How To Make Decorations With Balloons

22 Awesome DIY Balloons Decorations

There are no comments. Party! Party, party, and more party! Everyone has a good time at a party! It makes no difference whether you are throwing the party or attending someone else’s celebration. But, of course, it makes a difference. If you are the one who is going to be hosting a party, then it is imperative that you look your best. It is essential that you plan ahead of time in order to ensure that the party is remembered for its awesomeness after it has concluded. Beyond the standard considerations, such as food and beverages, there are a variety of other considerations that you should keep in mind throughout your event.

Decorations have the ability to create an atmosphere that will either make or break your party.


If you are running out of ideas or need a little inspiration, we have a full collection dedicated toDIY balloons decorations that you can peruse.


1. Photos hanging from balloons to create a chandelier over a table.

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Last minute DIY balloon ideas

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DIY Balloon Ideas

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Creative Balloons Ideas For Parties

The use of balloons and photographs in a chandelier Wedding Chicks are women who work in the wedding industry. Craftionary has a great idea for a pom pom balloon. DIY Metallic gold Confetti Balloons decorated with paper polka dotsFabric Balloons. Simply wrap the balloons in various kinds of cloth to make them seem more festive. With glitter and sequins, Glitter Party Balloons are used to decorate the party. DIY Balloon Greetings for the Bride-to-Be. Learn how to write intriguing messages on balloons with this tutorial.

  • This is a simple idea for creating illuminated balloons.
  • Putting a balloon into another balloon is a simple procedure.
  • Take two balloons as a starting point.
  • 3.
  • To complete the fourth step, blow air into the first balloon with the assistance of the straw.
  • Tie them together and you’re done!
  • Balloons decorated with painted Styrofoam balls are a great way to brighten up a party.

The use of Festive Balloon Tails for balloon Party décor is encouraged.

Balloons with Confetti Sprinkles Pretty Prudent has a great DIY project.

Glitter Hearts Balloons designed by Creative Khadija for her daughter’s birthday.

Placement Cards for a Balloon Party Pop Sugar created a balloon backdrop for a party.

DIY Painted Balloons created by splattering paint onto balloons using a paint brush.

The Rainbow Balloons Arch lesson was created using a variety of brightly colored balloons.

Using these incredible ideas, you may take your party to the next level even if you weren’t prepared to decorate for it or if you ran out of time because life is simply too hectic.

Please keep in mind that certain original sources were not included.

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21 Creative DIY Balloon Decoration Ideas for Your Next Party

Choose from one of these 21 easy DIY balloon decoration ideas to add a little something extra to your next party or event. Whether you’re looking to create a magnificent balloon arch, a stately column, a sophisticated centerpiece, or an enormous balloon background, you’ll find plenty of ideas and step-by-step directions in my hand-picked collection. Do you like these balloon decorating suggestions? Pin them to your Pinterest board!

Spiral Balloon Arch

Have you ever wanted to know how to incorporate this stunning spiral design into a balloon arch? It’s a straightforward technique using the arrangement of balloons in contrasting colors. Enchanted Balloon is the source of the image.

String of Pearls Arch

Have you ever wanted to know how to incorporate this lovely spiral design into a balloon arch? Here’s how. Simply arranging balloons in opposing colors is all it takes to pull off this easy illusion. Enchanted Balloon is the source of this image.

Balloon Columns

Balloon columns (also known as pillars or towers) are available in a plethora of styles, sizes, colors, and patterns to complement any decor. There’s a good chance you’ll discover one that matches your particular occasion. For instructions on how to create them yourself, see our simple step-by-step balloon column guide. Balloon pillars, which are commonly positioned on either side of an entryway, table, or stage, are particularly effective when used in conjunction with balloon arches or as a stand-alone eye-catcher.

Pinterest is the source of this image.

Balloon Bouquet (Staggered or Cascading)

The possibilities for balloon centerpiece decorations are virtually limitless, making them an excellent choice for birthday celebrations or other special events. Changing the amount of balloons (anything from three to ten balloons is allowed) and the way they are arranged are two examples of how you may customize your party (staggered or stacked). The image depicts a straightforward, yet visually striking, example of a staggered pattern using only three balloons. Here’s where you can learn how to make this style of balloon bouquet.

Balloon Bouquet (Stacked or Layered)

Combine simple balloons with printed balloons, or latex balloons with mylar balloons for a unique look. Tulle is used to create romantic accents. A variety of techniques may be used to produce visually appealing matching bases for your balloon bouquets. An artificial potted plant has been used as the foundation for this example of a stacking or layered bouquet. Ideal for use as balloon decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day celebrations!

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

A one-of-a-kind way to surprise your spouse or friend with a gift ticket for a hot air balloon trip, or just as a beautiful piece of home décor on its own.

Hot air balloon centerpieces are a simple and inexpensive balloon decoration concept that is great for any occasion. Green Wedding Shoes is the source of this image.

Organic Balloon Arch

There are several different organic balloon arch and garland kits available on Amazon, in a variety of color combinations and sizes. Simply search for “balloon arch” on the internet. Organic balloon décor is a relatively new and rapidly expanding trend. I’m not sure about you, but their patterns are incredibly gorgeous to me. While typical balloon decorations rely on all of the balloons being the same size, organic balloon décor achieves its whimsical appearance by using balloons of varying sizes into the design.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Giant Confetti Balloons

Another one of my all-time favorite balloon-decorating ideas is included in this list. Three-foot transparent balloons with confetti and color-coordinated tassels adorn the table. Consider the effect of having them suspended over the tables during a wedding reception or graduation celebration. Heavenly! Discover how to produce confetti balloons on your own. Balloons Online is the source of this image. Product Recommendation Take a look at these balloons that are 36 inches in diameter. They are pre-filled with confetti in a variety of colors.

According to what I’ve read, putting a drop of water to the balloons before blowing them up would aid in getting the confetti to adhere to the edge of the balloon.

Because of the weight of the confetti, the balloon will not float as well or for as long as an empty balloon would be expected to.

Writing on Balloons

I am frequently requested for instructions on how to write on latex balloons. There are a variety of different sorts of markers that you may use. Customizing your latex balloons with gold lettering on black balloons is perhaps one of the most eye-catching ideas for personalizing your latex balloons. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Heavenly Balloon Decorating Ideas for Your Pool Party

Simply amazing. There isn’t much else to say. If you’re wondering what weights to use to ensure that the balloons float gracefully around the pool, check out my suggestions here. Style Me Pretty is the source of this image.

Gumball Balloon

This is a wonderful gift idea for any expecting mother! In addition, it is a wonderful personalized present idea for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other special occasions. Using a specialized balloon stuffing instrument, it is quickest and easiest to make these gumballs. In any case, you may give it a shot by following our instructions on how to physically put smaller balloons into bigger balloons. Photograph courtesy of The Party Company

Link-o-loon Rainbow Arch

Link-o-loon balloons are distinguished by the presence of distinctive “tails” at the opposite end of their necks. This makes it incredibly simple to connect them and construct beautiful floating arches, such as the ones seen in the photograph.

They may also be used as a charming entrance decoration. Alternatively, you may fill the balloons with air instead of helium if you rest the arch against a brick wall. Here are some pointers on how to construct a link-o-loon arch. Bayside Balloons Online is the source of this image.

Tulle Covered Balloons

These tulle balloons are the perfect addition to any wedding cake table, baby shower, or summer celebration with a pastel theme. Very important: if you want them to float, use large balloons (30 or 36 inches in diameter), high-quality helium, and tulle that is extremely light in weight. Smaller balloons are frequently weighted down by the tulle and are unable to float properly. Image courtesy of Joann

Balloon Ceilings

Another fantastic and very simple (but not inexpensive, since you will need a lot of helium) balloon decoration idea is to create balloon ceilings. Is it possible to keep them from drifting around the room? This is a difficult issue to answer. Read my recommendations here.Photo courtesy of Balloon City USA.

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Floral Balloon Backdrop

Not only will you create a fantastic show-stopper with this balloon backdrop, but the floral arrangements will also provide a pleasant aroma to your event. Sisoo’s image and instructions are below.

Balloons and Flowers Fairy Arch

I agree with Toni from Design Dazzle that this flower and balloon arch creates the impression that you are about to enter a fairy tale setting. What a unique and imaginative balloon decorating idea for a garden celebration! Furthermore, think about the incredible photographs you might shoot against such a backdrop! Design Dazzle is depicted in the image and instructions.

A Swarm of Bumble Bee Balloons

I agree with Toni from Design Dazzle that this flower and balloon arch creates the impression that you are about to enter a fairy tale. The use of balloons as a garden party décor is a brilliant concept. Consider the amazing photographs you might shoot against such a backdrop as well! Design Dazzle is shown with instructions.

Fruit Balloon Garland

Anyone in the mood for some grapes, bananas, or pineapples, please? After all, who would’ve believed that you could even make a fruit garland out of balloons with a little bit of imagination? Image and step-by-step instructions: Oh, what a wonderful day!

Balloon Garland as Table Centerpiece

Isn’t this balloon garland a wonderful attention-getter for your Thanksgiving gathering? An explosion in color with a variety of balloon sizes in orange, rose, and pearl white creates an incredibly brilliant and cheerful ambiance. As a result, this garland is much easier to build than it appears since the balloons are placed and held in place using balloon decoration strips. Sugar and a Cloth (with photo and directions)

Floating Balloon Clouds

Don’t these balloons make for a wonderful focal point for your Thanksgiving celebration? An explosion of color with a variety of balloon sizes in orange, rose, and pearl white creates a very brilliant and cheerful environment. The balloons are placed and held in place with the help of a balloon decoration strip, which makes this garland more easier to build than it appears. Sugar and a Cloth (photo and instructions):

Strawberry Balloons – Yum!

These adorable decorations are quite simple to make. All you need are pink 11-inch latex balloons, a black pen, green crepe paper, glue, paper straws, and empty jars to use as a basis for your creation. Alternatively, fishing line might be used to suspend them from the ceiling. This image and instruction (which also includes a recipe for a strawberry ice cream cake!) can be found at: The Craft Patch is a place where you can make things. This collection of DIY balloon decoration ideas from across the web is intended to be entertaining.

I hope you enjoyed them. If you did, please pin it and spread the word. Are there any more creative ways to decorate with balloons that you’ve come across or – even better – that you’ve tried yourself? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

45 Awesome DIY Balloon Decor Ideas – Pretty My Party

I’m not sure how you go about decorating for a party, but balloons are one of my favorite things to use! These 45 Awesome DIY Balloon Decor Ideas will provide you with some great crafting inspiration! A party is not a party unless there are balloons present. Balloons are the most effective party décor for both indoor and outdoor gatherings. Because they’re eye-catching and affordable, they’re also a great canvas for getting creative. They’re a wonderful way to add a little something extra to any event.

With balloons, you can create a variety of imaginative arrangements, such as arches and columns of balloons, garlands and wall and backdrop decorations as well as characters and garlands as table centerpieces, numbers as balloons and glow stick balloons, balloons with crafty tassels and rainbows, among other things.

  • Also, these imaginative balloon ideas are not limited to a birthday party or other special occasion.
  • In this wide collection of creative balloon decorating ideas, we have something for everyone, whether you’re searching for easy balloon ideas for your house or whether you’re a party pro who can create the more complicated designs on your own time.
  • Alternatively, how about a fun balloon Christmas tree?!
  • 2.DIY Balloon Christmas Wreath– Laughter and Laughter This easy-to-make balloon wreath is a fun and economical way to liven up your Christmas celebration without breaking the bank!
  • Experiment with creating a unique balloon Christmas tree and wreath, and see the responses of your visitors as they enter your lovely holiday party.
  • 3rd, make a snowman balloon with your best friends for frosting.
  • How about this cute snowman balloon décor that you can make yourself?

You may use it to decorate any holiday party or school for a festive look.

Use your imagination to play with colors and snowman accessories.

4.DIY Snowman Balloon Garland – This garland was built by hand.

This DIY balloon décor is quick and simple to put up, and it will be a great discussion starter at your holiday celebration.

5.Delia Creates: Paper Balloon Farm Animals How beautiful are these farm animals made of paper balloons?

They’ll be a hit with the youngsters.

Take use of all of the FREE cut files available to create your own own balloon farm animals!

Add them to your New Year’s Eve party for an extra splash of color, or use them to adorn the venue for your daughter’s birthday party with this simple balloon idea!

Imagine decorating the venue with a lot of balloons with the guest of honor’s face on them.

The expression on their face as they come into a birthday party, retirement party, or anniversary celebration would be priceless.

Marquee balloon letters or numerals are inexpensive and extremely simple to build with a few simple supplies.

Balloon Project Shop offers DIY Cupcake Balloon Decorations.

An adorable idea for a sweet shop birthday celebration is this DIY cupcake balloon decoration.

Diy Easter Hot Air Balloon Basket from The Creative Heart Studio on Etsy.

It’s one of our faves from the 45 Awesome DIY Balloon Decor Ideas we’ve compiled for you!

So gather your balloons, glue, scissors, and balloon pump for an Easter-themed creative trip that will leave you with lasting memories!

They are eye-catching and provide an excellent backdrop for photographs, as well as for a cake table or dessert buffet.

Add some adorable emoji faces to your backdrop and you’ll have an immediate hit on your hands!

Halloween is just another great opportunity to off your balloon design abilities!

The black and white marbled balloons will add a special touch to your frightening event and ensure that it is remembered fondly.

13.Winter Wonderland Balloon Dessert Table Backdrop– Let the Party Begin!

All you need is a little bit of imagination.

14.Gorgeous Balloon Wall– Hello Pretty Events You may make a fun girls’ gathering even more remarkable by including a large balloon wall in your plans.

The nice thing about DIY balloon ideas is that you can customize them to include anything you want to make them stand out, such as streamers, flowers, foliage, and other decorations.

Combining a couple of them together and placing them close to the gift table, dessert table, or at the entryway will give your event the right mermaid mood!

You can make some fantastic DIY balloons by combining different colored balloons and stringing them together.

Whether you’re doing a doughnut-themed party or not, you must make these cute donut balloons.

18.Two-Toned Balloons– A Subtle Display of Imagination These lovely two-toned balloons have a delicate appearance that we adore.

Color balloons or transparent balloons can be used to customize the color of the balloons to your liking.

19.Marble Balloons – Easy and Inexpensive Crafting Fun Grab some white balloons and some nail paint, and you’ll be on your way to creating these stunning marble balloons.

Twenty-first, a Rainbow Balloon Backdrop – Oh Happy Day With this stunning life-size balloon rainbow backdrop, we’re transported someplace above the rainbow horizon.

Patrick’s Day party décor.

The centerpiece for the Bird’s Party is a tropical balloon arrangement.

Simply add some palm fronds and leaves, and you have a stunning tropical centerpiece perfect for your luau celebration!

If you want to be creative, this one-of-a-kind balloon chandelier is a project that you must try your hand at.

Engaging Balloon Columns courtesy of Party Hop Shop.

These engagement balloon columns are very adorable!

24-Jumbo Ceiling Balloon Decor– Oh My Gosh, It’s So Adorable!

Isn’t this party concept, complete with enormous balloons spanning the whole ceiling, fantastic?

strawberry balloon centerpieces (courtesy of The Craft Patch) 25.

Your friends and family will be “berry grateful” that you made them!

Make these lightsaber decorations with six-foot dowels, PVC pipe, and a few wooden bases, all of which can be found at your local hardware shop or home improvement center.

27.Flower Balloons with an improvised design These balloons are dressed up beautifully with flowers from the Dollar Store.

These adorable balloons are quick and simple to construct, and they’re excellent for tea parties, garden parties, or as a lovely picture prop for your next photo shoot.

Their popularity with children will ensure that they are the most popular party favors.

They’re simple to prepare and would be ideal for a tea party or a ballerina-themed celebration.

Their eye-catching nature makes them an excellent choice if you want to take your balloon décor to the next level.

If you adore balloons so much that you want them to fill your ceremony room, this elegant balloon arch is a wonderful option.

Balloons in the shape of ice cream cones– Joann Okay, we’re going to give you the scoop – the scoop of ice cream, to be precise!

They’ll be a hit with the youngsters.

Are you looking for a simple yet eye-catching party backdrop?

This balloon sprinkles backdrop is affordable, cute, and ideal for use at gatherings and celebrations.

34.Flower Balloons – Balloons with a Personal Touch Submitted by Cathy These adorable flower balloons can make anyone’s day brighter!

Our favorite part about them is how they were dressed with pastel streamers.

35.Cactus Balloons–An improvised DIY project In little time at all, you can create these adorable cactus balloons to decorate a cactus-themed birthday celebration or baby shower.

They are simple to produce and entertaining to watch, and everyone will like them!

Build one of these for your Halloween costume or a llama-themed party centerpiece.

The Balloon Unicorn greeted us with a smile.

This unicorn-themed balloon decoration is ideal for a unicorn-themed birthday celebration!

38.Confetti Balloon Dog – Oh Happy Day, It’s a Wonderful Day!

Decorate your party venue by making a few of these cool dogs and placing them throughout the venue.

Create these simple, lovely balloons for your celebration with the help of the templates that are provided on this page.

40.Balloon Space Planets– Patchwork Cactus Space-themed parties are a lot of fun, and these planet balloons would be perfect for hanging above a space-themed dessert or gift table, as shown here.

Creating some trendy balloon tassels, such as these, is a fantastic way to transform your ordinary balloons into something fun and fashionable.

They’ll appear really elegant and stylish!

Plain balloons are made more interesting by the addition of colorful feathers.

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Balloons with Splatters of Paint – Twinkle Twinkle Little Party These paint splatter balloons are a lot of fun to make!

They’re a simple way to dress up balloons for your next event, and they’re also inexpensive.

We’re big fans of balloon walls here!

Alternatively, it may be used to create a backdrop for your dessert or gift table.

This cherry balloon wall is very adorable!

It’s simple to make and quite lovely.

Consider placing a baby girl’s highchair in front of this wall for some adorable photographs. That’s all there is to it! It is possible to create a plethora of imaginative balloon decorations for your next celebration. Purchase one of these balloon kits and create your own:

  • Balloon Garland for Christmas
  • Pastel Mermaid Balloon Garland
  • Mermaid Tail Balloon Arch
  • Unicorn Balloon Garland
  • Metallic Superhero Balloon Garland
  • Jungle/Safari Balloon Garland
  • Twisting Balloons
  • Blue and Silver Balloon Garland
  • Pink Balloon Garland
  • Hand-Held Balloon Pump
  • Electric Balloon Pump
  • Hand

You may vote for your favorite from among these 45 awesome DIY Balloon Decor Ideas. In the comments section below, please tell us about your favorite balloon fashion trends. You’re seeking for more DIY party décor ideas, aren’t you? Keep up with us on social media, including Instagram @prettymyparty and Pinterest, as well as on our private Facebook group.

How to Make DIY Balloon Garland (Easy Tutorial)

Have you been tasked with figuring out how to build a balloon garland? A balloon garland is a simple and effective method to create a great impression at any type of party. This lesson will demonstrate that they are actually rather simple to construct. If you’ve spent even a single minute in my company, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of balloon arches. And, to be honest, they have such an impact that they allow you to reduce the amount of other decorations you need for any sort of event! *This post may include affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you.

Because they appear to be so tough, I was really scared by them before I ever attempted to make my first one.

In the previous three years, I’ve crafted balloon garlands for almost every party, baby shower, and holiday that I’ve attended.

Examples of Balloon Garlands I’ve Created

Following the completion of my first balloon arch, there was no stopping me! Since then, I’ve been making these for practically every birthday party, baby shower, and other event I throw. Here are a handful that I’ve created during the course of the year: This Mickey Mouse Balloon Garland was the very first one I ever made! A mix of red, white, and yellow balloons were utilized for Roy’sMickey Mouse birthday celebration, which I decorated myself. In keeping with the Disney theme, I created a colorful yet simple pink and white one for Penelope’sMinnie Mouse party, for which I utilized this kit from Amazon.

  1. I didn’t know there were just a few gold pieces in the kit; else, I would have purchased an additional pack of gold or just purchased them all separately!
  2. (I need to do a Disney princess one as a next project!) The rainbow balloon garland I made for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party was a big success!
  3. The most recent balloon garland I made was for our son’s superhero birthday party, which took place last month.
  4. It was the ideal approach to greet visitors as they arrived at the celebration.

As you can see, it is really simple to make a significant effect using balloons! A handful of balloons and a few minutes of your time can make a significant difference on any special occasion. The next step is to demonstrate how to build a balloon garland.

How to Make a Balloon Garland

There are several approaches to creating a balloon garland. The first is that each balloon may be tied together using a LONG piece of thread. The second method is to “stitch” your balloons together by inserting a needle and thread or fishing line through the bottom of each balloon and pulling the needle out the other end. Last but not least, the quickest and most straightforward method is to use a balloon decoration strip! I’m confident that using a balloon decorating strip is the quickest and most straightforward method of creating a balloon arch, so let’s go over the process step by step.

Balloon Garland Supplies List

First and foremost, you’ll require the following supplies:

1. Balloons

You’ll need a lot of latex balloons for this project. If you want a more distinctive and attractive balloon garland, the size of the balloons is important to consider. My balloon bouquet is made up of a combination of large and tiny balloons. I utilize over 100 balloons for the majority of my balloon arches, which extend over half of our entryway. That should provide you with a solid sense of where to begin your search. In order to build a full doorway, I would recommend getting closer to 200.

It is far preferable to have an excess of balloons than an insufficient number.

2. Balloon Decorating Strip

This is the most important instrument in creating a balloon garland! Using this basic strip, it will be a breeze to put up your balloon arch! These are what I like to refer to as “fly paper for balloons.” It’s a single long plastic strip with holes in it for threading the balloon’s knot through. You can’t construct a balloon garland without one of these, believe it or not! My balloon strip was discovered on Amazon (the single hole style).

3. An Electric Balloon Inflater

The answer is yes, you will require an electric balloon inflator. I attempted to make a balloon arch without using this method and it took three times as long! An electric balloon inflate will not only save you a lot of time, but it will also save you from passing out. This balloon friend from Amazon is the one I currently have, however this balloon pump has received rave ratings! You may also purchase the one that I have from Michaels!

4. Command Hooks

You’ll need something to use as a hook to hang your balloon garland from. Command hooks are excellent since they do not require you to drill an additional hole in your wall! I obtained command hooks from Amazon, but you can obtain hooks from Target as well. I’ve made use of both the smallest and the largest sizes. Because balloon garlands are so light, you won’t need anything too dramatic to complement them. In the event that you like nails, you can always go for that option!

5. Glue Dots

At the end of the activity, you will use glue dots to connect balloons to the holes that have been created. One pack of cigarettes will last you a long time.

I purchased them from Amazon, and I’ve already used them to make all of my balloon garlands, and I still have enough of them left over. Instead of using glue dots, if you don’t have any on hand or already have a glue gun, you might use a low-eaten glue gun to complete this step.

6. Optional – fresh flowers, faux flowers, greenery

Depending on the sort of balloon garland you choose and the theme of your party, adding real or imitation flowers or greenery might be a fun addition!

How to Make a Balloon Garland – Tutorial

Okay, now that you have all of your balloon garland ingredients, let’s get to work on learning how to build a balloon garland. Don’t be scared by the procedure; I assure you that it is less difficult than it appears.

1. Blow up balloons

Inflate balloons with the help of the electric balloon inflator. In order to make it more fun and fascinating, you should use balloons of varied sizes and colors, ideally. If you have balloons of varied sizes, simply blow them up to the size that you want them to be before using them. Don’t blow them up too much so that they become distorted in appearance. However, if you purchase balloons that are all the same size, you will be able to blow them up to various sizes! This is a really simple method to make a significant difference.

2. Attach balloons to decorating strip

Push the end of each balloon through the hole in the balloon decorating strip to attach it. Leave a foot at the beginning and end of the strip to allow for expansion (to attach it to the wall easier). Just a reminder that if you find it difficult to attach the balloons to the wall, you can simply take them down and store them. And don’t be concerned about following the pattern! I’ve discovered that when I attempt to be picky about certain color patterns and patterns of colors, the floor never ends up looking the way I had envisioned.

3. Keep adding balloons!

Maintain the length of your balloon garland by continuing to add balloons until the majority of the balloons have been used or until the garland is as long as you like. Make sure to leave around 5-10 of the smaller balloons out for use in filling up any gaps that may occur. I took much more liberties with this blue and white one than I did with the others (closer to 15). Alternatively, you may put them to the bottom of the balloon arch at the conclusion. Just be sure you wait until the last minute to snip your balloon decoration tape!

4. Set up command hooks

Install command hooks (or nails) on the wall where you want your balloon garland to be hung before you start decorating. I recommend that you physically hold your balloon arch upright before adding the command strips! With how thick your balloons are, you might be surprised at how long it ends up being or how low it hangs after it’s finished.

5. Attach the balloon garland to the wall

Attach your balloon garland to the wall using double-sided tape! As previously said, I do this by use command strips. Pouring one of the holes of the balloon strip through one of the hooks of your command strip will create the top one. After that, connect the second half of the balloon arch to the wall using either the same approach (by threading it straight through one of the holes in the balloon strip tape) or a different one (such as threading baker’s twine through the balloon strip hole and attaching it to the hook) as before.

This will be determined by the thickness of your balloon arch and the number of balloons you have. With the white and blue one, all I had to do was remove a few balloons from the area where I wanted to attach it to the wall and it was ready to go.

6. Fill in holes

Once it’s up, use balloon adhesive dots to connect leftover balloons to the crevices between the pillars where there are holes. Make certain that you do not attempt to remove the balloon once it has been inflated! The balloon has popped several times since I’ve done it a few times. For this, the best advice I can give you is to place one glue dot near the knot. Attach this to the interior of the balloon so that the knot does not protrude from the balloon. Place another glue dot on the balloon you just attached and link it to another balloon using the new glue dot.

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  • Once it’s up, use balloon adhesive dots to connect leftover balloons to the areas between the pillars where the holes are present. You should avoid pulling the balloon after it has been inflated. It may break. The balloon has been popped several times because I’ve done this. Putting one glue dot near the knot works best for me in this situation. It’s best to attach it to the inside of the balloon so that the knot doesn’t show through. Place another glue dot on the balloon you just attached and link it to another balloon using the other glue dot. If you do this, it will not fall down at random throughout your party!


Here are a few more pointers: Using baker’s twine (or fishing line, or something similar) to tie a loop at the end of the strip and tying the loop to the hook will help if you’re having difficulties securing your balloon arch with the strip. 2. When using glue dots to attach balloons, be sure that you arrange them correctly the first time you do so. I’ve popped a slew of balloons while attempting to remove them and place them in a different location. It’s best just to leave them alone for the time being.

Other Ballon Garland Tips

Here are a few more suggestions for balloon garlands: Using baker’s twine (or fishing line, or something similar) to tie a loop at the end of the strip and tying the loop to the hook will help if you’re having difficulties securing your balloon arch with the strip. 2. When using glue dots to attach balloons, be sure that you arrange them correctly the first time you do so. I’ve popped a slew of balloons while attempting to remove them and place them in a different location. It’s best just to leave them alone for the time being.

Balloon Garland FAQ

Here are some of the most often asked questions concerning balloon garlands:

How many balloons do you need?

The quantity of balloons you require is determined by the size of the balloons you intend to use and the size of the place you intend to decorate. I use about 100-120 balloons to decorate the doorway of my home on a regular basis. I always err on the side of preparing too many rather than not enough, especially if you’re intending on serving them at other gatherings as well. If I were to buy balloons, I would buy between 100 and 150 of them since you can always utilize the spare balloons for future balloon garlands.

Do you need helium for balloon arches?

No! The beauty of them is that they do not require the usage of helium.

How far in advance can I make a balloon garland?

I receive a lot of queries about how long in advance I should plan to build a balloon garland for a special occasion. Make the balloon garland a day or two before the celebration to get the best results. Most of the time, I prepare mine the day before I intend to use it. When planning to hang it outside, wait until the day before the party to put it out.

How long do balloon garlands last?

A balloon garland will last around one week. In most cases, I save mine for a few days after the party and then put it on our neighborhood app to see if anybody else may be interested in using it for a party of their own! Fortunately, I was able to give away every single one of them, for everything from a non-profit organization’s annual event to a birthday party for another youngster. A week later, the arrangement is usually still in fine condition, with only a few balloons beginning to deflate.

To be really honest, the majority of the time when I make them, I share them on our neighborhood app to see if anyone else may benefit from them so that others can benefit from them as well.

How long will it take to make?

This may vary depending on the size of the balloon and whether you use an electric balloon inflate or not. In most cases, the ones I produce with about 150 balloons take me between an hour and an hour and a half to complete.

What size balloons should I get?

Purchase balloons in a variety of sizes. The lowest size I’ve ever used is 5 inches, and the largest size I’ve ever used is 24 inches. You are not need to purchase items in such little or huge quantities, but a variety of sizes is beneficial.

Other Use: Balloon Garland Photo Backdrop

In addition, we frequently utilize our balloon garlands as picture props! To use as a backdrop, we took down the unicorn-style balloon arch that had been set up for Penelope and my niece’s first birthday celebration. Leaving all of the mess from the birthday celebrations behind is a simple and effective approach to keep the youngsters entertained! We’ve even taken them outside for some family portraits in the fresh air. Using balloon garland may be used for so many different things. If you want to wow your guests at your next event, I hope this simple instruction on how to construct a balloon garland will assist you!

Also, have a look at this post for ideas for low-cost birthday celebrations for kids!

50 DIY Balloon Decorating Ideas • Cool Crafts

Who knew that a simple little balloon could bring so much happiness to so many people? From garlands to arches, cake toppers to party decor, it appears like there isn’t anything you can’t create with these bright, airy items. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 50 of the most creative, wacky, and just stunning balloon decorating ideas that you can make yourself.without breaking the budget. Did you know that you can construct your own small letter balloons with a few simple supplies? Make sure to check out the entire guide provided by A Joyful Riot to see how it’s done correctly!

  • This is a fantastic concept courtesy of A Joyful Riot!
  • You may also combine and contrast your favorite colors to create a completely unique appearance.
  • You can see how simple it is to reproduce these patterns by looking at a Napfeny Illata.
  • Even the smallest of audiences will be entertained by this balloon dinosaur.
  • This will make a stunning centerpiece for whatever event you throw.
  • Isn’t it wonderful how great they are?!
  • The balloons that this skilled writer has created are wrapped in delicious fairy floss — can it get much better than that?

You may be sure that both children and adults will like them as well!

‘Aww Samis’ is the amazing inventor of this unusual creation, and she’ll walk you through the process step-by-step!

The process of making them is also really enjoyable, so be sure to check out the whole guide!

By following the techniques outlined in the lesson, you too can construct these vibrant and delectable-looking balloons.

Brit + Co have put together a fantastic DIY tutorial for you that you can find on their website.

In this video, Chevrons and Eclairs will walk you through the process of replicating these stunning desserts for your next party.

Design Improvised has constructed this adorable tiny cactus entirely out of balloons, which is rather ingenious.

This quick and easy DIY balloon project can be completed in minutes with only a few supplies: tissue paper, scissors, and glue.

Isn’t this set of flower balloons from Design Improvised just stunning?

There is no easier Valentine’s Day balloon idea than this one created by Design Improvised, if you’re searching for something quick and simple.

Would you want to make an ice cream garland for your next party?

It’s too adorable!

It’s a colorful and entertaining way to dress up boring balloons!

This balloon wall is ideal for use as a backdrop for photographs or as a food table backdrop.

A lot of people will praise you on your appearance.

Your next summer-themed party will look fantastic with these as decorations.

The Cheese, for example, will demonstrate how it’s done! These adorable animal balloons are sure to be the hit of the party this year! Martha Stewart has come up with this adorable craft idea, and you’ll be sure to like the lesson, which is both educational and entertaining.

50+ Pretty Balloon Decoration Ideas

Balloons may be one of the most affordable and straightforward decorations for any occasion, including parties, weddings, and holiday gatherings. As a result, you could be seeking for a unique and imaginative approach to put them up. We have a large selection of fantastic balloon decorations that will enhance the style, color, and flair of any special occasion, from weddings to baby showers to birthday parties and other gatherings. Take a look at all of these unique and creative party décor ideas and try out your favorites for your next gathering!

Giant Confetti Filled Balloon

These stunning big confetti filled balloons are guaranteed to bring a wow element to any celebration! notonthehighstreet.

Balloon Wands Unicorn Birthday Party Decoration

These gorgeous balloon wands may be used as decorations for a unicorn birthday party or as party treats! More information is available at source.

Meri Meri Glittered Balloon Party Kit

This is a great and easy party idea! Simply attach balloons to favor bags and you’re done! They will make for festive party décor, and everyone wants to take a balloon home with them! source.


Before inflating balloons, insert a glow stick into each one – this is a particularly charming idea for an outside party because it gives wonderful illumination!

LED Balloons

I really like the concept of using balloons as cupcake toppers. You do not need to use real balloons; instead, simply cut some paper into the shape of balloons and glue them to your cupcake or any other cake with some paperclips to create a balloon effect. This is a fantastic idea for any type of party cake decorating! Details may be found in source.

Heart Balloon Backdrop

Using this how-to, you can create stunning spiral balloon columns in no time. Make one in any color or theme for a birthday, baby shower, graduation, prom, or any special occasion. source.

Double BalloonsTulle

Clear balloons adorn the outside, with school colors adorning the inside. Tie with tulle or a nice ribbon if desired. source.

Adorable Balloon and Streamers Backdrop

By painting the balloons with gold paint, you can transform them into luxury party décor in minutes! It’s really simple! Please refer to the instructions at viasource.

Balloon Covered Bottle Centerpieces

Make use of balloons in a variety of sizes that are simply affixed to the wall! This may be a wonderful and simple decoration for any occasion!

Sparkle Balloons with Rice Lights

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