In a world where Global Warming is an ever-present threat and the environment is a subject of many political agenda, Art Design Decor plays its role in trying to reduce environmental damage.

Our company embraces the European Union’s view on environmental policy, which highlights the importance of a greener world with its instigation of such schemes as tradable carbon emission permits and its support over pacts such as the Kyoto agreement.


Art Design Decor recognises the need to protect the environment and encourages more environmentally friendly procedures; a philosophy that is inherent in the Company’s Corporate Environmental Policy.

Like our customers and employees, we share a growing concern for the welfare of our environment and are committed to do all we can to protect it.  For example we try whenever possible to use more efficient energies on our business operations and activities.

The guiding principles and objectives of the Company are to:

  1. Make staff aware of the need for the environmental care.
  2. Establish and maintain safe and environmentally sound working procedures and practices.
  3. Manage resources in order to save energy, reduce wastage, and promote recycling.
  4. Design schemes using finishes which are natural, sustainable products, pollution free when disposed of and where possible, sourced locally with little additional manufacturing input.
  5. Encourage the use of more benign, renewable and efficient sources of energy conservation.
  6. Perform periodic reviews and maintain an effective monitoring of the environmental policy.

To ensure the effective implementation of the above principles and objectives, the Company will include the preservation of the amenity in its training programmes.

The Company’s commitment to care for the environment has the full support of its Directors, who ensure that all of their staffs are aware of both the need to protect the environment and the necessity to encourage practical involvement in the Company’s environmental policy, through the use of suggestion schemes and other initiatives.