How To Modernize Interior Columns

16 Simple Tricks to Modernize Interior Columns-DreamWall .

It is important to update the interior columns in your home or room if you want to create the proper impression for the space you are designing. It demonstrates to others that you are concerned about the aesthetics of the venue or property. Even a column design with a historical vibe need a modern touch in order to avoid a drab and unappealing appearance. Interior columns can be constructed from a variety of materials, including but not limited to:

  • The modernization of interior columns may go a long way toward producing the correct image for the house or area you are working on in terms of appearance and functionality. It demonstrates to others that you are concerned about the aesthetics of the venue or home. Even a column design with a historical vibe need a contemporary touch in order to avoid a drab and unattractive appearance. A variety of materials, including wood, can be used to construct interior columns, including but not limited to:

Each material has its own set of outstanding characteristics as well as its own set of restrictions. It is beneficial to have a basic understanding of the types of materials that are suitable for interior and exterior columns. If the column is intended to be load-bearing or purely aesthetic, the decision is primarily dictated by this consideration. Stone and oak have long been regarded as dependable building materials for supporting columns. Polyurethane is a terrific material for embellishing columns since it is both sturdy and long-lasting.

PU columns are also an excellent alternative for your interior since they are simple to work with and can be customized to produce a variety of modernizing styles and appearances.

The best thing is that they are relatively straightforward and do not need to be expensive.


Painting your column in the same color as the rest of the walls in your room can assist to make your space appear more cohesive and cohesively designed. Incorporating the same trim as the walls of your home adds a nice aesthetic touch. Paint in Contrast with the Column-If you want to make your column the architectural focal point of your space, consider painting it in contrasting colors. Another alternative for enhancing your column is to paint it in two different tones of paint, one on each side of the column.

Take a look at these suggestions for the best way to paint interior columns.

Use complementary molding

Interior columns that are positioned in a solitary fashion will most likely feel and appear lonely. Complement it with other trim, such as crown molding, to create a sense of unity. The molding may be straightforward, but it should suit the overall style of the area. It can be coordinated with the doors or other elements along the column to create an even more compact appearance.


Another option for bringing color and texture into your area is to tile your column or wall. Using a variety of tile combinations may be a fascinating alternative to traditional tile designs.


A rustic or urban atmosphere may be achieved by bricking the outside of your column, which can dramatically alter the appearance of your space.

If you feel that completely bricking the column would be too much brick for you, try a partly bricked column as an alternative.


Paneling made of wood is another option for concealing the column. The contrast between the white walls and the dark wood covering a column, for example, can be enhanced with the addition of other decorative elements. Consider peel and stick real distressed wood wall panels as a more convenient alternative to wooden planks or even laminated wood planks in your home or office.


If you’re looking for a high-end design, marble is another stone that may be used to provide a modern touch to your columns and an overall polished vibe to your area. Despite the fact that marble is pricey, it may be custom ordered from a competent marble and granite firm in your neighborhood.


One approach for virtually blending your column into your area is to cover it with mirror surfaces on each side of it. The mirrored column almost completely disappears, with pictures of the rest of the room reflected in it.


Another option for covering your column is to use a rope that is looped around it all the way up or down for a nautical touch. Rather of being a source of discomfort, your column will rapidly become an integral element of the overall design of the area.


If the positioning of the column in your room allows for it, a shelf may be used to make the area between the column and the wall more functional and attractive. It is possible to create a personalized shelf space by arranging shelving pieces at different heights of the column.

Liquor/Wine Cabinet

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you’ll like this creative method to employing the columns in your room, which includes the storage of liquor and wine. Install a wooden support beam or extra column, though not necessary load-bearing, close to the column in your room, and add a shelf spaced far enough apart to accommodate the storage of alcoholic beverages bottles. Glass shelving may be swapped out with wooden shelves, and notched wood can be utilized for wine storage in some situations.

Room Divider

As is common with open floor designs, it may be difficult to tell the difference between one space and another. Using your column as a room divider might assist you in resolving this issue.

Storage cabinet

If you wish to build a bespoke cabinet, shelving and a glass front are attached to either the front or side of the column, depending on how large you want the storage cabinet to be.

Wall art

The use of painted columns to showcase wall art may assist to create a more cohesive appearance in a space while also expressing your personal style and preferences. Making use of wall art that integrates accent colors from your area to decorate your column is a wonderful approach to draw attention away from the column itself.


Columns, whether they are made of fake or real plants, are an excellent way to bring some greenery into a room or space.

Trellis with vine.

Vegetables can easily climb up trellises, which are large crossing structures that act as ideal ladders for their ascent. Natural-looking artificial vines may be intertwined with trellis posts to provide a lifelike appearance without the mess created by leaves falling from actual vines.

A gorgeous patio, especially when combined with outside columns, would be a wonderful place to host guests or spend a relaxing day reading your favorite book.


Extra lighting, such as cordless battery-operated sconces, can be hung from columns to provide ambiance. They are simple to install and do not necessitate the use of sophisticated wiring. They not only make the column appear resourceful, but they also demonstrate a wonderful sense of décor style. Consider how some of these trends would look in your house or in the space you are currently working on. Consider the reactions of your friends, and even better, the reactions of yourself, each time you step into a room for the first time.

How to update roman columns in living room?

Thank you, bepsf, for your advice, which I will take into consideration. It is not possible for me to turn the chest perpendicular due to a lack of available space by a few inches (aargh.that was my original plan). Instead of purchasing new furniture, might I consider enhancing the nook with a larger piece of lighting, such as a mercury base lamp with a tall shade? To your question about drapes, which would have to be immovable, I appreciate your comments on colors. However, because the piano is near a window with views mostly on both sides of the window, I’m hesitant to install drapes that would impede the lovely view from the piano bench.

  • The view from the sofa to the sides of the window would be obstructed even if I had placed a larger light and chairs in the centre of the room, which would have been preferable.
  • Also, I had a wonderful idea for big faux-fur cushions and a throw, which I will implement immediately.
  • Is there one that comes to mind?
  • A drape that extends only partially down the window or sill length may not sound exactly appropriate, but perhaps there is an other option out there.
  • My first thoughts were of cream or linen, but I’m trying to be more open-minded:-) As far as my personal style is concerned, it is a little jumbled.
  • As a result, I’m in a decorating bind.

Also, as far as the top of the piano is concerned, I’m thinking the picture of my husband will have to come down and that I’ll have to entirely redecorate the area. Do you have any opinions on this? Wow. It’s a lot to take in, so thank you everyone for your help. More information may be found here.

How We Updated our Interior Faux Columns

There were two round columns in the dining room that were really strongly textured when we moved in, and the irony is that my crew was the ones that textured those columns so heavily nine years earlier. As part of our contract with the guys that came in to remove the fake finishing and textured walls, we requested that they also smooth out our two columns, which they did. Sign up for My NEXT HOUSE RENOVATION PROJECT TODAY! When they attempted to do so, they realized that it is extremely difficult to smooth out a rounded surface.

Our Interior Faux Columns Options:

  • Simply paint them and leave them with a lot of texture on them. Tossing them out and having a trim carpenter construct columns from the ground up for us

This following photo will demonstrate what we came to a decision on. Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on them, I may get a commission. I only recommend goods that I personally use and like! So Mr. Magic and our friend Richard removed the columns from the building, and he simply cut the columns away from the support beams that were inside of them, much as you would cut a cast away from someone’s broken limb. He snipped those off and threw them in the garbage immediately.

  1. The support beams are seen in their natural state!
  2. In order for me to determine whether or not I liked the size of the columns and the size of the trim, the trim carpenter came in and created a little model of what they may look like.
  3. His team constructed them, and the painters painted them in the color Sherwin Williams Alabaster.
  4. The square fake columns give it a contemporary appearance, while the wainscoting trim work gives it a traditional appearance.
  5. And, by the way, I now retract any and all negative statements I have made regarding the color white.
  6. I’m absolutely in love with it!
  7. On this page, you can also find links to the furniture and the mirrored buffet, which I also painted.
  8. Should he continue to be there?
  9. Keep an eye out for additional updates on the Allwood house remodel!
  10. Check out my most popular entries for more entertaining do-it-yourself projects.
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20 Decorative Interior Column Design Ideas

Throughout architectural history, designers and architects have been challenged to come up with novel solutions to the age-old problem of structural vs aesthetics in the construction of dwellings. Columns, in particular, are one of those design challenges that are absolutely necessary for structural support to be successful. In addition, columns are required to transport large loads from the roof, higher floors, or other weight-bearing responsibilities to the ground level, where they may be used to support your home.

Interior column ideas are provided here to help you make the most of your columns and use them as beautiful aspects in your house.

It’s easy to skip through the house construction process in a haze of fantasy, picturing an expansive open floor plan with massive, wide vistas that flow from room to room, giving the impression that your home is much larger than it actually is.

This essay is for you if you are confronted with a space makeover that includes two inescapable columns that are conspicuously placed directly in the center of your open floor plan, as described above.

Elite Mouldings Inc.

These paint grade columns, which are constructed of finger joined pine, are smooth and classy.


Incorporating columns into a space is a simple and effective method to bring a Mediterranean feel to it.

Elite Mouldings Inc.

Decorative capitals are ideal for individuals who seek elegance as well as architectural precision in their designs.

Debbie Sykes

Using the colors Arctic Gray by Ben Moore with Pure White by Sherwin Williams, these columns stand out from the rest of the room.

Faber Inc.

Column designs do not necessarily have to be white and round, as in the case of this particular one.

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Interior Column Ideas For Living Room

Living room columns are an astonishing yet simple way to add depth and richness to your living room while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. The columns may also be used to create a transition between the living room and the dining room or the kitchen, which is very useful if you have an open concept kitchen design. You may use old style interior column ideas in your living room, with attractive caps placed at the highest point of the columns, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, traditional interior columndesign ideas combined with eye-catching design nuances may be employed to create beautiful elements that will continually draw the attention of the people in the space.

  • Additionally, columns may be used to create a focal point in a space by becoming the focal point of the room.
  • Giving your furniture the opportunity to govern how you organize your area may result in a stunning presentation.
  • In addition, columns may be made from a variety of materials such as wood, stone, brick, or even concrete.
  • Whatever the case, you should use caution while deciding where to place the items.

If you don’t want to deal with a structural column to support the entire construction, you may use fake columns instead. As a point of clarification, fake columns are not intended to be structural and are only used for decorative purposes.

Different Ways To Decorate Columns

This becomes a common topic of conversation among builders and homeowners who want to create a more open floor plan by knocking down partitions. The architect insists that one or two structural columns of extraordinary significance must be retained, and everyone begins to pine for the once-ideal open space that has now been contaminated by the architect’s decision. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t lose heart. With the addition of these inside column wraps, a column that was before considered an ugly may be transformed into a feature in its own right.

  • Certainly, this method of sprucing up your columns with a minimal expenditure of money and labor is effective.
  • Exposed brick walls are incredibly popular in some of America’s most hip metropolitan districts, and there’s a good explanation for their popularity.
  • Particularly if you have a fireplace surround in your house, you may already be familiar with the idea of using brick in your home.
  • For those who do not like the reddish tones of brick, natural stones are an excellent alternative.
  • Furthermore, wood-slatted columns provide a light touch to open-air living rooms while also defining it as an intimate place.
  • Meanwhile, who says indoor columns have to be the same thickness all the time?
Evolv Design

If you want a luxury and beautiful design, then follow these steps.

GoManGo Enterprises

The columns are divided into two sections by half-wall dividers, which separate the entry from the living space.

Make Your Columns Functional

We become concerned with the details of making a house seem wonderful by increasing views and creating wide spaces that give it an opulent feel while we are constructing a property. Then the truth is revealed, particularly when we consult with a professional who advises that a large room may require a load-bearing column in the middle to ensure that it is stable, or that a large roof may require a couple of additional support columns in the middle to ensure that it is stable even when subjected to high winds.

Not to worry if you’re trying to figure out how to get around this problem.

We also offer you interior column ideas on how to enhance solid columns or brick pillars in order to increase the beauty and usefulness of your home.

Additionally, you may paint the concrete column white, which will serve as a support for the wooden pillars and beams that will be placed on top of it later on.

In this instance, the design separates the space into four smaller rooms: the living room, the entryway, the dining room, and a study (see illustration). As a consequence, the use of white and dark-colored tones throughout the space creates a brilliant minimalist environment.

Classic Columns That Won’t Go Out Of Style

Round and square columns are constructed from three basic elements. The capital, also known as the cap, is broader than the pillar and can be built in a number of different ways. Doric or Tuscan hats are great for interior design that is simple and subtle. Luxury and attention-getting interior design are made possible by Corinthian caps. Round pillars can be either simple or fluted in design. Italian or TuscanDoric bases may be used to finish stunning carvings on stone or hardwood columns, which can be used to enhance the modern interior design with these distinctive architectural components.

Modern columns and pillars can be constructed from a variety of less costly materials, including treated wood, fiberglass, and polyvinyl chloride.

Massive loads may be supported by hardwood, stone, and marble, which are good alternatives.

Find pillars that are simple to install and paint, and utilize these architectural features to add fashionable highlights to your modern interior design.

Other Ways To Make Use Of Columns

First and foremost, a column might serve as a support for a recess. A column can be used to provide support for a segment wall that separates two regions. The concrete column with stone cladding, for example, adds a natural element to the space while also minimizing the effects of the sun. Furthermore, building a wall with a narrower width than the column allows you to create a recess into which you can fit household furniture without making the area appear claustrophobic. However, another option for making the most of a load-bearing column in the social area is to use it as the foundation for a wall-mounted television.

Similarly, you may enhance the wall with a finish that complements the concept of your home, whether it is modern, classic, or contemporary in style.

In this situation, constructing storage shelves in the niche would be an appropriate solution for maximizing the use of available space.

Interior Column Ideas In Big Houses

A large residence with a double-height roof necessitates the use of columns to sustain the structure. Making a boundary for the seating area in the living room by arranging the columns in a circle makes the space look cozier, which is especially useful in large homes. In addition, it separates the living room from the hallway that leads to the stairs and the kitchen. Covering the columns with natural stone finish and incorporating floor lighting at the foot of each column is another excellent addition that not only adds flair to the living room, but also serves to gently illuminate the space.

In this way, we can see how the top segment of the wooden divider is made of glass in order to ensure that natural light may flow freely through the room.

Structure columns are commonly seen at the main entrance to support the yard roof or the upper story.

Consider, for example, how stone-clad support columns at the entryway with a depression in the middle are perfect for allowing a grower to design the area and create a more pleasant atmosphere.

Column Ideas Outside The House

While the view from an upper-floor patio is the most important element of a home with a patio, safety is an important consideration that should be factored into the design. If the structure includes a column at the edge of the patio that is used to support the roof, the column may also be used to secure the steel and glass safety railing that runs along the perimeter of the porch to make the area more secure. On the other hand, if you have a home with a spectacular view and don’t want to hinder it by creating high boundary walls, brick columns may be used as pillars from which security fence can be trailed around the property to keep it safe and secure.

For example, magnificent red columns may add to the rustic feel of a home’s interior design.

If you would want any of the photographs to be deleted, please contact us and we would be pleased to assist you.

We hope that this blog will be useful to you as you go through the process of upgrading your house, from design ideas to selecting a contractor.” Bryan Sebring is a writer and entrepreneur.

How To Decorate A Column In the Middle Of A Room? (17 Ideas)

Load-bearing columns, as the name suggests, are literal columns that support the core load of your home and are cemented into the foundation of your home. Consequently, whether creating an open area or opening up an existing space, they cannot be eliminated since they are necessary. There are several alternatives available when it comes to designing around load-bearing columns or incorporating columns into your area. We looked at a variety of sites for inspiration and suggestions on how to best adorn your column in order to make your decision-making process a little less difficult.

There are a variety of methods to design your column such that it either blends in with the rest of your space or serves a functional purpose.

Keeping these two alternatives in mind, the top 17 most common methods to adorn a column (in no particular order) are as follows:

  1. Paint, molding, tile, brick, wood, stone, marble, mirror, rope, shelving, counter space, bar counter, room divider, storage cabinet, wall art, plants, and lighting are some of the design elements to consider.

Paint, molding, tile, brick, wood, stone, marble, mirror, rope, shelving, counter space, bar counter, room divider, storage cabinet, wall art, plants, and lighting are some of the design elements.

How To Decorate A Column In The Middle Of Your Room

Look at the 17 different methods to design a column in the centre of your room for more information.

1. Paint

Color-coordinated walls in your room, including your column, can help to create a more coherent appearance in your area.

A beautiful decorative touch may be achieved by using the same trim as the walls of your home, for example.

Contrast Paint

Consider using contrasting paint to make your column the architectural focal point of your space in order to attain this effect.

Two-Toned Paint

Another option for accentuating your column is to use two distinct tones of paint. The grey bottoms of the columns in the preceding example serve as a contrast to the white walls in the next example.

2. Molding

Incorporating molding into your column will give it a timeless and refined appearance. The molding utilized in the photo above is straightforward, and it works well with the overall design of the room as a whole. This molding is also a good match for the barn door that is visible in the background.

3. Tile

Another idea to bring some color and texture into your area is to tile your column with a pattern. Tiles that are mixed and matched might provide an intriguing variation to typical tile patterns. On Amazon, you can get these bronze copper mosaic tile sheets by clicking here.

4. Brick

For a rustic or urban vibe in your area, bricking the outside of your column may make a significant difference in the overall appearance of the space. If you find that totally bricking your column is too much brick for your taste, a partially bricked column is another alternative.

5. Wood

Another option for covering your column is to use wood paneling. The dark wood that covers the column above the mantel contrasts with the white in the room and is echoed by other features in the space as well. Consider real distressed wood wall panels as a simpler option to wooden planks or even laminated wood planks. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. To see these peel and stick wall panels on Amazon, please visit this link.

6. Stone

It is coated with a stone veneer in this kitchen, which is a thin stone coating comparable to tile. This stone-covered column creates a striking contrast with the clean, contemporary lines of the remainder of the kitchen. Faux stone panels, such as the one seen below, are available at a lower cost and easier installation than natural stone. These imitation stone panels may be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.

7. Marble

Marble is another stone that can be used to create a high-end aesthetic by adding a contemporary touch to your columns and an overall refined vibe to your area. Marble may be custom ordered from specialised marble and granite firms in your area, despite the fact that it is expensive.

8. Mirror

One technique to nearly completely conceal your column within your area is to cover it with mirror surfaces on each side of it. The mirrored column, which reflects pictures of the rest of the room, appears to almost fade into the background. Using the tiles shown below to cover your column surface is an alternative method of doing so. On Amazon, you can get these mirrored tiles by clicking here.

9. Rope

A rope may be wrapped around the column all the way up or all the way down for a nautical touch, or it can be used as an alternate solution to cover your column.

Your column will simply blend in with the rest of the room’s design rather than being an eyesore. This rope may be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.

10. Shelving

If the positioning of the column in your room allows for it, a shelf may be used to turn the space between the column and the wall into something more functional. As demonstrated in the illustration, placing shelving units at different levels results in a really unique and personalized shelf area.

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11. Counter Space

If the column in issue is located in close proximity to your kitchen, one option for utilizing the column is to create counter space on each side of the column. In the area between a column and a wall or an existing counter, you may generate significant square feet of counter space by installing a counter made of the material of your choosing.

12. Liquor/Wine Cabinet

This innovative technique of utilizing the columns in your home includes the storage of liquor and wine. It is possible to construct this cabinet by adding a wooden support beam or an extra column, though not necessary load-bearing, adjacent to the existing column in your room and installing shelf spaced far enough apart to accommodate liquor bottle storage. Glass shelving may be swapped out for wooden shelves, and notched wood can be utilized for wine storage instead of solid wood.

13. Room Divider

As is common with open floor designs, it may be difficult to tell the difference between one space and another. Using your column as one of the sides of a room divider might assist you in resolving this issue.

14. Storage Cabinet

However, while this specific storage cabinet appears to be meant to hold glassware, it could be used to store any number of other goods in your house with a similar design. Custom storage cabinets are created by adding shelving and a glass front to either the front or side of a column, depending on the size of the storage cabinet that you desire to design.

15. Wall Art

Painted columns make an excellent backdrop for wall art, which may help to create a more coherent aesthetic for your room. The use of wall art that incorporates accent colors for your space in conjunction with your column is an excellent approach to detract attention away from the column itself. To view these frames on Amazon, please visit this link.

16. Plants

Whether fake plants or actual plants are more appropriate for your house, columns are an excellent location to include some greenery into your decor.

Trellis With Vines

A trellis is a big criss-cross construction that serves as a wonderful ladder for vines to grow up and out of the ground. Artificial vines may be entwined in the trellis to provide a genuine appearance without the mess created by actual vines dropping their leaves.

17. Lighting

Extra lighting for your area can be hung from the columns of your room. The installation of wireless battery-operated sconces, such as the one seen below, is simple because there is no need for intricate wiring. On Amazon, you can get this wireless wall sconce by clicking here.

How Do You Know If A Column Is Load-Bearing?

Load-bearing columns are those that connect the foundation of your home to the rest of the construction. Load-bearing columns are immediately connected to the concrete base by means of bolts. They are unable to be removed due to the fact that they practically bear the weight of your home. A column in the centre of your home (or rooms) has a functional purpose as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Locate your home’s plans to determine for certain if a column is load-bearing.

It is possible to locate load-bearing columns without using blueprints by locating the beams of your home, seeing which walls and joints of your home link with those beams, and following those columns all the way up through your home’s ceiling height (if blueprints are not accessible).

How Do You Disguise A Support Column?

Disguising a support column can be accomplished in a variety of ways, as we described previously. A huge structure in the middle of the room may be difficult to conceal, but painting the column a color that coordinates with the rest of the space, utilizing mirrors to conceal your column, or using your column to provide the framework for bespoke storage can all help to conceal your column.

What Color Should Columns Be?

Columns should be painted in any color you feel is appropriate for your decorative concept and residence. In addition to creating a coherent look with the rest of the walls, painting the column the same color as the rest of the space, as previously indicated. If you want the trim to match the rest of the walls in the room, you may want to think about matching the trim to the rest of the walls in the room. Colored columns that contrast with one another can be utilized to bring the attention of the room to your column.

In Closing

In light of the numerous possibilities available for disguising, decorating, and utilizing your column, we hope that this guide will assist you in significantly narrowing down your choices. Be sure to check out these additional home décor guides that may be of interest to you before you leave: Decorate a living room that doesn’t have an entrance. If you’re building a house, where should the stairs be located (and can they be moved)?

35 Modern Interior Design Ideas Incorporating Columns into Spacious Room Design

Columns are architectural features that can have a practical purpose or simply be for decoration alone. It is one of the most effective methods to make rooms and outdoor living areas appear more appealing and intriguing is to incorporate columns into the interior design scheme. Columns in modern homes lend a sense of tradition to the space. Elegant and adaptable pieces that can be used to decorate any living room and to make a house feel more spacious and bright, they are available in a wide range of designs, sizes and materials and can be utilized to transform any space into something unique.

Square structural columns serve as the primary structural support for the remainder of the architectural interiors features.

Elegant square columns and pillars are incredibly attractive objects that may completely modify the look of a room while maintaining its timeless appeal.

Porch columns not only give extra support for the roof, but they also serve as ornamental additions to the outside architecture of the house.

Modern interior design with columns and pillars

Design of a modern living room with circular columns painted in white. Round and square columns are divided into three sections. The cap, also known as the capital, is broader than the pillar and is available in a variety of designs. Caps in the Doric or Tuscan style are ideal for interiors with a basic design. Decorative corinthian caps are ideal for creating a sophisticated and outstanding home design scheme. Round pillars are available in both simple and fluted styles. Stone or hardwood columns may be adorned with exquisite carvings, and they can be coupled with Tuscan and Doric bases to create a stunning ensemble that will enhance modern interior design with these distinctive architectural features.

  1. Classic columns are composed of granite and marble, as well as precious metals and carved wood, and they provide an air of antiquity to contemporary interior design and décor.
  2. Aesthetically pleasing decorative columns constructed of inexpensive materials are available in a wide range of designs, making them ideal for basic interior design and décor in the minimalist style, classic and elegant home interiors, and relaxing rooms in a rural residence.
  3. Designing and decorating a living space according to Feng Shui principles Hardwood, stone, and marble are excellent choices for bearing big loads.
  4. With the inclusion of these architectural features, you may create sophisticated touches in your modern home design by choosing pillars that are straightforward to install and paint.
  5. It is a good idea to use architectural elements such as columns into home interiors and outdoor spaces to help create elegant and rich interiors and outdoor spaces.
  6. In addition to helping to create expansive interior design, columns and pillars may be used to adorn modern spaces in unique and creative ways, providing modern interior design with a custom-made appearance.
  7. In addition to round and square columns, beautiful forms are available in conventional and composite materials that provide texture and eye-catching shapes to living areas while maintaining a classic look.
  8. Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks all contributed to the creation of intriguing designs that may be used for house décor.

Wall columns that are aesthetically pleasing Using elegant square columns to personalize your home design is a good idea. Modern interior design may be enhanced with draped with cloth columns, which provide aesthetic touches. Ena Russ is a model and actress. 28.10.2013

Remodeling Tips – Removing Columns To Open Up Interior Spaces — DESIGNED

I’m keeping up with the renovation postings on this site since I know you’re interested in them after spending a lot of time at home with possibly a FEW badly functioning places recently. Right? And you’re daydreaming about what you could do to improve your home and make it more like you. Not only that, but did you know that the month of May is National Home Renovation Month? In order to get you thinking about how you can enhance your house when you’re ready to renovate, I’m here at the tail end with a few blogs regarding renovating.

In most cases, they constructed areas without walls, but they supported the structure with a large number of columns spread throughout.

It may sometimes make everything even more uncomfortable.

Remove Columns With Professional Help

Now, I’m not recommending that you go ripping down your columns on the spur of the moment, either. It is vital to determine if the columns are structurally sound and, if so, to devise additional methods of support as needed. Of course, I recommend that you hire a professional renovation contractor or architect who will then enlist the help of an engineer to sort out all of this mess. That is exactly what occurs with my projects. If there is one thing I am certain of, it is that practically everything is feasible in a makeover; it is all a matter of budget.

Is it possible to do it on a tight budget?

Here are some of my projects where we removed some columns….

The center column that the two seats were positioned next to was removed in the project seen above and below. The arches were demolished, and a simpler, more refined appearance was obtained by removing these architectural characteristics. If you were standing at the sink in this kitchen, you couldn’t see out to the backyard because of this column. The removal of that column was, in fact, the primary motivation for this refurbishment. A cage-like impression was created by the columns around the dining area, which can be seen below.

  • With the central columns on each side being removed, an additional beam was constructed running from corner to corner to provide additional structural support.
  • Has there been a significant difference, no?:-) When I was recently consulting with homeowners, I came across this central column and arches that divided the area between her kitchen and family room.
  • Amazingly, she discovered that the column was only ornamental and could easily be removed.
  • (Oh, if only all of my clients with an excessive number of columns were as fortunate!) As a result, the lighting arrangement and bar area will appear far better, and the whole layout will appear more deliberate.

They would still need to remove the support beam that was already in place, but they would be able to remove the arches and the ornamental column that was nestled up close to the bar in their absence.

Making Columns Smaller And Removing Arches

The center column that the two seats were positioned next to was removed in the project depicted below, as shown. The arches were demolished, and a simpler, cleaner appearance was obtained by reducing the number of architectural elements. In this kitchen, if you were standing at the sink, this column obscured your view of the backyard. Getting rid of that column was, in fact, the primary purpose for this redesign. A cage-like impression was created by the columns around the dining area, which may be seen below.

  1. With the central columns on each side being removed, an additional beam was constructed running from corner to corner to provide additional support for the building structure.
  2. That was significant, wasn’t it?:-( When I was recently consulting with homeowners, I came across this central column with arches dividing the area between her kitchen and family room.
  3. Amazingly, she discovered that the column was only cosmetic and that it could be removed easily.
  4. Wishing all of my clients who have too many columns might be as fortunate as they are!
  5. However, they did not need to remove the support beam that was already in place, and they were able to remove the arches as well as the ornamental column that was nestled close to the bar.

More on Projects featured above:

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How To Update Interior Columns

There are many different sorts of interior columns or posts that may be found in a home or office, including those that give support, those that divide spaces, such as those seen in an entryway, and those that are just decorative. Architects and designers have had to deal with columns for structural support and how to make them aesthetically pleasing at the same time throughout the history of the world’s cultures. They are usually inevitable in open and big floor layouts because to the nature of the space.

Posts are available in a variety of shapes and styles, including round, square, and ornamental.

Interior Columns Design Ideas

If you are working with a limited budget and do not want to take on a large project, consider painting the columns. Choose a hue that is distinct from the one that is already on the walls. The use of a medium beige or gray can give your décor a more refined appearance.

Choose a vibrant hue such as deep purple or dark green to make a strong fashion statement. Use fake or textured paint to enhance visual intrigue and create a one-of-a-kind appearance. Regardless matter the form of your post, paint will adhere effectively to it.


If you have a rectangle post, you may make it more visually appealing by using tiling. Granite or marble will produce a classic, sleek, and beautiful appearance when used in conjunction with other materials. When you choose a complementing color, your area will appear more sophisticated, while using a contrasting hue, the post or column will become a main point in the room. If you want something more rustic, you may opt with a beautiful piled stone or even imitation brick.


The use of beautiful wood to surround a rectangular pillar or column is yet another fantastic alternative. You may create a contemporary style by using light, natural wood, or a more classic appearance by using a darker, stained wood. To get the desired appearance with a round post, you can wrap it in a flexible wood veneer. Wood is a versatile material that can be used with practically any décor and will provide a stylish touch to your posts and columns. There are several options for decorating interior columns in order to make them appear stylish.

Interior Pillars and Columns, Update Today

When there are so many interior columns design ideas to pick from, it might be difficult to include them all into a short post. Our objective with this section was to give you with a few fast ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We will let your imagination to go wild when we present you with a wide range of stunning and decorative solutions as soon as you contact Morgan Contractors. From modern interior columns to classic interior columns to eclectic interior columns and more, we have the interior columns design that is suitable for you, your home, or your workplace.

Building Interior Wood Square Pillars

Our beautiful home is all we could have hoped for in a residence. The layout is ideal, the ceilings are high, the kitchen is enormous, the basement is fantastic, and the property has a gorgeous yard and more than enough room for our family. The foundation of the house is just magnificent. During the construction of this magnificent mansion, no detail was ignored. Despite the fact that it took us years, we have finally discovered the house of our dreams. However, no ideal house is perfect the first time you live in it, so be patient.

  • In our instance, we purchased a resale, which meant that we also acquired the preceding owners’ sense of style and décor.
  • In our family room, this is exactly the situation.
  • The corinthian columns that lead into the chamber are fluted and feature intricate capitals that are adorned with acanthus leaves and scrolls, which adds to the overall effect.
  • We are looking for a more current and contemporary aesthetic, which square pillars may provide.
  • The market is flooded with prefabricated pillars and columns, but what is the point of shopping for something that has already been manufactured?
  • It was not an easy chore to get rid of these infants.
  • Each component of the capital (top piece) is linked to a distinct section of the column (bottom piece).

*This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

The column’s base is made of concrete and is 16 inches by 16 inches.

We utilized WindsorOneprimed boards for this particular project.

After cutting and installing 12′′ pillars, we concluded that they were too large and boxy and settled on 10′′ pillars instead.

It goes without saying that a heavy-duty nail gun and compressor will be required for this job (HERE).

After the three-sided pillar has been secured in position, the fourth board is put in place.

In this picture, you can see that there is a significant hole in the concrete base.

11.5-inch primed planks were the first parts we added to the frame.

As you can see, the hole is gradually diminishing as the trim conceals it.

Starting with a 12′′ base molding around the pillar, we continued with 6′′ cove molding and completed with a 20′′ square trim top piece.

Dress it up by incorporating more pieces into the top and bottom to make it as elaborate as you like.

This is a close-up of the trim on the bottom pillar.

Last but not least, we use a router to soften the edges of the board.

As we continue to update our family room, keep checking back for additional home decorating ideas.

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There Simply is No Place for Decorative Columns Inside Your Home – This is Why

Are you inclined to include beautiful columns into your home’s interior design? Hold on a second, and read this article, which may change your perspective and explain why beautiful columns have no place in a home’s interior (most styles anyway). Have you ever dreamt of living in the same area where you had your wedding reception, or perhaps in a federal bank or government building, or a combination of both? Perhaps you’d want to transfer the excruciatingly extravagant ambience of The Cheesecake Factory to the comfort of your own home, where you can simply reproduce that War and Peacesized menu using any available delivery app.

  1. Who came up with this idea?
  2. The generation who grew up watching sword and sandal epics and seeing movie sets adorned with Ionic columns has those images firmly imprinted in their memories.
  3. It makes sense to me that you wanted the interior of your house to seem as much like a castle as possible, given the adage “a man’s home is his castle” that was popular at the time.
  4. While they didn’t start showing up in subdivisions like kudzu until the mid- to late-1990s, the need for beautiful columns appears to have never been totally satisfied and has persisted to this very day.

Who Put These Columns Up in the First Place?

Columns were formerly considered to be a structural need. Columns were widely featured in both households and public buildings such as temples, statehouses, and other structures where the columns were required to support ceilings and roofing, as was the case with Greco-Roman architecture, which is perhaps the most well-known style. There are a plethora of other types of ornamental columns available now, and even historically, but the three most commonly encountered are the simple flat-top Doric, scrolled Ionic, and very elaborate Corinthian forms, all of which are derived from Greek architecture.

  1. Palaces and public buildings needed stone columns, and they were often carved to look like lotus reeds and other native flora that were important to the region’s economy and civilization.
  2. Several 1920s fashions, as well as the adorably flamboyant design schemes of The Cheesecake Factory, were inspired by papyriform in the future.
  3. This is how they operate.
  4. For technical reasons, the top pieces are far heavier than those of a single family dwelling ceiling, where columns were most likely not required for structural support.
  5. Other columns are specifically constructed to withstand lateral stresses like as earthquakes and other natural calamities, among other things.
  6. Columns are now available in a variety of materials, including fiberglass, wood, marble, composite materials, and more.
  7. It doesn’t matter if they serve a structural purpose or not; there are decorative columns that are rooted into the ground, as well as freestanding columns of varied heights that are reasonably priced and easily found at most home and garden centers.
  8. In the event that you wish to accidentally destroy mirrors and vases with a single sweep, freestanding columns are the perfect solution.
  9. It was difficult to locate an example of this in a domestic setting, but ornate columns are more common in commercial and public buildings for a reason!

As a result, columns have played a significant part in the development of architecture and design throughout history. Despite the fact that technical skills and design ideas have become more advanced throughout time, humans have maintained a preference for the aesthetics of the columns.

But is it Really Something You Want in Your House?

There are usually two sides to each home decorating decision, and this is no exception. Standard ornamental columns may be extremely attractive and majestic, without giving the idea to visitors that your house is an extension of Caesar’s in Atlantic City, and that the gambling machines are just a few steps away from the toilet. The semi-engaged columns in the archways of the aforementioned exquisite Havana home have part-Persian and part-Ionic heads, which provide the sense of a regal space without being overtly obtrusive in their presentation.

Not only in the concrete sense of spending a lot of money on upgrades that end up looking really stupid, such as falsedormer windows, but also in the abstract sense of realizing that your home was fine before and that this new decorative column just looks like a really cheap and tacky attempt to make it appear as though you have a more opulent home than you actually have.

That is why beautiful columns in homes may sometimes be a ghastly sight to see.

A good chance is high that you’re at a wedding, a bar mitzvah, or some other event at a catering hall that’s designed to make guests feel like they’re away from home and in a dream realm where they don’t have to cook or clean up after themselves, and they’re dressed to the nines on top of it all.

  1. Then there are the practical considerations.
  2. Pets (or children) that are unable to squeeze through the space between the wall and the column will have a nightmare waiting to happen if they become trapped there.
  3. But just THINK about how much dust would accumulate in that space.
  4. An engaged column might represent less of a risk in this situation, but why would you want to give up any wall space at all?
  5. You can do this even if there isn’t anything on the top?
  6. In my mind’s eye, I recall one of my mother’s pilgrimages to the now-defunct discount shopping behemoth Value City, where we’d make the two-hour drive down to Wilmington, Delaware at least twice a month to worship at the altar of capitalism.
  7. Despite the fact that it was only around three feet tall, this beautiful column weighted more than I did, so we dragged it home with us.

The piece itself was unremarkable, but the attempt to pass it off as a gourmet hipster food trend was akin to applying gold leaf to burnt toast and passing it off as a gourmet hipster food trend.

After all, my parents have finally gotten the Greek god aura from the 1970s that they’ve been longing for!

That sinking sense that you’ve returned from your holiday or exotic excursion is a major mood-killer.

First and foremost, it sounds like a dream come true!

It used to be something you received as a gift for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary date, or receiving a significant promotion, but these days it feels less than exciting.

You get the picture.

Decorative columns serve as a visual cue that you have left the house.

Feeling like you’re standing in the ruins of Persepolis, gazing out at the Mediterranean while the pool jets massage your legs, or that your local courthouse hasn’t changed much since the days of the Roman Senate is something to live in the moment rather than something to come home to is something to enjoy in the present.

Everyone has their own set of criteria for what makes a house a home, but ornamental columns are definitely not one of them, sis.

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