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  • Ships to the Netherlands There is just 1 left in stock – order soon.
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NEW GRINCH Whoville Sign Pole CHRISTMAS and Cindy Lou Who Yard Art Decoration

Handmade and hand painted in the traditional manner. Dimensions: 47 x 22 inches. Cindy Lou Who Is Mr. and Why Mr. Size: 32 inches by 12 inches. Position: On the left side of the screen (as pictured). These pieces have been meticulously created by us using only the highest-quality materials. Each item has been sealed with a double layer of oil-based paint, which has been applied to both sides of the sculpture. We utilize 1/2 MDO plywood, which is also referred to as signboard in some circles. It is a product developed for external usage and is a dependable material due to its moisture resistance and longevity.

  1. In three simple steps, you may have your item mounted.
  2. We will gladly accept your return at our expense.
  3. This listing is for the time and effort that was put into creating this work of art.
  4. New Grinch Whoville Sign Pole CHRISTMAS with Cindy Lou Who Yard Art Decoration is in sale since Monday, November 2, 2020.
  5. This item may be found in the category “Home & GardenHoliday & Seasonal DécorOther Holiday & Seasonal Décor.” The seller’s name is “luckyyymeee” and the item is situated in Hidalgo, TX.
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  • Yard Art is constructed of wood, and it is used during the holiday season. The brand is Handmade.

The BEST DIY Grinch and Whoville Christmas Lawn Decorations

In accordance with the FTC’s guidelines, Highlights Along the Way is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program established to offer a mechanism for sites promoting and linking to with the goal of earning advertising revenue. The Grinch is a holiday classic that everyone knows and loves. The Grinch novels and movies serve as a gentle reminder that Christmas and the holiday season are never only about giving and receiving gifts. While we are all enthusiastic about giving and receiving presents, the true meaning of Christmas should always be about love and family.

  1. “What if Christmas, perhaps, is about something more?” is a great lesson learnt by the Grinch in the movie “The Grinch.” In addition to The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, and Max, this holiday lawn display has a dazzling array of brilliant and cheerful lights.
  2. When I was growing up, there was a family a few blocks down who had hand painted cartoon panels that they would put up throughout the neighborhood during the holidays.
  3. One year, the family requested me to assist them in creating a Beauty and the Beast panel, and that geeky teenager felt privileged to be asked.
  4. Taking a tour of Burbank Whoville is a must.
  5. Classic 2D animation caught my heart before I even realized what I was looking at it for.
  6. I imagined that as soon as I bought a house, we’d become ‘those folks’ with the ‘tacky’ front yard lawn display.
  7. Even though I married someone who shared my enthusiasm for funny cartoons, things didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped.

This was, after all, the year we truly wanted to shine bright!

Quarantine undertakings ranged from remodeling our kitchen after two years of doing nothing to practically moving (moving during a pandemic is a PEAK family difficulty, you guys), and quarantine is still in effect today.

We’ve found that our new tiny neighborhood gets really festive during the holidays.

Our team decided on a lovely “Whoville” scenario after analyzing several famous cartoon themes.

We would hand paint the panels and also use fake Christmas trees and a slew of lights to decorate the room.

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Cindy Lou Who Is Putting On A Lawn Display In the event that you do not like to create your own Grinch lawn designs, there are several options available for purchase.

Nobody is looking down on you because you are curating your stuff from Amazon or Etsy.

Amazon has a variety of items related to the Grinch.

If you aren’t interested in projecting, tracing, cutting, and painting, this will serve your needs very well.

You may make my dream come true by building one in your backyard.

While these are clearly not effective as a barrier, they have assisted in deterring individuals from crossing and also provide as a source of amusing illumination!

Making a Yard Display: Some Pointers Display items should be combined!

We also constructed a’real’ ladder for the Grinch to use in order to reach our roof.

Harry also built long poles to hang wreaths and lights around the Whoville Tree, which he decorated himself.

Cindy Lou Who The variety in our yard display helped to keep it fresh and intriguing.

Every single “Who” in the cast of “Whos” that we duplicated to sing around our tree had a Caucasian appearance to them.

Seuss, who was clever but also a virulent bigot.

Another small gesture to demonstrate our belief that love is love and that Whoville is a welcoming place for individuals of all backgrounds, we gave one of our “Whos” rainbow hair as a finishing touch.

LED lights, to be precise!

If you have a large number of strands to replace, replace only a couple at a time.

Shop for secondhand items as soon as possible.

A large number of the additional lights we required came from a local “Buy Nothing” club.

Make a trace of your creations.

We simply projected a print out of the graphics we wanted from the movie onto a wall using a projector we’d owned for years and had no intention of replacing.

Make a difference by responding to a ‘call to action’!

Each and every monetary gift will be sent to the Los Angeles Food Bank at the conclusion of the year.

Our Whoville exhibit was merely intended to bring joy to our neighborhood, and there was no expectation that anybody would contribute.

We haven’t reached the end of the season yet, but we have received little under $50 in donations so far this year.

We are hoping that the final week before Christmas will bring in even more money for us.

If you can, consider making a donation to the Los Angeles Food Bank.

People were already struggling prior to the epidemic, and the situation has gotten far worse for so many more as a result of it.

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In the event that you feel moved to do so, I invite you to make a gift to a food bank in your region or to the one for whom we are gathering funds.

Although 2021 was a challenging year, I believe we are in a lot more optimistic position than we were in 2020.

If you’ve had a chilly heart in the past, I hope it warms up and grows like the Grinch’s.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season filled with enchantment.

This is a great idea, and we hope you will share it with us if you create a Grinch lawn display based on it. Please send us a picture, or simply tag us with the hashtag #BurbankWhoville on Instagram, if you have one. Wishing you a sparkling and joyous holiday season! I’ll see you next time, Kate

The Grinch Stole Christmas Yard Art

ENLARGE THE IMAGES BY CLICKING ON THEM. All other Whoville figures will be made in proportional proportions as shown in this photo, with the Grinch’s face viewers placed to the left or right to suit your design needs, and all other Whoville characters will be made in proportionate sizes as shown in this photo.

Grinch, Max the Dog, Cindy Lou Who – Set

For further information, please see the individual character photographs. Photo courtesy of me

3D Grinch Is Stealing My Christmas Lights

This 3D Grinch was built from a clip art image that I modified somewhat in terms of design. The construction of the arms, as well as the design of the hands, are all my own. He measures 58 1/2″ in height and 32″ in width. Photo courtesy of me

Max The Dog

Size proportionate to 5 ft Grinch​45″ tall x 22″ widePhoto: My Work

The Grinch Swinging

The Grinch on two wreaths measures 53″ tall by 48″ wide. Additional wreaths are available for purchase separately and measure 24″ tall by 19″ wide. Photo courtesy of me

Cindy Lou Who

“What’s the deal with Santa?” 29″ in height and 12″ in width Photo courtesy of me

Other Cindy Lou’s Requested

What is the reason behind Santa? 29″ in height and 12″ in width. Image courtesy of me.

Left: ​Image traced from and colored true to scene in original animated movie. Center: ​Image traced from and colored true to CD cover of original animated movie. Right: ​Image reversed, traced from and colored true to scene in original animated movie.

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