How To Make Giant Candy Decorations

How to Make Candy Land Yard Decorations

These candy-themed pop art decorations were created for a spectacular Candy Land-themed house in Clairemont Mesa (San Diego). In addition to being a low-cost craft, they may be utilized as decorations for a variety of occasions such as Valentine’s Day parties and sweet 16 birthday celebrations, as Christmas tree ornaments, during summer camp and vacation bible school, and as super-fun picture props. Yard Decorations and Supplies for Hershey’s Kisses

  • One empty 2-liter plastic bottle (clean and dry)
  • White ribbon (112 inches wide)
  • Blue acrylic craft paint
  • Flat-tipped 1/8-inch paintbrush
  • One 2-liter plastic bottle (clean and dry)
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum foil, tape, and other materials


  1. Paint the word Hershey’s on a 10-inch length of ribbon with a black paintbrush. Allow time for drying
  2. Cut off the top piece of the bottle, approximately one inch below the top of the label, with scissors (or an X-Acto knife). The dry ribbon should be attached to the bottle’s neck using tape, as shown. Wrap the bottle in a 16-inch sheet of aluminum foil and flatten it to make a Hershey’s Kiss shape, allowing the ribbon to peek out of the top of the kiss as you go

Yard Decorations with Giant Gumdrops – Supplies

  • Clean and dry round-bottomed sand or treatment pails (in solid colors), as needed
  • Adhesive that is sprayed on
  • Clear glitter in a large jar
  • Acrylic spray glitter sealer (preferred if gumdrops will be displayed outside)
  • Large jar clear glitter


  1. Removing the handle from the bucket is a good practice. Turn the pail over so that it is upside down. In one side of the bucket, spray glue over the surface and immediately sprinkle glitter liberally on top of the adhesive. Repeat the process on the opposite side. Make sure everything is completely dry. If the gumdrops will be exposed to the elements, seal them with acrylic glitter sealer. Keep in mind that if your trash pails have faces (such as pumpkins), just point them toward your house so that passersby won’t notice them when they glance at your yard.

Yard Decorations and Supplies Made with Peppermint Candy

  • Supplies: 2 paper soup bowls (one for each candy you wish to make)
  • White craft glue
  • Acrylic paint (one or two colors of your choosing
  • We chose green and purple)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Ribbon in a complementing color
  • Clear cellophane
  • Clear tape
  1. For each big sweet, glue the rims of two bowls together to form a ring. Allow for a 24-hour drying period. Meanwhile, cut two 12-inch lengths of ribbon for each confection while they’re drying. Once the “candies” have dried, trim away any extra rim. Starting with a dot in the center of the bowl, paint stripes all the way around the bowl, gradually becoming wider. The candy looks best when it is made up of only one or two colors. If you’re using a second color, make stripes of varying widths in alternating hues with the first color. As an illustration, consider the photograph. When the paint is dry, flip the lollipop over and paint the other side in the same manner. Make an effort to align the colored lines at the rim
  2. Cut an 18-inch piece of cellophane and wrap it around the candy like you would a gift, tape the ends down to keep it in place. When both sides are dry, cut an 18-inch piece of cellophane and wrap it around the candy like you would a present, taping the ends down to keep it in place. Twist the cellophane at each end and knot with a ribbon to complete the look. Remove any extra cellophane or ribbon

Decorations and Supplies for Giant Lollipop Yard Decorations

  • 2 bright, solid-color salad dishes (same color) for each lollipop
  • PVC pipe (3-5 feet in length
  • One for each lollipop)
  • White PVC pipe Crazy glue (or another strong adhesive of comparable composition)
  • Colorful sand bucket (one for each lollipop)
  • A utility knife
  • A pair of scissors

Quikrete is a cement mix that dries quickly. As an alternative to sand pails and Quikrete, a 24″ piece of rebar for each lollipop can be used. Directions

  1. Turn one of the bowls upside down and draw a circle in the center of the bowl that is the same diameter as the PVC pipe. Cut the hole using a utility knife that has been heated over a flame
  2. Crazy glue the rims of two identical bowls together to form a cylinder. Application of crazy glue to one end of the PVC pipe and insertion through the hole until the pipe meets the interior of the top bowl is recommended. 12 hours of drying time upside down
  3. Someone should be in charge of keeping the PVC pipe centered in the sand pail. Pour Quikrete into the bucket and fill it with water according to the directions. Allow it to dry. This will provide a sturdy support for the lollipop at any occasion (whether indoors or outdoors)
  4. And Optional: Instead of using a bucket and cement, *drive a 12-inch diameter, 24-inch long piece of rebar into your yard to reinforce it (push down 8 inches). Place the PVC lollipop stem on top of the lollipop

*Before you drive anything into your yard, make sure you know where the electricity, water, sewer, and irrigation lines are located first! In December 2020, residents of Clairemont were treated to a “genuine” Candy Land mansion located at the intersection of Mt. Albertine and Mt. Aguilar (San Diego). Come by to view the changing themes that will be shown throughout the year! Emily Dolton is a local artist who also happens to be a mother of two boys._

Make Big Candy Decorations

It may easily be adapted to other dates or events as well. in a can, throwaway dishes and bowls, wrapping paper, and paint are all examples of what you may find. There are a variety of additional brands available for this sort of goods. They provide outcomes that are comparable when used in craft projects (although that is NOT the purpose of the foam). The foam will adhere to whatever it comes into contact with, including floors, children, pets, and you, until it dries. Keep children and pets away from the area, and protect yourself and your floors as well.

  1. After you begin releasing the foam from the container, you must continue to do so since the foam might dry up in the nozzle and block the tube if you stop too soon.
  2. This implies that the back of your foam form will be made of newspaper.
  3. Wax paper could be used as a release surface for the foam, but I didn’t want to spend the money on that.
  4. If the paper blows on top of your foam form before it has had a chance to cure, it will destroy the appearance of your creation.
  5. Because of the time constraints, these forms were completed in the chill of the early morning.
  6. The intention was to use the foam to create spiral lollipop forms on sticks, which would then be eaten.
  7. It required a lot more “rounds” of foam than I anticipated it would take.

When attempting to think rapidly (before the foam dried on the paperand in the nozzle of the can), I picked up a couple of Dollar Tree plastic bowls to hide the less-than-desirable lollipop shapes on the table.

As a means of creating additional “Plan B” suckers, I attempted to cut a foam circle around the size of the lip of the plastic bowl, with a dowel embedded within it to serve as the sucker’s stick.

The dowel was supported and adhered to the next foam form by a vertical foam squirt, which I applied to the previous foam shape as well.

The results of four cans of spray foam insulation were as follows: It takes around 30-45 minutes for the foam forms to form a semi-firm shell.

Fortunately, some of the swirling lollipop shapes weren’t too horrible, so I decided to leave them as-is (also, I didn’t have any more inexpensive dishes).

I get sick when I see too much red.

For the lollipops that did not have a dowel integrated during the foam squirting procedure, a dowel was inserted after the foam had hardened and pushed up into the lollipops.

It took two coats of each color to cover this sucker.

Despite the fact that it is predominantly red, I have to say that it turned out to be one of the finest.

To give the “Plan B” suckers a more rounded shape, my friend and neighbor, Debbie (a well-organized person who had actually already put up her Christmas decorations and offered to assist me in putting my giant candy ideas into action) had the brilliant idea to fill in the gaps with rolled newspapers held in place with tape to make them more rounded.

  • We didn’t worry about a sloppy tape job because it won’t be observed after the transparent basket wrap is placed on top of the project.
  • We selected a thicker packing tape in the hopes that it will be able to resist the extreme weather conditions that these suckers would be subjected to.
  • Create a transparent basket wrap covering that is somewhat longer than the wrapping paper if you intend to use them outside, so that it may act as a sort of umbrella for the wrapping paper.
  • Here’s an example of another foam shape that was created by stacking circles of foam from the canon on top of each other, in case you want to give it a go instead.
  • They can be trimmed with a serrated knife once they have dried completely, if desired.
  • The following is how the bee-hive foam sucker turned out after the wrapping paper and cellophane were applied: The painted lollipops were given a final layer of clear coat to help maintain the finish, as well as a cellophane bag to safeguard them.
  • Photographs by Weston Markwell are shown above.

A couple of things I would change about them if I were to make them again are that I would use thin PVC pipe for the sticks (instead of wooden dowels) and that I would not add the extra mound of foam to the bottoms of the bowls next time.

Photographs by Weston Markwell are shown above.

The sticks from the Tootsie Rolls were simply put into the earth that had previously been placed in the urns.

Nothing looked very appealing until I discovered a beautiful fluffy tinsel garland on sale at Michael’s, which I used to cover the base.

The smaller mint-type and Jolly Rancher-like forms were much less difficult to make than the larger ones.

Because they are going to be outside, I used Super Glue to attach them.

Make sure the plates are arranged so that they bow out on each side.

Another alternative for creating the mint form is to use a solid foam mold.

As a result, each circle is worth fifty cents.

Allow enough of wrapping paper on the ends of the mint if you want the paper to extend into the flared ends of the mint.

You should have the cellophane stretch much beyond the wrapping paper if the mint is going to be outside so that you can fold it back in to protect the wrapping paper from damage.

Gather the paper and cellophane together as close to the circular form as possible and secure the gather with ribbon, pipe cleaners, or other similar materials.

Another alternative for the mints would be to paint the plates in different colors.

A guy with an Industrial Design degree should not be asked to paint pie slices on a paper plate since it is considered embarrassment.

But, aren’t they great to look at?

These were then simply wrapped in clear cellophane, leaving enough on the ends to allow for flares to be created later on.

Using a floral wire wrapped into a ribbon tie, they were attached to the garland as a group.

In a similar method, less time-consuming mints were created, but the plates were simply coated with a paper that coordinated with the color scheme and then wrapped in cellophane.

Purchase plastic plates with the color on the bottom and glue them together before wrapping in cellophane to create even more simple mints to match a party color scheme.

They had dowels attached to the backs of their heads.

If I get the opportunity, I’d want to paint the mints’ sticks green to make them mix in with the evergreen foliage.

The land of sweets It’s possible that my Christmas decorations are a little over the top, but after two years of subdued white and snowflakes in the front yard, I was ready for some fun and color.

Weston is also a fantastic photographer with a lot of ability! The four photographs seen above were taken by him on my behalf. Many thanks to him and his mother, Debbie, for their assistance in completing this job in time for Christmas!

How to Make Giant Lollipops For Christmas Yard Decor

When it came to Christmas decorations last year, my big lollipops were one of the most often talked about! The moment I put this adorable DIY decoration on my porch, it quickly became the talk of the neighborhood! These easy-to-makeDIY big lollipops will brighten up your front yard and give it a festive feel. This incredible piece of Christmas décor is only $10! Combine them with some huge Christmas ornaments to make a statement that will be noticed!

DIY Giant Lollipops

Despite the fact that the phrase “DIY huge lollipops” gives the idea that it is a time-consuming DIY project, it is actually rather simple to make them at home. Here’s everything you’ll need to put up your own: 2 pool noodles 1 hot glue gun 2 pool noodles -Diy duct tape in a variety of colors -PVC Pipe (Polyvinyl Chloride) -An Xacto Knife, if you will -Clear cellophane (in order to make your DIY huge lollipop appear authentic!) -A wide holiday colored ribbon in a festive design

DIY Giant Lollipops: How To Make

One pool noodle end is hot glued to the opposite end of another pool noodle, resulting in one super-long pool noodle. Allow the adhesive to cure completely before proceeding. The second step is to apply duct tape around the pool noodles to form lines for the candy stripes once the hot glue has dried completely. This is referred to as “striping!” Make sure you leave enough space between each candy stripe so that your final product is not just a lollipop wrapped in duct tape! In step three, you will want to begin rolling the pool noodle inwards on itself once the stripes have been applied.

  1. The fourth step is to lay the end of the PVC pipe on the bottom of the pool noodle lollipop and sketch around it.
  2. Using hot glue, attach the end of the PVC pipe to the pool noodle and insert it into the hole you just created with your pool noodle.
  3. Fill in the blanks with a lollipop and tie it up in cellophane the same way you would a gift basket.
  4. Step SevenIt’s time to take your work outdoors to show it off!
  5. When the lollipop is stable, drop the PVC pipe end of the lollipop down over the stake and revel in your festive new yard decor!
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DIY Giant Lollipops: Pool Noodles Tips

If you are experiencing difficulty getting the pool noodle to roll in on itself in the manner in which it should, the following suggestions may help: If the hot glue isn’t holding up as well as it should, apply another layer of hot glue followed by another application of crazy glue before the hot glue has a chance to dry. While the glue is drying, hold the sides together with your fingers. When everything else fails, I propose cutting a few inches off the end of the pool noodle to make it a little more manageable.

Pool noodles are also available at a terrific price from The Dollar Tree, even though they are only available during the summer months. Stock up on supplies throughout the summer months so that you may use them for this festive Christmas activity later in the year.

{How-to} Make Giant Lollipop Decorations

You have arrived to the following page: Make Giant Lollipop Decorations at Home & in the Classroom Many people have asked me about the gigantic lollipops I created as decorations for my daughter’s sweets party (which took place in March), and I’ve had a lot of inquiries about them. The concept for these lollipops did not originate with me; instead, I discovered numerous identical lollipops on various other websites when researching ideas for my daughter’s birthday party. This was one of several crafts that I had prepared weeks in advance for my daughter’s birthday.

  • Here are the materials you’ll require: Styrofoam circles (I was able to find them at Michael’s and Wal-Mart) However, one unexpected aspect of this project is that the styrofoam is really pretty pricey!
  • To make the dowels, purchase them from most craft stores or Wal-Mart for around $0.50 apiece.
  • Ribbon Getting There Getting Around Step 1: Paint the wooden dowels with a white spray paint.
  • Using colorful tissue paper, wrap the styrofoam rounds in a circle.
  • Wrap them as best you can, but don’t worry if they aren’t perfect.
  • If you like, you may apply a small amount of glue to the dowel before inserting it (I chose not to glue mine).
  • Cut a piece of cellophane and wrap it around the styrofoam, wrapping the ends over the dowel to secure it in place.
  • That’s all there is to it!
  • How to welcome people to a sweetparty in an entertaining way.

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Recently, I appeared on KTLA5 Morning News to do aTrunk or Treat feature. One of the themes that I created was based on the game Candyland. Given that Candyland is a popular theme for birthday parties and Christmas celebrations, I thought I’d share my process for creating these huge candies. Here are the five items I created using repurposed materials:

  • For KTLA5 Morning News, I recently did aTrunk or Treat feature. I created a Candyland-themed theme for one of the themes I worked on. Given that Candyland is a popular theme for birthday parties and Christmas celebrations, I thought I’d share my method for creating these massive candies. Following is a list of the five things I built out of repurposed material:

Recently, I appeared on the KTLA5 Morning News to do aTrunk or Treat feature. I created a Candyland-themed theme for one of the projects I was working on. I know a lot of people enjoy having Candyland themed birthday parties and Christmas celebrations, so I thought I’d share how I produced these huge candies with you. Here are the five things I produced out of reclaimed and repurposed materials:

Watch the Tutorial Video


  • Large paper plates, hot glue and a glue gun, paint and paint brushes, tulle, cellophane, ribbon, scissors, and rubber bands are all things you’ll need.

Instructions: To begin, glue two paper plates together and paint both sides of the plates using acrylic paint. Once they have dried, paint both sides of them. I started with the centre of the swirl and painted it by hand.

It is not necessary to be flawless; the candy will look fantastic after it has been wrapped. Wrap the disc with tulle and secure it with a rubber band or twist tie on each side to create a flower. Finally, wrap it in cellophane and tie it with a bright ribbon to finish it off.

Sour Fruit Balls and Sixlets (Toy Balls)


  • Plastic toy balls, cellophane, ribbon, scissors, and rubber bands are some of the materials you’ll need.

Preparation: Collect toy balls from your children’s toy boxes. you know you have some! Wrap each one individually in cellophane and secure with a ribbon on each side. Sixlet packets may be made from smaller balls, such as those found in a ball pit. Wrap four or five of them together to produce a Sixlet packet. Balls with designs on them may still be used to decorate; merely reveal the pattern in front and conceal it in the back.

Spiral Lollipops (Pool Noodles)


  • Colored tape or duct tape
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Large rubber bands
  • Wooden dowel
  • White paint and paintbrush
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Pool noodles

In order to create a spiral pattern with colored tape or duct tape, first wrap the pool noodle in a spiral pattern. The following section is the most tough. Using hot glue, secure the spiral in place to complete the project. This will need some perseverance and patience. Continue wrapping it around until it is completely dry, then fasten it with a wide rubber band. Insert a wooden dowel after that. It’s going to jab right in. You have the option of painting it white before or after inserting it.

Gingerbread Man (Cardboard)


  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Brown paint and paint brush
  • Puffy paint
  • Cardboard

Instructions: I made this out of some spare cardboard. To begin, sketch a gingerbread man on paper and cut it out using scissors. I looked up a photo on Google and followed the shape. After that, I painted it a dark brown and let it to cure. Last but not least, embellish the gingerbread guy with puffy paint. It will have the appearance of frosting. Because it was for a Halloween trunk or treat event, I utilized glow in the dark paint to decorate these pumpkins. Keep in mind that it will take around 4 hours for the puffy paint to dry on the cardboard.

Old Fashioned Stick Candy (Cardboard Carpet Tube)


  • Carpet tube made of cardboard (or something similar)
  • Hand saw
  • Colorful tape
  • Cellophane
  • Rubber bands
  • Ribbon

Instructions: I discovered a massive cardboard tube in the garage that had been used to store an area rug we had purchased. We’d never gotten rid of it before. I chopped it with a hand saw into three pieces that were each three feet long.I was massive. After that, I painted each tube a different brilliant color. I used tape to wrap around the tube, similar to how I did with the large lollipops, to give it a spiral appearance. Finally, I wrapped it in cellophane and attached a ribbon around each end of the package. : Candy Props

THE RESULTSPrice and other information may differ depending on the product size and color selected. A 5% discount is applied at the time of purchase. With the coupon, you may save 5 percent. extremely well-liked sponsored | based on the number of customer ratings and the number of stars Amazon’s Featured Product Customers browsed Amazon’s Choice for the following items:. Price and other specifications may differ depending on the product size and color. At the time of purchase, a 5% discount is applied.

Exceptional evaluation sponsored |

DIY Giant Lollipops – Dollar Tree Christmas Craft

In this section you can find instructions for making DIY Giant Lollipops – Dollar Tree Christmas Craftinside: With this easy-to-follow DIY big Lollipop guide, you can create impressive candy centerpieces. I’m beyond thrilled to be able to share these DIY Giant Lollipops with you today! There’s nothing better than a Dollar Tree Christmas craft that you can do for a few bucks and that turns into a wonderful Giant Candy Decoration. Make sure to scroll down to see all of the other creative Dollar Tree Christmas projects that my pals have created today.

I’m collaborating with a buddy to put up a Christmas candy land for the kids at our church. We will be finishing up the final set up on Friday, so I will update this article with a few more photographs once everything is complete. For the time being, you may admire my enormous lollipop decorations.

DIY Giant Lollipops –

I’m going to show you how to manufacture something today.

Giant candy decorations

Making use of Dollar Tree items makes the process simple. We appreciate that our neighborhood store is just a few blocks away, and I was able to find some pretty interesting things to use in order to create these massive sugar decorations. Because I had two different stands to work with, I constructed two different sizes of the same thing. The only aspect of this craft that is not from the Dollar Store is the stands, therefore you will have to come up with a way to make the poles for this project.’

How to make giant lollipops –

Let’s go to work on it! Here’s what I got from the dollar shop, but you may take this as inspiration and acquire your things from whichever store you choose to visit. I made a purchase.

  • 1 set of red party trays
  • 2 green bowls with a scalloped border
  • 2 window insulation kits
  • 1 box of zip ties
  • 2 rolls of ribbon
  • 2 rolls of white tape

Begin with selecting how you will attach your candy to the stand, and then proceed from there. For one, I used zip ties, and for the other, I melted a hole in the bottom of the sweet. My stand’s loop is attached to the bottom of the bowl with the use of an old knife and candle, which I melted using a candle and the bottom of the bowl. The height of your stand/pole will influence the size of your aperture. To attach the trays together using zip ties, arrange the trays together and use a nail to melt holes around the edge of both trays.

  • Do not tighten the zip ties once they have been threaded.
  • Before gluing, I melted the hole in the bottom of the vase.
  • Place your bowls on top of the stand/pole once they have been cemented together.
  • Remove any excess plastic by clipping it.
  • Color cellophane can also be used for this portion of the project.
  • You now have a GIANT LOLLIPOP on your hands!
  • Also, make sure to check out all of the other fantastic Christmas Dollar Tree Crafts listed below.

Giant lollipop decorations

Here are some more creative Candy Making ideas for you to try! Christmas Candy with Peanut Butter Birthday Bash with Candy Tea with Candy is a tradition at our house.

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Make these easy huge lollipops and candy canes out of pool noodles to add a touch of festive sweetness to your Christmas decorations this year. Consider how happy the youngsters in your life will be when they discover that their favorite sweets have been converted into massive delights that are displayed throughout your home. This festive décor will be the buzz of the neighborhood whether it is displayed inside or outside your house. If you’ve been thinking of putting together a float for your local Christmas parade, they would make excellent float decor.

We predict a first-place parade float ribbon for you in the not too distant future. So, get a few pool noodles and a couple rolls of duct tape, and let’s get to work creating some massive sweets! Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image.

  • Make these easy huge lollipops and candy canes out of pool noodles to add a touch of festive sweetness to your Christmas decorations this season. Visualize how happy your children will be when they see their favorite sweets converted into massive delicacies that will be displayed throughout your house. This festive décor will be the buzz of the neighborhood whether it is displayed inside or outside your house. In case you’ve been thinking of making a float for your local Christmas parade, these float decorations might be ideal. Our prediction is that you will win first place in a parade float competition. Get yourself some pool noodles and several rolls of Duct Tape, and let’s get to work creating some huge candies together. Beth Huntington provided the image.

Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image.

Step 1

Hot glue and duct tape are used to join the ends of two pool noodles together. Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image. Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image.

Step 2

Construct a spiral around the whole length of the pool noodles by wrapping them in duct tape at an angle. (See illustration) Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image.

Step 3

Then, using the hot glue gun, join the noodles together to form an inverted spiral shape. In this case, there are two people working on it. Depending on the situation, one person can roll while the other applies adhesive. Duct tape should be coated with adhesive to prevent the duct tape from melting the pool noodle. Roll slowly, allowing the glue enough time to cure between each layer of application. When you reach the end of the pool noodle, keep it in place for a few minutes to ensure that it is completely adhered to the pool surface.

Step 4

To make a “X” in the bottom of the pool noodle, use a sharp knife to cut it out. Push the knife through at least two layers of pool noodle before cutting through the rest. Attach the wooden dowel to the end of a hot glue gun and insert it into the hole you made in the pool noodles. Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image. Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image. Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image.

Step 5

Wrap the pool noodle lollipop in transparent cellophane and wrap a festive ribbon around the bottom of the lollipop to keep it in place while it is being eaten. Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image. Voila! You’ve got a party on a stick right here! Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image.

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Step 6

Make the gigantic candy cane by wrapping one pool noodle in duct tape and then gluing it together. Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image.

Step 7

With wire cutters, cut a length of 9-gauge wire and bend the ends over so that they are not too sharp. Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image.

Step 8

To make a candy cane shape, push the wire through the pool noodle and bend it to the desired shape.Image courtesy of Beth Huntington Image courtesy of Beth Huntington Image courtesy of Beth Huntington Image courtesy of Beth Huntington Image courtesy of Beth Huntington Happy giant sweet treat holidays! Beth Huntington is the photographer that captured this image.

how to make giant candy cane decorations – The Blue Monkey Restaurant & Pizzeria

We discovered that using white duct tape to cover the whole surface is the most effective method. More All right, so we discovered that the ideal method is to just cover the entire surface with white duct tape before adding the final red stripes on top.

How do you make big candy cane decorations?

Large Candy Canes Made of Cardboard

  1. Supplies are the first step. [.] Step 2: Assemble the Cores of Your Choice. .
  2. Step 3: Make a paper template to use as a guide for cutting the cane’s crook. .
  3. Step 4: Mark the Core with the Template. [.]
  4. Step 5: Cut Core to Create Curve. .
  5. Step 6: Seal the bottom and top of the container. .
  6. Step 7: Begin wrapping the center of the core. .
  7. Step 8: Trim the Excess from the Bottom and the Top

How do you make a giant candy cane outside?


  1. To begin, thoroughly clean your PVC. The P-Trap should be attached to the top of your straight PVC pipe measuring 30 inches in length. The reducer should be attached at the base of your PVC pipe. In order to form the tip of the candy cane, connect the 4-inch PVC piece to the other side of the p-trap. Remove the full candy cane from the package and spray paint it white

How do you make a candy cane pole?

Creating enormous candy cane decorations is simple.

How do I keep my pool noodles bent?

Make something creative with candy canes instead of throwing them all away in the garbage.

These dishes are both edible and non-edible and will inspire you.

  1. If you don’t want to throw away your candy canes, try some of these creative concoctions, both edible and non-edible, as an alternative.

How do you make an LED candy cane?


  1. Remove the knob from the box by turning it clockwise. Painter’s tape should be applied on the box on a diagonal to produce stripes. True Red stripes should be painted with a medium-sized brush. Remove the masking tape
  2. In between the bigger stripes, use a liner brush to paint a tiny stripe of True Red in between them. Replace the knob when it has dried completely.

How do you make big lollipops out of pool noodles?

Who knew a pool noodle could be transformed into so many various things, from a racetrack to light sabers? Use your imagination and the brightly colored floating noodles to become creative!

  1. The racetrack. Make two excellent race courses out of a pool noodle by slicing it lengthwise! Light Sabers.
  2. Stick Pony.
  3. Swords.
  4. Indoor soccer.
  5. Beachball basketball.
  6. Jumbo Lincoln logs.
  7. Light Sabers.

How do you make a Christmas wreath out of pool noodles?

Candy cane decorations on a grand scale for the outdoors Create a candy cane archway with these easy to make candy cane decorations. huge candies as table decorations how to manufacture imitation candy canes (instructional video) Styrofoam candy canes for crafts made from a large candy cane stick

About The Author

  • We may receive a commission if you purchase anything after clicking on one of the links in this page. This just might be the most inventivefestive invention we’ve ever seen. Claire Lynch, a crafty mother from Great Yarmouth, has converted foam pool floats into fanciful candy cane lollipop Christmas decorations with a few simple supplies. Each one will only set you back less than £10! Associated:Budget Christmas décor ideas for a high-impact, low-cost holiday celebration Her brilliantly festive enormous candy cane lollipop decorations are constructed from two pool noodles, white duct tape, and a broom handle, which she cleverly repurposed for the occasion. I’m just putting this inexpensive craft idea out there to see if it inspires anyone.

Giant candy cane lollipop Christmas decorations

Claire Lynch is the photographer that captured this image. Looking for a fun Christmas craft project to build your own decorations on a budget this year? Look no further. This delightful project will do the trick! Claire has been hard at work creating these massive candy cane lollipops that will be displayed prominently outside her home. After stumbling on a similar idea on social media, the resourceful mother of two set out to create the cheerful decorations. In an interview with Latest Deals, Claire describes how she makes each one, which takes a couple of hours and costs less than £10 in total.

‘I already have the extra stuff at home,’ I explained.

Make your own giant lollipop Christmas decorations

  • For each lollipop, you’ll need the following materials: 2 x pool noodles
  • White gaffer tape
  • And 1 x broom handle (you may spray paint it white if you like, but it’s not necessary). Glue gun and glue sticks are required. A sharp knife
  • Cellophane to cover the ‘lollipop’
  • And some gum. Ribbon to be used as a decoration

Follow Claire’s step-by-step guide…

The first step is to take your two pool noodles and glue the ends together to form one single, long noodle. Step 2: Allow it to dry for at least one night. As soon as it is dry, wrap the noodle in gaffer tape and twist it in a spiral pattern to produce the red and white candy cane look. Wrapping and twisting the noodle as you go will get you to the finish line. Claire Lynch is the photographer that captured this image. Step 3: Fold one end of the noodle in toward the center to create the center point.

  1. Step 4: Using the glue gun, adhere the first layer of noodle to the second layer.
  2. Repeat the process of rolling and tacking the noodle in portions until you reach the conclusion.
  3. With a pen, trace around the perimeter of the broom handle, and then set the broom handle aside.
  4. Making a tidy hole that is the same size as the broom handle is the goal here.
  5. Step 9: Once the lollipop is completely dried, wrap it in cellophane.
  6. Claire Lynch is the photographer that captured this image.
  7. The children of one of my neighbors were exuberantly informing her grandparents: ‘Don’t forget to look at the enormous lollipops when you pass by!’ I overheard them saying.
  8. They are giving joy not just to my family, but also to others, and I am overjoyed that they are doing so.

Mr Christmas from Netflix tells the REAL reason why outdoor Christmas decorations are so popular right now. Who knew that pool floats could be so useful over the holidays?! This is a fantastic concept.

How to Make Giant Foam Candy Canes

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation How wonderful it is to decorate your home for the holidays in this manner. Foam candy canes are simple to make and look great. Because they are waterproof, you may hang a couple of them outside to show off your festive spirit. Your neighbors will want you to tell them about how well you completed this do-it-yourself task.

  1. 1Look for a pool noodle. The ideal colors are red and white, but any color would do as long as you can cover them to achieve the desired effect. Due to the fact that this method will not harm the noodle, it may be reused after the holiday season and tossed back into the pool or lake. 2 Make a bending motion with the noodle. Using a measuring cup, divide the noodle into three equal portions. Only the top third of the noodle should be bent. This will provide the cane-like form to the cane. You’ll want to maintain it in this position for around 20 minutes. If you merely hold it, sit on it, or stack books on top of it, you may do this.
  • Save time by just eyeballing the suitable bend area and bending according to your liking.
  • 3 Tie it down using fishing line. Fishing line should be tied around the two sections of the curve. This will guarantee that the form is maintained.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t like the shape, you may easily change it afterwards.
  • 4 Draw the stripes on the paper. Instead of using red electrical tape to make stripes, white electrical tape may be used to produce stripes on red noodles, and vice versa. For a different color such as purple, you will first wrap the entire noodle with a solid color of tape before beginning to create the alternating colored stripes on top of the tape. Wrap the red or white tape around the noodle in a diagonal direction and you’re done! You’ve made a foam candy cane out of foam
  • If you want your stripes to be as perfect as possible, measure two to three inches for each stripe before beginning (or larger if you prefer giant stripes). With a pencil, make a tiny mark on the paper. Allow the markings on the tape to act as a guide as you wound it around the noodle to ensure a proper fit. Using this method, you can maintain your stripes equal and the same size
  1. 1 Create an outline of your thoughts. A half circle is traced onto a sheet of plywood using a garbage can lid (anything round would do)
  2. This is the beginning of an arch. 2 Create a channel for your content. Create a channel by inserting small pieces of scrap wood along the edge of the PVC pipe to prevent it from squirming about during bending. Each of them should be put around 4-5 inches apart on either side of the line you’ve drawn.
  • A. Create a sketch of your plan. A half circle is traced onto a sheet of plywood using a garbage can lid (anything round would do)
  • This is the beginning of the arch. 2 Make a channel for your information to go through. Create a channel by inserting small pieces of scrap wood along the shape of the PVC pipe to prevent it from squirming during bending. Each of them should be put around 4-5 inches apart on either side of the line you’ve drawn
  • 3 Fold the PVC in half. Place your pattern on the ground and get your 12 inch PVC ready to start cutting. Using a measuring cup, divide the noodle into three equal halves. With the help of a hairdryer, start sliding the PVC through the channel, heating it along the way to make it more pliable. Only the top third of the noodle should be bent.
  • Save time by just eyeballing the suitable bend area and bending according to your liking. Take care not to leave the heat source in the same location for an extended period of time, since this might cause it to melt. To complete this task will take several minutes, so please be patient. Wait until it has completely cooled before removing it from the template.
  • 4Sliding the noodle over the PVC pipe is the next step. In certain cases, two noodles may be required depending on the size of your PVC pipe. 5 Duct tape should be used to protect the surface. Begin by addressing the seam where the two noodles come together (if applicable). Else, go ahead and wrap the entire cane with white duct tape
  • Otherwise, nothing.
  • Because of the curves and noodle substance, it is possible that the tape will not lay precisely flat
  • 6 Make stripes by wrapping the red tape around the noodle in a diagonal fashion. Glitter, ribbons, and other embellishments can be added to further personalize the décor.
  • If you want your stripes to be as perfect as possible, measure two to three inches for each stripe before beginning (or larger if you prefer giant stripes). With a pencil, make a tiny mark on the paper. Allow the markings on the tape to act as a guide as you wound it around the noodle to ensure a proper fit. Using this method, you can maintain your stripes equal and the same size

Create a new question

  • QuestionHow do I put it in the ground and keep it there? Hammer a 2-3ft dowel with a diameter that is less than the diameter of the pvc pipe into the soil. Place the noodle or pvc over the dowel at this point. Question Is it necessary to remove the fish line after applying the tape or may it be left in place? You must keep it on in accordance with the instructions
  • Question What would I do if it happened in my yard? Make a hole in the dirt and plant the seedling
  • Question How would I go about making it stand up inside my home? NerdyBookworm12Community Answer To prop it up indoors, use the same steps as you would to do it outside, or just rest it against a wall or other structure. You may also use foam to create a foundation. Question Is it okay if I eat it after Christmas? No. This is not a candy cane that can be eaten. You should avoid eating it since it is made of pool noodles or pvc pipes.

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  • Prior to the start of swimming season, remove all of the fishing line. It has the potential to become entangled around someone’s neck, causing them to choke.

Things You’ll Need

  • Noodles for the pool. The colors red and white are the most effective, however any hue can suffice
  • PVC pipe, plywood, and scrap wood pieces
  • White electrical tape
  • Clear fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Clear fishing line a hairdryer, a pencil, and duct tape in white and red

About This Article

Summary of the Article Make a gigantic foam candy cane out of an old pool noodle, fishing line, and white electrical tape for a festive holiday decoration. To begin, measure the length of the noodle and split it into three equal halves using a ruler. Make a candy-cane shape out of the top third of the noodle by bending it down and putting something heavy on it to hold it in place for approximately 20 minutes. After that, attach the fishing line between the two ends of the hook on the candy cane to ensure that it retains its shape after it has been cut.

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Finally, using the pencil markings as a guide, wound the white electrical tape diagonally around the candy cane to create the stripes.

Did you find this overview to be helpful?

Did this article help you?

Candy Land (also known as Candyland) is a simple racing board game that was released by Hasbro in 1998. Because the game involves no reading and only rudimentary counting abilities, it is appropriate for young children.

Is there a real candy land?

It’s like being in a real-life candy world. Sugar Rush is a candy-themed walk-through experience at a residence in Los Angeles that you may obtain by visiting. There are gigantic lollipops, cupcakes, chocolates, and even animal figures to be found there. The attraction was constructed on a 50,000-square-foot parking lot in the city’s northwest section. It opened in September.

What are the stops in Candyland?

Cupcake Commons is a location. Slopes for ice cream. Gumdrop Hills are a type of gummy fruit. House made of gingerbread. The lagoon of licorice. In the woods, there’s a lot of lollipops. Ice Palace is a place where you may go to cool down. Chocolate Mountain is a fictional character created by the author of the novel The Chocolate Mountain.

How do you make an outdoor gingerbread man?

HOW TO MAKE A GINGERBREAD MAN: Draw a gingerbread man figure on a piece of 2 inch thick insulation foam measuring 12 x 8. Cut out the shape of a gingerbread man from the insulating foam. Brown paint should be used to decorate the gingerbread cutout. Allow to dry. Place white rope around the borders of the gingerbread man and glue it in place.

What is Trunk or Treat at church?

A trunk-or-treating event is often divided into two parts: the gathering and the trick-or-treating.

The first phase of the event involves decorating the trunk of a car in order to make it more personal or to complement a certain theme. After that, there is a treat portion of the event, in which players move from car to vehicle for candy and other treats, rather than going door-to-door for them.

How do you make a candy cane out of cardboard?

Large Candy Canes Made of Cardboard Supplies are the first step. Step 2: Connect the pieces of your cores. Step 3: Make a paper template that will be used to cut the cane’s crook at a later time. Step 4: Make use of the template to mark the core. Step 5: Cut the core to create a curved shape. Step 6: Seal the bottom and top of the container. Step 7: Begin wrapping the center of the core. Step 8: Trim any excess material from the bottom and top.

How do you attach ribbon to outside columns?

Giant Candy Canes Made of Cardboard Getting Started: Materials and Equipment Piece your cores together in the second step. To cut the crook of the cane, create a paper template that will be used to cut it. Using a template, mark where the core is located in Step 4. Measure and cut the core to create a curved surface. Step 6: Seal the bottom and the top of the container off with silicone. Beginning to wrap the core is step seven (7). (8) Trim any excess material from the bottom and top of the hat.

How do you wrap ribbon around a column?

Ribbon can be used to decorate columns. Take weatherproof ribbon and wrap it around the front porch columns to create a candy cane appearance. Starting at the top of the column, use a small tack nail to fasten the ribbon and wrap it around the column, leaving some of the column visible through the ribbon.

What kind of glue do you use on pool noodles?

Ribbon should be used to decorate the columns. In order to achieve the candy cane appearance on the Christmas porch columns, take weatherproof ribbon and wrap it around the front porch columns. Starting at the top of the column, use a tiny tack nail to fasten the ribbon and wrap it around the column, leaving sections of the column visible through the ribbon.

How do you make grass lollipops?

Instructions: Wrap a diagonal strip of white or colored duct tape along the noodle to create a border. Starting at one end of the pool noodle, apply a broad line of hot glue along the length of the noodle. Begin wrapping the noodle like a cinnamon roll to make it look more appealing. Repeat the process of glueing and rolling the noodle tightly until a “lollipop” has been formed. Hot glue should be used to secure the end.

Who invented Roblox?

Roblox was founded by David Baszucki, who also serves as its CEO. His ambition is to create a platform that allows billions of individuals to share their experiences with one another.

Why are there pink squares in Candyland?

— Two-Color Squares: These will always be the same color as the rest of the squares. Your pawn should be moved ahead to the second spot of the same color. — A Specific Location: There are a few pink squares with photos on them that you can look for. Specific location cards cause your pawn to travel ahead or backward to the spot indicated on the card.

How popular is Roblox today?

— Two-Color Squares: These will always be the same color as the rest of the squares in the set. Your pawn should be moved ahead to the second space of that color. Certain Location: There are several pink squares with photos on them at a specific location. The specified location cards force your pawn to travel ahead or backward to that precise spot.

Is chocolate a sweet?

Sugar confectionery is a broad term that embraces any sweet confection, including chocolate, chewing gum, and sugar candy, among other things.

Who are the characters in Candyland?

CharactersPlumpy. Greetings, Mr. Mint. Jolly. Lord Licorice is a fictional character created by author William Shakespeare. Gramma Nutt, to be precise. Princess Lolly is a fictional character created by author Charles Dickens. Frostine, the Queen of the Frostines. Gloppy.

What do the arrows mean in Candy Land?

CharactersPlumpy. Mr. Mint, thank you for your time and consideration. Jolly. Lord Licorice is a fictitious character created by the author Lord Licorice to represent the character of Licorice. It was Gramma Nutt’s birthday today! Lolly, the Princess. Frostine is the reigning monarch. Gloppy.

Who invented candy?

Candy may be traced back to the ancient Egyptians as early as 2000 BC, and it is possible that the Egyptians were the first humans to make candy. Candy was utilized in ancient Egyptian rites to honor their gods and goddesses, and it is still used today. The Egyptians utilized honey to produce sweets, which they flavored with figs, almonds, dates, and spices, among other ingredients.

What does the licorice mean in Candyland?

Any time a player’s next turn ends up on a licorice spot, as suggested by the picture of licorice, that player forfeits their turn. After the single turn has been forfeited, the game continues as usual. Players must travel all the way to the sugar castle at the end of the trail in order to win. The player who is the first to reach the castle is proclaimed the winner of the game of sweet land.

How do you make big gumdrops?

Make huge gumdrops out of plastic sand pails to decorate your home. Using spray-on adhesive, cover the exterior of each pail and then sprinkle on clear glitter to give them the sweet appearance of a gumdrop. Allow the pails to dry fully before turning them upside down and arranging them in clusters or along the walk to the water.

What does a Trunk or Treat look like?

When a group of parents get together (usually in a school or church parking lot), they deck out their trunks with Halloween decorations as if they’re on an episode of Pimp My Ride: Spooktacular Edition, and then they let their children meander from car to car, collecting candy on October 13, 2015. Originally published on October 13, 2015.

How long should a Trunk or Treat last?

Make a schedule for yourself. According to my observations, the real trick-or-treating portion will last no more than thirty minutes at the most (depending on the size of your group). However, this does not imply that you should just schedule the event to run from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. and call it a day. Make sure to allow the vehicles an hour to set up their trunk or treat area before the event.

Gingerbread House Decorations

Set Up a Timetable for Your Activities The real trick-or-treating portion of the evening will last no more than thirty minutes, based on my own experience (depending on the size of your group). It doesn’t follow, however, that you can just schedule the event for 7:00-7:30 pm and call it a day after that. It is important to allow the cars an hour to set up their trunks or treat areas.

How To Create A Gingerbread House

Your porch will be transformed into a gingerbread home in no time at all with the help of giant sweets, gingerbread men, and a festive sugar garland. (Please keep in mind that this post contains affiliate links.) I utilized Insulation Foam Boards from the hardware store to create the Giant Candy Canes and the Gingerbread Men for this project. Using an exacto knife, I carved out a gingerbread man figure that my husband had drawn on the refrigerator door. I painted my gingerbread men with dark paint and let them to cure for a couple of hours before decorating them with candy.

  1. Both were connected with hot glue after being spray painted.
  2. To finish the gingerbread man’s smile, I used my hot glue gun to connect a rope around the perimeter of him and to construct his mouth.
  3. I didn’t even have to paint them because they were already painted.
  4. The cotton candy sticks are one of my favorite items on the menu.
  5. I used leftover quilt material that I spray painted to create the enormous cotton candy sticks.
  6. People have asked me if it’s genuine cotton candy since it appears to be so flawless!

The “No Licking” sign was drawn by a beloved friend. Adding this feature brings a whole new level of enjoyment to the project, and it would be simple to replicate. A big candy garland is required to truly give your home the appearance of a gingerbread mansion.

Giant Candy Garland

Make this funny decoration out of leftover food containers and pool noodles! The most impressive aspect of this project is that it only cost a total of $30 to complete the full appearance. Materials for a Giant Candy Garland

  • Containers made from leftover food (I used sour cream and yogurt containers for the gum drops and feta/goat cheese containers for the hard candies)
  • Ingredients Colorful spray paint, pool noodles, duct tape, cellophane wrap, silver elastic cord, scissors, hot glue gun, spray adhesive, glitter, and other embellishments

How To Create A Giant Candy Garland

I produced three different sorts of candies for my enormous candy garland, which I displayed in my living room.

Giant Peppermint Sticks

Pool noodles and duct tape were used to construct the massive peppermint sticks on display. Duct tape is easily wrapped around the pool noodle and then cut into the desired candy shapes using a knife. Wrap your peppermint stick in cellophane and secure it with a few bits of twine, and you’re ready to go!

Giant Gumdrops

Gumdrops were the second sort of candy that I created. I had around 15 old sour cream, yogurt, and pudding cartons that I had stored up. I painted them with spray paint and then sprayed them with spray glue before setting them aside. Once the adhesive has dried for a few minutes, sprinkle white glitter over the top of the container to finish it off. Even though it’s difficult to notice in the photos, once the container has dried, the glitter seems to be sugar on the candy! The fact that you can build them in a number of colors is a lot of fun.

I also utilized my “gumdrops” as buttons for my big gingerbread men, which was a fun twist on the traditional method.

Giant Hard Candies

I used shorter containers for the hard candies, measuring approximately an inch to two inches in height. Hummus, crumbled cheese and salsa containers were among the items on the table. It was as simple as spray painting them with brilliantly colored spray paint, wrapping them in cellophane, and tying them together with the same flexible silver elastic that I used for the peppermint sticks. My artificial garlands were purchased at the dollar store, and I wrapped them in twinkling lights before attaching the large candy pieces with a hot glue gun!

The most beautiful decorations do not have to be extremely expensive.

Every time I look out my front door, I get a grin on my face.

Both of these projects may be found along with the rest of our Christmas DIY Projects collection.

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