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Up through Tuesday, January 18, you may personalize with a 15 percent discount. Customize with a 15 percent discount till Tuesday, January 18. The offer expires tomorrow. Endsends11:59pm PT 20 percent savings plus free delivery is available to trade customers through Tuesday, January 18. Exclusive to the trade: 20 percent off plus free delivery till Tuesday, January 18. Offer expires tomorrow. Ends at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time

COVID-19 Appointment FAQs

I’m not comfortable sharing any personal health information with you at this time. Is it okay for me to attend to my appointment wearing a mask? Please see the section below. You are not permitted to take my temperature when I arrive. I appreciate your understanding. Is it possible to bypass that step if I complete the health questionnaire? Our company has implemented both of these procedures in order to ensure the safety of our personnel as well as that of our consumers. A confirmation of an in-person appointment currently necessitates the completion of both of these stages.

We will not keep or use your information in any manner beyond that.

  1. You may also schedule virtual sessions with our Design Experts through Zoom or FaceTime if you are uncomfortable sharing personal health information with us.
  2. How can I be certain that the Define Studio is secure while other people are coming in for appointments at the same time?
  3. Individuals who enter the Define Studio are required to wear a face mask, complete a health questionnaire, take their temperature with a digital thermometer upon arrival, and maintain a six-foot distance at all times.
  4. The health and safety of our personnel and clients is our first priority, which is why we are only allowing a limited number of appointments per day and cleaning the area on a regular basis using professional equipment.
  5. Is it okay for me to bring people with me to my appointment?
  6. We will be requesting all guests to take the health questionnaire in order to guarantee that our staff and clients are as safe as possible while in our Define Studio.
  7. It is safe to sit on the couch, isn’t it?
  8. You will be able to touch and feel our items in person since we will cover each seating area with protective paper.
  9. Is it okay for me to bring my children to the appointment with me?
  10. For the time being, we ask that appointments be limited to no more than two adults from the same family in order to create a safe atmosphere for everybody.

We recognize that not everyone is able to make that work, and if this is the case for you, we would be pleased to schedule a Zoom or FaceTime session to give you a more in-depth tour of our Define Studio and products.


Thank you for getting in touch with us! Our team will respond to you via the email address you provided. Thank you for getting in touch with us! Our team will respond to you via the email address you provided.

COVID-19 Delivery Updates

Some orders are facing extended transportation timeframes as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain.

Shipping and Delivery

All upholstered goods will be delivered to the customer’s house for a fixed fee of $189. With this service, a delivery staff will bring your item inside your home, unwrap it, and put it together for you (when applicable). They will also tidy up any packing that has been left behind after they are finished. For all coffee tables (save for the Devon Coffee Table), side tables, carpets, and lights that are ordered separately, threshold delivery will be provided at a cost that is determined by the order price.

Order subtotal Delivery fee
Below $99 $14
$100–$199 $19
$200–$299 $29
$300–$499 $49
$500–$999 $79
Over $1,000 $149
All Upholstered Products $189

If you order tables along with upholstered goods, they will be delivered together for $189, which includes in-home delivery service as well. All rugs and lights will be delivered individually through threshold delivery (or for an additional $189 if ordered with upholstered goods), unless otherwise specified.

How long will it take to receive my order?

All of our things are made to order, which means that your piece is created just for you once your purchase is placed. Due to increasing demand as well as shipping delays caused by the Lunar New Year, our manufacturing and delivery procedures take 22–25 weeks, with certain goods taking as long as 33 weeks for some products. Please refer to the individual product pages for information on estimated delivery timeframes. When a change occurs in the schedule for your order, we will notify you through email of the change.

Do you deliver during the evenings or on weekends?

The deliveries made by our delivery partner are scheduled Monday through Saturday. Please contact our delivery partner using the scheduling email address given in order to arrange for your delivery to be made. Delivery will be booked over the phone by the local delivery staff for more remote places, according to the company.

How do I pick my delivery date?

You will get email updates throughout the fulfillment process, including a tracking number after your item has left our Los Angeles distribution center, as well as a shipping confirmation. You have the option of scheduling your delivery using the scheduling link provided by our delivery partner, or they will contact you personally.

How do I track my order?

You will get email updates throughout the fulfillment process, including a tracking number after your item has left our Los Angeles distribution center, as well as a shipping confirmation. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any point along your journey. Users that register on the site can also log in to obtain the most up-to-date information on the site.

Do you ship outside the contiguous U.S.?

Yes, we do! Outside of the 48 contiguous United States, including but not limited to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii, we may arrange for shipment to be coordinated. Please keep in mind that, as much as we would prefer to avoid it, additional shipping and brokerage costs may be incurred. As a result, items delivered outside of the contiguous United States are not eligible for return, with the exception of products that have been damaged or defective.

Furthermore, it is possible that your order will take several weeks longer to arrive. Please contact us at 872-802-4119 if you have any questions about shipping outside of the contiguous United States.

What fees apply when shipping to Canada?

It will cost an extra flat charge of $679 to ship to major urban regions in Canada, in addition to the standard flat pricing. Customs, brokerage fees, and in-home delivery are all included in the price. Alternatively, if you prefer, we may arrange for delivery to be coordinated through your preferred freight forwarding provider. In this instance, our unlimited flat rate delivery does not apply, and you will be liable for the cost of freight forwarding services on your behalf. If you reside outside of Canada’s main urban regions, we may arrange for delivery to your favorite freight forwarding provider.

You will be liable for the cost of freight forwarding services in this instance, as is the case with our unlimited flat rate delivery in all other instances.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that it may take up to a few weeks longer for your item to be delivered.

What fees apply when shipping to Alaska or Hawaii?

If you are shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, we will work with you to arrange delivery to your preferred freight forwarder. In this instance, our unlimited flat rate delivery does not apply, and you will be liable for the cost of freight forwarding services on your behalf. Products forwarded to Alaska or Hawaii are not eligible for returns due to the additional shipping expenses incurred, with the exception of orders that are damaged or defective. Furthermore, please keep in mind that it may take up to a few weeks longer for your item to be delivered.

Quick Ship

Quick Ship has some of our most popular combinations available for purchase on our website. While you will not be able to customize your item, you will be able to receive it much more quickly if you choose this option. To learn more about all of our Quick Ship alternatives, please call us at 872-802-4119 or send us an email.


More information may be found on our ShippingReturns page, which can be found here.


Check out our ShippingReturns page for additional information on the policies we have in place.


We urge you to purchase free samples of our fabrics and products! Order samples online and choose the swatches you’d like to get from the selection. We will ship them to you at no cost to you, usually within 2–3 business days after receiving your order. Please allow 2–7 business days for delivery of your swatches at this time due to shipping difficulties connected to the COVID-19 vaccination distribution activities as well as the upcoming holidays.

Swatches of all of our fabric and leather selections are available upon request. You may also order free swatches by selecting “Order Free Swatches” from the drop-down menu on each product’s page.

Why are certain fabrics available on some designs, but not others?

Our fabric selections are available on nearly all of our designs, and the majority of them are interchangeable. On a small number of designs, we have limited the number of fabrics that are accessible based on our knowledge of the materials that perform the best on the individual item. In addition, if there is a fabric in our range that is not available on the couch or chair you are considering, please contact us and we would be pleased to offer an alternative fabric for you.

Can I place an order for fabric only?

Without exception, we don’t sell our fabrics by the yard, with the exception of our free samples, which we’re always pleased to send to you. We are also unable to reupholster any existing furniture that you may already have. What is the most efficient method of bringing our textiles into your home? Place an order for a new upholstered piece of Interior Define furniture.


See our comprehensiveConstructionCare guide for more information.

How are your products made?

Learn about the materials used in the creation of our goods, as well as the care that is taken with them.

What does your 10-year warranty cover?

Interior Define warrants that the frame and suspension system of its sofas and chairs will be free of manufacturer’s faults for a period of up to ten years after the date of purchase. This is solely relevant to the original owner and the original delivery address, and it cannot be transferred. This covers structural damage, but does not include damage caused by usage. A waiver of this warranty is required if the client makes any modifications to the structure (including the installation of third-party legs).

Buy Now, Decide Later

Our Buy Now, Decide Later option allows you to place an order for the configuration of your choosing while you await the arrival of your fabric samples. The blue “Decide Later” option in the fabric menu on the product page will allow you to postpone your decision. Once your fabric swatches have arrived, you have 30 days to make your final decision. Please keep in mind that in order for manufacturing to commence, all items in your order must have a fabric and leg choices provided.

Extended Warranty by Mulberry

The contract is in its entirety.

What does the extended protection plan cover?


  • The following stains and spills are present: Seam separationaccidental ripstears
  • Liquid marksrings damage
  • Chipped, dented, scratched surfaces
  • Burnheat markings Defectsmalfunctions
  • Stains from food and beverages
  • Stains from human and animal body fluids Accidental ripstears caused by seam separation
  • Minor burnt markings on the surface
  • Replacements are provided quickly and without charge (including delivery). Warranty coverage that extends beyond the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Accidental property damage
  • Broken bases, sockets, blades, and brackets, among other things
  • Power surges and electrical breakdowns can cause damage. Replacements for products that are no longer under warranty are delivered quickly and without charge. Warranty coverage that extends beyond the manufacturer’s warranty

What is Mulberry?

Our partnership with Mulberry, the people-first platform for product protection, enables us to provide you more comprehensive coverage on the things you purchase from our site. Mulberry also provides the following services in addition to full coverage for your products:

  • 24-hour customer service
  • No-hassle online claims processing
  • There are no deductibles or additional expenses. Aside from that, Mulberry has gotten more than 500 good customer reviews on Zendesk, the platform that the company uses to manage customer support enquiries and claims.

How do I sign up for a Mulberry protection plan?

You may do it in a few simple steps: when exploring our items, you will see that if they are qualified for a Mulberry protection plan, the protection plans accessible to you will be shown directly above the Add to Cart button. Make sure to choose the appropriate protection package before clicking the Add to Cart button. Your product will be put to your basket together with the protection plan, and you will be able to see both items at the same time. If you are working with a Design Expert, be sure to let them know if you would want to incorporate a protection plan so that they can make the appropriate arrangements for you.

Following the activation of your account, you’ll have access to your dedicated warranty dashboard, where you’ll be able to examine your plan details and the entire terms of your contract, as well as make a claim when necessary.

How do I file a claim?

Mulberry makes it simple to file a claim online through their customer dashboard, and there is no need to submit receipts! You may also reach out to their customer service staff at [email protected] or by dialing 1-917-994-6394, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Will I have to play a deductible or any other fees?

It is not necessary to pay any fees or deductibles while filing a claim with Mulberry Insurance Company.

What happens if I return or exchange my product?

Each Mulberry protection plan is associated with the exact product that it was purchased in conjunction with. Therefore, when you return or exchange your merchandise, you will also need to notify Mulberry of your decision to do so (and purchase a new plan if you prefer). In the event that you cancel your warranty during the merchant’s return window, you will get a full refund for your protection plan, less any claims that have already been processed. You will get a prorated refund depending on the amount of time remaining on your Plan, less any claims you have already paid, if you return an item outside of the merchant’s return window.


Yes! All of the sectionals are reversible. In other words, a chaise or L piece may be installed on the opposite side of the room at no additional cost to the customer. On the majority of items, this option is presented as a distinct configuration in the “other configurations” section, which is located just below the gallery of photographs for the primary item. Even if the reverse configuration is not given as an option, please get in touch with us and we’ll do everything we can to assist you in fulfilling your request.

Can I order a different size or color?

Absolutely! All of the goods are available in a variety of colors, and (for the most part) may be customized to meet specific needs. Customization options for each item may be found on the product page for that item. If, on the other hand, you do not see the option you are searching for, please get in touch. Call 872-802-4119 if you would want to learn more about personalizing items. Our staff members are looking forward to assisting you in finding the ideal piece.


In no way, shape, or form. We ship straight to you after each product has been expertly constructed, extensively inspected, and beautifully packaged by our team. The fact that each component is created to order reduces the need for expensive warehousing and product inventory expenditures. In addition to direct sourcing, we retain a low cost structure and a limited number of Define Studios, which allow you to engage with our goods and customisation choices in person. As a result, we are able to provide high-quality, bespoke products at extremely cheap costs.

Please read this page for more information on our return policy.

What is Affirm financing?

In partnership with Affirm, Interior Define is able to provide our clients with a quick and simple option to apply for financing arrangements. With Affirm, you may buy the sofa of your dreams immediately and pay for it over time afterwards. Learn more about Affirm by visiting their website.

Augmented Reality for Web

It is possible to place 3D items in the actual world with ID AR for Web. This means that you may visualize our items in your environment directly from the browser on your smartphone, without than needing to download an additional app.

When the feature is turned on, the camera on your phone scans your floor and then inserts your selected product in your room as if it were actually there. You’ll be able to stroll around it and take in every aspect from every angle since it’ll be enclosed.

How can I use ID AR for Web?

Using your Safari or Chrome browser on a compatible device running iOS version 12.1 or above, or Android version 7.0 (Nougat) or higher, simply visit one of the product pages. iPhone 6S and later models, iPads 2017 and newer models, and Android smartphones with ARCore installed are among the devices that are supported. On begin the experience, click on the augmented reality button labeled “3D Room View” located to the upper right of the main product image. The 3D version of any product in any of our fabrics will be available for you to view.

Which products are currently viewable using ID AR for Web?

A small number of our products have been equipped with augmented reality capabilities. Loan, Tatum, Winslow, Gaby, Jasper (Ella), Charly (Ms. Chesterfield), Jason Wu (Asher), Caitlin (Maxwell) and other goods are presently available in this color.

Augmented Reality iOS App

Our augmented reality app for iOS, similar to our augmented reality experience for the web (see above), allows you to visualize how our bespoke couches, beds, and chairs will fit in your area. Take for example, placing a virtual sofa in your living room and strolling around it to observe it from every aspect possible. It also allows you to install many pieces in your room at the same time and alter the fabrics of those pieces in real time using the application.

How can I get the Interior Define App?

Simply go to the App Store and download the app.

What iPhone and iPad models do you support?

iPhone 6s and later, iPad Pro (9.7, 10.5 or 12.9) – first, second, and third generation – and iPad Air (2nd and 3rd generation) are the devices for which we presently provide our software (2017).

Why don’t you support Android?

Although we are presently concentrating on developing and polishing our augmented reality application for iOS, an Android version will be released shortly. Keep an eye out for updates.

Why do you need access to my camera?

The app’s ability to access your camera allows it to render goods in 3D in the space in front of you, which is really useful. If you ever want to restrict access to your camera, just navigate to SettingsPrivacyCameraInterior Define and turn the toggle back to the off position.

I’m scanning the floor but nothing is happening.

Make sure you’re in a well-lit, open location before you begin. Point your camera down to the ground and move it slowly and circularly around the room. In some cases, the rendering may take longer to load than expected. To keep this from happening, make sure you have a reliable WiFi or cellular connection. Make sure your iOS device and the Interior Define app are up to date as well.

Why is my piece not sitting properly in my room?

The augmented reality technology searches your environment for flat surfaces. This can happen if your room is not well illuminated, or if you were scanning a flat surface other than the floor itself, causing your item to appear to be floating or not sitting properly on the real floor. If this is the case, go to the “Help (?)” menu and select “re-scan” from the list of options.

What’s the best way to view visualize fabric colors?

It is possible that the color of the fabric will differ depending on your device and settings, as well as the lighting in your house.

We invite you to acquire our free fabric samples and examine them in your own home in order to get the most accurate color representation.

Why can’t I see more sizes or change legs?

In this first iteration of our augmented reality app, we’re thrilled to provide the option to visualize default-size goods in any of our 80+ fabrics and leathers. Different size and leg choices are currently being considered for inclusion in future versions. Keep your app up to date to guarantee that you are taking advantage of the most recent features.

Can I shop from the app?

Yes, you are able to purchase products from your Wish List. By selecting “Buy,” you will be sent to our website through an in-app browser, where you will be able to finalize the personalization of your item and complete the checkout process.

Trade Professionals

Find out more about our trade program.

Interior Define Review: Pros & Cons After 2 Years of Caitlin Sofa

Most people who visit my house comment on the emerald green Interior Define couch (while my new blue fridgeis swiftly gaining popularity, the couch remains a perennial favorite). After four years of living in our apartment and sitting on couches ranging from $10 thrifted finds from Savers to $300 Target purchases, we decided it was time to invest in a Big Girl Couch. That was more than two years ago. My honest interior define review follows over two years of ownership of one of their sofas, which I’m sharing with you in this post.

Continue reading to find out the truth about tea!

Interior Define Review: ProsCons After 2 Years Of The Caitlin Sofa

Note: We have a cat that enjoys using our sofa as a scratching post, so we put tape on the edges to keep her claws from damaging the fabric. That is what you can see in the photographs on this page. Here’s what happened on our couch: We relocated from Wisconsin to San Francisco in 2014, and, like most recent college graduates, we were penniless as a doornail when we arrived. Getting new furniture and figuring out what our décor style as a marriage was took a long time, both financially and emotionally.

  • It was time to invest in a sofa that would last us for years, not months or weeks.
  • bedrooms, offices, and family rooms are all combined into one!
  • Our old grey couch from TargetThe couch seen above is our old grey couch from Target.
  • I came upon this wonderful emerald removable wallpaper that went nicely with my thrifted pink locker, and I was inspired to create a green home décor motif around it.
  • Everything is a shade of beige.
  • Please give me some personality!
  • Consequently, when I discovered Interior Define had a stunning emerald velvet fabric and a couch size that was perfect for my space, I couldn’t stop smiling.

For us, this was a major plus because we required something in a certain size that other firms were unable to provide at the time. I discovered that many two-seat couches were almost as large as a sectional, and when placed in a small room, they were just not functional.

What Interior Define Couch did you buy?

After much deliberation, we chose the Caitlin Loveseat, which was created in partnership with Everygirl. I decided on the color Malachite and a length of 75 inches. There was a time when the depth of your sofa wasn’t an option. In the event that I were to purchase this loveseat again, I would definitely choose for the 41-inch depth rather than the usual 37-inch depth.

Should I Visit The Interior Define Showroom?

To be able to physically view these models in person was really beneficial and crucial to me because I was on the fence about purchasing two different types of sofas for our home. I also postponed buying fabric swatches to be delivered to my home in order to be able to examine them all in person at the store. I would recommend visiting to a showroom if you have one close by and feel comfortable doing so. It was a fantastic experience that was also quite contemporary. We made a reservation online and were able to personally shoptest all of the couches in the room.

  1. She even offered us a beer, which was a brilliant move on her part.
  2. It was ridiculously simple.
  3. If I were to design a larger area of furniture, it would be really wonderful to see all of their modern sofa types next to their chairs and tables in order to visually tie them all together as a whole.
  4. After spending a lot of money on our wedding, paying anything more than the cost of a brunch seemed like a waste of money at the time.

Interior Define Review After Two Years Of Ownership

This mod velvet fabric is one of my favorites. I was quite concerned that it would come apart rapidly, would discolor, or would be completely ruined by my cat. However, it has held up well over the past two years. That is to say, we put that object through its paces because it serves as one of our sole pieces of sitting furniture in our studio apartment, which we use for many hours each day. With the exception of a few scrapes on the sides from my cat using it as a scratching post (grr), it still looks virtually brand new after two years.

What Don’t You Like About Your Sofa?

Overall, there isn’t much I don’t like about it, albeit there are certain drawbacks to be aware of. For starters, because everything is manufactured to order, it will take longer for your custom couch to arrive than if you got it from somewhere else where it was already made. That indicates that we had to wait a long time — I recall it taking approximately 6-7 weeks for our package to arrive. Of course, we were aware of this in advance, so it didn’t come as a surprise. For the time being, during the epidemic, sofas can take up to 16 weeks to arrive, which is a very lengthy time — that’s four months only to wait for a sofa.

  1. However, if you have your heart set on an emerald green couch like this one, the wait will be well worth it.
  2. Every time I snuggle up on the sofa seat, I find myself wishing I had a little bit more space around me.
  3. It is currently the case.
  4. We didn’t have any problems with the delivery of our sofa, so we didn’t need to utilize their return policy, but it’s worth reading over it just in case.

You will also not be reimbursed for delivery costs, which is understandable. 2021 Update: But, honestly, considering that I essentially live on this sofa, it’s holding up very well! The claw marks left by my cat can only be seen up close and personal!

Was Interior Define Worth It? Would You Buy Them Again?

The purchase was worthwhile, and I believe we will purchase from them again when we ultimately move into another apartment. Even though I can’t remember how many times I’ve split a bottle of wine on this sofa while getting overly enthusiastic about the drama on The Bachelor, I can guarantee that it has always come out. That is a significant benefit for me, and it gives me confidence in my decision to purchase further sofas from Interior Define in the future. When it comes time to get a new couch in the future, I will without a doubt look at what Interior Definehas to offer first.

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Having said that, I have discovered a couch brand called Loaf and am interested by their sofas, as well as their other products.

So that concludes my Define Sofa Review for the inside.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send me a direct message on Instagram at @thewhimsysouland.

My Honest Interior Define Review

The post that I’m writing today has been greatly requested. So many of you messaged us after we shared our living room reveal, inquiring about our sofa and chairs, which we were delighted to answer. Some of you wanted to know if they were a good buy, how well they were built, and what it was like to order from Interior Define. So without further ado, I’m delighted to present to you today a comprehensive Interior Define review! When looking for furniture, especially high-traffic pieces such as sofas or chairs, there is one thing to keep in mind.

  • They must be visually beautiful in order to serve as the focal point of a space.
  • If you are like me and have two toddlers who like coloring on any object other than paper, the pieces you choose must also be functional in some way.
  • It’s time to play David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” song.
  • The concept of “Customization” increased the level of pressure even further because, to me, an item that was completely customized to my specifications was both cool and terrifying.
  • That didn’t feel right, did it?
But, what if buying something like a customized sofa or chairs was as comfortable as lounging them?

Isn’t that a novel concept?! One that Interior Definepromised, and one that I can honestly say they delivered on perfectly and without issue. I felt it would be beneficial to put up my honest Interior Define review because, when it came to selecting our furniture, I found previous evaluations to be really useful!

This post is all about the process I went through in picking on our pieces, what I loved about them, how the final product came to be, and some crucial points to keep in mind if you’re thinking about purchasing their items as well.

Why Interior Define?

This is crucial to remember because there are just so many options available on the internet, don’t you think? How can you determine which one is the most appropriate for you? (This is especially true with large things such as a couch!) My recommendation is to shop from a retailer whose aesthetic and vibe you admire. Leaning into this approach will lead you to items that you will automatically fall in love with in your house, because they will undoubtedly reflect the atmosphere that you are trying to transmit to your guests.

  1. Restoration Hardware has a certain atmosphere.
  2. That’ssoRestoration.” West Elm feels the same way.
  3. Anthropologie.
  4. First and foremost, I was drawn to Interior Define because of their modern, minimalist design approach.
  5. Images I’d saved online for décor inspiration and reference were frequently dominated by their furniture, which I found frustrating.

Interior Define Review: The Exact Details Of Our Furniture

It wouldn’t be a full Interior Define review until we included a breakdown of exactly what we purchased! Details on our furniture from Interior Define, including the customizing options we selected, may be found in the following sections:

Style Selection –Ms. Chesterfield Sofa
  • Upholstered in Sapphire Mod Velvet
  • Legs are made of oil-treated walnut tapered turned wood
  • Size is 74′′.
Style Selection –Caitlin By The Everygirl
  • Fabric: Swan Structured Cloth
  • Legs: Sloan L Leg with Brass Plated Finish

Customization: I’m Now A Believer

As previously said, I was a little terrified by the term “customization.” It felt like there was so much pressure, and I’d never done any custom furniture before. If you asked me before I went through the process, I’d tell you I wasn’t interested because of my intimidation and worry of messing it all up. I was the type of person who would walk into a store, look around the floor, and place an order based on what I visually saw and saw confirmed in front of me. (Oh, the things you discover as you go!) However, I’m also a firm believer in the power of personalization when done well, since I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible impact it can make in how items come to life in a space.

They breathe new vitality into a space.

As opposed to many businesses, where you view a floor example and then modify it by ordering fabric samples and other specifics, the ultimate product is frequently a guessing game.

All Your Customization Options Are Laid Out Seamlessly

Once you’ve decided on a style and have arrived at the product page, the customization choices are simple to find and are provided in a logical manner on the product page. You get to choose the cloth, the legs, and the overall size of the item. Additional customization choices, such as the number of seat cushions you’d want and the type of cushion fill you’d like, are available for select furniture items.

The information is right in front of you and readily laid up, allowing you to visually understand precisely what your options are and all of the combinations you could put together for your item.

As You Customize, The Visuals Update

Because the product picture changes in real time as you select fabrics, colors and materials that interest you, you’ll always be looking at the most up-to-date visual depiction of your item when you’re finished shopping. This makes it really simple to visualize precisely what you’re putting together and to experiment with all of your many options and combinations.

They tell you what fabric options are kid and pet friendly

This was significant for us since, to be quite honest, we have no clue certain textiles are better for families than others. I appreciate being able to sort fabric selections by whether or not they are suitable for children or pets. Both our sofa and chairs are composed of textiles that are resistant to piling, snagging, and other forms of wear, which is important to us because we live in a house with toddlers.

Free Fabric Swatches

Are you unsure about the fabric or color you want? I need to view your possibilities in person before I make a decision. They’ll give you complimentary fabric swatches as a thank you for your business. If you’re not sure about anything, it’s usually a good idea to see it in person!

Design ToolsResources That Are Helpful

As someone who is extremely visual and who enjoys sharing and discussing things with others, I like how many resources Interior Define made accessible to me during the purchase process. These were only a few examples of resources that I found extremely useful in making our judgments.

Style Guides

For those who aren’t sure where to begin, there’s a style comfort guide that can provide ideas depending on your own preferences. When it came to our couch, we were looking for something with a lively spirit — something that was both eye-catching and comfy enough to relax on. For our chairs, we decided with a traditional design – items that would last a lifetime and could be used in a variety of settings.

Augmented Reality App

THIS WAS VERY INTERESTING. Interior Define is an app that I downloaded since it has the capability of displaying the piece of furniture you’re looking at in your own home. Our living room was almost a blank canvas before we acquired our furniture, so it was a lot of fun to experiment with this program. It definitely aided us in determining which items would look best when arranged together.

“In Real Life”

Interior Define photographs your piece in its natural environment and displays it on the product pages. Authentic, user-taken photographs that demonstrate how varied places and adaptations were brought to life. When it came to picking a sapphire blue sofa, this was perhaps the most important consideration. I’m not sure whether I would have picked that color if I had made the decision on my own, but seeing this sofa in other people’s homes and falling in love with it in every one of them convinced me to say, “YES.” “This is precisely what I’ve been looking for.”

How’s The Quality?

You know that “100” emoji that everyone uses when they get a perfect score, or something like that? Consider the following scenario: Even though our sofa and chairs have been in the house for almost 4 months, they’re still practically brand new, despite the fact that this is the most heavily frequented room in the house and also the location where Grace and Jo bounce around on a regular basis. These pieces are well-made, the textiles are long-lasting, and I’ve found them to be rather simple to clean so far.

I was particularly disappointed with my color choice when Josephine chose to color on the side of a piece of paper with a vivid blue marker.

I was hoping that the chairs would be relatively easy to clean. Moreover, guess what? The marker stain was readily removed with water, and my white chairs are still looking very decent. That’s all there is to it! There are 100 emoji.

Alright, be honest, what’s the catch?

To begin with, as you can tell from my Interior Define review, I’m a major lover of the product. No other furniture pieces have earned as many praises as these ones, and they are one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the entire house. I’m quite pleased of them; they have completely transformed our living space. Although there are a few things to consider, there is one thing to keep in mind. This is because each piece is custom-made for you, as opposed to purchasing anything from a large box shop that has thousands of identical items in their warehouses to ship out right away.

(I believe it took us 12 weeks to complete the process!) I will admit that I was quite impatient to receive our furniture and that it was difficult to wait so long, but once we received our pieces, they were definitely worth the wait!

I hope this Interior Define review was helpful for you, especially if you’re on the hunt for some new furniture! What questions do you have about the process? What of their pieces do you like best? Would love to hear in the comments below!

PS –Exciting News: We Have Purchased Our Home!+A Sneak Peek at Our Living Room Please keep in mind that our Ms. Chesterfield couch and Caitlin chairs were generously donated by Interior Define. All of my opinions, on the other hand, are entirely my own. This evaluation was not done in collaboration with them, but rather on my own initiative. As is typically the case with me, I am quite selective about the items I recommend on my site — anything I recommend is something I personally use and can vouch for.

Interior Define- any longer term owners of this sofa?

Three or four years ago, I purchased a Ms Chesterfield right hand sectional, and it has held up admirably with our two dogs (50 pounds and 65 pounds), long-haired cat, and two fully grown adult people. Despite the fact that it is completely tufted and does not have any cushions, we did not observe any significant low spots in the areas where we sat on a frequent basis. The fabric (Monochromatic plush) was easy to clean, we never had a problem with pills, and when the cat would scratch it periodically, there were no threads ripped out of the fabric.

The only strange thing that happened was that no one checked in with us while we waited 10 weeks for it to be built, but when I contacted to see how it was doing, I received a response acknowledging that it was still under construction and advancing on schedule, which I thought was odd.

However, I’m becoming increasingly concerned since it appears that the overall quality of the construction has decreased since I initially acquired my sofa some years ago.

Interior Define – Chicago, IL

“All guests and staff members are compelled to wear masks as a result of Covid-19. There are no public restrooms accessible.” Posted on November 5, 2021 at 5:00 a.m.

  • Q: What is the best way to attach a sofa to a wall? A:Greetings, Christine! An alligator-tooth connection clip should be present on both components, with a peg on one side and alligator teeth on the other side. Put them together and the sofa will be connected in no time! …more Missy C., Business Development Manager 4 years ago today

Frequently Asked Questions about Interior Define

What kinds of payment are accepted at this location? Interior Define accepts credit cards as a form of payment.

What is the rating of Interior Define? Interior Define has received 2.5 out of 5 stars. When is Interior Define open for business? Interior Define is open on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Interior Define.Architecturally Defined

When Interior Define first launched, it was an online store selling clients upholstered furniture that could be personalized online, then manufactured in China and delivered to their doorstep. According to “custom upholstery knowledge,” Interior Define’s online success was in direct opposition to this belief. Historically, it was considered that buyers would want to physically view, feel, sit, and recline in actual samples of their chairs and couches before completing their custom orders. Interior Define, inspired by the success of retail firms such as Apple, Warby Parker, and Bonobos, decided to create their first physical shop presence in New York City.

The virtual online shopping experience was created around the sequence of steps involved in the fabrication of an upholstered piece of furniture from start to finish, including selecting the size and style of the frame, suspension system, cushioning composition, fabric/upholstery, stitching, leg style, and leg finish, among other things.

This was reinforced by wall painted graphics/instructions and vignettes that displayed each of the upholstered pieces components and building processes in a sequence evocative of the fabrication floor of a furniture factory, which helped to create a more immersive physical buying experience.

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we have nothing to hide, and everything is available for you to view, touch and physically experience.

Reviewed: The Most Comfortable Sofas at Interior Define

We independently choose these items, and if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. The use of a tagline such as “Beautiful design.” You have the ability to personalize it. The ideals of Interior Define are music to our design-loving ears since they are “affordably priced.” Chicago-based Couches.com is a largely online shop that offers a diverse selection of sofas that can be customized to your specifications. They are also built with high-quality materials and at extremely cheap costs.

View our opinions on the 14 sofas we tried with our Apartment Therapy Sofa Squad to see what we think.

A little info about Interior Define:

Interior Define, like many other online-only furniture retailers (though it should be noted that they do have physical stores in Lincoln Park, Chicago, and a new location in Manhattan’s SoHo), is able to keep its prices low—most of their 3-seater sofas are well under $2,000—by not having to pay a middleman or distributor.

Additionally, free samples, complimentary shipping and delivery, an extensive range of customization choices for lengths, feet, and fabric, as well as a liberal 30-day return policy, are all available from this company.

  • Prices start at $1,500 and go up from there. A variety of dimensions are offered, including the following: 82.5 inches wide by 42 inches deep by 31 inches high
  • 86.5 inches wide by 41 inches deep by 31 inches high
  • 90 inches wide by 42 inches deep by 31 inches high. Colors that are available include 72 upholstery variations and 15 leg variants. Additional information:This style is also available in slipcovered, apartment sofa, slipcovered apartment sofa, slipcovered sofa with left chaise, slipcovered sofa with right chaise, fabric sofa with left chaise, fabric sofa with right chaise, U-sectional, ottoman, accent chair, and slipcovered accent chair
  • And

“This is quite comfortable. It has the appearance and feel of a well-loved antique piece.” • Janel Laban “The Maxwell is really soft and has a wonderful height for me, although it is a touch too relaxed for my taste.” • Janel Laban • Vanessa Warlow “Firm and soft in all the right places and at the appropriate times.” Brittney Morgan is a young woman that lives in the United States.

  • Prices start at $1,400 and go up from there. There are several sizes to choose from: 74 inches wide by 38.5 inches deep by 28 inches high
  • 78 inches wide by 38.5 inches deep by 28 inches high
  • 82 inches wide by 38.5 inches deep by 28 inches high
  • 86 inches wide by 38.5 inches deep by 28 inches high
  • 90 inches wide by 38.5 inches deep by 28 inches high
  • 102 inches wide by 38.5 inches deep by 28 inches high
  • And 106 inches wide by 38.5 inches deep by 28 inches high. Colors available include: 64 upholstery possibilities and 16 leg variants, among others. Added information: This style is also available as a fabric couch with left chaise, a fabric sofa with right chaise, and as a corner sectional.

The firmness of the sofa is noticeable, but not in a negative way, and the large number of cushions that come with it are ideal. Additionally, the dark blue velvet I examined was just stunning.” Brittney Morgan is a young woman that lives in the United States. “Yes, this is quite elegant, but it was too deep for me to sit in without piling a lot of pillows behind me for support in my lower back.” — Henry Chen et al.

  • Starting at $1,800, the price is negotiable. The following sizes are available: 75′′w x 34′′d x 36′′h / 79′′w x 34′′d x 36′′h / 83′′w x 34′′d x 36′′h / 87′′w x 34′′d x 36′′h / 91′′w x 34′′d x 36′′h Colors that are available include: 70 upholstery possibilities and 13 leg variants. Other options include a fabric couch with right chaise, a fabric sectional with left chaise, corner sectionals, and accent chairs in the same design.

→ “The model I tested felt a little too short with a surprisingly shallow sit.” – Henry Chen→ “This is definitely a more formal sofa. It’s quite upright.” – Janel Laban

  • Starting at $1,600, the price is negotiable. 77 inches wide by 38 inches deep by 30 inches high
  • 81 inches wide by 38 inches deep by 30 inches high
  • 85 inches wide by 38 inches deep by 30 inches high
  • And, 93 inches wide by 38 inches deep by 30 inches high
  • Dimensions: 77 inches wide by 38 inches deep by 30 inches high
  • The following colors are available: 72 upholstery choices and 3 leg variations. Additionally, this style is also available in fabric sofas with right chaises, fabric sofas with left chaises, corner sectionals with chaises, and corner sectionals with chaises.

“Without a doubt, the most imaginatively titled sofa! Despite the fact that I dislike the rough, square armrests, I found that the Henry offered the optimum mix of seat height, depth, and recline for my needs. Softer couches, as well as those that make it hard to sit with a straight back, are absolute ‘no-nos’ for me, especially as I become older.” “I was feeling extremely down.” — Henry Chen “I was feeling really down.” The seat was pleasant and soft, and the chair had a low profile, which is quite comfortable for my 5’5″ height.

  • Starting at $2,700, this vehicle is a good value. The following sizes are available: 60′′w x 36′′d chaise with 60′′w x 36′′d sofa / 60′′w x 36′′d chaise with 60′′w x 48′′d sofa / 60′′w x 36′′d chaise with 72′′w x 36′′d sofa / 60′′w x 36′′d chaise with 72′′w x 48′′d sofa Colors available: 68 different upholstery choices and 2 different leg variants
  • Please keep in mind that this style is also available in different lengths, including short right chaise sectional with pillows, long right chaise sectional, and short deep right chaise sectional with pillows. It is also available in different lengths, including short deep right chaise sectional with pillows, and long deep right chaise sectional with pillows.

“The texture was softer than I expected given the sleek, crisp appearance.” It was very comfy,” says Janel Laban, despite the fact that it was not precisely her style artistically. Brittney Morgan is a young woman that lives in the United States. “The seat is initially comfy, but I can see how it may become too stiff if used for an extended period of time; nonetheless, I must compliment the excellent back support!” he says. — Henry Chen et al.

  • Prices start at $1,300 and go up from there. The following sizes are available: 75′′w x 36′′d x 35′′h / 79′′w x 36′′d x 35′′h / 83′′w x 36′′d x 35′′h / 87′′w x 36′′d x 35′′h / 91′′w x 36′′d x 35′′h Colors that are available include 72 upholstery variations and 17 leg variants. Additionally, this style is available in apartment sofas, U-sectionals, fabric chaise lounges, leather corner sectionals, corner sectionals, leather sofas, leather apartment sofas, leather sofas with right chaises, leather sofas with left chaises, leather accent chairs, and accent chairs.

When asked whether I would purchase this couch based on comfort, my response is a simple ‘yes,’ as I have already purchased this sofa! Despite the fact that the sofa at the shop was far softer than the one I purchased!” Vanessa Warlow is a writer and actress. At Interior Define, I had a particular fondness for the Sloan couch. Overall, it was a victory for me because it was quite comfy and had my preferred design.” Brittney Morgan is a young woman that lives in the United States.

  • Starting at $1,900, the price is negotiable. The available dimensions are 79′′w x 36′′d x 35′′h. Colors available: 72 different upholstery possibilities

“This is not as comfy as the standard Sloan, which is probably because to the fact that it seems smaller.” — Brittney Morgan “It’s not the most comfortable sofa to sit on.” “The seat is a little too firm, but I suppose that’s the price you pay for being a heavy sleeper.” — Henry Chen “The Sloan Sleeper was a little more structured/upright than most of the other I.D.

couches,” he says, “but it was still really comfortable.” I’d be interested in acquiring it, but just as a secondary residence.” Janel Laban is a writer and actress.

  • Prices start at $1,200 and go up from there. There are several sizes to choose from, including 73 inches wide, 37 inches deep, and 33 inches high, as well as 77 inches wide, 37 inches deep, and 33 inches high, and 81 inches wide, 37 inches deep, and 33 inches high. Colors that are available include 72 upholstery variations and 14 leg variants. As addition to the corner sectional, this style is also available in a 2-seat sofa with left chaise, a 2-seat sofa with right chaise, a 3-seat sofa with left chaise, and a 3-seat sofa with right chaise. Additional information:

A great detail is that the armrests are sloped and appear to be comfortable for resting a pillow on. — Janel Laban “Overall, I’d say this was a little stiff. Would this be OK for a hotel lobby?” — Henry Chen et al.

  • Prices start at $1,500 and go up from there. The following sizes are available: 79′′w x 39′′d x 33′′h
  • 83′′w x 39′′d x 33′′h
  • 87′′w x 39′′d x 33′′h Colors available: 53 different upholstery choices and 2 different leg variations
  • Other options include a fabric apartment couch, a fabric sofa with right chaise, a fabric sofa with left chaise, and an accent chair in the same style fabric.

“It appears to be more comfortable than it actually is.” “It’s far more upright and has less give than I anticipated. Janel Laban is a writer and actress. “Even though I’m tall, it just seemed too little for me to be able to snooze on it.” Brittney Morgan is a young woman that lives in the United States.

  • Starting at $1,900, the price is negotiable. The following sizes are available: 90′′w x 63′′d x 34′′h / 94′′w x 63′′d x 34′′h / 98′′w x 63′′d x 34′′h / 102′′w x 63′′d x 34′′h / 106′′w x 63′′d x 34′′h Colors that are available include 72 upholstery variations and 13 leg variants. In addition to the leather apartment couch, the style is also available in fabric for the corner sectional and accent chair.

“There is nothing quite like the Oliver when it comes to comfort and style.” Despite the fact that I currently own the Sloan, if I had to choose another couch, I would most definitely choose the Oliver. “I adore comfortable couches with a deep seat, and this one fit the bill well; in addition, the height felt exactly right (I’m 5’8′′ and six months pregnant, so this is quite essential for me!).” Vanessa Warlow is a writer and actress. The presence of a cushion for the arms would enhance my enjoyment of this chair.

  • Prices start at $1,300 and go up from there. There are a variety of sizes available, including: 70 inches wide by 33 inches deep by 32 inches high
  • 74 inches wide by 33 inches deep by 32 inches high
  • 78 inches wide by 32 inches high
  • 82 inches wide by 33 inches deep by 32 inches high
  • 86 inches wide by 33 inches deep by 32 inches high
  • Colors that are available include 72 upholstery variations and 14 leg variants. Additionally, this style is available in fabric sofas with left chaises, fabric sofas with right chaises, corner sectionals, leather sofas with right chaises, leather sofas with left chaises, accent chairs, leather accent chairs, ottomans, and chaises
  • Leather sofas with right chaises are also available.

“I’d have to say that this was not only stylish, but it was also comfortable!” The comfort level when sitting was decent, but I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t as good when laying down.” – Janel Laban “It was quite comfortable when sitting, but I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as good when laying down.” — Henry Chen “Overall, this seemed like a very mediocre experience to me.” Vanessa Warlow is a writer and actress.

  • Starting at $1,800, the price is negotiable. The following sizes are available: 77′′w x 41′′d x 35′′h / 81′′w x 41′′d x 35′′h / 85′′w x 41′′d x 35′′h / 89′′w x 41′′d x 35′′h / 93′′w x 41′′d x 35′′h Colors available: 68 different upholstery choices and 3 different leg variants
  • Additionally, this style is also available as apartment sofas, fabric sofas with left chaises, fabric sofas with right chaises, corner sectionals, U-sectionals, and accent chairs, among other configurations.

“This is enormous and comfy, yet it is not my favorite in terms of design.” The Ainsley, according to Brittney Morgan, “was a little bouncy to me, and I found it to be less relaxing than the other couches examined.” The author, Janel Laban, says, “I found this to be far too deep for sitting with limited back support.” — Henry Chen et al.

  • Starting at $1,600, the price is negotiable. The following sizes are available: 79′′w x 41′′d x 30′′h / 83′′w x 41′′d x 30′′h / 87′′w x 41′′d x 30′′h / 91′′w x 41′′d x 30′′h Colors available: 72 different upholstery possibilities
  • Other options include a leather couch, a leather sofa with left chaise, a leather sofa with right chaise, a fabric sofa with left chaise, and a fabric sofa with right chaise. Additional information:

Perhaps a touch too low, but I could imagine myself sitting on it for an extended period of time without being uncomfortable.” “It’s definitely a fantastic Netflix sofa!” says Henry Chen. Brittney Morgan is a young woman that lives in the United States.

  • Starting at $1,600, the price is negotiable. 96 inches wide by 39 inches deep by 26 inches high
  • 100 inches wide by 39 inches deep by 26 inches high
  • Colors available: 72 different upholstery possibilities
  • Additionally, this style is available in a variety of leathers and fabrics, including leather sofas, leather big couches, leather apartment sofas (with and without chaises), fabric apartment sofas, fabric large sofas, fabric corner sectionals, and leather corner sectionals.

This model had an excellent “sit,” however the back height was a touch too high for me, which was a little uncomfortable. Janel Laban is a writer and actress. “I agree that the back is at an unusually high level for me. “However, I really enjoy the way it looks!” — Henry Chen et al. Arlyn Hernandez is an American actress and singer who is best known for her role in the film Arlyn Hernandez. Contributor A rare breed of Florida girl, Arlyn can’t seem to turn her back on a shabby chair in in need of repair or a jewel-tone velvet sofa in her favorite color.

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