How To Make Snowflakes Decorations

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

Try one of our printable templates first, and then come up with something unique. With a little practice, you’ll be able to create a full slew of confetti. Each product that we showcase has been picked and vetted by our editorial staff after being thoroughly researched and tested. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links on this page, we may receive a commission. A few fast snips with the tips of your scissors are all that is required to create a paper snowflake from scratch.

Then follow our step-by-step instructions to finish the project.

Adults can then step in to assist with the decoration of the Christmas tree, gifts, windows, and walls.

Two fundamental craft tools are required to create a paper snowflake: a piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

Medium to heavy weight paper, such as butcher paper, card stock, or text-weight poster paper, is more difficult to cut, but it is more durable for use as a decorative surface.

What you need

Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser have rewarded the author of this article for their efforts. All of my opinions are entirely my own. EveryDayCraftMomentsCollectiveBias Despite the fact that it doesn’t snow often in Southern California, I still dream of a white Christmas every year. It was this year that I made the decision to quit daydreaming and get to work creating my own snowflake hanging decorations! However, unlike their natural counterparts, these snowflakes are dazzling and beautiful, and their non-freezing properties are a significant benefit in my book.

  • White cardstock paper
  • A cutting machine or a pair of scissors
  • Sticks of Scotch® Create Wrinkle-Free Craft Glue
  • Iridescent glitter
  • A glue gun
  • Clear fishing line
  • Tape that is designed to be wall-safe (Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape)

First and foremost, you’ll need to cut out some snowflakes. For mine, I cut the shapes with my cutting machine, but you could certainly create them the old-fashioned manner with scissors as well. SCOTT® Create Wrinkle-Free Craft Glue Stick on a snowflake, then sprinkle some iridescent glitter on top of the glue stick. Shake off any leftover glitter onto a sheet of paper, and then repeat the process for each snowflake you want to make. It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to glitter the back of the snowflake.

  1. Do you have a creative streak?
  2. I purchased my ScotchTM Brand goods from Walmart, which were located in the paper crafts section.
  3. STEP 3: Arrange your snowflakes in rows and in the arrangement in which you would like them to hang on the wall or ceiling.
  4. Take cautious not to get your hands on the hot glue!
  5. STEP 4.It’s time to put your glistening snowflake hanging decorations on display!
  6. The tape kept them in place properly and there was no tape peeling off.
  7. I’m really taken with how beautiful these snowflakes are.
  8. I already had the paper, glitter, and fishing line for my Christmas decoration at home, so it only cost a few bucks to make.
  9. Replace the snowflakes with another form (for example, hearts for Valentine’s Day, decorated eggs for Easter, four leaf clovers for St.
  10. Take a look at all of the festive crafts that you can do using ScotchTM Brand to be inspired.

Scotch® Create Adhesives offers a wide range of products ranging from masking tape to spray adhesives and everything in between. This Christmas season, get creative and hands-on with ScotchTM Brand by using your imagination!

8 Creative Snowflake Decorations That Go Way Beyond Paper Cutouts

Remember those paper snowflakes you created in school (or maybe your children still bring them home every year)? Do you remember what they were called? Although they’re beautiful and enjoyable to construct, we recommend that you take your snowflake decorations to the next level this holiday season. Yes, the conventional cutouts are lovely, but these interesting snowflake crafts add much more intrigue for the same amount of time and work as the traditional ones. (After all, if you truly want to turn your living room into a winter wonderland, you’ll need more than one type of snowflake ornament.) Take a look about you and see what commonplace materials may be converted into delicate snowflakes of exquisite beauty.

  • What’s even great is that it’s free.
  • (many even faster).
  • In fact, we’re willing to guess that you already own a significant number of the products on this list.
  • Add a couple more Christmas projects to your to-do list, and your house will be transformed into a winter paradise brimming with handcrafted snowflake decorations in no time.

Snowflake Decorations for Winter Holidays (Fun Surprise for Your Kids!)

These snowflake decorations are a fantastic way to delight your children over the winter holidays! Put them up overnight, and the next morning, the kids will be greeted by a snow flurry in the house. Check out our basic lesson and the simple secret to cutting your snowflakes to learn how to make them. Despite having this concept in my brain for the previous four winters, I have never gotten around to really trying it until now. I’m very excited! Despite the fact that we never, ever have snow in our region of California, the kids are constantly requesting it.

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A Fun Wintery Surprise

I really like the fact that these DIY snowflake decorations aren’t only limited to the holiday season. Given that they’re quite ubiquitous, you could use them for any holiday or even just for the winter season in general. I really like the concept of hanging them overnight so that the kids may wake up to them on Christmas morning, for example. However, it would be just as delightful to hang them as a family or to include them into a Hanukkah custom as it would be to do so alone. Winter birthday parties and celebrations might be very entertaining.

A snowfall engulfed them, and they thought it was both magnificent and comical that they were caught in the thick of it.

There was a lot of sliding up and down the corridor in their socks as a result of this. Alternatively, you might hang them throughout your house, such as in each room, above your mantle, or even just at all of the doors.

How to Make Snowflake Decorations for an Indoor Snow Flurry

  • White cardstock (and other colors if wanted! )
  • Transparent thread (I particularly like FireLine)
  • Cricut machine
  • Scissors (if not using a Cricut)
  • A pair of scissors. Use wall-friendly tape that is the same color as your walls.

Time to Complete: 3 Hours

  1. If you have a Cricut machine, load a few different snowflake shapes onto the machine and start cutting away! I propose that you make snowflakes of varying sizes and shapes. Make as many snowflakes as you want for this project
  2. A large number of snowflakes will make it appear particularly impressive. If you don’t have a Cricut, you may accomplish it the old-fashioned way by hand cutting 100 snowflakes. I’d suggest chopping a few every day for a week or two to keep your hands from falling off your shoulders. Fold a piece of paper in half horizontally. Fold a square of paper in half to form a triangle, and then in half again to form another smaller triangle. Fold this in thirds, folding the corners in toward each other and overlapping them as you go. Finished! Cut this into a variety of shapes and then unfold it
  3. Roll out a long strand of your clear thread once you have your snowflakes ready to attach them together. Make a garland out of it by taping snowflakes to it with transparent tape. Remove your garlands and strings from the walls and ceiling by taping them in place.

Enjoy and REuse Your Snowflake Decorations!

This is a DIY that you can use over and over again throughout the year! Then, after you’re finished with your snowflake decorations for the season, just peel the tape away and throw it away. To store your snowflakes, gently place them between two pieces of cardboard to keep them safe and flat until next year.We hope you had a lot of fun making your snowflake decorations this holiday season! Allow it to snow! In the interest of your convenience, this post includes affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I will get a small compensation at no additional cost to yourself.


  • White cardboard, wall-friendly tape, twine or transparent thread are all recommended materials.


  1. If you have a Cricut machine, load a few different snowflake shapes onto the machine and start cutting away! I propose that you make snowflakes of varying sizes and shapes. Make as many snowflakes as you want for this project
  2. A large number of snowflakes will make it appear particularly impressive. If you don’t have a Cricut, you may accomplish it the old-fashioned way by hand cutting 100 snowflakes. I’d suggest chopping a few every day for a week or two to keep your hands from falling off your shoulders. Fold a piece of paper in half horizontally. Fold a square of paper in half to form a triangle, and then in half again to form another smaller triangle. Fold this in thirds, folding the corners in toward each other and overlapping them as you go. Finished! Cut this into a variety of shapes and then unfold it
  3. Once you’ve collected your snowflakes, arrange some on long garlands and others on single threads for hanging. Remove your garlands and strings from the walls and ceiling by taping them in place.


This is a DIY that you can use over and over again throughout the year! Then, after you’re finished with your snowflake decorations for the season, just peel the tape away and throw it away. Then gently stack your snowflakes and save them in a safe place until next year. In order to keep your snowflakes secure and flat, it’s a good idea to sandwich them between two pieces of cardboard.

17 Magical Paper Snowflake Craft Projects

When seen in their natural environment, snowflakes or snow crystals (as the proper scientific term is) are stunning works of art created by Mother Nature. Despite the fact that each snowflake has six arms, no two snowflakes will ever be the same. It is no different in the realm of crafts. There are a countless number of different methods to produce craftypaper snowflakes. The projects in the following article will serve as inspiration for you.

Snowflake Themed Table Setting

  • When seen in their natural environment, snowflakes or snow crystals (to give them their full scientific name) are stunning works of art created by Mother Nature. Each snowflake is unique, despite the fact that they each have six arms. It is no different in the realm of crafts. Craftypaper snowflakes may be made in a variety of methods, as you shall see. If you’re looking for some project ideas, check out the following article.
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Paper Snowflake Window Curtain

  • In My Own Personality Paper snowflakes may be used as holiday curtains in your windows to provide a festive touch. String the paper snowflakes onto a fine filament and add beads and whatever else you choose to dangle from the string to complete the look. Hang a few of these snowflake lines from a curtain rod and you’re all set to go. Curtains for the holidays that are ready in an instant. Your home will be joyful on the inside, and passersby will be enchanted by the beauty of your Christmas decorations on the outside. Instructions on how to turn paper snowflakes into a window curtain from In My Own Style Continuation to number 3 of 15 below

How to Make Cheap Snowflakes out of Paper Tubes

  • Cooking with Mrs. G is a lot of fun. Even though paper tube crafts have been around for a long time, we never get tired of seeing them. Created from reclaimed paper towel and toilet paper rolls, paper crafts are inexpensive to make and may provide unexpectedly beautiful outcomes. Crafting lovely holiday snowflakes for pennies allows you to spend more of your money on supplies rather than materials for the holiday season! Making this beautiful snowflake is as simple as smoothing out a paper tube and cutting 1/2 inch pieces into paper circles. Decorate the circles by painting and gluing them together in any snowflake shape you like. Make your paper tube snowflakes stand out by decorating them with rhinestones. Glitter will add sparkle and gloss to your snowflake decorations, making them stand out. These are such joyous outcomes. How to Make Low-Cost Snowflakes from Paper Tubes (with Pictures) Cooking with Mrs. G is a lot of fun. Please read on to number 4 of 15 below.

Giant Paper Snowflakes

  • It’s a Beautiful DayWho says paper snowflakes have to be tiny? Make fantastic giant-sized paper snowflakes to hang on your walls as wall decorations. All you’ll need is some butcher paper and a game plan to get started. According to the author of this video, because you have more area to work with extra large-sized sheets of butcher paper, you may design and cut beautiful snowflakes with greater precision and delicacy. Large paper snowflakes from Oh Happy Day will be treasured in your house long after the Christmas season has passed.Continue to page 5 of 15 below for more information.

Paper and Glitter Glue Snowflake Suncatcher

  • Happiness is a DIY project. Even though suncatchers are always lovely, stained glass crafts are a little too sophisticated for smaller children to do. Make some imitation suncatchers out of chipboard and glitter glue to display on your windowsill. Produce this charming holiday project with your children while they are out from school for the holiday season and boredom has sprung upon your family. It will be so adorable to have the snowflakes dangling from a window in your home. They are so beautiful that you will want to keep them on display long after the Christmas season is done! Snowflakes fashioned of glittery “stained glass” fromHappiness is Homemade. Continue to the sixth of fifteen sections below.

Snowflake Gift Tags

  • Crafts from the White House You can never have too many gift tags on hand when it comes to the Christmas season. With these adorable silver tags, you can keep the snowflake motif going. Using a tag punch, foam snowflakes, and glitter, you can whip up a batch of them in minutes. Glitter, glitter, and more glitter. Your gifts will gleam and be “oh so gorgeous” when you use this adorable accent on them. Because you took the effort to hand-wrap the present with “care,” the receiver will feel much more appreciated. White House Crafts has created silver and blue snowflake gift tags. Following that, go to number 7 of 15 below

Poster Board Snowflakes for Christmas Tree Decor

  • Design by Cuckoo 4 Ikea is a design behemoth that has been around for decades. This year, they’re selling gorgeous cardboard snowflake ornaments, which are very stunning. Despite the fact that Ikea’s white cardboard snowflake ornaments aren’t very expensive, we crafty types prefer to construct our own versions whenever possible. Learn how to do it with the help of Cuckoo 4 Design’s lesson. Have a winter wonderlandtree decked with paper snowflakes from top to bottom this year instead of a traditional Christmas tree? Breathtaking! Cuckoo 4 Design created a posterboard snowflake for use as a Christmas tree decoration. To continue reading, scroll down to number 8 of 15

Paper Snowflake Lace Curtain

  • Stitching with Paper This snowflake curtain, which is identical to the one seen above from In My Own Style, is also available. The paper snowflakes, on the other hand, are positioned on the line such that they are touching one another and there is no room between them. It is possible to get a delicate lace-like texture with this method, which may look particularly beautiful on your window during the holiday season. Snowflakes made from paper and stitching are a simple DIY project. Then read on to number 9 of 15 below.

Paper Snowflake in the Shape of a Moose

  • Willowday They say that no two snowflakes are similar, but have you ever seen a snowflake in the shape of a moose? If you have, please share your experience with us. Moose snowflakes are easy to produce, and Gina from will show you how to make them as well as a horse and snowman snowflake. They’re just too adorable. Free templates are also available for download, ensuring that your project will be a success from the get-go. Dala Snowflakes from Willowday featuring a horse, a moose, and a snowman Continue to number ten of fifteen below

Snowflakes on a Branch

  • Lila Was Present Decorate your home for the holidays in a straightforward, contemporary manner. Hang a branch from the ceiling and attach lines of paper snowflakes to the branch using a piece of string. Simple, yet really elegant. The dark grey background complements this snowflake home décor project to an extraordinary degree. The children in the photograph are also really attractive. Snowflakes dangling on a branch from theLila Was Here collection Continue reading to page 11 of 15 below.

Let It Snow Wooden Sign

  • The Daughter of the Handyman Build this wooden plaque out of 1×4 and 1×6 wooden boards, paint it midnight blue, stencil it, and then garnish it with snowflake decorations to complete the look. This sign was created by Vineta from The Handyman’s Daughter to replace the television on the wall during the holidays, but it may be used elsewhere in your home. It would even be adorable as a sign outside your house to welcome guests. What a great way to welcome people into your house when they come to visit. Let It Snow Sign courtesy of The Handyman’s Daughter Then on to number 12 of 15 below.

Let It Snow Home Decor

  • Organizing is something I like doing. Allow it to snow, allow it to snow, allow it to snow! You can turn any room in your house into a winter paradise with a little imagination. Even the corridor where you live. Cut out snowflakes by hand, alternatively, if you want a perfectly shaped snowflake, use your die cutting machine to cut them out perfectly. Alternatively, you may hang them from the ceiling of whatever room you like. This Christmas décor will captivate the attention of children. I Heart Organizing’s Let It Snow Hanging Decor is available for purchase. Go ahead and read number 13 of 15 in the section below.

3D Pop up Snowflake

  • Snowflakes made with KokotakPaper do not have to be one-dimensional. This project serves as evidence of that. A little difficult to make, 3D snowflakes, but the instruction includes a simple video lesson that is easy to follow along with. Simply follow the directions and you will be able to create these stunning snowflake sculptures in no time. Snowflakes from Kokotak appear out of nowhere. Continue reading to page 14 of 15 below.

Paper Snowman and Snowflake Window Decor

  • Grudzien Stylowy (Stylowy Grudzien) Place these adorable snowmen and hanging snowflakes in your window and watch as those who pass by smile as they take in the sight of the decorations. They will be unable to resist this festive décor since it is so adorable. Although the site does not supply any electronic die cutting files or pdf templates, crafty individuals could definitely create something comparable by purchasing die cut files or clip art and applying it. There is always a way when there is a will. Get to work on your craft! Stylowy Grudzien created a paper snowman and snowflake window decoration. Continue reading to page 15 of 15 below.

Electric Snowflake Lamps

  • Nova68 Let’s face it: we’re in a bind. The holidays may be hectic, and we can get too weary to make any Christmas decorations by hand at certain periods of the season. There is no shame in purchasingChristmas decorations, especially if they are as beautiful as these paper snowflake lights that dangle from the ceiling. They are just gorgeous! Not only will they look great in your house during the holiday season, but you can also utilize them at other times of the year if you so want. The lovely glow emanating from these lights will enhance the festive atmosphere of any occasion you host. Large Holiday Snowflake Lights: Snowflake Pendant Lampfromnova68
  • Large Holiday Snowflake Lights: Snowflake Pendant Lampfromnova68

How To Make Huge Snowflake Decorations For The Holidays

I learned how to create these colossal paper snowflakes from my extremely great sister-in-law while we were in Idaho for Thanksgiving. The process was simple and took only a few minutes. After learning how to make beautiful snowflake decorations, I couldn’t keep my enthusiasm under control. I couldn’t wait to come home and share this with all of my readers. For space reasons, I only made three of these DIY Christmas decorations because I live in an apartment. However, if you own a home, these paper-crafted snowflakes will make wonderful porch decorations.

So the first thing I did when I returned home was go to my local Michael’s and stock up on supplies for my DIY projects (they were having a sale, so I was in paradise, and each sheet of paper was just 25 cents)!

I would also recommend selecting for paper that is double-sided or that has a beautiful contrasting color on the front and back.

Personally, I feel that I need a little sparkle and glam in my life around the holidays, therefore I chose sparkling paper for my Christmas decorations.

What you will need to make these easy DIY Christmas decorations is as follows: 1 snowflake requires 6 – 12 by 12 inch pieces of paper. 1 – stapler 1 – bone paper folder 1 – paper cutter (optional) Scissors

Make these Holiday decorations in a few easy steps!

Four diagonal cuts, one inch apart, starting at the bottom of the right-hand side will be required to complete the project. The only thing that is absolutely necessary is that you must cut upward from the side that has been folded over on the fold. Consider that if this were a book, you would be making your cuts along the side of the binding rather than on the pages themselves. Remember to trim the left-hand edge up to 1/2 inch from the top and bottom edges.

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Open up your triangle, and staple together the two sides in the center. Now, TURN OVER the entire piece of paper and staple the next two sides on that side. Continue alternating sides until you are done

The sides with three strips should be connected with the sides that have two strips, according to my suggestion. Another thing I’ve discovered is that it’s preferable to join three pieces together first, and then connect those to another set of three pieces. But do whatever works for you – don’t be concerned about it; it’s only a simple DIY snowflake:)

So that the snowflake keeps it’s shape, you will also need to staple the center all together

Body Paper snowflakes can transform your house into a winter paradise! On a chilly day, this is a pleasant indoor activity to participate in. Why not use fanciful snowflakes to adorn your home during the winter months when there are few flowers to enliven the environment. There are no two alike! ADVERTISEMENT It is possible that it is winter wherever you are, no matter what the weather outside looks like. Make these simple paper snowflakes to use as holiday decorations around your house. Here are the steps to take.

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

What You’ll Need to Get Started: To begin, you’ll need to cut your paper into a square shape as follows: Take one corner of the paper and fold it diagonally so that it hits the opposite edge of the paper, then repeat with the other corner. Remove the unfolded portion of the paper so that you are left with only the folded square of the paper. Make baby snowflakes out of the ends of normal 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper if you are cutting it into squares. You may also use the paper for notes if you are cutting it into squares.

Remember that no two snowflakes are exactly same, so use your imagination.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about the history of photography snowflakes as you’re creating your own.

Also, try to make all of your snowflakes as lifelike as possible—and make sure they’re all completely different from one another!

More Like This

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26 Creative Snowflake Decorations That Inspire

I’m sure you have some decorations with snowflakes on them if you don’t have any outside. If you don’t have any outdoors, I’m sure you have some decorations inside. Today, I’d like to provide you with some interesting and innovative snowflake decorations that will help you create a wonderful festive atmosphere in your home.

Outdoor Decorations

Purchase some inexpensive snowflakes from the dollar store and use them to create a wreath, embellishing it with crystals. Acrochet snowflake hanging is another an easy DIY project, and if you have any leftover reclaimed wood, you can use it to create simple rustic snowflakes for outdoor décor. Make some icy signs using snowflakes that have been painted or cut out. You may make a wreath out of snowy pinecones and put it on your front door for a festive appearance. A crocheted snowflake and a wooden decoration for a warm and welcoming home a buck a pound crystals and snowflakes arranged in a wreath Outdoor décor made from recycled wood snowflakes, such as this Let It Snow wooden sign with a cut-out snowflake.

A wreath made of white pincones is a unique natural ornament. Rustic frosted snowflake winter sign with a rustic feel

Indoor Décor

Design and make stunning crystal and bead snowflake ornaments, or build 3D paper snowflakes for use as decorations on staircases, railings, and walls, or anywhere else you like. Cut out wooden snowflakes and string them together to form garlands, or build a large wooden snowflake that may be used as a storage container. Paper snowflakes may be used to decorate branches and to form a paper table runner, among other things. Make a fun snowflake marquee sign to brighten up your room and bring in more light.

  • Take inspiration and use it to create an environment!
  • To line up the staircases, gigantic 3D ppaer snowflakes were used.
  • Decorated with frosty branches and white snowflakes Light birch snowflakes can effortlessly set the tone for any occasion.
  • snowflakes made of paint stick for the stairwell decor A paper snowflake table runner is a simple project to make.
  • wonderland in the winter chandelier in the shape of snowflakes wooden blocks with a snowflake pattern on them a garland of wooden snowflakes

31 Creative DIY Projects With Snowflakes

Do you enjoy the winter season and everything that comes with it? Consider snowflakes, namely DIY snowflake crafts that you can do at home. While it’s nice to decorate for Christmas, make sure your home is also filled with plenty of wintertime happiness. There are many different types of handmade snowflake crafts to choose from, ranging from rustic wooden snowflakes to fun projects that kids can do at home to beautiful mason jar ideas. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to get your house ready for some cosy wintertime entertainment.

1. Wooden Snowflake

Myalteredstate Here’s a simple rustic DIY project to incorporate into your Christmas farmhouse décor. Despite the fact that you are trying for an all-white theme, you can still decorate with snowy craft ideas, such as this snowflake fashioned from reclaimed wood. Decorate the mantel or kitchen counter with one for a spectacular Christmas display.

2. Snowflake Wall Hanging

Thecraftedsparrow This lovely snowflake wall hanging is simple to make at home and appears to cost far more than it actually does. Pick up some plastic snowflakes from the Dollar Store for an easy DIY project to use as holiday decorations this season.

3. Dollar Store Snowflake Door Hanger

Raeofsparkles My favorite DIY home decoration ideas for winter are those that include snowflakes to a large extent.

This icy DIY door wreath is a perfect example of my passion for all things frozen, so I couldn’t resist making one. It was quite simple to create, and it turned out to be extremely attractive.

4. Giant Snowflake Marquee


5. Snowflake Wreath


6. Winter Wonder Snowflake Garland


7. Glittered Clothespin Snowflakes


8. DIY Oversized Snowflakes


9. DIY Let It Snow Sign


11. 3D Snowflakes


13. Beaded Snowflake Ornaments


14. Snowflake Silk Screen Glass And Poem


15. Glittery Snowflake Window Clings


16. Snowflake Wine Cork Ornament


17. DIY Snowflake Plate Charger


18. DIY Felt Banner Snowflake


19. Wooden Snowflake Door Hanger


20. Quill Snowflakes


21. DIY Rustic Snowflake Craft


22. Gigantic Popsicle Stick Snowflake Craft


24. Blizzard In A Bottle


25. Watercolor Doily Snowflakes


26. Snowflake Felt Coasters


29. Dollar Store Snowflakes


30. Crocheted Snowflake Table Runner


31. DIY Glittered Snowflake


32. Borax Snowflake


How to make paper snowflakes

With Jack Frost biting at our toes and forming lacy patterns on our window panes, our minds have already shifted to Christmas and how we will all be decking the halls and decorating our homes for the season. The team here at Allan Bank in Grasmere enjoys creating these paper snowflakes since they make for a lovely holiday decoration for any room in the house. Attach them to window panes with blue tack, or, if your design allows for it, create a wreath by tying them together with twine through one of the holes on the side and hanging them up from a hook or a nail.

  • The most effective method for dealing with this is to create your own design.
  • First and foremost, Make a triangle out of your square piece of paper by folding it in half diagonally.
  • Fold the sheet of paper over so that it forms a triangle from the square you started with.
  • Step number three.
  • Make every effort to make these parts as even as possible.
  • Starting with one side of the triangle, fold it into three.
  • From left to right, the triangle was folded into three equal halves.
  • Make a diagonal cut across your paper to form a triangle with a straight edge.
  • Remove the points from the bottom of your triangle in order to create a straight line.
  • It’s time to get creative and design a pattern for your snowflake.
  • To make the design, poke tiny holes along the edge of your triangle using a needle.

To make the design, poke tiny holes along the edge of your triangle using a needle. ‘Sixth step’ It’s time for the big unveiling. Gentle unfolding of your paper will reveal your snowflake and your own personal design.

How to Make and Hang Paper Snowflakes in Windows

What is the best way to decorate a window for Christmas? With the help of paper snowflakes! Making a paper snowflake is a simple craft that can be used to decorate your house for the holidays in a wintery manner. When you construct a large number of paper snowflakes, they can even be used as after-Christmas decorations that can be left up all winter. It’s been ten years since I crafted the paper snowflakes that hang in my foyer windows, which were originally for the dining room windows in my former home.

When I was thinking about how to decorate the entryway of my home for Christmas this year, I remembered the snowflakes I had gathered over the years.

They were a little wrinkled, so I used a heated iron to press them flat so that I could repurpose them as ornamental items.

What to Use to Hang Decorations on Windows?

For Christmas, how do you dress up a window? With snowflakes made of paper! Easy to do, making paper snowflakes for the holidays is a festive and wintery way to decorate your house for the season. Multiple paper snowflakes can even be used as after-Christmas decorations that can be left up throughout the winter. I made the paper snowflakes that hang in my doorway windows ten years ago for the windows in my former home’s dining room. I still have them. They looked nice after I had used them back then, so I kept them until the winter season was ended.

They weren’t in my décor stockpile, so I went looking for them.

How to Make Paper Snowflakes Hanging in a Window

Paper snowflakes can be produced out of any sort of white paper that is available. You may also use scrapbook paper or craft paper to create a flurry of snowflakes to decorate your windows if you only have one hand. I used 8-1/2′′ x 11′′ computer paper because I only had one hand. The fact that each of these papers is affordable means that paper snowflake window décor is a very cost-effective alternative for holiday decorating.

supplies needed:

Everything you’ll need may be found at your local craft store or Walmart. If you’re using standard yarn or ribbon to hang the snowflakes, follow these instructions: Approximately 4-inches separate the pom-poms on the pom-pom yarn that I used for this project. Use regular yarn to form a knot in the yarn or ribbon every 4 inches, and use the knot as a point of attachment for the glue dot if you’re using regular yarn. With glue dots, you may complete any job that calls for glue of any form in a nice and orderly manner.

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How to Fold Paper to Make a Snowflake

After going through this simple paper snowflake guide, you will be able to create professional-quality snowflakes in no time at all. The paper folding technique required to create a snowflake is the same for each and every snowflake that is created by you.

Different snowflake forms and designs are achieved by varying the method in which you fold and cut the folded paper using scissors. Different sizes of snowflakes may be created by using different sized sheets of paper or by cutting the folded triangle down in size before cutting a design into it.

Step-by-Step Paper Snowflake Patterns

1.To create a beautiful snowflake, you’ll need a square piece of paper. Fold your paper in half as seen in the image above. Remove the portion of the document that is not overlapped. This will result in the creation of a square piece of paper. 2.Refold the paper into a rectangle form once it has been opened up. 3.Find the middle of the folded bottom edge and fold one side of the folded bottom edge over from the center mark. 4. Repeat the process on the opposite side, ensuring sure that all of the corners are aligned.

Fold it over once again, this time lining up the edges.

Trim the extra paper off the top to form a straight line, ensuring sure that all of the top edges are the same length, and you’ll have a clean little triangle on your hands.

How to Cut the Design into Folded Paper to Create a Snowflake

After the paper has been folded, When you fold the paper, you may make a variety of patterns by holding the paper triangle as illustrated in the blue figure below. To make the snowflake pattern patterns shown in the figure below, fold your folded paper in half and cut it out with a sharp pair of scissors.2. Open it with care, and there you have it! A lovely snowflake.Creating my own snowflake patterns when I had mastered the art of cutting out snowflake templates.

  • It’s time to fold the paper! Create several designs in the folded paper by holding the paper triangle in the manner shown in the blue figure below:1. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut your folded paper into one of the snowflake pattern shapes shown in the figure below.2. Open it with care, and presto! Cutting out snowflake designsOnce I got the knack of cutting out snowflake designs, I stopped using this diagram as a reference and started making my own designs.

How to Hang Paper Snowflakes In a Window

Using a medium temperature iron, push some of the fold lines out of your snowflakes once you have finished making them all. 2. For the more detailed snowflakes, I used a fabric napkin as a pressing cloth to ensure that none of the features on the snowflakes were damaged. When the snowflakes were pressed, I collected them together with the yarn and Aleene’s Tacky Dots and began assembling the snowflakes to be hung from the ceiling. The snowflakes were simpler to attach to the yarn pom-poms when the yarn was hanging from the window, as I discovered after a few attempts.

  • Every snowflake had a certain location, so I lined them up with the pom-poms on each strand of yarn and stitched them together.
  • I arranged the pieces across the window panes so that the snowflakes would be centered in the panes on either side of the glass.
  • The instructions on the glue dots state that you should avoid touching the dots with your hands since they may lose a little of their stickiness as a result.
  • When I finished, I put the Tacky Dot to the back of each snowflake and then rubbed it across the transparent sheet before peeling it away from the Tacky Dot.
  • I made sure that each snowflake had at least one or two pom-poms on it by placing them in strategic locations.
  • The pom-pom is centered on the back of the snowflake, as shown in this photograph.
  • Each pom-pom was adhered using a Tacky Glue Dot.

My windows are now festive and winter-ready for the season. More holiday decoration ideas may be found in my holiday project gallery, where you can discover numerous inexpensive DIY holiday decorating ideas, including the following:

Using a medium temperature iron, push some of the fold lines out of your snowflakes once you have finished making them all. 2. 2. For the more detailed snowflakes, I used a fabric napkin as a pressing cloth so that none of the features on the snowflakes were damaged. When the snowflakes were pressed, I collected them together with the yarn and Aleene’s Tacky Dots and began assembling the snowflakes to hang from the ceiling. When the yarn was hanging from the window, I discovered that it was much easier to connect the snowflakes to the pom-poms on the yarn.

  1. Every snowflake had a certain location, so I matched them up with the pom-poms on each strand of yarn and called it a day.
  2. It was important for me to evenly distribute the pieces around the window in order for the snowflakes to be centered in the glass panes.
  3. On the glue dots, it warns not to contact them with your hands since they may lose a little of their stickiness as a result of doing so.
  4. When I finished, I applied the Tacky Dot to the back of each snowflake and then rubbed it over the transparent sheet, peeling it away from the Tacky Dot.
  5. In order to ensure that each snowflake has at least one or two pom-poms on it, I placed the snowflakes in the following positions: Each window took less than 10 minutes to do, and I completed two windows with the hanging snowflakes in total.
  6. This image shows three pom-poms, which is correct.
  7. It appears as though the snowflakes are slowly moving about, and the pom-poms are shaped like little snowballs Holiday and winter decorations are currently displayed in my windows.

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Making your own Christmas decorations is something I really like doing, especially when they’re as attractive, quick, and inexpensive as these Bottle Top Snowflake Decorations. My inspiration for these came to me while I was revisiting my metal bottle top spring flower craft and plastic bottle top spring flowers a while back. This tiny bottle top snowflake was created with a small bit of editing after I realized they weren’t quite seasonal enough for what I was going for. In addition, if you like them, you’ll probably enjoy my other snowflake decorations or this frosted glass luminiere as well.

Materials Needed–How To Make–More Xmas Crafts

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  • Silver or pastel blue glitter is used. In order to manufacture mine, I used coarse PVC glitter and extremely fine polyester glitter (both from Martha Stewart). a circle of white tissue paper cut to 12cm in diameter
  • Bottle caps
  • PVA adhesive (white glue)
  • Red household thread

You’ll also need little containers to hold the glitter and glue, a paintbrush to spread the glue, and a pair of small, sharp scissors for cutting the glitter and glue.

How To Make Your Bottle Top Snowflake Decoration

You’ll also need small containers to store the glitter and glue, a paintbrush to spread the glue, and a pair of small, sharp scissors for cutting the glitter and glue.

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The House That Lars Constructed Allow it to snow! This Christmas season, go to work on decking the halls with a flurry of snowflake crafts that will make your home shimmer and shine like no other. This collection of blogger crafts includes creative ideas for ornaments, garlands, gift toppers, and other home and party décor, all in a stylish white palette or bright colors that pop. While some of these projects are a little more complex, others are really easy, kid-friendly, and cost next to nothing to produce.

Mike Garten is number one of sixteen.

Arrange the pieces of matching sizes into an X shape and glue them together in the center.

Allow for thorough drying.

Remove extra thread from the snowflake by tying it to the back of the flower.

I’m more than just a housewife.

Make use of your imagination when it comes to the details, such as sketching motifs with toothpicks or pressing textures into different materials.

Visit Not Just a Housewife for the full lesson.

Create the shapes with a craft punch, and then transfer them to the ornaments with ease to add a splash of color to your Christmas tree decor.

16Sparkly Snowflake Garland from White House Crafts4of 16 These DIY snowflake garlands appear to be really expensive, but they are actually very simple and inexpensive to construct.

You may find the technique at the White House Crafts website.

No winter craft activity is more iconic than folding and cutting paper snowflakes — and nothing could be simpler than making them.

You may find the instruction at Omiyage Blogs.

7th out of 16 Ornaments in the shape of snowflakes made of glass Spray a little amount of hairspray inside a transparent ornament before filling it with glitter and shaking it to ensure that all of the glitter clings to the inside.

You may further personalize it by adding the year, a monogram, or anything else you like.

With a coat of blue paint and white snowflakes printed on top, regular mason jars are given a bright and cheery holiday makeover.

Visit It All Started With Paint for the full tutorial.

If you transform clothespins into this delightful craft and dress them up with crystal course glitter, you’ll never see them appear as pretty as they do after they’re finished.

You may find the lesson at Eighteen25.

A string of lights weaved through the room creates the coziest ambiance.

The House That Lars Constructed Paper Party Decorations (No.

Each sheet of paper should be folded and cut into a unique, symmetrical snowflake.

Visit the House That Lars Built to learn more about the instruction.

Decorate them with accoutrements such as glitter and tinsel pom-poms, and hang them with twine to complete the look.

The House That Lars Constructed 13 of 16A Night Owl’s Journal: 14 of 16Cute and Adorable Crafts Snowflake Glass Ball Ornaments, Number 15 of 16 Shiny snowflake sequins are arranged within glass ball decorations to create a delicate and winter appearance.

Cutesy CraftsLZ has a tutorial for this project.

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