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Fun, Simple and Unique: DIY Paper Decorations

Make this lovely Toilet Paper Roll Snowman craft with your kids using used paper rolls that you have lying around. One of our Toilet Paper Roll Elves and Reindeer crafts that is both cute and simple to make is this Christmas Craft. Children, particularly toddlers and very young children, will enjoy changing their recycled paper rolls into a charming little snowman complete with his very own bed of snow. Making this craft at home or at school is a breeze!

1. Paper Flower Wall Decor

CHECK OUT THE GALLERY Using paper flowers as wall décor is a fantastic idea, and because they are made of paper, they will never go out of style. Colors and sizes are all up to you, but we recommend starting with huge paper flowers from Maison de Pax in a nice white hue to get you started.

2. Zig Zag Accordion Streamers

A big event calls for a big celebration, and when the next big event comes around for you, make sure your home is ready to welcome everyone! Consider hanging some accordion streamers from the ceiling to give the space a more festive appearance, and be sure to use a variety of various colored papers in order to create an energetic atmosphere! Oh, Happy Day! has the directions for you.

3. Tissue Paper Pom Poms

VIEW IN GALLERYPom poms are a great way to brighten up any room! Regardless of where you hang them, the room will be filled with an uplifting and joyous attitude immediately! Make super-sized tissue paper pom poms using your favorite bright color tissue paper by visiting Exclusively Weddings.

4. Flower Balls

CHECK OUT THE GALLERY Perhaps you’d want to include flowers into your home design but are afraid to do so because you don’t want to go down the traditional path of buying flowers. When it comes to bringing flowers into your house, The House of Smithscan has a unique and fascinating solution for you! Decorate a space with paper flower balls in a variety of bright colors and place them in any area that needs to be brightened.

5. Tropical Paper Garland

GALLERY OPTIONS: Consider the following scenario: You have an inclination to incorporate flowers into your home design but are apprehensive since you do not want to go down the traditional route. Bringing flowers into your house has never been easier than it is with The House of Smithscan’s innovative and fascinating approach. To liven up a space, make paper flower balls in a variety of bright colors and place them throughout the area.

6. Rainbow Paper Fan Garland

CHECK OUT THE GALLERY A happy house is one that is filled with color! When you’re preparing your home for a party, you want it to be a source of joy and happiness for your guests. For this reason, your next party must include this paper fan garland from Ice Cream Off Paper Plates, which is available in every hue of the rainbow!

7. Paper Ice Cream Garland

GALLERY VIEW All paper decorations have a high level of charm, but this ice cream garland by Oh Happy Day is an amazing standout. In the summertime or anytime you decide to have an ice cream party, this paper decoration will look great in your home!

8. Paper Tassel Garland

VIEW IN GALLERYTassels are a very common option of adornment and can sometimes be a bit predictable.

Do you want to preserve the tassels but add a surprise element to the design as well? Making a tassel garland entirely out of paper is demonstrated by Blue I Style, which is a delightfully surprising take on the traditional method.

9. Paper Circle Garland

See more in the galleryIf you’re looking for a modern and obvious décor item but don’t have a lot of spare time to construct something elaborate, a simple paper circular garland is your best choice! If you hang it near a window, the air will cause the garland to move and spin, giving it a lively appearance. Check out the Fresh Crush lesson for more information.

10. Paper Fans

CHECK OUT THE GALLERY For some reason, paper fans are a popular choice of decor, perhaps because they are not only attractive to look at, but they are also enjoyable to build! Make beautiful paper fan decorations for your houses this weekend by inviting your friends over to your home and hosting a paper fan making party, following the guide from Craftaholics Anonymous!

11. Big Paper Daisy

CHECK OUT THE GALLERY We couldn’t resist including another paper flower, and especially a daisy, in this collection! A large paper daisy created by The House That Lars Builthas the potential to become the most conspicuous and appealing wall decoration in your home, especially if you produce more than one and cover the entire wall with them as a whole!

12. Tissue Paper Butterflies

When it comes to paper decorations, tissue paper is your most dependable ally, as you can see in the following galleries. You can use it to create a variety of different décor items, and Country Hill Cottage’s paper butterflies are a perfect example of how you may do so. Make these in a variety of colors and shapes to create a lovely butterfly impression in your house! Instructions:

6 Easy DIY Paper Party Decorations

We’ve only been in the New Year for a couple of days, but we’ve already reached that stage of being stir-crazy. That the whole country has been gripped by a “polar vortex,” forcing temperatures to fall, isn’t helping matters, either! Making indoor activities a high priority in our family therefore becomes increasingly important. In addition, we have a birthday celebration to arrange for this coming Saturday. In my capacity as a blogger, I usually experience a pang of guilt when I reveal that we’re hosting the party somewhere other than our house.

  1. Maybe we could build a garland to wrap over the gorgeous kids art studio that’s hosting our small event.
  2. Even if you don’t have a party planned, these projects, which include the garland, are a great way to warm yourself on these chilly days.
  3. Thanks to Design Mom for the tutorial.
  4. Add beautiful bowls to dressers and tables to contain all of the flotsam and jetsam that accumulates in our household.
  5. Anyone else still pursuing the unattainable aim of writing thank-you notes after the Christmas season has passed?
  6. Visit to learn how to make a Tissue Paper Lantern.
  7. That’s the type of DIY I’m into these days: quick and dirty!
  8. And now for something completely different from all of those tissue paper flowers and lanterns you’ve seen around—what a fantastic contemporary form!
  9. Tissue Paper Accordion Bursts (Do It Yourself) For the instruction, please see A Subtle Revelry.

The DIY Multicolored Tissue Garland seen at the top of this page is available at Pizzazzerie, where you can also find the technique.

26 Fun & Festive DIY Party Decorations

Organizing a party can be motivated by a variety of factors; there are several methods to decorate for such a gathering as well. Even if you are not artistically inclined, investing a little effort in making your home more festive will help ensure the success of the event you are planning. These easy-to-make party decorations are appropriate for a wide range of gatherings and occasions. Each and every party decoration will help to create a more festive atmosphere at your event without costing you a lot of money.

Create an Insta-Worthy Wall

  • The Spruce / It is quite lovely. Picture booths are usually a popular at parties, but vibrant photo backgrounds are taking over Instagram feeds right now as well. Create a festive, colorful wall using crepe paper and glue dots—this craft is simple, inexpensive, and will last the duration of the celebration. Watch or participate as your visitors take selfies and “candids” for their social media accounts. The Spruce has a DIY photo backdrop that you can make yourself.

Build a Brilliant Balloon Arch

  • The Spruce / It is quite lovely. A beautiful balloon arch will add a splash of color and pizazz to your party. With just a few different colors of balloons, some wire, some command hooks, you can transform your room into something very spectacular. You may use it as a backdrop for a photo booth or to add a touch of flair over a gift or light snacks table, for example. The Spruce has a DIY balloon arch that you can make.

DIY a Festive Tassel Garland

  • Caylin Harris’s The Spruce is a novel about a young woman who grows up in a forest. A festive garland made of tissue paper and twine is not only simple, inexpensive, and eye-catching, but it can also be customized to meet any occasion or theme. Decorate a dessert or snack table, frame an amantel, or add a splash of color to a doorway. There are countless possibilities for incorporating this charming fringe garland into your next party décor scheme. The Spruce has a tutorial for a DIY Tassel Garland.

Fashion Paper Fans to Hang From the Ceiling

  • Rita Shehan’s novel The Spruce Traditional party decorations such as paper fans are timeless and may be used for any occasion. Make a great lot of them, using a range of beautiful papers and designs, and hang them from the ceiling at different lengths to provide interest. Furthermore, they look fantastic on a wall, grouped together in a random arrangement. Decorations made of paper fans from The Spruce Continue to the fifth of twenty-five sections below.

Fill a Table With Tiny Vase Bouquets

  • PaperStitchFlowers are essential for special occasions such as weddings, but they may also be used to spruce up a simple dinner party or cocktail hour. If you’re on a budget, purchase one bigger bouquet then split it up among little vases and other quirky receptacles like a teacup. Making Tiny Bouquets in Vases with PaperStitch is a simple and effective method of arranging flowers.

Light up the Event With Paper Lanterns

  • Even a simple dinner party or cocktail hour may be dressed up with PaperStitchFlowers. They are a must-have for special occasions like as weddings. If you’re working with a limited budget, purchase one huge bouquet and divide it among several little vases and other unique receptacles, such as a teacup. Making Tiny Bouquets in Vases with PaperStitch is a simple and effective technique.

Spell out Something Festive in Glitter

  • Stephanie White’s novel The Spruce On a banner for a birthday party, you might want to spell out something straightforward, such as “happy birthday.” However, even a dinner gathering amongst friends may utilize a sparkly word banner. If you can’t think of what to write, “cheers” is a nice proclamation for pretty much every occasion. The Spruce has a tutorial for a DIY glitter party banner.

Craft a Piñata out of a Paper Bag

  • The Spruce / It is quite lovely. Purchasing a piata from a store is simple enough, but you are restricted to the styles that are available at the time. Instead, you may construct a very simple piata out of a paper bag and some tissue paper, which is quite inexpensive. Because it opens quite readily when compared to other piatas made of cardboard, this piata could be more suited as a decorative piece rather than a functional one in some situations. The Spruce has a great tutorial on how to make a fun paper bag piata. Continue to page 9 of 25 below
  • Continue to page 9 of 25 below

Add Levels to Your Dessert Table

  • Something with a splash of turquoise The transformation of your food into part of your décor is a simple and effective technique to add decorations to your celebration. Flags, labels, and other toppers can be used to decorate food. Also, make certain that the levels of your diet are varied. Take, for example, these aesthetically pleasing cupcake stands, which can readily capture your guests’ attention to the dessert table. Something Turquoise created these adorable DIY wooden cupcake stands.

Upgrade Inexpensive Champagne Flutes

  • The Spruce / It is quite lovely. For a party, there are a variety of ways you may make your drinking glasses more memorable by decorating them. This failsafe procedure entails cutting gold adhesive vinyl into different sized triangles and laying them on top of each other on the glass surface. Don’t spend too much time trying to make your pattern flawless. The more the variety, the better. The Spruce has a tutorial for making fun pattern champagne flutes.

Top the Cake With Something Colorful

  • Tell your love story and have a good time. They are particularly useful when you want to keep the cake basic and unadorned but still want it to appear festive and embellished. This garland cake topper concept is excellent for a general get-together if you don’t want to communicate a specific message such as “happy birthday” or something wedding-related to your guests. Are you throwing a springtime party? Consider including this brightly colored treat on your dessert table. Cake topper with a garland from Tell Love and Party

Fill a Wall up With Balloons

  • You’re My Favorite You can hang balloons at an entryway or at the end of a streamer, but it is a very simple method to utilize balloons to decorate a party. Instead, consider utilizing multicolored balloons to create a focal wall in your room to draw the eye. For the greatest effects, make sure that the rows and columns of the balloon wall are all level with one another. You Are My Favorite has a DIY balloon wall idea. Go down to page 13 of 25 for more information.

Cut out Paper Star Bursts

  • The Spruce / Katherine Lee It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on DIY party decor. When it comes down to it, all you need is a sheet of colored paper and a little bit of patience. The more the number of paper starbursts you make, the greater the impact they will have on your décor. Make a grouping of them in a bowl or suspend a thread from the ceiling to display them. The Spruce has a tutorial for making DIY paper starburst party decorations.

Fold up Paper to Create a Fruit-Inspired Banner

  • Bugaboo City is a city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. If you’re throwing an event, you may create a variety of paper garlands to decorate with. If, on the other hand, you’re holding a general party for no particular purpose, keep the garland as generic as possible as well. Alternatively, you might match the garland to the season. This watermelon garland is the ideal addition to any summer gathering. Banner with a watermelon medallion from Bugaboo City

Fill Eggs With Some Confetti

  • Courtesy of The Spruce / Rita ShehanEgg-themed DIY party decorations aren’t only for Easter anymore. Gender reveal parties, spring dinner parties, weddings, New Year’s Eve parties, and even a bunny-themed child’s birthday party are all possibilities for using them. The purpose of filling them is that they will ultimately break during the celebration, resulting in confetti being tossed around. Consider how you will instruct your visitors to shatter the eggs and why they will be doing so. The Spruce has a tutorial on how to make Confetti Filled Eggs.

Use a Template to Create a Feature Wall

  • The House That Lars Constructed Producing blog-worthy content might be difficult, which is why there are tutorials and templates to help you along the way. You can simply recreate this feature wall for a party by downloading the template and using it as a cutting guide for the bright tulips. Download the pattern here. Backdrop of paper tulips from the house that Lars designed and built See page 17 of 25 for further information.
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Convert Balloons Into Hot Air Balloons

  • Oh, what a wonderful day! When it comes to a party, creating a centerpiece over a food table isn’t necessarily necessary to take place in the middle of the table. It may be worthwhile to consider draping something above the table to create interest and direct your attention to that particular region of the room. Making hot air balloons out of plain white balloons is an easy craft project that can be completed using cardboard, thread, and a hot glue gun. Hot air balloons are being hung from Oh Happy Day

Paint Some Napkins for a Dinner Party

  • Courtesy of The Spruce / Caylin HarrisThe table is the most crucial component of decorating for a dinner party. It is likely that the table will serve as the focal point of your event’s decor as a whole. Make a point of going the additional mile to ensure that each place setting is ready before your guests arrive. Simple patterns on napkins may be created using fabric paint to liven up the table and make it more festive.DIY Painted Cloth Napkinsfrom The Spruce

Shape Balloons Into an Arch

  • Bird’s Party is a celebration of birds. Arches made of balloons are a popular method to decorate for a party, and they may be made in a variety of levels of complexity. To create a cascade of balloons down a table, some people use hundreds of balloons that are connected together. In this particular instance, the arch is basic and uncomplicated to reproduce. From Bird’s Party, a simple rainbow balloon arch that is easy to make.

Make Your Own Streamers

  • Studio Do It Yourself It’s simple to purchase pre-made streamers and wrap them around an entryway’s perimeter. However, if you design your own streamers, you may go quite particular with the appearance you desire. You have the option of making them thick, customizing the color, and creating different lengths of fringe. Create your own Mylar Party Streamers with Studio DIY. To continue reading, scroll down to number 21 of 25

Dye a Plain Tablecloth With This Ombre Technique

  • Wedding Shoes in a Vibrant Shade of Green Tablecloths bring a gathering together by concealing ugly serving tables and bringing the whole thing together. Instead of using white plastic, dye fabric in colors that complement your other party decorations to create a tablecloth that adds a splash of color. Another way to incorporate a tablecloth into your party decor is to use it as a backdrop for a food table or photo booth. Make an ombre tablecloth out of your green wedding shoes

Experiment With Paper Chains for a Backdrop

  • Parties have grown from twisted streamers to backgrounds as a result of improvisational design. The more visually appealing your party’s setting, the more festive your guests are likely to feel. Create a picture booth area and utilize paper chains to anchor the space, for example.Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging from Design Improvised is another option.

Craft Flowers That Can Be Reused Over and Over

  • Make a decision and then share it. If you host a lot of gatherings and the thought of purchasing fresh flowers every time sounds overwhelming, consider creating some gorgeous paper flowers to use as centerpieces and accents instead. Think Make Share’s Crepe Paper Flowers are available for purchase.

Craft Crowns Instead of Party Hats

  • The Melroses are a well-known family in the United States. What’s a kid’s party without party hats and party goodies, you might wonder? This craft project can be used for either purpose. Once the party is over, the children can take their crowns home with them, allowing them to play dress-up and pretend all night long. King’s Crowns Made at Home by The Melrose Family To continue reading, scroll down to number 25 of 25.

Amp up a Drink Stirrer With a Horse

  • Charming was the inspiration for my piece. You are not required to include a horse figurine in your stir stick
  • But, whatever you include to make the stick more festive will improve the overall appearance and feel of your party’s atmosphere. Simply purchase transparent stir sticks and decorate them in any way that you choose. Make your own horse drink stirrers with this tutorial from Inspired by Charm.

40 Fun DIY Home Decor Ideas That Are Too Easy (and Affordable) Not to Try

There’s no better feeling than reaping the rewards of a simple do-it-yourself undertaking. If you’ve been meaning to figure out how to infuse your house with more character and individuality, DIY home décor is a fantastic place to start. In addition to saving a ton of money by not spending it all on a costly home renovation, it’s also entertaining to put your handyman skills to the test in this way. You can complete a do-it-yourself home project over the course of a weekend or whenever the creative itch hits.

Moreover, believe it or not, you don’t even have to be an experienced crafter in order to finish these projects.

Every one of these do-it-yourself home décor ideas is intended to put your personal flair on show.

If you ask us, there isn’t a single reason not to give one of them a go.

How To Make Tissue Paper Decorations

This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. We may receive compensation for the items featured in this post, but you will not be charged for them. Learn how to make 11 stunning tissue paper decorations by following this tutorial. DIY decorations are always a wonderful idea for keeping costs down, and tissue paper can be used to create beautiful backdrops, pom poms, and garlands. These DIY techniques are suitable for any color scheme, and they will get your creative juices going right away.


Articles that are related:

  • Instructions on how to quickly and easily make plastic tablecloth decorations look stunning
  • Instructions on how to make a simple plastic tablecloth ceiling decoration.

There are so many different party decorations that you can purchase that it might be difficult to know where to begin with them. The second issue is that, while they may appear to be inexpensive at first glance, the expense of them soon adds up when you purchase a large number of them. Following the purchase of all of the necessary items, what you first estimated would cost you $5 ends up costing you $55. Doing a little bit of DIY while decorating for a party is a simple and effective method to save money.

But it isn’t as difficult as you would think, and it will save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Yes, they will need some effort on your part, but they can easily be completed from the comfort of your sofa while watching your favorite television show. You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying them out!

How To Make The Best Tissue Paper Decorations

With so many different types of party decorations available to choose from, it may be difficult figuring out where to begin. Furthermore, while they may appear to be inexpensive at first glance, the expense of acquiring a large number of them rapidly adds up. You end up spending $50 on something you first estimated would cost $5 once all of the supplies are purchased. Doing a little bit of DIY when decorating for a party is a simple and effective way to cut expenses. Recognize that doing it yourself might be intimidating.

The materials for all of these tissue paper decorations are inexpensive, and they can all be customized to match the theme of your party by simply altering the colors used.

If you give them a go, you have nothing to lose!

2. Ruffled Tissue Paper Garland

Lemon Thistle is the source of this information. Garland are one of my favorite things, and this tissue paper garland is really charming. It’s quite simple to create and extremely inexpensive, yet it has a significant impact. Aren’t you sure that’s one of the nicest tissue paper decorations out there, considering how simple they are?

3. Tissue Paper Flower Garland

This tutorial will walk you through the entire process of making one of these tissue paper flower garlands for your next party.Ok, you will need a little bit of patience to complete the project, but it’s a great thing to do while sitting in front of the television at night. Simple as digging up your needle and stringing together some preparation.

4. Tissue Paper Accordion Bunting

A Subtle Revelry is the source of this information. This incredibly lovely accordion bunting is one of my favorites. All you need is some tissue paper, glue, and a piece of thread to complete this project. It’s quite basic, but it’s also extremely effective.

5. Tissue Paper Pom Poms Tutorial

Smart Party Planning is the source of this information. Tissue paper pom poms are a perennial party favorite, and they can be found in plenty at party supply stores worldwide. They are most likely one of the most well-known types of tissue paper decorations that exist in existence. The alternative is to make them yourself if you have a little spare time and would want to save a little money on them. I promise you it’s not difficult, and once you’ve completed one, you’ll find yourself in an uncontrollably creative mindset.

6. Tissue Paper Flower Fans

Domestic Fashionista is the source of this information. These tissue paper flower fans, created by “Domestic Fashionista,” are a lovely way to dress up a party background or liven up a drab wall in your home. It is simple to replicate a gorgeous display of fans like this one with a little glue, some folding, and a lot of patience. This is a fantastic illustration of how tissue paper decorations may have a significant impression with no effort on the recipient’s part.

7. Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

You will need tissue paper, scotch tape, floral wire, poster board, and some time to be creative with these tissue paper flowers.

8. Stemmed Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

This information comes from the Darice Craft Blog. Perhaps the appearance of these gigantic tissue paper flowers with stalks appeals to you more. I think this would make an excellent picture prop!

9. Geometric Lanterns

Oh, What a Wonderful Day! These geometric lanterns, believe it or not, are fashioned entirely of tissue paper. You just need a few supplies to make them, including tissue paper, double-sided adhesive tape, scissors, a needle and fishing line, to create an eye-catching display. You can easily make these for your next party with this simple step-by-step instructions. This is indeed the pinnacle of tissue paper decorations!

10. Tissue Paper Age Sign

A large, beautifully painted birthday number is something that all children would like seeing at their celebration, according to The Bajan Texan. This is a simple tutorial that anybody can follow.This birthday number sign will add a splash of color to your party while also reminding everyone of the birthday boy or girl’s age.All you need is a foam board, a sharp knife, and of course the color of your choosing in tissue paper.

11. Tissue Paper Backdrop

Lovely, to say the least. An attractive backdrop is always welcome during social gatherings. You may use them behind the food table or as a photo background for your party; either way, they are a terrific addition to any event. It may take some time to put up this tissue paper background, but the end effect will be truly gorgeous. Who would have imagined that a sliver of chicken wire could be transformed into something so beautiful? Now that you’ve been provided with 11 inexpensive DIY tissue paper decorations, the only question left is which one you’ll do first.

At a low cost, you might as well have some fun and get creative with your decorations when they look this nice.

Let’s continue to communicate.

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10 DIY Tissue Paper Party Decorations

Making your own party decorations out of tissue paper is a really cost-effective option. Tissue paper may be used in a variety of ways (some of these tissue paper craft ideas are surprisingly simple), and the colors can be changed to match any holiday or party color scheme. In addition, using it for party decorations is a fantastic way to repurpose and recycle leftover tissue paper from gift wrapping! 10 DIY tissue paper party decorations are included, including DIY Tissue Paper Flowers, DIY Tissue Paper Flower Napkin Rings, DIY Flower Pomander Balls, DIY Paper Flower Wreath, DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland, DIY Fringe Backdrop, DIY Tissue Paper Numbers, DIY Tissue Paper Confetti, and DIY Tissue Paper Confetti.

I’m also including a tutorial for how to make DIY Tissue Paper Confetti. These ideas should be pinned to your party planning boards so that you can easily access them when you need a quick, inexpensive, and simple party décor.

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

DIY tissue paper flowers are a beautiful way to add extra color and excitement to your parties and other gatherings. They are excellent for use as party backdrops and for table decorations, among other things. Make these tissue paper pom pom flowers and you’ll be amazed at how simple they are to make. DIY tissue paper flowers may be made in any size or hue, or in a mix of colors, such as the roses in theCinco de Mayo partybackdrop seen above.What you’ll need to make this tissue paper craft are the following materials: Instructions:

  • Begin with eight pieces of tissue paper and fold them in half like a fan
  • Using scissors, create a scallop shape at the ends of the braid. Tie a ribbon around the middle, then gently separate each piece of paper
  • Suspend from the ribbon, or mount it to a wall, party backdrop, or table for display.

Tissue Paper Flower Napkin Rings

DIY décor ideas that are simple and cost-effective, especially budget-friendly table setting ideas that add a little extra glitz and glam to a holiday table, are my favorite. I’m constantly on the lookout for quick and easy DIY projects that have a big effect. these are some of my absolute favorite findings! This year, I made these quick DIY Thanksgiving napkin rings for my Thanksgiving table and I’m really pleased with how they came out. The aesthetic of the smaller napkin ring flowers may be changed by color, by cutting the tips more round (for a fluffier mum-style look) or more pointy (for a more pointed look), and by using the same approach as the bigger DIY tissue paper flowers above (for a dahlia-like look).

To learn how to make these simple DIY napkin rings, visit Fab Everyday: Easy DIY Napkin Ring Ideas.

DIY Flower Pomander Balls

Mander balls are frequently featured in weddings as décor elements (hanging from the borders of aisles or from centerpieces), as an accessory carried by the flower girl, or as a combination of both. They may be fashioned from real or silk flowers, but I prefer to use tissue paper flowers because they are more affordable (which also last much longer than pomanders made from real flowers). If you want to make larger pom poms or smaller napkin rings, you may use the same DIY tissue paper flower approach as described above, and then connect them to a craft foam ball with a ribbon loop to complete the look.

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DIY Paper Flower Wreath

By constructing your own pom poms or flower wreaths out of tissue paper, you may save money on high-end decorations. A DIY paper flower wreath may be made in the same manner as the DIY tissue paper flowers, by following the same steps as before. Above a Christmas mantle, or in different seasonal hues for other times of the year, this tissue paper creation looks fantastic. DIY Paper Flower Wreath is an easy-to-make tissue paper flower wreath that you can find on Fab Everyday:DIY Paper Flower Wreath.

DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

You know those gorgeous tassel garlands that people use to decorate tables and backgrounds for parties and other events? Did you know that you can manufacture them yourself out of tissue paper in a matter of minutes?

With this budget-friendly party DIY, the color combinations and design choices are virtually limitless. Here’s how to make tassels out of tissue paper. What you’ll need to build a tissue paper tassel garland is as follows:

  • Tissue paper
  • Measuring tape
  • A pen
  • Scissors
  • Twist-tie or scotch tape
  • Ribbon, string, or yarn
  • A sewing machine


  • Using tissue paper, fold sheets in half lengthwise (you can do a few sheets at a time if you want to save time)
  • To cut using scissors, measure and draw 1/2′′-1′′ lines, then cut them with scissors, leaving approximately an inch at the folded area of the top
  • Unfold the tissue paper and divide each sheet into its own envelope. Roll the sheet starting in the middle and continuing until it is completely rolled. Carefully comb out any tangled fringe that has formed. Tie the center together with a twist tie or use scotch tape to hold it in place until you’re finished
  • Tie them together with ribbon, thread, or yarn.

DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Garland

Another inexpensive, simple, and amazing DIY party decoration, this tissue paper fringe garland is made from tissue paper. Use these on the front of food tables, hanging from backdrops, surrounded by balloons, or anyplace you want to bring some color into your party. You may use whatever color combination you like to create these. The following are the steps to build a tissue paper garland: What you’ll need is the following:

  • The following items are required: Tissue paper (either in a single color or a mix of colors), a stapler, scissors, and tape.

Get the details about South Lumina Style by clicking here. Consider a similar garland (a ruffled tissue paper garland) seen on Lemon Thistlehere if you have less time but still enjoy the overall aesthetic of the garland.

DIY Fringe Backdrop

This tissue paper backdrop is amazingly simple to make, yet it has a significant influence on the overall look of your party décor. Tissue paper and scissors are all that are required to create this DIY fringe background. Depending on the holiday or party theme, arrange the fringe strips on a wall in a variety of festive color combinations (it looked awesome in fiesta-inspired colors for thisCinco de Mayo party backdrop). How to create a fringed backdrop is as follows:

  • Two to three pieces of tissue paper (depending on how large you want your background to be) should be layered together and then folded in half from top to bottom
  • Fold them a couple of times from left to right to make them more flexible (in a large accordion). This will save you time by reducing the number of cuts you must make. Make long, 1/2-inch-wide fringe cuts from the bottom up, ending approximately 2 inches from the folded section at the top, using scissors. Distinguish the layers and pin or tape them next to one other in a row on the wall with the folded edge facing up
  • Add more colors and pile them over each other, overlapping at the folded top half so that the fringe covers the pins or tape
  • Repeat with the remaining colors.

Alternately, you may clip the edges at an angle and connect them to a foam board shape, as demonstrated in this YouTube video by Oh Joy.

DIY Tissue Paper Number

This inexpensive and simple DIY Tissue Paper Number is one of the cheapest and most straightforward party DIYs I’ve ever created. Ideal for a birthday party or photograph as well as a milestone anniversary celebration, this dress is really stunning. Here’s how to put it together. For this crumpled tissue paper number, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • The number is made of wood or cardboard that has been carved into the shape of a number Tissue paper
  • Glue gun with glue sticks
  • Glue sticks


  • You may either purchase a wooden number at a craft store or make your own number form out of cardboard. One portion at a time, apply hot glue to a segment of the number and adhere a piece of crumpled tissue paper to the glue
  • Repeat with the other sections. Continue until the full number has been covered.

DIY Paper Fan Decorations

I really like how these DIY paper rosettes have a basic yet high-impact appearance. Solid colors, or a combination of solid and patterned papers, can be used to create these ornaments. These simple 4th of July party backdrops and this champagne-themed bachelorette party both include DIY paper fan decorations that look amazing grouped together on a background. Making paper rosettes (DIY paper fan decorations) is simple. Here’s how: Watch this video tutorial by The Crafty Mom on YouTube to learn how to do it yourself.

DIY Tissue Paper Confetti

These DIY paper rosettes have a clean, uncluttered appearance that has a lot of visual punch. Solid colors, or a combination of solid and patterned papers, can be used to create these ornamental paper chains. In this champagne-themed bachelorette party and this simple 4th of July party backdrop, DIY paper fan decorations look fantastic packed together on backgrounds. To make paper rosettes (also known as paper fan decorations), follow these steps: This YouTube instructional from The Crafty Mom will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Want more party inspiration?

More simple party décor ideas may be found at Fab Everydayhere.

Easy to Make Paper Spiral Decorations

Due to the fact that I am unsure of the proper name for this specific project, I will refer to it as paper spiral decorations. It’s not really interesting, but it is detailed. I didn’t create them with my children; instead, I made them for myself to use as decorations in the playroom for the children. They may appear to be complicated, but they are not at all. They are simple to construct and, when hung, they look very stunning.

So whether you’re looking for a last-minute activity to keep the kids engaged, or if you just need a few extra decorations, you’ve come to the right place. Make sure to follow myChristmas board on Pinterest for for more holiday inspiration. Remember to save the pin for future reference.

To make these paper spiral decorations you will need:

If you have an A4 sheet of paper, fold it in half to get a square shape. To begin, fold the paper in half. After then, fold it in half once more. After that, you must make slits in the fabric. It is critical that the pieces are cut in the proper manner, or else it will not function. This is how I damaged approximately three of them. You must make the primary fold at the top of the page, the side with the two folds to the left (bottom), and the entirely open side to the right of the page. To do this, start at the bottom and work your way up to the main fold.

  • Begin by folding the two central pieces together and gluing them together from the center out.
  • When you have done one side, flip the piece over and repeat the process on the other side.
  • If you had a good time creating these, you should check out my hanging paper ornament tutorial.
  • I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

55+ DIY Room Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Your room is a place where you have the flexibility to express yourself artistically. In this environment, you may experiment with your own distinctive style. Whether you want to create a calm atmosphere, a rustic design, or a modern aesthetic, your décor may assist you in making your idea a reality. Fortunately, you can make your own home dcor and household items. Customize your home décor to reflect your individual taste, and then evaluate which room they would be most appropriate in after that.

Here are 58 DIY room design ideas to give you lots of ideas for your own home or office.

Little details, such as picture tiles or personalized cushions that include photographs of your family, friends, and favorite places, will fill your house with love and warmth.

1. Simple Gallery Wall

It is not necessary to be a professional decorator to decorate a wall with fashionable items. Simple wall art on canvases, such as stripes or polka dots, can be painted and then hung to make a stylish gallery wall.

2. Rainbow Mobile

With a brightly colored mobile constructed of recyclable materials, you can bring life to any space, even your kitchen or den. Hang your cell phone near a window to benefit from the most light reflection.

3. Washi Tape Wall

Make easy DIY room decor with washi tape by following these instructions. Line stripes on a wall to create a textured aesthetic that’s perfect for a bedroom or playroom, for example.

4. Teacup Candles

Fill old teacups with wax and use them to create unique candles for your living room, home office, or bedroom decor. Depending on the mood you’re looking for, you may use matching tea cups or a mix of different patterns.

5. Hanging Flower Vases

Hanging your flower vases from the ceiling can give your home more flair.

It is possible to hang your tiny DIY nursery near a window and watch the roots of your plant develop. You do not require any additional support, such as a table, a piece of furniture, or a window sill, in order to place yourflower vaseon.

6. DIY Macrame Decor

Creating a macrame wall hanging is a simple DIY project that will bring a personal touch to any space in your house. It is also inexpensive. There are a plethora of free tutorials available online that will guide you through the process of creating a macrame with a variety of intriguing designs, including as spirals and triangles.

7. Photo Clipboards

Make a collage of your favorite high-quality prints, magazine covers, and newspaper clippings to hang on a wall or shelf. Metallic paint may be used to decorate blank clipboards, which should be hung evenly on the wall before being filled with images and documents.

8. Custom Designed Wallpaper

A single piece of wallpaper can do wonders for bringing a complete space together. Any room can benefit from the addition of custom-designedwallpaper if you’re looking to add some unique patterns and colors to the walls. This can enhance your home decor choices as well as the overall design style of the room! Allow your individual style to come through by creating wallpaper with designs from independent artists on Spoonflower. Choose from a variety of styles, ranging from modern to coastal. For a quick and easy DIY makeover, pre-pasted wallpaper from Spoonflower is ideal.

9. Glass Hanging Candle Holders

Are you looking for easy DIY room decorating ideas? Make stunning glass hanging candle holders out of recycled bottles or Mason jars with this easy tutorial. It is impossible to have too many hanging mason jar lights in your home!

10. Paper Crane Wall Art

Make a striking visual statement with these easy-to-make origami cranes. Place the cranes on an empty wall with little furniture to have the most visual impact. To decorate the wall, fold origami paper cranes by hand and pin them to the wall.

11. Statement Wall Hanging

Start with a wooden dowel to create this easy DIY home décor project. Put different colored yarns together to form a symmetrical structure. Decorate your living area, bedroom, or home office with this eye-catching standout piece.

12. Pom Pom Garland

Spruce up your area with a garland that can be strung from a mantel, bookcase, or blank wall. To add a little more flair, alternate the colors of the pom poms.

13. Wooden Crate Shelf

Searching for an original, rustic shelf that won’t break the bank? Look no further. This simple DIY wooden crate shelf adds charm to any room and is completely customisable based on the stain color you pick and the amount of crates you use. The perfect addition to any nursery, bedroom, workplace, or bathroom!

14. Chalkboard Wall

A DIY chalkboard wall can bring life to any space. Using colored chalk, construct a flowery design and a gorgeous spectrum of colours to complement the pattern.

15. Plant Shelves

DIY plant shelves are a great way to display your plants amid your canvas artwork. Plants on a wall may quickly change a space and add a touch of nature into the home.

16. Pressed Plant Frames

Flowers—or weeds!—can be pressed and preserved to bring the beauty of the yard into for enjoyment for years to come, extending their life span.

17. Canvas Prints

Whether you want to put a single canvas print on a small table or group severalcanvases printsacross a mantel or the top of a bookcase, your unique works of art will create a warm and friendly atmosphere in any space.

18. Vinyl Record Wall

Vinyl records may be used to create one-of-a-kind interior décor. Everyone who enters the room will be uplifted, regardless of whether your family members play musical instruments or enjoy karaoke.

19. String Art

String art may be created using nails, a wood board, and whatever type of string you like. A heart, an animal, or encouraging phrases are all good choices for shapes to work with on your project. Make the item out of the same thread or use a variety of colors to make it more interesting.

20. Seashell Mobile

Make a seashell mobile out of seashells that you’ve collected while on vacation and use it to decorate your house with coastal accents. This DIY room décor is suitable for use in a variety of rooms, including the living room, bedroom, and foyer.

21. Geometric Pattern

Make a feature wall in your bedroom or children’s playroom. Create a geometric design out of tape to use as a base for your geometric masterpiece to be completed.

22. Paper Stars

Starting with a blank canvas allows you to add your own personal touch to your DIY room decorations. Start by sticking paper to the wall and experimenting with different color combinations to see what works best.

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23. DIY Ottoman

Extra seating is frequently required in living areas and bedrooms. Make a colorful ottoman out of cloth and a repurposed footstool for your home.

24. Paint Chip Art

Collect paint chip samples in a variety of hues to create this eye-catching DIY rainbow wall art. Incorporate tones that are in contrast to the hues of your walls.

25. Mini Cork Boards

Cut cork boards into circles and hang them over your desk or in the kitchen to serve as a place to post reminders and to-do lists. Color-coordinate your cork boards by layering them with colors that compliment the rest of your room’s dcor.

26.DIY Tablescapes

Tablescapes made from scratch may breathe new life into your dining area and make loved ones feel special when they sit down to dinner with you. Linens have a significant impact on the overall appearance, feel, and functioning of your table and eating experience. With custom-designed table runners and cloth napkins, you can make a large statement while also expressing your own particular style. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to personalizing with fresh designs created bySpoonflowerindependent artists.

Prior to shipping, all of our table runners and napkins are hand stitched in our own facility.

27. Driftwood Wall Hanging

Do you like to collect driftwood on the beach when you can? String, paint, and feathers may be used to assemble your favorite parts into works of art.

28. Inspirational Phrase Art

Encourage the spirits of your family and friends by displaying inspirational wall art that includes uplifting slogans and quotations on your walls.

29. Paper Banner

Do you need some fast and easy holiday décor for your child’s bedroom?

Try making this paper banner, which is so simple to make that even the kids can participate! You may use this charming banner to brighten up the kids’ playroom or even your own room if you want to be creative.

30. Painted Pots

Acrylic paint may be used to create your own patterned pots. For your designs, try using geometric patterns and polka dots as accents. Incorporate plants into the containers as decoration that may be displayed on a window sill, desk, and side table.

31. Gallery Wall

Create a wall gallery that is totally comprised of one’s own unique wall art. Whether you want a canvas print with or without a frame, you can create a gorgeous piece of decor that will be sure to surprise your friends and family.

32. Dried Flower Hanger

Creating a totally customized wall gallery is a great way to express yourself. With a canvas print, you can create a gorgeous piece of décor that is guaranteed to wow. You can choose to have a frame or not.

33. Farmhouse Lamp

Using white or cream paint on the base of a wooden lamp, you can achieve a rustic or farmhouse appearance. Allow some of the wood to show through and choose a lampshade that complements the tone of the wood.

34. Crystal Suncatchers

A wooden lamp base painted in white or cream tones will give it a rustic or farmhouse feel. Some of the wood should be visible; choose a lampshade that complements the tone of the wood.

35. Photo Lamp

Construct a lampshade that is packed with photographs of the individuals who are most important in your life. Select photographs that have significant importance to you, such as those from trips, weddings, or birthdays.

36. Blanket Ladder

Because your room isn’t warm until you have a couple of fluffyfleece blankets on the bed. Make a blanket ladder to display your favorite blankets with this simple DIY project. With a vertical blanket ladder, you’ll be able to meet your organization demands while also creating a beautiful presentation for your space.

37. String Light Photo Wall

If you don’t want to use frames for all of your favorite images, hanging prints from string lights is a terrific way to add some personality to your bedroom environment.

38. DIY Terrarium

If you want to try your hand at growing plants indoors but don’t think you have a green thumb, a terrarium may be the answer for you. It is possible to personalize terrariums with entertaining figures and ornamental landscaping in addition to being able to manage and monitor the growing environment.

39. Weaved Decor

In only a few minutes, you may have this woven wall decoration completed. All you need is a woven rug, yarn or twine, and beads to complete the project. For a modern, sleek look in your living room or guest bedroom, hang it on a wall.

40. Painted Leaves

If you’re working on this DIY room decor project in the fall or winter, it’s ideal to complete it when there are lots of leaves on the ground. You may make this earthy art work by using actual leaves and painting some festive designs on them.

41. Paper Lantern String Lights

You’ll learn how to construct your own paper lantern string lights that you can use to brighten up your room, porch, or wherever else you’d want a little shine.

42. Patterned Dresser

You’ll learn how to construct your own paper lantern string lights that you can use to brighten up your room, your porch, or wherever else you’d want to have a little glimmer.

43. Triangle Shelves

For those of you who enjoy wooden décor and want a straightforward approach to incorporate it into your home, try wooden triangle shelves.

Make triangular shelves for your interior design to make it stand out. Set up many shelves on the same wall and fill them with treasured objects such as succulents and pictures.

44. Geometric Lamp

Geometric lamps may provide a splash of color to your bedroom or workplace decor. To give them a little more individuality, paint them metallic or a vibrant color.

45. Baby Mobile

Make a DIY baby mobile as a charming and timeless addition to your nursery with a few simple stitches. Design your child’s room in soothing hues such as pastels to help him or her sleep better at night.

46. Pom Pom Pillows

Are you looking for easy, fun, and festive DIY room decor? Make your own pillows out of brightly colored fabrics and embellished with pom poms. Place them on your bed, couch, or reading chair to make a statement.

47. Decorative Wall Kite

What about using gorgeous kites to decorate the walls of your child’s room? It’s entertaining, gorgeous, and unique, and, of course, who could resist the seduction of a pastel pink or pale blue wall decoration on which to hang their favorite things?

48. DIY Painting

Colorful swirls of paint spilling out from under canvas and forming attractive marble art are among the most delightful sights to behold. The good news is that this type of decor isn’t difficult to make on your own and can be completed with a single trip to your local craft store.

49. Hat Wall

Colorful swirls of paint seeping out from under canvas and forming enticing marble art are among the most delightful things in the world. The good news is that this type of decor isn’t difficult to make on your own and can be completed with a single trip to your local craft store!

50. Uplifting Art

This is about as simple as it gets when it comes to DIY projects. Find a saying you enjoy, write it out in a colorful font, print it out, and display it on your wall as wall art to be reminded of it throughout the day. Keep yourself motivated by switching up the quote on a monthly or even weekly basis.

51. DIY Flower Wall

What a lovely sight it would be to have a wall of fresh flowers in your house. Despite the fact that it isn’t particularly realistic or long-lasting, it is swoon-worthy. It’s also incredibly simple to reproduce the look using artificial flowers!

52. Neutral-Colored Gallery Wall

Photos in black and white are a good choice for a gallery wall since they are harmonious and look fantastic when displayed in a cluster.

53. Abstract Canvas

It is not necessary to be difficult while making your own interior decorations. Try painting abstract art on a blank canvas to see how it turns out. While you should use a variety of hues, you should also incorporate an accent color such as white, black, or gold.

54. String Light Headboard

Installing a string of lights on the wall above your bed might serve as a visually appealing (and bright!) alternative to a traditional headboard.

55. DIY Nature Wall Art

If you enjoy the outdoors, this piece of wall art will look great in your house. DIY wall art is one of the most enjoyable and cost-effective methods to enhance the appearance of your house.

56. Painted Scenery Wall

Create the atmosphere of a forest or mountain range in your bedroom or nursery. Paint the walls with the intention of creating a scenario. You may make it as complicated or as basic as you like.

57. Creative Wall Pattern

Do you have a blank wall that could use a little character?

Create a pattern of stripes, zig zags, or geometric patterns with paint or stickers to hang on the wall.

58. Polka Dots

Polka dots may be used to add a whimsical touch to the walls of your bedroom or living area. Select a hue that complements your personal style, whether it’s purple, gold, or blue.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking to decorate an entire room or simply add accents to your existing decor, choose pieces that speak to your personal aesthetic. As easy as customized home décor might be, you’ll be astonished at how much of a difference it can make in a room. In addition, the following may be of interest:

  • Bathroom wall art, canvas wall art, multi panel wall art, bedroom wall art, fireplace decor, and more types of wall art are available.

30 Beautiful DIY Homemade Christmas Ornaments to Make

Making homemade Christmas ornaments is something I enjoy doing, as you can probably tell from the large number of DIY Christmas ornament projects on this website. I hope you had as much fun making these as I did! It is so enjoyable to decorate your house for the holidays, and it is much more enjoyable when you know that you have produced all of the decorations yourself! The process of making them is a wonderful family activity to do on those chilly winter afternoons.

Christmas Star Ornaments to Make

I bet you didn’t realize there were so many different ways to make paper star Christmas decorations until now, did you? My favorite ones right now are the origami stars since they were a lot of fun to learn how to create and I think they look great when they are finished. They are, however, a bit difficult to fold properly. The stars made of weaved paper are undoubtedly the most popular. A large number of individuals have written in to express their appreciation for them. This is particularly appealing since, despite the fact that they appear intricate and sophisticated, they are a surprisingly simple DIY handmade Christmas ornament to construct.

Favorite DIY Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Listed here are a few of my favorite DIY Christmas decorations that I’ve created – each one comes with complete step-by-step directions! The string trees homemade Christmas decorations are probably the ones I’m most pleased of since they turned out so wonderfully and look amazing with LED candles inside of them. They were a little time-consuming to construct, and the completed trees are fragile, but I believe that is part of what makes them so lovely. Besides smelling amazing, the clove oranges are also really simple to prepare.

You’ll be tempted to devour them as soon as you finish making them.

(Believe me when I say that they are not pleasant to eat.)

DIY Homemade Christmas Ornaments from Paper

Other than the traditional star-shaped Christmas ornament, there are a plethora of other designs of paper Christmas ornaments to choose from. In my opinion, they give your Christmas tree a warm, homey feel that you can’t obtain from store-bought decorations alone. The classic spherical paper baubles are my personal favorite among these. I just believe they’re really basic and lovely in their design. They’re also rather simple to produce. Geodesic paper baubles are a particular favorite of my husband’s.

The pattern for these is fairly customizable, so even though I’ve made them appear a little oriental, you could easily build them in Christmas colors or as small orange pumpkins for Halloween using the same template.

Personalized Christmas Poster

Produce a beautiful customised word-art poster to commemorate the traditions of your family’s Christmas season and to bring that warm and fuzzy feeling into your house this winter. The process of creating your poster is simple with our subway-art poster generator, and we have plenty of inspiration to get you started. To customise and print your poster, please visit this page. You may also use our poster generator to create a word art poster themed around Christmas, using lyrics from your favorite Christmas tunes or passages from Christmas stories and poems as inspiration.

*FREE* printable Christmas posters

To obtain free printable Christmas posters, please visit this page.

DIY Christmas Ornament Crafts

For your consideration, here are some more clever DIY Christmas decorations projects to try. They have a distinct personality, and I enjoy seeing them in my living room and smiling every time I see them. It’s amusing to rearrange their hats, scarves, and arms to give them varied emotions with different accessories. Because they are so simple to construct, pipe cleaner decorations are a lot of fun to make with your children. Getting creative with sugar canes is only the beginning; on the page linked above, you’ll notice that you can build animals and all sorts of other creatures as well.

I think they’re lovely, and Helen claims that they were rather simple to construct, but I haven’t attempted to make them myself yet.”

Advent Calendars

What do you think about Advent calendars as homemade Christmas ornaments? In a way, I believe they do, because they are something that is often shown about the house throughout the holiday season. The first one we built was an origami Advent calendar, which you can see here. One of the best aspects of that design is how quickly it can be constructed. Making the pockets is a basic origami fold that takes only a few seconds each pocket and can be completed in under a minute. Besides that, I believe the final calendar turned out quite well.

I’m embarrassed to admit that, despite our best efforts, all of the chocolate was gone well before the start of the Advent calendar season.

We’re both a little bit of a sugar addict.

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Take a look at these lovely printable gift ideas for the holiday season. Personalized and printable in the comfort of your home! Additionally, we have many more simple and affordable DIY handmade Christmas presents for you to choose from!

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