How To Get Decor Pikmin

Decor Pikmin

Decor Pikminare specialPikmininPikmin Bloomthat wear a costume. They have the same function as regular Pikmin, but wear a variety of decorative outfits. There are 23 main types of decor, which when combined with the 7 Pikmin types gives 161 types of Decor Pikmin to collect, plus 4 special types. Decor Pikmin can be obtained by growing aHuge Seedling, or by leveling up a Pikmin’sfriendshiplevel to 4 hearts.

Obtaining Decor Pikmin

One method of obtaining Decor Pikmin is to cultivate a Huge Seedling in your garden. These become available at level 10 and may be obtained by expeditions or leveling up. Huge Seedlings need 10,000 steps to grow, and after growing one in thePlanter Pack, plucking it will result in an animation in which the Pikmin hops inside a present box and emerges as a Decor Pikmin, which may be used as a decoration. The sort of decor that the player receives is decided on the location of where the seedling was found.

The alternative method of obtaining Decor Pikmin is to increase the friendshiplevel of a certain Pikmin’s pal.

Once the Pikmin has reached the maximum friendship level of 4 hearts, a new adventure for a gift box will be unlocked and displayed.

Following the receipt of the gift, an animation will play in which the Pikmin jumps inside the box and emerges as a Decor Pikmin will be displayed.

In addition, the player may earn unique Decor Pikmin through a variety of additional ways.

Decor types

What has to be done: Which OpenStreetMap tags belong to each type of Decor? Are you willing to do so? There are 20 different sorts of locations from which a décor item may be derived, each of which corresponds to a different type of real-world site. The décor that a Pikmin wears is determined by where its seedling was discovered. With the help of OpenStreetMap, Pikmin Bloom may obtain information about its location. As a result, only sites that have been described by OpenStreetMap contributors can provide Decor Pikmin for certain location categories.

The symbols show while examining information on a Pikmin or a seedling, and they may be used to determine what sort of Decor Pikmin a Pikmin will level up into as it progresses through the game.

In some instances, the kind of décor is chosen at random from among the possibilities available for that site, and therefore cannot be predicted in advance.

  • Achef hat: These Pikmin may be seen in and around restaurants of various types, and they are dressed in this manner. Café: These Pikmin may be found at and around cafés and similar establishments, and they are dressed in a coffee cup. Sweetshop: These Pikmin may be found in the vicinity of sweetshops, and they are dressed in amacaron. Pikmin at a Movie Theater: These Pikmin may be seen in and around cinemas and movie theaters, and they are dressed in a popcorn snack. A toothbrush is worn by these Pikmin, who may be seen in the vicinity of pharmacies. Zoo: These Pikmin may be seen in and near zoos, and they are dressed in adandelion. Forested environments: These Pikmin may be found in woods and other densely forested regions. They can choose between an astag beetle and an anacorn. This kind of Pikmin is found around beaches and riverbanks, and it is equipped with a fishing lure. Post Office: These Pikmin may be seen in the vicinity of post offices, and they are dressed in astamp
  • Art Gallery: These Pikmin may be discovered in the vicinity of art shops or museums, and they are dressed in a picture frame. Airport: These Pikmin may be found at and near airports, and they are dressed as airplanes. Railway Station: These Pikmin can be found in and around railway stations, and they are dressed in a paper train
  • Beach: These Pikmin may be found around beaches, and they are dressed in a shell. Burger Place: These Pikmin may be seen at and around fast food restaurants, and they are dressed like a burger
  • In the vicinity of convenience stores, you’ll find these Pikmin, who wear a headgear that says “Mini-mart.” Supermarket: These Pikmin can be spotted in and around grocery stores. They can choose between wearing a mushroom or a banana. Bakery: These Pikmin may be found in and near bakeries, and they are dressed in abaguette. Pikmin at a Hair Salon: These Pikmin are seen in and around hair salons, and they have scissors on their heads. Clothes Store: These Pikmin can be found in and near clothes stores, and they are identified by their hair tie
  • Park: These Pikmin can be found in and around local parks, and they are identified by their clover

Roadside Decor

If the seedling is not located near any real-world site that corresponds to one of the following areas, the decor type will beRoadside, and the seedling will be considered lost. These Pikmin are dressed in asticker. Generally speaking, this sticker may be found in one of three colors: green, blue, or orange, with each color being worn on a different part of the Pikmin’s body as indicated by the color of the sticker. When a seedling is discovered ‘near’ a place, the sticker contains a letter that is based on the first letter or character of the name of the place where the seedling was discovered: if a seedling is discovered ‘near’ a place, the sticker contains the name of that place; otherwise, the sticker contains the name of the general area (such as the city or town where the seedling was discovered); and if it cannot find a name for either, the sticker contains the letter (The letter P appears on all postcards and static icons in the Decor Pikmin collection, regardless of the design.) Rather than having a Christmas-themed sticker, every Roadside-type Pikmin that was discovered between December 21st, 2021 and January 11th, 2022 will instead have a Roadside-type sticker.

These stickers are larger than the ordinary sticker, and each variety of Pikmin has a unique pattern to differentiate it.

All sticker variants, on the other hand, are considered as variations of the same decor type, and as a result, only one kind per Pikmin type is counted in the Decor Pikmin list and towards the Decor Collector badges.

Special Decor Pikmin

SpecialDecor Pikmin with one-of-a-kind outfits may be earned by participation in events and other particular acts. Pikmin kinds with unique décor are generally constrained to a small number of variations.

Mario Hat

SpecialDecor Pikmin with one-of-a-kind outfits can be earned through events and other particular acts. Specific Pikmin types are usually the only ones who get to dress up in fancy garb.

Lunar New Year Ornament

A new sort of unique Decor Pikmin became available on February 1st, 2022, to coincide with the Lunar New Year occasion. This was done in order to commemorate the event. These Decor Pikmin are decked up in red and gold ornaments with gold designs. Pikmin are divided into three categories: red Pikmin, yellow Pikmin, and blue Pikmin. They can only be gotten by harvesting aHuge Seedling that has the SpecialDecor symbol on it. At any given moment, only one event seedling may be held; after that Pikmin has been plucked, a new event seedling can be located.


This is a table containing all 165 different varieties of Decor Pikmin, presented in the order in which they appear on the badge viewer.

Decor Pikmin table
Location Costume Red Yellow Blue White Purple Rock Winged
Restaurant Chef hat
Café Coffee cup
Sweetshop Macaron
Movie Theater Popcorn snack
Pharmacy Toothbrush
Zoo Dandelion
Forest Stag beetle
Waterside Fishing lure
Post Office Stamp
Art Gallery Picture Frame
Airport Toy Airplane
Station Paper Train
Beach Shell
Burger Place Burger
Mini-mart Bottle cap
Supermarket Mushroom
Bakery Baguette
Hair Salon Scissors
Clothes Store Hair Tie
Park Clover
Special Mario Hat N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Lunar New Year Ornament N/A N/A N/A N/A
Roadside Sticker


Guides can be found in the article or section that follows. The techniques that have been provided may not be the only or the most effective. Decor Pikmin are the primary collectible object in Pikmin Bloom, therefore there is a motivation to amass as many different sorts as possible. Go to a Pikmin’s information page (or a seedling’s information page) and look for the icon in the red circle to assist you in obtaining decor types that you do not already have. This symbol denotes the type of décor; the icons associated with each category may be found in the table to the right of this paragraph.

  • Important to remember is that Roadside-type Decor Pikmin are by far the most numerous, thus it may be worthwhile to ignore those that have an icon on them.
  • Click on a Decor Pikmin-related badge on your profile page and scroll down to see a list of all the different types of Decor Pikmin you currently have.
  • It shows indicators that indicate the several sorts of Decor Pikmin that may be found in the vicinity.
  • If you are growing a Huge Seedling, it may be beneficial to grow it in a single-use slot because they require a significant amount of growth steps when compared to other types of seedlings.

Huge Seedlings are extremely rare, so don’t be afraid to grow them in single-use slots if you have the opportunity.


There are five different badges that the player can earn by collecting different types of Decor Pikmin:

  • Become an Apprentice Decor Collector by collecting one Decor Pikmin
  • Become a Novice Decor Collector by collecting seven Decor Pikmin
  • Become an Enthusiastic Decor Collector by collecting thirty Decor Pikmin
  • Become an Expert Decor Collector by collecting one hundred Decor Pikmin
  • Become a Master Decor Collector by collecting two hundred Decor Pikmin.
  • Decorations Collector in Training. aRed Pikmin
  • Enthusiast Decor Collector, as depicted by the badge A Blue Pikmin is depicted on the badge.


Decor Pikmin has had the following transformations throughout the course of time:

  • Decor Pikmin has been updated to include the Hamburger Shop type. In the Decor Pikmin list, the figure depicted on the stickers of Roadside-type Decor Pikmin has been changed from to P.
  • When roadside-type Decor Pikmin are selected from this date, they will receive special Christmas-themed stickers when they attain Decor status, as part of an event.
  • Decorative Pikmin such as roadside signs and billboards now have standard stickers again, while Pikmin picked during the event will still receive a special sticker when attaining complete friendship.
  • Burger Place has been renamed from the Hamburger Shop type. The Clothing Store type has been renamed to Clothes Store. Some Decor costumes have had their names changed, including:
  • “Popcorn” has been changed to “Popcorn snack” at the movie theater
  • “Train Papercraft” has been changed to “Paper Train” in the station
  • Changed the icon of Special Decor Pikmin from to
  • Costume names are now displayed in the Decor Pikmin list in the badge viewer
  • And added a new symbol for Special Decor Pikmin.


  • It is based on onenemies from otherPikmingames that the designs of the cups in the Café-type Decor Pikmin are based on.
  • TheYellow Pikminresembles aBulborb in that it has a red cup with white markings on it. For example, theBlue Pikmin has a black cup with yellow lines on it, similar to aPyroclasmic Slouch. TheWhite Pikmin, like the Yellow Wollywog, has a yellow cup with green spots and a green base, similar to the Yellow Wollywog. ThePurple Pikmin, like theFiery Blowhog, sports a cup with purple and grey stripes and a red handle, similar to theFiery Blowhog. The Rock Pikmin, like the Whiptongue Bulborb, has a white cup with brown dots on it. A cup with purple and blue stripes, similar to that of aPuffy Blowhog, is carried by theWinged Pikmin.
  • Some of the patterns of the train papercrafts that the Station-type Decor Pikmin wear correspond to the features of their respective Pikmin.
  • The White Pikmin are depicted in a papercraft of a shinkansen, or Japanese bullet train, which is renowned for its speed and efficiency. The Rock Pikmin are depicted as wearing a papercraft of a steam engine, which runs on coal as fuel and looks similar to the Rock Pikmin
  • In addition to receiving a 4-point damage benefit before the type matchup multiplier, Decor Pikmin inchallenges are also more powerful than non-Decor Pikmin inchallenges. There are numerous different sorts of unused Decor Pikmin in the game’s files
  • The most common are as follows:

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Pikmin Bloom: How To Get Every Unique Decor Pikmin

All of the locations where you should truly look for lovely Decor Pikmin are listed here. When playing Pikmin Bloom, you’ll need to travel the environment in order to findDecor Pikmin, which will let you to truly make your Pikmin army stand out. Decor Pikmin, which are Pikmin that have distinctive decorations that can only be found in particular areas, will be available to locate and grow when you reach Level 10. Decor Pikmin can be found at the airport, train station, or pharmacy — each type is distinguished by a humorous little hat or outfit that corresponds to their specific job.

  • That is just lovely!
  • Decor Pikmin are all connected to different locations, but not all of the locations have been identified.
  • These are all of the Decor Pikmin that have been collected by fans from the game.
  • Pikmin Bloom can be downloaded for free from the following link: iOS|Android Here are some more Pikmin Bloom guides: How to Defeat Mushrooms (Part 2).

In-Game Store Currency Guide|How to Earn 4-Star Rewards How to Obtain Daily Decor Pikmin from Anywhere in the World Pikmin Knows Where To Find All Types Of Decor Decor Pikmin are extremely uncommon Pikmin that can only be found in specified settings such as mini-marts, airports, woodlands, and other such places.

You can see which sites have been tagged in your area.

Here’s a brief list of all the areas where Decor Pikmin may be found, in case you’re not sure where to start looking.

  • Airport– He takes a ride on a toy airplane. a person who works in an art gallery and who wears a painting frame on their head
  • They work in a bakery and have a cut of a baguette on their head. Beach –She wears a hat made of seashells. Cafe– He or she is seen with a coffee cup. Forest– This costume is available in two variations: a stag beetle cap and an acorn outfit. In a hair salon, the stylist uses a comb and scissors on their back. Mini-Mart is a character who wears a bottle cap helmet. a movie theater–he wears 3D glasses and a popcorn hat a movie theater– Wears a toothbrush backpack and toothpaste hair
  • Works at a pharmacy. The post office is completely covered in stamps. Chef’s hat is donned by the employee working in a restaurant. Supermarket– Comes in two variations: a banana headgear and a mushroom helmet, respectively. Sweetshop– She is dressed in a macaroon hat. Those near the railway station are dressed in a cardboard train costume
  • Those at the waterside are dressed in a fishing lure on their backs. Zoo– Has a dandelion mane, which he sports.

Keep in mind that not all of the places in your neighborhood may be accurately tagged in OpenStreetMaps. Location data for Pikmin Bloom is provided by OpenStreetMaps; thus, visit the site to mark spots in your region yourself, or just check what areas have already been marked and spare yourself a long journey. You can also send Pikmin on Expeditions in order to acquire Decor Pikmin from specific locations without having to physically travel to those locations yourself. You are only permitted to do this once per day, but it is appreciated.

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Pikmin Bloom: How To Get Décor Pikmin (& What They’re For)

Decoupage Pikmin are a new variant of the Pikmin that were debuted in Pikmin Bloom. These Pikmin can be found hidden throughout the world, dressed in elaborate costumes. Décor Pikmin are a new type of costumed Pikmin that first appeared in Pikmin Bloom. Players are invited to explore the outside world while playing Pikmin Bloom, and to keep track of their progress. It is possible for them to plant their own Pikmin, which will emerge from the earth and join the player’s squad after a specific number of steps.

  1. Even though many of the classic Pikmin colors have returned in Pikmin Bloom, a new creature, the Décor Pikmin, has been introduced.Décor Pikmin are a special type of Pikmin that can be found in a regular costume, similar to that of the Pikmin.
  2. There are a total of 22 different types of décor items available for use with all of the Pikmin games.
  3. Décor Pikmin can be discovered in two separate locations inPikmin Bloom.
  4. In the second technique, they will need to raise the friendship level of each individual Pikmin to a certain degree.

How To Unlock Décor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

While on adventures or rising up in Pikmin Bloom, players will have the opportunity to discover a massive seedling. The location of the item’s discovery determines the appearance of the Décor Pikmin. As an example, Huge Seedlings that may be found in close proximity to zoos will provide the Pikmin with a sunflower around their heads. Players must travel 10,000 steps before Huge Seedlings may develop, which makes them the largest Pikmin in the game when they are fully grown. According to reports, there is a glitch in whichPikmin Bloom does not count the number of steps taken, thus players should check to see if this has been rectified before planting a Décor Seedling.

  1. When the Pikmin achieves four hearts, an expedition for a gift box item will occur on the map, and the Pikmin will be able to participate.
  2. Only the Pikmin who have earned all four hearts are eligible to participate in thisPikmin Bloomexpedition, which will transport the Pikmin back to the place where their seedling was first found.
  3. These Pikmin are referred to as Special Décor Pikmin.
  4. At the moment, the Mario Hat is the only one that is available.
  5. For further information, see Pikmin Bloom Downloads Now Available for Nintendo Mobile Game Pikmin Bloomis now available for iOS and Android devices.
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[Guide] How to Obtain Decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

New Decor Type (Hamburger Shop) has been revealed and is now available in-game. *Last Updated: December 19, 2021 – A new Decor Type (Hamburger Shop) has been revealed and is now available in-game.

Got to dress to impress.

With the release ofPikmin Bloomfor Android and iOS, the blossoming amazing IP known asPikmin is no longer strictly linked to Nintendo platforms, and there has never been a better moment to learn about the sentient species known asPikmin. As a species that comes in many various forms and sizes, Pikmin Bloom also brings with it a slew of different sorts and varieties of Decor Pikmin, which we’ll go over in depth in this guide, including how to obtain each one and any other information that may be essential to complete the task.

What are Pikmin?:

Pikmin are a species that has been described as being half-plant, half-animal, and possessing exceptional intelligence. It is common for them to grow to be around 1 inch tall, come in a variety of colors, and go through three distinct stages of development: leaf, bud, and flower. These stages can improve the strength and speed of your Pikmin in the main series of games, but in Pikmin Bloom, while these stages are represented, they can only be experienced by feeding Nectar to your companions, transforming them from Pikmin with leaves to Pikmin with flowers that you can harvest and then plant while out for a walk.

What are the Different Types of Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom?:

All known species are made up of the following elements: Pikmin, often known as Pikmin 1, was the first game to have this feature. Pikmin 2 was the first game to have it. Pikmin 2 was the first game to have this feature. Pikmin Bloom was the first game to include it.

What Are Decor Pikmin?:

Decor Pikmin are a unique type of Pikmin that can only be gained through specific ways, such as through obtaining aNintendo Pikmin (a Blue Pikmin wearing a Mario Hat) or by earning them through other means.

How to Obtain Decor Pikmin:

In order to receive Decor Pikmin, you must first have ordinary Pikmin that have previously been planted and sprouted in order to be able to harvest them. You may then engage with the Pikmin in your team by feeding them Nectar and sending them on Expeditions after they have joined your squad. Your besotted Pikmin can be sent on an Expedition to gather a special present for you, and after they have received the gift, they will be transformed into a Decor Pikmin. When you achieve the maximum of four full Hearts, your besotted Pikmin can be transformed into a Decor Pikmin.

It is possible that, instead of sending the standard seedlings, players will be given the option of sending their Pikmin to gather Huge Seedlings, which, when fully grown, will yield a Decor Pikmin that can be plucked from the ground immediately.

How many Types of Decor Pikmin are there:

Pikmin now has 22 distinct varieties, which are made up of a total of 162 different Decor Pikmin as of December 19, 2021.

  • (NEW)Hamburger Shop (x7)
  • Mini-Mart (x7)
  • Supermarket (x14)– Mushrooms
  • Bakery (x7)– Baguette. Hair Salon (x7)
  • Restaurant (x7)
  • Café (x7)– Coffee Cup
  • Sweetshop (x7)
  • Movie Theater (x7)– Popcorn
  • Pharmacy (x7)
  • Zoo (x7)
  • Forest (x14)– Beetle
  • Waterside (x7)– Fishing Lure
  • Post Office (7), Art Gallery (x7) A pair of scissors
  • A hair tie from the clothing store (x7)
  • A clover from the park (x7)
  • A Mario hat (x1)
  • And a sticker from the roadside (x7).

How to Obtain the Nintendo Pikmin:

Sign into your My Nintendo account while playing Pikmin Bloom, synchronizing the two accounts, and you will get a Huge Seedling. Once the Huge Seedling has been planted, you must travel 10,000 steps before it may sprout, resulting in the gift of the Nintendo Pikmin.

Decor Pikmin related Badges:

  • Sign into your My Nintendo account and connect the two accounts together to get a Huge Seedling when you play Pikmin Bloom. Walking 10,000 steps after planting the Huge Seedling will allow it to grow and produce the Nintendo Pikmin, which you may then enjoy.

As is always the case, we hope you found this guide to be useful. Pikmin Bloom: Reward Requirements for Leveling Up Pikmin Bloom,Niantic Labs,Decor Pikmin,Niantic Labs Pikmin,Guide,Nintendo,Nintendo Mobile are some of the categories in which this game is classified. Jack Longman is the author of this article.

How to Complete Decor Sets in Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is more than just a step counter; it also encourages players to explore their surroundings by providing them with a wide variety of Pikmin to gather. There are seven basic varieties of Pikmin (Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Winged, and Rock), as well as 22 other types of Decor, for a total of 154 different types of Decor Pikmin to be collected. Decor Pikmin are rather simple to come by, but finding all of the many varieties may be difficult. Find out how to get a complete set of Decor Pikmin in the section below.

Collecting All Decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

Obtaining Decor Pikmin may be accomplished in two ways: by discovering a Huge Seedling or by leveling up a normal Pikmin to a total of four Friendship Hearts. When they reach 4 Hearts, they request to be taken on an Expedition in search of a Gift. They then return with the Gift, leap into the gift box, and emerge dressed in the Decor that corresponds to the location where their Seedling was originally discovered. As long as you are only walking in one type of environment every day, it is simple to collect a large number of one type of Pikmin.

  1. Many players are discovering that they are primarily collecting Roadside Pikmin, which are a catch-all type of Pikmin that have lettered stickers as Decor.
  2. Typical examples include the letter ‘G’ for “George Street” or the letter ‘S’ for Smith’s Window Emporium, among other things.
  3. Simply tap on your Pikmin collection, select a Pikmin, and then scroll down to find out where the Pikmin was discovered.
  4. Click on this icon to learn more about it.
  5. When you’ve found the Pikmin you wish to level up, press the Star to make it your favorite for later use.
  6. You can then walk around with your favorite Pikmin, feed them Nectar, and send them on Expeditions and Challenges to quickly level them up in the game world.
  7. It is recommended that you use the Detector to locate Seedlings in these areas in order to locate what you are looking for.

The Decor Collection may be discovered by tapping on the badges symbol and scrolling down until you see the Decor Pikmin you have previously collected. Wishing you the best of luck!

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How to Get the Enthusiast Decor Collector Badge in Pikmin Bloom

The Enthusiast Decor Collector badge is one of many in Pikmin Bloom that players can get by completing certain requirements while playing the game. It may be obtained by meeting certain requirements while playing the game. Related |Pikmin Bloom Badges List: Pikmin Bloom Badges List: All of the badges, as well as how to unlock them Players who wish to obtain the Enthusiast Decor Collector badge will find out how to do so in thisPikmin Bloomguide. –

How to Get the Enthusiast Decor Collector Badge

Players may obtain the Enthusiast Decor Collector badge in Pikmin Bloom by collecting a total of thirty Decor Pikmin in the game. Once the aforementioned requirements have been met, players will be able to earn the Enthusiast Decor Collector badge.

How to Get Decor Pikmin

In Pikmin Bloom, there are two methods for players to get a Decor Pikmin. The first is through completing the game’s main quest. Increasing a Pikmin’s friendship level until it reaches its maximum level of four hearts is the first option available. So, what is the best way to increase a Pikmin’s friendship level in Pikmin Bloom? Sending Pikmins on adventures will allow you to raise their friendship level with them. Alternatively, by providing them with nectar. When you attain the maximum degree of friendship, a new trip is unlocked.

As soon as you have collected the gift box, your Pikmin with the highest friendship level will jump into the Gift Box and emerge as a decor Pikmin, which you may use as a decoration.

Pikmin Bloomis Niantic’s most recent augmented reality game, which is presently accessible on both the Android and iOS platforms for download and play.

We are hiring game guide writers!

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Pikmin Bloom’s Lunar New Year Decor Sets a Smart Precedent

Many mobile apps use unique events or designs that can only be accessed for a limited period of time to create a sense of “fear of missing out” (FOMO) in its users. This is especially true in games likeFire Emblem Heroes, where the concept of collecting units can easily be supplemented by holiday variants, which may in turn encourage users to spend money on microtransactions in order to progress. Despite the fact that Niantic’sPikmin Bloomis not a gacha game that depends on FOMO, the company has been experimenting with concepts that are comparable.

Pikmin Bloom is a game that is less gamified than others, but it still revolves around the goal of collecting every piece of decor for the Pikmin.

Besides new décor sites such as hamburger shops, the game this week launched a Lunar New Year celebration for the Year of the Tiger, which sets a positive precedent for such limited-time events in the future.

Collecting Lunar New Year Seeds

Whereas the map of Pokémon GO incorporates Gyms and PokeStops on various real-world sites, the map of Pikmin Bloom is filled with blooming flowers and mushroom-destroying tasks. Last but not least, both of these serve the purpose of supplying nectar to a system that farms Coins, which can be used to purchase some niche goods in the store but are particularly useful when charging one’s item detector. Beyond those landmarks, the most important method in which Pikmin Bloom’s map is divided is by the use of invisible location markers.

  1. The great majority of locations are classified as “Roadside,” and when Pikmin’s friendship levels with the player reach a certain threshold, they will reward the player with a sticker.
  2. Players may use the detector to find out where they are on their map, which provides them a greater chance of finding uncommon decor if they use it.
  3. Pikmin celebrating the Lunar New Year became accessible on February 1 and will be available until February 10, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.
  4. Only one Huge Seedling with the special event marker (Niantic’s emblem with a daisy balloon) may be gathered at a time from any location, and when players travel a certain number of steps, they will be rewarded with unique decorations for Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin to collect.

Limiting Special Pikmin For a Limited Time

The Lunar New Year Pikmin are the second set of Pikmin to be designated as “special,” following a Blue Pikmin wearing Mario’s cap that was given out when the game first launched. However, this is the second time Niantic has hosted a limited-time event, with the first taking place at the end of 2021 as part of a winter celebration. What distinguishes the winter Pikmin is that they arrived from Roadside designations with alternative sticker patterns, and the Lunar New Year cosmetics are based on traditional presents such as red envelopes and have new models.

  1. Huge Seedlings need 10,000 steps and make it difficult to tell what hue Pikmin are being developed.
  2. Because the requirements are so high, only one Pikmin can be grown at a time, which is a pain.
  3. Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of this system is the restricted range of Pikmin that can be recruited.
  4. It is possible that Niantic will create future events for only Purple and White or Rock and Flying Pikmin pairs in the future, resulting in more content being released more frequently to keep players interested.
  5. Pikmin Bloom is currently available for download on both Android and iOS devices, and it is free.
  6. did not reprise his role as Iron Man, according to the film’s writers.
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Nintendo games are his major focus, although he’s willing to give almost anything a shot once. Jason Rochlin has more to say.

Seasonal Decor Pikmin Come To Pikmin Bloom For The Holidays

Niantic has announced the advent of a new sort of Decor Pikmin in the game Pikmin Bloom, which can be found here. So let’s dive into the specifics of these Seasonal Decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom, which are holiday-themed. Seasonal Decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom Photograph courtesy of Niantic Those are, without a doubt, adorable. While Niantic has been a little unpredictable with their work on the closing months of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, they have gotten off to a fantastic start with their work on this brand new game.

  • Date: December 21, 2021, 10:00 a.m. JST to January 11, 2022, 23:59 a.m. JST How to obtain Seasonal Decor Pikmin that are holiday-themed:
  • Increase your friendship levels by playing with Pikmin that have been developed from seedlings designated with a Roadside symbol. Create a massive seedling that is labeled with a roadside symbol.
  • Pikmin that pick up seedlings designated with a Roadside icon that were on your Expedition list prior to the start of the event will receive standard stickers in addition to the Roadside icon
  • This only applies to seedlings marked with a Roadside icon that appear on your Expedition list for the first time during the event
  • Otherwise, it does not apply.

Seedlings marked with a Roadside icon that were available on your Expedition list prior to the start of the event will be accompanied by regular stickers, even if your Pikmin pick them up during the course of the event; and During the event, only seedlings with a Roadside icon will appear on your Expedition list for the first time; otherwise, they will not appear.

AboutTheo Dwyer

Theo Dwyer is a writer that focuses on comic books, cinema, and video games.

Latest by Theo Dwyer

This Beerus Super Rare card, which appears in the inaugural Dragon Ball Super Card Game set of 2022, demonstrates the God of Destruction’s immense might. It has been announced that the Battle Legion expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game will contain Character Cards starring Misty and the first appearance of Hisuian species. CG Value Watch: Vicious Rejuvenation in February 2022 results in a decrease in the value of all three SCRs, including Supreme Kai of Time. In February 2022, the Pokémon TCG Value Watch: Fusion Strike report notes that the set has not yet reached equilibrium, with certain cards declining in value while others growing.

The spotlight on Pokémon TCG: Shining Legends continues with an investigation into why the basic Mewtwo GX is worth more money than the Full Art counterpart in the game.

Latest in Games

An additional announcement made by Chibig Studio during their Chibig Presents event this past week is that KoaThe Five Pirates Of Mara will be released in the first half of 2018. In conjunction with their Chibig Presents event, Chibig Studio announced that MikaThe Witch’s Mountain, a new game in development for later this year, will be released. Earlier this month, World Of Darkness announced the winners of the Vampire: The Masquerade Vampire Jam contest, which took place a few months prior to this.

Introducing Blue Fire: Void Maker, a Blue Fire spinoff that allows you to create and share your own levels.

Blue Fire: Void Maker is the result of a collaboration between Graffiti Games and Robi Studios. This Beerus Super Rare card, which appears in the inaugural Dragon Ball Super Card Game set of 2022, demonstrates the God of Destruction’s immense might.

Decorative Goo

Decorative Goo
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure HoardNumber 64
Series Tortured Artist Series
Value x80
Weight 10
Max Carriers 20
Location Awakening Wood

It’s a tube of blue “Mario Paint,” which is a reference to the Nintendo character Mario’s Super Nintendo title, “Mario Paint,” which is a tube of blue “Mario Paint.” It appears to have been used and is bent. Located in theAwakening Woodand quite close to the original position of the blueOnion, it is a useful item. OnceOlimarobtains tenBlue Pikmin, he will be able to easily complete the task. This is also the location where theRadiation Canopycan be located in Pikmin. It is missing the dried blue paint underneath it when it is viewed in the Treasure Hoard, and the tube of paint appears to be floating in mid-air.


“We were able to locate a container of paint today thanks to the aid of the blue Pikmin. That’s what I used it for: a fresh coat of paint on the ship! But did it express gratitude to me? Noooo. Throughout my career as a space pilot, I’ve regarded my spacecraft as if it were a trusted partner (even if it is a smart aleck). Yet, this snooty ship has the audacity to express displeasure with the color! There’s no way to please it! Forget about it. I’m getting ready to go to bed.”

Sales Pitch

“Everyone likes decorating with their favorite colors, but it’s important to switch things up every now and again. This tube of goo will undoubtedly assist you in discovering a new version of yourself!” There was a bug in the American version of the game that was discovered. The Decorative Goo in Japanese is a variation on the theme.

Treasure Hoard
Succulent Series
Cupid’s Grenade|Sunseed Berry|Combustion Berry|Seed of Greed|Disguised Delicacy|Insect Condo|Citrus Lump
Nature’s Candy Series
Spiny Alien Treat|Anxious Sprout|Child of the Earth|Love Nugget|Infernal Vegetable|Anti-hiccup Fungus|Toxic Toadstool|Growshroom|Onion Replica
Xenoflora Series
Science Project|Pilgrim Bulb|Arboreal Frippery|Conifer Spire|Armored Nut|Corpulent Nut
Gourmet Series
Meat of Champions|Hideous Victual|Meat Satchel|Taste Sensation|Triple Sugar Threat
Sweet Tooth Series
Compelling Cookie|Impenetrable Cookie|Bug Bait|Imperative Cookie|Comfort Cookie|Succulent Mattress|King of Sweets|Enamel Buster|Diet Doomer|Pale Passion|White Goodness|Chocolate Cushion|Sweet Dreamer|Confection Hoop|Pastry Wheel
Paleontology Series
Possessed Squash|Fossilized Ursidae|Colossal Fossil|Leviathan Feather|Olimarnite Shell|Fortified Delicacy|Scrumptious Shell|Memorial Shell|Mysterious Remains
Ancient Secrets Series
Crystal King|Future Orb|Gyroid Bust|Unknown Merit|Lustrous Element|Mirrored Element
Cook’s Arsenal Series
Vorpal Platter|Invigorator|Milk Tub|Merciless Extractor|Broken Food Master/Divine Cooking Tool|Utter Scrap
Tortured Artist Series
Decorative Goo|Master’s Instrument|Manual Honer|Implement of Toil|Heavy-duty Magnetizer|Harmonic Synthesizer|Emperor Whistle|Director of Destiny
Modern Amenities Series
Sud Generator|Flame of Tomorrow|Impediment Scourge|Dimensional Slicer (NTSC only)|Time Capsule|Lip Service|Mirrored Stage|Behemoth Jaw
Frigid Series
Joy Receptacle|Fleeting Art Form|Danger Chime|Spouse Alert|Innocence Lost|Essential Furnishing|Icon of Progress
Hyper-technology Series
Temporal Mechanism|Mystical Disc|Vacuum Processor|Indomitable CPU|Network Mainbrain|Space Wave Receiver|Sulking Antenna|Nouveau Table
Industrial Set
Omega Flywheel|Spirit Flogger|Superstrong Stabilizer|Repair Juggernaut|Adamantine Girdle|Massage Girdle|Superstick Textile|Exhausted Superstick|Furious Adhesive
Husband’s Tears Series
Petrified Heart|Eternal Emerald Eye|Regal Diamond|Tear Stone|Princess Pearl|Crystal Clover
Space Love Series
Unspeakable Wonder|Essence of Rage|Essence of Despair|Essence of True Love|Essence of Desire|Pink Menace|Joyless Jewel|Frosty Bauble|Gemstar Wife|Gemstar Husband|Universal Com
Crystallized Emotions Series
Omniscient Sphere|Crystallized Telepathy|Love Sphere|Crystallized Telekinesis|Mirth Sphere|Crystallized Clairvoyance
Dream Series
Maternal Sculpture|Extreme Perspirator|Rubber Ugly|Paradoxical Enigma|Silencer|Wiggle Noggin|Coiled Launcher|Magical Stage (PAL only)|Boom Cone (NTSC only)|Flame Tiller|Doomsday Apparatus|Aquatic Mine|Stupendous Lens (NTSC only)|Air Brake|Worthless Statue|Priceless Statue|Boss Stone|Luck Wafer|Talisman of Life|Strife Monolith|Chance Totem
Blast from the Past Series
Dream Architect|Stone of Glory|Glee Spinner|Cosmic Archive|Remembered Old Buddy|Fond Gyro Block|Memorable Gyro Block|Lost Gyro Block|Favorite Gyro Block|Treasured Gyro Block
Mystical Energy Series
Proton AA|Durable Energy Cell|Courage Reactor|Fuel Reservoir
Massive Receptacle Series
Container of Knowledge (PAL only)|Container of Sea Bounty (PAL only)|Drone Supplies|Patience Tester|Perfect Container (PAL only)|Endless Repository|Fruit Guard (NTSC only)|Open Architecture (PAL only)|Permanent Container (PAL only)|Empty Space Container (PAL only)|Stringent Container|Open Archive (PAL only)|Nutrient Silo|Stringent Container|Plentiful Tank (PAL only)
Survival Series(NTSC only)
Survival Ointment|Healing Cask
Ancient Ad Series
Abstract Masterpiece (in this series in NTSC only)|Optical Illustration (NTSC only)|Thirst Activator (NTSC only)|Yellow Taste Tyrant|Salivatrix|Gherkin Gate|Alien Billboard|Activity Arouser (in this series in NTSC only)
Odd Logo Series
Hypnotic Platter|Massive Lid (NTSC only)|Pondering Emblem|Happiness Emblem|Abstract Masterpiece (in this series in PAL only)|Activity Arouser (in this series in PAL only)|Quenching Emblem|Drought Ender|Creative Inspiration (NTSC only)
Explorer’s Friend Series
Spherical Atlas|Geographic Projection|Prototype Detector|Five-man Napsack|Brute Knuckles|Repugnant Appendage|Stellar Orb|Forged Courage|Dream Material|Justice Alloy|Amplified Amplifier|Professional Noisemaker|The Key
Titan Dweevil Series
Shock Therapist|Flare Cannon|Comedy Bomb|Monster Pump|King of Bugs

How To Get Seasonal Holiday Decor Pikmin In Pikmin Bloom

To Get Seasonal Holiday Decor Pikmin In Pikmin Bloom, Follow These Steps. Pikmon Bloom will include seasonal and festive Pikmin decorations that are unique to the season. Experiencing their surroundings, planting flowers, and nurturing Pikmin are all rewarded in the game Pikmin Bloom. All of this is determined by the number of steps made by the player; the more the number of steps done, the greater the number of awards that may be earned. Each of the seven Pikmin kinds has its own Decor version, which can be seen on the Pikmin page.

Players who are strolling about near a park, for example, have a chance of obtaining a Pikmin from the area in question.

After that, the Pikmin will return to the spot where its Seedling was discovered and continue their journey.

These Decor Pikmin may be found in a variety of real-world settings, including restaurants, movie theaters, supermarkets, gyms, and a variety of other places.

For a limited time, special seasonal and festive Decor Pikmin will be available to cultivate in your garden.

By increasing their friendship levels with Pikmin received from a Seedling with a Roadside Icon, players may create three different potential icons for Decor Pikmin to use on their walls.

These stickers feature a snowman, mistletoe, and jingle bells as well as other holiday symbols. Fortunately, there are a number of different methods to help a Pikmin develop a relationship in Bloom.

Leveling Up Friendship In Pikmin Bloom

ALSO READ: Pokemon Go Promo Codes for Free Incense in 2021 It is possible for players to switch between their Pikmin at any moment to see how their relationship is going. It is possible to have a total of zero to four hearts, with four being the finest possible total. It is dependent on how the player deals with them that they increase in little increments. With each passing day, the player and his or her Pikmin get more and more attached.

  • Pikmin Nector should be fed until its bloom petal comes off. Send this Pikmin on a mission of exploration
  • Pikmin should be sent to complete the Mushroom Raid Battles.

Players will come across these Seedling variations rather regularly during this time period due to the fact that the Roadmap Icon is by far the most prominent. Those stickers, on the other hand, will be picked at random by the computer program. The player must wait till the Seedling has reached full maturity in order to find out which one it will acquire. It also only works with Seedlings that have been discovered during this event; Seedlings who have been discovered before to this event will not be able to gather the festive items and prizes.

How To Get Seasonal Holiday Decor Pikmin In Pikmin Bloom

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