How To Make Pumpkin Decorations

20+ Easy & Grogeous DIY Pumpkin Decorations {Mostly Free!}

Pumpkin decorations are wonderful ways to mark the beginning of fall, the beginning of Halloween, and the beginning of Thanksgiving. The greatest thing is that you can create some eye-catching pumpkin decorations using basic home items, and you won’t have to spend a single penny on pumpkins! Prepare to start collecting paper scraps, wood scraps, old fabrics, jars, and cans, because you can make all of these lovely, quirky, elegant, or wicked DIY pumpkins in a matter of minutes and for next to nothing!

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Update: New DIY pumpkins tutorial!

Make gorgeous toilet paper pumpkin decorations for free in three different ways with this tutorial! DIY Thanksgiving autumn decorations that require no storage and can be completed in under 2 minutes! Take a look at these free and lovely toilet paper pumpkin craft ideas!

12: Canning jar lids and mason jars pumpkin decorations

Yellow Bliss Road|36th Avenue is the route to take.

34.Stylish DIY fabric pumpkins

Those stunning shabby chic pumpkins were created by my friend Larissa from Prodigal Pieces, and I am salivating over them! By the way, did you know that you can construct gorgeous pumpkins out of toilet tissue? Here’s how to do it!

56. DIY book or paper pumpkin decorations

Those stunning shabby chic pumpkins that I’m salivating over were created by my friend Larissa of Prodigal Pieces. In addition, did you know that you can create stunning pumpkins with a roll of toilet paper? Here’s how to do it.

78. DIY reclaimed wood pumpkins

Aren’t these rustic wood pumpkin decorations really adorable? Tutorial may be found at Infarrantly Creative. Karianne from Thistlewood Farms created this really attractive wooden pumpkin stand, which can be used to display beautiful fall branches and other items.

9. More wooden pumpkins

Who knew that a piece of wood could be so beautiful? Tutorialhere.

1011. Tin cans and baskets are great for Halloween pumpkin decorations

Have you ever wondered if we can turn ANYTHING into a Halloween pumpkin? Tin cans|Baskets are used as containers.

1213. Burlap and shower puffs made into pumpkins

Decorate your home with these easy-to-make pumpkins for farmhouse style decorations and Thanksgiving centerpieces! Tutorialhereandhere.

14, 15. Paper and scrapbooklover’s pumpkins!

A few paper stripes and a strand of yarn transform a plain pumpkin into a stunning creation! (Source:14|15)

1617. Polka dots and daisies…

With the help of wood pieces, a dollar store pumpkin is given a luxurious makeover. Denim + Mums = Country Bliss at its finest.

18. Even dryer vent has a spot in our great pumpkin patch!

Consider the following: don’t you think they’d make excellent Halloween pumpkin decorations?

19, 20. More creative DIY paper pumpkins.

Paper folding techniques that are simple and imaginative, as well as methods to jazz up some toilet paper rolls DIY Inspire|Domestically Blissful is the source of this image.

More creative, free, and beautiful decor DIYs you may also love –

Halloween decorations that are simple and free to make: bats, cats, wreaths, and more! Planter made from a lovely outdoor fall Thanksgiving Decorations planter that was virtually free to make. 35 spectacular Thanksgiving table sets that are simple to put together! Best of luck with your creations!

50+ DIY Pumpkin Decorations Made From Different Materials

The Celts are credited with starting the ritual of adorning with carved pumpkins on Halloween. Among the most popular Halloween decorations, pumpkins are versatile and may be utilized in a variety of ways. You may carve pumpkins to construct jack-o’-lanterns or simply use them as a decorative element in your home. They’ll look great on your porch, in your living room, or in your bedroom for the Halloween celebration that will kick off the Fall season. Due to the current trend toward minimalism in modern culture, people are becoming increasingly interested in quick and basic crafts that do not demand a lot of time, money, or hard labor to complete.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of a few suggestions for you. On Halloween, you may create these easy-to-make pumpkin decorations from a variety of materials. This collection includes anything from a wood pumpkin to paper and concrete pumpkins.

DIY Pumpkin Decorations from Paper

Making pumpkin decorations for Halloween with papercraft is a simple and affordable method of doing it. Lia Griffith has published a guide on how to make a paper pumpkin that is suitable for both Halloween and the fall season. To create miniature pumpkin centerpieces, you must cut the paper stock in a specified design and glue the pieces together. They may even be strung together to form a garland that is excellent for hanging in your living area. The complete instruction may be found here. Image courtesy of Lia Griffith Image courtesy of Lia Griffith Image courtesy of DIY Inspired Image courtesy of Domestically Blissful Image courtesy of One Little Project Image courtesy of Smile Mercantile Image courtesy of Creations by Kara It’s always Autumn in this picture.

DIY Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Making a no-carve pumpkin at home is simple if you have limited time and resources. All you need is a toilet paper roll and a piece of colorful fabric. All you have to do is wrap the toilet paper roll in fabric and place the crumpled paper bag at the top of the roll to serve as the stem for it. Image courtesy of Smart School House Image courtesy of Hometalk Image courtesy of YouTube and CraftBits Check out these other articles: 100+ DIY Halloween Wreaths to Welcome Evil Spirits into Your Home

DIY Yarn Pumpkin Decorations

If you enjoy making crafts with yarn, you will enjoy this one. Simply dunk the yarn in glue, roll it around a balloon, and let it to dry. Knitting or crocheting a pumpkin is a good Halloween DIY project for anyone with average DIY abilities who want to do something different this year. Malloo Knits has the whole instructions for making the crocheted pumpkin. Image courtesy of onelittleproject Image courtesy of Malloo Knits Image courtesy of Annamaltoys Image courtesy of Simply Notable Ann’s Entitled Life is a photograph by Ann.

Pumpkin made from Fabric, Felt and Burlap

Fabric, burlap, and felt may be used to make charming Halloween pumpkin decorations, and anybody can do it. All you have to do is knot or stitch one end of the fabric together to form a sack, and then stuff it with cotton/polyfill, plastic bags, straw, or old clothes to complete the project. Tie the packed sack together with threads to form segments, similar to a pumpkin. More information about theDIY project may be found here. If you’re in a rush, you may quickly construct a pumpkin by cutting a circular piece of fabric, filling it, and stitching it together like a pumpkin.

Gina Michele is shown here.

DIY Concrete Pumpkins

Fill an old plastic Halloween pumpkin or a silicone mold with the concrete mixture and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy pumpkin decoration. You should leave a space in the center of the pumpkin bucket so that you may set a candle or plant some flowers there. It’s ready to be put at the bottom of your front porch or stairwell when it has dried. You may also simply build one by wrapping a tiny, fake pumpkin in concrete mix and setting it aside.

Image: 17 Miles Apart Image: Homemade Ginger Image: Home Spun Prims Image: 17 Miles Apart Image courtesy of YouTube/Garden Answer Image courtesy of YouTube/Coffee With My Sunshine Image courtesy of SugarCharm Image courtesy of Anika’s Do-It-Yourself Life Image courtesy of Cherished Bliss

Wood Halloween Pumpkins

Pallets and waste wood may also be used to create Halloween pumpkin decorations, which can be displayed outside. All that is required is a reasonable level of woodworking expertise. It is your responsibility to portray wood in the form of a pumpkin using cutting and painting. To make a pumpkin, all you have to do is trace around the pattern and cut it out in the shape of a pumpkin. You may discover a variety of pallet wood Halloween décor ideas to suit your preferences, abilities, available space, and budget.

Image courtesy of The Craft Patch Blog Image courtesy of Finding Home Farms Image courtesy of HGTV: “Life is a Party” Also, check out: Halloween Skulls and Skeletons: 30+ Creative Ways to Display Them

Needlepoint Pumpkin

You’ll love these needlepoint pumpkins made from needlepoint panels if you’re looking for something different and beautiful to do with your pumpkins this year. Image courtesy of Homeward Found Decor

Giant Pumpkin from Trash Bag

Filling orange trash bags with old newspaper, paper cuttings, or plastic bags may be used to create gigantic Halloween pumpkin decorations for your home. Dahlhart Lane is depicted in this image.

Wine Cork Halloween Pumpkin

Make advantage of all of the extra corks you have lying around your house to create DIY pumpkin decorations that will brighten up your table setting. Image courtesy of My Gourmet Connection

DIY Moss Pumpkin

It is necessary to wrap a genuine or artificial pumpkin in moss in order to transform it into a unique centerpiece. Image courtesy of The Crafty Hygienist

DIY Twine Pumpkin

Make little pumpkin decorations out of twine or rope to use as Halloween decorations. In order to make a pumpkin, use the same steps as those described above for yarn, or use this quick instruction to make one in minutes! Image courtesy of The Navage Patch Image courtesy of The Kim Six Fix

Dryer Vent Halloween Pumpkin

To create the pumpkin form, paint a piece of dryer vent in the chosen color and bend it in a circular shape to give it the appearance of a pumpkin. Create a pumpkin topiary by stacking many pipes together. Image courtesy of This Mama Loves

Sock Halloween Pumpkin Decorations

To make this no-carve pumpkin, you’ll need a pair of high-strength wool socks and a pair of scissors. Stuff them with cotton or polyfill and use thread to create ridges in the shape of a pumpkin. Image: A mother in the heart of Music City

Mason Jar Lid Halloween Pumpkin

In order to make this no-carve pumpkin, you’ll need a pair of high-strength wool socks. Using cotton or polyfill, stuff the pumpkins and use thread to create ridges on the outside like a pumpkin. Mom in the heart of Nashville

Grapevine Pumpkin

Connect four or five previously used grapevine wreaths vertically with a rope and unroll the wreaths to form a pumpkin-like structure. Light strips may be used to create a stylish effect. Image courtesy of Mama Ging Three Brothers (Image courtesy of Shop Three Brothers)

Scrubbing Pad Pumpkin

Connect four or five previously used grapevine wreaths vertically with rope and unroll the wreaths to form a pumpkin shape.

To create a stylish appearance, add light strips. Mama Ging is shown here. Three Brothers (Image courtesy of Shutterstock)

Genius Pumpkin Decorating Ideas to Try This Halloween

Pumpkins in the Night Sky Using three distinct night sky landscapes, you may brighten up your front porch or party table with seasonal patterns that are suited for the occasion. Prepare for the Harvest Moon by making a small hole in the bottom of an heirloom pumpkin and scooping out the pulp and seeds. Make a circular hole in the front of the pumpkin using a sharp knife. Cut a sheet of white vellum paper that is just slightly larger than the hole and use a gray paint pen to sketch the craters of the moon on it to complete the moonscape.

  1. Hot-glue a couple strands of twine around the aperture to keep them in place.
  2. Cut out a crescent moon shape from a piece of cardboard to use as a template for your corn moon.
  3. Use colorful string to wrap around the edge of the moon to cover up any cardboard that may have been exposed.
  4. Using a medium heirloom pumpkin, cut out a hole in the bottom and scoop out the pulp and seeds to make the stars and constellations.
  5. Drill the key points along the constellations with an awl or an electric drill equipped with a tiny bit.
  6. Single stars may be created using a big and medium drill bit, while starbursts can be created with a linoleum carving tool.

DIY Pumpkin Decorations

Prepare for a memorable fall season with these 25+ pumpkin decorations! Wishing you everyone a wonderful fall season! The season of autumn is one of my favorites. This time of year is quite gorgeous, with changing leaves and evenings cold enough to take family walks in the evenings. Another aspect of this season that I particularly adore is everything PUMPKIN-related. While I use it often in wonderful dishes, here’s 25+ DIY Pumpkin Decor Ideas to inspire us as we deck our houses out for fall.

  • Alayna’s Creations has a tutorial for a 24″ pumpkin.
  • Dollar Store is a store that sells items for one dollar.
  • Stonegable Blog has created Knob Top Pumpkins.
  • Birds & Blooms’ Tipsy Pumpkins are a great fall decoration.
  • Pumpkins made of mercury glass by Thistlewood Farms Aly Dosdall’s 3D Paper Pumpkins are a fun and easy Halloween project.
  • DIY Pumpkin Terracotta Pots made by Real Housewives of Atlanta Stump of a Pumpkin Tree The Welcome Sign was created by View From the Fridge.
  • A Diamond in the Stuff’s Glitter Pumpkin Topiary is available for purchase.
  • Tin Can Pumpkins on the subject of Sustainable Living in the City Crafty Morning’s Melted Crayon Pumpkin Decorating is a great idea.

By Pomp and Circumstance Events, the Button Pumpkin has become a household name. The Turquise Home has a Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin. Auntie Lolo Crafts has created a pumpkin button art design. All Free Kids Crafts is a Curly Paper Pumpkin Craft that you can do.

Party Ideas

The fall season has finally begun, and what better way to begin things off than with pumpkins?! When it comes to Fall décor, I’ve never been one for carving pumpkins; instead, I opt for my glue gun instead! To help you convert inexpensive pumpkins into beautiful decorations for your house this Fall, I’m presenting 5 different methods you can do crafts with pumpkins today.

5 Neutral DIY Pumpkin Decorations for Fall

This year’s Fall décor is inspired by a neutral color palette and a warm, inviting atmosphere. As a result, I resorted to materials such as burlap, wool, lace, and faux fur to make crafts. These DIY neutral pumpkins were really simple to make, and the materials I used were mostly things I already had at home, such as fabric scraps, ribbon, pumpkin shapes from last year, and twigs from my garden. But if you don’t have the same materials I used, you may easily adapt the procedures to your own needs by using different fabrics and pumpkins of varying sizes (and colors) as I did.

  1. I really enjoyed arranging all of the pumpkins together on a wooden tray and adding greenery to make a beautiful display!
  2. Some paper maché pumpkins that I already had in my possession were repurposed for use in these projects.
  3. However, you may also use other materials such as polystyrene pumpkins or even affordable plastic pumpkins to decorate your home.
  4. As previously stated, you have complete freedom in terms of fabric selection and color scheme.
  5. Additionally, all of these DIY projects were quite simple and quick to put together, which is a great plus in my eyes!

DIY Yarn Pumpkins

These yarn pumpkins are quite popular on Pinterest, and I couldn’t wait to give them a try for myself! Although I selected a thick ivory colored yarn for my DIY craft, any type of yarn would work just as well. However, the thicker the year, the more quickly this process will be completed. You could believe that making yarn pumpkins is as simple as wrapping yarn around a pumpkin form. However, this is not the case. But, believe me when I say, it does not! First, I attempted to wrap yarn around a polystyrene pumpkin; however, this resulted in the loss of the pumpkin form entirely, as well as a ball of yarn with a bunch of lumpy yarn on the top and bottom of the pumpkin, which was not the most visually appealing of results.

See also:  What Is Farmhouse Style Decor

Yet again, I failed to maintain the shape of the pumpkin and ended up with “clumpy” yarn in the middle of the pumpkin’s top and bottom, as well as on the sides and bottom.

As a result, when I switched to paper mâché pumpkins, it was the third time fortunate for me! Check out the video below to see how this approach is used in practice!

DIY Burlap Pumpkins

Again, I used paper maché pumpkins for this project, and I utilized burlap fabric that I already had on hand for another project. Because the pumpkins I chose were already browned, I was able to just wrap it in burlap to finish it off. However, if you are using polystyrene pumpkins or plastic pumpkins, you may need to or want to paint them beforehand to prevent the colors from showing through the burlap before decorating. After the pumpkins were wrapped, I added a contrasting color string to draw attention to the different pumpkin portions.

So adorable, don’t you think?

DIY Lace Pumpkins

I used lace ribbon to create this easy DIY pumpkin craft project. The ribbon I chose was around 1 inch wide, which made the procedure a whole lot simpler to go through. To cover the same surface area with a narrower ribbon will, of course, take longer and require more material. If you’re using smaller pumpkins, a larger ribbon may make it more difficult to keep the shape of the pumpkins in the ribbon. Because the lace was neither too large nor too thin, the wrapping technique worked nicely in this situation.

DIY Faux Fur Pumpkins

I made these pumpkins out of faux fur ribbon, which you can see below. This ribbon was somewhat broader than the lace, measuring approximately 2 and a half inches in width. You could also use faux fur fabric here, and either cut it into strips and use this technique, or follow the tutorial for the burlap covered pumpkin above.I also decided to highlight the pumpkin shape by wrapping it in a contrasting color string.You can see the details in the video below!I also decided to highlight the pumpkin shape by wrapping it in a contrasting color string.

DIY Pastel Painted Pumpkins

This is by far the simplest of all the pumpkin projects you’ll find on the internet! Simply use a plastic or ceramic pumpkin and a few drops of acrylic paint to complete the project. As someone who enjoys repurposing DIY items that I already have at home, this is the perfect budget-friendly project to keep my house looking fresh year after year without breaking the bank! If you don’t want to utilize pastel colors, feel free to choose any hue you like that matches your taste and home décor. Make sure to watch the video to learn all of the techniques I used to create these simple, neutral DIY pumpkin decorations for the Fall season.

Do it and tag me on social media @BirdsParty so that I can see and share your inspiration with others.

20 Insanely Cool Pumpkin Decorations That Don’t Require Actual Pumpkins

Designing Media Platforms is the responsibility of the Media Platforms Design Team. Whether you can’t make it to the pumpkin farm or simply don’t want a rotting gourd in your house, there are alternatives. The Media Platforms Design Team1 of 20 is responsible for creating the Book Pumpkin. With this simple DIY, book worms can transform a few old, fading books into a colourful piece of décor in no time. All you need is a twig from your garden and some orange spray paint to complete this project.

  • Bowling Ball Pumpkin Design Team2of 20Media Platforms Design Team3of 20Media Platforms Design Team4of 20Bowling Ball Pumpkin Design Team2of 20 Obtain an old bowling ball and use it to create your own mouse hidehole for a unique and endearing effect.
  • Prodigal Pieces has a tutorial for this project.
  • Get the Homeroad lesson on your computer.
  • Don’t forget to add a tea light for a subtle glow to complete the look.
  • 9 of 20Painted Glass Globe Pumpkin from the Media Platforms Design Team Go to your local thrift store and pick up a glass globe or any other inexpensive light fixture to use.
  • You may find the instruction at Homeroad.
  • The remainder of the supplies are readily available in your adjacent toolbox—as it’s simple as that.

Design Team for Media Platforms 11 of 20 Toilet Paper Pumpkins by the Media Platforms Design Team12 of 20 Instead of putting away the leftover rolls of toilet paper, make them into fabric pumpkins to decorate your home.

The instruction may be found at A Piece of Rainbow.

To create a playful look, arrange them over a windowsill or mantel in between tea lights.

Media Platforms Design Team14 of 20Trim Corner Block Pumpkins by Media Platforms Design Team 15 of 20Antique Bun Warmer Pumpkin Designed by Media Platforms Design Team An antique pot from Grandma’s house is the ideal element to transform into a colorful, spherical pumpkin for your mantle.

You may find the instruction at Cluttered Clutter.

Wind turbines of various sizes serve as the ideal foundation for a rustic pumpkin carriage that greets guests to your front porch.

Media Platforms Design Team17 out of 20 Media Platforms Design Team Roof Turbine Pumpkin (number 18 of 20) Make rustic pumpkins out of giant roof turbines and an old garden hose, which are ideal for line your walkway.

Designing Media Platforms is the responsibility of the Media Platforms Design Team.

Experiment with different styles and approaches until you discover your favorite. DIY Beautify has a tutorial that you may follow.

101+ DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Our collection of more than 101 DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas was compiled by a group of extremely creative and dedicated bloggers. It gives me great pleasure to present their work to you. Please click on each of the links that piques your interest! We’d love to see your homemade pumpkin decorations as well! You may share a photo with us on our Facebook page, which is located HERE.

Dollar Store Pumpkins

There are many brilliant bloggers that contributed to our compilation of more than 101 DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas. Having the opportunity to share their work with you is a true joy. Thank you for taking the time to view each site that you find interesting! We’d love to see your own homemade pumpkin decorations as well. Here is the link to our Facebook page, where you may add a picture:

Fabric Pumpkins

I hope you may get some inspiration to be creative and design your own fabric pumpkins after reading this post. Never be intimidated; it is simple, and if I can do it, anybody can! Many fabric pumpkins may be made without sewing! Crafting a Fabric Pumpkin from Old Shirts with the Help of Our Crafty Mom The Silly Pearl has a tutorial for making a DIY Fall Mini Pumpkin Tree. Upcycle your old shirts to make No Sew Fabric Pumpkins. Pink Fortitude is a store that sells sweaters. Intelligent Domestications’ Velvet Pumpkins are an inexpensive way to decorate for the fall season.

Burlap Pumpkins made with no sewing required from Confessions of a Plate Addict

Wooden Pumpkins

I hope you can get some inspiration to be creative and design your own fabric pumpkins after reading this post! Never be intimidated; it is simple, and if I can do it, you can as well. Fabric pumpkins are available in a variety of designs. Our Crafty Mom created a fabric pumpkin out of old shirts. Adapted from The Silly Pearl’s DIY Fall Mini Pumpkin Tree. Upcycle your old shirts into No Sew Fabric Pumpkins. Pink Fortitude is a collection of sweaters. Intelligent Domestications’ Velvet Pumpkins are a great way to save money on your fall decor.

Burlap Pumpkins made with no sewing from Confessions of a Plate Addict are simple and quick to make.

Even MoreDIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Pumpkins with black ties from Little Miss Celebration The DIY Paper Mache Pumpkin by Borei Design Anderson and Grant’s Dry Brushed Chalk Painted Pumpkins are a DIY project. Moss Pumpkins from a Contented Home in the Netherlands Sadie Seasongoods’ Straw Tote Pumpkin Planter is a must-have for any fall or winter wardrobe.

And Even More Pumpkin Decorating Ideas!

We tossed in a few kid-friendly activities for good measure. Money Saving Queen has compiled a list of 25 no-carve pumpkin ideas. 30 Pumpkin Activities to Do With Your Children on the Kids Activities Blog Pumpkins with Confetti from the Made in a Day Dollar Store Crafts for Making Pumpkins in the Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas from Hawthorne and Main, courtesy of the Crazy Craft Lady A Cultivated Nest demonstrates how to make an easy ombre pumpkin button. How to Decorate Pumpkins with Letters for the Fall Season The Cottage with a Red Painted Roof Feathered Chalk Board Pumpkin Topiaryat The Everyday HomeFeathered Chalk Board Pumpkin Topiaryat The Everyday Home The Kim Six Solution Using Premeditated Leftovers, make a Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe Board.

Using Tissue Paper, Create Easy Pumpkin Favorsby Dryer Vent Repair Is a Simple Project Vintage Farmhouse Pumpkinat You Brew My Tea Fall Pumpkinat You Brew My Tea Flowers made with pen and paper Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October.

I understand it’s difficult, but which one do you prefer the most? Make sure to pin this collection to your Pinterest board! Watches Made of Wood Are Available For Purchase

Spend an Afternoon With These Pretty Pumpkin Craft Ideas

Blake Ramsey is the stylist and photographer for this shoot. Photographer: Ralph Smith Outdoor Halloween decorations may be quite elaborate for some people, while others choose more understated autumn décor ideas such as gingham accents and potted mums for their outdoor Halloween decorations. It doesn’t matter where you land on the political spectrum; there’s one décor element you’re almost certain to include: pumpkins. Many other creative pumpkin crafts may be made to brighten up your porch or any other area in your home.

Easy pumpkin craft ideas are a great place to start if you’re trying to branch out from the traditional pumpkin decoration ideas.

The collection includes lovely floral-painted pumpkins (have a look at the first few slides for a sneak peek at some of Ree Drummond’s faves!) and pumpkin-turned-vases, perfect for displaying an impressive bouquet.

And if you’re still looking for more fall projects to try your hand at, there are a variety of lovely fall leaf crafts to choose from as well.

49 Incredible DIY Pumpkins You’ve Got to Try This Year

Halloween is almost approaching, and there are several options for decorating your home, but nothing matches a collection of charming and colorful pumpkins. In fact, out of all the options available, these 49 pumpkin designs and decorations are the greatest – certain to surprise your neighbors, delight your visitors, and help you to win the autumn decorating game this year. The following project comes from Ananda @ A Piece of Rainbow. 1. Turn rolls of toilet paper into pumpkins. You can read the entire post here.

  • Construct One Out of Concrete Using a Candy Bucket (courtesy of Diana @ Diana’s DIY Den) 2.
  • 3.
  • You can read the entire post here.
  • This project was inspired by Melissa At A Prudent Life.
  • 5.
  • Project courtesy of Angela At Angela Betlewicz’ Designs, who used clothespins and McDonald’s napkins to create her own version.
  • Design project by Katie @ Spray Paint and Chardonnay, who embellished an inexpensive set with metallic studs.


With the help of extra fabric and frames, you can create a unique pumpkin look.

You can read the entire post here.


Read the whole article here.

Create a rustic ambiance with this Railroad Spike RepurposeProject by Larissa At Prodigal Pieces, which she saw on Pinterest.

Project provided by Emily @ Our House Now a Home: Make Huge Orange Pumpkins From Pallets (#13).

Project courtesy of LZ @ The Summery Umbrella: Turn Scrap Wood Into Simple 2D-Style Pumpkins.

Duct tape a plastic pumpkin to make it seem more realisticProject courtesy of Jennifer @ The Magic Brush You can read the entire post here.

Infuse Color into a Jack-O-Lantern for a Halloween Project courtesy of Angela At Blue I Style You can read the entire post here.


Wrap Dollar Store Pumpkins in Grapevines (Project courtesy of Laura at Inspiration for Moms) You can read the entire post here.

You can read the entire post here.



Create a sweet and soft pumpkin out of scraps of fabric with this project from Charlotte At Ciburbanity.


You can read the entire post here.

Hollow out little pumpkins for festive fall tea lights.

By Carlene @ Organized Clutter, this project for making a Halloween rake head is number 25 on the list.


Project #27: Turn a Cork Collection into a Pumpkin Wreath (courtesy of ChiWei @ 1 Dog Woof).

a plastic gourd covered in dozens of fabric flowers (courtesy of Kristi @ Making It in the Mountains) 28.

Create Glamour for Plain Plastic Pumpkins with a Touch of Glamour (Project courtesy of Kristi @ Chatfield Court) You can read the entire post here.

Upcycle Empty Tin Cans into Easy Pumpkins You can read the entire post here.


Project courtesy of Anne At White Lace Cottage: Dress Up Craft Store Pumpkins with Paint and Glitter.

Building an Archway Out of Plastic Buckets is a project by Vanessa @ TriedTrue that she discovered.

The following project was created by Wendi at H2O Bungalow: 34.

The following project was submitted by April @ Illistyle: Make Puffy Pumpkins out of Tissues, Toilet Paper, and Plastic Bags You can read the entire post here.

Sprinkle Orange Paint over a Plain Set (With a Toothbrush!) You can read the entire post here.

Turn used sweaters from Goodwill into a warm patchwork quilt, courtesy of Cindy At DIY Beautify.

Burlap and twine are used to decorate a shopping bag in this project, which comes from Sondra Lyn of Sondra Lyn at Home.

Using thumbtacks, decorate dollar store pumpkins for a festive look (courtesy of Jamie @ C.R.A.F.T.


Susan At This Makes That Possible suggests that you make wild wooden pumpkins for your porch project.

Create pumpkins out of trim corner blocks using corks and paint, courtesy of Bre @ Average but Inspired.

Jami At An Oregon Cottage shared this project on how to decoupage a 50 cent gourd with scrap paper.

Build an Adorable Set of Wooden Porch Pumpkins with this project from Tracy At At Home With Sweet T.


You can read the entire post here.

Marble a Set of Dollar Store Pumpkins You can read the entire post here.

Make a Garland Out of a Low-Cost SetProject courtesy of Angela @ Angela Betlewicz’ Designs.

Make a set of neutral topiaries out of inexpensive pumpkins (source: Lisa @ Concord Cottage).

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Craft Project #49: Decorate a Paper Pumpkin with Lace and Ribbon (by Christie At Sparkles of Sunshine) You can read the entire post here.

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18 Halloween Hacks To Make Decorating Easy

This post may contain affiliate links; for more details, please see ourDisclosure Policy page. As an Amazon Associate, I get commissions from qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support! Make your own beautiful fabric pumpkins for the fall season this year! You may make these in whatever style or color of cloth you like! A mantel or a table centerpiece with them would be just wonderful. It would be adorable if you could build different-sized pumpkins as well! Don’t you just adore the stems of wine corks?!

DIY Fabric Pumpkins

  • A 14-yard piece of fabric in the pattern of your choice
  • Embroidery thread
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Fabric Fusion
  • Corks
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors Bag of polyfill
  • Twine
  • Ribbon or lace
  • Seamstress measuring tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Turn the cloth inside out and cut it to the size you wish. For a medium-sized pumpkin, a 7.5″ × 8″ square is ideal, but you can use any size you like. In order to determine your personal size, the length unfolded should be approximately twice the height (for example, 8″ unfolded is 16″ by 7.5″)
  • Fabric fusion (or hot glue) may be used to make a fake hem by turning the fabric inside out and applying it about 14 inches in from the raw edge. Set aside to dry entirely according to the directions on the bottle
  • This will result in a tiny sleeve of cloth with the raw edge on the outside. Once the paint is dry, double thread a hand sewing needle with a length of thread equal to an arm’s length. Knot the ends of the thread so that they are the same size as the needle or a little larger to prevent the thread from bursting later on. Starting at the left edge of the fake hem, begin weaving the needle and thread fully around the circumference of the cloth, roughly 14 inches from the raw edge of the fabric. Once you’ve reached the opposite side of the fake hem, tighten the thread and knot it to keep it in place. Take the thread and collect the ruched fabric, leaving a little tail, and firmly wrap the thread around the cloth to form a small stem, as shown. Tie off the thread
  • Load the pumpkin with polyfill, stuffing the sides and keeping the centre as open as possible. Tie off the thread. This will aid in the creation of the pleats later on. Step 4 should be repeated to ruche and completely enclose the top of the pumpkin. Do not knot off the pumpkin until you have added more polyfill and the pumpkin feels fat and full. Once the bag is full enough, draw it tight and tie it off to knot it and clip the threads. Once more, thread the needle with double threading. Pleasing is accomplished by threading the needle through the pumpkin’s base and up through its top. Extend the thread over the edge of the pumpkin and down to the bottom, repeating the process for another 4 pleats on each side. Each pleat’s sides should be alternated. Please remember to maintain the thread securely pulled as you thread the thread from the bottom to the top and over. If you do not draw the thread tightly enough, you will end up with loose thread and no pleating effect.)
  • Wrap the rope around the cork stem and hot glue it in place until it’s completely coated with hot glue. Hot glue a large mound to the bottom of the pumpkin and set it on top of the pumpkin
  • If you want to make it stand out, add a twine or fabric ribbon to the top.

30+ Awesome DIY Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Halloween

Getting into the Halloween mood doesn’t have to be limited to carving pumpkins; instead, get inspired by this wonderful array of imaginative pumpkin decoration ideas. Whether it’s hilarious pumpkin carving or no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas, try these DIY pumpkin ideas for a unique spin on your holiday decorations this year! Further information on any of the DIY pumpkin projects we have highlighted below may be found by following the links provided after the description, which are located below each of the photographs.

  • 1.An easy-to-make Halloween pumpkin.
  • For this look, you’ll need the following supplies: halloween socks, polyfiber fill or paper towels (to stuff the socks), stickers, a faux giant pumpkin, googly eyes, and white spray paint.
  • (Image courtesy of Four Generations Under One Roof) 2.DIY Donut Pumpkin (instructable).
  • Make a selection of frosting colors, such as strawberry and chocolate for the top of the pumpkin and vanilla for the bottom of the pumpkin.
  • (Image courtesy of The DIY Playbook) 3.An easy Polka Dot Pumpkin to make.
  • (Image courtesy of Classy Clutter) 4.
  • Large imitation pumpkins are embellished with letters and graphics cut from black vinyl and adhered to the pumpkins.

(viaa.steed’ 5.Duck Tape Witch Pumpkin with a spool of duck tape.

(Image courtesy of The Crafty Blog Stalker) 6.Pumpkin with Web Lace.

The pumpkin was wrapped with black spider web lace and taped (or hot glued) at the bottom with the hot glue gun.

This is a straightforward method of distributing candy to trick-or-treaters.

You may access the complete tutorial by clicking on the link given.

This is a great project for the whole family, and you can find the tutorial at the website given.

A synthetic pumpkin is embellished with rhinestones and a witch’s cap for Halloween.

rhinestone lettering, a paper mache hat, hot glue, ribbon, and a feather decorated with glitter picks.

Make candy holders out of artificial pumpkins to inject some whimsy and levity into your home.

Faux pumpkins, Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool, paint brushes, and paint are used in this project.

(Image courtesy of Stephanie Lynn) Miniature Pumpkin (no.

To make this project, you’ll need the following materials: a pumpkin (real or faux), two canning jar lids, a long screw and wooden skewer, hot glue, yellow outdoor paint or spray paint, blue outdoor paint or spray paint, black and brown paint or a Sharpie, and two black pipe cleaners.

(Image courtesy of Craftberry Bush) 12.Pumpkins for the Holidays.

Using spray paint, add glitter embellishments to your project.

Terra-cotta pots painted in silver decorate the walls of the red and green rooms.

(Image courtesy of Chica Circle) 13.A Cinderella Pumpkin that you can make yourself.

To get the dazzling sparkly appearance, Krylon Glitter Blast (Sapphire Shimmer) was used in conjunction with rhinestones and gold glitter butterflies, among other materials.

(Image courtesy of A PumpkinA Princess) 14.Chevron No-Carve Pumpkins (no carving required).

Materials: Check out the whole guide for more information and helpful hints to get you started!

This topiary was created with the help of three different-sized imitation pumpkins and two outside containers.

The pots have been aged with paint and their bottoms have been bonded together.

Use spray-on blackboard paint to cover your gourds, using painters tape to preserve the stem.

Use the blank canvas to stimulate your imagination – chalk in creepy faces or merry messages.

Craft card stock was utilized for the features and fixed in place.

Get the cardstock patterns from the linked website.

If you are crafty and love to sew, this project is for you!

There are free patterns and instructions to help you get started by clicking on the link.

Wrap a pumpkin with cheesecloth and hot-glue some googly eyes for a creepy pumpkin face.

(viaBetter HomesGardens)20.Caterpillar Pumpkins.

Decorate the painted pumpkins with adhesive-felt dots for the body and googly eyes with a pipe cleaner antennae for the head.

Paint the pumpkins white, then paint on some bats (or you can cut bats out of black construction paper or cardboard and hot-glue them on) (or you can cut bats out of black construction paper or cardstock and hot-glue them on).

(viaBetter HomesGardens) 22.Chalkboard Pumpkins.

(viaFair Goods) 23.Cauldron Pumpkin.

Set the pumpkin on a plant stand and fill with dry ice.

(viaBetter HomesGardens) 24.Peek-a-BOO Pumpkin.

Hollow out your pumpkin.

Use craft glue to adhere the hands on the pumpkin.

(viaBetter HomesGardens) 25.Creepy Crawlies.

Attach pipe cleaners for the legs and use lentils or beans for the eyes.

(viaHGTV) 26.Black Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins.

Carve eerie faces to greet your trick-or-treaters.

These pumpkins employ two ordinary office materials, thumbtacks and a permanent marker.

The orange pumpkin has white thumbtacks placed into the pumpkin, producing a ghostly look.

(viaC.R.A.F.T.) 28.Stacked Pumpkins.

Stack the pumpkins horizontally or vertically, using eerie sayings such as “boo” or “eek.” (viaBetter HomesGardens) 29.Pumpkin Carriage.

Carve out two circles and a square for the windows and door in the huge pumpkin, then add details with a silver paint pen to finish it out.

(Image courtesy of Better HomesGardens) 30.A Message in a Pumpkin Topiary In the event that you are short on time, this basic DIY can suffice to dress up your entrance door.

For the letters, you may use black acrylic or craft paint; you can get the free template here.

(Image courtesy of Better HomesGardens) Pumpkin Jar Lights (number 31).

Get the instruction by clicking on the link given.

(Image courtesy of Woman’s Day) Pumpkin with Googly Eyes (number 32).

Leave some sweets in a dish and you’re good to go!

Make a hole in the center for the mouth.

White cardboard may be used to create teeth.

([email protected]) Owl Pumpkin (number 33).

Glue them on the pumpkin to keep them in place.

This straightforward pumpkin is decorated with toothpicks to resemble jail cell bars, with a little skeleton placed inside.

This simple yet frightening pumpkin is made using googly eyes with adhesive backs in a variety of sizes, which can be obtained at any craft store.

([email protected]) Pumpkin with a skull on it (number 36).

(viaPinterest) Witchy Pumpkin (number 37).

Decorate with glitter, glue, and ribbons to give it a festive feel.

If you want to channel your inner Wizard of Oz, try adding some crimson glitter! Jack-O-Lantern with a spooky twist. Dry ice smokes eerily out of the mouth of this fascinating pumpkin, which has birthday candles for eyes and dry ice smoking out of its mouth. (

You are reading an article curated by

Getting into the Halloween mood doesn’t have to be limited to carving pumpkins; instead, get inspired by this wonderful array of imaginative pumpkin ideas. Try these DIY pumpkin ideas for an unexpected twist this year, ranging from funny pumpkin carving to no-carve pumpkin decorating. Further information on any of the DIY pumpkin projects we have featured below can be found by following the links provided after the description, which are located below each of the photographs. Describe your situation to us.

  • The first is a Halloween pumpkin that you can make yourself.
  • For this look, you’ll need the following supplies: Halloween socks, polyfiber fill or paper towels (to stuff the socks), stickers, a faux large pumpkin, googly eyes, and white spray paint.
  • In the words of Four Generations Living in the Same House: 2.Pumpkin Donuts Made at Home To make this, you’ll need a faux pumpkin, acrylic paint (in any color), and small paint brushes.
  • Make the sprinkles out of colored paint flecks.
  • Polka Dot Pumpkin with a Simple Design Simple black circle stickers, sparkly black ribbon, and baker’s twine to wrap around the stem of the pumpkin are all you’ll need for this fall-themed decoration!
  • To view the entire tutorial, please visit the website provided below.
  • Witch Pumpkin with Duck Tape To create the witch’s face, hair, and witch hat, black, white, and green duct tape was used.

Heirloom White spray paint was used to transform a dollar store faux orange pumpkin.

Starshine Chic is credited with this information.

Putting out candy for trick-or-treaters is a straightforward process.

Please see the provided link for the entire tutorial.

Using pumpkins, create a black cat decoration.

To learn how to make this easy and entertaining project for the whole family, visit the link below.

Rhinestones and a witch’s hat adorn the top of this faux pumpkin.

rhinestone letters, a paper mache hat, hot glue, ribbon, and a feather adorned with glitter picks The following is a reprint from A PumpkinA Princess.

Make faux pumpkins into candy holders to inject some whimsy and levity into your home.

Faux pumpkins, Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool, paint brushes, and paint are all needed for this project.

By Stephanie Lynn, with permission.

To make this project, you’ll need the following materials: a pumpkin (real or faux), two canning jar lids, a long screw and wooden skewer, hot glue, yellow outdoor paint or spray paint, blue outdoor paint or spray paint, black and brown paint or a Sharpie, and four black pipe cleaners.

The Craftberry Bush provided the source for this information.

After applying a coat of white primer to the pumpkins, the colors red, green, and white are spray painted on them.

Snowman faces and red hats are painted on the white pumpkins.

To make the hooks, silver-colored tinsel is wrapped around a silver pipe cleaner, which is then inserted into the holes in the terra-cotta pots.

Thirteenth, a Cinderella Pumpkin made from scratch.

With the help of rhinestones and gold glitter butterflies, the bright glittery effect was achieved with Krylon Glitter Blast (Sapphire Shimmer).

The following is a reprint from A PumpkinA Princess.

Real or fake pumpkins, painter’s tape, acrylic craft paint, and small paint brushes will all be required for this project.

The following is from My Baking Addiction: Pumpkin Topiary Decorations for Halloween This topiary was created with the help of three different-sized faux pumpkins and two outdoor pots.

The pots have been painted and the bottoms have been glued together to give them an antique appearance.

Spray-on chalkboard paint can be used to decorate your gourds, and painters tape can be used to protect the stem.

Inspire your creativity by drawing spooky faces or festive greeting cards on the blank canvas.

The features were made out of craft card stock, which was pinned in place.

You can download the cardstock patterns from the link provided.

This project is perfect for anyone who enjoys being creative and sewing.

By clicking on the link, you can access free patterns and tutorials to assist you in getting started.

To make a scary pumpkin face, wrap a pumpkin in cheesecloth and hot-glue some googly eyes to the top of the pumpkin.

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(Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)20.Caterpillar Pumpkins A playful caterpillar is formed by curved green-painted pumpkins with black-painted stems, which are perfect for displaying on your front lawn!

(Image courtesy of Midwest Living) 21.Pumpkins with bats on them.

These pumpkins will look fantastic on your front porch or inside your home.

You can be as creative as you want with these no-carve typography pumpkins, which are painted with chalkboard paint and have playful lettering.

Paint a large pumpkin black and hollow out the inside by cutting off the top third and hollowing it out.

Decorate the area with carved pumpkins to create a spooky atmosphere.

To make a lid for a fresh pumpkin, cut the top off of the pumpkin.

Cut out two hand patterns from black felt that you have traced (get the pattern on the included link).

Make large googly eyes with craft glue.

Mini real or faux pumpkins are used for the bodies of these spiders, which are easy to make.

Use a drop of lack paint to create a pupil, and white paint to highlight each of the eyes.

Paint the stems of your jack-o’-lanterns with black acrylic or spray paint, and then attach them with painters tape.

(Image courtesy of Simplified Bee) 27.Pumpkins that do not need to be carved.

A web-like chevron pattern is created on a white-painted pumpkin using a black marker, giving the pumpkin a spiderweb appearance.

It is necessary to use black thumbtacks for the eyes and lips.

Metallic leaves and thumbtacks may be used to decorate a pumpkin such that it spells out the word “BOO.” Stagger the pumpkins in a horizontal or vertical stack, then label each one with a terrifying phrase like “boo” or “eek.” (Image courtesy of Better HomesGardens) Pumpkin Carriage (number 29).

  1. Carve out two circles and a square for the windows and door in the huge pumpkin, then add details using a silver paint pen to complete the design.
  2. (Image courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.) 30.A Message in a Pumpkin Topiary.
  3. Stack three large pumpkins together to make a pyramid.
  4. Stagger the pumpkins on top of an urn that has been decorated with spooky vines or cobwebs.
  5. Lights in a pumpkin jar Glass mason jars, orange tissue paper, and outdoor Mod Podge are required for this project.
  6. Put votive candles in each jar to provide illumination for the room.
  7. Leave some sweets in a dish and you’ll be good to go.

A hole for the mouth has to be cut in the fabric.

White cardboard is used to create teeth.

([email protected]) Owl Pumpkin is number 33 on the list.

They should be glued on to the pumpkin.

A little skeleton is placed inside this basic pumpkin, which is decorated with toothpicks to resemble jail cell bars.

Using toothpicks, attach the teeth to the mouth form once it has been cut out (draw the pattern onto the pumpkin beforehand).

Open up the pumpkin to discover a creepy skeleton pumpkin hidden within!

Glitter, glue, and ribbons may be used to create a festive look.

You may try adding some crimson glitter to give it a Wizard of Oz feel! Jack-O-Lantern with a spooky face. For its eyes, this fantastic pumpkin has lit birthday candles, and it has smoke coming out of its mouth that is strangely eerily scary. (

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DIY Marquee Light Letter Pumpkins:

When pumpkins are not included in your Halloween decorations, it appears as if something is missing, since they are really important in this situation! Take a look at this lovely idea for enhancing your holiday decorations by utilizing marquee lettered pumpkins! Take several DIY pumpkins and place the marquee letters of your choice inside the pumpkins! Firstly, trace out the letters using letter templates, and then cut out the traced out pieces with an X-Acto knife to complete the task! You can find the whole project specifications and step-by-step directions on this page.

DIY Watercolor Pumpkins:

Painting pumpkins is another option for adding some color to your Halloween décor if you are lacking in that department! Here’s a creative method to decorate your pumpkins with bright colors by combining watercolors and white paint! Simply take your plastic craft pumpkins and decorate them with water paint colors to make them appear stunning; have a look at the samples to be inspired! Detailed project information and step-by-step instructions may be found herelinesacross

DIY White Corset Pumpkin:

If you are seeking for a one-of-a-kind pumpkin decoration project for the upcoming Halloween season, then look no further! Would make perhaps the most unusual Halloween pumpkin ever created! With an enticing mix of grommets through which a beautiful ribbon has been run in a shoe-lace manner, this pumpkin is finished off with a stylish bow tie at the end! Cut and divide away the rear of your pumpkin, and then empty it by scooping out all of the contents with a spoon from the inside! Next, drill holes in the pumpkin’s sides for the grommets to be attached, and finally paint it!

DIY Sharpie Owl Pumpkins:

In case you’re seeking for a different kind of pumpkin decoration project for the next Halloween season, look no further! I think that would make for the most interesting Halloween pumpkin ever! An enticing selection of grommets has been threaded through the pumpkin’s top in a shoe-lace fashion, and at the end of the ribbon is a gorgeous bow tie to finish it off! To make your pumpkin empty, cut and separate away the rear of the pumpkin, then scoop out all of the interior contents using a spoon.

Homestoriesatoz has all of the project specifics and step-by-step directions.

Decoupage Photo Pumpkin:

Ideally, you’d like people to speak about your envy while also mentioning your wonderful Halloween decorations. All of this will be feasible if you use these one-of-a-kind Halloween pumpkins, the exceptional decoupage Halloween pumpkins, to decorate your home! Grab a little amount of mod-podge and a paintbrush, and then begin pasting your favorite photographs onto your chosen pumpkins until they are completely covered! You can find the whole project specifications and step-by-step directions on this page.

Bats Flying Across a Pumpkin:

With these flying bat pumpkins, you can add four moons to your Halloween decorations, which will have a more substantial spooky impact on your total Halloween decorations! Do you want to make your own version of these very terrifying Halloween pumpkins? Simply select your favorite real or imitation pumpkins and attach the flying across bats to the tops of them.

Cut out dozens of bats from poster board with a few well-placed strokes of the scissors! You can find the whole project specifications and step-by-step directions on this page. itallstartedwithpaint

DIY Jeweled Pumpkins:

There are several designs of beautiful Halloween pumpkins available for purchase in stores, all of which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also quite pricey! Consequently, why not create your own Halloween pumpkins at home in order to use them as the most unique Halloween centerpieces possible! It would take very little time and money to make the same decorated pumpkins that you find in stores and markets; all you would need is glue and glitter to get started! With simple glue dots as a starting point, you can create a wonderful decorative pattern that you can then embellish further with your favorite glitter for even more eye-catching ornamental patterns!

Hereglorioustreats has all of the project specifics and step-by-step directions you need.

DIY Glow in The Dark Pumpkins:

You’re going to adore this idea for decorating your Halloween pumpkins this year! This project calls for the use of neon tulip paints that light in the dark! Make creative geometrical, dotted, and crazy line designs on your chosen craft pumpkins by painting them with several hues of glow in the dark neon paint. These patterns will be incredibly apparent at night! This is a fantastic Halloween pumpkin decoration idea to try out! Complete project specifics and step-by-step instructions may be found at

House Numbers Pumpkin Topiary:

Your friends and family will adore this idea for decorating your Halloween pumpkins! This project calls for the use of neon tulip paints that light in the dark. Make creative geometrical, dotted, and crazy line designs on your chosen craft pumpkins by painting them with different shades of glow in the dark neon paint to make patterns that will be visible in the evening! It’s the perfect time to experiment with Halloween pumpkin decor. Visit ilovetocreateblog for complete project specifications and step-by-step instructions.

Minion Painted Pumpkins:

Allow these minion pumpkins to provide hours of entertainment for your children during the fall season! These are quite simple to make, using only acrylic paint in the colors yellow and blue, as well as a black Sharpie marker. You may use the two coke can bottoms, along with some white paper or foam inside, to make large goggles or the eyes of the minion. In order to make face emotions, use your black sharpie pen to be as creative as possible; adjust the style of lips and teeth to alter the expressions!

DIY Lace Pumpkins:

In addition to using glitter, sharpie markers and personalised numerals to decorate your pumpkins, lace appliques are an extremely unique and stylish alternative to consider. Apply the dip-dyed laces on your faux or real painted pumpkins and marvel at the ever-beautiful appearance of your creations! Mod-podge has been used to attach the black dip dyed laces to the white painted pumpkins in this special Halloween design.

This gives the pumpkins an eerie, terrifying feel that is appropriate for Halloween. Another fantastic idea for adorning your Halloween pumpkins this year! Detailed project information and step-by-step instructions can be found herehonestlywtf.

Gold Thumbtack Covered Pumpkins:

It’s time for another wild pumpkin makeover that will change your pumpkins into ever more stunning and sparkly centerpieces! Instead of using glitter or metallic paint, the idea is to cover your pumpkins with metallic thumbtacks to give them a shiny finish. Take a handful of brass thumbtacks and begin pinning them on one by one until your pumpkins are completely covered! This will create a spell-binding metallic texture combined with a lot of sparkle and brilliance that will be eye catching! Complete project information and step-by-step instructions here rosyscription

Neon Dipped Pumpkins:

Learn from this absolutely gorgeous paint pumpkin makeover, which is all about adding some captivating colors to your pumpkin decorations while keeping the backdrop a neutral tone. Paint your pumpkins white, then dip them in a wacky neon paint mixture to create a pumpkin that is just stunning! In order to create a collection of brightly colored pumpkins, you may experiment with different neon colours. Complete project information and step-by-step instructions may be found at

Thumbtack Ghost Pumpkin:

No carving required here; simply apply some easy makeovers to your pumpkins to make them stand out as entirely Halloween-themed decorations. This year’s Halloween theme is terrifying ghosts, so the first makeover is all about adding a small ghost to your pumpkins using white thumbtacks and painting the thumbtacks black for the eyes and lips! Next up is something completely different, and it is all about creating terrifying looks for your pumpkins by using a faux black spider. To do this, just white paint your pumpkins, draw creative black lines on them using a black sharpie, and then attach a spider to your finished painted pumpkin!

Black and White Glam Pumpkin:

The color scheme of white and black is what really says Halloween to me! Here’s how to give your Halloween pumpkins a glam makeover using white and black! In order to make a spooky compliment to your artificial pumpkin, paint it white and then write the word “BOO” on it using rhinestone letters. After that, dress it up with a black paper mache hat, which should be adorned with a feather and stunning black glitter picks to complete the look! A decorative wrap for the hat is the next stage, and in this case a particular white ribbon with black printed bats has been utilized for this reason!

Apumpkinandaprincess has all of the details and step-by-step instructions for this project.

Frozen Elsa Pumpkin:

Are you a huge fan of the Disney Frozen movies? If so, tell us about it. If you answered yes, then you’ll love this one-of-a-kind pumpkin decoration concept that was entirely inspired by Elsa from Disney’s Frozen! Make a darn wonderful sparkly appeal on your pumpkin by first painting it with glitter blast for this distinctive decorative makeover! After that, embellish your pumpkin with rhinestones and sticky bling on the roll, as well as adhesive glitter snowflakes!

Finished! To finish off your pumpkin, add a Disney Frozen Tiara to make it seem even more festive! Apumpkinandaprincess has all of the specifics and step-by-step directions for this project.

DIY Fall Halloween Melted Crayon Pumpkin:

Make gorgeous fall decorations out of your pumpkins by decorating them with crayons! In order for the melted crayons to flow down and create wonderful multicolored textures, it is best to begin by dropping them all around the pumpkins starting at the top and working your way down. The majority of fall decorations are done in natural tones, but this one, with its vibrant colors, is likely to catch the attention of hundreds of people! You can find the whole project specifications and step-by-step directions on this page.

Confetti Pumpkins:

Pick up your mock pumpkins and apply a thin coating of glue all over them. Next, fill the glue-covered regions with a bright confetti of your choosing. Confetti pumpkins would be ready to be transported to your preferred locations in order to spread the word about your wild Halloween décor! Complete project specifics and step-by-step instructions can be found at

DIY Painted Baseball Pumpkin:

Pumpkins are nearly circular in shape, and they may be converted into a variety of fantastic items that you see every day! Here is a baseball-themed pumpkin that has been created to inspire sports enthusiasts while also serving as a beautiful piece of home décor. Make a baseball pattern out of tracing paper, and then use acrylic paint in various hues to paint on top of the tracing paper to give your baseball a fresh look! Spray paint your imitation or genuine pumpkin white before you begin any other transformation!

The full project description and step-by-step instructions may be found at

How to Carve a Pumpkin with a Hot Knife|:

Do you have any carving skills? Have you ever gone through the process of carving? It’s time to put your pumpkin carving skills to use for some pumpkin decorating inspiration! Then, using a needle and small holes in the printout, create a dotted drawing of the pattern, numbers, or whatever you want to put on your pumpkin. Once you’ve finished, you may decorate your pumpkin as you like. Now, using an X-Acto knife, cut the surface of the pumpkin away from the needle points that you traced before.

Custom house address letters have been carved into this pumpkin, making it the perfect way to dress up your home’s façade or major entrance point for the holiday season!

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