressing flowers in the microwave could be so effective? This tutorial will guide you through the procedure step-by-step, and you’ll end up with this lovely botanical art piece that will look beautiful on your wall for years to come. From Studio DIY, learn how to press flowers in the microwave. Continue to the fifth of twenty-four sections below.

A Painted Circle Shelf

  • Almost Makes a Perfect Situation By first painting a circle on the wall, you may add dimension and interest to your floating shelves. Are you concerned that you will not be able to create an even circle? The lesson will demonstrate a creative trick for doing it properly the first time. DIY Painted Circle Shelf from Almost Makes a Purpose, which you can do yourself.

Glam Art

  • Casa Watkins is a retirement community. If you want to decorate your walls with exquisite art, you don’t have to spend a fortune. This DIY project makes use of gold leaf paint, and you can even paint over an existing canvas if you want to get creative. Create your own glam art with help from Casa Watkins Living.

DIY Fringe Wall Hanging

  • Studio Do It Yourself This fringe wall hanging will add texture and color to your walls while also providing a decorative element. Despite the fact that it appears to be time-consuming, it can be completed in a matter of hours using cotton brush fringe. Create a simple fringe wall hanging using Studio DIY’s step-by-step instructions.

PaperFelt Wreath

  • Lia Griffith is a young woman from the United Kingdom. What about a green wreath that will last throughout the year? Please accept my request. This stunning eucalyptus wreath made of paper and felt has a genuine appearance and adds a pop of texture and color to an otherwise plain wall. Lia Griffith created a PaperFelt Eucalyptus Wreath. Please see below for the 9th of 24th paragraph.

Woven Basket Hanging

  • Casa Watkins is a retirement community. Hanging baskets are always a lovely way to bring a sense of rustic style to a room, but adding some DIY tassel accent makes them much more attractive and attention-grabbing. From Casa Watkins Living, a DIY Woven Basket Wall Hanging is created.

DIY Abstract Painting

  • The Creativity Exchange is a platform for sharing ideas. Even if you don’t consider yourself a talented painter, you can be surprised at how well you perform when you try something different from a traditional landscape. It will be demonstrated in this lesson how to layer acrylic paint in an intriguing manner. The Creativity Exchange demonstrates how to make an abstract heart painting.

Faux-Embroidered Wall Art

  • Beautiful, to be sure. For this wonderful stitched wall art to come together, you don’t need a lot of time or to be an expert at needlework. Surprise! All you need is a hoop and a sewing machine with fancy stitch choices to complete this project. Indeed, DIY Faux-Embroidered Wall ArtfromLovely is a great idea.

Hoop Style Wreath

  • Twelve on Main is a bar in downtown Los Angeles that serves a variety of alcoholic beverages. Wreaths aren’t just for the front entrance or for the holidays. It would be beautiful to hang this gorgeous hoop-style wreath fashioned with a hoop and dried flowers on a wall or leaning against a fireplace. Simple Hoop Wreath in a Bohemian Style from Twelve on Main Go down to the next page, number 13 of 24.

LEGO Display Shelves

  • Beautiful, to be sure. Are you looking for a solution to get all of the LEGOs off the floor that you constantly treading on? These DIY display shelves are both utilitarian and decorative, serving as a pleasant focus point on a wall in your home. Indeed, LEGO Display Shelves from Lovely are available

Painted Arch

  • Delia is a creator. When you decorate an entryway or any blank wall with a painted arch, hooks, and a simple piece of art, the room instantly becomes more elegant. Even the most jumbled of jackets will seem stylish on this background. Delia Creates has created a simple entryway makeover.

Geometric Wall Hanging

  • A Kailo-chic Way of Life This eye-catching geometric wall hanging instantly transforms any space into a showpiece. You might experiment with other materials, or you could purchase a geometric wall hanging kit, which is available in the tutorial’s store. The A Kailo Chic Life has a DIY Geometric Wall Hanging that you may make.

Letter Wall Hanging

  • This project, which can be found on Ali’s blog, takes large wooden letters (which can be found at most craft stores) to an entirely new level of sophistication. You may use any colors and prints you like to paint or decoupage on your walls. Ali’s Decorated Wooden LettersfromHome Crafts are made with love. Go ahead and read number 17 of 24 in the section below.

DIY Papercut Artwork

  • Lia Griffith is a young woman from the United Kingdom. This stunning minimalist artwork appears to be extremely complex (and it is! ), but it is actually quite simple to create, especially if you have access to a cutting machine. The instruction is available as a PDF in four different designs, all of which would look great hung together in a grid like this. Papercut Summer Fox is a fictional character created by author Summer Fox. Lia Griffith’s artwork is included here.

DIY Paper Stars

  • The Season’s Greetings Using these paper stars to decorate a wall can give a wow-factor to any room, and they are a creative way to recycle all of those paper grocery store bags you’ve amassed. Alternatively, you might use a thread to suspend them from a covered porch. From The Merrythought, you may make your own paper stars.

A Decorated Wall Shelf

  • Kirsten.diane / Instagram Kirsten.diane / Instagram When decorated with gorgeous décor such as candlesticks and leaning paintings, a dramatic floating shelf is a simple yet eye-catching way to add more storage and intrigue to your walls. A Floating Shelf for Above-Bed Storage fromKirsten.Diane

DIY Rustic Wreath

  • SugarCharm Using thick rosemary and a dash of fragrant lavender, create a rustic wreath that will fill your home with a pleasant natural smell. However, even if you use artificial greens, they will still offer color and an earthy element to your home. Made by SugarCharm, this rustic wreath features rosemary. Continue reading to page 21 of 24 below.
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Rainbow Wall Hanging

  • It’s just as lively and cheerful in a living room as it is in a child’s room. SugarCloth In addition, you’ll be shocked at what a pool noodle can accomplish in this environment. SugarCloth’s Rainbow Art Wall Hanging is a DIY project.

Recycled Chalk Art

  • The Season’s Greetings If you’re searching for a creative way to reuse paper bags, this chalk art project is a great option to try out by yourself or with your children. It’s remarkable how much more sophisticated a basic project would appear with a stylish framing. There are five recycling crafts for children from The Merrythought

Brass Circle Wall Hanging

  • SugarCloth This DIY wall hanging created from brass rings will add a bit of glitz to your interior design scheme. The color of the wall (or the wallpaper) is used as part of the wall décor in this room. SugarCloth’s DIY Brass Ring Wall Decor is a great idea.

Colorful Yarn Wall Hanging

  • A Kailo-chic Way of Life The combination of vibrant flashes of color and a soft, flowing texture is hard to resist. These yarn wall hangings may be manufactured in whatever color you like, and they will provide a sense of playfulness and elegance to any room. A Kailo Chic Life created a colorful modern yarn wall hanging that was easy to make.

39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls

Who says art needs to be meaningful or necessitate any form of originality or creativity? Here are some inexpensive and simple solutions for sprucing up an otherwise drab wall.

1.Hang up a scarf. You should choose a scarf that is visually appealing, such as this one. You should also iron it before hanging it on a hook or wall. However, it might also be framed.

2.Use masking tape to create a geoemetric, abstract painting. Paint on a canvas a wacky, bright, and random design, then use tape to create a herringbone pattern before painting over the entire thing in white. When you take the tape off, you’ll be left with something like the image below. (The artwork seen is a genuine art print that may be purchased.)

3.Frame a fabric or wallpaper sample. To make the string lights, poke holes into the canvas in a random constellation pattern, and then thread the bulbs through the holes. You can find the whole set of directions here.

20.Paint coffee stirrers and arrange into an art piece.

Find out how to follow the really simple directionshere.

26.Organize art supplies into a rainbow display. Make use of any broken crayons that you may have lying around the house. Please be advised that this is a somewhat unpleasant project.

29.Use household items to hang pictures. It’ll provide fuzzy effects that are ideal for printing out on paper and blowing up to a large size.

39.Make a really simple abstract painting.

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76 DIY Wall Art Ideas for Those Blank Walls

Are you looking for some unique DIY wall art ideas for your barren walls? We think that the items you select to exhibit in your house should reflect your individuality and ingenuity. Whether you’re looking for art to display on the walls of your bedroom, bathroom, living room, teen’s room, dorm, or apartment, we’ve got some fantastic DIY wall décor ideas for you to check out. For those on a budget, fast ideas that don’t require a lot of time, and innovative arts and crafts ideas for original artwork that you can create yourself are all available.

1. DIY Indigo Wall Art With Framed Fabric

Nyclq-focalpoint Purchase some inexpensive bamboo frames on sale at your local craft store, as well as some attractive table runners to use as fabric. This DIY wall décor project is simple, quick, and inexpensive, yet it looks just stunning. Take a look around your house for some affordable frames and use this creative wall decor idea to dress up those bare walls.

2. DIY Abstract Art With A Golden Touch

Lollyjane I adore wall art ideas that are both beautiful and simple enough to be completed by someone who does not possess a great deal of creative ability or knowledge. This textured painting, which is an abstract done with only a few colors and a sprinkling of glitter, is simple enough to complete in about an hour.

This DIY project is a really simple home décor project that also doubles as a quick DIY present idea. It is definitely one to check out. As a lover of quick DIY projects for the living room, this fantastic painting is one of my favorite easy DIY living room decor ideas.

3. DIY Yarn Wall Art Hanging

Oleanderandpalm I would have never thought to make a yarn hanging (and I can’t stop thinking of great DIY projects!) but it is so simple and beautiful. I’ve seen a couple of them recently, so it appears that they are getting increasingly popular. It’s also simple! Don’t you think this modern but rustic approach for house décor is fantastic?

4. Easy DIY Painters Tape Wall Art

Diyjoy Since I’ve been looking at DIY wall art ideas for a few years, this particular creation has been my all-time favorite. You don’t need any special skills to complete this project and create a work of art worthy of displaying in your living room. Painters may complete this multi-layered masterpiece in a few of hours, perhaps even less, using just their time and a few basic acrylic colors.

5. Cork Wall Art

Projectrowhouse I always adore wine cork crafts, and this one makes for a unique DIY wall décor project that is almost entirely free. I really like having this in the house since it looks like a sculpture, and anything that looks like a wine cork hanging is something I like. People are often amazed when they find out what I created it out of, and several of my friends have expressed an interest in coming over and making one for themselves as well. People, please bring wine!

6. DIY Wall Art Patterned Squares

Decor8blog What a lovely pair of wall hangings for a low price that is also innovative. You may make your own patterned wall frames to brighten a dull section of the room that needs a little attention. These textured frames are easy to construct and require no creative ability to complete. Start here if you’re looking for do-it-yourself home décor on a budget. The colors may be changed to match almost any décor style, making them ideal for your modern DIY home decor.

7. DIY Paint Chip Ombre Herringbone

Ellementaryhome This is my favorite paint chip project out of all the paint chip crafts I’ve seen over the years. This woven herringbone art is a work of art in and of itself, and it deserves to be appreciated. Free to build and quite cool, I’m thinking I might need to make another one now that I’ve had another look at it. You’ll have a lot of fun creating this art project for your walls, which includes a step-by-step guide.

8. Large Rustic Clock Wall Art

What I’ve Done with My Repurposed Life Here’s a rustic farmhouse style wall art idea in the form of a giant DIY clock that serves both as a timepiece and as a decorative piece for any room in the house decorated with rustic charm.

9. DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Art

Vintagerevivals This comprehensive wall effect only appears to be expensive and time-consuming to complete. A honeycomb design is created with craft sticks or paint sticks to make the honeycomb pattern, and then some paint is applied behind the sticks to produce a cheap and simple diy wall art concept. Impressive, contemporary wall décor that is reasonably priced.

10. Wall Art with Fabric and Foam

Craftsncoffee I absolutely adore this fantastic do it yourself wall art since it is so unique and creative. The aim here is to keep things as simple as possible.

To create a layered appearance, just layer fabric scraps and foam together to make a design that would look fantastic in any home or room in the house. This easy to follow step-by-step guide will show you precisely how simple it is to construct one like this.

11. Quilled Monogram Letter Wall Art


12. Easy DIY Vintage Wall Art


14. DIY Herringbone Canvas Art


15. DIY Wood Slice Wall Art


16. Backlit Canvas Flora and Fauna Wall Art


17. Geometric Neon Lights Wall Art Sconces


18. DIY Doily Wall Art


21. Easy DIY Dumpster Texture Art


22. Vintage Typography Letterpress Block Wall Art


23. DIY Pallet Vintage Picture Wall Art


26. DIY Giant Wall Art


27. Wood Chevron Wall Art


29. Gold Leaf Map Wall Art


30. DIY Rustic State Map Wall Art


31. DIY Wall Art Bubbles


32. Industrial Style GalvanizedRusted Letters Wall Art


33. Junkmail Typography Collage Art


34. DIY Retro Wood Wall Art


35. Sectioned Canvas Wall Art


36. Painted Wood Wall Art


37. DIY Wall Art Popsicle Stick Hexagon Shelf


38. Fish Scale Wall Art


39. DIY Calendar Pages Wall Art


40. Shower Curtain into Large Wall Art


41. Decorative Wall Art Sign Tutorial


43. DIY Vintage Rose Cross Wall Art


45. DIY Simple Textured Wall Art


46. DIY Rustic Shutter and Stars Wall Art


47. Gold Dipped Feather Mobile Wall Art Decor


48. DIY Rustic Gold Leaf on Pallet Wall Art


50. Ombre Heart DIY Shadow Box


51. DIY Abstract Wall Art

52. DIY Birch Tree Wall Art


56. DIY Oxidized Copper Painting


57. DIY Basket Wall Art


58. Artistic Abstract Squares Wall Art


59. Easy DIY Shades of Geen Circles Wall Art


60. DIY Paint Drip Wall Art


61. DIY Wooden World Map Wall Art


62. Fancy Burlap Canvas Wall Art in 5 Minutes


63. DIY Pixel Wall Art


64. Doormat Wall Art


65. Sweet Tea Served Here Rustic Wall Art Sign


66. Scrapbook Flower Wall Art


67. DIY Cut Canvas Wall Art


68. Mossy Wall Art


69. DIY Intersecting Circles Wall Art


70. Sliced Dowel Wall Art


71. Kitchen Wall Art Printables


72. DIY Paper Flowers Wall Art


73. DIY Bandana Wall Art


74. DIY Modern Rustic Wall Hanging


75. Geometric Paper Patchwork Wall Art


76. Marbleized Paper Wall Art


18 Inexpensive DIY Wall Decor Ideas

What were we talking about? Wasn’t it simply the TV switcheroo / wall décor problem that was taking place in our living room? I’ve been over here and I remember EVERY single one of the DIY wall décor ideas that we’ve come up with since then. While there are a lot of interesting things going on behind the scenes here (as I hinted to on Instagram the other day), one of the ongoing discussions is whether or not to put some wall décor around our giant television. And that got me thinking about ALLLLLL of the wall décor we’ve made for ourselves over the years in our home, which is a lot.

UPDATE: Want 20 more DIY wall decor ideas? See them all here.

According to our fashion sense, we prefer the “why purchase it when you can make it for half the money” style. So I thought I’d compile a list of all 18 affordable DIY wall décor ideas to serve as a resource in case you’re ever stuck in the same situation as I was. Frames from a thrift store can be painted. The frames department of the secondhand store is one of my first stops when I arrive. You can get them for a couple of dollars, and if the picture on the inside doesn’t appeal to you, it’s not a huge deal.

  1. And if you’re looking for some recommendations on how to hang a killer gallery wall, you can find all of my suggestions here.
  2. This was the style we went for in our dining room last summer, and putting shutters to a plain wall is still one of my favorite ways to add texture to a room.
  3. I attempt to showcase our items from the past on shelves or in shadow boxes to help reduce the amount of clutter in our closets.
  4. Cut apart a calendar for quick and simple art.
  5. I just took some prints from an old Ansel Adams calendar that I had lying around to fill in the gaps.
  6. Instantaneous creation of art.
  7. Robert and I created this yardstick American flag for his workplace, but there are countless options for incorporating them into other sorts of art.
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I have a thing for clocks, so I arranged a collection of them on the wall of our kitchen.

The whole guide for creating this sign can be found here.

You can create a simple sign in minutes with a scrap piece of wood, some paint, and a few craft letters, all of which are inexpensive.

Along with these prints was a book that was destined for the garbage can.

Ceiling Medallions for Display Ceiling medallions may be found in a variety of places, including thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales.

Make a Jewelry Display for your home.

A thrifted frame, chicken wire, scrap wood, and a few knobs are all that are need for this project, and you will no longer have to sift through an overstuffed jewelry box.

How to Make a Towel Rack In our hallway bathroom, we wanted something a bit more interesting than a plain towel bar so we searched through our scrap wood collection and came up with this door knob towel rack that we love.

Changing the scriptures and poetry on this whiteboard to correspond with the many seasons and festivals throughout the year is something I like doing.

(You can also use this approach for hand writing chalkboards the easy way, which you can find here.) Make a Simple Wooden Shelving System We spent approximately $20 to create these shelves, and they provide a lovely, rustic atmosphere to our hallway bathroom.

Create a look in the vintage style Map that can be pulled down All you need is a poster, two dowel rods, twine, and a little adhesive.

Industrial art that is simple and old.

Type out a favorite poetry, statement, or song lyric and then enlarge it into an engineer print before pasting it onto a wooden sign for decoration.

With the help of a ballet barre, hang a mirror.

I understand that this will not work for everyone, but if you have a tiny girl, try it right now!

So, do you have a favorite of your own to share?

All of them are really affordable, and they have given our house a lot of individuality, allowing it to reflect a lot of what we enjoy about ourselves. If you need to go back to this piece for inspiration in the future, you may pin it to your Pinterest board here:

  • The Untold Truth About Finding Free Printable Wall Art on the Internet
  • Large-scale wall art made from a shower curtain
  • Vertical wall planter made from wood scraps
  • And more projects. Creating an Audubon Bird Art Gallery Wall and a Free Printable Set is easy. For those of you who have blank walls, here are 20 creative DIY wall decor ideas for you.

38 Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space

Given that we’ve been spending more time at home, we’ve found ourselves in nesting mode, which means it’s the perfect time to look for new wall art ideas and inspiration. There are literally dozens of various ways to decorate the walls of your house with beautiful art, and there is something for everyone. However, we whittled it down to our top 38 favorite concepts, which included thisHardSoft PrintfromMinted, as one of them. We have something for everyone, regardless of whether your style is metallics or neon, color block of obmre or 3D, 2D or 3D.

Geometric Prints are a type of print that is shaped like a geometric shape.

(Photo courtesy of Minted, Geo Abstract Print) 2.

All you need is a little imagination and frames that are large enough.

Check all these wall art ideas

3) Yarn Pom Pom Wall Art: A brightly colored yarn display can provide life to any room. It is possible to locate everything you require online or in a secondhand store. You’re on top of it. (Image courtesy of Brit + Co.) 4. Printable Stendig Calendar: The beauty of an item may sometimes be found in its practicality. This large calendar will help you stay organized and is visually appealing in its simplicity. (Image courtesy of A Joyful Riot) 5. Make Your Own Leaf Splatter Print: Create a group of them to give a splash of color to a room, or use them sparingly to create a sense of balance.

A wood-burned travel map: To serve as a small reminder of where you’ve gone and where you still wish to go on your journey.

DIY wall decor concepts

7. DIY Reversible Wall Hanging: What’s better than one boho item that can be worn both ways? There were two of them! No one could have predicted that reversible was the best option. (viaPaperStitch) 8. DIY Abstract Wall Art: With the correct frame and a short project, you may make a statement on your wall. (Image from ofDIY in PDX) Simple Paper Flower Art: You know how you’ve been wanting to incorporate more shadow boxes into your decor? Here’s your chance. Begin with this project and see where it leads you from there.

(viaMonstercircus) Wall Hangings Made of Dyed Wood:Did you know that you can colour wood?

(Image courtesy of Handmade Charlotte) Iridescent mirrors are the ideal room expanders, so why not make a mirror even more beautiful by adding color to it?

These are really cool wall decors, right?

13. DIY Faux Neon Sign Art: This diptych incorporates all of the latest trends into a single piece: neon? You got it. Check. There’s a palm leaf. (Image courtesy of A Kailo Chic Life) 14. Make Your Own Paint Swatch Art: Have you ever wished to experiment with a new color without the hassle? You may do so now with relative ease. (Image courtesy of A Beautiful Mess) Because you’re so eager to get started on your wall weaving project, you might as well employ this cheat. (Image courtesy of Brit + Co.) 15.

  1. (Image courtesy of Classy Clutter) a circular piece of wall art, and some Memphis squiggles to liven things up a little.
  2. Macrame Wall Hanging: With a strategically placed piece of macrame, you may create a permanent rainbow in your living room.
  3. DIY Paper Shapes Wall Art: All you need are some scrapbooking remnants to create a pair of contemporary prints.
  4. Please accept my request.
  5. (Image courtesy of Club Crafted) DIY Picture Gallery Frame (Part 21): Is there no room for a gallery wall?
  6. (Image courtesy of Brit + Co.) 22.
  7. You are deserving of it.

Frame Accent Wall: For a more abstract take on art, how about covering a whole wall with frames?

DIY Collage Wall Art: When others see the combinations you can put together, they will refer to you as the “modern-day Matisse.” (Image courtesy of Sarah Hearts) 25.

Make use of some wire script; it appears to be rather attractive.

Thumbtack Wall Art: Who would have thought that office supplies could be so stylish?

(Image courtesy of Brit + Co.) 27.

A quick and simple method to add a lot of color to your area in a short amount of time.

Spray adhesive may be used to quickly and conveniently connect the strips to the board without making a mess.

Glow in the Dark Hearts Wall Art: Create this dazzling piece of art by stringing battery-operated string lights together.

(Image courtesy of Brit + Co.) 30.

That’s all there is to it!

Starting with pre-made cardboard letters (through Brit + Co.) is the key to this technique.

They may be turned into beautiful wall art pieces.

(Plus, keep reading for two additional suggestions.) (Image courtesy of Brit + Co.) Spray Paint Wall Art (number 33): When you have a blank canvas, some painter’s tape (or lacy washi tape), and a couple of cans of spray paint, the possibilities for creative expression are unlimited.

Make Your Own Wire Wall Art: Head to the hardware shop to pick up the components for this unique wall art.

What exactly are you going to spell out?

Washi Tape Frames: When it comes to hanging wall art, the frame is half the battle.

(Image courtesy of Brit.

(Image courtesy of Brit + Co.) 37.

Instead, create a trio of washi tape trees to hang on your walls.

There will be no pine needles to sweep up!

Living Wall Art: Adding a few air plants to our string art plaques is one of our favorite additions to a simple DIY project.

(Image courtesy of Brit + Co.) What are some of your favorite do-it-yourself wall art ideas?

This content has been modified as a result of our cooperation with Minted.

Even while Brit + Co may utilize affiliate links to promote items offered by other parties, the company always provides genuine editorial recommendations.

Kristin blends her love of language with a passion for creating and a desire to master new abilities to create her work and her life. In addition, being an avid ice cream maker and storyteller, she always has a scoop or two to give away.

20 Wall Décor Ideas You Can Easily DIY

The minimalist aesthetic is popular right now, but having too many blank white walls can make your house appear unfinished and sterile. Filling in walls, on the other hand, may be a costly job, especially if you have a large amount of empty space to fill. Take a look at these simple DIY wall décor ideas that are not only aesthetically appealing but also inexpensive and simple to create. Here are some of our favorite elegant wall art ideas that are so fantastic, that one would ever guess that they were created by you at home yourself.

Freehand Paint Your Wall

Deena Knight is a well-known actress. Do you like the look of wallpaper without the hefty expense of purchasing it? Featuring a freehand painted wall (yes, for real), this lovely bedroom from is decorated with an ink geometric pattern that gives a lot of depth to the overall design of the room. The finished product has the appearance of wallpaper but is far less expensive. 02 out of 20

Paint a Half Wall

House of Chais is a private residence in the city of Chais. Even if you aren’t an artist, this room’s half-painted scalloped wall is a great example of a design concept that is simple to put into action and that everyone can do. Choose paint colors that are diametrically opposed to one another (such as beige and hunter green or soft pink and blue) for a dramatic impact, or use subtle shades within the same color family to add just a hint of texture to your walls. 03 out of 20

Hang Some Plants

Amy Sherlaw Interiors designed the space, and Alex MxIntosc photographed it. Fresh flowers, according to the majority of home interior designers, are one of the most effective methods to brighten up your house in preparation for visitors. Take that concept to the next level by incorporating plants into your wall painting. This gorgeous aesthetic demonstrates that covering an empty wall with a sequence of flowers or plants not only brightens up a space, but it can also be stylish and surprising in its appearance.

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Hang Objects

House of Chais is a private residence in the city of Chais. If this gallery wall caused you to pause in your tracks, you are not alone in your reaction. Hunging bowls, shelves, and plants are some of our favorite things in this room! For anybody who wants to add texture and dimension to an accent wall without covering it with paintings or posters, this is a fantastic idea. 05 out of 20

Paint a Mural

Dazey Den is a fictional character created by author Dazey Den. However, while this notion is on the more sophisticated end of the spectrum, painting a mural on your wall is not limited to children’s bedrooms. It may take a bit more talent to create this vibrant wall than a basic checked line pattern, but the results are well worth it. 06th of twenty

Fake Frames With Tape

The Art of Living a Crafted Life Another gallery wall that is difficult to overlook is seen here. Not only does this tape come in a variety of colorful, vivid hues that we adore, but the designs on the tape are enough to completely change any space. 07th day of the twenty-first century

Wallpaper One Wall

Lindsey Brooke Design created the design, and Amy Bartlam photographed it. Wallpapering a room has both advantages and disadvantages, but when you see a place like this, it’s difficult to argue with the impact it produces.

While wallpaper may be a bit more expensive up front than other easier DIYs, covering a large wall like an office, bedroom, or dining room is a terrific way to completely modify the look of a place without having to worry about your creative abilities. the eighth of twenty

Use Travel as Inspo

Katie Hodges is a young woman who lives in the United Kingdom. We all enjoy a well-curated gallery wall, but if you want to spice things up a bit, consider creating a themed wall like this one, which is inspired by travel. It’s a great idea to display art prints or maps that are inspired by journeys you’ve gone (or vacations you’re planning) to serve as a daily reminder of all those wonderful experiences. 09th day of the year 20

Add a Pegboard

ArborCo. Beautiful enough to stand alone as a work of art, yet functional enough to serve as storage space at the same time, this living room pegboard is the ultimate combination of utility and aesthetics! You should try with pegboard in your house if you haven’t already, and now is a good time to buy up this multi-purpose material on your next shopping trip. 10 out of 20

Create a Wall Weaving

Maggpie Consider this a do-it-yourself project for experts. This wall hanging is the perfect source of inspiration for us to learn how to macrame and begin producing gorgeous wall hangings of our own. A beginner may get a similar effect by hanging different colors of yarn from a piece of birch or from a stick, which is less time-consuming and requires less work than the gorgeous creation seen here. 11th out of 20

Use Your Hobbies

Exploration of the Solar System Do you like to surf? Do you have a musical instrument that you play? Make use of your interests as wall art. You may prop up your surfboards and hang your instruments from the wall. Not only will you have quick access to your belongings when you need them, but you’ll also be able to personalize your area with your own style. 12 out of 20

Arrange Shoes

Emily Gilbert is a young woman who lives in the United States. Always moaning about how you don’t have enough closet space? Here’s a simple approach that may be used for two purposes. Make a shoe wall out of old shoes. You may use your favorite pairs as wall art and clear up some room in your busy wardrobe by displaying them as art. 13th out of 20

Hang Baskets

Modernly You can hang some rattan baskets or bowels on the wall if you want to be creative. You might pick a single huge item to make a statement, or you can build a gallery wall with pieces of all sizes to make a statement. The result adds texture, is cost-effective, and exudes a bohemian mood throughout the room. 14th out of 20

Paint Your Bookcase

Sharyn Cairns is the photographer, while Fiona Lynch is the designer. Are you fortunate enough to have a lovely built-in? By painting a part of it, you may dress it up and give your walls a little more personality. We adore the blush pink shelves on this white bookshelf, which add a pop of color to the otherwise neutral space. 15th out of 20

Use Family Pictures

Hibou DesignCo. is a design company based in Tokyo, Japan. Make a large gallery wall out of your best family photos by framing them and hanging them together. If you have a staircase or a vast vacant wall that needs something enormous, this is the perfect solution. 16th out of 20

Make a Tapestry

Alvin Wayne is a fictional character created by writer Alvin Wayne.

If you have artistic abilities, put them to good use by producing a huge tapestry for your home. The added bonus is that you won’t have to worry about finding a frame for it, which saves you time and money. 17th out of 20

Clip Photos

Pella Hedeby’s design was inspired by Kristofer Johnsson’s work. Who needs a frame when you have your own? Avoid using a frame and instead attach metal clips to the wall to hang your artwork for a more industrial look. It also makes it quite simple to trade photographs whenever and anywhere you choose. 18th out of 20

Use Hats

BlackBlooms As wall art, you may display your hat collection. You’ll gain storage space while also enhancing the appearance of your walls. Create a massive gallery wall, or simply display a few of your favorite pieces. 19th out of 20

Create a Wood Accent Wall

Ann Living is a woman who lives in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Using chevron wood paneling, you may design your own accent wall. You may choose to paint the entire wall or only a piece of it, as seen in the photo of the room. To match your walls, paint it white, or stain it to create a striking visual contrast. 20 out of 20

Create a Book Tower

Sharyn Cairns is the photographer, while Fiona Lynch is the designer. Books are an excellent choice for use as wall art. Instead of a typical bookshelf, arrange your favorite books in a tower (or two!) to create a unique display. It will avoid the need for an additional piece of furniture and will assist to make your walls appear less barren as a result.

We Know You Have at Least One Blank Wall. We Can Help You Fix That

Every item on this page has been hand-picked by an ELLE Decor editor for your enjoyment. It is possible that we will receive a commission on some of the things you purchase. Here are the most innovative, designer-approved concepts for changing that large open area. Nina Poon is a model and actress. Anyone, regardless of whether they live in a small city apartment or a sprawling country estate—or whether their personal style is minimalist, stormaximalist, or somewhere in between—will eventually be faced with the difficult decision of what to do with the large, windowless wall in their home or office.

Some people find that having a blank wall may be invigorating, especially when the rest of the room is filled with vibrant furniture, printed area rugs and a variety of decorative objects.

So, do you want to add a touch of elegance to every square inch of your home, even the walls?

From art that makes a statement to quirky wallpaper, there is something for everyone.

1 of a total of 60 Take a look at some color theory.

An otherwise plain wall is converted into an optical illusion when it is outfitted with floating cubbies and pendants designed by Tom Dixon.

Decorate your barren walls with luxurious embellishments to make them more appealing.

Shop the Look3of 60Stenciled Style at

Allow this Manhattan apartment designed by ELLE DecorA-List designer Stephen Sills to serve as an example of how it’s done.

Embrace the Art of Embroidery It’s not true what people think: embroidery isn’t only for throw pillows and upholstery anymore.

The artwork by Léon Bakst and a Napoleon III slipper chair in a Décors Barbares linen round off the aesthetic perfectly.

Re-discover your ancestral roots Sometimes the foundation of a property, like in this Art Nouveau townhouse in Tbilisi, Georgia, is enough to supply all the inspiration you need.

Shop the Look6of 60Mix & Match your favorite pieces.

In this home in London’s Belgravia area, designer Thomas Hamel paired an agate-inspired backsplash with de Gournay’s Coco Coromandel wallcovering to create a striking visual effect.

This is known as the Textured Treatment.

As a result, what happened?

Shop the Look8of 60 collection.

With a little creativity, you can turn your unused area into a functional home bar in no time.

Shop the Look9of60 collection.

Because of this, the tiles on his staircase were larger copies of 18th-century Portuguese tiles, which were specially painted by Linda Horning and Katherine Jacobus to create a focal point.

Sculpture that has been strategically placed It is possible to break up a negative space with a narrow sculpture; the important thing to remember is where you choose to position it.

Shop the Look11of 60 collection.

Even though the space above an archway is sometimes disregarded, the owners of this Mumbai property decided to include a botanical mural, which was hand-painted by Prashant Miranda, into their attic space.

Why not combine the two?

Getting a Second Look at 60Seeing Double The table in this Milanese home is complimented by two oil pictures and antique tableware in the dining room.

Shop the Look14of 60A Metallic Moment at a discounted price.

Take inspiration from designer Samuel Amoia, who transformed a young girl’s Manhattan bedroom with a metallic wallcovering from Calico Wallpaper.

Shop the Look15of60 collection.

You should consider installing a wall-mounted desk in your home if you want to make your WFH office a permanent fixture in your home.

Shop the Look16of 60Aim for Three (Shop the Look) Making a strong visual statement with artwork is a surefire way to make a big impression in a room.

Shop the Look17of 60A at Zalando.

When it came to a Miami Beach getaway, designer Lee F.

Shop the Look19of 60 for a variety of looks.

Shop the Look20of 60 Incorporate Symmetry Looking for a way to experiment with the principle of symmetry?

It’s a failsafe approach to inject personality into your space.

HisSouthampton retreatfeatures a floral print surrounded by Théodore Deck porcelain and earthenware.

Position your favorite type of greenery directly next to a piece of large-scale wall art for even more of an impact.

Shop the Look25of 60 Frame All Your Art In GoldMix and match your favorite pieces of art, regardless of style or era, and display them using similarly gilded frames.

Shop The Look26of 60Use a Picture Ledge A picture ledge is a simple—and inexpensive way—to display your art collection.

Shop the Look28of 60 Use A Sculptural Mirror To Catch The Light29of 60Cover Every Inch In Art In the living room of a PR maven’smaximalist New York City apartment, a blank space is brought to life with an extensive gallery wall.

The portraits shown here are by Kimberly Brooks.

A Roy Lichtenstein lithograph hangs above theChesney’smantel in Nero Bilbao marble, which is a piece of art in its own right.

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