What Is The Best Color To Paint Interior For Resale

Best Paint Colors for Selling a House in 2021

The décor in your home has remained consistent throughout the years that you have lived there, reflecting your unique taste and preferences. Everything, however, changes when you decide to sell your home. You don’t want to live in a home that is uniquely yours anymore. You’ll need a home that’s neutral, one that potential buyers can see themselves in as their home. Depending on your situation, your Realtor will advise you on the many steps you may take to make your home less personal and more sellable.

This is in addition to decluttering, taking personal photographs off of the walls, and getting rid of superfluous furniture, among other things.

However, no matter how many nail holes you fill in with spackle, the one thing that potential homebuyers will notice is the color of the paint.

Is it visually appealing?

All of these are things that prospective homebuyers ask themselves when they come to look at your property.

Are you feeling a little lost?

You will get it right every time if you choose from our list of the finest paint colors for selling a property.

Be Careful with White

For a variety of reasons, white could appear to be the finest option. It’s light and neutral, and it has the effect of making a space appear larger. It’s also one of the top design trends for the year 2021. White, on the other hand, is a hue that is notoriously difficult to get precisely right. The availability of “pure” white paints is quite limited. There will be an undertone to almost every white, whether cold or warm, in some way. The icy undertones may make a space appear sterile and uninviting, making it feel frigid and unwelcoming.

Even if you are careful with the hue, white is a fantastic choice since it will make your property appear larger, brighter, and more desirable to potential buyers.

  • Benjamin Moore Simply White
  • Behr Snow Fall
  • Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
  • Benjamin Moore Simply White
  • Behr Snow

Stick to Neutrals

Neutrals are your best choice if you want to stay safe. A potential buyer may not like your precise shade of gray, but they will not feel compelled to paint over it in the same way they would if it were a different color, such as fuchsia. It is preferable if you are not selling your house as-is, because you want them to feel as if they can move in with zero to very little work. It is also important to allow potential buyers to envision their furnishings and home design in your property.

When the background is neutral, it is much easier for them to accomplish this. You might be able to locate a home buyer who shares your enthusiasm for orange, but the best interior paint colors for selling a property are neutrals that will appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers.

How many paint colors should I use?

As a general guideline, you should use as few colors as possible, even if they are all neutrals, to create a cohesive look. Using the same hue in more than one section of your home will help to create a more coherent overall look. It also gives the impression that your home is larger since there is a smooth transition from one area to the next. Furthermore, sticking to a single paint color can help you save money on paint prices because buying paint in bulk is far less expensive than purchasing many gallons of different colors separately.

If you have discrete rooms that are not part of the main living space, such as restrooms or bedrooms, you may add some variation by using a range of colors in those areas.

Which color should I choose?

Neutrals are the finest colors, but which one should you choose? Shades of greige are the most popular interior paint colors for selling a property in 2021, according to the widespread consensus. greige is a color combination of gray and beige that is more sophisticated than an old-fashioned beige while also being more welcoming than a dark gray, according to the manufacturer.

  • Valspar Smoked Oyster
  • Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray
  • Benjamin Moore Cedar Key
  • Valspar Smoked Oyster

The classic gray color is also a nice neutral, especially in a darker shade like pewter. To make it more intriguing and less formal, use a gray with a blue undertone as the primary color. You may simply match this hue with blue touches in the design (throw cushions, artwork), which appeals to both masculine and feminine customers.

  • Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
  • Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray
  • Benjamin Moore Anonymous

Beige is not as fashionable as the gray/greige hues that are now in vogue, but it is a popular option for neutrals nonetheless. For homebuyers, it is a safe hue to pick since it is one that they are confident they will be able to paint over if they so desire.

  • Accessible Beige by Sherwin-Williams
  • Magnolia Home Soft Linen by Magnolia Home
  • The Spruce Best Home Macrame Beige by The Spruce Best Home

Painting Smaller Areas

You may also paint smaller rooms in a range of hues to add interest and variation to the space. The use of neutrals is usually a safe decision, but you may also have some fun with other colors.


It is possible to make a smaller space, such as a bathroom or laundry room, appear brighter and more spacious by painting it a pale blue color, such as sky blue. Avoid using white in the bathroom – on average, properties with white bathrooms sold for $4,035 less.

  • Painting using FarrowBall Borrowed Light, Sherwin-Williams Atmospheric, Sherwin-Williams Moonmist, and other colors.


The kitchen, which serves as the center of the home, is a great place to experiment with paint or accent colors. A light, almost neutral green (such as mint or soft sage) is a terrific way to brighten up a kitchen without overpowering it. Alternatively, a white or gray neutral might be used as a safe bet.

  • Among the colors used are Benjamin Moore Limesicle, Sherwin-Williams Mint Condition, FarrowBall Cooking Apple Green, and others.

When agents compete for your business, you win. Use an UpNest Agent to ensure that you have the appropriate paint finishes.

Choosing the Right Finish

After you’ve chosen your paint color, you’ll need to decide on the type of finish you want. The majority of paints are available in three different finishes: gloss, satin, and eggshell.

Manufacturers will occasionally include different sheens, such as semi-gloss or matte, in their products. Generally speaking, the glossier the paint, the simpler it is to wipe clean, making it the greatest choice for high-traffic areas or places that tend to become dirty more frequently.

  • Glossy Finish: This finish is ideal for high-traffic areas of the house such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Finish with a satin sheen (a very small gloss): suitable for big, heavily trafficked spaces such as a living room. Eggshell Finish (nearly matte): This finish is best suited for bedrooms and other places that aren’t very crowded.

Don’t Forget the Trim

Painting the walls is a good start, but you need go a step further to make your space truly unique. It is necessary to paint the trim in order to make your project truly stand out. Trim refers to everything that isn’t part of the real walls, such as crown molding, baseboard, and the frames of doors and windows. Colors that work best for them are generally a brilliant white with a gloss or shine to them. If you painted your walls white, use a different shade of white (with a distinct undertone) for the trim so that it still stands out from the rest of the room.

  1. Choosing the right color for your home may be difficult; however, a competent real estate agent can provide vital guidance.
  2. Our free service will link you with 3-5 of the most successful real estate brokers in your area.
  3. Paint your home in neutral or earthy tones to make it more appealing to potential buyers, however you may choose white, beiges, greys, or even off-white hues if you want to stand out from the crowd.
  4. In addition, you should avoid using white in the restroom.
  5. According to industry experts, blue is the most resale-friendly hue in general.
  6. White is frequently seen as monotonous, and it might detract from the value of some rooms.

26 of the Best Paint Colors for Selling a House (Interior and Exterior!)

In our minds, a world in which every real estate transaction is straightforward, certain, and rewarding is what we are working toward. As a result, we strive to maintain high standards of journalistic integrity in all of our postings. Even the most well-appointed and immaculate home may suffer if the wrong paint color is chosen for the outside. A burgundy bedroom, a green kitchen, or a pink nursery will undoubtedly become a home’s calling card, since purchasers prefer to recall houses by their defects or eccentricities rather than their aesthetic appeal.

Photograph courtesy of (Pixabay / Pexels)

Rules of thumb: Painting before you sell

In order to better understand the best paint colors, let’s first discuss some fundamental guidelines to keep in mind while picking paint colors:

99% of the time, choose one neutral color

Every real estate agent lives by the mantra “neutral, neutral, neutral.” In terms of consumer appeal, neutral colors are the most versatile, since they complement a broad range of interior design color palettes and styles.

Neutral color schemes are the most popular with buyers, according to HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Report for Q1 2020, which polled 98 percent of the top agents in the country.

Commit to an undertone

Every paint color has an undertone, which can be chilly, neutral, or warm depending on the hue. Generally, cool hues have a foundation that’s somewhat blue, green, or violet, whereas warmer tones have a foundation that’s slightly red, orange, or yellow in color. A neutral color scheme achieves the ideal balance between warm and cold tones and textures. Warm undertones in paint colors create a cheerful and inviting ambiance by magnifying the impression of natural light. Cool-toned paints, on the other hand, provide a relaxing, modern atmosphere.

‘If you have any type of cold hue on the flooring, or a more yellow-y gray tone on the walls, we urge folks to paint the walls a really, really light gray,’ says Knapp, who adds that lighter interior colours, regardless of tone, tend to sell better.

The same guidelines apply to the outside of your house; you want to select an undertone that complements the hardscape or accent materials that are already in place.

Follow neighborhood trends

If you’re in doubt, check out recent home listings online to see what’s hot in your neighborhood at the moment. Which colors are the most often used? Keep in mind that adhering to neighborhood standards is not about keeping up with the Joneses; rather, it is about harmonizing with styles that appeal to your target buyer pool. A traditional color scheme that complements the architecture, for example, will likely be appreciated by buyers shopping in a historic neighborhood full of well-maintained colonials.

(Photo courtesy of Malte Luk / Pexels)

Best paint colors for selling a house by room (interior)

Fortunately, painting your home is a simple and inexpensive approach to increase the marketability and resale value of your property. Painting essential interior areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, according to Consumer Reports, may increase your sale price by 1 percent to 3 percent, while upgrading your home’s exterior can increase your sale price by 2 percent to 5 percent. Our paint color choosing method took into account information from HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights Reports and other reliable surveys, as well as a comparison of colours that have gained popularity in the blogosphere.

Pamella Knapp, a top real estate agent in Portage, Michigan, gives recommendations based on her expertise selling properties 53 percent faster than the average agent in the city. She can help you pull off one of our picked hues in your home.

Keep it consistent

When it comes to choosing paint colors for your home’s interior, Knapp believes that less is more. For the key living rooms, such as the living room, family room, entrance, dining room, and kitchen, select a single neutral paint color to be used throughout the house. We recommend that you use a lighter shade. For enough contrast and enhanced space size, choose a color that is at least two shades lighter or darker than your flooring. Instead of a second paint shade, add additional floor lamps and brighter bulbs to rooms that receive less natural light than others: “Most people don’t want their house to be super, super bright on a day-to-day basis, but when you’re ready to sell, it’s really wise to get much brighter bulbs in every light if you feel that your house is a little dark.” “Even the smallest actions may have a significant influence,” Knapp explains.

Common areas: Living room, dining room, and hallways

When in question about whether to go with gray or beige, go with gray. According to a recent poll conducted by HomeLight, 79 percent of top agents said that gray paint colors are more popular in their market than beige and white tones. For homes with hardwood floors, wood trim, or architectural styles (such as Spanish and Mediterranean), consider a shade of beige or one from the legendary “greige” family, which is a blend of gray and white.

Best gray paints:

  1. Agreeable Sherwin-Williams Grayby Sherwin-Williams: According to a recent poll conducted by HomeLight, this softly cool hue was voted the number one paint color by real estate professionals. It is light enough to compliment any interior while being saturated enough to make a difference. Benjamin Moore’s Abalone paint color is described as follows: Because Abalone is a light, neutral gray, it goes nicely with a broad variety of interior colors and wood treatments. Sherwin-Williams’ Silverpointe paint color is described as follows: A cool silver tone that gives rooms a sleek appearance, Silver Point is named for the city in which it is found.

Best beige paints:

  1. Beige that is easily accessible Sherwin-Williams has created the following color: This colour differs from typical beige in that it has a grey undertone, which prevents it from emitting the dreaded yellow tinge when exposed to natural light. Kilim Beige: This warm beige has more brown and orange undertones than yellow, making it a great choice for ranch and Tuscan design houses.

Other paint options:

  1. ‘Penthouse’ by Clare is a pale greige that is one of the designer’s most popular neutral hues. Penthouse strikes a delicate balance between cold and warm, resulting in a stylish and airy environment. Canvas Tanby Sherwin-Williams is a painter who lives in New York City. Using this tan hue will make you feel smooth, fresh, and bright. Its warm undertone lends radiance to a room while also complimenting a broad range of other wood stains.
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(Photo courtesy of La Miko / Pexels)


Paint the walls of your kitchen the same color as the other common spaces in your home, but using distinct tones for the cabinets and the island to create depth and perspective. Whenever in doubt, Knapp advises choosing white cabinetry: “White is global, and people adore white.” This will be quite challenging if you decide to paint the cabinets on your own. Because paint does not attach naturally to wood cabinets, there is a great deal of work to be done. So I really want to advise you to avoid doing it unless you’re very experienced.” Paint your kitchen island in a bright color such as navy, gray, or a pastel blue to add a splash of personality.

Repainting an island is significantly less difficult than repainting cabinets.

Best white paint colors for the cabinets:

  1. ‘Linen White’ by Benjamin Moore is a timeless, creamy white that complements warm wood floors. Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist is a warm gray. Gray Mist is a somewhat gray-toned white that is a gentler alternative to starker colors of white
  2. It is available in two sizes. Joanna Gaines’ Carter Crèmeby Magnolia is a beautiful example of a traditional style. This antique white cabinet finish is ideal for farmhouse kitchens because it lends a touch of rural charm to the cabinets.

Best island accent colors:

  1. A subdued blue with a little green undertone, Benjamin-Newburyport Moore’s Blue is a best-seller in the company’s Historical Collection. Sherwin-Williams Navalby Sherwin-Williams: Sherwin-Williams added a regal touch to this deep navy. The color of the year for 2020 is blue
  2. In a kitchen that is generally neutral, this gray-blue paint hue from Behr offers just the perfect amount of color. Sherwin-Williams’ Dovetail Gray is a warm gray with a hint of blue. Dark enough to offer contrast against white cabinets while being light enough to preserve a big, open sense, this warmer toned gray is a great choice. Using Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal (a deep, yet neutral gray), you can make a statement against white trim and cabinets.

Powder room

In order to add some individuality to the powder room or guest bathroom, sellers can choose to either use the same paint color as the rest of the house or use a different color entirely for a more modern look. Accent powder rooms are increasingly popular, even in more conventional houses, since they allow you to incorporate a bright color or wallpaper into the space. To participate, Knapp advises using a paint or wallpaper that is still somewhat neutral and buyer-friendly, with metallic embellishments, and a neutral base coat or wallpaper.

Best paint colors for accent powder rooms:

  1. In this confused gray-blue with a dash of lavender, Behr achieves a balance between masculine and feminine energy
  2. Black Sapphireby Behr: Clare’s Headspace (in her own words): Its soothing, blue-green hue illuminates small powder rooms and complements light, white décor
  3. Headspace is available in two sizes. ‘Antique Tinby Behr’ is a deeper, cool charcoal colour that contrasts beautifully with white tile for a neutral yet striking finish.

Primary and secondary bedrooms

In order to maximize a seller’s budget, Knapp recommended that they paint their bedrooms in the same neutral hue as their living and dining spaces. Individuals are often the most forgiving in bedrooms, since in bedrooms, people are more likely to want to harmonize with their bedding than they are in living rooms or family rooms, according to the author. Inquire with your real estate agent about making a final selection on the color of your bedrooms.

In certain cases, the expense of painting may outweigh the benefits of increased marketability – however this is unlikely to be the case if you’re repainting to cover up lime green paint or dinosaur wallpaper! (Photo courtesy of Binyamin Mellish / Pexels)

Best paint colors for selling a house (exterior)

Let’s move on to the outside now that your interior is looking so good. “We see a lot of dark colors, so I think darker on the outside is the trend right now—dark with white trim—but, that trends in and out all the time,” says Knapp, who adds that it’s more important to find a fairly neutral shade that blends in with the neighborhood. You don’t want to have a house that is exactly the same color as your neighbors.” If you want to add some color to your home, Knapp suggests painting your front door a bright hue.

Furthermore, if a consumer does not like the hue, it is reasonably inexpensive and simple to alter.

Best gray exterior paint colors:

  1. Color of the Month: Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore: Iron Mountain is a deeper gray-brown that adds warmth to any façade. Colors by Flannel Grayby Behr: This medium gray leans is both cold and welcoming at the same time. Slate Pebbleby PPG (Professional Gamer’s Guild): Slate Pebble is a warmer gray with an oaky undertone that complements hardscapes with brownish-black tones particularly well.

Best taupe exterior paint colors:

  1. ‘Sparrow’ by Benjamin Moore is the ideal combination of rich brown and deep gray for a deeper but yet warm exterior
  2. In the case of the Valspar paint color, Coastal Villa, it is a medium-light brown that looks great with white or black trim. Creek Bendby Behr: A medium to light gray-taupe hue that is somewhat cooler than Coastal Villa
  3. Creek Bend is a medium to light gray-taupe shade

Best white exterior paint colors:

  1. White from Sherwin-Williams is a warm white that goes well with houses that have wood elements. Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is a warm white with a hint of gray. White Dove is a delicate white with a tinge of warm gray that is neither too stark nor too creamy
  2. It is a well-balanced off-white that is neither too stark nor too creamy.

Seal the sale with fresh paint where it counts

When it comes to selling your property, you can’t go wrong with these paint colors since they are fresh, neutral, and inviting. Keep in mind that you should test your selected colors on a small area of skin before purchasing by the gallon of paint. Image used for the header credit: (Aри равина / Unsplash)

Best Interior Paint Colors for Selling a House: Making Your House Sell

When someone walk into your home for the first time, the color of your walls may either give them a poor first impression or leave them feeling impressed by your classic simplicity. So, what are the finest interior paint colors to use when trying to sell your home? Flaws or traits that stick out in a bad way are frequently what buyers recall about a house they have seen at after they have left. Having purchasers describe your home as “that house with the Pepto pink bedroom” or “that house with the horrible orange wall in the basement” is not what you want them to say about your property.

Fortunately, painting is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective methods to update your property and make it more marketable.

Tips from the Pros on How to Spackle a Wall

Neutral Tones

The vast majority of realtors and interior designers think that neutral tones are always a winner when it comes to choosing the finest interior paint colors for selling a home. People of all ages and ethnicities find neutral hues appealing, and they work well with a variety of color palettes. Potential buyers will be able to see themselves living in your property if you use neutral colors throughout. For decades, they have been a popular choice with customers. The idea is to select an undertone that complements your furniture, flooring, and window treatments, among other things.

Warm Undertones

  • Colors with a warm undertone are created by starting with a red, yellow, or orange base color. Beige, tan, and cream are warm neutrals that are incredibly versatile and may be used in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, warm tones appeal to many people since they are friendly, comfortable, and uplifting. Natural light is enhanced by the use of warm undertoned colors, which are frequently linked with vitality and a sense of fun. Warm tones are a fantastic choice if you want to make a space appear larger than it actually is.

Cool Undertones

  • Cool hues have a base color that is in the blue, purple, or even green family of colors. These cold tones are calming and peaceful, and they add to a sleek and serene atmosphere. cooler colors, which are popular in bedrooms and baths, have the ability to make a tiny area appear much larger.

Neutral Undertones

  • As a great blend of warm and cool tones, neutral colours are found in the center of the spectrum between the two. Colors such as white and grey can have undertones that are either colder or warmer depending on the situation. Increase the amount of yellow for warmth and the amount of blue for chilly


In selecting the finest interiorpaintcolors for selling a house, interior decorators recommend choosing a color and sticking with it across the entire property, according to the experts.

To maintain consistency throughout your home, choose the same neutral color for all connected living rooms, including the foyer. The uniformity of the painted area will provide the impression of more openness and spaciousness.


Don’t forget to consider the effect that lighting will have on your interior walls while designing your space. Have you ever finished painting a room only to discover that the finished product is a long cry from the hue you had in mind? This has everything to do with the sort of lighting that is currently present in your space. For example, when you are painting the walls with the color of your choosing during daytime hours, the swatch may appear dusty blue. However, after the sun sets and the natural light begins to wane, your walls may begin to seem gray.

The ideal color for a dark corridor with little natural light will be one that works well with artificial lighting, while the best color for a room with plenty of natural light and windows will be one that reflects natural light.

However, when it comes to selling your house, the lighter the better.

Best House Paint Colors

In terms of selecting the most popular interior paint colors for the purpose of selling your home, there are an almost limitless number of possibilities. You may always look at what’s popular in your local area to get some inspiration if you’re having trouble deciding between a plethora of shades. Look at current property postings in your neighborhood to get a sense of what kind of properties buyers are interested in, and then weigh your possibilities.

Go Gray

Shades of gray are without a doubt the most popular interior colors this year, especially in the bedroom. Gray is the most popular neutral hue since it is neither black nor white, because it is neither black nor white. Cool colors have supplanted neutrals like beige and brown, which were formerly popular choices. Dark gray is a very flexible color that may be used in almost any home design scheme. It looks fantastic when combined with other popular neutrals like beige, taupe, cream, or white.

It is now admired for its ability to provide flair to any home décor style.

Wonderful White

White, in all of its different tones and colors, will always be regarded as a classic color that is ageless. There’s a solid reason why it’s one of the most popular basic interiors. White provides a fresh start for prospective purchasers and gives any area a clean, well-kept appearance. Because it is neutral, it will go with any style you choose to wear it. Even while white is a timeless color, it isn’t necessarily the greatest option for every area. Using a darker hue in areas of your house that are heavily trafficked or where children will be playing can help to hide dirt and scuff marks far better than using a lighter color.

One of the most significant advantages of white tones is their capacity to reflect light, making any room look larger and more brightly illuminated. White is a light and airy color that works well in both bedrooms and kitchens.

Pale Blue

Pale blue is a soothing and gentle color that is making waves in the world of popular interior colors. However, despite the fact that blue is not considered a genuine neutral, pale blue is still adaptable and subtle enough to be popular with homebuyers. Pale blue is a great color for bathrooms and tiny areas because it goes well with brick, shiplap, and dazzling white molding and trim.

Best Time of Year to Paint a House

Keep this in mind while choosing on the optimum time to paint your home: timing is everything. Most of the time, we believe that the summer is the best season to renovate our homes. While this might be accurate for the most of the time, you must take into account the unique climate of where you reside. It is possible that high humidity levels in some regions will cause issues, particularly if there is an excessive amount of water vapor in the air. As a result, the paint’s ability to adhere is reduced, making it more difficult to spread uniformly over the surface.

Humidity levels are at their lowest during the winter.

Summer is a popular painting season for many homes, and as a result, painting professionals are in great demand throughout the hotter months.

House Color Ideas by Room

Consider the finish of a room before deciding on a color for that space. The reflectivity and durability of particular finishes may have an impact on the color you choose to use. For your kitchen and bedroom, choose a high-gloss finish, and for your living room, use a satin finish. Eggshell is a good choice for bedrooms. Glossy finishes are ideal for high-traffic areas where dirt and smudges are likely to emerge since they are extremely easy to clean with a damp cloth.


Choose a color that is bright and airy, especially one that is consistent with the other common spaces in your home, to make your kitchen feel light and airy. You may create depth by painting your island and cabinets a little different color than the rest of the room. When it comes to cabinets in the present market, you can’t go wrong with white cabinetry.

Powder Room

You may have a bit more fun with the powder room or guest bath, and you can deviate from the color scheme used in the main living rooms. Make an effort to be original and bring some personality to the table. But be careful not to get carried away. A buyer-friendly atmosphere is required even in the guest bathroom, which is why colors such as sage green or light blue are advised.

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Common Areas

Your living room, dining room, and corridors are all examples of common rooms.

For these areas, we recommend a neutral color such as gray, beige, or white. A neutral natural colour that isn’t too harsh or too dark will appeal to a wide range of purchasers while maintaining uniformity in appearance.


In ideal circumstances, all of your common areas and bedrooms should be painted in the same hue to avoid confusion. If this isn’t a possibility, it isn’t the end of the world, as some believe. Buyers are often the most tolerant when it comes to bedrooms because they tend to be more personal in nature. However, it is best not to go overboard with color and brightness in our bedrooms, which should be a haven of peace and relaxation.

Conclusion on Best Interior Paint Colors for Selling a House

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2021 Best Interior Paint Colors to Sell Your House – HomeAdvisor

Interior Paint Color Best For
Whites and light neutrals Small rooms, kitchens, selling your home
Blues Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms
Reds, Oranges, Yellows Kitchens, accent walls
Greens Kitchens
Pinks Foyers, dressing rooms, bedrooms
Earthy tones Living rooms, selling your home

When choosing the ideal paint color for the interior walls or ceilings of your home, consider how it will compliment your design. When utilized strategically, painted walls may become the focal point of a space.

On This Page:

  1. Best Paint Color for the Interior of the Whole House
  2. Best Paint Color for the Finish of Each Room
  1. Choosing the Best Accent Color to Paint Inside the House
  2. Popular Interior House Colors
  3. Best Paint Colors for Selling A House: Interior Walls
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

The Best Paint Color for the Whole House Interior

Generally speaking, the most popular paint colors to utilize in every area of your house are neutral hues such as gray, beige, and white. During the process of picking paint samples, consider the following questions:

  • Does it have a welcoming and warm vibe about it? Does it feel chilly or monotonous to you? Is it possible to see the former color underneath?

Fortunately, there are numerous neutral hues that may be used to create a pleasant atmosphere in your house, even if they are typically considered chilly. As an example, consider the color greige, which is a warm shade of gray that is more similar to beige than it is to blue. Consult with your painter about the following good options:

  • Valspar’s Smoked Oyster
  • Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter
  • Sherwin-Williams’ Dorian Gray
  • And more paint colors

Neutral colors are also quite adaptable; for example, you can combine any color couch with a white living room wall and any color dining set with a beige kitchen interior. Neutral colors are generally inexpensive. During an open house, home buyers can more readily visualize their décor in a neutral room than they can in a chartreuse room that they would have to repaint if they bought the house in the first place. When you paint the whole interior of your home in the same neutral tone, you save money since you can buy in bulk and save money.

Also of note, popular wooden furniture and embellishments, such as crown moldings, benches, and floating shelves, go well with neutral hues. Popular wall fixtures such as iron sconces and antique brass lamps complement gray, white, and beige color schemes as well.

Best Paint ColorFinish by Room

Before you choose your color, think about the finish you want. It is possible that the reflection of light from the paint will influence your decision. Keep in mind that a glossy finish is ideal for high-traffic areas or surfaces that are quickly dirty, such as kitchen walls, because it is extremely easy to wipe clean.

  • For kitchens and bathrooms, a high-gloss finish is recommended. For the living area, choose a satin finish. Consider using an eggshell finish in your bedroom.

Living Room

For your living area, neutral hues such as gray or gentle blue are the most appropriate choices. Earthy tones like as beige and off-white are particularly popular since they are simple to repaint if you wish to modify your home later.


Choose a green color for your kitchen to make it appear more open and fresh. This energizing color may be found in a variety of shades ranging from mild sage to avocado green. Alternatively, a white wall might be used to complement brilliant clover green cabinetry or mint green tile backsplashes in the kitchen. Other vibrant hues, such as canary yellow, blood orange, and chili red, provide a youthful atmosphere to your kitchen.


The color blue is the most attractive in a bathroom. To make your bathroom look more spacious, choose lighter colors like as powder blue or FarrowBall’s Borrow Light to make it appear larger. If you’ve decided on a darker tone, such as Obsidian blue, add gold accessories to the room, such as brass-framed mirrors, to bring the space together. Shower curtains and bath towels with patterned designs are a great way to bring this serene hue to life.


Blue bedroom walls have been scientifically shown to help you sleep better and for longer periods of time. Aside from promoting a restful night’s sleep, this hue creates a calming atmosphere for your downtime. For example, the Sherwin Williams Atmospheric blue paint suggests ethereal skies that reflect natural light during the day yet help you relax at night by calming your mind and relaxing your body. Wisp by Benjamin Moor Gray is a blue-green alternative that is as beautiful. It’s light enough to allow you to focus on your thoughts while still providing just enough color for your minimalist haven.

While still as vibrant as hot pink, deep dusty pink is a touch more elegant and sophisticated.

Best Accent Color to Paint Inside the House

In both bedrooms and living spaces, the color blue is one of the most popular accent colors. Select an accent color that is both basic and bold enough to create a visually arresting statement in the appropriate room. Smaller rooms with bright red accents such as libraries, closets, and pantries are popular selections for bright reds such as tulip and chili pepper. Refreshing oranges like as basketball and papaya add a splash of color to kitchens and feature walls. Furthermore, greens may be used to create a relaxing atmosphere in living spaces.

Solid accent walls may be broken up with artwork, portraits, and mirrors that are carefully placed.

Find a qualified interior painter in your area to get started on your next interior decorating job. If you want to stage and sell your house, use accent colors in detachable things such as plants, furniture, knick-knacks, and storage solutions to draw attention to them.

Popular Interior House Colors

Classic interior hues such as beige, gray, and white, as well as warm, earthy tones, are quite popular. Blush pink, genuine blue, and soft pastels are some of the most popular and relaxing hues for interior design. More trendy options may be found by looking at the paint colors of the year.

Best Interior Paint Colors for Selling a House

Neutral hues and earthy tones are the ideal paint colors to choose when trying to sell your property. Warm beige, light gray, off-white bordering on yellow, and white are the colors to look for. To paint the walls of your kitchen, use a light blue or gray color. According to the findings of the research, homes with this color kitchen sold for over $2,000 more than those with white-walled kitchens. If you’re searching for a professional paint job, you may want to know how much it would cost to hire a painter so that you can figure out what will work best with your budget.


House painting typically costs between $1,960 and $2,750 on average. To receive an estimate for the cost of painting your home or room, please see our interior paint cost page.

What is a paint finish?

The sheen of a paint’s finish relates to how reflective it is. The finish also has an impact on the endurance of the paint, so if you’re intending on painting your entire house, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the different types of paint finishes. Here are some interior painting concerns and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

How can I mix and match colors for a room?

Inside-design professionals recommend using darker hues for lower-level elements of a space, such as baseboard trim, more neutral colors for the walls, and lighter colors for the ceiling. As a result, this color scheme is particularly suitable for tiny areas with low ceilings, as the lighter paint above opens up the space.

The best paint colors for selling a house – interior designers advise

In your search for the best paint colors for selling a house quickly, you may be shocked to learn that white is not among the top choices. While many realtors and home flippers will tell you that house buyers like a blank canvas and that white is a failsafe color choice, it is also true that white does not always work as a decorating choice. What purchasers are looking for in a house is a sense of spaciousness and joy — they want to be able to envisage themselves happily residing in the property.

As a result, we consulted interior designers and a color psychologist to determine which colors promote pleasure and spaciousness — and which colors do not.

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What is the best color for resale?

MazarineAbsolute ‘Little Greene’ by Matt Emulsion. (Photo courtesy of Little Greene.) According to the experts, blue is the greatest color to use when selling a home. Blue isn’t typically thought of as a neutral hue, but it is the color of the sky and the oceans, and it has the capacity to open up a room much more than white, giving the impression of a larger area. “Blue recedes,” says Annie Sloan, a color and paint specialist, “eliminating the sense of horizons and giving the illusion of boundless space.” Furthermore, it is an invigorating, contemplative color that stimulates us to take deep breaths in and out, in turn producing both a psychological and spiritual feeling of space, in addition to the physical illusion of space.

In the words of David Mottershead, MD of Little Greene, “blue is a very appealing color for those living in the northern hemisphere, where the light intensifies the blue pigment.” However, because “the blue spectrum is broad,” it is important to get the hue just right.

Consider the following:Decorating with blue– a fresh take on this cool, contemporary color

Choosing the right shade for selling

Little Greene’s Grey Stone was used to paint the bathroom. (Photo courtesy of Little Greene.) The color of your property should be chosen with the intention of selling it in mind. Not all colors of blue can be used to produce warmth and optimism, so be selective when choosing your paint color. According to environmental psychologist Lee Chambers, “this color may be relaxing and can help you feel confident.” Certain colors, like grey, might, nevertheless, elicit feelings of coldness and despondency in the viewer.’ (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Gooch.)

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Despite the fact that dark and chilly colors such as navy blue are now fashionable, they are not the ideal choice if you want to impress potential customers. If you want to use blue, David Mottershead recommends choosing ‘lively and stimulating colours,’ or ‘neutral blues that are not too green or violet,’ since ‘they are all just appealing.’ In other words, don’t be afraid to use bright colors if they help to brighten up the space; nevertheless, avoid using gloomy or chilly colors because this aesthetic isn’t for everyone.

Anna Cottrell is the Consumer Editor for all of Future Plc’s Home publications.

She is a writer who focuses on interior design, real estate, and gardening.

Best Paint Colors For Selling a House in 2022

In the year 2022, do you intend to sell your residence? When it comes to selling your house, choosing paint colors that appeal to buyers may make a significant difference in the perceived worth of your property and the speed with which it sells.

Getting Ready to Sell

When it comes to selling your home, one thing is certain: it is not about you. No matter what your decorating style is, one thing is certain: it is not about you. Decluttering your home, deleting family photographs, and maintaining a neutral, light, and bright color palette throughout will go a long way toward assisting you in selling your property. When completing these duties, the first item on your to-do list should be determining the ideal paint colors to utilize when selling your home. As for paint colors, I can tell you that neutral tones are always the greatest choice.

Because prospective buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in your home.

They provide a neutral backdrop against which potential buyers may imagine their items in your house, allowing you to sell faster.

While some individuals may still want to repaint their homes to match their own preferences, many new homeowners will not be able to afford to do so at this time.

By painting the walls a light hue, they may be certain that their furniture and current décor pieces will more than likely fit into their new house as well.

Home Staging Paint Colors 2022

Simple gray or greige paint colors should be used in your home, as opposed to a more complex palette. Gray paint colors have tended to be colder in recent years, but in 2022, more homeowners are opting for somewhat warmer grays or “greige” paint colors, which are becoming increasingly popular. These warmer neutrals help to keep the walls warm while yet retaining a light and airy atmosphere. You may have noticed a recent trend in interior design toward white walls, but most home stagers and decorators (including me) will warn you against following this trend.

  • White paint colors have a wide range of undertones, and choosing the wrong hue might cause serious damage to your home’s appearance.
  • As a matter of fact, when we purchased our home in 2015, it had been painted from floor to ceiling in an off-white paint hue.
  • It had been on the market for several months before we were able to visit it; fortunately, I am able to look past what is on the walls, but many potential purchasers are unable.
  • It is now considered to be uninteresting and out of date, therefore it is preferable to avoid it as much as possible.
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How Many Paint Colors To Choose?

If your house is primarily open plan, I recommend choosing a single color for the walls and a single shade of white for the trim and painting the whole room with that color and white. As a result, the space has a coherent and cohesive feel, which is vital when evaluating resale value. Not only that, but because you can buy the paint in quantity, it will be a little less expensive in the long run. Any area that is enclosed by a door, such as restrooms, offices, bedrooms, and children’s rooms, can be painted in a different color if you so like.

Decor and accessories should be kept to a bare minimum if you are also staging your property for sale.

The Best Shades of Paint For Staging A Home To Sell

Gray Living Room viaKristen KGDesigns, which is really agreeable. Agreeable Gray is a neutral paint color that appears gray in certain lighting and greige in others. It is now one of the most popular paint colors. Because it contains just a few undesirable undertones, it is ideal for use in an open floor plan.

Many professional home stagers believe it to be the ideal neutral. Because of its warmth, it is suitable for use with both light and dark flooring, as well as with a wide range of furniture and design styles.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Gray Entryway with a sense of calm Sherwin-Williams’ warm gray is one of my personal favorites. Repose Gray is a grayer shade than Agreeable Gray, but it has just enough warmth to keep it from feeling too chilly in the winter. Alternatively, if you want something a little lighter, try applying this hue at half its strength for a really bright and airy appearance.

Behr Silver Drop

Before and after photos of the family room taken from the studio A gray on the lighter side of the spectrum, McGeeBehr’s Silver Drop provides just enough warmth to keep you from feeling cold in the coldest of weather. Light enough to be able to bounce bright about the room and works just as well with light-toned flooring and furniture as it does with dark-toned floors and furniture.


When it comes to resale value, these blue-gray paint hues are particularly effective in bathrooms. Make a decision on one color for the entire house and stay with it. Alternatively, if you’re simply trying to update your bathroom, these colors are quite attractive, tranquil, and relaxing. The Behr Reflecting Pool is a beautiful piece of landscaping. Jenna Sue Design Co. provided the inspiration for this bathroom makeover. Sherwin Williams is a paint manufacturer. Sodium chloride (sea salt) Bless’er House provides a guest bathroom.

Moments of peace and quiet The Beach House Bathroom, courtesy of the House of Turquoise

The Best Exterior Paint Colors For Resale Value

Interior designer Caitlyn Davidian, NCIDQ, RID, who serves on the advisory board for House Life Digest, advises that painting the outside of your home is a good approach to capture the attention of potential buyers in 2022 if you are planning to sell your home in that year. “Bright whites and dark charcoals will be prominent in the design world in 2022, and it appears that they will be here to stay. These paints have a tendency to offer the property an updated outside appearance by bringing all of the architectural aspects together “.

When we sold our first house, we painted the outside a dark blue/gray color that drastically transformed the appearance of the property.

Make exterior color options depending on the design of the home, the climate of the location, and the landscape in the immediate vicinity.

The ability to make a house stand out is desirable; however, standing out like a sore thumb is not.

Colors for Front Doors That Stand Out from the Crowd viaBHGA It will help potential buyers remember your property, and it will be a quick and simple process for them to complete if they decide to repaint it in the future.

What is the Best Front Door Color To Sell Your Home?

In 2022, the color black will continue to be the most popular choice for front doors. A black door is a popular choice among homeowners. It complements the majority of house types and is a safe and traditional choice that will never go out of fashion.

What Paint Sheen Should I Use?

Choosing the appropriate paint sheen can often be a matter of personal preference. For the most part, if your walls are not in pristine condition, are textured, or have recently been repaired, a matte sheen would be a good decision. The shine of matte paint is minimal, but it is more wipeable and cleanable than the gloss of a flat finish. The fact that there is little to no shine means that it is not reflecting, which means that any defects in the wall are considerably less noticeable. Your walls will be smooth and flawless in appearance.

Trim, doors, and moldings are all subject to the same principles.

It conceals flaws in the wood and gives it a more contemporary appearance.

Colors to Avoid For Resale

Using data from over 135,000 properties and their paint colors, the real estate website Zillow determined which colors assisted in selling homes more quickly, or for a higher price. Here’s what their database indicates are the colors to stay away from:

  • Kitchens: On average, kitchens painted yellow sold for $820 less than their white counterparts. Bathrooms: Bathrooms painted in white sold for $4,035 less than those painted in other colors. Bedrooms: On average, bedrooms painted in pink sold for $208 less than rooms painted in other colors. Living Rooms: The living room is the one location where you should avoid the blues. Homes with blue living rooms sold for an average of $820 less than those without. Continue to use blue accessories (throw pillows, etc.) since customers adore them.

Final Thoughts

According to research, painting your property before placing it on the market might be key to selling it more quickly and for a greater price than it otherwise would. But don’t get caught up in the details. I’ve done the research for you and know which paint colors are the most effective for selling your home. It is more probable that potential homebuyers will be able to visualize their furniture and possessions in your home as long as you choose a light, neutral paint color that will be cheerful and inviting.

Best Interior Paint Colors for Selling Your House in 2021

If you’re selling your home, choosing the proper interior paint colors may have a significant impact on both the initial interest purchasers have in your home and the amount of money you receive for it. The appropriate paint colors might result in extra money in your bank account. You might lose money if you choose the incorrect ones. Here’s everything you need to know about selecting the best paint colors for your home.

Should I paint my house before selling it?

Yes. Adding new paint to your home is a quick and very inexpensive method to make it appear newer, cleaner, and more well-maintained. Paint that is dirty or scuffed on the walls or trim may detract from the resale value of your house. However, it is not just the state of the paint on your walls that has an impact on the value of your property. A new coat of paint in the proper hue may increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers. If you’ve recently repainted and all of your painted surfaces are in excellent condition, but your color selections are out of the ordinary (hello, parakeet green bedroom), you might consider repainting before selling your home.

What colors should I avoid?

Avoid using harsh or vivid colors if you want to achieve the best price. Unfortunately, the market does not often reward those that use their imagination and boldness when selecting colors. A buyer needs to be able to envision their furniture and decor in your home, and if your home is painted in highly personal colors — such as, for example, a foyer painted in burnt sienna or a master bath painted in sunset orange — it will likely be more difficult for them to do so than it would be otherwise.

Using bright, quirky hues in your selling images may be entertaining, but it is possible that they will turn off some buyers and reduce the pool of people who are interested in your house.

According to a recent Zillow study, real estate professionals were virtually united in their recommendation that you repaint the major rooms in your home if they are painted in one of those colors.

Another startling room-specific hue no-no discovered by a Zillow poll of house purchasers was the following:

Mint green kitchens

Mint green is a popular design trend, yet it has elicited a cold response from prospective purchasers. Those looking for a property with a kitchen painted in this popular color may be willing to pay $1,830 less for it. Other colors to stay away from include: Red. On average, red walls in this area might reduce the amount of money that purchasers are ready to give by up to $1,500. Yellow might also be a turnoff for certain people. Kitchens painted in sunny yellow, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2021, were deemed “gross” and “very unattractive” by property purchasers, who described them as “gross and extremely ugly.”

Bright green bathrooms

Paint the walls of your bathroom a vibrant green to deter potential buyers. Purchasers are more likely to avoid using bright colors in the bathroom and prefer to use more neutral and relaxing colors in the space where they wash and brush their teeth. Among the other hues to stay away from are fire engine red, brilliant yellow, and pink. Home buyers have stated that they are less inclined to tour or purchase a home that has bathrooms painted in these colors.

Blue living rooms

Blue walls here only reduced the value of a property by an average of $189, but vivid blue was found to be the most controversial hue among those who tested it. Some potential homeowners adored it, while others despised it completely. Homebuyers who participated in the study also noted when a room in a house clashed with the rest of the house, indicating that home sellers should choose wall colors that compliment the other rooms in the property. Pink, bright green, and bright yellow are among the hues to avoid.

And, get this, bright green and bright yellow living rooms actually reduced the amount of money that home purchasers were willing to spend on their homes.

What colors should I go with?

As a rule of thumb, light, neutral colors should be used to decorate the inside of your house. Zillow utilizes Behr Premium Plus Paint in Aged Beige or Polar Bear to refresh the walls of a Zillow-owned property before putting it on the market for sale. According to a Zillow study of house purchasers, the following rooms received the best paint choices:

Light blue bathrooms

Blue bathrooms are a popular choice among home purchasers. They stated that they would spend 1.6 percent more for a bathroom with bright blue walls than they would otherwise. That’s about $5,000 higher on a property worth $290,000 than the previous estimate. Other suitable colors are gray, pale yellow, and off-white. Offers for neutral and delicate hues were somewhat higher than average.

White kitchens

It’s referred to as the “Joanna Gaines Effect.” In the kitchen, potential home buyers stated that they were far more inclined to purchase a property if the walls were white.

Other colors to consider include light yellow, off white, gray, dark red, and dark green, among others. Home purchasers were a little more interested in these colors, but the value of their homes did not improve as a result.

Gray living rooms

The use of gray walls in this area increased the likelihood of possible house buyers touring and purchasing a home. Home purchasers were able to see themselves living in the room because of the use of tranquil, neutral colors. Moreover, if individuals can visualize themselves in a home, they may be more willing to invest in real estate. Other suitable options are light green, white, and light yellow. Light green really influenced property purchasers to pay a few hundred dollars more for a house than they would have otherwise.

Dark blue bedrooms

Consider the color blue for your bedroom. Potential house buyers were so pleased with the deep, tranquil hue of blue used in this room dedicated to sleep that they agreed to pay an additional $1,491 for it. It’s also a wise decision, since research has shown that blue bedroom walls may help one sleep for longer periods of time and with greater quality. Other nice possibilities include: light blue, brilliant blue, forest green, light gray, and white. Other good choices include: yellow, orange, and red.

Finish matters as well as color

Once you’ve selected the appropriate paint colors, you need pay close attention to the paint finish you select. In any home that isn’t brand new, matte (or flat) finish paint performs a fantastic job of masking defects in the walls — the dents, scuffs, and waves that are unavoidable in any home that has been lived in for a while. Walls that have been painted with a matte finish appear smooth and fresh. Using a flat white paint on the ceilings will help to disguise defects while also reflecting light, making the area appear larger and brighter.

The space will appear more contemporary and tidy as a result of the glossy paint.

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