What Is The Most Popular Paint Color For Interior Walls

10 Best Interior Paint Colors 2022

Finding the finest interior paint colors for your home may be a difficult process. As a homeowner, you’re confronted with an almost limitless selection of colors, hues, and sheens to choose from. To make matters even more complicated, you’ll have to match paint colors throughout rooms and different surfaces. That’s why our color experts compiled a list of their top 10 favorite interior paint colors to make it easier for you to make your decision. The following are the top ten most popular interior paint colors for every space, whether you’re painting your bedroom walls or your entire house.

Best Paint Color Criteria

First and foremost, our objective with this list is to save you both time and money as much as possible. You shouldn’t have to spend your entire weekend purchasing test patch swatches and going to paint places to complete your project. To make the process easier, the paint colors suggested below are generally neutral, easy to match or pair, and can be utilized in almost any room in the house, including the bathroom. Remember that every home is unique, and the quantity of light that enters a space has an impact on how colors seem.

We hope that our list of the best paint colors for your home will help to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Sherwin Williams Pure White

Pure White (SW 7005) by Sherwin Williams is an off-white paint color that may be utilized in a variety of rooms, including the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. A similar tone to that of the gray is a delicate, warmer taupe that doesn’t seem too creamy and works nicely with gray color schemes. Flexibility is essential with this popular modern neutral interior hue since it may be used on walls, cabinets, trim, and ceilings, among other surfaces. A fast announcement: Improovy has opened a new facility in Phoenix, Arizona, specifically for homeowners.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

In most settings, Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (BM 1548) appears as a classy off-white on the walls due to the natural light and warmth of the hue. This is a popular paint hue among interior designers, and it may be used to paint the entire house, as well as the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. This hue may be used in place of white in a darker space, and it works well in areas that are either north or south facing. Are you thinking of repainting your major living spaces? Find out which shades our experts selected as the finest 9 living room paint colors for this year by viewing the gallery below.

Repose Gray Sherwin-Williams

This warm neutral paint hue has a gray appearance but does not feel too cold on the skin. It’s a terrific hue for the walls of living rooms, foyers, dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, among other places. Repose Gray (SW 7015) is a gray with mild taupe or green overtones that matches well with white trim colors such as Extra White and White Dovetail (SW 7006). As a result of the harmonious mix of gray and beige, this hue may be used with virtually any current house paint color pallet. Having trouble deciding which primers to use?

Delicate White (PPG1001-1) is PPG’s most popular white hue, and it is a cooler-toned, delicate color that may be used on walls, trim, or a combination of the two.

One thing to keep an eye out for with this off-white PPG Paint color is the presence of yellow undertones, which can be visible depending on the lighting and existing décor in the area. In any case, this is a warm and inviting color choice that may help to brighten up tiny spaces.

Sea Salt By Sherwin Williams

Coastal “neutral” interior paint color Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204) is a blend of gray and green that is popular in coastal settings. With mild blue overtones and a colder tone, this hue is frequently used in bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and mudrooms to create a soothing and calming atmosphere. This hue has been referred to as “chameleon-like” since it appears differently in different spaces and lighting environments. With approximately 50,000 internet searches every month, it also happens to be one of the most extensively investigated painting colors in the United States.

Find out which interior colors made it onto our list of the top ten best bathroom paint colors for this year!

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace (OC-65) is a crisp, clean interior color with slightly gray undertones that can be used on trim, cabinets, and walls. It is one of Benjamin Moore’s truest whites and is one of the company’s most popular whites. It appears as a warm white in most rooms and lighting situations, and it can be used on ceilings as well. Because it is one of the whitest whites available, it may require a third or fourth coat when painted over the majority of wall colors. That this popular interior shade has the same issues with wall coverage as Sherwin-Williams’ Highly Reflective White and Behr-Williams’ Ultra Pure White comes as no surprise given its popularity.

Based on ambient lighting and time of day, Swiss Coffee 12 by Behr is another warm white with a neutral base that may appear more creamy, yellow, or neutral depending on the situation.

Swiss Coffee by Behr has a slight beige undertone and is a popular neutral color for bedrooms, living rooms, basements, and family rooms due to its versatility.

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue

Color No. 30 by Farrow Ball is a rich, deeper blue-green that is a popular option for use as an accent hue or as the primary color for an entire space. Similar to SW Sea Salt, the color of this product varies significantly depending on the lighting conditions in the room. In a home office or dining room, or as a contrasting kitchen island cabinet color, this rich and sumptuous paint hue will look great, and it will last for years. As a gloomy backdrop, this iconic FarrowBall hue looks stunning when paired with white trim or brightly colored furniture items.

Gray Owl By Benjamin-Moore

Gray Owl (2137-60), a warm-ish gray paint color from Benjamin Moore that has become one of the company’s most popular sellers in recent years, is a very flexible paint color. It’s still a very popular living room or kitchen paint color, despite the fact that it has bluer, colder overtones under certain lighting conditions.

It may also be utilized as a wall color in corridors, where it works well with clean white trim and flat white ceilings to create a striking contrast. It will reflect light in a space, but it will not make a tiny room appear larger, as some of the white hues mentioned above will.

Origami White (Sherwin Williams)

Origami White (SW 7636) by Sherwin Williams is a neutral, contemporary wall color that is growing increasingly fashionable with each passing year. It is a white paint with a faint tan undertone that may be used as a neutral backdrop for almost any area in your home, including bedrooms. Origami White’s distinct warm tint is one of the reasons why many home décor professionals recommend it as the ideal neutral paint color. How much will your upcoming painting project set you back? Check out our interior painter price guide to learn all you’ll need to know about estimating the cost of your next paint job.

Interior Paint Colors By Brand

As a homeowner, you’ll likely be evaluating paint colors from certain manufacturers on a regular basis. Depending on the situation, your painting team may have a favourite painting brand, or a favored paint store may be conveniently placed nearby. Those businesses frequently carry paint colors from certain brands of paint, such as those sold by Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Home Depot, and Lowes. So that you don’t have to waste time looking through endless options, we’re going to spotlight our favorite interior paint colors from manufacturers that each shop carries.

Best Interior Color At Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray is the most popular paint color in the company’s history (SW 7029). This popular choice from Sherwin-Williams is a softer warm gray paint color that goes well with a wide range of other paint hues. The hue is a mellow, well-balanced tint that complements any interior design style. It is frequently used as a wall color in living rooms, corridors, and stairs, among other places. When applied to walls, this greige tone looks great and pairs nicely with a range of hues, including white trim and contrasting warm paint colors such as greens, blues, teals, and almost any other contrasting warm paint color.

If you’re painting the outside stucco or wood siding, the SuperPaint and Duration brands from Benjamin Moore are excellent choices.

Top Benjamin Moore Paint Color

We just discussed Chantilly Lace, but White Dove is another popular Benjamin Moore paint hue (OC-17). This is a short shade of white with a tinge of warmth to it that is traditional in design and looks great on everyone. White Dove is a neutral paint color that is popular with homeowners and professionals alike. It is frequently used on interior trim, moldings, baseboards, and door frames.

Home Depot’s Best Painting Color

A few different paint color brands are available at Home Depot. These brands include Behr, PPG, and Glidden. We particularly prefer Behr for low-budget DIY painting tasks, like as painting a tiny bedroom on a budget. Please keep in mind that while paint choices from large box retailers are less expensive, the quality of the paint is considered “entry-level.” In particular, the paint’s coverage and quality will leave a lot to be desired, as will its durability. Behr White 52 is the greatest interior paint color available at Home Depot.

For the outside, have a look at our new trending house paint color list, which includes Behr’s famous Polar Bear 75, which is a popular choice.

Lowes Interior Paint Colors

Brands like as Behr, PPG, and Glidden are available at Home Depot in a variety of color options. When it comes to DIY painting jobs on a budget, such as painting a tiny bedroom, Behr is our go-to choice. Please keep in mind that while paint from large box retailers is less expensive, the quality of the paint is “entry-level.” To be more specific, the paint’s coverage and finish will leave a great deal to be desired. Behr White 52 is the most popular interior paint color at Home Depot. Color description: It’s a cooler-toned white with enough of a tinge to be classified as a “off-white.” Color description: Additionally, when used as a wall color with trim painted in a true or base white, the effect is most noticeable.

Valspar Paint Colors

The following are some of Valspar’s most popular paint colors, as suggested by the company. Warm neutrals such as Gilded Linen and Summer Gray are popular, as is Oyster Pearl. Granite Dust is also a popular choice for accenting kitchen cabinetry or island combinations. Not to mention that Blissful Blue by Valspar is a warm and inviting bedroom hue that looks great when paired with white trim. Are you interested in finding out how much it will cost to paint a room in Chicago? Look no farther than Improovy’s most recent post on the subject of room painting expenses in Chicago, Illinois.

Interior Painting Color FAQs

  • Pure White by Sherwin-Williams is projected to be the most popular neutral interior paint color in 2022. This classic neutral wall color is a favorite among interior designers for use in any area in the house. It’s a warm interior color with a tinge of crème in the background. Pure White is a popular choice because of its versatility
  • It may be used on interior walls and trim, as well as cabinets and ceilings.

What’s the best interior paint brand for 2022?

  • Benjamin Moore will be the most popular interior paint brand in 2022. Professional painters unanimously agree that Regal Select by Benjamin Moore is the highest-quality interior paint available on the market today. Sherwin Williams is the second-best interior paint brand in the year 2022, according to Consumer Reports. Their Cashmere and SuperPaint product lines are ranked second and third, respectively, in the category of interior paints
  • And

What is Sherwin-Williams HGTV Home Color of the Year 2022?

  • Aleutian is the color of the year in the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams 2022 color palette (HGSW3355). A hazy blue paint color with just enough gray undertones to serve as a terrific neutral backdrop for any interior wall, Sherwin Williams Aleutian is a great choice. If you enjoy the color blue but don’t want a space filled with brilliant aqua or dark navy, this trendy hue is for you. We would like to point out that HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams is a special paint brand created exclusively for Lowe’s Stores. This brand is distinct from Sherwin Williams’ iconic storefront paint, which has the same name. Evergreen Fog SW 9130 is the paint color of the year for Sherwin-Williams storefronts in 2022, according to the company.

What are interior paint color trends for 2022?

  • Warmer shades of neutral white, greige, and calming serene tones are the paint color trends for interiors in 2022, according to HGTV. Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog (SW 9130), Valspar’s Gilded Linen 6002-1A, and Behr’s Breezeway are among the new paint colors for 2022, according to the National Paint Manufacturers Association. Last but not least, Benjamin Moore’s paint color of the year for 2022 is October Mist 1495.
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The Most Popular Paint Colors in America

1/10 (one tenth) Choosing fresh paint colors for the interior of one’s house can be an exciting—and at times intimidating—prospect for many individuals. Just being in front of those endless rows of swatches might be enough to make you feel stressed and anxious. While it may come as a surprise to learn that there are seemingly endless color possibilities accessible, just a few of colours perform much better than others, it is true nonetheless. We chatted with professionals in the paint business to find out which products are the most popular.


Bright White

2 out of 10 White has always been a popular choice among homeowners, and it’s not difficult to understand why. According to Erika Woelfel, vice president of color at Behr Paints, “whites can do a huge amount to brighten up a room, make a tiny space appear larger, or give a blank canvas for any design style.” Behr’s fresh Polar Bear is frequently a best-seller in the paint industry. The next article is related:18 Paint Colors You Will See Everywhere in 2018Behr

Antique White

3 out of 10 Antique whites are a softer, warmer version of pure white, and they evoke images of parchment paper and foamy café au lait, among other things. Kelly-Antique Moore’s White is a beautiful and properly called example of this type of paint.

Mary Lawlor, Kelly-manager Moore’s of color marketing, states that the wallpaper is “the ideal backdrop for both vibrant and neutral room accessories and art exhibits.” Related: 19 Rooms That Demonstrate That Beige Doesn’t Have to Be Boring Kelly-Moore is a paint company.


3 out of 10 based on a total of 3 reviews. Classic antique whites conjure up images of parchment paper and foamy café au lait, while also serving as a softer, warmer take on pure whites. An excellent and properly called example of this is Kelly-Antique Moore’s White. Mary Lawlor, Kelly-manager Moore’s of color marketing, believes the wallpaper is the ideal backdrop for both vibrant and neutral room decorations and artwork. 19 Rooms That Demonstrate That Beige Doesn’t Have to Be Stuffy painter kelly-moore


5 out of 10 The soothing effect of blue in the house is evident, as is the widespread adoption of blue paint colors like as Sherwin-Williams’ Aleutian. Aleutian is a dusky gray-blue that conjures the misty morning rain, according to Sue Wadden, head of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “It’s a hue that suggests the misty morning rain,” she adds. Blue works well in a variety of settings, including intimate bedrooms, large living spaces, and everything in between. Related: 11 Problems That PaintSherwin-Williams Can Help You Solve (Part 2)

Pale Gray

6 out of 10 Throughout recent years, pale grayhas emerged as a popular neutral color choice for many homes, and it’s simple to understand why: gray allows a room’s décor to stand out while the color itself creates a distinct style statement. Sherwin-Williams’ Sue Wadden claims that “Gray Screen” was the most popular hue in the company’s overall palette in 2017. “It’s a fresh, cool hue with a modern attitude,” says the designer. Related: Sherwin-Williams’ 10 Color Mistakes Everyone Makes (with Pictures)

Charcoal Gray

7 out of 10 Since we’ve developed a preference for gray paint, Americans have turned up the volume on it—and deepened the colors they chose to charcoals that are often bordering on black. Rubidoux, a warm, classy gray that may be used as a backdrop or as an accent, is one of PrattLambert’s best-selling colors, according to Ashley Banbury, Senior Designer for the company. Related: The Most Appropriate Paint Colors for Low-Light Environments PrattLambert is a paint company.


7.5 out of ten The popularity of gray paint among Americans has grown, and the colours we pick have become darker and more intense, often bordering on black, as our preference for gray paint has grown. According to Ashley Banbury, Senior Designer for PrattLambert, one of the company’s most popular colors is Rubidoux, “a warm, classy gray that may be used as a backdrop or as an accent.” Related: The Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms with Little Natural Lighting Prêt-à-Porter-Lambert


9 out of 10 If you’re wanting to uplift the mood of a room or if you want to create a fun, joyous ambiance in your house, this is the swatch to reach for. Just ask Sue Wadden of Sherwin-Williams about her company’s best-selling Friendly Yellow, which is one of its most popular colors.

A subdued light yellow, she describes it as “a pleasant, friendly color that brightens up any environment with its sunny, welcoming tone.” Referred to as If This, Then That: Your Guide to Matching Paint Colors Sherwin-Williams

Picking a Palette

ten out of ten Afraid you’ll be overwhelmed by the rainbow of paint chips on display at the hardware store? Take into consideration everything about the place you’re painting, from the interior design to the intended use of the space. These recommendations will assist you in narrowing down your options. It’s important to remember that simply while certain design standards state one thing, it’s ultimately your space and what you desire! istockphoto.com

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The 16 Most Popular Neutral Paint Colors for Your Home in 2022

Paint your walls in a neutral color scheme, and you’ll have the perfect canvas to work with when it comes to decorating. Here are the most popular neutral paint colors for your house in 2022, according to the Pantone Color Institute.

Why Neutrals Are A Still Popular Choice

Warmer grays and greige paint colors, creamy whites, and even shades closer to beige are among the neutral paint color trends for 2022, replacing the cold grays of the past with more warm grays and greige paint colors, creamy whites, and even hues closer to beige. Neutral hues will continue to be the most popular paint colors for interiors in 2022, according to the International Color Association. When you want to create an apartment with a clean, modern vibe, the neutral color palette of greige, beige, and grey is a fantastic choice.

Warm Gray and Greige

Over the past decade, gray has emerged as a popular hue for use in neutral decorating schemes. This year, more homeowners and interior designers have begun to gravitate toward warmer grays and greige-toned tones. The warm neutrals provide a soft, neutral tone that is not as frigid as classic gray, which is a common misconception. These paint colors may be utilized in any area without overpowering or competing with the other colors or design elements in the room, making them the ideal neutral backdrop for any interior design.

Popular Shades of Warm Gray and Greige

In terms of interior paint colors, Repose Gray is one of the most popular choices. I’ve used it extensively in my own house and am really satisfied with it. Sherwin Williams is a paint manufacturer. The color Repose Gray has been lightened by 50%. Repose Gray is a warm gray with a subtle green and purple undertone that has a warm finish. But don’t let it deter you from trying! Simply said, those colors provide just the proper amount of warmth to guarantee that the room never feels like a chilly gray.

In recent years, Repose Gray has emerged as one of the most popular whole-house hues.

Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams

This is a lovely greige that works well in transitional locations that receive plenty of natural light, such as hallways. Although it has been given this name, it does not have an ice-like look. SW By way of Redeeming Hampton, Crushed Ice walls In fact, it’s rather warm, and it may even be a little pink at times.

It is a lighter shade of gray than Repose Gray, but it has a higher saturation of color. It was another contender for my kitchen redesign, but it turned out to be a touch too warm for what I was looking for in the end.

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has released another another really popular neutral paint hue. Agreeable Gray is significantly warmer than Repose Gray, and it is clearly in the “greige” category rather than the “gray” one. According to Living Simply By Design, the living room is painted SW Agreeable Gray. The paint color, on the other hand, is one of those amusing ones that changes color depending on the lighting – sometimes it appears more gray, and other times it appears more beige. Generally speaking, Agreebable Gray is a popular hue that works well in living areas, kitchens, and as a whole-house color.

Wind’s Breath by Benjamin Moore

Sherwin Williams has created another another really popular neutral paint hue. It is much warmer than Repose Gray, and it is definitely in the “greige” category rather than the “gray” one. According to Living Simply By Design, the living room was painted SW Agreeable Gray. The paint color, on the other hand, is one of those amusing ones that changes color depending on the light – sometimes it appears more gray, and other times it appears more beige. Generally speaking, Agreebable Gray is a popular hue that works well in living areas, kitchens, and as an accent color throughout the home.

Classic Grayby Benjamin Moore

Recently, the classic gray color has been rising in favor. This is the paint color that I would regard to be the archetypal greige. It’s the ideal combination of beige and gray undertones, with just the proper amount of gray to keep it from being too warm. Benjamin Moore is a paint color created by Benjamin Moore. Gray kitchen walls with a traditional feel, courtesy of Studio McGee It will appear grayer in darker areas, but in a room with enough of natural light, it is very soft and bright, and it provides just the appropriate amount of warmth to the space.

If you enjoy the look of Repose Gray but want something a little cozier, I think Classic Gray will be the right choice for you.

Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore

Balboa Mist is a light warm gray paint color that is close to falling into thegreigecategory but is not quite there yet. North-facing rooms, as well as areas that are hidden in the shadows, might appear a little grayer. In contrast, it will appear more beige in brighter, warmer rooms with plenty of natural light.

Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams

Accessible Beige is one of the most popular paint colors from Sherwin Williams, and for good reason. In terms of neutrals, this is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something with a little more saturation and warmth, but still having a small gray foundation to tone it down. Jenna Sue Design Co.’s SW Accessible Beige bathroom walls are a beautiful addition to any home.

White As a Neutral

When attempting to establish a neutral aesthetic in your house, warm whites and creams are excellent choices, as are cream-colored accents. Choosing the proper white paint color (or cream) will make a room feel warm and calming, while also complementing modern décor trends, particularly when combined with clean lines and finishes such as warm wood furniture.

Popular Shades of White, Off-White and Cream

When I was deciding between several paint colors for my recent kitchen makeover, I came upon this one. It has a tone that is quite similar to Repose Gray, but it has been lightened by 50%, giving it a great light and airy hue.

SW The entrance to Drift of Mist is accessible through The Creativity Exchange. But under some lighting conditions, it has a noticeable green hue. Therefore, I believe it would be more appropriate to apply it on an individual room basis rather than as a whole-house color scheme.

Paper WhitebyBenjamin Moore

Paper White is another of my favorite paint colors to use. It’s a very light gray that technically fits into the “off-white” category, but it’s not quite that. Bedroom with BM paint on the walls Paper (in white) It has just the right amount of green in it to keep it from feeling frigid at any time. As a matter of fact, it’s my first option for east and west-facing rooms, which can seem cold and dark at one end of the day and bright and light at the other. It is extremely well balanced in both lighting settings, resulting in the perfect neutral backdrop for any occasion.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Another of my favorite paint colors is Paper White. However, technically, it falls into the “off-white” category because it is such a delicate gray. BM-colored walls in a bedroom. the color of paper Only a small amount of green is there, but this is enough to keep it from becoming frigid. To be more specific, it’s my top pick for east and west facing rooms, which might seem chilly and dark at one end of the day but pleasant and sunny at the other. It creates the appropriate neutral backdrop for both indoor and outdoor lighting circumstances by achieving excellent balance.

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

Alabaster is a milky white that is pleasant to the touch. It’s practically off-white in appearance, yet it’s just light enough to be classified as white anyway. Thanks to Bless This Nest for the alabaster living room walls. For those who want a white that is less harsh and frigid than other whites, this may be the best option for them.

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White DovebyBenjamin Moore

White Doves are a gentle, warm white in color. It has a warm and creamy feel to it, but it never seems yellow. The White Dove hallway, courtesy of Studio McGee In strong light, it nearly appears to be a pure white, yet there is a slight sense of softness to it. However, while White Dove is a popular choice for trim, it also works well as a nice neutral paint color on the walls.

Creamy by Sherwin Williams

Creamy is a lovely cream paint color that is perfect for any room. It will create a welcoming, warm, and comfortable atmosphere in your home. It contributes to keeping your place looking fresh, inviting, and bright at all times. SW Creamy, courtesy of Kylie M Interiors When it comes to a light, airy, and well.creamy neutral.look no further!

Navajo White by Benjamin Moore

Another gorgeous creamy paint hue to add to your collection. Artificial light, in a similar way as Simply White, will bring out more of the yellow undertones. But don’t let it deter you from trying! BM Satori Design For Living provided this Navajo White mantel. There’s something about a warm white paint color that just feels right. It may serve as the perfect neutral background for a whole house. It works particularly well in a more classic setting, where warm wood tones predominate.

A Traditional Beige or Tan Neutral

Beige and tan are fantastic complements to these two traditional colors because they provide a depth of color that lighter neutrals may lack while still remaining easy on the eyes!

Furthermore, these hues are available in a plethora of various variations, including taupes, browns, and even tones that are closer to blonde.

Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore

Beige is experiencing a renaissance in 2022, and I’m delighted to see that this popular color from the previous decade is making a comeback. Manchester Tan paint on the walls by BM Manchester TanManchester Tan pairs beautifully with warm wood tones and honey oak. However, it also works well with bright white trim to create a fresh and welcoming atmosphere in any area of your home.

Bleeker Beig e by Benjamin Moore

Bleeker Beige by Benjamin Moore is the ideal beige because it is true to its color in the daylight, while still being subtle and extremely versatile. The color is a taupey beige, but it has a hint of gray in it, which keeps it from being excessively warm in the summer. The Land of Color provided the Bleeker Beige staircase walls. If you have a lot of dark wood furniture and white trim, Bleeker Beige is a terrific choice. However, I’ve seen it work as well in coastal-type houses when coupled with plenty of navy blue!

Think Outside of The Box

A “neutral” paint color does not have to be gray, greige, white, or beige in order to be considered neutral. In fact, any color that has a gentle tone to it may be utilized as a neutral color. You may not want to paint your entire house in pastel pink, but it may be a nice neutral in a small girl’s room. A gentle blue-gray paint hue, on the other hand, would be a wonderful neutral for a bedroom or bathroom.

Final Thoughts

In the meanwhile, I hope my paint guide has provided you with some ideas and inspiration as you search for the appropriate neutral paint color for your house this year. And remember, don’t let fashion influence how you design your home! Your house should, at the end of the day, be a reflection of your distinct personality and design! Make no apprehensions about thinking outside the box and doing what feels right for you and your family!

More Paint Colors To Consider

Although we may receive compensation from links on this page, we only suggest things that we believe in. Why should you put your faith in us? They can’t seem to get enough of these eye-catching hues. Ryan Garvin is an American actor and singer who is best known for his role in the film The Great Gatsby. If you are unable to complete a big home makeover in the foreseeable future, giving your area a completely new appearance with a fresh coat of paint is the next best thing to doing it right away.

  1. If you’re a minimalist, you could like a space filled with neutrals such as white, beige, or gray, while others who aren’t afraid to take a design risk might choose a room filled with vibrant colors such as teal, purple, or even a few sprigs of green.
  2. Take a look at this collection of lovely interiorpaint colors for some design ideas.
  3. Nothing more than picking up a paintbrush will suffice.
  4. It has a pleasing amount of gray in it, which makes it both muted and dramatic at the same time.” SHOP NOW2of 20Sherwin-Williams Forged Steel, Sherwin-Williams Forged Steel Lauren Lerner ofLiving with Lolo uses Sherwin-Williams’ Forged Steel as a go-to paint color for her home.

According to the designer, “it is a warm gray with some brown undertones that works well as a dramatic backdrop.” TO ORDER3of 20Classic Gray, Benjamin Moore (SHOP NOW) Among gray paint colors, Karen Rideau of Kitchen Design Group recommends Benjamin Moore’sClassic Gray, which is a variation of the color gray.

  • It makes for a lovely backdrop in a space.” 4of 20Century Darjeeling, Benjamin Moore is now available for purchase.
  • “A guest bedroom in a private property in Princeton, New Jersey, provided me with the chance to include this vibrant hue into the design.
  • This is so powerful that it takes your breath away.” SHOPPING RIGHT NOW5of 20Dimpse and FarrowBall Mindy O’Connor, an architect and interior designer, believes that gray paint hues, such as FarrowBall’s Dimpse, are quite flexible.
  • It makes an excellent backdrop for kitchen cabinetry, as well as for other natural wood and stone pieces, without overpowering the overall look of the design.
  • SHOP NOWChantilly Lace, Benjamin Moore, #8 of 20 The designer Ariel Okin enjoys this calm, clear white from Benjamin Moore.
  • According to designer and HGTV starBreegan Jane, the color teal is a no-fail pick for a bedroom, library, workplace, or even cabinets and furniture.
  • The color Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore.
  • SHOP NOW10of 20Cavernous, Dunn Edwards, Dunn Edwards If you enjoy dark paint hues, Dunn-Edwards’ Cavernous is a must-have for your collection.

It’s a particularly fantastic choice for cooling a hot, bright room or for generating a peaceful bedroom atmosphere.” BUY NOW12of 20Garden Stone, Clark+Kensington, Clark+Kensington “I try to steer clear of colors with strong blue undertones, and I recommend to my clients” data-vars-ga-product-id=”3cb68af0-6680-4906-833e-0e3af160ee6″ data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=” ” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category=” “said a design expert of renown ” data-vars-ga-product-id=”c62354b0-c6ee-4ebf-bdcb-ae4a43a0a250″ data-vars-ga-product-id=”c62354b0-c6ee-4ebf-bdcb-ae4a43a0a250″ data-vars-ga-product-id=”c62354b0-c6ee-4eb ” Katie Reynolds is credited with creating the data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-varsga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-varsga-product-sem3-category=”” data-varsga-product-sem3-id=”” data-affiliate-network=”” data-affiliate=”true”>Katie Reynolds.

“This is one of my favorite colors.” ” data-vars-ga-product-id=”3cb68af0-6680-4906-833e-0e3af160ee6″ data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id=”” data “> The following is an example of a formalized formalized formalized “data-vars-ga-product-id=”3cb68af0-6680-4906-833e-0e3af160ee6″ data-vars-ga-product-id=”3cb68af0-6680-4906-833e-0e3af160ee6″ data-vars-ga-product-id=”3cb68af0-6680-4906-833e-0e3af160 data-vars-ga-product-price=”0.00″ data-vars-ga-product-sem3-brand=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-category=”” data-vars-ga-product-sem3-id=”” data-affiliate-network=”” data-affiliate=”true” data-affiliate=”true” data-affiliate-network=” > 13of 20Compatible Cream by Sherwin Williams is now available for purchase.

  1. “This is the yellow I select when I need a yellow that isn’t too bright,” explains Jill Hosking-Cartland, owner ofHosking Interiors.
  2. According to Irene Lovett, founder of designstiles, “don’t be deceived by its name – this hue gives off a grey tone.” “For those who aren’t courageous enough to go with a bright color but yet want to create a subtle contrast with white trim, this is the perfect backdrop.
  3. ), you can never go wrong.
  4. “The color scheme was inspired by an apple artwork that I received from my mum,” the designer explained to House Beautiful magazine.
  5. “When working with an open floor plan, this is my go-to color,” she says.

It’s a terrific alternative to white since it gives just the right amount of color to a room without being overpowering.” SHOP NOW17 of 20Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore, $17.00 A spokesperson forZachos Design Group, Brittany Zachos, states, “This hue has the most brilliantpure whiteundertones.” If you want a crisp, clean look, it’s ideal for bright ceilings, trim, and even bathrooms.

  1. “If you’re searching for a beautiful neutral that will play well with the other colors you want to include into your space, give this one a try,” advises interior designerArianne Bellizaire of the color.
  2. SHOP NOW19of 20Manchester Tan, Benjamin Moore, Benjamin Moore & Co.
  3. “Manchester Tanis is one of my favorite paintings since it changes with the light.
  4. Web Editor with a lot of experience For GoodHousekeeping.com and HouseBeautiful.com, Lauren is in charge of all things home.
  5. Monique Valeris is a model and actress.

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10 Interior Paint Colors Decorating Experts Love

Choose from a seemingly endless array of popular interior paint colors that are currently on the market. Choosing a color is one thing; determining which space to use it in is another entirely different ballgame altogether. In order to make your selection a little simpler, we’ve limited down your options to a number of tried and proven tones chosen by color experts for a variety of different spaces. Looking to paint your home in the near future? With The Spruce’s Paint Calculator, you can figure out how much paint you’ll need.


  • Color Family: Neutrals ranging from milky white to deeper tones
  • A variety of shades of gray
  • Hues that compliment one another: Each color complements a variety of complementary colors. All of these pieces are compatible with a wide range of home design styles. Mood: From light and mid-tones that are cheerful, pleasant, and refreshing to stimulating or soothing deeper tones
  • Accentuate one or all four walls while using this technique.

Here is our selection of the top ten most stylish interior paint colors for every area in your house, according to interior designers.

PPG Porter Paints Chalky Blue

  • Kristen Chuber, a color expert for SprucePaintzen, shares her favorite paint color, which is a hazy Chalky Blue (PPG1153-5) from PPG Porter Paints, with us today. “This velvety tint, which falls between between blue and gray, may really be utilized as a neutral. It looks stunning with dazzling white trim, but it has an even greater effect when combined with deep, black accents. A monochromatic palette using this hue, as well as other shades of blue-gray, both on the lighter and deeper ends of the spectrum, has also been shown to be very effective.” Try using this color to paint your kitchen, one of your bathrooms, or your bedroom
  • It’s a great choice.

Benjamin Moore Flora

  • The Spruce Tree Rebecca West of Seriously Happy Homes recommends Benjamin Moore’s Flora (AF 470) in the shade of green if you are seeking for the right subdued green to complement your decor. “Rich and earthy without being too dark, the blue-green color has a richness to it without seeming too heavy. It looks stunning when combined with medium and dark wood tones and may be used in a variety of design styles, from classic to contemporary.” When it comes to soft sage-colored paint, you can never go wrong, and it can quickly transform any area into something more pleasant and restful.

The Spruce Best Home Sundream

  • The Spruce Tree With a pale orange paint hue, you may bring a little feng shui into your living environment. John Mochelle of the John Mochelle Architects in New York City argues that orange and red hues “bring pleasure to a room,” which “of course makes things feel more friendly and appealing.” “The Spruce Best HomeSundream(SPR-03) is a warm beige that is part of the orange family, although it is not a true orange. It is delicate enough to be used on all four walls while being pleasant enough to elicit happy feelings.” It’s also worth checking out The Spruce Best Home Paints, which is a selection of our editors’ favorites.

Glidden Red Delicious

The Spruce Tree Red, according to Dee Schlotter, a color expert at PPG Paints, is a “powerful and energetic hue.” “Glidden’s Red Delicious (00YR 08/409) is a deep red that would work well as an accent wall because it is both bold and stimulating.” When paired with white-painted trim, it has a particularly refreshing appearance. While this apple red is a striking color, it is a classic version of the color that will continue to look beautiful and rich for years to come.


  • Red is a vivid hue, so it’s vital to combine it with complementary colors such as blues, whites, and tans to make it pop. It may come as a surprise to some, but dark red works nicely with other darker tones of red. Continue to the fifth of ten sections below.

Benjamin Moore Alaskan Husky

  • The Spruce Tree If you’re looking for the right neutral, there are a few colours that are timeless and classic that we constantly find ourselves returning to,” says Alicia Weaver of Alicia Weaver Design. “One of these paint colors is Benjamin Moore’s Alaskan Husky (1479). It is a basic gray tone that goes well with a variety of accent colors.” Silvery grays, especially light silvery grays, are ideal for guest bedrooms and foyers.

FarrowBall Card Room Green

  • Mol Anderson, an interior designer and color expert for The Spruce, believes in the power of green paint and has written about it. She claims that the hue provides us with a sense of equilibrium that is both tranquil and relaxing at the same time. Card Room Green (No. 79) by FarrowBall is a green paint hue that has been reported to be extremely beneficial for some people. Combined with gray, mustard, and pebble tones, this dark green hue is a beautiful combination.
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Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray

  • The Spruce Tree Interior designer Susan Williams of Siren Betty Design originally used Gentleman’s Gray (2062-20), a dark blue by Benjamin Moore, when she was creating rooms for a local bed-and-breakfast. A short time later, everyone at her firm was head over heels in love with the colour. “We were so taken with it that we painted the wall in our workplace the same color. When finished in a gloss finish, we believe it looks especially beautiful because of the way the light bounces off it, which gives any space a lot of character.” This deep blueish gray has a tranquil and reassuring feel to it, making it an excellent choice for a bedroom.

PPG Paints Whiskers

  • The Spruce Tree According to Dee Schlotter, nuanced neutrals, such as this subtle greige, can evoke feelings of calm. Because of the rising popularity of the “hygge” movement, which is a Danish concept that encourages happiness by concentrating on generating a sense of coziness, contentment, and overall well-being, pale hues are also becoming a popular choice for interior design. “Whiskers (PPG1025-3) by PPG Paints is a paint hue that is evocative of the Danish concept of hygge. It is a soft shade of greige that is ideal for engulfing a room and creating the illusion of a quiet retreat “Schlotter expresses himself in this way: Continue to number nine of ten below

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster

  • The Spruce Tree When it comes to residences with a north-facing perspective, what is the best warm white paint hue to use? Claudia Leah, an interior designer, says, “I use Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster(SW7008) as my go-to white to warm things up for a northern exposure.” You can’t go wrong with a wonderful creamy white, no matter whatever room you choose to paint it in.

Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe

Sue Wadden, color trend analyst at Sherwin-Williams, believes that Poised Taupe (SW 6039) is a gorgeousneutral paint color with ageless adaptability and broad appeal, according to The Spruce. “Because the hue is so simple to live with, it is a popular choice among people. It looks especially beautiful when matched with white furniture. It also looks great when paired with a blue color scheme, particularly denim and country blue hues.”


  • The colortaupe also works well in homes that are decorated in vintage hues such as terra-cotta orange, avocado, pink, and mauve
  • And

Watch Now: 4 Tips for Picking the Perfect Paint Color

Consider consulting with industry pros when deciding the most popular interior paint colors. They can provide you with information on the best-selling hues as well as the most often requested colors for walls. Interior designers have an impact on the interiors that appear in magazines, on television, and on the internet, which is where homeowners look for color inspiration. Generally speaking, the most popular colors are those that are versatile, meaning they can be used in a variety of design styles while keeping a nice look under a variety of lighting circumstances.

Warm White

In an article on Angi, White Dove Painting specialist John Van Groningen discussed the top five colors used by his Chicago-based firm, Jondec Painting, and how they came to be. The color White Dove by Benjamin Moore is at the top of Van Groningen’s list of most popular colors. Luciana of Home Bunch gave this warm white with a faint trace of gray an honorable mention, and it reached the top 20 list of preferred white paint colors over at Laurel Bern Interiors. White Dove is a popular white paint color for interior walls and trim.

Gray-Green White

Decorator’s White is a neutral color that may be used in a variety of settings. Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White is another shade of white that reached designer Laurel Bern’s top 20 list and that featured on Good Housekeeping’s “The 10 Paint Colors Designers Always Use” list.

This hue creates a crisp, clean appearance in spaces that receive a lot of natural light from the windows. Lower light conditions bring out the somewhat gray-green undertones that are present.

Tips for Using White Paint

When it comes to house decor, white is one of the most popular hues. Following these guidelines, you may make your home more appealing with white:

  • The contrast between white walls and natural wood floors and trim is stunning. The walls appear to be receding, allowing the color and texture of the wood to be more prominent
  • When exhibited against a white background, collections of framed art and photos are given more emphasis. Give dated brick or stone fireplace surrounds and walls a new, contemporary appeal by painting them white
  • A monochrome, all-white space puts greater attention on texture, shape, and minute details than a more colorful one. Bead board paneling on the kitchen walls adds visual intrigue, and old bronze hardware on the kitchen cabinets creates a striking visual contrast. Boredom is kept at bay in an all-white area by the use of sculptural-shaped accessories and unconventional furniture profiles.

Beige Reflects Warmth and Comfort

For the inside walls of their homes, many designers and homeowners choose the warmer tones of beige as a welcoming backdrop. It’s summed up by interior designer Jane Lockhart as a color that “people discover they can live with over the long term,” a remark that emphasizes the versatility of beige, which effortlessly compliments a wide range of other colors.

Warm Beige

Kilim Beige Kilim Beige Kilim Beige Kilim Beige There are four different shades of beige featured on Neal’s Home Remodeling and Design Blog, with beige being named as one of the hottest interior colors of 2014 and being suggested for usage in houses with open floor plans. Kilim Beige by Sherwin-Williams is one of their favorite paint colors. This warm beige color has red overtones and is a good match for darker-toned woods such as cherry and mahogany since it is complementary to them.


Additionally, the color beige has taken on a new life when it is mixed with another popular neutral, the color gray. Sherwin-Accessible Williams’s Beige and Worldly Gray are two colors that Neal’s Design and Remodeling suggests for this new incarnation, which is known as “greige.”

More Great Beige Options

Ranging in color from light, off-whites to creamy caramels to dark, muted browns, beige is available in a broad variety of undertones that include yellow, green, and red undertones, among others. Two additional beige tones are included in Bob Vila’s list of the greatest neutrals selected by designers: Cinderblock

  • Cinderblock by Ralph Lauren is described as “extremely peaceful and attractive to the eye” by designer Myke Reilly. Warm Caramel from Glidden is a warm caramel color that, according to Glidden’s Director of Color Marketing Barbara Richardson, combines well with both classic and modern design trends.

Tips for Using Beige Paint

Discover some of the most creative ways to incorporate the color beige into your house.

  • Discover some of the most creative ways to use the color beige into your home decor scheme.

Sophisticated Gray

Gray is a hue that has a serious chance of overtaking white and beige as the most popular choice for interior walls in the near future. Gray has been heralded as the new white by the interior design blog1 Kindesign, and it has become one of the most popular go-to hues for designers. Gray is an excellent choice for a monochromatic-inspired decor where you want to “build shade atop shade.”

Blue and Green Grays

Dark grays with blue and green undertones are a lovely compliment to the brown tones of wood and leather furniture, as seen by the following designers’ selections from Bob Vila’s finest neutrals list and House Beautiful: Safari Vestand by Behr’s Magnetic Gray is a paint color by Sherwin-Williams. Pipes that lead to the ground

Dark Gray

Darker gray tones can be used to provide a feeling of formality to a room or to make a dramatic statement on a feature wall. Elegant vintage furniture and antiques look stunning on a dark gray background. Architect and designerLisa Mende provides good samples of charcoal gray paint hues, like FarrowBall’s Down Pipe, that would be appropriate for various uses.

Light Gray

Light gray softens interiors by giving the impression of a light misty mist or fog, which is ideal for providing a cooling effect in hot, southern regions or rooms with southern exposure.

Light gray is also a good choice for bringing color to the ceiling or for creating a quiet, soothing environment in the room. Gray is a must-have.

  • Kelly-San Moore’s Francisco Fog is the Director of Color Marketing for the company. According to Bob Vila’s list of fail-safe hues, Mary Lawlor always suggests this light, silvery gray to relatives and friends. According to designer Kerrie Kelly, Sherwin-Williams’ Essential Gray creates a clean and stylish backdrop for every room in the house

Tips for Using Gray Paint

Make the most of your favorite shades of gray in your house by following these expert advice on how to incorporate this hue into your decor:

  • The color columnist for Apartment Therapy and New York City painter Mark Chamberlain recommends to Real Simple readers that flat paint be used on walls instead of semi-gloss or high gloss paint in their homes. Any gorgeous gray you chose will otherwise appear like industrial metal—imagine a dumpster as a backdrop. “Gray truly covers imperfections,” he continues, contrasting with flat white wall paint, which he claims “is prone to showing smudges and fingerprints”
  • And Real Simple readers are advised to choose a creamy white paint for wall trim with both light and dark gray walls, such as Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, according to interior designer Erica Islas of Culver City, California, who notes that “stark white can seem too abrupt.” In another Real Simple piece, interior designer Jennifer Moore of New York City compares cool grays with blue undertones to a darkening sky before a storm by comparing them to the sky before a storm. Cool grays retain their vibrancy in a bright area, whilst certain grays appear drab in a dark one. When it comes to the bathroom, these serene, Zen-like tones are ideal for a crisp, clean appearance

Blue Is a Tried and True Favorite

The Huffington Post describes blue as a crowd-pleasing hue, recommending it as an excellent choice for individuals who want to branch out from neutrals. The Canadian paint firm Dulux Paints performed a worldwide poll on color preference in 2011 and discovered that blue was the most popular color option overall, according to Apartment Therapy magazine. According to the findings from 30 different nations, blue is the preferred color of 42 percent of males and 30 percent of girls worldwide, respectively.

Fashionable Blue Hues

Buxton Blue is a deep blue color. Interior decorating trends closely follow fashion trends, providing Cyndy Aldred, a fashion design specialist and DIY enthusiast, with professional knowledge and a trained eye for color palettes in the interior design field. Her guest article on the best-selling and most popular paint colors, which appears onRemodelaholic, includes three shades of blue in addition to the top-selling neutrals of white, gray, and beige as well as three shades of gray. Palladian Blue, Buxton Blue, and Van Courtland Blue are all Benjamin Moore paint colors.

Mixed Blues

Blue goes nicely with almost any type of wood tone, including dark and light. It’s a versatile hue that can be used in a variety of settings and flows well from one style to another. Colors like gray and green are used to create some of the most popular and best-selling blue colors. The grays shown on House Beautiful are subdued mixtures of blue and green, including FarrowBall’sGreen Blue, which is a favorite of the creative team.

Tips for Using Blue Paint

HGTVprovides the following professional tips on how to incorporate the color blue into your home decor:

  • Ed Ku, of Coffinier Ku Design, Ltd., recommends that HGTV viewers decorate with blue and orange in a space to create “a complementing intensity,” according to Ed.
  • Designer Andrew Suvalsky, who is also a lover of the blue and orange color combination, offers the following advice to HGTV viewers: “My natural instinct is to incorporate one earth tone or neutral hue into the design to make it more contemporary. Without an earth tone, everything from cream to beige to brown will feel more traditional, and blue color combinations will feel more traditional without an earth tone “in addition to this, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] When it comes to the kitchen, HGTV says that powder blue has a rustic feel to it and aqua has an invigorating effect. When choosing cabinet colors, richer tones like cobalt or navy should be considered.

Points Worth Remembering

It is not essential to have one of the most popular interior paint colors on your walls in order to have a beautiful palette; nevertheless, color harmony is required for this to happen. The key to creating a well-balanced appearance is to maintain the same saturation or strength of each hue. The way a paint color appears on your walls will always be influenced by the lighting and colors of the room in which it is used. Make use of painted sample boards to experiment with different color schemes in your house.

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