How To Make Christmas Decorations Out Of Paper

16 Effortless Paper Christmas Decorations

It doesn’t matter if your father’s 50thbirthday or your daughter’s 18thbirthday is celebrated; every birthday is noteworthy. If you choose the right birthday decoration, you may transform the entire gathering into an unforgettable occasion. As an added bonus, it demonstrates to the person you are honoring how much you value him or her and helps to build your bond with them. In the event that you’re looking for the top birthday decorating services, Ferns N Petals is the solution to all of your issues.

A broad range of decoration services are available, ranging from balloon decorating to flower arranging to automobile decorating to devotional decorating to wedding decorating.

Having a lovely remembrance of a certain event or occasion can provide you and your visitors with a lasting impression that will last forever.

1.Swedish Paper Stars

In Sweden, these elaborate paper stars are a traditional Christmas adornment, and it’s not difficult to understand why. They’ll look stunning displayed in your windows, suspended from your ceiling, or placed over your holiday table. All that is required is that you print the template! Take a look at the template from The House That Lars Built and fill it out. Make use of this textured white cardstock for a unique look.

2.Oversized Holly and Berries Garland

This huge garland is sure to be a show-stopping Christmas decoration. Decorate your banisters or mantelpiece with this ornament to provide a touch of additional holiday cheer wherever you wish. Simply follow the instructions in this guide. These papers are ideal for creating your garland:

3.Metallic Paper Wreath

Stop picking up stray pieces of your wreath every time you enter and close the entrance door. This wreath, created by Lia Griffith, is both beautiful and functional, since it will remain looking fresh and green throughout the season. Make use of the following metallic papers: Follow Lia’s step-by-step instructions.

4.Paper Birds

Fill in the gaps on your Christmas tree with color! These paper birds are simple to create and look great nestled amid the branches of your Christmas tree. You could even create a larger version and put it as the top of your Christmas tree. Here’s how to put them together. Make use of this white card stock for a change.

5.Folded Fir Tree

They are ideal for hanging or exhibiting on a table or mantel, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Furthermore, they are simple to produce, making them an excellent project for your children. Discover how to create them. This piece of green paper is ideal.

6.Woven Paper Balls Garland

When it comes to the holidays, you can never have too much garland! These woven paper balls make a charming addition to your Christmas decorations, whether they’re strung on your tree, from your railings, or anywhere else in your house.

They’re available in a variety of sizes. Learn how to make your own woven garland by following this lesson from How About Orange. Make use of these festive hues to brighten up your Christmas decor:

7.Faceted Vase

With this stunning faceted vase, you can display your paper flowers in a colorful fashion. Here’s how to create one for yourself. Thissilver cardstockwill perfectly complement anything you choose to display.

8.Swirly Paper Tree Ornaments

These swirly ornaments will give your Christmas tree a distinctive form and texture that you won’t find anywhere else. Make one for yourself by following this instructions. Try usingdouble-sided redorgreen cardstock.

9.Quilled Snowflakes

Paper quilling is a beautiful, complicated craft that is ideal for the holidays. Learn how to make your own quilled paper snowflakes in this tutorial. Consider using shiny silver or metallic blue cardboard as a base.

10.Paper Wall Stars

This Christmas, get a star stuck in your hair! Make these simple paper stars to brighten up barren walls and bring some festive happiness into your home. Kate’s Creative Space has a tutorial for this project. Here are some excellent articles to consider:

11.Paper Lanterns

With these gorgeous paper lanterns by Lia Griffith, you can add a festive atmosphere to your house this holiday season. They’ll look fantastic on your tables or mantelpiece throughout the winter. Here’s how to put them together. Make use of this white card stock for a change.

12.Paper Christmas Lights Garland

These paper Christmas lights are the perfect way to brighten up your home this holiday season without increasing your power cost. To make these, simply follow the instructions provided by Stubbornly Crafty in this tutorial. You may use whatever color you like! Here are a few of our personal favorites:

13.3D Paper Tree

You can never have too many paper trees, believe it or not! This one is very unusual. Simply download the printable pattern and use it to construct your own detailed cutout tree design. Consider suspending it from your ceiling! This green card material is ideal for the task at hand.

14.Paper Holly Wall Art

With this lesson for Paper Holly Wall Artby SnowGraham, you can create a festive backdrop for your holiday photographs or just make your own festive masterpiece to display in your home. All you need is a piece of paper! These green and red card stocks are precisely what the doctor ordered.

15.Paper Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a must-have for every holiday celebration! When it comes to this popular Christmas plant, paper poinsettias are a low-maintenance option. Use this green and red card stock and Lia Griffith’s instructions to create your own.

16.Santa and Reindeer Garland

Please let Santa know that he is welcome! Beautifully crafted, this garland is ideal for hanging above your fireplace. Download the templates and experiment with the following card stocks:

Christmas is Coming!

We’ve all been in that situation. You suddenly realize that Christmas is only a few weeks away and that your home is sadly lacking in holiday spirit. You don’t have to be concerned — making your own Christmas decorations is a quick, simple, and cost-effective method to get into the festive mood! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

22 Paper Christmas Decorations You’ll Want to DIY This Year

That is a place we have all been.

You suddenly realize that Christmas is only a few weeks away and that your home is sadly lacking in holiday spirit. But don’t be concerned — making your own Christmas decorations is a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to get into the festive season! Congratulations on your new year’s resolution.

35+ Easy Paper Christmas Decorations

Paper is a low-cost medium that can be used to create a plethora of different paper Christmas decorations in minutes. With our finest paper décor ideas, you can find decorations for the Christmas tree, windows, and other areas of the house. Are you looking for additional Christmas decorating ideas for your home? We can assist you with any and all of your Christmas needs! Try our free decorations, our farmhouse advent calendar, and our tips on how to decorate your fireplace for Christmas this holiday season.

That is, as long as I am able to limit the stressful aspects of it to a bare minimum.

I made a series of 12 days of paper Christmas decorations a few years ago, and I thought I’d revisit it this season and add some new ones!

Why Paper is Great for Christmas Decorations

Using paper decorations for the holidays is a low-cost, simple, and artistically liberating option – I can make them in whatever colors I want, in whatever sizes I want, and in any quantities I want. These ideas would make wonderful Christmas tree decorations, or you could tie them together to form a garland, or you could construct a full collection to hang in a window or to display on a shelf as a collection. Apart from that, paper is a very affordable crafting medium; in fact, some of these crafts use recycled materials such as toilet paper/paper towel tubes and cereal boxes (or could be manufactured using such materials).

Most of these decorations may be completed in a matter of minutes, and many of them are suitable for children.

Super Easy Printable Christmas Decorations

The decorations, garlands, trees, and villages shown below are simple to make – but if you want something even easier, simply print and frame our best Christmas printables! Unframed prints make for simple Christmas decor for a gallery wall or Christmas mantel, and they also make for thoughtful gifts for neighbors, coworkers, and friends. (Alternatively, a printed lovely calendar will suffice, and ourcalendar package is now on sale!)

Ideas for Paper Christmas Ornaments

These simple paper Christmas ornament ideas will completely transform the appearance and style of your tree. Remodelaholic’s Printable 3D Paper Christmas Ornaments are available for download. Create beautiful Christmas baubles and snow globe scenes with our printable templates – simply print, cut, and assemble for use as garland or tree decorations. To get started, download our printable designs. Simple 5- and 6-Point Stars and Snowflakes Made with Folded Paper|Kate’s Creative Space Do you want a quick and easy method to bring some festive joy to any wall?

  • These are particularly useful for adorning that odd wall area where you can never manage to find the right décor to match.
  • Make a few to hang on your Christmas tree or a few more to display on your mantelpiece.
  • Embroidered Paper Stars|Home Sweet Homemade|Home Sweet Homemade This is a great paper decoration to enlist the assistance of older children.
  • The twine lends a great rustic touch, but you can also use ribbon or embroidery thread with a little glitter to create an entirely new appearance depending on the style you prefer.
  • Paper Dahlias/Christmas Stars|Little Sundays are two of my favorite things.
  • The addition of a festively colored wrapping paper makes them even more attractive!
  • It’s as simple as cutting and sticking!

(PS: Torie Jane embellished the borders of hers with coarse white glitter, which gives it the appearance of snow!

Simple Christmas Flower|Remodelaholic Simple Christmas Flower This is a simple paper project that can be completed by even the youngest of crafters.

Dictionary Page Flower|From Dahlias to Doxies|Folded Paper Dictionary Page The use of an old book for these flowers is entirely optional, although it does look fantastic!

Ornament Made with Criss-Cross Paper|Remodelaholic These criss-cross ornaments are simple to make and can be made in virtually any shape.

Flowers made from paper towel rolls|Blog a la Carte The huge paper towel (or toilet paper) roll may be transformed into an extremely easy decoration that can be made by even the smallest of hands.

As a bonus, they would make great gift toppers as well.

It looks fantastic.

Decorative Ornaments with Five Golden Rings|Remodelaholic This ornament is made from overlapping rectangles that are simple to manufacture.

A Star Made of Woven Paper|Remodelaholic The weaving appears to be difficult, yet it all comes together beautifully.

Curled Paper Snowflake in a Jumbo Size|Tom Kat Studio This method of curling paper is known as quilling, and it is more easy to master than it appears, and it creates stunning effects.

Scalloped Christmas Ball Ornament|Remodelaholic|Remodelaholic Okay, this one will almost certainly necessitate the use of a paper punch or fancy cutter.

The assembling on these Christmas balls is easy, so borrow one from a scrapbooking buddy and begin punching!

The black and white patterns on these geometric ornaments give them a modern-classic feel, but you can make them in whatever color you want!


In this video, I demonstrate how I created two distinct designs of boxes.

How to make Christmas Paper Garlands

Garlands are a delightful addition to any home at any time of year, but they are especially festive during Christmas. With a few easy, charming materials and methods, you can deck the halls of your house with beautiful Christmas garlands, one for each room. How About Orange Paper Snowflakes Instead of Red? Paper snowflakes are a timeless winter tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. I do, however, appreciate the splash of color and Scandinavian design that these red ones have to offer!

  1. It’s fantastic!) Garland for Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer|
  2. If you have little children who are looking forward to Santa’s coming, this garland is sure to bring a smile to their faces!
  3. In addition, how about a small red bell for Rudolph’s nose?
  4. Mini Wrapped Present Garland|Oh, What a Wonderful Day Cardboard, thread, and tissue paper are all that are need to create this charming holiday garland.
  5. Simple and Contemporary Paper Holiday Garland|Curbly A circular paper punch (look for a good deal or utilize a coupon!) and a sewing machine are all you need to put this garland together fast.
  6. This is another fantastic activity to do while you’re watching a holiday movie.
  7. Lia Griffith’s Paper Poinsettias are a fun and easy project.
  8. Produce a handful of your own paper ornaments to hang from your tree or mantel in a garland, or use one as a lovely gift topper.
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Simple Paper Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas trees are a festive addition to any holiday decor. Decorate a mantel, an entryway table, or a hutch with these adorable paper reproductions. Wrapping Paper Cone Trees|A Girl with a Glue Gun|A Girl and a Glue Gun For those of you who are like me, you have an abundance of wrapping paper lying around. Make a charming cone tree out of the leftover paper to make good use of it. Stephen’s Origami Christmas Tree|Stephen’s Origami Christmas Tree This Christmas tree made of folded paper will look fantastic next to any village!

  • What a great idea for a mantel or windowsill!
  • Start your hands on the template and get to work “sculpting” a full forest in no time at all.
  • Simple Paper Christmas Trees|Elle’s Studio|Elle’s Studio A tiny wooden spool may be used as a tree stand if you wrap some scrapbook paper over it and decorate it.
  • It’s actually that simple to do!
  • The Remodelaholic If you’ve never considered repurposing your unwanted mail to create Christmas decorations, think again!

Simply select a heavy-duty magazine and begin folding it. You can always give it a short layer of spray paint if the multi-colored stuff is bothering you. And if you have any extra junk mail lying around, try these brightly colored junk mail snowflakes from Michele Made Meto to recycle it in flair!

Wreaths, Snowflakes, and more out of paper

Crafting paper wreaths for a mantel or door may be a fun way to dress up a space. Also, try your hand at making some old-fashioned paper snowflakes and other crafts. Holiday Wreath Made of Paper Leaves|Remodelaholic Once you’ve cut out all of the leaves, this wreath comes together in no time at all! It’s a timeless look that can be worn all year long if you fall in love with it, which is something I’m prone to doing. A Sphere Made of Paper Strips|Remodelaholic Just a few of brads hold this basic paper ball ornament together, and that’s about it.

  • Here’s a link to my version, or you may look at how The Crafty Sisters are a group of women that like making things.
  • So versatile and handy for so many things!
  • Additionally, this would make a fantastic inside wreath!
  • Anyone want to watch It’s a Wonderful Life with me?
  • Snowflake or diamond made of twisted paper|Remodelaholic Another vintage-inspired paper craft for you!
  • Old school, but still effective, and the shiny paper makes them much more eye-catching.
  • You may finish it off with a simple garland across the centre.
  • Priceless!

Paper Houses and Villages

Decorate a mantel or door with paper wreaths to add some personality. Make some old-fashioned paper snowflakes and other decorations to add some flair to your holiday décor. The Remodelaholic’s Paper Leaf Christmas Wreath Putting this wreath together is a breeze once you’ve cut out all of the leaves. In addition, it’s a timeless design that can be worn all year long if you fall in love with it, which I like to do. Design Sphere Made of Paper Strips|Remodelaholic Just a handful of brads hold this straightforward paper ball decoration together.

  1. Alternatively, you can view how I did it here.
  2. used patterned paper for a fantastic shuttered appearance, orScrapperGirl utilized picture strips to make it more personal, or Topper for a toilet paper roll |
  3. The versatility of this item is incredible!
  4. A wreath like this would also look fantastic indoors!
  5. The simplicity of these folded paper stars, as well as the ease with which they may be assembled, provide a beautiful effect in a bowl or jar (or even in a transparent ornament!) Start folding while watching a Christmas movie.
  6. Alternatively, how about A Charlie Brown Holiday?
  7. Have any of you made these while you were in elementary school?
  8. Childhood 101: How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Wreath Despite the fact that this wreath isn’t as spectacular as some others, your small helpers will enjoy the opportunity to participate in its creation.

Add a simple garland across the middle, and you’re done! For a few dollars and a little amount of work, you can create a festive Christmas wreath that the whole family will enjoy. Priceless!

For more Holiday Decoration ideas, check out these:

  • Pottery Barn Holiday Tablescape for Under a Dollar at Dollar Tree
  • Hot Pink Holiday Tablescape! Holiday Decorating with Non-Traditional Holiday Colors
  • 200+ DIY Holiday Decorating Ideas

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Her favorite pastime is transforming a house into a home.

30 Beautiful DIY Homemade Christmas Ornaments to Make

Making homemade Christmas ornaments is something I enjoy doing, as you can probably tell from the large number of DIY Christmas ornament projects on this website. I hope you had as much fun making these as I did! It is so enjoyable to decorate your house for the holidays, and it is much more enjoyable when you know that you have produced all of the decorations yourself! The process of making them is a wonderful family activity to do on those chilly winter afternoons.

Christmas Star Ornaments to Make

I bet you didn’t realize there were so many different ways to make paper star Christmas decorations until now, did you? My favorite ones right now are the origami stars since they were a lot of fun to learn how to create and I think they look great when they are finished. They are, however, a bit difficult to fold properly. The stars made of weaved paper are undoubtedly the most popular. A large number of individuals have written in to express their appreciation for them. This is particularly appealing since, despite the fact that they appear intricate and sophisticated, they are a surprisingly simple DIY handmade Christmas ornament to construct.

Favorite DIY Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Listed here are a few of my favorite DIY Christmas decorations that I’ve created – each one comes with complete step-by-step directions! The string trees homemade Christmas decorations are probably the ones I’m most pleased of since they turned out so wonderfully and look amazing with LED candles inside of them. They were a little time-consuming to construct, and the completed trees are fragile, but I believe that is part of what makes them so lovely.

Besides smelling amazing, the clove oranges are also really simple to prepare. The cinnamon dough decorations, on the other hand, smell great. You’ll be tempted to devour them as soon as you finish making them. (However, please don’t do so! (Believe me when I say that they are not pleasant to eat.)

DIY Homemade Christmas Ornaments from Paper

Other than the traditional star-shaped Christmas ornament, there are a plethora of other designs of paper Christmas ornaments to choose from. In my opinion, they give your Christmas tree a warm, homey feel that you can’t obtain from store-bought decorations alone. The classic spherical paper baubles are my personal favorite among these. I just believe they’re really basic and lovely in their design. They’re also rather simple to produce. Geodesic paper baubles are a particular favorite of my husband’s.

The pattern for these is fairly customizable, so even though I’ve made them appear a little oriental, you could easily build them in Christmas colors or as small orange pumpkins for Halloween using the same template.

Personalized Christmas Poster

Produce a beautiful customised word-art poster to commemorate the traditions of your family’s Christmas season and to bring that warm and fuzzy feeling into your house this winter. The process of creating your poster is simple with our subway-art poster generator, and we have plenty of inspiration to get you started. To customise and print your poster, please visit this page. You may also use our poster generator to create a word art poster themed around Christmas, using lyrics from your favorite Christmas tunes or passages from Christmas stories and poems as inspiration.

*FREE* printable Christmas posters

To obtain free printable Christmas posters, please visit this page.

DIY Christmas Ornament Crafts

For your consideration, here are some more clever DIY Christmas decorations projects to try. They have a distinct personality, and I enjoy seeing them in my living room and smiling every time I see them. It’s amusing to rearrange their hats, scarves, and arms to give them varied emotions with different accessories. Because they are so simple to construct, pipe cleaner decorations are a lot of fun to make with your children. Getting creative with sugar canes is only the beginning; on the page linked above, you’ll notice that you can build animals and all sorts of other creatures as well.

I think they’re lovely, and Helen claims that they were rather simple to construct, but I haven’t attempted to make them myself yet.”

Advent Calendars

What do you think of Advent calendars as DIY Christmas ornaments? In a way, I believe they do, because they are something that is often shown about the house throughout the holiday season. The first one we built was an origami Advent calendar, which you can see here. One of the best aspects of the design is how quickly it can be constructed. Making the pockets is a basic origami fold that takes only a few seconds each pocket and can be completed in under a minute. Besides that, I believe the final calendar worked out rather well.

I’m embarrassed to admit that, despite our best efforts, all of the chocolate was gone well before the start of the Advent calendar season. Oops. We’re both a little bit of a sugar addict.

Other People Also Like.

Take a look at these lovely printable gift ideas for the holiday season. Personalized and printable in the comfort of your home! Additionally, we have many more simple and affordable DIY handmade Christmas presents for you to choose from!

12 Easy DIY Paper Christmas Decorations

The use of paper Christmas decorations will be an excellent alternative if you’re looking for distinctive DIY Christmas decorations that don’t demand a lot of time, money, or effort to create. They are easy to put together and look fantastic when hung from a tree or displayed around the house. Everything from paper Christmas trees to folded stars and paper garlands is included in this collection of easy-to-create paper decorations that will make your home appear even more festive than before.

  1. 2.
  2. 3.
  3. Our Small-Town Idaho Life has a tutorial for making a paper Christmas wreath.
  4. 3D Paper Stars Tutorial (courtesy of Gathering Beauty).
  5. Tutorial for Making a Paper Tree Topper from Hello Lidy Lia Griffith’s Paper Poinsettias Tutorial is number nine.
  6. Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer Garland Tutorial courtesy of The Proper Blog.
  7. The Craft Train has a tutorial for making little paper angels.

DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments

When I created my paper pumpkins for fall a few weeks ago, I had no idea that they would be shared thousands and thousands of times on social media! A comparable craft for the holidays was suggested to me by Girl Scout Leaders and teachers after I received a few emails and received comments and questions from them. Following several attempts, I finally achieved success with these DIY paper Christmas decorations, which were inspired by the paper pumpkins. I took my time and experimented with different paper widths, lengths, and types.

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The shiny scrapbook paper turned out to be my favorite in the end.

So, without further ado, please find below my step-by-step guide for the paper Christmas ornament spherical.

How to Make Them

Time required: 20-30 minutes


Step 1: To make the most of your paper, start by cutting it into 12″ strips as follows: Following that, make the following cuts (as seen in the photograph below):

  • The two 1″ strips will remain at their original sizes of 1″ x 12″
  • The two 1.25″ strips will each be divided into two – 8″ strips
  • And finally, the two 1″ strips will remain at their original sizes of 1″ x 12″. a total of two 1.5″ strips will be sliced into two – 10″ strips each

As seen in the illustration below, step 4 is taping the matching strips together. Step 5: Fold each strip in half like an accordion to make a book. The folds aren’t quite aligned, but that’s okay. In terms of width, I would estimate that the folds are around a half inch broad. Step 6: Glue the ends of each strip together with hot glue to complete the project. Here’s a look at the top and side views. Step 7:After that, bend the circular strip inward to make a medallion shape with your hands. Make an indentation in the center and hold the medallion together for a few seconds until the hot glue has dried completely.

Continue in this manner for each strip until you have five medallions in total.

Afterwards, cut a length of twine or ribbon and hot glue it to the top of the ornament to serve as a hanger for the ornament.

Step 10: To finish, tie a ribbon bow around the top of the hat.

I hope you enjoy making these adorable paper Christmas ornaments! You may find a similar tutorial for paper pumpkins here, just in case you missed it. Paper apples and paper oranges may be made using the same technique as the paper pears.

You May Also Like

What do you think of these paper Christmas ornaments? Here is a fun paper flower craft project I’ve done in the past that you might find useful. You can find the complete instruction here. Have you had a look at my YouTube channel? There are a ton of craft videos on my channel. I would much appreciate it if you would come and subscribe! Please accept my thanks in advance for your assistance.

More fun Christmas Craft Ideas

Some additional Christmas DIY ideas, including some free printables that I have available, are included below.

Free Printable Magic Santa Key

This holiday season, be creative and try your hand at some of these Christmas decorations for kids. Crafting these DIY Christmas decorations for kids is a wonderful art and craft activity to do with your children this holiday season, and the homemade Christmas ornaments will look stunning hung on the Christmas tree or used to decorate your house. It’s become something of a ritual in our house that around the beginning of December, the kids and I turn on the Christmas music, get out the glitter, and create some homemade Christmas decorations.

Whether or if the homemade Christmas ornaments turn out perfectly is immaterial.

Yet another favorite ornament created by one of my children is a reindeer who appears to have been having a difficult time of it lately.

So encourage your children to be imaginative and to use their ideas to make one-of-a-kind, absolutely unique homemade Christmas decorations this year.

Easy Christmas Decorations Kids can Make

Please have a look at our extensive selection of ideas for Christmas decorations that children can make. There are some ideas on this list that are excellent for older children to make, and there are some ideas that even the youngest children may participate in. It is unlikely that you will require a large number of specialized craft items to create these DIY Christmas decorations; you should be able to acquire everything you require at your local dollar shop or online.

Christmas Tree Ornaments Kids Can Make

Adorn your Christmas tree with any of these beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments, or give one to a friend or family member to use to decorate their own tree this holiday season!

  1. Picklebums’ Paper Cone Christmas Decorations are a fun and easy way to decorate for the holidays. Make a paper cone Santa or Christmas tree decoration with these charming free printables
  2. The Star and Circle designs are particularly cute. Picklebums has a collection of paper Christmas decorations. These paper ornaments appear to be complicated to construct, but they are actually rather simple, especially if you use the free printable
  3. Picklebums has a simple tutorial for making foil Christmas ornaments. These easy metallic decorations are suitable for children of all ages to make
  4. Instructions are included. Childhood101’s Miniature Button Tree Ornaments are adorable. This quick and simple button tree ornament project is suitable for preschoolers or older children
  5. Photo Angels are sourced from Plays with Needles. Create Beaded Snowflake Ornaments from Happiness is Homemade, and take pictures of your children as they transform into Christmas angels to place on the tree. This is a great fun activity that tweens and adolescents will enjoy doing. These beaded snowflakes would look stunning hung on a Christmas tree or displayed in a window
  6. Ruffles and Rainboots has a collection of paper straw Christmas tree ornaments. Making these beautiful straw decorations will be a hit with everyone. Go Science Kids has created crystal Christmas tree ornaments. DIY Felt Christmas Baublesfrom Mumlyfe will delight everyone who participates in this fascinating scientific experiment and grows a crystal Christmas tree. It’s the perfect Christmas craft project for beginning sewers
  7. The Easy Christmas Bird Ornament from Martha Stewart. Make a Softie using your sewing machine. Paddle Pop Christmas Decorations from Be a Fun Mum are yet another wonderful sewing craft to do and display on your Christmas tree this year. DIY Stained Glass Ornaments from Gluesticks and Gumdrops are made using craft sticks and beads to create these vividly colored ornaments. Tissue paper snowflake craft from I Heart Crafty Things will be a hit with the little ones, who will have a blast ripping up the tissue paper as the older ones use the pattern to cut out designs. Fill your Christmas tree with these beautiful snowflake decorations made by children. Ornaments made using shaken paint, courtesy of Simple Fun for Kids. Toddlers (and older children) will have a blast crafting these vividly colored Christmas ornaments. Make a Reindeer Ornament out of Popsicle Sticks and Gumdrops for the holidays. The directions for making this reindeer ornament are easy enough that even older children may follow them. Snowman ornaments made by the Kids’ Craft Room are adorable. Even if it doesn’t snow where you live during the Christmas season, these snowmen are too adorable to pass up making. Make clay pot Christmas tree ornaments with your children using Projects for Kids. With these simple methods, you can transform little pots into lovely Christmas trees. Christmas Ornaments made with gingerbread from Projects with Kids. One another creative application for small clay pots
  8. These are charming gingerbread houses from Red Ted Art, and they are made from button salt dough hearts. Making these beautiful heart ornaments is a lot of fun, and they look stunning when they are strung together on a Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas Decorations for Kids to Make

Picklebums has created these adorable paper cone Christmas decorations. Make a paper cone Santa or Christmas tree decoration with these charming free printables; Star and Circle are included. Choose from a variety of Picklebums-made paper Christmas decorations. Despite the fact that these paper ornaments appear to be complicated to construct, they are actually rather simple, especially if you utilize the free printable. The Picklebums have a great tutorial for making easy foil Christmas ornaments!

  1. From Childhood101, these little button tree ornaments are available in several sizes.
  2. Create Beaded Snowflake Ornaments from Happiness is Homemade, which will change your children into Christmas angels to place on your Christmas tree.
  3. If you put these beaded snowflakes on a tree or in a window, they would look very stunning; Ruffles and Rainboots has a collection of paper straw Christmas tree ornaments available.
  4. Go Science Kids presents Crystal Christmas Tree Ornaments.
  5. Making an Easy Christmas Bird Ornament from scratch is the ideal holiday craft project for beginning sewers.
  6. Paddle Pop Christmas Decorations from Be a Fun Mum are yet another wonderful sewing project to do and place on your Christmas tree.
  7. Tissue paper snowflake craft from I Heart Crafty Things will be a hit with the little ones, who will have a blast ripping up the tissue paper as the older kids utilize the pattern to cut out designs.

Ornaments made using shaken paint, courtesy of Simple Fun for Children.

Gluestick and Gumdrop Reindeer Ornament made with popsicle sticks This reindeer ornament is simple to build, and older children will enjoy following the directions.

However, even if it doesn’t snow where you live during the Christmas season, these snowmen are too adorable to pass up making; Ornaments for the Christmas Tree made out of a clay pot by Projects with Kids.

Gingerbread House Ornaments, courtesy of Projects with Children.

Making these beautiful heart ornaments is a lot of fun, and they look stunning when they are strung together on a Christmas tree;

  1. Instructions on how to make a yarn Christmas tree out of Ruffles and Rainboots. Christmas Lights might be strung together to form a beautiful forest of these wonderful yarn trees. The Soccer Mom Blog has a tutorial for making a Mason Jar Snow Globe. Simple directions are provided here for creating your own snow globe ornament
  2. Learn how to make pinecone elves with only one small project. For your Christmas display, gather some pinecones and make these adorable miniature elves from the Christmas Characters Paper Chain from Mess For Less. Easy Cardboard Tube Wreathfrom Martha Stewart: Add some additional Christmassy fun to the standard paper chain decorations with these amusing creatures
  3. It was a fantastic combination of entertainment and education. Make this beautiful Christmas wreath with your children using easy washi tape wreaths from 3 Dinosaurs. They’ll have a lot of fun cutting, painting, and threading. Made by Mumlyfe, this easy Christmas wreath is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Make a Natural Christmas Wreath from Mumlyfe. Encourage your children to go out and pick some natural materials so that they may construct this beautiful wreath from Craft Bits: Paper Bag Stars. These large paper beginnings may be made with with a few paper bags, scissors, and glue
  4. Paper Plate Christmas Bauble from Martha Stewart Make your child’s mother a good time. Whether you hang them throughout the room or outside on a huge Christmas tree, this Egg Carton Christmas Craftfrom will look fantastic. The Best Ideas for Kids Darcy and Brian’s Coffee Filter Christmas Wreath, with their cute Christmas figures, would make a great table centerpiece or holiday decoration. Create beautiful Spiral Christmas Tree Ornaments from coffee filters with the help of your children with this lovely activity from The Kids’ Craft Room. These vibrant and wacky Christmas trees from Barley and Birch will look fantastic hung about your home
  5. Festive Felt Garland from Barley and Birch Babble Dabble Do created this stunning garland using 3D paper stars created using Post-It Notes. It is simple to construct and looks stunning when finished. Use post it notes to educate your children how to construct these fantastic star decorations: Kid-Made Christmas Tree Picture Frame from The Soccer Mom Blog. It would be wonderful to give this charming kid-made decoration to grandparents as a present
  6. Simple Wreath Collage from Kids Activities Blog would be ideal. Rock Your Homeschool has a simple project that is excellent for toddlers and that results in a one-of-a-kind Christmas wreath for your front door: Paper Snowman Craft. DIY Cardboard Christmas Treefrom Barley and Birch may be made with the help of the free printable pattern available online. Make a forest of Christmas trees with your children to exhibit this holiday season
  7. Christmas Scented Star Garland to decorate your home. From Rainy Day Mum, with love. Make a beautiful star garland decoration with this recipe for salt dough flavored with Christmas aroma
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This Christmas, be creative and adorn your home with beautiful homemade, do-it-yourself Christmas decorations that your children have created! We’d love to see the Christmas decorations that your children have created. Send a photo to my Facebook page or tag me @picklebums on Instagram or Twitter so that we can see all of your incredible DIY Christmas decorations.

DIY Paper decorations {12 Crafts of Christmas}

My series of easy to create Christmas crafts continues today – and as always, they’re all quick and simple tasks that can be completed in a few of hours and for a few cents each. Today’s topic is how to make paper decorations out of only card. I tried my hand at something similar for Easter with mypaper Easter eggs, and I was so pleased with the results that I wanted to try my hand at modifying them for Christmas as well.

You will need:

Printed on a colored card Wool or embroidery thread can be used. Scissors Pritt stick is a type of glue that is used to hold things together. Creating a template for the shapes – I’ve provided some templates below for you to print out and cut around with your scissors.

Total cost: This cost me a grand total of £0 as I had everything lying around at home

A card with a color scheme. Wool or embroidery thread can be used instead of cotton. Scissors A pritt stick is a type of adhesive that is used to hold things together. For the shapes, use this template. I’ve provided some templates below for you to print out and cut around using scissors.

How to make paper Christmas tree decorations

These simple paper Christmas ornaments offer a lovely, unique touch to your Christmas tree, and they are really simple to create. Are you searching for a fun activity to keep the kids amused this year, or are you just wanting to save money? Make your own Christmas decorations to hang on your windowsills or mantelpieces, or just arrange them on your Christmas tree for a lovely display. Plus, it’s not just about producing your standard paper garland anymore; you can now construct beautiful, intricate decorations quickly and effortlessly, and they can even be recycled afterward to help reduce the amount of plastic trash that ends up in the environment.

Click on the links below to get started.

We have a slew of otherChristmas-themed DIY projects to attempt.

Papier Mache Baubles

Sussie Bell is a fictional character created by author Sussie Bell. Cover polystyrene balls with papier-mâché and embellish with pastel embellishments to create a stunning pastel ornament. When it comes to paper mache, if you’re unfamiliar with the process, we have a comprehensive guide here. e.

You will need:

  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Pastel colours
  • Silver pen
  • Sticky tap
  • Polystyrene balls, fine string, newspaper, for papier-mâché e

How to make papier mache baubles

  1. Measure and cut a length of string approximately 10cm in length for the hanging loop. Using a little piece of adhesive tape, fold in half and attach to a polystyrene ball as shown. Cut the newspaper into little strips that are approximately 1cm × 2cm in size. Placing the first piece of newspaper on a polystyrene ball after applying a coat of adhesive is a good place to start. Maintain the newspaper strips’ adhesion to the ball by carefully overlapping them until the entire ball is covered
  2. Allow for drying time before repeating the process. After the ball has been allowed to dry fully, apply a coat of paint and allow it to dry. Allow for a second layer of paint to dry before proceeding. To complete the design, use the fine silver pen to create groups of small dots onto the ball.

Paper baubles

Rachel Whiting is a young woman who lives in the United States.

These simple paper decorations are quick and simple to make — plus they store flat when not in use! A garland may be made by stringing together many different-sized ornaments that are strung together with ribbon or thread to form a long chain.

You will need:

  • Wrapping presents for Christmas in a variety of designs
  • A piece of ribbon or thread The following materials: jam jar lid, a pencil, paper scissors, glue and a brush

How to manufacture paper baubles is as follows:

  1. Cut out six circles for each bauble by drawing circles on the backs of the sheets of gift paper with the lid and cutting them out using a variety of patterns. Each one should be folded in half with the design on the inside. Apply glue to half of one circle and adhere half of another circle to it, making sure that the center folds of both circles are precisely the same. Continue to attach the circles together in this way,using different patterns adjacent to each other, until you reach to the last circle. Fold the hanging ribbon or twine in half and tie a knot at the bottom of the ribbon or twine. Placing a bauble in the center of the ornament before gluing the last circle into place

Paper Decorative Dove Decorations

HearstChildren will have a great time helping to make these elegant paper decorations.

You will need:

  • Medium-weight craft paper, a soft pencil, tracing paper, a sewing needle, paper glue, and baker’s twine or ribbon are all recommended.

How to make paper decorative dove decorations:

1. For each bird, cut out two wings, one tail, and two bodies using the templates provided below. 2. Prepare your design by outlining it onto the wings, torso, and tail with a pencil. (Optional) 2.Place the pieces on a folded towel and use a needle to puncture the design out of the towel as desired. 3.Fold and glue together the wing bases, adding a loop of thread between each one. When the wings are completely dry, carefully bend them so that they are slightly curled. 4.Glue the body parts together so that the raised pin pricks are visible, then insert the tail and wings between the body pieces.

Paper Christmas Tree Decorations

Hearst These simple, brightly colored ornaments will flow from the branches of your Christmas tree and will be easy to construct. For a truly personalized touch, have the children draw the books.

You will need:

1. Increase the size of the templates to approximately 11cm in height. Make a trace around each template on a piece of cardstock and cut it out. 2. Cut along the center lines in the direction indicated. Join the two trees together to create a three-dimensional Christmas tree with lights. Punch a hole in the center of the piece for the hanging loop and thread a length of twine through it, tying a knot at the end of the piece. Hang from your tree for a while.

Paper Christmas Angel Tree Topper

1. Increase the size of the templates to approximately 11cm in height. (2) Cut out each template after tracing it around it on the card. 2. Make a cut along the center lines, following the directions. To create a three-dimensional Christmas tree, slot the two trees together. Punch a hole in the center of the piece for the hanging loop and thread a length of twine through it, tying a knot at the bottom of the piece. Affix to your tree with fishing line. Instructions for making a paper Christmas angel tree topper are as follows: For the body, fold a paper doily in half and delicately roll it into a cone form using your hands.

Create the head by folding and twisting the pipe cleaner into hoop form, allowing 5cm of straight pipe cleaner to slide into the top of the doily cone for support.

You will need:

  • Template that has been enlarged by 400 percent, as illustrated below
  • Ribbon, colourful card, coloured paper, beads or gems for embellishment, cord

How to make paper hanging Christmas bird decoration:

1.To build flying birds in Christmas hues, first increase the template (below) by 400 per cent. Using card, make a slit where the wings are shown on the template. 2.Cut a 15cm square of brilliantly colored paper and fold it concertina-style in 1.5cm folds for the wings. 3.Cut a 15cm square of vividly colored paper and cut it in half. Using the slit, thread the wings through. 3.For the eyes, glue a bead or jewel embellishment to either side of the bird’s body with craft glue. 4.Make a hole in the same manner as you would for bunting, then thread the cord through and knot the ends for a hanging loop.

Paper-Backed Cookie Cutter Christmas Decorations

Decorate HearstBack cookie cutters with holiday paper and a hanging hook to use as delicious holiday decorations.

You will need:

  • Metal cookie cutters in various shapes and sizes
  • Festive paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun

How to construct a cookie cutter with a paper backing Decorations for the holidays: 1. On the back of patterned paper, draw a pencil line around the cookie cutters and carefully cut out each form. 2.Using the hot glue gun, run a small line of glue around the sides of the cookie cutter (supervise young children while doing this) and push the paper form firmly into the cookie cutter (this step is optional). 3.Cut a strand of rope approximately 10cm in length and fold it in half. Apply a dab of glue on the paper and use it to secure the hanging loop in place.

Paper snowflakes

Steven Errico is a writer and actor from New York City. Photographs courtesy of Getty Images A classic paper Christmas ornament that also happens to be a fantastic Christmas activity to do with the children. Using the paper snowflakes, you may adorn windows or hang them on walls to create a festive atmosphere.

You will need:

  1. Fold a 15cm square of white paper in half diagonally to make a triangle with the other half folded in half. Fold in half once more
  2. This triangle may be divided into three parts. Fold one of the outer side edges in over the middle triangle, then fold the other side edge in over the central triangle
  3. Trim the folded triangles at their highest point by cutting diagonally across the top
  4. Create shapes that will be carved out along all three edges. Forms should be cut out in large quantities
  5. The more shapes you cut out, the more attractive the completed snowflake will be. Play around with different cuts to create different types of snowflakes
  6. Prepare by carefully unfolding and flattening. In front of a window, tie a white thread around your neck.

Paper tea light holders

Make festive tea-light holders out of white paper and place them around the home to give it a warm and welcoming holiday air.

You will need:

  • White paper, a fancy hole punch, and a glass or dish to use as a vessel for your creations

How to make paper tea-light holders for Christmas:

  1. Cut strips of white paper to fit around the various-sized glasses you’ll be using
  2. Punch out shapes on each strip using ornamental craft punches to make them more interesting. A long-reach craft punch, on the other hand, allows you to punch up to 12cm away from the edge of the paper, whereas most conventional craft punches will only punch 1cm-2cm in from the edge of the paper. Wrap the glass or dish tightly around the stem and secure it in place

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