How To Decorate A Birdcage Home Decor

How to Decorate a Birdcage Home Decor

What is the best way to adorn a birdcage as a home décor item? Your answer, however, is contained within. Decorative cages, which were originally inspired by permanent birdhouses with bars, have long been considered essential components of any design, adding beauty, creativity, and uniqueness to interior spaces. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because they add a sense of lightness to the décor. To use them while putting up the appearance of the most various circumstances, you just need one criterion: imaginative thinking.

Every space, whether in the garden, the bedroom, the entry hall, the living room, the balcony, or the kitchen, may benefit from the addition of a model item to enhance the décor.

Continue reading for some helpful hints on how to decorate a birdcage for your home decor needs.

How to Decorate a Birdcage Home Decor: The tools needed

If you are attempting to learn how to decorate a birdcage for home décor, you will need the following tools:


It is necessary to embellish the birdcage in some way. The orchid flower plant, for example, is a fantastic product in this respect. When in bloom, this orchid plant, which is 16-30 inches tall and 2 to 3 inches wide, has a 75-80% bloom rate. When the orchid comes, you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous interior blooms while keeping them in good condition in your birdcage. A 10-inch lavender porcelain container is also included with this arrangement. Pink Double Spike Orchid Flower Plant in a 10-Inch Container.

  • This Pink Phalaenopsis orchid plant, measuring 16-30 inches tall and 2 to 3 inches wide, is 75-80% in bloom when it is delivered. When the orchid arrives, you can enjoy beautiful indoor live flowers for a few days, and then watch it bloom for up to three months with proper care. In a 10-inch Lavender ceramic vase, the orchid plant is sent already planted.


To design a birdcage for the sake of home décor, you must first get the nicest birdcage available. The Slate Bird Cage is a fantastic product in this aspect. You may use it as a decorative cage for your house at an affordable price. It includes a grille that can be removed and a crumb bin that can be pulled out for simple cleaning. The handle also makes this little birdcage an excellent choice for use as a decorative item in the house.


The ribbon is an absolutely necessary component of the birdcage’s decoration. For example, theDesecraft assorted grosgrain ribbons are a fantastic product in this regard. Desecraft 16.4 yards of 3/8 inch wide fabric in 15 designs.

  • There are three assorted packs: pink, blue, and grey, for a total of 15 colors. There are 5 ribbons, organza, and grosgrain in each pack
  • They are assorted. a total of 16.4 yards
  • 15 pattern designs, each measuring 3/8 inch (1cm) by 1.64 yard, for a total of 30.8 yards
  • Great for bows, crafts, sewing, gift packaging, Valentine’s Day, hair, weddings, parties, and seasonal decorations, including bouquets, wreaths, baskets, flowers, wine bottles, handicrafts, scrapbooking planners, card crafting, and card invitations, among other things.

How to Decorate a Birdcage Home Decor

It is much simpler than you would think to decorate using birdcages. In addition to being able to be used outside or inside, cages can serve a variety of functions. The decoration with cages may be used as a centerpiece, embellished with flowers, or as an item holder to beautify a bookshelf or sideboard, depending on the style.

You can also experiment with different sizes and colors to create a visually appealing and imaginative composition using your birdcage home decor items. Furthermore, when attempting to figure out how to design a birdcage for house décor, the following suggestions would be really beneficial:

  • Suspended, on a table, or on the floor
  • Illuminated by unique light fixtures Create Lanterns & Candle Holders out of your old clothes. Make use of them as flower containers. With the addition of additional jewelry boxes and jewelry
  • Decorative elements
  • Elegant iron bird cage
  • Provencal-style decorative bird cage
  • With window decoration
  • Decorative iron bird cage

Suspended, on the Table or the Floor

When it comes to using a birdcage as house decor, there are no rules. It can be hung from the ceiling, placed on a table, or placed on the floor. Everything will be determined by your own preference, a preconceived notion, and the placement of the other ornaments, items, and components in your home’s design. When it comes to the realm of interior décor, everything is possible in terms of innovation, repurposing, or providing a meaning that was previously unimaginable. Decorative bird cages, like many other things and pieces of furniture, are among the incredible multipurpose sensations that can be used to revitalize a composition.

With original Light Fixtures

Putting together traditional Christmas lights with flashers, which can be done with decorative bird cages at home, is an interesting excursion to go on with decorative bird cages. To do this, simply wind the wire of these miniature bulbs a bit further, insert them into the cages, and you’re done! It takes only a few minutes to change them into charming, imaginative and unique lighting ornaments. As a result, beautiful bird cages are ideal for usage in a variety of settings, including bedrooms, living rooms, and even workplaces.

Turn them into Lanterns and Candle Holders

Even so, you can use the birdcage home decor to create lanterns and candle holders without having to make any modifications to the pieces themselves in terms of lighting. Simply place a candle or several candles inside the cages and leave them there. Every light source of this nature is highly romantic, and it creates feelings of serenity, warmth, and comfort for individuals who are in the vicinity of the light source.

Use them as Flowerpots

Transform the birdcage home decor into flower boxes to provide a lovely, distinct, and light impact to your garden, on your balcony, or on your patio. Each cage looks stunning when filled with potted plants and flowers, and they look as stunning when placed on the floor or hung on the wall.

With new Jewelry Boxes and Jewelry

Necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets: everything that is considered jewelry may be safely housed in a birdcage home decor item like this. The accessories can be arranged on a dressing table, nightstand, or even the bathroom counter, depending on your preference. The most essential thing is to organize it in a practical and attractive manner.

As adornments

The birdcage home decor, in and of itself, contributes to the overall composition of the environment’s composition. You do not need to make any modifications in order for them to be visible in your room. Simply choose the furniture, the area, and the most appropriate spot to utilize as an ornament. Furthermore, orchids, cactus, and succulents create a stunning display when housed in a gorgeous cage or container. Color and a touch of romance are added to your birdcage with the addition of fresh or fake flowers.

If you’re using live flowers, you might want to consider placing a moist foam within the cage. This will enable the flowers to remain fresher for a longer period of time. If you want a great retro-style decorating, allow the plants to dry by placing them in an area that is well aired and warm.

Decorative Iron bird Cage

People employ elegant iron birdcages in their homes, whether they are indoors or outside. If you intend to use this piece inside your home, choose a location where it will be most effective. For example, a decorative iron cage on a side table or a piece of furniture in the living room may be appropriate; in the kitchen, the ornamental iron cage may be placed as a centerpiece and decorated with flowers. The ornate iron cage in the bathroom may be used to hold candles, which will make the space feel cozier and more inviting overall.

Provencal Decorative Bird Cage

The Provencal style is comprised of numerous aspects, including furniture with classic lines, light colors, and a somewhat worn look, textiles, and surfaces with unique textures, as well as certain ornamental objects that may be printed to reflect the style of the surrounding surroundings. In addition to the furniture and colors used on the walls, drapes, and other materials, you must have eye-catching accessories to complete the look. One of these elements is the Provencal decorative birdcage, which can be found in a variety of materials and perform a variety of functions in the décor.

At the same time, the ornate iron birdcage must be painted with a light coat of paint or hues that are representative of the Provencal aesthetic.

With window decoration

There are a variety of other places where the ornamental birdcage may be used in addition to the table. Cages with a retro aesthetic look great on a shelf or above a fireplace as well. You may fill it with forest moss or use it to grow succulents in a robust potting soil. Then arrange them on a windowsill or hang them with an appropriate hook to finish off the project. Succulents, in particular, require little space to grow and can thrive beautifully in a small decorative birdcage or other small container.

They do not require potting soil or water; rather, a squirt of water every now and again is sufficient to keep them healthy.

How to Decorate a Birdcage Home Decor: Frequently Asked Questions

A popular trend in interior design is using bird cages to decorate a room, which allows us to repurpose an object while infusing a part of our home with meaning. If we arrange the birdcage to be the focal point of a very country ambiance, it has the potential to be the most charming and unique decorative object we have ever seen. These types of cages can usually be made more attractive by incorporating the following materials into their construction:

How do you decorate a cage light?

A popular trend in interior design is using bird cages to decorate a room, which allows us to recycle an object while infusing a corner of our home with meaning.

If we arrange the birdcage to be the focal point of a very country ambiance, it might be the most charming and unique decorative object we own. In most cases, these sorts of cages may be ornamented by including the following materials:

What do you put on the bottom of a birdcage?

The bottom of a birdcage may be made more suitable for flowers or birds by placing moist foam or toilet paper rolls in the bottom.

Do birds get bored in cages?

The boredom that birds experience in cages causes them to engage in abnormal behaviors such as biting on a bar or pacing around in their cages, which is harmful to them.

Are toilet paper rolls safe for birds?

When birds chew on toilet paper rolls, they do not cause any harm to the birds or themselves. Toilet paper rolls may also be used as a fun and inexpensive playing equipment for a variety of birds.


To summarize, birdcages provide for intriguing ornamental features for our homes and gardens. Aside from their core duty, they have a variety of extra responsibilities. To put it another way, they are not just for birds. In addition to being utilized around the home, decorative birdcages may be transformed into a variety of fun and distinctive accent elements such as lamp fixtures, flowerpots, and table centerpieces. The knowledge provided above would also be beneficial if you were looking to learn how to decorate with a birdcage as a part of your home décor scheme.

Using Bird Cages For Decor: 66 Beautiful Ideas

Birdcages may be used as elegant table centerpieces by placing them on a tablecloth. This example demonstrates a lovely design that evokes the notion of preserving songbirds, which has a long history in China dating back hundreds of years. There’s something special about incorporating a bird cage into a room’s décor mix — it gives it an informal bohemian feeling, a Victorian feel, and a touch of steampunk flair. Here are some creative ways to decorate with a bird cage.

  1. For the purpose of illumination. Make a strand of string lights for a bird cage or use house candles to decorate the cage. It’s only for show. If you can find a beautiful antique bird cage, it would make an excellent décor element in and of itself – perhaps next to a potted plant or a vintage mirror frame. Perhaps you could place some ancient books inside a huge bird cage – that would be a fantastic idea. There are also stands and flat racks in the style of a bird cage, as well as other designs. The flat ones may be used to display portraits or to hang and organize your jewelry in your bedroom
  2. The round ones can be used to hang clothes. If you are looking to create a centerpiece arrangement, a bird cage can be used as an elegant accessory in the same way as the table centerpiece
  3. Birdcages make excellent housing for plants – whether they are natural or artificial
  4. And if you are looking to create a centerpiece arrangement, birdcages make excellent housing for plants – whether they are natural or artificial. A bird cage may be utilized as a hanging planter or as a piece of bohemian décor in the garden.

Any room might benefit from the addition of decorative bird cages to create a rustic atmosphere. With the help of a bird cage, you can create a stunning DIY pendant light in the industrial style. A cage may be transformed into a shabby chic pendant light fixture. Put some glass ornaments on a string and hang them in a place where the sun may shine through them. Topiaries should be placed inside. Beautiful centerpieces may be created with this product. Using a birdcage to showcase jewelry may be quite effective.

  1. A small bird cage might serve as an interesting alternative to a candle light in some situations.
  2. You may even use them to construct a vertical garden.
  3. It would make an excellent companion for an antique mirror.
  4. An example of this would be to put a clock mechanism on the bottom of a cage and suspend it from the ceiling.
  5. A great container for other vintage treasures.
  6. A collection of bird cages from a yard sale may be transformed into a unique fake chandelier.
  7. As an accent piece, it can be used to make a contemporary interior more interesting and creative.
  8. It is an excellent summer party idea to convert an old cage into a punch station.
  9. When combined with topiaries, a vintage bird cage filled with vintage books looks absolutely stunning.
  10. Yes, it is possible to use it as a mobile candle holder.

Yes, it is possible to create a vintage towel holder out of a bird cage. A faux birdcage would make an excellent display case for family photographs. In a bird cage, a bouquet of roses, whether real or fake, would look stunning. It’s a fantastic idea for any type of interior design project.

Decorating with birdcages – great ideas for the design of your home

When you decorate with birdcages, you have the option to include something lovely and surprising in your home design that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. A birdcage, especially if it is designed to look like a genuine work of art, may be an excellent way to enhance the appearance of a room’s interior. Many people enjoy having live birds in cages because they add a special charm to their homes. However, along with the charm comes a slew of responsibilities, such as cleaning and feeding the birds.

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A well-chosen interior design can not only transform a space, but it can also distinguish it as unique and representative of your personal style.

We have provided you with numerous suggestions for how to make use of home accessories, and you can choose from a variety of items that are related to your hobbies or interests.

Why choose a decorative birdcage for your home?

The birdcage has evolved into one of those items that is now quite frequently seen in a variety of house interiors, and in a variety of designs. Decorative metal pieces are constantly in style, and they bring a sense of uniqueness and individuality to the decor of any space. Because this type of accessory allows for a great deal of creative freedom, designers and decorators have come up with a plethora of innovative methods to incorporate a decorative birdcage into a home’s décor that is both functional and visually appealing.

Cages may be utilized in a variety of various styles, such as art deco and art nouveau, and even in industrial inspired house designs, depending on the style and color of the cage itself.

They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, semicircular, square, tiny and big, new, antique, and artificially aged, metal and wooden, so there is something to fit every taste.

Creative ideas for decorating with birdcages

There are a plethora of possibilities when it comes to decorating with birdcages. It may be set on the floor, on a shelf, on a windowsill, on a coffee table, or even gently hung from the ceiling, according on your preference. One can be placed on a balcony, patio, or outdoor recreation area, among other places. Here are some fantastic suggestions for you! Flower vase or plant container made from a birdcage Making a bird cage into a plant container or a flower pot is one of the most popular applications for the bird cage today.

  1. In addition, climbing plants that twist and turn around the rods appear much more appealing.
  2. Holder for a candle in a birdcage Candles arranged in a birdcage instantly transform any space into a romantic haven for lovers.
  3. Lamp shade with a birdcage design Cage lights can be utilized as a chandelier or as a floor lamp, depending on their design.
  4. This is a fantastic idea for those who want to create a sense of lightness and airiness in their interior design scheme.

In any area, the cage may be used as a book storage solution, in the bathroom, it can be used to store soap and shower accessories, and in the bedroom, it can be used as a unique jewelry organizer and storage box, among other things.

Decorating With Birdcages: 30 Creative Ideas

When does a birdcage appear to be the most attractive and beautiful? When it is not really restricting any birds inside it, in our perspective, it is not a cage! Of course, this leaves you with one free, content bird and an empty cages, both of which you must put to good use immediately. In the past, we’ve shown you some beautiful bird-themed decorating ideas, and now we’re going to show you how to decorate with birdcages in a unique, trendy, and visually attractive way. Birdcages, because of their distinctive form, add a great deal of visual and textural interest to any room in which they are placed.

  1. A bird cage lighting option is included in this eclectic living area.
  2. The Mediterranean, Moroccan, and Tunisian styles are particularly well-known for using this approach to design.
  3. Here are some of the best ideas and inspirations that are currently available – In front of the fireplace, there is a beautiful birdcage in a bright color.
  4. The utilization of birdcages in the rustic bedroom is rather interesting.
  5. A chic birdcage with a gleam of gold In the corner of the room, there’s a birdcage, which is lovely.

Caged Walls!

Decorating with birdcages does not necessary imply that you must purchase a vintage birdcage from your local flea market or antique shop. The most contemporary method of decorating with birdcages is to use birdcage-themed wallpaper and wall decals on the walls of the room. This provides you with a plethora of possibilities, allowing you to select modern items that will mix seamlessly with the existing sophisticated style of your home. In addition to colorful birds and other nature-centric images, wallpapers with birdcage motifs are also suitable for use in bright children’s rooms and even the bohemian living room.

Using wallpaper to incorporate the birdcage theme into the home is a simple and effective solution.

Wall decorations in the children’s bedroom include birdcages.

The addition of birdcages gives the living room a Tunisian feel.

Hang em with Style

Vintage birdcages and various modern copies may be used as decorative accents in almost every part of the house, including the bedroom. Even if you are not aiming for a traditional or Bohemian look, they can add a touch of surprise and vintage charm to a modern home, no matter what style you are going for. One of them may be attractively displayed in a corner of the room, and you’ll be amazed at how much it changes the atmosphere of the space. A hanging birdcage is also a terrific addition to outdoor places such as the porch or the sunroom.

Simple pops of color in a modern nursery design The presence of an empty birdcage on the porch creates a striking effect.

Beautiful sunroom that is filled with natural light! Bring the birdcage into the eccentric kitchen for a touch of class. Vintage birdcages with encased feathers make for a one-of-a-kind home décor accent.

Color and Contrast

One of the most important reasons why homeowners adore the birdcage as a decorative element is the beautiful pattern, color, and texture that it brings to the space. Even by just arranging the birdcage in a random manner around the space, you may provide a fresh texture that is unfamiliar in interiors that are predominantly composed of stone, glass, and wood. Colorful cages, especially those with a golden glint, enhance the existing color scheme of the room while also adding a touch of metallic magic!

  1. Beautiful dining area with a variety of textures and forms to choose from.
  2. When holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving are approaching, birdcages can take on the role of show-stoppers in your festive décor array.
  3. And, once you’ve finished, you may use them as a decorative item throughout the year.
  4. Use of a birdcage in a stylish manner at the entranceTV enhanced with a wonderful birdcage in white The landing of the staircase appears to be both entertaining and elegant!

Ingenious Lighting

Birdcages are quite simple to decorate with, and you can fill them with a wide variety of objects ranging from eerie Halloween decorations to potted plants and exquisite artifacts, among other things. However, one trend that is gaining some traction is the usage of birdcages as beautiful lighting fixtures! When you stop to think about it, an old birdcage makes for the perfect framing for a one-of-a-kind pendant light. Some individuals choose to just utilize candles in conjunction with the birdcage in order to transform it into a Victorian-style lighting option.

  • Lighting idea for the quirky house made from a birdcage Next to the bed, there’s a birdcage with a candle!
  • In the dining area, there is a unique birdcage pendant light.
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  • Sherry was born and raised in California, where she spent her childhood on open ranches and in a wild environment, which shaped her sense of design and sparked her interest in investigating how structures and dwellings interact with the natural environment.

12 Ways to decorate a vintage birdcage for winter.

After the Christmas decorations have been taken down, it may be difficult to decide what to use to adorn the rest of the house. We’re typically eager for a quieter, gentler aesthetic, but we don’t want to be staring at empty walls and floors all day. Last year, I created a list of “10 Winter Neutral Items to Style Your Home” to help people answer the question “What should I decorate with now?” Accessories with excellent built-in architecture serve as an excellent basis for your winter style efforts.

  1. Having received such positive feedback on my “10 Ways to Decorate a Vintage Sled” post, I thought it would be fun to publish “12 Ways to Decorate a Vintage Birdcage for Winter.” Become a member of the Insiders!
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Prepare to be wowed with some incredible inspiration! In the event that you are fortunate enough to own a vintage birdcage, this will motivate you to make it look its best for the winter! If you don’t already have one, prepare yourself for a vintage shopping excursion in the near future!

Decorate a Vintage Birdcage with a Seasonal Scene

It is possible to create a pleasant and simple winter picture with only a few of simple pieces. Add some winter flora to the base of your birdcage, such as this placemat, and a branch of a tree, as well as a little animal, to complete the look. The use of the magic number of three items keeps things simple and calm, which is important. You may put some filling around the bottom to give it the appearance of snow. It’s almost like having a mini terrarium for the winter!

Fill Your Vintage Birdcage with a Collection

Using milk glass vases with votive candles tucked within might help to produce a lovely light on a cool winter evening. You could also use a collection of vintage glass bottles or pottery to decorate your space. Even a trio of imitation pillar candles, put on a timer for the darkest of nights, can do the trick. To add a little spice to things.

Tie a Ribbon or Accent on the Top Handle of your Vintage Birdcage

Here’s where I added a gorgeous satin ribbon and a grapevine napkin ring to finish it off. You could also include a small framed antique photo or a small sign with an inspirational message to complete the look. The handle at the top of the bag is an excellent spot to add a little something extra.

Decorate your Vintage Birdcage by Filling it Up with Spheres of Texture

Place organic items such as wood slices and pinecones in the bottom of your old birdcage after turning it upside down. You might intersperse moss or stuffing between the layers to provide extra tactile appeal. Cover the bottom of the container with a thin book to ensure that nothing falls out when you turn it right-side-up again. You’re going to like the organic texture of this ensemble! If you want a snowball look, wrap thick, soft yarn around styrofoam balls of various sizes and shapes. The mix of the yarny texture and the metal cage is a fantastic winter match!

A similar appearance may be achieved using moss balls in the Springtime, for example.

Let Your Vintage Birdcage Fulfill the Need for Green

When the weather outside is anything but green, bringing some fresh plants into your home is beneficial to both your mind and your body. Simply tucking a few plants under an old birdcage can make a simple and lovely addition to any room in your house. If you don’t have enough space to put them in containers, wrap the bottoms in plastic or foil and cover the plastic pots with old book pages, music, or patterns to disguise them. In addition, the paper provides a pleasing texture.

Fill your Vintage Birdcage with Love Notes for Valentine’s

Old music rolled up in every size may be used to create a “Love Notes” motif. Lay your birdcage on its front side and place the smaller pieces at the bottom of the cage to complete the design. Fill up the remaining area with the larger cones in order to prevent anything from slipping. Then set the bottom on top of it before flipping it over to the correct side. (As an aside, this adorable pagoda-shaped cage is the newest member of the family; don’t you just like the shape?) And, since we’re on the subject of Valentine’s Day.

Add Mini Bunting to the Inside of a Vintage Birdcage

Make your own small bunting or get some from a store to decorate your home.

Several strings should be tied across the inside. Throw a party right away! Don’t you think it would make a lovely centerpiece for a Valentine’s party or perhaps a baby shower? And, of course, you can always add.

Fill a Vintage Birdcage with A Stack of Pretty Dishes

Incorporate a colorful stack of attractive dishes into the design of your birdcage’s inside, along with a few glasses and a slender creamer or sugar to complete the look. Isn’t it simple to do that? If you have enough dishes to serve 5000 people with your collection, as I have, the sky is the limit when it comes to the decorating options here;)

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Anything En Masse looks good in a Vintage Birdcage

In all honesty, everything that is displayed in an antique birdcage looks beautiful. When you stack old books under a table, the many colors and textures of the books transform into a piece of still life art. Adding a fresh plant nearby and arranging everything in a great old suitcase is pure vintage vignette bliss! A smattering of candles of various sizes may be transformed into a lovely twilight highlight. For extra intrigue, scatter organic seasonal textures around the bottom of the vase. Winter greens or succulents would also make a wonderful touch to this arrangement.

Set your Vintage Birdcage on a Wreath

Placing a spherical antique birdcage on a wreath is a timeless and elegant decoration. Other items, such as a cake plate or a glass cloche, can be placed inside the container. Vintage birdcages have also been utilized as wedding invitations by me. Visitors may easily tuck their belongings through the gaps, which keeps them protected from sticky fingers and other hazards. It is hoped that these options will provide you with enough inspiration to dig out your antique birdcage or head to the nearest vintage store to get one.

  • The reason I have five of them and would not turn down another if the opportunity presented itself;) Summer is a great time for me to enjoy them on the deck, patio, and in my flower pots.
  • I clean birdcages in a soapy sink with a nylon brush, which I find to be quite effective.
  • pad and a brush.
  • If the tray is still on, I use a brush to apply poly on it.
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20 Lovely Repurposed Bird Cages

A bird cage may be a highly intriguing addition to your home’s interior design. It may be utilized as a piece of home décor, or it can be given a variety of additional uses. Some of these bird cage decorations are simple enough to do on your own. You are free to paint them in whatever color you like. Bird cages that have been repurposed can be utilized as decorative items in the house. Depending on your preference, you may hang it on the wall or the ceiling and adorn it with flowers or bird toys.

  • A chandelier or candle holder can be housed within one of these enclosures.
  • This centerpiece can be used for seasonal or festive table décor.
  • Besides that, they may be utilized as planter pots or as containers for your yard decorations.
  • In this article, we will show you 20 creative ways to recycle outdated bird cages.

Enjoy… SourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSource Birds, bird cages, and reused bird cages are some of the terms used. : bird cage decor

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Decorative Bird Houses & Cages

With this wood and metal farmhouse style tabletop décor piece, which is styled like a rustic church, you can make your table spread extremely lively and attention-getting. This corrugated steel model church features alternating metal and wood exterior, as well as a solid metal roof and chimney on top, making it a substantial yet beautiful display item. This sculpture, which features lovely cuts evocative of stained glass windows, is unquestionably intriguing. Standing about 18″ tall, this one-of-a-kind sculptural décor element doubles as a spectacular centerpiece as well as a stunning votive for electric candles!

It comes with its own tale, which you can read here.

  • Overall dimensions: 18.25″ H x 11″ W x 11″ D overall weight of the product: 3.75 lbs

Approximately 18.25″ high and 11″ wide by 11″ deep overall. Product Weight: 3.75 lbs in total.

Top 11 Wedding Bird Cage Ideas

Bird cages are practical and flexible wedding decorations that are ideal for bringing a touch of elegance to your big day.

Put cards inside, or fill with flowers, candles, or even cake for a more festive look. This collection includes 11 various ways to incorporate these stylish ornaments into your big day that are both attractive and practical!

Card Holder

  • Use a bird cage to keep the cards that your visitors have left for you. Image courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Floral Accents

  • Fill bird cages with flowers for a charming antique décor that is easy to make. Find cream-colored bird cages, such as the one depicted below, at your local craft store. Photograph courtesy of Cedarwood Weddings

Centerpiece Arrangements

  • Bird cages may be used as centerpieces in your bouquets. Photograph taken during a wedding in the United Kingdom.

Cake Topper

  • When creating centerpiece bouquets, incorporate bird cages. Featured image courtesy of Wedding, United Kingdom.

Aisle Decor

  • Hang a number of beautiful cages from shepherd’s hooks and use them to line the aisle at your wedding. You may get a wood-framed bird cage, similar to the one depicted below, from this website. Image courtesy of Style Me Pretty.

Table Numbers

  • Place your table numbers on the bird cages. Photo courtesy of Brides

Candle Holders

  • Fill many cages with candles to create a calming atmosphere. Photograph courtesy of Wedding Bells

Succulent Planter

  • Make a succulent planter out of a bird cage. Photo courtesy of Top Dreamer.

Guest Book Alternative

  • Make an alternate guest book out of a bird cage and leave cards for your visitors to sign as a thank you letter after they leave their messages. Photo courtesy of Elegant Wedding.

Tree Decor

  • A fascinating outdoor décor is created by suspending a variety of bird cages from various tree branches. Photo courtesy of Borrowed and Bleu.

Cake Stand

  • To make your wedding cake look more impressive, place it in a huge bird cage. The bird cage depicted below may be purchased from this website. Photo courtesy of Wedding Chicks

Decorative Bird Cages for your Home

Learn about the hottest new trend in home décor: ornamental bird cages. Color, light, and freshness will be added to even the most gloomy corners of your house by these beautifiers. In this post, we’ll show you how to use beautiful bird cages to enhance the look of your home. They were initially intended for use in outdoor settings, where they were used to house tiny birds such as budgies or canaries. Interior design using these bird cages is currently all the rage, and they are being used in all kinds of places.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Types of bird cages

As we’ve already indicated, there is a vast range of bird cages available, many of which are unique and unusual in their design. We’ll provide you some ideas on how to design your bird cages and, in turn, how to utilize them to adorn your house in the next section.

Bird cages and flowers

Putting flowers in your bird cage is a really trendy home décor trend right now, and for good reason. Depending on your own preference, you might use fresh or dried flowers in your arrangement. These are beautiful, romantic decorations that you can put in and around your house, and they are inexpensive. You may also use them as dining table centerpieces, to decorate side tables, or to dress up your living room’s coffee table, among other things. Another option is to put a bouquet of dry flowers in your bird cage as an alternative.

The location of the bouquet will be determined by the size of the cage and the kind of bouquet you select.

Light-up cages

At the present, decorative bird cages with built-in lights are among the most popular options available. Infuse your house with a sense of coziness and romanticism with these decorative accents. Furthermore, they’re great if you’re looking to decorate your home for a particular event.

Bird cages with lighted garlands

Lighted garlands are getting increasingly popular, and we’re seeing them employed in interior décor on a greater and more frequent basis as well. As a result, using them to adorn your bird cages is an absolutely amazing idea. Decorate the interior of your bird cage with them all around the perimeter, and don’t bother about arranging them in any particular pattern.

Bird cages with candles

Other alternatives include placing little tealights or candles in your bird cages. If you truly want your candle to stand out and illuminate your space, opt for a huge decorative candle. Bird cages with lights are excellent centerpieces and contribute to the creation of a very distinctive and romantic environment in the home.

Combination bird cages

Combining both lights and flowers in a single bird cage is also a very attractive appearance.

You might, for example, hang a lighted garland within the cage and adorn the exterior with a magnificent chain of flowers to create a festive atmosphere. Using this method, you can merge the two aspects into a single design while maintaining a feeling of uniformity across your house.

Hanging bird cages

Aside from that, there are a plethora of various hanging birdcage designs that you may employ to enhance the décor of your house. Natural plants, dried flowers, and candles can be used to decorate them. It’s also a wonderfully creative idea to adorn two or three ornamental cages that are similar in design and hang them from the ceiling. Place them near a window and take pleasure in the breath of fresh air that they bring into your home. In order to achieve a romantic and vintage atmosphere, this sort of beautiful bird cage is recommended.

It could pique your curiosity.

How to Use Bird Cages as In-Home Decor

Because of its sculptural characteristics, bird cages may be transformed into decorative accent pieces that are great for bringing life to bare or drab environments. Beautiful bird cages offer a feeling of elegance and refinement to a place, and because they are extremely adaptable, they may be used as a functional item in addition to being a decorative element. Make sure you keep an eye out for bargains if you’re planning on visiting a garage sale or antique store anytime soon. There is a strong chance that you have one stashed away in your attic that you may dust up and put to use.

  1. Determine what form and size bird cage would work best with the curves of the area and the overall design of the room before purchasing one.
  2. In the event that you come across a bird cage that is the perfect form and size but is the incorrect color, you can easily modify it using powder coating or nontoxic spray paint.
  3. If you don’t have much space, consider suspending your bird cage from the ceiling by inserting a hook into the joists of the ceiling.
  4. Place a vase inside the bird cage and allow the blossoms to filter out through the opening.
  5. Decorate a windowsill or tabletop with your bird cage flower arrangement to light up your home throughout the spring or summer months.
  6. Make an effort to utilize thick candles with a diameter of between one and three inches.
  7. Making use of crocodile clips, you can turn your bird cage into a functional storage place for your desk or entry table.
  8. This might help to declutter and arrange stray pieces of paper in your home.
  9. This will give them more prominence, allowing you to devote more attention to smaller, less noticeable embellishments.

This may be used to adorn portions of your space that are lacking in personality. Combine a number of different ideas. For example, you might place an ornament in the center of your bird cage and surround it with little flowers or a candle display to make it more interesting.

How To Decorate Mini Bird Cages For Decor or Events

Flowers in bloom, birdsong in the background. What exactly does this mean? Crafts during the season of spring. Today I’m going to show you how to decorate a Mini Bird Cage and turn it into a Diorama. This DIY project may be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as baby shower decorations or a baby’s nursery. Consider woodland-themed decorations for a bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, nursery, children’s room, or even a child’s birthday party. If you just have a few minutes, you can decorate a few at a time.

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The fact that my nighttime workers, those kitty cat craftsmen, were forbidden from getting into the supplies and bird cages was the most difficult element of my spring project.

I’ve included a complete supply list at the end of this post, but you can also check out your local craft stores for more supplies.

Mini Bird Cage DIY

Did you ever make dioramas when you were a kid? Is it in a shoe box or some other type of container? This reminds me of a time when I did something similar. With a little guidance, kids might have a lot of fun creating something like this for a spring or summer project. When I was gathering the items, I also came across the small wire bird cages in a variety of colors. I used actual moss that was purchased in a packet. I got purchased a mixed bag of moss, bird nests, and eggs to use in my garden.

  • The butterflies, birds, and other little natural elements were located near the wedding part.
  • Each one is a bit different from the other.
  • Each little bird cage has a unique miniature bird with feathers resting on miniature eggs.
  • The following are the steps to follow while decorating bird cages.
  • Make a list of your materials
  • Cut out scrapbook paper (I chose a wood appearing material) to fit into the bottom of the wire cage after tracing the bottom of the cage onto a piece of paper. After that, slide in your nest and adorn it with moss, eggs, and a bird on top of it all. (The birds are wired on the bottom so that they may be bentsticked as needed.) Tie a nice ribbon around the top and secure it with one of the decorative clothes pins at the end. Using a clothespin, attach a piece of moss to the side of the cage and a butterfly (which is wired to bend and stick down as needed)
  • Assemble the cage.

It may be hung in a lovely position or placed somewhere like a mantel, dresser, or table to serve as event décor. A copy of this is on our piano, and I’m giving one to my daughter in law as a present for her nature-inspired nursery design. The goods on the supply list below are either comparable to or the same as those that were used in our guide. I went through the same process that you did, looking for the most affordable yet high-quality things.

Supplies list for Mini Bird Cage Dioramas

Decide where to hang it, or place it on a mantel, dresser, or table for use as event décor. A copy of this is on our piano, and I’m giving one to my daughter in law as a present for her nature-themed nursery design.

Supplies close to or identical to those used in our guide are included in the following supply list. To save you time, I went out and looked for the most cost-effective yet high-quality options.

  • Spring Craft Ideas
  • DIY Felt Craft Projects
  • Home Decor and DIY Projects
  • Spring Craft Ideas

How to Decorate a Bird Cage

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format Intricately detailed birdcages may be customized to suit any event or interior design scheme. Make use of your imagination when it comes to accessorizing your birdcage with plants, paintings, knick-knacks, beads, and other stuff. Adding natural or artificial light to a birdcage may add a touch of romance and elegance to any room in the house or to a special occasion.

  1. 1 Put a potted plant inside the birdcage to provide a touch of natural beauty. Choose a strong plant such as a succulent or a fanciful plant such as ivy, pothos, or jasmine—any sort of plant would do—and arrange it in a vase. Place the cage in a location where the plant will receive enough light to thrive.
  • If you’re hanging the birdcage, make sure it’s in a location where you’ll be able to quickly take it down or open it so you can water the plant whenever you need to. Using several different plants, create a terrarium-like environment inside the cage. In case you have a large number of small, boxy bird cages, consider hanging them on a wall to create a vertical garden show
  • Or

2 Fill the cage with fresh flowers to create an exquisite wedding décor. If you have an altarpiece, use ornate bird cages to line the central aisle or hang from it if you don’t have one. This will help your wedding stand out as an exquisite celebration. Fresh-cut flowers can be placed inside the cage or attached to the outside of the cage by their stems using small twist ties.

  • Flowering plants such as roses, peonies, buttercups, hydrangea, and gardenias are all ideal options because their robust stems make it simple to connect them to the bars
  • Hydrangeas are also a good choice since their sturdy stems make it easier to tie them to the bars. Placing a pile of 6 or 7 blooms in the center of the cage and attaching 5 to 6 blooms on either side of the cage will give the cage a more minimalist appearance
  • Alternatively, placing 1 to 3 huge blooms within the cage will give the cage a more traditional appearance. Before you attach the stems to the cage, you’ll need to trim them down to between 2 inches (5.1 cm) and 3 inches (7.6 cm) in length. If you have wedding invitations for your guests, you can also place them within the cage by inserting one card in each slot between the vertical bars.

Advertisement number three Spray paint the cage with a shiny finish to turn it into a conversation piece. Let your birds cage stand out as an art piece by spray painting it with a metallic copper, gold, or silver varnish to give it an industrial appearance. To paint it, spread it down on a sheet of newspaper outside and paint the bars with short, equal strokes. Always spray from multiple angles to ensure that each bar is completely covered from all sides. If necessary, you may need to open the cage and spray the interior as well.

  • Make a modern birdcage appear old by coating it with a faux-rust lacquer. Instead of going for a metallic aesthetic, you may pick any hue that matches or complements your design. Colors like as baby blue, periwinkle, and green will give the cage a charming, delicate appearance
  • For example, if your living room is designed in a brown and blue color scheme, paint the cage a deep indigo hue to lend a feeling of drama and depth to the area.

4 Strings of pearls may be used to decorate the cage for a quirky look. Make a string of pearls and thread it through the holes at the top of the cage, allowing it to dangle down to add a touch of elegance and dreaminess. Make use of the same size pearls or mix it up with huge and little beads to make a statement.

  • Put the pearls on a string and tie it around the top of the cage to keep it in place, leaving the ends dangling
  • For weddings, anniversaries, and stylish birthday parties, fill the beaded birdcage with flowers, colorful foliage, or candles. As an alternative, you can tie a string of pearls around artificial roses or vines and drape the flowers diagonally across the cage for a more streamlined appearance
  • Or You may fill the beaded birdcage with a variety of things such as antique trinkets, little figurines, books, plants, or whatever you desire if you’re using it as a casual décor piece in your house.

5 Use a ceramic bird figurine to create a still-life scene. Place the bird in the center of the cage or connect it to the top of the cage to create a sophisticated focal point. To finish the scenario, wrap fake leaves over the edge of the cage or add a small imitation bird’s nest within the cage to complete the look.

  • You may purchase artificial twig nests at craft stores
  • However, you should never take a nest from a real bird. During the holidays, place an artificial dove and garland about the room.
  1. 1 Fill the birdcage with old knick-knacks to give it a more rustic appearance. If you have a collection of little trinkets with a dated appearance, place them all in the cage. Place the larger object in the center and lesser trinkets around it to create a focal point. Clutter may be transformed into an attractive single item of décor using this technique.
  • A vintage storage cage is a terrific place to keep old picture frames, miniature timepieces, figurines, fine porcelain, and teacups
  • All of these items make excellent additions to your collection.

2 Display your books in a huge old birdcage to draw attention to them. Assemble the books by stacking them on top of one another, with the largest book at the bottom and the smallest book at the top. Provided that there is sufficient room between the bars (and that the books are not excessively thick), insert them vertically through the slots, with the spines facing out.

  • Stack some books horizontally and let others to stand upright
  • You may arrange the books in any way you choose.

Necklaces and jewelry items should be draped on top of the cage to make it more practical. There is no need to purchase a jewelry holder because a birdcage is the right form for holding necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Simply cut 10 to 15 short strands of metal wire into pieces that are 4 inches (10 cm) long and twist them around the horizontal bar that runs along the top of the cage to complete the project (where the top dome meets the cylindrical part).

  • Make as many loops as you need to be able to link your necklaces and bracelets to the chain. earrings that dangle from the vertical bar or hang from wire loops are available. A broad ribbon tied around the barrel of the birdcage can be used to make stud earrings. To attach the backings to the earring rods on the other side of the bow, make a bow that allows you to poke the earring rods through one side of the ribbon (on the bunny ears and tails of the bow).

4 Citrus fruits may be stored in the cage for a pleasant, rustic kitchen décor look.

Make a nice kitchen item out of the birdcage by putting lemons, limes, and oranges in it. Put it on a kitchen counter or table so that it is easy to reach.

  • If you’d like to keep your actual citrus fruits in the refrigerator, you may substitute fake citrus fruits for them.

5 Keep hand towels and toilet paper in the birdcage to save space. In the birdcage, store a few rolls of toilet paper, which you can then display anyplace in your bathroom on top of a small table. Hand towels, toiletries, perfumed sprays, and any other bathroom essentials that you like can be included.

  • You may also use a string of artificial vines or ribbons to decorate the cage to make it look a bit more elegant.
  1. For rustic and romantic illumination, place candles within the birdcage. Incorporate tall candles or tea lights within the birdcage to serve as a centerpiece or lantern light for your event. It is important to place the candles in robust holders so that the wax does not leak down onto the base of the cage.
  • It’s important to note that you shouldn’t put actual candles in a wooden birdcage since they pose a fire threat
  • Instead, use artificial candles.

2 To create fairy-tale illumination, weave twinkle lights through and around the birdcage. Set up one end of the twinkle lights between the bars of the cage, weaving in and out of the bars as you go. Run the lights through the middle of the cage in a starburst design to suit the geometry of the cage or jump from bar to bar at random to see how far you can get.

  • Regular twinkling lights (such as those used on Christmas trees) or unique twinkle lights in the shape of flowers, lanterns, Edison bulbs, or lotus flowers can be used to decorate the space. It is important to note that you will need to locate the birdcage near a power outlet in order to plug in the lights.

3 Hang a modest chandelier within the cage to create a shabby-chic lighting fixture. Try to find a tiny chandelier in the same color as the cage and thread the chain through the top of it, if at all feasible. To complete the look, hang the caged chandelier above your dining room table or in a secluded corner of your living room to create an opulent yet comfortable atmosphere.

  • Disconnect the base of the birdcage from the birdcage if it is required for light to shine down over a table. Remember that you’ll need to extend the line from an outlet over the ceiling and down an adjacent wall before you can plug it in. A second option is to place the caged chandelier on top of a side table near a power outlet, provided that your birdcage is equipped with one.

4 In order to get an industrial impression, place a tiny shadeless bulb within the cage. Replace the lamp base with a light bulb and turn off the lampshade to complete the transformation. Choose a low-wattage bulb to prevent the cage from being overly bright, and locate it close to a power outlet.

  • A modern twist will be added by using an Edison bulb that has an antique appearance.

With an Edison bulb that has an antique appearance, it will have a contemporary feel.

  • Consider utilizing your festively adorned birdcage as a table centerpiece for holiday dinners at your house this season.

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  • Never put actual candles inside a wooden birdcage since this might spark a fire
  • Instead, use tea lights.


Things You’ll Need

  • Potted plants, fresh flowers, spray paint, and little trinkets are all good options. Books
  • Jewelry pieces
  • And other items. Metal wire, scissors, and ribbon (to use for hanging jewelry items) are required. Strings of pearls

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