How The Grinch Stole Christmas Decorations

how the grinch stole christmas decorations

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Fun and Festive ‘Grinch’ Christmas Decorations

Each product featured has been chosen by the editors of Country Living. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link, we may receive a commission. More information about us. Try some of these suggestions, and there’s no way your heart won’t swell three sizes this holiday season! Photographs courtesy of Getty Images Photographs courtesy of Getty Images If you’re anything like the rest of the Whos in Whoville, you enjoy Christmas tremendously! Another possibility is that you’re feeling a little Grinchy yourself (given that it’s 2021).

  1. In Dr.
  2. In addition, these charming DIY Grinch-inspired decorations will put you in the holiday spirit, even if you’re feeling as cactus-like as you are.
  3. Once you’ve decorated the tree with bingle balls and whofoo fluff and the town with googoo gums and bizilbigs, it’s time to relax and enjoy a few additional DIYholiday craft projects, listen to your favorite Christmas music, and wrap some gifts for your loved ones.
  4. Finally, don’t forget to prepare your Christmas dinner, which should include Who Pudding, Who Hash, and roast beast—or whatever food is on your family’sChristmas menu this year!
  5. 1 of 20 This shabby green stocking is appropriate for none else than the infamous Grinch!
  6. Learn how to make this mug at Sewing Rabbit.SHOP GREEN FUR2of 20DIY Grinch Mug Isn’t this cup really adorable?
  7. It would also make a great present for someone special!

3 of 20DIY Grinch Tree from SHOP GREEN MUGS This whimsical Grinch-inspired tree is created by Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy from an ordinary little lemon cypress tree.

Garden Therapy has a tutorial available.

Teachers, friends, and anybody else who might use a small taste of the Grinch’s spirit would appreciate this ornament!

SHOPPING GREEN POM POMS5 of 20Grinch Candy Jar Use green candies (in this case, Mint M Ms) and a red heart button to fill a Mason jar, then wrap it with a red ribbon to create a delightful present that even the grumpiest folks on your list would appreciate.

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Chelsea’s Messy Apron has a great guide on how to make this.

All you really need for this wacky wreath is a pizza plate and a few clothespins to put it together.

PINS FOR SHOPPING CLOTHES8of 20Whoville Tree Whether you’re having a Grinch-themed brunch or simply want to add some color to a bare area of your home, this whimsical DIY tree is straight out of Whoville!

DIY Grinch Pillow from SHOP CARDSTOCK9of 20 Even the Grinch may benefit from a little holiday glitz and glam.

The instruction may be found at theWoodshop Diaries.

Fill ordinary plastic ornaments with green candies or paper shreds and attach a vinyl Grinch face to your tree to infuse some holiday cheer into the atmosphere.

THE PLASTIC ORNAMENTS11of 20Grinch Advent Calendar – SHOP NOW Christmas socks that are too small bring to mind the Who-ville stockings that are meticulously strung by the chimney.

You can find the instruction at Design Dazzle.

Visit Being Genevieve to learn more about the tutorial.

Make a tiny gift out of it, such as sweets, and you’ll have a gift that will have everyone green with envy.

14 of 20Large Grinch Tree in the SHOP MINI SANTA HATS in the SHOP With the help of easy instructions from Sawdust 2 Stitches, an artificial tree is given a Who-ville-inspired makeover.

Visit Sawdust 2 Stitches for the full lesson.

Take a look at Three Little Ferns’ free printable artwork and put it in a frame.

Three Little Ferns has a tutorial for this project.

You may find the instruction at The Mad House.

17 of 20) With this hand-painted mat, you can make it clear to everyone that Christmas is welcome in your home.

18 of 20) Once your home has been decorated, you’ll want to dress in something spectacular to show off your efforts!

Felted Garland, number 19 of 20 This cute handcrafted felted garland is excellent for decorating your Grinch-themed Christmas tree or for hanging anyplace you need a little Grinchiness in your life.

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15 Grinch Christmas Decor Ideas

These Grinch Christmas décor ideas, which range from DIY Grinch crafts to Christmas tree ornaments and house decorations, will provide you with plenty of inspiration for a fun and merry festive holiday season. It appears that the Grinch has become somewhat of a cultural obsession these days. And I happen to be one of them! It has become my new favorite Christmas decoration! And so I decided to deck up my entire workplace in Grinch-themed holiday decorations. It’s not quite Whoville, but it’s still fantastic!

In addition, I may have let my devotion to get the better of me and allowed the Grinchiness to spill over into the yard.

1 | Grinch Christmas Tree

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. If you purchase the items through these links, we will receive a small compensation (at no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate, I receive money when people make qualifying purchases via my links. However, we only recommend things that we would personally use. For further information, please view our disclosures, which may be found here. A whimsical Grinch Christmas tree, complete with loads of charming ornaments, Christmas picks, and a simple Grinch tree topper, is a festive and entertaining way to get into the holiday mood.

2 | Printable Grinch Christmas ornaments

These Grinch Christmas decorations are affordable and extremely simple to manufacture, thanks to the use of free printable templates. After that, you just glue them onto plain wooden discs and you’re done!

3 | DIY Grinch Ball Ornaments

Aside from the Grinch Christmas tree, these ball ornaments from are another simple and entertaining DIY project to add to your holiday decor. They are simple to customize, allowing you to create as many distinct varieties as you like. Find Out More Information

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4 | More Grinch ornaments

There are plenty of Grinch-inspired ornaments available for purchase, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of making your own. Here are a few of the ornaments I used on my Christmas tree (click the picture to find out where to buy them).

5 | DIY Grinch garland

A fun and festive addition to your Christmas decor, this DIY Grinch garland is simple to put together and takes only a few minutes to complete.

6 | Red, white and green Christmas trees

If crafting a garland sounds like too much labor, then displaying some red, white, and green small Christmas trees on your mantel may be the perfect solution for your needs. It simply takes a few minutes to acquire the Grinch-like Christmas appearance, and it is quite simple to put together. Just make sure you purchase a variety of heights to make them appear more natural-looking. You may find trees that look similar to the ones I used here:

7 | Easy DIY Grinch Gnome

This DIY Grinch-inspired gnome from Michelle at Our Crafty Mom is a wonderful addition to your Christmas display. You can make it in a short amount of time and it will look adorable on top of your mantel. Find Out More Information

8 | DIY Grinch wreath

Even if you don’t have a television mounted over your fireplace, a wreath is a lovely way to bring some holiday cheer into the room.

This easy-to-make Grinch wreath takes only a few minutes to put together and looks festive when hung above the fireplace. This method also works on the entrance door if it is not blocked off).

9 | Red and white stockings

Of course, if you’re going to be putting up a Grinch tree and decorating the mantle, you’ll most likely want some matching stockings to hang over the fireplace as a complement to your decor. I hung some red and white ones on the wall. Even while they aren’t specifically associated with The Grinch, the pom poms have a similar mood and complement the color palette. The following items, as well as other similar choices that aren’t too expensive, may be found on Amazon:

10 | DIY Grinch Handprint Christmas Stockings

Make these handprint stockings from if you prefer a do-it-yourself craft this holiday season. It’s a simple Christmas Grinch activity that you and your children can complete in minutes with Dollar Tree items. Find Out More Information

11 | Grinch cushion covers

The Grinch stole Christmas, and you’re trying to incorporate that story into your home decor, you’ve come to the right place. There are many different types of pillows and cushion coverings available that are both affordable and will bring a festive vibe to your home. If you’re purchasing them online, be sure to read the descriptions carefully. Some of the goods will include a pillow, while others will simply offer pillow coverings. If the latter is the case, you will be responsible for providing the cushion inserts.

As a result, they will save you money in the long run because you will be able to reuse the inserts with various covers for each season.

12 | Grinch pictures

Hanging some Grinch-inspired photos for the holidays can help you get into the Christmas mood even more. I created these simple printable silhouette illustrations of Cindy Lou Who, Max the dog, the Grinch, and a Christmas tree in the town of Whoville. The addition of some red and white striped wrapping paper behind them helped them stand out even further. However, you may also purchase low-cost prints and frame them in whichever way you choose.

13 | Table Linens

Decor for your Christmas table that is inspired by the Grinch is also available. You can get table runners and tablecloths that are clearly tied to the Dr. Seuss narrative and include the Grinch’s face on them, if you look hard enough. Alternatively, those that say “Merry Grinchmas.” Alternatively, a more subtle approach might be taken by selecting table linens in lime green, red, and white that complement the color scheme without having the Grinch printed on them.

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14 | Tea Towels

Why bother going to the dining room when you can have the Grinch in your kitchen instead? Tea towels, like table linens, may be found in Grinch-specific designs, or you can just duplicate the color palette. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

15 | Grinch kitchen mat

Making a Grinch-themed mat for the floor in front of the sink is another simple way to incorporate Grinch decorations into your house. I actually utilized one that was supposed to be used as a front entrance mat for this project.

Due of the rubber backing, it won’t slide about and it’s really easy to clean. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about spills. Several distinct Grinch designs are available, allowing you to select the one that best suits your tastes. Here are a few alternatives:

16 | Grinch Outdoor Decorations

The Grinch’s decorations don’t have to be limited to the interior of the house. There are a plethora of choices for your front yard as well! The Grinch stealing lights is usually a popular choice for a Grinch story. I used him in conjunction with green string lights strung between the shrubs and red flood lights. There are a variety of additional ways to include the Grinch into your outdoor show as well.

Other Grinch Christmas ideas you might like

  • Party food and beverage options for the Grinch
  • Printable Grinch bingo cards
  • And Grinch cupcakes

Have comments or questions about our Grinch Christmas decor ideas? Tell us in the section below.

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. I may get a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links in this post. Merry Grinchmas to you! These Grinch Christmas decorations will help you to get into the festive spirit. There are grinch-inspired Christmas décor ideas for both indoor and outdoor settings to choose from. These Grinch decorations will provide a little Whoville flare to your house while also boosting your holiday spirits! The Grinch has lots of ideas for decorating your home for the holidays, whether you want to buy some handmade grinch things from Etsy or construct your own grinch-themed decorations, there are plenty of options to select from.

Indoor Grinch Christmas Decorations

Sawdust 2 Stitches’ Whoville Christmas Tree is a cross stitch pattern. Bullock’s Buzz has a great tutorial on how to make Grinch ornaments. A Tabletop Grinch Christmas Tree from Simply Me, NV, with a Grinch ornament from Mom 4. Real DIY Grinch Wood Slice Ruffles and Rain Boots make adorable Christmas ornaments. Amazon has a Grinch Christmas Tree for sale. Christmas Ornaments with a Glittery Grinch from Leap of Faith Crafting I made a Grinch Christmas tree out of my kitchen for my three sons to enjoy.

Other Indoor Decorations

Christmas Tablescape with Grinch Decorations from House of Elyn RynWindow Grinch Christmas Decorations (unknown source)Grinch Christmas Stockings from Mama MooseMerry Christmas Grinch Banner from AmazonTabletop Grinch Tree from Garden TherapyDIY Grinch Stockings from Me Sew CrazyPottery Barn Knock Off Grinch Pillow from Woodshop DiariesGrinch Candy Jar from Chelsea’s Messy ApronDIY Grinch Wine Bottle Centerpieces from Holly’s Home

Outdoor DIY Grinch Christmas Decorations

The Grinch is stealing Christmas lights from Etsy this year. Clothespin The Keeper of the Cheerios has created a Grinch Christmas wreath. The Grinch Doormat is available on Etsy. DIY Ed of a Few Trades has created Grinch yard Christmas decorations. DIY Wreath in the Shape of the Grinch (source unknown) Pallet with the Grinch from Pinterest Amazon has a Grinch Christmas Door Decoration that you may buy. Diy Christmas Present Topiary courtesy of Deck the Holidays Christmas Wreath with the Grinch (source unknown) Decorations for the front door of the Grinch (source unknown) Christmas Door Decorations with the Grinch (source unknown) Window Silhouette of the Grinch (source unknown) The Grinch Peeking Over the Fence Template is available on Etsy.

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