How To Make Home Decorations For Christmas

These DIY Christmas Decorations Will Make Your Home Merry and Bright

The fact that she gets to eat her renowned cinnamon buns during the holiday season, as well as cooking Christmas dinner and purchasing Christmas pajamas for her family, is one of Ree Drummond’s favorite things about the season. It does not rule out her getting excited—like, really excited—about all of the other wonderful aspects of the holiday season, such as setting out her nutcrackers and decking the halls with beautifulChristmas tree decorations andDIY Christmas ornaments, as well as decorating the tree with handmade Christmas ornaments.


The fact that they are all do it yourself means that you may spend an hour (or a week, if you want) creating festive décor to your heart’s delight.

So grab your coziest blanket, your favorite craft items, and your Santa hat and get ready to: A marathon session ofChristmas crafts has been scheduled.

The 100 Best Christmas Decorations to Make Your Home Picture-Perfect for the Holiday

Although we may receive compensation from links on this page, we only suggest things that we believe in. Why should you put your faith in us? With these simple DIYs, you can turn your home into a winter paradise. Sian Richards is a British actress. Christmas is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild. Decorate your home for the holidays with these eye-catching Christmas decorating ideas this year. As you make your way through this list, you’ll discover all of the inspiration you need to bring a smile to every part of your house – both inside and out.

  • While we encourage you to decorate your entire home for the holidays (see out theseChristmas-worthy living rooms), there are many tiny things you can do to make a significant difference, such as putting a few handcrafted decorations to your tree or decorating your staircase in red and green.
  • Also, try your hand at any of these Christmas projects if you really want to get into the cheerful spirit of the season.
  • As a result, after the season is through, you may remove it from your mantel or bannister and store it flat until the next December.
  • Simply twist and mold a pipe cleaner into the shape of the initial letter of their last name, then attach it to a napkin ring of the same color as the pipe cleaner.
  • Incorporate metallic garland and sparkling pillar candles with fresh greenery to give your area a glitzy feel.
  • Then attach them to a wreath form, sprinkling glitter on a few bulbs as you go to give it some sparkle.
  • Perhaps it’s time to establish a new tradition: this year, put your stockings aside and collect a set of matching Christmas mugs, one for each member of your family.

8of 100Celebrate the Holidays with Felt Using felt cutouts, transform your dining room table into a forest of Christmas trees by arranging one at each place setting.

9 of 100Choose Red Accents as your color scheme Decorate your home with red accents such as decorative pillows, berry wreaths, and plaid rugs to make the most of this festive color scheme.

Place them on your mantle, bookcase, or table throughout the month, and then use them as place card holders for your holiday dinner celebration.

11 of 100) You most likely receive a large number of Christmas cards (which isn’t always a negative thing), so choose the best ones to put on your wall as a display.

12 out of 100 Your Family Members Should Be Recognized Considering all of the occasions when you won ribbons as a child, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a place for several on your Christmas tree this year.

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14th out of 100 Make Use of Your Ice Skates in Innovative Ways This year, instead of the typical wreath, try something a little different, like this ice skates wreath with pom-poms and lovely silver decorations from Martha Stewart.

Consider crafting your own garland out of dried citrus for a unique spin on the traditional look.

RELATED: How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Pro (with Pictures) 16th out of 100 Make a Paper Leaf Garland to decorate your home.

To complete the effect, all you need is some green craft paper and some festive red jingle bells.

Want an easy method to elevate a simple garland to the next level?

Wrap a garland in red berries to create a striking holiday entry.

18th out of 100 Incorporate pops of plaid into your design.

” vars-ga-product-id=”1ae6e5b6-86cb-439e-a505-3acf613c6952″ data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id=”” data-href=” tag=goodhousekeeping auto-append-20 ascsubtag= ” data-href=” tag=goodhousekeeping auto-append-20 ascsubtag= [artid|10055.g.29322048 Data-product-url=” data-affiliate-url=”” data-affiliate-network=” data-affiliate-network=”” data-affiliate-network=” data-affiliate-network=”” data-affiliate-network=””> PLAID STOCKINGS CAN BE FOUND IN STORES 19th out of 100 Opt for a Vibrant Color Scheme.

  1. If you want to dress in bright colors for the holidays, there is no reason why you can’t.
  2. To complete the effect, incorporate bursts of gingham.
  3. Decorate your table with glass hurricanes that have been decorated with felt Christmas trees for a whimsical, handmade effect.
  4. 21 out of 100 Add a Festive Pillow to the mix.
  5. A crimson pillow topped with white ribbon and a sprig of greenery can instantly brighten up any plain chair or sofa.
  6. If you don’t care for the usual chocolate or toy advent calendars, you may construct your own out of paper tags and trinkets that are related to the season.
  7. OTHER RELATED: Advent Calendars That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy 23rd out of 100 Bedposts should be decorated with garland.

Put it between the bedposts and the frame to guarantee that it remains in place during the night.

When positioned atop a table, a little tree may appear just as magnificent as a large eight-foot specimen.


It’s not an issue!

26th out of 100 Make use of the Candy Effect.

Consider including some candy canes and a peppermint garland for good measure.

Once Santa has completed his yearly responsibilities, he may relax and let his hair (or beard?) down.

Deck the Walls is number 28 in a series of 100.

Here’s an example of a gift-covered bookcase, complete with matching wrapping paper and hints of black, white, and silver.

Spread them evenly across a long evergreen garland to give it a new appearance and feel.

Use spray paint to dress up a twig and add small decorations for a low-cost decorating alternative.

Watering it is not a concern for you at this time.

As the editor of Good Housekeeping, Amanda Garrity writes about all things home and holiday, including the newest interior design trends, invigorating do-it-yourself projects, and gift lists for any (and all) occasions.

Monique Valeris is the senior home editor for Good Housekeeping, where she is in charge of the brand’s home decoration coverage in both print and digital media channels.

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41 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations That Actually Look High-End

We won’t even realize it until the holidays are upon us, which means it’s nearly time to spend all of your money on festive decor and thoughtful gifts, right? Right. No, it is not always the case. If you can make some fashionable and seasonalChristmas decorations yourself, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money (and have some fun in the process). Because of this, we discovered 40 upgraded DIY Christmas décor ideas that will save you money without compromising on the appearance of your beautifully decorated holiday house.

  • One of the most simple wreaths to make is this ice skate wreath, created by Setting for Four.
  • 2Coffee Filter Garland is a type of garland made with coffee filters.
  • Coffee filters have been used to create this faux floral garland.
  • Country Living has a great guide on how to do it.
  • They’re lit up with battery-operated lights to give them a town-like appearance.
  • Accents in the form of garland Even though fresh garlands are lovely, you should personalize yours to add a bit of fun and to guarantee that it blends well with the surrounding area.
  • Then glue them together and attach them to your garland using fishing line.

candle holder made of copper pipe Looking for a more sophisticated do-it-yourself project?

It would be ideal for use as a centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table.

Stockings with 6 stitched seams Make a stitched stocking with felt and pompom trimmings to hang on your fireplace for a warm and inviting addition.

Mix and match a handful of these with other felt stockings, such as these animal-inspired ones from Tell Love and Party.

7Christmas Trees Made with Sweaters What’s the quickest and most convenient method to recycle an old Christmas sweater?

Alternately, you may use ribbon with a Nordic print, like Bless’er House demonstrated here.

Nothing more than a sewing machine and a cheap fleece blanket will suffice.

Honeycomb Christmas Bulbs (nine bulbs) Studio DIY’s honeycomb Christmas bulbs take the concept of “oversized” to a whole new level.

Tablecloth made on black paper Instead of a tablecloth, use a piece of black butcher paper to create a more elegant look.

When you use a paint pen, you may harness your inner artist to decorate the table with artistic touches and/or design place cards.

Chair Wreaths (11 pieces) When it comes to seasonal decorating, don’t forget about your seats!

12 Candle Holders Made of Wood These rustic wood candle holders are a simple way to bring warmth into your house.

You may find the instruction at Marty’s Musings.

Frosting and a Smile’s candy cane garlands are just brilliant!

Wreath with 14 Brass Rings The DIY wreaths made from brass rings, as demonstrated by Sugar and Charm, are the ideal pastime for getting into the festive spirit.

15Construct little houses.

Instead of purchasing them, you can make your own using a little wood home kit.

16 Candle Jars with Lining The devil is in the details.

It will make a little but significant effect, and it will only take a few minutes of your time.

This winter candle will stay in your home for the entire season.

18 Lanterns with String Lights You can enjoy the warmth of a campfire without having to go outside in the cold.

Who needs firewood in the first place?

The miniature wooden cottages are surprisingly simple to construct, and they’re the ideal addition to your mantle as you get ready for the Christmas season.

Alternatively, if you happen to have some construction paper or cardboard sitting around, you may use them as well.

Campfire on Canvas No.

A faux fireplace may be created on canvas using painted chalk and then hung on a wall.

If you live in a small apartment but yet want to make a huge statement with your Christmas decorations, this will be a lifesaver.

22 Miniature Christmas Trees Made of Wood These are a must-make for any lover of modern design, and they’re a great arts and crafts project for a rainy afternoon.

Ornaments with a Marbled Finish When decorations on a Christmas tree have sentimental significance, they become even more meaningful.

Garland of Felt (24 pieces) Take some time to make something using rainbow felt to give some color to your Christmas tree.

You just knot felt pieces together with a length of twine and hang them anyplace you choose.

This charming “tree” would look lovely on any flat surface in your house, and it’s quite simple to construct.

Find out how to create it from The Lovely Drawer’s tutorial.

Take a look at Finding Home Farms to see how it’s done.

Attach a ribbon across the top, and then hang small tin containers labeled with the day of the month and fill them with treats for the children.

28 Snowflakes Made From Popsicle Sticks Popsicle sticks may be arranged, glued, and spray painted to create a snowy interior wall scene in minutes.

Visit A Girl and a Glue Gun to learn how to make this project.

Alternatively, chop down silk flower stems and insert them into the vase—the more the merrier.

30 Beautiful 3D Paper SnowflakesThere are beautiful paper snowflakes, and then there are beautiful paper snowflakes that happen to be 3D as well.

If you want to create a true winter wonderland atmosphere, go for an all-white look with some fresh greenery thrown in for good measure.

The polka dot ribbons have a fresh, young feel to them.

32Citrus Chains are arranged in a row.

Using paper clips, hang dried orange slices from the branches of a bunch of pine trees in a tiny vase or bottle to complete the look.

Outdoor Arrangements (number 33) Don’t forget to decorate the porch with flowers and plants.

The idea of an ornament wreath is so apparent that we can’t believe we didn’t come up with it first.

The Crafted Life has instructions on how to make your own.

The instruction may be found at The Sweet Escape.

SugarCloth will show you exactly how to do it.

39Neutral Burlap Wreath To learn how to do this, go to Love of Family and Home.

You can find the technique at Studio DIY!.

This year, kissing balls will take the place of mistletoe.

Consumer Crafts has a tutorial for this project.

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It’s easy to bring this festive decor to life in December (and every month after that!) with crepe paper, wooden coasters, scissors, Mod Podge, and a sponge brush.

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100 Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. I may get a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links in this post. With these inexpensive indoor and outdoorDIY Christmas decorations, you can bring some festive holiday happiness to your house on a budget this holiday season. This is the most comprehensive collection of budget-friendly Christmas décor ideas available anywhere. It’s possible to get hundreds of simple holiday decorating ideas for your entire house.

These Christmas crafts for adults include everything from DIY Christmas wreaths to DIY Christmas centerpieces for the dining room table.

Indoor DIY Christmas Decorations

Deco Art’s Snowy Mason Jar is available for purchase. Tray with Peppermint Candles (source unknown) Crafts by Amanda’s Snowy Pine Cone Candle Jars are beautiful. Candles made from natural materials for Christmas (source unknown) Here’s how to keep evergreens looking good for decoration. Centerpiece with Evergreen Candles (source unknown) Candles made of cinnamon sticks from the Front Roe a simple and beautiful Christmas candle from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs. 33 Shades of Green has a simple holiday centerpiece that anybody can make.

From PopSugar, this Christmas centerpiece is made of wine glasses.

Lanterns with Mercury Glass Votives from HGTV Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself (source unknown) You can pick up these really lovely lanterns at IKEA for $3.99 and then decorate them with Christmas picks and ribbons for a festive look.


Jars with Christmas Village Scenes from The Idea Room Santa Claus may be used as a centerpiece in a variety of ways. Good Housekeeping provides a simple Christmas centerpiece. In a jar, you may make Christmas decorations (source unknown) Apothecary jar, pine cones, baubles, and imitation berries complete the look. Dollar Store Winter Vases from Taryn WhitetakerOrnament made from a dollar store Make Your Own Christmas Centerpiece (source unknown) decorations, Christmas sprays, ribbon, and circular glass basins or candle holders are some ideas.

Wine Glass Centerpiece with a Happy Feeling Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself (source unknown) a few red and silver berry bushes, some white spray paint, some vinyl sticker letters or stencils, and some wine bottles Centerpiece made with candy canes from Living Well Spending Less

DIY Christmas Tree Ideas and Christmas Ornaments

Garland for a wall Christmas tree (source unknown), micro lights, small round ornaments, zip ties, mini lights sticky clips, and small round ornaments Stores that sell designer goods for a low price Making a Christmas Tree out of Saw Dust and 2 Stitches Christmas tree made of wood (unknown source), branches, saw, ornaments, and clear lights Berry is a simple fruit to grow. Sugar and Charm created a Christmas tree. Cottage in the Oaks has a vintage Christmas tree in an olive bucket that they sell.

Vase with a Christmas Tree in it (source unknown) Christmas Tree with a Snowman on it (source unknown) Make it Love it’s Pine Cone Ornament is available for purchase.

Fireflies and Mudpies Tree Ornaments made with leftover ribbon Ornament with Peppermint Swirls from Hello Homebody.

Crafts by Amanda created this Scrabble Tile Ornament. Ornament made with twine from the Thinking Closet Mason Jar Lid Ornaments made by Erin Spain are beautiful. Ornaments made using cinnamon salt dough while growing a Jeweled Rose

Other Indoor DIY Christmas Decorations

Make Your Own Garland for Less Than $5 with this tutorial from The Unusual Mom From the book Confessions of a Plate Addict comes the Dollar Tree Snowy Village. Make Your Own Zone’s String Christmas Tree is available for purchase. $3 Happiness is Homemade’s Dollar Spot Pillow is a DIY project. Create Craft Love’s Lighted Burlap Garland is a great idea. Giant Craft Stick Snowflakes from Crafty Nest are available for purchase. The Creative Stamper Spot has a cute snowman door decoration. The Pinecone Garland from The Sweetest Occasion is beautiful.

  1. One Project Closer made a mini Christmas tree out of a plastic spoon.
  2. DIY Christmas Decoration with Snowflakes Falling (source unknown) cotton balls, fishing line, and other materials Wikihow has a tutorial for making 3D paper snowflakes.
  3. From the film We Lived Happily Ever After, ChickHot Glue Snowflakes for the Window A Piece of Rainbow created these massive 3D paper snowflake pendants.
  4. Utensil Holders for Miniature Stocks (source unknown) All you need is a pack of little stockings from Dollar Tree to complete this project.
  5. The Momtastic Holiday Glasses are dipped in gold and decorated for the holidays.
  6. Classy Clutter demonstrates how to dress up dollar store plates.

Outdoor DIY Christmas Decorations

Daisy Mae Belle’s DIY Snowball Wreath is inspired by Rose Bakes’ Candy Cane Wreath. DIY That’s What Che Said has a berry wreath on it. Simple Bow for a Gift Wreath for Christmas (source unknown) V & Co.’s Poinsettia Wreath is a DIY project. Burlap Tutorial for Making a Christmas Wreath from Love of Family and Home Gwynn Wasson Designs has created a Peppermint Wreath. Brown Sugar Toast Pinecone Cluster Door HangerDIY Yarn Christmas WreathPinecone Cluster Door Hanger (source unknown) Tutorial for Making a Joy Wreath from Renovated Faith Gift Boxes You Can Make Yourself Crafts Unleashed’s Christmas Wreath is a great idea.

Staying at Home Sawyer made this snowflake door hanger.

DIY Wrapping Paper Wreath from Centsational GirlDIY Tulle Wreath from Baby RabiesDIY Tulle Wreath from Baby Rabies What’s Your Home Story made a burlap wreath. Prudent Penny Pincher made a Tinsel Garland Wreath for her door. Clothespin Gwenny Penny created a Christmas wreath for us.

Yard and Porch Outdoor DIY Christmas Decorations

Decoration for a plastic pumpkin snowman made by Crafty Morning Thrifty Decor has a festive porch light that is perfect for the holidays. Hanging ChickBurlap and Pinecones from the Ceiling Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself (source unknown) Decorations for the front door in the shape of snowflakes (source unknown) One Good Thing has created a festive front door decoration for Christmas. Nap Time Decorator created a festive front door over the holiday season. On Sutton Place, they have a festive and frugal Christmas porch.

DIY This glitter snow for Mason Jar Candles is provided by The Inspired Room.

Decorated window box planter from Just Grand with ornaments and garland DIY Starburst Ornaments from Listotic10 Minute Chalk Pen Christmas Buckets from Finding Home FarmsStarburst Ornaments from Listotic10 Minute Chalk Pen Christmas Buckets from Finding Home Farms Little Bit Funky’s Giant Light Up Star is both inexpensive and large in size.

Garlands for the Porch (Traditional) Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself (source unknown) garlands with red ribbons and simple garlands Both of these things may be obtained from Dollar Tree.

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DIY Snowman Logs

These cute wooden snowmen were created by Lorilee by stacking a few rustic log slices together and then decorating them with ribbons and markers to make these adorable wooden snowmen.

DIY Lighted PVC Pipe Candy Canes

DIY Show-Off courtesy of ViaDIY Bring your imagination to bear! This Christmas, decorate some PVC pipes with red and white paint. Drill a few holes along the length of the pipe to accommodate the decorative lights.

DIY Burlap Garland

Creative Craft Addiction (viaCreative Craft Addiction) It’s guaranteed that this rustic Christmas garland will add some flair to your holiday décor! Simply attach a string of holiday lights to a bundle of red and green burlap pieces.

Giant Ornament Balls

ViaHallmark Nothing truly shouts Christmas like a swag of huge ornaments strung across your front lawn. To make an eye-catching yard ornament, just glue together a plastic ball and a tin bucket.

Hanging Christmas Planter

ViaHallmark Large Christmas ornaments strung from the trees in your front yard are the epitome of Christmas cheer. To make an eye-catching yard ornament, just glue two plastic balls together and fill with sand.

DIY Snowman Candle Holders

Crafts for Every Season on ViaCrafts Transform an ordinary glass fishbowl into the ideal winter décor with a few simple steps.

Snowman candle holders will cast a gentle, cheerful glow across the entire space!

Plastic Hanger Snowflake

Terry Modlin-Weems created this incredible snowflake decoration by connecting 16 plastic hangers together using zip ties.

DIY Wood Pallet Christmas Trees

Wild Flowers and Pistols – ViaWild Flowers and Pistols Do you have any repurposed wood or pallets that you’ve been wanting to put to good use? Using some paint, you can transform these planks into a wonderfully charming Christmas tree ornament in no time.

Wine Cork Wreath

(Unknown author’s source) Wine connoisseurs, rejoice! This is the Christmas wreath that you’ve been looking for. Glue all of your old wine corks together to create a unique way to enjoy the holiday season.

DIY Christmas Light Globe

ViaCurbly You can turn old rusted, wire hanging baskets into beautiful, luminous globes of beauty! All it takes to create an impressive DIY Christmas decoration is a few zip-tie knots, some spray paint, and a lovely string of Christmas lights.

DIY Spindle Snowmen

courtesy of Pinterest Use stairwell spindles to create these adorable snowmen stand decorations by repurposing them. Play with white paint, felt scarves, and buttons to your heart’s content!

DIY 2×4 Wood Christmas Decorations

Using the phrase “keeping it simple” The things that paint, vinyl bits, and little blocks of wood may be transformed into are quite remarkable! It is certain that you and your neighbors will be in the festive spirit after seeing this charming wooden ornament.

Easy Christmas Centerpieces

Via PinterestAn overabundance of Christmas decorations might result in a disastrously overloaded tree.or it can serve as inspiration for a fantastic DIY project! Place these decorations in an elaborate vase and embellish with some curling ribbon, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful arrangement.

How To Make Pinecone Christmas Trees

Through the use of Scissors and Spoons This is a fantastic concept! Make use of miniature pine cones, glue, acrylic glue, and small clay pots to complete your project.

DIY Snowman Hurricane Shade

courtesy of Restyled Junk With this snowman hurricane shade, it’s never been easier to do your Christmas décor last minute. The result is a warm, whimsical light that can be added to any winter dining scene.

Homemade Snowman Wreath

courtesy of Trendy Tree Christmas, snowmen, and wreaths are all synonymous with one another, so why not combine the three into one spectacular DIY project? Keep in mind that this wreath makes extensive use of white mesh.

DIY Yarn Christmas Tree

courtesy of Mopowak Making use of an additional spool of green yarn, you may make this easy Christmas tree decoration. Simply attach the yarn around a huge cone, let it to dry, and then embellish with beads and other embellishments.

Terra Cotta Pot Snowmen

Mopowak provided the information. An extra spool of green yarn may be used to make this easy Christmas tree decoration. Simply wrap the yarn around a huge cone, allow it to dry, and then embellish with beads and other embellishments.

Old Fence Christmas Decoration

(Unknown author’s source) This lovely and colorful Christmas ornament may be made out of an unsightly portion of your old garden fence and a few pieces of scrap wood from your garage or shed.

DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Tomato cages, courtesy of Two Twenty One, provide wonderful bases for imitation Christmas trees, which you can customize to any height you like.

It is likely that you will have these trees for numerous Christmases — at the very least!

Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holders

courtesy of The Keeper of the Cheerios You can transform your plain wine glasses into these incredibly exciting, highly festive candle holders by painting them! They make the ideal Christmas ornament (and who doesn’t appreciate the opportunity to recycle?).

Christmas Village Tree made with a Ladder

(Unknown author’s source) Is your collection of Christmas towns starting to look a little crowded? Show them off with pride on this convenient ladder display!

Fish Bowl Snowman Decoration

courtesy of Loretta James Fish bowls of varying sizes may be used to create a distinctive Christmas scene. Add Santa Claus figures, little trees, bells, or a nativity scene to your snowman decoration, then stack them together to make a truly festive snowman display. Don’t forget to bring a hat or a scarf.

Santa Logs

Smart Girls DIY provided the inspiration for this project. Who would have thought that drawing a face on a wood could be so adorable? Putting these adorable tiny Santa babies on an open fire will not be a good idea!

Stained Paint Stick Ornaments

(Image courtesy of Pinterest) I spotted this DIY Christmas decoration on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find out where it came from. Using a couple of stained paint sticks, some sheet metal, and a few yards of ribbon, you can create a rustic and cheerful Christmas ornament!

Flip Flop Snowman Wreath

Daisy Flip Flop is a trademark of ViaFlip Flop. Those who believe that flip flops and winter are incompatible should reconsider. With this one-of-a-kind explosion of seasonal brightness, you can say goodbye to summer and hello to Christmas.

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DIY Reindeer Logs

Daisy Flip Flop is a trademark of ViaFlip Flop, Inc. Flip flops and winter are not mutually exclusive, as many people believe. With this one-of-a-kind flash of seasonal brightness, you can wave goodbye to summer and hello to Christmas.

How to make Christmas Light Balls

courtesy of Christmas Lights and More This gorgeous DIY Christmas project demonstrates that a little wire and a few string lights can go a long way in creating a beautiful display!

DIY Stocking Hanger

ViaDukesDuchesses It doesn’t matter if you have a fireplace to hang your holiday stockings or not; this DIY stocking hanger is a fun alternative to the usual stocking-hanging sites.

Painted Snowman Pot Lids

(Source is unknown) Paint, felt, and other embellishments may be used to convert your plain pot lids into adorable snowman decorations in minutes!

DIY Pool Noodle Wreath

Sweet Pickins Furniture may be found on the internet. Paint, felt, and other embellishments may be used to convert your plain pot lids into adorable snowman decorations in minutes!

DIY Christmas Lanterns

ViaDimplesTangles Rusty lanterns aren’t particularly attractive, but pack them with decorations and wrap them in tinsel and ribbons, and you’ve got yourself a stunning Christmas display!

Snowman Fan Blade

(Unknown author’s source) If you sand down an old fan blade, you could just discover a lovely tiny snowman hidden behind it! Also, don’t forget to look at his carrot nose and top hat!

DIY Peppermint Striped Candle Sticks

a source that isn’t known Remove the blade of an old fan and you could just discover a lovely miniature snowman hidden behind it! Also, don’t forget to look at his carrot nose and top hat.

Corner Pallet Tree

(Unknown author’s source.) If you sand down an old fan blade, you could just uncover a lovely tiny snowman hidden behind it!

Don’t forget about his carrot nose and top hat, as well!

Recycled Cardboard Reindeer

Recycling and Rudolph come together in this eco-friendly holiday activity, courtesy of Good Housekeeping. Using all of those cardboard boxes from your online Christmas shopping is a fantastic way to put them to good use.

Handsaw Christmas Tree

(Unknown author’s source) By wrapping a chain around two rusted handsaws and attaching a star on the end, you can create a very metal Christmas tree! It’s the ideal Christmas decoration for your garage or storage area.

Sliding Staircase Penguins

It’s time to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.penguins? (unknown source) Decorate your stair banister by draping it with snow-white fluff and allowing your stuffed penguins to accompany you on your journey.

Reindeer Logs

It’s time to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. penguins? (unknown source) Fill the space above your stair banister with snow-white fluff and let your plush penguins to ride along with you.

Plastic Cup Snowman

courtesy ofWonderful DIY Have you made the mistake of purchasing too many disposable plastic cups for your Christmas party? To construct a snowman that would never melt, stack them up as high as you can.

Snowman Shutters

(Unknown author’s source) Laugh out loud at the sheer brilliance of transforming plain window shutters into adorable snow lovers! Wrap a nice ribbon around the top of the hat to give them the appearance of a cute top hat.

DIY Oversized Ornaments

courtesy of Home Stories From A to Z Light globes, tuna cans, and eye hooks, to name a few things. Making use of these everyday items, you may construct some great giant lawn decorations.

DIY Pallet Stocking Holder

Prepare some additional pallets by decorating them with snowflakes, snowmen, and other Christmas-themed symbols, and then use them to hang the stockings for your family. (Unknown source)

DIY Log Snowmen

Pages on ViaHub They’ll make the perfect winter décor for your rustic house, thanks to their tough log construction. Just make sure the bark is still connected before you begin painting. .

Knock-Off CrateBarrel Ornament Trees

courtesy ofDomestically Speaking Do you enjoy the design of CrateBarrel’s ornament trees, but feel that they’re just a little out of reach for your financial situation? Why not create your own lovely adaptations of the classics?

Giant Christmas Ornament Tires

Addiction to Do-It-Yourself If your tires are worn down, it doesn’t always imply you’re done with them, either. In place of that, use them to build these massive Christmas ornament displays.

Melted Snowman Decoration

(Unknown author’s source) Is there a little extra fluffy fluff left over from your other DIY Christmas decorations, but not enough to utilize in any major projects? Make a snowman ornament out of melted snow to announce the end of winter.

Lighted Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Via What to Do in the MittenTis the season for easy and affordable DIY projects! The materials for this illuminated wooden pallet Christmas tree are about $4, but the finished product is priceless.

Christmas Village

courtesy of Pinterest For those of you whose Christmas village is a constantly expanding work in progress, why not consider expanding its presentation from a tiny table to a dedicated set-up around your Christmas tree?

DIY Log Snowmen

Save money by going via Hip.

If you’re searching for a quick and easy way to make some inexpensive (but adorably charming) Christmas decorations, these painted log snowmen could be just what you’re looking for!

Reclaimed Wood Gifts

Make seasonal decorations out of recycled wood. I just adore this! courtesy of OurLoveStoryCreations Via Etsy.

DIY Mason Jar Lights

courtesy of All Things HeartHome These mason jar lights are ideal for a variety of settings. Light them up for a meditation session in the morning, or leave them on all night to look like fireflies in the sky.

Christmas Candy Cane Stocking Holder

courtesy of Connie Edwards In this Christmas season, transform your old coat rack into a candy cane stocking holder!. An extra coat of white paint and a couple of more hooks may work wonders.

Easy Christmas Ornament Decoration

Connie Edwards provided the following information: In this Christmas season, transform an old coat rack into a candy cane stocking holder! An extra coat of white paint and a couple of more hooks may make a huge difference in the overall appearance.

Easy Snowman Log Slice Decoration

Thanks to Oh Buttons When there is no snow, but there is plenty of firewood, you may get creative with your Christmas décor. You can make these adorable snowmen out of your remaining round log pieces.

Snowman Hat Centerpiece

courtesy of Pinterest With the correct supplies, recycling and crafts may be done together without sacrificing quality. With this easy DIY Christmas decoration, you can transform an old tin can into a stunning snowman hat centerpiece for your dinner table.

Christmas Frame Wreath

Ali writes for ViaOddsEnds. An antique frame, a few Christmas decorations, and some red or green ribbon come together to form a simple wreath that can be hung on your front door for the holidays.

Bowling Pin Snowmen

courtesy of Pinterest Turning the bowling pins into freshly painted snowmen can add a Christmas touch to your game! You may also accessorize them with adorable tiny hats and other accessories.

Snowman Place Setting

Linda, courtesy of Stager Linda It’s impossible to organize a winter dinner party without creating an outstanding table arrangement! Fortunately, this ingenious snowman set-up will take care of everything.

DIY Photo Wreath

courtesy of The Crafting Chics There’s nothing quite like a wreath made entirely of lovely images to bring your family closer together during the holidays (literally).

Easy Christmas Light Garland

courtesy of Pinterest String up a few red, white, and green balloons on some plastic cups and tie them all together with some beautiful tinsel to create a festive atmosphere. This will result in one-of-a-kind Christmas light garlands!

Hanging Stick Christmas Tree

ViaUberall Unique Christmas tree ornaments are “in” this year, so pick your best sticks and assemble this lovely tree.

DIY Christmas Lighted Canvas

courtesy of Rhapsody in Rooms With this Christmas canvas, you can get a jump start on your holiday décor. After you’ve painted some snowflakes on your festive sculpture, you may hang some fairy lights around it.

Tire Snowmen

(Unknown author’s source) When a new coat of white paint, some pom pom buttons, and a characteristic hat are applied to a stack of old tires, they may quickly be transformed into lovely snowmen!

Stack Apple Baskets and Lighted Garland

By way of Linley House Simply stacking a few different-sized apple baskets together and placing lighted garlands between them will create a rustic farmhouse-style Christmas tree in no time.

Santa Wine Bottles

(Unknown author’s source) Why send a bottle of ordinary wine as a Christmas gift when you can infuse it with a little festive cheer?

To make this creative DIY Christmas Decoration, paint and bedazzle them to look like the cheerful Saint Nick himself.

Easy Christmas Card Holder

courtesy of Gwenny Penny A wreath constructed of green clothespins to hold all of the gorgeous Christmas cards that your family and friends give you is a great idea. Please accept my invitation!

Santa Tulle Wreath

Baby Rabies is a website that provides information on the disease. Is that the North Pole’s version of Santa Claus at your door? Nope, it’s simply a plain tulle wreath with a Santa on top! Take into consideration the size of the Santa hat you intend to utilize when creating your project.

Christmas Present Cabinets

(Unknown author’s source) The holiday season has arrived in the kitchen! Wrap your Christmas present in aGlittery Red Bowstop and tape it to the inside of your cabinets with someRed Polka Dotted Ribbon.

DIY Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holders

Photograph courtesy of Brokeh Amore Photography A little candle and a collection of tiny decorations in an upside-down wine glass combine to create a festive décor that will fill the space with soothing light.

Holiday Pine Cone Centerpiece

(Source is unknown) Make a romantic holiday centerpiece out of pinecones and other Christmas plants, arrange them in a nice box with some candles, and you’ll have something everyone will like. Among the DIY Christmas decorations on this list, this is one of my personal favorites.

Frosty the Snowman Candle

The following recipe is adapted from Keepsake Candles: Fill a tiny, black pot halfway with candle wax and gently lay it in the center of a dusted saucer, then boom! The creation of a lovely Frosty the Snowman candle has begun.

Rustic Christmas Candles

courtesy of The Blue Door Cottage Tiny tea candles encased in a painted scrap of wood may be used to create beautiful, rustic holiday candles. It will look much more festive when you tie some twine or holly around it.

Snowman Painting on a Fence

courtesy of American Antiquities Make use of that old garden fence as a canvas for your winter artwork by turning it into a winter art gallery. Why not paint a happy snowman with a big bow on his hat to welcome the festive season?

Snowman Present Stack

(Source is unknown) There’s no snow, therefore there’s no problem! To make these snowmen that will never melt, simply wrap your family’s Christmas gifts in white paper, stack them, and let them dry overnight. This is one of the simplest DIY Christmas decorations we’ve ever seen.

Christmas Village Ladder

The provenance of this quote is unknown. We don’t have an issue since there is no snow! To make these snowmen that will never melt, simply wrap your family’s Christmas gifts in white paper, stack them, and let them dry. This is one of the simplest DIY Christmas decorations we’ve seen.

Pallet Christmas Trees with Lights

courtesy of Pinterest Make your old pallets seem new again by painting them in red and green and hanging them with fairy lights. You’ve got yourself one hell of a Christmas tree now!

DIY Wooden Tree Wall Shelf

courtesy of Ana White This easy DIY tree shelf may be used as an advent calendar, a display for your family’s Christmas cards, or a place to hang stockings over the holiday season. This cabinet has four shelves as well as hooks for storing your décor. .

Snowman Pallet

courtesy of Pinterest Pallets are like blank canvases just begging to be filled with something creative, and what better emblem of winter than snowmen?

Make sure to give this fantastic DIY Christmas Decoration a go. We hope you enjoy these fantastic, do-it-yourself Christmas decorations as much as we do. Please feel free to peruse some of our other entertaining Christmas ideas as well!

Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

Please go HERE for a complete listing of all of our Christmas offerings!

50 Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Decorations for the Holidays

Made by hand from artificial foliage and vibrant berries, this garland will last season after season.1. Using needle-nose pliers, bend 1/8-inch armature wire into the 8-inch letters that spell out your chosen word or phrase.2. Attach the letters to the mantel with hot glue. Green flower tape should be used to cover the letters.2.For each letter, a 3-inch length of wire should be cut and wrapped with floral tape. Then, using floral tape, attach one end to the back of the letter at the top of the letter, bending it into a little loop (1 inch or less in diameter).

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(For letters like J, T and Y, you’ll need a loop on each end at the top.) Then, using hot glue, fill in the gaps between each letter with extra foliage on the front and sides.

(The sprigs should overlap slightly.)4.

101 DIY Christmas Decorations & Decor Ideas

Trying to come up with some creative DIY Christmas DecorationsDecor ideas to brighten up your home for the holidays? You’ve arrived to the correct location! You’ve finished decorating the Christmas tree and are ready to welcome guests. A gingerbread house is being made and is ready to be constructed and decorated, and you’re feeling like you’ve got sooooo much time on your hands that you’d want to do something creative with your spare time. We’ve combed some of the top home decor websites to compile this magnificent collection of festive DIY Christmas decorationsdecor ideas that you can complete in your own house, so don’t be concerned.

  • In the meantime, please tell us which of these DIY Christmas decorationsdecor ideas is your favorite in the comments section down below.
  • And there’s something really comforting about knowing that your house has been lovingly furnished to reflect your individuality.
  • It is entirely at your own responsibility to use my how-to notes.
  • In addition, because the majority of them can be made from discarded things, thrift shop finds, or dollar store deals, you won’t wind up spending any more money on these DIY Christmas decorations than you would have if you had purchased them.
  • There’s always the option of skipping this post and going straight toEtsy’s Christmas Collection instead.

I pledge that I will not pass judgment. If you are feeling very festive, though, I encourage you to have a look at all of the DIY Christmas decorationsdecor craft projects that are included on the following pages of this article. And with that, we’ll get started.

Aluminum Tea Light Foil Cup Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tea Light Foil Cup Decorations – Aluminum Tea Light Foil Cup Decorations – The petals on these poinsettia-inspired DIY Christmas decorations may be made using recycled metal cups from votive candles that have been flattened a little.

Mason Jar Toy Car Snow Globe

Christmas Decorations Made of Aluminum Tea Light Foil Cups – The petals on these poinsettia-inspired DIY Christmas decorations may be made from recycled metal cups from votive candles that have been flattened a bit.

DIY Skiers Christmas Ornaments

Create these adorable DIY Skiers Christmas Ornaments with only a few supplies from the dollar store and a little bit of imagination!

Coconut Christmas Candle Holder

Consider a beautiful Christmas candle holder made from a chunk of coconut husk if you’re looking for something with a more tropical feel. A variety of classic Christmas decorations, including pine cones, poinsettia and – of course – candles are incorporated into the overall design scheme. The end product is a centerpiece that is both distinctively rustic and warmly welcome.

Pasta and Couscous Christmas Angels

You wouldn’t guess it from looking at these adorable angels, but they are made entirely of pasta, with a small amount of couscous thrown in for good measure.

Knitted Christmas Clock

When combined with a basic wooden base and some battery-operated clock hands, this wonderful knitted clock face transforms time into a delightful DIY Christmas ornament that can be made in no time. You have the option of selecting the sort of clock hands that you like. The chunkier wooden hands that were eventually used on the final clock are my favorite.

Covid-19 Face Mask Angel

Covid-19 Face Mask Angel – Covid-19 Face Mask Angel – To make this timely DIY decoration for your Christmas tree, all you need is a medical face mask and a small amount of thread.

Painted Santa Bottles

Found on PinterestAll you need are some old wine bottles (if you’re anything like me, you’re bound to have at least one or two of them lying around), some red paint, twine, black fabric, and some glue-on embellishments to make the belt buckle and the buttons, which you can find on Amazon.

Elongated Hearts DIY Christmas Decor

These elongated hearts have a rustic appearance that I really like. They are ideal for incorporating a bit of Farmhouse Country charm into your own Christmas decorations, or for packaging them up as a homemade Christmas present for friends and family.

Creste di Gallo Dry Pasta Christmas Trees

Creste di Gallo Dry Pasta Christmas Trees – Creste di Gallo Dry Pasta Christmas Trees The distinctive form of this pasta makes it ideal for creating cone-shaped Christmas trees, which can then be painted and decorated anyway you choose.

Buttons and Bows DIY Christmas Ornament

Do you have some spare buttons and bows that are eating up valuable storage space? A Styrofoam ball and a glue gun may be transformed into a wonderful DIY Christmas Ornament with a little imagination.

DIY Cardboard Christmas Houses

Is it possible that you have any superfluous buttons and bows that are eating up valuable storage space? To make this DIY Christmas Ornament, get out your styrofoam ball and your glue gun, and get to work!

Rustic Merry Christmas Block Signs

A pair of warm and lovely wooden blocks is changed into a delightful DIY Christmas sign pair with a little imagination.

DIY Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

A few pieces of ornamental stone and strips of wrapping paper come together to form this lovely and straightforward Christmas paper tree design.

DIY Snowman Wine Bottles

This was discovered on Pinterest. If you have any leftover wine bottles (which, if you’re anything like me, you will), you can transform a couple of them into companion snowmen to go with your holiday decorations (and snowladies). Because they are virtually totally hand-painted, these works will necessitate a somewhat more steady hand when it comes to applying the paint to the canvas (although some peel-and-stick decals could be used in a pinch and likely have the same overall effect).

DIY Lemon and Star Anise Tree Ornament

Pinterest was the source for this discovery. Make some companion snowmen out of any of your leftover wine bottles, if you have any left over (which I’m sure you have, if you’re anything like me) (and snowladies). Because they are virtually totally hand-painted, these sculptures will need a little more steady touch while putting the paint on them (although some peel-and-stick decals could be used in a pinch and likely have the same overall effect).

Painted Christmas Spoons

Take a look at the How To Video. Why settle for plain wooden spoons when you can have this festive collection featuring Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, and other holiday favorites?

Lace Christmas Jar Votive Candle Holders

With the help of some lace ribbons, some Christmas Greenery, and votive candles, everyday jars may be transformed into wonderful DIY Christmas Decorations.

DIY Glass Christmas Ornaments

Ordinary jars are transformed into beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations with the help of lace ribbons, Christmas greenery, and votive candles.

Framed Christmas Ornaments

This was discovered on Pinterest. A thrift shop item may be transformed into a beautiful Christmas red with a little paint (or green, or even blue if you prefer). Within the frame, attach a few ornamental Christmas decorations with ribbon to create a festive display. Finish it off with a festive ribbon, and you’ve got yourself a fun and easy DIY Christmas ornament that everyone will be envious of and want to know where you got it from.

Golden Acorn Christmas Wreath

An enchanting and rustic Christmas wreath constructed from spray-painted acorns, this project is sure to please (with some additional elements). The vases of acorns, which can be found on either side of the arrangement, assist to bring the whole thing together.

DIY Upcycled Sweater Stockings

This was discovered in CountryLiving Magazine. Make some wonderful and one-of-a-kind stockings out of some old Christmas sweaters to put on the tree throughout the holiday season. All you need is an old sweater and a stocking to serve as a template, as well as some basic cutting and sewing abilities. Metal house letters may be used to create a personalized monogram.

Shop the ArtHome Collection of Christmas Tapestries

Found on PinterestIt’s nearly impossible to compile a list of DIY Christmas craft projects without including at least one that makes use of the trusty Mason jar.In this version, some gold-painted mason jars are filled with dollar store poinsettia flowers.The box is the most difficult to make.Built simply but sturdy, the wood box is stained and then hand-painted with the O Holy Night wording.As the final step, some strategically placed holes are drilled through the face of the

Linen DIY Christmas Ornaments

Those who enjoy sewing or needlepoint will find these linen DIY Christmas ornaments to be the perfect craft to help them stay in the Christmas mood.

Linen DIY Christmas Ornaments With some linen fabric, felt, buttons, and thread, you may make whatever shape, stitch pattern, or design you choose. Materials: linen fabric, felt, buttons, thread

DIY Christmas Wreaths

The Christmas wreath embodies all that is special about the holiday season, and no self-respecting Christmas decorator would be caught dead without at least one (well, four. don’t judge!) tastefully made Christmas wreath on display in his or her residence. The challenge is in identifying the source of inspiration for each of them. Well, don’t worry, my Santa-addicted friend, since I’ve created a whole Gallery just toDIY Christmas Wreaths. Surely, something on this list will pique your interest and spark your imagination!

And that is EXACTLY what we discovered on Pinterest!

In addition, we have a whole page dedicated toDIY Christmas wreaths, which you can read here.

DIY Cork Board Advent Calendar

This property was discovered on This simple Christmas activity makes use of paper currency envelopes that are fastened to a beautiful framed cork board. Using a mixture of rubber stamps, tags, ribbons, buttons, and other embellishments, each of the envelopes is adorned before being filled with a variety of sweets and trinkets to create an individual countdown.

Old Chandelier Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornaments from an old chandelier – Do you have an ancient chandelier that’s been collecting dust in a box in the basement? Take it apart, deconstruct it, and use the crystals to create gorgeous ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Christmas Present Wrapped Wood

A colorful ribbon is wrapped around these wood blocks, which have been damaged and painted in various colors. The finishing touches are provided by a rustic garland and large metal bells. Making these will provide a great rustic flavor to your living room in front of the fireplace, and you can build them in any size you like. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like creating them at all, you can head over to Etsy and get a whole set that has already been assembled for you, allowing you to pretend that you created them yourself (don’t worry, we won’t find out!).

Fusilli Pasta Christmas Tree Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments Made of Fusilli Pasta – It may take a while for you to understand that these Christmas ornaments are made of Fusilli pasta that has been painted in a beautiful silver and then attached on a dollar shop “bulb.” The resultant form is rather beautiful and celebratory, while still retaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Joy Mason Jar Planter

Holiday Ornaments Made of Fusilli Pasta – It may take a moment for you to understand that these Christmas ornaments are made of Fusilli pasta that has been painted a beautiful silver and then attached on a dollar shop “bulb.” The resultant design is rather beautiful and festive, while yet retaining a warm and inviting feel about it.

DIY Glitter Candles

See the instructions on how to make theseChristmas without candles is like summer without a swimming suit.

you can get by without them, but why would you? Your plain white pillar candles may be converted into stunning Christmas glitter candles in a matter of minutes.

Wood Christmas Ornament Wall Hangings

This was discovered on Pinterest. With a few wood strips and a smidgeon of galvanized metal, you can create these adorable tiny wall hangings in minutes. When you add twine, greenery, and red bows to the mix, you’ve got yourself a deliciously rustic wall treatment that’s great for the holidays.

Mini Plant Pot Bells DIY Decoration

A nice technique to transform some little plant pots (bought at the Dollar Store) into deliciously rustic handcrafted Christmas decorations is to create Mini Plant Pot Bells. All you have to do is decorate the pots whatever you like and then hang them upside down with a ribbon threaded through the pot and tied to a little, painted ball (it’s simple to pull these off with some other Dollar Store decorations).

DIY Nordic Sweater Trees

Take a look at the process. Hobby Lobby is a superb source for one-of-a-kind and magnificent ribbons that can be transformed into charming holiday projects in a matter of minutes. For the purpose of creating these delightful warm Christmas decorations, a Nordic sweater ribbon has been affixed to the trunks of Styrofoam tree shapes in this example.

Bowtie Pasta Christmas Tree

Using bowtie pasta, you can make a wonderful DIY Christmas tree that is appropriate for the season. Bowtie pasta has a brilliantly festive form that is excellent for making one of these delightful DIY Christmas trees. In addition, you may paint it whatever color you like to complement your personal interior design! Pages:123

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