What Colors Go With Red Brick Interior

Interior Paint Colors That Go With Red Brick

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27 Examples of Interior Paint Colors That Go With Red Brick

White, like black, is a neutral color that works with everything. However, if you’re searching for paint for your sunroom rather than your comfortable den, white is the color to go with. White is very reflective, and it will assist to brighten any space by absorbing all of the available light. This makes it an excellent choice for a sunroom, particularly if your red brick is on the darker side.

2. A Bold Black Border

You’re over over heels in love with your red brick and can’t take the notion of hiding it away any longer. However, it need a little bit additional to prevent it from appearing too simple. In such instance, you could always go for a few minimal black accents to break up the space. The homeowner has a lot of exposed brick in their loft, as shown in this illustration. It appears that there was once a door here, but it has been bricked up. They painted the original gateway with black paint to give it a more modern appearance.

3. Not TooBright

Your bricks are neither black nor light in color. They’re somewhere in the center of the spectrum. However, you are not willing to make any concessions when it comes to stainless steel equipment and surfaces. Not an issue at all! In order to prevent your kitchen from being washed-out and musty-smelling, paint the windows in your kitchen a dark shade of blue. It helps to break up the dusty brown of the bricks and brings out the contrast between them and the stainless steel.

4. DesertParadise

If the quiet, sandy appearance of your bricks appeals to you, you could choose to design your entire bedroom around that theme. Then choose for a subdued yellow that’s more on the brown or tan side of the color spectrum, rather than a bright yellow. This looks great when combined with exposed wooden beams or other raw wood elements. Put on some warm, dark lighting and retire to a bedroom in a hot, lonely location to fall asleep. Egypt? Is it the Sahara? You’re at home, no matter where you are.

5. ModernBrickKitchen

A painted brick fireplace in the kitchen serves as an example of how to draw attention to a feature. Rather of making it appear more rustic, they decided to use modern design to separate it away from the rest of the cooking space. What the lacquered wood floors and furnishings are unable to accomplish on their own, the paint accomplishes with relative ease. They choose turquoise cabinetry to contrast with the light gray decor in the room. The use of white paint on the side of the house closest to the windows helps to lighten a dark area.

6. HighlightWithSubtle Contrast

When it comes to making your accents stand out, you don’t have to paint the walls black and the window sashes white. In fact, a color scheme that is more mixed might help to soften the overall ambience of the area. You may use white to paint your lighter red bricks if you want something less dramatic or louder than the color of the bricks themselves.

However, in this case, the homeowner has an entire wall that is devoid of even a single visible brick. The use of an early-morning gray with white accents creates a sense of unity across the space.

7. Bricks InTheVoid

In this beautiful white bathroom, these bricks stand out like a red fox in a winter wonderland. They are the only thing that gives the space life. This is a unique method to make your exposed inside bricks stand out from the rest of the room. The brick is the only part of the bathroom where guests’ eyes may rest a little more comfortably. The interior paint color chosen for this space provides a sense of anchoring to the brick wall in the room’s design. It transforms into a life raft on an infinite white ocean or into something warm in the midst of freezing clouds.

8. A Cozy Blue

People generally don’t associate the color blue with the concepts of ‘cozy’ or ‘warmth’ when they think about it. But that is just what one homeowner was able to achieve. The bricks in this specimen are darker than typical, but this is offset by the presence of larger layers of white mortar between them. As a result, the bricks look deeper when compared to the hue of deep navy blue used for the background. However, because the homeowner chose white for the ceiling, it also serves to lighten the room and keep any darkness at arm’s length.

9. Kinda White Walls

The homeowner chooses white for practically all of the shelves in order to draw attention to the dark red brick on the walls. They use black to muffle a shelf so that it does not detract from the brickwork surrounding it. At first sight, the white walls with brick accents appear to be a type of optical illusion, but this is not the case. They employ a strong blue and black color scheme for the island in the centre of the room to break up all of the white in the area.

10. Bricks First

The owner of this bedroom painted all of the walls other than the brick walls white, giving the space a ‘Bricks In A Void’ feel. However, the fact that they have wood flooring and other non-white furnishings helps to soften the overall image. Without going overboard, this is a terrific way to draw attention to the exposed brick in a space without overwhelming it. ‘Bricks In A Void’ was a great choice for a bathroom since it provided the feeling of cleanliness to the room. Using this method in a bedroom might result in a more clinical atmosphere.

11. AStormyBedroom

If you enjoy dreary Sunday mornings with the rainfall dripping down your window panes, you should give this a try. A light gray was utilized for the walls, with a black window sash as an accent color to tie everything together. If they had chosen white for the window sash instead, the room would have appeared overly bright because of the contrast. When this color scheme is combined with the brick, it gives off a distinct Pride and Prejudice atmosphere.

12. Den Of Warmth

Oftentimes, the living room serves as a gathering space for the entire family, where they may enjoy one another’s company while also relaxing. The way this space is decorated might help to establish the tone for these family get-togethers. Rooms that are brighter and more vibrant are more cheerful and vivacious.

Darker spaces encourage its occupants to maintain silence and tranquility. The homeowner chose a location in the middle of the room for this living room. They utilize burnt ochre in conjunction with the red bricks to brighten the space even further. It’s a nice, quiet, and friendly environment.

13. Quiet In The Library

This dining room/living room combination takes a surprising turn in the end. It’s all because the homeowner selected the right interior paint color. Despite the fact that the red brick on the distant wall is a stronger clay hue, the brown paint helps to minimize the effect of this. The white on the other side brightens it up a little, but the deep brown on the other wall takes it down a notch. It gives the entire area a more library-like vibe, as opposed to a dining or living room setting, for example.

14. Ye Olde Kitchen

The kitchen’s rustic brick walls and wood cabinetry remind me of kitchens from decades ago, and I love it. The window sashes were painted with black interior paint by the owners. It has a smell that reminds me of soot and smoke. It’s as if you’re inside a brick-fired oven at a classic pizza while you’re in this kitchen. The vast expanse of exposed brick echoes with the aroma of well-known delicacies. Recipes are passed down from one generation to the next.

15. Home Office

The contrast between the drab tone of the bricks and the brilliant orange stain on the ceiling in this sitting area is striking. The brick in this room is more brown than red, and it would have made this space appear too serious if the stain had not been chosen. It appears that the homeowner desired a more professional setting rather than a children’s playground for his or her children. They painted the wall a medium gray color, which helps to tone down the orange hue. The use of a vibrant hue prevents the space from being too overpowering or formal.

16. Worthy of Bel-Air

When I first saw this kitchen, I immediately thought of the television show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In a way, it has a suburban feel to it, but in a more upper-class way. The bricks in this room are a blend of hues that are complimentary to one another. Everything is quite muted in color, ranging from burned orange to pale gray to deep red. The eggshell white interior paint is a good match for the brick mortar on the walls. Matching the paint color to the marble countertop brightens the space and helps to tie everything together.

It’s a warm, comforting white that evokes images of cozy living spaces and family meals together.

17. Drywall Art

This narrow dining area doesn’t strike you as particularly striking at first glance. What is the solution? The bricks of this little room are highlighted by strategically placed white drywall. Even after many years, drywall in abandoned buildings fractures and separates from the brickwork. The homeowner in this case took advantage of this by re-creating it in a style that is both fresh and current in appearance. They utilize a cobalt gray color on the remaining wall to create a contrast with the painting.

18. Hipster Cafe

If you’ve ever visited a new café in a historic downtown district of a major city, you’ll be familiar with this comfortable seating space. Hipster cafes have the same same design as this one. All that’s needed are a few of college kids who are typing away on their Macbooks while wearing ear buds.

The white paint on the inside of the door brightens up what would otherwise be a dark and dismal space. Selfie enthusiasts may find the bricks to be a fascinating backdrop. Although the design is hipster, it is the shiny black steps that really make this place scream hipster.

19. Seaside Breakfast

You shouldn’t turpentine your bricks if you painted them white a decade ago, but you should turpentine the paint that is flaking. With sea-foam green cabinetry, that weathered, rough effect will be just gorgeous. It reminds me of the contrast between white beach and breaking Florida waves throughout this entire look. This is the ideal spot to have a morning cup of coffee while daydreaming about your next holiday.

20. Turkish Hospitality

There’s a strong scent of exotic spices floating through the air, and heavy humidity is weighing down on you. The image that this intriguing sitting room conjures up in my imagination is as follows: Bricks cover the whole ceiling in this example—a brick ceiling, to be precise. That in and of itself is a sight to behold, and it’s something you don’t see every day, to be sure. However, the interior paint that the homeowner picked here brings the design’s cultural references to life. The cumin-colored walls contribute to the overall Mediterranean feel of the space.

The remainder is taken care of by the décor, but the color scheme is mostly determined by the paint color chosen.

21. Sunrise Dining

We’ve all gotten out of bed in the morning and opened our curtains to be greeted with beams of pink sunlight. It’s that first hour in the morning when the sun first begins to shine and the temperature begins to climb; it’s one of my favorite types of sunrises. They emphasized the pinkish-red brickwork by painting the inside walls a salmon color. They may now look forward to their morning coffee every day as the sun rises in that warm, nostalgic glow.

22. Retro Library

For many individuals, Woodstock is associated with many wonderful memories. And, on occasion, it evokes memories in people who weren’t even present at the time. It seems like we all have someone in our life who is infatuated with a decade they did not grow up in. Using brilliant white paint and hot pink appliances, this homeowner resurrected the sixties. It creates the Flower PowerTM ambience that we see in the movies and on television. Because of the exposed brick, it has a more Woodstock feel than a hipster-modern appearance.

23. With Sprinkles

The stark contrast between the white inside paint of this sunroom and the deep red brickwork on the other two sides is striking. Because of the roughness of the deeper hue, I believe it conveys more meaning. Painting white brickwork with deep red paint wouldn’t produce the same impression. As it sits, this is similar to a vanilla ice cream cone, with a smooth and velvety texture throughout. The exposed bricks look like cherry syrup, with a few rough red sprinkles on top for a little more zing.

I’m craving ice cream right now.

24. Coffee Cake

Use a tan or beige interior paint color if you’re dealing with red bricks that are little more on the brown side. Because of the tan wall and white ceiling, all of the lighter tones of the bricks are brought to the forefront.

The result is similar to sprinkling brown sugar on top of a rich, moist, and sweet cake. In the mornings, curl up in bed with a nice book and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee while reading in the natural light.

25. Wine Tasting, Anyone?

Consider using a tan or beige interior paint color if you’re dealing with red bricks that are a touch more brown in color. Because of the tan wall and the white ceiling, all of the lighter tones of the bricks are brought to light. As a result, the cake has the appearance of brown sugar sprinkled on top of it. In the mornings, curl up in bed with a nice book and drink delicious coffee while reading by natural light.

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26. French Royalty

The furniture in this room contributes to the overall effect, but it all started with the lime green paint. The French of yore were known for their appreciation of colorful, vibrant home decor. If you’ve ever watched films that depict the elite society of France, you won’t need any additional explanation. The use of vibrant colors in conjunction with weathered brick is a certain approach to replicate this effect in your own house.

27. Less Is More

If you look closely, you could conclude that the homeowner in this case didn’t apply any paint at all. And who can blame them when the bricks are as homogeneous in color and texture, as these are? They’ve allowed the polished wood trim to serve as the focal point of this room, and it looks amazing. The footer trim, on the other hand, is a dark gray, which you can see if you move your gaze downward a little bit. It nearly seems to blend in with the brickwork and the wood floors in the room. This did not happen by chance.


Did you find this list to be interesting? I had a lot of fun experimenting with all the numerous ways that paint may affect brick. It was also fascinating to observe how other homeowners incorporated brick into their interior design schemes. What were your thoughts on this list? If you like it, please spread the word to your friends and family. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these designs in the comments section below! Please share your ideas with me in the comments section.

12 of the Best Paint Colors To Go With Red Brick

Greetings, Laurel In our red brick ranch home, which we have been restoring on the interior for the last 20 years, we have done a fantastic job, due to your help. What I’m wondering is if you could produce an article on the exterior colors for RED BRICK houses. I’m not trying to be obnoxious; it’s just that there are so many instances of exteriorpaintideas where either there is no brick or the brick is painted that it’s driving me crazy.

One issue is that I don’t know if we should even consider painting exterior brick, or just the trim. My husband isn’t so keen on it, because what if we hate it?

When keeping the brick as is, at the absolute least it is necessary to update the moldings and shutters as well as the three outbuildings/garages that are close to the home. I’m absolutely befuddled. The brick is causing me to lose my bearings. My husband and I reside on 40 acres with a lot of white horse fence in front of and surrounding the home, so I believe it should be taken into consideration as well when making our selection. Although I can provide you a picture, I would like it if you would consider producing another exteriorpaintpost with houses that are made of red brick, if that is possible.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! MJM *** Hello everyone, and thank you very much for submitting this request to MJ! It was a massive undertaking, and I had high expectations for it. Unfortunately, I’m going to follow the advice of my inner mother and divide it into two pieces.

In Part I, we will address the best paintcolorsto go with red brick. That is, red brick on exterior.

The colors that work well with stained wood trim on the interior also go well with red brick on the outside. Here are 16 that you should look into.

Part II, I would like to discuss specific techniques for changing the color of the brick.

Painting is one approach, but it is by no means the only one available to you. It’s also not always a good idea to paint a room. I would prefer that you keep your comments for Part II until after that piece has been published. Please provide recommendations for painting the trim and outbuildings while still preserving the red brick, which would be really appreciated. Of course, I have my own thoughts and feelings about the subject.

So, let’s first take a look at MJs gorgeous home and property.

The front façade is made of stone. Is it a tool shed? In addition, there’s the garage further back. Some paint samples are kept in the garage. One option is to paint the garage in a single hue, such as Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray, which is a wonderful classic charcoal gray. They might, however, opt to maintain the doors and trim in their original white color. Stables? Oh my goodness! Here’s another look at the front of the building. Painting my house would be a given if this were my residence.

  • This appears to be some type of stylised Corinthian capital, and it does not appear to be in keeping with the rest of the house, which is rather traditional.
  • I’m only stating my choice for this particular residence.
  • Actually, that’s a very different matter.
  • I’d also want to see a guardrail on the stairwell leading down to the basement.
  • Because the roofs are a charcoal gray, I’d want to keep the colors calm and soothing.

The part that’s bugging me a little however, is the white gable.

The reason for this is that it appears to be an excessive amount of white in a house that is not white. However, it’s possible that I just require more sleep. I’d need a few days to figure out if it was anything else or something else entirely. That is, assuming they maintain the red brick. The color of the white is one item that is tough to distinguish. However, it appears to be a little too sharp to me. However, it is one of the most often encountered exterior painting problems. The majority of the time, colors appear brighter and whiter on the outside of a building than they do on the inside.

  1. A red brick wall may be seen above.
  2. This one, on the other hand, is rather popular in older homes.
  3. I love the color White Dove oc-17, it’s one of my favorite white paint tones.
  4. a lovely residence Trim with Dove Wings – picture Victoria Pearson is a designer, and Kristen Panitch is a photographer.
  5. Dove Wing oc-18, which as you can see is a little deeper than the rest of the group Benjamin Moore is a paint color created by Benjamin Moore.
  6. Interiors painted in Ballet White -oc 9 would never be confused for white, but from the outside, the color seems to be a gorgeous shade of creamy white that looks stunning when paired with red brick.
  7. I always look for a little bit of black to contrast with the white on a red brick home.

We do, however, have additional structures to take into consideration.

Below are some color inspiration images to help you visualize what I’m envisioning in terms of paint colors.

courtesy of House & Home via the Instagram account of @townhousedujour My favorite chilly hues of black include Soot by Benjamin Moore, which is more of a navy than a true black and is one of my favorites.

Soot and witching hour are combined in this recipe.

But, in any case, it’s a pretty attractive house.

You may see another image of this house by clicking here.

Both of them are part of the Laurel Home paint and palette series, which includes It’s pleasant to paint the entrance door in a complementary color every now and again.

Blue door image courtesy of @door doork on Instagram Benjamin Tranquil Blue is a color that looks quite similar to this.

One interesting alternative would be to paint the door in one of these vibrant blues. Also, Wythe Blue, a gorgeous mid-tone blue with a touch of gray, would be a lovely color to paint the door if you were to go that route.

Above is Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue cw-590

Because this hue is manufactured by Benjamin Moore,;] please keep this in mind. They have too many hues, in my opinion, and there are two Wythe Blues because someone fell asleep (or was intoxicated). One is a hue from their historical collection, while the other is from their Williamsburg collection, which is more recent. When someone goes to the shop and orders “Wythe Blue,” I wonder how many times they end up getting the Wythe they didn’t know existed in a different fan deck. The above-mentioned hc-144 is the other Wythe Blue.

Also a lovely hue, but a bit more green and little lighter than the last one.

One other option which I think would add some zing to this facade would be to paint the door red.

Nota bene: [Because Benjamin Moore produces this hue,;] They have too many hues, in my opinion, and there are two Wythe Blues since someone was sleeping (or intoxicated). There are two colors available: one from their historical collection and another from their more recent Williamsburg collection. When someone goes to the store and orders “Wythe Blue,” I wonder how many times they end up with the Wythe they didn’t realize existed in a different fan deck. In addition to hc-144, there is another Wythe Blue.

A similar color, but with a bit more green and a little lighter hue, is also available.

Michelle Marceny who is a fabulous color designer and color specialist AND has been so supportive of this blog has written another superb post about the best paint colors to go with red brick.

You may find it by clicking here. In addition, I suppose she provides color consultations across vast distances. That is why I would recommend contacting her if you are searching for that type of assistance. In any case, the bulk of the colors I’ve included in this post are from the Laurel Home Essential Paint and Palette Collection, which you can learn more about here. Let’s discuss about the colors that you associate with red brick in the comments section. Obviously there are other colors I prefer as well, but sticking with the chilly blacks and dark grays mentioned above is a pretty safe bet every time.

In addition, I believe the house will appear nicer as a result of this.

Didn’t you say that you don’t want to discuss painting the brick, Laurel?

I did it, believe it or not. As a result, please follow my instructions rather than doing what I do.;] We’ll end with a stunning image of MJ’s magnificent estate to say goodbye. xo, PS: Please have a look at the just updated hot sales. If you missed it, there are hundreds of new products available this week, and EVERYTHING from Serena and Lily is 20% off. Someone reminded me about the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer, which I had forgotten about. Although you can theoretically insert your own room into the viewer, it works much better with their photographs if you can locate one that is close to yours.

I’m not a fan of the colors they’ve chosen.

The hue of the body is similar to that of a red brick.

And here is another one that looks similar but uses a different shade of Benjamin Moore White Paint: Benjamin Moore – white dove for the body, simply white trim for the trim, heritage red for the door, and black iron shutters for the shutters.

Buckland is a Benjamin Moore door color. Blue – for the home, white dove – for the trim plain and simple white The colors are the same as with a clue door. Oh my goodness, they’re both incredibly beautiful. Is it possible to have two doors?;]

And now, get ready for a big change.

I did it, believe it or not! So please follow my instructions rather than doing what I say.;] Finally, a stunning image of MJ’s magnificent estate is shown. xo, PS: Please have a look at the just updated hot deals. If you missed it, there are hundreds of new products available this week, plus EVERYTHING from Serena and Lily is 20% off! Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer was brought to my attention by a friend. It is possible to put your own room into the viewer theoretically, but it is much preferable to use one of their photographs that is comparable to your own.

  • Their hues aren’t really appealing to me.
  • Cottage red with a van courtland blue front door and black shutters Dove Wing is an abbreviation for Dove Wing (trim) Heritage Red Door with cloud white trim and china white body Another comparable one, but with a different shade of Benjamin Moore White Paint, may be found below.
  • Even if there isn’t much of a difference, as you can see, you’ll still need to put your hypothesis through its paces.
  • Blue is the color of the home, while white doves are used for trim.
  • These two are very beautiful.

What Colors Look Best With Brick?

Including exposed brick in your home decor design plan is a terrific way to provide interest and flair to a space that might otherwise be plain. Finding colors that are complementary to the brick in the manner you want them to be may be a difficult task in and of itself. Check out our suggestions for selecting the best brick and paint color combinations that complement your unique style in the section below.

Choose or Identify Brick Colors

It is a terrific way to add impact and flair to an otherwise uninteresting area by incorporating exposed brick into your home décor design plan. The task of finding colors that are complementary to brick in the manner in which you desire may prove to be more difficult. Consider the advice provided in the next section for selecting the most appropriate brick and paint color combinations for your home.

How to Choose Brick and Paint Color Combinations

In order to create your dream design, the next step is to choose the colors you want to add into the space and match them to the tone of the brick.

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Red Brick

Because red brick can have multiple different undertones within the spectrum of red colors, you must first assess if the red has an orange or purple tinge to it.

  • Because red brick may have multiple different undertones within the spectrum of red colors, it’s important to figure out whether the color is more orange or purple than red.
  • Purple/Red- Purple-toned tints of red tend to be darker than other colours of red. Consequently, gray or tan walls complement this hue quite well, and beige is a particularly lovely wall color when combined with purple/red brick. To keep the space from seeming too gloomy, opt for brighter colors rather than darker ones. Finish the area with things in light gray, a variety of yellows and greens, beige, or a deep brown color. Additionally, try to avoid using blue or purple, especially in excessive quantities.

Brown Brick

Cafe Mocha brick color from Old Mill Brick paired with cream and light beige décor for a warm and inviting look. Brown brick can be light, dark, or a combination of the two. If your brick is a light brown or beige color, you should avoid painting your walls in gray or blue tones to complement it. For example, beige, tan, and most light colored accents tend to look fantastic together. Instead of using black, use dark browns to create a sense of contrast. If you have a dark brown brick, you may want to brighten the area by painting the walls beige or cream and adding white accessories.

If you prefer not to use black, you may enhance contrast by using whites and creams instead of it.

However, you should avoid using anything that is excessively dark, especially on the walls and ceiling. Use beige-based tones on the walls and accessories in dusty blue, mustard yellow, or light green to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Gray or Tan Brick

3D rendering of a modern contemporary bathroom. There is a gray natural stone brick wall and a wood floor in the room. The space has a lot of natural light coming in via the windows. Looking out to take in the vista of the garden. Because gray and tan bricks are often softer in tone, they are a fantastic neutral choice that can be used in almost any room. The tones are versatile and can go with virtually any décor or color scheme. Gray looks particularly good when combined with blue and purple tones, which you wouldn’t have been able to utilize with some of the other colors you tried.

Where to Find Gorgeous Brick

Get started designing your ideal room décor by visiting Old Mill Brick now, where you can find stunning brick selections in a variety of hues.

What Paint Colors Go With Red Brick

What Colors Should You Use With Red Brick?

What Paint Colors Go With Red Brick

You may find it challenging to choose the perfect color for your home’s exterior when you already have a brick color in mind to match. Fortunately, PPG’s exterior paint colors provide a wide range of exterior paint colors that complement red brick architecture. Here are a few examples: What Colors of Paint Go Well With Red Brick? What Colors of Paint Go Well With Red Brick? Neutrals with a mellow tone Shades of muted neutrals are appropriate for usage in landscapes with other subdued features as well as on the exteriors of houses with red brick.

  • For example, Greyhoundis a brown-grey color that is now popular and inspired by nature.
  • Add a dark blue-grey color to your front door, such as Superstition, to draw the eye and greet visitors to your home.
  • Find all about neutral paint colors.
  • What Colors of Paint Go Well With Red Brick?
  • An airy light blue, such asSweet Dreams, looks beautiful against a vivid sky, while also reducing any sharp edges.
  • The color Peach Darlingis a delicate apricot that would be appropriate for a southern house or seaside cottage that may include red brick.
  • What Colors of Paint Go Well With Red Brick?
  • When the leaves turn red in the fall, they stand out.
  • If you want to go big and show off your individuality with the color of your home, consider using a red likeSweet Spiceberryon the foundation of your house.

Use of exterior home colors that complement red brick, such as blue-grey and taupe, can help to soften the overall effect. Blue Zephyris is a beautiful color to use on the trim, and taupe adds an extra layer of subtle contrast to the door and window frames. look for additional red paints

Color and Interior Brick Tones

To incorporate your interior brick into a gorgeous color scheme, simply follow these easy guidelines. Houses built with brick are low maintenance and fire resistant, although they are typically limited to the façade and, on the interior, to fireplaces because of their limited usage. Due to its durability under extreme heat, brick is the most often used material for lining fireboxes and facing fireplace surrounds. In accordance with the architectural style of your home, the fireplace surround may consist of a few discrete rows of bricks or a substantial structure.

  1. What determines whether your brick wall casts a gloomy shadow over your space or adds a warm, rustic feel is determined primarily by the color of the brick and how well it complements the color scheme of your room.
  2. Fired minerals have a variety of colors, ranging from buff and yellow to salmon pink to dark red-brown, depending on their mineral makeup.
  3. Determine whether you want to highlight or minimize the presence of a brick component in your decorating strategy before incorporating it into your design approach.
  4. If the brick is a color that you do not like, you might want to try painting it.

Look for the Dominant Color

Headboard made of brick Treat the brick’s color in the same way that you would a fabric, paint, or carpet color, and utilize the color wheel to guide you toward a pleasing palette of colours and textures. Brick that is mostly pink, salmon, or light red pairs nicely with soft yellows, cool greens, and creamy antique whites, as do bricks that are predominantly white. Yellow or buff-colored brick looks stunning when used with neutrals such as cool grays or warm browns; search for hues that are muted or grayed in order to harmonize with the earth tones in the brick.

Incorporate hints of the brick hue elsewhere in the space, such as in textiles or accessories, to tie the color scheme together.

This helps to integrate the brick into the room, resulting in a more harmonic and cohesive overall design. A room might appear oppressive if the walls are the darkest feature in it; to avoid this, put another darker element in the area.

Painting Brick

The color of the fireplace is blue. Painting brick is a terrific method to provide a new appearance to a room. If the natural color of the brick does not fit your design style, you might want to think about painting it. Paint the feature in a complementary color to the room’s trim to draw attention to its architectural significance. However, if you think it would attract too much attention to it, you may paint the brick a shade or two darker or lighter than the walls, and then paint the mantel to match the trim.

  1. Alternatively, paint the brick to match the color of the walls and match the mantel to the trim of the room.
  2. Priming using an external latex primer is recommended since it sticks to brick better than an interior primer.
  3. Using a stain-blocking primer and sealer that is developed for glossy surfaces (a deglossing primer) can save you the time and effort of sanding previously painted brick.
  4. Then, using latex paint in the selected color, apply two coats to the surface (oil-base or alkyd paints are not recommended for brick, because they trap moisture).

More for You

Brick has been used in architecture for hundreds of years. There are several variations of this traditional facade, ranging from Prairie-style houses to American Craftsman and contemporary styles. It is extremely elegant to have red brick walls that are complemented by complementing trim and door colors. While the colors of your home are mostly a matter of personal preference, there are various traditional and modern color palettes that complement red brick.

Classic Cream

When considering complimentary hues to red brick, many people immediately think of white. This conventional option provides a striking contrast to all colors of red brick – from orange to cherry – while also adding a splash of color. Others argue that ivory is a better choice than white, stating that white may be too harsh and stark, whereas ivory is more kind and warm. Ivory is also more effective at reducing glare than other colors. Both white and ivory are used to draw attention to and improve the look of ornate trim and other architectural elements.

Bold and Beautiful

Glossy black shutters lend width and depth to the finished product, resulting in a more refined appearance. The entrance door can be painted black as well, or glossy red to create a striking contrast with the red brick walls in the room. Incorporate cream-colored trim to create a welcoming atmosphere.

However, it is not only the brick that is important; the color of the grout is also important. An outside of red brick with black accent colors is warmed up by light-colored grout; a dark grouted interior benefits from cream-colored trim to create a welcome atmosphere.

Earthy Elegance

Natural hues are a beautiful compliment to red brick walls and help to create a more coherent landscape design. A smooth, cohesive look is achieved by the use of neutral colors and tones. For sophisticated curb appeal, choose colors such as smoky gray, milk chocolate, and dusty taupe. To avoid seeming dreary, use these hues with vibrant landscape or accent colors to provide life to your home design. Warmer colors, such as gold, orange, and red, provide a homey vibe to doors, shutters, and trimwork when used together.

Polished Personality

Contrasting accent colors continue to be a popular choice when decorating with brick walls. The color combination of red and orange occurs naturally in nature, and it adapts gracefully to the façade of a residence. Sage green creates a subtle contrast with only a trace of color, but hunter green is a stronger choice that stands out more. To lighten the space while also providing visual appeal, include tones of ivory, neutral, and beige into the design scheme. Blue is a complimentary color to red brick; the stronger the hue, the greater the intensity of the contrast between the two colors.

6 More Palettes for Red Brick Houses

Every day in our online and in-person color consulting company, we specify exterior paint color palettes for red brick buildings, and we do it virtually exclusively. “The Best Exterior Paint Colors for Red Brick Homes (and What Not to Do)” is one of our most popular blog pieces, and it’s one of our most read. The following are some of our favorite color palettes for red brick homes that we thought you would love.

Tips for Paint Color Palettes with Red Brick

  1. With brick, you can keep your whites creamy. If you want a warm white, try SW Alabaster, or if you want a very light greige, go with SW Shoji White. It will seem completely white outdoors. A white that is too pristine or sharp can appear harsh. Exterior paint colors appear to be 5-10 times brighter and more vibrant than interior paint colors. Depending on the undertones of a gray hue, it may appear blue, green, or violet in appearance. Choosing a paint color for the outside that is too light is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. Consider painting siding the same color as your grout to avoid this mistake. The majority of the grout is a green-gray color, although we occasionally see taupe grout as well. Surfaces with rough textures, such as stucco, give the impression that they are darker. If you use the same paint color for the siding and stucco on a house, the stucco will seem darker than the siding. If you have white vinyl windows, you might want to consider installing white trim to complement them. It is not required to be an exact match. The use of a white trim color will prevent the vinyl windows from seeming too harsh. Purchase the highest-quality paint you can afford in order to extend the life of your paint. Dark colors fade more quickly than light colors, but if you choose a high-quality paint, this won’t be a significant issue. The longer the warranty, the higher the quality of the paint. Avoid using builder’s grade paint
  2. Always test your paint colors before using them.

Here are six of our favorite paint color schemes that include red brick as a focal point. Sherwin-Williams paints are used throughout.

Southern Cottage Color Palettes

SW Jogging Path, a mid-toned green-gray that is the same hue as the grout, is used in this palette. The use of a blue ceiling in a traditional southern house is a common design choice. The practice dates back more than a century, when homeowners believed that painting their front porch ceiling blue would keep spirits away from their home since ghosts could not travel over water. It was formerly believed that wearing blue would keep wasps away as well. It is important to use a beige with yellow undertones when selecting a yellow paint color for your home (particularly if your home has red brick).

Those hues include SW Straw Harvest, which is one of them.

It’s a bright and beautiful day outside.

Traditional Red Brick Color Palettes

A blue mansion with red brick is one of our favorites. SW Granite Peak is another another modest hue that becomes more vibrant and energetic when exposed to the elements. We like it since it isn’t as dark as other navy blue paint hues, which we find appealing. Riverby is rushing. The hue Sherwin Williams is a nice mid-toned green-gray that contrasts with the red brick while also tying in with the green-gray color scheme of the room.

You can never go wrong with this outfit. We adore a green home with red brick on the exterior! In this example, we chose SW Retreat because it is a subdued green hue that keeps the palette from seeming too much like a Christmas color palette.

Modern Farmhouse Color Palette with Red Brick

Often, customers ask for a modern farmhouse aesthetic, and this is a charming, straightforward interpretation that is also ageless. SW Alabaster is a creamy off-white paint color that we chose for the house. Whites should be creamy when used with brick and for exterior palettes, and we would not choose a white that was any brighter than Alabaster for these reasons. It is as white as we could possibly make it. Paint all of the trim, fascia, soffits, and siding in the same color to create this palette.

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Finish it off with a bright and cheery front door.

The Verdict

Because brick is an earthy finish, always use a subdued paint color to complement it. Whites should be creamy or light grays that are subdued. When exposed to direct sunlight, exterior paint colors will seem five to ten times brighter and more vibrant. Whatever you do, don’t forget to test your paint colors before using them. It’s a recognized best practice in the industry. The only time I test my paint colors is when they turn out perfectly, and the only time I don’t test them is when they turn out incorrectly.

It is absolutely never, ever acceptable to use paint matching from a different brand than the one you will be using.

Despite the fact that your painter may be convinced that it is possible, do not proceed.

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5 Red Brick and Paint Color Combination Ideas to Inspire

All of these red brick and paint color combinations would make even the Big Bad Wolf swoon. Get quotations from as many as three professionals! Enter your zip code below to get matched with top-rated professionals in your area. You adore the classic beauty of your red brick home and the warmth it provides. However, when it comes to the color of your siding or trim, you’re ready to make a change. It’s important to think about a few factors before bringing home a large collection of paint swatches, such as your roof, driveway, mailbox, and general house design.

Do not be concerned; we have some inspiring ideas and expert recommendations to assist you in adding the ideal splash of color to your brick home.

Gray With Blue Undertones

Gray is a wonderful, neutral hue that may really bring out the red brick in your home’s exterior. To compliment the red, go for a grayish-blue rather than a gray with tan overtones to create a contrast. One to give a shot is: Sherwin-Williams’ Gray Screen is a neutral gray color.

Dark Blue

When paired with red brick, blue may be a stunning color combination. Although it is not connected to red on the standard color wheel, the two hues seem to work well together when combined. Consider a deeper blue rather than a royal or an azure when selecting a paint color for your home or office. A mix of white trim on a dark blue home with red brick is a really attractive sight. One to give a shot is: Sherwin-Williams’ Naval Blue is a deep blue-green color.

Green With Tones of Gray or Blue

Like holly and berries, green and red go together like peanut butter and jelly. There are a few different hues of green that you may choose for your siding color that will go best with your brick.


Sage is a grayish-green color that resembles the color of dried sage leaves, so you guessed right. Red brick pairs beautifully with sage-colored paint in various shades of light and dark, and cream-colored trim may be a really attractive accent. One to give a shot is: Sheraton Sage is a paint color created by Sherwin-Williams.

Dark Teal

Because the warm hue of the brick contrasts with the chilly color of the brick, a dark blue-green rather than a brilliant teal will help your brick stand out. This hue of blue-green is enhanced with black shutters and white trim, which contrast nicely with the gray roof shingles. One to give a shot is: Sherwin-Williams’ Maxi Teal is a vibrant teal color.

Warm Beige

Because they both include warm color tones, many different shades of beige, ranging from darker taupes to lighter tans, are complementary to red brick. Shutters in black may give your home a more defined appearance and truly make your windows stand out. One to give a shot is: Sherwin-Williams’ Intricate Ivy is a beautiful green.

Basic Black and White

Image courtesy of stock.adobe.com. Ursula Page While black and white might appear harsh when juxtaposed against a red brick exterior, they can also create a striking visual effect. Choosing black siding for your home may provide a highly contemporary design, however white siding combined with red brick creates a timeless aesthetic that has been around since the Colonial era of American history. There are two to try: Snow and emerald green are combined in this design. Sherwin-Williams is the manufacturer of this paint.

Other Things to Consider

When deciding which color siding to use to complement your red brick, there are a few other design considerations that should be taken into consideration before making your decision.

Style of Your Home

The design of your home has a significant impact on the color of siding that will look best on it. Do you live in a colonial-style residence? Your best bet is to go with white siding.

Is it better to be modern or contemporary? The color black will go well with your design aesthetic. Victorian? Colors that are muted are your best buddy. Make sure to investigate the architectural style of your property before falling in love with a paint color that may or may not complement it.

Roof Color

The image is courtesy of Irina88w/iStock/Getty Images Plus. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, the kind and color of your roof will have a significant impact on which color siding will look best on your home. If you’re simply going to be changing the color of your siding and not your roof, you’ll want to choose a color that compliments not only your brick but also your roof as well.


Gutters are available in a variety of various materials and colors. Despite the fact that most people choose white gutters, you have the option of changing the color of your gutters based on the material used. If you’re not planning on changing the color of your siding, you’ll want to choose a hue that complements the color of your gutters.


Is the material of your mailbox metal? Brick? Is it a scaled-down version of your house? Consider how you’ll go about matching the color of your mailbox to the color of your new siding, if you have one.


While concrete or asphalt may be painted to match virtually any color scheme, a paver driveway is a different story. You’ll need to take that hue into consideration when selecting your new paint.


If your railings are painted, make sure to take the color (or the change in color, if applicable) into consideration when choosing new paint colors for your property. Many homes have black metal or wood, but don’t forget to pay attention to this small element.

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls, like driveways, must be taken into consideration when creating your overall architectural concept. This is one feature that is easy to overlook, yet it has a significant influence on curb appeal. When selecting new siding for your home, consider the colors that will complement your retaining wall as well as your brick.


If you’re doing your own painting, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start painting your siding.

  • Colors seem approximately three shades lighter in natural light than they do in artificial light. Remember to take your paint sample outside and examine them in natural light before making a decision on which paint to buy. Always apply primer
  • Otherwise, the beautiful paint job that you worked so hard on will not survive and you will find yourself back where you started. Unless you reside in a particularly hot region, stay away from dark paint colors such as black and dark blue. Because of the heat, the paint may bubble up.

You should also keep in mind that if you aren’t in the mood to tackle a DIY project, you may employ a professional exterior painter in your area to ensure that the job is done correctly.

The Best Paint Colors for Brick

When it comes to selecting the proper exterior paint color for their home, a common problem that many customers have is picking a color that would complement their red brick. Red brick, as opposed to more neutral brick or stone, adds a vibrant pop of color to your home. As a result, it’s critical to select a paint color that complements rather than contrasts with your red brick exterior. This is far easier said than done, which is why we set out to make it as simple as we possibly could. Continue reading if you’re having trouble deciding on the appropriate paint color for your red brick home.

Best Neutrals for Red Brick

The list of paint colors would be incomplete without at least a few neutrals. If you’re looking for something a little more daring, we recommend avoiding this area, but neutrals are a fantastic place to start exploring for inspiration. The simplicity and straightforwardness of neutral paint colors might make things a lot simpler when you’re feeling overwhelmed. White and brown neutrals are the focus of this list, although you may also find a list of grays farther down the page if you want. Because the siding or trim will be more subdued in comparison to the brick, a neutral paint color will assist in making your brick a prominent point.

Choose a white with a warm undertone to prevent generating a strong contrast between the white and the rest of the room. To achieve a rich cocoa color, tryWool Skein SW 6148 or evenHot Cocoa SW 6047, which are both darker and warmer shades.

Most Popular Gray Colors

Over the past few years, gray has been an increasingly fashionable exterior hue. It works particularly well with red brick. If your brick has any diversity, such as darker portions here and there, these colors may be the best choice for your future painting endeavor, depending on the situation. Dovetail SW 7018 by Sherwin Williams is one of our all-time favorite paint colors that we’ve been recommending for years. Despite its ageless nature, this gray has a somewhat warm undertone, which makes it an excellent choice for complimenting red brick.

This is a little darker than dovetail and a little less warm, so if you choose it, you will be making a big statement in your room.

Best Green Paints

Because the colors red and green are complimentary on the color wheel, green is the best color to choose when painting the outside of your home or business. Green paint will assist to bring out some of the varied tones in your red brick without making it look too busy or out of place. For those who want to experiment with something a little different from the majority of the neutrals on our list, green is a fantastic choice. We recommend that you go for green paint that is subdued and not too brilliant in order to get the perfect shade of green.

This will ensure that the style remains ageless and classic.

Best Dark and Dramatic Paint Colors

These following colors on the list are not for those who are easily scared or intimidated. However, if you’re not sure about using these colors on a broad scale, they make fantastic accent colors for a front door or shutters, for example. If a darker hue complements the design of your house, we like seeing customers opt for something a little more dramatic in their decor. Granite Peak SW 6250 is a nicely subdued, somewhat gray-blue color that will make your red brick stand out even more than it already does.

If you really want to make a statement, choose Cyberspace SW 7076, which is a deep, inky blue-gray, or Iron Ore SW 7069, which has a dramatic, almost matte-looking finish and a lot of drama.

Test Your Paint Against Your Red Brick

To be sure, we usually recommend purchasing up some samples and painting some swatches on your siding or trim, garage door, or even some cardboard so that you can see how the color contrasts with your brick. Test your colors in various lighting conditions and think about where you want to position your colors before you begin your project. Check out our blog post, The Best 4 Paints for Painting Brick, for more information on the many paint alternatives available for painting brick. If you are having trouble narrowing down your options, this list of the finest paint colors that match red brick may be of assistance.

Staying within these color families and selecting subdued tones that aren’t too bright will ensure that you’ll be pleased with your new style. If you decide to use one of these paint colors in your house, please post a picture of the finished product on our Facebook page!

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