How To Make Paper Fan Decorations

DIY Paper Fans

If you’re searching for inexpensive ways to spice up your wedding décor, papercrafting is a great option because it’s simple, offers unlimited color and texture options, and is straightforward to do. That’s why we’re offering this straightforward instruction for making paper fans at home. They need few materials and take only a short amount of time to assemble, yet they have a significant influence on your event. Despite the fact that you can construct a few dozen of them in an evening on your lonesome, paper fans are far more enjoyable to produce with a group of people.

Your wedding will be adorned with enough paper fans if you finish the night with enough to spare.

you can be as creative as you want with these multi-purpose décor items!

We’re interested in finding out!

Handmade Paper Fans

Supplies: Decorative paperScissors for cutting out shapes Pins for GlueClothes To begin, cut a square sheet of paper in half lengthwise. 2. Fold the paper in half. 3. Fold one of the sides in by a half inch. 4. Continue folding the sheet accordion style along the length of the sheet until you reach the end. 5. Make an effort to ensure that the first and last folds are facing in the same direction as the first. The importance of this is magnified if you’re utilizing paper that only has a design printed on one side.

  1. Tie a length of string around the centre and tighten it with a double knot to keep it in place.
  2. Spread each side of the thread out and glue the ends together.
  3. 8: Allow the glue to cure for 5-10 minutes for each fan before removing the pins from the fans.
  4. Continue this technique until you have as many admirers as you like!
  5. To fold a square sheet of paper in half (as demonstrated in the tutorial above), start with a square piece of paper.
  6. If you want a smaller fan, trim your paper down into smaller rectangles before folding it.
  7. -Make certain that your string is attached in the exact middle of your fan, or else your fan will spread out more on one side than the other.
  8. Check out our step-by-step instructions for creating theseEasy Sewn Paper Garlands!
  9. It is in line with the site’s themes of love and joy since it has romantic links to Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Immortal Beloved” love letters, which are included on the blog.

Josephine Brunsvik and Guilietta Guicciardi are two of the most likely objects of his affection, and it is from these two ladies that Josephine Guicciardi derives her character as Josephine Guicciardi.

DIY Paper Fan Party Decoration

Scissors, decorative paper, and glue are required supplies. Dressmaking Pins made from GlueClothes Create a square sheet of paper as your starting point for this string1. Two folds are required. Step 3: Fold one of the sides in by a half-inch. Fold the sheet accordion style down the entire length of the sheet until you reach the bottom. 5. Make an effort to ensure that the first and last folds are facing the same way. This is especially critical if you’re using paper that only has a pattern on one side of the sheet.

  1. 7.
  2. 8.
  3. 8.
  4. 9.
  5. Helpful Hints and Solutions A rectangle must be cut out of your paper for this project.
  6. If you want a larger fan, fold two pieces of square paper accordion-style and glue them together before attaching the string to it.
  7. -If you’re using decorative paper with a design on only one side, make sure that the start and end folds of your accordion are facing the same way as each other.
  8. – Was this tutorial helpful to you in any way?
  9. Evermine blogger Josephine Guicciardi goes under the pen name of Josephine Guicciardi.
  10. “Ever thine, eternally mine, ever ours,” the great composer writes to a woman who has remained a mystery to this day, but who is the subject of his famous lyrics.

Confession: I’m A Cheapskate

For those who missed it in CheapEasy Party Decor Part 1, my baby girl, Hallie, turned one this month. I always want to have perfectly coordinated decor and the cutest accessories so that it appears as if you ripped my party out of a magazine page, but then the cheapskate inside me kicks in and says, “NO WAY am I paying $5 for ONE tissue paper fan!” “One thing I really enjoy about parties is when they have coordinated backdrops.I believe that no matter where you have the party, this can help to tie the theme or color scheme together.When I saw this pin for this adorable fan backdrop, I knew it was something I wanted to make for Hallie’s party.When I went to the pin, though, it was a Cricut tutorial.I thought maybe I could read the instructions and figure out a way around it.No such luck.There weren’t really any instructions.” To hang them all together, the next logical step for me was to look into purchasing paper fans.

I found some really nice tissue paper fans on Amazonhereandherebut they were around $5 each, which seemed a little steep for what I was trying to accomplish, especially considering they are only made of tissue paper!

When it comes to parties, wrapping paper is like my secret weapon.I use it in a variety of ways, from table runners to making walls coordinate and bringing together the color palette as a super simple backdrop for any party.So I turned to my trusty wrapping paper.I felt like it had an advantage over tissue paper because I could pull in more pattern and texture with it.Once I figured out the method, it was too easy to do!It was like magic!

And the finished outcome was much better than I had anticipated!

Supplies To Make A Paper Fan

  • One small roll of wrapping paper (20 sq ft, the roll was about 18′′ tall, and I found it in the dollar aisle at Target)- this will make four large fans
  • One small roll of wrapping paper (20 sq ft, the roll was about 18′′ tall, and I found it in the dollar aisle at Target)
  • One small roll of wrapping paper (20 sq ft, There will be 6 little fans made from 14 sheets of coordinated 12′′x12′′ scrapbook paper (2 matching sheets for each of the 6 fans, plus 2 additional pages for the centers)
  • 10 twist ties, or strands of curling ribbon or string, or a combination thereof Scotch tape is a kind of adhesive. Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks are required. 1 large piece of cardboard (mine was approximately 3’x1′ and I cut it from a box we received in the mail)
  • 1 large piece of cardboard (mine was approximately 3’x1′ and I cut it from a box we received in the mail)
  • Scissors

Step 1 – Fold Accordion Style

First and foremost, we shall construct the huge fans. Take your wrapping paper and fold it in half down the length of the paper, approximately 1.5-2 inches. Fold it back over this fold so that it is as near to the same size as the first fold as feasible. Continue folding the paper accordion style until you have 20 folds in it, at which point you should cut it off equally. Condense your folded stack of paper by folding it in half and crimping the edges of the paper. Secure the paper with a twist knot, or curling ribbon or thread around the central crease, making sure it is firm but not too tight that it wrinkles the paper.

Step 2 – Fan Out The Folds

After that, you’ll fan out the folds by utilizing one of them as the center point of your circle, and continue until the ends come together. Now, using your clear scotch tape, join the two ends of the tape together. It is necessary to repeat the same procedure with a different twist: each piece of scrapbook paper will build half of a fan, while taping the ends of two pieces together will create the entire fan.

Step 3 – Cut Out Circles

After that, you’ll fan out the folds by utilizing one of them as the center point of your circle, and continue until the two ends meet. Secure the ends together with your clear scotch tape at this point. If you are using scrapbook paper, you will follow the same steps as before, except that each piece will produce half of a fan and binding two pieces together will create the entire fan.

Step 4 – Secure Your Paper Fans

The following stage proved to be the most difficult for me. I snapped a photo of it with my phone and then deconstructed it down to the four enormous fans it was originally composed of. Then, using your glue gun, adhere the fans to the cardboard foundation in as many locations as possible, ensuring that the ridges of the fans touch the cardboard. Glue your smaller fans to the base or to the larger fans as you go, building up a tower effect. You have completed your task! As difficult as I may have made it sound, it was actually rather simple and took me no more than 2 hours from start to end to do.

Perfect Paper Fan Decoration (For Pennies!)

After accounting for the $1 roll of wrapping paper, 14 sheets of scrapbook paper at cents a sheet, and a couple of glue sticks, the total cost of the project was probably around $3 dollars. Not only did it look fantastic during the First Birthday Party, but I think it would also look fantastic as decorations at other events such as a wedding shower, retirement party, or even a baby shower. While without being overly themey or cutesy, it draws in the colors and provides interest. Remember to check out DIY Party Decor Part 1 for more ideas!

You can find all of The Pinning Mama’s DIY projects here.

Take a look at theseMexican Appetizer Cups or thisGreek Party Dip for inspiration!

This one is unquestionably a winner! Despite the fact that we did not have a specific character motif, we concentrated on the colors pink and orange, as well as adding lots of interesting textures such as ruffles and folds. What will be the theme of your upcoming party celebration?

Paper Craft Projects

Even with the $1 roll of wrapping paper and 14 sheets of scrapbook paper at a penny each plus a couple of glue sticks, the total cost of the project was probably under $3. Not only did it look fantastic at the First Birthday Party, but I believe it would also look fantastic as decorations at other events such as a wedding shower, retirement party, or even a baby shower. While without being too themey or cutesy, it draws in the colors and creates attention. Take a look at DIY Party Decor Part 1 for more inspiration.

  1. Visit this page to see all of The Pinning Mama’s DIY projects.
  2. Try theseMexican Appetizer Cups or thisGreek Party Dip for some inspiration!
  3. Clearly, this one is a winner!
  4. I’m curious about the theme of your next party.

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Paper Fan/ Paper Rosette DIY

Make a gorgeous and simple paper fan backdrop for any party or event to add some flair! Baby shower in a formal setting After seeing a beautiful exhibit at Paper Source, I knew I wanted to make a paper fan background for my photography. So I went home and looked up instructions on the internet. I immediately discovered that building the fans was going to be far more expensive than I had anticipated, so I decided to be creative in order to save expenses. More to the point, when I was attempting to follow the lessons, I discovered what I think to be a far better and more successful technique of creating the fans.

When he was younger, he spent a lot of time watching Martha Stewart.

There is no need for beautiful paper.

(This also helps you to gain a large number of admirers.) You may also use card stock for this project.


Wrapping Paper and/or card stock are also acceptable.

RulerPencil Glue gun with hot glue Scissors Double-sided adhesive tape “Thread” is an abbreviation for “threadwork” (for rectangle method)

Square Method

The following materials are required: 1. Three square pieces of paper per fan (three 1212 sheets of card stock). *Please keep in mind that the fan’s diameter will be the same as the paper size. As an example, this would result in a 12″ fan) 2. Begin by grabbing your first sheet of paper. Fold the paper in half so that the “good” side is facing down. This will create a crease in the paper. Unfold to allow for a flat surface. To use as a folding guide, measure 3/4″ from the bottom and draw a line perpendicular to the fold 3/4″ from the top.

  1. 5.
  2. You should end up with a downward fold (with “humps” on both ends) at the end of the exercise.
  3. With the “good” side facing down, make small cuts at the top of the “humps” about a third of the way down the accordion’s length.
  4. (This makes the paper fold more neatly.) 7.
  5. 8.
  6. Accordion should be folded in half along the crease (from step 2) to bring the two ends together.
  7. Put a piece of double-sided tape on the inside of the flap with the triangle cut to hold it in place.
  8. 10.
  9. 11.
  10. Use double-sided tape to fix the piece once again.
  11. Once the fan is entirely built, flip it over and inject hot glue into the middle of the pinwheel’s back.

Rectangle Method

1. Measure and cut a 13-inch rectangle of paper in the appropriate size (for example, 15″x45″ for a huge fan). 2. With the “good” side of the paper facing down, fold it in half “hot dog style,” producing a crease in the middle. Unfold to allow it to rest flat once more. To use as a folding guide, measure 3/4″ from the bottom and draw a line perpendicular to the fold 3/4″ from the top. Fourth, fold the paper from the bottom up and over to make the first fold. 5. Flip the paper over and continue folding it accordion style until the entire piece has been folded.

  • If this is the case, just cut off the upward fold so that your ends are in line.
  • Make a cut across the crease from the “hot dog” fold on the first and last flaps of the “hot dog” fold.
  • 8.
  • This should only be done on one side of the string.
  • Fold half of the fan in half until the ends meet.
  • Take the flap with the triangle cut out of it and carefully slip it over the “hump” that has been intersected.
  • To keep the flap with the triangle cut in place, use a piece of double-sided tape on the inside of the flap with the triangle cut.
  • Repeat the process for the other side of the fan.
  • Have a good time with it!
  • To put them on the wall, I used Command picture hanging strips that were cut into squares to connect them to the wall.

Create a memorable experience for your guests at your next party or gathering with these DIY decorations! I really like how the wall made a statement!

DIY Paper Fan Birthday Garlands – easy party decor!

Garlands made of paper fans for a birthday party. In minutes, you can make two different sizes of birthday fan garlands out of your favorite scrapbook paper. I absolutely adore utilizing scrapbook paper as house décor! One of my favorite hobbies to complete is to construct paper fans (medallions) for various festivals and birthday celebrations. Making paper fans is a simple process. The ability to change a plain sheet of paper into a spectacular party décor takes only minutes.

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DIY Paper Fan Birthday garlands

Due to their versatility, paper fans are excellent party decorations since they can be tailored to fit the occasion. For my Valentine’s Day mantel, I made some paper fans and embellished them with paper hearts. But I’ve also built paper fans for birthday parties and other celebrations.

Make Paper Fans Garlands in TWO Different Sizes

In addition, you may build paper fans and medallions in a variety of sizes. If you want larger medallions, two sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper can be used to create medallions with a diameter of 12 inches. If you prefer smaller medallions, one page of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper will suffice. One sheet of 12 × 12 scrapbook paper may be used to create medallions with a diameter of 7 inches.

Layer Different Size Paper Fan Garlands

When I’m decorating my mantel or party table, I like to use two different sizes of paper fans to provide dimension. When I make paper fans, I like to utilize a variety of various paper designs.

Make Paper Fan Garlands

It is the same process that is used to make paper medallions that is used to make paper fan garlands. Instead of joining the front and back folds together to form a circle, you just use half of the paper and tie a ribbon around the front and rear folded parts, resulting in a flat paper fan.

Combine Paper Medallions and Paper Fan Garland

I really like the look of paper medallions and paper fan garlands when they are combined. Creating a truly festive look for a fireplace, shelf, or paper table by repeating the paper in both the paper medallions and paper fans is simple and effective.

How to Make a Paper Fan Garland

It takes only three simple steps to create a bright and cheerful paper fan garland. Please visit mypaper medallion tutorial if you would want the whole set of instructions on how to make paper medallions.

12-inch Wide Paper Fan Garland Supplies

(I used paper from my upcoming Hey Hello! Pebbles Inc. collection, which will be available in JoAnn shops in April!)

Hot Glue and Glue Gun

Section the paper into 1-inch portions by folding it in half (accordian-style)

Glue the end folds of the folded scrapbook paper to the ribbon.

Place the first paper fan 2 inches away from the end of the 6-foot piece of ribbon. Repeat with the second and third paper fans. Glue the initial end of the paper strip to the first end of the ribbon with a glue stick. Afterwards, bring the other end over and glue it directly next to the previous strip. Push the paper strip all the way down to form a circle. Then turn the fan over and use glue to join the folds of the fan together. In addition, I placed a piece of paper on top of the hot glue to keep the form in place.

Space Each Fan on the Ribbon

Each paper fan should be placed in its own spot. 2 inches distant from the last paper fan that was used

Hot Glue to Ribbon

At 2-inch intervals, hot glue each paper fan to the ribbon, repeating the process until all six paper fans are affixed to the ribbon.

NOTE — you can make your paper fan garland as long as you want. Determine how long you want your garland to be. Then see how many paper fans you need for that length of garland. Be sure to calculate the 2-inch spaces into your measurement.

Similar to the bigger version, a smaller paper fan medallion is created in the same manner. Instead of cutting the paper into 6-inch-wide parts, cut the paper into three 3-inch-wide by 12-inch-long portions instead. For each fan, you will need 1/2 sheet of 1212 inch scrapbook paper cut to size.

Glue a Strip of Paper at the Top of Each Fan

To keep the smaller fans straight, glue a 6-inch wide x 1-inch piece of paper to the top of the fan and press the fan against a flat surface to make the top flat. This will keep the smaller fans straight. After that, hot glue the rear of the fan together and place a piece of paper on top to hold the form in place for a while. The next step is to hot glue the fans on the ribbon, spacing them out with 2 inch strips of ribbon in between each fan.

Hey Hello! Paper Line is Shipping NOW!

At collaboration with Pebbles Inc., I’ve created a new paper collection called Hey Hello! that is shipping now and will be available in JoAnn Stores in April. This week, I’ll be posting a detailed description of the line on my website. It’s a collection of papers that are both lovely and vibrant in color. The series also includes products that make card-making a breeze!

Paper Projects

Which of the following projects do YOU wish to start first? In order for me to view YOUR suggestions, please tag me on Instagram at @tatertotsandjellos. Wishing you a wonderful day! xoxo

How to Make Paper Fans

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Despite the fact that folded paper fans are among the most basic origami creations, their appeal and elegance make them ideal as party favors, place settings, or decorative elements for present wrapping. Additionally, you may make fans of any size, whether they are little fans for dolls or stuffed animals, or larger fans to keep cool in the summer. You may personalize them by printing them on any type of paper and in any color. Because of their adaptability and simplicity, they are excellent rainy-day activities for people of all ages.

  1. 1 Decide on the size and color of your fan by choosing a piece of paper. You can use thin plain paper or card stock as long as the thickness is adequate
  2. However, thicker paper or card stock is preferred.
  • Many different types of beginning origami are made with plain copy paper. Consider using a thinner copy paper when making a presentation since it will fold and crease more smoothly, whereas a thicker version would be lumpy and ugly after being folded. Another type of paper that is commonly used for folding is cardstock or craft paper. One of the advantages of card stock is that it is available in an almost limitless variety of shapes and colors
  • Yet, it can occasionally be overly thick and inflexible, resulting in cracking in your design. The quickest and most accurate technique to test whether the paper is too thick is to do a few fast folds. Unless the paper has a uniform, smooth crease or rips under the strain of your folds, it is most likely too thick to use for origami.
  • 2Put the paper down on its decorative side so that it is visible. It should be turned backwards so that the non-decorative or plain side is facing outwards. Advertisement
  • s3 Fold the top edge of the paper down by one-third. You may fold it in the same way you would a hot dog bun
  • You want to fold it along the longer side to create a long, narrow fold. In order to achieve a straight fold, line up your corners at the top and sides of the paper, and then crease the paper from the center outwards
  • You may use your fingertips to establish the crease in the paper when it is folded closed
  • Simply push right down the crease with your fingers. Pick up the folded paper and examine its profile from the side view, making sure that the ornamental side is facing downwards at all times. Take note of the “V” form created by the fold. This is referred to as a “valley fold.”
  • In the fourth step, vertically fold the paper in half, maintaining the original fold from the previous step. The “hamburger fold” is something you want to accomplish a second time. It should be short and broad, similar to a hamburger bun, in order to be effective (versus the long and slim, hot dog fold.) Fold the left side of the paper onto the right side, line the corners, and crease from the center for an even valley fold, then open the fold once more to reveal the right side of the paper. You will now have a strong vertical crease in the center of your paper
  • 5 Fold the edges of the left and right sides in toward the middle crease to complete the fold. Making two vertical flaps that meet in the middle, rather than overlapping, is what you desire. This is referred to as a “gate fold.” Consider it as two closing doors meeting in the center, similar to a gate
  • 6 Continue to fold vertical gate folds in the same manner. Make two additional inward folds along the two vertical sides, or until you have two inward-folding flaps that are approximately 1 cm or 0.5 inch wide. The sides will be folded over themselves, resulting in two narrow flaps on either side. Make certain that your folds are straight and that your creases are crisp at each phase
  • 7 Unfold all of the vertical folds that have been previously created. Keep your hands careful when unfolding to avoid ripping your hard work. You will now have multiple vertical grooves on your skin. There should be roughly one centimeter of space between each wrinkle. The horizontal fold from step two should not be unfolded
  • Turn the sheet of paper 90 degrees. The fold from step two will run vertically on the left side of the paper. In this case, the creases that were formerly vertical have become horizontal.
  • In some cases, having your thick vertical fold on the right hand may be more comfortable depending on which hand is your dominant hand. Test several ways of putting your paper with the fold on either side to find which feels the most comfortable for the subsequent stages
  • 9Make a valley fold along the bottom crease of the piece of paper. Fold the horizontal edge upwards, starting at the bottom and working your way up. The “V” form of the fold should be maintained when viewed from the side. Maintaining your edges in a straight line can help you make an exact and neat fold. Fold the bottom border outwards along the next fold to create a rounded corner. Keep your previous fold and crease hidden behind the paper as you do this. In this fold, there will be ornamental paper on top of other decorative paper. A “mountain fold” is the term used to describe this. The summit of the mountain will be at the top of the side profile, on the other side of the mountain from the downward “V” fold
  • After a valley fold is formed, a mountain fold should be formed above it
  • This should be visible from the bottom of the paper.
  • 11 Alternate the folds with the remaining horizontal creases, starting with the first fold and ending with the last fold. Fold a valley first, then a mountain, and then repeat the process. This series of folds has the appearance of an accordion. You will notice a pattern in your folding almost immediately
  • If you make a mistake, remain patient and continue to attempt. It may appear to be intimidating at first, but after a few trials, the procedure will appear to be straightforward
  1. 1Cut a piece of thread to a length that will fit the fan you are using. It is recommended to use a length of roughly 15 cm, which corresponds to the length of the original paper before folding. When it comes to selecting the string for the handle, you can use any type of yarn, thread, cord, or other comparable material that you choose. Hue your fan with a color that complements it, but don’t be limited by typical color palettes. Get your creative juices going by doing the following: 2 Hold the fan in one hand and wrap a thread around the handle with the other. When you look at your fan, the handle will be the piece of the blade that does not possess a horizontal fold in it. You may choose the length of the handle you desire by holding it in various positions and observing what feels comfortable. Wind the yarn, thread, or cord around the fan many times while squeezing the bottom of the fan. Tie a knot and trim away any extra when you have finished tying the knot off
  • If you believe your fan is too huge, you can cut the bottom, unfolded edge in a straight line if it is too long. If necessary, tie your handle higher than you want it and clip away the excess bottom piece below the yarn or thread to get your desired height. A shoelace bow, for example, can be used to tie the string in a basic yet adorable manner. Alternatively, if you want something more substantial, try double knotting it by tying the loops of your knot into each other a second time
  • You may even embellish the handle. Simple yarn or cord can be embellished with beads, charms, and feathers to give it more depth.
  • 3 You may attach your fan to present wrapping, give it to a doll, use it as a place setting, or come up with another creative application for it. Now that you’ve seen how simple it is, you’ll be able to build numerous more.
  • Remove the handle from your fan and unfold it if you wish to make changes to it. It’s possible that when your mountain and valley folds are complete, you’ll want to add some more embellishments to the folds, such as glitter glue or stickers. Because the folds have already been folded, when you rebuild your fan, it will fit together with little difficulty.
  1. 1 Decide on the size and color of your fan by choosing a piece of paper. If you’re just getting started with origami, you may pick up some special origami paper at your local craft store.
  • Origami paper, also known as kami in Japan, is the primary material for this well-known Japanese art and craft. It is convenient to use kami since it is thin, flexible, and frequently comes pre-cut in squares. As a result, because kami was created to be a less expensive alternative to Western paper, the quality of the paper might be subpar
  • 2 Cut your paper to the appropriate size for your desired fan size. When you want a fan that is longer in length, use a rectangular-shaped piece of paper. The length of your fan will be roughly two-thirds the length of the longer side of the rectangular shape. A square piece of paper will suffice if you don’t have anything else. When you cut a square piece, you will get a fan that is about two-thirds the length of the square’s sides.
  • It is recommended that novices use paper that is 15 cm by 15 cm (6″ by 6″). However, if you want a longer fan, you may alternatively use a larger piece of wood. The use of 15 cm × 15 cm paper will allow for the use of a tiny, portable fan. When making a bigger fan, start with a 20 cm by 20 cm (8″ x 8″) square of cardboard
  • 3 Cut the square piece of paper into a rectangle with a sharp knife. If you’re working with a rectangular sheet of paper, you may skip this section. Fold a section of one side of the paper down and crease it while holding the paper front-side up. To cut along the crease, unfold the crease and use scissors to cut along it. You now have a rectangular piece of paper in your possession.
  • If you have access to one, cut your paper with it. A paper cutter makes it possible to cut quickly and accurately by placing the paper on the mount, aligning it at the corners, and drawing the blade down in a single swift action. This method is particularly useful for cutting multiple sheets of paper at the same time. Reduce the speed of the cut. It’s important to do your hardest to cut a straight line in order to have an evenly distributed fan. If you’re having trouble getting a straight cut, consider using larger cuts to guarantee smoothness
  • Otherwise, try smaller cuts.
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Create a new question

  • Question Is there an alternate method of creating a fan? Yes. Simple folding of the paper in half, then turning the paper over and repeating the process until all of the folds are crisp is all that is required. It is possible to glue them together later on if you so choose. Question If I want both sides of the wallpaper to be ornamental, how long should I cut the wallpaper? As long as you like, as the length of the fan isn’t really important. It’s entirely up to you whether a smaller one would be more convenient to carry in your backpack or pocket or whether a larger one will chill you more quickly. Question What is the best way to hang a decorative hand fan without causing damage to the fan? Then take a hole punch and punch a hole in the section of the fan that you’re holding onto the taped-up bottom. Remove the item from the shelf and hang it with a long length of string through the hole
  • Question Is it OK to use construction paper? KittenCake79Community Answer Yes, without a doubt! You have complete freedom to use whatever you wish! Construction paper works wonderfully in this situation. Question How do I know if I may use kite paper instead of origami paper? You can make it out of any type of paper, yes. You could even make do with cardboard. Question Is it possible to construct a functional fan holder out of paper? Yes. Double-stick tape around the base of the fan and a piece of paper might be used to secure the strip of paper. Question Is there a more convenient method to accomplish this for children? Yes. Simply take the paper and fold it about an inch on one side, flip it over and fold it again, and repeat the process until the folds are all the way down the page. Question May you tell me where I can get additional ideas for making paper fans? You may look for information on the internet.

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  • Utilize ornamental rubber stamps on the paper before you fold it, or trace a decorative design around the upper edge and centre of the completed result using stencils to add a decorative touch. Another simple decorating technique is the use of glitter glue. Simply put the adhesive to the fan and allow it to dry before folding it. Make some swirls, dots, or shapes with your fingers
  • All of your folding should be done on a flat, sturdy surface
  • This will make generating orderly folds and crisp creases much simpler. You can clip ornamental decorations out of the compressed accordion pleat using scissors if the pleat is too compacted. Crafting scissors with designs in the blades are a nice touch to add to your project. Make sure to use caution when cutting through folded paper to avoid injuring yourself

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Things You’ll Need

  • Obigami paper (rectangular or square, for folding)
  • A strand of yarn, cable, or thread Scissors or a paper cutter are required. Optional: paints, colored pencils, markers, stencils, and other materials

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When my daughter turned one, I attempted to make all of the party decorations for her first birthday celebration myself. I was unsuccessful. The colors used were pink, mint, teal, and gold, and the motif was confetti. Therefore, I decided to create a birthday background for the dessert table out of paper rosettes. Because the party would be held at a different location, I wanted the background to be something that we could simply transport so that when we arrived at the venue, everything was ready to go.

I hope you enjoy it!

If you’re planning a party, graduation, or even simply to make your bedroom seem gorgeous and festive, this is a wonderfully affordable way to decorate! Let’s get started.


  • (Optional–but much easier with it)
  • Martha Stewart Scoring Board (optional–but much easier with it)
  • 12-inch-by-12-inch scrapbook paper (or a lower one, depending on the size of the medallions you want)
  • Hot glue, a stapler, and a 3′′ Scalloped Punch are all required.

To create the miniature paper fan rosette seen below, I took a single sheet of 1212 paper and cut it into a circle. To build a huge rosette, you’ll need three 12×12 sheets that are all cut in the same way and then joined together to form a fan. Several sheets of 1212 paper are required to create a medium-sized rosette. 3 sheets of 1212 scrapbook paper are needed for a large paper rosette. The following materials are needed for a Medium Paper Rosette: 2 sheets of 1212 scrapbook paper The following materials are needed for a Small Paper Rosette: 1 sheet of 1212 scrapbook paper

How to Make Paper Rosettes:

The first step. To make miniature rosettes, begin by folding your paper in half at the 6′′ point, using your score board to guide you. This step is only required when constructing little rosettes; if you are making medium or big rosettes, you do not need to complete this step. The second step. To score your strip of paper, place it on the board and score it every inch as shown on the board. In order to have easy and even lines to fold, the idea is to simply “score” the lines into the paper. The third step is to re-evaluate your situation.

  • The fourth step is to make a decision.
  • Step number five.
  • Sixth step.
  • Step 3: Step number seven.
  • For a large rosette, this step will be slightly different since you will be gluing three “thirds” of the rosette together to form a larger rosette.
  • Punch out a scalloped “topper” for your rosette to add some additional flare/color and to help hold the whole thing together with a little glue.
  • Alternatively, you might make smaller rosettes and stack them on top of each other to form a triple-layered rosette.
  • My intention is to put balloons in the middle of the backdrop that say “ELISE IS ONE” in order to add a particular message to the background.
  • I even considered using it as a photo backdrop for when she eats her smash cake, but decided against it.

Overall, it makes the setup highly portable and easy to clean up afterward! The result is a simple paper rosette birthday background that anybody can make. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this instruction on how to make paper rosettes.

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How to make DIY Paper Fan Decorations by The Listed Home

Are you looking for a really simple, crafty project to make for the holidays? For many years, I’ve been creating wallpaper circle fans out of recycled materials. It was in 2016 that I first wrote about them, and they were made out of pretty wallpaper, making them ideal for a summer party. DIY paper fan decorations, on the other hand, are fantastic for Christmas as well! They can be made out of coloured craft paper or wrapping paper, but my favorite material to use for them is old wallpaper that has been cut up and discarded.

The ones I made from the leftover wallpaper from our downstairs bathroom look fantastic when they’re all grouped together like this.

How to Make Paper Fan Decorations

Making the paper fan decorations is a straightforward process. I’m going to provide a slightly different approach from the one I previously shared; this one utilizes only one sheet of paper — rather than four — and thread to tie the centers, rather than glue, as I did previously. The youngsters will enjoy participating in this activity as well. Furthermore, if you utilize spare pieces of wallpaper, it’s an excellent method to reuse and recycle materials at the same time.


  • Wall paper, art paper, or wrapping paper (all of these options are acceptable)
  • String
  • sGlue
  • sPaperclips


  1. Make a rectangle out of paper, making ensuring that the length is about twice as long as the breadth
  2. Begin folding the paper in half, concertina style, every few centimeters. Fold the paper in half, backwards and forwards, until you reach the end of the rectangle’s dimensions. Cut away any excess material with your scissors if there is any overhang. The concertinaed paper should be folded in half such that the ends come together
  3. Using the ends of the paper, you may shape them at this stage. You may cut them at an angle to create a star form, or you can bend the cut to create a flower shape. After that, take a length of string and knot it around the centre of the cylinder. In this case, it will serve as a hanger for the paper fan decoration. Set up the string so that it is flat on the centre of the paper and hangs off one end
  4. After that, apply glue to the paper’s surface area and fold the two edges together, sandwiching the string between them. Firmly press down on the glue and keep it in place until it has hardened
  5. Remove one side of the circular fan from the fan and fasten it with paperclips in rear of the fan so that the paperclips are not visible from the front of the fan. If you want a more permanent paper fan decoration at this point, you can use glue to fix the opposite side of the circular fan, rather than paperclips, to make a more permanent paper fan decoration. Enjoy your DIY paper fan decorations when they have been hung up.

How to Hang Paper Fan Wall Decorations

Because these DIY decorative paper wall fans contain inbuilt threads, they are significantly easier to hang than other types of paper wall fans. I prefer to use self-adhesive hooks, which I attach to the wall before hanging the circular fan decorations from them. Especially if you’ve produced them in different sizes and used a variety of patterns or colors, they look stunning when displayed in a group setting. William Morris wallpaper offcuts have been used to make all of my pieces of art. On the other hand, whether placed on a shelf or mantle, the circular fans are equally as attractive.

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Whether they’re displayed on a shelf or hung from the ceiling, the DIY Paper Fan Decorations are a beautiful addition to any space.

A Little Visual Guide Showing How to Make The Circle Fans

How to manufacture circle paper fans was the subject of a short film I made for fun. It’s sometimes more convenient to see someone perform something rather than read about it! I hope it is of assistance! I’d be interested in seeing if you make some yourself. If you do, please send me a note. Cookies are used on our website to provide you with the best relevant experience possible by storing your choices and recognizing you when you return. By selecting “Accept All,” you agree to the usage of ALL cookies on this website.

Giant Paper Fans

This project is a little bit of a throwback to the past. I did that a few of years ago (my children appear to be very small!). And somewhere along the line, it was misplaced on a computer’s hard disk. I’m delighted to be able to share it with you today. These are quite simple to build; all you need is a large piece of paper (we even did some spray paint on white paper for a cheap way to get a bunch of different colors.) It would be perfect for party decorations or as a backdrop for a photobooth.

  • Step 1: Cut a piece of butcher paper twice as long as it is wide so that the length equals the breadth.
  • 2.
  • (For example, 6″x24″ would be appropriate.) The next step is to make a 1″ mark on the paper every 1″ along the length of the page.
  • To score the paper at each 1″ point, use a bone folder and a ruler to score the paper with.
  • Step 5: Open the paper and unfold it.
  • Continue in this manner all the way down the length of the page.
  • 6th Step: After you have folded all of the scores together, you will have a long strip of paper.
  • Make sure the knot is at the rear of the fan so that you can use it to hang it from the ceiling.

Step 7: Gently pull the edges of the paper outwards until thefan emerges on the page. Glue the straight edges together so that they form a complete circular shape. Step 8: Relax and enjoy yourself! Oh Happy Day published photographs by Sarah Hebenstreit. : paper fan decorations

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DIY Giant Party Fans

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. Please see this page for more information on our privacy practices. These stunning DIY fans are ideal for a special occasion or celebration! It’s simple to build and may be customized in a variety of colors and designs. The visit to my local Paper Source Shop, where they had perhaps 50 of them on display in the window, sparked my interest in making them. I inquired as to whether I might purchase a few, and was told that I could manufacture them myself!

When I discovered that they were made by hand, I was overjoyed!

They’re actually quite simple to produce, and you can customize them in terms of size, color, and design to match the theme of your celebration.

They’re rather attractive, and they’d create a lovely backdrop for any occasion!

How To Make These DIY Fans – Step by Step

  • Fold both pieces of paper in half accordion style. Make sure the colored side of the paper is folded down on the side you’re using. As a result, it begins and finishes this manner. Do this with both pieces of paper. Wrap them with string and tie them together in the centre. Using tape, join the sides of a circle of paper together to form a cylinder Make a hole in the top of the paper fans and thread a clear string through it to hang them.

Making an Accordion Fold

Even if you’ve never folded an accordion before, it’s a piece of cake! Begin by folding the paper in half from short end to short end, then using your bone folder, form a clean crease in the middle of the paper. You will always use this as your reference fold, which is the fold that is in the centre of the sheet. Using the reference fold to produce subsequent folds assures that your accordion will have panels of equal size throughout the accordion.

A Cheap, Easy and Gorgeous Party Backdrop!

Decor for events that is well-coordinated always makes the occasion feel more special. It looks fantastic and demonstrates how much effort was put into the celebration preparations! It might be difficult to coordinate your backgrounds, and you’re unlikely to want to paint your entire house neon pink especially for the occasion – but, if you do, we salute your dedication!

– These easy-to-build DIY party fans are the perfect answer; they are inexpensive and just cost a few bucks each fan to construct. They add color and texture to any space, and they blend in beautifully with your existing décor!

Layering your DIY Fans

You may either keep the fans separate or stack them together to create a beautiful large fan collage! For starters, you may arrange them on the floor in the configuration you choose, then take a photo of them with your phone before removing them and reassembling them into the four giant fans. Then, using your glue gun, adhere the fans to the cardboard foundation in as many locations as possible, ensuring that the ridges of the fans touch the cardboard. Glue your smaller fans to the base or to the larger fans as you go, building up a tower effect.

Top Tips For These DIY Fans

  • Please make sure that the two pieces of rectangular paper you use for each fan are the same size. To give the fans the appearance of floating, use clear string to hang them. If you’re stacking your fans, arrange them in the form you desire before gluing them together and snap a picture of it.

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The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Tropical Summer Party! Fourth of July Party with a Watermelon Theme! How to Host a Last-Minute Birthday Party in a Hurry! How to Throw a Delightful Oscar Party at Your House DIY Paper Party Projects to Make at Home 26 Having a Good Time DIY Party Decorations for the Holidays by The Spruce Crafts It would be wonderful if you could review this DIY Fan or any other Sugar and Charm ideas you have tried and share your experience with me in the comments section below!

  • Rectangular sheets of paper2 that are large enough for a huge fan Simply ensure that you have two rectangular shapes that are exactly the same size before deciding on the final size. Twine, tape, scissors, clear string, and a hole punch are all useful tools.
  • Fold both pieces of paper in half accordion style. Double-check that the colored side of the paper is folded down on the side you’ll be using. As a result, it begins and finishes this manner. Do this with both pieces of paper. Wrap them with string and tie them together in the centre. Using tape, join the sides of a circle of paper together to form a cylinder Make a hole in the top of the paper fans and thread a clear string through it to hang them.

How to Make Paper Fan Party Decorations

Paper fan party decorations are one of my favorite ways to decorate for a birthday party, and I use them all the time. There are a plethora of applications for them — you may use them to cover a whole wall or to make a party banner, as I have done here. Simple and easy DIY party décor can completely change a place in a matter of minutes, and today I’ll teach you how to construct paper fan pinwheels, which are perfect for any occasion (with pictures). You’ll be a seasoned pro in no time! Learn how to build your own Paper Fan Garland by watching this video.

Easy Paper Fan Party Decorations Backdrop Tutorial


  • The paper I used for this was a combination of theSunny Days paper and another paper
  • Scoring ToolScore Guide–Score Board Hot Glue Gun
  • Cardboard / Heavy Chipboard
  • Ribbon
  • Bone Folder
  • Other Supplies


  1. Choose two 12×12-inch pieces of paper. Score both papers at 1′′ intervals along the length of each sheet. (Here’s when theScore Boardcomes in help! )
  1. Make lovely crisp folds by folding both pages accordion style, using your score lines to guide you. Create an accordion shape by gluing the inside ends of your two sheets together to form a long rectangle.
  1. Fold the paper accordion style so that all of the ends are flat and the folds are snugly kept together in the center
  2. With your center in place, pull the two bottom ends down to the center and glue them together.
  1. There will be some surplus folds that are loose on the flat side of the paper. Add glue to the back and the front of the paper folds to hold each of them in place.
  1. Cut a piece of cardboard or sturdy chipboard to 12′′ x 1′′ and attach it to a length of ribbon to make a bookmark. For the first fan on the garland, leave approximately 24 inches of ribbon at the end for hanging reasons.) In the case that this is not your first fan, you may either connect the cardboard strip directly next to the previous fan or leave a few inches between the fans to allow them to breathe a little more freely.)
  1. Attach the flat section of the fan to the other side of the cardboard with hot glue. (Do not attach the fan on the ribbon side of the ribbon.) When you’re finished, place the cardboard between the ribbon and the fan so that it acts as a sandwich. The cardboard helps to make your DIY garland robust, and the ribbon helps to finish it off by making the top look attractive.
  1. Make several copies of steps 1-9, using different papers each time, until you get the length you want for your garland.
  1. If you want to build a lovely DIY party background, repeat steps 1-10 to produce many garlands. Stack and hang the garlands to create a one-of-a-kind and customized party backdrop that your guests will adore

This would also make a really charming DIY photo booth backdrop for a wedding, shower, or birthday celebration. What kind of event do you think you’d use this banner for? You may even keep it after the party and display it in a child’s playroom, a craft area, or a bedroom! For a nursery or children’s room, this is an extremely charming decoration idea! You may personalize this adorable craft project to match any color scheme or party theme that you like! Simply select the papers that best suit your style!

Please let me know if you have any questions, and please remember to tag me so that I can see what you produce!

Did you know that these Paper Fan Party Decorations are known by a variety of different titles?

Who knew that one simple and adorable DIY party décor could go by so many different names? The appearance is the same regardless of what you label them, so go to work and create something beautiful.

Paper Fan Decorations DIY Tutorial!

I just shared about the decorations for a Dr. Seuss Bingo Night, so I thought I’d offer a DIY technique for paper fan decorations as well. Making these adorable fans is a simple and inexpensive project. You may construct them in a variety of sizes and colors, and then hang them or glue them to a wall! For these fans, I made use of butcher paper that we keep on hand at our institution. You’ll need large strips of paper. Depending on the size, I used anything from 45-60 inches. As we only had a 36 inch wide piece of butcher paper, I utilized one sheet and then a third of another sheet, gluing the edges together just.

After you’ve folded it around, the fan will be twice as large as it was before.

Begin folding over an inch or so at a time, accordion-style, starting at one end.

Turn the two ends of the paper together while the paper is still laying down.

Pull the ends of the string till they come together and glue them together.

To make it lay flat, glue another accordion-folded sheet of paper to the end of the first, and it should be ready.

Attach your center piece of decoration (in this example, I chose a star) to the back of your middle piece of decoration using adhesive.

Seuss photos for the rest of them.) and attach it on the board.

You’ve just completed a project in the manner of DIY paper fan decorations!

This year, I utilized the red paper fan decorations for a red carpet themed celebration, which you can read about in detail here.

Have a wonderful day!

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