How To Get Decor Points Cookie Run

How To Get Decor Points In Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the most popular free-to-play RPGs available on mobile devices right now. What makes this game so popular among fans is the fact that it offers the chance for players to create their own Kingdom according to their preferences, which is rather unique. Lots of fans have been experiencing difficulties getting Decor points in the Cookie Run Kingdom, and if you are one of them, then look no further for we have the solution for you. Decors will be unlocked as you go through the Cookie Run Kingdom and increase your kingdom’s territory.

Decors in the game are classified into three categories: Basic Decors, Cookie-specific Decors, and Landmarks.

In order to better understand how to obtain Decor Points in the Cookie Run Kingdom, let’s first explore what Landmarks and Decord Points are utilized for in the first place.


Landmarks are regarded to be the greatest Decors in the Cookie Run Kingdom since they provide special effects and benefits that get stronger and more powerful as they progress across the kingdom. Obtaining Landmarks Decor is not as simple as it appears, as it will require you to spend a significant amount of Coins and Crystals. Aurora Materials are required for gamers to be able to improve their Landmarks Decors.

Decor Points

If you have been playing Cookie Run Kingdom for a while, you are probably aware of the significance of the Decor Points. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the process of upgrading your Cookie Castle. Furthermore, you may utilize Decor Points to unlock accomplishments in addition to the ones listed above. Please continue reading if you are running low on Decor Points in the game and are unsure how to obtain them.

How To Obtain Decor Points in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In order to obtain Decor Points in the Cookie Run Kingdom, you will need to construct decorations across your kingdom. To check what decorations you currently have, press on the Build button in the bottom left corner of your Kingdom and pick Decors from the drop-down menu that appears. When you do this, you will be presented with all of the available Decoration themes. At the moment, there are 27 different Decoration themes accessible in-game. Each Decoration theme has a corresponding price, as can be seen in the list of available Decorations themes.

Example: If you purchase a Theme named Crispy Cookie Town for 58,700 Golds, you will receive a gift of 50 Crystals as a thank you for your purchase.

In the event that you have a large amount of Golds in your inventory, I recommend that you purchase as many Decorations themes as you can.

The above information contains all you need to know about earning and receiving Decor Points in the Cookie Run Kingdom. While you’re here, you might want to have a look at the list of Cookie Run Kingdom codes that are currently live and functional.

How to Decorate Your Kingdom in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: In Kingdomlets, users create their own kingdom out of a selection of brightly colored and entertaining décor. Not only do these kingdom decorations let you to personalize your kingdom with your own unique style, but they also deliver beneficial bonuses to your Cookie residents! Today, we’ll teach you how to create your kingdom inCookie Run: Kingdom, so sit back and enjoy the show!

How to Earn Decor Points in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In order to get decor points in Cookie Run: Kingdom, you must construct decorations across your kingdom. Tap on the construct button in the bottom left corner of your kingdom, then pick decors at the bottom of the screen to see all of the decorations that are currently accessible. You’ll be given with a range of several decorating themes to choose from. There are garden decors, food decors, nature decors, and more to choose from. As your kingdom progresses in rank, you’ll be able to access new themes.

  • Basic decors are decors that may be used for a variety of purposes.
  • To see what occurs, try dragging the Cookies that the decor proposes onto it and seeing what happens!
  • Not every subject is represented by a landmark.
  • Related |
  • Completing a whole themed set will provide you with crystals, therefore if you have the resources, we encourage completing as many themes as you can while you still have the resources.
  • Production buildings also provide decor points, however they are worth a fraction of the points awarded by decor structures.
  • If you have any additional suggestions or questions, please share them with us in the comments section below!

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Cookie Run Kingdom: How To Upgrade Castle (Unlock Jammery)

The upgrading of the castle in Cookie Run Kingdom is a necessary aspect of the game’s growth. A few sets of chores, such as completing missions, collecting cookies, earning decor points, granting several wishes, and eventually unlocking a Jammery, will allow you to accomplish this.

The last game is the most difficult, and it is when many players become stuck. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the process of finishing the Upgrade Castle section of Cookie Run. The procedure is straightforward; however, one more unlock is necessary to finish the Jammery section.

How to Complete Upgrade Castle in Cookie Run Kingdom?

You will be required to execute the following assignment during the first advancement. It will assist you in completing the Upgrade Castle objective if you finish them all.

  1. Cleanse the 2-14 Dragon Hill
  2. Obtain 3 Level 5 Cookies
  3. Place 1 x1 Jammery
  4. Fulfill 10 wishes from the Tree
  5. Earn 600 Decor Points
  6. And complete the game.

Except for the location Jammery, all of the other chores are straightforward. The building will stay locked until you complete the construction of Jellybean Farm. It cost 4600 coins in total. Aside from that, it needs 6 wood blocks, 2 ax, and 2 minutes to construct. You can pay 18 crytals to avoid having to wait. Place a Jellybean Farm outside the castle and fulfill all other duties that have been left unfinished. After that, go to the buildings and choose the Jammery. It was 5300 coins in all.

Simply set the Jammery outside of the castle and you will be able to continue through the Castle Upgrade phase automatically.

Cookie Run Kingdom Castle Upgrade Levels and Requirements:

Here is a list of all the Castle Upgrade levels available in Cookie Run Kingdom, as well as the criteria for each level. The highest possible level of Castle Upgrade is Level 15. You may also refer to our tutorial on how to level up quickly in Cookie Run for more information. Level 2: This is the most difficult level to achieve.

  • The Jammery
  • Obtain three Level 5 Cookies
  • Clear two to fourteen Dragon Hill
  • Complete ten wishes from the Tree of Wishes
  • Decor Points: 600
  • Carpentry Shop
  • Complete Stages 3-10 of the Pilgrim’s Path
  • Earn 700 Decor Points
  • Complete 10 wishes from the Tree of Wishes
  • Earn 700 Decor Points Obtain 4 Lv.10 Cookies by using your skills.
  • Windmill
  • sObtain 5 Level 15 Cookies
  • sClear 3-24 Pilgrim’s Path
  • sFulfill 30 wishes from the Tree of Wishes
  • sDecor Points – 800
  • Jampie Diner
  • Clear 4-11 Hero’s Gate
  • Compete 5 times in the Kingdom Arena
  • Receive goodies from the Bear Jelly Train twice
  • Decor Points – 900
  • Jampie Diner
  • Clear the 4-25 Hero’s Gate four times
  • Get gifts from the Bear Jelly Train four times
  • Earn 1000 Decor Points by competing ten times in the Kingdom Arena
  • Complete the Dairy Factory
  • Compete 15 times in the Kingdom Arena
  • Obtain 10 Cookies of Lv.24
  • Clear 5-15 Tainted Forest
  • Complete the Dairy Factory Seven times, you will receive goodies from the Bear Jelly Train. 1500 points for decoration
  • Cleanse the 5-28 Tainted Forest
  • Compete 20 times in the Kingdom Arena
  • Obtain 10 Cookies of Lv.24
  • Visit the Latte Cafe
  • Ten times, you will receive goodies from the Bear Jelly Train. 2200 points for decoration
  • Toy Store
  • Earn 15 Bear Jelly Train rewards
  • Promote 5 Cookies to 3 Star
  • Earn 15 Bear Jelly Train prizes
  • Clear the 6-28 Tainted Treetop
  • Compete in the Kingdom Arena a total of 30 times. 3000 points for decoration
  • Barrel Inn
  • 20 times receiving gifts from the Bear Jelly Train
  • Obtaining 12 Cookies of Lv. 28
  • Clearing 6-28 Tainted Treetop
  • Competing 50 times in the Kingdom Arena
  • 4000 Decor Points
  • Décor Points – 5000
  • Receive gifts from the Bear Jelly Train 30 times
  • Promote 6 Cookies to 3 Star
  • Clear 7-11 Forgotten Academy
  • Compete 100 times in the Kingdom Arena
  • 7-30 Forgotten Academy
  • 7000 Decor Points
  • 50 Bear Jelly Train awards
  • 15 Level 32 Cookies
  • 50 Bear Jelly Train rewards
  • 50 Bear Jelly Train prizes
  • Level up the Barrel Inn to the third level
  • Collect gifts from the Bear Jelly Train a total of 100 times. Compete 300 times in the Kingdom Arena
  • Clear the 8-30 Hall of Enlightenment
  • And earn the title of King. Obtain 15 Level 36 Cookies by following the instructions below. Promote ten cookies to a three-star rating
  • 8000 Decor Points are available for purchase.
  • 200 times you will receive goodies from the Bear Jelly Train. Promote 12 Cookies to a three-star rating
  • Clear 9-30 Vanilla Castle Gates
  • Collect 15 Level 40 Cookies
  • And complete the game. Maison du Cake will be promoted to Level 3
  • Compete 400 times in the Kingdom Arena to get your reward. Points for decoration – 9000
  • 300 times you will receive goodies from the Bear Jelly Train. 15 Cookies are promoted to 3 stars
  • 10-31 Chamber of Audiences are cleared
  • And 20 Level 45 Cookies are obtained. Upgrade the Jewelry Salon to the third level
  • Compete in the Kingdom Arena a total of 500 times. 10000 points for decoration

There are a variety of great tips and methods available on Cookie Run Kingdom that will assist you in completing even the most difficult activity with ease. For instance, how to trade and where you may exchange important resources are two examples. In addition, you may join a Guild or ask a friend to participate in Cookie Run.

Cookie Run: Kingdom beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks

Run for the Cookie: Kingdom is a strategy game that incorporates aspects of a role-playing game. Construction of structures, assignment of Toppings, formation of fighting squads, and powering up of cookies are all required in order to be successful in the arena. A compelling RPG story mode, a player-versus-player (PvP) fighting mode, and a plethora of options for exporting the items that you produce in your kingdom are all features of the game Cookie Run: Kingdom. It might be difficult to get started in Cookie Run: Kingdom since there is so much to accomplish.

Pick a server for your play style

When you begin a new game in Cookie Run: Kingdom, you will have a choice between two servers. Pure Vanilla was the first server to be created, and Hollyberry is a more recent addition to the lineup. Players in Pure Vanilla tend to be more experienced in the game, which implies that PvP content will be more difficult there. Because Hollyberry is a newer game, you are less likely to come across very experienced players that have been playing since the beginning. For a group of friends to be able to play together, everyone must choose the same server.

Don’t rush to upgrade your buildings

Despite the fact that it may be tempting to update all of your buildings at once, resist the temptation. While upgrading buildings that provide raw materials such as Roll Cake Wood and Sugar is acceptable early on, upgrading buildings that assist you in the production of goods such as Robust Axes and Jellybean Jam should be postponed. To construct a crown, you’ll need a flower, which will require a cushion, which will require another flower, and so on. You understand what I’m trying to say. Image courtesy of Devsisters via Polygon.

Only if your structures are enabled will the Bear Jelly Train and Tree of Wishes request these goods, and they can be expensive and time-consuming to construct if you are not prepared.

Your buildings should always be making something

Maintain the heat in your structures. These will continue to create goods even after your app has been closed, so make sure to queue up as many products as you can. It is preferable to have a huge stock of products rather than having to produce them to order, so stock up on as much as you can.

Toppings are important for power

If your cookies are lacking in strength, make sure you have as manyToppingsas possible attached to them to compensate. Toppings are the game’s equipment system, and various Toppings have varied stat-boosting effects on the characters. Put defense Toppings on your frontline cookies, and cooldown or assault Toppings on your healers and attacker cookies to maximize their effectiveness. Upgrade your Toppings by tapping on them while they are equipped! Image courtesy of Devsisters via Polygon. There are three layers of toppings to choose from.

(By touching on a Topping, you may learn more about its size and rarity.)

Treasure is just as important as your cookies

In addition to cookies and toppings, you bring threeTreasures with you to every combat, each of which has a different influence on the outcome. Some have a passive effect, like as increasing your defense or attacking more effectively, while others set up barriers, heal your party members, resurrect a party member, or apply a debuff against foes. These are also extremely crucial since many bosses have bonuses that may be countered, and you may want an additional layer of defense when battling a particularly difficult stage.

Your Treasures are the three hexagons that appear above your cookies.

Grab Cookie Soulstones to get new cookies and upgrade existing cookies

Alternatively, if you’re not having much luck in the Cookie Gacha, you may always utilize Cookie Soulstones to unlock more cookies in the future. Cookie Soulstones can be obtained through finishing levels in Dark Mode that have been expressly designated as such, turning in PvPcurrency, or trading in Rainbow Shells at the Rainbow Shell Gallery. A cookie requires the use of 20 Soulstones to be created. Noteworthy is the fact that the Legendary Sea Fairy Cookie may be obtained through the use of Rainbow Shells, and that Ancient Cookie shards can be obtained through PvP money.

Image courtesy of Devsisters via Polygon.

Because of Soulstones, you won’t have to pay any money in order to collect every cookie in the game.

Keep refreshing in the PvP Kingdom Arena

Once every 30 minutes, you may have your list of potentialKingdom Arenaopponents refreshed for free. Refresh your opponent list and take down folks that are below your power level whenever you get the opportunity. It’s really simple to achieve a high ranking just by following these instructions. There are persons in the Platinum and above categories that have surprisingly low power levels compared to their peers.

The Kingdom Arena is an optional gameplay aspect in which you are not required to join in order to progress. However, the rewards are rather substantial, so it is well worth your time to participate.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes – Free Crystals and Rainbow Cubes

The 27th of January in the year 2022: There will be no new Cookie Run: Kingdom codes for the foreseeable future, but the Anniversary login incentives will continue to provide a steady stream of freebies. The most recent Cookie Run: Kingdom code was’CK1STANNIVERSARY ‘, which commemorated the game’s first anniversary. In order to make the most of your team, you’ll need to collect as manyCookie Run: Kingdom codes as you can find. This mobile RPG puts you in charge of a troop of heroic baked goodies who are tasked with constructing their own refuge and defeating various sugar-based adversaries throughout both PVE and PVP gameplay.

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a list of the voice actors who have appeared in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

This is when the information in this tutorial comes in helpful.

If Roblox is more your style, have a look at our listings of All Star Tower Defense codes andKing Legacy codes, which are also available.

All Working Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes

  • 3000 Rainbow Cubes (NEW)
  • CK1STANNIVERSARY- 5k Crystals (NEW)
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD1- 1k Crystals (NEW)
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD3- 100 Lv. 6 Star Jellies (NEW)
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD4- 30 Time Jumpers
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD5- Three of each Aurora item

The following Cookie Run: Kingdom codes were tested and confirmed to be valid on January 27, 2022, at the time of publication.

  • Each of the following: GETUR1SUGARGNOME is one sugargnome
  • GETUR3SUGARGNOME is three sugargnomes
  • GETUR5SUGARGNOME is five sugargnomes
  • GETUR7SUGARGNOME is seven sugargnomes
  • SAMSUNGCRKINGDOM – 1,000 crystals
  • SAMSUNGCRKINGDOM 30MILLIONKINGDOM – Crystals and rainbow cubes are yours for the taking
  • The 2021KRGAMEAWARDS consist of 5,000 crystals, 1,000 rainbow cubes, and 1,000 cold crystals. KINGDOMNBLUECLUB – 500 crystals
  • REALTOUGHCOOKIES The crystal number is 46KFX6562CPHP95H, which is 1,500 crystals. A thousand crystals are awarded to the KINGDOMWITHSONIC. A total of 10,000 XP is awarded to XYOKSPZLLUJYFKJN. A total of 50,000 coins are held by TIYSVCUKYDPPHTNP There are 500 crystals in KINGDOMYUNIKO720, and 500 crystals in KINGDOMIAMSIXTAN. KINGDOMBERYLLULU – 500 crystals
  • KINGDOMBERYLLULU – 500 crystals IELLBHSLKSKZHBGD – Three cookie cutters
  • IELLBHSLKSKZHBGD – Three cookie cutters
  • 2CHAMCOOKINGDOM2 – 500 crystals
  • 2CHAMCOOKINGDOM3 – 500 crystals Awarded the BESTGAMEAWARDTHX trophy, worth 3,000 crystals. The COOKIECHICKENRUN is worth 500 crystals
  • The CHIMNPERLKINGDOM is worth 500 crystals
  • The WELCOMETOKINGDOM is worth 500 crystals
  • The getur2sugargnome is worth two gnomes
  • The getur4sugargnome is worth four gnomes
  • And the getur6sugargnome is worth six gnomes. 500 crystals for COOKIEFOOLSDAYS2
  • 1,000 crystals for PARFAITSUBSCRIBE
  • 1,000 crystals and jellies bonus for HAPPY100DAYSGIFT
  • 500 crystals for TAMAGIFT500TOYOU
  • 3,000 crystals and 100 stamina for KINGDOMWELOVEYOU
  • 500 crystals for KINGDOMLILKA2021
  • 500 crystals for KINGDOMSUNBA0128
  • 500 crystals for KINGDOMKING5927

How Do I Use Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes?

  • Click on this link to access the Cookie Run: Kingdom voucher redemption website. Starting on the website, type in the name of your DevPlay account precisely as it appears on the ‘Info’ tab of the Cookie Run: Kingdom settings page, followed by your password. This is not your Player ID
  • It is someone else’s. In the box below, enter your Cookie Run: Kingdom code, and then click on the ‘Claim Reward’ button. If the code is genuine, you’ll get a notice on the web page stating that it is
  • Otherwise, nothing will happen.
  • Upon relaunching the Cookie Run: Kingdom application, the things will appear in your email.

The process of obtaining Cookie Run: Kingdom codes is surprisingly complex for a mobile game of this nature. In reality, you will not be able to redeem them from within the mobile application. As a result, the only way to redeem your points is to use a computer or a web browser. Following confirmation that one code is valid, exit the game and redeem all valid Cookie Run: Kingdom codes in a single session. You’ll be able to claim them all at once, without having to check in several times to do so.

What Are Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes?

cookie run kingdom codes are extremely useful for increasing the size of your squad of cookie warriors, customizing your hub planet, and even getting Cookie Skins to dress up your favorite characters. Everything from crystals to be utilized in pulling fresh cookies from the current banners to rainbow gems for skins and basic currencies to increase the overall power of your squad may be won by participating in these events. Cookie Run: Kingdom codes might occasionally reward you with jellies, which are the game’s equivalent of stamina.

You won’t be able to participate in combat or receive awards until you have jelly, which means you’ll have to wait till they regenerate.

How Do I Get More Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes?

The officialCookie Run: Kingdom is now available. Twitter is updated on a regular basis, and as a result, it will be the most reliable source for finding fresh codes. While the game’sInstagram account is equally busy, the Discord channel is also quite active—all of which are essential when sleuthing for codes. On the other hand, there are various ways to receive Cookie Run: Kingdom freebies without having to wait for codes to work. Competitions and giveaways are held on the official Twitter account from time to time, and anybody may enter to win some new stuff.

Of course, it’s a good idea to bookmark this website and return to it on a frequent basis to keep up with the latest developments.

We’ll be updating the list as and when new Cookie Run: Kingdom codes become available, so this should be your first stop when looking for more baked good fun on the internet.

How Do I Get More Crystals in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

  • Your DevPlay account must be linked. Claiming Achievement, Exploration, and Tower prizes
  • Clearing content
  • And more. Attend the Arena season and show your support
  • Participate in contests
  • Codes and incentives can be redeemed

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on theCookie Run: Kingdom social media channels. One competition on November 4 guaranteed a prize of 2,000 Crystals if the winner was chosen. cookie run kingdom already provides a large number of free pulls and other materials, but if you’re lucky enough to win one of the many social media competitions, you might receive even more resources.

What’s in the Latest Cookie Run: Kingdom Update?

  • New Guild systems
  • New tales
  • Tea Knight Cookie
  • Eclair Cookie
  • New guild systems
  • New stories

On January 19, the first anniversary update for Cookie Run: Kingdom was made available. Among other things, it enhanced Guild functionality, established the Cookie Alliance, and introduced the Tea Knight Cookie as a special event reward and the Eclair Cookie as a gacha highlight. And that concludes the current harvest of Cookie Run: Kingdom cheats and cheat codes. If you’ve been successful in obtaining a strong cookie using the codes listed above, make sure to check out our list of the bestCookie Run: Kingdom toppings.

In addition, we’ve now published a guide to the Cookie Run: Kingdom cookie cutters.

Cookie Run Kingdom How to Upgrade Castle? –

The most recent update was made on November 17, 2021. Cookie Run Kingdom is a video game. To upgrade your castle, you must meet the following requirements: resources, necessary quests, unlockables, and awards. Codes, toppings, cookies, bonds, and voice actors are some of the other Cookie Run Kingdom guides.

Cookie Run Kingdom How to Upgrade Castle – Requirements

  • 1st Level: N/A
  • 2nd Level: x3 roll cake wood, x3 sugar cube, x3 robust axe, and 5k coins
  • 3rd Level: x3 roll cake wood, x3 sugar cube, x3 robust axe, and 5k coins 3rd Level: x1 aurora pillar, x5 sugar cube, x3 tempered pickaxe, and 20,000 coins
  • 4th Level: x1 aurora pillar, x5 sugar cube, x3 tempered pickaxe, and 20,000 coins 1 aurora brick, 1 aurora compass, 3 candy saws, and 50k coins
  • 4th Level: 1 aurora brick, 1 aurora compass, 3 candy saws, and 50k coins
  • The following items are available at the 5th level: x3 aurora pillars, x3 aurora bricks, x3 aurora compass, and 100k coins
  • 5th Level: x3 aurora pillars, x3 aurora bricks, x3 aurora compass, and 100k coins
  • 5th Level: x3 aurora pillar, x3 aurora brick, and 100k coins The following items are available at 6th level: x4 Aurora pillars, x4 Aurora bricks, x4 Aurora compass, and 300k coins The following items are available at the 7th level: 5x aurora pillar, 5x aurora brick, 5x aurora compass, and 500k coins At the 8th level, you’ll get a six-fold increase in the number of aurora pillars, six-fold increase in the number of aurora bricks, six-fold increase in the number of aurora compass points, and 700k coins. 9th Level: x7 aurora pillar, x7 aurora brick, x7 aurora compass, and 1M coins
  • 10th Level: x7 aurora pillar, x7 aurora brick, x7 aurora compass, and 1M coins
  • 11th Level: x7 aurora pillar, x7 aurora brick, and 1M coins
  • 12th Level: x7 aurora pillar, x7 aurora brick, and 1M coins 10th Level: x8 aurora pillar, x8 aurora brick, x8 aurora compass, and 2M coins
  • 11th Level: x9 aurora pillar, x9 aurora brick, x9 aurora compass, and 3M coins
  • 12th Level: x9 aurora pillar, x9 aurora brick, x9 aurora compass, and 3M coins
  • 13th Level: x9 aurora pillar, x Aurora pillars, bricks, and compasses are all worth ten times their normal value at level twelve
  • Five million coins are awarded at this level. A total of 30 aurora pillars, 30 aurora bricks, and 30 aurora compasses are required for the 13th level, as are 8 million coins. 14th Level: x60 aurora pillar, x60 aurora brick, x60 aurora compass, and 13M coins
  • 15th Level: x100 aurora pillar, x100 aurora brick, x100 aurora compass, and 20M coins
  • 16th Level: x100 aurora pillar, x100 aurora brick, x100 aurora compass, and 20M coins
  • 17th Level: x100 aurora pillar, x

Cookie Run Kingdom How to Upgrade Castle – Missions

  • Earn 600 Decor Points by obtaining 3 Lv.5 Cookies, clearing 2-14 Dragon Hill, fulfilling 10 wishes from the Tree of Requests, placing x1 Jammery, and completing 10 wishes from the Tree of Wishes.
  • Defeat Stages 3-10 of the Pilgrim’s Path
  • Earn 700 Decor Points
  • Grant 10 wishes from the Tree of Wishes
  • Build an x1 Carpentry Shop
  • And complete the game. Obtain 4 Lv.10 Cookies by using your skills.
  • Obtain 5 Lv.15 Cookies
  • Place 1 Windmill
  • Clear 3-24 Pilgrim’s Path
  • Complete 30 wishes from the Tree of Wishes
  • And complete 30 wishes from the Tree of Wishes. Earn a total of 800 Decor Points.
  • Clear Hero’s Gates 4-11 times
  • Compete in the Kingdom Arena 5 times
  • Get gifts from the Bear Jelly Train 2 times
  • And complete a quest line. Earn a total of 900 Decor Points. x1 Jampie Diner should be placed
  • Earn 1000 Decor Points by competing ten times in the Kingdom Arena, clearing four to twenty-five Hero’s Gates, and receiving gifts from the Bear Jelly Train four times.
  • Compete 15 times in the Kingdom Arena
  • Build one Dairy Factory
  • Obtain ten Cookies of Lv.24
  • Earn 1500 Decor Points
  • And complete the quest. Remove 5-15 tainted trees from the forest
  • Seven times, you will receive goodies from the Bear Jelly Train.
  • Compete 20 times in the Kingdom Arena
  • Place 1 Latte Cafe
  • Obtain 10 Cookies of Lv.24
  • Earn 2200 Decor Points
  • Clear 5-28 Tainted Forest
  • And complete the following tasks: Ten times, you will receive goodies from the Bear Jelly Train.
  • Recieve goodies from the Bear Jelly Train 15 times
  • Construct x1 Toy Store
  • Promote 5 cookies to 3
  • And get 3000 Decor Points 6-28 Treetop with a tainted appearance
  • Compete in the Kingdom Arena a total of 30 times.
  • Take 20 Bear Jelly Train gifts
  • Build one Barrel Inn (x1)
  • Obtain 12 Cookies of Lv. 28
  • Earn 4000 Decor Points
  • And complete the Bear Jelly Train questline. 6-28 Treetop with a tainted appearance
  • Compete in the Kingdom Arena a total of 50 times.
  • Receive gifts from the Bear Jelly Train a total of 30 times
  • Place a total of one Maison du Cake
  • Earn 5000 Decor Points for promoting 6 cookies to a level of 3. Remove 7-11 Forgotten Academy from the game
  • Compete in the Kingdom Arena a total of 100 times.
  • Receive gifts from the Bear Jelly Train 50 times
  • Obtain 15 Cookies of Lv.32
  • Place x1 Jewelry Salon
  • Earn 7000 Decor Points
  • And complete the following tasks: 7-30 Forgotten Academy must be cleared
  • 100 times you will receive goodies from the Bear Jelly Train. Compete in the Kingdom Arena 300 times to get a gold medal. 8-30 Hall of Enlightenment must be cleared
  • Acquire 15 Cookies of Lv.36 level
  • Earn a total of 8000 Decor Points. Reduce the number of cookies from ten to three
  • Increase the level of the Barrel Inn to Lv.3
  • 200 times you will receive goodies from the Bear Jelly Train. Promote 12 cookies to the rank of 3
  • Clear 9-30 Vanilla Castle Gates
  • Get 9000 Decor Points
  • And much more. Acquire 15 Cookies of Lv.40 level
  • Increase the level of Maison du Cake to Lv.3
  • Compete in the Kingdom Arena 400 times
  • 300 times you will receive goodies from the Bear Jelly Train. 10000 Decor Points for promoting 15 cookies to level 3
  • Clearing the 10-31 Chamber of Audiences. Obtain a total of 20 Cookies of Lv.45. Increase the level of the Jewelry Salon to Lv.3
  • Compete in the Kingdom Arena a total of 500 times.

Cookie Run Kingdom How to Upgrade Castle – Rewards

  • X1 Jellybean Farm
  • X1 Sugar Quarry
  • X1 Jammery
  • Lumberjack’s Lodge Lv.2
  • Smithy Lv.2
  • X4 Cookie Houses @ Lv.2
  • X4 Cookie Houses @ Lv.3
  • X4 Cookie Houses @ Lv.4
  • Carpenter’s Workshop (x1), Balloon Dock (available), Jammery (Lv. 2), Smithy (Lv. 3), x5 Cookie Houses (Lv. 3), x5 Cookie Houses (Lv. 3)
  • X1 Lumberjack’s Lodge
  • X1 Windmill
  • X1 Bakery
  • Smithy Lv. 4
  • Jellybean Farm Lv. 2
  • X6 Cookie Houses @ Lv.4
  • X6
  • 1x Jellyberry Orchard
  • 1x Jampie Diner
  • Bear Jelly Train available
  • Sugar Quarry Lv. 2
  • Bakery Lv. 2
  • X8 Cookie Houses at Lv.5
  • Bear Je
  • X1 Artisan’s Workshop
  • X1 Flower Shop
  • Jammery Lv. 3
  • Carpentry Shop Lv. 2
  • Windmill Lv. 2
  • Jampie Diner Lv. 3
  • X10 Cookie Houses @ Lv. 6
  • X10 Cookie Houses @ Lv. 7
  • X10 Cookie Houses @ Lv. 8
  • X10 Cookie Houses @ Lv. 9
  • X10 Cookie Houses @ Lv. 10
  • X10 Cookie
  • Two Jellybean Farms, two Jammeries, one Milk Well, the second Bear Jelly Train, the Smithy on Level 5, the Bakery on Level 3, the Jellyberry Orchard on Level 2, the Jampie Diner on Level 3, the Artisan’s Workshop on Level 2, the Flower Shop on Level 2, and twelve cookie houses on Level Seven.
  • X1 Carpentry Shop
  • X1 Bakery
  • X1 Latte Cafe
  • Lumberjack’s Lodge Lv. 3
  • Bakery Lv. 4
  • Jampie Diner Lv. 4
  • Flower Shop Lv. 3
  • X16 Cookie Houses @ Lv.8
  • Lum
  • Touc’s Trade Harbor, x20 Cookie Houses at Lv.8, x1 Cotton Candy Ranch, x1 Windmill, x1 Jampie Diner, 3rd Bear Jelly Train, Jammery Level 4, Carpentry Shop Level 3, Windmill Level 3, Artisan’s Workshop Level 3, Dairy Factory Level 2, Touc’s Trade Harbor, x20 Cookie Houses at Lv.8, 3rd Bear Jelly Train, Jammery Level 4, Carpentry Shop
  • X1 Barrel Inn
  • Smithy Lv. 6
  • Jellybean Farm Lv. 3
  • Bakery Lv. 5
  • Jampie Diner Lv. 5
  • Flower Shop Lv. 4
  • Milk Well Lv. 2
  • Latte Cafe Lv. 2
  • X24 Cookie Houses @ Lv. 8
  • X1 Barrel Inn
  • Jampie Diner
  • Artisan’s Workshop Lv. 4
  • Flower Shop Lv. 5
  • Dairy Factory 3
  • Toy Store Lv. 2
  • Cotton Candy Ranch 2
  • Carpentry Shop Lv. 4
  • Sugar Quarry 3
  • X28 Cookie Houses at Level 9
  • X28 Cookie Houses at Level 10
  • X28 Cookie Houses at Level 11
  • X28 Cookie Houses at Level 12
  • X28 Cookie Houses at Level 13
  • X28 Cookie Houses at Level 14
  • X28
  • 1x Jewelry Salon
  • Smithy Lv. 7
  • Jammery Lv. 5
  • Bakery Lv. 6
  • Jellyberry Orchard Lv. 3
  • Milk Well Lv. 3
  • Latte Cafe Lv. 3
  • Barrel Inn Lv. 2
  • Maison du Cake Lv. 2
  • X32 Cookie Houses @ Lv. 9
  • 1x Jewelry Salon
  • Jellyberry
  • There is an x1 jewelry salon, a Jampie Diner on level six, a Flower Shop on level six, a toy store on level three, a Cotton Candy Ranch on level three, a Barrel Inn on level three, a Maison du Cake on level three, and a jewelry salon on level three. There are also x36 cookie houses on level ten.
  • Glorious Vanilla Castle ($2M)
  • X2 Cotton Candy Ranch
  • X40 Cookie Houses at Lv.11
  • +8 Territory Expansion
  • Glorious Vanilla Castle
  • X44 Cookie Houses at Lv.13
  • +7 Territory Expansion
  • X44 Cookie Houses at Lv.13
  • Lv.13 Cookie Houses
  • +7 Territory Expansion
  • X44 Cookie Houses
  • Lv.13 Cookie Houses
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Glorious Vanilla Castle Skin

Increase the level of your castle to 13 in order to acquire the Glorious Vanilla Castle skin.

How to level up Kingdom fast in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Pro Game Guides took this screenshot. The maximum level of a player’s Cookies is determined by their Kingdom level. Early on in the game, it’s strongly advised that you concentrate on raising the Cookie Castle level to the highest possible level in order to unlock more material; however, some conditions are simpler to complete when you increase your Cookies’ Power. Additionally, working on raising your Kingdom level will assist you in leveling up your Cookies and clearing more difficult material in this manner.

Here are the most effective methods for completing your Kingdom levels in the shortest amount of time.

Story Quests

The most efficient method of gaining Kingdom EXP is to complete Story missions, which award you with EXP for accomplishing a variety of chores. These are often classified into the following categories:

  • Territory growth
  • World exploration
  • Construction
  • Interactions with the kingdom, such as Wishes, Balloon Expeditions, and the Train Station
  • Decor points
  • And other features.

In addition to steering your game growth, these tasks are available for the majority of the early and mid-game, giving you with a steady stream of experience points. Pro Game Guides took this screenshot. Concentrate on World Exploration tasks, which reward you with massive amounts of Kingdom EXP just by completing levels. While adversaries get more powerful as you continue through the game, Cookies can usually destroy more powerful foes if they are surrounded by a strong team, and three-starring the levels is not required to finish the Story missions.

World Exploration

When you’ve finished all Story missions or are stuck at a stage but still have Stamina Jellies left over, use them up in World Exploration to get you out of your bind. Each level grants a certain amount of Kingdom EXP, which rises in value as you travel farther along in the Story.

Use this opportunity to take advantage of the weekend. Burning Time for double EXP and using Time Jumpers to auto-clear levels immediately if you’re in a hurry are two of the most effective strategies.

Tropical Soda Islands

In order to unlock tiny Islands which have been taken over by pirates, you must first dispel the fog that has blanketed the Tropical Soda Islands. Liberate them in order to acquire a few thousand Kingdom EXP and unlock the ability to produce resources. Pirates may assault these islands at some point in the future, providing you with another opportunity to get EXP. More information about Cookie Run: Kingdom: Where to get all of the free daily goodies


Pro Game Guides took this screenshot. Bounties not only reward you with Skill Powders, but they also provide you a little amount of Kingdom EXP. You can clear up to five stages every day for free, but increasing the number of combat opportunities will cost you Crystals. However, even if the EXP gain is little, using all five chances everyday is still highly advised for farming Skill Powders and other items.


Pro Game Guides took this screenshot. When you grant Cookies’ wishes, you gain a few hundred Kingdom EXP for each one you grant. Given that Wishes are independent from the Daily Reward, you can give as many as you desire on a daily basis. However, satisfying wishes might deplete your resources, so it’s best to limit the number of Wishes you give until you’ve claimed the three Daily Rewards (45 Wishes). Helpful hint: If a Cookie’s request seems outrageous, click Refresh over their heads and wait 10 minutes for a new Wish to arrive.

Balloon Expedition

Pro Game Guides took this screenshot. Every couple of hours, you can send Cookies on a Balloon Expedition, where he will return with gifts, including millions of Kingdom Experience Points. As you complete Story chapters in the World Exploration, more Expeditions become available. If the Expedition is a Super Success, you will receive double the amount of EXP as a normal success. Once you’ve amassed a significant number of Kingdom levels, don’t forget to level up your Cookies with EXP Star Jellies to further your advancement.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Cheats: Coupon Gift Codes & 6 Best Tips for Gameplay, Android, iOS Strategy Guide and Tricks

Run for the Cookie: Kingdom Tip 1: Travel around the world. Cookie Run: Kingdom’s main game mode is where you’ll spend the most of your time during the campaign. Through the completion of levels and episodes, you may receive Coins, Kingdom and Cookie EXP, as well as other rewards. Star Reward Program You can clear a stage with up to three stars if you work together. Aim for three stars on each stage in order to be eligible for further Crystal awards. It is necessary to have all of your Cookies standing at the conclusion of the stage in order to achieve all three stars.

  • To complete the Cookie Run, use Kingdom Tip2: Today’s Bounties.
  • Different bounties are displayed on a daily basis throughout the week, so check back often.
  • Remember to take all of this into mind while assembling your team!
  • Each boss drops a unique collection of Skill Powders that may be used to enhance your abilities.
  • A separate grade of Skill Powders will be awarded to each level boss in addition to that.
  • When collecting Skill Powders, make sure to carefully choose which bosses to face and which Skill Powders to use.
  • In addition, purchasing the Kingdom Pass will offer you an additional amount of tries.

Cookie Run.

Depending on your Arena tier, you can earn prizes on a daily, monthly, or seasonal basis in this mode.

Don’t forget to participate in each season!

The recharge time for Arena Tickets is determined by the amount of time spent in the arena; however, if you do not want to wait, you may use Crystals to recharge them immediately.

You will obtain extra Trophies if your opponent has more Trophies than you do if you manage to defeat him or her.

Medals of Victory will be awarded to you for each match that you win.

Once you have reached Silver III, you may select “Defenders” to add the so-called “Hidden Cookies” to your squad, who will remain hidden from your opponents until you defeat them.

Construction Shop is the fourth tip in the Kingdom of Cookie Run.

For example, Cookie House may occasionally manufacture Star Jellies, which are a type of jelly.

Buildings In order to construct something, you must first pay the requisite fee and find an appropriate location.

As a reward for your efforts, you will receive some Kingdom EXP after the structure is completed.

There are three types of decors: basic decors, cookie-specific decors, and landmarks.

When you set all of the decors that are associated with a certain theme, you will receive some Crystals as a prize.

Landmarks are the most renowned structures in your Kingdom, and they deliver unique benefits that increase stronger as the building is upgraded.

In terms of points, decorations are more valuable than structures.

Buildings and decorations should be constructed in as many ways as possible, but remember that most things are best when done in moderation.

Cookie’s Desire By providing the necessary materials to the Tree of Wishes, you may help to realize the wishes of the Cookies.

Increase your chances of receiving more prizes by giving items of higher grade!

In order to keep track of how many wishes you have fulfilled, a daily counter is maintained.

As long as you keep the counter filled, you can earn up to three daily awards. Cookie Run: Coupon and Gift Code from the Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Apps on Google Play

Build your vision of a Cookie Kingdom and fight to regain the land that has been stolen by an evil that lurks in the dark. From the designers of Cookie Run: OvenBreak comes Cookie Run: Kingdom, a game that has just come out of the oven. Build a tasty kingdom while battling deadly dessert creatures in this exciting game! In Guild Battles, you may work together with your pals! Take part in battles with other Guild Members and beat new adversaries. Battle against tough opponents in order to level up as a group.

  1. A heroic role-playing game adventure in which you join forces with GingerBrave and some well-known Cookie characters!
  2. Defeat the evil that stands between you and your goal of constructing your Kingdom in a beautiful fantasy adventure RPG.
  3. It is your task in this kingdom builder to restore overgrown ruins and design your Kingdom with unique decorations and intriguing structures.
  4. In a Cookie Hero role-playing game, you may decorate your kingdom to your heart’s desire.
  5. Unlock new battle levels and learn about the Cookie universe’s mysteries as you go.
  6. Make use of the various abilities of each Cookie and unleash the right balance of power on the battlefield!
  7. Cookie Run has the following characteristics: COME UP WITH A PLAN FOR THE ULTIMATE COOKIE KINGDOM!

Set up an empire of cookies, complete with a fancy laboratory for Wizard Cookie and an elegant juice bar for Sparkling Cookie!

An adventure RPG and kingdom builder in which you must collect resources from structures in order to grow your Kingdom and repair damaged buildings in order to level up.

Join in the new Guild Battle system and fight online with your buddies!

With only a few touches, you can command your team and unleash their abilities.

ASSOCIATE WITH COOKIE FRIENDS DESSERTS FOR COOKIE TOPPINGS In the ultimate Kingdom building experience, team up with familiar Cookies to explore and discover new things.

Cookie cutters are a type of tool used to cut cookies.

Amass a collection of unusual Cookie Toppings to improve the particular abilities of your Cookie!

Discover the hitherto unknown history of the Kingdom and its fallen warriors.

“There’s a lot to do in this game!

– is a website dedicated to bringing you the best in mobile gaming.

All of the attacks appear to be spectacular.

Storage: These rights allow the game to download and save game data, allowing it to function properly.

READ EXTERNAL STORAGE WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGESettings PrivacyPermissions Managersselect the permissions that are required. Set the Allow or Deny option. AOS requires a minimum of 3GB of RAM. iOS requires iOS 13 or higher, as well as 2GB of RAM or more.

Cookie Run Kingdom: How to Upgrade Holiday Cake

The most recent update to Cookie Run Kingdom features a new decorative item called as Cake Baked from the Heart, which may be upgraded in a number of different ways. A new update has arrived in Cookie Run Kingdom just in time for the holidays. While the majority of the focus is on the reintroduction of Cocoa Cookie into the game, there are a number of new events that have been added that players may take advantage of. One of these events is the Holiday Cake competition. It had previously been possible to participate in multipleCookie Run Kingdomevents that centered on a certain piece of kingdom décor that provided rewards.

But because its ability to improve is restricted in scope, players must put in the necessary effort if they want to reap the greatest number of benefits feasible.

Players can pick up the ornament from this location and set it anyplace in their kingdom as they see fit.

The more the cake is updated, the more benefits the players will receive from it.

Upgrading the Cake Baked from the Heart

The Holiday Cake is divided into five tiers, with the first level granting players access to the cake. In order to enhance it, players must first pick the cake in the overworld and then utilize common resources such as Roll Cake Wood or Sugar Cubes to complete the transformation. It also need the involvement of a Sugar Gnome. Holiday Ribbons, on the other hand, are a specific substance that players will require in order to participate. Holiday Ribbons may be gained by completing activities in the Lucky Holiday Ribbons event, or they can be given to friends as a present.

  1. Increasing the level of the Cake Baked from the Heart means that it will take more resources and more Holiday Ribbons in order to go to the next level.
  2. Players will have until December 25, 2021 to completely upgrade the Cake Baked from the Heart, which will be available on December 9, 2021.
  3. Even while it is currently unclear, it is quite probable that the Cake will retain the look of the level that players were able to improve it to after the event has concluded.
  4. MORE: Should You Invest in the Cookie Run Kingdom’s Kingdom Pass?

To that end, Rockstar Games is considering the addition of Hao’s Special Works auto store, where players may enhance their vehicles to provide them with ‘elite driving performance,.’ Continue reading this article Sam Woodrick is the author of this book (748 Articles Published) Sam works as a game guide writer for GameRant as well as an independent game creator for a variety of games.

She, on the other hand, enjoys playing games of all kinds and enjoys them much more when she can do it with friends and family. Follow her on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @IceWoodrick. Sam Woodrick has more to say.

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes November 2021

Several Cookie Run Kingdom codes for the month of November 2021 have been disclosed, each of which unlocks a different piece of valuable content in the game. That refers to the ever-important Crystals, which may be used to get a variety of items throughout the game, as well as one that serves as a decorative item. It goes without saying that, as is the case with any games like Cookie Run Kingdom, you should always redeem active coupons as soon as you are able to avoid them expiring before you have the opportunity to use them.

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes for the month of November 2021

Cookie Run Kingdom Codes November 2021

As of the time of writing this article, there are eight Cookie Run Kingdom codes that are currently active in November 2021. The developers may decide to add more features by the end of the month, or they may decide to delete some. Remember to redeem these as soon as you possibly can, just in case anything like this does happen. Oh, and if there are any current codes that I have missed, please let me know in the comments section below. After all of that, here are the codes and the rewards that may be obtained through them.

  • 2021KRGAMEAWARDS– By redeeming the code, you will receive 5,000 Crystals, 1,000 Rainbow Cubes, and 1,000 Cold Crystals. 30MILLIONKINGDOM– Redeem the code to receive 3000 Crystals and 3000 Cubes
  • 30MILLIONKINGDOM– Redeem the code to receive 3000 Crystals and 3000 Cubes
  • Use the code KINGDOMNBLUECLUB to receive 500 Crystals when you redeem it. The code REALTOUGHCOOKIES may be redeemed to receive 500 Crystals. REDEEM THE CODE FOR 1,000 CRYSTALS AT SAMSUNGCRKINGDOM.COM. A single Sugar Gnome decoration may be obtained by redeeming the coupon GETUR1SUGARGNOME. GETUR3SUGARGNOME– Enter the code to receive three Sugar Gnome decorations when you redeem it. GETUR5SUGARGNOME– Enter the code to receive five Sugar Gnome decorations when you redeem it. GETUR7SUGARGNOME– Enter the code to receive seven Sugar Gnome decorations when you redeem it.
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How to Redeem Codes in Cookie Run Kingdom

Depending on the device you’re using, you’ll have to go through a different process in order to redeem November coupons in Cookie Run Kingdom (and all subsequent codes in the future, of course). If you’re using an Apple device, you may access the game using this link. In the first box, enter the email address you used to create your Devplay account, and in the second box, enter the code you wish to redeem, and then click “Claim prize.” Continue to input and redeem the codes until you are one of them.

You may, however, use the codes to redeem them in-game.

Featured Videos

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a popular mobile game that will debut its new Guild Battle Update on January 19th, 2022, according to the game’s official website. With this release, you’ll be able to gather several new and strong cookies, such as the Eclair Cookie and the Tea Knight Cookie, which are also available for purchase. There has also been an addition to the game, which is the Cookie Alliance, where you will be tasked with recruiting a Cookie army to battle the wicked creatures! In the patch notes below, you will discover all the information you need to know about this massive mode with a ton of stuff going on with it.


Cookie Alliance is a seasonal game mode in which your aim is to organize a massive Cookie army in order to avert the threat of a monster attack on your base.

  • To unlock, you must complete World Exploration’s Stage 10-31 (Story). – Set up five teams of five Cookies each, for a total of 25 Cookies.
  • To play in this mode, you’ll need Alliance Tickets, which will replenish as time goes on.

Your Alliance Tickets will not be forfeited at the conclusion of the first season, and you will be able to use them in subsequent seasons. Cookie Alliance’s maps, adversaries, and regulations are subject to change with each new season of the game.


  • You will begin battling with your first team and will continue fighting until your fifth team is defeated in each Cookie Alliance encounter. Each battle is broken into numerous chapters in which you must defend yourself against approaching waves of adversaries. The conflicts are automatically initiated, but you may manually swap teams after a brief cooling time. Once you have switched teams, the new team will immediately take the place of the existing team in the combat. As soon as a team is defeated, the next team will enter the battlefield and continue the combat
  • You have the option to halt and quit the combat and resume it from where you left off
  • There are a variety of unique buffs and debuffs available in Cookie Alliance, like increased health, decreased healing received, and more. It is possible that these impacts will vary in the coming seasons.

Beacon of Valor

  • It is possible to activate the Beacon of Valor’s effects using Coins, and they give special buffs in Cookie Alliance. There are two types of Beacon of Valor effects that can be activated with Coins in Cookie Alliance.
  • The levels of all Cookies in the Cookie Alliance have been raised to Lv.60, which means that all Cookies with levels 59 and below will begin with basic stats identical to those of Cookies with levels 60 and higher
  • The length of Blast Mode will be determined by the amount of Lv.60 Cookies you have (the quantity of Lv.60 Cookies you actually upgraded to will be taken into consideration)
  • Buff 2: Enter Blast Mode.

On your first play through Cookie Alliance, you will gain 7 days of the Beacon of Valor, which is unlocked through the tutorial you will complete while playing the game. If you want to benefit from the Beacon of Valor’s benefits, make sure to activate it before using Alliance Tickets to begin a combat. The impact of the Beacon of Valor will last for as long as it is in use, regardless of the time of year.


  • In Cookie Alliance, you will receive points based on your wave advancement, the number of monsters you fight, and the amount of time you spend playing. Following the conclusion of the combat, the number of points earned will be displayed on your overall season score
  • Following the conclusion of a combat, you will be able to unlock a prize chest
  • The longer the distance traveled, the higher the award
  • You will be included into the Individual and Guild Rankings based on your performance in Cookie Alliance, and you will be eligible for awards based on your ranking tier. Joining a guild will allow you to have your personal score contributed to the overall score of the guild. Please keep in mind that if you decide to quit the guild, this score will be removed from the overall score of the guild.


The functionality of the Guilds will be significantly enhanced in this release. You will get the opportunity to see the Guild Domain, Guild Hall, and Guild Museum!

1) Guild Domain

  • Decorate your Guild’s Domain with your guildmates
  • Complete Stages 3-6 (Story) in World Exploration to get access to the Guild Domain.
  • The first step is to join or form a guild, after which you may go to the Guild Domain screen.

The Cookie that each member of your guild chooses to represent them in the Guild Domain will be different for each member of your guild. You may do so by selecting the Change Cookie option from the drop-down menu. The Guild Hall, the Beacon of Promise, and the Guild Museum will all be able to be placed in your Guild Domain for use by the members of your guild. – Additionally, you have the option to decorate and enlarge the Guild Domain.

  • You will need to spend a set number of resources in order to develop the Domain: the maximum amount that may be spent each day is restricted for each guildmate, and you will need to work together in order to grow the territory more quickly. Each guildmate will receive Activity Points for their contributions to the expansion of the Guild Domain. When a new tile is unlocked, all members of the guild will get a prize in their mailboxes
  • However, this award is only valid for a limited time. The assistance of the Sugar Gnomes is not necessary for the expansion of the Domain or the placement of decorations.

Make sure to have a look at the new set of notification settings connected to the Guild Domain under SettingsNotifications, which you may toggle on and off.

2) Domain Decoration

  • Purchase guild decors at the Guild Shop to use in decorating your guild’s domain. While any member of the guild can purchase guild decors, only the member who has been selected as the Domain Keeper is responsible for the actual decoration.
  • Initially, only the Guild Leader will be granted access to adorn the Domain
  • However, this may change in the future. The Guild Leader and Officers have the authority to choose a Domain Keeper from among their ranks. Guild members’ decorations will be saved in the Guild Storage, which can be accessed by pressing LayoutStorage.

As soon as a Domain Keeper or a Guild Keeper quits the guild, their permissions are restored to the Guild Leader. Decors purchased from the Guild Shop may only be utilized within the Guild Domain and cannot be sold outside of the Guild Domain. It is possible to acquire landmarks that are comparable to those that may be built in your Kingdom; however, these landmarks will not give any additional effects if they are installed in your Guild Domain.

3) Guild Hall

  • Tap the Guild Hall building or the Guild Hall button to enter the Guild Hall
  • In the Guild Hall, you can access and edit the information about your guild and its members
  • Your Cookie will be seated at the Guild Hall table, and their place will depend on the number of your Activity Points

4) Beacon of Promise

  • The legendary beacon of your guild will now be known as the “Beacon of Promise,” and it will be placed in front of your Guild Hall. In order to check in and level up your guild, tap the Beacon of Promise.

5) Guild Museum

  • To enter the Guild Museum, tap the Guild Museum building or the Guild Museum icon on your screen. The Guild Museum is divided into three Halls: the Hall of Magic, the Hall of Nature, and the Hall of History
  • Each of the Halls is divided into a number of Galleries.

In order to give Relics to the Museum and have them shown in the appropriate Galleries, you must first locate and acquire them. You will earn an unique Relic Set boost after you have filled a Gallery with Relics, which will be available to all members of the guild.

  • Placing a Legendary Relic will grant you an effect that is particular to that Relic. Set effects that are more potent can be achieved by upgrading the Relics.

Upgrades are available for the Relics, allowing for more potent set effects.

  • Following the donation of a Relic, all comparable Relics will be considered towards the leveling up of that Relic. Additional Relics required for future improvements varies based on the rarity of the relic and the current level of the player character.

6) ObtainingDonating Relics

  • In the Cookie Alliance, relics may be earned by opening prize chests and visiting the Rainbow Shell Gallery. Relics are classified into four categories based on their rarity: COMMON, RARE, EPIC, and LEGENDARY. As you go in Cookie Alliance, you will boost your chances of obtaining a rarer form of Relic by overcoming more tough challenges and waves of enemies. Relics that you have obtained are kept in your own Storage. After then, they will remain in your personal Storage until you give them to your guild’s museum
  • Upon donation, ownership of the Relic will be transferred to your guild. Relics donated to the Museum will not be removed from the Museum’s Galleries even if the donor is expelled from or leaves the guild.

7) Other Changes

  • In addition, the maximum level for guilds has been raised from 50 to 70. Within the first 24 hours of joining a guild, a member cannot be expelled from the organization. In the Guild Ranking, you can see how your guild is doing in Guild Battles and Cookie Alliance
  • You can also click on a guild to see more information about it.
  • It is possible to view the basic information about the guild, as well as the list of its members, relics, and effects
  • It is also possible to access the guild’s Domain from the Details page.


  • In addition to the talent “Book of History,” Eclair Cookie also has the ability “Book of History.” Description of the skill: Using all of the information and study that has been acquired over the years, examines and determines the opponent’s vulnerability. Affects three foes with the greatest ATK (targeting Cookies first), causing their DMG to be amplified, and delivers physical damage to them. Every ally gains an HP shield if the opponent is vanquished while under the effect of the Weakness debuff
  • *Eclair Cookie’s Weakness debuff duration is updated by the number of additional stacks it has: one stack’s duration is 10 seconds, two stacks will prolong it by 8 seconds


  • Tea Knight Cookie is a Charge Cookie who has the ability “Commander’s Wrath.”
  • Tea Knight Cookie is a Charge Cookie who has the ability “Commander’s Wrath.” Description of the skill: Inflicts damage on the nearest opponent (targeting Cookies first) and takes the initiative in the combat, offering a bonus for his teammates. There are various different types of buffs available
  • Each type is applied to the Cookie if it meets the requirements for that buff. In every battle in which an ally Cookie is defeated, the Wrath of the Commander effect is activated. The Wrath of the Commander cannot be removed from the battlefield and can be stacked up to four times. When Tea Knight Cookie reaches the maximum number of stacks, he will become resistant to interrupting effects.


  • Another Treasure has been added to the Guild Gacha
  • This time, it’s the Indomitable Knights’ insignia. In the event of an ally Cookie dying, the spirit of the indomitable will replenish some of the HP of all remaining Cookies. The Cookie will become invincible for a few seconds before falling
  • *The chances of obtaining the two EPIC Treasures available in the Guild Gacha (Insignia of the Indomitable Knights and Bookseller’s Monocle) will remain at one percent
  • *The Cookie will become invincible for a few seconds before falling


  • The Sugar Gnome Laboratory may now be raised up to Lv.10, and four new technologies have been added to the tech tree, bringing the total number of technologies available to 10.
  • Alliance Tickets: Max Number 1
  • Alliance Cookies: ATK Bonus 1
  • Alliance Cookies: DEF Bonus 1
  • Alliance Cookies: HP Bonus 1
  • Alliance Tickets: Max Number 1


  • Cotton Cookie’s Soulstones are now available in the Mileage Shop
  • They were previously unavailable.


  • The following ten new decors are featured in the new decor theme: “BladeMagic.”


  • The skill of Cream Puff Cookie has been updated to include a new function.
  • In order for Cream Puff Cookie to cast her spell with high success, increasing damage while also healing more HP, the following conditions must be met: Description of the skill: Creates a tornado of Jellies that spreads across a huge region, causing widespread harm. The power of the spell heals the health of the entire group. Once a spell has been conjured successfully, the spell will be cast with enhanced Skill DMG and Healing, depending on the circumstances. The success of the spell is dependent on the CRIT percent achieved throughout the combat. While Cream Puff Cookie is utilizing her talent, she will become temporarily impervious to interrupting effects
  • This will last for a short period of time.

As a result, several adjustments have been made to the Cream Puff Cookie’s balance.


  • It has been decided to raise the stack capacity of the following objects in Storage from 999 to 9,999.
  • The following items are available: topping pieces, chaos cake pieces, flames of unity, special cookie cutters, magic cookie cutters, treasure tickets, skill powders, and time jumpers

The Rainbow Shell Gallery has been replenished with some new merchandise as a result of this update. A new Resolution option has been added. These additional choices may be found under the MenuSettingsGame tab. In this promo film, you can see some of the new cookies and updates to the game that will be included in the Guild Battle Update: Here’s what the update’s official description says about it: The light of the beacon called out to cookies from every part of Earthbread, and they came! A new chapter in history is about to begin.

Perhaps even TEA KNIGHT COOKIE will make a comeback to take on his arch-nemesis?

We now know all we need to know about the Guild Battle Update for Cookie Run: Kingdom, including when it will be released and what it will include. If you want to learn more about the game, please visit theCookie Run Kingdom part of our website.

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