How To Make Outdoor Christmas Decorations

50 Cheap & Easy Outdoor Christmas Decorations

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. I may get a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links in this post. Check out these inexpensive and simple DIY outdoor Christmas decorations that will make your porch and yard appear festive for the Holidays! Make your home the most festive on the block by decorating it with these innovative and cost-effective outdoor Christmas décor ideas!

Yard DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Designer Trapped Reindeer Logs for the Holiday Season Snowmen made of wood logs, courtesy of Crafty Morning Decoration for a plastic pumpkin snowman made by Crafty Morning Made using a Felt Magnet, these Log Snowmen are easy to make. Make a light globe with the help of From The Blue Shed. Pallet Christmas Tree from Jolene’s CraftingGiant Ornaments made from $1 bouncy balls from The Lily Pad CottageGiant Ornaments made from $1 bouncy balls from The Lily Pad Cottage Smart School House demonstrates how to make Plate Lollipops.

Snowman Shutter Decorations You Can Make Yourself The following materials: Slatted Closet Doors + Black and White Spray Paint ($1 each at Walmart) + Burlap Fabric ($1.50 at Walmart) + Christmas Pick ($0.98 at Walmart) + Wood Chip (for the nose) + Orange Acrylic Paint ($0.50 at Walmart).

  1. Buttons so large are difficult to come by, and the expense of purchasing them is too expensive.
  2. From Beyond the Picket Fence, a Diy Pallet Christmas Tree Making It in the Mitten has a pallet Christmas tree that you can make.
  3. The spindles/baluster posts you can find at sites like Habitat for Humanity or on Craigslist for cheap.
  4. Christmas Light Balls from Christmas Lights, Etc.
  5. DIY Vintage Chic’s Lighted Christmas Gifts are a great idea.

Shop Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Light up your porch with this festive porch light from Thrifty Decor Chick. Thebow may be purchased at Dollar Tree. Decoration made of burlap and pinecones for a wall hanging (source unknown) Wreath with a Christmas Monogram from PinterestWreath with Framed Ornament via Artsy Chicks Rule Nap Time Decorator created a festive front door over the holiday season. From Brown Sugar Toast comes a Pinecone Cluster.

Porch DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The Shabby Creek Cottage has an evergreen Christmas gnome on display. Ornament for the Holidays Topiary from the Celebrate and Decorate collection Faux Planter Made from a Wooden Crate (source unknown) Diva of DIY created these scrap wood lanterns. Liz Marie created these rustic Christmas buckets. All you need is spray paint, stencils, and some old buckets to complete this project. DIY Kenneth Wingard created a set of Giant Silver Bells. Plastic flower pots may be purchased for $1 at Dollar Tree.

  • Buffalo Pillows with Check Plaid Pattern DIY Oversized Ornamentsfrom A to Z of the Home Stories Christmas Bucket Recipes from Finding Home Farms in 10 Minutes or Less Buckets of a similar design may be found at Dollar Tree.
  • From Better Homes & Gardens, we have ice luminaries.
  • One Good Thing has created a festive front door decoration for Christmas.
  • Plough Your Own Furrow has created a Terra Cotta Christmas Decoration.
  • Snacks for Snowman Shovels (source unknown) An old shovel, white spray paint ($1 at Walmart), a garland (Dollar Tree or pine clippings with a bow, and black and orange acrylic paint ($0.50 each at Walmart) are all you need to do this project.

This year’s Christmas Porch is from Centsational Style. Remove Crate and Barrel Ornament Trees from the Domestically Speaking website.

Miscellaneous DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

A window box planter with ornaments and garland from Just GrandA bow wrapped garage from PinterestDIY Starburst Ornamentsfrom Listotic$5 Giant Star from Little Bit Funky From the creators of Really Awesome Fun Things, comes this outdoor Christmas tree. Christmas Tree with LED Lights (source unknown) Clear Christmas lights ($2.28 for 100 lights) and Command Light Clips (sold separately) Pinecones with Paint Dipped from Someday I’ll Learn on Vimeo.

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Outdoor Christmas Decorations: 100 of the Best Do It Yourself Ideas

100 Best Outdoor DIY Christmas Decorations

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. I may get a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links in this post. Outdoor DIY Christmas Decorations are a great way to make your home the most festive place on the block. There are several outdoor DIY Christmas décor ideas to pick from, ranging from front porch Christmas decorations to Christmas decorations for the yard.

Outdoor DIY Christmas Decorations

The Shabby Creek Cottage has an evergreen Christmas gnome on display. Topiary with Christmas Ornaments from Celebrate and Decorate. The Keeper of the Cheerios has created a Christmas Crate Train. Chica Circle created this holiday gift box out of concrete blocks. Lollipops made out of giant pool noodles, via of YouTube Smart School House provided giant lollipops. Oh Happy Day has a tutorial for making DIY Candy Lights. The Happy Scraps has created a Christmas front porch sign. DIY Giant Hanging Ornaments by Sweet Pickins Furniture’s Giant Christmas Wreath is a DIY project.

  1. DIY Show Off’s PVC Lighted Candy Canes are a great holiday decoration.
  2. Snowman made of plastic pumpkin from the blog Crafty Morning DIY My Pookie Design created a North Pole Sign.
  3. What Rose Knows is offering illuminated Christmas gift boxes.
  4. Deck the Holidays’ Christmas Present Topiary is a festive addition to any home.
  5. Big Ornaments (made using Dollar Tree Cake Pans) from Smart School House, via Pinterest.
  6. The Snowman Has Melted courtesy of the Hallmark Channel Lowe’s has a lighted spire ornament that you may use to decorate your home.
  7. The use of pallets is completely free for those who do not already have one.
  8. Redhead Can Decorate has created a pallet Christmas tree.

DIY Santa Logs courtesy of Smart Girls Ho Ho Ho Pallet (unknown source)Pallet Wood + Nails = Ho Ho Ho Hammer + Large Wood Letters + Red Spray Paint + White Acrylic Paint + Black Felt + Cardboard + Mod Podge + Gold Glitter + Hammer + Large Wood Letters Snowmen on the Shutter Door (source unknown) Slatted closet doors, black and white spray paint, burlap ribbon, a Christmas pick, a wood chip (for the nose), and orange acrylic paint are all used to create this project.

You may receive the doors for less than $10 if you donate to Habitat for Humanity.

a candy cane fence (unknown source) made of wood and painter’s tape, with red and white paint added for color a snowman pallet (unknown source) a pallet plus navy spray paint plus white and black acrylic paints plus a red bow plus cardboard (for a hat) and a pencil offers a cheerful illuminated snowman.

  1. You may get the spindles at a low price from organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.
  2. Finding Home Farms’ reclaimed wood reindeer are available for purchase.
  3. Bag Made of Paper Let’s Get Crafty’s Christmas Luminaries are a great idea.
  4. Christmas Tree Lights from a Distance of 17 Little Green Fingers made these adorable snow lanterns.
  5. Planter with a hanging Christmas tree from Pinterest Make a Fairy Light Globe with this tutorial from From the Blue Shed.
  6. Garage Door Christmas Tree is a product of the company Creating Really Awesome and Fun Things.
  7. are available for purchase.

Craftiments’ A to Z Ice Lanterns are a popular choice.

Decorations made of candy canes (source unknown) Gifts include large plastic candy canes with red ribbon and an urn or pot.

This year’s Christmas Porch is from Centsational Style.

Sweet Little Bird created a snowman wreath.

Thrifty Decor has a festive porch light that is perfect for the holidays.

From Brown Sugar Toast comes a Pinecone Cluster.

Tomato Cage is an abbreviation for Tomato Cage.

Thrifty Wreaths made of grapevines for Christmas (source unknown) 3-grapevine wreaths with small, medium, and large ornaments, evergreen cuttings, and a festive ribbon Tire Snowman is a character in the film Tire Snowman (source unknown) White paint + tires + plywood + orange are a winning combination.

Acrylic Paints in Black and a ScarfHat If you happen to have some old tires lying around or know where you can obtain some for free, this would be a rather inexpensive and simple DIY.

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Outside Christmas Decorations That Are Inexpensive and Easy to Make

Dress Up Your Porch With These Charming Outdoor Christmas Decorations

If you’re seeking for ideas for Christmas decorations to hang this year—as well as information on the best technique to hang Christmas lights—a tour of the Lodge over the holidays could be precisely what you’re looking for! Tabletop trees with sparkling ornaments and stockings with plaid edging; winter foliage; and a massive, magnificent tree with gleaming Christmas tree decorations. Guests at Ree Drummond’s guesthouse will not be disappointed by the abundance of seasonal alcohol on hand. The fact that Ree believes that outside Christmas decorations should be as beautiful to the ones that are seen indoors is the reason why she has historically decorated the eaves and doorways of her home with endless strings of outdoor Christmas lights.

Creating unique DIY outdoor Christmas decorations and winter porch décor is just as important as putting up all of the lights, signs, garland, and other decorations that you look forward to putting up indoors throughout the holiday season.

Ahead, you’ll find ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations that will allow you to sharpen your carpentry abilities, recycle old and disused objects, score supplies at a flea market, and shop at the dollar store for some inexpensive options.

20 Impossibly Creative DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

I truly adore the process of decorating for Christmas! I also enjoy switching up my decorations from time to time, especially the ones that are shown outside. When it comes to finding innovative ways to dress up your lawn for the holidays, this selection is unquestionably the one for you. I’ve discovered a plethora of fantastic DIY outdoor Christmas decorating projects for you to try out! The majority of them are quite simple, and they are all affordable, which is my preferred sort of activity.

Let’s take care of the grass and the pathway leading up to your attractively adorned front door.

So, now that you’ve finished decorating your front door and your interiors, let’s have a look at some wonderful ideas to make your front yard even more festive this Christmas season.

There are so many great and entertaining projects in this book, ranging from huge paper plate lollipops to lit snowmen built out of plastic cups and everything in between. I can’t wait to get started on this project! Please let me know which one you like and which one you want to attempt.

1. How to Make a Rustic Christmas Snowman Decoration

Are you a fan of rustic design trends, as well as anything that is homey and delightful? I’m certain of it. Yes, I’ll admit it: the instant mason jars, burlap, sliding barn doors, and all other things rustic became popular, I was head over heels in love with them all. And I’m certain that rustic décor will continue to be a part of my life long after the current fad has passed. DIY Rustic Snowmen Decorations (instructional video/source)

2. Giant Christmas Ornaments

Adding these large, brightly colored decorations to your lawn will instantly brighten it. You may either hang them from the porch or simply scatter them about the yard. They’re quite simple to create, and the kids will adore them. It is possible to create these out of giant plastic balls that can be purchased at the $1 Store for roughly a dollar apiece. And after that, you can dress them up like Christmas decorations and hang them all around the yard. Tutorial:diyncrafts

3. DIY Candy Cane Poles

PVC and duct tape are the primary materials used in the construction of these incredible candy cane poles.which also light up! Keep in mind that you will be required to connect the lights, therefore you should be comfortable dealing with lighting, lamps, and other such items. When they’re completed, they’re quite stunning, and they’re the perfect way to illuminate the walk leading up to your house for Christmas. Tutorial:copelandchristmas

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4. DIY Light Balls

These illuminated decorative balls scattered over your lawn will undoubtedly create a festive atmosphere. Make these out of chicken wire and some LED lights. All you need to do is form the wire into a ball and cover it with lights. They are quite simple to put together. If you’re going for a more simplistic decorative style, you may do this in a variety of colors or just clear. They’re quite simple to make and look absolutely stunning when they’re completed! Tutorial:christmaslightsetc

5. DIY Pallet Christmas Tree

You are aware of my enthusiasm for pallet projects. This one is quite simple, however it does need a small amount of cutting. Simply sketch a tree form on the pallet and cut it out with a pair of scissors. Alternatively, you may paint it and then drill holes in it to allow your lights to shine through. This is the great Christmas tree for the front porch, or you could put a couple of these in the yard for added effect as well. Tutorial:jolenescrafting

6. DIY Starburst Ornaments

These starburst ornaments have a nostalgic feel to them, as if they were made years ago for Christmas. This is a simple craft that is perfect for the kids to participate in. Straws are knotted together to form the starburst, and then the straws are painted in the colors of your choice. For a festive touch, hang them on the porch or on an outside tree to truly dress up your yard for the season. Tutorial:listotic

7. Concrete Holiday Gift Box

It’s possible that this DIY concrete Christmas gift box may become my favorite outdoor decoration of all time. It’s very stunning, yet it’s also ridiculously simple to build. For this project, you’ll need Frog Tape, which can be found at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Take those concrete squares and transform them into something that you’ll be happy to display year after year with your family and friends. This one is largely about drawing out where to paint and then actually painting — it’s fairly straightforward. Tutorial:club.chicacircle

8. Tiered Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Tomato cages make excellent outdoor Christmas trees because of their unique design. In order to build them, you’ll also need some wired garland, which you can find at any Dollar Store or Wal-Mart for a reasonable price. You’ll need lights as well, unless you purchase LED garland, which will reduce the number of steps in your project by one or two. When the holidays are done, they are beautiful trees, and you can still use the tomato cages for your garden come just need to take the garland off after Christmas.

9. DIY Wooden Stars

To make these beautiful wooden stars, you’ll need a few pine boards, some clear lights, and a few other tools. You can hang them all over your porch or yard, and you can make them in a variety of sizes to give dimension to your decorations. They’re quite simple to build and, when done, they’re absolutely stunning.Tutorial:dukemanorfarm

10. Shutter Snowmen

If you don’t have have old shutters that you can use for these charming snowmen, I believe you may find them at a reasonable price at a thrift store or perhaps a garage sale. Simply paint and decorate them after that, and you’ll have a charming Frosty family that all the kids in your neighborhood will like. Tutorial:prettymyparty

11. Lighted Gift Boxes

Despite the fact that these gift boxes aren’t built of concrete, they’re well worth the effort it takes to make them. There are so many various methods to build them, and there are so many different materials from which to select, which is what I enjoy about this project. You’re almost certain to have something sitting around the home that will assist you in putting together these wonderful boxes. Tutorial:christmaslightsetc

12. DIY Nutcrackers

You wouldn’t be wrong if you said that these massive nine-foot nutcrackers would be great for defending your front entrance. I adore nutcrackers and believe that this project is rather simple when compared to what you’re actually making. If you don’t want them to be quite as tall, you may just trim the plans a little. They’ll still be the talk of the neighborhood, and they don’t require quite as much technical knowledge as you might expect. Tutorial:meighan

13. DIY Lighted Candy Canes

PVC tubing and a few clear Christmas lights are used to create these lit candy canes for the holidays. Some drilling and assembly will be required for this project, which may be completed at any height you like. They’re ideal for illuminating the sidewalk leading up to the front door, or you might place them throughout the perimeter of your yard, depending on how you wish to utilize them. This is a straightforward recipe that is also reasonably priced. Tutorial:ehow

14. DIY Gingerbread Man

You just cannot decorate for Christmas without including at least one gingerbread guy in your display. This one is right out on the front yard, ready to greet any and all of your guests throughout the holidays.

You really only have to cut him out of insulation foam and paint and decorate him whatever you want him to turn out. If you have any number of Christmas figures, this would be a great fun activity to work on with them, and they could even keep your gingerbread guy company! Tutorial:hallmarkchannel

15. DIY Wood Lanterns

You can leave these DIY wood lanterns up long after the holidays are done, and they make for an excellent outdoor decoration. Simply adorn them with Christmas colors and maybe a ribbon or bow, and you’ll be all prepared for the holidays. Their rustic Christmas appearance, evocative of the Victorian era, is appealing, and they are not nearly as difficult to create as you might imagine. Tutorial:hometalk

16. DIY North Pole Sign

How much do you think your children will like this easy-to-make North Pole sign? It’s composed of PVC pipe with rope lights, and it looks great. Even though it’s a little hard and time-consuming, it’s perfectly achievable, and the results will be well worth the work once you see how beautiful it turns out. Allow it to illuminate the path leading to your front door so that Santa can find his way inside. mypookiedesigns has a tutorial.

17. Large Christmas Candy Decorations

Think of yourself making these DIY Christmas candies to adorn your yard or porch as pictures of sugar plums dance through your imagination. Besides doing an upcycling project (which I truly like), your yard would look fantastic with these massive candies strewn around. You’ll only need a few pool noodles, which you can get for a great deal right now, and some creative cutting and wrapping to complete your lawn decoration project. Tutorial:theseasonalhome

18. Plastic Cup Snowman

This snowman is the most imaginative thing I’ve ever seen, in my opinion! It’s built entirely of plastic cups, and it’s just charming. When you’re through putting the cups together, you can put lights in him and set him out on the porch to enjoy the evening. Everyone who comes into your home will be enchanted by the fact that your children helped you make this. He’ll also do a great job of spreading Christmas spirit. Plastic cups are also really affordable, so you could even construct a pair out of them.

19. Contemporary Christmas Trees

Despite the fact that these cone-shaped Christmas trees are a bit more contemporary in their appearance, they are just as attractive as those fashioned of evergreens. They’re low-cost and make an excellent first-time DIY project for beginners. The lights are quite beautiful and will put you in the festive spirit immediately. If you don’t already have all of the goods you’ll need, you can pick them up at any local home improvement retailer. lowes installation instructions

20. Giant Frozen Christmas Ornaments

I really want to make these, but sadly, where I live, it doesn’t normally get cold enough over the holidays to do it. These colossal decorations are nothing more than frozen balls of water, yet they’re extremely stunning to look at! If you live in a chilly climate, you can easily manufacture these, or you may delegate the task to your children. They’re going to really adore these! You just sculpt the ice balls with balloons and paint them with food coloring to make them look more appealing. When they’re frozen, just take away the balloon to reveal beautiful Christmas ornaments for your front yard.

21. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

Create these gigantic lollipops to add to your outdoor Christmas decorations. They are really simple and inexpensive to make, and they will look fantastic in your yard.

In comparison to the ones you can purchase in stores, you’ll save a lot of money if you make them yourself. In addition, you have the freedom to customize the styles and colors that you choose. All you’ll need is paper plates, paint, plastic, and wooden rods to get started. Tutorial:smartschoolhouse

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Ideas for 32 gorgeous outdoor Christmas decorating projects, including DIY lights, wreaths, garlands, wood signs, and wood ornaments for the yard, porch, and entranceway. To feel the excitement and beauty of the holiday season right away, all you have to do is walk past a house decorated with spectacular outdoor Christmas decorations! The Christmas porches, front doors, and backyards that we will be looking at today are some of the most magnificently adorned in the world. Try using any of these ideas to spruce up your own front door and make you, your guests, and anyone else who happens to pass by smile!

  1. You may see the rest of the series by clicking on the links below: * Some of the resources mentioned in this post are affiliate links.
  2. Christmas decoration ideas for the foyer, living room, and staircase (Part 1:30+).
  3. Part 3:27: Simple and gorgeous Thanksgiving and Christmas table decorations and centerpieces for the holidays.
  4. (Affiliate links are included in some of the useful resources.

Outdoor lighted Christmas decorations

A simple LED garland around the front entrance may transform your outside Christmas decorations into something quite magical. (viaBHG) Create lit Christmas decorations for the outside of your home with a trio of wreaths flanked by two planters strung with string lights. (Courtesy of Décor and the Dog)

Christmas porch outdoordecorations

Two pots, one garland, and one wreath are included. It is possible to create an endless number of beautiful Christmas porches and front doors using this simple technique, as you will see throughout this essay! (Image courtesy of Setting for Four) Add a banner to the garland and a metal Christmas star in place of a traditional door wreath for a festive look. (Image courtesy of ViaLife Love Larson)

DIY Christmas planters and pots

With a few branches and berries, you can quickly and simply make beautiful and long-lasting Christmas planters. Here are 24 instructional and invigorating Christmas planter ideas to get you started!

Easy DIY outdoor Christmas wreaths and swags for the front door

Wreaths and swags are two of the most popular outdoor Christmas decorations, and for good reason. Both the DIY Magnolia Wreath and the simple Christmas swag are quick and easy to build, plus they are almost completely free! It is also possible to use a Christmas swag to adorn items like as outdoor lanterns, mailboxes, and railings. Diane at In My Own Style has created a fantastic lesson on how to add floral foam to your Christmas decorations to keep them looking fresh for longer! Make a trio of Christmas wreaths to spread even more holiday happiness!

DIY painted outdoor Christmas wood signs

For Christmas décor, use recycled paper to create stencils for painting the traditional “JOY” wood sign. (viaDIYnetwork) Another approach to make the Christmas “JOY” wood sign is to use a wreath as the letter O and hang it from the ceiling.

(Image courtesy of Fynes Designs) Detailed instructions on how to bleach wood and apply aged paint finishes on wood are included in this video. Learn how to bleach wood and apply aged paint finishes on wood in three simple steps!

Make pallet Christmas treefor outside decorations

Paint the iconic “JOY” wood sign for Christmas décor with stencils made from recyclable paper. (viaDIYnetwork) Another option is to use a wreath to represent the letter O on the Christmas “JOY” wood sign. According to the website Fynes Designs, a You can learn how to whitewash wood and apply aged paint on wood in this in-depth instructional video! Three simple methods for whitewashing wood and applying aged paint finishes on wood!

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Outdoor Christmas decorations by the front door

A wonderful decoration for the front porch is made of wood lanterns filled with Christmas ornaments. (viaDimplesTangles) Stacks of pots packed with foliage and decorations make for a spectacular centerpiece that is also incredibly simple to make. Tutorialhere. Stacks of gift boxes wrapped together with ribbons are just a handful of my favorite things to do. Tutorialhere.

Outdoor Christmas decorating ideas for the front porch

The entrance door is brightened with festive outdoor Christmas decorations including reindeer, sleighs, ornaments, and jingle bells! (viaDimplesTangles)

Vintage buckets and crates as outdoor Christmas decorations

Using antique style galvanized tin vases filled with fir branches and lights as part of your Christmas decoration steps is a beautiful looking and simple concept for decorating stairs. (Image courtesy of Finding Home Farms|Beautiful Christmas porch decor including an antique crate and winter boots by Home Stories A to Z.)

Farmhouse outdoor Christmas decoration ideas

These farmhouse Christmas outdoor decorations are made from galvanized tin buckets that have been painted in a vintage manner and filled with natural components such as fir branches and pine cones. (Image courtesy of Liz Marie) From Love Grows Wild comes another another gorgeous farmhouse Christmas porch design that is excellent for fixer upper enthusiasts.

Country style Christmas outdoor decorating on the porch

A garden vehicle decorated with an ancient watering bucket and winter branches exudes festive cheer! (Image courtesy of Hospitality Designs)

Beautifully styled tables and shelves for outdoor Christmas decor

Create Scandinavian farmhouse Christmas decorations by combining black, white, and neutrals! (Image courtesy of Vibeke Design) Ribbons and Glue transforms a rustic ladder into a Christmas display shelf with a few simple steps. On the front porch, place candles and pine cones on a table to create a festive atmosphere. (viaBHG)

Creative large outdoor Christmas decorations.

A simple transformation of plastic balls and cups into these massive Christmas ornaments is demonstrated in the video instruction below. Large lollipops constructed from pool noodles or paper plates are the stuff of vacation dreams! For the paper plate lollipops, here’s a step-by-step guide, and for the big pool noodle lollipops, here’s a video demonstration.

Up-cycled and re-purposed Christmas decor

Another fantastic concept for making huge Christmas decorations for outdoor décor out of used tires is shown here. Adapted from a tutorial by Katie at Addicted to DIY.

15 Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas- A Cultivated Nest

Are there any other people out there that enjoy going on neighborhood tours and just taking in the Christmas lights and displays? My family has done this for as long as I can remember, and it has become a tradition in our household. And, to be honest, the only thing better than Christmas is the preparation for it. Whether you’re hoping for a snowy Christmas or a green Christmas, these 15 Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas will help you avoid having a dismal Christmas! Disclosure: This post may include affiliate connections to Amazon and/or Etsy, which means that I may receive a small compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links.

We’ve found some genuinely fantastic, festive, and affordable ways for you to decorate your outdoor area this Christmas, ranging from some incredibly frugal DIYs like ice lanterns and scrap wood present boxes to garlands and wreaths adorned with Christmas balls.

15 Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

When creating your own DIY outdoor Christmas decorating ideas, I have a few suggestions that you should keep in mind. Let’s have a look at this.

  • First and foremost, consider the aesthetic you want to achieve. You want something fun and playful, with Santa figures and maybe even a reindeer or two in your mix. Alternatively, do you like a more natural aesthetic, such as fresh pine boughs and huge ribbons? Whatever your own style, try not to go too far from it, and then look to see if there is anything you can utilize that you have stowed away. Some of the suggestions below are fantastic for up-cycling and repurposing your items! When it comes to DIY outdoor Christmas décor, it never hurts to repurpose something old and turn it into something new. Check out the dollar and craft stores in your area (and don’t forget about flea markets!) for any items you might be missing. Old sleighs, ice skates, and shovels make fantastic décor items, and they can sometimes be purchased for a very low price on consignment sites. If you’re thinking of using pine boughs for wreaths and garlands, be sure they’re fresh! If you don’t have any trees on your property, try to find a friend who does – and attempt to secure some of the boughs from the start of the pruning season. And if you can’t locate any fresh pine boughs in your area, you can always order some from Amazon.

1. DIY Ice Lanterns

TheseDIY Ice Lanternsby Beauty Through Imperfectionare quite simple to make and are extremely inexpensive! Make the foundation out of recycled cartons, and while you’re doing it, make some food coloring to go with it. Decorate the walks and porches around your home with them.

2. Driftwood Christmas Tree

Sustain’s Driftwood Christmas Tree is a beautiful example of sustainability. My Crafting Habitis really endearing! It’s the perfect item for those who want a more rustic aesthetic!

3. Concrete Block Gift

Stunning and wonderfully festive, these Concrete Block Gift Boxes from Club Chica Circle are a must-have this holiday season! And what a fantastic idea to make use of what you already have!

4. DIY Joy Sign

Landeeluis’s ADIY Joy sign is exactly what your porch was missing! The colors are right on and conjure up images of candy canes, toboggans, and other winter-themed activities.

5. DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Garland

This Pottery Barn-Inspired Garland was created by Between Naps on the Porchis is by far the most cost-effective approach to get this aesthetic.

6. DIY Gift Boxes

TheseDIY Gift Boxescreated by The Navage Patch are truly delightful. This is exactly what you’ve been putting aside your spare wood for!

7. DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

TheseDIY Gift Boxescreated by The Navage Patch are just darling! The use for your spare wood has finally come to fruition.

8. Hanging Paper Star Lanterns

TheseHanging Paper Star Lanternsby Polka Dot Chair are quite enchanting to look at! These would not be as effective in locations where they are not sheltered from the elements, but they are still quite attractive!

9. Santa Garden Flag

With this Santa Belt Garden Flag from Country Chic Cottage, you can easily inject some festive cheer into your home! Plus, it’s just adorable!

10. Snowman Porch Decorations

It is necessary for me to acquire theseSnowman Porch Decorationsby Craft Create Cook– they are incredibly adorable! Plus, it’s a very simple job to do!

11. Christmas Ice Melt Bucket

ThisChristmas Ice Melt Bucketby Life Should Cost Less is maybe the simplest and most helpful object you can place on your doorstep. It is also the most affordable. It has to be one of the most brilliant ideas in the history of the universe.

12. DIY Joy Wreath

This is a fantasticDIY The Joy Wreathfrom the Idea Roomis a lovely addition to your front entrance. It’s a simple recipe that’s perfect for the holidays!

13. Polka Dot Planter Buckets

Tatertots & Jello’s Polka Dot Planter Buckets are too adorable to pass up! The festive polka dots are quite inviting and cheerful, and when you add in some Christmas trees, it’s impossible to resist.

14. Christmas Twig Wreath

And, given my fondness for wreaths, I’ll mention it again. I couldn’t help but post thisTwig Wreathby Confessions of a Serial DIYer since it is so adorable.

15. Christmas Ball Wreath

After all, what would an outdoor Christmas décor collection be without the presence of an ornamental bauble wreath on the door? ThisChristmas Ball Wreathby Nemcsok Farmsis done in two color themes, and you may make it as inexpensive or as luxurious as you like depending on your mood. Have a Merry Christmas and a Beautifully Decorated Holiday Season! Written by Evelyne N., a member of the ACN team: NEMCK FARMS and KNITTER’S END are the brainchild of Evelyne, a fearless, axe-wielding, eccentric, industrious, and immensely amusing creative genius who is the driving force behind both businesses.

Who also has a strange preoccupation with dirt and wreaths, which is bizarre. You might also be interested in the following: 10 Ingenious Ways to Organize Your Christmas Decorations

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations: 100+ Best Cheap and Easy Ideas For People Who Love Christmas

Listed here are the top 100+ finest DIY outdoor Christmas decorations and ideas to help you convert your home this Christmas into a dazzling winter paradise! You have arrived at the most delightful time of the year! The lights are turned on, tinsel is strung from every available surface, and Christmas carols are being played over and over. Although it is freezing outdoors, it is that lovely time of year when you cannot help but grin as you walk around your neighborhood and appreciate the outdoor Christmas displays, no matter how cold the weather is outside.

  • A beautifully decoratedChristmas tree to handcrafted stockings and even welcome the Elf on the Shelf, Christmas is all about having a good time!
  • There is a Christmas décor style to suit everyone’s taste and aesthetic preferences.
  • Related:18 Iconic Vintage Christmas Decor Ideas to Inspire You Check out this amazing collection of ideas we’ve prepared if you’re looking for some low-costDIY outdoor Christmas decorations that you’ll enjoy making yourself.
  • All of these simple to follow techniques will assist you in creating beautifulDIY outdoor Christmas decorations using basic materials that are easy to come by and, most importantly, are affordable!

100+ DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Made-at-home DIY big Christmas decorations that can be displayed outdoors are a simple and inexpensive way to make your home stand out throughout the holiday season. Whether you’re hanging handcrafted huge ornaments from a tree in your front yard, or hanging them from your porch or balcony, this idea is guaranteed to put you in the festive mood. Here are 15 of our favorite DIY outdoor large Christmas ornament ideas and techniques, as well as links to further information. 1DIY Giant Outdoor Christmas Ornaments for the Holidays (Tutorial available fromSmart School House) Oversized Christmas lawn ornaments in a variety of colors (Tutorial available fromDIY n Crafts) 3Giant Bouncy Ball Ornaments with a bouncy bounce (Tutorial fromHome Talk) 4 Exceptionally Large Solar-Powered Christmas Ornaments (Tutorial available fromReal Simple) 5DIY Giant Christmas Ornaments that are both inexpensive and simple (Tutorial available fromOne Good Thing) 6DIY Giant Christmas Bell Ornaments for the Holidays (Tutorial fromCraft Bits) 7Easy and Quick Jumbo Christmas Lawn Ornaments to Make (Tutorial available fromHow To Build It) 8 Tire Ornaments Made from Recycled Materials (Tutorial available fromAddicted 2 DIY) nine colossal jingle bells (Tutorial available fromSmart School House) Ten-foot-tall Giant Tire Candy Ornament (Tutorial available fromLily Ardor) 11DIY Oversized Christmas Ornament Topiary (with instructions) (Tutorial available fromCelebrate and Decorate) 12DIY Lighted Jumbo Christmas Ornaments for the Holidays (Tutorial available fromChristmas Lights Etc) 13 colossal silver bells (Tutorial available fromKenneth Wingard) 14DIY Oversized Porch Ornaments for Your Front Porch (Tutorial available fromHome Stories A to Z) 15DIY Jumbo Wood Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments (Tutorial available fromSugar and Cloth) (Tutorial available fromSugar and Cloth) To save these easy-to-make outdoor Christmas decorations to your Pinterest board, click here.

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DIY wooden Christmas yard decorations

Yard decorations made of wood are another excellent option for making your own DIY outdoor Christmas decorations this year. DIY wooden Christmas yard decorations are a low-cost alternative for decorating your house that may result in stunning outdoor Christmas displays if done correctly. Here are some of the most creative ideas to get you started and to help you be more inspired. 16DIY Wooden Joy Symbol (Tutorial available fromFynes Designs) Snowmen made from wood slices are simple to make. 18DIY Christmas Plant Stand Made of Wood (Tutorial available fromShanty To Chic) Christmas Ornament Trees Made of Crates and Barrels (Tutorial available from Domestically Speaking) 20DIY Lighted Wood Christmas Tree (instructable) (Source Unknown) 21DIY Snowman Made of Wood (Source Unknown) Easy to Make Lighted Wooden Snowflakes (#22) (Tutorial available fromThe DIY Network) Christmas Crate Train No.

23 (Tutorial available fromMe and My Crafties) 24DIY Wood Shutter Nutcrackers for the Holidays (Tutorial available fromCrafty Morning) a 25-piece DIY Wooden Santa Sleigh and Reindeer ensemble (Tutorial available fromDIY Decor Mom) 26DIY Vintage Sled Decor (Instructables) (Tutorial available fromFynes Designs) 27Farmhouse Skis Made of Wood (Tutorial available fromThe Sits Girls) 28How to Make Gingerbread Lawn Decorations (Tutorial available fromInstructables) 29DIY Snowman Family Made of Wood (Tutorial available fromKids Activities Blog) Fence with white pickets for Christmas (Source Unknown) DIY Candy Cane Porch Décor (Tutorial available from Sadie’s Seasoned Goods) 31 A Simple Wood Soda Crate Display (32 images) (Tutorial available fromThe Cozy Old Farmhouse) 33DIY North Pole Arrow Marker Made of Wood (Tutorial available fromThe Happy Scraps) 34DIY Christmas Trees Made From Pallets (Tutorial available fromPretty DIY Home) 36Red Crate Pickup Truck Made From Recycled Materials (Tutorial available fromHome Talk) DIY Winter Woodland Sign (36DIY) (Tutorial available fromBlooming Homestead) 37DIY Log Reindeer Sculpture (Tutorial available fromDesigner Trapped) 38DIY Stocking Organizer (Tutorial available fromSaw Dust To Stitches) Signs for the Holidays made of Buffalo Check Wood Blocks (Source Unknown) 40DIY Wood Reindeer That Are Simple to Make (Tutorial available fromEclectic Recipes) Pitnerest may be found by clicking here to PIN these DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

DIY Christmas lawn Decor Ideas

Another excellent approach to get into the holiday mood is to decorate your yard with Christmas decorations. Take use of the space and exposure that front lawns provide by creating a festive lawn display for the holiday season. Here are some of the very bestDIY outdoor Christmas decorations and ideas to get you started on your holiday decorating project. I guarantee that you will be shocked at how far a little effort can go! 41DIY Wooden Angel Lawn Sculptures (Tutorial available fromEclectic Recipes) 42DIY Gnomes for the Trees (Tutorial available fromKids Activities Blog) Decorations for Pine Cone Fences 43 (Source Unknown) DIY Christmas Playhouse Lawn Decorations (44).

55) (Tutorial available fromCountry Living) 56Plastic Pumpkin and Snowman Christmas Tree Decoration (Tutorial available fromCrafty Morning) 57DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Gift Boxes (Tutorial available fromMartha Stewart) 58How to Make a Melted Lawn Snowman (Tutorial available fromThe Hallmark Channel) Merry Christmas Lawn Sign (available as a tutorial from All Things Thrifty) 60DIY Red Truck Lawn Decor (available as a tutorial from Red Cottage Chronicles) 59Merry Christmas Lawn Sign 61Burlap Lawn Decorations Made with Candy Canes (Source Unknown) Upcycled Wooden Wheel Barrow Design Idea No.

62 (Source Unknown) 63Gigantic Lawn Santa Claus (Source Unknown) 64DIY Lawn Markers for the North Pole (Tutorial available fromFollow Your Heart Woodworking) 65Christmas Tree Made with Candy Canes (Source Unknown) To save these easy-to-make outdoor Christmas decorations to your Pinterest board, click here.

DIY outdoor Christmas Wreath Decorations

The use of DIY outdoor Christmas wreath decorations and ideas is also an excellent choice for those seeking economical DIY outdoor Christmas decorating options. The placement of wreaths on your front door, balconies, the wall outside your home, and even over your garage door is all up to you! Check out our top 20 ideas for inspiration, as well as guides to assist you in creating a lovely holiday wreath to put on display this holiday season. The best part is that you can accomplish most of these DIY Christmas wreath designs in just an hour!

Blog) DIY Wreath Made With Cute Village Miniatures (Tutorial available fromMartha Stewart) 70How to Make a Fresh Christmas Wreath (Tutorial available fromShades Of Blue Interiors) 71Easy Pine Cone Wreath to Make at Home (Tutorial available fromThe Best Ideas For Kids) 72DIY Embroidery Christmas Wreath Made in a Hoop (Tutorial available fromHometalk) The following project is 73DIY Plaid Poinsettia Wreath (a tutorial is available from Let’s DIY It All).

Wreath with 74Dollar Tree Ornaments (Tutorial available fromMy Sanity Project) 75DIY Buffalo Check Hoop Wreath for the Holidays (Tutorial available fromDomestically Creative) 76Easy Poinsettia Wreath to Make (Tutorial available fromVanessa Christenson) 77DIY Gingerbread Wreath for the Holidays (Tutorial available fromNourish and Nestle) 78How to Make a Holly and Berry Christmas Wreath (Tutorial available fromPolka Dot Chair) Wreath with the phrase “Let It Snow” (Tutorial available fromThe Happy Housie) Wreath with Ribbons for Christmas (Tutorial available fromShelterness) 86DIY Red and White Christmas Mesh Wreath (Tutorial available fromSonya’s Happenings) 86DIY Red and White Christmas Mesh Wreath 87How to Make a Christmas Burlap Wreath (Tutorial available fromFeeling Nifty) Wreath with Dried Orange Citrus 88Dried Orange Citrus Wreath (Tutorial fromHallstrom Home) A Gnome Wreath Made in a Minute with an Embroidery Hoop (Tutorial fromRuffles and Rainboots) DIY Vintage Tinsel Holiday Wreath (90 minutes) (Tutorial fromGirls Build Club) To save these easy-to-make outdoor Christmas decorations to your Pinterest board, click here.

Unique outdoor Christmas decorations

One alternative to consider if you’re tired of seeing the same old thing when it comes toDIY outdoor Christmas decorations, is these one-of-a-kind Christmas decorations that we’ve put together. The use of non-traditional ideas for DIY outdoor Christmas decorations is a fun way to inject some individuality into your house this season. The following 15 brilliant ideas are likely to inspire you if you’re seeking for something distinctive and unique to utilize to decorate your home without spending a lot of money.

FAQ About DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on DIY outdoor Christmas decorations. If you want to design your house without breaking the budget, there are a plethora of excellent options available. Make gigantic DIY outdoor Christmas ornaments, yard decorations out of wood, DIY lawn ornaments and wreaths, or any number of other budget-friendly projects; there are countless options available to you. Our recommendation is that you look through the ideas we’ve provided above to pick the greatest DIY outdoor Christmas decorations for your property.

Can I use plastic outdoor Christmas decorations to decorate outside?

Yes! Decorating your home with plastic outdoor Christmas decorations is a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit. On Amazon, as well as at your local dollar shop, you can discover some pretty attractive and inexpensive selections. We recommend that you look around and see what’s available in your region before making a decision.

Do I need to take down outdoor Christmas decorations after the holiday is over?

In the end, it is a matter of personal preference. Because it gets so cold here in the winter, we prefer to leave ourDIY outside Christmas decorations up until the beginning of April. You should take down yourDIY outdoor Christmas decorations after the holiday season, but you should store them correctly to avoid them becoming damaged. Take them apart and store them in a dry, cool location after they have been disassembled. If you have any large goods that were previously stored outside, we recommend taking them inside for the winter and returning them back outside the following spring.

What are some easy outdoor Christmas decorations?

This Tiny Blue House specializes in easy-to-do DIY outdoor Christmas decorations and crafts, which you can learn more about here. In order to assist you in creating gorgeous outdoor holiday decorations with confidence, we’ve compiled a slew of excellent tutorials and step-by-step guidelines. If you have over 100 distinct concepts to choose from, there is likely to be something that suits your needs!

What are some cheap outdoor Christmas decorations?

As previously said, the cost of inexpensiveDIY outdoor Christmas decorations might vary depending on your budget. We’ve discovered that the majority of theDIY outdoor Christmas decorations we’ve mentioned are reasonably priced and inexpensive in cost. Some of these goods are even available for purchase at your local dollar shop.

Do you have any outdoor Christmas decoration ideas for kids?

We certainly do! By going here, you may see some creative Christmas crafts and décor ideas for children. Also available are several Christmas craft ideas and activities for children that you can enjoy together as a family.

How do you decorate outdoors for Christmas on a budget?

The utilization of repurposed and repurposed objects from around your home while decorating for Christmas outside is one of the most effective things you can do. A dollar shop or party supply store may provide you with inexpensive wreaths, garlands, and outside lights that will allow you to personalize the front of your home without spending hundreds of dollars.

In the event that you have an old mailbox or piece of furniture that needs to be updated, try painting and decorating it to go with your DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

Do you know where I can find cheap yard Christmas decorations?

We, of course, have! Thrift stores, garage sales, dollar stores, party supply stores, craft stores, and online retailers like as Amazon are excellent sites to purchase inexpensive yard Christmas decorations. Make your own wreaths, swags and garlands for the holidays, plus many more decorations to personalize your home for the holidays.

How can I decorate my yard for Christmas?

There are a plethora of alternatives. We recommend selecting a fewDIY outdoor decorationsto utilize as a focal point and then filling in the rest of the space with simple objects such as garlands, outdoor lights, wreaths, and other similar items to make your yard stand out. You may create a festive effect with an affordable prelit Christmas tree in your landscaping if you are short on time or money.

How do I decorate my driveway for Christmas?

We propose that you begin by purchasing a string of c litter Christmas lights to thread down the edge of your driveway to set the tone. For those of you who have an old mailbox or a piece of wood that you would like to paint, now is a fantastic opportunity to do so! You may also use outdoor stencils and spray paint to decorate the length of your driveway with festive phrases (or artwork) that you create yourself.

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that Christmas is our favorite holiday. Everything about it, including decorating the interior and outside of our home, is something we enjoy. As a consequence, we decided to gather the greatest assortment ofDIY outdoor Christmas decorations so that you may adorn your own house for the holidays as well as your friends and family. Please let us know what you think in the comment area below, and if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook and/or Pinterest. To save these easy-to-make outdoor Christmas decorations to your Pinterest board, click here.

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