What Is Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian Interior Design: 7 Best Tips For Creating Seamless Boho Style

Let’s just state the obvious: boho interior design is a popular and current style that has been around for a long time. You only need to look at Instagram feeds, design exhibits, and coffee table books to see what I’m talking about. Brought to life through color, texture, and pattern, bohemian design exudes a sense of freedom and individuality while creating an inviting and inviting atmosphere. Interior Design Styles It is, without a question, diverse, with a tilt toward global influence and an appeal to everyone looking to add a personal touch to their house.

Make yourself comfortable and continue reading as we share our 7 Best Tips For Bohemian Interior Design with you.

What is Bohemian Interior Design?

Gwendolyn G. of Decorrilla Interior Design created this bohemian living room design. In order to accomplish this appearance, it appears as though a fuzzy rug, some wicker furniture, and an excessive number of throw pillows are all that is required. This would be a fantastic spot to begin your search. The most important thing to understand about bohemian interior design is that it is a free-spirited aesthetic. It is recommended that you color outside the lines. What is random, colorful, and full of personality, in the absence of hard and fast rules, is a clear signal that you are well on your way to creating a boho interior design house.

  1. of Decorrilla, an interior designer, created this boho living room design.
  2. Understanding the origins of the bohemian interior design style is essential to having a boho interior design house.
  3. Later, this word was expanded to cover the artist, writer, actor, or musician who lived a nomadic lifestyle and made stops in major European towns, although being often impoverished.
  4. When translated into an interior design style, the bohemian aesthetic incorporates characteristics such as rich textures, old objects, and natural finishes.
  5. Whether you want your room to be a pure depiction of bohemian design or you want to incorporate components of the style into other interior design trends, this guide will assist you in achieving the ideal seamless bohemian interior design.

1. Go heavy on mixing + layering in bohemian interiors

Aldrin C. of Decorrilla Interior Design created this bohemian living room design. Making combinations is one of the most important aspects of creating a boho atmosphere. In contrast to the minimalist design, a boho room is unafraid to experiment with different finishes and to overlay different pieces of décor such as fabrics, paintings, and accessories. Because of its fun nature, bohemian interior design brings a variety of styles together in a relaxed setting. It’s a contemporary sofa with a handmade macrame art piece above it and kilim pillows to complement the rest of the room’s decor.

  1. There is a wooden table in the dining area, with mismatched chairs and African baskets strung across the wall from the table.
  2. The purposeful layering, on the other hand, lends it a more bohemian feel.
  3. The exercise of contrasting designs also hits the nail on the head brilliantly.
  4. If you want to maintain consistency, consider using a color scheme.

This is also applicable to the arts. You can never have too many prints or paintings in your collection. A well-balanced wall gallery with a variety of frames, sizes, and materials complements the boho home design character perfectly.

2. Bohemian design bold: don’t shy away from rich pattern + color

Gwendolyn G. of Decorrilla Interior Design created this bohemian living room design. While there are no boundaries when it comes to boho interior design, bright patterns and colors are commonly accepted and encouraged. Jewel tones such as amethyst purple, ruby red, and emerald green are frequently found in boho decor. Darker, deeper colours on the walls provide an immediate sense of luxury, but more daring colors, such as a vivid blue orange, evoke a bazaar-like atmosphere, especially when combined with other rich colors and patterns.

  • Not an issue at all!
  • Diamonds, stripes, and medallions adorn the surface of global textiles such as Suzanis from Uzbekistan and Berber items from Morocco.
  • Patterns such as Ikat and Shibori, whose dying procedures provide a more blurred look, are examples of this.
  • Gwendolyn G.
  • Then there are carpets to consider.
  • This is a must-have for everyone interested in boho interior design!
  • Additionally, kilims, opulent Persian forms, and geometric South Western-influenced carpets with gorgeous patterns are also viable possibilities.

3. Fill up on storytelling trinkets

Gwendolyn G. of Decorrilla Interior Design created this bohemian workplace design. If there’s one design style that tells a tale, it’s boho style. With a collection of trinkets from various places explored, the bohemian space reflects a wandering lifestyle and typically includes a story about where the trinkets originated from. In order to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, paintings, literature, sculptures, cushions, and lights must all be used in conjunction with one another. Designing a bohemian living space What is the best way to get started?

  1. Bring in family treasures, homemade items, and mementos from your trips to share with the group.
  2. Fill every physical area in your boho home with colorful accessories.
  3. For the beaded bowl you brought back from Mexico, there isn’t a proper spot for it.
  4. Pieces that are on the verge of being kitsch are likewise acceptable.
  5. Experiment with different placements and clusterings.
  6. Beautiful boho living room design ideas In addition to having a propensity to be eclectic, boho design may also be stylish and glam in its execution.

A beautiful mirror or gleaming chandelier might draw attention to this. The only requirement is that each and every object in the room should have a story to tell about it.

4. Lean into handmade + natural

Emma R., an interior designer at Decorrilla, created this bohemian bedroom decor. Inspired by artists, bohemian design makes a point of highlighting handmade things, one-of-a-kind creations that speak to one’s personality, rather than mass-produced items. Paintings, sculptures, and wall hangings, among other things, may be found to demonstrate this. Handmade décor also helps to support local craftsmen and small businesses, so it’s a win-win situation! There are a variety of platforms available to support the creative craftsman.

  • Designing a living room in the boho style Natural components are favored by the bohemian home design style, which goes hand in hand with handcrafted.
  • Wood, whether used in furniture or as an accent, instantly infuses a sense of warmth and comfort into a place, which are essential in bohemian settings.
  • Then there’s wicker, which is a natural material.
  • Wicker side tables and divider screens are excellent ways to incorporate a little of this material into your bohemian house.
  • Natural elements such as leather poufs, cowhide carpets, and, of course, plants can be seen throughout the space.

5. Bohemian interiors are botanical happy

Drea D., an interior designer at Decorrilla, created this cozy bohemian lounge design. When there aren’t enough plants.and there should be plenty of them.bohemian design falls flat. Botanicals play an important role in the healing process. It is not only because they bring the natural world indoors, which is a key element of boho style, but also because they improve air quality, which gives any room a more energetic feel. A bohemian interior is made even more inviting by the presence of greenery, which provides the connection to nature that is so characteristic of the style.

  1. Variety in shape and texture in succulents is very forgiving, and the result is a sculptural and artsy look in any room.
  2. Snake plants and dracaenas are low-maintenance houseplants that are among the most effective at purifying the air.
  3. Create visual interest by layering plant stands on top of each other.
  4. Use a knotted macrame hanging planter to add a touch of boho-chic to your space.
  5. Take it from the designer Justina Blakeney, who is known as the “Queen of Jungalowstyle.” “Adding plants to a room is also a quick and easy way to make a space feel more relaxed, colorful, and alive,” Blakeney explains.

“It’s beautiful, it’s good for the spirit, and it’s good for the environment,” says the author.

6.Go ahead, embellish a little!

Michelle B., an interior designer at Decorrilla, created a bohemian-inspired bedroom design. Gypsy style conjures up visions of beadwork, tassels, fringes, sequined textiles, and canopies, all of which are indicative of bohemian interior design, which is a flagrant display of decoration. Interior design styles that use decorative decorations are distinguished from the rest by their ability to create a “wow” impact. Impulses should be allowed to flow freely with the purpose of bringing disparate elements together in an uncomplicated manner.

  1. First and foremost, embrace your playful and impulsive side.
  2. Making overstatements here and there is important, regardless of whether your style is Western or more European bohemian in nature.
  3. When it comes to these tiny objects, just mix them together, alter the positions a little, and allow for a little wonderfully imperfect appearance.
  4. Make a statement with large-scale designs on the walls (florals and Navajo patterns work well), a huge tasseled pendant light, or even a massive cactus plant to bring the room to life.
  5. And, if you truly want to be carefree when it comes to adorning your boho home design, go for a magnificent peacock chair to add to your collection.
  6. Its curled, braided, and weaved motifs are enough to make you melt with admiration for its fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.

7. Add in bohemian style with vintage flair

Designing a bohemian living room in the style of the past Along with mixing and matching designs, contrasting old and modern is an easy method to incorporate boho decor into your home. Bohemian style is enhanced by the use of vintage or lightly used second-hand objects that have been lovingly restored. They are steeped in history and have a soul. When placed next to something contemporary, each object becomes more noticeable in an unusual way. A fringed blanket might be thrown over a sleek-lined couch, and a patterned kilim runner could be placed in front of a huge round mirror to greet guests as they enter the home.

Antique, consignment, and vintage stores are good places to look for older objects that lend themselves to a bohemian home design.

Include elements such as a soft daybed or couch, a French-style side table, an old record player, or a faded mirror in your decor to create a classic vintage feel to your space.

Following your knowledge of our best boho interior design decorating tips and ideas, we hope you’ll be ready to begin your journey, and we’ll be here to assist you along the way!

To get started on your budget farmhouse interior design project now, please leave a comment below with your questions or schedule a free consultation with A Decorilla Interior Designertoday.

Learn How To Decorate Bohemian Style

For people who wish to fill their houses with life, culture, and intriguing goods so that everyone can see them, the bohemian style or Boho décor is for you. In contrast to modern sensibilities, this style emphasizes design that is imaginative, easygoing, and out of the ordinary. Generally speaking, bohemian-style rooms are similar in that they are generally eclectic and have similar qualities, yet no two rooms are ever exactly the same. People that desire to live an unorthodox life, such as frequent travelers, performers, and authors, are the inspiration for the boho style.

A bohemian design style may be the right choice for you if you are seeking for a look that you can genuinely call your own.

Bohemian Design Colors

Even though there are no set rules when it comes to Bohemian décor, warm earthy hues, as well as metallics and jewel tones, are popular choices. As for the foundation colors, think dark brown, green, and gray; then accessorize with vibrant purple, blazing orange, and electric blue for a pop of color. The ability to combine and blend colors is what distinguishes this look from others. Feel free to experiment with different patterns and textures, and don’t be afraid to utilize styles that might not necessarily fit together in a conventional setting.

Throws should be layered on top of furniture, and tapestries and area rugs should be hung on the walls with photographs and artwork.

White may be used to intentionally add a little visual space to a design composition.

Decorative Materials

Boho design is the polar antithesis of minimalism, modernism, and sleekness, and it embraces the “more is more” concept. The secret to successfully incorporating ornamental items into a Boho-inspired space is to mix and match them. Natural, foundational materials like as burlap and sisal may be blended with silk and chenille to create a unique look. The materials should have a little worn appearance—they shouldn’t be damaged, but they shouldn’t be sparkling and new either. Fringe, crochet, and macramé are abundant—pillows, drapes, and throw rugs all come together to create a warm, globally-inspired hangout space.

“The Spruce” is a song by Candace Madonna.

Bohemian Furniture

In most cases, bohemian furniture cannot be purchased from a store. Second-hand and vintage goods are perfectly at home in these spaces, which are typically packed with furniture that has been accumulated through time. Each piece of furniture should be unique and tell a narrative in its own right. Have a good time browsing your neighborhood vintage shops and picking out each thing by yourself. If you like it, it will blend in seamlessly. With comfortable seats and sofas in vibrant hues, you and your guests will be transported to a bohemian paradise.

Furthermore, while a Boho room should have a “sit and stay awhile” vibe to it, sleek or straight-backed furniture will not work in this environment. Choose items that are pleasant and relaxing, such as chaise longues, daybeds, or butterfly chairs.

Lighting and Accessories

Ambient, unobtrusive lighting will bring your Boho design area together and help to create a quiet and welcome atmosphere. Instead of using overhead lighting, use several lanterns, candles, and floor and table lights to create a more intimate atmosphere. Nowadays, global design marketplaces make it simple to discover a range of forms and styles—perfect for creating a look that is a blend of old and new. Natural elements, like as ferns and hanging plants, are essential to this look, so include them into your decor.

  • Philodendrons and peace lilies are extremely forgiving plants that can tolerate a wide range of light and temperature conditions.
  • All they require is a sunny location and the occasional spritz of water to keep them looking good.
  • Accessories should be personal, so include items that you enjoy, such as tapestries, old bottles, maps, or mismatched china—whatever you like is OK.
  • The only guideline is that every object in the room should have something to do with you and your personality.
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Bohemian Design Style: What It Means And How To Get The Look

We’re confident you’ve come across boho design at some point or another; it’s a vibrant, patterned, multi-cultural mashup of memorable layers and components that are impossible to overlook or forget because of their distinctiveness. The term ‘bohemian’ alludes to someone who is socially unusual and frequently interested in the arts, which makes it a fantastic interior design option for creating a rich and heady room full of visual intrigue and a laid-back attitude. But what is it about bohemian style that makes it so distinct and successful, and how can you get the correct aesthetic in your house without being too ostentatious?

Simple Base

Start with a simple base color for every boho style space in order to establish a strong foundation for your design. To create the perfect canvas, warm and earthy tones are ideal, and choosing a neutral base allows you to layer on expressive color and pattern to create the exact blend without the room being horribly overpowering and loud. Create a peaceful, calming refuge with modern boho décor by saturating neutral tones with color while keeping the foundation tone subdued.

If you choose a bright base tone, it may be too rich for your taste, and you will almost certainly become disinterested in a short period of time with a rather chaotic beginning point. In terms of durability, a neutral color palette is usually a good choice.


Incorporating botanicals into the boho design is a no-brainer because plants are an inexpensive and easy-to-source technique of generating a relaxed feeling while also adding depth to the space. Plants also serve a dual purpose in that they filter the air while also adding a splash of color without interfering with the rest of your design or confusing the viewer’s eye. The use of hanging plants is also a wonderful bohemian addition to any bohemian area, and they are a lovely and enjoyable way to give interest and depth to a room.

From a simple woven hanging basket to something more elaborate and sculptural, a range of various plants in a variety of scales are an excellent way of bringing your boho style home to life, whether it is in a little or large space.

Plays On Pattern

To master boho style while also adding a sumptuous tone to any space, layering similar patterns has to be one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions available. Incorporating a variety of patterns, from opposing patterned carpets to brightly colored couches and blankets, is essential in this space. Do not be afraid to mix and match different patterns, sizes, scales, and styles to quickly create a lush bohemian atmosphere. Having said that, maintain a similar color scheme throughout the site to maintain uniformity and avoid a disconnected appearance.

Low-Lying Furniture

This may seem unusual, but the closer you are to the ground floor, the closer you are to achieving a genuine bohemian type home atmosphere. Consider low-backed couches that are strewn with plenty of soft, comfy throw cushions, as well as poufs that are placed next to each other for extra sitting. To get the desired design, start with a soft rug and layer on cushions of various sizes and types to complete the look, ensuring that everyone is well accommodated. Look for comfy, time-worn, and well-loved furnishings at local antique stores and markets (which are fantastic places to get eclectic design ideas on a budget) to complete a stylish boho style living room that’s perfect for entertaining.

Go For Distressed Finds

Materials and furniture should appear to have had a previous life before being brought into your house for extra character, since bohemian design is all about well-loved objects that appear to have been sourced from a far-flung market in an exotic location for added character. Choosing items that appear to have a personal history (even if you bought them at a garage sale and have no clue where they originated from) is important since the more seductive bohemian decor feels, the better – even in the tiniest of eclectic rooms.

Shy Away From Minimalism

More is more when it comes to boho style décor, since this design style isn’t about empty surfaces and blank spaces — the look is all about indulgentmaximalism in its purest form. As a result, although you should maintain your boho living room décor full of carefully picked pieces, our designers recommend a more pared-down approach for your bohemian bedroom. Fill your boho house with individuality, and make sure that everything you love and have gathered over the years is clearly displayed around the space.

While bohemian house décor might be reminiscent of a hoarder’s home, it should not be mistaken for one. Everything should have a place and have a function, but you don’t have to be too strict about where things go.

Bright Colors

When we think about boho design, vivid colors and strong hues are frequently the first things that spring to mind. With opulent boho home design, the more vibrant colors (from pink to purple to orange and green) are the best choice for the look. When it comes to boho home decor, jewel tones are particularly effective, and the rich, sumptuous tones instantly make a place seem welcoming in a way that is unique to bohemian home decor. Investing in a richly colored Moroccan bed cover for your boho style bedroom décor and pairing it with vibrant linens will create a space that is both inviting and vibrant.

Metallics And Mirrors

Bohemian interior design is distinguished by the use of metallic and reflected surfaces, which are particularly effective in making a modern bohemian living room look brighter and larger. Metallics and mirrors may also be used to create focal points in a room, as well as a sense of everyday splendor. Why not try your hand at creating your own mosaic tiled mirror and ornamental accessories as a do-it-yourself project? A Moroccan-inspired focal point, such as a lantern or a light fixture, is likely to provide an unusual element to your boho home decor, and when hung low, they’ll also serve to provide comfort and aesthetic intrigue for your bohemian house decor.


Layer up on decorative goods and fabrics in the bohemian style, whether they be rugs, pillows, or throws, since the boho style is all about layered looks. Stack one, two, or even three rugs in a variety of shapes and patterns to make a powerful visual statement. In addition, layers of cushions and rugs will perfectly highlight the laid-back atmosphere of boho design. Additionally, layering is a great strategy to hide furnishings that aren’t in the finest of condition because it allows you to cover them with several textiles for a more intelligently styled as well as textured take on boho decor.

Accessorize Artistically

In this case, your accessories should convey the appearance that you are well-traveled (even if you aren’t actually traveling). Artistic accessories can enliven your comfortable surroundings and serve as conversation starters in a sophisticated setting. Make a statement with creative works that stand out and are everything from conventional. If you haven’t been blessed with the luxury of traveling the world and collecting trinkets and keepsakes from every part of the globe, take a trip to your local antiques store and look for some intriguing items to display in your home or office.

This Is What Bohemian Design ACTUALLY Is

Immediately upon hearing the word “boho,” if images of flawlessly undone (but completely finished) homes in an Anthropologie magazine come to mind, you would not be mistaken. You would, however, be missing out on the entire picture. Despite the fact that everyone believes they know what bohemian design looks like like the back of their hand, there’s a lot about its history that most people aren’t aware of.

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Bohemian Design Started Out On The Fringe.

These days, you can walk into almost any home store and see parts of or an entire department devoted to bohemian-style décor, depending on the store. It’s grown very common and extremely simple to implement, which means that the design style can be seen almost anywhere, from your favorite cafe to your favorite apparel store. Even your 7-year-old niece is likely to have the bohemian look down pat at this point in time. However, it did not start out as anything so traditional in the first place.

“From the standpoint of design, what we now refer to as ‘bohemianism’ originated in the early nineteenth century in France, when artists relocated into lower-rent Romani (gypsy) neighbourhoods of Paris in order to explore alternatives to bourgeois expectations.

As a result, there is an eclectic style that is as different as the people who are the sources of inspiration.

Old Brand New.

You Need To Think Outside The Floor Plan.

Immediately toss your design rules to the side. In order to accomplish bohemian design, it is unlikely that you would succeed if you stick to a strict formula. Bohemian design thinks outside the box; it’s unpredictable, eclectic, and devoid of structure and order, just like its creators. That frequently results in a space that is bright, colorful, and patterned, but those aren’t the only characteristics of a bohemian style that you should consider following. Does that make sense? ‘What I appreciate about boho design is that everything may work; there is no such thing as a’should.’

What You Know Is True: Bold ColorPattern Dominate.

After everything is said and done, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a boho space that doesn’t have a lot of vibrant color and pattern. The color scheme is mainly influenced by earthy tones: imagine browns and greens, jewel tones, and metallics, for example. Pattern is especially important because many bohemian fabrics are sourced from far-flung locations throughout the world, such as Persian carpets and Southeast Asian Ikat. However, combining these aspects is only half of the equation; the other half is being fearless in mixing and layering them.

“A brightly colored fabric may completely alter a sofa, table, or chair in an instant. It may be a lovely wall tapestry, and it can inspire the colors and textures used in the home to give it a more unique touch “Blakeney expresses himself.

Textiles Are Slightly Worn.

Contrary to popular belief, you should not purposefully damage your materials or purchase anything that is beaten and soiled; yet, bohemian textiles have a worn appearance on the whole. Fringe, crochet, macramé, burlap—you want to combine these worn-in, cozier textiles with higher-end silks and chenille to create a more luxurious look.

Bohemian Furniture Is Usually Vintage.

While you can get boho-style furniture almost anyplace, actual bohemian furniture is more difficult to come across, especially on an internet ecommerce site like Amazon. Pieces are amassed over time and are typically vintage, secondhand, or purchased from local artists and craftspeople. In order to furnish your boho house with unique furnishings, a vintage shop is the perfect location to start your search. Seating furniture such as chairs and sofas is often luxurious and comfy, encouraging guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

Thanks to Old Brand New for their assistance.

When it comes to boho design, the contrast of old and contemporary is a key element.

A clean-lined chair may be dressed up with a fringed, patterned blanket draped over it, or a streamlined table could be topped with a lamp with a beaded shade.

More Is More.

You’re probably familiar with the obsessiverestraint you practice when practicing minimalism. When it comes to anything bohemian, though, this is not the case. Most of the spaces are filled with objects that have some type of worth to you and tell a narrative, resulting in a room that is rich in color and pattern, feels snug and inviting, and contains a large number of items that have some sort of value to you and tell a story. Art, books, sculptures, pillows, lamps, and anything else you may think of are all fair game.

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Bohemian Design Embraces The NaturalHandmade.

Given that bohemian design is influenced by artists and places an emphasis on the individual, you’ll typically discover a variety of handcrafted objects in a bohemian setting. Textiles, sculptures, and paintings are all examples of works that contribute to the development of uniqueness. Along with the handcrafted, you’ll discover lots of natural materials to complement your look. This may be found in the shape of materials like as burlap and sisal, as well as in the form of plants. It is possible to bring the outdoors into a room by using potted plants, hanging plants, succulents, and ferns.

This will assist to create a peaceful atmosphere in your area. “Adding plants to a room is also a quick and easy method to make a space feel more calm, vibrant, and alive,” Blakeney explains. “It’s beautiful, it’s good for the spirit, and it’s good for the environment,” says the author.

Shop The Bohemian Style

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The most popular interior design styles you need to know: Bohemian

Year after year, boho interior design has been a favorite choice for many people. However, it is a style about which we receive a large number of inquiries. So many various aspects of bohemian style, and so many varied methods to bring it to life, it’s impossible to list them all here. Because there have been so many inquiries, we’ve compiled all you need to know about this design style in one one location. Continue reading for our comprehensive guide to mastering the boho look.

What is bohemian decor?

With a worldwide influence, bohemian décor is characterized by its vibrant colors and diverse style. Due to its tendency to contain a diverse array of gathered artifacts, it is the type of style that you could associate with an ardent global traveler or a free-spirited flea market enthusiast. In addition to asymmetrical layouts, bohemian design incorporates a playful combination of colors and patterns, different furniture styles, and surprising décor. Boho style is known for being extremely informal and easygoing, as well as having a laid-back attitude to styling.

Eclectic vs Bohemian

As you might think, bohemian home décor and eclectic interior design are similar in many ways, yet they are not synonymous. While both phrases are sometimes used interchangeably, “eclectic” is a broader umbrella term that refers to a style approach that is characterized by the combination of several styles and design aspects. Meanwhile, “boho” is a distinct design style that is formed from the idea of skillfully combining various décor items in one’s home or workspace.

Essentially, any style may be described as having an eclectic character or approach to styling. As a result, we prefer to refer to the real design style as bohemian or boho rather than using the phrases.

What are bohemian color palettes?

A bohemian area may be decorated with a wide variety of color palettes. As a result, there is no one color scheme that is appropriate for this design style. Boho rooms, on the other hand, tend to have more surprising and dramatic color palettes, which are frequently heavily saturated. This generates a great deal of contrast, which really stands out on a neutral background. Browse through the gallery to see some of our favorite boho color schemes.

High-Contrast Neutrals

If you prefer a more grounded approach to boho decor, a palette of high-contrast neutrals may be the perfect choice for you. However, browns and rust tones are used instead of bright colors, making the harshness of saturation feel a little more approachable. When combined with softer neutrals, this provides a soothing environment that exudes a sense of tranquillity reminiscent of a spa. This Room Is For Sale

Earth Tones

With its earthy, rustic atmosphere, an earth tone color palette produces a sense of serenity that is comparable to that produced by high-contrast neutrals, but with a little more color introduced into the room. You may have the gratification of introducing color into your room while maintaining the ease of designing with neutrals because of the subdued nature of earth tones and the way they harmonize with one another so effectively. This Room Is For Sale

Pinks, Blues, and Neutrals

If you’re looking for a more mid-century approach to boho, we recommend a color palette that includes pinks, blues, and neutrals. It adds a contemporary feel to any environment. Furthermore, this color palette pairs wonderfully with lighter-toned woods and natural textures to create a beachy atmosphere. This Room Is For Sale

Pinks and Greens

A color scheme of pink and green provides a bohemian area a really tropical feel! Young and energetic, this color scheme matches beautifully with cane or rattan furniture as well as tropical themes and patterns. If you want to give this color palette a touch of glitz, you may incorporate gold pieces into your furniture or décor. This Room Is For Sale

Blues and Neutrals

Because of their popularity, blues are our most requested hue family—and with good reason. Blues, when combined with neutrals, are peaceful and provide a feeling of security. Furthermore, this color scheme works just as well in bohemian home design as it does in classic interior design. The bohemian aesthetic is wonderfully complemented by lighter wood furnishings and natural textures, which give it a beachy, carefree feel that is ideal for the boho look. This Room Is For Sale

What are the key elements of bohemian style?

So, how can you take your bohemian design concepts and turn them into a tangible reality? Continue reading for some of the most important components of bohemian style, as well as decorating ideas to help you achieve this look in your home.

Layer in Plenty of Textures

The layered textures in a space—particularly natural texture—are an important part of the eclectic nature of boho design. Visual depth and approachability are achieved by layering your texture in different ways. So experiment with a variety of textures, including smooth and rough, chunky and refined, hard and soft. The rough wood nightstand in this design lends a rugged quality to the space that contrasts with the smooth upholstered bed, enhancing the visual appeal of the overall design.

Trying to infuse some relaxing, bohemian vibes into your sleeping quarters? Check out our suggestions for creating a boho bedroom.

Use a Mix of Materials

Boho rooms are made up of a combination of textures and patterns, which are essentially two parts of the same total. It is impossible to have one without the other! What is the no-brainer method of achieving a layered blend of textures in your home? Including a variety of different materials. Mixing natural materials such as jute, cane, natural wood, and leather, as well as bulky knits and upholstery, can assist to create a layered and collected aesthetic in any area of the house. This Room Is For Sale

Pile on the Patterns

Patterns in a bohemian setting provide color and movement to the room. As a bonus, they’re an excellent way to include the globally inspired atmosphere that boho designs are known for—whether it’s via the use of an ashibori pattern, kilim linens, palm patterns, or a vintage-inspired rug. Bonus points if the designs are bright and vibrant! This Room Is For Sale

Embrace a Casual Layout

Even while there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the design of a bohemian space, they tend to be more unstructured and asymmetrical in nature. Adding this to a space gives it a more informal feel, which goes well with the more collected aspect of this design style. This Room Is For Sale

Incorporate Antiques and Vintage-Style Finds

Because bohemian designs are all about creating a one-of-a-kind appearance and frequently contain pieces that have been accumulated through time, this is an excellent design style to experiment with if you enjoy antiques or vintage furniture in general. These one-of-a-kind items will add a storied touch to your area that can only be achieved by using older pieces. You may also bring in vintage-inspired items if you enjoy the aesthetic but don’t want to spend your time researching flea markets and antique stores.

Do you adore the aesthetic of a well-curated, bohemian living room?

This Room Is For Sale

Decorate with a Range of Different Furniture Styles

When it comes to decorating with bohemian style, certain pieces of furniture stand out more than others (for example, a rattan chair that hangs from the ceiling). However, the beauty of boho design is that it allows you to include a broad variety of furniture styles. Additionally, the items you select will contribute to the overall feel of your area. For a mid-century bohemian appearance, you may go for furniture with a more clean-lined design. Alternatively, items with historic elements might be used to add an old feel.

What are some different takes on Bohemian Design?

As you can see, there are a variety of methods to incorporate boho style into your home decor and furnishings. Aside from that, there are varying degrees of intensity, ranging from more subtle eclectic design aspects to a brazenly boho space bursting with vibrant patterns, textures, and other materials.

So, when it comes to boho style decor, what is your personal interior design style? Discover more by taking a look at some of our favorite bohemian-inspired designs.

Minimalist Boho

Contrary to popular belief, boho home design may be modest and elegant at the same time. Clean lines, relaxing neutral colors, natural textures, and warm woods combine to create a space that is equal parts minimalist and boho. Shop This Look This appearance is ideal for.those who want the relaxed look and feel of boho without the use of bright colours.

Rustic Boho

With its blend of furniture items with a vintage flare, cosmopolitan accents, and light rustic features, this is boho style with a sophisticated spin on the traditional. You if your favorite places to buy are flea markets and antique stores, and you have a particular talent for transforming a random street find into an incredible one-of-a-kind piece. Shop this look

Contemporary Boho

There is nothing formal about this comfortable and modern bohemian vibe, which is all about defying the conventions of traditional interior design in the process. It’s also the most straightforward aesthetic to put together, mix and match, and make work in your house. Shop This Look This look is ideal for.those of you who are drawn to comfortable, lived-in rooms that are full of character. If you have a boho chic dining room or an eclectic bedroom, you can simply replicate this design in other areas of your house.

Boho Glam

This boho glam aesthetic is all about creating a bold, daring statement in a place, and it’s achieved via the use of a combination of luxurious furnishings, wacky art and accessories, and vivid island hues and patterns. Obtain This Look This look is ideal for.those of you who want your space to reflect your outgoing personality, keen sense of style, and extensive collection of treasures from all around the globe. You’re a sucker for high drama and high thrill!

Mid-Century Boho

It all comes down to creating a room that reflects your own personality and style when going for the mid-century bohemian vibe. Combine elements from different eras and civilizations in a way that is uniquely your own. Perfect for.anyone who enjoys Mid-Century Modern features and a combination of stylish selected art and accents, this look is available for purchase. It all comes together to create an eclectic living space that is both boho chic and suited for comfort.

Coastal Boho

Informally known as “California casual,” this easygoing approach on boho style emphasizes the breezy and eclectic look of West Coast coastal living. The combination of color, pattern, and texture is outstanding. Shop This Outfit This aesthetic is ideal for.people who enjoy the bohemian chic look of coastal California. You’re well aware of what we’re talking about.

Industrial Boho

This streamlined approach to boho conjures up images of a living area in a metropolitan loft or a luxurious high-rise apartment, which is both contemporary and refined. This aesthetic is distinguished by its use of unique furniture and powerful lines. Shop This Look This look is ideal for.city residents and fans of modern design who wish to combine a boho aesthetic with a sophisticated touch.

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Classic Formal Boho

Simply said, this encapsulates our concept of sophisticated boho style in a single image. There’s an Old World feel to the space, but it’s been pumped up with contemporary upholstered furniture and eccentric decorations.

What’s not to like about this? Those who are intrigued by antiques and discovered things that have a fascinating background, as well as those who like the vibrancy and comfort that bohemian finishing touches add to a place, will appreciate this look.

Tropical Boho

Tropical Boho is maybe one of the more “traditional” interpretations on boho fashion. Boho (also known as Jungalow) is a bright, maximalist style that is simple to customize. Colors, patterns, and textures are prominent in this aesthetic, which was popularized by eclectic style iconJustina Blakeney. PLANTS are also prominent in this design. Keep those organic forms and materials in mind as well, as they will assist to counter the bustle and aggressiveness of this design. Purchase This LookPerfect for.

Learn More About the Design

The Look: California Modern

California Modern is a more conservative, yet still quite current, interpretation of bohemian style. This space is incredibly inviting because of its rustic and earthy aesthetic, yet it still manages to seem brought together and professional. Rustic, natural, organic, and modern design elements are combined to create a style that is relaxed and simple to live with. Everything is brought together in a way that seems both personal and collected since it is styled with an eclectic edge. Purchase This LookPerfect for.

Work With a Designer to Bring Your Boho Room to Life

Begin Working on Your Project

Your Guide to Bohemian Interior Design

Interior Fun is financed by the people who read it. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a commission. In addition, we get commissions from eligible Amazon sales because we are an Amazon affiliate. There isn’t an interior design style quite like Bohemian that manages to be both easy and stylish at the same time. It is understandable that many people prefer it because it allows them to use anything from crochet to tassels to wicker to wood. The style, which was inspired by the gypsies of Bohemia, gained prominence as a fashion trend in the 1960s and 1970s.

Some of the more prominent characteristics included free-flowing gowns and mismatched outfits inspired by the wandering lifestyle of the Balkan gypsies.

It is the creativity of the design rather than the rules that distinguishes it from other styles and makes each area a one-of-a-kind expression of the artist who created it.

What Is Bohemian Interior Design

The aim of bohemian interior design is to replicate the carefree lifestyle that the term was meant to represent. The phrase is derived from the French word “bohémien,” which refers to the Romani people (who are incorrectly referred to as gypsies) who are known to be nomadic wanderers and to whom the term is loosely applied. People who adopt the same eclectic lifestyle subsequently came to be referred to as “eclecticists.” This design concept, as a result, is reflective of it and does not necessarily conform to precise guidelines.

As a result, it has a strong attraction to those with a more creative and artistic sense.

Natural materials, old objects, brilliant colors, diverse textures, and patterns are all included into this design, which celebrates what it means to be alive. All of these elements come together in a way that is both unique in terms of visual and harmonious in terms of overall feel.

History of Bohemian Interior Design

This design was inspired by a trend that began in Paris in the nineteenth century. It was popularized by artists who relocated to “gypsy” districts as a result of the reduced rents available in these regions. In order to escape the constraints of the traditional bourgeoisie, they adopted a more liberal way of living, which penetrated their work and was reflected in their design and decisions. They referred to the Romani, whom they believed had migrated from Bohemia, as having a “bohemian” lifestyle since they were accustomed to it.

People represented a lifestyle similar to that of the bohemians of the nineteenth century, appealing to the liberal attitude and stressing artistic expression.

In addition, this includes other civilizations that appreciate the use of color, pattern, and texture.

It has its origins in self-expression and has been chosen by creatives throughout history who appreciate life and uniqueness as much as they do.

Characteristics of Bohemian Interior Design

While the absence of rules is the most distinguishing quality of bohemian interior design, there are several typical techniques that may be followed in order to obtain the look. Every piece chosen is rooted in a celebration of life and is intended to amplify this sense of well-being. For the representation of life itself, plants and natural components are utilised. Vintage objects with their own stories to tell, as well as travel treasures that are representative of a worldwide culture, pay respect to the itinerant way of life.

  • The use of a variety of textures enhances the physical feel of the area.
  • These are typically used in conjunction with low-lying furniture to bring individuals in the room closer to one another.
  • Bringing together all of these components results in a maximalist approach that creates a feeling of adventure and whimsy while being grounded in uniqueness.
  • Photograph courtesy of Instagram user @tatiana home decor


A bohemian-style environment will be filled with patterns, and there will be a lot of them. Whether it’s an antique rug or a wall hanging, patterns are an important component of the design process. It invigorates the space and prevents it from becoming boring over time.

Moroccan, Aztec, and even Indian patterns may look perfectly at home in this space if the appropriate balance is struck. Throw cushions, artwork, and wallpaper are some of the most simple ways to integrate patterns into a space for individuals who want to start small and work their way up.

Antiques/ Vintage IItems

The ability to use antique and vintage pieces, even when they are worn out, demonstrates the bohemian aesthetic’s charm. Antique items and even unfinished furniture, in keeping with the gypsy aesthetic, add to the overall character of the spaces. Furniture sourced from flea markets, secondhand items, and handcrafted wooden pieces may be used to create unique focal points without detracting from the other aspects in the room. When paired with indoor plants, they may quickly become discussion starters for friends and neighbors.

Natural Materials

Natural materials, as well as natural hues, are frequently employed in boho design. As a result, although traditional materials such as wood and wicker remain popular, so do materials associated with bohemian fashion such as cotton, leather, and linen. As a result, natural color schemes such as browns and yellows, as well as ochres and reds, are becoming increasingly popular. Incorporating both indoor and outdoor plants into the design may provide a touch of green to the overall warm color palette while also enhancing the natural appearance.


The technique of layering is used to create depth in an area. It is possible to employ many layers of rugs and throws to add more color and character to a room, while also creating rooms that are about more than what greets the eye, revealing more when you take a closer look at them. The variety of texture that this provides is particularly beneficial in areas that are more minimalist in design. Hopefully by this point, we’ve covered the most crucial aspects of boho interior design for you. We’ve also spoken about how some of these characteristics may be put into practice.

It has been speculated that boho chic is a style of interior design that may be replicated in nearly any setting.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite techniques for bringing your bohemian fantasy to life in just about every area you can think of, so read on!

Some of our suggestions will incorporate the aspects of bohemian style that we have already covered.

Define Your Favorite Elements

Take another look at the things we’ve covered thus far, including the importance of design and the use of antique and vintage goods. You should keep in mind that you do not have to complete every item on the important boho interior decor elements checklist. There are several items that should almost surely be included in your ideas, but keep in mind that you may finally define boho design in your own manner at the end of the day. After all, antiques are available in a wide range of diverse shapes, sizes, and other characteristics.

Those are two of the pillars of this bohemian style, but it doesn’t imply the specifics of how they are implemented are predetermined. Information obtained from Instagram user @historiasdecasa

Be Open-Minded

But there is much to be said about recognizing the heart and spirit of an interior design style, which is its ability to be innovative. It may be claimed that there is a certain art to unlocking the sort of creativity that will allow you to achieve the bohemian aesthetic you have in mind. The notion of producing something comfortable, even appealing, without going overboard with features such as luxury is at the heart of the bohemian aesthetic. It is understandable that you want to and should feel comfortable, but keep in mind where the term “bohemian” originated.

This meant, among other things, putting even more emphasis on what they already had.

In other words, strive to be as open-minded as possible when it comes to how you design your bohemian home.

Learn How To Mix And Match

A fantastic illustration of what we’re talking about here is the notion of mixing and matching different types of boho furniture designs in order to create your own unique bohemian design concept. At its most basic level, the bohemian lifestyle is that of a wanderer or nomad. It is necessary to be adaptable while using either of these terms. Bohemian home design ideas may not need that everything be in perfect harmony with one another. The bohemian style provides an excellent opportunity to mix and match different types of decor.

All you have to do is give the appearance that you did it.

Some people, for example, choose to include bohemian elements into a place that might be classified as modern in general.

Photograph courtesy of Instagram user @restyleart

Think Bright And Organic

Rugs and rugs are fantastic ways to incorporate the boho aesthetic into your home without putting in too much effort. Adding even a single vividly colored emerald green rug in the centre of the living room may be an excellent start in this direction. Take things a step further by including anything that is naturally associated with the topic of organic décor components into your design scheme. There are a variety of furniture components, such as desks and lamps, that may be used in this setting with success.

A jute rug is placed in one section of the room, and a more colorful rug is placed adjacent in the same space as well.

Stack an antique desk (and possibly another vintage décor piece in jewel tones on top of that desk) over the top of one of the carpets, or even between the rugs, and you’ll have something truly magnificent.

Plan Your Use Of Bohemian Decorating Materials Carefully

It is not only about what you can utilize that makes you a bohemian. It will also, by default, list the items that you should avoid at all costs. This is especially true when it comes to the ornamental elements that you want to employ in your home or business. Natural materials combined with a neutral color palette are always a nice thing to keep in mind while designing with this kind of architecture. Hanging plants are a lovely addition to any bohemian decor. Another excellent illustration of what we’re talking about is making use of natural light.

The objective is to stay away from anything that draw attention away from a minimalist approach to decorating.

This style gives you the possibility to blend elements such as burlap and silk in a single space.

Shop Around

The availability of bohemian-style design furniture and materials has increased dramatically over the past several years. Companies are still making and launching things in this design, but such selections tend to be more expensive simply because they were just introduced, rather than because they are more expensive in general. Because the reality of the issue is that you may locate things in a variety of locations, Depending on how precise you are about what you want to produce, you just must be prepared to embark on a bit of an adventure in order to succeed.

If you are unable to leave the house for any reason, there are still wonderful options available to you, such as Etsy and eBay.

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