How To Draw Christmas Decorations

How to Draw Christmas Ornaments – Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

Learn how to design beautiful Christmas Ornaments by following these simple, step-by-step directions and watching a video lesson. Excellent for children and beginning painters! To go to the step-by-step instructions, click here. Christmas ornaments are ornaments that are typically used to adorn a Christmas tree during the holiday season. They may be fashioned out of a range of materials, including glass, wood, clay, and metal, among others. Ornaments are frequently passed down through families from one generation to the next.

The usage of theChristmas tree itself may be traced back to ancient Egypt, China, and other areas, where evergreen trees are said to represent the continuation of life for all eternity.

In modern times, these trees are still revered.

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  1. On December 24, “paradise trees” were set up in households around the country, consisting of a fir tree strung with apples to represent the trees of the Garden of Eden, and other decorations.
  2. The British royal family began using a decorated spruce tree in their Christmas celebrations in the 1800s, and the custom gained widespread acceptance.
  3. All you’ll need is a sheet of paper and a pencil, pen, or marker to complete this activity.
  4. If you like this lesson, you may be interested in the following drawing guides: Reindeer, Santa Claus, and Holly are all cartoon characters.
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​Step by Step Instructions for Drawing​ Christmas Ornaments

Step 11 in the drawing of Christmas Ornaments. Begin by drawing a long curved line across the page. This will be used to create the string from which the decorations will be suspended. Step 22 in the drawing of Christmas Ornaments. Create a straight line from the string and extend it downward. Draw a little rounded shape at the end of it, producing the knot of the bow. Create a bow by enclosing an irregular rounded form on either side with a curved line, completing the bow. Two short lines should be extended downward from the bow.

  • Step 33 in the sketching of Christmas Ornaments.
  • Using a curved line, link a series of parallel, upside-down “U” shaped lines that are parallel to one another.
  • This completes the second ornament on your tree.
  • Decorate your decorations with ribbons and bows.
  • Draw a ribbon tied over the decoration with curved lines to finish it off.
  • Create another straight line from the string and extend it below.
  • Draw a bow that will be connected to the string above the ornament.

Create a tiny circle that overlaps the string, deleting the guidelines as needed.

In order to provide the look of a Santa Claus hat, two curved lines should be drawn around the base of the topmost point.

Decorate your decorations with ribbons and bows.

Two curving lines are used to bind the spherical decoration together.

It has the look of a jingle bell as a result of this.

Draw a straight line downward from the string’s center point.

To band the top, toe, and heel of the stocking, draw a curved line across the stocking.

Step 99 in the drawing of Christmas Ornaments.

Enclose a small rounded triangle and a small rectangle underneath it with a little rectangle beneath it.

Finally, to surround the ornament’s round and pointed shapes, draw two curved lines around the outside of the ornament.

Curved lines should be used to decorate it. Draw the entire set of Christmas Ornaments. Make your decorations stand out by coloring them. Christmas decorations are frequently made of vividly colored materials.

Printable Drawing Tutorial

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How to Draw Christmas Ornaments with Easy Xmas Tree Balls Step by Step Drawing Tutorials & Lessons for Kids and Children

To learn how to draw Christmas ornaments in Photoshop or Illustrator, visit this page. Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Draw Christmas Tree Ornaments A great approach to adorn your Christmas tree during the holiday season is to use ornaments from previous years. Today, we’re going to teach you how to create a Christmas ornament in the shape of a ball. If you know what you’re doing, they are really simple to draw. With the illustrated lesson that follows, we will take you step by step through the process.

  • Christmas ornaments are important pieces of equipment that must be included in the process of decorating your Christmas tree.
  • Create a stunning ornament of your own by following the Xmas Tree Ornaments Drawing Tutorial, which will teach you how to do so.
  • Decorative bulbs, often known as ornaments, can be anything from a bear to an angel to an icicle, and they are often made of glass.
  • So here’s what you’ll have to do.
  • How to Make a Christmas Ornament (with Pictures) As you may have observed, we decided to go on with this topic today and created a tutorial on how to draw a Christmas ornament for you.
  • It looks just like the one you see here.
  • The gold ones do not have any stars on them; they are simply plain gold in color.

How to Draw a Christmas Bauble (with Pictures) Drawing lesson on how to draw a ChristmasBauble, step by step instructions.

In order to demonstrate how to draw a heart-shaped Christmas ornament, I’ll show you how to do it today.

Drawing Christmas Ornaments: A Step-by-Step Guide Do you want to learn how to draw ornaments in bright colors?

You could also want to add some color to your final drawing.


How to Draw Christmas Ornaments During the Christmas season, there are a large number of Christmas decorations available.

Creating a Colorful Christmas Ornament is Simple and Adorable with These Steps How to design and color an adorable Christmas ball step-by-step is demonstrated in this video.

Narrated Instructions on How to Draw a Christmas Sphere with Texture This article will teach you how to design a blue Christmas sphere with texture using Adobe Illustrator.

Simple Instructions on How to Draw a Christmas Ornament To demonstrate how to draw a Christmas ornament, I’ll take you through the steps below.

Decorations for the Christmas season made with DrawCute.

Learn how to draw a Christmas ball with these Christmas drawing instructions.

Follow the steps in this drawing lesson to create this adorable Christmas Ball.

Simple Instructions on How to Draw a Christmas Ornament How to design a Christmas ornament step by step for kids, beginners, teenagers, and adults is simple and straightforward.

How to Make a Christmas Tree Ornament (with Pictures) Learn how to create a glass Christmas Tree Ornament in this simple tutorial on how to design a cartoon ornament for Christmas.


Illustrator Tutorial: 3D Christmas Bells in Vector Format Are you contemplating making some Christmas bells for this year’s holiday season? Using the 3D Revolve Effect, you will learn how to create five various kinds of vector Christmas bells in Illustrator by following this lesson. Also covered will be the techniques for creating unique designs for each one, as well as how to apply them using the Map Art option. This tutorial is innovative, and we hope you will pick up some new skills from it.

Creating a Christmas Ornament in Photoshop is covered in this article.

To get you started, follow this simple step-by-step tutorial that demonstrates how to create a Christmas ornament in Photoshop using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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How to Draw Christmas Tree Ornaments with easy Steps

Christmas ornaments are a lovely way to add a festive touch to your Christmas tree throughout the festive season. Today, we’re going to teach you how to create a Christmas ornament in the shape of a ball. If you know what you’re doing, they are rather simple to draw. With the graphical instruction that follows, we will walk you through the process step by step. Here are some more Christmas drawing tutorials for your enjoyment.

How to Draw Christmas Tree Ornaments with easy Steps

Make a circle with your pencil.

Step 2

Draw a light rectangle on top of the circle to represent the border.

Step 3

Draw curving lines inward from the rectangle to the circle, connecting them.

Step 4

Draw a letter ‘W’ form from one curving line to the other, starting with the first.

Step 5

Make use of the lines that have previously been created to complete the zig-zag design.

Step 6

Draw a downward curving line on top of the rectangle to represent the bottom of the rectangle. In addition, lightly draw an oval.

Step 7

Draw a curved line on either side of the rectangular form to represent the corners. Create another curving line within the circle as well.

Step 8

To complete the highlight form, draw a second curved line across the page.

Step 9

Create a form that is comparable to the highlight shape. However, on the other side of the ball.this will be a darker part of the ball.

Finished Christmas Ornament

Any guidelines that are no longer needed should be erased, and the remaining lines should be darkened. Draw any color you like on the ornament if you want it to seem more professional. Here are some more Christmas drawing tutorials for your enjoyment. Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree ornaments, drawing ornaments, how to draw Christmas ornaments, drawing for Christmas are some of the tags associated with ornaments on Technorati.

Christmas Stuff Drawing — How To Draw Christmas Stuff Step By Step

The excitement of putting up Christmas decorations and seeing the Christmas lights twinkle is well worth it, but alas, we have to get away of all of the Christmas decorations as soon as January arrives. Instead, why not learn how to sketch Christmas-themed items? If you sketch up a beautifulChristmas tree with loads of gifts beneath it, you may get into the Christmas mood at any time of the year! Fortunately, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to draw Christmas decorations that can be broken down into nine straightforward and simple phases.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started now! Let’s get started by grabbing a piece of paper and your favorite pencil and getting creative with Christmas-themed drawings! Have a good time and let your inner creativity flow!

How to Draw Christmas Stuff — Let’s get started!

Draw a star in the centre of the upper half of your paper, starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom. This will be the ornament that will be placed at the very top of the Christmas tree! When you begin at the very top of your paper, you will have enough room to construct the complete Christmas tree, in addition to a few gifts beneath it.

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Step 2 — Draw the Christmas Tree’s Topmost Layer

In the space just beneath the star, create a triangular shape with a curved line at the bottom. The uppermost layer of the Christmas tree is formed as a result of this. Make sure that the diagonal lines on both sides have a tiny bend to them and that they appear to be sloping downward.

Step 3 — Draw the Christmas Tree’s Second Layer

Draw two downward diagonal lines in the same direction as the first layer we drew in the previous step, and place them underneath the first layer. The second tier of your Christmas tree is comprised of this.

Step 4 — Next, Draw the Christmas Tree’s Third Layer

Repeat the previous procedure to add a third layer below the second layer, and then repeat the process.

Step 5 — Draw the Bottom Layer of the Christmas Tree

The final layer should be drawn on top of the layer we drew in the previous phase. Of the four levels of the Christmas tree, this should be the one with the most surface area. Keep in mind that the Christmas tree should be in the shape of a triangular triangle when decorating. That is, the layers should be arranged from the top to the bottom in descending order from the smallest to the largest. After finishing this step, you should now have four levels and the framework of your Christmas tree should now be complete!

Step 6 — Add a Huge Present Under the Christmas Tree

Draw a three-dimensional upright rectangular box beneath the Christmas tree. It should be around the size of a shoebox. It’s simple to draw a box using measurements! Simply begin by sketching a flat rectangular form that is slightly inclined diagonally in a standing position. Then, on the left side of the rectangle, create a narrow diagonal rectangular form, and on the top, draw a square shape. Don’t forget to draw parallel lines along the center of each visible side of the gift box to form the ribbon!

Step 7 — Next, Draw a Smaller Gift Under the Tree

Next to the initial gift we created in step one, draw another little gift under the Christmas tree to complete the scene. This time, though, the proportions should be on the right side of the present, rather of the left, as was the case with the first. This gives the impression that the presents are more in proportion.

Step 8 — Now, Draw Two More Gifts Under the Tree

Next to the initial gift we created in step one, draw another little gift under the Christmas tree to complete the picture. Unlike the last present, the measurements for this one should be on the right side of it, rather than the left side. When the presents are displayed in this manner, the gifts appear more balanced.

Step 9 — Adorn the Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with ornament balls that are evenly distributed across the surface of the tree, as shown in the illustration. Simply draw multiple circles on different spots to make the ornaments appear evenly distributed across the Christmas tree’s surface, as shown in the illustration. Feel free to arrange the balls in whatever manner you choose! We have completed our Christmas tree drawing and are now ready for the most exciting part: selecting colors and coloring our Christmas tree.Traditionally, Christmas trees are predominantly colored green since they are live evergreens, pine trees or fir trees.

The star at the top of the Christmas tree is traditionally yellow, but it can be found in a variety of other colors as well.

The Christmas balls that adorn the Christmas tree, as well as the box of presents beneath it, are available in a variety of colors. Feel free to change the color of the Christmas decorations in your drawing! Which colors do you intend to use?

Your Christmas Stuff Drawing is Complete!

Christmas is unquestionably one of the most exciting holiday celebrations, not just for children, but also for individuals of all ages in general. It’s that time of year again, when we get together with our loved ones to enjoy wonderful food, unwrap gifts, and, most importantly, light the Christmas tree with our candles. So, I hope you have enjoyed this step-by-step lesson on how to design Christmas decorations! As new content is added to our “How to Draw” collection on a regular basis, be sure to come back frequently to continue to benefit from brand-new drawing tutorials like this one.

Please remember to post your finished drawings and colorings of Christmas-themed items on our Facebook page and on Pinterest when you have completed them!

We’re looking forward to seeing your artwork of festive Christmas items!

How To Draw Christmas Ornaments, Step by Step, Drawing Guide, by Dawn

Description:I will show you “how to draw Christmas ornaments step by step”. These next few lessons are going to be Christmas related, and I think that you will like what I have for you all. But first, Christmas ornaments are essential objects that need to be added to your Christmas tree decoration process. Decorating a tree is probably one of the most traditional things to do a few days after Thanksgiving. Ornaments have come so far since their first debut centuries earlier. Before, all you could get was ornaments made from glass. Nowadays you can purchase ornaments that are shatter proof which is basically a hard plastic. They come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Some ornaments can be found with glitter on them swirled in a spectacular way. Christmas balls also come with no color at all just clear plastic or glass. Some folks like collecting ornaments as a traditional thing to do, and as time goes by and years pass, those very same collectible ornaments get passed down to family members to keep the tradition in the family. Me personally like colored glass that is round in shape and even the ones that look like tear drops. I love decorating my tree. As a matter of fact, we already have our tree up and ready for Santa to fill up the bottom with presents. I don’t care how old you get, you will always be a kid at heart when Christmas draws near. I hope you guys have fun with this tutorial on “ how to draw Christmas ornaments step by step ”. I will be back in a bit with more drawing fun. Peace out and Happy holidays!

Simple line Drawing of Christmas Decorations & Ornaments Step by Step

Simple line»Welcome to Simple Line Decorated ornaments and Christmas decorations drawn from life. 3034Views0 for Step by Step Images With the aid of ready-made ornaments, we may brighten up our home with festive Christmas decorations in a variety of colors. Simply hanging them in your space will instantly transform it into a work of art that you can enjoy. Try something different this year and sketch pictures of Christmas decorations. In this post, we will provide you with around 50 drawing ideas that will help you have a colorful and creative Christmas.

Christmas Decorations Drawing Images

Make an ear and a horn out of a leaf and a branch. Create a flower vase to serve as your body. Now, to complete the reindeer, add legs and eyes.

2.Gingerbread man

To represent the ear and horn, draw a leaf and a branch. Construct a flower vase to serve as your physical frame. To complete the reindeer, add legs and eyes.

3. Let’s make a candy cane

Make a brightly colored candy cane by following this step-by-step tutorial.

4.Playful ornaments

Draw the Christmas decorations in your favorite shape to add some fun to the holiday season. A straightforward illustration of Christmas decorations.

5. Christmas Advent Wreath

With your pen, create a lovely wreath for someone special. You may even decorate with ornaments if you like.

6. A Bauble Full Of Ornaments

Your pen may be used to make a lovely wreath. In addition, you might include some decorative elements.

7. Get a Cute Gnome

How to make a charming Gnome in 6 easy steps.yep, your Gnome is ready, now go ahead and decorate it!

8. Winter Snow Globe

Don’t let your snowman go to waste. Keep it in the snow globe during the winter.

9. Christmas Stocking

Make charming little stockings drawings and stuff them with Christmas gifts for your friends and family.

10. Get the Angel

In just six steps, you can create your angel. Fill it with bright colors to make it more appealing.

11. Light strings

6 simple steps to create your angel! In order to make it more appealing, add some color to it.

12. Make It An Ornament

Draw gorgeous graphics within the ornament-shaped sketch to make it more appealing.

You may even cut them out and use them as an ornament on your tree.

13. A PeaceJoy Baubles

Create meaningful decorations by drawing a large bauble and decorating it with quotations or words.

14. Gingerbread House

Incorporate sweets into the Gingerbread home design by sketching some sugar canes and other sweets on the gingerbread house.

15. Christmas Crib

Simple lines may be used to create a charming, little Chris Crib. Christmas decorations will be enhanced by the addition of a lovely drawing.

16. Banner With Ornaments

Create a Christmas banner sketch and embellish it with decorations to give it a festive appearance.

17. Gift Boxes

Simple squares and rectangles may be transformed into some lovely present packaging.

18. Snoopy And Snowman

Draw your favorite characters and color them in according to your preferences to bring you delight.

19. 3D Ornament Drawing

Wait a minute, this isn’t an ornament; it’s simply a sketch. You should be able to draw this lovely one because it is not too difficult to draw.

20. Christmas Candles

Will Christmas be complete if the candles are not present? This is a simple sketch that everyone can do.

21. Santa

Create a festive Santa drawing to commemorate the holiday season.

22. Have Fun Time With Olaf

It would be more enjoyable if you and your children participated in the Olaf drawing.

23. Mini Santa For Kids

This adorable tiny Santa would be an excellent choice for children to use as a model for a sketch of Christmas decorations.

24. Animation Tree

By including an animation tree in your drawing, you may bring it to life.

25. Elf out the Chimney

Do you find it tough to sketch the entire Elf? Keep him hidden within the chimney.

26. Christmas Owl

Draw a charming owl and dress it up for the holidays with a Christmas hat and a bunch of toys.

27. Penguins

This is the Christmas season, which is also known as the Winter season. Where have all the penguins gone?

28. Christmas bear

Does it appear strange? This bear, on the other hand, is universally adored.

29. You’re the North Pole

Create your own north pole sign and decorate it with colors.

30. Mantle Decorations

Make use of your imagination while creating your mantle decorations. Don’t forget to make it bright and eye-catching.

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31. Draw a Drink

Enjoy the process of creating your own Christmas beverage.

32. Your Gloves

It appears to have more patterns than before! What are your thoughts?

33. Winter village

Add a little home, some trees, and a snowman to your town to give it a wintery feel and appearance.

34. Jingle balls

You may add extra jingle bells to make more festive sounds.

35. Lanterns

You may draw some lamps to give it a more traditional appearance.

36. Inverted Shoes

A classic appearance may be achieved by drawing some lamps.

37. A gift bag

One present is simply insufficient.! Attempt to include more.

38. A cartoon deer

Creating a cartoon drawing is usually a straightforward and straightforward process. Isn’t that right?

39. Tie it up

Draw it as if you were tying two candy canes together with a nice bow in the middle of them.

40. Snowman with snowflake

Create a snowman with the snowflake in the center as the focal point. Increase the number of designs to make it more appealing.

41. Tree Rex

With this Tree-Rex drawing inspiration, you can create a fun drawing.

42. Fill with Gifts

Include the tree, mantle, gifts, and Santa Claus to create a complete Christmas scene for your home.

43. Snow skies

When you’re creating your winter picture, don’t forget to include these snowy sky.

44. Gringe

What is the reason for leaving Grange? It should be included in your drawing.

45. Cute tree

Keep in mind to include the topper as you are sketching your Christmas tree.

46. Candy tree

Do you enjoy candies? Then you may include it in your tree drawing.

47. Reindeer snowman

Candies are one of your favorite things. It should then be included in your tree illustration.

48. Bells

Make your tummy seem more attractive by decorating it with large ribbons and other trinkets.

49. Bear wreath

The little wreaths include some tiny bears peering out from them, which adds to the overall attractiveness of the wreath.

50. Chirping Cuckoo

Draw these adorable cuckoos to accompany the Christmas carol. As a result, we have supplied all of the original concepts. You may use your imagination to create aDrawing of Christmas decorations with your friends and family. Content that is related to this:

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  • 40 Best Craft Ideas for Christmas Decorations to effortlessly personalize your tree a collection of 41 unique DIY Christmas decorations for a snowy tree – perfect for a holiday celebration
  • In 2021, here are the 50 best Christmas decoration ideas for the office, complete with images.

How to Draw Christmas Ornaments

Children may learn how to draw Christmas decorations by following the instructions in this basic tutorial and the demonstration photographs. Draw along with these easy 6 drawing steps. You will learn the fundamentals of how to draw Christmas ornaments in this lesson. This course is only approximately 20 minutes long and includes a pdf file that you can quickly print or download after completion. There is also a “coloring book” page in the pdf file that has only the line drawings! Colored pencils, crayons, and markers work great with this.

Finally, by following this course at your own pace, you will be able to draw Christmas.


  • Pencil, drawing paper, crayons or colored pencils, and a black marker (if desired) are all required. How to Draw Christmas OrnamentsPrintable PDF (see the bottom of the lesson for further information)

In today’s session, we will learn how to draw Christmas decorations on paper using a pencil and paper. Design and proportion of each component will be discussed in detail in each phase of this how-to article. Keep in mind that the blue outlines are used to indicate the portions that are being drawn for the first time in each stage. 20 minutes are required for this task.

Draw The Ornament Outlines

  • Make three circles on your piece of paper. These will serve as an excellent starting point for the creation of our Christmas decorations.

Add A Pattern To The First Circle

  • Create a pattern that will repeat again and over again and sketch it on one of the ornaments. It’s possible that you’ll need to put in some practice time initially.

Design Your Second Ornament

  • A new design will be drawn inside the second circle, and we will continue this process.

Add A Pattern To The Last Ornament

  • Continue to add details to the last Christmas Ornament you created. You may either duplicate my designs or create your own
  • The choice is yours.

Add RibbonsBows

  • Create a cohesive look for your Christmas decorations by adding ribbons and bows to the tops of each holiday ornament.

Color Your Drawing

  1. Add ribbons and bows to the tops of each holiday ornament to complete your Christmas decorations.

How to Draw Christmas Ornaments PDF Download

To view or download this drawing lesson, please click on the link provided below. A downloadable drawing lesson for How to Draw Christmas Ornaments can be found in the PDF file. An extension exercise and a coloring book page with only the outlines are included on the last page of the downloaded PDF, which will encourage students to be more imaginative!

Ornament Drawing Ideas for Christmas

View or download this drawing tutorial by clicking on the link below. A downloadable drawing lesson for How to Draw Christmas Ornaments may be found in the PDF file attached to this post. An extension exercise and a coloring book page with only the outlines are included on the last page of the downloaded PDF, which will encourage children to be more imaginative!

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  • Drawing Paper is a type of paper that is used for drawing. It should not be substituted with copy paper or construction paper. The surface may get fuzzy, erasing may result in holes, and the colors will not appear as vibrant as they once did.
  • Stabilo Markers are a type of marker that is used to keep things stable. This brand offers the extremely durable thin tips that are required to produce a large number of delicate lines. It’s possible that they’re too delicate for early primary children, but older kids will appreciate the accuracy and color that they provide.

Step by Step Directions for an Easy Ornament Drawing

Time required: one hour. What is the best way to draw a Christmas Ornament?

  1. Make an ornament shape out of a folded piece of paper
  2. Lightly trace the outline of the object with a pencil
  3. Only patterns and lines should be used to decorate the insides. Remove all of the pencil lines outside of the lines

More Fun Christmas Drawing Ideas

Drawing and dancing are two areas of life in which I’ve discovered that most individuals are quick to dismiss their abilities: drawing and dancing are two such areas. For whatever reason, as we grow older, we begin to question our abilities in certain areas, and as a result, we give up on pursuing them. However, this does not have to be the case! With only a few very simple shapes and lines, it’s astonishing what you can do with your drawings. Specifically, I’d want to look at six simple techniques to design a Christmas tree that don’t need any special creative abilities.

Even small children will have a great time creating these different trees and using them to decorate cards, gift tags, and other items. Grab a couple of markers (I recommend green and brown) and come along with me; I guarantee it’s less difficult than you think!


This is one of the most traditional-looking methods to draw a pine tree, and if you know how to draw a triangle, you’ll have no trouble with this technique. The body of the tree is simply formed by piling three triangles on top of each other. You may alter the shape and look of the tree by varying the amount of overlap between the triangles, as illustrated in the examples below. Each triangle should be slightly larger than the one above it in order to provide a realistic appearance. Color in your triangles and add a little brown rectangle for the trunk.


The following style is a little more abstract in nature. A line that runs back and forth and increases in width from top to bottom gives the impression of a tree rather than a solid, colored-in shape. To make it, start at the top and draw a little sideways “v” in the paper. Then, turn around and start over in the opposite direction you came from. Maintain this zig-zag pattern, making each row somewhat longer than the one before it. Finished! As soon as you’re satisfied with the size of your tree, add a brown rectangle at the bottom to represent the trunk.


Once again, this tree is more of a hint of the tree’s shape than it is a true representation of the tree. Draw a curve that resembles a rounded sideways “v” starting at the top of the page. Similar to how we started the last tree, but we don’t want a sharp tip, and we want to pick up the marker before moving on to the next. After that, you’ll make a second form, somewhat larger than the first, and place it underneath the first. Continually repeat this pattern until you have 4-5 rows of curved lines, each one somewhat larger than the one before it.

A rectangle with an angled top was drawn to fit the geometry of the lines, and this was used as the base for the trunk.


It doesn’t get much easier than this! Simply take a fine tip green marker and draw a series of horizontal lines that start out short and become longer as you move down the paper. This is all it takes. Allow some of the lines to overlap and don’t be concerned with getting them all perfectly aligned. Your tree may be as flawed as real trees are, and vice versa. After you’ve created a set of lines that resembles a triangle, draw a vertical brown line through them all, extending down past the bottom to represent the trunk of the tree.


Simple as it gets with this tree! You just use a fine tip green marker to draw a sequence of horizontal lines that start off short and become longer as you progress down the page. Simple, right? You shouldn’t be concerned about aligning up all of the lines neatly; instead, let some of them overlap.

Your tree may be as flawed as real trees are, and vice versa! After you’ve created a group of lines that resembles a triangle, draw a vertical brown line through them all, reaching down past the bottom to represent the trunk of the creature.


This is perhaps my favorite of all the different ways to sketch a Christmas tree to illustrate the season. It makes use of the concept of negative space, which means that it makes use of the spaces that are devoid of color in order to produce something aesthetically fascinating. To make it, all you have to do is start with a green triangle. After that, you may use any design you like in white. There are a variety of approaches that may be used to accomplish this. Using the Apple Pencil and the Procreate software on the iPad Pro, I made the illustrations you see above.

  • As a result, I turned on the eraser and started drawing designs by erasing the green from the spots where I wanted my pattern to appear.
  • Then, except for the portions of the triangle you wish to keep white, paint all of the parts of the triangle green.
  • All they require is a trunk, and they’ll be ready to paint cards, gifts, house décor, and whatever else you have in mind for the holidays.
  • See?
  • These six tree types may be created by anybody who is proficient in drawing triangles, lines, and rectangles.
  • Make a note of this post and save it for later so you can come back and practice, or share it with a friend.
  • Take a look at these: Mid-Century Modern Christmas OrnamentChristmas GNOME Check out my other holiday craft instructions, such as these, for more ideas.
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How to Draw a Christmas Ornament Step by Step

How to Draw a Christmas Ornament is simple and straightforward thanks to this instructional video and step-by-step sketching directions. Simple drawing instructions for beginners and children.

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

The video was created by the YouTube channel Draw So Cute.

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

As you can see, we will be drawing the most popular Christmas ornament – a ball – as you can see in the image. As a result, we will need to start by drawing a smooth circle. It is important not to rush this process and to create this circle as carefully as possible if you want your Christmas decoration to be lovely.

Step 2

In the upper portion of the ornament, we have drawn a flat cylinder that appears to be a spherical in shape. All of the lines in this step should be drawn with rather thin strokes.

Step 3

A very easy step in which we will need to create a ring and thread with a little curved black line will be required to complete the project. It is possible to create a design on the surface of the ball at this phase.

Step 4

Light strokes across the surface of the ball can be used to create some glare. After that, outline the shadow with a lot of detail. Last but not least, draw a nice cartoon face on it. If all went according to plan, your sketch of Christmas decorations should resemble somewhat like this. An instructional video on how to draw a Christmas ornament. The crew at found the course was straightforward enough. It is really just simple geometry throughout the whole session, with the only difficult aspect being the procedure of adding shadows.

To become a true master at drawing anything and anything in the world, be sure to follow us on social media and share this as well as our other drawing classes with your peers. You, as well as others who want to be true artists.

DIY Christmas Decorations for Kids

Get into the holiday mood with these easy-to-make Christmas decorations for kids that they can use all throughout the season of celebration! To help your Arty Crafty Kids produce Christmas decorations at home or in the classroom, we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite and most popular Christmas decoration activities. Any decorated home is enhanced by the addition of homemade Christmas decorations and ornaments, which offer that additional shine and a touch of enchantment.

Home-made Christmas Decoration Ideas

This lovely Craft Stick Reindeer Ornament deserves to be at the top of your list of Christmas Crafts for Kids to do! The string of Christmas lights tangled among its antlers is one of my favorite aspects of this project, and the good news is that it is really simple to reproduce and one that the kids will enjoy doing.

Craft Stick Snowman Ornament

This DIY stick snowman ornament is simple to create and a lot of fun to decorate. So, if you’re searching for a simple Christmas project to attempt with the kids this holiday season, this charming snowman activity is a great choice for you. When the snowman is finished, the children may use their snowman ornament to decorate the Christmas tree!

Egg Carton Reindeer Ornament

Cute, entertaining, and quite simple to make! This charming egg carton reindeer ornament is the perfect Christmas activity for kids of all ages, especially those who love animals. The use of ordinary recyclable materials in projects is something we appreciate, and this easy Christmas activity is a fantastic re-use of an egg carton – in fact, you could make Santa’s full staff from just one box!

Toilet Paper Roll Angel Christmas Ornament

An angel ornament is a must-have for any Christmas tree. Ideally, one that has been recycled, is handcrafted, and has been developed by children! Creating this gorgeous singing Toilet Paper Roll Angel Christmas Ornament will be a lot of fun, and it will look fantastic hanging from the tree!

Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments

An angel ornament should be on every Christmas tree. Best of all, it should be produced from recyclable materials and made by children. Creating this gorgeous singing Toilet Paper Roll Angel Christmas Ornament will be a lot of fun, and it will look fantastic hanging from your tree!

Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments are adorable, entertaining, and simple to make – making them a great project for kids! Learn how to build a snowman ornament, a penguin ornament, and a Santa Claus wood slice ornament in this post, which includes step-by-step instructions. Happy crafting!

Snowman Peg Ornament

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for a simple Christmas ornament that kids can create themselves. This Snowman Peg Ornament is just what you’ve been looking for. With only a few simple steps to follow, youngsters can make to their hearts’ content, including their imaginations to give their snowmen individuality and color. Simple modifications will make it simple for these dolls to be hung on the Christmas Tree, enhancing the festive atmosphere with the unique charm that can only be achieved via child-created crafts.

Christmas Ornament Art for Kids

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for a simple Christmas ornament that children can create themselves. This Snowman Peg Ornament is just what you’ve been looking for. Following a few simple steps, children may make to their hearts’ content, including their imaginations to give their snowmen individuality and color.

A simple modification will make it simple for these dolls to be hung on the Christmas Tree, bringing that unique beauty that can only be found in child-made crafts to the table.

Paper Angel Christmas Ornament

The Angels have come at Arty Crafty Kids! La la la, the Angels have arrived! With our cute printable pattern, you can turn your little darling into a Paper Angel Christmas Ornament. Coloring the angel, leaving it as is, or even embellishing it with your child’s artistic creation are all possible options. Because of the craft’s simplicity, your Arty Crafty Kids’ imaginations may run wild with this project. Because they are custom made and one-of-a-kind, the Christmas Ornaments will look lovely displayed on the Christmas Tree and will become a treasured family heirloom for years to come.

Glittery Clay Christmas Ornaments

This Christmas, it’s been literally pouring glitter on the ground. My children have enjoyed using their shaker pots to add a little shine to most of their creations (after all, who doesn’t enjoy a little sparkle?) and these adorable sparkling clay Christmas decorations have unquestionably become a seasonal favorite this year. These Christmas Ornaments are ideal for children to make themselves since they are really simple and require no baking.

Glittery Sparkly Clay Handprint Ornament

It’s a straightforward process. Because it’s entertaining, it’ll look excellent hung on the Christmas tree or just placed in the kid’s room. With the help of pre-made air dry clay, this glitter bombshell of a Handprint Ornament is built to last, and you won’t have to worry about it absorbing moisture and collapsing after a few years (as I discovered the hard way). And if you have any worries about the glitter, which, let’s face it, is a valid concern. Glitter and children may be a dangerous combination!

3D Printable Christmas Characters

Christmas Characters in 3D Printing | 3D Printable Christmas Characters This is a wonderfully simple Christmas craft that you can do with your children this holiday season. A 3D Santa Claus, Rudolph, or a cheeky little Elf are among the options available to the children. The printable templates are available for download in both full color and black and white, making this a wonderful option for use at home or in the classroom, depending on your needs.

Musical Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

With this lovely Musical Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree activity, children can incorporate a musical aspect into their Christmas Ornament creations. If you want to try something new with your child at home or in the school, this is a wonderfully simple project. Jingle bells offer a playful and engaging element to this project, which may be used to accompany your child’s favorite Christmas tunes.

Paper Plate Handprint Christmas Wreath

This gorgeous paper plate handprint Christmas Wreath activity should be on your to-do list for this holiday season — A simple and enjoyable Christmas Wreath Craft that children will enjoy doing! Children will learn how to fold paper to make what we lovingly refer to as ‘Holly Hearts,’ which may be used as a foundation for making paper flowers as well.

The holly hearts work nicely for our paper plate Christmas wreath and are very simple for kids to make themselves, making them an excellent choice whether you’re looking for a simple Christmas activity to do at home or in the classroom this holiday season.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Make this lovely Toilet Paper Roll Snowman activity with your children using used paper rolls that you have lying around. This is a fun and simple Christmas craft that may be created in conjunction with our Toilet Paper Roll Elves and Reindeer. Young children, particularly preschoolers and very young toddlers, will enjoy changing their recycled paper rolls into a charming little snowman complete with his very own bed of snow! This is a great project to do at home or at school.

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